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Forbidden love
Luke and Nathan have always been close. They became inseparable at kindergarten the moment Nathan protected Luke from this bully of Josh. Ever since that day, they stood together through everything. Now they are roomates at college and they share a 2 bed bedroom. Sure the place was a bit messy and full of dirty socks, sport gears, magazines and a lot of dirty tissues, but when it’s your first apaprtment and you live with your best friend, you appreciate every minutes life gives you. Nathan and Luke were both in shape and tried their best to not let themselves go too bad. From the both of them, Nathan was the one packing the most muscles, even if Luke had nothing to envy him. They often jock about the fact that Nathan spend his time shirtless walking around campus while Luke doesn’t. 
Tumblr media
  On the second semester of their freshman year, Nathan met Abby. It was the sweetest girl he ever met and it kinda clicked right away between them. Nathan being on the athletic side and Abby training to be in the pompom girl team. It wasn’t long before they both became the golden couple of the university. From this point, Abby was introduced to Nathan and Luke’s duo and after some adaptation, the flow was good between the three of them. But after all the time they spent the 3 of them, Luke had a problem. He didn’t see Abby as a friend anymore and he was starting to get feelings for her. He knew he couldn’t do that to his brother, but he couldn’t stop himself thinking about Abby every time he was alone in the shower, or when he was falling asleep late at night. Luke tried to get his mind back in the right place, but it was stronger then himself, he was falling in love with Abby.
  One night, while he was getting drunk at a bar alone, Luke met an old lady that was drinking by herself too and seeing all the empty Martini glasses sitting around her, she’s been there for a while. They started chit chatting and one thing leading to another, Luke was soon explaining to her everything he was feeling about his best friend’s girlfriend. The lady was looking at him with a lot of compassion, because she went through this too when she was in college, except she didn’t do anything and now it led her to being alone on a thursday night, drinking by herself in a shitty bar and talking to a young college men. A tear ran up along her rosy cheek and then she smiled explaining to Luke her life. Both felt like they were in security together and when the bar was about to close, the lady gave Luke something. “Pour this into Nathan’s drink and you won’t have to hide yourself anymore.” Luke didn’t understand what she was talking about when she handed him the weird looking potion. “Is this poison? ” he asked a bit scared. “No it is not. Just a gift from someone that went through it all, and trust me, you don’t want to end up like me alone, thinking about the “what if” and the “should have I”…” As the lady closed her hand on Luke’s with the potion in it, Luke looked at his hand. “But what will it … do….” When Luke looked again in front of him, the lady was gone. He turned around and asked for the bartender i he had saw her, but the bartender didn’t know who he was talking about. It was like the lady never existed. After some minutes of incomprehension, Luke got up and went back to his college room, where he found Abby asleep in Nathan’s shirtless arms. A tear of rage and sadness grew in the corner of his left eye and his grip tightened on the potion. He had to do it.
  The next morning, while Abby was deeply sleeping in one of Nathan’s shirt in his bed, Luke got up and found Nathan in their bathroom getting ready for the gym. After some hesitation, he finally found the courage to talk. “Hey bro, you free tonight? I want to drink some beers with you. it’s been some time we didn’t do it. ” Nathan smiled and then answered “Huh yea, Abby and I thought about getting confy here and watching a movie, but we can for sure come drink some beers.” Luke put a hand behind his head to scratch his hairs while answering. “Well you see, I was thinking more about you and me Only. Like, just the both of us.” Nathan laughed a bit, “Humh, oh yea, sure… Sorry I thought you were getting along pretty good with Abby. "Nathan said being a bit taken by surprise. "Oh no, I Love Abby. That’s not the problem.” Luke knowing that the situation could get a bit risky stated then. “ You see, I kinda met someone and I wanted to talk to you about her. And I just want us to have a good old chat like we did before, it’s been so long since we had a night just between you and I…” Nathan, being touched by his brother asking for a favor, smiled. “Then count me in tonight, and I’ll tell Abby I’ll spend the night with you. We’ll watch a movie another night.” Luke and Nathan smiled at each other before leaving their way for the day. 
At 7 o'clock, Nathan opened the door of the bar. It was pretty buisy being in the middle of the happy Hour, but after some looking, he finally found Luke sitted at a table with 2 pints of beer in front of him.
They smiled and waved their hands to aknowledge they saw each other. “How was your day bro’?” asked Nathan to Luke. “Pretty good! class and then some gym time before coming here. I got you a pinth of beer by the way, first one is on me!” said Luke as he handed the fresh wet glass to his friend, not letting him know that a few minutes before he came, he put the potion in it discretly without no one seeing him.
They cheered and then before drinking the first gulp, Nathan looked at Luke, “Bottoms up?” Luke smiled knowing that his plan was coming along better then he ever thought about. “Bottoms up!” he answered while smiling. Both of them drunk their glass in one long gulp and after some breathing, they both laughed. “Oh men, you were right this morning, I needed that!” said Nathan while clapping his friend’s shoulder. “See? I told you, it’s been way too long since we had a night for only you and I. Second round? ” he asked Nathan while being on his way to get them knew drinks.
As Luke was away, Nathan felt like something was off. His head started spinning a bit, but nothing too weird for now. Most likely the beer got real fast on his system, right? He asked to himself while trying not to show his head was spinning. Luke came back with the 2 new glasses of beer and realize Nathan had troubles standing still  on his foots. He smiled thinking the effects must have started. And then put the glasses on the table. “Yo bro’, you already drunk?” He asked Nathan while laughing. “Don’t know bro’, I’m not used to drink like that I guess haha ” They then started talking about everything and anything together for some time and before they knew it, they were at their 5th pinth of beer. Nathan’s head was spinning real bad now, and it felt like his legs couldn’t hold him anymore. With some difficulty, he asked Luke about needing to go peeing. Luke laughed, not being drunk at all and helped Nathan going to the toilets.
Toilets were empty, only the both of them in them. And after some difficulty getting his pants down, Nathan finally started peeing and all the drunkness got out of his system. he felt like a new men and was ready to drink and laugh even more without thinking about the consequencies tomorrow morning. But as he was about to get out of the toilets, he felt a vivid pain in the back of his head. It felt like he was about to faint out and fell on his knees on the tilled floor. Luke watched his friend falling and realized it must have started. Luke got closer to Nathan and played the worried friend. “What’s wrong Nathan, you feeling something?” Nathan started to get up again, but his spine started to hurt, then he heard a crack and it felt like his bones were collapsing on themselves. The pain was awfull and he couldn’t breath anymore. Nathan got his head up and looked Luke in the eyes asking for help, but he realized Luke wasn’t scared at all. It was like he knew something was about to happen. Out of fear, Nathan asked his friend what was going on and what did he do, and at this moment Luke couldn’t play anymore and explained everything while Nathan was still changing due to the potion he drank. “You know, how hard it is to watch you and Abby play the perfect couple under my nose, huh? Always being together and doing things together while I can’t have it? Did you even realize that I had feelings for Abby too? Noooooooo, you are jsut way too focus on your perfect college life, getting a perfect girlfriend and being the superstar of the college. I wasn’t asking for a lot, just having the best years of my life with my best friend, but you decided to ruin it all by bringing a girl into our duo, and then you forced her on me in every occasion you had. So I mean, it’s pretty much your fault if I started getting feelings for her. I mean. We share everything between bros, right? so why couldn’t I have Abby…” Nathan was scared, still stuck on his hands and knees on the dirty floor while hearing it all. He felt his hands getting larger and his feets getting bigger. Then his legs got shorter and his chest got shorter too. When he felt like his bones were not moving on their own anymore, he tried to get up, but Luke wasn’t done. He put his hand on his friend back, forcing him to stay on the ground. “It’s not over yet, bro’” When he said that, Nathan felt his skin and muscles bubbling up. It started in his chest where his white skin stated turning into a soft golden naturraly tanned one. Then his pinky titties got brownier.
It felt like a thousand needles were piercing his skin and the pain was out of this world. Soon, Nathan went from all american young athlete to a latino college jock. His hairs started to get darker and darker and he got some bushy pits and legs, while his chest got almost imberb. His whole body was new but his face was still intact. That’s when he felt the return of the bone pain. His face changed to get more square shaped. Nathan was screaming in pain for this to stop as he felt his skin changing and then the hairs srpouting on this cheeks and even more on his chin. He grew bushy eyebrows and a messy dark hairstyle. His eyes were still blue but as he looked at Luke in the eyes trying to find help in his best friend, he felt his vision blurr before coming back to normal. Not knowing that he now had dark brown chocolaty eyes.
  Luke laughed looking at what Nathan had become. He was way different then his all american best friend, but he was still looking good. As Luke was laughing, Nathan found the strenght to get up and jumped out of the floor, taking Luke by surprise. 
Nathan pushed Luke against a wall not realizing that he was now only wearing his white calvin klein tighty whitie, his clothes being way too big for him and standing on the floor. “What have you done bro! Changed me back, now!” Luke couldn’t stop laughing as he saw the rage in Nathan’s eyes. “Bro, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. And I mean, you are not bad looking. But I think Nathan is not suiting you anymore, what about Javier?” Nathan felt a pain in his brain as all of his memories of him being called Nathan were replaced by him being called Javier. Javier pushed back Luke on the wall again. “What are you talking about, my name is .. Javier. No it can’t be , My name is … Javier.” He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t say or even remember his old name. At this moment, Luke understood the power of the potion Nathan drank. It was some kind of reality alteration. Everything he said turns out to become true. Luke smiled with evilness in his eyes as he openned his mouth again. “That’s right Javier, you and I are best friend. Even though you are a total mexican gay whore who couldn’t get hard in front of any girl, even more my girlfriend, Abby.” At this moment Javier knew it was over. It felt like his brain collapsed on itself before reforming, making him forget everything he ever knew about being white american, girls and even ever being straight at all. It felt like a cold rush of memories went through his brain while new ones took their place. But the worst part was that he somehow felt his dick getting bigger with every memory he was forgetting. Luke watched as Javier sight got glassy for a brief moment, before coming back to normal.
  Javier watched Luke in the eyes and then asked him with an heavy spanish accent. “What are we doing here bro?” Luke looked at Javier, “Nothing you were just about to start your shift at the “Fucking Blue Boy” and wanted to show me the behind of a gay strip club.” All around them, the toilets changed into a sparkly changing room with skimpy underwears, glitters, harnesses and a lot of chairs with names on them. As Luke turned around, he saw “JAVIER” embroidering itself in golden letter on the back of one of the chairs. Javier’s head spinned again a bit. “Fuck you are right, I’ll catch you tonight at our room, my shift is about to start!” Javier said while adjusting his large latino cock in his white transparent Clavin Klein underwear. Just before Javier got onto the stage, he turned around and looked one more time at his best friend. “Thanks for always being there for me Luke.” Luke smiled saying the same to him while getting out of the changing room.
