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Acting and writing, when it’s going well, are the only two non life threatening activities that also have the ability to silence my mind. When I’m in the zone, I can write for twelve or sixteen hours straight, without even thinking about it. I forget to eat. Same with acting… When you’re in a play and you’re having a great show, everything else around you stops.
Happy Birthday, Taz Skylar! — December 5th, 1995
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no thoughts, just jeff ward as buggy the clown juggling
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Is this seat taken sir? 🥵
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SCREAM (1996) SCARY MOVIE (2000)
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These two just
The goof and the serious one
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The goof and the serious one, except someone played an UNO Reverse card.
And I will never get over it.
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Most purpose is more burden than glory. You just choose your burden. And trust me, you never wanna be the guy who avoids it ’cause you can’t live with the burden.
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LOKI | 2x02 "Breaking Brad"
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The old men of One Piece finding out they have a child with you.
Shanks, Buggy, Mihawk X FemReader
Healthy mix of Angst and Fluff.
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Part 2
Tumblr media
"You two get your asses down now!" You yelled, trying to stop the two blue haired boys from destroying the restaurant further. Your two identical twins sons where only 11 years old but they were trouble- Double Trouble as everyone called them. Benny and Danny, who had given themselves the Nicknames of Bee and Dee- cause of course they did.
It wasnt just their dramatic tendencies, destructive nature or lack of volume control that made them silkar to a know pirate but also their appearance Who was non other then- Buggy the Clown. While they did lack the trademarked rounded red nose. They did get almost everything else- Long nlue locks, watercolor eyes and that crooked smile of theirs- it really wasn't fair how your genes didn't even have a chance-
It hasn't exactly been your best of moments when you conceived your children- Having been a performer on the famous pirate ship you ended up sleeping with your Captian one night on his Silly Throne. A few weeks later you started to feel unwell and realized you had been pregnant. In a moment of panic you fled the ship the next time it docked- Running from your Crew and Captian to never be seen again.
Once realizing you were on your own. You did what you could to make a living- opening a flashy little restaurant and using it to raise your two trouble makers. Dee running past you with a giggle snapped you from your thoughts, frowning as you set down your customers order infront of them before following the boy.
"Mom Mom! Look!" Bee yelled as he stood on one of the tables pointing out the window of the restaurant at the open ocean, Dee taking his place next to his twin. You walked closer to see what your son was looking at, the fog being thick that night as you tried to focus on what he was seeing.
Squinting your eyes you finally saw it- a Ship. As your eyes focused you saw the Jolly Roger and gasped, Ice feeling like it ran through your vain. You grabbed the boys quickly and backed away from the window. As if on cue the alarms set to alert that pirates had arrived. The sounds of canons hitting the town soon peirced through the alarms and the whole town erupted in chaos. You rush from the windows to the back of your restaurant.
Rushing down the stairs you knew Buggy and the crew would level the town to ashes. The best place to hid being the cellar, while it was small it would hopefully keep you and your boys safe. "Mom what's happening!?" Dee cried as he did his best to keep up with your fast pace. You didn't bother responding as you rushed to the old underground cellar lifting the rug and opened its little door.
"Mom I don't want to go down there!" Bee cried as you lowered him in the cellar first, Dee following soon after as you tried to sooth them.
"I know I know my loves, But do as I say- Stay quiet and-"
You paused as you heard the sound of crashing from out in the dining room followed by screams. Quickly you climbed in with your boys and lowered the wooden door of the cellar above you and frantically tried to place the rug so it fell onto it before plunging you and your sons in darkness.
You sat there shaking, holding your boys close to your chest as you heard the sound of someone walking towards you. Your hands shaking as you held them closer, feeling the moisture of your sons tears soaking into your dress.
You heard the sound of footsteps starting to search the room above you. Previously looking for valuables or anything interesting-
"Captian! I found the liquor!" The voice above you called out, Clearly grabbing the cases of rum that sat in the room above. Heavier footsteps followed into the room, hearing the cackle that made your skin stand up on end.
