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Your Top-shelf is Going to be Mine. – Storyline 16 - Together
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•- Embry Call -•
“Keep it up and I'll use your top-shelf bourbon has mouthwash, Trouble!”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Smirks.  “Is someone a little touchy this morning? I’ve told you before to stop putting crap in your mouth. You don’t know where it’s been.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Could be worse! At least I didn't wake up to an instant family! Single Mumming in tough. But I have faith in you!”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Aww, are you jealous it wanted a long-term relationship with me, and just a shag from you? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find the one.”
•- Embry Call -•
Throws up a little in my mouth and turns green. “Low blow!”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pressing my lips together so not to laugh. “Too soon, should have given it a day. Maybe.” Motioning to his teeth. “You missed a bit.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Too soon! Are you not going help me clean up.... I might need a little in the shower to scrub off the stench.” Smirks like what I just said was the ultimate foreplay.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Rubbing my forehead to hide the grin coming to life on my lips. Did he think that wasn’t cheesy? Coughing to clear my throat.  “If you hadn’t chomped on your playmate, you could have saved yourself the trouble.”
•- Embry Call -•
“There’s only one playmate that I'm interested in and you know it.” Smiles.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Licking my lips, with a tilt to my head.  “Oh, do I? Who could that be?”
•- Embry Call -•
“Come closer.... It's a secret.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… how close?”
•- Embry Call -•
“Close enough to hear what I'm thinking of course.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I could do that from across the room.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Sure.” I smile and set my hand on her waist, stepping in until I feel her heat. “But it wouldn't feel the same.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Heat erupted up the side of my neck and my heart did it’s delicious dance. “Hmm…” Closing my eyes, I cupped his face leaning into his chest, letting my lips touch his.
•- Embry Call -•
Fingers curled in the fabric at her waist, and I kissed her, resting the other hand lightly against her cheek. “What were we talking about again?” I whispered and sucked softly on her bottom lip.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Lighting struck with the teasing of my lip, my breathing shallowed and my core pulsed. The tip of my tongue slipped over his top lip as my hands moved around his neck. “Top.. shelf.. bourbon.” I whispered before kissing him again, slow and steady.
•- Embry Call -•
“Now I remember.” I teased, lifting her off her feet. I slid my hands to her thighs and held her in place. I returned that deep, unhurried kiss… sweeping my tongue past her lips.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits!” The word a gasp with the wind and the way he took me off my feet made my stomach twist. Wrapping my legs around his waist I held myself upright with every muscle in my torso tense to attention. My lips parted to welcome him, with his taste feeding the sensations.
•- Embry Call -•
Fuck! That little gasp... my jeans were instantly tight. I groaned, tasting her tongue again and I pressed her back against the wall. Sliding my hands over those insanely powerful muscles along her waist. "So strong." I murmured onto her lips.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My back hit the wall putting a moan out while I kissed him with intention. “Hmm…”
My hands moved under his arms and around his back, fisting his shirt to feel the closeness. Tightening my legs around him I arched my back pushing my chest against his.
•- Embry Call -•
It was impossible to get enough of her, and way she gripped my clothes and pulled me closer had my bucking my hips up against her with a deep moan.
If she wanted closer… that’s exactly what she would get. My hands slipped under her shirt, feeling the heat of her skin that matched mine. “So hot!” I growled this time. Meaning it in every possible interpretation.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits!” One-word moans were all I had to offer today with my mind taking on all the sensations bombarding me.
My back pushed up the wall, pushing at my hair. My eyes widened. By the Spirits he wanted this… as much as I did. Feeling him between my legs, stimulating not just my core, but my mind too. That’s what this man did.
Biting his lips before deepening the  kiss again, our tongues entwined with a rain full of taste, touch, and scent. Every muscle his fingers moved over tensed sending lightening jolts. My hands tugged up at his shirt too.
•- Embry Call -•
Her scent set off a wave desire and we both dove deeper into the kiss. Tasting every inch of her mouth didn’t sate the longing to taste the source of that mouthwatering scent… But it still set my heart racing.
I pulled her away from the wall long enough to free her over her shirt and sweep her hair over one shoulder, so it wasn’t trapped between her and wall when I pressed her back the cool surface. Then let her rid me my shirt.
“Fuck!” I groaned when I felt her bare skin on mine, leaning in chest-to-chest to bring my lips to the pulse of her throat. Leaving just enough space between us to cut the prefect slope of her breast over her bra.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Even with the current state of my mind, I couldn’t help but smile at the way he took the time and care. Moving me, my hair, holding on when he knew I had control.
Our shirts gone, his smooth skin and mine touching. And still I thought how he was like no other. Our temperature this wasn’t going to get old. All this time, and it still for a split second came to mind. I let my head fall back against the wall, arching my hips down into his, pressing my chest into his palms letting my eyes close so that my mind followed his touches.
Biting down on my lower lip I let a moan out. The heat grew melting part of the  hold I kept on myself. I knew my boundaries, and his. And they were aligned.
•- Embry Call -•
My tongue tasted and teased the sweet spot, I let my mouth move up to the hollow below her jaw and run and a line or heated but slow kisses along her jaw.
My thumb rolled over the pert nub that pressed into my palm through the soft fabric, the other hand feeling it’s way over every curve and muscle until I gripped her arse, lifting her a little higher against the wall.
I kept her pressed tightly against the wall with my hips, leaving three or four between each slow roll now.  Just enough to cam her heart rate high without pushing our limits.
My lips moved to her collarbone, and I swept my tongue through that mouthwatering little groove.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Embry…” his name was the only think I could think of. The rest of the world has melted away. Each movement of his hips were met with my own, like a dance with the music being shared by our uneven hearts.
My fingers tugged at his hair, just enough to be felt. Biting my own lips at the sensations he caused to build a rampage within as a distraction hadn’t helped, as I let out a moan.
I wanted his lips on mine, but I so wanted him to continue the way he worshipped the rest of me too.  “Spirits!” I gasped circling my hips into him.
•- Embry Call -•
I groaned and scraped my teeth over her collarbone before I brought my lips crashing into her, the sound of my name setting off an unmissable twitch in my jeans.
“Every time you moan my name, I have to thank the Spirits for the strength does not rip every last shred of clothing left on your body.” I whispered hurriedly onto her lips and claimed them again in a deep, heated kissed.
How had been possible that I missed her lips in the few minutes I had been worshipping the rest of her? I kissed her like I hadn’t felt her lips on mine in weeks.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
He was a mind reader, he had to be. I wanted his lips back on mine, and there they were. “Let them know…” muffled word’s through rough hunger kisses. “The next time you sing…” I managed.
Digging my nailed into his back I pulled them up together his shoulder blades. fully aware the marks would be gone before they were evidence of what had taken place.
Catching his tongue I sucked, feeling just how he had reacted to to my last moan. I let this own building out freely. I was doing that a little more now. Not holding my moans back.
•- Embry Call -•
I was about to ask her to elaborate on the but then that sweet sting, ending on pleasure climbed its way up my back. I squeezed her arse, pulling hard against me... grinding our bodies together.
My moan was swallowed up by the way she captured my tongue, and I slipped my other hand behind her back and pulled her away from the wall. Stepping backwards towards her couch.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Spirits! Every step of the way he matched me in all the ways. The sarcasm, the honesty, the willingness to learn, the strength, the heat, the desire, and most of all the heart. I could hear the both of ours singing their songs together with their rhythm.
His actions  gave me no choice. I could feel the pool gathering thanks to him, the constant presence of an entire army rampaging in my core, calling for more.
He pulled me off the wall, and my hair fell back off my shoulder with the cold air taking up its place.  My arms locked around his neck as I held on. My lips moved to his jaw, biting his chin before finding his lips again.
•- Embry Call -•
The sound of her and that fucking irresistible scent had me changing my initial plan. She was going to be the death of me. I spun us both, side stepping her coffee table and laying her back on the couch. I planted one knee on the couch and the other still on the floor holding over her, looking down at that gorgeous, slightly flushed face. I freed her hair from beneath her and trailed my hand down her torso.
“That scent isn’t making it any easier not to tear your clothes off.” I teased her and kissed a line down her chest between her breasts, over her bra… I unwrapped her legs from around me and kept moving lips down. Closing in on the source of that mouthwatering scent.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Do not break anything!” My breath voice muttered into his mouth. Something in his head changed. Where or how or what… spirits.
Right now, I didn’t care. I just knew that the last thing that broke in this living room, had a million questions from my Ma and Kid. I never lie so the blank ‘You’re not getting an answer.’ Look frustrated them.
“Spirits… Embry!”
The coil in my bottom on my stomach turned deliciously feeding the fire heating me from the inside out.  My heart stopped when he hovered there, his eyes taking in the sight of me but it was the tenderness of him moving my hair which made me blink up at him.
How… how even now… did this man do things that made me want him even more? (Not that I’d admit it to him or myself.)
‘I’ll admit she.’ She was wake. I growled this was our time as her. my eyes and hand moved down his chest as he spoke.
“Who said this path was easy?” The words catching on a moan, my body curved up into his touch, every muscle going tight sending shivers. My hands slipped into his hair, and I closed my eyes, pressing my lips closed.
•- Embry Call -•
"I  only plan on breaking your self-control." I whispered. I didn't... and not just because I knew that I couldn't.
I felt it instantly, that incredible Spirit that lived beneath her skin waking up. She liked us... my own wolf just knew even if she never let us into her mind.
I pressed my lip to her toned stomach, just below her navel. "Who said I was looking for easy." I mumbled onto her skin. I felt denim brush my chin as my kisses reached that mouthwatering dip in her hip that disappeared into her jeans, and I let my tongue follow it. The act made my stomach and the bulge in my jeans twitched and strained.
Fuck! I loved it when she played with my hair. I popped the button on her jeans and very slowly slipped them off her hips, that delicious scent flooded the room, and I felt my wolf stir in my chest.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
That comment should have become a challenge I would rise to. But right now. It was bloody hot! The moment that thought hit me, I knew it was hers, making me snap my teeth. Then there was a moment of silence in my mind before it roiled at the scent taking over the space around us. This time it wasn’t just me, it was him too. Did he know just how good his scent was?
I shook my head, my fingers curled into his hair letting me tug at it a little. swallowing back the pleasure I bit down on my lips. The sound of my jeans opening made my head jerk up off the armrest of the couch. Gazing down to see the top of his head.
“Embry…” his name was a moan again. Arching my hips up as much as I could with his weight over me.
•- Embry Call -•
I shifted back onto my heel so I could strip her jeans off the rest of the way off and dropped them to the floor. "Fuck, Leah!" I groaned and pressed a kiss to the inside of her knee.
My eyes roamed up her body... her perfect almond ski, every toned, tight muscle that jumped when I pressed another kiss to her leg... higher up on her thigh. I lifted her legs and rested her calf against my shoulders, my hand and lips kissing and touching every inch.
"You know... I could spend days just worshipping these legs."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes darted to the clothing hitting the floor. My warrior just rolled her eyes and laughed at me. (In my defence. I didn’t overthink it. Or go to pick them up!) He had all my attention back with that kiss on my heated skin, it had sent sensation spiralling towards my core pulsing and a sweet throb took my mind into a calm and excited place.
My hands moved up the sides of my torso. Following the curves of my own body. The cool air making me tingle. My low smooth legs stretched out to rest over his shoulders, making my hips lift from the couch.
•- Embry Call -•
My hand ran down the inside of her thigh, following the carved line of her defines muscles, until the back of my fingers brushed the damp fabric of her panties. A rush of desire moved through like a bolt. “Fuck Leah!” I growled and my pressed my lips to her leg again.
I kissed a slow line up the inside of her leg, squeezing her arse once… or twice before I leaned forwards and eased her back to the couch.
My teeth scraped against her inner thigh, the scent getting stronger and stronger, setting my stomach routing.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits…. Embry…” His name rolled off my tongue as though it were the only words I knew.
I pushed down into the couch as his lips left a trail of fire in its wake. I called for my control only to hear a whisper of ‘live in the moment.’ Over and over like a record player stuck in one place. My breathing grew heavier, as he slides his attention down my legs.
“Embry….” I moaned his name, my hips circled trying to gain friction. He moved even close as he took the journey back down towards the precipice of my desire. Fuck for sure! My eyes moved down to look, when I gasped and dropped my head back into the armrest again.
•- Embry Call -•
That scrap of my teeth turned the light bite when she pressed her hips down against my hand. My moan muffled and the tensed muscle. The light mark on her skin would fade long before anyone would see it... though the pack never saw her transition into her wolf anymore.
The sound of my name not once but twice set a fire in my veins. The animal half of my soul woke up, feeding into the sensation she clearly wanted. I turned my hand and pressed my finger to the same spot in a slow circle. Once.
I moved my lips to her stomach... knowing there was only close I could get before my self-control cracked and I took that taste I had been craving.
Twice. Another slow circle and my slipped hand away... sliding it over the fabric and up along her stomach in the wake of the heat I ran up the centre of her abs.
If she wanted more, I had no doubt she would let me know. That thought made me smile against her skin. I couldn't about anything but how to coax the next breathy sound or moan out of this incredible woman.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
She stood awake pushed to let out a roar. I curled myself around her spirit and held her in. Remembering her this was our time. That I shouldn’t need to be keeping her underground when I should be with him.
‘He is awake.’ She felt him a split-second before I had, the scent, the aurora, the way Embry moved. I could tell his warriors had awoken too. Except his wasn’t as much as a pain in the arse as mine.
She growled at me, settling but still listening.
Once she moved out of my mind, I looked down. “Ouch!” Even that came out as a sound of desire. “You… bit… me!”
It wasn’t a question because I had that jolt of excitement coursing through my veins. My core spasmed as I melted beneath his attention. “Spirits!” I moaned out. He was on a mission. He opened the door a crack to air the fires he’s set and then closed it shut right again, leaving me wanting more, so much more.
“Embry!” This time his name came out louder and I cupped my mouth.
My hands moved to caress my face, then moved into my hair, pulling, and tugging it back as I rivalled the movement my hips and muscles made with his mouth moved north up my stomach.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled a little breathlessly, my kisses feathering along her ribs now. "I had to do something to stop me from replacing my hand with my mouth..." I flicked my gaze up to hers. Fuck! She was running her finger through her hair and moaning my name again. Another twitch in my Just as my hips fitted between hers when I crawled up over her beautiful body. My hand slipped over the mound of her breast the fabric of her bra couldn't conceal the hard nipple beneath.
"Fuck!" There wasn't a thing about this woman that wasn't a turn-on.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I found his eyes, so much in there to see that I was captured from the get go. Trailing the tip of my tongue over my lips, I let my hair go. It cascaded freely down the side of the couch.
My legs slipped easily around his waist, bringing him down into me. I arched my back to push my breasts into his touch, the sensation feeding the sensitivity that my bra couldn’t protect me from.
I circle my hips until he was in that pressure filled spot. Letting out a hum of excitement when I heard him again saying ‘Fuck’. And I didn’t tease him. This time.
•- Embry Call -•
Hers eyes locked on mine and there was so much my hatbit nwad impossible to unpack. I just rolled my thumb over the peaked breast she’d willingly pressed into my hand and moved my hand to her cheek. My fingers sweeping below her eye, feathering against her temple and along her jaw.
“Spirits.” I rolled my hips down, letting her lock me in with those powerful legs just right. “Those eyes.” I smiled and moaned as I grind my hips against the pooled heat. I dropped my voice to a whisper. “Don’t look away.” I gave her a playful, wicked grin and bucked against her again, faster this time.
That would surely give me the time I needed to read her mind, right?
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Spirits, no part of me hadn’t reacted. The hands, fingers, the mouth, the weight of his body, the length fully pushing down into my melting core.
“Spirits.” I gasped as my legs began to fall apart until I took control of them again.
Pressing my lips together, the hum of electrical charge coursed it’s way between us. My hands moved into his hair, doing as he asked. My eyes remained open and on him. I could do this. I knew it… Whispering his name this time, I felt the same sensation over my face as I did that first night he kissed me.
•- Embry Call -•
I felt it that moment she lost focus and the hold loosened… because this woman never went weak… not matter what she felt, or how close to that edge she got… her hold me never weakened. Legs, arms, hand… fuck even if her ankles locked around mine. She held onto me until we reached that line… when we stopped… a gasping, heart pounded mess of limbs and lips.
And now… now that I told her not to look away all I wanted was to kiss her, but I wouldn’t look away. My moved against hers, with her. Heat and pressure and tremors of pleasure flowed through me. My eye never hers even as I breath became hard and fast. Not until the reach the line, just before we might tip over the ledge.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I placed my hands onto both of his shoulders and mouthed the word.
“Stop!” It took everything in my will power to think the words and then share it in that moment.
Breathless, sensitive, filled with the desire to push until we were free falling urged me not to halt the build, he had created for the both of us. But we were on the cusp of falling.
Heat and Blood thrummed in my vision, I shuddered beneath him, pulsing and shivering all while my eyes stayed where they were.
“Embry…” my shaken voice whispered as I slipped my hands to cup his face. Letting my legs come apart to rest on each side of him as I pulled myself up and him down to meet me.
“Spirits...” I whispered again kissing his bottom lip, and then slowly kissing his top lip before I deeply kissed him to say all with this one action.
•- Embry Call -•
She had barely parted her lips to say the word when I stilled my hips and made space between our bodies. The way her pupils flared, and heart lurched told me she was close. Just as as close as I was.
We were both breathing hard. Heat radiated off of us far more than usual. Was her body screaming for more too? While her heart and would told her this was our path, we hard more road to travel before we should make that fall together.
I moved the lower half on my body, so I wasn’t between her legs any more. A safe place to drop my weight onto her as pulled me down, without relighting the fire.
The second my weight was off my arms those shivers of pure pleasure took over. And a definitely whimper escaped my lips when she said my all shaky and breathless like that. Fuck!! That was a sound I would never get sick of.
Then she was kissing me. I slipped one arm under her turning her, so we were side-by-side on her couch. My other hand on her waist keeping her from rolling off of the couch. The kiss was slow and so deep that when my tongue hers the groan came from somewhere deep in my soul.
“When you voice get soft, and gamy like that…” I whispered between kisses. “It does things to me I can’t describe… it’s like the opening notes of a song you’ve never heard… but you just know, it will change your life.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Twisting my body in his hold, my hair tangled under me, but I still managed to free it without breaking away from him.
I had come so close, the pulsing in my core, the hammer in my chest, the heat that bonded all around us. Stood there as witness to this new reality that was us, we had said it from the start. Comments about being ourselves, not holding back, not worrying about hurting the other, the heat of our bodies, the ability, and the stamina. It all came into his ginormous melting pot that was Embry and Leah.
My eyes fluttered open hearing his voice, it was evident how he too had been close. My lips moved to his cheek, to his jawline, to his chin giving him the time to share his thoughts. My heart jumping as it all sank in.
“Art of conversation…” I whispered. It was something he could never lose. The way he always knew how to say things. While I never could find the correct words.
•- Embry Call -•
Her heart was still racing, the sound of it mingled perfectly with mine. I tilted my head so she could get any access she wanted. I soft hum on my lips, those kisses could have added to the hunger burning in my body, but the softness, the way she touched me was all intended to soothe the desire.
"The art of body language." I whispered right back. She always made herself heard one way or another. She always made me feel heard, no matter what she did or did not say.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” my lips curved up into that smile only he caused for me. Keeping my body still beside his. I didn’t push into him, no matter how much the need for friction called to me. I knew we both needed the time to gather ourselves. And I would give that to us.
“It’s the best way if you ask me.” Still whispering. Listening to him had become so much easier now. I knew what his heart told me loud and clear. But then there were the things I’ve missed for years. Because I didn’t care to search them out.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled, now that she was settled, and we were climbing down from that ledge…. I slipped my hand up the curve of her spine. She could keep herself from falling, my hand stops on the back of her neck, feeling the silkiness of her hair on the back of my hand as my fingers started the slow steady pattern that brought that deep soulful connection to the forefront.
The reminder that would had so much than this fucking incredible physicality. “I’m definitely seeing the benefits I never knew to look for before.” I smile, that light figure eight playing against the top of her spine. “You make me feel things that no one ever could words. Just in the way you look at me.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
That smile… By the name of the spirits, it meant so much to see it on his lips. Leaning in I kissed it, before settling into his side on the couch.
It was a tight space, but somehow, we always made it work for us.  I closed my eyes following the trail of his hands and listening to messages he shared there as well as the one he spoke.
“Still… real.”
What he said meant a lot, and it had been the same for me. His eyes found me in a sea of this world, and he dared to look when others turned away, because that was what I had wanted. And now he saw me, and I wanted him to see it all.
•- Embry Call -•
Those words... how the softened her voice. How deeply they touched me, and how much I knew they meant to her. That soft kiss could never put out the fire in my veins, but it certainly softened the flames, a kiss intended to create closeness not arousal.
"Still real."  I whispered. Slowly, slowly coming down from our high. I caught my lower lip... getting lost in those eyes. "Those eyes... astonishing."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The eyes he spoke to fell to his lips. Leaning in I kissed him softly away. “A window to the story no one dared to read.” And I was proud of this fact, until now. He read it, and never judged me for when he learnt.
I closed them to stop him. Because the Call’s had away. Embry and his mom. Spirits, I didn’t know how. But they never backed down from the fear my eyes placed in others.
•- Embry Call -•
Her lips were soft and still plump from our amorous activities, I flicked my tongue against her lower lip. I smiled when she closed her eyes... like that would stop the unspoken messages she was sending with her kisses, her touch... and simply being here with me.
I kissed each closed eye, softly. "I still see you." I whispered so softly only a Spirit Warrior could hear I slipped my fingers into her hair.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
A warm shiver passed over my skin, the hum on the air sang it’s song. And I relaxed now when he played with my hair. His voice sounded over the hum of the spirits, making my smile a little.
Lowering my voice too. “I’m not hiding in the bubble.” With him here, I no longer felt the need for those walls. He’s brought them down, one brick at a time.
•- Embry Call -•
"I know." I whispered, and I meant. Because of her touch, her closeness, her heartbeat... all of them spoke to me.
"You haven't truly hidden anything from me since the first time you kissed me first." I smiled and pressed my lips against her once. "When you made that choice, you didn't just choose to kiss me... you chose this path."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My heart began to speed up at the memory coming rushing back. At how I had opened my front door, walked around the street, and kissed him. Breaking my own rules.
“I… knew… I had to make sure, but then I knew…” my eyes told you. Screamed. That I knew then I could trust him. pressing my lips to his, and sighing I closed my eyes again. Taking a minute as that feeling from that first kiss, it hadn’t changed.
•- Embry Call -•
I remembered turning and standing in the street after she opened the door to watch me go. Telling her everything was fine. To trust that I respected her choice. But unable to walk away, the voice in my head gold me I should that it would be easier for her if I kept walking.
But those phantom whispers on wind told me something else. Then she stunned me beyond belief.
“l was willing to wait.” I whispered. "The path might have been different after a few weeks. But I wasn't, walking away entirely. I was in too deep. Have you any idea how happy you made me when you stepped out of your door that night.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I have an idea.” Whispering I moved to rest my forehead to his chin. I wasn’t hiding, just being. In the moment and in the past at once.
“You’ve never pushed, even when I asked you to leave. When I told you it wasn’t going to happen.” He believed and waited. “I didn’t know how to react. How to process it all. I needed time.” And he gave it to me.
“Always so patient in waiting.”
•- Embry Call -•
“I suppose you do.” I smiled. Breathing in the scent of her hair. Insecurity was never something I struggled with… but somehow it was too easy to slip into thinking that I was one getting the best out this… but she was always quick the remind me that it wasn’t true.
Everything between us went both ways.
“I get it… it was sprung on you.” I smiled. “When I went back and asked you to open the door… I’d made my choice. You deserved the time to make yours too.” I pressed a kiss to the top of her head and rested my chin back there.
“You didn’t keep me waiting.” I whispered. That fact made me smile. I was more than willing to wait, and I would have… but everyone knew I was a fan of instant gratification.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Curling my arm over him I didn’t move. Just listening, taking the other side of the same event in on his view point. “Don’t kill me…” I smiled. “Those three words… I should have known then.”
He had taken me off guard, it hadn’t even crossed my mind. But something had changed Curling my arm over him I didn’t move. Just listening, taking the other side of the same event in on his view point.
“Don’t kill me…” I smiled. “Those three words… I should have known then.” He had taken me off guard, it hadn’t even crossed my mind. But something had changed.
•- Embry Call -•
My skin tingled everywhere it touched hers. I pulled her flush against me in the tight space of her couch. "It was a genuine concern..." I chuckled. "Metaphorically at least. And I was partly speaking to the Ancestors. I knew we were being drawn together and I hoped I wasn't taking us off the path they were guiding us to." She fit against my body so perfectly that it was like we were designed to do exactly that. Fit together.
"But every time I was around you felt this heat, I don't mean because we're the same temperature... but it built until I I knew I needed to let it just flow and see where it took us. And I know you are a woman of action... It was the easiest way to let you know exactly what I was feeling and prove I would take any chance to follow this path all at once.
There is no way to misunderstand that." I chuckled. "Of course, afterwards I realised you could have assumed instantly that I just wanted to get you into bed... But luckily for me... you knew me better than that be then."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Metaphorically?” Raising my eyebrow “There he goes using big words again.”
I curled my legs around his. This shouldn’t feel as comfortable as it did. Spirits, there was a bed in the next room that would be somewhat more comfortable. However, this was where we always ended up together and at peace.
My eyebrows pulled together. “It never crossed my mind that you were doing it for that reason.” Even before my walls came down, I’d never listened to the rumours about him. We had and most likely ever now were the most talked about singletons on the Rez.
“And if you had a one-track mind. Our first night together wouldn’t have been like this laying and talking on a couch…. With some kissing…. Neither of knew the meaning of taking it slow. And we both came to that same conclusion without even knowing it was happening.”
Shifting to look into his eyes. “The ancestors clearly had some faith in us. We aren’t bending pulled in other directions, or being told we are doing it wrong. So, far…”
•- Embry Call -•
"Really?" I shook my head at her. "It's a fairly common word regardless of how long is." I deadpanned. Or... I try to... but I was grinning.
She wrapped her legs around mine and tangled my ankles with hers, tying us both into a complicated knot. I took it as a sign that we had no intention of moving tonight. I was a little shocked at her answer. "Really... never? I mean I knew you didn't at first... but even now... it's never crossed your mind? It's not like I ever discouraged my reputation... if anything I added fuel to the fire regularly. So I wouldn't blame you if had a moment of wondering."
I smiled... we had pushed a line or two... even that night I think our bodies had cravings for the other. I chuckled as a memory resurfaced. "I remember asking you to stay and just keep kissing me." My heart raced and I kissed her just like that, again.
"I had never felt so much from just a kiss... it was impossible to stop."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Leaning into the kiss, I felt those sensations pulsing through my veins even today. It hadn’t stopped over time. Pulling back to meet his eyes, I took him in.
“Never. You seem to forget o am the queen of feeding a reputation. Whenever something is said about me… I may not feed it myself, because that would be lying. And my soul couldn’t take that. But my actions… they send a message until they all believe their own lies.”
Kissing his jaw. “I knew when you were lying or embellishing. when you stayed quiet letting others write their own stories about Embry Call. And I watched and saw when you patted your own back. ‘metaphorically’, at a job well done.”
Finding his eyes again. “Was I wrong? Should I have questioned you?” I didn’t need too, the spirits saw his pure soul, and so did I.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled. Spirits… did she have any idea what just that one word - Never - meant to me? “For someone that prefers actions over words, you certainly have all the right ones.” My fingers twirled a strand of hair right by her ear.
She'd trusted me from the first moment... Maybe not as much as she did now but that's okay… that took time. But she trusted that when I told her I just wanted to be with her… she believed me.
“No, not you… never you. This was always… more than anything else. And I don't mean hookups. What we have… it doesn't even live in the same part of my memory as that. There's no connection, this is a whole new album. I mean everything… from the start there was a bond forming.” It wasn't a word Protectors used lightly. “And I wanted it… I couldn't walk away… not permanently at least. It felt like… coming home and smelling your favourite food, hearing your favourite song the second step inside.”
This was getting a little flowery… but it was also still true. “If all we ever did was curl up on this couch and talk… or not talk, until we fell asleep. I would still show up every chance I got.” I released her hair and stroked the apple of her cheek. “As long as I can see these eyes. And hold onto you in whatever way you want me to. I'm here.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shrugging my shoulder, a little. “I have my moments. And then the words are gone from awhile.” I knew he was teasing. And at the same time, kind of right. I didn’t have words often.
My finger tips worked that pattern he always painted onto my skin on his back, stopping when what he shared sunk in.
‘This is a whole new album.’
I liked the sound of this, we were walking our one path, but… we were writing our own songs to tell our story. The way of our ancestors, and their spirits. But it was;
‘From the start there was a bond forming. And I wanted it.’
“A bond?” Moving so that I could see his face. Did he understand what he was saying? The meaning of such a thing?
‘It felt like coming home.’ He… felt all this?
Swallowing that feeling growing inside, one I could never put into words. I searched his face. “Embry?….” Heat radiating up the sides of my neck as my wolf stirred without saying a word.
•- Embry Call -•
I felt the twisting unbroken pattern she painted on my skin. I felt the power of it sinking into my being and stretching right through me and into her. Tying us together by our own choice.  I closed my eyes an let the feeling fill l me up.
Her wolf roused mine and I knew the word that was catching them both. “I know.” I whispered. Speaking to both of them. We spoke to both of them. “I know it’s a big word for all of its four letters.” My fingers trailed down her cheek and along the curve of her throat. “But it’s what we believe.” I never spoke for my wolf like this. He was me; I was him. But this was about them too. “We feel it all the way down to our soul. It doesn’t need a name, who knows if there even is one that could ever sum it up.” I smiled at them… and I swear I could see the lighter shade of her  warriors eyes reflected in the woman’s before my.
“And I want you know. I will always hear anything you want to say to me… but when the words don’t come, just believe, there’s nothing you could say to me that would make me feel more seen, more known… or safer, happier… or  more wanted than you make feel with every touch, and look… or kiss.” I smiled a little cheekily. “I won’t lie… we are particularly fond of the kissing.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Our eyes searched his until she saw him first. Embry and his warrior, in unison. “You’re speaking for him…. you never speak for him.” My voice low for his ears only. We all have individual relationships with our warriors, some it was a guiding force, for others a partner in crime, for some like Embry, they were one and the same.
She pushed forward to feel the moment as I did, but at the same time she wanted to take her own memories from it. She knew at some stage she would need to show this back to me.
Four small letters. Brought with it the power of many generations from before us. I closed my eyes for a few seconds while my mind followed the feel his touch on my skin. That touch spoke so loud in my heart that my ears weren’t needed. He was here, with me, together.
When I opened my eyes  again, I knew, I knew for the first time she’d come out to show herself to him… to them… she knew the true meaning, she understood, and through her, Embry, and the sight of his warrior’s eyes looking back at me. I did too.
Moving myself up into my elbow, I pushed my hair  back over my shoulder before leaning down to touch his lips with mine.
My hand cupped his face, the tingle of his one-day growth on my palm. I deeply kissed him. My lips moved over and with his, gently gaining access I swelled my tongue with his. A burst of him washing over  my entire being. All as I hoped he was listening.
I was telling him without those words, that I heard them, that I understood now what it all meant. What this unnamed bond between us had grown into.
•- Embry Call -•
“He really wanted her to know he was here too and he sees her… both of you… I know some people think he’s quite… but we just… blend so well as a human and a wolf.” I smiled. “There’s only one thing we differ on right now and been a long time since that happened.”
I chuckled maybe that was why I was speaking for him right now.
Then she was there, her eyes liking down into mine… making me feel so much all at once that a few months I would never have thought it was possible for a body to hold this many emotions at once.
And that was before she  kissed me.
I slid my fingers into the hair she had carefully moved… undoing at least half of her gesture. Her mouth  was soft against mine, her lips soft… still slightly plumped from our early activities. A deep satisfied sound bubbles up from my chest when I tasted her tongue in mine. I pulled her closer, clasping fingers gently in her hair.
I kissed her, giving her everything she was giving. I held nothing back even allow my partner in crime the rise up and share the moment since he wasn’t his usual animalistic self, he was soaking up the feeling, happy this bond he felt had been acknowledged. “We. Hear. You.” I whispered between kisses.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I closed my eye tightly my hand moving down between us to stop over his chest. Hearing and feeling the thudding of his/ their heart. The rhythm of which matched mine/ ours too.
This became the first moment in which we all shared, another first. Up until now it had be about  two. But now I could feel the draw of all four. And it didn’t fill me with fear.
She and I both heard them. We knew they would hear us; they would understand.
Finally pulling back, I rested my forehead to his. My breathing unsteady, my lip’s swollen and tingling. still wanting more. Why could I not get enough of him?
Opening my eyes i gazed down at him, feeling his warm breath on my face. She pushed me to ask a question… but I couldn’t… I didn’t do that.  I told her, it was between them. If they wanted us to know, they would tell us.
•- Embry Call -•
Her hand rested over my heart, as she did so often. I couldn't put a time on how long we were kissing like that, but when we stopped, we were breathless.
Both of them look down at both of us, our fingers moved through her hair. Along her back and arms, touching her letting him Feel the delicate seeming skin that was anything but delicate. But his curiosity was much deeper than touch.
I wrapped my arms around her waist, in an illusion of keeping her close... If she wanted to run l would it and couldn't stop her. "Don’t run when you hear this  because he can be patient." I paused. "He really wants to hear her voice. I've told him that will come in its own time. It's not as easy as that with the other guys around.”
Her voice was obviously metaphorical… we knew what her wolf sounded like. But it had been years since we heard her wolf's mind.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His touch to my hair calmed now where as once it made me angry. Not just him, anyone. But with Embry, and now knowing his warrior was awake too. It was a soothing experience.
My heart stopped. And my warrior stilled. “Whenever you say not to kill you… or run… I should  know by now, something is coming.” His arms moved around us, more of an ask to stay close. As we both knew, if we needed space. Needed to move. They would let go.
“He wants to hear her?” I asked a little confused.
‘He knows my voice; I am his beta.’ She told me as confused at the ask.
“Because of me…” it clicked into place. “Because we have learnt to keep you out.” I continued as the realisation dawned on her too.
“I’ve kept them apart all this time.” Even now, I still kept her safely inside me. Only opened those walls when it was. absolutely necessary. “Spirits, it hadn’t occurred to me.” I said to all three of them.
‘It’s okay, we both made the choice.’ She told me. But I knew she did it for me.
•- Embry Call -•
"Maybe that's the wrong word..." I explained. "He wants to share her mind; feel the way her thoughts move... hear the unspoken things we all share." I brushed my fingers against her cheek. "Not always, he knows that not how you want to live. I guess what he really wants is for  both of you to choose to be in that..." I couldn't say hive mind... because we would never ask her to open herself up to the others.
"Space with us, let us see more than just what you choose... feel what you do. Let you feel how we do when we're with you. But only if you make  the choice. I know how much it is to ask... so does he. We aren't asking... just.." I smiled. "Letting you know... we might. Someday."
It was a huge ask. but it was something he couldn't help feeling. We revelled in 90% of the mind-to-mind connection it was how we detected  problems the kids were having. We relied on it the monitor how #Quil really felt about #Claire growing up.
To keep the pups from walking the wrong path like I had. To make sure they were all... happy.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
We listened to him, well I listened. She knew this was coming and understood why. I guess some part of me had known too, why wouldn’t they want to be a part of her as much as me. We were a package deal. She had been his biggest advocate from the start, she had pushed me to open up, to become friends, to let him in. And here they were. I could feel his warrior from time to time. Feel him, and mine had been sensing him frequently.
But I had pushed her back, told her it was Embry and my time, that she had to wait. But why? Why has I made her wait?
‘Stop it. Don’t do this to yourself. We both made choices. And you needed this, you needed to see where this was going.’ I nodded my head. To her, to them.
“I don’t want to promise when, just say someday. If that is something you can both be happy with.” biting on the inside of my cheek.
“It’s been years since I allowed anyone…. In…. I cannot imagine doing it without hurting you. Him. Her. Unintentionally.”
I knew myself. “I may not mean it, but the walls could come up… and I’m not sure I could live with who that would  impact and how.” Honestly was the only path I would take. My eyes were on them, taking in everything in case they pulled away from us. “Can you… both of you… give me time?” I told ‘me’ because she would be happy to hear them. She wanted to know too.
•- Embry Call -•
I nodded and smiled. "We can do that. He's happy to have been heard... I've kept him quiet about this for a little while about this. We don't want to ask anything of you that you aren't perfectly happy to give."
I cradled her check then. "Leah... You won't hurt us. I know that  there are things in your past that we won't like to see. Things that may even cause us a little hurt or pain or whatever else. But that won’t be your doing, Trouble.”
I looked deeply into her eyes. "That's called empathy... It's sharing your experiences with someone who  cares about. Someone that wants to learn everything you are willing to let us see.” I stopped. "Willing isn't the right word... Everything you are happy to let us know. And if the walls come back up it means it's not the right time.”
I kissed her softly. Then... He did. “As much as you need, and that's a promise we can easily make.“
•- Leah Clearwater -•
We couldn’t take our eyes of them, seeing them together in the same place. In our bubble, one that I knew belonged to the four of us. Then deserved to have their time as much as we did. My heart belongs in this bubble and they all made it a safe space together. I couldn’t  believe I hadn’t seen it before now.
‘You weren’t ready until now.’ She whispered.
I closed my eyes when Embry kissed me, I pinpointed the second he moved forward, and all the walls came down for her. I let her feel him… we felt them together… the key word for this moment TOGETHER Pulling back just enough to see them again.
“Please don’t do that again…” I started. “Don’t silence him. Don’t feel like you cannot ask something, because of how it makes me feel. By now you know where I am… how I am… I hope… if I cannot answer  I will ask for time.” As I had just done.
I moved my hand to hold him. “Thank you both. For giving me the time.” I shook my head a little, he’d pulled some of my hair forward and it rested against my neck. “I never intentionally want to hurt either of you.”
She was quit, not saying anything. I frowned checking in with her. But she didn’t speak.
•- Embry Call -•
“That’s not what it was... I just told him it was the right time and he agreed… to a point.” I smiled at her. “And today was that point.”  My palm came up to rest on her cheek.
“You don’t have to thank us for that, Leah. Don’t thank people for not forcing you into something  you ready for.
I kissed her again softly. “Getting hurt isn’t a bad thing… it sucks. But it happens, it's part of life… its part of every journey. This thing between us keeps picking up momentum… we will probably hurt each other, maybe more than once… never on purpose.
Maybe out of some absent-minded comment… maybe something bigger. But it will be okay because it will never be to cause pain. Then… we’ll be right there, helping to heal whatever wound we caused.”
My gaze stayed fixed on hers. “I know you would never hurt  me intentionally.” I smiled a little cheekily then. “But if do… I promise to let you make it up to me. If you promise to tell us if we ever ask for too much. Deal?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I am only thank you out of respect. Others aren’t so lucky.” I told him, tuning my face into his touch. This night has taken a turn, but then any nights with Embry Call did. He kept me guessing, and it was something I had disliked before. The unknown, the unplanned. But with him. It seemed to work out.
“Speak for yourself if you hurt me. They won’t find you. Because you will be at the bottom of the sea with blowers weighting your down.” Snapping my teeth at him but smiling at the same time. Because I knew it was true. We will hurt with all the laughter and smiles, hurt was a learning path too.
Leaning up to kiss his chin. “Embry, it’s always a deal.” Thinking for a moment. “I shut down when I cannot process, but I’m learning how to deal with it.” My lips curled into a smile again. “Even though  the last few times I couldn’t process…. You showed up on my door…. And helped me get there.”
I shook my head slowly. “By the spirits…. You helped me when I didn’t understand how to help myself.”  I rested my forehead to his chest moving back to lay down beside him.
•- Embry Call -•
There was about the action of her leaning her cheek into my palm. The fluttering in my stomach returned hard and fast.I chuckled. I could have pointed out that she had just admitted that she'd just let me in deep enough that l could hurt her. But she knew we both knew how  true that was.
I smiled at her. " Maybe you used to, Leah. But now... You don't. You stay...you change the subject or maybe go quiet. But if you truly shutdown you would ask me to leave." l whispered. "You let me be here for you... That's not shutting down."
Hearing her next words made my heart thump out of time. Whoever would have thought that someone like me would have anything to offer someone like, Leah? "That’s a two-way street." My voice was soft. "And I don't mean what you did for me and mom. I just mean everything you've done for me  personally.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
He wasn’t wrong in the slightest. “Evolution… isn’t that the reason it is working between so far? The ability to create, maintain, and develop a relationship where we once never thought even a friendship was possible?”
I couldn’t understand all the ins and outs of the why. Or even the how. I just knew He had a way to show me the part of information I would miss. With the pups, with Ma, or the Kid… with the tribe…
Shaking my head. “You don’t have to mention what happened… with… Beautiful and you. Anyone would have stepped up.” I didn’t like being reminded of things like that. “Help was needed, and the spirits sent me that day and not Ma.”
Lifting my head to look up at him again. “Two way… like you just said… you and I. We got this. I got you.” That was a promise that would never go away, no matter where  life took us.
•- Embry Call -•
My smile widened at her use of the word relationship; it was instant proof of the evolution that she had been going through. "I know" I whispered. "I'm only speaking for myself for now."
I knew there were a lot of people who would have helped us if I hadn't been so stupidly stubborn. But to the extent that she had. 18 #Sue had come over that night there was no way I would have left that stack of bills out. l still wasn't sure why did when Leah came over.
"And I got you. Don't ever forget that." I whispered.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“By the spirits… that smile…” my hand moved to cup his cheek, letting my thumb glide over his lips, as my eyes followed. I knew he could heart it, when my heart miss that beat, he would have known it happened.
“I know you do.” And I said it with confidence. Because of the trust we’d been building together.  My smile mirrored his. “I need to stop smiling so much. I have a reputation to uphold.”
•- Embry Call -•
My smile grew and I moved my hand to rest above her tell-tale heart. Moments like these with her... they were too [precious to not commit to memory. It was strange just because you'd think moments you never wanted to forget would be rare... but with her... they were abundant.
"Don't worry, Trouble." I tapped out the rhythm of her heartbeat against her collarbone. "It will be our little secret."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth at him, the smile reminded in its place. Is closed my eyes to listen to the thunder of my heart being played out with his touch.
“If you don’t, I know where to find you when you are asleep. So….” I left the rest for him to imagine. A persons imagination was so much more than if you completed a threat itself. (Not that I would see it through. Because SHE wouldn’t let me.)
•- Embry Call -•
"And I don't doubt for a second that you wouldn't." I laughed. Although the idea of her using my open-door policy to sneak into my room at night was intriguing.
"I you smiling I'll continue to keep your secret, I smirked. "I like this smile." I kissed the place where her mouth turned up. "I miss this smile when too long goes by since I've seen it." I kissed the other side of her lips. "And it makes your eyes even brighter."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“That sounds like blackmail to me.” Attempting to frown at him. But the way his deep brown eyes saw me, it was difficult to contain the smile he was speaking of.
“It’s never far or hiding in the bubble.” I whisper as his lips touched the corner of mine. “There’s is guy, you might know him. He’s a right pain in the arse.” Shifting up closer to him, I kissed the tip of his nose. “He has a talent to bring the smile out of me.”
And he really did. But it was more than that. He wasn’t the only reason for my smiles. It was the fact that he’d helped  in the evolution of the walls coming down when I was in a safe space. Now it was easy for me to feel that in other places too.
•- Embry Call -•
“It kinda does actually, doesn't it?” I smirked at her… but damn… those eyes. And I knew that it was true, and seeing her smile so easily and freely was the highlight of the days I saw her in our bubble.
I closed my eyes briefly when she kissed the end of my nose, but I  never wanted to look away from her for too long.
“Sounds like a stand-up guy to me.” I teased. “Going out of his way to make someone smile? The man is clearly a Saint.”  I slipped my arms around her. Clasping my hands at the small of her back and pulling her flush against me.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I don’t know about being a Saint, may give him a mighty big head if he hears us talking about him like this.” I curled my legs around his, my arms slipping in to hold him too. How easy touch has become for me with him.
My eyes worked their way over his features, taking in  every aspect of him. “But he had put up with his arse hitting the flood a lot, and still kept coming back for more.”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed, easing my body into her as she moulded herself to min. “There's nothing wrong with a little ego stroking from time to time.” My forehead moved to rest against hers. “He sounds like a guy who knows what he wants and goes after it.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Embry Call, you give yourself an ego boost just by the fact that someone waved in your direction. Saying nice tinting, in front of you. It’s always been a no-go area for me.”
I had to snap my teeth playfully, staying where I was with my eyes closed.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled. “And here I just thought you liked confident men.”
I rested my chin on the top of her head, giving a small, contented sigh. There was so much comfort in these moments. “Did you ever you'd feel like this just be holding onto someone?” I was mostly asking myself, but my mouth always had a habit of spilling my random thoughts.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Rolling my tongue over my teeth I just smiled. “There is nothing as sexy as a person who knows their worth and is unapologetic about it. But… It Doesn’t stop me from pulling their legs.”
My eyes moved to the window; he was settling in by the sound of his beating heart. Then he made that smile grow. I could tell it was more for himself than me.
“Would I have thought of it?” He knew the answer. “Never in my wildest dreams.”
•- Embry Call -•
"I guess that describes both of us." I chuckled. "In very different ways." Her self-confidence manifests in a much less boastful way than mine. "But I've only recently started to realise my worth is a lot more than just how sexy I am."
I smiled... Leah Clearwater... talking about dreams with her arms around me. "Never in my wildest dreams." I whispered, agreeing... and feeling the exact same way.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The smile grows into a frown, my eyebrows pulled together deepening the frown somewhat.
“Your worth was always more than your outer shell, Embry. It’s one of the reasons I used to smack you upside the head so much. You always laid it on thick on the wrong sides of you.” thinking around it a little more.
“Then again... I also missed seeing so much of you. Underestimating your intentions even.”
•- Embry Call -•
"I know... I mean, I think I always 𝓀𝓃𝑒𝓌 that on some level and then on another I didn't..." I chuckled because that statement was so true and made no sense all at once.
"I did play up to it a little too much at times... I guess you all have walls of some sort... or maybe mine was more of a mask. Either way, I was hiding parts of myself too."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“And now?” I wasn’t ever the kind of person to ask questions of anyone. If I weren’t willing to answer, then myself. What right did I have to ask?
But with him. I asked. Because it was an open and honest conversation after all. He’d learnt how to ask questions of me where I didn’t work my way through or around the meaning. And my walls were down with him too.
•- Embry Call -•
“Now?” I smiled at her… so curious now. I mean she always was, but now she out right asked instead of silently pondering it like she did in the past. “Now I just know… I can’t slip back to thinking maybe it’s all I am. Because no one looks at someone the way you look at me  just because they’re gorgeous.” I smiled. There was more.
“You showed me how to step outside myself and see what the people who love me see.” I locked our gazes. And those eyes almost stole my train of thought. “You helped me let the spirit back into my life and feel how  chose me… even if I know I feel like there more they want from me than I thought when I fist phased. But that’s okay… they’ll show me a path when it’s time.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Moving to sit upright and straighten myself out. Our eyes were connected, in a way that I didn’t expect I would allow with another person. Yet here we sat.
I crossed my legs underneath my arse, tilting my head as I listened carefully. Not missing anything as my mind worked  to understand.
“Evolution…” the word came out in a whispered breath. I was seeing it in him as it was happening. Before my eyes. Chuckling a little i bit the insides of my cheeks. Shaking my head as it all came together again.
“They knew…. They knew this….” I pointed between us. “It was how the two of us were supposed to have met at this stage. So that you could open your eyes to your true self.”  There was no other explanation.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled upon hearing that word. It was like our mission statement at this point. I watched all the little changes in her posture and the way her cheek puckered, making me want to kiss the upturned corner of her mouth.
"Oh, they knew." I agreed without a hint of doubt. "They were just biding their time until we were in the right place in our individual journeys to cross our paths..." I shook my head... "How many times do you think we pissed them off by passing each other by like ships in the night... So close... and so..." I shook my head.
Unwilling to let the thought of the distance between us intrude into our bubble.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Biting the inside of my cheeks I let the reel of time play in my mind. She chuckled with the pleasure of recounting the number of times I wanted to kill him.
“Hmm… too many to talk about.” Shaking my head. “They played a dangerous game if you ask me. The number of times you came so close to your next life…” shaking my head again.
“I’m sure they would have made me pay for it, if I had snapped your neck.”  And now, the thoughts made my stomach churn.
•- Embry Call -•
"They did... so you think this was always the plan> I asked genuinely curious. "I mean I wouldn't say that I believe that every little thing happens for a reason... but we of all people can't deny destiny exists and predetermined fates are at least laid out for us to choose." I  smiled her, watching all the possibilities churning in her eyes.
"How long was this on their map? Since you phased? Since I did?" Then a thought hit me that brought this to a whole new level. "Since Mom decided to raise me here instead of going back to her parents when she  realised, she'd be doing it alone?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
So many questions and answers to them all were possible if I asked them. But did we need those answers?
“Yes, to all and…. No too…. And even Maybe?” My expression turned thoughtful.
“The way I have come to understand things… it’s all a fine line, paths, directions full of  possibilities. Each choice made opens a new cross roads, each with its own unique purpose. The only difference is what we pick and how we choose to use them in our own lives.”
Still considering it all.
“When Ms C chose to stay here in La Push, she opened your path to our ancestors here. Because if you weren’t here in La Push and had left…. Would you step into this world have occurred? Would we have been a pack without you, what would have happened to us all with that one moment in her lifetime if she had said ‘I’m leaving.’ ?”
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled... all the answers and nothing truly answered at the same. But I hadn't really been looking for answers. Those were the types of questions that were the best left as thought-provoking.
"I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have phased if I was in Neah Bay... and if I did...." I  had shuddered many, many times at the thought.
"I would have been in completely alone." I knew it was unlikely, the chances I would have crossed the part of a vampire that far away was slim... and even if I did, I wouldn't have been called to protect Quileute land while living in Makah lands,
"I'm grateful that she stayed. I wouldn't want to change my life... but I do wonder if maybe she would have... moved on if she wasn't here. I'm sure she got lonely."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Have you ask her about it?” The questions were coming fast and hard from me this evening. What was going on with me?
“About her choice, I mean. How she came to it, why? How she feels about it now?” In my eyes Tiffany Call is an amazingly talented and strong woman, who  opened my eyes to a way of living that saved me.
“Without her guidance and advice when I didn’t even know I needed it, I wouldn’t have made it this far…. So, if she had left… who knows where I would be today.”
•- Embry Call -•
"About why she stayed... yeah... she wanted me to know about my Quileute heritage... figured she could teach me about the Makah." I nodded. "About why she never really dated?" I shook my head.
"No... I was a little I was the reason she chose to be alone. And she still wears the necklace my father gave her. I always thought that maybe... she still loved him... even after... everything."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I knew the necklace she wore; it never came off. And some part of what he said must be true.
“She’s an incredible woman.” All I could say. She has gone through so much, and never once had his mother given the world a reason to question her dedication to her son.
“She had to think about how you would be treated too.” This had been a conversation I’d had with my Ma.
“Mothers, don’t like rocking the boat when it comes to their kids.” I truly didn’t deserve the mother the spirits had given me. Her life…  I stopped those thoughts shaking my head.
•- Embry Call -•
"She really is... I think there was one time in my life that she had three jobs." 
I nodded that is what I had been about hearing. "I know... and I can understand that... And it does not like she never went on dates. She just always... seemed disappointed after them. And I don't think it was because they we're bad guys or anything like that... I don't know. I just hope she didn't think she needed to be alone for my sake."
I looked up and Leah reached over to rest my hand on her knee. "But i do know we were both blessed with the two greatest Mom's  In history."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes settled on his hand on my leg, I wasn’t ready to look up just yet.
“You’ve said it before Embry, maybe her heart wasn’t hers. At least that part of it was given to someone who didn’t Deserve it, and all the rest… she gave to you and the rest of us..” for those who his mother cared for just like mine.. they were given the world.
Finally letting my gaze find his dark eyes I just nodded once. I knew he was right.
•- Embry Call -•
I nodded… “Yeah…. But she deserved… someone. She’s never admitted that missed out anything raising me… but…” I shook my head. It wasn’t like it was something I could fix.
“She’s a romantic… you know… she deserved her epic love…” I exhaled heavily, even saying that and truly meaning it. I shuddered internally at the thought of sharing my childhood and my mom with a stranger.
Of course, whoever it was wouldn’t have been a stranger for long…
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Turning my hand to find his I laced me fingers. Squeezing a little telling him how I understood, how much I agree with him too.
His mom really did deserve an epic romance like nothing before. One that would become a story we told for generations to come.
But I couldn’t bring myself to promise him it would happen. Because it wasn’t my promise to make. His mom had to be the one who took the first steps. Even if it was unexpected and uncomfortable to start with.
•- Embry Call -•
I appreciated her silence. She never offered hollow reassurance. Just her presence and as enough… those specific worries I had only ever expressed in words to #Jake and #Quil before.
Saying them to her… I smiled… it reminded me that there was so much more to this than the soul-deep and physical bonds we were building.
We were building a true friendship too. I laughed. “At least she will always have you trying to steal her heart.”
Then I point between her and I “You know what conversation means right?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Okay this made me laugh. “I didn’t want to remind you of the fact… but he did promise to consider my offer if I was… ‘persistent’. Her word… not mine…”
Squeezing his hand, my own way to tell him I would always listen. If he needed to talk. No matter the time of day or night.
But right now, he made me frown, and then rising my eyebrow. “What does this mean?” Had I missed something?  My wolf rolled her eyes, turned around showing me her arse. She saw it? But what was it?
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed.. I loved the banter the two shared. I knew how much they both enjoyed it. I wagged my finger between us again. Smirking.
“We’re friends!” I announced confidently. “Well on our way to bestie territory.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth at that finger, my eyebrows pulled into a frown.
“Hey… hey… wait up a minute.” Shaking my head my lips pressed so that I wouldn’t laugh as the realisation hit me. Spirits…..he wasn’t wrong.
“What are the rules of this evolution? I’m not sure I’m up for it.”
•- Embry Call -•
I just rolled my eyes and chuckled.
“Please… if that was true, you'd be long gone…” I thought about the rules part. “I’m not sure.” I rested my hand on the back of her neck. “I've never had a friend I wanted to do this…” I drew her in, pressing lips to hers lightly at first. “With.” I finished and deepened the kiss.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“You’re such a Wisearse!”
My fingers curled around a cushion beside me. My head turned to him as his hand brought me in and my fingers loosened from the fabric with shivers freely moving down my spine.
Why was it so easy with him? To go from kissing, to making out, to joking  about liking him, to music, to…. Well everything that made us… us?
Flicking my tongue over his lips I bit his lower lip and tugged on it before he deeply kissed me. My hands moved to around his neck pulling him in closer.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled as she kissed me, letting her pull me in and responding by slipping my arm around her waist. "See." I snapped my teeth at her. "That banter..." I kissed her again, pulling her flush against my chest. "BFF material." I bit her lip this time.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
That snap of his teeth reverberated through to my core. Spirits! That was so sexy! Giving him a huff, after kissing his lips, I bit his lips and rolled my eyes.
“I don’t know, still feels like I should put you through some trail before allowing you the pleasure”.
•- Embry Call -•
“Do I get to put you through trails so the same pleasure?” I teased. We both knew the answer. “Let’s start with all the places you like to be kissed the most. Shall we?”
I smirked and dropped my face into and from on her neck pressing a maddeningly featherlight kissed to her  pulse point.
“This one work best for I’m behind you are tilting your head back onto my shoulder. But… this way is still 90% as effective. With the added bonus of seeing, you face as I lean in.” I kissed her  little more firmly, my tongue tasting skin.
“How did I do? A plus?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head slowly with the smallest of movements. “Already asked... and... answered I believe.”
His closeness and the kiss sent my heart off beat, the betrayal made me groan. Leaning back into him wasn’t difficult anymore. Because the trust was there.
“Hmm… it has its perks I guess.” His scent filled my senses. The deep breath brought the forest, his shower, the shampoo, with some parts of his work lingering at the edges.
“There is always room for improvements, Dimples.” I wasn’t into handing out brownies points at the first ask.
•- Embry Call -•
I moved to let my teeth graze her earlobe. "Even if I promise to never stop improving?"
I knew I wasn't going to get a full grade from her... but would be a lot of fun trying.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
He wasn’t making this easy on me. Just the touch had me tilting my head towards him. A shiver of excitement and then I snapped my head out of it and snapped my teeth tuning around to face him.
“Evolution means to kept improving. So, let’s face it… you have a long road ahead.”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed against her neck. She spoke like I couldn't feel her reaction. My hands moved down her sides. “Your words say one thing… your body says another.”
I swept my tongue along the shell of her ear. “Since you're a woman of action. I think I'll listen to your body.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Tremors course their way through my stomach making my core clench tight, small gasp caught on my lips.
“It’s treacherous if you ask me, how my body speaks to you without my say so.” My ankle curled around his calf, pulling his leg out from underneath him. And I pushed him back.
•- Embry Call -•
Dammit! How did she always to distract me when I was trying to distract her? I managed the stumble back into her armchair and clutched at her waist the drag down, very inelegantly with me.
“You know… you could just say, come on in, have a seat.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
By the Spirits! Why hadn’t I moved out of his reach? Snapping my teeth at him.
“Since when do you wait for an invitation? Don’t you just show up and make yourself at home?” Shifting myself to sit on his lap. Hoping my armchair isn’t damaged.
•- Embry Call -•
"You make a good point..." I laughed... "But you have to admit..." My arms wrapped around her waist like they were always meant to be there.
"It would be kinder to your furniture if you invited me." I chuckled and quirked a brow.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My gaze flew across the room to where there was an open space, where there once had been a side table before beside my couch.
“Okay…. Fine… maybe… and I mean… Maybe… there’s a point. Maybe!” I clarified again. “Still I’m not saying this way isn’t more fun.”
•- Embry Call -•
I knew what she was looking at… or rather not looking at. But that one was partially my fault for showing up here to scream at her… what had I been thinking? Under it all was the urge to be near her, conflicted with everything else I was feeling. The hypocrisy I couldn't  break free of.
“See, I can make good points too!” I chuckled. “But I agree that this way is more fun.” I leaned in my brushed my lips against her jaw, just next to her ear.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth, to hide the shiver the kiss sent dancing down my spine I rolled my eyes. “Someone please take note of the time, the date, and have him sign it three times! Embry Call just agreed with me?”
Clicking my tongue with a “tutt, tutt, tutt.” Adding in for good measure.
“People are going to start talking. They’ll say I bewitched you. Be careful.” Turning to rest my forehead to his, breathing in the scent that was so Embry.
“Have you eaten? I feel like cooking.” The urge had been growing to make something.
•- Embry Call -•
I rolled my eyes at her... "That 𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕖 will have nothing on the parade I will throw when you agree with me."
I chuckled and kissed the end of her nose. "I will correct them and say I was enamoured." I laughed.
I looked at her like she was crazy. "Am I hungry? For your  cooking? That's a rhetorical question, right?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising my eyebrow at the eye roll. Was he taking lessons from me now?  “Enamoured?” I asked rolling my eyes now. “Did someone use a word of the day toilet paper this morning?”
Kissing him once I pushed off his lap. “You’re always a Wisearse.” Leaning down over him, resting my hands on his shoulders.
“Well, what are you waiting for? An invite?” Snapping my teeth at him again, before straightening up.
Walking towards the kitchen, pulling my hair up and rolling it around my hand then into a messy bun, I looked inside of the fridge.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed, that eye roll was epic. "If you think a roll of toilet paper can last that long in my house..." I let the thought hang in the air unfinished.
"I had to switch back to the calendar." I smiled and chased her lips for a second kiss but... "Always to quick!" I teased  finishing the thought out loud.
"You always make it very clear that I never needed one in the past... so I take it that you mean I never 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 one." I followed her... watching her do that thing with her hair that always set off the winged creatures in my stomach.
Spirits..." I muttered. "Why is that so sexy?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Leaning down I moved things around the fridge, not quite sure what my stomach was calling for tonight. But hearing him had I shaking my head.
“What do you expect from a group of pups and you?” Chuckling because I was sure he was using a calendar. Gathering what I had decided on in my arms I stood up and closed the door turning to find him behind me.
“Hmm?” Raising my eyebrow at him. “Why is what sexy?” Stepping around him to set the ingredients down on the counter.
“I’m thinking grilled chicken and pasta, are you game? I marinated  the chicken last night.”  Turning to move around him. I kissed his shoulder. “You do still need me to answer that question?” 
He knew the answer. He had too. By the Spirits he was stood in my kitchen, that was answer enough.
•- Embry Call -•
"But a calendar!" I chuckled. "That lasts a whole year!"
I watched her distracted as she searched her fridge. Until I heard the word chicken. Then she was walking past me and passing a kiss to my shoulder... like this was a daily routine. Me standing in her kitchen, watching  cook or go about her routines...  and I supposed it was... okay so not daily... but not rare either. I smiled, a simple kiss... raw chicken and a messy bun. Is that my new definition of happiness... I think it is.
I stepped up behind her as she worked and rested my chin on  her shoulder, my hands on her hips and whispered. "You just did."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… I’m sure I did too.” Whispering it for his ears only. Beginning to chop, clean up the vegetables to use with the chicken and pasta. Smiling that smile only he could see.
“Are you planning  to watch me cook, or are you going to help?” Pointing my knife towards the  fridge. “There are beers in there with our names on them. And a table which could be set, Embry Call.”
I had no shame in putting him to work. Even if it felt unreal to have his arms around me right now. This ‘normal’ living thing. We found our way of doing it.
•- Embry Call -•
“I was planning and watching…” I chuckled. That was, of course, code for checking her out. “But I won’t have anyone say Embry Call doesn’t do his share.”
I placed a kiss where my chin had rested and then I stepped away and grabbed the beers from the fridge, opening them. I one next to Leah on the counter and swigged from the other as I gathered plates and cutlery from her cupboards.
“My Mom raised a gentleman after all.” I teased.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Was I ashamed of the way my eyes followed him to the fridge? Nope. Did I enjoy the sight of his pants tightening with his bend? Spirits No. It made me smile. Because I could appreciate the beauty in the work of our spirits in creating him.
“I have not doubted in Ms C’s teachings. It’s how much of her lessons, made it in past the thick skull of yours!”
Smirked as I moved to the sink to watch up before setting the skillet on the hob, and a pan of water to boil for the pasta.
•- Embry Call -•
I felt the heat of her gaze on my arse as I leaned into the fridge. I smiled... apparently, my hotness stood the test of time. Even after all our encounters, she was still eyeing me up.  Not that I doubted it... but, confirmation was always nice.
I rolled my eyes. "You know very well that the thickening of my skull is a direct result of the wallops I got when I didn't listen." I laughed.
I set two glasses on the table for water and made my way back to her. "Want me to help with anything else?" I asked.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Laughing between sips of the cold beer, nodding my agreement at the alleged punishment.
“As if you didn’t deserve each one of them.” Taking another sip, I set the bottle down measuring out the correct amount of pasta into the boiling water.
“No, thank you. I’ve got the rest handled here. As soon as the pasta was on, I began cooking the chicken breast in the hot skillet.
•- Embry Call -•
“I wouldn't say all…. Maybe 75%…” it was definitely all… “but my point is, I learnt my lesson... Eventually.” I laughed. I moved around her kitchen, finding the cutlery and napkins easily. The jig of water she kept chilled in the fridge.
Then my inner child took over. “Nice breasts you've got there.” I said matter-of-factly. “Very… succulent…” trying to remain stoic. I had no regrets.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Again….. again, the sound of his laughter filled my home. And again, my warrior stroked my calm, because it was becoming… no… had become a welcome addition to life for us. The moment soon progressed to me rolling my tongue over my teeth, with my warrior Reminding me not  kick his arse… too hard…
“Hmm… they are, they taste so much better when your lips curl around them. A teasing bit..” A hum of sarcasm coating my words. It’s when I turned to see him walking past, so I kicked his arse with my bare foot. No comment. No explanation needed.
•- Embry Call -•
My laughter grew and I set my hands on her hips from behind. “Damn, Clearwater.” I growled into her ear. “You drive me wild when you talk dirty like that.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
So, I’m not going to admit it. But that made my core clench. So, I snapped my teeth at him while turning the chicken over in the skillet.
“Keep it up Call, see how wild it can get in a hot kitchen.” Growling right back at him and his warrior, who I knew must be liking it too.
•- Embry Call -•
I buried my nose against her neck and inhaled deeply. “You know your entire scent changes when you’re turned on, right?” Of course, she did. I chuckled. “Not just…” My hand slid from her hip the very top of her thigh. She would get what I mean.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Of course, I knew! It’s why I always controlled myself outside of these walls, and our bubble. “Bloody ancestral pheromones! We couldn’t have evolved into hiding that crap?”
My lips parted taking in a breath, I closed my eyes for a brief moment. It was heady when my walls came down. And he was blood talented. “Don’t start something you cannot finish, Embry Call.” He errands another teeth snap.