Tumblr media
  Just before he got out of the bar, Luke turned around to watch Javier starting a lap dance to an old looking familiar women. Luke went back to the bartender and paid for a Martini to be served to her. As he was about to leave, the women got her Martini and turned around, Luke saw her and smiled at her. She smiled and drank as Javier got the drink out of her hand and put it on the table next to her.
Luke’s phone started ringing and he took it. “Yea baby, I’m on my way for our movie night, don’t worry, just had to finish something with Javier before but I’m on my way. Yea, I love you too, Abby”
Hope you guys like this story. I wrote it for @davidrodge. If you don’t know him, go check his work out, he really do amazing stuff! Let me know what you thought of this story and don’t hesitate to send me messages to talk about ideas :) Love to read what you guys send me :)  Take care, and see you real soon!
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Avengers Disassembled
Part 3: Iron
Leaves crunched underfoot as Brad paced back his apartment. He had just finished picking up some energy drinks at seven eleven. He had taken the liberty of changing the cashier a bit. He had taken one look at the poorer run down older man, and changed him into an athletic, well dressed, silver fox of a man. The new cashier had handed him his Bang and invited him to come back anytime in a deep, commanding voice. Brad cracked open his drink and took a sip. It’s called making the world a better place one new life at a time.
“Hey Kid!”
Brad stopped mid sip as his veins turned icy cold. He recognized that voice. He slowly turned to face the figure standing casually a few meters behind him. Tony Stark, one of the slightly more competent avengers. Brad did his best to feign excitement,
“Oh my gosh! Iron Man! What the hell are you doing here?!” He said putting his hands over his head in what he hoped looked like surprise.
Tony, who was dressed in casual were and not the suit thank god, sized up Brad with a dark look. His chest piece growled faintly under his tee shirt.
“was wondering if I could ask you a few questions,” he said taking a few steps forward. “You’re Bradley Jabobsen right?” The avenger waved brad off before he could answer anything “I mean I already know you are, I pulled your file.”
Oh shit shit shit shit shit shit
The Tony continued, pointing nonchalantly at Brad.
“You know we’ve been taking a look, and it seems for some reason, Messages coming from your IP addresses and cell phone signals have been the last things received by both Thor and Cap before their disappearances.” He paused to pulling a small unrecognizable device from his pocket.
“That’s pretty weird don’t ya think kid?” He said, staring Brad down with Cold piercing eyes.
Brad could feel himself trembling as he blurted out the first thing to that came to mind!
“I know right?! I’m literally such a big fan of you guys and when I heard that Thor and Cap went missing, I couldn’t help but reach out! I Fuckin love you guys!”
Even as the worlds left his mouth Brad new how ridiculous they sounded. He tried to calm down, getting ready to use his power.
Iron man put on an unenthused face. “Well kid since you’re such a big fan I’m sure you wouldn’t mind coming with me and chatting about it?” “You’ll get to meet a lot of really interesting people I promise.”
Brad took a step back, loosing his nerve for a moment. “Actually I-“
“That’s what I thought” said Tony. He flipped a switch on the device in his hand and it began to crackle with electricity. Almost like a taser.
Brad bolted, hauling ass in the opposite direction. He just needed enough time to Power up before he could use his abilities on the avenger. He was vaguely aware of Tony chucking the crackling device in his direction. Brad turned over his shoulder and willed the Sparking projectile to evaporate out of the air. His eyes flashed and the device rippled in and out of existence. Instead of disappearing, the tech morphed itself into a half full bottle of Fiji water and smacked brad in nose knocking him to the ground.
“What the hell-“ Brad heard tony exclaim as the water bottle clattered to the floor. Brad had no time to think as he sat up to face the avenger, hearing the tell tale sound of repulsors being charged. Right before He was pounded into the pavement, Brads eyes flashed, enveloping the both of them in a blinding light.
Brad watched, breathing heavily as the world melted around them. Tony stood frozen in place, a shocked look plastered on his face as his body began to change. He began to swell, almost like an inflating balloon. out of seemingly nothing, muscle started to pack itself on the avengers middle aged body until it strained against the fabric. Brad watched in awe as Tony Starks chest ballooned outwards, creating an impressive pec shelf. The iron heart sputtered for a moment and then completely fell off of the avengers body, leaving behind a shirt strained against a still growing physique.
The changes continued, with Tony’s legs swelling to bigger and bigger proportions until he stood on a thick pair of muscular thighs. His pants kept up his body, reshaping into a pair of tight workout shorts. Eventually the shirt could hold now more, and seemed to melt into the avengers body. It looked as if someone had taken Tony Starks head and switched it onto the body of a competitive bodybuilder. Lastly his face began to change. A rich sunkissed tan bloomed over his features and traveled down his body. His face began to shift and regress, changing to a more Pacific Islander form. As he continued aging backwards, this glasses melted off of his face, revealing a confident smolder.
Brad shifted to stand, as the new mans hair styled itself into short sporty cut, but found himself reeling. He glanced down at his own hands and saw his own finger tips changing color to a similar shade as the former avenger. Brad absolutely lost his shit internally, what was going on?!
The world stopped spinning around them as the two found themselves in a spacious box gym. The sound of grunts and weights echoing around them. Brad groaned as his own body continued to shiver and change. What was once iron man unfroze in front of him, kneeling down with a confident smirk.
“See i told you you couldn’t handle that weight yet Bradley…”
Brad panted as he felt his own body expanding ever so slightly.
“What… weight..”
The former avenger laughed freely and loudly, grabbing Brad by the shoulders and pulling him to his feet.
“Listen Bro, I know you’re really working hard, but that doesn’t mean that we need to make huge jumps in your deadlift PRs man, It’s all about slow consistent progress.
Brad shifted on his feet as his head ached, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror, not believing what he was seeing. A wirey young athletic man starred back at him, shirtless, sweating, and gawking in the mirror.
Tumblr media
he couldn’t believe it! No matter how hard he had tried before hand, he had been unable to change anything about himself! He grabbed his red cap in disbelief and stared himself down. Maybe with the desperate surge of power he had released he had inadvertently affected his own reality as well.
Iron man grabbed brad by the shoulder and shook him a bit.
“Hey bro? you good? We still workin?’” Brad stared back at him as a new set of memories tried to bully themselves into his mind. He recognized iron man now as his older brother Charlie. He had asked Charlie to give him some workout tips and…. They had come to the gym they regularly frequented.
Brad clenched his eyes shut as his brain continued to settle. He was terrified of loosing his identity, but as a few seconds passed he found the memories sinking into the back of his mind, almost like a faint memory. He let out a deep sigh. He was still Brad.
“Hey man,” Charlie said furrowing his thick brow. “Maybe you should take a break bro, I don’t want to have to call mom and tell her you died because you couldn’t handle my workouts.”
Brad collected himself for a moment and glanced over at Charlie between pants.
“Your right bro..” he said, finding new speech patterns coming automatically. “I’m just trying to be like you man, but i think I’ll hit the showers.”
Brad started stumbling towards what he assumed was the locker room. He heard Charlie call after him, “Hey if you want to be like me then you gotta start eating like me baby brotha!” He saw Charlie grab the slightly askew barbell and start working out, out of the corner of his eye.
Tumblr media
Brad entered the locker room room and sat down on the bench. he pulled a phone out of his pocket and started to search for answers. How much of his reality had just been changed. As he searched through his apps and his pictures he saw a life he now vaguely recognized as his own. A text messaged appeared at the top of the screen. He clicked and was greeted by a nude. Sent by the former captain America, now Carlos. It read,
Still down to chill tonight babe🤤🍆😘?
Brad sighed....well… at least that hadn’t changed.
Thanks for reading guys! Feel free to comment about wether it was too long or too short or who you'd like to see next
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Hey yall! I've been getting a lot of anonymous questions about how I make my videos! It's super easy! If you'd like to hear more about it go ahead and shoot me a message and I can let ya know!
Tumblr media
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Hey! Just wanted to personally say I'm loving your Avengers Disassembled works! Already two stories in and it's pushing all the buttons I just didn't know I had, and the way you make those morphs... Oough. Especially that Thor one...! So hot and sexy...
Looking forward to seeing the rest!~
Aw dude thanks so much! Glad to hear you're enjoying them! I think it's super hot so I'm pumped you do as well haha.
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“Avengers Disassembled”
Part 2 - Thunder
Brad munched on the his chips by the lakeside. The cool autumn air blew across the waters surface, scattering light in all direction. He didn’t mind the cold all that much, but he had been waiting here for well over four hours now and a chill had set in.
Brad had been trying to understand the power that he had been gifted. It was interesting how when he altered reality, the world shifted to make a new life for the person he had changed, but didn’t erase the other persons existence from history. Take Captain America for example. Brad had done the world a favor and turned that overly patriotic hero into a college himbo. Everyone now had memories of captain, or Carlos now as a flirtatious jock who was eager to show off his body to any dude who looked his way. But the old captain Americas identity still existed, and the avengers and the world were desperately trying to locate the former super soldier.
Brad shrugged, crumpling up his chip bag. Magic was pretty freaking weird. It had been very difficult getting a private message to the god of thunder without alerting the other avengers. It had taken rigging together a HAM radio, a NMR machine, and a Samsung Phone to send a decent broadcast into space. (Thank god for the weirdos on Asgardin Reddit.) He’d sent a message as a concerned citizen mentioning how he had seen something that looked similar captain americas shield discarded at the bottom of the lake. He had banked on the brash avenger not taking time to question why the hell someone would sent that message to Asgard and not say the police? The sky began to swirl and darken above brad. He nodded, crumpling up his chip bag. Looks like his work at paid off.
Thor descended from the sky In a multicolored blast of light that charred the reeds and the blue grass below. Brad stood up and rolled his eyes. Destroying the natural scenery, yet another reason the avengers were hella annoying. He put on his best concerned citizen face as the Asgardian prince strutted forward with a determined glint in his eye.
“You must be the mortal child who raised the alarm!” He said pointing at Brad. Brad clutched his hands together ,
“Yeah man! Dude thank goodness youre here! I was worried that you wouldn’t show up.”