"Grab it all and whatever people you can find! We have a show tonight afterall!" You heard Buggy voice sound. The crew mate clearly rushing out with the cases while Buggy remained. You heard him turn through the room, ready to leave before his heavy steps landed on the cellar door above you it's old wood groaning at the weight. Your eyes widened as you realized you'd been caught, Without time to react the door was ripped open and you couldn't help but release a scream.
Buggy- In his hands you see his signature blades as he grinned down in the cellar. Reaching down and grabbing you by the hair and yanking you out-
"A new audience memeber!- wait" He raised an eyebrow as he held you up higher by your hair and looked over your crying face. His eyes looking over your face. "I know you... (Y/N)?" He asked questionably before his eyes shot to see a flash of blue dart at him and kick him as another one came to try and pull you from his grasp.
"Let her go!" "LEAVE OUR MAMA ALONE!" Your boys desperately screamed as they weakly tried to attack the man holding you. Buggy dropping you quickly as he stared down at the three of you, You quickly pulling the boys away from him and behind you.
A awkward silence following this as Buggy released a shaky breath before laughing loudly. A insane laugh that had him doubled over, before looking at you again with crazed eyes. A few crew members coming into the room after hearing their Captian laugh, especially at the sight of you, their former crewmate and two boys that looked like their Captian.
"Freaks, Take these three and lock them in my personal Quarters. We got a family reunion!"
Tumblr media
"Mommy I have Missy Luc-ia ready!" You heard your daughter call out. Setting out the freshly frosted cupcake, onto the countertop, that she was just barely taller then. Smiling down at the bright face before you- She may be only 4 but she was the sweetest girl.
"Thank you Vivian. Can you grab the order list for Mommy?" You ask, getting an exaggerated nod and running off. Her mess of bright red hair bouncing with each step. A little clone of her dad, The famed Shanks 'Red Hair' a former fling of yours.
It had been a nice little relationship you two shared, him coming by every other week to meet with you when his ship restocked. Buying random pastries you knew he bought to get close to you, always complimenting your Baking skills and sweetness. Which ended up to many passionate nights both in your own bed and on Shanks ship. The last time you met, Shanks told you he had to go for a while and didn't know if he's return. Tears shed as you watched him set sail- having the feeling you'd never see him again.
As if the gods had sympathy for you or wanted to use you as a cruel joke you fell pregnant. Giving birth to your daughter who ended up being a Shanks part 2. A giggly and happy baby with unique red hair, while she was a perfect mix of the two of you in terms of face she inherited Shank's smile, hair and eye shape.
As you packed the poorly frosted cupcake that your daughter had made. Ignoring the fingerprints in its frosting- you hit it in the back of the fridge you'd never tell her you couldn't sell it since she had eaten part of her work and replaced it with the true finishes product to be delivered.
As you finished your packing you heard the bell of your bakery door chime.
"Welcome to the Sweet treats bakery, how can I help yo-" the words froze to your lips as you saw Shanks. Eyes wide at seeing him again, it was clear he had delt with some serious wear and tear by how the world seemed to settle on his shoulders a bit more.
"(Y/N) long time no see" He said softly as he stared at you, mentally still trying to process what you were seeing. He stepped forward, Looking ready to explain himself away before the sound of tiny footsteps drew him in- Seeing the little girl holding a notepad with all your orders and running to you. Out of muscle memory you scooped your daughter and placed her on your hip, she smiled at you and held the order book out to you again which you gingerly took.
"Here you go Mommy!" She chimed, Looking at you as she noted your shocked face. Her gaze following the now shocked man, He looked like a breeze could knock him down as he stared at her then you then her again.
"Shes mine isn't she?" Shanks asked, his eyes never leaving the little girl on your hip. Vivian looking at Shank's then you confused at what was taking place. Before you could respond however it seemed Shank's answered his own question. Laughing loudly in utter joy and jumping forward towards you, scaling the countertop like it wasn't even there and crashed his lips against yours happily.
"Ha! I'm a Dad!!" He cheered, Taking his one arm around you and starting to spin you and Vivian who at first was scared. But hearing the giggles from the man started to as well- the two even laughed the same which made the Red Haired man even happier.
"Y-Yes Shanks. She is yours...This is Vivian" You said softly, watching Shanks lean in close to view his daughter. It was like he had found the most amazing treasure in the world and it shone in his eyes.