•- Embry Call -•
“Spirits I hope we never do.” I inhaled again dragging the tip of nose along her neck. “You smell… so. Fucking. Good.”  I chuckled and pulled back… just my face. Mg hands stayed on her hips… “Almost as good as that chicken.” I teased her. She smelled better… but we couldn’t waste food by getting distracted…
Or we shouldn’t. My stomach growled loudly, and I laughed.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Laughter… it was coming from me…. This man…. Only he could turn you on, and then make you laugh out loud.
“Your stomach agrees, the chicken is better.” Turning the meat in the pan, I saw the pasta boiling. “Let’s give your hands something to do. Could you drain the noodles?”
•- Embry Call -•
“My stomach is an idiot! You should see some of the  things I’ve eaten in the past.” I kissed her temple. “But this time I think it’s onto stomach. The food smells amazing too.”
I picked up the pot and took to the sink it drains the noodles… before my idle did start to wander.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Veggies cooking, the chicken too, I moved to set the sauce going next then walked over to the speaker in here turning it on. “We need some music.” It wasn’t a question, I hit play on my playlist and let the music gods do their thing. (Music: Take It From Me – Jordan Davis)
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blazingtheway · 1 month
Unfair Advantage - Storyline 15 - Together
Tumblr media
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The idea was simple, a night in with the Witcher on TV, something sweet to eat, and an early night.  “Let the truth out. Let is all BEGIN.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Is it Netflix and chill time?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Shh.” Turning the volume up.
•- Embry Call -•
Coughs. “MyArseIsBetter.” Coughs.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising my eyebrow. “Are you in competition?”
•- Embry Call -•
“When it come to my arse there is no competition.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pausing the show, then crossing my arms over my chest.  “Someone’s confidence level are spiking again.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Would you rather I act shy and beat around the bush for compliments? I could give it a shot if that’s your thing.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pulling a face.
“Spirits, don’t you dare. I’ll have to kick your arse from here to third beach. And who has time for that on a Sunday night?”
•- Embry Call -•
Biting my lip and waggling my brows.  “Are you threatening me with a good time, trouble?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Licking my bottom lip with a smirk.  “It’s only a threat if I’m not likely to follow through, Dimples.”
•- Embry Call -•
Stepping a little closer and smiling.  “You say all the right things, Trouble.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes drift to his feet moving closer, then his lips and eyes.  “Are you saying you want me to lick your arse?”
•- Embry Call -•
Planting my feet firmly. Watching for her next move. “You heard me.” Smirking
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The smirk growing, I slowly bring my fingers to the zipper of my jacket. Bringing it down before removing it one arm at a time.
“See, now you’re just playing with my emotions… or lack thereof them.”
•- Embry Call -•
My teeth slowly drag off of my lower lip, watching the slow progress of that zip. "Is this the dinner and a show we spoke about before?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Folding the jacket, to place it down to the side. My eyes never once leaving his face. “It depends… are you planning to go grab the Chinese food, after your arse hits the ground?” Undoing the button on the cuff of my shirt, I begin to roll it up a few folds.
•- Embry Call -•
Her heart didn’t so much as flutter. She meant business. I shrugged out of my jacket and tossed it aside. “Depends on whether or not you’ll go get it if yours hits ir first?” We all knew how this was going to end.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The lip bite thing he does wasn’t missed, I just had my eye on the win now. With a small groan and a roll of the eyes, at the way he discarded his jacket.
“Hmm… only if it means you’ve learnt a few new moves?” My hands moved up to my hair, pulled it into a messy bun.
•- Embry Call -•
I tilted my head and let my eyes sweep along the curve of her neck as she twisted her hair up onto the top of her in the way she did. I chuckled a little at the noise she made when I tossed the jacket after she'd carefully folded hers.
"Only one way to find out." I smirked stepping forward.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Only one way to find out.”
The second his feet moved forward., I side stepped and turned myself to face him on his left-hand side. I wasn’t going to make it easy on him.
“That’s an old move, Dimples. Don’t make me take you down without a fight.” Smirking at him with a wink
•- Embry Call -•
When she moved, I realised I had dropped my guard without thinking. "And that's a sneaky move, Trouble." I smirked... she was taking advantage of the fact that she was a leftie.
"Who said it would be without a fight?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head nice and slow, I moved to circle him. My eyes on him at all times.  “I don’t sneak, you know me better I’d hope. It’s not my fault I’m too fast for you too keep up.”
Rolling the tip of my tongue over my bottom lip, he’d picked up on the move I’d made.
•- Embry Call -•
I tested my balance, my eyes following her as she circled me... I didn't turn, favouring firming footing over a line of sight when she reached my blind spot. I could still hear her.
Fuck she was sexy when she slipped into predator mode. "I thought I was keeping up  pretty well... come closer and I can remind you." I glanced to the side as she came back into view giving her a slow, seductive smile.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” I wasn’t going to hit him in his blind spot, I wasn’t a monster! (Well…) My eyes moved to his feet once again. He was digging in there for sure.
“You may want to bend at the knees a little. You’re leaving yourself open to having your legs pushed out.” He’d recover  from it, he was agile on his feet.
“Does Catching up really count?” It did, hundred percent it counted.  Once back around to the front, seeing that smile should and would have made my heart do that stopping thing. But it was in lock down.
“Is someone becoming impatient?”
•- Embry Call -•
“Are you analysing my form or checking out my arse because the latter is far more fun, Clearwater?” I laughed… but damn she was tough. I knew that smile could get to her… but she had her head in the  game right now.
“If you’re ready to cross that finish line, Trouble… we  can see where we land.” I smiled because I knew that would g t her mind racing.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Unlike most… I know how to multitask.” Tilting my head to the side, with one eyebrow raised.
“Dimples… are you trying to get under my skin and make me break?” The sound of his laughter make my lips curl up a little. This would be incredibly interesting. knowing he wasn’t going to take the first move. I side steps quickly after my sentence has finished.
Taking a hold of his left arm, I turned it up and over my head. Planting the weight of my body into his side to push and lift him up and over my hip.
“But then again, I didn’t take you some someone who rushed to the end.” He was planted hard. I put the rest of my strength into the tug, bringing him up off his feet and around my body.
•- Embry Call -•
“Unfair advantage if you me!” I laughed and I tried the tech around and grab her, but she was just so fast. I was already moving under her force before I gripped the arm that she was holding mine by.
But it was enough to take her down with me when she maneuverer me to the  ground in a move that was totally unpredictable!
It was a soft impact this time… not her usual kick and dirty flip, was she going soft on me? I laughed when she landed half on me and half next to me.
“Like anything we do could ever be called rushed.” I teased. But I  meant it… we followed a path the flowed naturally for us. And all teasing aside, we would continue to do that. But the teasing wasn’t going away.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His grip told me I was going down too. Damn I should have let that arm of his go before he had a chance to get a hold.
“Something about working with the card we are dealt.” Huffing the words out as I landed half on top of him.
Using the momentum of the fall, I rolled my body off him before back flipping myself half way up. Landing on my knees, my eyes found him on the ground right away.
“You’re the one talking about rushing to the finish line.” Raising my eyebrow with a smirk. My hand up and motioning for him to come at me.
•- Embry Call -•
I watched the way she flipped herself back up without even trying… or at least without looking like it took any effort.
“Fuck, you’re hot!”
I turned onto my side and propped myself onto one elbow, grinning up at her. “I never said we would rush… In fact… I think  when that time comes… its going to take an entire night… an probable most of the next morning.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
What the actual name of the spirits was happening here? My eyebrows pulled together, and I tilted my head to the side.
“Did we just jump from fight talk, to sex talk?” It wasn’t the first time sure. But he was just lying there like he was waiting to be feed grapes off a vine.
“How do you know you will last that long? What if I were you out? Or you know.” My eyes move down to there. “You’re a little performance shy? Because you know… I’m that fucking hot.”
•- Embry Call -•
“I made the just a few minutes ago… I think you just caught up.” I smirked and never once took my eye off of hers.
“Even you don’t believe that trouble.” I smiled. We had spent hours and hours doing what we do… if I was performance shy…. Well, I didn’t need to specify. “As  for wearing me out?” My smile turned mischievous. “Promise?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Did you just say I am slow on the uptake?” Narrowing my eyes at him. He was really pushing his luck today. And I liked it.
“Are you Maybe a little over confident in what I believe?” The smirk on my lips was too telling because I wasn’t hiding it from him.
Pushing myself  back so my arse hit the floor, I crossed my legs underneath. “Promise.” I finally said. “As you asked so nicely.”
•- Embry Call -•
There it was... through all the teasing and joking. The unguarded smile. I reached out and rested my hand on her knee after she settled herself. My gaze fixed on the slight curve of her lips.
"See that... right there. My favourite part of our little bubble."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Me not kicking your arse because you talker yourself out of it? That’s your favourite part?” Tiling my head before reading my hand over his on my knee.
“And here I thought it was my whiskey, music, and food.”
•- Embry Call -•
“See those are all. Very good things too…. But -“ I kept my gaze on that smile. “This that definitely my favourite.” I tilted my head, thinking.
“Sometimes it takes a takes second place after that gorgeous laugh… when you totally let it free and laugh with your whole body… nothing beats that.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
A jolt of electricity shot its way through, for some bloody every time this man paid a compliment my body reacted in ways it didn’t when others did it. He wasn’t joking or pulling my leg, the way his eyes were trained on me, told me so. Pressing my lips together. The smile was his doing.
“Why don’t you take a picture, you know it’ll last longer.”
•- Embry Call -•
I turned over my hand and took hold of hers. "It would... but would never be as good as the real thing." I smiled and pulled her closer as I sat up and met her halfway, pressing my lips softly against hers. "Plus... we both know that my phone isn't exactly private."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shifting closer with our hands interlocked, my lips touched him in a soft kiss. Then I pulled back with my eyebrow raised. Had he just taken my words literally?
“You know the picture thing was a joke? Sarcasm, right?” His phone was like his house, and like his soul. Open to all
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and shook my head. "No... but trust me... if they were for my eyes only I would definitely fill my phone with pictures of you."
I kissed her again. "But they would still pale in comparison to the real thing. But on a cold lonely night..." I waggled my brows.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Kissing him once before my hand covered his face to push him back playfully. “And you were doing kind of okay, until you told me I was good for your wank bank.”
Punching him in the chest. “Arsehole, now I guess you’ll have to do a better job with your imagination.”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and licked the palm of her hand, with as much slobber as possible.
“I have a little class! I call mine a spank bank.” I winked. “And don’t think I don’t know I’m not in yours.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Doesn’t make it any better.” Grimacing I pulled my hand away to examine the wet line of drool he left behind.
“By the name of the spirits… Embry Call!” Whipping it down the front of his shirt.
“Glad to know we have it all cleared up. I’m in your bank, and you are not in mine”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and shook my head. "If you insist!" I smirked because I had let this house with her telling me she was going to go and finish what I had started.
"But now.... I gotta change this shirt." I pulled it off in a shift motion and tossed it at her. This one is filthy now!"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I didn’t say a thing, just agreed with what you said.” Mimics him. “𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝕕𝕠𝕟’𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕀 𝕕𝕠��’𝕥 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕀’𝕞 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕚𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤.”
Catching his shirt before it hit my face, my eyes slowly wondering down those perfect muscles.
•- Embry Call -•
“Oh I was embellishing when I should change…. What I really meant was…” I smirked and pointed the glorious ness of my shirtless form.
“I don’t actually walk around with extra clothes in my pockets.” I chuckled it was true. I typically had extra clothes… but only in my Jeep
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Chewing the inside of my lip I raised my eyebrow. “So…” folding his shirt and setting it down beside me. “What you meant to say is… I’m just going to sit here in your living room shirtless?”
Sure seeing the guys like this was second nature to me. But seeing a Embry now. heat crawl its way up my neck. However, I sat there still as a rock.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled and nodded. “I mean it wouldn’t be the first time. Right?”
I could easily go and get on of those shirt she kept in her room to sleep in… but then I would miss out on that delicious hint on pink creeping it’s way from the neckline of her shirt to her cheeks.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Sure. Sure.” Shifting I stretched out picking my phone up off the side table behind me. It didn’t take me long to find that I was looking for and hit play. Smirking at the song played out of my speakers.
(Music: Magic Mike XXL Soundtrack - My Pony - https://youtu.be/S7N17zaLjJo)
•- Embry Call -•
I raised a brow and  looked over at her. “Is someone hoping for a show?” I smirked. “I’m talking about your better half of course.” I laughed, referring to her Spirit Warrior.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Her eyes opened with a jolt and she held her head up at attention.
‘Get back down.’ I told her in my thoughts.
‘He’s the one who called for me.’ She huffed. Rolling my eyes at them both.
“Why do you want her out for a date?”
•- Embry Call -•
I saw the split-second conversation in her head and smiled.
"Oh hell yeah... but only when we are far enough away so we can have you both all to ourselves." I grinned and my wolf agreed.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
That… Smile…
Why in the name of the spirits did something just come alive? The fact that she now sat up straight thinking about it.
“Clearly you and your warrior both want your arses kicked.” She was interested, but in more thing than that. ‘Stop it!’ I chastised her internally.
‘You cannot blame me, we both know we like forward thinking. This is me doing just that.’ Said with such smugness.
“Arseholes.” I muttered, but again the heat grew, and it wasn’t just her.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled at her like the prospect of her wolf laying in mine was the hottest thing I had heard.
“Oh! Is that a promise, Trouble?”
The idea of rolling around on the forest floor with that magnificent white creature was enough the get my heart rate kicking up a gear.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes darted to his chest, I must be mistaken, I couldn’t have heard that, right?
“Keep it up and it is, yeah. And she won’t go easy.” Or she best not, she had a soft spot for this man. But was it the same for his warrior?
She just laughed a growl at me.
•- Embry Call -•
"Can't wait." I kept my gaze locked on hers. "We still have those plane tickets right?" I quirked a brow.
"Surely they will take us far enough way the keep that beautiful mind of yours all to me." I knew by how her gaze dropped she'd heard the change in my heart.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“The plane… tickets…” biting the inside of my cheek as I thought about our upcoming plans. “You still want to come with me?”
Raising my eyebrow, Seattle didn’t count. This would be the first time we’d actually leave the Rez together.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled and reach out the twirl and strand of her hair between my fingers. "I told you I would find a way to let you in... see through my eyes..." I smiled. "That first night... Seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Licking my lower lips, my heart did that thing whenever he played with my hair. It made me smile. Because the urge to have his arse hit the ground was now gone.
“You did.” He had promised, but I wouldn’t have held him to it. “So, we are going…” my brown eyes locked to his.
•- Embry Call -•
Spirts! “Those eyes.” I hadn’t meant to say it out loud… but my heart was giving me away either way.
“Good… because your wolf like me better that you do… so I might even bet a glimpse through yours.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Tilting my head to the side, those eyes he found himself lost in remained on him. His heart singing to me as it often did. And then his words sink in.
“Oh, so there is a plan here. You and she are going to gang up on me? Is your warrior in on it too?” Damn, my eyes dropped to his lips before going straight back to his eyes.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled. “Of course.”
“But you already knew that.” I smiled at her. We weren’t like most of the others. When I spoke, so did he… When I thought, he thought the same thing and when I kissed her…. He kissed her too.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My lips turned up into a smile. He and his warrior both had a different relationship to my warrior and I. We all did.
“It me about this plan, I feel like I’m on the outside.” She rolled her eyes at me now.
•- Embry Call -•
I winked at her. “Then our plotting it is working out perfectly!” I chuckled. “Think of it as an exercise in trust.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Trust?” One short word with heavy gravity. For me at least. But it wasn’t a wall up when I heard it, not like it had been before.
“Fine, but there best be a bottle of bourbon in it for me at the end. Speaking of which.” Jumping up to go pour drink.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and locked dark brown eyes on hers. “That sounds fair. We’ll see what we can do.” I smiled that smile that only showed itself for her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I’ll hold you to that, Dimples.” Turning my head to catch that smile of his that made my heart do things before disappearing into my kitchen.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed watching her leaving without a word. “And the mystery deepens.” I teased not that watching her walk away wasn't immensely enjoyable.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Speaking while I took out two glasses, a bottle of Jameson, and a bottle of Woodford. Pouring doubles of each.
“Weren’t you the one who dared to tell me I was the Mystery on this rez ?” Shaking my head as I recalled one of the earlier conversations we shared.
•- Embry Call -•
I grinned, I could hear and smell exactly what she was doing in there. I got up and moved to the couch hitting shuffle in my phone to find it had automatically connected to her sound system...
“And I still stand by that.” I chuckled. “Especially while you are proving me right.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… if you say so.” My hands stopped midway to closing the cabinet, listen to the sound of the music.
Lips curled up into the smile that music bought I closed the doors, taking the two glasses and a bowl of chips back into the living room. Finding him on my couch.
•- Embry Call -•
I grinned at her over my shoulder. “The music gods are speaking.” I chuckled and waited for her to join me.
“I know You love the stand around and check me out… but its cruel to tease a an with chips and whiskey you know.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Rolling my eyes at him. That word making me cringe just enough for my stomach to feel it. “Who said you are getting any of these chips?”
Slowly walking towards the couch, I kicked his leg playfully as I steps around him to take a sat holding his glass out towards him.
•- Embry Call -•
I saw that brief moment of tension... I knew that word made her uncomfortable but it had just slipped innocently into the sentence.
I laughed when kicked me as she passed my leg... She wasn't holding it against me... I knew she wouldn't. But I couldn't help but notice how she shook off these little slips of mine so much faster.
I took the glass and leaned in, brushing my nose against the shell of her ear when she sat down. I pressed ad small kiss to her cheek just in front of her ear. She wouldn't want to apologise. So I didn't.
"No one needs to say it." I beamed a smile. "You're #SueClearwater's daughter..."
I laughed. The was no disputing the Clearwater's were raised to feed guests in their home. Or suffer the consequences with their mother.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Unspoken conversations with him where always something that were unplanned, mainly as I had never been around someone who heard them.
Closing my eyes, with a slight tilt of my head into his kiss. I knew the meaning. This had to be growth, right?
“You wouldn’t tell her if I didn’t feed you.” My free hand moved up to rest on his cheek, slowly stroking the days growth there.
But the fact was, he knew food wasn’t something I would ever gate keep.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled leaning into the touch. She knew, she understood... in a way I never thought I would be understood. I kissed her again and chuckled. "But... are you sure enough to take that risk." I teased, trailing the tip of my nose along her jaw.
Her fingers sent prickles of heat  that i knew were not just from her body heat, skipping along my jaw.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Spirits… I opened my eyes partly still not moving away. The closeness to him had started to feel ever present now. “Hmm…” my fingers still moving gently over his cheek, and along his jawline. “Not a risk in my eyes.”
By the spirits, I’d just said it. That melt trust... in  him. In this thing between us. That made my hand stop for a moment or two.
•- Embry Call -•
We'd come so far on this journey… for us to sit here like teasing and sharing this kind of deeply, bonded affection. “We’ll see…” I teased. We both knew Sue would believe a story that I recklessly showed up unannounced at Leah’s door. But we both knew I wasn't going to at the same time.
I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and leaned back into the deep cushions of the couch.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Bringing the glass up to my lips, I took a sip of the auburn liquid. The taste of a deep wood, with a spice, and the vanilla sweetness aftertaste my eyes moved to the TV.
“And to think this all came from you not being happy with Henry Cavill On my screen.” Shaking my head.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed! Damn... she was right. "And I have yet to see a single second of that glorious man on screen." I sipped on my drink and leaned into her ear dropping my voice to a low growl.
"Too busy indulging your curiosities with me. All. Night. Long." I paraphrased the famous lien.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Spirits, that voice stirred something sweet inside, making the heat crawl its way up the sides of my neck.
Snapping my teeth at him because he must know that wasn’t hot the lines went. But, by the spirits with him saying it in this way.
“Hmm… you have a way in making sure my side guys don’t get a look in.” Smirking while I took another sip from the glass. Curling my long legs under myself to get comfortable.
“Now. Are you going to let me finish this episode? Or do I need to kick you out?”
•- Embry Call -•
I felt the flush of heat I had caused. It was different from the usual heat that rolled off her skin. The snap had me biting my lip. Fact! Why was that always so damn sexy?
"It's hardly my fault that can't they compare." I teased.
I pulled her closer to me, my arm was still  around her. I settled in next to her and sipped my drink again. My fingers drew slow circles on her bicep just above her tattoo.
"Ready when you are, beautiful.” I whispered with a grin.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Here is a guarantee. There had been a time when Embry Call would have found himself arse first hitting the ground about now. The touching, the pulling me in. The teasing and the nicknames…
Now… He earned a roll of my eyes, and my warrior smiling all proud of my evolution. if she tried to Pat my head, then his arse was fair game.
I shifted into his side. Because even if I didn’t admit it, it felt good, it felt… I shake my head at the thoughts.
“I’m about to hit un-pause.” I warned him. “Right now.” Showing him the remote. Then hitting it.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled at the multiple warnings... I knew it meant that if I interrupted her show l would pay with pain.
And it would be justified.
l pretended to zip my lips and sent a silent wish to my ancestors to give me patience. It was just about a TV show. it was about  it was about this path of evolution we were both on.
Learning to be still, to be silent. Learning find calm in quiet things. Just like she was learning to find calm in the crazy and unpredictable.
It was going to be difficult; I didn't really follow the show would  have to save my questions until the end.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pulling one knee up to my chest, I rested my glass on top of it. I knew this was outside of his comfort zone, and for Embry to sit still and take In a show or a movie that wasn’t a classic would be difficult.
Reaching out I found his free hand with mine, curling my fingers  to lace his. Letting my thumb rub circular patterned so that he knew he wasn’t along right now.
Taking a sip from the glass my lips curled up and I could feel the questions piling up. So, I whispered. “Just ask as you think of one. Don’t hold them till the end.”
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled to myself… the way she took my hand, those small little movements that help release the energy that built up in my body all the time. It was her showing me it was a two-way street. Just being with her calmed that… and everything else… she took care of.
I chuckled. “Wow!” I lifted my glass to my lips. “Are you going soft on me, Trouble?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It was the first episode of the new season. Gerald, Yennefer, and Cini were travelling to stay out to the reach of the king and his guard. Rolling my eyes, I shook my head. “This isn’t a punishment, Embry. You said you wanted to do things I liked. I read books, fix crap, and have one or two shows I watch, if I’m not watching movies.”
Shrugging my shoulders, a little. “I could turn it off, do something else.” Pausing the show. Maybe it was too much to expect him to sit still for that long?
•- Embry Call -•
I rolled my eyes at her. “I know! But I'm still going to tease you… as much as I can, and as often as I can.” I took the remote and hit play. From aping my arm back around her shoulder after I set it down again.
“But I bet I can figure it out... Witcher’s…” I stressed the  ERS. “Witches and princesses, right? And a singer guy… see I'm practically an expert!”
I tilted my head and wondered if the two blondes on the screen were related…. They must be. Father and daughter? Maybe brother and sister? I'm sure it would come up soon and could act like I knew it all along.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Parting my lips to tell him there was a little more to it Thant witches and princesses. But then thought and spoke. “That will do you for now.”
Shifting to make myself more comfortable, wondering how long it would take him to work out what he was watching. Taking a sip from  my glass, I reached out and set it down on the side table. My arms curling around the leg I brought up to my chest.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled… I would have teased her about the fidgeting. I would normally say bit l I’ll e her… but we hardly ever watched tv together… and both time we did it was laying down, so I honestly had no clue.
I learned back into the corner of the couch, tugging her closer she  could lean back against my side, and I had the added bonus of wrapping both arms around after I set my glass down. And rested my cheek to her hair.
Someone was in the dog house already! I gave a small chuckle as the creepy/attractive dude blocked  the witch from the house.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sound of his soft chuckle should have annoyed me. But it made me smile. (Spirits! was I going soft?)
When he guided me closer into his side my body moved without a moment’s thought. Without wondering what, where, or why. Did he understand the trust it took for me to be  this way with him? The answer came from his number one fan in the room.
‘Of course, he does.’ And I knew she hit the nail on the head.
“She stole his daughter...” Pointing to each character as I spoke. “To give to a witch, to get her lost powers back.” Damn right Yenn  wasn’t getting in past the front door.
•- Embry Call -•
"I knew they were related!" I laughed. "It's the hair."
Thought I had the say... from what I knew of this show, he wasn't exactly Father material. I brushed my cheek again her hair as she leaned back. the gently tightening and releasing of my arms was all that was needed to  show her. I saw her... I saw how she made this space for me in her life, in her home.  I was here and she could trust me. She could trust that one word was all it took the get that space back, and tomorrow... well that would be a brand-new day.
Neither of us could do wrong  here. That was what set this path apart from any other journey.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” I made a face seeing how the seasons changed, and the locations too. The letters Yen left, okay. Fine. As pisses as I was with her. I had to admit she was trying.
“He isn’t her father by bloody. He is her ..Well you can say guardian
By the true Law of Surprise.” his arms held on to me tightly for a few moments before they loose and again. The unspoken had been heard from him. I knew that it would be difficult for others to understand. But I got it. And I knew it was true. That he would give me whatever I needed, but did he know I would give him what he needed too?
•- Embry Call -•
The trio were clearly in hiding and damn! That dude can hold a grudge! “Law of…” I tilted my head and raised a brow. “Oh yeah… that old thing, make perfect sense now.”
I watch as the witch though the girl magic. “The kid seems to be over the kidnapping thing…” I breathed  the scent of Leah’s hair.
The closeness I felt with her… people always I ducked a being alone. It was true, I didn’t like it. But even surrounded by a dozen I loved and who loved me? I never felt this seen…  this wasn’t merely sharing space… or watching tv… or cuddling…  Which… damn! Who knew!? This was every part of her, and every part of me down to our souls twining together. With her I was least alone I’d every felt. And the feeling didn’t fade once I walked out the door. It stayed me.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My lips curved up again into a smile before I elbowed him.
“He saved the kiddos. Dad from death from her grandmother. She. The law of surprise was his ask, because he didn’t want to be paid to the save. He just didn’t know it would end with him having to become the Guardian of a girl, who… it to be queen.”
Okay. This wasn’t something I was used to. Watching with him, it wasn’t annoying me as much as I knew it should. I liked that he wanted to know and was being himself. He wasn’t trying to be what I wanted in that aspect. We were both just us. I took in a deep breath, smiling again as how the scent in my home changed when he came. It had taken on the musk of him, with the mixture of bourbon and whiskey.
“Keep doing that and I will change for it.” He much have known I would know when he sniffed at my hair?
•- Embry Call -•
"Wait... the dad gave his daughter as payment for a life debt?" My brows knit together. "Maybe she's better off with this Witcher dude."
I laughed then and rubbed my cheek against her hair. "I can't help it...  you smell so good... and even better when that beautiful warrior  of yours stirs."
I wasn't like I didn't she was doing the exact same thing... she was just less obvious. "You can have a whiff of me anytime you want to."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyebrows pulled together. “Hmm. No. Not really. He didn’t want to do it. And it was his wife not him.” Okay this wasn’t so easy to explain. “I’ll have to make you watch it from the start. Season one is when they all got naked. A. Lot.”
Smiling when I recall a text conversation with Embry while I’d been watching the Witcher taking a bath in the season.
“A whiff?” Turning my head to snap my teeth at him. “As inviting as those sounds. I’m okay.” His scent was in the air. Just breathing bought it to the forefront.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed against her hair and squeezed her gently.  "If you want to watch porn with me, Trouble... all you have to do is say so." I smirked. "I told you I'd try anything once."
I pressed my fingers into her stomach playfully. "Please... You know you do it too! I just like for you to know when I'm appreciating all these aspects of you." I chuckled. "But I do enjoy your covert style. It's sexy when you pretend you aren't checking me out."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pressing my lips together to muffle my laughter. I rolled my tongue over my teeth. My hands moved to rest over his, holding them over my stomach too. “Porn is free, I pay for Netflix. But if you want to share in a night of porn. Sure. I’m not against it.” turning my head to glance at him.
“I’d be worried if you missed those things. Maybe even need to talk to Jake about demoting you… if you couldn’t tell someone was eyeing you up.”  Tutting a little teasingly.
•- Embry Call -•
"Oh, my stars!" I clutched my imaginary pearls! "Leah Clearwater! How on earth do you know such things!" I teased her, trying (and failing) not to laugh.
We both knew there was no way I would... I liked having her undivided attention... and it wasn't like i would ever take my eyes  off of her.
"Wow!!! Is that an admission, Trouble?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“By the spirits.” I whispered my eyes moved slowly around my living room and then to him. The sound of his laughter even now, bounced off the walls like no sound had before.
I raised my eyebrow. “Why, because only men can watch porn? Next, you’re going to tell me women  don’t pleasure themselves!” This got a teasing eye roll.
Shaking my head slowly. “I never admit to anything. You’re welcome to make of it what you like.”
•- Embry Call -•
Her reaction to my teasing was astounding... like the sound of my laughing was one of those phantom breezes that swirled around us when she called on the Spirits. "Well, I can't speak for all men... I would never." I teased... it was a joke of course.
I chuckled... not  commenting on her final question. It was necessary tension relief sometimes... but porn had lost its appeal. When I could so clearly recall the sounds, she made... how her body felt against mine... The heat of her skins beneath my touch. No image on a screen could compete.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His eyes changed. Lost in his thoughts as I sat here beside him. The show was being forgotten because now I was watching him. My lips curled up into a smile, spirits. yeah, he was going to pay for these comments.
I placed my hand on his knee, slowly swirling my fingers up his thigh. Spirits… I could feel the shape of his toned muscles through his jeans, as I moved my hand gently caressing him.
“Lost to the world, or to me?” I asked with a soft low breathy voice about where he’d gone.
•- Embry Call -•
All of my attention was on that hand... winding and teasing its way up my thighs. My eyes never left her face... but my whole body tuned in to only that sensation and the sound of her voice.
"All to you.." I admitted, easily. Honestly. "When I look at someone else... I can't  any hidden depths I want to explore... When I crave contact... I know no one else's would compare because there'd be no heat... no strength.  I reached up to brush my fingers along her jaw. "No... connection... and without that... nothing feels... right."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The tips of my fingers drew pattens over the flats of his thigh before moving up again.
“Hmm…” licking my lower lip, I considered his statement. “So, what I’m hearing is… if there were another female warrior, you’d be there with her too?”
The fact that his touch to my jaw  had my clenched with those things in my stomach coming to life. I let out a small audible sigh.
•- Embry Call -•
She was testing me… the way her hand over… she had to be. “They still wouldn’t be you.” I smiled… “They wouldn’t have swung open so many doors… inviting me in. They wouldn’t have shown me how reach out and ask for help when I’m drowning and have no idea how, but standing in  front of a fire squad for me, and mom.” I smiled. Brushing her cheek again. “There’s only you Leah. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment… but I only see you… I’m all in. I’m all yours.” I smiled. Still unsure why she would want me to be… but she did, and she didn’t hide it.
“This is the path I want to walk… I don’t care if ten more women phase.” I brushed my lips against her temple. “Because the very first one” I was whispering now. “She chose me… and she’s all mine.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My hand moved to circle the cusp of his inner thigh. Playing with the fabric of his jeans by dragging my nails against the it.
Moving to push my hand flat then slipping in down between his two legs and squeezing playfully, appreciating the strength he held within him. Spirits. That smile. The innocence in it, the openness, the willingness to share it with me. It was one of them reasons my heart skipped its beating.
My hand stopped and my head spun. This wasn’t the first time he’s told me he was mine and only mine. But each time he did. it hit me how different my life was now. How my eyes should have darted to the door, or a joke about finding my runners. Or jumping up to go get a drink, just to give myself space to think, to breath. To question why he was here and wanted me.
All those feels were gone.
•- Embry Call -•
My brain was definitely losing the battle for blood flow. The slow drag of her nails over the denim… I smiled at her. Not even of flicker of doubt, her eyes never faltered. Her breathing and heart rate were unchanged.
Just her eyes on mine telling me, no running. No hiding. No regrets. No turning back.
I leaned in and kissed her softly. "Such a chatter box tonight, Trouble.” It sounded like a tease, but it was my way of telling her I heard her. "You and me against the world.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My hand reached up to rest on his cheek, the hint of the day’s growth ticking my palm as I bought my lips to him. My breathing dipped as I felt that twisting feeling of excitement just before his lips touched mine.
“Stop… making me share.” The whispered breath on his lips. Heat radiated up the sides of my neck. “You and me… against the world.” And I believed each word.
•- Embry Call -•
I turned to kiss her fingertips. “Please!” I chuckled. “Like anyone could make you do anything.”
I pulled her into my lap now, brushing my nose to hers. I wrapped my arms around her. “Now hush up… you’re missing your show.” I shifted her on my lap to face the tv. Acting  I wasn't using it as an excuse the bury my nose in her hair again.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Those things in my stomach came to life again. “You’ve clearly forgotten about Sue Clearwater and Tiffany Call.” Scoffing like a scorned teenager. (What I truly felt for those two women was anything but.)
I allowed him to lift me into his lap. My long legs. Curled up with my feet on the couch. “Oh, now he is worried about my show.” Teasing, as I lay back into him. Resting the side of my head into his shoulder as we felt silent with my eyes back on the TV.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed softly and brushed a stubbly cheek to her silky hair. “Those two are impossible to forget.” I said... And not just because they were our mothers… anyone that met them would never forget the experience.
“I wouldn't go that far…. But happy to point out that you were  the one to get distracted….” I paused for effect. “Definitely!”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
There it was again that sound. Filling my home, breathing life into the walls. It made me smile. Elbowing him. “Shh… this is not what you expected. I’m giving you live entertainment with your TV.”
Making it so he wouldn’t think sitting down to watch something was a punishment.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled and closed my eyes for just a second. the feeling of her body on my lap... the heat... did she realise that just listening to her heartbeat and breathing was all the entertainment I needed around her. Not that I wasn't up for any extra entertainment I was more than  happy to bear witness.
"Just being here is all the entertainment I need, Trouble." I tried that teeth-snapping thing she does all the time. "Now stop wiggling on my lap or this will become a true Netflix and chill really soon." I chuckled.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits.” I froze for a couple of beats of the heart. Him snapping his teeth like that sent a ripple of excitement like a lightning bolt through me.
“Stealing my moves now too Embry Call?” My voice came out a little breathy, but I kept my eyes on the screen. Taking in a couple of deep breaths, I stilled myself. “You’re the one who named me Trouble, il just living up to the given name.”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. "I learned for the best." I teased her. That moment of stillness hadn't escaped my notice.
"Oh really?" I teased her. "Maybe I should come up with a few new names for you then!"  I leaned into her neck and smiled against her hot skin. Felling her chest expanded in circle of my arms. "And you say you don't make it obvious when you're catching my scent." I whispered, brushing my lips against her skin as I spoke.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“New names? How many more do u need?” Biting the inside of my cheeks, my breathing stopped, and my core pulsed making my close my eyes.
The feeling is his lips to my skin lifted the bumps on my arms. The vibration of his voice sent a tremble making my lick my lips. I rested my hands over his around me. Opening my eyes as he spoke. “I never said I was hiding it. Just that I know how to control the process.”
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. "I'm not sure... I guess we'll have to keep going until I'm satisfied." I kissed her hair again because she was right there... and why wouldn't I?
"If I started calling you Naked, would you try to live up to that... or are there limits?" I grazed her ear with me teeth.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth at him. “That depends, would it get you all hot and bothered under the collar? In which case I may just for the laughs.”
Turning my head to kiss his cheek. “Or I could just kick your arse. Both work for me.”
•- Embry Call -•
“I’m hot and lot.” I grinned at the double meaning. “And I’m hot and bothered no matter what you wear… but I have a feeling that would…” I cleared my throat.
“Be impossible to resist… but there’s on one way to find out!”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I closed my eyes, slowly shaking my head at the meaning behind his statements.
“Hmm…” chewing in the inside of my chew acting as though considering his dilemma. “So… if I were to…” my fingers curled around the top button of my shirt. “Start to remove clothing. That works?”
•- Embry Call -•
I sat up a little straighter. Watching her hand like it was the best show I’d ever seen. "That works.” I added. My heart making itself known.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pressing my lips together to keep from laughing. He shifted, I could feel his eyes on me, as I kept mine on the screen.  “Just works? Is that it?”  Fingers making easy work of buttons two and three, the fabric falling open with cup of my sports bra visible.
•- Embry Call -•
My mouth watered… watching as just a little more my more skin was revealed. Struggling to keep myself from pouncing…. As my blood flow redirected.
“Oh… It’s extremely effective…” I chewed my bottom lip… the tv completely forgotten.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” Trying not to laugh at the change of mind. Listening to his breathing, and the rhythm of his beating heart, I continued to open buttons until my shirt fell open.
Showing off tanned smooth skin, with the well-defined muscles. I let the tips of my fingers play over them.
•- Embry Call -•
I bit my lip and watched as she revealed more and more skin, my eyes fixated on the way her fingers moved. Craving to replace her touch with my lips.
When she reached the last button her shirt and it felt open... slipping off her shoulder. The smooth muscles, almond skin... delicious curves and groves...
"Fuck!" I sprang into action, lifting her off my lap, and twisting my body as I turned to lay her flat on the couch and straddled her. I licked my lips looking down at her... "Spirits.... you are..." I smirked. There were no words. I leaned  down and kissed her chest below her bra between her perfect breasts.
"So..." I moved my nose brushing the fabric, I kissed the swell of her left breast where the fabric cut across the perfection. "Fucking..." Then the right... And just to be unpredictable I finished with. "Distracting."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I felt the change before he acted, the way his breathing stepped up. His heart beating faster, and the scent in room filled with enthusiasm. He moved so fast, making my gasp out his name, and call on the spirits. Gasping from the excitement, laughing, my body moved in a swoop, sending my hair flying around my face. As soon as my back hit the couch, I heard it crying out.
“I am no such thing!” I snapped my teeth looking up at him sent my blood rushing to my brain. My hands had moved into his hair. Tugging at a handful and I arched my back up pushing my skin to his heated lips.
“Spirits… Embry!” I closed my eyes, moaning the words as I felt my nipple push up and harden thanks to his attention.  My legs slipped around his waist licking at the ankles.
•- Embry Call -•
Fuck! That breathy sound had blood flowing in a direction that was not conducive to chilling on the sofa watching TV.
I bit my lips and groaned when she tugged my hair, she arched against my mouth, and I answered that act with teeth, tongue and lips. "Oh yes you are, and you  know it too." I murmured against her skin.
Her scent began to shift, and her legs locking around me told me that she'd forgotten all about her show too. I lifted my head to look up at her, but I was instantly distracted by the perfect peaks showing through her bra. "Spirits..." I let my palm slide along her torso and palmed her breast.  "I'm adding Tempting to that list too." I lowered my head again, bringing my mouth to the other peak and grazing it with my teeth. Fighting the urge to slide the fabric aside and take her heated skin  into mouth.
"So, Fucking. Tempting." I almost growled onto her skin.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
This was not the plan… but then nothing planned ever worked out the way it was meant to with Embry in the bubble. It was elevated into something more.
“Spirits!” The word a gasp. Biting on the inside of my cheek, those sounds he always pulled free from me came in a rush. my eyes fluttered with the sensations in my stomach rioting so much that I clenched to steady myself.
My shouldered pushed down into the couch and my eyes glanced down to watch him.  “You’re…. Just… adding words now.” There was a soft hum in my voice, one that sounded so unlike me, but it had most definitely come from me.
“What... about you…?” I questioned with my fingers twisting into his hair, then down his neck, and over his shoulders.
•- Embry Call -•
I pressed a kiss between her breasts my hearing focused on all those sexy little sounds she made.
“The Art of Conversation is my forte, right?” I breathed the words moving my lips along the cusp of her bra nudging it aside minutely as I went.
My palm slid firmly up her torso cupping her other breast, making sure she got all the attention she deserved.
“Me?” I teased dropping my voice low. Finally, slowly revealing that exquisite peak and curl in my tongue again dark skin with a low groan that sped up my heart. “That would be up to you, beautiful.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I wouldn’t even attempt to find the words. It wasn’t in my mindset to think in that way. For me it was a feeling, an emotion, an experience that resonated.
“Embry!” My eyes widened wildly, his attention hadn’t been divided at all, he could think of words at the same time as he paid attention to my needs. But this was a need I didn’t even know of.
“Spirits!” I moaned out.
Tugging on his hair as fired inflamed from in me. My body was shaking thanks to his actions, and I couldn’t think about what I was about to say.
•- Embry Call -•
A low groan ripped its way up from deep in my chest. Why was it so fucking hot when she [pulled my hair like that? "My name could certainly go onto that list." I teased then took the pert bud between my lips and rolled my thumb over the other.
She'd been the one to open her  shirt after all. I wasn't about to deny her the attention she was clearly craving. The way she shivered beneath me told me I was on the right track. So did the growing bulge in my jeans.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Damn him and his… “Wisearse mouth!” What was he talking about? What list? I shook my head learning it back to rest on the armrest of my couch.
My fisted the fabric of his shirt and began to pull it up towards myself. He was over dressed, and I was craving the feel of his skin on mine now.
Out of curiosity I made myself open my eyes to glance down at his muscular figure engulfing me, with the illusion of being pinned, the weight of his body pushing me down into the cushions, and I gasped once again at the attention he so carefully gave my breasts. my eyes darted to the screen once at the show of a fight breaking out. Only because I’d also forgotten it was on.
“Spirits!”  I gasped out tugging his shirt all the way up to his arms and then it was stuck.
•- Embry Call -•
I sucked on her peaked nipple hard. Just to make my point, swirling my tongue around. My body automatically reacted my pressing my hips down on hers. The growth there aching from friction.
She was tugging up my shirt allowing more and more of my skin to connect with hers.  Not even the sound of a battle on the screen could divert my attention. I broke away long enough for her to free me from my t-shirt and then instantly buried my face against her neck, my mouth claiming her pulse point hungrily.
I rested my weight down on her feeling her hot skin on mine. “Fuck! That will never get old.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Never…” I managed to say, dropping his tee to the ground beside the couch.
When he lifted himself, a rush of cooling air filled the space between us, adding to the sensations his tongue elevated before it was gone. Laying here, watching him moved on top of me his muscles flexed and tense from the excitement in this moment with me. Damn. It was opening my eyes to a new perspective.
My body thrives underneath him, a shiver rippled through at the heat of Embry’s  mouth calmed that perfect pleasant spot on my neck.
Another gasp my hands moved around his back, feeling the smoothness of his skin as my hips automatically lifted to meet him.
I felt him, the dampening in between my legs gave witness to this fact. The scent  bursting freely around us betrayed me.
•- Embry Call -•
I saw it… in a mere seconds the was above her… she was checking me out, then her hand did the work her eyes couldn’t when kissed neck. Groaning when she moved her body into mine like she read my mind.
“Spirits!” I murmured on her skin. Her scent bloomed in air. “You really do smell too good.” I played on her teasing from early at the way I scented her almost every chance I got. I side effect of my wolf and I been as unified as we are perhaps?
I hooked my arm under one knee, unlocking it from around me and pushing it up towards her. I rolled my hips down… a long, slow stroke against the dampening spot.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My legs unclasped follow his lead this time as to how he wanted to come closer, the twisting of my core tightened that much more with the speed of lightning.
I couldn’t help but laugh, the sound muffled with the excitement and energy building.
“Such… a… weirdo..” I teased because the fact was, weirdo was meant as a compliment in this context.
My nails raked down his shoulders and back as he moved around with me mirroring the action. Kept shift, push and dip being matched. Physically my body began to learn what he liked and where. And mentally I was trying to stay in the moment with him.
•- Embry Call -•
"You are full of compliments tonight." I teased, low and breathy. My lips feather along her jaw towards her ear.
Her body moved with mine like we could read each other's minds. The little sounds she made heated my blood in that way only she could.
I groaned at the sweet sting of her nails. The marks they would leave, that would fade before we ever left this room.  I sucked on her earlobe and flicked my tongue against it before pulling back to find those captivating eyes. "Such an enigma." I smiled and brought my lips to hers.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My fingers slipped into his hair, tugging it just a little at his tease. Okay fine. Maybe calling him a weirdo when we were…. Making out?  (By the spirits! I didn’t want to think of a name for this particular activity right now!)
But… in my defence… I liked weirdo’s  they were where the good times were at in my opinion.
“What can I say?” My voice shook at the attention he showered me with. Biting on my lower lip when his eyes mine. “I’m a gift of the spirits.” My heart rocked its rhythm with his lips one mine.
•- Embry Call -•
I groaned, biting my lip and burying my face into the crook of her neck when she tugged on my hair. "Spirits!" I breathed... that was so fucking hot.
I ran my tongue along the pulse point of her throat, and my hands moved over her body as much hers did mine... moving form my to my hair... Like me... she just couldn't get enough.
"You have no idea how true that is." I teased and kissed my way back to her mouth, freeing her lower lip she I could replace her teeth with mine.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes fluttered before closing once again. Our tongues found one another, soft teasing, entwining, and tasting him woke up all those senses that stood to attention when he came close.
I took his lower lips between my teeth, tugging on it before allowing the tip of my tongue to trail over them. My hands moved down his back, to the furthest point I could reach laying beneath him. I pulled my lips free just enough to whisper.
“Trust me…”
Then his lips were mine again. Following the waist line of his jeans, my hands came between us, I pushed  my hips down to give myself room. Pushing my legs down a little still keeping myself open to him. My fingers crossed and following the shape of his bulge.
She woke as the explosion of thoughts, the barrage of sensations that this small act awoke in us.
•- Embry Call -•
The kiss was intense... deep, teeth and tongue... I just couldn't get enough of her. I kissed her back all the same passion she gave me, moaning with every touch of lips and taste of her tongue.
When she broke my kiss, my lips chased hers until I heard her whisper. "Always." I  whispered back, slipping my fingers into her hair.
My body reacted to hers trying to make a space between us and I braced my other hand on the couch to lift my weight off her chest. But still close enough for her lips to find mine again.
Jolts of pleasure coursed through me  when her hand passed over the front of my jeans. The length in pants throbbed against her palm. My elbow threatened the buckle with the tremors that flooded my body. If I were human, it would have. My teeth caught her lower lip and tugged with a low growl.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The gasp escaping my lips came without warning, the sensation his teasing bit cased tightly held into my stomach which began to fill with those sweet feelings I couldn’t control.
The tip of my tongue flicked to lick his lips before I whisper for his ears again.
“I’ve got you.” it wasn’t a lie. I wouldn’t let him fall, not alone. Just like the night he took me off the side of the cliffs, and I turned us away from the rocks below. I would jump with him tonight, just to protect him.
“Breath Embry…” my own voice felt disjointed and distracted by his reactions. I wanted to read him, to know when to stop and not push him too fate off the path.
My fingers slowly, softly, with intent caressed the shape of him. Moving down along his inner thigh. Unable to understand how I had managed to not touch him? “Is that okay?”
•- Embry Call -•
"You always do." My voice rumbled low and deep. My lips found hers and I did exactly what she said and drew in a breath from her hot mouth. The scent of her filled my lungs.
I almost chuckled at her question. There was nothing she ever did they wasn't okay... She never pushed... Spirits, she probably knew my limits better than I did.
"So much more than okay, Trouble." I breathed and kissed, again and again. Small, singular kisses, letting her explore while I  revelled in the carnal waves that rolled through my body. I gripped the edge of the couch, breathing in her scent like I needed in more than air.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Was his faith in me overly optimistic? I’d never once lost myself once I came to terms with my faith. However, this was difficult.
She stirred and stroked into an awakened state, her eyes wide and wildly aware of what I was doing.
The sounds of pleasure and excitement came  from her, and him too. But it was the sharing of a breath. Something I’d heard of, but never done until now.
Curling my fingers around the tip of his length not daring to un-belt him, even though I could feel his need for the relief, I wanted to take this slow.
My eyes remained closed as I mirrored his kisses. Small, chased, meaningful.
•- Embry Call -•
She never took her mouth from mine, ever as her fingers never relented her careful caress.  Every stroke and curl of her fingers should have sent closer and to that animal inside… but her wolf burnt low like ambers and mine brushed up against hers savouring the heat.
I should have been hit with the urge to buck into her Juanma, the crave and seek more friction.
But I was perfectly happy to ride in the waves on pleasure she sparked in me, perfect patience and enjoyment. The sounds and gasps never stopped coming.
Her lips pressed into mine I every time mine come down on hers. “Spirits.” I murmured… feeling the way the wrapped her fingers around me through my jeans.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I flattered my eyes open at hearing him. One hand moved up between us to cup his cheek, while the others continued with its soft tenderness around his arousal.
“Tell me… tell me what you want?” This was really still something we were re-learning. Being genuinely curious, about one another’s needs. The ways in which we wanted to be held, or touched, or even when to stop. So far, we’d managed so well without the words. But now. I wanted to hear the breathlessness.
cause by me, in him. It had become another turn on. Knowing how I could be the reason for Embry Call to sound like this…
My own muscles reacted to the thought, blossoming into a scent that filled the room again. “Treacherous” I complained to myself.
•- Embry Call -•
My breath came out in a jagged Oh and I lay my forehead against hers. Tell her what I wanted... Spirit's... how could I ever put that into words. I wanted her, I wanted to taste the source of that sweet, tempting scent. I wanted to feel her lose herself for one sudden, unstoppable moment. I wanted to feel every inch of her skin against every inch of mine... but none of that was greater than one single, all-encompassing, all-consuming need.
"You." I breathed, kissing her palm, and moving one hand to mirror her touch against her own cheek. "Leah... only you. More than anything... you and me... just like this."
I already had everything I wanted... My eyes locked on Leah's... how could anyone ever want anything more?
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Everything went still, the sounds of the spirits singing hummed softly, the cool breeze kissed my hot skin with some relief. Telling me this was all still real…
“Me…” I repeated in a gasp.
With our eyes connected there was no need to hide. He saw it all. But more so…  I heard it all. What Embry said, what he felt, how in the moment we were in may have been why I asked, and he answered. But… the truth of his statement was the sweet weight on my chest.
“You’re killing me…” I hadn’t allowed anyone close enough to want me… and here he was. my lips found his, I closed my eyes letting these sensations he caused wash over me.
•- Embry Call -•
The way her voice sounded made my length twitch against her hand, despite my non-sexual answer, I was still a man (mostly) and I was still straddling the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and her hand was… where it was.
Then her mouth was on mine to, and the kiss was deep  my tongue found hers and I moan.
“That’s a two-way street, trust me.” My voice was low and rumbled again her lips. “Because I also want to bury my face between your thighs and take a taste, then stay there until you’re trembling and tugging on my hair because you can’t take anymore.” I growled that low against her ear.
But something told there wasn’t much I could throw at this Warrior that she couldn’t take. But it was going to fun trying when the time came.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The heat rushed up the sides of my neck like a match to dry grass. Spirits the feel of his hot breath by my ear, elevated each sensation by ten!
My fingers around him created a slow motion that began to build, stroking the full length and girth of him the best I could, ending with my nails teasing the placement of his tip.
My hips lifted up off the couch just a little needing some friction myself, but I would wait. Right now, I wanted to feel him in my hand.
“That…” my voice breathy “is a two-way street too….” My hand on his cheek moved  into his hair. The soft black locks curled around my fingers as I tugged on them. Kissing him again, but this time I captured his tongue with my lips. Sucking on it before letting it go. “I want to taste you too.” Our scents mixed together were intoxicating.
•- Embry Call -•
My breath was getting heavy again, every move of her hand lit fires under my skin. How the hell was it possible for her to do this to me when I was still dressed? She teased another breathy moan from me with her fingers against the denim and my mind racing.
I felt her hips arch. I would have commented on it, but she was dragging my mouth to hers and taking a taste... making it all too clear that she was craving a different one. making me throb in my too-tight jeans.
It wasn't time to fulfil that craving yet. But.... I let my hand glide down the  curve of her throat, over her breast stopping to give her nipple some attention before continuing down her stomach. My heart somehow managed to speed up even more as my hand slid over the front of her trousers and between her legs.
Giving her the friction, I could feel her body craving. "Now who is trying to kill who?" I whispered.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I could feel my pulse pounding in my cheeks, hear prickled beneath my skin with the radiation of our heat waving off one another. Letting his tongue and lips go with a soft moan, my nipples pushed up against the soft fabric of my bra and shirt.
I tugged on his hair again, just enough to make him look into my eyes, so he could see himself reflecting off my irises. My minds eyes followed the trail of electricity his hand left in its wake, knowing his hand would stop at the waist of my jeans, until they didn’t.
“Spirits!” I gasped out at the same time, my core throbbed and clenched so tight, my eyes rolled back, my back arched as my head dropped back. “Embry!” His name was a moan too.
•- Embry Call -•
I bit down on my lip hard when she moaned my name. The tug to my hair had other mains breaking free. Her face flushed, a deep pink staining those perfect almond cheeks. I brushed my lips against them, circling my hand against the heated, sensitive place. Adding a little pressure.
“Two. Way. Street.” I managers the words between kisses and bites to her lower lips. Both of us giving an off heat and scents mixing in the air.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Brain fog from pleasure was a real thing, this all started to provide the proof of it.
Our lips worked at one. They just knew how to dance this tango without needing any guidance. The kissing grew more intense, my lips swelled by the bites he showed on me, and my body began to shiver.
My fingers moved up the surface of his jeans, taking notice of the tightness and how that would feel for him.
“Trust me.” Whispering those words again, I freed my hands from his hair, the other moved up to his waist. Pushing myself down into the couch  I made quick progress to open his belt, and then his jeans. Kissing him the whole time. Biting his lower lip as I felt him free above me.
•- Embry Call -•
There was a perfect synchronicity in the way we kissed. Like shared thoughts, but as someone who frequently shared the inner workings of my mind, I could confidently say this was something entirely unique between her and I.
Just hearing those two words from her had  anticipation flooding my body, so much so that I hardly processed that she was unbuckling my belt until I felt her fingers deftly undoing my jeans in the narrow space between our bodies.
Her lips never left mine for me to assure her I trusted her, but I knew that she was well aware.
She bit my lip and I groaned, I felt the relief of loosening on my jeans, the near freedom. The release of pressure that gave way the new burst of longing and lust, "Spirit's Leah."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I didn’t touch him again to start with, needing him to understand that I would never do anything to jeopardise his will to wait… our choice to wait in any way. This had been done for one reason only, to give him some form of relief in these circumstances we had come to. “I’ve got you.” I muttered against his lips. Kissing him again. Slowly bringing one hand back to his cheek and stroking it gently.
“For as long as you want to me too.” My other hand slipped back over his jeans. Stroking the full length of him, this time with my eyes open and watching his reaction to my touch.
•- Embry Call -•
I turned into her touch kissing her palm. That simple touch was as pleasurable as any other touch… sending electricity dancing along my nerves. Then our settled and locked on one another.
My eyes rolled back with each stroke of her other hand, always finding hers immediately.
I circled my hand against that apex point again, feeling only the seam of her jeans and the pulsing heat between her legs. I groaned, my wolf crying out to feel the shape of her, the slick wetness we knew was beneath those clothes. But was my self-control as strong as hers? “I’ve got you too.” I whispered and closed my eyes just long to kiss her. “Tell me what you want.” I said in a low rumble before another soul-deep tremor ran through my body.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Once again my hips moved to meet his fingers, the touch was light from over my jeans. The hum of another moan created thanks to him and the sound slipped from my lips.
I’d closed my eyes swallowing a lump in my throat as pleasantly surprised bolts of energy pulsed  through my nerves.
His question made my eyes drat open to find his looking down in that hunger way I was sure mine were in too.
What did I want? I’d never wanted for anything, being thankful for what the spirits had given me. But now… words formed in my mind….  Words I can’t explain….
Him… of course I wanted him, in all his glory and kindness, his passion and care, his humanity and his determination. I wanted Him!
I wasn’t a martyr…. There was a beautiful man on top of me, one who shone so bright beyond he himself was  aware of…. I wanted his skin on mine… I wanted to kiss every inch of him, to taste him, to curl my legs around his bare arse and pull him so close that we were connected until we both had out full fill….
“You….” My jittery voice whispered…
•- Embry Call -•
Her body reacted to my touch, telling me the answer to my question in a way that she couldn't in words. But she said it anyway. The way her voice shook had my length twitching against her hand.
"Already yours." I whispered and brushed my nose against her and bore down with my where I knew that sweet, sensitive nub would be.
That answer meant everything... I knew she meant it in all the ways I had... and all the more carnal ways I had too. That thought gave me a wicked idea. I nipped at her bottom lip. Maybe I needed to get more specific. My wolf  and thought we had ourselves under control.
"What do you want me to do to you?" I kissed her and sucked lightly on the spot that I had bitten. "Where do you want me to touch you? Kiss you?" My imagination ran wild and my length throbbed.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His scent took over the room as he spoke to me, mine bloomed once again as the reaction to his handy work. “Spirits!” I gasped closing my eyes as my back arched up as far as it would go.
“I…” what was the question? My Wolf flew into action, wanted more of him. She didn’t A push her need on me. But at this point we were both on the same page.
“Where?” How did he think I wanted him right now, with the placement of his hand and mine telling their story.
My fingers curled up and slipped into his jeans, only dragging my nails over the fabric of  his boxers. Giving me a better grin around his bulging hardness.
“I want you to miss my lips… I want you to kiss my breasts… I want to feel your tongue and mouth linger over my peaked nipples; I want you to set a burning path down my torso… I…. I….” A shiver pasted over  me, making me bite his lips and suck on them. “I want your mouth to taste the spice you are cooking up from me… that talented tongue… I want you to use it to make me scream Your Name!”
Most of the words were of my warrior. She was done playing nice… and I wasn’t disagreeing  he asked after all.
•- Embry Call -•
Fuck! She was… that scent… that heat… her voice. The way her body reacted to every stroke. Her hand slid beneath my clothes, and I rocked against her touch. Every word gave me chills without the actual chill. Everything with her was warmth, heat…
I gasped, my heart raced, she wanted everything I wanted, and for a woman that claimed to be no good with words she had no problem saying it out loud. And all the while she had a hold of me… literally and figuratively.
I claimed her mouth with mine… she wanted me to miss her lips after all… so, I took a long, hard taste before I let my lips trail to the hollow beneath her jaw.
“Let’s see what we can do about that list.” My voice was low and vibrating against her pulse. One hand slipped beneath her, deftly unclasping her bra. the other left her wanting, to finish opening her shirt. My lips still moved down my, my tongue tracing her clavicle before making a heated path down the centre of her chest.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The vibrations of his voice called to me, a tug to my chest like the spirits call often did at the dead of night. But I couldn’t easily explain why it was.
My wolf growled at me because she thought my attention was moving, but it was far from the truth. He was sexy, hard, beautiful, strong…. The words he used all became a rhythm with the racing of my heart. The stop/ start filled with anticipation and excitement all mixed in with us…. US…. We were here together….
“Embry!” Him name came like a moan and a prayer… was he listening to what he had created within?
My legs curled around his hips loosely keeping myself in place under his weight. My fingers picked up the rhythm of his heart too, sliding the full length of him from base to tip.
There was an awkward shuffle trying to understand what he was doing and then it all clicked.
“Spirits…” he was… “Embry!” My eyes close, and I lifted my torso so that he could gain the access to work down my list.
•- Embry Call -•
I heard the growl coming from deep inside of them. It was a good thing I knew how much her Wolf liked me… Us.
I heard how her breath was uneven like she was waiting for something, her heart… the way she said my name. All the sounds that made up… her. The scent, the feel, the heat.
Even as my hand slipped from beneath her to tug aside the fabric of her now, almost, free bra she never stopped. Those smooth, full strokes coaxed moan after moan from me. Even as my mouth found her breast and teased even inch of soft skin before giving her what she declared she wanted. Then, finally, I flicked my tongue against one budded nipple. Wrapping my lips around the peak and sucking, licking, gently biting the tender flesh.
She wasn’t quite screaming my name… but we were making progress. I delicately wired the button on her  jeans until all took was a light tug to undo the zipper. Never once letting up my tender attention on her breast.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits….” Moaning into the ruthless pleasures of his attention told me we had maybe underestimated how he would react. Words were his thing…. Actions were mine… He was paying in a hell of a lot of action right now!
When his moved down to tease the hardened mounts of my breast, my hold around him faltered. He had moved himself out of my reach, but it didn’t stop me from curling my spine just enough to play with the top of that hard girth in his boxers.
The dark skin around my nipples rippled setting off a sensitive sensation to my core  the electrical signals making the sensations wild and terrifying good.
•- Embry Call -•
I took my time, paying careful attention to each breast in turn. My length twitched against the tips of her fingers before I reached between us, took her hands the pinned to the couch on either side of her head.
I flicked my tongue against her pert nipple again and tilted my face up to catch her eyes. "I have a that's on our list, Trouble." I let my teeth trail off a hard peak.
"Ladies first." I whispered and moved planting a kiss between her breasts, lower, lower... my hands trailing off of her hands and down along her forearms as I left a trail of heated kisses down the centre of her torso. Just like she's wanted. The hard muscles of her stomach flexed beneath my lips. "Spirits, Leah." She was so fucking beautiful.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The excitement rushes that o got from the way his strength shows sometimes in these moments was never going to get old. Heat rushed down me, each muscle reacted in unison as his lips did as I wanted. He himself with his weight slipping down played with my mind.
The anticipation of what came next sure, but more the fact that each act… it made the bloody in my veins sing!
Arching my back to push my breast closer, my legs curved around him but not holding him in place. It wasn’t like room was a plenty in my couch.
But when our eyes locked, what I saw in them. “By the spirits…. Embry..!” My hands slipped down his arms, over his shoulder and into his black, thick, soft hair, making my scent fill the room again.
•- Embry Call -•
My tongue flicked between the grooves of every, perfectly chiselled abs. Her skin tasted like bliss... and I couldn't stop my wolf from carving to taste everything else, but I was not going to allow home to rush us.
My hands moved down her body slower than my mouth. Playing  just as much careful attention to all her sensitive places. I kissed a path below her naval until the waistband of her jeans brushed my chin.
I moved my hands to the waistband, tucking my fingers beneath her jeans and panties and prizing them just an inch lower. Her scent had me throbbing, and my heart pounding. I kissed the curve of her hip as her fingers combed through my hair. "You'll be the death of me, Trouble." I groaned and ran my tongue down the sweet dip that disappeared into her underwear.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My skin came to life in a new way, the blood in my veins ran hotter them what was normal for me.
The pulsing took over all over, not my just core, but my cheeks, my fingers, my toes curled up with the nerves firing up too.
“By the spirits…. Embry!” The words came out with short breaths as I tried to control the ways in which my body wanted to move.
Arching my back and pushed my head into the armrest, I grounded my hips to stop them from keeping his attention too fast. Slow motion we’re so much more effective when teasing, even if he was the one teasing me.
“You are killing me….”  Moving my hands to trailed up the fire path he’d created. “Embry!” My voice cut off when I bit my lips.
•- Embry Call -•
Those sounds she made drove me wild. I shifted further down the couch. My feet dangling off the end. I tugged her jeans lower.
I kissed down into the sweet, tantalising crease inside her thigh. Her scent was overwhelming, and I moaned.
"In that case, we'll go together and go  together... and happy." I straightened up a little, tugging her jeans off of her hips. The room was already filled with her sent but now... My wolf stirred, both of us carving her scent. Needing to hear our name on our on her lips, getting louder and louder until she screamed  it like we both wanted. My eyes locked on hers, making sure neither of us got lost in the passion and lust... this was still our path of evolution. Still, the women I built this incredible bond with.
I freed her from her jeans and dropped them next to the next, lifting her leg and pressing a kiss to the inside of her knee.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Of course, he’d happiness take death if it came with a smile, and joy. This man once took me off the side of a cliff, to show the pups what “Unity” and being a “team player” meant.
My eyes widened as the cool air began to kiss my legs. He moved down and my elbows pushed me up the couch. Sitting parting with my elbows propping me up. When our eyes locked the heat in my body was pulsing vigorously in need of some form of relief.
My long stretches up into the air bending me at my waist, making me tilt my head to the side to watch him. I bit the inside of my cheeks closing my eyes for a second with the ripples of pleasure from such a small thing as a kiss do more for me then touch had done before.
That’s when I saw myself, tangled up with my shirt, my bra undone, my jeans on the floor, and Embry Call at  the bottom of my couch kissing my skin.
“You’re planning to die happy, and take me with you?” Panting not from exhaustion, but from all the excitement heaving at my chest.
•- Embry Call -•
She was a vision, her clothes a mess her chest rising quickly as she drew in air. “A man can dream.” I smirked and slid my hand up her other thigh my lips moving higher, leaving a wake of kisses, bringing my body lower and lower. “I'm sure there would be questions when we’re found…” My thumb swept over the centre of the wetness on her underwear. My mouth watered; my wolf rumbled a low pleasing sound.
“You are so beautiful.” My gaze swept over her again, her flushed face. Her hair still perfectly sleek, fucking gorgeous breasts, almost dark peaked nipple begging to be kissed… but I had a list to complete.
My nose brushed the crease of her inner thigh. My finger still light sweeping over the fabric of her panties. She smelled like heave… my Wolf and I both groaned.
“Trust me.” I whispered and pressed my  lips against the fabric where I could feel that sweet nub rolls beneath my fingers.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“So, many question. Undoubtedly.” I managed to say. Biting down on my tongue to silence the moans and thrills making their way to the surface.
