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She ain't even subtle anymore lmao
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American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus)
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Destroy the myth that libraries are no longer relevant. If you use your library, please reblog.
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optional: tell us where you’re from in the tags!
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in a few months we'll be going on walks at 8pm to watch the sun set without having to worry about bringing jackets in case it gets cold because everything will be warm and nice and colorful!
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I don't care what nationality you are. US, UK, French, German, anyone in Europe, please do me the grandest of favours and spread this around. Steal the link, make your own post, I don't care; just get it to the eyes of your viewers because if they're Canadian, I need your help.
This petition ends May 26th 2023:
What is this about?
The world is becoming increasingly hostile to transgender and nonbinary individuals;
Transgender and nonbinary people's rights to live as themselves are being restricted and removed in many places;
This includes the so-called "Western democracies" which have historically been presumed safe;
The United Kingdom is revising their Equality Act to exclude trans people from its protections;
More than a dozen American states have enacted or are considering legislation eliminating or criminalizing gender-affirming care; and
Canada has prided itself on being an inclusive, tolerant, and welcoming society for everyone regardless of gender identity or gender expression.
We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to extend to transgender and nonbinary people the right to claim asylum in Canada by reason of eliminationist laws in their home countries, whatever country that may be."
It's better to give people an exit plan, and just hope they won't need it, then to do nothing and assume they'll be fine. Help us keep making Canada a positive place for everyone. I hope you'll sign if you're Canadian, and if you're not, I hope you'll help us make some positivity by sharing this around.
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No they're right actually and they should say it.
The lefts descent into obsession with identity politics means all these boys get from these spaces is essentially being told they're inherently monstrous or will grow up to be so.
12 year old boys are not evil. They're children. And they're susceptible to manipulation from these fucks on the right who have sadly correctly identified that large swathes of the left will ignore and shun them. People turn to extremist factions when they feel ignored and dehumanised.
A 12 year old boy online isn't going to be able to read the nuances in your uber ironic but not really actually ironic "all white men are inherently trash" hot takes. They're going to take that at face value because they're 12 and that's what 12 year olds do. And they're going to feel angry, rejected and judged by your words. And then fucks like Andrew Tate get to swoop in and tell them that you're wrong and start the ball rolling on that indoctrination.
If you're an adult leftist and you honestly think teenage boys possess the wherewithal to purposefully follow dangerous Misogynists like Andrew Tate in order to "preserve their own privilege long term" then I'm sorry to say you're too far gone and I'd suggest logging off and actually trying to have a conversation with a kid who is vulnerable to the grooming of these uber misogynists and treat them as a human being instead of a reflection of an identity you've boxed them into.
You may tick more diversity boxes but you are still the adult. Start acting like it.
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of course, bison and wolves as keystone species should be top priority for rewilding in the USA
I feel like the Appalachians are ready for wolves to be back. Like, the deer are out of control here. The elk reintroduction was a huge success in Eastern Kentucky, but they don't have any natural predators (apart from whatever cougars might still be here...if they are...)
i'm doing all this important work and i'm going back 2 school in the fall to study the ecology of Appalachia, scicomm and sustainability
but i'm still impatient. my heart says rewild the all of the kentucky Now
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the revolution will be green and full of Bees
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*googles "how to make it socially shameful and abhorrent to have 8 acres of treeless lawn"*
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Actually, I bet a lot of rich people would be into something like planting and growing their own forest for posterity. Let them make a forest and name it after themselves
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Controversial opinion: protecting wolves but not protecting coyotes is bad for the ecosystem overall and counterproductive
After spending like an hour on iNaturalist looking at the observations of coyotes in the Eastern USA, i'm not convinced a random idiot with a gun can tell the difference between a critically endangered red wolf and a gigantic coyote.
And honestly? The ecosystem probably won't either in a couple centuries
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