Thor almost seemed to strike a majestic pose as he replied with a sincere smile, “I may be busy running a kingdom but I’m always happy to assist midgardians like yourself. Now if you could bring me to the man who you know as “Captain America” I would be grateful.” The mans voice reverberated over the lakeside.
Brad dropped his hands and smirked.
“Well Thor… There’s actually been a slight miscommunication man… I know where the captain is, in fact he wont stop texting me work out pics. I actually brought you here for a different reason.”
Thor frowned and lowered his brow. His hands tightening on his hammer.
“What do you mean Mortal? I came here to help a friend.” He looked brad up and down gauging his abilities. “ you should know that if this is some sort of trap, I’ve faced down mightier enemies than you child.” Brad shook his head. He was getting decently fed up of being put down by these hero’s. He could be a threat if he wanted to.
“What I mean man, is that I brought you here so I could help you. I know you’ve been through quite a few losses lately and I thought I could do both you and I a favor.” Brad said
Thors scowl deepened and he began to march forward.
“Listen well child, I do not take kindly to having my time wasted and my personal life shared,” a spark or electricity shot from his finger tips, “Either tell me where I can find the captain or I will start using this hammer as more than an accessory and I-“
Brad didn’t care to hear the rest of the hero’s speech and let a flash of light envelope him. Thor stopped mid step with a shocked look on his face. The world began blurring around the both of them. Same old, same old thought brad, enjoying the process before him.
Thors armor began to ripple and melt together as the changes began. His hammer dropped to the shifting ground and after trembling for a moment, dissolved into the floor. The once impressive chest plate he wore began to shrink down, changing material until it was a simple cotton, hugging his impressive body. His cape began to disappear in fragments, leaving behind faint red smoke.
Brad was both interested and concerned for a moment as he saw the god of thunders eyes glowing bright blue, almost as if he was resisting the changes. Brad squirmed, unsure of what he would even do if Thor somehow over powered him. Did Thor have magic powers or something? He wasn’t sure…He was grateful when the asgaridans glowing eyes fizzled out and a blank expression appeared on his face.
More and more of Thors clothing melted away, revealing his godly body. When his bare chest was finally exposed his skin began to darken. As every part of his former identity was stripped away, Thors body began to soften. Impressive muscles used for war and battle shifted into a physique built simply for looks and instagram likes. He shrunk down, losing 10 centimeters of height. His skin turned a rich dark brown, and the slight stubble on his chin became jet black.
Thors long, golden, gorgeous hair slowly retracted back into his head, the last bit evaporating away entirely, leaving a short buzz of thick black hair. Thors leg armor glided upwards, leaving behind smooth, bulging calf’s and thighs. The material shifted into a thin spandex, that reshaped into a low rising speedo. Thors butt ballooned outwards into to large globes of muscle; that almost overfilled his new underwear. His posture shifted as well, his impressive ass now being flaunted our while still displaying his impressive chest. Brad smiled again as the front of the speedo filled in to impressive proportions. Honestly he was doing Thor more of a favor than anything.
Brad eyed up his handiwork as the world started to come back into focus. No one would recognize the man before him as the former god of thunder. Thor was nothing more than eye candy. A man who was made to workout, fuck, and be loved by other men. The temperature of the air warmed and the world snapped back into focus. Brad blinked against the sunlight, the two men now stood at the side of a pool.
Thor, or Theo now looked into brads eyes. They now stood roughly the same height so it was easier for the new man to saunter forward and place a hand around brads waist.
“Hey baby,” Theo said in a deep lush voice. Before Brad could question much about the new reality he had created, Theo leaned forward locked his soft lips into a deep kiss. Brad gasped as Theo explored the inside of his mouth with tongue. Brad found his own arms wrapping around Theo as the two shared a passionate moment. Brad couldn’t believe how amazing his life was as he squeezed the former superhero’s huge bubble butt. Theo separated and grinned, biting his lip.
“Hey how about you go get changed into your swim suit so we can spend some quality time together yeah?” He reached forward and groped brads bulge through his jeans. Brad blushed and winked at the former god of thunder.
“Sure thing Theo”
With that turned and started heading for what looked like a Miami condo, he found himself incredibly excited to explore this new aspect of reality. Thor was better off this way. No cares, worries, or responsibilities. Brad glanced back at the new man, who was now chatting and posing for other pool goers. Brad quickened his pace to find a swimsuit, excited to find a swimsuit. Maybe the other avengers would have to wait…
Tumblr media
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Avengers Disassembled
"The Captain"
A 5 part story!
Brad breathed a sigh of relief as he finally spotted captain America in plain clothes walk though the warehouse doors. Super heros were never respectful of the time of the people who were trying to destroy them. The broad shouldered avengers walked cautiously though the entry way, shield held gingerly at his side. Brad had submitted a desperate anonymous call for help on a non police frequency and he had figured that the star spangled hero would show up. He smirked from the shadowy crate wall he was hiding in; getting ready to make his entrance. It wasn't so much that he hated superheros. That whole loki buisness in 2012 was super annoying. It's just that he had never forgiven the avengers for using his brand new buic as a shield against the alien invaders. Brad grimaced, standing up and walking out into the light. He hadn't even finished paying off the damn thing.
"Captain! Good of you to finally arrive, I only submitted that call 15 minutes ago!" He said strutting confidently into the open. Captain america froze. In a confused almost battle stance with his head cocked to the side.
"Are you with the young lady that submitted the tip that their was human trafficking activity in this warehouse?
Brad gave an annoyed look. His voice didn't sound that feminine. Yet another reason to dislike these Neanderthals of superheros.
"Yes sir, I'm glad you're here. I've been dying to meet you."
There was no way for the super soldier to know this, but Brad had been gifted with supernatural abilities ever since he had saved a cosmic being from being discovered by the media. The gross looking little alien had told him to only use the power to make the world a better place or some bullcrap like that. Brad grinned as his eyes started to glow bright green. The way he saw it, fixing the avengers like this was doing everyone a favor.
"Son," captain america said in a tired voice. " if this is for another Instagram stunt I am very disappointed"
Brad rolled his eyes as he prepared to rework captain America's reality. The superhero continued on
"I'm tired of all the kids your age only caring about their own popularity."
Brad smiled. Bingo
" captain," Brad said with a laugh
"Don't you mean kids OUR age?"
The super hero didn't even get the chance to comment on brads terrible pun as Brad snapped his fingers and a flash of light enveloped the hero.
The hero could only blink as every part of his identity melted away and his reality was rewritten.
Brad always liked watching this process. It was a huge turn on. The heros face started to reconstruct itself as a Latin tan spread up his neck. His previously blonde turned a beautiful black and began to curl. A dark goatee appeared on his face for only a moment as his ethnicity finished changing. Brad was ridiculously attraced to this new latinized super soilder, and debated stopping the reality alteration right there. He sighed and let the transformation continue, sure the end product would be even better.
As the world continued shifting around them, the new and improved captain america began to age backwards. His inflated muscles began to soften to a more aesthetic, cute size. He quickly lost height. Shrinking down until he stood roughly 5 foot 8. A pouty smolder appeared on his face as his clothing shifted. The plain fabric he had been wearing changed material to a more sporty nylon. A college ruby logo appeared on his shirt. Finally the pants he had been wearing traveled up his bulging legs and became a pair of short work out shorts that framed his now soft bubble butt nicely. His shield collapsed in on itself until it was a musky gym bag.
The room around them blurred and transformed into the local college gym. Brad smiled and snapped his fingers as the transformation finished. The new 22 year man in front of him shook his head, as if waking up from a trance. Brad spoke up
"Carlos! Dude it's good to see ya bro!"
The new man in front of him grinned and came in for a side hug.
Brad bro! It's been forever, I didn't know you worked out here! Hey you still thinking about joining the rugby team here? Me and the guys could use someone like you!
Brad shook his head, happy the transformation had resulted in this new hottie he could get along with
" naw hernandez, I know your the captain of the team but I'm not really built for that haha."
The new carlos laughed it off and winked at Brad.
" fair enough big guy, hey let's hang out later? I gotta hit the showers before classes. "
" Sure thing dude, just be sure to send me a post workout pic. You know I love seeing the pump."
The once supersoldier, now college hunk smiled and gave the thumbs up. With that he strutted away to the locker room. Brad was happy with the work he had done and started looking for the exit of this gym he had been transported to. It was always hard for him to get used to the new memories the reality altering brought about.
As he made his way through the university his phone buzzed. A message from a number he didn't recognize. He opened it and immediately blushed and grinned. the new Carlos did in fact send over a post work out pic. Brad kept walking towards the exit, trying to ignore the tightness growing in his jeans. For some reason whenever he altered reality the new people usually ended up attracted to him. Not that he was mad about it.
Tumblr media
It was incredible how only a few moments ago that stud was an american hero. Now he could serve his community in a different way. As he neared the exit of the building he focused up and started to brainstorm on his phone. Which avenger would he take down next?
Thanks for the interest in the stories everyone. I'll be doing 4 more of these so keep your notifications on haha. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to comment or message! Hope you enjoyed.
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Video I made for a possible Spiderman themed tf. Let me know if yall want the story.
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davidrodge · 5 months
What's up Everyone!
Tumblr media
Hey I'm open for writing exchanges if anyone wants to swap stores!
Below is a list of topics I'm into.
Age progression/regression
Muscle theft
Dumbing down
Reality swap
Inanimate tf
Unwilling tf
Unaware tf
Father son tfs
Gay to straight/straight to gay
Racial tfs
Short list of things I'm not into
Bathroom related stuff. You know what I mean by that lol.
If you have some time to kill, would love to do a tf exchange. Davo out!
Tumblr media
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davidrodge · 5 months
Party Material
Tumblr media
“Copy that Dispatch, we’re just pulling up to the home.” Said Officer Raymond as he switched his cruiser off. He looked over to his partner, Jennings who was fidgeting with his vest and sighed. “Let’s go shut down another house party.” Jennings pumped his fist in the air and put on a fake grin. “Gotta love Fall Break!”
The two officers stepped out of the patrol car and into the cold November night. They had been shutting down drunken parties since 8 PM. Now it was 1:00 AM. They had no idea why this usually quiet suburban town had decided to go crazy tonight. Officer Raymond appreciate the easy going partner Jennings was, but it was obvious that they would both rather be somewhere else. Jennings would rather be at home with his young family, and Raymond would have liked to have some weekend fun with his wife.