The attention I’d been trying to fold on to with the grit of my teeth had slowly begun to diminish, still some part of me held on to  the ledge adamant to take care not to push us both too far.
“Embry!” His mouth was always talented when it came to speaking his way in and out of situations, but the coil of heat he kissed now that sent my head to drop back, my core to throb with desire, my stomach twisting  with excitement, and my mouth dropping open with his name falling free. Crap! He was going to kill me.
My warrior curled up into a ball and then she stretched out splaying herself calling to him and his warrior. She would have purred like a bloody kitten if she wasn’t willing to pull my mind out of this intoxicating moment to have a go at her.
Shivers…. He made my 108-degree skin shiver from the attention…. My mind couldn’t comprehend it. He wasn’t going to stop… his lips touched, and I froze at the same time as my warrior preened her pleasure at this step we were taking.
“Embry….” I moved myself quickly, knowing my own strength i freed my legs from his hold. Opening them to curl around his chest and then I took us off the edge of the couch. Making his back hit the ground, my hands moved to cradle  the back of his head, so it didn’t hit.
My chest moved so face, the blood rushing all over me, my eyes focused on him as I freed my hand from behind his head. And removed my shirt and bra, setting them to the side with my jeans.
I dropped; my hands flat on the ground beside his head. Breathing hard and fast locking my eyes. “We put a pin in that until later…” I whispered straddling him. I didn’t need to apologise to him, I knew he saw that I had gone as far as I could for now.
•- Embry Call -•
We felt that powerful she-wolf reaching out to us from inside her skin. That thought had my wolf reaching back for hers and wishing he were beneath her skin too. Not tonight I told him. He knew but that never stopped him from craving them.
I knew by the way she gasped my name the second time she wasn't quite ready to finish that list of hers. The next thing I knew I was falling, and my back hit the floor and somehow, as always, my head didn't.
"Fuck!" I sucked in a breath.... and then "Fuuuuck!!" she slipped out of her shirt and settled herself straddling me.
"Spirits, you are stunning." My hands found her waist and started to glide up. "Leah Clearwater leaving a list uncompleted?" I teased her my thumbs brushed the underside of her breasts. I smiled up at her. "Later." I whispered... Her scent was still heavy in  air... I knew her body and soul were reaching for different things right now. Just like mine.
"I got you, Trouble."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“It’s all a part of the evolution, Wisearse.” My chest moved rapidly still, because this… us… this game of edging we played… it wasn’t over.
I let my hair cascade over him, hiding us under the veil so it would give the illusion of freedom from the temptation. But his hands  feeling their way up my body felt so good to me. Those hands so warm that I couldn’t even imagine the cold with him under me.
I couldn’t help but smile, slowly moving my hands under his shirt. Undoing the buttons as my fingers slipped higher and higher. One of us was seriously overdressed, and considering I was on top of him in nothing more than my panties. It wasn’t me.
“I know you do, so…. Now.. shut up and kiss me.” My lips found his and I kissed him deeply, equally curved my chest into his hands.
•- Embry Call -•
Her hair made a silky curtain between us and the world creating that even more sacred inner sanctum within our bubble. Her hands moved up my chest lighting fires everywhere they touched.
I was definitely over dressed, her nearly naked body above mine setting off a twitch in my  boxers.
“Anything you….” I was cut off by her lips on mine. The feeling her skin on mine made me moan into the deep kiss. Her hard nipple brushed my chest and setting of another reaction in my underwear. I slipped my arms all the way around her, fighting the temptation to roll us over. She had let me take control… so I could let her have her fun now.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I pulled back in our kiss, just enough to trace the tip of my tongue over his lips. Tasting him with our scent filling my senses so intoxicating.
Parting his lips with my tongue, I cupped his mouth with mine. Pulling on his breath to share mine with him.
I breathed him in  the sensation of his hot air filled my lungs. And then I returned it to him. The First lent a connecting force between us, the second pulled me in closer pushing me chest to chest, the third… spirits… it moved me to a plain so bright that I could see string’s joining our souls….
Pulling back, I was breathing fast and hard. Moving my lips down his jawline, to his neck.
“You…. You taste good.
•- Embry Call -•
Fuck!! Kissing this woman was an entirely spiritual experience, the connection... the way she seemed to slip her feelings into me; communicating them in her own unique way.
The heat of our shared breaths filled my lungs and sent shivers up and down my spine. I knew the word I  used one time to describe shook her. Bond. But now I felt her leaning into it, soul-to-soul. Letting it deepen and grow roots, from her to me. Her Spirit animal to mine.
Her lips on my skin... sensational heat, blissful fire...  "Then we make a good pair... You are addictive... and I didn't even make it to the main course."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
There was so much to unpack in the moment, however my warrior blocked my mind showing me the bubble and the man laying beneath me.
It worked, the lights that had begun to fire my thoughts dampened allowing my to feel and not think right now.
I had to smile, because tasting him had been the only way for me to verbalise all the information. But there was more to it. So much more…  “The appetisers are far better in my opinion.” Teasingly I bit his bottom lip tugging on it.
I knew in my soul. We were doing this the right way. The way neither of us had dared to allow before. My walls had come down for him, and I knew what that meant for me.
My lips began a slow and soft line of kissed. From his lips to his chin, down his neck, letting my tongue tray his Adam’s apple before continuing across his broad shoulders.
•- Embry Call -•
“Now, now.” I teased he with a click of my tongue. My hand moves up and down her back, her waist. Her unbelievably squeezable arse and back up into the hair she shields is from the world with. Always moving, slowly, worshipping every inch.
“You can't judge a meal before you've  tasted it.” I smirked.
“But it would be a terrible waste bit savour the appetizers before moving on… so when it comes done it…” I quirked a brow. “We're on the same page.”
Her eyes were deep pools inviting me in deeper than ever before giving me so much… but this time … . Her intent gazes the way she fell into mine time. This time she was fully aware that her gates were wide open, and she wasn’t rushing to close them. “I've got you.” the whisper was contrary to my teasing but true. Always true.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Fire coursed its way through my veins, it wasn’t the standard 108 I ran at. No, this was his doing. Because I still hadn’t come down from the tension coil wrapped around my need for him. He’d walked me to the top of the cliff, and I had been the one to pull back from the edge  before my coming climax rolled me full speed into a place, we weren’t ready for just yet.
“Hmm…” the throbbing between my legs, the dampness of my underwear left a trail down his torso as I slipped further south.
“It’s not judgement, when you are trying to enjoy the moment  isn’t that your tag line?” My teeth grazed his nipples. Biting one with a pull, before my tongue eased a circle around it.
I froze, swallowing hard feeling my pulse betting unevenly in my face. It still cased a reaction when he told me. Even though I knew, hearing it brought to different levels of attention to his worlds. “I know… I know Embry…” My nails racked lines over his chest with my hair following with a soft caress.
•- Embry Call -•
I watched her make her way slowly down my body, my lips hummed with the desire to kiss her again. But my body… Spirits… It cried out for her attention.
That damp heat running down my centre… Fuck! when day came that I finally got that taste? I twitched and throbbed at the  Thought… but our path… would make each new step we took even sweeter.
“Hm… sounds like you’re agreeing with my core philosophy.” I teased; a small hiss of pleasure punctuated the words when her teeth took hold of my nipple. Then her nails…. leaving barely-there pink traces on my skin, the silk of her hair brushing over the next.
“Spirits!” I breathed. “You feel so good.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Such a Wisearse!” There just behind my words I could feel a sweet laugh trying to release with my words. So, to hide it I bit the skin I could catch over his ribs.
It was all pure muscle, sharp lines, indents following a little teasing line south. His skin teasing divine on  my tongue the scent of him, heady to the point I had to close my eyes to ground myself as I felt the throbbing growing again between my legs.
Kissing my way over his perfectly chiselled abdomen, I moved my legs inside of his legs pushing them apart enough to rest my knees  between them. Then my fingers hooked into the belt loops of his open jeans, tugging them down his thighs while my tongue followed the dip of that Adonis belt.
“By the Spirits!” I gasped out. The perfect V-shaped muscle that runs diagonally from his hip bones to the pelvic region, it made the dampness in me grow.
•- Embry Call -•
That sound… even now with her scent about to drive me insane with wanting and with the most beautiful, mostly naked woman in the universe kissing her way down my body… the hint of innocent joy in her voice brought a smile to my lips.
The fire of her kisses never faded as I  lifted my head to watch her, she took her time, and I soaked up every second.
Without hesitation, I made room for her between my legs. I lifted my hips letting her slip my jeans lower and dropping them with a moan when her lips found that highly sensitive area. A far more  throbbing in my length, freed for the denim entirely now and her scent announcing itself unmistakably once more. My mouth watered; remover how sweet that almost-taste was.
My hand slipped into her hair as softly as her name slid off my tongue, not gripping or guiding, just felling the silk between my fingers, anticipating her next move.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
There it was another reminder of how much we had evolved. A simple grasp of my hair, something I had broken fingers over before. Felt natural when he did it.
“Stay still.” I whispered, squeezing his hips letting my nails dig in and up his sides. I liked finding his appendix scar. Using my tongue to trace it and kiss it too. This was our witness to his humanness, and innocence before it was revealed that he was a warrior of our people.
A small hum established its freedom when I scented him. The twitch under his boxer shorts couldn’t hide from me.
My eyes glanced up to find his watching, sending thoughts of how to make the both of us happy rush through. Which of course my warrior appeared to approve of. She made my mouth water, keeping my eyes locked on Embry’s while continuing south biting his things one at a time.
•- Embry Call -•
Stay Still? She said like she wasn't asking for a miracle. the bite of her nails made me bite my lip. And pressed my hips down into the floor before I was able the process the thought that it counted as moving too. I tried to stop. holding as still as I could.
I groaned, digging my teeth further into my lip. Why was the scar so sensitive? Has it always been? Or was it just her?... sharing this evidence of my humanness with her.
When his eyes met the stillness became easy... that was until her lips continued moving lower. The light of her wolf glinting in her eyes.
Hip wanted to move, to arch towards her I contained it to a slight wiggle. "Staying still was never my strong suit."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It was payback, and a precaution. Asking him to stay still was his equivalent of me not striving for my pleasure.
“If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge, Embry.” My voice was breathy, pent-up enthusiasm and want had to go somewhere. “You crave bringing me to the edge and stopping…. I crave seeing how long you can stay still without needing touch me.”
He taught me something new, something I never thought I could do. Rampant desire... leading to a calm stillness, and it was so pleasant and peaceful. Something I hadn’t touched in myself. the sweet sounds he made had me biting my way down his leg as I pulled his jeans off the rest of the way.
Setting them a side I sat up, combing my finger through my hair pushing it over one shoulder looking down at him.
“By the Spirits…” He was a gift from our ancestors!
•- Embry Call -•
A challenge? I smirked. "Oh, believe me... The 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 is there... always..." I drew in a breath. Her lips and teeth against my thighs... there were certain muscles that were outside my conscious control... no matter how much I struggled with the ones I should be in command of. kiss and bite had a muscle... or something else... tightening, throbbing, or twitching. Sometimes all three.
Then I was as naked as she was. "The only question is how long I resist." The way she looked at me... the way she looked sat on the floor between my legs, running her fingers through her hair.
"You are a fucking Goddess..." I said at the same time she called to the Spirits.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Yes, I am. One you cannot resist for long. But I’d never set you up for failure.” The tip of my tongue roamed it’s ways over my lips, nice and slow, a delicate balance between my fingers and my tongue stroking his thighs.
The urge to bite him took a hold again, making me leave my teeth marks on his inner thigh recalling a time when he asked me if I was a biter when I was intimate. He knew the answer to his question tonight.
“Now…” my eyes were on him as my tongue make a fire trail toward his cusps of his boxers. Biting his hip when I reached it. “Remind me… Who is winning?”
•- Embry Call -•
“Nothing that ends with me being able to touch you will ever be a failure in my eyes.” I looked down my own body… seeing her head lowered like that between my legs? It was almost impossible not reach out and take of her.
Bringing her mouth to my skin…. Sharp teeth biting  expertly on solid muscle… just enough to leave a mark but no damage. It reminded me of how the other guys described their excessive strength being instantly moderated with the imprints, their body automatically knowing how to touch them without hurting them.
Not like mine  Leah’s history… With every touch needing to be controlled. But not between us… and was more than just the fact we weren’t breakable. It was instinct.
“Well, I have the sexiest woman I have seen leaving lo…” I stopped myself saying, Love bites… “Teeth marks on my thighs… That sounds like first place to me.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His voice spoke a different language and story to the words coming out of it. But then again, so did mine. I wasn’t out of breath, but it was strained due to the height he’d taken me to, and what I was doing to him only added more.
“Hmm… are you sure?” Who was I kidding? this was a win for the both of us. The scent in my living room, hit me again. It was a heady mix of intoxicating arousal, and I craved it now.
My stomach twisted and turned at the thoughts rushing through my head. And she was enjoying the turmoil I felt as much as I was. My eyes moved to lock onto this time, combing my hair out of the way, I then placed them down on his hip. My nails lightly playing with his skin with my fingers curled under the band of the thin fabric between us.
My mouth watered, and the pulsing muscles between my legs  should have make it hard for me to think straight. However, I had full confidence in my ability to make this happen to a point.
“Let’s see how it goes, shall we?” The sound of my voice echoed through my chest as I shifted down a little. Placing kissing and then my tongue traced a path from his navel, down the chiselled muscles reacting to mine being there. Down to the fabric, which is pulled and teased with my teeth, over the top of it to the hard, engorged bulge where my tongue circled the tip of him through his boxers.
•- Embry Call -•
Spirits, yes! I was sure! But my teeth were bearing on my lips as I resisted the urge the ache my hips towards her.
She was so sexy... her eyes locking mine in and her fingers in her hair... mine flexed, they wanted to bury themselves in the dark silk strands. The way she tucked her fingers beneath the elastic of my boxer made everything in the region clench... Her scent was potent. This was turning her on almost as much as I was. Every kiss set off a series of clenches and twitches.
Breathy groans escaped and the need to touch her became  urgent.
"Spirits, Leah!" I moaned and lifted my hips just a little... It couldn't be helped, Pleasure and desire buffeted through me. I reached for her, one hand over hers on my hips and gliding up to wrap my fingers around her powerful forearm. The other wove into her hair draped on my lower body.
"Trying." I breathed... moisture beaded and soaked immediately into the straining fabric of my boxer. "To. Kill me."
And I did not want her to stop... not yet. My wolf basked in her attention. Coiling beneath my skin.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My arm was strong enough to withstand the pressure of his grip. Once again, I smiled at the idea of how Embry is the only man I’d been with where I didn’t knowingly commit to being careful all the time. And he could do the same too.
“Embry…” his name inaudible, but the sound  was clear. Getting a response from him made my skin come alive with pearls over it. And the fact that he was oh so trying.
“Never…  going… to happen.” 
My attention moved to below his waist. Knowingly I dipped my head down, following the shape outlined in the fabric of his bulge. From the tip which has come to play, all the way to the base.
Slow and steady pressure, my tongue circled the base giving a little more attention there before the trail moved around to the other side and up again.
•- Embry Call -•
She had no intention of stopping until I told her how much I could take. My Wolf growled at me, knowing that I would stop her before reaching that peak point. He wanted the release, to see her wolf’s eye flash being the human ones when she scented what she did to us.
My mind reeled, imagining her mouth wrapped around me, her tongue on my skin. Everything clenched, I throbbed in her grip, against her tongue and her lips.
“Fuck! Leah!” the words dragged out on a long breath. I pulled light on her arm, a silent message, I was threading that fine line we had drawn.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His body language was being heard loud and clear, the movements, the sounds, the touches. I could read him.
When he touched my arm, I heard the warning his lips wouldn’t want to say. I knew his warrior would be pissed, mine knew my limits and his and as much as she wanted to glimpse what came next, she had control of her needs like me.
My lips parted ways moved to kiss his stomach before I slowly sat back looking down at him. Small fingers strokes replacing the attention my mouth had been showering him with.
“I’ve got you, Embry.”
•- Embry Call -•
My warrior stirred wanting more... The last kiss pressed to my abdomen gave me shivers. It told me she was reading my unsaid words. My wolf settled a little at the sight of her.
I slipped my hand up her arm and tugged her closer... even now she still kept contact... the light strokes of her fingers still fed the waves of pleasure. But enough to not press my self-control as much as her mouth had. She knew what I could handle as well as I did... maybe better.
"I know." I whispered when she was close enough to move my hand to the back of her neck.  "Kiss me." I groaned drawing her in, craving her lips on mine.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm...” no sarcastic comments, no teasing, no making him ask nicely. My lips brushed his softly, I combed my hair off to the side to keep it out of the way.
My body lay down over his craving the skin-to-skin touch which still was so new with him.
A deep breath brought his scent to fill me inside and out. And I kissed him.
At first it was a light kiss to his top lip, then to his bottom one. Then the tip of my tongue asked for access with a flick before one of my hands moved to his face, feeling his stubble. And the other rested on it elbow holding me up just so that I could see his eyes before mine were close, and I kissed him deeper.
•- Embry Call -•
A deep sigh escaped when I felt so much of her skin on mine. Even with the pleasure sh gave me…. Fuck… I missed that! And her lip on mine… our breath mingling.
Each of her kisses sent a twitch lower… My hand moved over the planes of muscles up and down her back. Soaking in as much contact as possible.
I kissed her back, parting her lips with my tongue, tasting her with a moan just as deep as when her mouth was much further south… “Spirits, Trouble.” I breathed. “What are you doing to me?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shivers travelled freely up the line of his touch. My stomach filled with that sensation I couldn’t name, and I relaxed into him. Tasting him and being connected in this way with him, it never became old.
“Me?” Speaking between kisses, soft, hard, deep, and teasing. “What you asked me too.” Biting his tongue then sucking on it.
Fingers curling around his hair. I didn’t even know this about me. How playing with a man’s hair feed the need and the desire too. Spirits! What was he doing to me?
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled but it sounded more like a soft moan. “And you do it so well.” My voice was a low rumble. “You cheated though… made me stop before I really got my mouth on you.” I smirked. Her lips, her teeth… punctuating each sentence. Spirits! She was addictive.
But she knew, we both knew. The barest taste of her would have dissolved my self-control. I would have torn that fabric free and buried my face against her. My body arched up at the simple thought of it.
Her touch in my hair soothing away that animalistic edge. “It feels greedy…. Even though I didn’t want you stop… I missed feeling your skin against mine. Missed kissing your lips… like I can’t ever get enough of you and have everything I need all at once.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I didn’t need to say anything, I knew. He knew. Even the spirits knew.
Biting his lips, I kissed him again before rolling off of him. Laying myself down on my back on the cool ground beside him. I felt the twitching sensation at my hip and knew we could both do with a little  space to come back down from the high.
Listening to him, his voice, his heart it was the anthem I looked forward to.
It’s when the cold air kisses my hard nipping, did I close my eyes, pulling my feet togethers my arse closing my legs to calm the throbbing.
“Not sure  greedy is the right word for it.” I’d felt it too. Wanting to kiss him and feel him and hold him. Spirits.. it was all sort of part of our bubble.
•- Embry Call -•
I kissed her one last before she rolled away... I groaned in protest but only feigned an attempt to keep her where she was. She was probably right about needing a little space to... cool off.
Plus... I tilted my head to the side... fuck! She was hot. Dark nipple begging to  kissed.
I slipped my arm beneath her head... that was innocent enough, right? I tucked her against my side, not ready for a total loss of contact.
"I don't think there are any words in any combination that could properly describe any of this... But I have a habit of saying what I think... so I'll keep saying it." I chuckled. "Even if the words always fall a little short."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Moving, shifting, lifting my head to pull my hair free of his arm and the floor. This was new too. The… connection… the heat… the not wanting to dress right away and get out…
“I’m not going to stop you from being you. Words are your language… and you use them well.” turning my head to the side. He was right there. Beside me. His arm becoming my pillow.
“Do you think we will even make it to a bed?” Teasing, but wondering too. “My living room and couch are becoming a tradition.”
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled... I knew she never would. Even though she was very openly a woman of few words. She always heard me out, even more than that actually. She took everything on board, she took me seriously.
I chuckled... shifting a little as my blood flow slowly diverted. "I mean we do  when we want to sleep... and occasionally for other things." I smirked. "It's the heat of the moment... we tend to get carried away with each other... But you just say the word and I'll carry you to bed anytime."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth at him. “It’s your fault. You know that right? This is all because we are living in the moment.” Poking him his ribs with my elbow. “I have legs. They work. I can walk my way to the bedroom.”
Biting the inside of my cheeks, the first time he lifted me off my feet, it was so unexpected, I didn’t know how to react, I wanted to kill him, and kick arse all the way to the bottom of the village. But now, even the thought of it. The fact that he could pull me into those strong muscular arms and carry me….
“Spirits!” Muttering it to myself.
•- Embry Call -•
“I will happily take all the blame for that!” I chuckled. Turning my head to brush the tip of my nose against her hair…
“I’m aware… but it’s so much fun when I do it.” I had flashes on pinning her the walls and leaving a trail of our clothes through her house. It sent a twitch down south. We were meant to be cooling off a little not getting turned on again!
“And you think so too…” I teased. “I can tell every time I pick you up and don’t get my arse kicked for it.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Turning into him I lay on my side. My head still resting over his arm. Reaching up do stroke his cheek and trying not to smile at this man right now. So relaxed, so open, so himself.
Curling one long leg around his thigh I shifted into his side. “I’m not saying anything. not going to agree or disagree.” My hair covers his arm. So, I went into kiss his chest.
•- Embry Call -•
A soft hum settled in my chest at how easily she melded against me, coiling her long, powerful limbs around me. I rested my hand on her thigh, sweeping the pattern she knew too well.
"I know." I chuckled. But she was telling me right now as she was here with her hair brushing my arm and her lips pressing to my chest. "Not a single word." I said...  because that was how she said the important things. Without words.
End of Chapter
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blazingtheway · 2 months
Make a Wish - Embry Solo
Tumblr media
‘Sweetheart… you really should go and do something fun today.’ #Mom told me. She had been hooked up to the machine for about 20 minutes now.
“I am exactly here I want to be Mom… I can’t make it to all your treatments but today I could. I know #Sue offered… But! Her talents are put too much better use baking my birthday cake.” I grinned and Mom slapped my arm.
‘Were you reading my text messages?’ She mock-glared.
“What do you expect when you constantly hand me your phone to download new music?” I chuckled, Plus, I knew there would be much more cake at Emily’s later.
‘I can’t believe you are choosing to spend your birthday in the hospital.’ #Hannah… the youngest on Mom’s treatment cycle said.
“There's nowhere I would rather be than with this woman… it is her Mom-aversary after all.” I grinned and kissed Mom’s temple. She giggled like a twenty-something.
#Hannah had her chin propped on her hand laying on the side of her recliner. ‘You know… you might just be the perfect man.’ She sighed dreamily. ‘It’s a pity you’re so grotesque.’ She laughed and I reached across the space between her seat and Moms and mushed her face.
“Like you can talk!” I teased right back.
‘You know a man who loves his Mom so openly is hard to find… Might even be worth it to put up with his clearly inferior appearance.’ #Jacob had walked in and was leaning against the door. I gave him a glare that said he would pay for that one later.
‘Damn! Embry… Who's the beefcake?’ Hannah eyed him.
“You can call him Mr. Engaged-To-Be-Married… and put your tongue back in. You’re drooling.” I hadn’t even heard or scented him coming up the hall. I wasn’t expecting anyone else here today.
‘This must be the famous Hannah?’ Jake asked… stepping inside. ‘Our ‘Bry talks about you constantly.’
#Hannah straightened up and flipped her hair. ‘He’s kind of obsessed with me.’ She boasted, teasing.
Then I heard the whispering in the hall as #Quil came in with Nurse Sophie. And a cake with lit candles. “You brought a cake to a dialysis ward?” I eyed them both.
‘It’s carrot cake… that’s a vegetable!’ #Quil smirked and crossed the room. ‘It's basically health food! And there's enough for everyone.’ Even #Sophie rolled her eyes at that.
‘Hurry up and make a wish before my supervisor comes in will you?’ She glanced over her shoulder.
I looked around the ward at all the happy faces… Everyone here was sick or supporting someone they loved through a life-saving treatment and all of them smiled; even Hannah’s stoic mom. And my brother’s showed up… breaking the one visitor per bed rule (It was never really enforced).
Mom was grinning now and then it hit me… they came so that mom wouldn’t feel bad for my being here with her on my birthday. They knew her so well, that she would feel bad for keeping me from my friends today, even though I had been the one to insist I took her to this appointment.
So, I took Mom’s hand, closed my eyes and made a wish.
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blazingtheway · 2 months
All Grown Up – Embry Solo
Tumblr media
I sat listening to Mom play… it had been a good day. She had her treatment yesterday and I spent the night at home, to make sure she was okay. Then, other than my early morning run I was able to spend most of the day with her. But a phone call from a mildly panicked #Quil had me telling her goodbye and heading home.
“Everything is fine Mom, #Quil is just worried because #Claire isn’t feeling good. But she’s okay.”
‘If you’re sure… but if she has a fever…’ Mom started.
“We’ll take her to #Emily’s.” I promised.
‘You will not!’ Mom looked like I had just said I’d toss her into an ice bath. ‘#Emily is pregnant and the last thing she needs is an infection.’
“Oh…” she had a point… but I knew it wasn’t an infection. “I’ll call #Kim. She’s a nurse. But it won’t be necessary Mom… I’ll text you, okay. Just relax and enjoy your evening.”
It only took me a few minutes to get to the only pharmacy on the Rez. I hadn’t ever considered this to be a difficult task as I drove here. I mean… I was raised by a single mom… the concept of shopping for feminine hygiene products was not foreign to me. But standing here now…. This was not like throwing the familiar box that I always saw on the bathroom cabinet into the cart with the groceries…
I must have stood there too long because the woman behind the register abandoned her post and came to stand next to me, crossing her arms. After a beat, she grinned and said. ‘First time?’
I laughed. “Um… Yes and no.”
‘Girlfriend?’ She asked.
“No, no.” I chuckled. “A kid… not mine. She’s… family.”
‘Ah!’ her amused expression changed a little. ‘First period?’
“First I know of. But I wouldn’t exactly be the first person she’d tell… She’s fourteen.” I explained.
‘If it is her first then she’s lucky, so many kids are starting younger and younger now.’ She picked up two products from the shelves. ‘She might not feel comfortable with tampons if it is her first, but you should probably get them and napkins. Let her have the control over the choice. We do have the menstrual cups too if she’s the eco-friendly type. But you might want to leave that conversation between her and her parents.’
I quickly scanned the box she pointed to and nodded. “Yeah, let’s leave that one to the advanced class.” I chuckled, taking the two boxes she recommended. “But I will take these. And anything else you recommend?” I turned to smile at her.
‘Midol!’ She said without hesitation. ‘Is she allergic to any medication?’
“No… nothing like that.” I answered that confidently… there wasn’t much I didn’t know the kid… #Quil made sure we had all memorised the kid's blood type…  𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕚𝕟 𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕖.
‘Oh, and a hot water bottle… it really helps with any cramps.’
I laughed, following her back to the counter, she stopped along the way and pulled something fuzzy off of a rack. “She does love unicorns.” I chuckled, pointing to the fuzz.
‘Who doesn’t?’ She shrugged unapologetically. It was only then I noticed the little unicorn-shaped silver studs pressed into her ears… this woman was at least in her late twenties. I smirked, I always had a great respect for people who so blatantly defied the expectations of the world.
She stepped behind the counter and I set everything she’d handed me down. “Thanks for your help.” I said politely… “I probably should have been a little more prepared for all this considering her age.”
‘At least you are now.’ She smiled and started scanning barcodes. ‘You’re a good brother… My big brother would never do something like this for me. He would get all embarrassed and flustered.’
I tapped my ATM card against the terminal and looked at her. I didn’t see the point in correcting her assumption, I thought of Little Bear as a sister. “Well… I don’t get embarrassed easily. But I was about two seconds away from flustered before you rescued me. So thanks again. I held up the paper bag she had packed everything into.
‘Oh.. I almost forgot.’ She stopped me as I took my first step away from the counter. She reached under the register and emerged with a box wrapped up in pink paper. ‘These boxes have information booklets and product samples for young girls, she might have seen it already it. They get passed out in schools in the area as part of the sexual health education plan. There’s even a few little pampering treats in there too.’ Then they set a folded pamphlet on the top. ‘And some basic information on birth control. We might not like to think about it for kids that age… but it's important.’
I picked them up too. “Thank you.” I said again. I knew that #Quil might struggle with that last one. “She’s a very clever girl… when she knows all her options she’ll make the choice best for her.”
When I climbed back in the Jeep I tucked the birth control information into my jacket, That was something I could give her when #Quil wasn’t around. Today’s development would already have him reeling. It was going to be a very interesting night.
Tumblr media
Back at home, I heard the sounds of the TV from outside and two heartbeats… #Quil’s was a little faster than normal. It was only when I got closer I could tell it was the new Little Mermaid movie. Just because I recognised the song. When I opened the door They were on the couch and #Bear was wrapped up in a blanket lying against an overly concerned #Quil’s shoulder.
“Hey #LittleBear.” I smiled at the kid and hung up my jacket next to the door. “I heard you weren’t feeling too good.”
She blushed a little and curled into a tighter ball. ‘My tummy hurts.’ She complained.
“I know, honey.” I crouched in front of her and kissed her forehead, glancing up at #Quil. “But curling up like that doesn’t help. It just makes your muscles tense up even more.” She looked at me with her pale brown eyes full of questions. “I was raised by a progressive single mom.” I chuckled.  “I know stuff.” I held out the bag for her. “What does help though… is a hot shower. Why don’t you go hop in and you can get in your PJs and relax for the night, hm?” She looked like the thought of moving was the worst thing she could do. “And while you do that; we’ll get your brand-new hot water bottle ready.” I showed her the fuzzy pink thing. She finally cracked a smile.
‘That’s cute!’ She laughed a little. After a little more nudging she went to shower and change.
I fished the kettle from deep inside the corner cupboard to boil water and #Quill leaned against the counter. ‘She’s growing up too fast.’ He said as if it was a tragedy. And I knew it was how he truly felt. He filled me in… telling me her first period was last month and she did not really know how to tell him.
Even in the pack, it was difficult for some to understand his relationship with #Claire. But I knew my brother, and all he wanted right now was for #Claire to stay a little girl and live a carefree, wonderful life full of all the innocent joys of being a kid. So she would never know heartbreak or the stresses that went along with growing up. If he could, right now… he would hit the pause button and keep her at this age indefinitely. To him, #Claire was always the absolute greatest version of herself exactly as she was in every individual moment of her life.
I knew that as soon as #Bear made peace with her new developments, he would be too. It might have sounded fickle… but it was actually the most incredible evolution I have ever witnessed. How two people so extremely different, could make each other so perfectly happy and with zero expectations or pressures on either party.
I had to stop myself from letting my mind wander to @HotHeadSheWolf at that thought.
#Quil wasn’t in a rush for the #LittleBear to grow up, or for their relationship to change in any way. He just wanted her to be happy and healthy… and not in pain. Which she clearly is tonight.
I knew I should have told him that actually, most fourteen-year-old girls got their period. They dated, they had crushes, got heartbroken… got hurt… got sick.
But because he was my best friend, my brother… and because he was fearful of this new phase of life that his sole reason for existing was entering I said. “I know, far too fast.” Instead. “She’ll be okay. I got her something for the pain too.” After a beat of silence. “Did you call her mom?”
‘No.’ #Quil shook his head. ‘She said she’s a woman now and she needs to 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕝.’ He air-quoted the last word with a bitter tone.
“Wow… that's a lot of sass for our #LittleBear.” I shook my head with a small grin. #Quil agreed and pinched the bridge of his nose. I heard the water in the bathroom shut off and I patted my brother’s shoulder.
“You know what I forgot?” I told him. “Icecream. Why don’t you run out and grab her some Rocky Road? You’ll be a hero… Give me a few minutes with her, too.”
It wasn’t something #Quil would question. He knew I loved her like a baby sister. None of us really knew what being imprinted on at such a young age would do to her development. And it wasn’t like we could use #Nessie as an example. Claire had shown some interest in dating and then completely lost even faster than the desire had made itself known. We weren’t sure why but it wasn’t because she’d been hurt… as far as we knew the date in question hadn’t actually happened.
The sound of #Quil’s car had faded by the time #Claire came out of the bathroom in her pyjamas and a towel wrapped around her head. She looked around, confused. “He just went to the store… and I wanted to talk to you.”
‘I really don’t want to talk about it. So embarrassing!’ she huffed and crossed the kitchen opening the fridge and staring in, even though I knew that she wasn’t really looking for anything.
“It's not embarrassing #Bear… at least, it shouldn’t be. Is it because we’re guys? Because if that is the case I can get any of the girls here that you want to talk to.” I leaned against the table letting her move from cupboard to cupboard just for a distraction or an excuse not to look at me.
‘Ugh! It’s not a guy thing!! That’s so Gen X…  It’s a…’ She stopped, huffed and crossed her arms and glared at me. If looks could kill… but at least I had her attention.
“It’s a #Quil thing?” I offered. And she burst into tears like I’d just kicked her puppy.
“Okay… It’s okay, #LittleBear.” I crossed the room to hug her and I guided her to the couch where her hot water bottle was waiting a long with two pills and a glass of water on the table. “Take this and it will help with your tummy.”
When she stopped sobbing, I kissed the top of her head and asked. “Why didn’t you tell him when you got your first period?”
‘I was hoping I could get away with not telling him for a while.’ She admitted. ‘It’s just… He always stays the same and I… I keep growing up and… he…’ She shook her head, struggling to understand.
“Sweetie… you are growing up. Hiding from it isn’t going to stop it. You understand why #Quil and I don’t get older, right?” We had explained almost everything to her a few years ago.  Almost. She was noticing how we didn’t change.
‘I know… I know… but what happens when I’m not a kid anymore.’ She hugged the unicorn hot water bottle to her belly. ‘He won’t take care of me anymore.’
I couldn’t help it. I laughed. “Oh #Bear.” I hugged her again and shook her playfully. “I love you more than my own life…. but that is the stupidest thing you have ever said.”
She slapped my chest lightly. having learned her lesson from trying to slap us in the past. “And as much as I love you #LittleBear, it's barely a drop in the ocean of how much #Quil loves you. He will always, always take care of you.”
‘He seemed… upset when I told him.’ #Claire said.
This was where things got a little complicated. #Quil hadn’t wanted to explain imprinting to her. He was worried it would warp her teenage experience and #Jacob and I had agreed when he came to us about it. Mostly because when it came to #Claire… #Quil would always know best.
“I know… And I know you think he wants you to be his little #ClaireBear forever… I know that he thinks that too. But I know better than the both of you.” I smirked and she held her unicorn tighter, rolling her eyes at me. “He was upset because you were… and that’s okay… You’ve got a lot going on. But he can’t stop himself from feeling what you’re feeling. Part of growing up means you need to stop and understand that too. He will always take care of you… no matter what, but sometimes… you’ll have to take care of him too. Take a moment to try and understand how he feels. You don’t even have to get it right, or you can just ask him outright. Okay? It will mean everything that you tried.”
She nodded solemnly. ‘I was being selfish?’
I laughed and little and hugged her. “No. You were being stubborn… and a little silly. You don’t need to hide things from #Quil, it just makes him worry. You’re allowed to have secrets… but things like this? There’s no reason to hide them…” I wasn’t going to tell her we could smell these changes…. That sounded creepy enough to let her imprint handle.
“He will always want what is best for you. And you are a clever girl… sensible… I trust you to make those choices wisely. That means that you will always be working toward the same goal. He will always support your goals and dreams. As long they aren’t… you know…” I struggled to find a word, then decided the first one I was going to say was good enough. “Stupid… or… dangerous.”
‘So as long as I don’t decide I want to the a co-star on Teen Mom?’ She teased and terrified me all at once.
“Speaking of teen pregnancy!” I said, just because I knew she thought I wouldn’t follow that thread. I retrieved the pamphlet from my coat and handed it to her. “Do we need to have this conversation?”
She scanned the front page and shook her head. ‘No… I know what all the choices are… But I’m not…’ Now she was embarrassed. ‘I don’t think I want a date... I thought I did but then it just felt… weird. So if I’m not dating I’m definitely not thinking about…’
“Sex.” I finished for her and she turned bright red, but I wasn’t about to go easy on this topic. “If you can’t say the word then you definitely aren’t ready for that.”
‘I know…” The pink in her cheeks abated. ‘And I’m not… not at all. I mean… I don’t think I even want to kiss a boy yet, and Mom said I can talk to her about birth control and stuff whenever I need to.’
I smiled to myself. I loved that woman. “I know I might not be your best option… but one phone call and I’ll… do my very best to find you a more qualified person to talk to.” I chuckled. But she knew I would drop just about anything for her.
I heard #Quil’s car coming down the street. “He’s back. Give him a hug… okay?”
She nodded and I headed to the bathroom to shower and give them a few minutes.
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blazingtheway · 3 months
Dancing into the next life – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
❝ I plan on dancing into the next life, like a woman with a mission to live her life, on her own.❞ -Elizabeth Clearwater  
‘Could I have the same again please?’ The pup asked setting his empty bottle down. At first glance you would be forgiven for assuming he was under the influence. But I knew better than that.
“I’ll get it Mac, why don’t you get the group coming up.” Nodding my chin over to the crowd making their way over towards us.
‘If, you’re sure?’ He said before turning to face the customers.
I curled my now damp hair around my fingers then turned it into a messy bun up over my head. The shower I’d taken after my run, before coming to work was much needed. But the pup clearly hadn’t gotten the memo on the topic. We’d been one on one training in the afternoon, so mud covered the back of his legs the last time I saw him, with smears up the back of his arms and around his neck and face.
Taking a bottle of beer out from the fridge, I twisted the cap off throwing it under the bar setting it down before him. “I’m guessing tonight is the night.” Saying it low enough for him to hear but not the others around the pool tables. Reaching over for a few napkins, I moved to the sink behind here with me, wetting them before setting them beside the bottle of beer too.
‘Yup. I’m just not in the mood for it, you know?’ I didn’t know in all honesty. But he didn’t need me to, it was clear to me he just needed an ear, the only reason my ears were being used is due to the fact that none of the other OGs were here. ‘I really try my best to do it all, I really do.’ He took the hint, picking up the napkins to wipe his face and hands slowly, his eyes never leaving the bar. ‘I know Jake wants us to work hard at school, to go to college, to make something of ourselves. It’s all he, ‘Bry, Quil, and Seth ever talk about. Add to it mom too. I just feel like I’m….’ He stopped speaking, rolling his neck with his eyes meeting mine. In that moment I saw it, the realisation of who he was speaking too dawned on him, and the sight made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
I couldn’t blame the pup for it, after all I’d been the one to say if it wasn’t about pack business, I didn’t want to know about it. I was the one who would tell the pups to stop with the crying and to go to #Jake, #Quil, #Embry, or #Seth. That I wasn’t there to “baby” them. It was my job to make them warriors… So, this reaction, the look in the pups eyes. It was my own doing.
‘I… I am sorry… I didn’t mean to bring this to you.’ Pup muttered deflated, his eyes wondering so that he could avoid eye contact with me.
Resting my elbows on the bar I raised my eyebrow. “You didn’t pup. I asked. So, go on if you want.” Tilting my head so that our eyes were at the same level while he sat on the stool.
‘It doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean… you know… I made it through high school with a pull from mom, all the support from the guys. Some of the teachers too.’ His eyes drifted towards the others. He watched them laughing, joking, teasing, and playing. ‘But the closer we are coming to the start of term….’ He turned his palms up to show me, his eyes dropping to the bar top. ‘These won’t stop sweating. And… it’s not the whole we run hot thing…’ He placed one of his hands on his chest. ‘I feel…’ gathering the fabric of his shirt at his chest. ‘I feel like I cannot breathe.’
When I brought my mind shields down, I’d noted at the clearing while we were training, how he’d been thinking about the Smurfs a little bit too much, even for him. But then again, I knew the tactic well… I hadn’t pushed, it wasn’t anyone’s place to make another pack member share if they weren’t ready. And me of all people. I didn’t question others when I myself never allowed them to learn my secrets.
‘I don’t know what I’m doing, Leah!’ His voiced raised and then he remembered himself, looking around before continuing. ‘I didn’t want to go to college and now I can’t not go, you know.’  Dropping his head into his hands.
“Why not?” His eyes shot up questioning me. “Why can’t you not go, if it’s not what you want?” I asked.
‘Because you said you would chop all our balls off, if we messed up any of the opportunities we are given.’ I had to smirk at that one.
“Hmm… So… I did….” I had for sure told them all that, it was the only non-pack related advise I was willing to share. But... At the time I’d thought it had been the only way for them all to be thinking better, to do the most for themselves. Over the last months I’d learnt a few valuable lessons since then.  The kid Embry had been trying to help in #LolaSwift’s class had been eye opening.
“What if I told you I was wrong. That there are a number of ways you can make a difference, you just have to find out what the path is. And I mean more than the path you are walking.” He knew and understood I meant being a Spirit Warrior. “The only thing I will say is think about it, really sit down, and talk it out with whomever you feel will listen to you. Don’t not go to college out of fear of the unknown. I don’t want you to sit here in ten years and wonder where you went wrong.”
His shoulders relaxed, and the frown on his forehead eased. Something in my words gave him the courage to smile even though I could tell he wasn’t close to having all his answers just yet. “Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying pup. If I see you wasting your time, not making something work for you… I will chop your balls off… And I will feed them to you. And you will thank me for it.” My eyes narrowed so the pup saw this wasn’t a joke. “But you need to tell us what is right for you too. Not just follow blindly if your heart doesn’t believe what you are doing is right for you…”
‘Thank you, Leah. I… that… you… it’s really helped… you… know… talking about it. thank you.’ Gathering the dirty discarded napkins, I pushed his beer forward. Nodding my head towards where the other pups were.
Waving him off, I didn’t need any thanks for listening. “Go be with your brothers; it will help you to be around them right now.” He smiled a crooked smile at me, lifting his bottle from the bar and leaving.
‘Damn Lee. Who knew you would ever give a kid advice not to go to college?’ My ears picked up on the chattering in the car park as I rolled my eyes at #Mac.
“I did no such thing. Just told the kid to think about it before jumping out to the pan only to find out there is a roaring fire up his arse.” Reaching down under the bar, my fingers curled around one of the bottles of Malbec, and I set off to open it. The wine needed time to breathe before it was poured.
‘But weren’t you the one who used to say that education is the only way for the next generations to better their life and help the tribe too?’ He looked confused while we both worked and spoke.
“Hmm… I did…��� As I worked on the next round of drinks, my ears were on the conversation taking place outside too. “But am I not allowed to evolve in my thoughts? To grow and learn as time passes us by? College may not be the answer to everyone’s needs. But I still think they need to know what doors they are closing if they make the choice not to go.”
The door opened, letting in the scents I’d been picking up for the last ten minutes. ‘Heads up. There’s another beautiful Clearwater in the building.’ #Mac rushed around the bar to go meet #Izzy as she walked in looking around #HwH for the first time.
#Rachel, #Kim, and #Jessica came in behind her, making their way over to the bar where I had their drinks lined up ready and waiting for them. ‘Leah, thank you. Look who we brought out to play.’ #Rachel jumped up onto a stool.
‘Oh, please little one. No-one needed to twist my arm, I’ve been meaning to come out and see the talent in town.’ My auntie teased, hugging #Mac, squeezing his cheeks, then asking why he wasn’t drinking the same water as the other boys on the rez. They all turned as one towards the pool table then chuckled.
“Behave yourself Izzy, this is a family bar. Those boys could be your sons, I’ve thrown people out for less.” I winked with a tease, setting her glass of wine before her.
‘I am behaving, look.’ She took a sip, waggling her well maintained eyebrows over the rim of her wine glass.
I cocked my head to the side, because of the change in the conversation that began to take place a few tables down, and across from the bar. The tribes gossipers were out in full force tonight.  Once she settled her eyes still observed the bar and the busy crowds. It was clear #Izzy wanted to be seen, but at the same time I could tell she wanted to take the place in. ‘Uhmm…. Malbec…. Someone still remembers my choice of wine.’ She smiled towards me.
“It’s not hard. You haven’t changed it in years.” I said moving to serve a few of the locals.
‘No, that’s not true, auntie. Leah, Seth, Mac, and Char are amazing when it comes to having everything, we love in stock here.’ #Jessica told our auntie giving her a hug and kiss before sitting down beside her.
“Aren’t you meant to be at work?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.
‘Actually. My boss gave me the evening off when I told her auntie Izzy was here visiting. So there!’ My younger cousin giggled sweetly while I rolled my eyes at her.
“Hmm… I’m sure Collin will thank you for it.” She made a face as her cheeks reddened, making me grin. “I’m just messing with you. You know he will make the most out of any situation, as long as your boss lady is happy.”
#Izzy’s ears missed nothing. ‘Collin? As in little Collin Littlesea? He has a girlfriend? Is he even old enough for that?’ She looked astonished.
‘He is a handsome grown man now auntie, not the baby you remember.’ #Rachel spoke fondly of her younger cousin.  ‘He and Brady, the both of them are maintaining the tribes houses with their love of wood work. Helping to build new businesses, and homes too. They are so talented.’ She added sipping on her cocktail.
As we worked, talking to the ladies in between service, #Izzy waved the girls off, telling them to go be young and mingle with their friends. Saying something about, how she wasn’t here to be baby sat by them. Some of those who recognised came over to say ‘Hi’, with the gossip queens taking notice whenever #Izzy laughed a little too loud for their benefit.
More people walked into the bar, a couple of groups who were celebrating, and others just out for a night at the rez. The townies debated cocktails over bottles of wines, or beer, and the locals knew what they liked, ordering it, and walking away. Tuning voices out was a skill, but from time to time it wasn’t a bad idea to listen when something felt off with a punter. The place was abuzz with activity, so I gave the bar a once over making note of those who would need a close eye on them as their alcohol intake grew.
As the night progressed #Seth walked in from the back door, hair damp with the fresh scent of soap following him after his run. He half hugged me, kissing the side of my head. Whispering an update as to how the run went, the training he completed with the pups, and how #Sam’s pack had taken over for the night.
Seeing #Izzy sat at the bar, he rushed to her side to kiss and hug her. ‘See, Leah, this is how you’re meant to greet your favourite aunt.’ Earning her an eye roll and a ‘If you say so’ look, as I came to lean down on the bar before her.
“So, are you ready to tell me yet?” She just smiled waving to an old timer walking past her.
‘Tell you what?’ Tapping the rim of her empty glass, that I had began to refill for her.
“Izzy… it’s been a long arse time since you turned your back on this town and it’s people. And now you are here. Laughing, joking, smiling. Like you were back from a vacation?” Raising my eyebrow to emphasise  the question.
She saw that I wasn’t going to let it go, she turned her body to face me completely this time. Nothing she did went unseen by me, from the frown growing on her forehead, to the way her fingers played with the stem of the glass. When she finally let her light brown eyes settle on mine, I was taken aback by what I saw. #Izzy was always the happy go lucky one in the family. Sure, she was a hard worker, (we all were). But this wasn’t her. I didn’t ask or say another word, giving her the time to collect herself and her thoughts.
‘It was time Leah.’ Is all she said to begin with, when I didn’t say anything, she continued to speak. ‘When Seth called to tell me, your mom had been in hospital, the ground from under my feet was pulled out.’ She played with her glass some more. ‘And yes, I know. It wasn’t life threatening, but still. Still the fact that no one thought to call me when she was in there, to tell me she was in pain.’ I heard the way her heart stumbled, and her voice cracked. She glanced up to the ceiling before talking again. ‘Mikey, I expected it from. You know. He’s still not forgiven me for leaving. I was shocked when I saw Jessica all grown up at the door tonight, telling me she wanted to get to know me.’ We both glanced over to the cheerful Clearwater. ‘I don’t want to miss being here for your mom, Leah. Not after everything she’s done for me.’
I reached down under the bar, taking a few napkins and setting them in front of her. Wordlessly she took one, dabbing her eyes and then shaking her shoulders like she was shaking off water. ‘Anyway… It was time to come see this place.’ She pointed to the building around her. ‘You know you and Seth… He is proud of you both.’ I knew she was speaking about out Da.
“Yeah, he would be really proud of the Kid.” I half smiled, my eyes finding him across the floor collecting bottles and glasses. Aware he would be listening in.
‘No… I said you and Seth. He would be proud of you both.’ She reached across the counter squeezing my hand.
Laughter exploded from the far end of the bar with the pack, where they were gathered playing pool with some of their friends, drawing our attention towards them. #Rachel and #Jessica waved, mouthing a ‘Come over’, to #Lizzy.
‘However, for now… I plan on dancing into the next lifecycle, like a woman with a mission to live her life, on her own terms.’ #Izzy took her glass of wine off the bar, taking my hand, leading me towards her made shift dance floor the moment she hears the intro of the next song beginning to play. (Music: Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul) – Sia)
“Izzy, we don’t have a dance floor here at HwH.” She wasn’t listening as I threw my eyes over the floor. #Seth and #Mac were both laughing, #TheKid walking back to take my place behind the bar to serve. I gave her this one, as soon as she found an open spot right next to, the gossipers table, she began to dance, having #Rachel and #Jessica and a couple of the pups joining in. Before I knew it, some of the townies were up dancing too.
Slowly I freed myself from my auntie’s hold, giving her #Jessica’s hand to dance with now. making my way over to continue with the bottle collection around the floor. And then I heard them. The voice I wanted to keep an eye on earlier in the evening. He was louder, more aggressive, a tone in his words that put my back up.
When I glanced to the bar, I could see #Mac working the crowd with the sound of #TheKids footsteps making their way towards the basement for supplies. As the girl pulled her hand free from the males hold, I heard her say she was done, and she was going to the bar for another drink. Giving me the queue to follow her, I knew if he caused issues I could run across the floor before he could take two steps in his state. Right then, I could feel a set of eyes following me. I took a breath to look back over my shoulder, finding #Izzy’s light brown hues locked onto me and then the girl too. Had she noticed what had happened too?
The girl looked uncomfortable, moving through the crowd of people until she joined the line waiting to be served. She leant in on her toes, and then back again. My eyes narrowed on her, and then I glanced toward the group who she had arrived with. They all seemed to be too busy having a good time to notice her disappearing away from them. As I set the bottles in my hand down at the side of the bar, her eyes were still searching for #Mac’s. But he was snowed under with the orders before him.
My eyes fell over her body, noticing the reddening skin around her wrist, my warrior let out a growl, at the same time as my lips curled up into a silent one too. She wasn’t a local, but the fact that she wasn’t safe under our roof! How the hell had that happened? I made my way around the bar, just as I hear her place her order with #Mac who was having trouble hearing her over the crowds and the music.
She looked fearfully over her shoulder before turning back to #Mac. ‘Please.. Please may I have an Angel shot… please?’ Her eyes burnt with fear, while I placed a hand on #Mac’s shoulder. Telling him I got this. Motioning the girl forward, waving people away to bring her to the end of the bar.
“Hey..” half smiling and trying hard not to glair at the guy she came in with.
‘Hey… Angel.. shot please… please..’ She said again.
“What a great choice.” I turned a glass up right on the counter, my eyes on the group and then back to her. “Did you want that clear, or dirty?” Hoping and wishing that she replied Dirty.
Angel shot is a code for anyone to use in a bar or a club, letting the staff know that the person needed help. They were in a situation where they needed an out.
Clear meant ‘Please get me out of here without others knowing.’
And Dirty meant. ‘Please call the police.’
‘Uhm… clear… clear please…’ She said not taking her eyes off me.
The wrong answer for me, but I got it. #Seth’s eyes met mine as he returned overhearing the full conversation. With a glance from my eyes,  I showed him the group she had been with. Slowly the pack who had heard the conversation too moved around the floor, all of them acting drunk, having a good time. They blocked off the group of people and the guy she had been with. They became a wall that couldn’t be seen through.
“Come with me. I held my hand out to the girl, knowing that she may not want to be touched, so waited for her to make that move herself. She took it. For a small human girl, her hold was strong. She wasn’t planning on letting go.
#Mac moved around me pushing the divider door down on the bar to stop anyone from following, as I took the girl into the back with me. “Are you okay with bikes?” I asked her as we walked.
‘Sorry..?’ She was looking over her shoulder, I reached out to take my jacket off the hook on the back door. 
“Bikes… Motorbikes… are you okay riding on the back?” She nodded her head. But that’s all I needed to know. “Has he hurt you?” The moment I asked the question, she hid her free hand with the marks on it behind her. “Listen, I’m not judging you. But if he hurt you, you should think about reporting him.”
We were out in the cold air, I let her hand go, putting my jacket over her shoulders. ‘I can’t, I don’t really know him. This is a blind date… I don’t know anyone here… My friends…’ she broke off in a dry sob.
“Listen, friends who set you up with idiots like that… are not friends.” I helped her up on the back of my bike, glad to see she wasn’t wearing heels at least. “Hold on tight. I’m going to take you someplace safe away from here and him, then we can get you home. Okay?”
She held on to me for dear life. As much as I didn’t like to be held, I wasn’t going to tell this girl she had to let go. She shook with the fear, or the cold air, that was until she came in close to my back, with her arms locked around my waist. We rode out from behind the bar and hit the road. I could feel the moment when my body heat kicked in, and she felt the benefits of it.
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Through Thick and Thin – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
The scent of ma’s cooking filled my nose from down the street, making me ease off the gas on my baby. I wanted to take in the sounds of laughter coming from home, the way her and #Izzy’s footsteps moved around the kitchen as they both opened and close doors. I could hear #TheKid laughing, telling #Izzy all about the Bar and the changes we had made since he last spoke with her. She had seen pictures, videos, heard about the place, and gotten tearful when she first learnt the name of it. But she hadn’t stepped foot into the place even once.
#Seth cut off mid-sentence, telling me he’d picked up on the sound of my baby and even my scent coming up, but he didn’t say anything to the ladies until I was parked in the driveway. Only then did he jump up shouting ‘Sis is here.’ Then came the sound of rushed feet towards the front door before it was being swung open.
I sat there on my baby looking up towards the porch, the smiling faces of my kid brother, leaning back while the ladies rushed before him. They stood looking at me, my Ma’s eyes filled with thanks. She had been unsure if I would leave work to show up. And then my eyes landed on my Auntie.
She wasn’t an ‘Auntie’, by name. Even from afar she had been a part of this family through thick and thin. Her willingness to be on the end of the phone for my Ma, to be there when her sister-in-law missed her husband, sharing memories with one another, of a man they knew so well in their own special way. A way no-one else could understand.
She rushed down  the steps towards me, making me throw my leg over to sit on the bike facing her.  ‘Nahnai nasgi ageyv galuga!’ (There she comes!) #Izzy  threw her arms around me. The five-foot, three-inch woman was strong for her age. Clearly, she’d still been keeping up with her yoga classes.  ‘Nihi gesvgi unvdvgi, adageyudi.’ (You were missed, beloved.)
Ma and #Seth both froze their gaze stuck on my auntie and me. Stunted maybe because I hadn’t stepped out from the incoming hug, a move I could have done by standing up and stepping around to the far side of my baby. They were shocked that I had become entwined in her arms, not pushing myself away, letting her hold me for as long as she needed to. Then again, some part of them knew her as well as I did, there was no way to get around #ElizabethClearwater, when she wanted to hold you. But this was more than that. It was her scent… I’d never understood how or why… but the spirits had blessed #Izzy with the near perfect scent of my Da.  
I closed my eyes, feeling the burn behind my lids, the tension building at the top of the bridge of my nose, as those emotions came to the forefront. Clearing my throat before speaking. “Ulihelisdi owenvsv, elogi.” (Welcome home, auntie) Pulling back as she did to see my face, but only after kissing the top of her head, as I imagined the feeling of this action if Da was still with us. “Hilago nihi visvi?” (How was your journey?) I asked with a half-smile.
#Izzy cupped my face with her cool hands, her tear-filled gaze admiringly taking me in. ‘Such a carbon copy of my equa dinadanvtli. (Big brother)’ Wiping at her face she sniffled, shaking herself out of her memories she squeezed my cheeks, unaware of the turmoil she’d unleashed within me. It had been something she’d always said to me. that I reminded her of Da, that I’d taken after him. She saw him in me when I could not. ‘It was a horrible flight, delayed for over an hour… your poor mother and brother had to wait for me for so long.’ She’d started back up the steps to the house assuming I would follow, however I was planted in my spot until my Warrior pushed me to stand and follow her.  
‘Oh, it was no trouble, Seth bought us lunch and we had time to enjoy some mother and son time.’ Ma interjected into the conversation. I kissed Ma’s head as I ushered her indoors behind #Izzy letting the two of them take the lead in where their minds and words took us all. With #TheKid holding back to look me over.
His eyes took everything in, he was starting to see more than he once would have. But still not enough for him to read me. In a low voice for just my ears he said. ‘She’s already asked why you are still single; she thinks your beauty is frightening off all the men and women. Then she said you were better off because you could live your life freely.’ His smile grew. ‘It’s like she cannot make up her own mind.’
I shook my head, thanking him for the heads up. #TheKid had certainly been deflecting for me by the sounds of it. “Family dinner wouldn’t be the same without our sex life on the table.”
‘Nope, I am not ready to hear that word coming from your lips.’ This earnt him an elbow to his ribs and a laugh from me.
‘Come on you both, we have a lot of catching up to do. Ulisda, ulisda! (Hurry, hurry!) #Izzy shouted from the kitchen.
Tumblr media
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Walk in Your Own Footsteps – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
 “Always walk in your own footsteps. Because all the others are taken.” – Elizabeth Clearwater
‘Didn’t you say you were going to be in and out of the bar today? So, why are you still sat here in the office looking over the invoices?’ #Mac stood with his shoulder leaning on the office door frame, sipping on a cup of coffee.
“I did no such thing, that was Ma who called to say I best be in and out.” Nodding my chin over towards him. And what about you? Drinking coffee and not offering me any? Where is that chivalrous man I see making the townies swoon all over him in the evening?”
He smiled his sweet, crooked smile, padding himself across the office to hold his cup out to me. ‘Don’t ever say I don’t share.’
“I only speak the truth and you know it …” Taking the cup from him I sat back in the chair drinking a few sips after blowing on it. It wasn’t hot enough to burn me, but the human before me didn’t need to know that.
‘Slow down Lee, it’s hot.’ Waving him off, I gave the cup another blow. He flopped down into the other chair rolling his eyes at me. ‘So?’ pointing over his shoulder to the door behind him, ‘Why aren’t you rushing out of here?’
“Hmm….” I took another sip of the warm dark liquid in the cup. “Elizabeth Clearwater is coming onto the rez.” His eyes widened just enough, telling me he understood what this meant.
‘It’s been years since she came to visit, right?’ #Mac sat forward in the chair. I just nodded my head in reply. ‘But you’ve been to visit her in LA, haven’t you?’ I nodded again. ‘So, why are you hiding out here?’
How could I explain the whirlwind that was Elizabeth Clearwater to him? Everyone knew their own version of the story; but the truth wasn’t something they cared to learn.
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Clearwater… Izzy to those who she chose to care for… was the youngest of three siblings. She had two overly protective older brothers in Michael and my Da Harry. They always said that they would do anything for her, however she was born to walk her own path. Strong minded, to the point of stubbornness, she never backed down from a fight. But  most of all, she was determined to make something of herself.
Izzy never married, this didn’t mean she didn’t fall madly in love, that “Love” just never seemed to last long. She knocked the men to the curb as fast as she fell for them, and there was never a way back for them. She’d tell a younger me. “Never read a book backwards Leah, they were written to move on to the next chapter with a dancing step of the ancestors.” And as a child I never really understood what that meant. The moving forward made sense of course. But the dancing steps of the ancestors? Didn’t that really mean that she was to a point looking back?
Izzy left the rez when I was young, at the time it had been kept hush, hush. Which is where all the rumour mill picked up speed. Everything from she had become pregnant with the baby of a townie, to she had fallen into bad habits with drugs. Because no one back then could imagine a woman wanting to leave to better herself.
Elizabeth had moved out to L.A to follow a dream, one no one had faith in. No-one other than my Da and Ma. He had driven his baby sister to the California coastline and helped her set up in a small apartment. She had a talent and Harry didn’t want to see her not try to make something of it for herself. Of course, her life hadn’t been perfect from the jump. She had to work hard, put in her blood, sweat and tears. But she got her break, when the head of a small indie movie studio, saw a local adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, where Izzy had single handily designed and created all the costumes on her own. He hired her there and then, and she began to live her dream.
At first, she hadn’t come to visit at all. Harry and Sue had taken short breaks to meet her in L.A, or they  would meet up at a half way mark. But when she did finally come to visit, she been a whirlwind. The woman I’d known as a baby had grown even more beautiful, her confidence made her walk into a room and heads turned. Which of course meant she had been made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome by the women of the rez, worried about how their “men”, where drawn to Izzy. But my auntie wanted nothing to do with any of them.
The last time she visited… had been for my Da’s funeral. She had been a shadow of the woman I’d met before. Or it may have been the fact that at that time I was the shadow? Who really knew. She had left after having a fight with her older brother Michael, and without saying goodbye. And then I hadn’t heard a word from her. Not until I was set to leave for L.A to follow #RachelBlack.
Ma had given me Izzy’s address, telling me she was expecting to see me. She had helped #Rachel find her job in the music studios there, so would be the best person to help me find the right time to see the runaway imprint. This was when a lost relationship with my auntie had been rekindled. Now a grown woman myself, things from Lizzy’s life began to make sense. I could understand her choices, even if they weren’t choices I would make. But I could respect her and the life she’d made there.
Ma had told me when I returned from that trip that she and Da had a strong belief that Elizabeth Clearwater had been born to become a strong Imprint in her own right. But, unlike my ma and da…. Izzy hadn’t found her wolf soul mate, even if he hadn’t been called upon by the ancestors.
‘Lee? Earth to Lee? Come In Lee… Where did I lose you?’ #Mac clicked his fingers and waved his hands from across the desk.
“Hmm…” Shaking my head. “I’m not hiding. I am trying to give the sisters-in-law a little time to reminisce.” Pushing the chair back to stand, I set the cup down as I came around the desk. “Come on, make the most of having me here today. Let’s get the bar ready for opening.”
‘Sure, because I couldn’t do it on my own.’ he huffed joining me. ‘By the way there is a case of expensive Californian wine on todays delivery. A  Malbec, and I’m guessing it’s for Auntie Izzy.’ He wasn’t wrong, I didn’t have to reply, the two of us just got back to work.
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The First Steps on a New Path - Storyline 10 – Together ( Part Three)
Continuing on From.....
•- Embry Call -•
“It’s payback for all the times I told you I was just here to look pretty, and you put me to work anyway!” I laughed and loaded the box into the Jeep. #Danni laughed so hard at Leah’s joke that she snorted and turned bright red. She clamped her hand over her mouth. She was  trying very hard to impress Leah. It was cute.
“She thinks that she’s hilarious.” I laughed and headed back towards the building with the supplies. “You like old cars?”
‘My dad does… I like going to car shows with him. You’re probably a car geek like him if you’ve kept  this going for so long.’ She hefted another box, and I grabbed three.
“Not particularly… I just always believed it was better the fix what you have instead of just replacing it. And I guess I get attached to things. But it’s getting hard to find parts for the old girl.” I  looked fondly at my baby and slide in the last of the boxes. I nodded towards Leah. “This one over here prefers two wheels to one.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Listening to the conversation between the two made me smirk some more.
#Danni felt comfortable enough to let herself show her true self with her laughter. It was kind of a cute sound with the added element of her reddened cheeks.
Until the conversation was set back on me  and the eyes widened tuning and rounding on me.
‘You ride?’ She asks like an excited child.
“Hmm…” nodding my head once. The girls turning to look at Embry and then back to me. ‘What kind of a bike is it?’
“He…” setting the boxes in my hand down and the banner from under my arm in the back of the jeep. “He is a Rocket X.” She clearly wanted more information from her reaction.
“2,500cc, 4,000 rpm , 2.5 litre engine…. Three-cylinder engine sitting in line with the chassis. When you Open up his throttle… he sings.” If I could take out my phone and take a photo of her, I would have. ‘He sounds amazing. Do you like giving people rides on him?’
My eyes went to Embry as to say. ‘Why the hell did you pull me into this conversation?’
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and shook my head and laughed… “Really?” I gave Leah a deadpan look and then looked at #Danni again. “But he also runs on fossil fuel.” She giggled a little… seeing the irony of Leah knowing all those facts off the top of her head but would only say the Jeep ran on  fossil fuel.
“Nah she likes to keep him all to herself… But she makes up for it by sharing her time, wisdom and a healthy dose of sarcasm with all of us every single day.” I was teasing, but I gave Leah a look that said I saw all that she gave to all of us… and that did  include sarcasm too.
I closed the tailgate when the last box was in. “It's been an absolute pleasure Danni, and next time I’m in town I will certainly trust you and your guys to detail my beautiful baby.” I tapped the soft top. “Today she’s working hard for the good of the  Tribe, she’s earned a spa day.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Facts, Call. It’s all about knowing the fact.”
They would all worry if my levels of sarcasm faulted. And he knew it too.
