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Bracket 5, Round 2
Tumblr media
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*Bonus 3*
1. stay with Diavolo
Bonus story :D, also R.I.P man seriously thought you would have won, seems like Barbie´s Simps are stronger
I took a moment to think and as curious as I was to know how Barbatos room looks I think Diavolo would be the nicer choice
“shouldn´t you be worried about me Barbatos? I mean a tired Human is plenty of trouble” one look at him and I could tell he didn´t like my little joke, seems like it would be best for me to leave “alright, alright I got it no major distractions, I know the way so, see ya Barbatos” I waved at him before walking towards Diavolo´s room, I mean I vaguely know the direction and I don´t want an angry Barbatos around me.
“knock!knock! someones favorite Human at the door!” I could hear shuffling and the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps inside and before I see anything the door was ripped open and I was engulfed in a hug by somebody
“Mc! To what do I own the pleasure!” while I had to angle my head upwards to see Diavolo´s smiling face, where if I didn´t know better would say he´s trying to strangle me with this hug, I let out a sigh “well you see I was in a bit of a mischievous mood today and choose Lucifer as my target”
I could clearly hear Diavolo´s cheerful laughter “and he let you go just like that that? he must have been in a wonderful mood today to be so lenient with you Mc!” yeah lenient… sure whatever
“anyway that´s the reason for my last minute appearance, I was hoping, if it doesn´t trouble you of course, that I could stay with you?” I thought it was impossible but he smiled even bigger and brighter than before, I swear I was looking into a sun
“of course you can!” he laughed as if I just asked the most ridiculous question he ever heard and I suppose that is a bit true “I would love nothing more than have you stay over”
he let go of me and move towards his bed, I saw him move a couple of things and before I could react he picked me up and moved me on top of the bed “thanks Diavolo but didn´t I say to stop that?” he ignored me of course “what a relieve that I already finished my work I would have hated to wake you up” I cuddle under the blankets and myself comfortable, which wasn´t difficult, of course a Prince would have a ridiculous cozy bed, I was already on my way to properly fall asleep when I heard Diavolo talk “good night Mc, sweet dreams my beloved” he kissed my cheek before laying down besides me and joined me in falling asleep
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If I get to walk around HoL, I'm gonna pet Cerberus, and no one can stop me
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Yuu: (covered in blood) I want to talk with Leona
Jack: (picking them up) no you look like you need a bath and a nap
Yuu: no I don't!
Jack: you always get murderous when tired
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Tumblr media
I loved this meme too much to let it slip-
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You can get a lot of mileage out of acting all smug and pretending that it's obvious when someone asks you to explain something. This is why you should always assume that when someone does this, they're full of shit.
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okay Obey Me Nightbringer isn't out but from what can be seen from the few pictures
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Mc: (holding a knife) hey what are we doing?
Beel: why are you holding a knife?
Mc: I thought I saw that Bitch that tried to steal my favourite bag
Beel: and?
Mc: it was them but they were to fast for me to catch
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I am here to request Diavolo for the color palettes... I like rotten or worn rug for him so I'll let you choose ❤️❤️
POV: you're looking out your bedroom window :D
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy Late Mother day with Yuu and Grim
All jokes aside, I really wish I had upload more art for Twisted wonderland anniversary, I never expected to be so invested in a video game, this game will always have a special place in my heart.
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would you like a nice glass of
Tumblr media
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I have been on Tumblr for a while and never had this Problem but I saw it happen a couple of times so I got curious
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*Bonus 2*
1. run into Purgatory Hall
I decided to run to Purgatory Hall there are plenty of places for me to hide and I´m sure Simeon or Solomon would hide me, I already told both of them I´m on my way and that they should keep the door open for me
after a short while I was at Purgatory Hall and could already see a scowling Simeon, I wonder if he knows what I did or if he just knows I did something bad?
“Mc what did you do this time?” lucky me he only knows I did something but not what
“Simeon! how nice to see you ho-” he glared at me “Mc don´t change the topic and tell me what you did”
“Mc! there you are my favorite apprentice!” and now there is Solomon, I saw Simeon glare it him for his loud entrance “Solomon how many times do I have to tell you to stop being so loud when Luke is sleeping” Solomon looked a bit embarrassed I don´t know if it was because he was getting scolded or if it was because it happened many times before“alright before you two start bickering, where am I staying?” both of them looked at me and replied nearly in sync “with me” they looked at each other in confusion, seems like I get to choose,
I´ll stay with...
1. stay with Simeon
2. stay with Solomon
2. run to the Demon Lords Castle
I mean even if Lucifer would search for me at the Demon Lords Castle at least Diavolo would protect me I just hope Barbatos won´t scold me for appearing so late
unsurprisingly Barbatos was already standing in front of the door´smiling at me as he usually does but I already know he isn´t happy with my late appearance “Mc with what do we owe the pleasure to welcome you at such a late time?” yeah… he is annoyed at me “to be fair the last time I came over so late was because Diavolo wanted a last minute sleepover” he was glaring at me “Mc you should know better than to humor the young lords whims”
“am I getting scolded now? or can we do that later?” he was still smiling, I don´t feel like it was a smart idea to come over here
“Mc I will be lenient with you for once, as long as you don´t distract the Young Lord I will allow you to spend the night with me or the Young Lord” this is… surprisingly generous of him
but now to the important question,
with who should I stay?
1. stay with Diavolo
2. stay with Barbatos
3. hide somewhere in the Devildom
I just ran out of the House of Lamentation without looking back or even noticing where I was running to and before I knew it was already darker than usually and I was standing in front of House of Lamentation again “at least it´s during night, which means Lucifer is locked in his room doing his paperwork”
but I don´t know if it would be a smart move to stay in my room, this would be the first place Lucifer would look
wonder who I could stay with?
1. stay with Mammon
2. stay with Levi
3. stay with Satan
4. stay with Asmo
5. stay with Beel
6. stay with Belphie
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Mc: (holding a pot)
Asmo: since when do you keep flowers
Mc: new pet
Asmo: what?
Plant: (tries to eat Asmo)
Asmo: Mc what the fuck
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like why are mobile games allowed to lie about what they are in ads. wasn’t that illegal at one point
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