Officer Jennings was a shorter man. One of the younger officers on the force. He was still rocking the new cop patchy mustache, and strode up the walkway steps with ease. Officer Raymond was a little bit on the heavier side. He had been on the force long enough to know that looks don't matter that much as a cop, and long enough to be winded by a few steps.
Tumblr media
The house they approached was a complete mess. Empty beer cans and garbage littered the once pristine lawn as ear deafening bass blared from the inside. Jennings had mentioned he actually new the owners. Jim and Sarah Hernandez. Both worked in the city offices, and both were reserved, quiet, polite people. Why in the hell they had chosen to throw an all night ranger that broke several city ordinances was beyond officer Raymond.
The two reached the font door and gave a few aggressive raps on the door. Jennings looked through the windows and gawked. “Unbelievable. Raymond Check out the Living room..” Raymond glanced through the window and saw the mess unfolding inside. Around 30 young men. All at different stages of intoxication were yelling, laughing, and dancing inside.
Tumblr media
From the small angle of what he could see, Raymond counted 3 holes punched into the walls, and 2 pairs of men groping each other in the corner. Raymond narrowed his eyes and knocked… or rather banged on the door again. He was used to seeing parties where younger girls would get sloppy with whatever college football drop out they could find, but he hadn’t encountered a party where… well where he’d seen this happen.
Finally was opened by a younger man. Cameron ~ the youngest son in the Hernandez family.
Tumblr media
“Officers!” He said, sloshing a solo cup behind his back, “I know what this looks like but I promise things are winding down.”
Officer Raymond stepped forward, putting on his sterner face.
“Cam, we need to talk to your parents. We’ve gotten 3 noise complaints on this block and we need to shut this party down.”
Cameron, seemingly unfazed by what he had just said smiled broadly at the two of them. He raised his hands.
“For sure guys, hey! I’ll go get my parents if you too just chill here for a moment!” He strode away, glancing over his shoulder as he went.
Jennings called after him. “Hurry back or were going to have to start towing vehicles!” Hopefully an empty threat.
Raymond turned his gaze away from a younger man kept blowing kisses at him through the window.
“Why do you think there are so many guys at this party, and why are they all,” he motioned over to two young men going at it in a corner, “like that?”
Jennings shrugged. “I couldn’t tell ya. I know that Cameron is gay, but I also know that Jim and Sarah don’t really see eye to eye with him on that. I honestly have no idea why they would ever allow something like this in the first place. I talked to jim today after morning briefing and he said they didn’t have any plans tonight. Guess that changed.” Jennings shifted his gaze back into the house as Cameron came back down the stair case smiling.
“Well? Where are your parents at young man?” Officer Raymond said crossing his arms. Cameron Smiled, bouncing down the landing and held up his smart phone.
“Sorry I had to grab this before I bring you in. I want to make sure you two fit in at the party.” Cameron held it like a TV remote and pointed it at the pair. Officer Raymond instinctively placed his hand oh his holster.
“What the hell are youuuu….” Raymond trailed off as a fuzzy feeling came over him and his body ceased to move. Every fiber of his being came to a halt as he stood frozen in place in front of Cameron. Out of the corner of his eye Raymond saw Jennings, standing motionless with a perplexed look on his face. What was this? Raymond struggled to move… anything at all. His hands remained motionless at his sides. The slight breeze shifted the two officers clothing and hair but they remained stone like. Was this a stroke?”
Cameron smiled and took a step onto the font porch. He took a sip from his solo cup and threw it against the wall, splattering cheap alcohol everywhere and eliciting a cheer from a few party goers inside.
“Sorry about pausing you guys, I just had to make sure that you both were in one place while I made My adjustments.” Cameron began circling the two of them out on the porch. Almost like a shark, eyeing them up like meat.
"I think we'll start with you Mr. Jennings." Cameron stated, planting his feat and typing away on his phone.
~What the hell is this kid talking about?~ Raymond thought, still completely unmovable. Cam glanced upward from what he was typing for a moment. Almost like he had heard what Raymond had thought.
"It's this app." He said simply with a smile. He tossed his curly hair back and kept typing.
"I got tired of people judging me for who I am. Did some searching. Turns out there are ways to change the world around me to make it more.... inclusive!"
Raymond realed at how damn stupid this kid sounded, but felt a twinge of fear settle in his heart because no matter how ridiculous it seemed, he was after all frozen in place.
"Alright, that should finish up your adjustments Mr Jennings! I hope you like what I have in mind. Like I said, the party's winding down so it's a good thing you showed up to liven things up!"
Cam pressed a button on his phone and turned to Raymond.
"You can watch If you want."
Suddenly Raymond's neck whipped around, almost to an uncomfortable angle so he was facing Jennings full on.
Jennings eyes widened as his body uniform started moving by itself on his still frozen frame. His Kevlar vest unzipped itself and began melting away into thin air - exposing Jennings average body underneath. Raymond watched in shock as Jennings once average looking chest ballooned outwards, forming an overly exaggerated pec shelf. Almost as if a wave was running down his abdomen, his fat melted off of his stomach, revealing a newly formed tanned six pack. Jennings shoulders expanded outwards, at the same times veins started pressing out of his forearms as his arms swelled with muscle.
He grunted as the changes continued running up his neck. As Jennings undershirt evaporated off of his body, Raymond watched in horror as Jennings shocked and confused face reformed. His once strong and stoic face softened, leaving him with a more playful boyish look. His Dark crew cut turned to a light blonde and restyled itself into soft fluffy curls. A daft grin plastered itself on his lips and previously piercing eyes turned dull And dark. To finish of the changes, Jennings combat pants started to fold in on themselves; changing texture and material until they had become a skimpy pair of red briefs that flaunted his manhood.
Tumblr media
Where Officer Jennings once stood now was a scantly clad stranger that only slightly resembled the previous man. Cameron giggled and beamed with excitement.
“You look IN-Credible Mr Jennings! I think you’re going to be just what this party needs. How do you feel?”
Raymond watched as Jennings unfroze. He half expected Jennings to scream, take down the kid, anything at all. But instead, the new Jennings ran his fingers through his styled hair and cupped a hand over his briefs.
“I feel great baby. You know I always love showing up for my favorite clients!” Jennings smirked at Cameron and gave a quick wink. “I’d love to show you how much I appreciate you calling…. Maybe with a private show?” He flexed his now massive chest. Cameron laughed and blushed a little.
“Hey, maybe later tonight lover boy. In the meantime If you could go inside and liven things up a bit that’d be great.”
Raymond watched, still completely frozen and utterly terrified as the man in place of Jennings nodded and strode inside. He gave Cameron a playful smack on the ass as he sauntered by, and was greeted by cheers and whistles from the men inside. Cameron smiled again and turned back to Raymond.
“Oh my gosh isn’t he perfect?? And honestly it didn’t take a lot of work! Just a few tweaks to his profile and he’s the perfect stripper!” Raymond felt a knot form in his stomach as Cameron began looking him up and down. His mind raced as he frantically tried to grasp his situation. More than anything, Raymond wished that his he could regain control of his hands which were a mere centimeters from his holstered weapon. As cameron circled around him, Raymond caught a glimpse of his phone screen. there was a picture of him displayed with various sliders and entry boxes.
“I don’t know if I ever got the chance to meet you,” said cameron as he rounded back in front of him. “ I know Mr. Jennings from my old scout camps but you and I have never met…” he glanced down at his phone, “…Mr. Raymond. If you wanna follow me inside we’ll get you all fixed up.” Cameron pressed a button on his phone, and like a passenger in his own body Officer Raymonds body relaxed and started following cameron into the house. As he walked past the threshold, He was able to take in the full breadth of the chaos’s inside. The interior of the home was absolutely thrashed - with broken furniture and cups littering the floor. Almost every available nook, corner, or seat was occupied by a pair or a group of men in love. Raymond caught a glimpse of what he recognized as the new Jennings grinding against some young man on top of the dining room table. Cameron turned called back to him as they exited he living room,
“Originally this party was a mixture of some of my friends from school, but I really wanted to see if this app could make my fantasies a reality, and well… here we are.” Cameron laughed as he brushed past a pair making out up against the wall of the hallway. “ I thought it might be nice if everyone experienced life the way I would like to. Oh! You asked earlier about my parents, well, here’s a picture of them before tonight.” he stopped in front of a doorway and pointed up at a framed picture that hung in the hall. Raymond recognized them both from work, just your average middle aged couple with conservative clothing and slightly graying hair. Cameron turned around and beamed at Raymond. “…and THis is them now!” He then pushed open the bedroom door, allowing Raymond to peak inside.
Two men were making out against the far wall. One, well built, obviously pumped full of steroids, with a shaved head, covered in tattoos, and with a heaving chest. He pressed the other against the wall in a gentle embrace. The other was lankier, with a runners build, who returned the firsts kisses with an eager passion. Both wore next to nothing and were exploring each others bodies with wandering hands.
Tumblr media
Officer Raymond was confused for only a moment, until it dawned on him what cameron had meant, that the two men in there used to be -
“Don’t let us interrupt you two!” Cameron called in a sing song voice. “Glad you both found somewhere private to take care of each other.” The two broke their kiss for a moment. The tattooed man smirked at cameron, “Make sure to find us as soon as the party starts winding down big guy.” They resumed their embrace as cameron quietly closed the door. He looked at Raymond with a wide open grin.
“Can you believe it!” He said excitedly. “Now I don’t have to deal with their outdated life views anymore!” He leaned close to the still immobile Raymond and whispered, “ My dad was the worst of all, So I made him the bottom. Isn’t that perfect?! Not that its a punishment or anything, I just thought he might enjoy the experience.” Cameron laughed to himself as Raymond screamed internally. On the other side of the door the bed began to squeak. Cameron sighed and pulled out his phone.
“Alight, now that we know each other well enough, lets get you ready for the party ey?”
Raymond fought with all of his willpower to break whatever force was holding him in place, to run away, or even open his mouth - but couldn’t muster a single twitch. He stood rigidly with a neutral expression on his face as Cameron typed away.
“I’m thinking you and your partner could make a hell a duo out there.” Cameron said as he gave one final flourished tap on his phone.
~This has to be a nightmare~ Raymond thought to himself. He had almost convinced himself of that, until a wam shiver ran up his spine. His Vest shimmered and began to melt off his body. Cameron smiled, watching the progress.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I thought we could really go big with you.”