“Spa day.” Smirking at this little fact. He knew about spa days. An image of him with a face mask on came to light. Making my shake my head now. Reaching my hand out I shook the girls. Thanking her for her time and the help she and her dad were giving my Ma and tribe.
‘If you’re in town in the weekends, maybe bring your bike down. The guys here are great at detailing bike too.’
She was smiling, so I didn’t tell her that I did all those things by myself. Cleaning my baby, and detailing him, it was my way to relax and taking some time to myself.
“I’ll let Call over here lead the way. And… like I said. I will be sure to send business this way.”
Opening the door I slipped into the red  jeep, no one could miss this thing coming from the colour to the sound of it. And you could tell it was well cared for by Embry.
“Where to next?” The cloud over us shifted a little, letting the sun glimpse through. Giving me a reason to take my jacket off and place it over my knees.
•- Embry Call -•
I raised an eyebrow at Leah. “Because men can’t know about spa days? That’s very old-fashioned for such a modern woman.” I teased. I knew that Leah would never bring her baby here… tending to him was her meditation.
I took #Danni’s hand gently and smiled at her. “It's been an  absolute pleasure, Danni. Be sure to pass the gratitude of our Elders onto your father for us.” I winked and she blushed… I still had it! Even if her eyes did flit immediately to Leah and she lifted her free hand to hide that blush. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you very soon.”
She glanced up when Leah climbed into the driver’s seat. ‘Most guys won’t let anyone drive their vehicles… especially one they work so hard on.’ She said and I knew that anyone really meant women.
“If there’s one thing you should know about me #Danni; it's that I  am definitely not most guys.” I chuckled and she swatted my hand out of hers, which I moved so she barely made contact, saving her human hand the pain even a playful strike might cause. We said our goodbyes and I climbed into the passenger seat.
“I do believe that  the day is ours now, Trouble.” I smiled at her. “So… home… Unless you have a better idea?” I quirked a brow.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Not at all.” My lips curled up a little. “More the fact that it is you, and of course you know about spa days.” Saying it with a matter-of-fact tone.
Not saying anything more just giving a small nod of my head when #Danni smiled and waved at me. But I did still there listening to the conversation they had. Embry was so much better than me as the building relationships with people. Today he had done so without thinking a number of times. His smile, the Call charm, the way he gave people time too. It was a gift, a skill.
And #Danni has hit the nail on the head at one point. Tiffany Call had brought her boy up in a way that other boys didn’t see. And now that he was a man on his own two feet, I could see his mother in him. Not just those eyes, or the dimples. But in his heart too.
Turning the key his Jeep came to life on the first try. Putting it in gear I slowly eased us out of the lot. “Home? Without Pizza from Leo? Do you want to explain that outcome to my Ma or your mom?”
•- Embry Call -•
“Sometimes I like to spoil myself…” I smirked and her. “And Glamour pays for all of their staff to have a membership at the best gym in town… their sauna is top notch.”
I laughed at Leah reminding me that if we returned without pizza… very specific pizza… there be  trouble. “I almost forgot about the pizza… The company of two charming young women can do that to a guy.” I laughed and buckled up. When we pulled out of the car wash I turned to Leah and smirked. “You know… I think our two-spirited friend back there liked me better by the  end.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I’ve told you a million times, you’re too easy to distract. And today it was two women? So much for that warrior within keeping you in line. Maybe I need to have words.”
Keeping my hands on the wheel, and my eyes on the road. Noticing everything happening. The cars, trucks, bikes. The people on the sideway, the kids playing who were likely to run free. Cataloguing it all as I drove.
However, I could still see him out the side of my eye. Appreciating the fact that he put his belt on. It helped my shoulders relax just enough. ‘You’ve got this.’ My warrior whispered to me. Her openness protecting me from myself as she always did.
“Remind me to tell Leo if he is there. Have him made your pizza not so special for payback.” It wasn’t going to happen, that man didn’t know how to make everything that wasn’t perfect in his eyes.
Shaking my head, I turned his jeep onto Main Street, heading back towards the pitch and where the pizza truck lived. My mind going back to the time we spent with #Danni.
“I think she is a free spirit now.” Speaking with the respect the girl deserves. “She doesn’t see the flesh, more that she connects to the soul. Didn’t you see how she was drawn to you?”
It was something I knew about Embry and Seth, my kid. They were so open with their kindness that everyone was pulled into their orbit.
•- Embry Call -•
“Hey… he does all the hard work so I can enjoy life in the moment.” I teased her. I watched her taking everything in… that composed, calm/alert quality in her body language. We had been in the car a lot today… maybe it was wearing on her now.
I rolled my shoulders settling  a little into the seat. “We’ve spent a lot of time in the car today… You sure you don’t wanna stop somewhere, before Leo’s…” I lowered my voice and waggled my brows. “We could take one of the hiking trails… get lost in the woods like a couple of townies.” I stressed the word lost. “We could stretch out our legs… get some fresh air.”
I smiled at her again when she talked about #Danni. “Well, whatever shape that girl’s soul is... it’s a good one. She was far more drawn to you at the beginning.” I chuckled. “She’s going to fall in love… a lot…”  I laughed a little harder. “And it will be real and heart-breaking every single time until it's forever. #Seth will be the same… Unless…” Well, we both knew what the ‘unless’ could be…
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” He hasn’t wrong when it comes to reading people. “She reminds me a little of Littlesea Junior. That girl gives her heart away like it is candy.” And she loved full heartedly each and every time. How? I didn’t know.
Seeing him out of the side of my eye, I began to chew on the inside of my cheek. My wolf stirred telling me the man was clearly a mind reader. As much as I wanted to be done and go home, this had been the most amount of time I’d speat on four wheels in a long while.
“There’s not unless about it.” I finally said turning the jeep south at the next stop sign. “The kid has his soul our there. He just hasn’t met her yet.” I could see my baby brother so clearly, and I could tell that he wasn’t completed yet.
I took the next left taking the jeep towards the Peabody Creek Trailhead. Even a town such as Port, had a few beautiful trails that could make you feel at one with the earth and the forest.
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“Stretching our legs, it is… If you think you can keep up with me, that is.” Lifting my chin towards the  sign post telling him where we were heading towards.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. “You know… the guys always thought that she would be imprinted on someday… but I never thought so. She’s a free spirit… Not like #Ness and #Kim; a different kind. I don’t think the Spirits would choose that for her, she needs to fly free… not that being an  imprint means you aren’t free…” I laughed. “Maybe I don’t have the right word to describe this for once.”
I nodded when she talked about #Seth. “He does… no doubt… They’ll be tested on the journey to find each other… because that kid will have an epic.”
I wasn’t actually expecting Leah to take my suggestion… but she was herself in the woods… so I suppose I should have. I smirked at her. “I don’t have to keep up with you Leah. I just have to be able to find you.” I chuckled… because that was kind of my thing.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Biting the inside my cheeks I took in what he was trying to say. “No. I actually get it.”
The girl even as a child was free in a way that the spirits loved, she was followed by love and affection. By anyone who saw her. Her family, the tribe, and the spirits. “We all have our callings, she has hers too. It will come to light when it is her time. Until then…” She would mark her place in the world until her path, whatever it was came calling.
Glancing at him from the side of my eye, the sound of his laughter filled the jeep surrounding me. It was then when my shoulders dropped a little and relaxed.
“Hmm… you could find me, but by the time you get there. I’ll be gone again.” These spirits had given him a gift that made sure he was never alone if he wanted to.
In wolf form Embry had an uncanny sense of direction, he could tell where  exactly any wolf connected to the mind map was, then without moments wait, the quickest route to get to them.
The scent of the forest called to me, as we left the town behind.
Bypassing the signed to the visitor centre, turning us towards the entrance of one of the longer trails. The townies didn’t use as much, even if sometimes you could never tell.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled a little… “This is why it's so easy to talk to you... you get it.  even when I make no sense. I’m sure she does. She’s even better at living in the moment than I am.” I looked at the signs we passed.
“I’m not sure I’ve ever hiked this one… I tend to head more ��towards Neah Bay when I wanna get into the woods away from home.” I glanced at her and smiled; her whole-body language had changed already. She was more relaxed before she even parked the Jeep. We parked the car, and I climbed out, heading to the back of the Jeep to reach  around the backpack I kept there… it just had basics in it. “Just so we don’t look like inexperienced townies.” I chuckled. We already weren’t exactly dressed for hiking.
“You know you really brighten up when you’re in the wood, did you know that? It’s like another part of  you comes alive.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The thing was… he made sense to me. I didn’t know how or when it happened, but something clicked into place. And the guy who once annoyed the life out of me with all his positivity, now made sense!
Climbing out of his jeep, it took me less than two minutes to braid my hair. Pulling it back and out of the way.
“Is that because going to Neah Bay takes you closer to your grandparents?” He had a connection to ancestors of two tribes. Joining him at the back, watching him gather his things my eyes moved over the opening, and I knew the way we would enter.
“It will help to blend in.” We really weren’t dressed to hike, but I didn’t really need a dress code. The blending was for the benefit for the people we could pass on the trail. Throwing the keys of his jeep to him. “You best keep those safe.” Pointing to  the pathway I began to walk. “The forest was and is my solace, it was the perfect place for me to go before I had my own place. The spirits have greater strength in nature, so it just makes sense.” As soon as I saw it, I pointed it out to Embry. “That there, is the single log entrance to the tail.” He was right, I came into my own when I was out here. But, he had been noticing?
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•- Embry Call -•
I nodded and slung the backpack over one shoulder. “I think so… When there’s nowhere else I need to be it’s the direction that makes the most sense to me.” I smiled and caught the keys and tucked them into the front of the backpack and zipped the pouch.
I followed her towards the trailhead. “#Jacob says it is my inner homing beacon tugging me to my other home.” I laughed, but I knew he was right. La Push would always be home, but Neah Bay would always have a piece of my soul too.
I stopped and looked at the log-turned-bridge stretching across the creek. “Oh, I know a certain teenage girl that will get a kick outta this.” I chuckled and snapped a picture to send the Bear later on. This was not the time to field a text storm from her. I didn’t want my attention divided.
When we reached the tree-bridge I motioned to Leah to go first. “Age before beauty.” I waggled my brows because the subtle jibe was less likely to get me pushed into a creek than the saying ladies first.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
While he took the picture, my hand brushed over the inside pocket of my jacket, where the small device now sat, no movement, no sound. It was safe. 
It was hard not to hear the meaning behind his words. One in particular.
Such a small word and it had so many intensions attached to it. 
“You know if you need to get away. You aren’t alone…. You have people who will give you what you need. Even if that’s time to leave and answer that call.” My wolf rolled her eyes at me, but she didn’t say what I felt her feel. “We all have that pull in us, more so I feel since the warriors in us awoke.” 
That’s how I liked to think of our change now. My wolf and the spirits always spoke about the warriors being in all our people. We were just the lucky ones, who woke up when our people needed us. Of course, in the early days, I called bill shit on this thought process. But the more I lived in my skin, the more I saw this to be true. 
“Is the call ever so strong that you feel like you’re in the wrong place?” He’d said before, how something in him always told him where he needed to be.  
The sight of the log bridge brought #Bear to his mind. Nodding my head once as I spoke again. 
“Hmm… yeah…. You’ll have to bring her up now that you know where it is.”
I knew that Kiddo would be happy to run the miles of forest with the guys. And they would carry her back if she over did it. 
Turning to look at him, with my eyebrow raised I shook my head slowly. “How old are you, five?” 
Reaching my hand out I smacked him upside the head. Then without any hesitation, with one foot in front of the other, I started over the damp wood without needing to hold the hand rail the locals had added. 
“Just say it as it is, you need to see perfection at its best.” Turning my head back over my shoulder, I was smirking now. 
‘More like he wants to check your arse out.’ My wolf teased. She was slowly waking up with the call of the forest so strong all around us. 
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled at her.. because, of course, she wanted to make sure I was okay and getting the downtime I needed. “I know… I don’t see the responsibilities I have as a burden. Or I try my best not to… mostly I succeed at that. Looking after Mom… the pack, the pups… the girls… I  love being part of it all. And yes…” I admitted. “Sometimes it's hard and I struggle just like anyone else. But lately…” I smiled at her. “Honestly… I know you’ll never let me live it down… but everything just feels… lighter… easier.” I knew that it was because of this thing between her and me.
I felt… happier, supported, in a way I never was before, and I had always been lucky enough to have amazing people to support me and encourage me in my life. And I wasn’t too macho to admit that now… with her… I felt protected from the things that had crept into my life and made me feel like I was constantly at odds with the world. She gave me the space and security I needed to let all of it out and then she was there letting me just be me it that time we had together in our bubble.
“I know where I can go when I need something. I promise… I’m not going to make the mistake of going it alone again. But what #Jake would call my inner compass… lately it's telling me that La Push is where I need to be and where I’m needed too. But I still make the trip out to Neah Bay for a day here and  there.”
I thought about her question. Did I ever feel like I was in the wrong place? “No… La Push was never the wrong place, even when I was a kid and it felt like it was. It’s home, Neah Bay is home too. But La Push is where I want to be.”
I tried to dodge the swat, but she was too quick. “Mind the hair!” I laughed and ran my hand through it. I followed her across the log. I was definitely checking out her arse.
“I’ve told you many times, Trouble… You gotta learn to slow down and enjoy the view.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“That wasn’t my meaning… I know you wouldn’t see any of it as a burden, but it doesn’t mean you deal with the bad on your own.” He’d done that once before, and I was still feeling it in my bucket of sins. How I could have missed his drowning while being his Beta. And now… Well… it was even deeper… And to hear him saying that things felt lighter these days, something must be working, right?
“Inner compass?” My lips curled up into a smile. “I like the sound of that. But if you tell Jake.” I did the ‘I will kill you’ motion once I reached the other side and turned to watch him following my lead.
‘See, now we get to enjoy the view. The boy is…’ I mentally snapped my teeth at my wolf. Some things didn’t need to be said to be felt. ‘Fine, but the hair… he is right… lets not mess with perfection.’ She laughed when I rolled my eyes. From the start she’s had a soft spot with Embry Call, and today was no different.
“Who said I’m not stopping to enjoy the view?” Raising my eyebrow, while pushing my hands into my jacket pockets. “Now, are you going to take all the rest of the day on the log? Get a move on.” I’d already turned whist walked away to catch the trail. This one was different to Royal Basin, as more people had walked a deeper path into the ground. But half way in there were off paths that could be taken for those who wanted to test their hiking skills.
•- Embry Call -•
“No… I know that. You of all people would never think that… #Jake gets it… #Quil gets it… But there are some;  like the staff at the hospital and people on the Rez that think I’m some kind of amazing son just because I hardly miss an appointment and if I did I’d make sure  someone else is there. They tell me how I must give up so much of my time to look after her. All I want to do is roll my eyes at them and tell them it’s the bare minimum.”
I chuckled and shook my head. “My lips are sealed… but honestly… I think you guys overestimate my  abilities.”
I paused when she stopped and looked back to check me out now. “I’m just letting you have a really good look. I did… so it's only fair. ” I teased her. “You’re welcome.” I grinned as I hopped off the log. I had to admit the whole idea of crossing a creek on a  log gave a sense of whimsy to this little adventure… the railing added to it was easily ignored to maintain the illusion.
I lengthened my stride to catch up with her on the path. “Any secret spots on this hike?” I leaned over closer to her and whispered. I clearly  remembered the trip to the Royal Basin and everything that happened there. I still had dreams about it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head as I walked. “That there isn’t a reflection on you, it’s actually the sadness of how some people in this world are alone and without people who care for them.” My eyes moved to find him for a split second as I continued.
“The hospital staff… even some on the Rez… they see people who have the mindset that being there in someone’s time of need is a burden… They see people who weep at not belonging. So, when they see you. It’s something they need to comment on.”
My finger was already up flipping him off before he stopped talking about me checking him out. I mean I knew I had a big head when it came to eyes on me, but Embry Call was in a league of his own.
“You really need to come off your high horse. Unless you want some help with it. I’m happy to kick your arse from time to time.” My eyebrow raised when he asked about secret spots. I guess he knew I liked to find places no one else did so that I could be alone with myself and my wolf.
“It’s not much of a secret, but… every few people know about a spot. Question is do you want to be told… or should it a show and tell?”
•- Embry Call -•
I nodded... she did have a point. “You’re probably right... I always thought that maybe they just didn’t believe they’d have anyone in their lives that would do for them if they were ever in need.”
I laughed at the irony… a woman like Leah showing the slightest amount of  interest in someone was the ultimate ego boost and here she was threatening the keep that same ego in check. “That’s probably the most ironic thing I have ever heard, Clearwater.” I smiled at her. “But we both know you won't take me home your mom covered in dirt… So, I’m  safe…” I quirked a brow. “For now.”
I tilted my head like I was thinking about her proposition…. “You know I love a surprise. Lead the way.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Okay, he also hit a nail on the head. There were so many who didn’t believe in those around them. Maybe I had been one of those people for the longest time.
‘You used to call yourself a lone wolf while surrounded by two packs.’ She was awake, watching, and of course commenting.
“Who in the name of the spirits is being ironic? I’m telling you out right… my arse is worth the hype. Yours…. Hmmm…” lifting my hand and moving it from side to side.
My lips curled up into a smirk, he really believed I wouldn’t kick his arse before going home to Ma?
‘You know you wouldn’t, she would chew your ear off.’ Spirits, she was annoying when she was right. Rolling my eyes now at her.
“Sometimes, getting your ear chewed off by your Ma is worth the trouble.” Answering them both together.
“Anyway, it would give Ma  a reason to feed you and pull your cheeks. You wouldn’t take the joy of doing it from her, would you?” The path curled off to the north, and the east. The northern side slowly growing steeper and the one we take.
“Some surprises, may lead you off the side of a cliff… still want to follow alone, Wisearse?” She huffed. And Fine… I wasn’t going to take him off a cliff. But…. A woman could hope…
•- Embry Call -•
I nudged her with my elbow and laughed. “I’ll remind you of that the next time you grab mine.”
I shook my head again. I knew that wouldn’t but if I kept pushing the issue, she very well may risk the telling-off from #Sue just to prove a point. “And the excuse only your mom  needs to dote on me is that I walked through the door.” I smirked, but it was true. #Sue spoiled the packs; she knew that we had a lot of responsibility, and she would lift the pressure as best she could anytime, we were there. Protecting the tribe was a full-time job on top of  the full-time jobs or schooling that all of us had too.. because we still had human responsibilities to maintain too.
I laughed then when her words pulled from my thoughts. It was a full belly laugh… the kind that had only become a regular occurrence in my life again in the  last few months. “I suppose that would only be fair… But just remember, I got there first.” I turned to grin cheekily at her, laughing the big laugh again.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Lost in that sound. That was the reaction of me and my wolf. We walked slowly watching him so closely that the world melted away. The hum of the spirits peaked in as the wind kissing my skin with a cool breeze.
Spirits… the way his eye lit up, the sound rang sweetly  in my ears, and more so, it was something that made me stop my breathing so that it was the only sound I could hear.
“Spirits.” Shaking my head slowly. Pressing my lips together I began chewing on the inside of my cheeks.
My mind gathered the last words he said. “On please, you may have been the first. But I will be the one who does it with style.”
Without anything else side, I started to jog up the incline, the moss full of some dampness as my boots hit the tops of it.
“Here, it’s up this way.” I broke out into a run, nothing too fast. I knew were alone, there were no new or fresh scents in the forest. But it was better to be careful.
•- Embry Call -•
I hadn’t missed her little whisper… she was paying attention to little things that were shocking her. She was always a detail-orientated person… but I was seeing more and more that details she wouldn’t have paid attention to in the past; were now the first thing she noticed.
But I couldn’t lie... the last few months had brought to light so many things about her that I hadn’t ever let myself focus on before.
“Will there be an audience this time? Or will I get the chance to kiss you in the ocean after you do it with style?” I waggled my brows at her.
I stopped to watch her bound up the bank on the side of the trail. “Spirits.” It was my turn to mutter it now. What a view!..... And she was gone, I huffed a laugh because I should have known. She was so quick. I took the rise in two long strides and  followed her into the trees and tried the catch up with her. Not that it would particularly matter.. we had just spoken about my knack for finding people. Was she testing the theory?
“Is this the part where you make me think I’m chasing you through the woods, but it ends with me going missing without a trace?” I teased her, I didn’t need to shout, she could hear me easily because I could still hear her moving through the trees.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I left his questions unanswered; my words weren’t needed for them. He knew the truth and well, and if there was a question mark, it would give him pause to think.
My breath stayed as even as another person when they strolled in the park, as I leaped the creek after  making sure no one was there to see me.
The trees passed me, while I ducked and dived from the low falling branches. Until the sound of the falling water became clearer and clearer with every passing step taken.
Finally, my direction turned east, with a run up the side  of broken overgrown pathway that opened up into a small clearing. It was funny how the journey to this spot was testing for those who weren’t warriors, and then when you came to a stop. It was cleaned out, so those who found it could enjoy it.
“Still as beautiful.” I whispered to the cascading water and the sound of the hum in the air.
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•- Embry Call -•
It was a gorgeous run, the trees were like the trees of home, but the earth was harder, dryer… it didn’t rain as much here, and I could tell by the way the soil felt beneath me. I couldn’t lie… the chase made me want to take off my boots and feel the ground against my bare  feet. Maybe even let my wolf out to explore here a little more. Expand those comprehensive maps my mind seemed to piece together of its own accord.
She made a sharp turn, and I trailed her, this was her surprise so I could follow her lead. I caught glimpses of her on the  terrain where my long stride helped me to compete with her quickness, but I never quite caught up. She was incredible, the way she moved through the trees because she belonged there… she left hardly a trace of her presence behind. Leaving the forest as pristine as it was before she passed through. Her scent and the occasional patch of flattened moss was all that lingered. The sound of cascading water reached my ears.
We came upon a path, and she started to slow and like we were in sync… so did I. I was glad I did because by the time I could see the crashing water she was standing in front of narrow falls, green life encroaching above, around and across the water. The spray that rose from the water caught the light when a breeze parted the branches above and let Grandmother’s light through. It glowed with little  spheres of colour all around her. The mist evaporated in the air before it could settle on her skin or clothes, save for a few determined droplets that settled on her hair and glowed in the dim light. Even with her back to me... She was a vision.
“Spirits.” I muttered. Tilting my face up to a gap in the trees. “I got the message.” I whispered to The Old Woman, she was reminding me once again that my fate and hers travelled the same path. I turned my gaze back to her and smiled.
She was a fucking Goddess. “But thanks for the reminder.” I whispered.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I knew, without asking. His words weren’t for me, he was talking to them. And they were signing with joy in their midst. These places were where I came when I felt I needed a clear path to them, and also when I felt the need to just be with them and no one else. And I had come with him today.
They noted the difference in me today, then danced freely towards him. To the naked eye it would look like mist from the falls, but to me it was more. Mother Earth, the spirts of the water and the wind entwined to join, and to welcome him to them.
“He is listening.” I told them, but they knew this already. Because they pointed up to the sky and I saw the light kissing his forehead. “Spirits” Grandmother was kissing Embry Call, giving him her blessing. Was he on her path?
“Spirits.” I said to myself again, with my eyes not daring to leave the view before me.
The true question was, did he know? It wasn’t my place to step up and say anything, this was a personal moment that no one had the right to spoil or stop. So, I took a few steps away to give them the space he needed to have with her. But them his eyes came to find mine and he smiled that smile. The one that stopped my heart in its tracks.
Tilting my head to the side. I took him in. His broad shoulders, the height, the way his hair caught the light, and his eyes. Spirits his eyes sang so loud each and every day. And I wanted to listen to them now that I’d seen them. I smiled back. Because he has become the one person who saw the truth, no matter how often I tried to hide. There was on hiding when Embry Call looked into your eyes.
•- Embry Call -•
She had turned to face me, and if I had thought she was a vision from behind… there were no words for how she looked with a dewy sheen of mist across her face; evaporating and reforming continuously as the spray from the falls fell again and again over her cheeks. I heard her  words and knew that they weren’t for me. She was having her own moment. And it was beautiful. I watched it all unfold, enraptured.
I smiled and closed the distance between us, I reached up and touched a loose strand of her hair that the droplet had clung to. Running my fingers over it only served the make the soak into the hair, it fell straight and wet against her cheek. I was breaking oh-so-many rules right now. My ears were trained on the world around us… there was no one here, I would never push those boundaries anywhere that would put our little bubble at risk
My eyes stayed locked on hers. They were dancing with the reflected colours of the light shining on the falls and whatever she was thinking. “Don’t kill me.” I whispered to her. Normally those words were followed by a kiss. But right now I just  couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
I lifted my hands to her cheeks, brushing my thumb across the sheen that coated them and watched her skin dry due to her incredible body heat, and then slowly the mist regathered on her face as I cradled it. “Beautiful.” I said, softly… it  was the only word. She was truly beautiful all the way down to the centre of her soul.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My heart stilled. My breathing slowed. My mind blocked the sounds of the world around us once I knew we were the only ones here. And I allowed the water, the spirits and his heart beat to become the rhythm of this moment.
He has been touched and blessed by our grandmother, he had listened to her which meant he had heard her.. Goosebumps weren’t something I experienced often, however my skin tinged as they came to form over me.
He has places trust into this path we were walking on. Each of us with our eyes set on what our choices were. And these choices brought us here today. Brought him to a place where he could look beyond the universe and see the light of our ancestors.
I felt like a thousand touches caressed, when his hands were so delicately placed, making me gasp a little. The rules ran through my thoughts, but the spirits sang of touch, of care, of the moment. Which in turn made me smile. (They were most definitely on his side here today.)
Eyes… Spirits his eyes… I couldn’t take mine away from them. It wasn’t from the stubbornness of not being the first to drop them. No… it was from the intrigue and excitement of what I saw in them. That was until my lips curled up, because knew those three small words came with mischief. The kind that would pull off my urge to throttle him. Not this time, my sight dropped to his lips, then slowly followed the line of moisture settling over his features.
The curve of his jaw.
The smooth skin of his face, with just a hint of growth starting to show.
His nose... which I had the urge to bite.
His forehead... with the glow of conversation with his spirits…
“Beautiful.” I replied back to him in a softly whispered voice for his ears only.
And I hoped he understood that it was not  just the exterior. I observed the son, the brother, the friend, the mentor, the supporter, the kind soul… the list was endless of what he succeeded in sharing.  When anyone viewed this man, they all witnessed something different, I was sure. It had become so clear to me.
This man… Embry Call had many, many, many different facets hidden in those eyes.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled, she was here, only here, in this moment with me. Even if I could mentally hear her reciting the rules in her head. But that was allowed. The rules were for our bubble, after all. And if that meant that, for once… I was the one straddling both worlds; I would do that  for her. To allow her these seconds… maybe even minutes of weightless, free-thinking and feeling… then that was exactly what I would do.
With one foot planted in this world of magic and Spirits… and her… And one in the rest of the world with my ears trained on the  trees for anything remotely human. To allow her that security… Everything else was hers. She was all I could see, all I could smell, all I could feel. My hands on her cheeks, her hands on mine. I knew the second I felt her touch; this moment would live forever in my mind, and I silently told the Spirits that f I died tomorrow… this was the moment I wanted for my paradise. If I was worthy of such a thing.
“Extraordinary.” I replied to her compliment. “For a woman, so many believe to race through life and never stop too just be… You always take me  to the most remarkable, magical places.” I turned to kiss her palm and brought my eyes back to hers immediately. I didn’t want to miss anything. “Will you promise me one thing?” I smiled. I knew how seriously she took promises, but I knew no matter where this path led… no matter what we were to each other at any point in our lives, she could keep this one.
I dropped my voice… so low and soft that not even the Spirits could hear. “Never stop surprising me.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The kiss he placed on my palm lingered with a heat that wasn’t something I felt before. This is where the unspoken outweighed the spoken, and it felt deeper.
I stilled, my eyes burning into his and I held my breathing. He didn’t ask for promises, and the fact that he knew  I would take death over a broken word. It had to be something worthy of this moment we were sharing with the universe.
“I…” tilting my head I pressed my lips together. “Hmm…” I let the words sit for a moment. And when I was sure I heard him correctly. I answered. “Never Stop Surprising You?” He wasn’t joking. “This is the promise you want to ask of me?”
As soon as I asked the question, I felt the wind pick up and pelt me on the back of my head.
The message clear. ‘Stop asking questions instead of answering.’ And sure, it was something I disliked doing. But by the Spirits, a woman needs to make sure she understands the importance of a promise before giving her answer.
I wanted to snap my teeth and tell them to back off. But with company. Even I knew Embry would get it. That was going too far for me.
•- Embry Call -•
I saw the moment in her eyes when she realised, I was about to ask her for a promise… I smiled. Because her first reaction wasn’t to run away before I could get the question out.
One corner of my top lip lifted in a smile. She was turning the words over in her head, looking  for any loopholes I might have weaved into the request… I didn’t blame her. I found loopholes in our rules all the time. That breeze picked up again and I wasn't sure if the message was for her or me. Was I asking too much?
“That’s all…” I smiled meaning it. I leaned in  until our noses and foreheads touched. “The occasional surprise…” I took in a long breath of her scent. “No… is always… will always be, an acceptable answer, Leah. Always.” It was the truth; it wouldn’t mean our path wavered. That one word wouldn’t drop a wall in front of  us telling us we had nowhere left to go. I knew that the same was true for her… I could say it to her, and she would hear it, and respect it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Closing my eyes, I took the moment as it was meant for us. The breeze blew strands of my hair into his face the scent of him filled my senses.
“I know.” I did. “I know I could say No, and that is it. You wouldn’t question it or me.” One of the things I knew about him for a  long while.
But this wasn’t a big ask. “I promise Embry, I promise Never to stop surprising you. However big or small it may be.” I could do that because he wasn’t asking me to change. He was asking me to continue being me.
My hands found his, and I laced our fingers together. Pulling back enough to glance over to the falls and then back to his deep dark eyes.
“Who knew you could ask for a promise, especially since neither of us believed in staying put long enough to ask or to be asked.” Spirits, was this the lesson for today?
To gain trust, you had to be willing to trust yourself? But we did, right? We had shown trust in one another time and time again. Before the night he had kissed me.
•- Embry Call -•
I knew that this was essentially me asking her to keep being herself. But it was so much more at the same time, those words, I promise … from her lips it meant a lot. I know what it cost her, the act of the promise itself; was a huge leap of trust that I didn’t take  lightly and the smile on my face undoubtedly showed her how deeply I understood that.
She’d given me her trust… so much trust over this entire journey. And today… it was even deeper. She had faith in me.
Those kinds of encounters she was talking about couldn’t compare to  a lifetime of history and everything it’s evolved into; she knew that too. But if she needed the heaviness of the moment lightened… well that was kind of my speciality. “Me.” I smiled and flicked my eyes to the falls, the Spirits dancing in the mist that continue the dry and  settle on our skin in an endless cycle of blessings. “Them…”
I chuckled now. “I would have… but you hesitated.” It wasn’t a true hesitation… she was giving it serious thought. I lightly bit the end of her nose and flashed her a broad smile.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… “ He wasn’t wrong. “They know far more than they let on, because we have to make the choices to walk over the path.” Tilting my head, a little to look back at the water.  “Not that it would stop them from kicking my arse, if I choice one they weren’t full agreeing with.” My lips curled up into a smirk. Because on those paths too, they wouldn’t stop me. Those were where the lessons were learnt for life to grow.
Rolling my tongue over my teeth, I raised an eyebrow looking back to him. “I did not hesitated, Embry Call. I make sure I had all the information, before making my decision. There’s a difference in the two I’ll have you know, Wisearse.”
I moved out from between his arms, taking a few steps away and them towards the falls. “Embry…” Biting the inside of my cheek I lean onto the wooden fence. “You’ve never said anything about the fact that I see the spirits, that I talk to them.” Turning my head to catch sight of him. “Doesn’t it bother you?” I’d never thought of asking him the question. Mostly because the nights he stays with me, the spirits let me be. I’d only shared spaces like here, and the Royal basin with him and them together like this.
•- Embry Call -•
I let her go when she stepped away, curling my fingers against the fabric of her shirt; just to let her know that I would always keep her closer if I could. I respected the space she made between us and took a moment to appreciate the sight of her backdropped by those gorgeous  falls. The urge to take a picture fell over me… I was normally one to appreciate the moment does not ruin it by trying to freeze it in time. But right now I wanted to do both. Instead, I fixed the moment in my memory.
Her question made me exhale… I had a lot of thoughts on  this. “Your relationship with the Ancestors and Spirits is sacred, Leah. I don’t ever want to be a roadblock in that connection. But there are a few things that bother me about it.”
I moved closer. Not wanting there to be too much space between us that she would think these  things bother me were a deal breaker. “Maybe bother is the wrong word… but don’t understand… Like, why they don’t let you sleep? I know that it's time they use to teach you things… but never?” I shook my head… dropping my gaze for a second. “It seems cruel… and then… I started to think… maybe that’s why they joined our paths… because you seem to sleep when I’m with you. But we can’t spend every night together.”
I leaned on the fence now, within arm’s reach of her. “Keeping you from dreaming… and that night… in the bar, when #Jay and  #Kim were having their… crisis. It was like you were in pain… in actual physical pain and I don’t understand why they would do that to you.” I sighed heavily now. “You sacrifice everything for the pack, your family… the tribe. And they seem to take so much from you… I can’t see  any reason why… I can’t see how it helps the tribe, or you, or the Protectors. Maybe it isn’t for me to understand, but I wish I could.” I turned to catch her gaze and paused, falling a little deeper into the depths of her eyes. “I would give up all of my dreams just so you could have one night filled with the best dream you’ve ever had.”
I had so many dreamed-filled nights in my life… I could give up the rest of those just so she would understand the depts of dreaming. I had more than enough to hold onto.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
By the name of the Spirits, this I hadn’t seen coming. Questions sure, however such deep filled ones,  and the fact that I could tell he really had put some thought into it. I stood glancing at the water for a while. Thinking, listening, and understanding where Embry was coming from. Why he would see it the way he did, and how I could explain it.
This was my life, had I questioned it? Yes, I had, but had I pushed for it to change? No, never, not once I came back from being lost.
“It’s hard for me to put things into words. But let me try?”
I saw the bench behind us, nodding my head towards it. I turned, taking his hand in mine to guide us towards it, hoping to show him that anything he wanted to know, I would find a way to answer. But where should I start? Just by answering his questions maybe? Addressing the things, he was concerned with to start with? Yes.
Sittig down, I let his hand go, crossing my legs before me, I clasped my hands on my thigh.
“Sleep…” I started… “it’s… best if I start with the history of me and my relationship with them?” Nodding my head towards the mist still dancing in the air. “You know that I was born with this.” Moving my hand around me. “Some call it a sight, some a connection, and some call it a madness.” How many times had I heard those whispers…
“As a young kid, I didn’t see a difference in the way I spoke to them… and how I spoke with… say Rachel and Becca.” Finding the two names of those who were closest to me growing up. “They were all as real to me as the other. I learnt as I grew, not understanding the concept of what others saw. But that changed as my youth became older. When the world’s eyes weren’t so forgiving to a young girl with something that was seen as abnormal. I wanted to be like the others, I wanted Friends, I wanted what other girls had. So, I closed myself off. I stopped it all: they kept trying and I pushed back. Until…” My eyes moved to the water again. “Until my change. They no longer were asking to be let in, they kicked the doors down.”
My eyes searched his to see if this was something he had been aware of,  or if it was new information. “When I finally stopped fighting and I let them in… it was like opening the floodgates. I was drowning. Until the Great wolf stepped in. He held them back. Letting them step down to speak to me, one at a time… Until I could learn to do it for myself.” Shaking my head. “But, But by then I had grown to resent myself…” Chewing on the inside of my cheek thinking for a breath, and letting Embry soke in what was said.
“My body sleeps, my mind to a point does too. But it’s not the kind of sleep you would expect from someone I guess.” What was I trying to tell him? “The years I had closed myself off had to be pushed into a short space of time. I couldn’t do it in the waking day. Not with everything that was happening…. All our lives were turned upside down… Da…” I pressed my lips together looking back towards the waterfall again. I didn’t need to rehash that time out. It had been there for all to see, and Embry was there too. “I didn’t want an easy path, maybe as a punishment, maybe with the realisation, that I could have seen what had happened coming… if  only I hadn’t closed myself off trying to blend in? I could have saved our tribe’s young… maybe the pups wouldn’t have changed so young if I saw it all. They could have changed when it was their rightful time…. Maybe Da….” My throat tightened a little. But I pushed past it. “My bucket of sins had grown so deep, and I didn’t want to go unpunished for my mistakes.”
I didn’t dare pull my eyes away to the dancing spirits who begun to move closer to me, to cocoon me from myself. “Anyway. I gave up my sleep, my dreams so that I could learn. So, that I could gain the most powerful thing at my disposal… Knowledge… As time went on, I made the choice to continue that way. It’s not our spirits who are cruel. This was a choice I made.”
My mind moved back to the situation Embry, addressed next. #Jay and #Kim. How could I explain what took place there? “I have a responsibility to the tribe, to the pack, and to those who came before us. Listening, learning, and sharing…. That is what I was born to do. I for the longest time believed I was…. Born… to sacrifice.” This part I knew was not new to him. We’d spoken to it before. “What happened with a Warrior and their Imprint doesn’t affect me, until it is something I should have seen coming, something I could have helped or supported them with. I had missed something with those two… What occurred wasn’t a punishment on me. It was a visual of what they were feeling….” Was I explaining this correctly at all? “If I were to say to you. Kim was upset. She felt she was aging out past Jay… You may understand. You may have an idea of how she felt. But the spirits… they take a different route with me. Because I can’t see those things. To me age is nothing. Jay will be hers no matter what.” Rubbing my forehead because I knew I couldn’t find the words to explain my shortcoming. “Sometimes for me to understand the pain someone is going through… I need to feel it too.” Scoffing a little as I laughed at myself, shaking my head. How imperfectly perfect could I be? . “Stone hearts, cannot understand those with soft hearts.” Someone had once said that to me. and it came in handy now.
Finally, I turned myself to face him. “I don’t want you to give up on your dreams, Embry. I couldn’t take those away from you. I’m fine with how I am. This is all my choice.”
•- Embry Call -•
I knew that it was difficult for her the find words for her feelings… and this conversation was bound to be full of them. This was her relationship with the Spirits… her ancestors, our ancestors. It’s a pity we weren’t a little further from home or I might try and convince  that beautiful Spirit animal of hers to show me all of it. I followed her unquestioningly to the bench… she was really going to answer all of these questions? She knew she could always tell me… this is private… or I’m not ready to share and I would take her hand and walk back to the car just like we’d walked here.
I flinched when she used the word madness... I knew it was a word people had used, about her or to her face. I had never really understood because by the time I was old enough to have remembered to behaviour they were talking about; it was gone… I thought it was just small-town bullshit, the same as I had put up with for being the Makah kid on the Quileute Rez. But I wouldn’t interrupt her when she was sharing something so personal.
My heart broke for her… I knew what it felt like to want to fit in… but I had always had #Jake and #Quil. Other than those few short months when I had to stay away from them for their own safety. “Wait!” I couldn’t stop the breathy gasp… was that why she was the only woman that was called to protect the tribe? She had closed  them out and they made the change to find their way back in? No… they wouldn’t… they… Couldn’t… could they?
No… It couldn’t be. She heard them her whole life because she had always been destined to phase. But could the Spirits have predicted that the Cullens would  return to Forks when Leah was still just a child?
I knew her body rested, we could last on less sleep than a human, at least once the intense growth spurt and muscle building were over…
After the first change, I had slept almost an entire day to recover from the toll it had taken on my body… I remember the young pups… they had so much growing to do after phasing at just thirteen… for almost a year they slept every second they could. Leah had no problems keeping up with any of us… So you never could have called her sleep deprived… but it  just wasn’t the same. Or I suppose it wasn’t to me… But Leah… she had her own way of seeing the world. It was her life… no one else’s. But how can you imagine a world you didn't experience? Asking these questions, I supposed.
My heart wrenched again at the mention of her  father. Did she really think she could have changed things with the pups and Harry? The vampires in Seattle and coming after #BellaSwan was what caused the kids to phase and that phasing probably saved one of those kids lives. I know I had used the word cruel… but not implying that the Spirits were cruel… or… not meaning to anyway. But thinking about it now… it did seem like that was what I meant. Maybe somewhere deep down I did… but I never claimed to be perfect.
I chewed on my lip… this wasn’t the first time that I heard her refer  to herself as a sacrifice… she had used the word disposable… more than once. But the meaning was much the same. It still baffled me that the Spirits expected her to manage the relationships of the imprinted wolves… the division in the packs made that impossible. I knew  that there was nothing she could say to me that would make me feel okay with what I had seen that night in the basement of the HWH. I took in a long breath when she was done and let it out for even longer.
“I know you wouldn’t Leah… And I know it’s not an option. But the  simple fact that you would never want anyone to give up a single thing for you is exactly why; if it was possible to give you even one dream… and the cost was the rest of mine. It would be worth it. It has been far too long and far too late for someone to sacrifice just one  thing for you for no other reason than you deserve it. I have more than enough dreams to hold onto. But at the same time…” I chuckled. “I couldn’t force it on you. If you choose those nights with the great wolf… who am I to steal even one of those from you.”
I paused for a moment and processed what she’d told me. “I can’t tell you I understand what it was like to have people call you mad and all of the things people said to you. You know that I had my own issues with being judged, but it was always petty prejudices, it was never really about me… it was about ridiculous cultural divides, from people with small minds or people raised by the small-minded. By the time I heard the things people said; you were older, and I just assumed it was all idiotic rumours. I thought… I see this girl all the time at #Jake’s  house and she never does that… they have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m sure when you realised that most people didn’t see the world the way you did, it was… Scary. And I couldn’t guess what else… but now… knowing you can still see them like that…” I shook my  head and smiled. “It’s amazing… you can see the magic that makes us what we are… hear their songs…” I fell silent… What I wouldn’t give to hear those songs.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“That’s the thing… you don’t have to fully understand everything today… but by me trying to explain… maybe… a little of it may settle into your mind or in your heart….”
Telling your story is never an easy ride, laying your cards out on the table, opening yourself up to  the possibility that the person across from you wouldn’t fully grasp what you’re talking about. But I didn’t have that fear to face when it came to this man.
Embry had shown faith in me when he told me his story, and he had stumbled into part of mine in Seattle. Not once did he mention judgment. Today was no different, he listened, he didn’t offer solutions or give opinions. He told me what it looked like from his side of this bench we sat on.
“I’m not perfect… I can’t lie… sometimes I do just myself time to think about what used to be said.” Shaking my head because I was not proud of it.
“But… Someone you know really well once told me… Healing can be hard when your inner child only wants love, your teenage self wants revenge, and your present self just wants peace.” His mom had the best advice.
“I don’t expect anything from those people, I don’t hold it against them anymore either. I am a warrior of our ancestors it is my responsibility to protect and defend them. So… I choose peace over reliving the past…”
My eyes rested on the  water before us, watching the presence of light, reflecting off and on to the water falls.
She was listening to me and watching him whenever my eyes would find his face. She smiled as he spoke about giving me his dreams. And she made our chest feel so warm, that I had to place my hand on mine to give it a little rub.
‘He will make sure you do not go back to how you were. Balance… that is what had always been missing from you.’ 
Once again, she refused to acknowledge that she was right there with me. (Even if we both knew, her fighting me  would never have happened.)
“We all can hear them in our own ways, Embry. For some it’s a beautiful dream, for others it’s the emotions they feel from time to time. Or the sound in the air as the wind blows through.”
‘We could show him?’ She whispered. And I shook my head. Not here… not now… this wasn’t the place.
‘No…  I mean yes… that too… but sing…. Sing it to him?’ Biting the inside of my cheeks, I listened. To her, to them, to him…. Could I?
‘Yes…’ She whispered, as the spirits began to change the tune. I could hear it as clear as a summers day. He knew I could sing, he had heard me, but this was difficult. I’d never shared their words with another.
‘Because no one has asked you too before.’ She reminded me. And this was true too. No one had asked me to share their songs. Stories of our ancestors sure… but the music? Never.
I closed my eyes, calmed my breathing, the beating of my heart. Opening myself up to them. So, when I looked out to the water fall, I saw them like stars twinkling before me. As they gave me permission, I nodded my  head once in understanding. These were his learnings as much as they were mine. He’s stories and his history.
But the song they sang for him now. It wasn’t about the past, it was of finding peace within yourself, and the power that comes from it. “Forgive me if I make a mistake.” I whispered to them, knowing he could hear me too.
(Music Credit - Peace and Power by Joanne Shenandoah - https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=ip56gP3mQzE&feature=share )
•- Embry Call -•
I nodded. “I’m starting to… understand. And thank you… I know that you know you don't owe me any answers. But you gave them to me anyway.” I lifted one of her hands from her lap and held it. I knew I was breaking a rule.. but there was no one here… we could make this place temporarily our bubble. Right?
I smiled wide… “Oh, the revenge line!” I laughed. “Of course, that was the line I focused on when I was a kid.” My gaze met hers. “You know how much she loves you, don’t you?” I know she wasn’t fond of that word, but she had used it first.
I laughed again, remembering the walk I had with Grandmother. “Or they talk in riddles.” I muttered… still intending for her to hear. 
I could tell by how still she was that she was having one of her silent conversations again… but with whom? Her wolf… the Spirits… the Great Wolf? Surely a presence like that would lie heavy in the air. Impossible to miss. Then I heard it.
It was her voice…. Like I had never heard it before. She was singing their songs to me… I hardly took a breath while I listened… she was… it was unearthly. Beautiful… more than I ever imagined. My eyes stayed on the misty falls, drifting from them to her and back the whole time she sang. I could hear them in her voice, the music of the crashing water in the background. I was speechless… I, Embry Call… was speechless. That never happened.
I crocked one finger under her chin and turned her face to mine, bringing her closer until our foreheads touched, and I rested my hand against her cheek. I was breaking all the rules now.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
After I finished, we sat there for I wasn’t sure how long. I squeezed his hand, and my eyes lifted to meet his, how did time bend and compress so greatly when I shared it with him? The question still to this day remained unanswered. 
We were both breaking those rules I had been so adamant in creating and placing for us, and our bubble. I closed my eyes now, breathing in this forest around me. It wasn’t home like the forests of La push but having his scent here with me made it somewhat familiar. 
“I think she called it the growth speech, so maybe don’t tell her your takeaway is the revenge part.” It was a tease, because I had taken all of her advice to heart, I had thought she was teaching me to keep the world out. But she wasn’t, she had tried to teach and guide me on how to survive with my head held high. 
Love… that word…. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. And my breath stops. My battle with it was still raging, just not as strong as it had once been. 
“I know she does, she’s never stopped reminding me over the years.” My voice was steady with the years of practice, but my emotions were a riot uninterrupted to the most parts. I may not say the word, but it didn’t mean I didn’t feel the emotion toward those who cared for me. 
“Rule breakers…” I whispered… “They are all going out the window today.” Turning my head, I kissed his palm once.
Still unable to believe what I had done.
•- Embry Call -•
Her warm brown eyes found mine and I smiled. She wasn’t pulling away, she was here… all in… breaking all the rules right along with me. “I was a fifteen-year-old werewolf.” I chuckled and cringed at the words we used back then. “Maybe I was a little jaded. But I think that’s  understandable, right?”
I felt how that word had made Leah stiffen… but it was the only way that Mom would describe her relationship with Leah. “And she never will.” I chuckled. My grandfather had grown up in a very Catholic home… with very little affection. So, when he  made a home and a daughter of his own, he decided to break that cycle and filled his house with I love you’s, hugs, kisses, and music. My Mom raised me (And #Jake and #Quil) the same way.
The press of her lips to my palm made my heart skip. I caught my bottom lip, knowing she heard it. “Well, since the rule book is closed for a moment…” I leaned in and pressed my lips to her forehead. “We should make the most of it.” I kissed the tip of her nose. “That song…” I whispered and pressed my lips to hers… “Was the most beautiful thing I ever heard… and that is saying something coming from me.”
I didn’t thank her, I knew she wouldn’t like that. But there was no way I could ever let this moment pass without acknowledging it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I wanted to smack him upside the head. We were not werewolves, and I disliked the comparison with a passion. But this wasn’t the time for such a reaction.
“We were all jaded to an extent, I guess. No one can be blamed for how we reacted at that age. It wouldn’t be fair in the slightest.’ I knew he had it harder, making the choice to keep his mom out of the secret of our life hadn’t been an easy one to make. At least #TheKid and I had ma as our backup, our support system in the real world. As much as she tried to be there for Embry, as much as #Billy tried too, some battles were his to fight.
I raised my eyebrow when I heard his heart. It had become my favourite soundtrack, one that gave me calm times to think and be myself. It was also a telltale sign that Embry Call was about to do something which could cause his arse to hit the ground.  
But before I could react, my warrior stepped up to stop me. She showed me the moment we were in, she showed me the forest clear of scent and sounds, she showed me the emotion in which this moment was being lived in. So, I closed my eyes, letting him kiss me on my nose, and letting the warmth of his lips touching mine whelm me.
I kissed him back, letting my lips move with his for a few minutes before pulling back to meet his gaze. “We are breaking them all.” I whispered, shaking my head. “You’re a bad influence, Embry Call.” Heat rushed up the side of my neck at the compliment. “It’s their song, I’m just a voice so that it can be heard.”  I told him.
•- Embry Call -•
I caught the way her pupils constricted at the word, but back then it was all we knew. “We all had our trials back then, all different… none can be compared or quantified. But we all made it.”
She returned my kiss, not just allowing me to kiss her, this entire time she was here with me. Living in this moment only. Her evolution was happening before my very eyes. Was mine as plain to see for her? “Thank you very much for noticing.” I teased, nipping at her lower lip. “I work hard at it.” I smile, my thumb sweeping against the corner of her mouth. “And we’re mostly bending them.”
My heart was still beating out of time, in a rhythm that couldn't be pinned down. The song still filled my head, only now I could hear it, in the sound of the water, the wind in the trees… even the birds were singing it. How had I missed this? It was everywhere. I closed my eyes, letting her be my eyes for a moment and keep watch to make sure our bubble remained only ours. I tilted my head up and just listened. “I can still hear it.” I whispered. “It's in everything.”  
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Reframing from snapping my teeth as he teased me, I stood in front of him with my hand placed over his chest.
“I see you….” Whispering the words to him? Or was it to his heart? Who really knew at this point.
I didn’t speak after that, it was like watching him play right now, the way he was concentrating. The glimmer in his Earth toned eyes, the way they crinkled when he smiled full heartedly. The way I could tell he wanted to love this time so deeply, that he wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting anything.
By the spirits…. My heart danced at his revelation… he could hear them? Was it just the sound of my voice and singing he was replaying? But something told me no… he had broken through.
“I’ve got you… take that leap… tell them… show them… you have come together finally.” It was happening… “Your heart and mind… they are opening up to hear the truth about our ancestors.” This was the evidence of his evolution.
I stepped into him; my hands moved to cup his face lifting my eyes over to the waterfall I saw then clearly. Dancing, singing, telling him the story again. This time aware that I wasn’t their voice.
“They are the sun and the moon, the water and the earth, they are the birds and the insects, they are the air we breathe. They are all around you, showing you the way, protecting you path, guiding you through whatever you call them in.”
My voice was low, soft, and welcoming. Speaking to the man whose eyes were closed but opened to this new reality all at once.
The light of the day was leaving us, telling me it was coming close to our time to leave. But I wasn’t going to rush him. I would wait until he heard everything he wanted.
= The End =
(Music: Peace and Power – Joanne Shenandoah)
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blazingtheway · 5 months
A Mothers Blood Will Never Flow Without Pain – Storyline 14 – Together - Part Two
•- Embry Call -•
I looked down at my phone reading her message as I slide the rest of the lasagne back into the oven. The only reason I left any; was so mom would have food when she came home.
[Thanks for looking out for her too. Let Mom help you, you know how much she likes to feel needed. And I never do… Everything is going to be fine, Leah.]
I cleaned my plate and glass and scrawled;
Thanks Mom, I love you.
On the back of the note that she had written for me.... because I  was just as bad at the texting thing as she was.
I climbed into my Jeep and pulled out my phone again to text Leah... now that texting was on my mind.
[And get some sleep, Trouble. Seth can handle the night shift. Sleep… Your mom is going to need you and that means you need to be fed, watered, and rested. Trust me… I’ve burnt out, and it ends badly for everyone. The Kid has got this.]
Then I started the engine and made my way to the club.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘Who is that?’ #TheKid asked as my phone went off again. He wasn’t used to hearing the sound of my phone, which remined me to set it too silent.
“Call, I told him were keeping his mom for the night.” He nodded handing me a cup of coffee before coming to sit on the floor of the living room beside me. We sat there drinking our coffee’s before he spoke.
‘Aren’t you going to reply to ‘Bry?’ Pushing my phone towards me.
“Do I need to?” I asked with my eyes on the cup in my hands.
‘Sis…’ He could feel his eyes  burning into me. Picking up my phone I replied.
[Ms C is helping more than you can imagine. And you are only getting this reply because the Kid is making me. Now get to work. I am fine. -L]
“Happy?” I pushed my phone to the far side out of the way. He turned himself around, laying down with his head in my lap.
‘I was so scared sis.’ He finally said. One hand moved to stroke his hair, listening to him. ‘When I came here, and the scent of the blood…. The… sight of it… it wasn’t so much… but… it… it was… hers….’ I felt his tears fall into my lap and soak into my jeans. ‘I… I couldn’t think… I was….’ I knew what he was trying to say.
•- Embry Call -•
One Republic blared through my stereo as I drove to Forks. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I figured it was Leah. I didn’t try to reach for it while I drove. I’d reply when I got to work.
I pulled into the staff-only car park behind the club and spotted #JoeWalker’s car… he wasn’t supposed to be here today at all after swapping shifts with me yesterday. The sight distracted me enough that I didn’t stop to check the text message on my phone before I went inside to see  what was going on. I found him inside chatting up one of the bartenders. But he excused himself the second he saw me.
“I didn’t think you’d be here today.” I said, stuffing my keys into my pocket.
‘I just wanted to pop in and see if everything was okay.’ Joe replied. ‘What happened?’
I explained to him that my Auntie hurt herself and ended up in the hospital overnight I was helping out her kids. That ended with me needing to explain to him that on the Rez most elders were Auntie and Uncle and the Chief was Uncle or Grandfather depending on your age. I told him that everything was going to be okay and that it was Mom, but she was with the family now helping out. This made Joe chuckle.
‘She’s some woman.” He said as though he knew her well. “Sick herself and still lending a hand to a friend in need.’
“That’s my Mom… I have a feeling she’ll be spending the night there.” We walked to the office together and I cocked in.
‘Will she be okay? Doesn’t she have meds to take?’ He asked.
“She’ll be fine Leah will make sure she has everything she needs.” I realised my slip immediately. I had only given him vague details, adding in just enough small ones to discourage too many questions.
‘Oh… This is Leah’s mother then? The lady that got hurt?’ He gave me a knowing smirk. ‘The knight in shining armour routine. Why didn’t you just tell me that on the phone.’
I shook my head and laughed. “It wasn’t like that… her brother and I are close friends, he called me asking for help so I helped.”
‘So, she didn’t call you, the bother did?’ He tutted shaking his head. ‘You have so much work to do on that one, Call.’
“You’re an arsehole.” I laughed and elbowed him. “Now fuck off, it's supposed to be your night off.”
Joe finished up a few things that really could have waited until tomorrow while I started the fire check. After  checking the last door, I remembered my phone. I replied to Leah:
[𝙰𝚕𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚢 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎. 𝙷𝚎'𝚜 𝚊 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚔𝚒𝚍... 𝚂𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙, 𝙲𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚠𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚛.]
Then I text Seth. [𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚜𝚝𝚞𝚋𝚋𝚘𝚛𝚗 𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚘𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚜 𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚜 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙. 𝚃𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝙹𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝. 𝙷𝚎'𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍]
I had no guilt volunteering Jake’s time just like he would none volunteering mine. I would have offered up #Quil’s too if it wasn’t his night with #Bear.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The house was quiet, the light out. The windows in the living room opened by the kid because he knew the song of the spirits would help to settle me. I didn’t need to ask, or say anything. He had just gotten up, opened them and then curled back down with his jeans on my lap.
My phone flashed on the floor beside me, with Embry’s name and message. And then #TheKid’s phone buzzed next to mine with his name and message on it. Embry Call was in his way looking out for the Clearwaters.  Slowly I shifted #TheKids head off my lap, and onto a pillow under him. Slipping out of the living room, listening to the two breathing waves from upstairs.
It was the best sound I could hear. Ma, #MsC and #TheKid fast sleep.
Looking at the time I went into the kitchen looking at the pain meds for Ma, taking the ones she needed to take, and then I looked over the med bag for #MsC. Two glasses of water in a tray, the meds I went up softly waking them for them and then letting them go back to sleep.
I didn’t know how they did it, but this wasn’t the first time they had slept like this. It mostly happened when #MsC had bad nights. With Embry working night at the club, Ma would find reasons to stay over. Even if they lived close.
When I made my way back downstairs, I scented them outside in the back. Opening the back door, to walk to the back of Ma’s yard with my hands pushed into my back pocket.
To anyone looking at me they would think I was talking to the trees, but hidden in there stood a dark, ashy-brown furred wolf. And a reddish-brown patch work furred wolf.
“She is okay pups, you shouldn’t be here. Your petrol is due to the far side of the cliffs tonight.” They whimpered and I knew  why. “You can come see her tomorrow, she is asleep right now.” Theirs brown eyes moved to the top floor of Ma’s home. To her window, before they both nodded, stepping back into the woods.
•- Embry Call -•
The hours dragged by… I mean, slow nights happened but tonight I felt like I needed to be somewhere else. It was even longer. I knew that I couldn't drag her to bed with me so that she would finally sleep, so the heat and heartbeats or whatever it was when we were together could lull her into a real sleep. But even if I could just... be there... It wouldn't be suspicious. I always made myself annoyingly present when shit like this happened.
On my break a replied to a few    texts from the pups telling that had dropped by and that Leah told them Auntie Sue was okay. I replied to them all saying the best thing they could do for the Clearwaters right now was to fulfil their duties and be ready to help if they were needed.
Because I couldn't help myself I text Leah while I was sitting on the loading dock getting some sir before I had to go back inside.
[𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚜?]
Then added
[𝙸𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚢 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝙸'𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎 𝚙𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗'𝚝 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐]
I  laughed at myself. "Way send mixed signals, Call." I swigged the last of my beer and chucked my pizza box into the dumpster nearby before heading back inside to take up my least favourite post, Joe's usual role... manning the door.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I was sat on the back porch looking up at the overcast sky when I heard his foot steps.
“Why are you awake?”
He held out my phone to me, with a small frown. ‘Why is Embry texting you this late?”
Raising my eyebrow, my chin dropped to glance at him.
“I just meant it really late.” He was back tracking now. He knew the rules. And saw walls had been coming down, but some were still up and in place. Taking my phone I opened the text and read it. Showing #TheKid the first one.
[𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚜?]
“He is checking in your mom, and his mom who I kept here tonight.”
He winced as he read the message. “That is the first and last time you are seeing any messages on my phone.” My voice told him I wasn’t kidding here.
‘So—‘ cutting him off.  “If you are about to say sorry, stop. If you used your brain to think. You wouldn’t have needed to over step.” It wasn’t deflection, this was fact. No man was going to get away with talking to me that way. No even my baby brother.
“Go to sleep, I’ve got this watch.” I told him and watched him go back inside before closing my eyes and breathing. Going into my phones settings I turned off message preview before replying.
[𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚝𝚑 𝚏𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙. 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚋𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜𝚗’𝚝 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛 𝚖𝚎.]
•- Embry Call -•
The night hadn't picked up much... but considering this as the one and only nightclub in Forks and the only place open after midnight; a slow night was almost at capacity and a slight queue at the door... just to lure people in. There was room inside to let these folks in with breaking fire codes... but the line outside was a hook. And one I kept moving enough to stop people from giving up and going home.
I pulled out my phone smiling and tucked it back into my pocket. There  was a good chance #Seth was keeping a close eye on her sister, hoping for the chance that just once she might let him look after her even if all that it entailed was staying awake s she could sleep... Maybe, someday she would let the Kid have that. Or it was possible the guys who could get away like #Jay, #Sam or #Jake would stop by. If I was texting her all night, it would be a giveaway.
Plus... I knew without a doubt that even now... with everything that was happening with Everything happening between us... she still was not even a little worried about m being mad at her or not. I smiled again at the thought.
One of the turn-offs of relationships for me had always been the dependency... the idea that someone's day, week or life would hinge on whether or not another was mad at them or missing them. But Leah would never be like that, she was her own compass.
I wondered then if that was why it was so easy to talk to her... I wasn't worried  That my sadness or stress would drag her down... or talking about a good day would be seen as self-involved because she had a bad one. She just heard me out... and then if she was so inclined... shared a little something too.
I wasn't sure how long I had been lost in those thoughts, so I allowed in the next group of people. Some nights... manning the door really wasn't that bad.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
When I finally came back inside to my spot in the living room. Sitting on the flood, with my back against Ma’s couch, and with my legs outstretched. #TheKid took his place too. His head in my lap and he turned to fact me.
He used to do it when he was much younger. Hide his face in my stomach and close his eyes. Then tell me a secret or share something that had happened to him.
Now the conversation from outside, gone. My eyes in a book that I try to read. My fingers Playing with his hair. Stoking it like I did back then, not needing to think of my action until a thought came to life. I missed his hair. His long silky dark hair. He never let it grow back now. Some of the others in the pack grew theirs out a little. I had grown mine out completely. But not #TheKid.
‘Sis?’ Arms curled around a cushion as he spoke.
‘Are you alone?’
Still reading I answer “No, I’m with you.”
He sighed. ‘No. Wait. It’s not what I mean.’
There was silence again for a while as I turned the page.  ‘Are you lonely?’ His voice is a soft whisper.
“No, I have you and Ma.” Turning the page again.
‘You know that’s not what I mean. I know you don’t like talking about … well…’
“Kid. Do you really want to hear about my sex life?”
He shuddered and shifted to sit up. Taking the book out of my hands. And then he sat crossed legged facing me.
‘1. No. And B. Not what I meant. People can be surrounded all their lives, with thousands of people , and still be lonely. Are you lonely?’ His light brown eyes were watching me.
“No. I’m not lonely. People are lonely when they can’t be happy with themselves. When they can’t have happiness in being… just being… I am not that kind of person. I am happiest when I am with my own thoughts. Why are you asking this?” He’d never asked me it before.
‘Just…’ he shifted his tall body to lay his head back down where it was.
•- Embry Call -•
The night went smoothly, most nights went off with a hitch, and fights weren't common. Most of the time people were thrown out for being too drunk or too wasted. Tonight, it was the usual few drunks tossed and no big hassles.
Lock-up seemed to take as long as the rest of the shift and I knew that it was because I was wondering how things were at the Clearwater's... and not just about #Sue and  Mom. I wished I knew how #Seth and #Leah was too. They had both been so shaken in very different ways.
I wasn't naive enough to fool myself that my concern for Leah wasn't any different than it would have been a few months ago. Then I would have thought she was fine, that she was rationalising everything and coping by managing the situation and being her usually responsible self. But now I knew better.
And yes, everything I would have thought then was true and sill was now, but there was more. So much more. She would be wrecked with guilt, thinking she should have been able to stop the accident, that if she had anticipated her mother's needs better maybe she wouldn't have even gone to the shed, to begin with. All of these things were outside her control... and even if I could be with Leah now, I couldn't convince her of that.
Not that I would try to... but there it was. The reason I wished I could be with her. She knew I wouldn't try and convince her not to punish herself for this... So she would voice all of it, let those thoughts run free in the world and maybe... just maybe it would make things a little bit lighter. Maybe if she lay next to me with all those sounds and scents that accompanied us being together she would sleep.
But I knew that wasn't an option.  I told myself she was fine... she was with #Seth and even though most people looked at him like he was one that needed taking care of... he was good at looking after others. He just wasn't afraid to need people too.
That train of thought kept m company the whole way home.
I resisted the urge to text either of the Clearwater siblings on the way inside. The house smelled like #Bear and popcorn. there was a book on the couch that I picked up and opened to the bookmarked page...
I cringed... Some dude covered in bandages getting busy on a couch... not fourteen-year-old reading material. But I could deal with that in the morning.
I grabbed a beer and a guitar and headed out to the back porch where I sat on the back step and swigged from the beer.
It was cold and dry... the clouds weren't too thick, and the house was close enough to the beach to smell the salt in the air but not quite hear the waves. Home was the sound of trees and the smell of the sea for me.
I picked up the guitar and played... for the Clearwater's, for  #Sue to heal quickly and for #Seth and #Leah to know that they weren't alone in this.
(Music: Leave A Light On - Tom Walker (Guitar arrangement) )
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The house was quite once again, with the moms fast asleep upstairs. (I knew because I never stopped listening to their breathing and hearts.) And #TheKid was now fast asleep with his head still in my lap.
Allowing myself to close my eyes after watching my baby brother for a long while, try to understand where his questioning came from tonight. But it didn’t make any sense to me. Somethings were never solved, I guessed this would be one for tonight.