"Vivian, Such a beautiful name for the most beautiful girl in the world" He said in awe, earning a shy smile from Vivian.
"Vi, This is... this is your Daddy" You say softly, watching Vivian look up at you then back at Shanks. Hesitant at first before holding out her arms tk him, taking the opportunity he scooped her up in his single arm and held her close. Tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at her delicate face, her chubby little fingers touching his face and looking over him.
"You're my Daddy?" She asked innocently. A smile breaking over Shanks face as he nodded and held her close, tears pouring down his face.
"That's right baby girl- I'm your Daddy"
Tumblr media
It had been 16 long years since you had laid eyes on Mihawk- a simple one night stand that had long consequences that followed. Your son, your beautiful baby boy who you named Alucare.
It had been at a bar, the two of you drinking and simply talking. Before one thing lead to another in the alleyway next to the bar- You truthfully cringed at the thought of how embarrassing it was to be undone by a few nice words, a charming warlord and some drinks.
"Mother, which one did you want?" Your son asked, snapping you from your thoughts pointing to the fishmongers selection, his emotionless face like a carbon copy of his father's.
Truthfully he looked too much like his damn father- same yellow eyes, black hair, very tall form, stoic face the only thing missing was the facial hair Which you thanked The Gods for since you didn't think you could stare at your one night stands face forever. Alucare did have some differences, he had your nose as well as kept his hair longer. The thick spicy locks hitting the center of his back which you helped him care for. But truthfully that was really it-
You also knew that other people would star long at your boy, a few times Marines having come up to see your son when he was walking to school or going to the market. He knew who his father was, having Marines who had seen him in battle tell him as much. However he never seemed to care, just giving them a frosty look that made them back away before leaving. Whenever you'd brought up the topic of His father he often would sit quietly for a few moments before saying he wasn't interested in such a conversation which you respected.
"Hmm, that one is fresher-" You say sweetly as your boy grabs the fish and plops it in the basket, Handing the merchant the berries.
Always the gentleman he would take your arm in his as the two of you walked. He would hold the heavier baskets and give you only bread or a small bag of fruit. He was too kind as a child, you felt bad at times at how his eyes seemed to know the struggles you had faced when he was born and tried to help you out now that he was older besides your persistence.
"Alucare, I heard from your teachers yoh got very high marks again. Do you want to celebrate? Maybe a nice dinner is in order? Or-"
"It's just a test Mother. No need for so much trouble" He said softly, giving a hint of a smile at his words. You chuckled at him and shook your head. Stubborn too.
You felt your son stop midstep- Glancing up at him as his face turned to stone before your eyes.
"Honey?" You call to him, before following his gaze at what had caught his attention. Across the market a dark figure stood, You immediately felt your heart drop to your stomach as you knew instantly who it was- Mihawk standing there with the same stoic expression as Alucare but his eyes seemed to be a bit wider. Most likely the closest to shock that could come over his face-
You tugged slightly to turn back, not wanting to create a accidental scene but your son clearly had other plans. Instead starting to walk again, His arm still holding yours as he kept his gaze at Mihawk. You expected Alucare to stop infront of Mihawk- a blowup or something but. No.
Alucare just walked past Mihawk- Like he wasn't even there. His face staying forward as no words passed. As you continued to walk you turned to look behind you where you saw Mihawk, he seemed to stagger on his feet like someone had finally peirced him with a blade.. but it seemed to be a invisible one to his heart.
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First Date I Shoji Sameoka x Oya!TodorokiFaction!reader part3
Summary: Y/n never told her beloved faction about that fight and Shoji. But they figured out she was hiding something. And that day, Shoji decided to take her out for their first date…
a/n: Hi, this is one of my fav series ane I really love them all so much ❤️🙏🏻 I hope you like it too 🌸💕
Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: not much, blood, mention of fights, cursing,usual hnl warnings but mostly fluff
Tumblr media
When Todoroki entered the broadcast room, he unintentionally smiled at the sight he saw. The trio were sleeping on the large black sofa as usual. Tsuji was in the middle, Shibaman was next to him and leaning on him, while y/n, although she looked quite small next to them, was sleeping on Tsuji's other side, leaning on his arm. The young boy sat on one of the other seats, opened his book and started reading. He didn't want to wake them up, they looked pretty cute and he was grateful for the little bit of silence he could find.