Raymond trembled as his skin felt like it was bursting. Long atrophied muscle materialized back into existence. As his pants began to shrink and climb up his legs, Raymond’s legs swelled to massive proportions. His thighs pushed rubbed against one and other as his quads swelled. His manhood was shoved forward as his but plumped into a pair of perfect globes. He raged inwardly as his pats shifted and finally settled into a tropical colored speedo that showed off his impressive bulge.
-There’s NO WAY I’m becoming this lunatics sex dream!!~ he painstaking thought as the changes continued up his body. Cameron ginned as Raymond’s chest and torso became defined! His pecs continued to swell until they hung off his body as a pair of muscle tits. Raymond stifled a gasp as he felt the shift race up his neck. Suddenly Raymond’s mind was on fire. Fragmented and torn. His thoughts swirled around like a whirl pool as his face contorted. As a thick fog enveloped him, He desperately tried to hold onto himself. He stared at cameron and tried to hold onto what he had witnessed tonight. He wasn’t going to be changed by this vile… perverted……. Hunk? Raymond shut his eyes tight as mind reformed. Cameron waited excitedly as he watched the final changes. Raymonds once thinning hair turned Jet black and slicked itself back. His shoulders swelled to the size of boulders, and a pair of permanent abbs materialized on his torso. His took on a deep tan and his lips became plump and pouty. Cameron beamed as Raymond opened his eyes.
Tumblr media
“Wow, you look absolutely stunning. I think you’ll fit in just fine tonight… Raphael.” Raymond,- now Raphael eyed up the younger man in front of him and put on a cool smile. He didn’t remember why Cameron had brought him back to the master bedroom, but he hoped it was for what he thought; as pressure built in his poser speedo. He leaned back against the hallway. “Anything for my favorite client.”
Cameron grinned, as Raphael step forward and put his hands on Cameron’s hips. This chronivac app was going to be even more fun at school after fall break.
let me know if you enjoyed the story yall, also what you would like to see happen next :) thanks dudes.
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davidrodge · 5 months
Found the story!
Linked below so yall can enjoy it too. ;)
Thanks for the great story @maletfsstories
Hey guys!
I'm trying to refind one of my old favorite tf stories, and man I'm struggling haha
It's the one where a guy brings his homework partner over to his house. And his reality altering boyfriend changes him into a landscaper/stripper. It was super hot and I'd love to give it a read again.
Tumblr media
If anyone could point me In the right direction that'd be great! Thanks bois!
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The Protien Shake
Tumblr media
Jamison peeled himself away from his football team as someone knocked on the door for the second time.
“For Christs sake,” he muttered, feeling the dull soreness from his previous leg workout ache in his quads. You’d think that most of this college city would be shut down on a Saturday. Their team was playing, and most people went home for the weekend anyway. Jamison walked down the hallway, past pinup posters, and his Roomate snoring loudly from the other room. Reaching the door and took a peak through the streaked window pane. He grimaced internally, gripping the door knob with his meaty hands
“Man what’s this guy doing here…” He swung the door partly open and leaned against the doorframe. His deep voice reverberating back into the hallway.
Tumblr media
“Hey man, whats up?” In front of him stood… well to be honest he didn’t remember his name. Some guy from his statistic class. Tall, clean shaven, Cardigan.. not exactly the guys he usually hung out with. The kid gave him a smile and stuck out his hand for a shake.
Tumblr media
“Hey Jamison! It’s great to see you man, how you doing?”
What the fuck - Jamison thought, trying to casually alter the handshake into a dap. It didn’t work at all, and they eventually landed on a clumsy fist bump together.
Jamison shifted his massive shoulders on the frame. “Sorry man, I completely spaced your name haha, what was it again?” He said, trying to get this interaction to come to an end as soon as possible. It sounded like the lions had just scored and he wanted to make it back to the TV in time for the field goal.
The kid in front of him smiled.
“Oh no worries man,” he said, with the same smile plastered on his face. “It’s Cole. I helped you with your test correction about a week ago, Remember?”
Jamison squinted, He didn’t remember… and he didn’t care.
“Oh yeah, hey thanks again for that by the way.” Between Cole and his roommates snoring, Jamison heard the TV cut to commercial break. Shit, he’d missed it.
“Hey man, I’m kinda in the middle of something right now haha, whats up?” Jamison feigned a grin, but he really needed Cole to pack it up.
Cole continued with his unwavering smile.
“Oh no problem man! You’re watching the game right? Wouldn’t wanna keep you from that.” Cole reached around into his leather side bag and pulled out a blender bottle.
“I was on campus a few minutes ago and there was a start up company handing out some free samples of their product. They gave me this protein shake, but I’m lactose in tolerant so I thought I’d stop by on my way home and give it to you. You drink these, right?” Cole offered the bottle,
Jamison squinted, grabbing the bottle. The frothy liquid inside sure as hell looked like a protien shake.
"Yeah man I do drink these, but isn't campus closed today? I didn't think there'd be anyone over there right now."
Cole paused for a second, smile drooping.
"Uh, well I have a few tutoring meetings I attend on Saturday, just for extra credit hours ya know?" Man this freaking kid
"Yeah man, I get ya" Jamison said, slowly starting to move the door. "Thanks for thinking of me man, this'll help me out in the gym." He popped a pec for added emphasis and threw the peace sign.
"I'll see ya later dude."
Adam grinned as the door closed.
"No problem man. Hey you should still have my number from our tutoring session, text me what you think of it big guy!"
The door shut and Jamison grimaced. Big guy? This kid was awkward as hell. He strode down the hall back to the living room where the game was back on in full swing. He threw himself down on the couch and listened to it creak under his massive frame. Cole wasn't wrong, at 6,4 and 260 pounds, the only reason Jamison wasn't on the team was because of his twice torn ACL.
He inspected the blender bottle in his hand and gave it a good shake. This may have been the weirdest gift he'd ever been given... but hey protiens protien.. right?
He popped the lid and sniffed the liquid. Carmel, chocolate, and other aromas greeted him warmly. He raised the bottle to his lips and began to eagerly chug.
Damn this shit‘s fucking good! The shake didn't have the normal stale protien taste, but was smooth, rich, and had a distinct flavor that Jamison couldn't quite put a finger on.
He didn’t take a breath as he shotgunnedthe shake, and set the bottle down on the couch leg. He belched.
Jamison settled into the couch, enjoying the football game and finding himself getting more and more drowsy with each passing moment. The shake Cole had brought over seemed to warm him from the inside.
The Lions intercepted, turning the ball over.
“I gotta figure out who makes that shit,” he murmured, watching a ref call a foul on the play. The flat screen TV was the only thing illuminating the living room, and Jamison couldn’t seem to keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds. The pleasant warmth from the protein shake still building in his stomach, and now starting to spread throughout his body. Even his previously sore muscles, seemed to be melting down into a blissfully relaxed state. A drip of drool escaped his lips as sleep began to overtake him. For some reason Jamison didn’t mind missing the rest of the game. His mind felt foggy and distant as exhaustion overtook him.
“I’ll catch up on the score later,” he thought, and sank into a dreamless sleep.
Jamison slowly opened his eyes, shaking his head as he registered that his Roomate was speaking to him.
“What’s up buddy? I didn’t even know you were home man.”
Jamison closed his eyes and groaned, stretching his arms over his head and his legs out in front of him.
“Ha yeah, sorry I fell asleep after I…” Jamison groggily sat up, running his hands up and down his smooth arms. What had he been doing?
Jamisons Roomate nodded and stared moving empty bottles and trash off of the living room table. Apparently trying to tidy the place up a bit
“ Yeah man, I hope you don’t mind I paused your show,” Jamison glanced blearily over at the TV. Lord of the rings Return of the king was paused near the end, Right at the good part! Jamison groaned again, How could he have fallen asleep during his favorite movie? Funnily enough, he didn’t remember turning it on in the first place…
Jamison stood up and started shuffling for the kitchen. He stood about a head and a half shorter than his six foot roomate, although for some strange reason he felt a little shorter today. He glanced in a hanging mirror, and started adjusting his hair. running his slender fingers through his bed head to get that perfect cute fluffy look again. His roomate kept talking.
“Anyway, I’m having some of the guys over tonight and were hoping to get lucky with a few chics. Was hoping that was alright with you?” Jamison rolled his eyes grabbing a snack from the fridge. His roommates buddy’s were total meat heads, and he didn’t really get along well with them. All they ever talked about was sports and how they were banging dumb sorority girls. It wasn’t like his roomate really cared what he thought, He just wanted jamison out of the way.
“Yeah I guess that’s fine.” Jamison said as he returned to the living room. He still felt bleary, but seemed to remember having evening plans. “I’m heading out to go play DND with a friend in a few hours anyway.” He found himself saying automatically.
His roomate smiled, obviously glad he didn’t have to deal with his nerdy roomate during his rager tonight. “Thanks a lot man,” he said.
“By the way, do you know who’s this is?”
Jamison glanced over as he started heading up the stairs. His roomate was holding a shaker bottle with the remains of a protein shake inside of it. Jamison dimly remembered drinking it.
“Oh yeah man it’s mine, Cole brought it over for me.” Jamison reached out and took the shaker bottle from his hand. His roomate cocked his head and lifted an eyebrow.
“I didn’t think that protein was really your thing Bro.” He said smiling. Jamison rolled his eyes and started heading up stairs.
“Have a fun party tonight dude.” Jamison examined the shaker in his hands as he walked into his room. His roomate was right, protein, weight lifting and gym stuff had never really been his thing. He had always been more into gaming and fine arts and the like. He shook his head, dang! For some reason, his brain felt so fuzzy and slow after that nap. The combination of that shake and lord of the rings must have really knocked him out.
Jamison caught a glimpse of his reflection in the hallway window. It’s not like he was in bad shape either, He had always just been a smaller guy. He went into his room and flopped down on his twin bed, under the collection of Magic and Marvel posters hanging on the wall. He flipped open his phone and pulled up one of his favorite photos of himself, just to make himself feel a little better after his roommates comments.
Tumblr media
Jamison examined himself in the photo, feeling like something was off for some reason. He had taken that photo after he had bought that pair or underwear. He had felt sexy, not that he would ever show any one.
“Freaking roomate ..” Jamison muttered in his light tenor voice. He was insecure about a lot of things, which is why he was still in the closet. Jamison was constantly torn between being annoyed by his jockish roomate, and being secretly attracted to him.