They started to dance, and then they sang. The flurry of the wind came in from the windows I’d opened in the living too. And I knew without a doubt what and who had caused it. Embry was home, and he was playing.
It was something I started to notice since Seattle, the fact that their joy was connected to our joy, and their sadness was too. They had been a soft hum all day today, the sound of the spirits praying and calling for protection over Ma. But now it had changed a little. They still prayed for her, but they also danced in the spirit of the Warrior who played in his back yard without know what reaction he cased in them.
Reaching out and shooting over a text.
[Get some sleep, it’s been a long day and night for you. -L]  
•- Embry Call -•
I picked up the phone on the step beside me and chuckled at her message, she always knew.
[𝙸'𝚖 𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎, 𝙸 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚜𝚎. 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞? 𝚂𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙... 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢'𝚛𝚎 𝚘𝚔𝚊𝚢.]
I didn't like this feeling, I felt like I needed to be there the feeling of being in the wrong place at the wrong time was undeniable.
[𝙸 𝚠𝚒𝚜𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚍𝚘, 𝚒𝚝 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚜 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎.]
I hit send, knowing that was a message were would both need to delete too. I picked up the beer to take a swig. I knew I would have to get to bed soon... but I couldn't help but want to be next to her so I knew that she was at least trying to sleep. Part of me had no doubt that she would sleep, we both would... if we were together.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I knew when I saw my phone flash that he was still aware, even if the spirits had slowly died down outside. I also knew the need to unwind after work. I couldn’t just go home and crash. And I had learnt he was the same.
[𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚘. 𝚆𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎. 𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖..]
The sleeping sounds from upstairs and from the kid with his head in my lap, I could tell that we were on the way out of this nightmare.
And yet Sleep still couldn’t take a hold of me When I noted the time, I knew that the moms would soon need their meds again. And then after an hour of two they would need feeding. So really, was there any point to sleeping now? I could do it later? Or at least I thought it was possible.
•- Embry Call -•
I set the guitar aside and took another mouthful of beer before I replied to her.
[𝙸𝚝'𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚖'𝚜 𝙸'𝚖 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝, 𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚜. 𝙸 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚠𝚒𝚜𝚑...]
I paused and took a breath because I wasn't sure how to say what I wanted to say.
[𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞. 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚊𝚢 𝚒𝚝, 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘... 𝚒𝚝'𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘. 𝙸'𝚖 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎. 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝙸 𝚍𝚘. 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝙸 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚟𝚎 𝚐𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜. 𝙰𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜.]
I hit send wondering if that was the right way to say what I was trying to say. I went back inside to take a quick shower... maybe it would make me feel a little more prepared for sleep... but that was when I noticed Claire wasn't there.
I knocked and Quil's door and he explained she was sleeping at Emily's... I wanted to know more but I let him go back to sleep and I could find our tomorrow.
I took the quickest shower ever.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It took a long moment for unpack the meaning behind what Embry was trying to say when I read the replies. I hadn’t known him to be someone who hadn’t the words to say how he felt, and yet here we are.
Sitting here I looked over the screen feeling the reply and then I began to form my own words.
[𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚍𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎?]
I wasn’t one to ask questions, however this path meant I couldn’t wait. I was learning to step up at times like this. Hitting send before there was time to rethink or changed my mind about this conversation. It would have been one of those we’d have shared in the bubble. But this was different.
•- Embry Call -•
Standing in my room in a towel  I read her message.. and I had absolutely no idea how to answer that question.
I pulled on a pair a boxers and climbed into bed, picking up my phone again.
[𝙸'𝚖 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎... 𝙽𝚘𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝙸 𝚐𝚘 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚘. 𝙸 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐. 𝚁𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞... 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗 𝚒𝚏 𝚒𝚝 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚜 𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚗 𝚘𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚎 𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝚊 𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖.]
I chuckled when I hit send and followed it up with...
[𝚆𝚑𝚘 𝚊𝚖 𝙸 𝚔𝚒𝚍��𝚒𝚗𝚐? 𝙸 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗... 𝙸 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚝. 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙸 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎 𝚐𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊 𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚙𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚎... 𝚒𝚏 𝚜𝚞𝚌𝚑 𝚊 𝚖𝚒𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚕𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗 𝚖𝚢 𝚙𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛.]
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I’d made it back into the kitchen, this time a fresh pot of coffee had been put on and I was looked in the freezer as to what I could cook everyone for breakfast in a few hours.
Finding a fresh loaf of bread, I set the oven on to bake it, knowing the rest would be easy. Ma has some rolled oats soaking, bacon and eggs. Some muffins. It wouldn’t be a bad start at all.
When the texts came in, I had to lean on the counter to read them, hearing his low voice in my mind as the words registers. What could I say to that? He felt like he wasn’t where he should be? But he had to be there. #Quil and #Bear needed him. He wanted to make sure I slept. We both knew that wouldn’t happen, not here, not tonight. Not while I still felt like I failed to be there when Ma needed me.
I stood watching the screen, trying to find the words for all that I was feeling. But I couldn’t. I wished sometimes that I could put all that was in my head into letters and words. But that wasn’t who I was or would ever be.
[𝚆𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚗’𝚝 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚐𝚘 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘. 𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚜. 𝚆𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚎. 𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎. 𝙰𝚕𝚕 𝙸 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚍𝚘 𝚒𝚜 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚖𝚘𝚖 𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚗 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚜.]
I didn’t say anything about him wanted to see me at peace. Because what would that even look like?
•- Embry Call -•
With my headphones in and music playing I read her reply and smiled.
[𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠, 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚜𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜. 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙼𝚘𝚖 𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚊𝚏𝚎 𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚋𝚕𝚢 𝚋𝚎. 𝙸'𝚖 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞... 𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚛𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚏 𝚞𝚙 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜. 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎'𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚊𝚝 𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎? 𝙽𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙸'𝚖 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛... 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙸 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘.]
I closed my eyes, leaving my phone on the bed next to me. I knew she would understand if I fell asleep before she replied. I turned it over and over in my head, I knew that Leah was blaming herself for all of this. #Seth... hopefully sleeping but I knew that he had not only his mother’s wellbeing on his mind... but then his worry for his sister that he had expressed to me earlier as well.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Sipping on the cup of coffee in my hand I shook my head. I knew what he had been trying to tell me. What he had openly told me. That he was here for me, that he wanted to be in the same room as me. And it was something new. That he would want that? No. But that I could see him sat across the kitchen table from me right now. Yes.
And that realisation was….
‘Sis? Did you sleep at all?’ #Seth came out of the living room, with his heavy feet padding on the wooden floor. He made a point to walk in Ma’s house with heavy footing so that she could hear him coming. ‘Why are you cooking breakfast. You know after the day we all had yesterday there is no way the moms will be up at the crack of dawn.’
I pocketed my phone before turning to look at him stood in the door. “Just wanted something to do.” I told him as he came to still beside me, taking my cup of coffee and drinking from it.
‘I know you won’t believe me. But you need to sleep too. come on.’ Setting the cup down he curled his fingers around mine standing and making me follow him to the couch. ‘You sleep, I will take the next watch. I will give them their meds when they wake up and I will keep my ears on them at all times.’
Setting me down, he pulled the throw over my legs and kissed my forehead. ‘Please. Sleep.’
Giving his hand a squeeze, I turned to free my hair from under myself before curling my legs to fit on Ma’s couch. Thinking of Embry’s words.
‘𝙸'𝚖 not 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛... 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙸 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘.’
Taking my phone out I sent a quick short message hoping he will see it in the morning after he had slept.
[If only you knew what having your close by has done for me.]
•- Embry Call -•
My alarm blared... well... not really because my phone was permanently on vibrate. But my head ached from the lack of sleep, so the buzzing was the most irritating noise I had ever heard right now.
My phone was still next to me, I lifted it and cancelled the alarm. Snooze was never something I needed; it was one of those things that people found shocking about me... they assumed my laid-back approach to life meant I liked to stay in bed. But I was a morning person.
I read  her text and smiled. Because I could imagine... If it was even half of what she did for me? Well... that would be something for sure.
I knew it was true and knew that it wasn't easy for her to say even that much. I knew she could never ask me to be there for her... but maybe that was exactly why the ancestor steered our paths this way. I never needed to be asked or invited, I was really good at just showing up anyway.
[𝙸 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚋𝚎 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝... 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚖𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔... 𝚜𝚊𝚢 𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 𝚕𝚞𝚗𝚌𝚑𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎? 𝚙𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚊 𝚋𝚊𝚐, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛... 𝚖𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎 𝚊 𝚗𝚊𝚙.]
My patrol would be finished at about that time and I could spend a few hours with her if she could ta herself away... but this was Leah. The chances of her putting her needs first were slim. But I would just keep trying.
I got up and headed out to the main room of the house... it was only when I saw #Quil, up and dressed that I realised the house smelled of coffee and  bacon.
I looked around the room... "What the hell? What's wrong? Why are you up?" It was normally my waking him up... but breakfast was a bowl of cereal... not... I followed the smell. It was making my stomach growl.
'Littlesea dropped off breakfast... he figured we all had a day yesterday.' #Quil stuffed his face with a sausage. 'Damn that pup can cook!'
I laughed. It was true. But was a greasy fry-up... not his usual healthy version. "He's a great kid... I never even heard his truck."
'He walked up from down the road; he didn't want to wake you up because you had been working.' #Quil explained.
"Of course, he did." I laughed and made myself a plate from the food wrapped in tin foil on the counter.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sound of the truck wasn’t new to my ear. I knew that sound anywhere. #TheKid was walking towards the front of the house before the wheel had turned into Ma’s drive way.
‘Did I wake you?’ the soft voice whispered.
‘No, not at all. I was just in the shower.’ The scent of soup was in the air. Not that #TheKid would lie.
‘Good, I made you all some breakfast. I wanted to make sure you all had some down time this morning.
#TheKid laughed. ‘Sis made breakfast at the crack of dawn. But you know we will never say no to your food Pup. Come on in.’
I sat up on the couch, pulling my hair up into a messy bun before standing and stretching my body out.
‘Good morning, Leah, did you sleep at all?’ #Collin smiled from the living room door.
“Is that your way of saying I look bad?” I asked narrowing my eyes at him.
‘Uhm… no… n… No… not at all…’ his face and ears were turning red.
“So, now you are checking me out while you are standing in my Ma’s house?”
‘NO! NO… I promise you….’ The pup moved from foot to foot pulling on the collar of his shirt.
‘Sis, would you stop messing with the pup. He brought us all food.’ #Seth placed a protective arm around the pups shoulder and squeezed him. ‘She’s always in a bad mood when she doesn’t sleep. It’s why I put her to sleep.’
The pup’s eyes moved from my brother and then to me and back again. ‘I should go.’
“No... No, you shouldn’t. get your arse in the kitchen and eat some breakfast with us, and then I promised you, and Fuller that you could see Ma today.” Looking out at the street and the other Pup made his way up the path. “Speaking of.”
Letting the boys set up breakfast I went to brush my teeth and clean up, seeing the missed text from this morning from Embry. I knew he was right, but I also knew myself. And I wasn’t going to be able to leave Ma, not while she was hurting.
[I can’t make promises I have no plans to keep. I know I should, but I can’t leave her like this.]
•- Embry Call -•
#Quil and I ate, and I had the mid-morning run. For #Quil, it was time with his imprint, and I would probably go to see Mom for a while before I spent a little with Bear too... before she had to go home.
I waited for #Quil to go to the bathroom before I took out my phone and smiled at my phone.
[𝙸 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚍. 𝙾𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙸'𝚖 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎... 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚊𝚗, 𝚘𝚛 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚍. 𝙶𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚖 𝚊 𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚖𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜 𝚞𝚙. 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚂𝚞𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚏𝚊𝚋𝚞𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚑𝚎.]
I felt the need for a  Shower... but i didn’t see the point.  would just grab one at Jake's after my patrol and save myself a trip home.
I finished eating and washed the dishes. by the time #Quil was done in the shower, we made short work of tidying up and putting the leftover food in the fridge. There was enough left for both of us to get a decent dinner. That young pup always planned ahead.
"I'll tell Mom and Sue you said hello." I told #Quil before we got into separate vehicles.
'You  know there's no way Claire will leave with seeing Sue and Momma T... tell them we'll drop by for a visit. We won't stay long so they can get their rest.'
I just smiled and promised I would before I pulled out.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The Mom’s both awoke to a house full of worried people. I helped Ma to shower and change before #TheKidd carried her down the stairs. ‘It’s my arm not my feet that is damaged.’ Ma said still not quite herself yet.
‘I don’t care, I’m carrying down and that’s that.’ He laughed.
Then came a soft laughter of #MsC and her giggles. ‘Put me down young man.’ Someone had taken a hold of her too?
‘Nope, you are both being carried like the goodness of the Rez.’ #Brady was following the lead of #TheKid.
‘You’re listening to what’s happening inside.’ #Sam was beside me holding the door of the shed open. While I checked over everything that was in there. All the tools were backed away safely, and it was clean in here, however still Ma had injured herself.
“I like to keep an ear out.” #Sam stepping in to grab some clippers and move them to their rightful place.
‘Yeah, I know. But no sleep, thinking it’s all on your shoulders, not asking for help. Leah it’s all going to come to a head.’ Turning my head as my hands reset my Da’s tool box.
“And yet here you all are. At the hospital, now, so do I need to ask for help?” His wife could be seen from the kitchen window, the sound of laughter coming from the house that had too many people in there which was why I made myself useful out here.
‘And you’re out here hiding from them all.’ #Sam finished off.
“I don’t hide. Just…” he shook his head as I spoke.
‘Sure, sure. You came out here to investigate, how Sue was hurt, and how it can never happen again. Things happen Leah, we can’t watch over them all the time.’ There was some truth in his words, I knew it. But some part of me still couldn’t let go. ‘Come on, Emily brought some food with her. And the Pup did well with the food he brought too. We should show them some love by eating it.’
I threw a car wash sponge at his head. ‘Hey, I know you can eat too.’ of course he caught it.
“How about you get your arse in the kitchen and let you wife sit down.” Snapping my teeth at him that just made him laugh.
‘Have you forgotten I’m banned from ever going close to her or anyone’s kitchen?’ He was laughing.
“Stop blowing up the toasters and they will let you back in.”
‘Leah, Sam. Come in lunch is ready.’ Emily opened the door and called out. We both looked to the house, knowing that Emily had only done that because #MsC was there.
#Sam rushed off inside giving me a moment of alone time. Stepping back my eyes evaluated the changed I’d made in here. Bringing tools Ma was likely to come looking for lower and to the front, meaning she wouldn’t have to go hunting.
When I finally read the message Embry sent I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead, making my way inside. I watched the people inside trying to make space and still over taking the kitchen. It was an extended family that was all here to help look out for my Ma.
Walking around Emily and Sam, I went to wash my hands  before Kissing Ma and then MsC on the head and sitting down to my bowl of soup and grilled cheese. “Your son has been checking in all night. He thinks I’d have you out all night dancing by the way he has been acting.”
‘He is a good boy.’ She spoke smiling. ‘And he knows you would take good care of me.’ Squeezing my arm.
‘Speaking of.’ #Emily held out two bags making my frown. ‘You and Seth need to go home, we have the day shift covered.’ I shook my head. ‘Leah, trust in us.’ she added giving Seth his bag. ‘Take your sister with you. I will call if anything changes of if we need you. But as much as I know you will say you don’t need to sleep. You do.’
“When did you become so forceful?” I asked my cousin.
‘The day she gave birth.’ #Sam replied earning himself a slap from his wife. ‘Hey! You know it’s true, beautiful. He kissed her cheek and then went to sit beside #MsC.
#MsC watched every moment between us as she took it all in, her hand reached out and she stroked #Sam’s cheek gently like a mother. ‘You are so luck to have such a beautiful wife who loves you so much. Make sure you never take a moment with her for granted.’ She smiled that warm smile that the Calls kept for those they cared for.
‘I promise Mama T, I will never do that. Ever.’ He kissed her forehead placing an arm around her shoulder to keep her close. He had noticed the same shiver that I had, and he knew too, that #TiffenyCall did like to be ‘handled’ due to her illness.
‘Time to got Leah.’ #Emily told me. ‘I have an over night bag and #Seth has remade his bed for me. I’ll be here.’ Because she knew that I would say that she should be taking it easy and resting too. ‘The ladies and I will be going up for a nap soon anyway, and then we have some shop talk to do.’ Winking at the two Moms who nodded their heads in unison.
“Why do I feel like it’s a conspiracy going on here?” I asked crossing my arms looking between them all.
In the end it was Ma and #MsC who had told us to go rest, and not to worry. I knew MsC was here to help her friend and sister. But it didn’t feel right to leave them. And in that moment, I understood now what Embry had been feeling last night. Feeling like you are in the wrong place… it was a strange sentiment.
•- Embry Call -•
When I arrived at the Black’s house to pass off Mom’s beeper to Billy for my run… once I arrived, I had been questioned about where I hadn’t swapped my run after the day I’d had yesterday. “The pups need their day to see that #Sue is okay. And I know the young ones really wanted the check on Seth too.” I said right as a message came into the group chat. #CollinLittlesea sent a picture of #BradyFuller and Seth on the stairs,  fireman-carrying #Sue and my mom down the stairs. I  laughed and showed #Billy.
‘Wow… They are really hunkering down over there.’ He chuckled.
I replied saying: [Tell Fuller to stop flirting with my mother!]
A reply from another pup not at the Clearwater house shot in.
[He always had a thing for older women! Better watch out Call!]
The exhaustion I was feeling left my body when I made it to the small grove behind the Black's house. My wolf lurched into being and brought with him an abundance of energy. As soon as the  other's minds linked with mine that were asking what was happening and how #Sue as I blocked out the conversation, I had with Leah that night by showing them all the image of the moms getting the royal treatment.
"They're okay, Sue has recovery ahead of her, but she'll be well looked after." I assured them all, and I got them all back on track. We had a job to do and #Sue would not be impressed if we didn't do it to the best of our abilities.
Today that was the only motivator  I needed to get them on track today.
After my run, I showered at Billy's place, and read through the conversation that had occurred in the group chat in my absence. Laughing at the back-and-forth banter about who I was going to thump for flirting with my mother.
Instead of replying to them, I text Leah.
[Finished my run... is everyone still at your Mom's place?]
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Standing under the water I closed my eyes. Visions of my Ma in the hospital flashed on a loop. The scent of her blood remained in my nose, the memory of the way I found her made my heart stop. “I should have been there.” I told myself.
Keeping my hands flat pushed against the wall was the only way to keep the younger Leah from breaking out.
‘No, you need to understand that accidents happen. You where there when you were meant to be.’ My wolf spoke to me softly, trying to talk me down from the ledge I’d been climbing onto.
By the time I was done, with a towel wrapped around my steaming body, another in my hands drying my hair. I stepped out of the bathroom, walking my way back into my bedroom. The sound of my phone going off brought me to the phone charging on the side.
I hadn’t replied to his last text, knowing he would be on his run and his phone wouldn’t have been with him.
[How was the run? Do they need me out there? I can take the next run. No, no one is there. Emily kicked everyone out. She wanted the moms to rest.]
Hitting send, I went to stand before my closet. Thinking, maybe I should head out for a run? The others had picked up my slack, and I hated it..
•- Embry Call -•
I stole a razor from under the sink and shaved… I notice that my hair was at that awkward length where I either needed to cut it or deal with it falling into my face for another few weeks. I swept it back off of my face while it was wet and pretended as if it might just stay there after it dried. It wasn’t going to happen.
I read Leah's message and shook my head. “Of course, she did.” I chuckled to myself quietly. I had really wanted to see Mom before work today… but I still had an afternoon to kill before my shift. I could let the moms have a nap and see them later… I was sure they had to be exhausted.
[They’re in good hands… Wait? Does that mean she managed to kick you out too?]
I sent back… not really believing it. She had to have meant that she kicked everyone else out and not her too. I mean… #EmilyUley was a formidable woman, but would she really have talked Leah out of her mother’s house? Even if it was for her own good. I made my way out to the kitchen and poured myself a coffee.
‘I thought you would be racing off to see your mom.’ Billy said from behind a copy of The Talking Raven.
“Apparently, she has been sequestered away by Emily.” I chuckled and took a sip. “I’ll wait a while; I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see her before my shift starts.”
‘Yes, yes…. Working late nights is no problem for the young and energetic.’ Then he examined me. “Although… you aren’t looking particularly energetic right now.’ He added.
“I didn’t sleep great… fretting about Sue, she was still really pale last time I saw her.” I admitted, and it was true… but Leah and Seth had been on my mind too.
‘You should have just stayed there last night. Sleeping on a floor is a better night's rest than tossing and turning in a bed.’ He folded one corner of the tribal publication.
“I’m not so sure Leah would have stood for that… It was a miracle Seth talked his way into staying.” I chuckled.
‘Ah… yes. Leah… I find with that one… sometimes. Asking for permission isn’t nearly as effective as just doing what it is you feel you need to.’ He smiled.
“Well… not all of us are her elders.” I smiled back.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Rolling my eyes when his message flashed up onto the screen.
[Have you tried to flight a prego woman? Add to it when she is an imprint of an Alpha who is taking her side, and she has both the moms emotionally blackmailing too? I know Em will take care of the moms. And if by leaving for a few hours it given them three a sense of peace of mind. I will do it. -L]
Just how stubborn did he think I was exactly? Sure, I was hard headed and sure it was kind of killing me not hearing the beating heart of my Ma, however I could respect someone’s need for space. And their need to feel like they are achieving something too. And both the moms where so alike in some ways. Ms T wanted to feel like she was helping, and I know E would be there to keep things in check.  
I found myself standing in the kitchen as my mind worried over everything I need to do to pay back the time all the others have put in to pick up after the Kid and I. Both in the pack and with the bar. Turning in a full circle I ended up filling a glass of water to take over to the couch. Could I eat? Yeah of course, but I wasn’t feeling the pull towards cooking. So, grabbing a banana I ate it disgracing the peel before sitting now and hitting play on my phone. Something needed to calm the uncertainty I could feel building,
A small smirk escaped my lips when I heard the song the shuffle gods had picked for me. “Of course.”
(Music: Sam Hunt – Outskirts)
Lifting my feet up off the floor I shifted my butt, laying down outstretched on the couch, listening to the music, the words, with my eyes closed and my arm dawned over my eyes to close them with a little darkness.
•- Embry Call -•
I sipped my coffee and read her reply… once… twice… three times. ‘You know I’ve found that no matter many times you read something the words never change.' #Billy raised his cup to me.
I smirked. "No... but our understanding of them can."
He gave me that look like I had exceeded his expectation and laughed. 'Touche, my boy. Touche.'
I took another big gulp of the coffee and then stood up pouring the end of the cup into the sink and and setting it on the side.
'So, now you're in a rush?' #Billy chuckled. 'Where are you off to?'
"Somewhere else I don't have permission to be." I grinned at him. "Mind if I leave the Jeep here for a while?"
'You should... even my old ears can hear that old girl coming a mile away.' #Billy picked up his paper again.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Uncle." I called to him already heading down the hallway to the front door. I heard the floorboards squeak as he wheeled himself to the kitchen door.
'It's been a long  time since called me that, Embry.' He said with a small tremble in his voice. I knew why... but the second the word slipped out; I had felt a catch in my own throat.
"Far too long." I smiled back at him.
'Let's not leave it so long next time, shall we?' The chief nodded.
"You got it." I tried to hold back a smile.
'Get outta here will you... I'm a busy man.' He showed me with his paper, and I laughed. Head ing out and making my way where I wanted to be.
The walk from here was a little longer, but with music in my years but really it was just five songs. I smiled, my mother often measured time in song lengths.
But there it was... five songs later and I was knocking on Leah Clearwater's door.
And instantly remembered I hadn't texted her back. "Damn it!" I laughed at myself and pulled out my phone to turn off my music.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I must have drifted off to sleep, not sure how long had passed when the spirits came to life and began to sing, they kissed my skin with the air with a scent of….
His name slipped from my lips, as Brothers Osborne’s were singing Stay a Little Longer now. 
But it was the spirits I honed in on. They were talking about him, and his scent hit my sleepily mind, making me wake up with a shock Reaching out I checked my phone, there were no messages or missed calls on it.
I heard the sound of his footsteps, the whisper of his music. Making me Jump up from the couch, I was across the living room and up the small hallway to the door just as his knocked.
The door hadn’t even fully opened when I asked.
“What happened? Are the Mom’s, okay?”
Only then did I notice the smile on his lips. He was smiling? That had to mean they were fine, right?
My eyes moved past him to the street, but there was no jeep, no bike, no one else.
“What’s going on?” Asking with confusion in my eyes.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and rolled my eyes at her. "Every once in a while, they sneak up on me before I get my shoes on to run."
I smiled when she invited me in... even if it was to stop her neighbours peeking out their windows. "Oh, I know you 𝕔𝕒𝕟 look after yourself, Leah." I said and slipped out of my boots next to the front door before I followed her.
"I just also know you won't when you feel like someone else needs you."
I stood next to her at the fridge. "Hey... you don't need to be a hostess right now. I just wanted to see how you were doing. Are you okay?"
(Music: Dean Lewis – A Place We Knew )
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Freezing with my fingers curled around the handle of a jug, the other resting on the door of the fridge. Times like this the need and want to lie was strong in me, but it didn’t happen often as people never questioned me so directly. Except for Embry, of course.
Continuing to pull the jug out I closed the door holding it up. “The Goofball came with some stuff. And Em sent me off with this.” The red liquid looked vibrant and delicious. “Watermelon juice.”
Moving to take our two glasses, I poured thinking of how to answer his question.
‘Are you okay?’
“No…” finally saying it I set the jar down and flattened my hands on the top of the kitchen counter. Shaking my head slowly from side to side. “I’m not okay… but I will be… I….”
The waterfall of emotions that I had been bottled up were pushed at me and I pushed back.
•- Embry Call -•
I breathed a sigh of relief when she said she wasn’t okay. I know that might seem callous but when it came to Leah, it was a good thing that she was admitting her feelings. It was the better option than bottling them up like she normally did. I watched the way she braced herself on the counter and I stepped up behind her; wrapping one arm around her. The other slid slowly down her arm. “I know.” I whispered, leaning my cheek against the side of her head. My fingers brushed over the back of her hand, and her fingers, waiting for her to release the tension in her hands and let it all out.
“I’m not okay either, I hardly ever remember seeing #Sue look tired. Seeing her in that bed was…” I shook my head. Closing my eyes, trying to push away the image.  “I know what that’s like… and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that.”
I kissed her temple, still holding onto her from behind. “Don’t hide from it, Leah. Just for a moment… fall into the feeling. I’ll catch you.” Then I whispered too softly in her ear. “I’m here, I’ve got you."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Of course, if anyone understood everything fighting inside of me right now it was Embry. With everything his mom and he were fighting in a daily battle, the good days and the bad ones. The hospital visits and the dialysis… And I couldn’t hold it together with this?
My hands fisted so tight that my nails bit into my palms. But I didn’t flinch or stop myself.
I closed my eyes when I felt his support, his touch and then his words. Because they really mean something to me. To have someone who understood the importance of the relationship between my mom and I, because he had the same with his own mom.
“It… it’s not easy to do that. It feels too vulnerable.” Once again, I was being honest with him and myself. I wasn’t used to showing this side of me. Showing how lost I felt… this was new that he was able to witness it.
I’ll catch you…
I’m Here…
I’ve got you…
All words… word that had no emphasis on my life… Before Embry Call.
Now I leant back into his hold. I swallowed back the emotions still trying to free themselves. I stood in his arms.
“I shouldn’t be this way… not when you deal with so much more everyday...” but he felt it too. “She… they... they’re so fragile Embry... both of them… Billy too… Spirits… I can’t…”
•- Embry Call -•
“I know it does,” I whispered. I forced my finger between hers when she clenched her fists. Finding the other hand too and doing the same. She might dig her fingernails into her own skin, but she wouldn't do it to me, or anyone else. Even if that person would heal in moments.
I kept hold of her hands wrapping my arms around her and her own as well. “But there's some vulnerability that no one ever tells you.” I kissed her hair again,    feeling her lean back into me. “Without it there is no such thing as bravery. So be brave, for your mom.”
I flashed  back to moments ago, the look on Billy’s face when I called him Uncle. #Sue, smiling though all her pain. Mom, curled up on the couch with one of her fevers. #Harry… already lost to next world. She was right they were. And we couldn’t ignore that fact. “I know, I know they are. And you can, Leah. Let me show you how.” I let it hit me then all at once, and let the tears come. Squeezing her hands, a little.
“Everybody is safe, recovering… taken care of. Now we can cry… or scream or hit things, we can be afraid. We can’t hide from it or bottle it up because they still need us. And holding it in eats away at us. We can’t afford that because we need to be strong when they need us again.” I took a long shuddering breath. All those faces in my mind. “They did it for us all our lives, now we do it for them. We hold it in… until the right time. Then we let out all that pain.”
(Music: Save Me · Noah Kahan)
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My hands unclenched the second he placed his in them. I wouldn’t… I couldn’t bring harm to him. My heart stopped and didn’t start for a few best while I pushed harder and hard while he told me off this ledge, I had brought myself too.
Until now I could have drowned myself in something, work, dealing with the pack, or the imprints, or even fixing my baby until I could stop thinking of whatever it was, I wasn’t ready to face.
But Embry was making me face it, here and now There was no hiding when you were being told you aren’t alone.
My breath caught in my throat, thinking of times when I looked up to the strength of my elders, and then came a day when I passed them. I… we…. Now were  the stronger ones…
I closed my eyes trying to fill my lungs with air, but then I heard the crack in his voice, and it broke me. His hands held me to him, his body curled around me. But he was crying… and my stone heart broke.
“We’ve got this…” the tears Came at last, flowing down my cheeks. The harder I tried the more they fell.
I turned myself around in his arms. I didn’t tell him it will all be okay; I didn’t wipe his tears away. I hugged myself to him, my forehead touching his and I let it all flow free with him, because he was right... this was our time… our time to be there for our elders.
•- Embry Call -•
I felt the tension leaving her hands as the subtle message sank in through touch alone. She was leaning into feelings and not letting them burn away beneath the surface and bearing them all alone.
She was leaning in and opening up and allowing the pain of the last two days to be felt. I unlaced our fingers as she spun inside of my arms, resting my forehead against hers. “We’ve got this.” I returned the sentiment that meant so much to both of us. I didn’t expect tears or sobs… even if anyone else in her position would be fully allowed the scream, cry… whatever it took. Spirits know I did when they put my mother on the transplant list. But she wasn’t me… and she didn’t need to feel in any way other than what came naturally.
“I’ve got you.” I whispered. “And that means all of it… all of this. Your mom… #Seth.” I pressed a kiss to her cheek and closed my eyes. “All of you. I’ll take it all exactly as you are.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Closing my eyes I let the time pass. Allowing his words to sink in, because here in my kitchen, a place where many people left me to be. Embry Call pushed in at first, then he became comfortable, and now I looked forward to seeing him on my doorstep.
But now… crap! By the Spirits I had to let my wolf listen and replay his words again and again..
‘I’ve got you. And that means all of it… all of this. Your mom… Seth. All of you. I’ll take it all exactly as you are.’
It wasn’t that I needed anyone to hold me or my family together. It wasn’t that I wanted anyone else to be around to hold the walls up. It was the fact that he said it knowing me. Knowing that it came straight from the depths of his heart.
‘I’ll take it all exactly as you are.’
Exactly… as… you… are…! He didn’t want to change me, to adapt me. His lips felt warm on my cheek. Making my arms close tighter around his shoulders.
The words Thank You, seemed underwhelming. Saying anything in this moment felt wrong. I didn’t have words; I very rarely did. But I knew he understood me. Even if at times, the words helped.
So I moved my head to rest on his shoulders, my arms moved around his waist and I held him. Not hiding, not holding back, trying to tell him, his offer was understood, and I was grateful for him choosing to be here when he could be anywhere else.
•- Embry Call -•
I stood there with her, silently. Holding onto her, and her holding onto me. I didn’t say anything else, there was nothing else that was needed. For years and years Leah had been left alone in this kind of pain, I wasn’t about to let that happen again not for as long as she wanted me here. And from the way she lay her head on my shoulder and hugged me close… Then I was all in.
If she didn’t want this, I would ensure that she knew I was and let her feel this in her own way. We stood there for several long moments, my fingers painting circles on her back where they rested, these tiny things were what helped me be still in moments like this. But, with Leah… the unease and restlessness never seemed to build. She helped me feel at ease in silence and stillness.
I finally lifted one hand to her cheek, and tilted her face to mine, pressing a kiss to her forehead before I took her hand from around my waist and laced my fingers between hers, leading her out of the kitchen and into the hallway towards her bedroom. As we walked, I set a two-hour timer on my phone and when I sat her down on the bed, I showed it to her before I set on her bedside table.
l Lifted her legs up onto the bed and sat next to her, still never uttering a word…. I really was learning from her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Time seemed to still, the hum of the spirits growing silent while I stood in his arms. The tension in my body slowly easing to the point I stopped clenching my jaw.
There were still spurts of anger at myself. I knew mentally how wrong it was to think I could have stopped my Ma from hurting herself by doing someone as simple as wanting to put up a new picture on the wall. I knew that telling her what to do, wasn’t an option. Spirits, I was her daughter! But still… When my feet began to follow, my mind still felt full of a whirlwind of thoughts. All trying to push out at once. But his kiss silenced them.
He had learnt my language, the one were words said nothing but your action screamed from the rooftops.
I could have pulled my hand free, stopped walking, shook my head to say “No I can’t.” But I trusted him. I trusted him enough to give him this. When my head rested on the pillow, I turned towards the side table. My eyes on the phone sat on top of it. The two hours on the clock giving me the permission and knowledge that this sleep wouldn’t take me away from my responsibilities. And yet my eyes still wouldn’t close.
In that moment the energy in the room changed and I heard the voice whispering.
‘Galvdi Ayoli, Uha Gohiyudi Nasgi asgaya.’ (Sleep child, have faith in him.)
But I did, I had faith in him. It was why I lay my head to rest. Reaching out I placed my hand on his lap. Just a small touch. My way to say, “thank you.” As my eyes closed finally.
•- Embry Call -•
I hadn’t actually believed that she would surrender and rest, but I had hoped. And the worst-case scenario… she knew that I tried… I cared, and she would do whatever she was going to regardless. 
But with next to no objection, she was laying down, I brushed my fingers over her cheek. It was strange, being here like this… tucking her in as I reached for the blanket at the foot of her bed and pulled it up to her shoulder. She didn’t need it… none of us did, but it was a comfort, a human desire that never seemed to fade.
But the strangeness of looking after her was a welcome one… even if I wasn’t naive enough to believe she needed me to. She was more than capable of looking after herself, it was the trust she was putting in me more than anything that made that new kind of warmth spread across my chest.
I pulled my legs up and lay down next to her, resting my hand on her cheek and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Watching the features of her face relax, slowly. I listened to her heart as it became steady, and her breath grow softer. 
One more kiss to her forehead, telling her I was here… and there was no where else I would rather be right now.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Sleep… for the world the meaning was simple; 
‘A condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the eyes are closed, the postural muscles relaxed, the activity of the brain altered, and consciousness of the surroundings practically suspended.’
A place where the; 
‘Consciousness of the surroundings practically suspended.’
And at this time is when a person, dreams or has nightmares. When their body rests l, and their mind takes the time to process the events of the day. 
It wasn’t the same for me. 
I didn’t dream, my nightmares came to life in the waking world. My body rested sure, but my mind never stilled as it traveled the night with the spirits. Learning and listening to the lessons of our ancestors, and that of #TheGreatWolf himself. 
Only a handful of times do I recall being able to wake with the knowledge that I had dreamt in the night, I could count them on one hand. And now, the spirits were allowing it again. 
They eased me into a sleep, with the touch of the man who I cared for keeping watch over me. 
My heart began to beat out of rhythm as the images of the day flashed through. How it all had started, where it had gone, and then the deep brown earthy eyes that looked down at me before I closed mine to drift. 
Each vision told its own truth, the fact that destiny was defined before the act even took place. 
That I had lost faith in those who had sworn to protect the peoples of our land. Of which my Ma was one. That when I was told her time hadn’t come, I had still taken on the guilt of what had happened. And that no matter what they said, they knew that this part of me wasn’t going to change. 
‘The path of a great warrior is not and easy one. Making a mistake is not what holds you back. It’s not learning and repeating the same mistake over again that does.’ Their voices sang to me. 
The cold darkness I came to expect from my heart when sleep came had now been replaced with warmth, light, and a touch that told me ‘I’ve got you.’ In which I knew my faith was unconditional. 
Not sure how much time had passed; my eyes slowly began opening as sleep let its fingers uncurl from around my body. I didn’t speak, I didn’t move, I just slowly opened my eyes feeling the heat radiating into my side. And I knew he hadn’t left me. He had stayed with me. 
= The End =
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blazingtheway · 5 months
A Mothers Blood Will Never Flow Without Pain – Storyline 14 – Together - Part One
Tumblr media
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Smirking to myself. I took in the mix of his scent with my shower gel and shampoo. I could get used to it.
“I thought you might say that.”
A shape intake, after his word had me lost. Even though we were close there was something in the sweet kiss that did more to me then I cared to admit right now.
My eyes closed by themselves, and for a moment too long I was without words.
“See you soon Dimples.” I whispered, before finally stepping back from him. My brow eyes on him.
•- Embry Call -•
I let my nose brush against her as I stepped away, my fingers and trailed off of her cheek. Her reaction made me smile, and it was the only acknowledgement that I needed that she felt the same.
“By good.” I winked and made my way from her room. At the door, I grabbed my jacket and slipped my feet into my boots.
“Text me later when you start to miss me.” I said back to her, knowing she'd hear me without raising my voice. “I can send you selfies from work... I know how much  like me in my uniform.” I chuckled as I pulled open the door and stepped out in the cool morning air.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I stayed where I was, watching him step away. The first thing I noted was the heat, from his touch, his body. And then his scent. It was still in the air, but there was something missing when he was walking away and out of the house.
“Don’t hold your breath. You may suffocate.” I crossed my hands over my chest before I started towards my bedroom door.
“Get a larger T-shirt you himbo.” Laughing now, he wasn’t going to. The size of those things were like that for a reason.
•- Embry Call -•
I rolled my eyes and stepped back out into the world outside of our bubble.
“Never!!!” I called back… not loud enough to bring the neighbours to the windows. I had my headphone in my ears by the time I crossed the street, and Picture This played as I blindly hit shuffle.
The difference was immediate, the absence of her heat and her scent of all but gone, by the time I made it made all that would be left was a smell of her shampoo.
But even with those things gone… the sense calm and ease I had around her lingered and I knew that would last most of the day. It was a combination of the effect she had on me and how well I slept when we were together.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I stood looking at my bedroom door longer than I should have. There was a swift change in the atmosphere of these four walls the moment he wasn’t there.
‘Are you missing him?’ My wolf woke up and stretched herself.
“NO!” I shot back, combing my fingers through my hair and pulling it to one side. “don’t be ridiculous.” I continued.
Stepping out of my room, at the sound of the wash being over I went to put it out.
‘Okay, that was a little too fast for someone who likes to think things through won’t you agree?’ She was goading me.
“Why are you up now anyway?”
She just laughed and clicked her tongue. “Well, I miss him. You are half tolerable when he is about. You let your masks down long enough for someone to see the real Leah.’
I set to pulling the wash out of the Machine and headed out the door. Stopping at the sound of my phone ringing from its charging point.
‘Ma?’ She said, and I thought at the same time. It was her ring tone.
•- Embry Call -•
By the time I made it home that feeling still hadn't faded. I heard the sounds of the shower from the front porch Which meant I had time to change... it was unlikely Quil would smell Leah on me after the walk home, especially considering I just showered before I left.
"Honey I'm home!" I called from the front door.
'Fuck you!' #Quil laughed through the bathroom door.
I changed and gathered up any laundry littered around my room, then I gathered up Quil's which was Actually in a hamper, even though he rarely did laundry. But he did almost all of the other chores happily.
'So, you gonna tell me her name yet?' he asked as I loaded the washer, coming out of the bathroom in a towel.
"How do you know it's her?" I asked, brows raised.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘Usdi?’ Ma said and I knew something was wrong.
“What happened and where are you?”
My wolf and I contemplating if I need to jump on my baby, or run out the back door and into the wood for my four legs to get me to her.
‘I am at home. And —‘ I cut her off.
“I am coming.” The washing forgotten, a friend deep on my forehead. I was in the back door and running to the front pushing my feet into my boots and grabbing my keys.. “what happened.”
‘Usdi!’ She was going  to argue with me.
“Ma, stop. I can hear it in your voice.” Her normally calm and easy voice was set to a higher pitch, and there was pain rattling in there too. I was out the door with my legs flying over my baby, the phone held between my shoulder and chin.
‘Ride safely.’ She said as I reluctantly put the phone down before pulling my baby off his kick stand and setting off at top speed down the street.
•- Embry Call -•
#Quil laughed. ‘Hey you can cheat on me with women all you want. But another man!?’ He clutched at his imaginary pearls. ‘That's just a low blow Call!’
I laughed and hit the start button. “What are you doing today? You aren't working, right? Wanna hang with me at Mom’s?”
‘Way to change the subject!’ he teased and poured himself a cup of coffee, then one for me. ‘I have a run this afternoon. But I could use a dose of Momma T. She's good for the soul.’ He smiled fondly. ‘When are you leaving?’
“As soon as you’re ready. I’m not in a rush, I don't have a run today so I’m free until work.” I grinned and sipped on the coffee he gave me.
‘Awesome I’ll go and get dressed.’ he took his coffee and went to his room. While I got grabbed what I would need to change for work if the day got away from me and I was with mom until I needed to run to work.
#Quil turned to me and grinned. 'So... Are you ever going to tell me where you're spending your nights lately?' he asked, there was no judgement, just curiosity.
I laughed and shook my head. "C'mon you know me." I kept my eyes on the roads. "I don't even get names half the times I hook up."
He shook his head and laughed. 'See you think you're slick... but that wasn't an answer. I know she's on the Rez.. and that's not like you. So spill!' He nudged my bicep with his elbow. I shook my head. I couldn't lie... not when it was about Leah, I knew how she felt about lying.
"I want to keep this one to myself..." I glanced sideways at him. "It's... important."
#Quil leaned back in his seat and examined me. Realising that I had meant it. 'Okay... I get it.' He ran his hand over his face like he didn't really. 'You've been happier lately.. you know not as stressed even though you'd never admit that. You've been around more with the pups instead of chasing girls. As long as whatever to whoever it is... is making you happy...' He trailed off.
"Okay... spill it. There's something bugging you?" I huffed. "Don't take it personally #Quil it's just..."
'No, it's not that you want to keep it to yourself... it's just why you...' He took a breath like he always did when he was about to get real. 'Please tell me she isn't marri-'
"I'm not sleeping with a married woman! Fuck!" I snapped, squeezing the steering wheel a little too hard. "That happened once and she fucking lied to me about her age and name and everything. If that happened to any one of the guys you'd all be defending him."
#Quil threw his hands up. 'Okay, okay... your right. I just... I don't want you to get played like that bro', it's not like you to be this private. I just want to know it's for the right reasons. You seem happier lately and I just don't it ending badly for you.  That's all.'
I took a breath... he was looking out for me? I laughed... of course he was.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I rode low on my baby, his speed hitting faster than I knew Ma would be happy with. But this wasn’t a debate I would entertain.
Right know my wolf and I needed to set eyes in her. And slowing down wasn’t an option.
My jaw was clenching tighter and tighter until we were pulling up to her house.
Eyes scanning the front of the house, nose taking in the scents, ears listening for all the sounds and searching for that tell tail sound of her heart.
‘Can you smell that?’ My wolf and I ran around the outside of the house and into Ma’s yard. Coming to a stop at Da’s tool shed and growling at the sight and smell of her blood.
‘What was she doing out here?’ Our own heart was beating with anger.
We rushed into the back door and found Ma holding her hand up over the sink. Her hair a mess, and she was leaning off one foot.
“Spirits Ma! What happened?” Rushing  over to her, we undid the towel around her arm we now saw, where blood was pooled.
‘It is nothing.’ Her words were slurred, and she looked pale faces.
“Just please, for once tell me what in the name of the spirits happened.” I’d slowly walked her over to the table. Sitting her down, and then started to check her over.
‘I needed some tools. I bought that painting I told you I fell in love with.’
I was growling, bending down on my knees I held her foot in my hands and slowly rotated it. “And you couldn’t wait for the Kid or me to come and help you?”
She didn’t give me an eye roll. That was telling.
‘I don’t need help to look after my own home. I just tripped and took a shelf down with me.’
I brushed her hair off her face and saw the ballooning bump growing on her forehead.
“Ma. That’s not what I was saying.” She winced. “Sorry… It’s not broken. But. I think you need to go to the hospital. Your arm needs stitches, this foot needs an X-ray at least. And that bump on your forehead. You could have a concussion.”
‘No, it’s fine. You’re overly protective.’
I frown, shifting to old the towel around her arm. “Ma, see. We. Are. Going!”
I looked around before lifting her up into my arms.
‘Leah Angeni Clearwater put me down.’ Moving her over a little so I didn’t bang her head on the door frames. I grabbed her jacket in my hand and kept walking.
“saying my full name won’t make me stop. Act like a kid, and I will carry you like one.” My heart was pumping so hard. But I was in control.
•- Embry Call -•
I was quiet for a moment, contemplating the irony of how someone looking out for you could also feel like a judgement.
But #Quil... he never lied to me. Even when he was calling me out on my shit. 'I won't ask again.' he said after a beat. 'I believe you. And as long as I know this newfound... calm that you seem to have isn't something that ends badly for you. Then...' He shrugged. 'That's all I need to know.'
"You don't need to worry about me. I'm doing good. Really good... all things considered."
I pulled into the empty driveway. Mom's car being gone was always a sign that things weren't as good as they used to be. But her waves of sickness and dizziness could come with hardly any warning, it made no sense to keep her car sitting there.
#Quil barely waited for the car to stop before jumping out to bound inside. 'Momma T!! Your favourite son is home!!' He yelled before walking in."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My hands were tight around the wheel, my eyes darting from the road to Ma who sat in the passenger seat drifting.
“Ma. Keep your eyes open.” I told her placing a hand over her lap and squeezing softly.
‘Usdi. I am…’ I cut her off.
“If you say you are fine. I swear to the great wolf. I will go apex Predator on you.”
She chuckled ever so softly and winced again. The drive to the hospital didn’t take long. As much as I hated being in four wheels, I still knew how to Use them to my advantage.
I wanted to carry Ma in.
‘You cannot usdi. People will question how you could do it.’ She tapped my shoulders for me to put her down.
As much as I hated it, I know she make a valid point.
“Stay here. I’ll get some help.”
At the front entrance I found someone who gave me a wheelchair. So that I could roll ma inside.
•- Embry Call -•
I was sitting at the kitchen table, mo had handed me a coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cut it into triangles like she used to when I was little... and the same for #Quil. Only when we were little we had milk instead of coffee.
My phone buzzed on the table and # Seth's big goofy grin appeared on the screen... He never called me unless it was pack business. he was all about texting. I rubbed my hands on my jeans and mom slapped me on  the bicep... lightly she had learned many years ago that even a light slap hurt her. I looked to #Quil and he started distracting Mom so I could slip out the back door and take the call. 
"Hey kid, what's up?" I pulled the door closed with a light click. 'Um...' His voice was strange. 'I'm... um I'm not sure.'
I took a few steps from the door. "#Seth take a breath and tell me what's going on."
'I'm at Mom's... her car is gone and Leah's bike is here but they're gone...' He was talking too fast for that to be all.
"That's not unusual #Seth why are you panicked." I pressed.
'I can smell blood but Leah didn't answer her phone. and mom's is still here.'
"Okay, we're coming kid. Stay there, Call the Rez Clinic and see if she went there." I went back inside and mouthed to the Mom and #Quil.  that we needed to go. "Wait for us right there."
He promised he would and then I explained everything to mom and #Quil as she gathers her things and we all piled into the jeep.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘Leah? My dear what are you doing he… oh Sue!’ I was so thankful to see #Deb working the front desk at the ER.
The woman knew so much and most of all, knew how to get things done. Some part of me missed seeing #DrCullen here at times like this.
‘It—‘ I came to a stop and frowned down at Ma.
“Ma is going to tell you it’s nothing.” I told her trying to keep a check on the anger bubbling within me. I didn’t let those younger years out bursts rule me anymore. But it didn’t Mean I didn’t feel it from time to time.
‘Sue, we can all clearly see that there is something. Leah wouldn’t bypass the Rez and bring you here if it weren’t. Leah, dear. Could you roll your mom in and I will have her seen too.’ This was the no nonsense woman I needed to see.
“Yes, ma’am.” This time a little relief washed into my words.
Ma was quite now, which in itself was saying a lot. She didn’t fight the young doctor when he came in to examine her. She didn’t even Notice his ring less finger and start the questioning as to why he wasn’t married.
‘Your daughter is correct in bring you Mrs Clearwater.’ He said as he worked in stitching her arm up. ‘You needed some help with these injuries.’
The two kept talking and I could see what he was doing. His fingers working fast, and precisely. Trying to leave the a clean line in his wake.
I stood by the wall, arms crossed frowning.
‘Don’t look so worried. You did the right thing.’ He Smiled up at me, I wasn’t sure I could reply without saying something sarcastic. So I just nodded.
‘We are going to take your mom for some X-rays now. Would you like to wait—‘
“I’m coming with her.” He just smiled wider.
‘Sure, why don’t I take you instead of waiting for a porter.’
Ma and he started to talk as we left the ER. And I reached into my back pocket for my phone. I needed to tell #TheKid
“Crap.” Biting down on the inside of my cheek. Glancing back.
‘Usdi!’ Ma tapped my leg as I walked next to her.
‘Everything okay?’ He asked. Looking up at me.
“Sorry. Yeah. I just can’t find my phone.”
•- Embry Call -•
#Seth was making his way to the ar before I even pulled up by the curb and he climbed into the back of the Jeep. ‘The colonic said that Mom hadn’t been there today.’ He told us and I was already turning the the car around.
‘So Leah took her to the hospital.’ #Quil explained in that perfectly logical way of his and put his hand on the kids shoulder.
‘He’s right #Seth, I’m sure we’ll find them there. Your sister just took her to fix whatever happened.’ Mom twisted in her seat, looking back at him. ‘Everything will be okay, sweetie. You’ll see.’
Mom didn't lecture me for driving too fast, but u was still holding back because she was in the car.
I parked the jeep and #Seth made a beeline for the hospital and #Quil ran with him so I could walk with Mom.
By the time we got to the emergency room reception a nurse I recognised was telling #Seth that his mom was taken to x-ray and she would let us know when she came back up.
“Come on, Kid.” I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled gom back when he looked like he was going to press for more information.
“We will take a seat and Deb will your mom and Leah know that we are here, right?” I smile at the nurse.
‘Of course, they took her right down. It shouldn't be long.’ She smiled encouragingly at #Seth. ‘The doctor is with her, she’s in good hands. I promise.’ she closed the chart in her hands and made her way through the double doors.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘Here you go, you can us this.’
I was stood by the wall, my back leaning on it and my arms crossed over my chest. Biting the inside of my cheeks as I waited for Ma to come out of X-ray room.
The young doctor had raved off, if assumed to an emergency, however he was stood in front of me now with a phone.
‘You said you have some calls you wanted to make. And couldn’t find your phone. I had to run to my locker to get this.’
He raised the phone up between us. “You didn’t need to do this.” My eyes not leaving his face.
‘I don’t mind. Make your calls, I will go and check you mom is done in there.’ He smiled warmly, this time I took the phone.
“I’ll only make one call.” The woman now willing to take the help from a stranger ( also thinking how to pay it back. ) whereas a year ago this wouldn’t have happened.
I knew the number off by heart, I didn’t even need to glance at the screen as I tabbed it in. Waiting for the answer ‘Hello?’ His voice was wrong, and I guessed he knew.
‘Lee!!! Where are you? Where is ma? Is she okay? I went to the house… the bloody… there was blood… Ma’s blood….’
“Kid. Shhh… I am on someone’s phone. So, listen. I’m at Forks Hospital. Ma hurt herself and I made the call she needed to come here. She is having some X-rays. Have had to have ten stitches in her arm. She is okay. Just weak.” I wasn’t going to tell him any more untold I knew myself.
We know. We guessed this is where you would be. I’m in the ER. I’m coming up.’
‘We?’ My eyebrows pulled together.
‘Yeah. Mama T, Quil and Bry are here too, they drove me here.’ His voice shook and I knew what this would do to him. Seeing Ma’s house and not knowing would have killed the kid.
“I’m sorry I didn’t call you before.” I told him.
•- Embry Call -•
'It's okay, Lee.' #Seth said. 'You did what you had to in the moment.' he repeated almost exactly what I had told him on the drive here. It had happened to me so many times before we got Mom's condition under control. I would find her in agony or with a burning fever... I would get her to the hospital and then call someone. Someone always came.
#Sue always  came.
#Quil was already texting the group chat and telling them what he heard from Leah's end of the phone. 'I'm gonna come up.' #Seth said again. His voice shook but with something like relief. Not the terror of his first call. as soon as he hung up I was next to him, clamping a hand on his shoulder.
"She's gonna be okay, kid." I said. 'When you see her you'll feel better, I promise.' #Seth looked passed me to my Mom and I knew what he was thinking...  He was remembering the times I wasn't there when Mom was rushed to hospital and I was the one in his place. He nodded.
'I'm sorry... sorry I fell apart.' He said quietly.
"No... you didn't #Seth. You didn't know what to do so you asked for help. Leah... she knew what to do and she did it. Neither of those were bad choices. I've been through it... I've done both and I've done the wrong thing." I explained to him. He looked at me like he wanted to ask... "Freezing... doing nothing. That's the only wrong thing to do. You do something or you get help. Nothing else matters"
Then, I sent him to go she his mom and sister.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The doctor came out of the room and closed the door behind him. I held his phone out to him.
“Thank you for this.” I glanced over his shoulder at where my Ma should have been.
‘If you need to make other….’ I shook my head.
“No. Thank you. Just the one call to my kid was all I needed.” His face dropped and he looked me up and down. Until it clicked. “My kid brother.” His mouth turned into an ‘O’, and he smiled.
“Where is my Ma?” I asked
‘Right, your mom. There is Nothing to fear.’ He started my my heart sank and beat harder all at once.
“Why do people say that before giving bad news?” I was frowning, holding it together.
‘You were right to think that your mom was concussed. With the blood lose, and the concussion would like to keep her overnight. Just to be certain.’ I rubbed my temple thinking over what I needed to do. ‘We have found her a bed, and they are taking her to level four room 404. You can make your way up.
‘I could walk you up?’
‘Thank you, Doc. I can walk my sister up there.’ I felt him and smelt him before I saw and heard him. His heart was racing, and I knew he heard it all.
‘Oh. Yes. Sure.’ The doctor stepped to the side as #TheKid came to stand in front of me. He was shaking, and his eyes were full of fire.
“Thank you for everything.” I told the doctor before he left, and I pulled #TheKid into my arms. This was something Ma would do. She would hold him. To whisper It would be okay. To give him what he needed. All I did was open my arms and he did the rest. His forehead on my shoulder, his arms engulfed me, and I felt the warmth of his tears.
“She will be fine.” I whispered to him. His fear had been one I knew, I felt it too. We just reacted in different ways.
‘I.. I.. I thought…’ I placed a hand on the back of his head.
“Shh. I know. I. Know.” The fear of losing out only Parent was crippling for him. ( and me. )
•- Embry Call -•
Mom sat there wringing her hands. I cover both of hers with one of mine, stopping the nervous tic. "You okay?" I asked and that drew #Quil's attention too. He examined her from head to toe for any signs that something was wrong. It was the wolf in him... in all of that did that.
'Oh, I'm fine sweetheart. Just worried about #Sue.' She admitted. I offered her a smile. "Me too. but she'll be fine. I'm sure #Seth will text us soon with an update.
Mom nodded and dropped her  gaze to the floor. "What is it, Mom?" I knew when something was bothering her.
'Just... Seth's face. That poor boy was so upset and afraid...' Her voice quavered a little. "I know... but he's a tough kid he'll be fine once he sees her."
'I'm so sorry, Embry...' My brows pinched together. at her words. 'For the number of times I've done that to you.' er glistened a little at the corners.
"No, Mom." I wrapped my a pulled her to my side. "You being sick isn't anything like coming home to find no there and blood all over. It's not the same."
'I suppose so... but it's still frightening.'
"It is... but no more frightening than all my ER trips? Right?" I tried to make her smile. She did... but only humoured me. "Don't worry about me Mom... or, at least... not because of that, okay? Yes, there were bad days... scary days. But you were always right there with me... and I know what to do now." 'Jacob and Nessie are heading to #Sue's to clean up so #Sue doesn't have to see that when she gets back home.' #Quil came to the rescue with a change of subject. 'And #Seth they are taking her to 404... to give them time to settle #Sue in and then we can come up.'
"Okay... let's grab a coffee and give them time. Then we go see them." I stood and held out my hand to help her up. Mom told #Quil to text Jake back and have Nessie make a bag for #Sue... She thought that a woman would know what comfort items to bring... but Nessie... I chuckled at the thought of what she might bring for her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
As soon as we saw the room #TheKid let go of me and rush into the room. The nurses were still helping Ma into bed and he took over. Charming the nurse into letting him help.
I stood back by the far wall, waiting and watching Ma. She was slow, her skin pale, her arm was wrapped well now and her forehead was bruising out. They placed a pillow under her leg and to her side, which made her wince and my eyebrows pulled together. She had kept that from me! ‘Stay calm, you won’t help by upsetting Ma now.’ My wolf told me as I bit the inside of my cheeks. ‘And stop that! You won’t have a cheek left if you keep it up.’ She chastise me.
‘You had me so worried Ma! Mama T, Quil and Bry are downstairs. And everyone else is asking to come.’ He was kissing her all over her face, trying not to hurt her. But he needed to know she was there.
My chest constricted, he had found time to keep the others informed of everything? And I couldn’t even find my bloody phone!
I shook my head. ‘Usdi. Come here.’ Ma saw me, even with me trying to melt into the background. Her hand was outreaching for me. #TheKid turned to look over.
‘Sis?’ He said and I shook my head, clearing my throat.
“It’s okay. The Kid is here. I’m going to go sort some things out at home.” I told her, my eyes looking and not looking at her all at once. “Kid, do not leave Ma alone.”
Ma dropped her hand and gave me a smile. ‘Usdi—‘ I cut her off.
“Please. Just rest. I will be back ready soon.” Taking out the keys to Ma’s car I set them down on the side, telling #TheKid where I had parked it before I turned to leave.
‘Leah?’ #Debbie called out from behind me as I rushed towards the stairs, I wasn’t going to wait around for the elevator. ‘Is your mom all settled sweetie?’ She smiled.
“Hmm.. yes. Thank you. She is. 404.” I pointed to the door. “Thank you for all your help. I..” she squeezed my arm.
‘Happy to help sweetie.’ By the time she let me go, that feeling in my chest had grown into a chasm. And I couldn’t breath.
I ran down the stairs three at a time. Four flights of stairs where a breeze for me, and not enough to give me what I needed all at once.
•- Embry Call -•
I passed out the cups of coffee as the machine in the lobby spluttered them into the paper cup. Mom had become a bit of a tea snob lately with #Sue and Leah bringing are all of that special tea... so she opted to treat herself to a hot chocolate.
#Quil's phone rang and it was #Jake with all sorts of questions about what to pack. Mom took the phone and just as she was telling Jake that #Sue's slippers would be by the back door if they weren't by her bed.
I saw Leah appear at the bottom of the stairwell. I gave a #Quil a nod and he nodded back, telling me he'd stay with Mom.
"Leah." I said quietly as I approached her. "Where are you headed? #Jake and  Ness are at the house packing a bag for you Mom for the night." Even from the whole way across the lobby I could hear Mom say.
'Oh, and her favourite picture of Harry and kids is on her bedside table you should grab that too. No Ness, one change of underwear will be fine for one night.'  Sometimes I wondered if there was any human in the woman. "Luckily Mom is walking them through it." I laughed and looked back at her. Extended her the weak excuse for a black coffee. "We have it covered you can head back up."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits!” I said under my breath. Coming to a holt with Embry voice calling me. All I wanted to do was run. To leave. To explode. To let the volcano in my chest free and not care what and who was in the way. But that was the old young and misguided Leah. This Leah had walls, she had masks, and she knew how to lock herself down.
I glanced past Embry as he spoke, the buzzing in my ears and the red in my eyes subsiding enough for me to hear #Ness’s sweet voice, and #Jake’s frantic one asking #MsC a million questions.
#Quil’s eyes met mine, and that boyish smile of his was covering up the concern for my Ma. He placed one hand on his chest and dipped his chin. Telling me I was not in this alone.
Even with her mind on the phone call, I wasn’t sure how #MsC knew. But her eyes searching until then locked onto mine, and she beckoned me over with her hand.
‘Go to her, she will help. She always does.’ My wolf told me. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t risk them all. I couldn’t risk the lobby full of innocent people.
“I..” when I finally looked to him, his smile and that laughter. The hospital coffee we all were used to held out to me. The burning need to run from here, and everything fault against the clam these people brought with them.
“Your Mom knows how to get the best out of people.” I say with the strongest of wills I could pull out and together.
“Thank you.” I told him. My eyes met his and I hoped it was for more than just the cup in my hand now. He was here, he looked after my kid, and now they were all helping in their own way.
Taking the coffee, my eyes darting to the doors and my way out. But my feet slowly started towards where #Quil and #MsC were sat.
She ended the call and reached a hand for me. “She is in room 404. On the fourth floor. They have taken good care of her. And the Kid is with her.” I filled them all in of what I knew. “Maybe she will tell you more than she would me.” I finally told #MsC. “But you should head up there. I’m sure she will kill me if she finds out you are down here and no one had taken you up.” Giving her a half smirk.
She gave the cup in her hand to #Quil, taking my free hand in hers she pulled me down to my knees before her. She cupped my face and really locked those deep brown eyes of her with mine. It was like looking into her sons eyes and my heart tried to react, but I stopped it.
‘We are here. You are not allow. And this is not on you my sweet child. We all know your Ma can be somewhat stubborn when she sets her mind to something.’ Now she whispered and I felt #Quil turn away to give some room. Even if I knew he heard it all. ‘This is not your sin.’
She all but crushed me. She saw me when no one else did. She knew what was hidden under the mask.
I lowered my head and cleared my throat. “Go up. See your sister. She needs you.” I whispered for her to hear.
•- Embry Call -•
Her reaction told me she was probably looking for space. Somewhere to be alone and clear her head. I followed her gaze behind me to Mom. "Yeah, she's always been good at that." I smiled and then turned that smile back to her.
"We will; we were just wanted to give her a little time to catch her breath." I said, following her towards Mom... if anyone could stop Leah from wanting to run it was Mom.
#Quil got up and came to stand, by me, giving them some semblance of privacy. We Heard Mom's words and even though #Quils eyes dropped to the floor, he couldn't have known how fast my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach.
After a too-long moment of silence, I spoke. "Hey, why don't you take Mom up ahead up and I'll follow in a second." I smiled at #Quil then Mom, nodding my head to the elevators. Mom stood and kissed the top of Leah's head, then my shoulder as she passed me and whispered. 'Good boy.' I stepped up next to Leah when they were gone and brushed the back of my knuckles against her arm. "What do you need, Leah?" I said for only her to hear. "Do you need me to cover for you up there for a while? Whatever it is... Just tell me." If she needed time I could make sure she got it. if she needed to hit something... hell she could hit me.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
That kiss to my head from #MsC about crushed me. If I hadn’t have had years of practice in hiding in plain sight, the cracks would have shown to anyone who set their eyes on me.
I stood up when she did, my eyes were on the door once again as she moved to join the guys. With that growing need to get away from anything and everything. I wanted no witnesses to the turmoil rampantly trying to drag itself to the surface. It was the touch from him drew me back. I felt the knee jerk reaction only step away, but his voice, the way he looked to me, wanting to give me support I never expected from anyone.
“Me?” What did I need? No one had asked me that before. Spirits even I hadn’t asked myself that question before. But what did I need?
“I need out of here. And I need to know Ma and the Kid are taken care of. He is soft at heart, this is breaking him.”
The words low for him and only him to hear. “And for me to be his strength. I need out right now. Five. Ten. I will be back. I… I…”
My eyes were on him to read the need to shed the fear I felt when my mind played tricks on me at smelling my Ma’s voice, at wondering what could have cased it and how I wasn’t there with her.
And just like that it hit me. I was telling him. Telling him that I needed right now. In a way, asking for help.
•- Embry Call -•
I watched her, and gave a small nod, my eyes meeting hers. “Okay, go... Get some air.” I smile, filling the expression with understanding. I'd been there... And the only reason I had been able to run (briefly) away was because of Sue. “Your Mom is looked after. And don't worry about the Pup. I’ve got him... And #Quil.”
I took half a step back giving her space but only half because my natural instinct was to go to her and comfort her. But that wasn't how to comfort her.. That was the generic assumption: human contact equals comfort. But people weren’t one size fits all. I prided myself on being able to tell what people needed. At least, for the people I cared about and something time that meant contact even when they thought the didn't need or want it, like when I hugged her in Seattle. Sometimes it meant giving them room to breathe.