After a while, Todoroki raised his head when he heard the vibration sound of one of the phones on the table. The vibration of the phone made such a loud noise on the table that the other two woke up as well.
When Todoroki saw that the ringing phone belonged to the young girl, he saw that the heaviest sleeper in the group was still not waking up. Laughing at this, he looked at Shiba and saw that he was already reaching down on the table to mute the phone, while Tsuji was holding y/n so that she wouldn't fall.
The duo’s face, which looked very annoyed because their sleep was interrupted, made him laugh.
Tsuji “Look at this.It's her phone that's ringing, but she doesn't even wake up." While saying this, Shibaman was looking at the screen of the phone he was holding in surprise.
“Oi Shiba! Why don’t you still end the call?”
Tsuji couldn't understand what his friend was trying to do. When Todoroki frowned at the tall boy, Shibaman showed the phone screen to the other two.
“Sameoka ? Shoji Sameoka ?”
While the three of them were looking at each other, y/n woke up from her fake sleep when she heard the name, opened her eyes and got into a sitting position.
Tsuji was looking at her like asking "Weren't you sleeping?", Shiba was showing the phone with the screen off in his hand and waiting for an explanation with one eyebrow raised. Todoroki, on the other hand, was curious about the explanation the young girl would make, aware that she had been acting strangely lately.
“Can I have my phone?” Y/n asked holding out her hand and Shibaman held his hand up and y/n sighed. “I'll explain everything, just give me five minutes to call him back.”
Shibaman held out the phone and continued to hold it tightly when the young girl wanted to take it. The tall boy grinned when Y/n looked at him again. “You will talk here, turn on the speaker.”
Y/n was looking like "are you serious" but Shibaman was pretty serious. When she turned to Tsuji and saw that he was also determined, she nodded.
“Okay, but you won't make any noise.”
When the two nodded, y/n grabbed her phone and called the boy who called her again.
While the phone was answered immediately on the second ring, y/n was thinking about what to say.
“Y/n- san, hi.”
“Hello” Y/n nervously replied to the young boy. The looks of those around her did not help her at all.
"Um… I… I called for…" Shoji's voice was also quite nervous. “You told me to call you when I wanted my jacket back.”
Y/n cursed under her breath as she felt the wtf stares of those next to her. She had a lot to explain to them.
"Oh yes. I'm sorry, it's been a long time, hasn't it? If you send me a location, I can bring it to you."
Shoji apologized nervously, thinking he was being rude, when in fact he just wanted to see the young girl and continued.
“I'm actually in front of the school right now.”
Y/n laughed nervously as her eyes widened.
“Ebara, right?”
“No, Oya.”
When Shoji replied, the young girl cursed her luck again. And she answered in panic
“Sameoka-kun, you shouldn't be here. Also, I don't have your jacket with me, I have to go home and get it."
After a few seconds of silence, Shoji's voice was heard again.
“I see, your house is not far from here anyway.” Tsuji and Shibaman were listening to the two with angry looks, of course they were not angry, they just didn't want to see Shoji around their friend. They were also wondering why Shoji knew where y/n's house is…
“Then I will wait in the location that i’ll sent you, y/n-san.”
With a sigh of relief, Y/n hung up the phone, saying in a less nervous tone that she will be there. And she looked up in fear and looked at her friends’s face in the room. They all looked quite serious.
“You know you have a lot to explain, right?”
Y/n nodded slowly and sat back in the chair. She was very afraid of their reaction.
"Are you guys dating?" When Shibaman asked with a straight tone, y/n directly refused.
“What? No, of course not.”
“So do you like him?” When Tsuji asked, y/n looked at him in surprise. Why couldn't she say no to this question? Why was she afraid? The others were still waiting for her to speak as Y/n shook her head slowly. While the young girl was thinking about what to say, Todoroki spoke in a soft tone.
“You can start by telling the truth about your injuries from the other morning, y/n-chan.”
Y/n slowly nodded and started explaining everything from the beginning.