That train of thought reminded Jamison about how he had gotten the protein shake in the first place. Cole. Jamison rolled over on his bed and flushed a bit at the thought of him. Cole was a fellow student he had met at the tutoring class. Right?
Jamison rubbed his temples, his head still incredibly fuzzy. Wasn’t it Cole that was tutoring him? No that couldn’t be right. Cole was on the college football team and Jamison had been helping him through statistics homework. Yeah, that was right
He shook his head, wondering why he was having such a hard time remembering all this. From The moment Jamison had met Cole, he had been ridiculously turned on by him. Cole was the definition of masculine, with an amazingly muscular body, charisma, and a the most handsome face.
Jamison opened his photo album and scrolled up, until he found a picture of Cole that he had saved off instagram. Cole had been preparing for a bodybuilding show or something when the photo was taken, and it was one of Jamisons favorite photos to jack off to.
Tumblr media
Jamison shuddered, feeling an erection starting to bulge in his pants, when he remembered what Cole had said when he had dropped off the protein shake. He opened his messages and started texting him,
“Thanks again for the protein shake man! I tried it and it was really good lol. I’m not super familiar with them but I really liked this one!”
Jamison blushed as Cole started to text back
“Hey Jamison! Haha I can tell you tried it, I’m glad you liked it. There’s plenty more where that came from.”
Jamison couldn’t help from smiling as he texted Cole back, head still feeling fuzzy for some reason.
“Lol what do you mean I can tell? Your so crazy haha. What was that brand called again?” Jamison had to actively stop himself from being flirty over text. Cole typed back.
“It’s called Swapr, big guy. If you really liked it, maybe you could come to the gym with me sometime. I know its not really your thing but it might be fun to work out with together. I could show you the ropes?”
Jamisons heart skipped a beat as he read that last message. He bit his lip and he grabbed the bulge in his pants that was begging for attention. Spending time with a stud like Cole would be a dream come true - even if it was at the gym. He might to get to see more of Coles incredible body.
“I would love to do that dude! Thank you so much haha.” He typed back. He waited a moment before cole responded
“No problem Big Man,”
Jamison moaned softly, reaching under his bed for the vibrator he kept hidden from his roomate. Unaware of the previous life he had lived only a few hours before his world had been altered. Across town Cole examined his new body, flexing in the mirror. He was ecstatic that it had worked! The protein powder he had given Jamison had the ability to strip its drinker of their masculine traits, and give them to the owner of the powder. It also rendered the drinker Irresistibly attracted to them. He had no idea how, or why it worked. As soon Cole had discovered it he new he would use it to take that jerk Jamison down a peg. He was so tired of being ignored by that Jock, and now he was going to be worshiped by him. Cole tore himself away from his own handsome reflection, and down at the still full bag of protein powder he had left. What to do with it next? He wondered - a devious grin forming on his face.
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davidrodge · 6 months
Chronivac Coworkers
*story written as a gift too @Transformee
You sit down at your desk and rub your eyes. Another day of paper pushing and number crunching to get through. It wasn’t like you had done anything particularly interesting the previous night. You had stayed up a little later playing some mediocre matches of online gaming - but when I guess when you get to be around 40, your body constantly feels like it’s been dragged behind a car down the high way. Not that you didn’t take care of yourself, in fact you’d say you looked pretty good for your age…
Tumblr media
You stretch in your seat, and reach for your coffee as your computer powers on. The few windows illuminating the office show the first few morning beams of scorching July sunlight. Behind you, the door opens and your Coworker David strides in.
“Morning Adam!” He says in a strangely cheerful voice. You put your coffee down from your lips and give him a stare. Normally David was about 20 minutes later than he already was, and usually he walked into the office with the same enthusiasm you’d see in a man walking towards a guillotine.
“Morning Davo,” you say, typing in your far too long corporate password. “You seem less Zombie-like today, what are you so excited about?”
David Smiled as he sat down in his chair opposite from yours. You were techniqually Davids senior Manager, but the two of you had developed a decent friendship between Friday drinking and the occasional tennis match.
“Oh Nothing Adam, I just got to the top of the waitlist for this super cool Software, and I was finally able to download it!”
You nodded, half listening as you began logging into all your engineering system.
“Very Interesting, what’s the program called? Is it like a Gaming platform?” David opened up his laptop and started to type furiously.
“No it’s not a game at all, It’s an app called the Chronivac. It’s supposed to be a reality altering software. I had a friend in the UK that sent me the information for it, He said that it completely changed his life.”
You paused from your coffee long enough to lean over and roll your eyes at him.
“I hope you didn’t have to pay any money for it.” You moaned, “This Job doesn’t pay you enough for you to be wasting your time on Overseas Scams.”
David was absolutely transfixed on his laptop. A wide, slightly crazed looking grin spreading over his face.
“It actually ended up costing me thousands of dollars,” he said, now in a far quieter voice, “but it was completely worth it.”
“THousands Of DoLLARS!” You exploded, immediately turning the heads of the fellow desk jockeys nearby,
“SHut UP man,” David hissed, half closing his laptop defensively. You simmered as the both of you waited for the rest of your colleagues to return back to their work. David narrowed his Eyes at you, smile creeping back onto his face.
“It wasn’t a waste of money and I can prove it too you. Just let me find your profile really quick.”
“Wait, this thing has a profile for me on it?” You said, now even more concerned then before. “David, This seems like some really dangerous software And I definitely thing that you shou-“
Davids Computer cut you off with a cheerful beep, and immediately you felt a strange sensation course through your body.
“What the hell!” You shout as you start the world around you starts to grow. You feel a strange tightening sensation in your body, as you glance downward. Your clothing seemed to liquify, shifting from a smart suit and dress shirt into a casual tee. In shock you glance at the bay window and catch a reflection of yourself. There you were…. Or rather, there you were 20 years ago! You lift your hands up too your face and feel your skin. Wrinkle free, young, and real!
Tumblr media
“ there’s no way this is real,” you say in a whisper. This has to be a dream you think, as you continue to explore your now unfamiliar body.
David leaned over the edge of his desk beaming,
“ See I told you man! This program is incredible!” He looked you over, seeming to be proud of his work. “Dang it’s crazy what taking 20 years off a man can do!”
You take a brief pause from reveling at your new found youth.
“ this is incredible David! How is this even possible?!”
“It’s the chronivac man! Like I said it’s freaking amazing and can change anything!” The wild grin still fresh on his face.
You stand up, coursing with a newfound energy.
“WE HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS!” You say ecstatically. The grin drops from David’s face.
You begin to jog away from the desks, heading straight for the break room where you knew, most of your coworkers would still be gathered.
“We can change anything with this! This is going to be the coolest thing any of these morons have ever heard about!”
“Wait! No stop! Aww shit-“ you hear David shout as you continued running. You barely processed his voice or cared. You felt so alive! The excitement in your chest was all you could feel or even think of right now. You slid around the corner, breaking into a sprint down the hallway. You could hardly wait to introduce your new younger self to your coworkers and tell them about this amazing new device.
Suddenly your voice catches In your throat, as your mouth dries out In an instant. You keep running, starting to trip over yourself on the concrete floor.
“ what the” you gasp through a dry mouth. Your tongue feels like a pillow in your mouth as you tumble to the floor. You are vaguely aware of the sight of your hands, which appear to be changing color and texture. Your vision fades with the sight of your fingers turning bright blue and seeming to collapse in on themselves.
You can’t seem to find your voice, or be able to move as you feel yourself shrinking. You feel an indescribable softening sensation on all sides as you slide to a stop. Suddenly, it’s over as quickly as it started, and there you lay on the floor. Your brain slows down, filled only with the most basic thoughts now.
“ what….. happened…” you think to yourself with great effort. Your aware of footsteps coming towards you from your position on the floor.
“ Sorry about that man, I just couldn’t have you sharing my new toy with the rest of the world. It’s kind of like a private club, ya know?
….David? You think through fuzzy thoughts.
“ I’m still learning how to use the program haha, but you did turn out to be a nice pair of underwear Adam.”
Tumblr media
You feel your now small form being lifted from the floor, then shoved into a pocket. David’s pocket.
“Don’t worry man, we’ll get you sorted out. I think you’ll make a really good practice for me before I start changing myself.”
You couldn’t respond at all, but felt almost at home In the musky warm pocket you were haphazardly shoved into.
….so … nice… you find yourself thinking. You try to shake the fuzz out of your primitive mind. Trying to remember anything besides the new world you found yourself in. You faintly hear David through his clothing.
“ alright, I think the first thing we should do is get you home so we can have some fun.” You feel yourself being lifted from his pocket and placed back on the ground. You felt a longing to be back in the warm musky dark.
“this time however, I think we’ll turn your awareness off.”
David smiled punching his new specifications into the chronivac program. Adam wouldn’t remember any of what just happened, and also be open to his suggestions. The underwear on the pavement started to expand, shifting and changing until Adam once again stood in front of him with a slightly dazed look on his face.
“is it weird that that kind of turned me on…” David muttered to himself.
“Dave… what the hell is going on? Adam said In a bewildered voice. His voice echoed in the parking garage that they now stood in. David smiled, and typed into the chronivac.
“you were about to give me a ride home, remember big guy?”
Adam, still looking confused, but seemingly unaware of the last 20 minutes of his life shrugged and fished for his car keys.
“Alright man but don’t judge about the mess in my car.” He smiled and clicked his horn. The two of you walked over to the old SUV Adam drove and stepped inside, scooting aside the old take out bags and random junk. Adam sheepishly got In and fastened his seatbelt.
“Thanks for taking me home man, I wasn’t feeling the best.” David said hiding a smile while still typing in his computer. Adam started the car and began to pull out of the parking lot.
“no problem man, it’s been a boring day for me anyway.”
I’m sure it was… David thought pulling up Adams profile again. David pulled up Adams profile. He continued to explore it as they got on the highway - passing the braves stadium. Now it was time to really see what this program could do. He clicked on the occupation section and replaced senior engineer with Uber driver and hit enter. The cars interior suddenly shifted, quickly becoming neater and tidier. An Uber sticker appeared on the windshield. David smiled and Adam glanced over at him.
“Hey you owe me tho David,” he smiled “I could be making money right now instead of driving your ass around.”
“for sure man, I’ll make it up to you.” David grinned. He clicked onto Adams body specifications.