Right now... She needs to breathe.
“He did really well understood you know. He didn't panic... He was in shock and couldn't think straight. So he called for help. He asked for help... He did and you Mom proud. He did Harry proud.”
I stepped back again. “You made him proud getting her here so fast. Take all the time you need. I’ll stay with them until you get back, no matter how long... #Quil can take mom home if it gets late.”
I had work, but the was several hours away. And Joe Walker was a lot of things... But when it came to family matters, I knew I could call and tell him I needed to be here. He wouldn't question it. He would cover for me himself if he had to.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I wanted to touch him, just a squeeze of the arm, of a touch of a finger. Tell him 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕪𝕠𝕦. That him stepping up for Ma and the Kid, he got the meaning of Family. It was more than a word to us, and his actions proved it to me each time.
I glanced over him and saw #Quil give me a half smile waiting with #MsC for the elevators. The nod from him said. ‘We got the kid, don’t worry.’ But this also meant that he saw what I looked like right now, and he heard some if not all of what was said.
I took a few steps back away towards the doors. “You got them.. See you soon.” I said before turning around and walking out of those doors without looking back.
The thudding in my heart pushed the fear I felt higher, the pain of seeing my Ma in pain threatened to show itself. I willed myself, as I broke into a run as soon as I was outside. Heading straight for the forest and out of sight of people.   
•- Embry Call -•
I could so many unsaid things in her eyes... I acknowledged them all with a small smile and the slightest lowering of my chin.
"We've got them." I added and I turned away when she did... Watching her go would set alarms bells off for #Quil and full-blown sirens for Mom.
 But as I walked to the lift to join them, I felt a tug on my left shoulder to just glance back. But I didn't. Her thumping heart didn't make it easy.
Mom looped her arm through mine, and we stepped into the  Elevator. 'She will be fine, sweetheart.' She said.
"Leah?" I asked raising a brow. "Of course, she will. She's a Clearwater." I smiled and the lift started to rise. I was tempted to text her and tell her to take as long as she needed. I would be here. But I had told her that I knew she heard me and trusted I would stick to it. Texting her would only make me feel better.
It was what I did with the guys when things happened... keeping in contact, making sure they knew I was there. And for them,  it was the best thing to do, the regular reassurance.
Leah didn't work like other people. she had her way... and she would be back when she was ready.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
There was nowhere I could go and not be heard. There was no way I could run all the way back to Ma’s for my bike just for this. And there was NOWAY I would leave to go that far with Ma, in hospital and the Kid in turmoil.
The best I could do for myself was this, staying on two legs I ran, I ran as fast as the spirits blessed me. Ducking and turning from the trees and their branches. Jumping and the fallen logs and rocks.
The pressure building with every stride I took, the air in my lungs not even at its capacity. I was in pain and my body felt nothing. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed some more. Needing to feel something. Anything!
‘STOP! Leah!!!! STOP!’
She halted me at the precipice of the edge, pushing my body back from taking the leap I knew too well that I couldn’t make on two legs.
‘You can’t hurt yourself like that, they need you.’ She growled from within me. ‘You can’t become so blinded with your grief. This isn’t who you are anymore.’
She spoke to the lost girl who tried everything in her power to punish yourself when she killed the only man who loved her.
“I…” I couldn’t think. All I saw right now was where I wanted to be.
So, I took off running to the river’s edge where I knew I could made the crossing.
‘Shift!’ She told me.
“No!” I snapped back.
‘LEAH! SHIFT!’ She pushed to come out. But I held her back.
“NO!!!” I screamed at her, and the took the leap over the Cullen’s treaty line.
I ran as hard and fast as I could before my legs were taken out from under me. I tumbled; my body rolled into a ball as I hit the ground with velocity. And then came to a stop.
My face was in the ground. My breathing harder now, but not where I needed it to feel the burn.
‘Breathe Leah. She is okay, Ma is going to be fine.’ But all I saw was her blood that had been spilled on my watch.
“I should have been there. I should have done.. I should have….”
‘Should have read her mind and known she is as stubborn as you at times, and has ideas of improvement in her home? Leah. Be realistic here.’
But I couldn’t. Not when it came to Ma or the Kid. Their pain. I couldn’t take it. I burst out into a silent scream. One I had perfected over the years. When you lived where every sound was heard. And you were judged. There had to be an outlet that no spirit warrior could hear.
My body tensed and my fists banged into my chest. Making that hurt rush out. My eyes closed as I let out everything that had been building into that volcano that needed to be let free.
She didn’t say anything, she watched. She protective, and held my soul, she cradles me as she had from the moment, I excepted her as mine. My wolf let me have my moment. She Let me be a kid, with the fear riding me She know I couldn’t lose my only Parent. Not like this. Not after what I had taken from my family and this world.
•- Embry Call -•
I was distracted until we got to the room that #Sue was in. I heard Mom whisper something to #Quil about how I hated being here… but that wasn’t exactly true. I felt a lot of things here. I spent a few horrible days and night in the ER here and  then the treatment that kept Mom ali— healthy happened here too.
I smiled brightly at the ghostly woman in the bed. She was laying against #Seth’s lanky frame perched awkwardly in the edge of the bed one foot still firmly on the floor. Or it would be awkward for a human. The Kid looked wholly unphased.
“Well, well! Look at you, as beautiful as ever! Worrying us all just for attention, are you?” I lied with beaming smile. #Sue lifted her hand to her cheek like she did when she blushed. But no colour stained her cheeks.
‘Oh stop!!’ she waved me off with a tired laugh. Mom was already at her side adjusting the pillow her injured hand rested on more carefully than I thought I would ever be capable of. #Seth extricated himself, leaving a kiss on the top of his mother’s head. He looked from me to #Quil and the door. ‘She just needed some air.’ #Quil said before I could.
Our attention went back to the women who we heard. ‘You shouldn't have come, Tiffany. You could pick up all kinds of infection that could set you back.’ #Sue was insisting.
‘Nonsense.’ Mom replied. ‘This isn't just like any old appointment, how many emergency trips to the hospital have you made for me?’
I could see the, ‘But this is different’ in #Sue’s eyes, but she would never dare say it. Even though all of us, Mom included were well aware it was different.
But I also knew the value of Mom being here for her dearest friend too. That boost to her would of being the supportive hand she has always been needed too.
“Jacob is bringing you a little sleepover kit so you can spend the night in style.” Just like that my phone rang and I excused myself. After I stepped into the hall and explained it to be Jake, that Leah didn't have her phone, I told him where to find us. He said he could find us, and I didn't need to meet them downstairs.
I took the chance to call #Joe. He answered with his usual. ‘WALKER!’ much louder than necessary.
“Hey, it’s Embry.” Joe was in his words far too busy to check caller ID.
‘What do you need Call?’ anyone that didn't know him would take it as rude. But it was a genuine question.
“I’m at the hospital, I might not make my shift tonight, can you line up #T just in case, and I’ll call you with a solid answer in an hour or two.”
‘Is your mom, okay?’ He asked, abrupt but really wanting to know. I explained the situation with as few details as possible.
‘Okay so I’m gona I just take your place on the floor tonight, and you take my shift tomorrow? It's easier than maybe’s and what ifs.’
I agreed and thanked him. When I stepped back into the room, I knew the wolves in here had heard. ‘Your boss is pretty easy going.’ #Seth stage whispered.
‘I still don't like him.’ #Quil said. #Joe set his wolf’s instincts off... He set off all the wolves' instincts really.
But I was free to stick around as long as I needed to know.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I sat on my knees, kneeling forward over the water with my reflection looking back at me. I was taken back to a day when I last felt this lost and broken.
A younger, 20-year-old me, with her hair cut short, and a newly formed tattoo on her forearm. The pain of what she had done telling her that if he wasn’t on this earth, then she had no right to be too.
I closed my eyes and opened them again. And the vision was of the now. The fact I’d let my mom down
feeding the fear of losing her.
Taking the count to ten, with deep breath I started to lock myself down. When I knew that it was safe again I
opened my eyes.
Splashing some water from the river to cool and watch my face, I straightened up. That was it, the fear, the sadness, the want to punish myself pushed deep down to the point that Even I couldn’t feel it any longer.
‘We, will be fine.’ She told me, and even if I didn’t feel it. I believed it. ‘Where to?’ she asked.
“Back to Ma, and the kid.” I told her.
‘What about the house?’ She played the conversation from the hospital, the part when we were told that #MsC had been talking with #Jake  and #Ness.
“After.” I told her. I knew they would take care of things. But I also knew that Ma’s level of clean wouldn’t be
met by anyone.
‘After.’ She repeated as we both started back towards the way we had come. ‘We will go there after and do it the right way.’
•- Embry Call -•
#Jake and #Ness arrived with a bag so large that it made mom and #Sue laugh and make there isn’t that so cute faces to each other. ‘We wanted her to be comfortable.’ #Ness whispered when #Seth, #Quil and I eyed the bag that Mom was already unpacking. Setting a photo of a young #Sue and #Harry on the bedside table.
‘We’ll take home whatever she doesn’t want.’ She insisted and I could see her cheeks flush. Her understanding of human needs wasn’t always quiet right, I draped my arm over her shoulder and kissed the top of her head “You did good little one.” I whispered even though it was pointless, they all heard. All but the two women carefully arranging a hand-woven blanket across the patient's lap, whispering about what good kids we were.
The hybrid beamed and swatted #Jake’s chest. ‘Told you.’ He just rolled his eyes and smiled she pushed past all of us and pulled out an iPad she must have sweet-talked someone into lending her, I knew she  didn’t own one. She stood by the bed, keeping a cautious distance. I could see that seeing a human she cared about in such a frail state was getting to her… so many people in her life were indestructible. It was a hard pill to swallow.
‘We brought your book too… but I downloaded the audio version and skipped ahead to where you bookmarked. So, if you aren’t feeling up to it you can listen instead.’ She leaned in conspiratorially and whisper. ‘I downloaded season one of Bridgeton. I hear it's the steamiest.’ She grinned.
I left them to it and turned to Jake asking him about the house. ‘All cleaned and locked up.’ He assured me that when it came to blood Nessie knew how to clean up. It made sense, given that she mostly lived off of it.
When they left, I convinced #Quil to take Mom too. He offered to stay in my place, and I told that was my role as Third. To be here for the kid, and it was true. But mostly it was the promise I had made.
I knew #Seth was worried about his mom… and his sister. His eyes kept moving to the door. “She’s fine, Pup.” I whispered as #Sue dozed off. The wasn’t the truth… so I corrected myself. “Leah will be okay, she’ll be back.”
‘I know, I know.’ He finally stopped chewing on his thumbnail. ‘You don’t have to stay you know… I’ve got this.’
“I know you do… You’ve got her, I’ve got you. I can be here or in the waiting room. It’s your choice.” This wasn’t unusual, this was the  role I had taken on… built for myself. It wouldn’t be the first time I hung around a hospital for one of the pups. So, #Seth accepted it easily and we sat there quietly, taking turns fetching coffee and letting the nurses come and go as they performed their tasks around the sleeping woman.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
When I arrived back at the hospital, I kept my eyes forwards and my hands pushed down deep into my jeans. No one at a glance would tell that the broken youngster had come out to show her pain now.
‘Leah!’ I heard my name being called from behind me. Stopping as I saw #Debbie trying to catch up. She wanted to stop me, to tell me that Ma’s room was over flowing with visitors, and that she would go and ask them to leave so that I could go in.
“It’s okay. I can wait.” I told her, even if she gave me that ‘I don’t believe you’, look.
I remained in the lobby, pacing back-and-forth but knowing that Ma was in good hands. Finally, I gave up and went to the cafeteria to buy a selection of sandwiches, and whatever else I could get my hands on before coming out. ‘There you are.’ My Alpha stood in front of me. ‘I’ve been following your scent all over the hospital.’ He pushed his shoulder into my forearm. ‘She is going to be okay Leah.’
I knew this. “Thanks for…” he frowned at me and cut me off.
‘Since when do you thank anyone for doing their duty? This was our duty; we all wanted to be here and do whatever we could for Sue. No thanks needed.’ He told me that they were heading out, that Embry was still with Ma and #TheKid, I looked to the clock on the wall and the time frowning.
Once #Jake was gone, I ran as fast as I could up the stairs. The elevator wasn’t fast enough for me. Rushing and slowing down at the same time when I reached the correct floor, I dived around people to reach Ma’s room.
I wasn’t out of breath, but my heart was pounding in my chest. I saw them both sat there in the room, with Ma on her bed asleep. I spent a moment too long looking her over, listening to her heart and her breathing.
Then I looked around the room. The photo of Ma and Da by her side, and her favourite blanket draped over her bed. Her book, an iPad, and a full bag of things set to the side.
#TheKid was already looking to the door before I came in, his shoulders had been tense, but dropped a little on seeing me.
“Are we moving in?” I muttered under my breath Not waiting for a reply, my eyes found Embry, and I wanted to say so much to him. But I tapped my wrist.
“Call, you’re going to be late for work. You need to head out.” I hadn’t meant to be gone this long. I hadn’t paid attention to the Burden I was placing on his shoulders.
•- Embry Call -•
I knew that #Seth heard the hurried footsteps in the hallway too. It was much quieter than a human would be when they ran, but not out of our hearing range. Especially not #Seth's, he had always had the most sensitive hearing of us all. Something I always thought of as an extension of his kindness.
He gave me a look as if to say, Does, that sound OKAY to you?
'Ness went a little overboard.'  #Seth offered his sister a smile. 'The nurses said she's doing fine; her blood pressure is coming back up steadily.'
I watched the way they both looked over #Sue, and my chest tightened. I had been where they are, this was how they all felt when they stood and watched me stand over my own mother's sick bed. I shook that off.
"It's okay." I told her. "I switched shifts with Joe." I added quickly before she could say anything else. "Family first." That was the rule, right? I wasn't losing out on a day's pay; I wasn't letting anyone down. Family and  the pack came before work, they had to.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Nodding my head to acknowledge #TheKid, my dark eyes were on the monitors as he gave me Ma’s update. I held myself beside the door, but just inside so that it would close behind me. I also made a note to thank #Ness in my own way, something told me that this visit wouldn’t have been easy on her. I knew that she could speak to #Jake about everything and anything, but still I always gave her to option to have my ear if she needed it.
Embry had me stood looking at him, it was #TheKid clearing his throat. ‘I’m going to go grab us all some coffee.’ He spoke. I held the bag in my hand up telling them both I got whatever food I could from downstairs. #TheKid took it and put it down on the side table before walking past whispering. ‘Don’t be too hard on him please.’ And then the door closed.
Looking to Embry, I didn’t say anything. I just shrugged my jacket off as I walked to my Ma’s bedside and set it down over the back of the chair. Looking down over her, I softly combed so stray hair out of her eyes. She looked peaceful, that pained looked on her forehead gone for now. Only when I was sure she was indeed asleep and pain free, did I step back keeping my voice low as I spoke so that #TheKid didn’t hear me.
“You are playing the rules card at me now? For someone who doesn’t really do rules, you were fast to understand them.” I half smiled but there was too much amiss from it right now. I couldn’t find it in me to mean anything. “I don’t like you owing Walker anything, especially because of me.” What was that man going to ask as Payback for this favour I wondered. “I didn’t mean to mess you about with your work, I –“ I was lost for works, so I took a step back with my eyes locked.
Telling him that I was sorry for putting him in this situation, for placing what was meant to be my responsibility on his shoulder. That I failed my Ma today, and now #TheKid and him too. I wanted him to hear it all, but words never came easily to me.
•- Embry Call -•
My stomach growled when She mentioned she'd brought food. I had been so distracted that I hadn't even smelled it when she walked in.
I didn't say anything to #Seth as he left. I knew he was leaving his Beta and Third-In-Command alone for a moment as much as he was leaving his sister and his friend.
Her smile was half-hearted, and I knew why, she believed this to be her responsibility, her burden to bear alone. But she didn't get to do that... she couldn't tell us that we couldn't be here for a vital supporter of the pack when she needed us, that we couldn't stand her and hold up our brother while he cares for his mom, because she would never look for that kind of support. I knew that she knew that too... her dual natures had to be warring with one another right now.
"It's not about the rules..." I whispered. "Not just, at least... #Seth was... When I picked him up, he was... panicked. I wouldn't have left even if you stayed. You know that."
Then I took a breath and stood in front of her, fighting the urge to touch her arm or her shoulder... any of the normal comforting gestures that wouldn't mean the same thing to her. 
I knew if it were my mother in that bed she would lay her hand on my shoulder, because that was what I would need... but this was about what she needed.  Not that she would admit to needing anything... but that was okay. "And I don't owe Joe anything... I know he's not exactly a good guy. But when it comes to things like switching shifts, he really doesn't care as he gets Thursday nights off... he's pretty easy going."  But I was fairly he'd covered a few Thursdays for me when no one else could.
I looked around the room. "This is what I do... just with most of the time I'm in the car park of the cafeteria waiting on news." There were so many of the kids that it was too hard to explain how were friends with the age difference. But I was close by when accidents and illnesses happened. I'd always felt a little useless as a third... so I made things like this, my responsibility.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
When he told me how he found #TheKid, my bucket of sins grew. I knew I should have been there for my younger brother. The fear he must have felt in the moments that followed when he didn’t know what took place, just that it had been our mothers blood that had been spilt.
“I know…” I gave in because that was Embry. He was the one that always stayed with all the pups and the pack. I didn’t have a bone in my body that could be still long enough. Not as he did. And He was a calming influence too. No matter the reason the pack were in this place, or anywhere. Embry Call somehow knew how to show them a light and the silver lining.
He came to stand before me, and I saw how his fingers twitched. And without the words needed, I knew what he wanted to do, and knew he wouldn’t too.
I rubbed my temples with my index and second finger. I wanted to tell Embry, that I may not know Joe Walker, but I knew men like him very well. That it may seem like he wanted nothing for these things, but someday He would ask for his pound of flesh. And I wouldn’t be able to stand back and let that happen. But now wasn’t the time.
I stepped back to the table the bag of food sat on and slowly and carefully started to remove everything from inside. A mix of a few sandwiches, some bags of chips. A few slices of pies and cake. Really the as a meal it made no sense, it had been what my hands reached for when my heart and mind were elsewhere.
“Will you eat something now?” I asked him over my shoulder. “I know it’s not home cooked, and if Ma wakes up she will have a million reasons why we shouldn’t eat any of this.” I heard the footsteps of #TheKid coming back, and knew he could hear us. “But it’s something, right?” I threw a bag of chips over my head knowing that he would catch them.
•- Embry Call -•
I knew that she was punishing herself. but I couldn't do anything about that right now... maybe not at all. But I could try, when the time was right.
"He did really well... he froze for a second, but instead of giving in to it... he asked for help. He did you proud." I smiled.
I  smiled when she asked if I would eat... it wasn't that I hadn't eaten... anytime one of us left the room we came back with something... but her haul was far better than the vending machine fodder that we had settled for.
"Hell yeah, I will," I said with as much enthusiasm possible while still keeping my voice down. "Pie!!!" I whispered-screamed when the slices started to appear from the bag then, I had the lid flipped open on a slice of pie and a bamboo forkful shovelled into my mouth before I could reply.
"This..." I pointed the ridiculously tiny fork at the spread. "Is everything."
"We'll make the kid eat and I'll convince him to go home. He can stay at The Sanctuary." I said this knowing that he would hear me. I gave her a look that said so many things that I couldn't say with the world's most sensitive ears so close by. 'Will you be okay here?' 'I can leave him with #Quil and come back.' I knew she would say no. 'I'll just be a text message away.' 'I really don't want to leave here without hugging you or something similar that will piss the fuck off.'
'You know I heard you talking about me, right?' #Seth snatched the bag out  the air and smirked.
"Good." I turned to face him; shovelling in another tiny bite of pie and spoke with food in my mouth. "Because it's happening. You can take my bed... just this once."
'Thank you... But I think I should stay. Just in case, and you know Leah won't leave either.' He insisted.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I rubbed my forehead with the back of my hand and turned away from Embry the moment I heard the kid’s hand on the door.
I heard his unsaid words, but I couldn’t. Not right now. I couldn’t deal with it.
When I turned back my eyes rolled at the sight of Embry’s big hands with that small fork in them. “Spirits.”
I rolled my eyes again smacking the kid upside the head to keep his voice low, ma shifted and winced in her sleep. And my heart stopped, and it stung to see that pain on her face.
“Listen kid, Mac and Charlie have close up, however we need to make sure someone is there for the delivery. We both know Mac will step up. But we won’t do that to him.”
He was about to speak. “Also, we cannot have the three of us missing runs. I know Sam, Paul, Jay, Quil will all step up with Jake. But again. We have a duty to the pups and the packs too. Clearwater’s will not back down.”
His face changed from the son of a mother to a brother of a pack. ‘What about you?’ He took the pie and the fork I handed him.
“What about me? I got this. And you will come once your run is over and then I will take over. We got this Kid.”
He was frowning. When I looked to Embry and then back to him. “You did Ma proud today. We got to keep it up. Go with Call. Get some rest. I got this from here.”
I believed in that for now. Even if I kept telling myself that she shouldn’t have been left to do this to herself.
•- Embry Call -•
My eyes moved between the siblings. After seeing that #Sue had settled I buried the pang in my chest... It was an all too familiar feeling.
"I can rope one of the pups into helping with the delivery before my run tomorrow if you'd like. Mac can do the business end and we can do the heavy lifting." I offered.
"As for runs... we can cover it so you two can be with your mom for a few days. She'll need help at home and you guys will need to take turns at the bar."
I could see the pride on his face. but it quickly flooded with self-doubt, and I resisted the urge to shake the kid.  I could talk to him later.
'You need to sleep too, sis. I'll come back in the morning and promise you'll go home and rest?' He was resigned to the fact that she was going to make sure that he got home.
I wanted to insist that Leah sleep too.. but I knew it would be days before that happened. And it wasn't like I could have that conversation with her right now. I Finished the pie and tossed the plastic box into the trash can in the corner, careful not to let the lid slam when I lifted my foot off the pedal.
"Okay come on kid." I pulled out my phone. I'll get Quil to set up the sofa bed for you." I said and started to type.
'Thanks, bro' but I think I really just want to head home.' He was trying to do the independent thing... but he was independent. He had nothing to prove.
"Cool." I said without missing a beat. "I'll sleep on the couch." His jaw twitched to protest and before he spoke. I continue. "Fine, you can sleep on the couch. I'm not gonna turn down a bed when it's on offer." I rested my hand on his shoulder. "One night Pup... just indulge me?" I raised my brows and grinned. #Seth huffed but that smile of his showed through and I knew it was a yes.
I winked at Leah... not a flirtatious wink. My normal the charm offensive wins again wink, and I went to say goodbye to #Sue.
I touched her Forehead lightly and whispered. "Goodnight beautiful." I smiled as she stirred from her light doze. "I'll come to check on you tomorrow."
'Don't worry about me, sweetheart. I'll be just fine.' She said softly.
"Oh, I know. you are tough as nails. But I will just be a wreck if I don't see for myself." I grinned.
‘Oh, you really do have your father’s charm.' she patted my cheek, and I repressed my flinch. It was the painkillers. That was all. #Sue would never...
I kissed her forehead and smiled at her. Giving nothing away.
"Get some sleep, I'm going to take Seth home to rest too. I'll tackle the other one in the morning." I jerked my head to Leah and grinned. When I stepped away #Seth's eyes were the first that I saw as he approached the bed to say goodnight. They were full of apology. I gave the tiniest shake of my head, there was nothing to apologise for.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Now it was my turned to watch the exchange between my kid brother and Embry. It wasn’t unseen, and it wasn’t like we didn’t know how Embry worked his magic. It was more the fact that he took the time to make the other person think they had a say in what was happening. When I knew the truth. This used to be one of those things that I used to roll my eyes at. When I saw him playing someone. But now, now that I’d let him in and seen his full view too. I knew there was no Playing, about it. This was his way to help others.
I didn’t know how I would repay him. I hadn’t expected any of this from him. But this was him... This was  Embry Call in his heart and soul.
I arched my eyebrow at him when he gave me that wink, and #TheKid whispered. ‘He still has a death wish, at least he is in the hospital’
I stepped back and whispered to #TheKid when Embry went to say night to Ma. “Don’t you let him take your bed.” Nudging him in the side.
‘Ma, would kill me if I didn’t.’ he nudged right back with a half-smile. He reached out, squeezing a few fingers on the hand closest to him. and I knew what he was trying to do and say to me. I did it right back.
We both watched him and Ma whisper, however it had been a clear conversation to our ears. We both stilled and stiffened. I wanted to reach out and squeeze Embry on the shoulder, tell him that Ma didn’t mean it. That it had to be the meds talking. She would never hurt him in that way. But #TheKid did it with one look.
My eyes found Embry’s, wanting him to know that this all. It meant a lot. That I didn’t even have to ask. He had just been here. And I knew that all of this, seeing Ma this way. It would be testing him too. I knew how I felt when I spent time with #MsC in this place.
“Okay, that’s enough. Get out so Ma and I can have our sleepover.” I stepped backwards and pulled the door open for them both to leave.
•- Embry Call -•
I heard the two of them whispering and grinned. I wasn't going to take the kid's bed... not tonight at least. Any other time, I probably would.
There was a lot unsaid in Leah's eyes and I smiled at her. I knew most of my friend's parents knew who my father was, or at least had their own ideas of who he was. But I didn't want to know... If mom chose to tell me then I would hear her.
I stood next to Leah while #Seth said goodbye. I was close enough to let my arm brush hers  for the briefest moment.
It wasn't for her benefit, it was for mine... It was quick𝕀'𝕞 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖;  even though I was leaving, I wasn't going far.
#Seth came to the door with us and before I could he said 'Text if you need anything.' And gave her a look that said he meant it.
"And Jake said he can come if you need anything, too." I knew she wasn't going to call anyone. And normally this wasn't a shock, but there was a worry building. Because this  wasn't work stuff or pack stuff... it was #Sue... and I alone in this... Like was for everything hated to think of her being alone in this like she was with everything else.
Because we had let her down.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Just they were leaving a nurse started towards Ma’s room. ‘It time to go, Mrs Clearwater needs her rest.’ She wasn’t rude about it, and I knew she was just looking out for Ma.
‘Sorry, we are just leaving.’ #TheKid gave me and then Ma one last look before heading out.
My eyes found Embry for a second. There wasn’t anything I could do to tell him how much this meant. That I knew my kid was in good hands. And that… he had known it all.
As the sport closes the nurse Started to adjust Ma. “Here let me help you there.” I told her, going to stand beside the bed, I curled my arms around Ma and slowly lifted her, making it look like it was a team effort. So, that she didn’t question how I did it.
‘He is such a good boy.’ Ma said.
“Yes Ma, Seth is a good boy.” I whispered back kissing her forehead.
‘He is… but I meant Embry.’ She sleepy whispered before curling up the best she could and fell asleep.
“You mom is a little lost on the Pain meds.’ She told me. Then felt. I pulled the chair close to the bed, the door opened, and the nurse was back.
‘I brought you a pillow and a blanket. Just in case.’ She set them to the side and then it was just Ma and I.
•- Embry Call -•
When #Seth spoke to the nurse I caught Leah's eyes. You’ve got this! I hoped my eyes told her. Then they flicked to Seth and back. I’ve got this! I hoped the said now.
It was strange how it felt to leave her in that room. I knew she didn't need me there... but maybe she could want me there? I shook away that thought because, no... she would want me with my mom looking after her... working or with the pack... anything but hanging out in a hospital room just to keep her company Did I want her to want me there?  would that be a bad thing?  But all of it, it was all new and strange and oddly welcome. All the contradictions and mixed emotions seemed to all fit together somehow, wrapped up neatly the idea that looking out for #seth is what those two strong-willed, completely different, and utterly similar women we had left back would want me to do right now. If they ever needed anything from me, it was this.
'Dude your miles away... what are you are you thinking?' #Seth gave a half-hearted chuckle and I only realised that we were in the lift when we stopped walking.
"Oh... Just don't like the idea of Leah being left here alone when your mom will be out like a light all night." I offered, not a lie.
'That's how she likes it.' I could hear the frustration in his voice, he loved his sister deeply, but I knew he felt like she kept him at a distance sometimes.
"Being alone isn't the same as being lonely, Seth." I said the same thing to him that I had to his sister before.
'I know... But how can we know which when she is if she never shares how she feels?' He was so calm when he said it. It cracked my heart a little. It would have been less heart-breaking if he was pissed off. But this was a deep-rooted concern.
"Ask her." I said simply, my eyes fixed on his side profile as he stared at the crack of the door and laughed. 'Yeah right.' He scoffed, not taking me seriously.
"I mean it Seth." We stepped out and made our way across the nearly empty waiting area to the door.
"Just talk to her, ask her how she feels how she really feels." I continued.
'Like walk right up to her and say,  Hey sis, are you lonely?’ He laughed like it sounded ridiculous... and it kind of did but...
"In exactly those words if you want to... Leah appreciates directness." I stuffed the key into the lock of my Jeep and we claimed in. I could tell he wanted to defend against my Point... but instead he pressed his lips together and thought about it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I sat there watching Ma sleeping now, counting the number of times her chest went up and then came down. Making sure that the monitors weren’t giving the wrong data to the nurse when they came in from time to time to check on her.
They would tell me to sleep, to close my eyes. That Ma wouldn’t be awake until the morning with all the meds pumped into her. And yet I couldn’t. My mind kept telling me that she may need me, that she was in pain, or that I couldn’t just sleep when I should have stopped this from happening I the first place.
Finally, I stood up and walked to the windows. Wishing that I could open them needing to feel the touch of the air, the one that say, ‘You aren’t alone.’ Listening to the whispers of the spirits saying that it would all be okay. But tonight, there was silent and the beeping of the monitors.
I rubbed my face; I blinked away the unsure feelings taking a hold of me. I pulled my hair up into a bun and then took out my phone. Sending one short message to him.
𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞 -𝙻
Text To Embry Call -  {Thank you. – L}
I knew he would understand the meaning. It was hard for me to leave today, but if I hadn’t, I wasn’t sure what or how I would have managed to hold it together. Not with Ma this way. And even the fact that I was so weak that I needed to leave was filling the balance of my bucket of sins. I should have been stronger.
A light knock on the door startled me out of my thoughts. And when I saw #Pauls head pop in and then his smiled I looked confused.
‘Hey.’ He whispered for the first time ever.
“Hey” I whispered back.
‘Thought you could use some company.’ He was inside, with a box of pizza and a six pack of soda. ‘I know you aren’t all that keen on soda, but tonight I have a feeling all the sugar in the world would help.’ Setting the box and the cans on the side, he went to Ma’s side and kissed her head. ‘You will be fine Aunt. You have to be. OR who is going to control your Hot Head?’ He kissed her head again, and the back of my eyes prickled.
Walking over he took my seat and pointed to the couch. ‘You take that, eat and then you sleep, and I will sit watch.’ I opened my mouth to say no, but he rolled his eyes. ‘She isn’t just your mom Lee. She belongs to us all. Let her sons step up for her too. Now will you give me some food. I’m starving here.’
•- Embry Call -•
#Seth was quite a lot of the way home and I knew that there was a war in his head between worrying about his sister and worrying about his mom.... and then probably a little guilt that he was worried about Leah and #Sue was the one that was hurt. That kid was a pro and at feeling all the things all the time.
"C'mon kid... spill?" I asked him when we finally got back to his place.
'It's nothing really...' Seth sighed before he even finished the sentence because he knew I didn't fall for that shit. 'It's just stupid to worry about Leah when Mom is the one that got hurt.'
"There it is!" I clapped my hands on his shoulder and steered him to the living room. "Go... Sit... I'll make get us a drink."
He started to protest and I called back from the kitchen. "It's not optional." I grabbed us both a beer, knowing he would be fine to drive if he was needed back at the hospital and I sent Leah a text saying that Seth was home.
Then I settled on  the couch across from him so we could talk this thing out and I could send him to bed for a little rest.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Slapping #Paul on the back of the head. “I thought the pizza was for me.” He’d downed half of it.
‘No, I said the soda was for you.’ He smirked. ‘And that slap was for free. You know. Because you are so happy to see me.’
Rolling my eyes o gave him another. When I phone pinged. I took it out reading the text before putting it back away.
‘Aren’t you gonna reply?’ He asked with a brow raised.
“Doesn’t need one.” I told him.
We settled in for the night. ‘So, what Happened?’ It was a good question. Rubbing my face my eyes went to Ma and then the soda.
“I wasn’t there.” I told him.
‘I call bull shit.’ He said matter of factly.
“That’s your choice.” I returned in the same tone.
‘All this growth, and you still can’t see it… that you can’t stop us all from making stupid decisions. But you can help us learn from them HotHead. I know. I’m speaking from experience.’
I gave him a look and he just smirked holding the pizza box up.
•- Embry Call -•
#Seth and I talked for a long time. We were both really curious about how her injury actually occurred but I told him there was no point trying to figure that out, we needed to head that from #Sue when she was well enough.
I sent the kid to bed and then I get myself another drink settling on the couch. I scrolled through the group chat. It seemed like all the other were being very careful about flooding the chat with question, there was only a few then and message.
from Jake telling everyone that she should be discharged tomorrow and she was in pain but it was being managed. That was one thing about #Jake he didn’t lie to them, he didn’t tell them everything was fine just assured them that it would be.
It was hard to do it the way he did. In cases like #Sue’s it wasn’t easier, he would heal… but in cases like my Mom’s when she was really sick I had no idea how he kept them all so calm.
Sure it was their mom… Most of them never met her in person… but in so many more important ways they had all met her and loved her through the pack member that were in her life daily and they loved her like we all did.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
#Paul made me rest my head on the couch and took watch if Ma, I couldn’t sleep so he handed me a book and told me to read.
The words were dancing on the page as my eyes kept going to ma when I thought I head her move, shift or moan in pain. But it was all in my head.
At about 3am there was a new scent coming towards us and then #Sam was stood in the room, kissing Ma’s forehead and telling #Paul to go home.
I sat up narrowing my eyes at him.
‘Don’t look at me like that You know this is where I want to be.’
I shook my head. “You need to be at home with your wife and baby boy.”
‘I was, I dropped them off to Neah Bay, she wanted to visit home before she starts showing. So, there is where I need to be.’
He took the seat #Paul vacated. ‘Paul said you weren’t sleeping. Close your eyes, Lee. I’m here for Sue.’
I lay back down, watching him from behind. This was my Ma. She loved people so much, that they were showing up for her now.
•- Embry Call -•
I woke up with my feet hanging off the edge of the couch at five AM and by five thirty I had given up on the possibility of falling back to sleep. I sat up and ran my hand over my face and through my hair, shaking away the remnants of sleep... the soft breathing from the other side of the house told me Seth was still sleeping. Good... but I knew it wouldn't be long.
I text Leah  [𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚑𝚎? 𝚃𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝚖𝚎 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝙸'𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚝 𝚋𝚢 𝚊𝚏𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙸 𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚙 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎  𝚋𝚊𝚛. 𝚂𝚎𝚝𝚑 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚑𝚎'𝚜 𝚘𝚔𝚊𝚢. 𝙷𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚜𝚑𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚗 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚑𝚎'𝚜 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍.]
I didn't need to ask her how she was. I knew what the answer was and I knew what the answer she would tell me was too. I also had a feeling she knew she'd been on my mind all night too.
I pulled on my jeans but stayed barefoot, wanting to let #Seth sleep as long as his worried mind would allow. His kitchen wasn't a carbon copy of #Sue's Like his sister's was, but it was still tidy and had a semblance of order.
I turned on his coffee maker and poured myself a bowl of cereal just as I heard a car pulling up... but it didn't pull into the driveaway. Then there was a crunching of gravel beneath feet and a hushed reprimand of 'Will you wait in the car... you sound like a baby elephant stomping up the driveway!' I laughed silently.
And bacon.
I abandoned my cereal without a second thought and opened  the door to find #Sam and #Emily whisper-yelling at one another at the end of the drive. Though, #Sam had a huge goofy grin on his face as he taunted his wife just enough that she didn't quite get mad at him for real.
A dangerous game to play with a pregnant woman. I laughed again when they noticed me and #Seth's bedroom door opened. 'Do I smell bacon?'
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I wasn’t sure what the time was when I made #Sam leave, He could spend all night sat here, and the sun would be out soon, bringing in a new dawn with it.
Ma woke up and with her sleepy eyes gave me a small smile. ‘You didn’t need to stay here Usdi. I’m a big girl now.’ She said as I help her out of bed to the bathroom. She drew the line at letting me help her inside saying. ‘I am the mother here!’ And even though I could given some form of a witty reply, I knew now wasn’t the time.
Leaning on the wall, I took out my phone when it buzzed reading the text on the screen. Something in my stomach twisted as I typed out a reply.
[ Up and telling me she is the mother here. So good sign? Don’t need anything. Ness took care of all of Ma’s needs. I can do the deliveries. It’s okay. But thanks for staying with the kid. He wouldn’t have been okay alone. -L ]
Hitting send I pocketed the phone as I heard the flush go and then the tap turn on. I helped Ma back into bed as I nurse came in with some more meds. ‘Mrs Clearwater, you are looking bright this morning.’ She was full of energy for this time in the morning, However I have to give her credit. The woman was like a wave of lightening looking over Ma, her meds and then telling her to sleep.
•- Embry Call -•
‘We can’t stay, my cousin is in the house with Kishil, he’s still sleeping and #Sam has work.’ Se explained. That meant the #Bear was here, I forgotten she was visiting tonight. #Emily told us there was breakfast and muffins for us and #Leah and few treats for she with some cleverly disguised flaxseeds and oats to give her a boost. Then she was on her way.
#Seth was laying out the food in the basket and I pulled out my phone to reply to #Leah. [Business as usual! Okay… let me Rephrase; I will be helping with the delivery at the bar. If you still want to help the cool, we’ll be done twice as fast, and you can get some sleep. Or you can let Mac and I help out and just get some sleep. It’s up to you.]
I had already texted him to tell him I could out he refused at first, but I convinced him it was a good plan and he agreed easily.
“We should eat and then you need to shower and head to the hospital and try to convince Leah to get a few hours of sleep.”
#Seth agreed and we tucked into our food, Leaving the box for #Leah well wrapped. 
Then we both started to get ready Just like it was on cue #Quil showed up with a back pack of clothes and a little hellraiser on his back. ‘Bry!!!!’ She cried and reached out for me to take her before #Quil could even say hello.  she was far too big for this, maybe because we never told her she was getting big for it she just never stopped… I mean that was why people stopped picked their  kids up like this, right? They got too heavy. But not to us.
I scooped her off my best friends back and hugged her, her leg dangling in the air and she squeezed with all her might. ‘Quil said you needed a Bear hug.’ She whispered and kissed my cheek. ‘“I always need a Bear hug.” I told her and kissed her cheek a half dozen times.
‘Where is mine!?” #Seth called out, coming out of the bathroom fully dressed with wet hair.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
[Lee, we got this. The Bar is covered you don’t need to come of worry about it, just spoke to Seth and Embry too. He is coming to help me.] I re-read the text from #Mac. And I knew that news was spreading. People were slowly starting to wake up and hear that Ma was taken to hospital.
Just as I was about to hit reply. Embry’s reply came in and I rolled my eyes. “These men are trying to gang up.”
Replying to Mac [Thanks, I owe you and will pay up I promise. -L] Hitting send.
Then reply again this time to Embry. [You always have the answers don’t you. Thank you for helping. It means a lot. -L].
This was something new, help… Accepting it and  not feeling like I had failed. ‘You are learning on your journey.’ My wolf whispered as she watched Ma with me. She had been awake the whole time keeping me in check.
I sat up and my eyes jumped to the door, the sound and the scent came to me and he was at the door. ‘Is this her way to get out of helping with the event next week?’ The nurse held the door open and then left us to her as Billy took his hat off. ‘How is she?’ He asked with concern in his eyes. ‘Why didn’t you call me last night?’ He gave Ma a once over before turning his chair to me and scolding me for trying to always do things alone.
“I wasn’t alone. The Kid was here, Ms C. Quil, Embry.. Jack and Ness too! And then Paul and Sam came…” I stopped because the door opened and #Jay was stood there.
‘I just got off my run.’ His eyes went from Ma to Billy and then to me. ‘What did I miss?’  
•- Embry Call -•
#Bear wriggled and jumped down to run and give #Seth a hug. and she started to bombard him with questions about #Sue. And to his credit with each answer he seemed to relax more, like the act of explaining it all delicately yet honestly was making him start to see that his Mom was really going to be okay.
"I'm sorry man... It completely slipped my mind that #Claire was coming." I whispered to #Quil.
'Don't worry about it. As long we can pick up some slack for Leah and Seth  that's all that matters.' He whispered back as #Seth deflected questions about visiting her in the hospital but he told her she was coming home today and we'd have to wait and see how she was feeling.
That was when #Quil decided to rescue him. 'C'mon #ClaireBear. Let's go home and make Auntie #Sue a card or something.'
I waited for a teenage eyeroll and the retort that she was too old for arts and crafts, but she smiled and agreed... because of course she did. This was  #Seth got another hug and then it was my turn. 'Are you going to be home later?' #Bear asked.
"Sorry Little Bear I had to change my shift so I could be at the hospital the #Sue, But I'll work things out and make sure I can at least have dinner with you guys. And you can wake up first thing in the morning and we'll do something fun." She beamed... I would have woken up when she did anyway as I always gave up my room for Claire when she stayed. It just made sense since I was the one coming home between two and four in the morning.
After they felt Seth and I finished up I skipped the shower because I was going to need one before work after my run anyway... Though the hospital smell was still lingering. but that was probably in my head because I was so tired of that smell after all the trips with Mom.
I drove #Seth back to his Mom's and get his truck and we went out separate ways with a hug and the promise he would text me if he needs anything. He went inside, probably to make sure that it was tidy for #Sue when she was home. But I turned the Jeep around and went right for the bar. I was already halfway there when I remembered never replied to Leah or told Mac I was on my way.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The morning rounds started with the nurses coming in to check on Ma and how she has slept. They offered her some breakfast which she hadn’t hardly toughed. #Jay and #Billy refused to go home when Ma told them that she would be fine. However, they did go outside when the Doctor finally arrived to check.
He was happy with her sticks, with the sleep she had, he told us his blood count was up, however he also told her that she needed to eat before they would let her go. Ma smiled her trademark smile saying that she would eat something nice and big once she was home and showered. She didn’t like to have her breakfast before she showered. So, I didn’t push. This was when I knew that she would be okay.
The minute the doctor was done with his work, she started to quiz him on why there was no ring on his finger. And I closed my eyes and counted to five before she said. “My daughter Leah, she’s right there behind you. She is single too. She is such an amazing young lady.” And I wanted to ground to open up.
When I opened my eyes, they were both looking at me, and the doctor for once had the look that said. “I get it, my mom does the same to me.” 
This time I didn’t even have a go at Ma when he and the nurses left. I didn’t care what she did, as long as she was here, fit and healthy. When #Billy and #Jay returned I asked if they could stay with Ma and make sure she eats her breakfast.
‘Where are you going Usdi?’ Ma asked, I kissed her head.
“I need to go and pay the bill Ma, I will be right back.” Kissing her head again, I left the room. I had only gone a few steps when I hear #Billy calling out my name from behind. Worried something had happened I ran back to him. “What happened? Is…” He held up a leather wallet. “What is this, Billy?” I asked
‘It’s what I have at home. Jake is going to the bank right now and will be back as soon as he has taken out what we have. Together we will pay this bill Lealea.”
I swallowed down that hard lump in my throat again. My hand on the wallet I lowered it to his chest. I knew how hard he and Jake saved. This money would be the reason what Jake would be happy to leave Billy. Knowing that his dad had something to fall back on.
“Billy, you have nothing to worry about. I have the money. The bill won’t be that much.” He gave me that look. He knew what the care in this hospital would put us back. “Have faith in my Billy. I have Ma covered. I have this covered. But…” I bent down on my knees to come eye to eye with him. “Thank you. Thank you for offering.”
•- Embry Call -•
I stepped out when I parked the Jeep at the front of the HWH, I stepped out. I could hear the truck approaching, but only barely SO I pulled out my phone and typed back to Leah:
[𝙰 𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝙹𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝙷𝚊𝚢𝚎𝚜' 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚠𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗.]
Then a second one:
[𝙼𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎 𝟸]
I smirked and made my way around to the back of the bar the double door were open and Mac walked out just as got there.
'What are you smirking about?' He asked. 'Good news from the hospital?'
"Yeah... #MrsClearwater is coming home today... but it could be a long few weeks of recovery. But I was just telling Leah she owes a few beers for helping out." I laughed ryly... just in case my expression gave any other ideas.
'How do figure that will work considering she insisted she could be here and she could handle it?' Mas teased as the truck pulled carefully around the building.
"Doesn't matter... Leah hates to think she owes someone. Even is she didn't ask... she still has the reward hard work." I smirked. It was true... she wouldn't really owe me... but it was how she saw things so if a few beers evened the scales I would drink them with gusto!
Mac tossed me a pair of work gloves and I pulled them on just the play human while we worked. "Alright, then boss... tell me where you want these?"
We got stuck in, I moved what the driver unloaded inside where Mac told me to take them while he checked everything off a list.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
From Lucky - [𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚒𝚝 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜𝚗’𝚝 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚒𝚗𝚟𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚍. 𝙸𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎, 𝙸 𝚊𝚖 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞.]
I read Lucky’s text twice before pocketing my phone and stepping out of the elevator on the admin floor. Feeling useless in this building whenever I came into it. Until I realised that I could help people by taking the pressure off of them when it came to this finally walk to pay the bill.
Then I set Ma’s insurance card down the woman behind the desk gave me a look. I knew what she was thinking. People like me didn’t tend to have insurance, people like me tended not to come off the Rez away from our small doctors clinic. Let alone the shock on her face when I told her I would clear the rest of the bill with my bank card and not a credit card.
‘It’s a lot of money dear.’ She smiled with a patronising tap on the back of my hand when I set the card down Before her. “I know. Funny enough I know how to read, write and count. Now… do your job… and take the payment.” One glare from me has her quaking in her heels. “And I want a full brown down invoice while you are at it….. thanks.”
I was never rude to the staff in hospitals. But women like this one, she thought herself high and mighty because she felt she had power. Little did she know.
My phone buzzes, I took it out and shook my head reading the text from Call.
To Call: [𝙸 𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝚍𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝚝𝚠𝚘 𝚋𝚎𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎. -𝙻]
Hitting send I smirked a little. Not telling him what the better would be
•- Embry Call -•
#Mac finished checking off the delivery notice and started helping me move the boxes. I had taken care of the kegs first… they didn’t weight that much more than a case of beer bottles.. but they were more awkward to carry and knew he had an issue with his back already.
“Take your time will you?” I teased him. ‘You’re making me to look bad.” I tried to keep him talking as we worked but he was still lifting two cases at a time.
‘Do you need a little more time in the gym, Call?’ He laughed. ‘I’ll give you some pointers if you want?’ he teased right back.
I responded by lifting three cases and following him into the stock room. “I think I’m good!” I laughed. I felt my phone vibrate but I didn’t want to stop until this was done.
‘Show off!’ He scoffed. ‘I could do that.. but… I’m not as tall as a tree so I wouldn’t see where I’m going.’
“Keep telling yourself that.” I laughed.
And then he started to ask about the open mic night… things like why I never told anyone I could sing… and how shocked he was by Nessie’s voice. He wondered why neither of us ever pursued it as a career…
“Wait like… sing for a living?” I scoffed. “Nope! Were you not there that night? I about shat my pants on that stage!”
‘Only for the singing… I bet you’d get over that.’ He replied. Stopping the gulp down half a bottle of water.
I used the chance to reply to Leah.
To Leah:  [𝙲𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚛 𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚞𝚎𝚍… 𝙷𝚘𝚠’𝚜 𝚂𝚞𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐? 𝙰𝚗𝚢 𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚊 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢’𝚕𝚕 𝚜𝚒𝚐𝚗 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚢𝚎𝚝?]
“Nah… what’s that saying about never doing what you love for a living? I think Ness feels the same.”
‘There’s a saying about that?’ Mac seemed to think.
“Isn’t there?” I shrugged. “Feels like there should be.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘How much stuff did Sue need for one night?’ Jay asked the moment the door was opened and I stepped inside.
“Ness.” Is all that had to be said, he smiled as he would knowing the meaning right way. We all knew the imprints so well, especially Ness. We all had spent time with that kid, as she grew up before our eyes. And now we knew how she would react, and this had her stamp all over it. Hadn’t I had this conversation already? I didn’t know it was all becoming one to me right now because my mind was on Ma in that locked bathroom.
‘I’ll take these down to the car and then be back to help.’ He said before lifting the page and heading out.
The sounds coming from the bathroom told me where Ma was, I gave the room a once over before turning to find #Billy right there looking up at me. ‘Well? How much was the bill?’
My eyebrows shot up with a roll of my eyes. “I told you Billy, it’s covered. We are all good.”
This man had been one of the first to pick me up when I came home. I heard the stories from Ma and Da about Aunty Sarah and Billy coming rushing over to decorate our home to welcome. So, he always thought he could read me. And at times he could because I left him a few bread crumbs. But today wasn’t that day.
The door behind him opened with Ma coming out. ‘Fine, but this conversation isn’t over.’ His voice low enough for me to hear but not for Ma.
“Yes, it is.” I muttered before worked my way around him to Ma’s side. “Are you really to go home?”
‘I am, I need a shower to get this hospital smell off me.’ I knew what she meant. It was something I was used to. Once I’d been around the Cullen’s for long enough everything else smelt like roses. ( Not really but yeah. )
‘The doctor said he would be back with some medication, then we can take Sue home.’ Billy told me. The two of them began to talk about something but I tuned it out. Leaning on the back wall I crossed my ankles and arms over my chest to watch them.
When my phone went off, I pulled it out and rolled my eyes.
To Call. [I was talking about lasagne, Wisearse! We are waiting for Ma’s meds and the Doc, should be out and bringing her home before lunch. -L]
Hitting send, I shot off the same ish text to #TheKid, and #Jake too. just letting them know.
•- Embry Call -•
Once we finished putting the boxes away #Mac tossed me a soda and sat at the bar next to me. “It’s weird seeing you on this side of the bar.” I chuckled.
‘Honestly… it’s weird sitting here.’ He admitted with a chuckle. ‘Lee and #Seth are gonna as take this hard.’ He said with a sigh.
“I stayed with #Seth last night, he’s okay. I’d say he’s at the hospital now… they’ll be fine once they do it together.” I assured him.
‘You do that a lot don’t you?’ He asked, brows pinched until a V appeared between them. I gave him a look that said ‘Do what?’
‘Look after people... Without them knowing you're doing it.’ he continued.
“Not really... I don't really do anything I'm just... There. Most of the time people know exactly what they need to do. They just need someone there... So...”  I shrugged.
‘That's still more than what a lot of people do... Probably better because you let them figure it out themselves.’ he was thinking out loud... I swigged from the can and pulled out my phone.
[That’s exactly what I had in mind. The bar is sorted. Try to rest when she is settled at home.]
Then I followed it up with another. Knowing we would both need to delete the message immediately. But it said everything that was needed to be said, I was here... No matter what she needed.
[I got you]
‘What about your mom?’ #Mac asked. ‘How is she doing?’
“Oh...” it was a topic I want expecting, which was stupid considering the topic was sick Moms. “I'm...  Yeah. She is doing better. I mean the only cure is a new kidney. But the medical grant from the council really took the pressure off and bring less stress out seems to have had a major impact.”
‘Seems to have worked for you too... You hadn't been the guy I was used to seeing around here for the last few months.’ #Mac added with a knowing look.
“Yeah... Trying to keep the bills paid and mom looked after... It was... Hard. But now I can focus on her.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I knew he was coming from the sound of his feet and his scent. Before he was at the door, I opened it and stood back so he saw Ma sitting up in bed laughing with the doctor and #Billy. His heart was hammering in his chest, and I could tell he was trying and failing to control himself.
“She is going to be okay kid.” I said in a low voice as he came to the door and stopped.
Watching him from the side I gave him the time he needed to take her in, to see for himself, because I knew I would have needed to confirm it for myself if I were him too.
‘She’s going to be fine.’ He repeated.
‘Here he is. My baby.’ Ma held her good arm outstretched towards him, beckoning him to come in. When he did, I kept the door open because I could hear #Jay coming too.
‘All set?’ he asked rubbing his hands together. Just as the Doctor gave Ma the sign off to leave.
“Looks like it.”
I took the prescription from the nurse giving it a once over. Letting the guys take Ma as I listened to the instructions of what was needed and when. Being told to keep the bandages dry for at least 72 hours, which meant we would have to be careful when we took her home, and she showered.
Leaving the room behind the others my phone went off and I read the two messages. A rush of calm came over me, and I knew I should delete that last part. Three little words, and it was so much more that I heard from it.
[Sure, you did. Thank you -L]
I didn’t need to say ‘thank you for helping Mac, for stepping in for the Kid and me, so that we could be here for Ma. Thank you for saying you have me. That no matter what, you will be beside me.’ Because he knew it was all inclusive.
Hitting send I rushed down the stairs as the rest went to the elevator. Running down then four steps at a time, I made it to the pharmacy on the ground floor. Showing then the discharge papers and prescriptions. Gathering them just as the others arrived in the lobby.
‘Sis, it may be best to take Ma home in mine, Jay is going to take Billy home, and…’
“I will drive Ma’s car back. It’s a good plan.” The porter rolled Ma out into the waiting area as the Kid came around. Only once they had all left, did I make my way to the parking lot to follow them back to La Push.
•- Embry Call -•
I helped Mac restock the bar… but they seemed to get most of that done after closing. Then I said goodbye to #Mac telling him to text me if he needed anything else.
I headed straight to #Billy’s I knew he wasn’t there but #Nessie’s had offered to stay so she could take my phone and the hospital beeper while I did my run. When I got there she was sitting on the porch at the top of Billy's wheelchair ramp staring out at the road instead of the trees… that is how I knew something was wrong.
I stood next to her and squeezed her shoulders.  “What’s on your mind little one?” I asked.
‘I just... it’s…’ she sighed. ‘They’re all going to die.’
I flinched; tact was never her thing. But neither was malice. Her hand flew up to her mouth. ‘Oh my god!’ She stood up in a flash and hugged me. ‘I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have said that… not to you… I just…’
“It’s okay Ness. You can say these things. I know how you feel.” I hugged her back. “I know it’s hard for you to see them sick or hurt.” Them being the humans she loved. “It makes sense… most of your family is essentially indestructible. But you love harder than anyone i have ever met Little One. And every single human you’ve ever met is better just for knowing you.”
She sniffled now and I squeezed her a little. ‘But what do we do when they’re gone?’
“We hurt… until remembering them doesn’t hurt as much. And we love them anyway. We make them proud to have loved us when they were with us and remember everything, they taught us.”
She sniffled again and pushed me away. ‘I hate you sometimes, you know that.’ She wiped away her tears, but a weak smile broke through I could tell she was breaking through the dark cloud.
“No, you don’t.” I teased her.
‘You should go before you’re late.’ She swiped at her face again.
“Do you need me to call someone to keep you company? #Kim is home today…” I offered but she cut me off.
‘Quil is bringing Claire over…  We’re going to make jewellery.’ She laughed and I started to see the optimistic Ness again.
“As long as it's not leather…” I pointed to the cuffs on her wrists. “I think Quil would kill you.”
She shook her head and laughed. ‘No… she had a beading project for school. I said I would teach her since #Emily is so busy.’
“Awesome… Get her to make something pink and sparkle for Leah… she could use the laugh and she can’t say no to that girl.” Then I headed for the trees with the sound of my best friends imprint laughing behind me.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
With Ma settled in bed, I left her with #TheKid to get started on making some dinner. I knew that even one night away from home would had been hard on her. So, it would be best not to make her eat anything from outside. And really, I wanted to cook. Ma had always been in love with cooking, for her it was a art form that she would feed those who she loved with. She never backed down from feeding anyone who stepped foot into her home, or if she found out they were under the weather.
She had a fresh chicken and vegetables in her fridge, which meant I got to work on a soup. The chicken went into the oven to roast with some herbs, onion, garlic, and butter. And the veggies I began to clean  and chop.
#TheKid came down some time into the day to take ma up some tea, and then returned to help. ‘Ma’s sleeping. She cannot keep her eyes open.’
“It’s been a lot on her body. Sometimes… I guess we forget just how human she really is.”
We didn’t say anything else. I cooked and he baked. He wanted to make something, anything, it was more about doing something without time, because if we stopped, we would think, and if that happened. Then we would… I didn’t want to think about it.
Two hours later there was a knock on the door, we found #MsC and #Emily came in with a bag filled with food.
‘Leah. You should be sleeping. We have dinner made.’ I could hear the sounds of a kiddo in the bad, and then he was rushed in on the shoulders of #TheKid making my lips curl up into a smirk.
“I needed something to do.” I told them shredding the chicken.
‘Let’s face it. This house is going to be busy for the next few days. It will add be eaten.’ #MsC said as she was about to sit down on the table. I stopped her.
“No. In the living room. Or you can go and climb into bed with Ma. Your choice.” She smiled patting my cheek.
‘With Sue.’ She said. #The Kid handed the kiddo over to me and helped #MsC up to settle her with Ma.
‘Leelee.’ The Kiddo asked.
‘Where is Ulisi Sue?’ (Grandmother)
“She’s not feeling well kiddo. She’s resting. You can play with Uncle Seth for now, and then later you can see her. Okay?”
‘They—’ I cut #TheKid off.
“Want tea.” Handing the kiddo back over I let #Emily do, her thing I told her she should be resting. And she said the same back to me. As I got to boiling some water for the tea and finish off the big pot of chicken soup.
•- Embry Call -•
After my run, I spent a few minutes with Claire at the Black's house, with ended with me covered head to toe in glitter and sporting a fabulous new red and black bracelet.
I made my way home to shower and shave (which I really needed). I knew I wouldn't need to leave out food for #Quil, he mostly ate at Emily's when he had #Bear.   Then I changed into my uniform and shot off a text to Leah.
To Leah - [Leaving the Jeep home tonight just in case. I know you hate driving, but you can’t exactly get your mom on the back of your bike. You won’t need it. But just in case. You know where the keys are.]
I took my bike to my mom’s, but the house was locked up and there was a note on the fridge - she was just as bad at texting as I was -  saying Emily had taken her to #Sue's the help The Kids. I laughed and stuffed that into my pocket because would get a kick out of being called a kid. The note also mentioned a language and specific instructions to reheat it in the oven and not the microwave. So, I naturally put a 𝕤𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕖 (half) of it into the microwave for five minutes. How had fifteen minutes to wait for a lasagne?
I poured a glass of milk and sorted through the mail. checking on Mom's pill organisers and checking to see which of her prescription needed to be refilled. Until the timer went off and then I sat at the table to eat with my music as loud as my phone would go.
I fucking hated eating alone. Guilt crept in at the  thought... what a stupid thing to think after everything that had happened... But I let myself feel it, then reminded myself what was important.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The mom’s ate their dinner in Ma’s room. The two were catching in low whispers the last time I listened to see if they needed anything. It was a  little tricky with #MsC here, Ma couldn’t just say she needed some water and then have me or #TheKid show up with a bottle. So, we had to listen and then go up asking if we heard them in need.
‘I cannot believe even Sue’s frozen soups taste this good.’ #Sam said standing from the table. He has arrived here from his run, to check in and then take his wife and son home. However, with dinner on the go. He wasn’t going to leave without eating.
‘No matter what she makes, it’s like eating in the land of the spirits.’ #Emily tasted her husband.
#TheKid glanced up at me from where he stood refilling his and #Sam’s bowl but didn’t say anything to the two. ‘Yeah, The Clearwater’s have magic in their hands.’ He finally said sitting down with the two bowls.
Once dinner was over, Sam said that he would drive #MsC home, however I frowned. Going upstairs to the two. “Hey Beautiful, why don’t you stay here the night? I can make up my bed for you. It would help the Kid and me a lot as your friend here will never listen to us.” Giving her the biggest ‘You would be saving me’ look I could. She had her evening meds with her, and I could drive her back home in the morning in time for her morning ones.
Telling the others of the change of plans, I set my room up for #MsC, giving it a quick dust, changing the covers, and making sure she had everything she needed for a comfortable night. I didn’t know why, But knowing that Embry was working tonight, I just needed these two women where I could see them.
‘I’ll take them up some tea.’ #TheKid told me when I came back down, the house was quite again with the little one gone. Giving me a moment to check my phone. It had buzzed which I was changing the bed.
Glancing over my shoulder, I stood reading his reply once again before replying.
To EMBRY - [If I need it, I will take it. The Kid is here for now, so things should be okay. I am keeping your mom here too. I need them both where I can see them. Don’t work too hard. -L]
Unsure how he would take the fact that I have kidnapped his mom,  my eyes were on the back yard and the shed. Slight scent of blood still in the air, however #Jacob and #Ness had done a good job with the clean-up. I knew I would have another go at cleaning in the morning.
‘Hey, are you heading home?’ #TheKid came back into the kitchen with the used cups from the Moms.
“No. I am staying,” I told him.
‘Sis, you were at the hospital last night. Go home, shower, change, sleep. I will be here all night. I am not going anywhere. I got this.’ I knew he did. But I couldn’t leave. I just couldn’t.
To Be Continued in Part Two
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blazingtheway · 6 months
Meeting You Half Way!  - Storyline 13 – Together
Tumblr media
•- Embry Call -•
"Good afternoon to you too!" Smiles.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Good morning. How did you sleep?” Smiles.
•- Embry Call -•
"Very well... very vivid dreams." Resting both hands on the curve of her back. "How about you?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… why does it sound pervy when you say vivid dreams? Asking for a friend and all.”  Smiling. “I slept really well.”
•- Embry Call -•
“I wouldn’t say Percy… but there was a lot of bare skin and removing of clothing involved.” I chuckled, feeling the weight and heat of her body on my chest.
I really… really enjoyed that sensation. “No… adventure to tell me about?” I teased.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Flipping my hair to the side and out of the way, my fingers traced his jawline. “I rest my case.” Leaning down to brush my lips over his. “But I need a little more information.”
Laughing slowly, I pressed my lips together and bit the inside of my cheeks. “Adventures..” Had he noticed my departure last night?
“Galvquodi adanvdo Vgalutsv.” I whispered. “The souls returned.” My eyes on his. “The spirits were busy. It was…. beautiful….”
•- Embry Call -•
My eyelids dropped as her fingers traced heat along my face. Simple touches from this woman still sank into the core of me. I moved one hand the brushed aside the neckline of her shirt, kissing her shoulder.
“Well, it started slow… like this.” I kissed a line across her shoulder. “And then clothing was removed very slowly, carefully… like unwrapping a gift…”
I smiled and kissed the corner of her mouth. “Beautiful.” I agreed.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” So, this called forth some sensations and a number of reactions all at once. From the stilling of my heart to the embers of heat pulsing underneath each one of his kisses.
“A … beautiful … gift?” Questioning softly while I dipped my head to the side. Giving him clear access to my skin.
“So… you’re… saying it was… appreciation of the gift?”
•- Embry Call -•
“The most beautiful gift.” I murmured again her skin. Lips trail back along her shoulder and up her neck, slowly, slowly making my eat to her ear. Meanwhile, my hand slipped underneath her shirt and stroked up the bare skin of her back. Pushing her shirt up. The other slide  down, gently squeezing her arse.
“One that should be appreciated daily, completely and utterly appreciated.” I whispered into her ear before taken her earlobe between my teeth. “Touched, kissers, tasted… pleased…”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth, the second his hand reached my arse. No matter the roiling nerves in my stomach, I wasn’t going to let that move pass without a snap.
Even if his bite pulled a hum out of my lips. My body pressed down over his. I moved just enough to bring my hands free.
“This is a very detailed… dream.” Whispering with my breathy voice. Arching down into him, while my fingers combined his hair.
•- Embry Call -•
My blood heated at the snap of her teeth. Spirits! Why was that so sexy?
“I told you I have a great imagination.” I smiled and my body reacted to her. Telling her that, that was no need for imagination with the weight of her shifting on top of me. My fingers traced down the curve of her spine.
I closed my eye and breathed in the scent of her. A low him in my chest as she pressed herself into me in all the right places. It was impossible not to squeeze her arse again as she pressed those hips down.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm… I’m learning.”
His scent and body changed, calling deep within me and stirring the warrior inside of me to wake. With a push back, I reminded her this was my time and not hers.
Turning my head my lips caught his. Teeth trailing his lower lip and biting, with a teasing pull before the tip of my tongue soothed.
“Are you awake now or is this still a dream?” whispering with my eyes on his. The tip of my nose brushing his I kept my lips just a breath away from his.
•- Embry Call -•
There they were, to intense, hypotonic brown eyes. Mine locked on a caught the thoughts and emotions swimming behind them. Her teeth, her tongue… the way her nose just brushed mine… that perfectly mix of physicality and intimacy.
“Oh, I’m wide awake.” I said, breathy, low. My  eye fixed on hers. “But maybe a little of both, sometimes I feel like you must a dream and then I see the footprints you leave on the world.” I kissed the tip of that perfect nose. “You make me feel thing I never knew existed let alone to dream of you let me see the world in ways I never would have before. You’ve taught my things no one else could. You challenge me and hold me up.” I chuckled. “Even when you’re literally knocking me down. Isn’t that what dreaming is. The… unlikely… being bold… learning, adventuring, experiencing  things that  should impossible. Feeling thing you never felt before.” I lifted my hand from where it had been tracing a familiar, swooping pattern at the base of her spine.
I swept my thumb along the apple of her cheek. “You are awaking dream, Leah Clearwater. And I don’t want to fall  asleep.”
I never wanted to return to the blindness I’d lived in when I saw so much of everyone else and missed too much of her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Even with his hand gone I could feel that swirling figure eights he mindlessly drew on my skin often. However, the act itself spoke so loudly that I was constantly left with a calm even in the midst of our bubble.
My eyes searched his, and my fingers stork his hair. It had  grown again. Sitting in that mid phase. It kept falling over his brow, needing to be pushed back. And it made me smile internally.
With the small monster in my stomach awake, my nerves waiting for the next touch, his works sank in.
“There… you go…” my lips brushed  the edge of his lips.. just…
“The art of conversation.” I didn’t need to say anything more.
There was No way I could put all my thoughts into words the way he did. I didn’t have the eloquence… or the words themselves.
My eyes spoke, but no one but him listened. my heart sang, but noon but him came close enough to feel it. And my silence showed the way, but that was too deafening for the world.. but him.
•- Embry Call -•
The sound of her just existing in this space we shared was like music to me. Her breath, her heart… the rustle of her clothing when she moved. The way she still in certain moments and then moved. Her finger moving through my hair, every touch and kiss and glance… she did  nothing with intention.
I smiled softly, that’s smile that was just hers. “We’ll, I can’t credit for that last part. Diane Warren wrote that for Aerosmith in 1998.” I teased my my voice  was delicate.
I pressed a light kiss to her lips. “I hear you, Trouble.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Eyes widened with the act of shock. “Stealing from the greats now? Isn’t that cheating?”
His smile, the one he kept for the bubble in full display, and it gave me a warmed sensation. “Even if we know that the art of conversation isn’t only about your words, it’s about  knowing the context and finding something to fit.” Muttering the words over his lips.
Pulling back a little so that I could take him in. The light from the window just shining and highlighting the edge of his cheek. Making me lean down and brush my lips to follow the line.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and kissed her nose as she pulled back. My lips still feeling the phantom brush of her lips on mine. “I suppose it was rather poetic wasn't it?”
I smiled. She raised herself up and looked down at me... Light on one side of her face.... Shadow on the other... She was beautiful. My fingers began their slow tracing against her spine again... My other hand on her cheek and sliding delicately over her ear and into her hair.
I closed my eyes and turned my head as her lips moved, breathing in the moment.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Hmm…” My lips moved from the apples of his cheeks, across to his ear, and then down following the line of his jaw.
The growth of the night tickled my lips, to scent and taste of him entering my senses as I did the one thing, he always asked of me… love in the moment “Still real.” It was a whisper along his skin while I moved to kiss his neck.
This wasn’t line me. Well. Not the me before Embry Call at least.
•- Embry Call -•
A low hum escaped my throat and I arched, opening up all the space she could want. My fingers combed through her hair and, the silky strands sliding easily across calloused fingers.
"Still real." I whispered laying my hand flat on the small of her back and pressing her  Lightly against me. She was so warm, the hard planes of her stomach were solid against mine but the skin beneath my hand was soft, and so was her hair twisted between my fingers.
How could anyone be so soft and so strong all at once?
"You are an enigma, Leah Clearwater." I whispered. "A beautiful mystery."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sounds he made effected without me needing to pin point them. The scent in and around us changed, deepened, growing, and flowing between the two. My lips curled up into a smile, and I bite his neck, kissing my way over to the shoulder. He used words like ‘enigma’, when  I used words like… well I didn’t. Words weren’t my go-to.
“Still a mystery?” Whispering against the lines of his muscles.
“Good, some walks are still in place.” But he was knocking them down, one at a time. Pushing that thought away, because I didn’t want to be lost in my mind. Not in our bubble.
•- Embry Call -•
Those teeth against my throat pulled a whimper from between my lips... She knew just how to send shivers down my spine.
“You’ll always be mysterious, Trouble.” I smiled my fingers trailing all the way to the ends of her hair. “No walls.” I breathed, arching into her a little. Feeling that lean, sexy body against me. I groaned softly again. Her breath on my skin took away mine. “Just hidden twists and turns… and I like it… there’s always something new to learn about you.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
His fingers in my hair sent shivers down my shine. Something so simple was felt deeply.
Biting the edge of his shoulder, I pushed back to sit up a little over him. Flipping my hair out of the way while I looked down into his earthy dark eyes.
“Twists and turns?” shifting myself with a circular motion of my hip I moved to meet him with just enough attention to his body.
“Why is this… you know….” Glancing around the living room before back down at him. “Feel this way?” Sitting up now the tips of my fingers trailed over his chest.
•- Embry Call -•
“Spirits.” I whispered. She really knew how to tease just enough that I couldn’t call her on it with showing how she affected me with the smallest of actions.
Then…. I groaned. “Trouble!” I smiled but there was an edge of warning. I was about to flip the two of and return favour.
“Does there’s need to an answer to that?” I asked with a cheek smile up at her. Move my hands to her hips. “We’re here… we both want to be… we’re both…” I lifted my hips a little. “Enjoying ourselves.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyebrow popped up with a smirk curling on my lips. Oh, I knew what I was doing, pushing just enough but not so much to send him hurtling over the edge.
“Dimples!” I replied. My nails scratching his skin but not leaving any marks behind.
The tip of my tongue rolling over my lips I bit into my cheek he was playing dirty too. Because the moment his hips came up there was a lightning strike from my core all th            e way up to my heart.
Shaking my head. “No… no answer needed.” I didn’t ask questions often. And needed answers even less. I read people.
•- Embry Call -•
I bit my lip, the barely-there bit of her fingernails electrified my skin. But I had gotten under her skin too, her heart and the fire in her eyes gave it away. My hand moved from her hips, down along her thighs, my fingers pressing firmly into the tight muscles. Fuck! She was so strong… and it was a hell of a turn on.
I smiled at her, she was here… only here, living in the moment. “Well then.” My hands went back to her hips, rocking her against the bulged in my jeans. “I think you should shut up and kiss me.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Tilting my head to the side, my hips rocked in a circle before pushing down to tease some more.
I knew he saw me; he’d left nowhere for me to hide. And to tell the truth, I didn’t want to either.
“So, bloody… demanding.” Snapping my teeth once hard. I lent down, hovering hairs breath away from his lips. “Make me.” I challenged, feeing the warmth of his breath on my skin.
•- Embry Call -•
Fuck! This woman knew exactly how drive me wild. Another low sound rumbled in my chest when she moved on top of me again.  That snap really meant business and caused a twitch in my boxer... The way we were pressed together I knew she felt it.
I moved fast on arm wrapping  around her a pinning her against me. My hip and shoulder launched up and over, following us off the couch and my free hand stopped us from hitting the floor. “Challenge accepted.” I growled in her ear and lowered her to the floor, pressing my chest into hers.
I tugged on her earlobe with my teeth, lifting her hands above head and holding them there with on hand. The other trail softly along the curve of her throat, over her collarbone and the soft swell of her breast. My lips trailing slowly along her jaw. Attacking all her senses at once.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I saw the excitement in his eyes a split second before he rushed into action. The feel of him growing between the two of us had distracted me long enough for him to move.
“Embry!” Growling his name, my hair flipped over and so did our bodies entwined until my back was places gently to the ground.
My legs moved around his waist tightening a hold, but he had the upper hand. Each and every part of us touched and the best blossomed.
Snapping my teeth at him I shifted underneath him, my hips pushing up to find space to flip him. tugging on my arms and hands to find some leeway as my treacherous body betrays me. My heart skipped, the arousing scent filled the space between, and a hum escaped my lips at the bite to my ear.
•- Embry Call -•
I groaned... hearing my name on her lips, her hip pressing up against me. Fuck! Heat flooded my veins. I pinned her hips with mine, knowing that she was trying to gain the upper hand.
"Uhuh." I teased, squeezing her wrists. She would be free already if she really wanted to be. "I'll be needing that kiss first, Trouble." I whispered against her mouth my lips brushing hers as they moved.
Rocking  my hips against her and rolled my thumb of the peak starting the press through the fabric of her shirt and her bra. Her scent changed and moaned, more of my dropping against her live form. "Fuck!" I moaned... burying my face in the crook of her neck again. "You smell good to eat." I said, my voice was deep and a dragged the tip of my tongue along her pulse.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Why was this so much of a bloody turn on? No man has been capable of holding my attention, that was until him. And now things that should have cost him, his life. Made my stomach flip, my mouth go dry and my core pulse? How?
Turning my head to the side, moving my lips away so that he doesn’t have access to that kiss.
“You have to work for it, Dimples.”
The weight of his body laying over mine elevated my desire to feel even more of him. So, when he pressed down, I could feel the sensations of his thickness in Ann the right places.
Growling with a push of one side. I jerked us both a little before I was flat against the ground with my long legs wrapped around him, and my arms pulled over my head pressing into the cold ground.
The heat of our bodies, with the coldness of the floor was perfect.
•- Embry Call -•
The scent of her arousal thickened in the air around us and set my senses to fire. The fiction between our body was making my trousers more uncomfortable by the second. At the same time every touch and roll of my hips had sounds of pleasure slipping past my lips.
“With  pleasure.” My voice was a low rumble against her collarbone, my tongue dipping into the perfect curve there.
I palmed her breast again, and started to move my hand down her torso, worshipping every smooth muscle and mouth-watering groove. “I could spend hours… and hours…  working on getting… just… one… kiss.” I kissed her collarbone the made my way down, kissing a line between her breasts between words.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sensation grew as my nipple peaked up like small mounds through the fabric of my bra and tee. Shivers ran down my spine and towards my toes at the sound of his moans. HIS MOANS! They were turning me on?
“Fuck!” I lost my trail of thoughts. What had I said? What was he  replying to? Something…. Nothing…. And everything all at once….
“Embry.” I tugged at my hands still pinned to the ground, and as much as I wanted to touch him, feel his skin, and his heat. The not being able to add to the experience of it all.
I arched my back up off  the ground while his mouth left a trail of fire where it past, just as his hands were doing too.
•- Embry Call -•
Her legs were wrapped so tightly around me that my trail of kisses could only go so far. My teeth found the sweet nub pressing through her shirt and grazed it, then the other.
“Maybe, Trouble.” I said huskily, pressing my lips to her jaw. “But… not until I get that kiss.” I my lips along her jaw, letting the heat of my breath fan across her skin as I slowly made my way towards her mouth.
Every inch of me screaming to just kiss her. The hand the wasn’t holding her wrists gripped me hip and pulled her against me as I pressed my hips down. My lips hovered just about hers, my teeth grazing her lower lip.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Maybe? Maybe? “In your dreams!” I snapped my teeth at him when he came closer, with the facts slowly seeping in from the fog he was creating around me.
Challenge… winning… no… kiss!!! My mind screamed when all I wanted was to kiss to lips of his. All I had to do was lift my head. Arch my back, shift my hips. But that would be giving into my temptation of him. And I was stronger than that.
“I will bite you so hard.” Managing to even my breathy voice out, however the end gave me away.
•- Embry Call -•
I moaned... it said have been the word FUCK but it was strangled and breathless. I tugged on her bottom lip a little harder after that snap.
"Don't underestimate a dream, beautiful." I flicked my tongue over the place I bite her. "Taking about my dream is what got us here remember?" I grazed my teeth along her jaw, so.... so carefully considering the contrition her body was making under me. The hardness in my jean throbbed. 
"Fuck!" I pressed her hands into the floor even harder, not because I want ed to restrain... I just knew it turned her  on.
"Promises, Promises, Trouble."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits!” The word was a growl and the aftermath of his bite. Lightening shot it’s way from my lips to my core, making the pulse rattle me from the inside out.
He wasn’t taking any prisoners this evening, and this was evident from the welcome sign his growth making me arch and roll my hips up into him as much as I could with him laying over me.
The weight and the strength itself still existed me. The fact that Embry was someone who could take whatever I threw at him, without holding back in moments like this. It was mind blowing.
“You, and  your Dreams…” breathily, slow, and to the point. It took everything in me to ensure the words were clear. Even now the urge was there to hold on to some form of control over myself. But then I just let go.
•- Embry Call -•
“Fuck Leah!” I growled… I was losing grip on what my aim was here… my inside twisted the sounds the made and the scent of her made my mouth water for a taste. I buried my face into the creek of her neck, lips, teeth, and tongue finding her throbbing pulse.
It didn’t help my control. She had me locked to her with those powerful legs and… “Spirits!” She was fucking using them to roll against me and drive me to distraction.
I released her wrists so I could pull off my shirt. I slide my hands under her and lifted her, sitting back onto my heels. her legs wrapped around kept her securely on my lap as I griped the hem of her shirt and peeled it up. The need to feel her skin against mine was burning deep in my stomach. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me moaning deeply at the contact.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Everything in me tightened as he lifted the both of us off the ground, my abdominal muscles tensing as my arms shot up and my shirt disappeared leaving me breathing hard while my hair came cascading down around my face and shoulders, and down my back.
His scent combined with  mine filled the the living with light bursting In through open windows. The cool wind blew on my heated skin, leaving my skin tingling with the different sensations surrounding us.
My nails traces across his back and shoulders, and then I found my hands wrapped around him, and moving into his hair. I kissed the side of his head. Whispering hesitantly into his ear.
“Still real.”
Not allowing my legs to let go of his waist, while I kept myself upright on his lap. There was no holding back now. There was no such thing as control, he could take anything and so could I. That was where I knew I could trust him and not hide.
Chest to chest, our flesh touching, the peaks of my hardened nipples pushing into him. I bite his earlobe and tug at it. With no sense of who was winning and who was not.
•- Embry Call -•
I was always a little hypnotised by the way her hair fell around her face and shoulder, and this time was no different.
I felt the touch of fingernails on fingernails on skin and my body couldn't help but quiver... waiting on that light sting. But not this time... she aways  what might just tip me over the line of my self-control.
"Still real." I whispered back and my hand travelled up her back, light as a feather touch because her own strength hell her body against mine now. I sighed with the relief of it... feeling her skin against mine was  exactly what I needed to ease the sexual passion to that deep intimacy I never thought possible until her.
And still, the press of her breasts against my chest set the bulge pressed just right between her legs throbbing. But it was enough the keep me from stripping off the  rest of her clothes and burying my face there instead... taking that taste I was so craving.
One hand continues its movement up over her shoulder, the curve of her neck.... her jaw. Cupping it and pulling her back enough to see her eyes. "Still Real." I said again and claimed  her lips in a long, deep kiss. All contest and teasing gone, just her and I and the cool breeze against my back.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
A sigh, a hum, a wave of desire all-consuming came to a head the moment his lips were on mine.
I closed my eyes and partied my lips, my fingers finding their way into his soft black hair. A small voice telling me it was frowning again, and then the thoughts fluttered away like the song of the spirits on the wind.
Tongues entwined, lips moving in partnership, my shoulders relaxed and my stomach alive with a million sensations letting fame know we were alive and living in this moment.
Pulling him closed (if that were even possible.) I kissed him  like he was kissing him. Like he was the air my lungs needed to keep me going.
His voice ringing in my ears saying the same words back to me.
•- Embry Call -•
There wasn’t enough space for words now, not enough air because I was only breathing in her, each inhale taken from her mouth as my lips danced on hers, the sounds we made were softer now but somehow MORE.
My thumb stroked her cheek as I kissed her, my hand moved up and her back. Her bare skin beneath my palm and silly hair against the back of my hand.
Her skin was hot, the same as mine... Something I should have grown accustomed to. But still, it electrified me.  My tongue moved with hers until the touch of the spirits blowing in through her window settled.
I wondered if the cool breeze was their way of reminding us... “Not yet.” I hadn't meant to say it... It was barely comprehensible between our ardent kisses.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Hearing him even through the mist of devotion we were lost in, it hit stop hard and fast. The walls of my control shot up, and I pulled back from him just enough to let him breath and take the time he needed.
Letting my legs unfold so to slip off his lap, I sat on my knees facing him.
Everything that I had let go of all, felt into place, and locked it down. Even if I needed a little time to let my body catch up to my mind.
“I didn’t mean… to push you too far.” Looking at him with concern. I’d always been so careful. Fuck! Even the cool  kiss of the spirits gave me indication to slow down. Or... had I stopped listening?
•- Embry Call -•
She was gone too fast; my body instantly reacted my reaching out the keep her close. But, of course, I would never make her… and I couldn’t if I wanted to.
“You didn’t.” I said when I saw the way she was looking at me and I smiled. I shuffled on my knees moving closer to cup  her cheek. I pressed a long kiss to her forehead and then rested my own against the same spot.
“I was just thinking out loud. About how when it seems like we might get carried away… we change direction.”  My hand found her waist and slid around her middle.
“I could do this  with you for days. Because we never push… we know one another too well. Any you’re the only person that made me feel like we have all the time in the world.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Closing my eyes and resting my hands on his arms. Letting my body catch up with the low and slow breaths I took. Counting myself down from the place I had allowed myself to be with him.
“Hmm..” His mind had kicked in its warning? But why hadn’t mine? Wasn’t I supposed to  be the one who knew how to control myself! If it had been any other men with me, I could have ended up hurting them? Was that even something I could do?
I knew the answer was of course, I could never take my loss of control for granted.
“I didn’t listen to your signs.”
•- Embry Call -•
I pulled back and tilted her face up to mine. "Leah, we both listened. You felt it... The change, the way everything slowed down... got a little deeper.
Like I said I was thinking out." I pressed a kiss to her lips softly. "You've never pushed... it's never something we did."
My thumb brushed over her cheek. "You always hear the things I never saw."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Tilting my head into his touch I nodded once. I had felt that. I always did, the way things evolved from one blink to another. Both normal for us, and both speaking to us in different languages and volumes.
Opening my eyes, I took him in. The way he was looking at me, making  me understand that we had this in hand.
I pulled back, pulling my hair up into a messy bun over my head, and reached out for my shirt to pull it back on.
“Yeah…. That’s true.” The cool air and time bringing me back to ground.
•- Embry Call -•
I groaned in complaint when she pulled her shirt back on and leaned in to kiss her now-exposed neck. "Don't put those walls up, Trouble." I whispered and reached out for her hand, not wanting to pull her back into a hug when she'd moved away for a reason...
"I mean I'll climb Them either way..." I smiled that smile that was only for her. "But there's no need... noting that happened here was wrong, not even a little bit."
I grabbed my own shirt then and pulled it one. "I'll go get us a drink." I stood up and headed to the kitchen, giving her a  moment, sensing that maybe she needed a little space.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The moment he disappeared into the kitchen, I pulled myself up in one graceful motion to my feet, walking off down the hallway to the bathroom. Splashing cold water over my face, my eyes met my reflection. He’d asked for the walls not to go up, but by that time they were  already up and locked in.
‘You’re doing fine. These things done stop overnight.’ My wolf whispered to me. ‘And he knows you are trying.’
But was ‘trying’, enough? I was always a doer… not a trier… this all really was still new to me.
•- Embry Call -•
I knew it was early, but I figured we deserved a real drink... It wasn't like we’d get tipsy on one anyway. So, I poured her a bourbon and a whiskey for me. I carried the drink back to the living room.
I set them down and connected my phone to her speakers and picked a song to I  I had something to focus my hearing in to give her as much privacy as I could.
(Music: Fall into Me (Acoustic) – Forest Blakk)
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Patting my face dry when the sound of the music came dancing down the hallway.
I could hear his heart beating slower now. The air has washed over the whole place adding the scent of the forest, with the crisp morning, and the sky, with whiskey, bourbon, and Embry in the mid too.
I shook my head slowing at myself. I’d let the thinking of everything get in my way.
‘It’s okay. You got this.’ My wolf smiles as we walked back into the living room to see him, and the two glasses set down.
•- Embry Call -•
I heard her approach and glanced over to the doorway. I leaned forward to pick up the glasses and extended her’s to her. I grinned at her. I know you’re enjoying the view al everything…” I teased. “But it would be a crime to let top shelf bourbon get warm.”
I could see her  internal battle going on. I wasn’t going to tell her it was okay or to stop thinking about it… it was her process to wade through. And she would do it in her way and her time.
But I could sit and drink with her while she did it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
And there he was, the teasing and grinning like nothing else happened, like my brain didn’t kick up the dust and take me on a mental run.
“I’d sure you meant to say…. The true crime would be if it’s served cold.” Standing there with my shoulder leaning on the wall, my head dropped forward before pushing my body off the wall to cross the room to the other side.
My eyes were on him the whole time as I took the glass from his hand and took a sip. “Thank you.” It was early, and I didn’t normally drink at this time. But it was much needed.
•- Embry Call -•
I just laughed… “Okay… well you’ve got me there. I should have gotten us beers for that line to land.” I leaned back against the couch cushions when she came and took a seat.
“No, no.” I help my glass of Jameson out for a toast. “Thank you… for always stocking the good at home and in the bar.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising my eyebrow while crossing my long legs underneath myself on the couch, I turned to face him and clinked our glasses.
“That’s your toast? Thanks for keeping the good crap on hand at home? You need to work on that award you have. You’re artful conversation is taking a hit if you ask me.”
I took another sip from the glass, swirling it in my hand to watch the amber liquid’s movement as the taste of it melted into my mouth.
•- Embry Call -•
I tugged on my jeans and shifted my position a little. “Until my brain gets dips on the blood flow again, you’ll have taken what you get.” I laughed and took a sip of the whiskey.
My dark brown gaze settled back on her again. The way she folded her legs under herself… her shoulder wasn’t set stiffly, she wasn’t exactly the most relaxed I’d ever seen her… but she wasn’t boxed in behind her walls. “How about…” I hold out my glass again. “To evolution, not change.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I’ve never been one to ask for anything, people aren’t willing to give.” Raising  eyebrow over the rim of my glass, our eyes met and I knew it. I knew he could see what the world always missed.
How high could he see them up? My hand moved in a small circle while thinking about the next toast.
“Evolution is a step up I guess.” This time I did willingly hold my glass up.
•- Embry Call -•
I took another sip and lay my fee arm across the back of the couch, just close enough to curl a strand of hair that had freed itself around my finger.
“I know.” I smiled. “And you know I’m think the same way.” I watched those deep thought swirl in his eye.
“It's been a hell of a journey, Clearwater... You and I.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes moved back to the glass, and head curled towards his touch, the movement in my hair sending a shiver down my spine and heat up the sides of my neck.
“I know.” It was something I saw in him (after I really SAW him.) My gaze moved from the glass in my hand back to him.
“We have…” I agreed.
“For a journey neither of us foresaw, and somehow have managed to navigate.”  Especially when I didn’t play well with others…
•- Embry Call -•
The music still played in the background and the song changed and I smiled.
She was looking at me in that way that no one else ever did. seeing more than most people every chose to.
“No regrets.” I smiled at her. It wasn’t a question. I shifted closer and drape my arm across the back of te couch behind her just as Andy sang.
‘I know that my hearts a handful.’
(Music: Good In Me - Andy Grammar)
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It was a statement and not a question. I also knew it to be true. He moved close enough for me to place my free hand on his cheek, the tips of my fingers caressing the corner of his smile. The one he kept for me and me alone. The music gods knew how to make us speak when words were lost to me.
‘Even in the dark, somehow you see the good in me…’ It was so true.
•- Embry Call -•
I leaned into her, resting the glass on my knee. I took the way she lifted her hand as a sign that it was okay to move my arm from the back of the couch to around her shoulder. I kissed her fingers when she brought them to my lips.
I was rarely good at sitting in silence with  people. But with her… it just seemed so natural. I was about to say as much but I realise that would be missing the point entirely. So instead, I pressed a kiss to her temple and smiled.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Something came to life in my stomach, in a pure sense of the phrase. It wasn’t the fire hot passion that was all consuming as before. But this time it was a more intense sensation that had the underlying effect on my heart.
I closed my eyes when he kissed my temple, such a  sweet and innocent way to let me know he was here, with me. And he understood my needs.
Moving myself into his side, I found myself resting the side of my head to his. Listening the song as it played. It was so perfect for us. I could hear him in the song, and myself too.
•- Embry Call -•
Her heart skipped a little and it made me smile. She... well the only word for it was... melted against my side, fitting perfectly and my body automatically leaned into her room, my fingers drew patterns on her arm, and I rested my check against the top of her head.
The shuffle worked their magic like they always did when the song changed, and I closed my eyes. Because the music was saying all the things I would right now. It was the music that allowed me to be what she needed me to be right now.
(Music: In Case You Didn't Know - Brett Young )  
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The shuttle kicked in at the end of the song and my heart stilled. Two cords and I knew the song. Brett’s voice filled the silence in the living room, making my lips move without sound. Each word he sang hit on a new way, making my nerves come alive.
Being in Embry’s arms allowing myself to be held. It all meant something new to me now….I could feel the mixture of our scents, his warmth matching mine, his breathing too… Somehow Embry Call was not just sitting still, but I could feel the music allowed him to do so.
Biting the inside of my cheek I shifted out of his arms. But this time I wasn’t running off. Standing I took his glass off his knee, and mine setting them down on the coffee table. Tuning slowly to face him I held my hand out.
For the first time in my life. I was asking him with my eyes… ‘Dance with me?’ Because I could feel there was more here, and I wanted that more to be with him. But only if he wanted it too.
•- Embry Call -•
The change in the rhythm of her heart made me smile a little wider. This time when she moved away, I just knew that she wasn’t really going anywhere. Maybe it was that look in her eyes. My tongue moved across my lower lip, and I was already sitting forward when she set our  glasses down.
Then her hand came out to me, and I set my gaze on hers as i slide my hand into hers and stood up. Being still and silent with her had come easily… but being silent and moving with her… she knew that would be far more natural for me. Even now when I was the one  given her what she needed… she found a comfortable place in the middle.
I stood and stepped into close to, pressing a kiss to her forehead as I wrapped my arms around her and closed the space left between us. Then, I danced with her in her living room.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My eyes followed the lick of his lips, making something twist in the depths of my stomach opening a river of warmth to dance it’s way over me.
This was our evolution, part him and partly me. Somehow making choices that would be easy for the other without needing to ask. If I needed the peace to think and be, he needed the sounds, words and movements. So, wasn’t this perfect?
We moved into the other, my I kept his hand in mine and the other glided over the curve of his shoulder, feeling his toned muscles as I placed it on the back of his neck  leaning into the kiss, I closed my eyes hearing not just the song, but his heart beat too.
Pressing my lips into his neck I kissed him as our feet and bodies moved as one. This was all new and yet it felt like I had been here with him before.
My wolf sent a few images  to me. Showing the night I let my hair down, I went to his home, and we danced after too much of #Paul’s moonshine.
The choices of that night, lead me / us to this point. And now I knew, I had no reason to run. Together… that was the key… We could do this TOGETHER!
•- Embry Call -•
She moved in closer and pressed a kiss to my neck... so many times because she cases me there it set my nerves on fire, but right now it fanned low burning embers. I slow, deep intimacy. I tilted my head and closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of her breathing, the music, even shuffling of our bare feet on the floor, the sound of the cool breeze through the open window and, of course, the song.
Could there be a more perfect moment? This moment made me wonder if I'd ever truly felt living in the moment before now. I squeezed the hand still holding mine and moved the other higher up her back.
We swayed together to the music, hardly moving really, but it was flawlessly in sync.
A perfect moment.
•- Let’s walk down Memory Lan - Playlist -•
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Been a minute.”  - Music: Speakers – Sam Hunt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEY3aHEPbJs&feature=share
•- Embry Call -•
“Or two...” - Music: Speakers – Sam Hunt – Body like a back road - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsRB2QLndPs&feature=share
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Now it’s really about memory lane.” - Music: Dan & Shay – All Nighter - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2guNZrJu__Q
•- Embry Call -•
"Are you challenging me to a song-off trouble?" - Music: Brett Young – Here tonight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQtMqNAOnBM&feature=share
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Why would I do that? Because let’s face it, I’m winning.” - Music: Dan & Shay – 10,000 Hours - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMW4rNtKjQ4&feature=share
•- Embry Call -•
"Are you though?" Dammit! She was with that last one! - Music: Sam Hunt – Make you miss me - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BegX8kPJpiY&feature=share
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Are you doubting me?” He was bringing out the big guns! Spirits! - Music: Sam Hunt – Take your time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqMJ_I012VU&feature=share
•- Embry Call -•
"Actually... I think you are the one doubting me right now, beautiful." - Music: Clinton Kane - I GUESS I'M IN LOVE - https://youtu.be/5LMqtzgXaRQ
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head. “Maybe once… but never again, Dimples.” - Music: Chord Overstreet – Hold on - https://youtu.be/6XRZF7bvs9U
•- Embry Call -•
"Promise?" Smiles. - Music: Calum Scott - You Are The Reason - https://youtu.be/2Kiob5f9A1g
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Nodding once.  “I promise.” - Music: Forest Blakk - Fall Into Me (Acoustic) - https://youtu.be/ucfFUme7mec
•- Embry Call -•
"Me too, Trouble. Me too." - Music: Spencer Crandall - My Person - https://youtu.be/4g7uT6dr4Kg
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I know…. I know.” - Music: James TW – For You - https://youtu.be/dqArUR4px3I
•- Embry Call -•
“I see you.” - Music: Tyler Shaw - I See You - https://youtu.be/rxYBYmgR4qE
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Always”  - Music: Boyce Avenue  - Photograph - https://youtu.be/C60-zOz6ngY
•- Embry Call -•
“I know.” - Music: Andy Grammar – Good In Me - https://youtu.be/_o-ddWqnDDM
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Never question it.” - Music: Benny Blanco  - You (Acoustic) - https://youtu.be/5_4QK32GSEE
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blazingtheway · 7 months
The Spirits, They Sing Tonight! – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
There was an unblemished perfection to being invited into the fire of peace. I knew that if I sat here in my human body, without the protection of my Spirit Warrior and that of my ancestors the outcome would be something different.
‘You are one with me Leah. We are one and the same. There is no me without you and your calling.’
I knew this, it had taken me years to understand it. But now, there was no question in my mind, heart and more importantly in my soul. There was no me without her. And this was why I would protect her with my all.
‘Are you going soft on me?’
I huffed at her. And she just laughed until the wind around us picked up and we were smacked upside the head.
‘You are meant to be her guide, Warrior. This is not helping me teach her.’ #TheGreatWolf snapped at us and we both groaned at the other.
“It’s her, she’s a bad influence.” I tell him, making him narrow his eyes at me.
‘Is she? She wasn’t that way for the century, she stood by my shoulder child.’
I could feel her head growing with the passing moments.
“Did he… was…. That was praise, he  just showered on you!”
I mentally slapped her. “Don’t you dare. We aren’t big softy’s.” She didn’t stop. “Stop! Now! Right now!”
In reality I understood her. #TheGreatWolf didn’t share any form of praise with anyone. In all my time since I opened myself to him, only when I was a child did, he show a softer side. Then I had blocked him and the spirits away, and by the time I open myself back up to him … to them… it was too late. I was thrown in at the deep end. I had no time to learn, to teach the others.
‘The teaching of our people comes from the word of mouth. We tell stories so that our people would learn and teach. But we can only do so, with the one who are willing to learn. Willing to listen, and willing to become the story tells those who are yet to be born.’
He spoken in our old tongue, he spoke to the spirits around the fire and not just me. Tonight, was a night where a number of spirits were readying themselves. It was time when they would turn in their spiritual guidance towards the living.
These were spirits who would be returning back to the world of the living.
Some would become elders in generations to come, others would become warriors of the future, and some of them…. They would be the living who wouldn’t understand their part in this world until they were called upon to become the imprints.
Witnessing the sight before me where all these spirits prayed, sang, and were helped onto this path they were choosing. Not because they were told. This was their calling, it hadn’t come for them when they walked the Earth in their last life, but it was their time to live the life they were meant be a part of.
#TheGreatWolf came to sit beside me as he did often. ‘You have questions.’ He asks.
“I do.” My eyes remained on one spirit that was younger than #Bear.
‘Well? Do I have to guess, or will you tell me?’
Lifting my chin towards the young. “She is on the path to be an imprint; however, she will be reborn on the other side of the world. Her life was cut short before she was on the path of her calling, and this time…. You are sending her to the furthest possible point of the world. Isn’t her time to be tested passed? How is this fair on her.”
He smiles watching the girl sat in the middle of the circle of spirits singing to her to be strong and brave. And she was excited.
Because she knows when she has come to the right place on her path, her warrior will be there. That she will be his guide, and his strength, that she is powerful and important. That without her, there is a soul that will never find the love, the light, and the destiny he is seeking.’
That was a lot to put on those small shoulders.
“And yet she may find him, and she may not find him too?” I asked and he nods his head.
“Then what happens? If they don’t find one another?
He draws a circle in the mist in the air. ‘They will wait until it is their time again. The bond of an imprint and her warrior is made over centuries. They will join, finally. And once they do. They will always find their way to the other.’
He smiled at the girls spirit. ‘The bond is not just pulled out of the air. They have been working toward their soulmate. over time. Now it is their time.’
My eyes followed the opened toward the soul of a warrior. One whose eyes never once left the girl. He was her warrior. He would follower her from one life to another, and another, and another until they became one. ‘The spirits, they sing tonight. Listen to them, feel the stories they share with all.’
 #TheGreatWolf whispers before the wind blows making me close my eyes. The songs of the air as sweet at honey and sage.
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blazingtheway · 8 months
Taking a Leap with  Faith - Storyline 12 - Together
Tumblr media
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Why do I need to fool someone? Do you have someone in mind?”
•- Embry Call -•
A little memorized by those eyes… “Um… what were we talking about again?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head. “You are taking a running  jump off the cliffs. Are you game?”
•- Embry Call -•
“You know I’m always ready cliff dive!” Grins and rubs my hands together excitedly.
“You brave enough to join me without the audience this time?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising my eyebrow. “This was my idea, wasn’t it? So, what do you think?”
Looking over my shoulders to see who could be around.  “And no one to see how amazing I am? That’s harsh.”
•- Embry Call -•
I waggled my brows. “I’ll be there! I’ll see you.”
I smirked. “C’mon then, Trouble! On your bike.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“So, now you’re testing that whole being demanding thing too?” Walking away towards my bike.
“Race you up there, Dimples.” Throwing my leg over the body of my baby.
•- Embry Call -•
Damn that was sexy… I bite my lips and admire those long legs, straddling the powerful machine. Which was more powerful I wondered?
“Always a race with you!” I chuckled and mounted my old lady. There was way she could keep up with Leah’s beast. But it as one of the reasons I loved her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My baby sang with his power, no revving was ever necessary. I didn’t need to show him off. He did it for himself.
Shrugging my shoulders. “I didn’t mean the ride. I meant the moment we are off them and, on our feet, Wisearse.”
There was no fun if it wasn’t a fair competition  “So, see you at the bottom of the cliffs.”
Not a question, a statement instead as I pulled my baby off his stand and set off without a backwards glance.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. She would never go for an easy win. “We’ll see… I can’t promise I’ll give t my all though… I like the view from a few feet behind you.”
My old lady started smoothly and like a ten-year-old engine… She was always reliable. I took off and followed her along the route all of us took. Never pushing the bike beyond her comfort zone. She was always good to me when I was good to her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sound his bike make wasn’t one you could mistake for anything else. We all knew it and recognised it.
My lips curled up into a smile, the wind blowing into my face and hair was enough to send me to my happy place.
Even without music playing, the wind has its own tune, and it sang it loudly.
I rode in and out of the few cars and trucks we passed by. Leaving them all behind without even trying to.
•- Embry Call -•
The traffic was light, and my bike may be older than me... But she easily outpaced the trucks and most of that car too... Just enough that I don't lose sight of Leah.
The salt air on my face was a welcome and at the speed of it whipping by it made my blood hum for the thrill of the fall.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
The sounds are f the world wasn’t what I heard as I took the winding roads. It was the hum of the spirits, with the call of the forest on one side and that of the ocean on the other.
Our ancestors were calling, where speaking and it gave me a rush to answer them in my own  way.
As soon as the ocean came into sight, I kicked my foot to change gear and turn off towards the edges of the climb.
We created our own trail up the cliffs, one that no one would follow. Keeping it well hidden from any roaming eyes.
•- Embry Call -•
Off the road, the scent of sea and forest mingled together with an intensity that reminded me of sleep all wrapped up with Leah. This was where she picked up that scent that lingered in her hair.
We followed the trial worn into the earth after so many  years of feet and tyres  wearing it smooth and bear.  When the trail ended, I rested my bike on the kickstand and turned off the engine. "I'm guessing this race of yours starts now?" I smiled as a light rain started... that meant that the beaches would be empty in minutes if they weren't already.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“No. No.”
Not turning to face him, I could hear it all. The bike being set up on her kickstand, Embry climbing off, and way the forest waiting with the anticipation of what was to come.
“It… starts now!”
The words left my lips and my feet and body turned to the tail setting off. I wasn’t going to give him a head starts. And he should have been prepared to go the second his feet hit the soil.
The wind blew my hair back off my face, and I Turing my eyes back for a beat to see where he was, and the look on his face.
•- Embry Call -•
Even if I had started running the second, I was off my bike she still would have caught up and passed me... So, I wasn't about to add insult to injury by taking off early and still losing. I chuckled... Silver lining; the view from behind was spectacular!
I still took off as fast as I could to keep her in my sights. The rain whipped against my face the smell is sea breezes and the damp earth was at its freshest. And keeping hidden the fact we were here alone... Together.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Those first drops of rain in the day had an impact on your senses. It was like a clean morning with nothing but sunshine (even when there was no sun anywhere. If you know. You just know.)
tilting my chin up I let the drops of rain fall in my skin, seeing the heat of my body evaporating it, leaving the ocean behind.
My wolf pawed at me, this was her time. The forest, the damp soft ground under our feet, the breeze in our hair, the rain…. It was all something we looked forward to.
But she knew. She knew we couldn’t shift. The moment we did we would be found. And the bubble would be broken.
•- Embry Call -•
Water steamed around us; Leah’s face was tilted high. The rain drops clung to her eyelashes and ran down her cheeks. The sound of waves on rocks called to us. Pulling us towards shore, towards that glorious drop.
The trees thinned and we stopped right at the edge of the cliff. The wind whipped fiercely here, and I laughed, holding out my arms. I was thoroughly soaked my t-shirt clung to my torso. I felt the rushing air and the salt spray they didn’t quite reach us, the rain…. The hum on the wind.
“Ever feel like the Spirits are trying to tell you something?” I smiled wide. They had given us a perfect moment hidden and unhidden all at once.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Standing at the edge of the cliffs I didn’t look down, my gaze moved out. Out into the heart of the ocean, where the spirits showed me the boats of our peoples past. The hum of their song, and moments in which they worked for their tribe.
I smiled when his footsteps came rushing up from behind, turning my head just enough to see the sight that would have made my heart jump in the bubble. It wasn’t that he looked like Adonis on top of this cliff, with the small break in the clouds shadowing the light  on him. but that smile, the sound of his breathing and his heart. The scent of him mixed with the world that we were born to protect. And out in the open, the spirits had made sure we were alone.
However, right now with the walls up inside of me, everything was still. Telling me it would hold on to this moment for me to live later.
“They never stop telling us things, we just need to close our eyes and listen.” Which I did. Turning back to the water, my eyes closed listening to them and with it the beating of his heart.  
•- Embry Call -•
She turned her gaze back to the ocean but mine stayed on her. She was beautiful… that word wasn’t nearly strong enough to describe her.
I turned to her, my senses casting out into the woods behind us, having checked all the beaches were empty. I touched her cheek, leaned in like I might kiss her and paused.
What would it be like? To kiss her here?... In this spot where so much our evolution was sparked?... By me throwing her off this very cliff. But we were here... Together. Just us... The ancestor protecting our moment of freedom.
“Take your clothes off, Clearwater.” I whispered my voice deep and a tiny bit breathless, but not from the run. It was the closeness and excitement for the dive.
I stepped backed and kicked out of my boots as I simultaneously pulled off my shirt.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Turning into him, the space closed between us and yet the wind still blew through the distance left there.
My eyes opened to find his, the earthy colour that opened up a vault of feelings and emotions that belonged to him.
His breath was felt on my skin as I held mine. There is was again. That sound, his beating heart I would know without seeing him.
Pressing my lips together, my eyebrow arched up. My heart betrayed me with its reaction, but I stayed still.
Watching him kick his boots off, and then his skin came to light as his shirt dropped.
A flash back to the night it all began. This evolution between us, came rushing back.
“How didn’t I see this coming?” I whispered.
Slowly, my boots came off one by one. And then my jacket. My fingers worded the buttons of my shirt before I slipped it off too.
•- Embry Call -•
My gaze fixed on hers, she always held her breath when I pressed against the edges of her boundaries. My heart fell out of time, and I smiled; apparently, I didn't need to kiss her to have the desired effect.
I stripped down to my boxers, there was no point trying to find somewhere out of the rain to leave our clothes... They were already soaked.
I watched Leah remove her clothes... Now my heart was racing, my teeth caught my lower lip.
“Because then you would have had a head start.” I answered her whisper. “And there's no way I could have caught up.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
"So, what you are saying is..." Folding my clothes even if they are wet, I set them on the rocks for later. "...Is that the Spirits stacked the cards against me? Interesting."
They hadn't. It wasn't how they worked. But to keep me in one place long enough to see my path that they would have done.
"I could still run." My brown eyes darkened moving to his chest to where his heart gave him away.
"Eyes up Call. Don't want you having a heart attack right here. Would be hard for me to explain it to the others."
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled... "Maybe they were just levelling the playing field considering you're normally ten steps head."
I smiled at her, she wasn't going to run... But I had promised I wouldn't chase her if she did. I couldn't help but wonder if that was a promise I could keep after all that had happened now.
I didn't let the thought linger... because that just wasn't how my mind worked.
My brows raised. "She says as her eyes move south." I teased her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Arching my eyebrow, now my eyes were on his. The look on my face deadpan as I curled my lip and said. “Don’t worry yourself Embry Call, you have nothing…… I don’t have already.”
The words had changed slightly since the last time we were up here. But it was still as true as the first night we had that conversation. I didn’t want anything, because now. Now we had each other in so many ways.
“Now, are your planning on staying up here acting like you are a runway model. Or are we jumping?” Moving gracefully towards the edge.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled... "Oh sure... nothing you left nightstand can't fix right?" I winked. "That's why you keep letting me in. "Besides... it's still too soon to really know if that nightstand is... up to standard."
"Please! Runway models wish they could be this hot." I stepped up next to her and looked at the waves below, then back to her.
"Together?" I smiled that smile she couldn't resist.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shaking my head. “Your kind of hooked on my nightstand, aren’t you? Want me to give you both some alone time?”
My laughter escaped from deep inside. “I’d be worried if you thought anyone could put shine you.”
My gaze turned to the waves below us, the wind blowing and the ocean spray. “Scared to jump alone?”
Turning to face him again. My hand slowly opened up in offer to him. “I’ve got you.”
•- Embry Call -•
I winked at her and leaned in to whisper. "I just want to blindfold you... open it up and see what sounds I can coax out of you with your stash." There was no chance of me being heard here. But my lips against her ear just added to my words.
I looked down at her hand and my heart gave me away. Did Leah Clearwater just hold out her hand to me? I mean... she'd taken me by the hand metaphorically a lot recently... but this?
This was a first.
I slipped my hand into her and squeezed. "You have no idea how true that is." I said with a smile... and she had more and more of me the further we travelled along this path.
I strode for the edge of the cliff and with her hand still in mine... We jumped.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Thanking the spirits for my walls because that should have had my insides melting. The images that could have come to life in my mind if we were in our bubble would have churned me full of energy and pleasure.
But this wasn’t the time or the place, even if his breath tickled my ear. I didn’t need to say another as we stepped up and then stepped free of the land. The air came blowing up, my hair flying freely my body arching and turning to fall fast down the sides of the cliffs. My breath flowed easily from my lungs and my lips curled up into a smile.
This was the best of it all. Where the heritage of our lands, the water, the air and the fire within took over and everything else was forgotten for the few seconds of weightlessness.
•- Embry Call -•
She was so much better at self-control than I was.
But the fall. The freedom and thrill of it. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I let go of her hand as we both twisted into the dive… as epic as it would be to both dive into the ocean with our hands locked… it wasn’t even the tiniest bit practical when hitting the ocean at this speed.
But Leah Clearwater offering me her hand was epic enough for me today.
The Ivey water reached up to greet us… The cold embrace of the sea against searing hot skin was always and exhilarating shock .to the system.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
As soon as he let my hand go, they came together over and above my body, making the tip of a hot knife as it cut through the ice-cold water.
I was listening to his heart the whole way down. It was so unlike me. I liked to listen to the world, to the sky, the ocean. But today. it was Embry’s heartbeat.
Hitting the water just at the moment and point of entry we all knew so well. Missing the rock that could rip in apart, into the ocean who opened her arms to welcome us.
Down.. down.. down… I went, until I tuned myself and kicked up.
•- Embry Call -•
We dropped below the surface; I sank down and watched Leah twist her live body beneath the waves. Her powerful body kicked to the surface. She was a goddess... Strong, gorgeous... And slipping father from my reach.
That just wasn't acceptable.
I swam to the surface, shook the hair from my face and let out a satisfied laugh.
After a quick glance to the cliff top, I reached out to her and took hold of her pulling her close and dragging both of us under the water. The heat of her skin on mine always excited me. But here... In the icy water it was even more intense. I kicked my legs a spun us both in the water before surfacing again. “Looks like I've got you too.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My hands cupped together like a comb, moved from my face back into my hair pushing the water off me as I opened my eyes for the second time. “You have some balls Embry Call!” Laughing now as I bobbed up and down in the water.
For the second time my eyes scanned the shoreline as well as looked up at the cliff face where we jumped from. No one had come out and we are still alone. The rain battering down helped to keep the beached clear, a helpful hand for those who watched and sang over out souls.
“You were the one to push me down Wisearse.” Two strokes and I was up by him again, this time both my hands flat on his shoulders and my feet kicked up to give him an almighty push back down under the water.
•- Embry Call -•
I watched the way she slicked her soaking hair back from her face. Sexy… distracting. But I just shook mine out of the face again. Leaving strand plastered to my forehead and cheeks.
“I think we’ve already established that… more balls than common sense.”  I laughed. The  rain was louder on the water, and the sound was perfect. Keeping our voices from carrying.
Then she dunked me, and my arms reached to grab her and drag her down with me, but she was too quick.
I swam under her and popped back up behind her. “You know… it’s unfair that  you’re that quick on land and in the water.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Me eyes reminded on his form under the water, the waves and the rain distorting the view a little as I searched for him, following the sound of his heart.
I swirled around in the water kicking my legs and my arms, to find him breaking up through the water behind me. Me eyes reminded on his form under the water, the waves and the rain distorting the view a little as I searched for him, following the sound of his heart.
I swirled around in the water kicking my legs and my arms, to find him breaking up through the water behind me.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. "I mean it's not that hard when I can see everything they can see. Also... Because I can do it means anyone else in the hive can see it too... Your speed is only ours. And way more useful."
I splashed her when he brushed my hair from my face. "Unless there's wolves rogue and we can't find them."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Snapping my teeth at him, my hand came up to cover my face from the water out of habit. Because let’s face it, the rain and being in the ocean. There was no way out of being wet.
“Waiting. Is Embry Call under selling his skills? Not taking credit for something he can’t do  better than anyone else? Spirits. We didn’t see that coming.”
Pushing back against the waves hitting my back.
“My skills. I’m kick arse. And all of you know it.”
•- Embry Call -•
I just laughed. “The spirits give us what we need to fulfil our duty. It a one of the many, many skills I have that I don't brag about. I'm just grateful it was gifted to me.”
The sea rocked us closer together and further apart as she saw fit. It was one of the things I liked about being in the water, the constant motion it took just to keep your head above water. Not a frantic struggle... But still, every kick stroke had a purpose.
“Do you want to swim to the beach or brave the slippery climb?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“So, unlike you. I’m not used to you not bragging about something or another.”
But as I said the words, it occurred to me. He wasn’t doing it as much these days. Embry Call’s path of evolution had come with so much of him I didn’t even see coming.
My eyes moved to the climb  and then the swim. “Rock face you have the upper hand, the swim... I do. Which shall we pick?”
Without saying another word, I started swimming towards the cliffs. “I do like a challenge.”
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled... "If make you feel any better, I still maintain I'm the best-looking guy in the pack... and of course, my musical skills are top class."
I grinned when she started for the cliffs. "You never take the easy road do you." I chuckled and swam after her. It was a treat  her I could admire one day and next it meant she was beating herself up about something beyond her control.
When we tucked in close to the cliff face and took hold of her. Bracing one arm on the rocks peeking above the surface to stop the waves from pushing us into them. We were hidden here. From the beach and cliffs.
"Don't drown me." I smirked before I kissed her.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“You learn nothing on easy roads. I want to learn.”
And I knew he would teach me. I was never ashamed to say show me or Tech me. Learning was a gift; one I could appreciate.
The moment his arm came around me and he pulled me in. I could have punched him in the face.Because I saw it in his eyes now. Just before he did something. And then those words asking not to be killed.
We were hidden, but this wasn’t the bubble. And rules were in place for a reason. But I kissed him back once before mumbling.
“First warning. Next time you die.”
•- Embry Call -•
Her kiss was brief but still... My heart had barely started to relax from the thrill of the jump, it sped up again. I chuckled looking up at the rain. “They’ve given us a perfect moment. I know you love the rain...” I pressed our bodies as close she would let my, still braced away from the rocks with one strong arm.
“Are you telling me that kissing me here... Out in the wild where belong isn't doing something for you?” I smiled. “They've protected us here.” I believed it was true... I could feel as easily as I could feel the heat of her skin even freezing water. “Remember the part about being grateful for the gifts the Spirits give us?” I brushed the tip of my nose to hers because she hadn't moved away. Then I let her go, because this wasn’t our bubble and stealing kisses, she wasn't expecting inside of our safe space was fair game... But here. We both had to want it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Glancing all around us, the cliffs above us, the water under. The wind and the rain keeping the sounds of our words and our heart hidden, as well as the sea and forest keeping the scents flowing away from the lands.
I closed my eyes listening to the songs in the wind. And all  they were doing to keep us out from being found.
They were listening for me so that I could…. “Live in the moment.” I whispered just as he let go of me. My hand reached out gripping a hold of a smooth rock with a grove unit just the right size for my fingers. the wave moved me away from him, and then back again.
“You know what you are being close to me does.” My body always betrayed me. But I had it on lockdown. Until now. Until now I didn’t show what the touch of his kiss, the sound of his heart, the heat radiating between us did to me. But all at once I let my walls down just enough for him to witness it first-hand.
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled when she said my mantra out loud. "Wise words!" I chuckled. "And because of that philosophy, I can now officially say that I've kissed a woman in the rain... and in the ocean."
I watched her easily hold her own against the waves. I took the first handhold at the bottom of the cliff.
"Ready to climb... or are you still..." My gaze locked on her... those eyes always made my heart beat double time. "... Living in the moment."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising the eyebrow, I snapped my teeth. “Glad I could help mark things off your list.”
Our eyes locked, I pulled myself up out of her water to below my chest. My hand holding on tightly.  “I’m ready to see how this works out for you. Shall we?”
Eyes now on the rock face my hand reaching out to the next edge to grip, using my upper body strength to pull free of the icy waters while it steamed off my body.
•- Embry Call -•
I swallowed… hard. This woman was hot as fuck… but she was soaking wet, steaming like goddess, and hauling herself up a cliff face… ever muscle in that powerful body primed and ready… she defied description.
Even in the frigid water my blood rushed.  “Uh…” I chuckled. “I might actually need a minute.”
My toes found purchase on a ledge below the water. “Apparently the Pacific Ocean isn’t a cold enough shower when you’re around.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My bare feet found a slot and I hung there looking down at the water and the steam coming off his skin. With an almighty roll of my eyes my lips curled up into a smirk. Thinking of the words he always uses on me.  “Why, do you see something you like? Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”
Reaching up with my free hand to the next rock, my hand slipped. But I caught myself trying again, while waiting for Embry to ‘cool down’.
•- Embry Call -•
I had no doubt that she could catch herself I did tense a little… falling here would not be fun. Not that it would do any damage they wouldn’t heal in a few hours from this low down… we were built to protect. None of us could stop that reaction.
“Need me to catch you if you  fall Clearwater?” We couldn’t help but tease one another.  “And you already know I like everything that I see.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Growling as I looked down over my shoulder at him. “Just move out of the way and let me fall. The spirits of the ocean will cup their hands for me.”
Also, it would mean that I wouldn’t take him down if I fell. Hurting myself I could deal with. Hurting another because of my own mistake was unacceptable to me. “You do know this is a race, right? Or are you planning to test how long it takes your skin to prune?” 
The answer… our skin didn’t do that, it was always healing and protecting.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed... "Oh yeah sure... Is that even biologically possible?" My brow raised. We both knew it wasn't, those instincts to save and protect profuse every fibre of our beings.
"Maybe I'm just enjoying the view?" I chuckled and reached out long arms the hoist myself up until I was level with her. "Try to keep up." I pushed up with my legs, toes gripping the narrow crags in the rockface to push me higher.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Arsehole!” Laughing as I said it, because of course his arms were longer. And the way he came up from behind and now I was looking up at him as he took the lead.
“Maybe I should have made the most of my head start. You’re just showing off now.” who could blame him, looking up at the view of him from behind have my hackles rising. The way his muscles curved….
“Such a distraction.” I muttered.
‘But what a view!’ My wolf pruned.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed... she knew I could still hear her. "See something you like, Trouble?" I glanced down at her, but I didn't stop. As soon as she started to move, I would lose my lead fast.
The question was; would I lose it before I reached the top?
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Shut up!”
Snapping my teeth at him I hung from one hand, wiping my hand over my face to clear away the salt water and rain from my eyes, and then I began.
I’d watched his route and I wasn’t ashamed to follow in his trail. Heaving myself up one length at a time.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and kept climbing, my glances down showed me that she was reaching for the handholds I had used. Clever... I wouldn't call myself an avid climber... But thanks to #Sam’s literal approach to rising above our interpersonal issues in the pack I was experienced at it... This was something she’d learned not that long ago. She was never the type to ignore a chance to learn.
“Someone learns fast.” I chuckled.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Someone isn’t a fool.” Gritting the words out of my teeth as my arm muscles tensed as I pulled myself up the next level shy of his feet.
“Where would I be if I didn’t pay attention?” Biting the inside of my cheek, I hunt myself with my toe pushed into a crevice, looking, and finding my next hold.
•- Embry Call -•
"Oh, I've noticed." I laughed and heaved myself up another arm’s length. "And smart women are really hot."
She was definitely learning Normally she flew up the side of the cliff but lost perches when they crumbled under pressure. Testing the sturdiness was faster, you didn't  lose time catching yourself and starting to climb again.
"Almost there."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Just like musicians are nerds, huh?”
My next hold caught loose rocks making that hand slip, however my other hand was still holding strong. So, when my body fell, I dangled looking down at the dark waves crashing into the rocks below.
“Spirits, need to slow down.” I muttered to myself before swinging myself around finding another hold.
Taking a few breaths my eyes scanned the cliff side to see where to go next.
•- Embry Call -•
“Don’t forgot let the hot part.” I chuckled. I looked down but didn’t insult her by asking if she was okay. One crumbling handhold was enough to bring her down. “Musicians are HOT nerds.”
I waited her catch up, just a little bit. “See…. Racing is overrated sometime, Isn’t it?” I teased.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Sure, sure. If it helps you live a little happier, I guess you could have it.” My muscles tensed and then relaxed into an even rhythm when I found myself moved upwards again.
“It’s like a song. Climbing? Once you pick up the sound and the beat.” My hands and get just moved together keeping my body moving forward.
“Racing is never overrated. It’s like you don’t even know me.” Reaching up I smacked the back of his calves. He was in reach of me now.
•- Embry Call -•
I glanced at her and smiled; her skin was still steaming... Probably from the rain at this stage. From this angle she was incredible, every line and curve of muscle... My mother watered. “I supposed it is a combination of technique and inspiration...” I flashed her a grin as I reached for the top of the cliff, one last push to the top.
“Never.” I smirked. “Even when you lose.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits!” Growling as I pushed myself up another arm’s length, but it wasn’t fast enough to catch him. Seeing him pull himself that last edge and over I knew I’d lost.
‘Gives us more of a reason to keep trying.’ My wolf grumbled because she disliked losing as much as I did. “Keep up the smugness Wisearse. One day…”
I moved faster having remembered the placement of his hands and feet, I followed them. “…I will win, leaving you in my dust.” Pulling myself up and over the ledge. Looking to find him right away.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed and pulled myself up over the ledge just ahead of her. "I do not doubt it."
"I do not doubt it!" I smiled down at her, watching her pull her live form up over the ledge with an ease that would have had blood rushing if it wasn't for the fact, we were no longer  hidden at the base of the cliff.
There was zero sarcasm in my tone. I knew it was true as much as she did. "And when it happens, I will enjoy the view immensely."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I would expect nothing less, your eyes are going to get your arse into trouble someday.”
Turning to face the water I sat on the ledge I just climbed over. The rain was still falling, steaming off my body, my muscles felt alive and ready to climb a mountain however, for me the view was the thing that made me still.
“It always feels peaceful up here.” I told him as I noticed the break in the weather in the distance. It would be heading inland soon I was sure by the way the wind was blowing.
•- Embry Call -•
I dangled my feet over the edge, sat next to her. Following her gaze. “It sure us… until it’s over run by a hoard and of stomping, gossiping, hyperactive puppies.” I chuckled.
“But even then… there’s something special about too. I spent a lot of time here when it was just  four of us. It was the only place I felt like I wasn’t hiding.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I pulled my eyes free from the horizon to gaze over to him. Taking in his side profile as he took in the world. I’d heard the pack all exchanging stories of their step into finding their warriors. But I never asked questions. I didn’t want to know because I had no plans on sharing my own.
“Sam, Jay, Paul, and You lead the path. Such show offs.” They we’re far from it.
“We still have to hide, Embry. Look at the pups who are trying to find their way through it all. Sure, they have the OGs to support them. But… somethings have to be done alone.”
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled. “I know... I don't just mean hiding our calling... I mean back then, with my temper... While we were still learning we vented... We fought... Maybe even cried. We just got to let it all. And it wasn't just bad stuff either.”
I didn't try to deny the showing off  part... There was no point. I would lose, and I knew it.
“Then the others started to phase and there just more and more memories made here.” I bumped her shoulder with mine. “None are better than tackling you off the cliff.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Slapping his shoulder, I also snapped my teeth at him. Before combing my fingers though my long-wet hair pulling it all to one side listening to him.
Rolling my eyes at the last comment. “Oh please, I’m sure you had more fun showing your skills off to the girls you jumped with.”
Some of them used to do that (from much lower down of course. Because who in their right mind would jump from up here?) “I still think I should have drowned you that night.” So much had happened that day with me. “If only there weren’t any witnesses.”
•- Embry Call -•
“So hot.” I muttered almost silently when she snapped her teeth. The way she wrongs her finger through my hair made mine twitch with the want to do the same.
“Never brought girl to the lower cliffs.” I chuckled. “Seemed too much like a date… I did flirt with the girls the brought though.” I winked.
“This place was always just for us.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Resting my palms flat behind me, I leant back with my gaze back out on the water. Watching the clouds beginning to break. “Too much like a date.” Repeating his words. “We don’t do dates.” My lips curled up a little.
Both Embry and I was known for it. (Well, he was. I was  just known for not seeing anyone. There was no insight into my life.) “And this is why the pups don’t want to bring their dates around us.” It wasn’t true, just a tease. “You are showing them up.” Tutting I clicked my tongue.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled, following her gaze out to sea where a clear break the rain cloud could see. Making it was toward us. It was like an hourglass on our time here. The Spirits telling us  that not all perfect moments needed to last forever; they were only to be remembered, always. And lived in the now.
“Nope… not at all. We don’t do dates.” But I didn’t think a date would be an inaccurate description of today. I laughed again. “Hey… if they aren’t afraid to lose her or him then they don’t deserved them in the first place.” I was talking the guys that dated… fear of losing an imprint was different.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Fear of losing is once thing. Fear of losing to you… that’s a challenge.” Half smiling at the comments and the teasing I’ve seen over the years between all of them while I stood back and away. It was a good way to gather the bigger picture and see things they couldn’t.
I sat for a little while just looking from the sea over to him. Something had changed that day when we were last up here. I hadn’t seen it in that moment, or maybe I had but had not indication as to what I was witnessing.
Finally, I shifted. “It’s time.” With no need to say anything else. The moment had come to a close. It was going to become a memory now. One that I wanted to keep close for a long time.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed… “It not my fault my that the ladies love me. I’ve tried to teach the pups my ways… but they just can’t pull it off.”
I turned to smile at her. “I think it is.”
It had a great, unexpected afternoon. The rain was still pouring and shielding us discovery here. Our combined scent washing away before it could settle.
“Let’s go, Trouble.” I pulled myself up to go and get redressed into my rain-soaked clothes.
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blazingtheway · 8 months
Class is in Session - Storyline 11 -Together
Tumblr media
•- Embry Call -•
"Or... you know... she wasn't any of those things because she's a whole arse person with her own personal autonomy?"
Tumblr media
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I see you.”
Tumblr media
•- Embry Call -•
“My mama did not raise a fool!”  Winks.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“No she did not.” Smirks.
•- Embry Call -•
“Wow!!! That was almost. Compliment!” Laughs hard
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Enjoy it. That’s about as close as it gets.”
•- Embry Call -•
Smirks that cheeky smirk of mine. “I’m pretty sure it’s a bigger compliment when you take my clothes off.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Pushing the flat of my hand into his face I push him away. “Let’s not over sell your soul tonight. I have a feeling the devil is out to get you.”
•- Embry Call -•
I licked her palm with as much slobber as I possibly could.... because what choice did she give me really?
"Let's not  forget the way you look at me when I play the guitar?"  I add, smiling like I hadn't just behaved like a ten-year-old.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I didn’t react, didn’t scream or shouted. I just wiped my palm all over his face. And the finished wiping it on my back of my jeans.  “Don’t know what you mean. You okay the guitar?”
•- Embry Call -•
I just laughed when she wiped her hand on my face and then lifted the hem of my shirt to dry myself off... the flash of the eight-pack was just a bonus...
"Would like a demonstration?" Raises a brow. Because we both knew she could resist.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Keeping my eyes on his face, because I knew what he was playing at. And it wasn’t going to work outside of the bubble.
“I think it’s only fair if you ask me. Put your money where your mouth is and all.”
•- Embry Call -•
Tapping my chin like I was thinking very hard... "The only question is... where to find a guitar?"
Quirking a brow because she knew damn well where.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Crossing my arms over my chest. Did he really think I would fall for that one. “You tell me?”
•- Embry Call -•
"Oh, I know!"
I grinned and worked to my jeep, pulling out the guitar I had from my last jam session with Tony.
"I wonder how this got here since don't play?" I tilted my head and smirked.  "It's weird... But it can't be that hard can it be? it's just strumming a few strings."
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“It’s Ton’s” his scent hit me the moment the guitar came out. I wasn’t sure how I knew it. I had only spend a handful of times with the man.
“Does he know you walked at with it?”
I played with the tips of my fingers. It wasn’t as easy as he made it look.
•- Embry Call -•
I grinned. “His mom made him whittled his collection down. He’s donating them to the Rez high school.” I leaned back against tail gate and unzipped the bag.
“They won’t mind if I test one out.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Raising my eyebrow, I dropped my hands and walked up to look into the back of his Jeep.
“He is donating these to the school?”
I shake my head. “That family is always amazing me.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Well, he went to a private arts school they don't need the help as much... And #Tony is a good guy.” I smiled and popped the strap over my head...  Holding the guitar against me far too high as a I leaned on the jeep.
“Dies this look right? I don't wanna look like a noob.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Stepping back, I give him some room, my eyes drifting back of his keep again I shook my head.
How that boy had managed to turn out to be so kind, after the first impression he had giving me. It proved to me that people should be themselves. But that same rules didn’t work for me “hmm… you’re going for noob, right?”
I asked pushing my hands into my pockets.
“It’s a little short on you. But you know that.”
•- Embry Call -•
“I guess we’ll see won’t we.” I narrowed my eyes at her noob comment and hoisted the guitar ridiculously high now and started to play.”
(Music: MOZART on Guitar (Turkish March) - Luca Stricagnoli - https://youtu.be/yLVYK80vMMM )
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Leaning back on his jeep with my shoulder. My hands pushing deeper into my pockets as I watch him, with my head tilted to the side.
He was showing off a little this time, and still the moment he started to play, everything else blurred.
•- Embry Call -•
I caught the look on her face in a few small moments I got look up while I played.
“So?” I asked smugly… “Still needs work, you think?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Shifting my hands out of my pocket, I combed my fingers through my hair. He knew what his playing did for me. It was a journey, a calm, a pause on life.
“What does your mom say? There is always room for improvement.”