Alright let’s slide that age way down… maybe 22? He looked good like that, but let’s pump up his muscle mass by 80 pounds and increase his attractiveness level. David pulled open Adams identity profile and messed around with a few things. Instead of being a work friend, Adams new relationship to David was a complete stranger. David deleted Adams previous educational experience tab and input *college fraternity brother* into his profile. He dropped the IQ level down to one of the lower settings. It might be nice for Adam to worry about less right? He input “easygoing” into his profile. He hit shuffle on race, just for some added fun and eagerly hit enter.
the change was immediate. Adam shifted in his seat, losing a few inches of height but gaining a ridiculous amount of mass everywhere. His legs filled in his pants so quickly David thought they might burst. His arms ballooned outwards and his face shifted to a cocky smirk. His pecs jutted out against his shirt, bouncing with the cars motion. The clothes he previously wore liquified and stretched tight against his body - becoming a simple tee shirt and short shorts. His hair styled itself into a skin fade, and a tan crept over his body. A backwards cap materialized on his head, and a stud In his ear as he glanced over at David.
“What? You like what you see man haha?”
The new Adam raised his arm and flexed his now massive bicep.
Tumblr media
You both laughed as you felt a mixture of pride and arousal. Adam put a beefy arm on the dash of his car and started typing into the gps, stopping at an intersection .
“Where was it you said you wanted to be dropped off again sir?”
David rattled off his address, trying to hide the growing… excitement that was beginning to show In his crotch. The new Adam glanced down and smirked at David, but continued driving. David smiled, reviewing Adams profile again.
“ So what do you have going on in your life… Adam right?” David asked, trying for conversation with his previous boss.
“We’ll I’m just chilling at the university right now…” Adam said with a dull laugh, “spending a lot of time at the gym and with the boys right now.”
David nodded absentmindedly, sliding Adams sexuality to nearly 100 Percent gay. Just to see what would happen. He slid the Libido curser to high and glanced back up at Adam. A distracted look now plastered on his face, one hand on the wheel, one hand now migrating down to his shorts.
“… and you know… spending time… with the boys.”
David could barely contain his excitement as the two pulled up to his house. Adam threw the vehicle in park and shifted his Adonis frame in his seat to face David.
“Hey man, don’t even worry about the ride today, it was nice meeting you. I’ll void the bill In the app.” He said with a smile. David met his gaze and blushed. Oh my god, was he flexing?
“Oh that’s really too nice of you man, there’s really no need.” David stuttered
Adam smiled and bit his lip, he hopped out of the car to get David’s door.
“No I insist. I Really enjoyed being your driver today.”
David stepped out of the car, amazed by what he had been able to do to his friend. The new Adam held out his hand for a solid high five. He winked and said,
“Message me if you ever need a ride again bro.” With that, he strutted back to his car, then got in and sped down the road - blasting music.
David stood on the edge of the driveway. Clutching his lap top and trying to calm himself. He began to stride into his house, weighing his options. People had warned him, that the chronivacs power could really go to your head if you didn’t have a handle on it. He unlocked the door and paced into his living room. David hadn’t thought much about it, but man had he really surprised himself. In the space of 1 hour he had changed his boss into a horny college himbo without so much as a blink.
He through himself onto the couch and started up at the ceiling. David smiled, thinking of the limitless possibilities that now awaited him. He could literally become whatever he wanted to. Could change the world in whatever way he wanted. The possibilities were so endless p, he had no idea what to do.
After a moment of watching the rotating fan David grinned. He didn’t know all the things he wanted to change, but he did know what he wanted right now. He pulled his laptop back up and fired up the chronivac. Adams profile still displayed on screen. David clicked into Adams relationship status and began clicking around. It took a second to find the option, “willing to sleep with any man.” But David aggressively slammed the enter button and pulled out his phone, finding an Uber text string with the new Adam.
“Thanks again for the free ride today man. Was wondering if you wanted to ride anything else tonight? 😘🍆”
He waited breathlessly for a moment before three dots appeared on his screen, and then a message. Apparently a picture the new Adam had taken at the gym.
“on my way back big guy”
Tumblr media
David slammed his laptop closed and ran to change into some more relaxed clothes. That was enough messing with the chronivac for the day. It was amazing what a horny stud he had been able to change his boss into. And ridiculous how quickly David had fallen for him.
David wrestled with his tie and glanced out the bedroom window as a car raced up. The new and improved Adam jumped out and started sauntering towards the door, already removing his shirt. David could only stares as he felt himself begin to go hard. He and Adam were going to have a lot of fun tonight.
Tumblr media
Thsnks for reading ;) If any of you guys have some good story ideas or requests, feel free to shoot me a message - always down to chat
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davidrodge · 7 months
“Just Trying to be Like You”
Man I wish I had started working out sooner I thought, lifting the dumbbells off the ground and straining to curl them up. It’s not like I wasn’t athletic, in fact I would say that I was doing pretty well. I liked the way that I fitted into my clothes, and I was happy enough looking in the mirror. It was just… whenever I saw one of the massive dudes strutting around the gym, there was always this nagging voice in my head telling me that I could be there if I tried.
I sighed and took a sip from my water bottle, and glanced around the gym. Everyone was busy with their workouts with varied degrees of intensity. You had the people there who actually seemed to know what they were doing, the moms waiting in line to work their legs, the incredibly old men who somehow made it through the night with dying. All there, putting in the work. I huffed again as an instagram model, who hadn’t moved for more that 10 minutes, sat idly scrolling through her phone. Well… that’s a public gym for you. I took a look at myself in the full length mirror.
I was relatively athletic, but I felt like it didn’t show that well. My arms were basically the same size all the way up. Skinnier shoulders, not much of a chest a neck that looked slightly too small. I wasn’t Insecure about it… I think, I would just like to see some results from all the effort and time I spend in here.
“I think I’ve strained enough for the day,” I muttered under my breath, and decided to put the weights away and get ready for the busy schedule I had ahead of me. Reracking the weights (because I’m not a monster) I head for the locker rooms. I stretch as I walk in, trying to mentally plan everything that I needed to get done that day. As I round the corner, I see him standing in front of the full length mirror.
Devin, I think. I had heard him introduce himself to some other Adonis while I was breaking my back squatting. I had to shake myself out of a stare as I walked past. Man, if there was a definition for a perfect body this guy was it. Well over 6 feet, huge muscles, perfect skin, and man did he ooze confidence. There was something so calm about him. As if he knew he was in control of every situation.
Tumblr media
I reached my locker and started collecting my things, aware that devin was still posing.
Man, If only I could be anywhere near that muscular. I had been reading up on some online forms about gym etiquette, and how asking for help from experienced lifters isn’t as bad or scary as most people think it is. I took a deep breath and turned,
“Hey Devin!’
He quickly glanced at me and returned to his gaze in the mirror. I frowned. Maybe he hadn’t heard me with his headphones?
“Devin, right?” Once again, he turned, this time with a smile and a curious grin,
“Are you talking to me bro?”
“Yeah! You’re names Devin right? I see you here all the time, and I just gotta say you’re absolutely huge man.”
He chuckled, a deep dull sound that forced a smile to my face, that was almost instantly erased.
“Well my names not Devin, it’s Derik, but thanks so much dude!”
My face flushed with embarrassment. What a way to start a conversation, calling someone the wrong name.
“Oh my bad, Derik.” He smiled again. A confident, cocky grin
“Hey no worries man, I don’t think we’ve met yet anyway. What’s your name?”
“Mark.” I said, sticking my fist out. He fist bumped right back. I gripped my gym bag a little tighter, ready to leave the increasingly awkward conversation.
“Anyway,” I said, beginning to walk away, “You’re freaking huge dude, I want to get as big as you one day.”
He smiled a turned to face me full on.
“Naw man, I’m just trying to be like you.”
I stopped and gave him an eyebrow raise. I had heard other people say that to each other, hell, I had said to a bunch of people, but something about the way his voice resonated kept me from walking any further.
Derek took another step forward, smiling still.
“Yeah man! I see in here working those biceps of yours all the time!” Those things are Huge!”
I blinked hard, as a chill ran up my spine. They always have these locker rooms so cold,
Tumblr media
I smiled and looked down at my arms. You know he was right. They were getting to be pretty massive. I almost didn’t recognize them for a second, bulging out proudly from my tank top, like they hadn’t been there a second ago. Weird because I had always had massive arms.
“Hey thanks man! That’s nice of you to say.” I grinned. I wasn’t sure if he was just being nice but I had put a ton of work into building these biceps.
Derek laughed again, shaking his head. He looked up at me and grinned.
“No problem man! Game recognizes game. If I could have that huge chest and those traps of yours one day, I’d be set!”
Another chill ran through my body and I swayed on my feet. Dang this AC is crazy in here. “Man something about this guy is amazing” I thought scratching my huge neck.
Tumblr media
I had training for a body building competition for half a year now. All the countless hours in the gym, the sweat and blood, not to mention the intense dieting, It felt like it was all paying off to have Derek notice.
“Aw man, stop it dude, your making me blush.” I said through a smile, my voice feeling foreign in my head. It was good to have a bro like Derek around to keep me motivated. He once again smiled and started sauntering over. His steely gaze fixed on me, sizing me up almost.
“Yeah man, I gotta say I love your confidence.” He took out his headphones and started undoing his weight belt.
“Most people get uncomfortable when other guys feel their muscles, but you don’t seem to have a problem with that. I wanna be like that.”
Another chill ran down my spine and I shook my head. Dang I was starting to get a lot colder being at such a low body fat percentage
“Ha man, what can I say, It feels good having everyone all over me.” I said, giving my chest a little pop. Derek now stood directly in front of me. I could of sworn I was shorter than him but I guess we were about the same height. Never noticed.
He smiled and reached out for my chest.
“Do you mind man? I wanna feel what its like to be big haha.” I pulled shook my head and pulled off my shirt, eager to show off.
“Not at all man, What do you think?”
Tumblr media
Damn this felt good. His hands began to massage all over my body, wandering lower and lower. I continued to stand there and take it like a champ. Dull grin plastered on my face. Gosh You would think something like this happening every day would get old eventually, but man it never did.
Derek stopped just at the top of my shorts and looked up. He smiled a perfect white grin and his eyes seemed to flash.
“One things for sure dude, I envy the balls it took for you to set up our little daily… sauna arrangement. Nothing like ending a work out with a little fun right?”
A chill ran down my spine once again as Derek stuck his hand into the band of my shorts and pulled me close. I looked into his eyes and ran my ands down his own chiseled abbs. It had taken a lot of guts to ask him, but hey. A dude needs a dude to worship him after a work out . Right?