•- Embry Call -•
I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“Really?? Your use that one against me?” I bite my lips and intentional locked eyes with her do I didn’t fixate on my way her hand slide though her hair.
“Okay… than. Let’s break out the big guns.”
(Music: EMINEM ON GUITAR (Lose Yourself) - Luca Stricagnoli - https://youtu.be/9h5nEQpErJg )
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I raised my eyebrow at him. Because playing Mozart wasn’t big guns enough for him? I had to smile and shaking my head. “Yours going to play something harder tha—“
He started and my mouth shut, and eyes widened. I knew what it was right away. And I had no idea it could be Played like this.
The words on my lips.
𝕀𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕙𝕒𝕕
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥
𝕆𝕣 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪
𝕋𝕠 𝕤𝕖𝕚𝕫𝕖 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕕
𝕀𝕟 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕞𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥
𝕎𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕔𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕚𝕥
𝕆𝕣 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕝𝕖𝕥 𝕚𝕥 𝕤𝕝𝕚𝕡?
•- Embry Call -•
I wouldn’t saw this one was harder to play... But there was hardly a musician alive regardless of genre or musical taste that couldn’t relate to this track.
I wasn't immune to the idea of losing yourself in the music either so when I started to from my wrist and heel of my hand into the body of the guitar as I played, I left my whole body ease into the song.
And Leah... Despite her reservations was a musician to... Because a voice like that was an automatic induction. So, this song was going to speak to her.
I'd almost forgotten I was supposed to be showing off.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
My lips curled up a little as the song started to come to its close. I felt the change in it and then my body moved to feed into that energy, he was exceeding.
The man could be cocky, spirits I was cocky, but this thing. Him playing.  When he did this. None of that showed.
There was an innocent side to this man, a purity that came from how his heart truly spoke out when you gave it the time to understand.
I wasn’t willing to break the silence when he stopped, the sounds still hummed in the air between us and I could feel it.
•- Embry Call -•
I caught that smile and grinned at her... trying really not to bite my lips as I did... because... no bubble. Not here.
"Shit!" I looked around and laughed. "How the hell did you goad me into playing in the side of the street?" I shook my head and slipped the guitar into the case before people started to think I was busking.
"Clearly this music thing isn't for me... utterly hopeless!" I teased, knowing damn well I was bloody good! I moved to the door of the jeep. "You gonna stand there all day or are you come and give these to the school with me  or what?" I said the words like this was the plan we had talked about at length before even though this was the first she'd heard about it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I wanted to smack him upside his head.
“You do know that self-deprecation BS doesn’t work well on you. There is a conflict with your ‘I’m the best in the world.’ Persona.”
He didn’t need any goading to play. He would happily play anywhere.
My glance moved up the street towards home. And then back, toward #HwH. I’d completed my run early, set up the bar for #Charlie and #TheKid to open.
“If you need a beautiful face to get you in the door, just say so.”
Pushing off the side of his jeep, my hands fisted and loosened before I climbed in.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed out loud... totally stunned that invitation had worked.
"I mean it couldn't hurt." I shrugged and tried to act indifferent, but I checked her out a little. "Just be prepared because the music club probably isn't over yet. Try not to give any teenage boys a  heart attack." Then I stopped again and looked at her. "You can drive if you want to..." Then I added as another thought occurred to me. "I'm not keeping you from anything am I?" But she wouldn't have agreed to come if I was.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I make not promises.” I told him.
“It isn’t my responsibility to keep their hormones and check. If they can’t help themselves. A kick in the arse from me will.”
I looked at my phone at the time. “Emma’s most likely still in class to right?” I needed to check in kid.
“Hmm?” Shaking my head. “No, it’s okay.” Had he noticed? No. He couldn’t have. I hide it well from everyone.
This time I turned to look at him. “Yeah. I had a date. You put a spanner in the works.”
Giving him a grin. “Now get a move on will you.”
•- Embry Call -•
I had heard a few things about that kid but I tried not to give them away… “She could be… please tell me we aren’t gonna play hall monitors?” I raised a brow… sometimes kids just needed to misbehave.
“A date… really?” My smile grew playfully evil. “Looks like I was just on time to ruin some poor, unlucky bastards chance of a lifetime!” I climbed into the jeep looking supremely happy about that fact. Or… as much of a fact as a could be considering she’d completely fabricated he story.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“I’m not playing anything. I’m out right checking up on her. Don’t give a crap when you think. You and I won’t see eye to eye on this one Call. It’s different for girls than boys. No one will bat an eye when a boy mess up at this age. However, a girl making the same mistakes. well.. look at my reputation…”
Rolling my eyes at his comment about spoiling my plans, my hand fisted and I punched him hard.
“It was a date with my book, and leftover roast beef sandwiches, Wisearse.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Ow!!!” I rubbed my arm dramatically, but she was always good at controlling a pinch so it didn’t really hurt. “Okay you make a good point, I don’t know what it’s like for a girl… but, what’s she done so far cut a class or two?”
I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Hey, I proved myself appropriate company on a book date! I stayed quiet” I grinned, even if I did  notice how much I fidget that night.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Turning my attention to the outside. The shift to sit corrected and the need to still snapped in.
Combing my fingers through the top of my head I closed my eyes.
“One or two classes is one or two classes too many Embry. She needs her education more than she needs to do Stupid crap for some boy who won’t be around next week, let alone next year. Spirits if she cuts class for herself. I’d be pissed, but less so, because she made that mistake for herself. Doing it to prove something to another. That’s not going to be the Clearwater women’s way.”
Raising my eyebrow, my eyes slow fixed on him.
“You lasted four chapters Embry Call. Find it was a first for you to stay in one place for that long. Let’s talk when you can go ten chapters.”
•- Embry Call -•
“Are telling me you never cut a class?” I raised a brow a laughed.
“I hope you didn’t use that education one on her. You’ll just make her dig her heels in even further. You need to make them think it’s their idea.” I grinned and made a turn towards the school. “Well, I’ll get better at if I don’t practice.  I thought we were meant to help each other out on this path  of evolution… right?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Parting my lips to say something, but instead my eyebrows pulled together. Of course, he would know how to deal with the young one. He and #Quil were the pup whisperers.
“I.. may have used that line on her…” standing my frown now. “Because it’s true. The next generation need to understand the doors we broke down for them. And they need to walk through them.”
Turning to look at him. “Practice? You need to practice keeping still and not talking?”
•- Embry Call -•
I cringed and wrinkled up my nose… “When did you say that to her? If it was recent… I bet twenty dollars she is not in class right now. And not… you're not wrong. It‘s the truth. But they need to learn that truth themselves, Leah. It is not something you can learn in a class room.” I did truly believe that. Life skills were learned by living and good judgement was learned through making decisions good ones and bad, and testing the limits
“Not all of us are naturally good at that kinda thing.” I smiled at her, swinging into the small parking lot that was only used by teachers… but I wasn’t going to be here long. “But you like the peace and quiet… and I like seeing you feel peaceful and relaxed. So…” I chuckled. “Yeah… why not? Everyone wins… eventually. Because I master everything I try.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Watching the town pass by I crossed my arms, the. Uncrossed them. Shifted in the seat, and then shifted again. Giving up I sat with my feet flat and my hands in my lap.
“The day we were setting up for open mic. When I went to gab lunch… she wasn’t expecting anyone in the  diner at that time.” Confessions didn’t come easily to me. No one ever asked me things like Embry did.
“So..” spirits, had I pushed her away from the right path? The spirits ready did know how to pick the wrong warrior for this job.  Opening the door, the moment Embry parked  up, and making my way around to the back again. Stopping when we came face to face.
“You are willing to learn to still, just so you can sit with me while I read, or just relax?”
•- Embry Call -•
I tried not smile s she fidgeted. “She probably skipped a few classes after that… but she might have gotten over it now. I turned to look at her after I shut off the engine.
“I’m not willing to…” I smiled. “That makes it sound like a sacrifice… and it’s not. It’s something I  want to do. Do you give up so much of your alone time when I spend the night because you’re willing to or because you want to?” I knew the answer. But I wasn’t so sure that she’d ever given it any thought… we were both just taking each as came with this… and I knew that wasn’t how Leah normally did things.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Spirits, I’m going to put a tracker on that girl!” I wasn’t. For someone like me who knew what it meant to have her private life private. I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite. But there was a need to make my cousin understand.
Then again. Embry maybe had a point. Sometimes we all need to make our mistakes.
Biting the inside of my cheek, my eyebrows pulled together. “There’s a difference in the words?”
Never being someone who could use words to there best effect. I just looked at him replaying them.  “Willing to…. Because I want..”
•- Embry Call -•
“She’ll get there…” I smiled at her. “So will you” I chuckled softly. “I guess /willing/ can also mean want… but its the intention… when you say things a certain way they cam meant something different… in this case, no. The wanting is more important than the willing…”  I quickly added… “—ness.” after I realised that the sentence didn’t make much sense. I unbuckled my seat belt and pushed open the door. “C’mon…” I smiled. “Help me carry these inside.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Thinking about the reasons behind what he said, I followed around to the back of the jeep. Waiting for him to open up, and hand me what needed to be taken in.
“Please…. Help me with this please… don’t make me tell your mom you lost your manners somewhere down the street. you know she will chase you down.”
I smiled, because… well we knew she wouldn’t chase him down. She couldn’t. But By the Spirits I would chase him down for her just to see her laughing.
“So, you Want to try the still thing again tonight?” Teasing out the different work
•- Embry Call -•
I looked at her with a soft smile. I was in shock that she had asked me for help... but I didn’t let it show though.
“You’re in luck, Clearwater.” I smiled. “There’s reason I’m dropping these off today. Not only can I help you this. I can show you how it’s done.” I opened up the tailgate and pulled out two of the guitars.
“I think you might now the new music teacher, she would have been in your class. She’s having issues with one of the boys and asked  to drop in and make it look like a coincidence.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Looking at him confused, my hand moving to rub my temples. This Wisearse was something else at times.
Smacking him up side his head. “I wasn’t asking You to help Me… you asked for my help…. Without using Please …. And I know your Mom raised you better than that! my eyebrows pulled together as I took the guitars from him.
“I know the new music teacher ? I haven’t been listening to Ma’s updates around the Rez. So, I didn’t even know there was a new teacher. What’s up with the kiddo?” I asked
•- Embry Call -•
“Oh…” I flushed a little and laughed it off. “Either way. You’ll see a… different approach.” I grinned. “And it’s for the good of the kids… did I really need to say please?” But if she told my Mom I would be in so much trouble.
“I mean you might… I’m not sure exactly when She graduated but it was a few years before me. “She’s really good… she sings, plays piano guitar and the flute. But she freezes on stage. She’s got a boy in her class, wants to drop out and be a rockstar. He’s good too… but… you know how teachers are.” I headed towards  Schoolhouse, already hear hearing the chaotic sounds of music lessons taking place.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“Little manners go a long way.”
Repeating what our mom said to us time and time again. It didn’t make me say please. But he was meant to be better at this crap than me. This path of evolution was meant to be about the both of us learning from one another, right? racking my mind back to my time at school. I tried to think of the girls who were good with music. Maybe a little shy, the fear of the stage he to come from somewhere.
“What teachers are like? You mean she is trying to help him have a well-rounded education, finish it and then follow his dreams with the ability to know right from wrong?”
I asked raising my eyebrow.
•- Embry Call -•
I laughed. “Fine… My sincerest apologises… Will you please help me carry these inside?”
That might save me from the tongue lashing if she told on… and she would in a heartbeat! I mean… I would tattle on her to Sue for brownie points to… but that wasn’t the point right now.
“I mean that they tend to think school is the only way to be successful. but It doesn’t suit all kids… I know you’ll disagree, but people can find success without  graduating and tell kids they only have option is never a good thing. Do I think school is the best option? One hundred percent. But...” I shook my head not sure how to explain it… “You’ll get it when you are here my chat with the kid.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Muttering for him to hear, because I was already carrying them. And I knew what he was doing.
Backup for When… (Yes When and not IF..) I tell #MsC of his rudeness. Knowing he would do the same to me. (And had. More times over the years than I cared to remember.)
Stopping half way up the school parking lot, my eyebrows pulled together. Chewing the inside of my cheeks as I thought over his words.
“You know you just contradicted yourself. You agree school is the best choice. And yet you are saying we don’t let them that? Embry, these child’s are born into a life where people expect them to fail. Ever opportunity is held back from them.
Spirits…. We have to fight to have what little land we have not to be taken away and sold to some rich Arsehole who wants to build a multiplex on it.
If this generation doesn’t learn from the mistakes of the late and the ones before them.. it is us.. you and I.. we are the ones failing them…”
I wasn’t sure how he couldn’t see where I was coming from here.
•- Embry Call -•
I looked over my shoulder at her and grinned. "See... that's the thing, Leah... Choice. Best 𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕚𝕔𝕖... but whose choice shout it be? We can find ways to force people to stay in school. But what we can't do is force them to learn or excel or engage. And without all that test scores don't mean a thing."
I stopped with my hand on the door. "You're right, these kids are born into a world that expects to end up in -at best- low-paying jobs and at worst... Well... where I was. But no one ever tells them they can be a waitress and be happy. You can bag groceries and love your life. No one tells them they can leave school and still make a living. Because all of that is true. The pressure of what they feel represents success is crushing. Because we dictate what their success should look like... And that is the fundamental flaw in the system. They are stifled into compliance when they should be making mistakes... better to make them now than in fifteen years when they have three kids to feed. Or a si--"
I stopped myself from saying, sick family members. "Or other responsibilities. It needs to be their choice. And if that fails... we make them think it was their choice." I smirked and pulled the door open.
"Don't all rush at once!" I called into the music/band/choir/whatever room. "Your saviour has arrived baring gifts!" No one moved... eyes rolled. But then they spotted the instrument bags and were all action. The kids in this class were all ages from tiny to teen... there just weren't enough kids taking music and it was a small school.
"There's a couple more in the jeep." I said to the older kids. "Would you mind grabbing them?"
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Frozen to my spot my feet wouldn’t take me any further than where I stood. My eyes unblinking, my heart beating and my rise and fall of my chest telling that I hadn’t just died of shock.
Each and every word Embry Call just said making a borrowing hole in my  soul, because Spirits. I had never thought the way he had. And I should have!
Me if all people? Me who had ever choice taken away. Me… who wanted to empower our next generation and not hinder them… I had been taking their choices and making it for them?
The word slipping from my dry lips. Every truth felt like a punch in my gut. A reminder of how I had failed those I should have been protecting. Him being one of them.
Of course, he spoke from experience… I knew now the demons he spoke of were those he had battled with himself in his past. And his outlook being different wasn’t wrong. It was another way to do the same thing.
I didn’t say anything as kids came rushing out. A couple of them taking what I was carrying, and a couple of more heading to the jeep. Silently I stepped into the room and stood back. Doing what I did best. Checking the doors, the windows, the ins and outs from here. Counting the heads, before finally watching how he interacts with the children and they with him.
‘Evolution. This is why the spirits must have us on this path, every day this man shows us something new.’ My wolf was watching with me.
“Hmm… and everyday I see yet anything way I am failing.” I told her.
‘Not true. He just… well he does things the Embry way, and you do them the Leah way. That isn’t failure.’
Not how I saw it. CHOICE …. That was the lesson of the day.
•- Embry Call -•
I could see that she was thinking about what I had said and that strange feeling grew again… the one I got when she was truly hearing me and absorbing what I was saying. When someone was taking me seriously… and that didn’t happen a lot  other than when I was with Mom.
So… a woman like Leah to take the time to hear me out… it meant something to me.
Some of the older boys brushed by Leah… and to my surprise, they actually said ‘Excuse me.’ as they disappeared out into the hallway. I could see that look on her face, her internal conversation look.
‘Okay, Okay…’ Their teacher #MsSwift…. Lola Swift to others said. ‘I know it's very exciting but let's try to remember it's still class time. So have a seat  and keep practising.’
I rolled my eyes. “Really the party just arrived and you already shi—“ I spotted a girl at a desk no older than seven. “Pooped on it.”
The girl giggled and said. ’You said poop!’ Lo’ gave me a dirty look.
I just  winked at her and turned my attention back to her teacher. I nodded towards the emo kid in the corner tuning one of the new (to this school, at least) guitars without the aid of a turner or even a smartphone app. “Is this our candidate?”
She nodded and was about to start explaining everything, but I headed to the kid… nothing would close him off faster than seeing me have a good long chat with his teacher. “So, I hear you think you have perfect pitch?” I asked  him with a smirk.
‘I don’t think… I know.’ He plucked a string, adjusted it and lucked it again. ‘Who are you anyway?’
I held out my arm like I was presenting myself as a prize. “You can call me your independent assessor.”
He narrows  his gaze while trying to pretend that he wasn’t looking at me. ‘What qualifies you for the job.’ He flashed a grin 16-year-old me would be proud of.
“Technically, I’m a volunteer.” A take-no-shit-tone edging into my voice. “And the only  person on this reservation that I know of who has actually been proven to have perfect pitch. But if you don’t want my help... I have other places I could be.”
The kid scoffed and I turned to walk away. ‘Wait!’ He said and I stopped. Winking at Leah and Ms Swift. ‘Prove it.’
I spun back to him and motioned to the piano against the wall. “Do you play?”
‘I’ve studied for three years. We didn’t have a teacher that knew how before Ms Swift came.’ He explained like I was asking him the play Flight Of The Bumblebee with no rehearsal.
“That’s good enough for scales. Let’s go…” I waved him over. “Do you want to blindfold me or do you trust me not to peek?” I tease him as drudged past me as though he’d just worked a twelve shift in a salt mine. He glowered and it took all my self-control not to laugh.
‘By the Spirits!” I heard Lo’ mutter under her breath. ‘I hope this was a good idea.’
The kid started to play notes and I named them with ease.
‘The first time I saw him do this he was seven… and I had no idea how incredible it really was until college.’ The teacher whispered, moving to stand next to Leah now. The kid kept hitting me with notes and I kept answering. I would  do this for as long as it took.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Twenty-five minutes… we stood here watching them for that long. The kid had taken his time testing Embry, and I knew if I were in Call’s place. That kid would have gotten a smack upside his head and told to “listen up.”
I didn’t know how in times like this, Embry Call kept his cool.
‘I think he is breaking Through to him.’ #LolaSwift whispers with a sense of relief washing over her body language.
“It’s still early door.” I told her without taking my eyes off the two.
‘He is magic with the kids.’
She continued, which made me raise my eyebrow.
“He does this often?” I asked with my arms crossed over my chest.
‘I can always rely on ‘Bry. He will help in any way he can. With music books, instruments, or his time. Most of the children here love him to bits. A few are finding times difficult. And ‘Bry somehow always knows how to break them out of their own cages.’ How in the name of the spirits did I not know this?
‘However, seeing you here is something.’ Her attention remained on the two sat on the piano. “He caught me in between things.” Was all the answer I was willing to share.
•- Embry Call -•
It went on and on… But it didn’t make me impatient or mad. If anything it broke my heart a little... who the fuck had hurt this kid so bad that he needed to test me like this? To see if I would stay… who had walked away from—The thought was cut off. I knew what it was… I was him… maybe I was luckier than him. I never had to miss my father because I never knew him. This kid had been left with enough memories to feel the loss.
A few seconds passed with him playing a note. I  turned to him and raised a brow. “So.. did I pass?” I asked as if I had no idea what he had been up to.
‘Some volunteer.’ The kid smirked, but he was clearly impressed, at my patience or my gift was unclear. ‘Okay… so… what next?’
“Now, I test you.” I smirked. He stood from the piano and motioned for me to sit. I shook my head and dug into my pocket. “We’ll get to that, for now. I’m gonna use something you aren’t familiar with.” I pulled out my grandma’s old pitch pipe. “Ever seen one of these?”
The kid nodded. ‘Never used on… but yeah, I’ve seen a pitch pipe before.’
“Good. Let's get started.” I raised it to my lips, not checking which note I was blowing into because I would know when I heard it. And so did he.
‘E.’ He said almost immediately, stunning me enough to double-check it on the pipe.
He did it again and again. I used a guitar and had Lola play a few keys on the piano. Then I asked the class who could sing and three hands shot up. I gathered them around a music stand with the latest they were learning. “Can you all just sing this note for me please?” I point to the random section of the music.
They obliged, the seven-year-old girl was painfully flat but  totally owned it. I saw my smirk mirrored on the teenager's face. ‘F.’ He said not commenting on the little one.
Definitely a point in his favour in my books. After a few more I told the singers we were all done. I told him to go and get  a drink before we moved on and went to Leah and Ms Swift. “The kid is good, he only missed one on the pitch pipe…” I said quietly.
‘I knew it… so he has perfect pitch?’ She asked, sounding more excited than the boy. I nodded.
“Is there anything else? Behavioural issues? Any diagnosis… autism? Anything.” Because it was so frequently present in neurodivergent kids it was a question that needed to be asked.
‘Nothing like there he was assessed for ADHD in the third grade, but they said he didn’t have it… They think his behaviour was back then was because of the divorce. He’s sullen and moody, but not disruptive and he’s patient with the younger kids, not do much with the ones his age.’ She explained and  there it was. Divorce
“There’s one more thing I want to try, can you help me on the piano? he sings right?” She nodded. “I want to see if he can match pitch.”
‘Wait can you…’ The teacher's brows rose.
“Spirits no!” I laughed. “But I’ll know if he can.” I beckoned the kid back over and told him this was the last thing to try out. I turned to Leah... “Some gift, right?” I smiled. Its uses were highly limited... But it fascinated me to meet someone else with the ability. Even #Tony the most talented person I knew couldn't do this.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
‘Miss?’ My eyes pulled to the tug on my shirt. ‘Miss? Could you help us with this?’ A small girl and boy stood beside me. They must have been six or seven years old, with big brown eyes with an ocean of innocence bleeding out of them. “Who me?” Pointing to their teacher. “I’m not a teach kids. Maybe…” they pushed the tambourine into my hands, followed by the parts that had fallen off the sides.
 “Oh. Okay. You are demanding, aren’t you.”
Try took a hold of my shirt pulling me to a small table to sit and look over the broken instrument.
‘We didn’t mean to break it. We just… dropped it. Miss Swift will be so upset.’ And I got it.
“Okay. Do you know where I can fin— you know what. Don’t worry I got this. I could see the metal spokes on it had come out and how to fix it. And the time they had been keeping me busy, I could hear the interaction between Embry, and the boy.
And with each passing moment, I couldn’t help but think how this was the perfect place for Embry to be. Talking to this kid, through their care of music.
“Here you go, now be careful.” Making a note they needed a new one. And making sure we get them one soon.
I made my way back to where I had been, listening to the boy. Spirits! He was gifted. So gifted. Nodding my head at Embry and #Lola at being asked.
“He was born with the touch of the spirits.” It was hard to explain. “Are you going to mentor him?”
I asked Embry.
•- Embry Call -•
I briefly entertained rescuing Leah from the kids... but children that age were the perfect kind for Leah to interact with. Honest to a fault, innocent... even when they weren't. I chuckled to myself, they see her as she is... and think nothing other than a lady that helped them in class.
#MsSwift went to speak to her student and stayed with Leah for a moment longer. "If I'm right about him then I'm not sure that I can mentor him. But I'll find someone." I looked over at him and his teacher. He actually smiled... without any sarcasm. He respected her... because she didn't treat him like damaged goods. She saw his potential and expected him to live up to it. "She's a good teacher, the kid is closed off and she's still managed to break through to him."
I gave Leah a smile at her and turned back t look at him again. “Now Let’s see if this kid can sing.” I winked and headed back over to the piano. Explaining that I #Lola to play a note and then I wanted him to match it vocally. We would step up from one note to two, then three. I told Lola to play any combos she wanted and stood between the kid and the piano so I could focus on both sounds as they started.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I saw what that child saw in his teacher, because once I had someone who saw past the BS, I had created around me. That one woman has giving me the advice that changed my outlook in life around. And gave me the strength to stand tall, and give no craps about what others did or did not see.
And now, as her son walked away from me, I saw the past repeating itself. But this time her son was the one to see past the kids BS, and funny enough he saw past mine from time to time too.
“It’s in their blood.” I whispered to myself when I felt another tug on my jacket to see the two children back again.
“You broke it again?” Frowning I asked. But they held up a bag of chips.
“What am I to do with those?” I asked. The girl was full of cheek. With her hands on her hips, she said. ‘Open them for us of course.’
As I took it, with my eyebrow raised, and a smirk on my lips. I liked her. She was my kind of firecracker.
•- Embry Call -•
#Lola started to play and the kid matched note after note. I was blown away and knew it showed on my face. But after a while, his voice started to strain and I put a stop to it and sent the boy to go and get a warm drink… he protested but I  told him if he wanted to keep that voice he had to learn to look after it. So #MsSwift gave him the key to the Teacher’s Lounge and the lure of the unknown was too strong for him to resist.
I rested my hand on my hip and ran my hand over  hand my face. There was so much to unpack about this kid. “That kid doesn’t have perfect pitch…” I told his teacher. I looked across to room to Leah with the kids again… That little girl would probably be her Spirit animal if she didn’t  already have one. I nodded for her to join us whenever she could get away from the little ones.
“He has absolute pitch… he can match almost anything we can throw at him… I mean with training… he could probably hit not I’ve only heard Mariah Carey hit… and for a teenage boy… His voice has dropped already and he still basically has the full range.” I shook my head. I was in awe of that kid…
‘Embry if we tell him that there is no way I can keep in school…’ Lola walked  the line between confused and excited. This was where things were going to get dicey.
“Maybe school isn’t what’s best for him Lo’… He needs music lessons… I mean more than twice a week in here a vocal coach… and that’s the bare minimum.
He needs a bloody arts school.” I knew that was impossible, the closest one was Seattle and I had a feeling that not even music would take this kid away from his Mom the way #Tony’s education had.
‘He needs to stay in school, Call that’s  the whole reason I asked to come over… You had the same choice and you picked school. Are you telling me it was the wrong choice now?’ The teacher in her was coming out now.
“No, I’m telling you that was my choice.” And it had been… even  before #Sam made graduating a requirement for training and patrol.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
“If you both want to eat chips, you need to learn to open the bag yourself.” Showing the two how these stronger sharing bags could be opened without needing to bite on them.
‘We only have small hands. How are we meant to?’ The girl was that talker of the two, and the leader. The boy, he was a follower. Or he was crushing on the girl. Who knew how young all that crap started nowadays
“Not an excuse.”  My face dead pan, I gave them the other bag after showing them what to do.
The two looked put out. Because as my height, there was no way they could get the bag in my hands back, unless I gave it to them.
“Well, I haven’t got all day here.”
They tagged teamed the task, it took them a few minutes. All the time I had my ears trained on everything happening on the other side of the room. The kid Embry came to see was talented. He knocked the ball out of the park with every test thrown at him. This was going to be a hard one for Embry, I could tell from his reactions.
Nodding my head once when he beckoned me over. By which time the two kids around me had their bags of chips open and were gone. Walking over as the boy walked out of the music room, I quickly listened to #Lola and Embry discussing what to do next. And I had to agree in my own thoughts it was hard for me now. His words from outside still fresh in my head.
•- Embry Call -•
Leah’s interaction with the kids hadn’t been lost on me, she was good with them… firm but not mean. Maybe a tad abrupt but they were clearly responding to her. But my brain was running a mile a minute. I was conflicted and while I believed  completely in what I was saying I also didn’t exactly love the idea of a kid dropping out of school. But this was definitely not the best school for him… no normal high school was. Not if he wanted a carer in music.
“I honestly have no idea what to tell him… I mean. I have no doubt he could be successful as a musician and even a solo artist if he really wanted… I just…” I sighed. I knew that the two people who stood with me believed that kids should see school through to  graduation and I couldn’t disagree that was normally the ideal situation. This boy was not normal.
“I need to talk to him… I can help him with the guitar and reading music if he needs extra lessons. I could maybe even help him with composition… But when it comes to singing…” I shook my head. Okay yeah, almost the whole town had heard me sing now. But I had a limited range and I was certainly no vocal coach. “I don’t even know a vocal coach.”
‘I took voice lessons… I  can help with that but if you are right then eventually he’ll need something more advanced than what I can offer. But all that only matters if he stays in school and doesn’t run off chasing a career.’ #Lola was conflicted too.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Crossing my arms over my chest, my ears were on the two stood beside me, however my eyes moved over all the children in the room. On the far side I saw her set there.
#Emma sat with a mixed group laughing and joking. Her eyes found me and she smiled, waving her hand. Nodding my head to her. I let her be with her friends for now. She was here, she was in school, that was a win for me right now. Returning to the conversation beside me I said nothing. #Lola was the kids teacher, Call had been asked to come in to guide and support. I was here by accident. Or was it so?
The paths they both lay before one another made sense to me. Even if this morning I would had said something like. The kid had no choice, he had to finish school. Now I saw how that wasn’t correct or fair. No matter what I wanted. It was dependent on what he wanted. Biting on the inside of my cheeks my eyebrows pulled together, I stood. Silent not trying to add my two cents where it wasn’t asked for.
•- Embry Call -•
My gaze flicked to Leah… she was taking everything in and saying nothing… was that her way of letting me know that she was confident that I could steer this ship straight? Because that was a whole new level of trust from her.
The kid came  back into the room mug in hand and I looked from Leah to Ms Swift and back again. “Okay, I’m gonna go talk to him.” I smiled and Leah. “Be nice to the little ones.” I chuckled, making sure she knew I had witnessed her inner softie when it came to them… especially the youngest girl.
I walked over to the teen boy and nodded to the door. “Would you like to come out outside with me and we can talk?” I asked him and he nodded, taking a sip of what was clearly peppermint tea. His choice shocked me and I wondered how many choices he had or did he just grab something with a name he recognised. We took a seat on the step and he cradled the mug in both hands. “Do you know the difference between perfect pitch and absolute pitch?” I asked him.
‘No… I’ve never heard of that second one.’ He said. I explained to him the difference. Telling him that I could do all the same things he could but I couldn’t match pitch with my voice as he could.
‘So, you  can’t sing?’ he asked.
“Can…” I admitted tilting my head to the side. “As a general rule, I don’t. And I don’t have nearly your range… even without any training… With coaching…”
‘What do you mean coaching?’ He asked. And I started to  explain to him that like musicians most singers weren’t just naturally talented. Yes, most people that could sing were born with a certain amount of talent. But that they also needed training… he hadn’t even known that singing lessons were even a thing.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
In a low voice for his ears only (and because I could see #Lola was distracted.) I said. “I make no promises, if they are hanging upside down, by their shoelaces. It’s on you for bringing me here.”
And then I watched him leave with the boy in toe. The fact that that not even went was a sign that he had some amount of respect for, Embry after their time together just now. Otherwise it would have been a load of back chat and questions.
‘So, you had no advise to give Embry on the matter?’ #Lola was bad with me. ‘It was clear he was looking to you for some guidance there.’ She added. Replaying the conversation in my mind, I pulled my eyebrows together.
“That was your take on it? Not what I saw.” Now she turned to face me.
‘Are you sure?’ She asked.
“Embry Call has this, and you know it otherwise you wouldn’t have asked him here in the first place. I am here to help carry things indoors. And from where I was standing, and what I heard of this scenario. He is in full control.”  Her eyes went back to the door the two of them had walked out.
‘I hope Embry can help him stay.’ She sighed.
“That’s not how Embry works. He will do what is right of the boy. Even if I may not agree with it. I trust Embry’s take on the matter.” And I did. Not just now, but also with the Pack. He was the third in command for us. And he had been supporting the pups from day one.
He had helped so many of them over the years. Talking to them, being there for them. Sometimes talking, others just listening, and even stilling there with nothing to be said. Embry Call didn’t give himself enough credit at times, and I was starting to notice it.
•- Embry Call -•
I chuckled at Leah’s empty threat. “Hey, shoelaces are better than toes.” I whispered and headed out with the kid.
Even while I listened to the kid, I could hear the conversation inside. I wasn’t sure if Leah thought that I didn’t want her advice… I hoped that wasn’t the case, because I was always willing to hear her out… or did she think that I was on the right track with this kid? Then she flat-out said it and warmth spread across my chest.
‘So… do you think that I  could make it with a music career? I really want to be a singer/songwriter.’ The kid said.
“Absolutely.” I told him honestly. “I mean, I haven’t seen anything you’ve written but that’s a skill you can learn. If you work on that voice and  keep up with the piano and guitar… you could easily get into a band. Or if you put in the time… possibly get signed. But that doesn’t happen overnight.”
‘I don’t think my Mom could afford those voice lessons you mentioned, though.’ The kid stared into his cup.
“Not many Moms around here could, kid.” I said with an inaudible sigh. “But there are a few ways to get around it… it might not be as focused as voice coaching, but the drama club on the Rez and in Forks put on  musicals. They would have p eople with singing experience and training and they could really help with that. Even with things like stage presence and confidence.” I explained. “The one here is free… funded mostly by Sue Clearwater’s  fundraisers. And I think the one in Forks has a very small monthly fee. But I could probably get you a good deal with them. I know a few people.” I grinned.
‘Drama and musicals aren’t really my thing.’ He scoffed like it was a ridiculous idea. I just laughed.
“Okay, Kid… I’m gonna tell you one thing… and once you get to know e, you’ll realise that I never tell people what they 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 think. But in this case… I’m sorry to break it to you… but they are. You just don’t  know it yet. You are an artist, trust me. You will be surprised. Fucking terrified but surprised.” I chuckled.
‘Are teachers allowed to swear?’ He gave me a cheeky smirk.
“Do I look like a teacher?” I raised my brows at him.
‘No!’ The kid laughed.
“Thank the Spirits for that! But I mean it, kid… they could be a valuable resource. You just need to ask yourself how badly you want this… and take every leg up you can get.”
‘Were you in those clubs?’ he asked.
“Yeah, I  was. I never tried out for big roles; singing was never a focus of mine. But I was in the chorus, I composed some music, and built sets… honestly, all the cast helped with that. When I hit your age though I stopped, my priorities shifted, but I never stopped playing.” I told him honestly. He laughed but not harshly.
‘You definitely do not look like the drama nerd type.’ He teased.
I leaned over and whispered conspiratorially. “I used to… there’s no way they’d have let me  stay in the background if I looked like this back then.” Then we were both laughing.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It was difficult not to hear the conversation taking place just outside the door, however over the years I had learnt how to drown out voices, and conversations I didn’t need to hear, mostly because I didn’t want to hear the conversations between the pups and the wolves. But right now, it was to give the kid, Call was talking to some privacy.
‘Leah, could you help here a little?’ #Lola called from the far side of the room just as #Emma came to stand by my side.
‘Hey Cuz’ she smiled her mothers smile at me.
“What did you do?” I knew her and her mother too well. Nothing good came from that smile.
‘Why do you always think I did something?’ She huffed at me. And I could see Embry rolling his eyes at me.
“Because nine out of ten times, I am the one who had to talk your dad down. But fine. Come on let’s see what your teacher wants.”
Her eyes moved back to the door, before she joined me. ‘Is ‘Bry coming back?’ She asked as the girls she was glancing at giggled.
“His name is Embry, you aren’t close enough to his age, or his  social circle to be using his nickname.”
She made a face, whispering. ‘Lealea… please… my gang is watching.’
“And? You want me to feed Embry to the hyenas? Wait. That could be funny, if it wasn’t illegal.” Pulling her to stay with me. “Come on. Do something good for your teacher.”
She clicked her tongue. ‘I don’t even know what she wants.’
Rolling my eyes. “Try asking her?”
•- Embry Call -•
“I was the type that took all the chances I could get… especially free ones. My mom raised me alone. So money was always tight… the music room wasn’t nearly as…” I paused, considering my words. “Fit for purpose… as it is now. Mostly tribal  drums and bells… there was always a piano though.”
‘It's just me and Mom now too.’ The kid said and I waited to see if he had anything else to say about that. ‘It's not so bad…’
I nodded. That was the story he wanted to stick to? I  wasn’t going to push… I had no advice to offer regarding Fathers. ‘It’s why I’m not sure about LA…’ He turned to me now and that look on his face was begging for an answer. But it wasn’t mine to give. ‘I know Ms swift asked you to come here  to convince me to stay.’
I chuckled. “I’m sure that's what she wants… but that is also exactly why she asked me and no one else to come here. Because she knows I won’t.”
‘You think I should go?’ He was stunned.
“I think the only person that can decide that is you. And you’re the only one that should, we all deserve a choice.. and in my opinion, you're old enough to make your own,” I answered. “And you can’t make the choice based on what’s best for your Mom. If she’s a  factor in your decision it should be because of what is best for you, because I promise you that’s all she wants for you. Even if it means letting you out into the world to chase your dreams.”
‘All moms say that shit though…’ He  shrugged.
“Wanna know what mine said to me when I told her I wanted to go to New York for the same reason? At about your age, actually.” I smiled and he nodded. “She told me that school wasn’t the right path for everyone. That people learn differently and some lessons are better lived than taught.” Now he was really shocked. “Then she told me that what I wanted could be achieved with or without a high school diploma… and that dropping out would only take away choices not give  me more. But It was my life, my choice… and she would support me. As long as I promised to call at least once a week.” I laughed, and so did he.
“I know that people can go back to school and get GEDs and all of that… but we’re Rez kids. Second chances don’t come around often. We need to be careful what we walk away from.” It wasn’t a stirring encouraging speech… it was reality. “You can be a musician anywhere, anytime, any age. You carry that with you, it can’t be taken  away. But there’s a good chance that right now, is the only time you can be a high school student. And maybe being a high school student isn’t for you, if not that’s fine. But you need to make that choice with full acceptance that; you might not have a chance to do it again. You may never need to and that’s amazing, just understand that both options take sacrifice and dedication just as much as both choices have rewards.”
‘You’ve been so helpful.’ The kid rolled his  eyes. But I could see him thinking about everything I said.
I patted his shoulder. “I am wise beyond my years.” I laughed and held that same hand out in front of him. “Give me your phone.” He unlocked it and handed it to me. I saved my number and handed it back. “You have a lot to think about, kid. Call me if you need anything… or if you want to talk about any of this. But take a few days, think it over. You have an amazing gift kid. No matter what happens, you’ll always  have that.”
I got up then and went back inside Letting him have a moment alone to allow it all to sink in.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
#Lola had the younger children all sit down on the floor in a circle with their legs crossed under them. the excitement was evident on their faces as #Emma and her friends all came to join them, taking a seet on the chairs they were asked to place on the perimeter of said circle.
‘I will start of the chain; you all know what you have to do.’ He told them as I couldn’t help listening into the two or three sets of conversations happening all around me. add to it the murmurings taking place outside too.
‘Ms Swift, I think my cuz should start things off.’ #Emma was smug as she spoke, and I wasn’t to slap her upside her head and embrace her in front of her friends. But I wouldn’t.
“No.” is all I said, but the young girl from before was already up and handing me a guitar. “I don’t play.” I told them.
‘Seth said he saw a guitar in your place and that you may be taking lessons.’ My eyes narrowed at her. When had #TheKid see it? and when had he told her… and it clicked.
“You and I need to talk about eavesdropping on my Ma’s and Seth’s conversations.” From her blanched cheeks I had guessed it correctly. I knew #TheKid would never speak to anyone about what he sees in my house. Other than Ma, that is.
‘Leah, if you could play a few cords, then pass the guitar on. All  the young ones have been practicing for weeks now.’ Smiling she gave me a tentative nod.
There was nothing to it, I had been practicing every night while home alone. But to play in front of these young ones? Spirits!
Placing my fingers on the cords as I’d been shown my fingers pushing into the string and my thumb strummed a few cords out before I gave the guitar to the girl who picked up the sound and repeated it. And so it began with each one of them repeated what I had played until they worked around the full circle.
•- Embry Call -•
I leaned against the door, watching Leah join the circle and play a few chords. I was stunned that she was playing here… even if it was just a few bars. I watched until the guitar was passed to Leah’s cousin… the one she said had been skipping l class. I watched and stepped up to the circle behind her as she played, giving Leah a quick. I tapped the inside of her wrist. “Relax your hand… you want the hold the guitar by the body, not the neck. Keeping this one loose.” I told her and she nodded. #Emma played the chord again. “Does that feel better?”
She smiled at me and nodded. ‘Yeah, thanks.’
“The rest of your technique is really good… did you miss a lesson?” I raised a brow. “That’s a real shame. You’ll catch up, don’t worry”
She flushed a little but nodded… as though she was thinking 𝙏𝙤𝙪𝙘𝙝𝙚. #Lola touched her face to cover her smirk and had the kids pass the guitar again. I went to stand by Leah looking up at the roof  beams. “So… no one stung up by their laces yet?” I chuckled. “Is someone developing a soft spot?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Tilting my head to the side my eyes remained passively untouched and unfocused. To anyone watching me, I wasn’t paying any attention. But I saw everything.
The young girls and a few of the young boys followed Embry’s movement. They leant in to listen to the advice he shared with #Emma, and moved their own fingers ghosting a guitar.
They wanted to learn, to pay attention and to lap up whatever they could in the short time they had in this after school class.
#Emma surprised me. She didn’t talk back, she didn’t make a comment, she just went quiet following him as he walked around the circle. And I knew where he would stop. Of course he would.
Standing up, I turned to face him. My hand punching him in the side without letting the kids see the action.
“Shut up. I’m going.” I told him.
Maybe he was right, I was going soft here. It was fine to leave before anyone of these monsters worked it out and smelled the blood in the water.
•- Embry Call -•
I grunted silently when she punched me but I didn’t flinch so the kids wouldn’t notice. She was good at this covert thing. I could see her train of thought… she was worried that the kids were making her soft. Music spoke to her soul… so  when that music was being made by kids it was going to burrow just a little deeper than normal. Kids had that effect.
“I should go with you.” I said quietly and the kid walked back into the classroom. “I need to give him a little space to think about what I said.” I gave #Lola a small wave and started towards the door with Leah.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Eyebrows pulled together turning to glance my my young cousin, she had turned her attention to some of the younger kids, telling them how to move for the correct sounds and cords.
See her this way was soul warming. Even if she had that ‘self-first’, ideals that I didn’t like. The kid Embry was helping went to join the others, his glance returning to Embry as we walked out.
“Why are you leaving? The rest of the kids would give you some time to learn.”
Pushing my shoulder into the door feeling the cool wind in my face the moment I stepped outside.
•- Embry Call -•
“I know.” I said in hushed tones. “And I’ll come back next week and help them out but for right now.” I nodded subtly to the teen. “He deserves to feel like he was someone's priority. Whether he asked to be or not.”
I always hated when people accused kids of making a cry for attention… like threatening to drop out of school. Too few people ever stopped to think… well maybe he needed some attention… maybe he deserved it.
I headed for the door with her, and Emma jumped to come over. ‘Are you going already?’ She asked looking from me the Leah.
“I am for now… but I’ll make you a deal. If you don’t miss a single class next week, I will teach you a whole song from start to finish. But you can’t tell Miss Swift, it doesn’t fit with her teaching method.” I grinned at her, and she flushed a little. “Deal?” I held my hand out to her and she eyed it.
‘Can I pick the song?’ She asked a little smug but not cocky… she was a Clearwater woman for sure. “I have a long list of beginner-friendly songs and you can pick whichever one of those you like.” I offered the compromise. It wasn’t a compromise… because I would have asked her to either way.
‘Deal.’ She agreed and shook my hand.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Okay. Who… How… What?
Embry really did think about his actions and words. More than he let on for all these years. The face that he knew these things were a testament of the fact.
Knowing what the boy needed, to give him the time. To help the others, but also know when  to leave so that the message he had tried to share with him wasn’t diluted.
And then #Emma… I knew it wasn’t just because she was a Clearwater that he was doing this. She could have been any one of these children and Embry would have made the same deal. But the excitement and the deal my cousin made with him. I knew she would uphold it. Because he offered her a choice. And that was what mattered here. The choice!
By the time we left, he had given two students his time and left them both with choices. I was lost in thought until I was stood beside the Jeep. Looking around to make sure we were alone.
 “So… I’m not allowed to call Emma out of skipping class, but you can?”
As if that little moment was lost in me. Even if I knew what he was doing with it now.
•- Embry Call -•
I headed out to join Leah and chuckled and call her out. “But I didn't call her out, I just let her know that was aware she’d been skipping school. I will come back next week even if she skips some classes. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with offering them extra if they make good choices.” I climbed into the Jeep. “It's not up to me to punish her for that,
“I’m not taking anything away from her for making the wrong ones. If she is choosing to stay enrolled  in school which; right now she is… then she’s making a commitment to be there, not doing that means she has teachers and parents...” I looked at Leah and smiled. “And cousins, worried about her. But I was a wise man once told me; Sometimes when kids cry out for attention it's because they need it.”
It was something Harry Clearwater said to me once when he found me cutting classes after my mom called him and asked if he could find me because she was worried. I left out that he added ‘Of course, sometimes.. they’re just fools.’ To end of it. My consensus was that generally… both were true.
Then I chuckled said. “Yes, I am aware that makes me a hypocrite… but if I could do it again. I wouldn’t make my mom worry  the way I did back then.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Standing there I didn’t judge the way he handled things with my young cousin. I was curious. Learning a way that was different to mine when dealing with the young ones.
I knew my approach was a hard head one. It’s what they all expected from me. They didn’t get the touchy-feely thing from me. It had been one of the first things Embry had brought to my attention the day I had ripped into the pups for shifting to sit on the beach when they should have been on patrol.
Wasn’t this that same lesson, and this time he stopped me before I could react and showed me how he instead would handle things? Yes, yes it was. My dark eyes moved back to the door of the school, before I opened the door and sat myself into the Jeep. The fact that he was quoting my Da, and I wasn’t running from him this moment, even if I waited to see if that urge would come. But it didn’t.
“𝗦𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲𝘀, 𝘄𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘀 𝗰𝗿𝘆 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝗯𝗲𝗰𝗮𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝘁. 𝗢𝗳 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲, 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲𝘀.. 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆’𝗿𝗲 𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗼𝗹𝘀.”
I said in a low voice. For myself more any anyone else. Because when I said things Da once would have. I felt his touch. His warmth and….
I shook my head. My hand on the door handle as i readied to bolt out of this space and the touch I felt in my heart.
‘Breath. Breath. Just breath. Listen to his voice. Listen to what Embry is telling you.’ She told me.
“You’re not a hypocrite. It’s called learning, understanding, and evolving.” I told him.
•- Embry Call -•
I had a feeling that she would recognise the phrase, Harry was never a man o hoard his wisdom. And holding onto those lessons was how we kept him alive in our world, not just the next one. The way she whispered though… I reached out and  brushed my knuckle against her forearm. A tiny, nearly invisible gesture that told her.
𝗛𝗲𝘆, 𝗜 𝗴𝗼𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂.
I started the engine and smiled. “I certainly hope so… and all I can do is try to guide them to better decisions than I  made.” I gave her a second. “Where did you park your bike? Or do you want me to drop you off at home?”
I hoped that maybe she’d seen another side of me today that she hadn’t before… I was sure she had because I couldn’t get it out of my head about how people with look at that teenage boy for cutting class compared to Emma. There was no denying that boys and girls lived in very different worlds still.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
I took a moment. My head staying, I place however, my eyes dropped to the spot he touched before looking out the widow again.
Today had come unexpectedly, as most days and things did with Embry Call. Nothing was ever really planned, it all just dropped into your lap.
“Hmm.. Would you mind dropping me close to the 110? I’ll run out to MM12 myself.” MM12.. or Mile marker 12 was the closest point of identification to my clearing. “If it’s not out of your way. otherwise, I will get out at main street. It’s not a bad day for a walk.”
•- Embry Call -•
I pulled out of the car park… keeping my eyes on the road to give her a moment to sort through her thoughts. “Mile marker 12 it is.” I gave a nod and turned onto the road, making my way through the village towards the 110.
After another short moment of silence and glanced at her and asked. “So… what are your thoughts on this kid? I kind of wish I could have had him sing something today other than a few notes… But I have no idea what his vocal control is like or what  experience he has.”
With a range like his and no training or practice he could hurt his voice if he pushed too hard… and. wasn’t familiar with voice lessons at all so I wasn’t willing to risk it.
•- Leah Clearwater -•
It wasn’t like Embry to remain quiet. I knew he was trying to give me time to pull my thoughts together. Which is exactly what I did. The village went by, and the moment he broke the silence my mind was back in the now.
“He is a Dimond in the rough.” Biting the inside of my cheeks.
“He is for sure Dealing with the situation of thinking he knows it all, sure. But at the same time, it looks like you made an impression.” In more than the boy too.
“If you’re not sure, you did the right thing. He isn’t going anywhere. You told him you would be back. So, you have time to hear him.” I turned to face him now.
“You are going back, right?”
•- Embry Call -•
I dragged my hand over my face, quickly so I could keep my eyes on the road… It was hard to decide which outcome I was hoping for.
“That kid will be incredible no matter what he chooses. It’s not that I’m worried about whether or not I did the right thing or not… at the end of the day it has to be his choice. He’s the one that has to live with the decisions… I just… when it was me… when I wanted to pursue music; I had Mom… I had my grandparents… Mom worked a double shift once a week to pay for my piano lessons.”
I chuckled.
“She still thinks that I don’t know what it cost… But this kid… he had no one.” I quickly added. “And I know that sounds harsh to his mother. But I don’t mean it like that. It’s like not  everyone can musical or understand why it’s so important. It’s… just… unfair.”
I turned to smile at her. “So… yeah. I’m going back.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Listening to him while biting the inside of my cheeks, it was all falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle that had a few missing parts to it. Of course Embry would see it this way. He would see parts of himself in this boy. And the support he had that another… that this boy did not have.
I didn’t want to jump in with ideas because I didn’t fully understand it all. But the one thing I could help with… I didn’t know if Embry would accept from me this time. But this wasn’t for him. it was for this boy… for his future.
“I… I know you may not like what I am about to say….” My eyes were on the screen ahead of us, but I watched his reactions out the side of my eyes. “I have money set aside to help in times like this. It may not be possible to cover years ad years for music school. But with your helps and with Lola’s support. We could make it work?”
The money I have from my fighting was for just this thing. To help our tribe and the people who really needed it. But the difference is, Embry knew where the money came from. And some part of me wondered if he thought of it as dirty money because of how I earnt it. 
•- Embry Call -•
I pressed my lips together… it wasn’t where the money had come from that made me hesitate. I had done what I believed I had to in the past to pay bills. What causes me to hesitate as she’d made the plans to Seattle and done what she had for me and my mom. I knew that she’d ended up going to the council to help us because it was taking too long and the bills, she’d found me agonising over were only weeks away from going to debt collectors.
I knew that the seriousness of our  financial troubles was what made her go ahead with the fight she could have a nest egg set aside if someone else (or us I suppose) had a crisis like this one. If that security was gone, would she put herself at that kind of risk again? The fight wasn’t a risk to her beyond bruises and broken bones which would heal… but the emotional toll of a fight? The people that were involved with them. The risk of her being arrested if there was a police raid? Spirit Warriors weren’t immune to well-aimed bullets… I had seen plenty of armed thugs at her last event.
“I thought you had plans for that… an emergency fund of sorts?” I glanced at her; the mile marker was getting closer now. “I’m not really sure this qualifies as an emergency, does it?”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Out of the side of my eyeline I could see the thoughts flashing over his face. The boy wasn’t that great at hiding them, or maybe it was just now that I saw them with all that we had come to learn about the other? But his question had been something I thought would come up.
I didn’t answer right away, thinking of the definition of what an emergency would be. The reasons why I had broken into the pot before and the reasons why I had kept going back to Seattle once I had my family situation in hand.
We pulled up just shy of my mile marker, and I opened the door. Stepping out and then turning to face him across the passenger seat.
“The last pot of money I earnt isn’t the only one I had. It was just the only one that was easier to get my hands on with the time crunch.” He knew what I meant, so I didn’t need to rehash the reasons for my fight. “I told you once before that Jasper was the one with the forward planning. He tried to help in his own way. I’m not rich… Spirits I’m no where close to it. But he taught me to make what little I have work for itself, how else do you think we can make improvements to the bar and the business?”  Tapping my fingers on the doorframe as I spoke. “As for if it’s an emergency… A kid of the tribe with a dream, a dream we can see living short if he isn’t guided in the correct way? It’s your call on this one. I’m just saying that we have ways to help the kid.”
About to close the door I stopped. “I told you I wouldn’t go back unless it was needed. I meant it Embry. I didn’t blow the money. I knew that some day we would have a need for it. I’m not the one who holds the rights over that money…. It belongs to the tribe… those who need it... big or small.” Shrugging my shoulders, a little. “And it wouldn’t be given for free. The kiddo would need to pay it forward. To help those younger than him or something…”
•- Embry Call -•
I smiled… because I couldn’t help it. Of course, she had backups for her backups. This was Leah Clearwater… I should have known. Especially not that I knew how long she’d been visiting Seattle. “Let’s wait and see what the kid decides. I  gave a few options… ways to learn and train. Let’s see how badly he wants it. He says he isn’t a community theatre kinda guy. But if he wants to sing badly enough, he’ll sing anywhere and everywhere he can.
I know that you aren’t the type of  the blow the money… I guess I just thought you’d used it… not for yourself. Because I know you live pretty simply… like me only… different.” I chuckled. I fixed what I already had, Leah made investments into things that would last her many, many years Like her bike and her business with her brother.
I leaned across the jeep a little and she smiled at her. “Thank you… Leah. For not thinking this is a pipe dream. Kids like us… like him here that too often. And hearing that the  thing you love the most is out of your reach… at that age? It’s worse than your first heartbreak. So… let’s see how serious he is… he’s still a teenager, something they just dream big, without being willing to put the work in. If he’s ready  to work for it, then we can figure it all out.”
•- Leah Clearwater -•
Listening to the passion in his voice in moments like this were rare before. Of course, I knew he likes music. That he was good at it. But now, I saw the truth I hadn’t for years.
“No dream is out of reach. If you want it, you will keep working until it’s yours.” Nodding my head.
“I’m not jumping on your toes.” I knew he understood this. “You know the offer stands. And if and when. You know it will be there for him, or any child who you know needs it.”
Pushing my hand into my pocket I stepped back when he leant forward.
“There no thanks needed. See you soon Embry Call.”
Closing the door, I pocketed my other hand and turned to walk the rest of the way to my mile marker and then cut into the forest. My eyes had been opened of yet another path, and it had been an interesting day so far.
•- Embry Call -•
“Something we can agree on.” I smiled at her… glad that she agreed. “Leah Clearwater…. The dreamer.” My smile grew, genuine, real and that one that only materialised for her.
I nodded when she told me the offer stood… any offer she made never came with time limits. I knew that. “I know, I have a feeling about this kid. I think he wants this. He won’t disappoint.”
“I’ll see you soon, Clearwater.” Watched her for only a second before pulling off. The chances of someone from  the pack driving along this road were pretty high. Dropping Leah off and leaving would be hard to explain as it was… watching her as she disappeared into the trees would be another issue entirely.
This day was hard in a totally different  direction than I had planned… well not really. I made it to music class with Tony’s donations and helped out Ms Swift… but meeting Leah along the way… well, that had made this entire endeavour so much more than I had thought. I mean that and this kid’s musical gift.
I hadn’t thanked Leah for her offer… I knew that she wouldn’t want or expect thanks. But the way she reacted to this kid's hopes and dreams? That needed to be acknowledged, too many kids his age had their dreams dashed before even they could fully understand them.
“She just keeps throwing those curveballs.” I muttered to myself as I drove, turning on the stereo and blasting the Hozier album in the CD player.
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blazingtheway · 11 months
For Those Who Can’t be Here - Leah Solo
Tumblr media
❝ Just because you do not see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t with you. ❞        — #𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙒𝙤𝙡𝙛
Some days are harder than others, they have memories attached that not everyone is always aware of.
Some are passing days, just a Tuesday or Wednesday to others but with significance to you. And some are big days the whole world actually acknowledges.
Christmas Eve always ends the same way for #TheKid and me, we close up #HwH and drive over to Ma’s.
It’s the one night she stays up no matter how late we arrive, with a table full of snacks made, and Christmas movies lined up for us to pick. She always falls asleep on the couch curled up into  #TheKid’s side, and we always carry her upstairs to her bed.
A tradition which began with our Da, no matter where we were, what we were doing, Christmas Eve would be spent together.
Of course, I had been the only one to fight this night as a teenager, wanting to be out with my friends, to be with others my age and not two oldies, and the baby of the family who hung to my every word.
That is my sin now I had to live with. Because if I knew then that the number of Christmas Eves we would have as a family together were limited, I hoped I would have cherished each and every one of them.
Would the teenager Leah, understand the loss she would feel for the rest of her life? Would she stop herself from being such a brat when her Ma and Da asked her to come home early on those days? I knew now what my hope was for that Leah, however with my hand on my heart I didn’t know if she would appreciate that time as the Leah today would.
‘Where are you lost Sis? It’s your turn?’ #TheKid hands me the dice with a smile. Taking them, I messed my fingers into his hair while he laughed, letting me.
“Nowhere, I’m right here Kid. I’m right here with you.”
While he and Ma laughed, they teased and joked, my eyes went to the armchair that was missing a soul. The lump in my throat growing as I rolled my dice and sent a prayer to the spirits, I knew were watching me.
“Tell him, I have them. That I will always be here. That I will be the protector I know he would have been…”
‘I WIN!!!’ #TheKid jumped up with his smile making the room shine bright!
‘Sis you are going down the neck of that snake!!!’ He danced around the  living room as I sat back on the floor looking up at him.
“You win kid… you win.” Ma kissed the top of my head, telling him to win Gracefully, making him dance in front of us that much more.
As I watched, smirking up at him. Did he really win? If I had everything, I wanted here in one room with me? Was I not the bigger winner in this moment? Only time would tell. Only time would show me the truth.
(Music: For Those Who Can't Be Here - Tom Walker)
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blazingtheway · 1 year
In A Mothers Arms – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
❝ A mother is one who loves unconditionally, who protects with her all. Ad who will lay her life down for those in her world. ❞
-The Great Wolf
She came into the house with a big smile on her lips, her deep chocolate brown eyes upon me and her arms open. She didn’t reach for me, she waited by the inside of the door, knowing that I needed time and space.
Only when I took a step forward did she do the same. Still and patient are waiting my next move.
“Ma…” my small voice calls her and I finally will my foot to take me towards my mother.
‘Usdi… my love… my darling child.’ She lent down and I saw pain cross those beautiful eyes.
“Ma… ma!!!!” I ran into those still open arms. “Are you in pain?” I bury my face into her chest. and her arms close around me so tightly that I feel my comfort return.
‘Just a little Usdi, nothing your hugs can’t take away from me.’ She kisses the top of my head.
“I will take your pain away Ma. I will keep you safe.” I muffled into her clothes. The sound of her soft and sweet laughter warming my soul like a magic kiss. And her scent that I missed so much.
‘I know you will. You always do my darling.’ She holds me so tightly. This time her voice wasn’t sad. It was full of joy. Her eyes weren’t hiding away as they had been the last time. And yet she was here without…
“Ma..” I ask with a tentative thought. Last time Da said not to ask any questions. That she would tell me in her own time.
‘Hmm?’ Her arms tightened around me.
“Did this baby go to the spirits too?” I found my eyes prickly.
‘No! No… Usdi… this baby didn’t go to the spirits.’ But she was crying now.
“Ma?” I pull back to look up at her. Wiping away the tears rolling down her cheeks.
‘I wanted to see my darling girl, however if you are ready to meet the baby?’ She smiles and it’s warm, not like the last time. This was real, not hiding a terrible hurt.
“YES! Yes! I am ready.” I kiss her cheek, jumping until I remember my mother is in pain and hurting. She has just returned from the hospital after  three days.
‘Gvgeyui?’ (My Love) ‘she is ready.’ We both stood as Da came to the door.
He looked like the spirits, the sunlight came out in a dull afternoon in La Push, his arms carrying a bundle wrapped in a blanket, but it was his eyes that told me all I needed.
He was different this time too. Full of joy. Full of happiness. And the spirits didn’t sings to sooth him this time like the last. They sang with joy and happiness as soon as Da came in.
My father laughs seeing Ma still holding me tightly in her arms.
‘Come. Come see your baby brother Usdi.’
Ma took me into the living room, settling me in the couch, then stepping around to sit beside me.
‘Ready?’ She asked again.
And I nod with enthusiasm. Ma kissed my head and then let me go, but I didn’t move I stayed still where I sat. Da came into the house walking to me and bending down placing the blanket into my arms.
“He is so small.” Were the first words I thought and said to Ma and Da. Making them both laugh.
‘He is.’ They both said.
The baby opened his eyes for a second, seeing me and I fell in love. I saw the light of his heart. The love he brought into my home. How Ma and Da were so happy. And I knew. I knew for the way the spirits sang by the windows and the doors. This baby would be loved by me more than I could love anything in the world.
‘Leah. Darling. You remember the names we told you?’ Da asks me. And I nod. Not looking up from the face in my small arms.
‘Well, Da and I would like you to pick one of them for him.’ Ma kissed my head again.
“Me?” I exclaimed
‘Yes. You.’ Da laughed.
Without thinking, I blurted out “Kid… I want to call him Kid… he is my kid.. my baby… KID!” I whisper shout making them both laugh and the body shift in his blanket.
‘How about this, we call him kid at home, just us. For those who love him, and care for him. They are the ones who can use  that name. But the world. They need something else.’ Da kisses my head this time.
I sat looking at the baby, and my parents watched me. “Okay…” I finally say. “I am going. To call you kid.” I say to the baby. “But I will let the world have you as…” biting the inside of my cheek I smiled. “Seth…”
Two sets of arms came around #TheKid and I.
‘Hi Seth. Your sister picked a beautiful name my boy.’ Da said.
We sat there watching him. They didn’t take #TheKid from my arms, Da just placed a hand under my arms to support me. Ma whispered in my ear. ‘He is your baby Leah, you are his big sister, his second Ma, you have to protect him.’
Those words were chorused by the spirits. “I will. I will always protect you and love you.” I told the baby… the Kid… Seth!!!
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blazingtheway · 1 year
The Light Was Always On – Leah Solo
Tumblr media
     ❝The Family Is One Mature’s Master Pieces.❞ - Geroge Santayana
The week had gotten away from me. I had to wear so many hats, that my own hat… Leah… had been lost in the fray of it all.
I didn’t mind, it was my responsibility to carry it all. I had to be the Spirit Warrior, the Beta, the sister, the daughter, the friend, the bar owner, the one to hold the world of Spirits accountable for their actions. And I did each role with pride. I just hadn’t realised until today, that Leah needed a moment. Just a moment to sit and watch the world go by.
As soon as my opening shift at the bar was done, I climbed up onto the back of my baby. Kicked him to life, and rode the 101 down to the coast.
I could have gone miles; I could have kept riding until the wind blew in my face for so long that I would feel like I was flying.
But that wasn’t the goal. Today’s goal was to watch Grandfather Sun go down and watch him leave a clear path for Grandmother moon to shine down on us.
There was a longing, to see them both today. One I didn’t feel often enough. But when they called, I always answered. And today wasn’t going to change that. Once sat in the rocky beach, I faced the Horizon my lips letting out a small prayer of thanks as the sun started to set. I closed my eyes and let the last of its rays kiss my skin.
I heard the sound of his truck first coming down the road. Then his scent, and then the sound of his footsteps crunching on the small rocks.
He could have been so much quieter if he wanted to. He could have kept himself downwind to hide from me. But tonight #TheKid wanted me to see him coming.
‘May I join you?’ He asked, not moving until I nodded once, and he came to sit shoulder to shoulder.
‘I thought I’d find you here.’ He kept his voice low as not to disturb nature as it set off into its ways of sleep. The day would soon be fast asleep, and the night would come to life.
“Did you need me?” I asked back.
‘No. Just wanted…. To be here… with you.’
“Hmm…” we sat there in total silence as the sky started to turn red, orange, and dark blue as far as we could see.
‘Are you coming to Ma’s for dinner?’ #TheKid finally asked.
I shook my head. I wasn’t going to bring down  their moods. “I’m not good company tonight. You should go. She will be waiting.”
He shifted unconsciously telling me there were words he wanted to say. “Spit it out Kid. What’s up?”
This time I did look towards my Warrior brother.
‘Why do you do this?’ He frowned.
“Do what?” I frowned back.
‘You think we couldn’t handle your bad days? Sis we all have them, and when we do. You are the one who picks us up. So, why. Can’t we do the same for you?’
My eyebrow raised. “Spirits, don’t hold back Kid, say what you are thinking.”
He sighed, dropping his head before looking to me.
‘Just come home when you are ready Sis, I will leave a light on. You will always find your way back to Ma and me.’ He squeezed my shoulder, his eyes on the red sky as the sun set before us.
Gracefully lifting himself off the rocky ground. ‘You’ve never been alone. Even when the world turned on you. Ma never did. Me—’ his voice cracked a little. ‘I was a foolish kid, who wanted out from under his big sister shadows.
When all that time, she was trying to protect that foolish kid.’ He turned and started walking away, but I didn’t dare to turn and look in his direction. ‘I love you Sis, and I know you don’t want me to say the “L” or the “S” word.
And now I know, I’ve learnt, I need to show you. Not tell you. And I will. I promise you that.’ His voice was a whisper, but to my ears I heard it as clear as day. ‘Come home to us…’
(Music: Leave a Light On (Acoustic) - Tom Walker)
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