“Don’t keep me waiting long big guy.” And with that he sauntered over to the steam room. Slowly removing his clothing.
I bit my lip and smiled, starting to feel steamy already. Man this guy was a great fuck buddy.
Before heading in I glanced in the mirror. I paused, smiling and flexing. Almost like I was seeing myself for the very first time. I needed to spend more time here, i thought while shifting my massive thighs. In front of the mirror, enjoying the perfect body I had worked so hard for, that made other men drool.
Eager for fun, I started for the sauna. Thinking about how often people had told me
Tumblr media
“I’m just trying to be like you.”
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davidrodge · 7 months
Can i ask for ideas in what your into first? For me and other story suggesters?
For sure! I should have done that with my original post, so thank you
I'm interested in writing about pretty standard stuff. Reality alteration, curses, dumbing down, personality change, sexuality change, occupational Change, age change, muscle growth, muscle theft. All that good jazz. 👍🏿
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davidrodge · 7 months
Hey everyone! I'd like to do a little more writing, so I'll be taking some story requests. If you have an idea that you think would be hot, shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do. Thanks bois.
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davidrodge · 8 months
Something Useful
             “I really need to talk to these morons about doing their dishes.” I grumbled under my breath. Scraping concreted rice out of the inside of cheap bowls isn’t the best way to start anybody's morning but when you live with 3 other guys you kinda just have to deal with some things. Rinse. scrape. Repeat Indefinitely. Why am I the one that always ends up doing this? Am I the only one who doesn’t want pink eye? After Febreezing the Shit out of the kitchen, I finally sat down to face the mornings next challenge; Organic chemistry homework. Having just finished a workout myself, I rubbed the sweat out of my eyes and laid my aching back on the old leather couch. My roommates often asked me, 
        “If you have the power to manipulate reality than why the hell are we still living in a crappy dorm room?” To be completely honest I didn’t have the best answer for them. I certainly wouldn’t be working off a Chromebook if I could change the world at will. I first discovered my gift when I was around 8. Me and my dad were having the most intense argument we had ever had. Well - intense for an 8 year old that is. I remember yelling about how I wished he was different. After a bright flash of light, I felt completely drained and a random stranger stood in front of me. He started yelling at me in Spanish. The crazy thing was that I understood everything he said, even after being an English speaker my entire life. I spent the next 2 years of my life as a Latino kid living in Arizona. That was the first of three times that I changed my parents into completely different people; and in the process changed my ethnicity twice. Over the years I learned that strong emotions brought out my abilities, and nothing short of actual anger would allow me to change the world. I barely remember what my original family looked like but I don’t mind my current set now anyway. 
    The Laptop chimed as it finished booting up. I sighed and sunk deeper into the cushions. Navigating to my school page I grimaced at how much busy work I was going to have to do before I went to my actual job. I counted at least six assignments. “ alright man,” I said to myself, “lets do this.”    Of course right then, ta ridiculously loud knock rattled on the door. I closed my eyes. My roommates are never awake this early in the morning, and there was a funny, but firm no soliciting sign hung out front. I waited a breath. eyes half closed, mentally begging whoever was out front to go the hell away. I almost believed they had for like half a second until the the person on the other end switched to knocking on the window glass. Loudly. “Shit.” Grimacing, I peeled myself off the couch and stepped to the door. I drew a breath as I fixed my hair and glanced through the side window. “Oh god, not these guys.”
Tumblr media
“Hey man Shut-Up I think someones opening up!” James whispered under his breath. His partner Shot him a side eye dirty look and braced for impact. Anybody who takes this long to answer a door usually isn’t in the best mood. 
   A college aged guy slowly opened the door. Dang the guy looked exhausted. he was wearing gym gear, but looked like he had just peeled himself out of bed - that or a coffin. James flashed him a bright smile and stuck his hand out. 
“Hey what's up! My name is Elder Johnson, this is my companion Elder Baron, we’re missionaries from our church and we were wondering if you had time to talk about god today?” 
Dang this kid looked defeated. He gave a forced smile,
“Sorry guys, I got a ton of work to do today... maybe another time, alright?” He started to close the door.
“Hey that’s alright” by us Elder Baron said stepping forward. “ What would be a good time for us to come back so we can talk?” I kept a forced smile on my face, inwardly hoping this conversation ended soon. The guy plastered an almost equally forced smile onto his face
“uh... well to be super honest with you guys I don’t really want to talk about any of that stuff... I’m pretty good where I’m at right now. But you guys are great! so...” he stood there awkwardly for a second. “anyway, have a great rest of your day...” he once again started to pull the door shut. Elder Baron stepped forward.
“Hey man, I know your probably really busy, but our message is more important than anything you might have going on right now. Can we have five minutes of your time?” The guy dropped the smile and grimaced. Oh shit. 
“No, like I said I have stuff to do, and I don’t want to be that guy but didn’t you guys see the no soliciting sign?” I glanced at elder Baron, motioning for us to leave. He puffed his chest out and stood firm.
“ We saw it, but we knew that you would want to hear what we have to say! Besides, God sent us here and we aren’t going to let a sign stop us.”
“DUDES, I SAID NO!” the guy shouted, face turning red. 
“I HOPE YOU CAN HELP THE NEXT DOOR YOU TRY!” I Squinted as everything got super bright for a second. The guy, somehow looking even more exhausted, gingerly shut the door. 
I turned to Chase, blinking against the light.
“Nice Job Baron.” He squinted at me.
“Well I was tired of knocking on all these doors, I just want to talk to someone.” I nodded. I guess that's pretty understandable. knocking on all these doors does super suck. We stood there awkwardly for a second on this random doorstep.
“Alright man, Lets try the next one. Then maybe we can go grab lunch.” He smirked, because lunch was literally the best part of his day. We started walking towards the next house. Less than a 50 feet away. I tugged at my tie, suddenly feeling really hot. I glanced over at Chase who was powering forward, probably motivated by food. He almost looked shorter than normal. “that’s weird.” I said to myself adjusting my collar. I could have sworn Chase was taller than me. We kept walking, the Suburban Sun beating down on us. It seemed like the next door was at least twice the distance we had previously thought. I felt the beginnings of a headache.
“Man I’m exhausted, This next campout had better be worth all this fundraising.” moaned chase in a slightly higher pitch than normal. Campout? I tripped and stumbled, brushing against a bigger than I remembered bush. I sighed and reached to adjust my tie, but found my hands straightening a kerchief and adjusting a sash. I looked down and saw a merit badge sash resting on my tan shirt. “what the..” I breathed, wasn’t I wearing something different before?
“James Come On! I still have homework to do after this!” Chase had reached the next door. I picked up the pace and jogged over. 
“How the heck did I get stuck fundraising with you man?” I rolled my eyes.
“whatever I’m the one who’s earned the most money, nerd.” Chase grinned through his braces.
“We’ll see about that looser.” We knocked. An older woman opened the door and smiled.
“Hi! We’re boy scouts from troop 245, and we are fundraising for our next camp, Do you have any service opportunities for us?
Tumblr media
Chase and I strutted down the street with our chests out. Absolutely covered in dust and dirt. 
“See I told you, that I could make the most money.” I said Proudly waving the twenty dollar bill in the air. Chase gave me an annoyed look and a shove.
“Yeah that’s only because you didn’t drop you’re side of the couch. My half was the harder one anyway.” I rolled my eyes. “anyway, lets get going. My moms making pizza for dinner and she said that you could come over if I finished my homework in time.” I smiled
“That sounds awesome man! Hey lets do one last door before we head out okay? I don’t want to be stuck washing dishes for the entire camp like last time.” Chase shrugged, “whatever man. lets just hurry up okay?” 
We jogging to the next house, sweating like crazy running in full uniform. I didn’t want to admit it Infront of Chase but I was super pumped after that older woman had complimented how strong I was for a kid. At the very least stronger than chase. I bet I was the only 13 year kid in the school who could lift that couch. I glanced over at him to gloat, but stared instead.
“Dude, I think you’re finally starting to grow some fuzz!” 
Chases face looked like it had a thin coating of hair all over it. He reached up and scratched at it. Yeah man... I think you’re right...” His stared straight ahead with a dumb grin plastered on his face. I smiled and adjusted my tee shirt. It felt so hot all of the sudden. Not that I was jealous or anything. I had started to grow facial hair in my sophomore year - and I was a junior already. I blinked. Wait was that right? I stopped to rub my head for a second. Man this heat was starting to get to me. Wait where was Chase. I looked over my shoulder, and there he was crouched next to a flower bed nose in the dirt. 
“Chase! Come here boy!” He looked up started bounding towards me, drool flying off a weird piece of cloth he had in his mouth.
“Hey where did you get that Chase?” I pulled the what I guess used to be a shirt out of his mouth and scratched him behind the ears. His started moaning. almost like he was trying to say something. I smiled. My parents wouldn’t let me have a dog, but I was lucky enough to have neighbors that needed theirs walked. 
“Alright Chase, lets get you home.” I said clipping his leash back on his collar. We had arrived at the doorstep and I knocked. My neighbor, Mr. Murcetti opened the door.
“Hey we’ve been around the block a few times, thanks for letting me spend time with Chase”
Tumblr media
      Finally I was heading home. I stood on the sidewalk and stretched for a moment. Dang for some reason it felt like it had been a crazy long day. With that thought in mind, and all the homework I had to do waiting at home, I started jogging. Even though the sun was setting at this point, It still was just about has hot as midday. I wove around corners, and took side streets absent mindedly. I scratched through my shirt as my chest began to sweat. It seemed that as I ran my body took over - taking me home from muscle memory alone. Cars sped past as I lengthened my stride. I felt powerful, my body pounding the pavement causing muscle I had spent years building to bounce. I looked to the road and made eye contact with a man driving past. He was practically drooling. I smirked, winking back at him. There was nothing wrong with a little showing off, especially when you look this good. I blinked, head aching. The wind felt so good on my bare chest. Dang I’m glad I jogged this bare back
Tumblr media
I smiled as I approached my house. Well Our house. Funny It almost seems like it looks a little different than I remember. Shrugging I jog up the front stairs and knock on the door - chest still heaving. 
A young guy opened the door. Gave me a surprised look and smiled.
“ I thought you had to work late tonight babe?”
I shrugged Nonchalantly 
“Well you said that you had a rough day so I thought I’d get off early and see if I could come... cheer you up.” I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer. He smiled. 
“yeah I think you might be able to help out.” 
I grinned, pressure building in my groin.
“Glad I could do something useful.”
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