“Actually, I didn't lie about that.I just missed some details." When she offered a sweet smile, realizing it wasn't working, she continued. “That evening, a large group blocked my way. And their leaders… You know them. Those idiots you fought that first year-“
“Ryusei?” Shibaman asked confused and y/n nodded.
“They had many weapons, I took down many of them on my own, but I had reached my limit.”
Todoroki was getting angry when he thought that the young girl was attacked because of him. He was clenching his fists so tightly that turned white. Y/n smiled when she saw this
"Don't worry, I didn't lose." Although the young girl tried to lighten the mood by winking, all three of them were very serious. The young girl continued. “When I could no longer fight, I heard someone's voice. Sameoka was passing by and helped me. Later I realized that Ryusei had a knife. If it wasn't for him, they could have killed me."
“Son of a bitch!” y/n shook her head when Todoroki cursed in anger.
“I'm fine, I'm really fine. Sameoka wanted to go to the hospital, but I didn't want to worry anyone. Also, my parents would pick me up from school. So he walked with me home. I borrowed his jacket because I was cold. So it's nothing like you think."
The young girl smiled. She didn't give all the details, but that's more or less what happened.The trio was silent. Y/n wanted to say something, thinking they were angry, but she didn't know what to say. Tsuji was the first to speak,
"Why didn't you tell us?"
“I know you don't like him-“
“No, I'm not talking about that.” Tsuji protested. “Why didn't you tell us that they attacked you? You got hurt because of us-“
“Don't be ridiculous, wouldn't you do the same for me? I'm fine, really.It's over."
When Tsuji nodded, Shibaman spoke to change the subject.
“So why did you hide about Sameoka? Y/n we are your friends. Just because we don't like him won't change anything-"
"Not like that." Y/n protested. “I never forgot that day. I can't forget..." she waited silently for a few seconds and continued. “But… Sameoka is a good person. He was always nice to me, even though I was an asshole to him... I'm no better than him though."
The young girl sighed and smiled. “Even though you tell me it's okay, I feel guilty.”
When Y/n lowered her head, Tsuji sat next to the young girl again and Shiba crouched down in front of her.
“Y/n… it's okay for us. We don't like him, but we love you. If you have feelings for him-“
“I don't know,” the young girl answered Shiba. “He's honest about his feelings, but I don't know if I have feelings for him. I just don't hate him."
Tsuji laughed and patted the young girl's arm. Y/n looked at them and saw that they were all smiling reassuringly.
“Are you going home now?” Todoroki asked and y/n nodded.
“I need to get his jacket, then I'll go to the location he sent.”
Shibaman grinned when Todoroki nodded.
“We are coming too.”
"We don't trust him, and it might be good to scare him a little."
Y/n rolled her eyes.
"Guys, I don't think he’ll be afraid of you-" The young girl smiled sweetly when she met Tsuji's gaze. "Yeah nevermind, let's go."
Y/n was quite nervous as she headed to the location Shoji had sent her. She didn't know what to do with the two tall boys coming right behind her and she thought she shouldn't bring them.
As much as she loved Tsuji and Shibaman, she was aware that these three wanted to punch each other every time.
When they came to the park by the lake and saw Shoji sitting on the bench, even she didn't know why she was smiling. He was wearing casual but stylish clothes as usual, his hair was braided again and he looked a little nervous.
As the trio approached the bench, the young boy turned his head when he heard footsteps. The small smile that appeared on his face when he saw the girl disappeared and he was surprised when he saw the duo behind her.
He stood up and took a few steps towards the trio.
“Y/n-san… thank you for coming.”
Y/n tried to smile, understanding the implication in the boy's voice.
“I brought your jacket, Sameoka-kun. And… they were going home too. Since we met on the road-“
“No, we came with her because we didn't trust you,” Shiba denied and y/n sighed.
Shoji was upset, thinking that the young girl did not trust him. Hadn't he proven that he would never hurt her? Was she afraid of him?
When he turned his gaze to the tall duo, Tsuji replied again with a flat tone.
“We will go, but let me warn you before we go. Y/n is very precious to us, if anything happens to her-“
Shoji answered without thinking
“She is very precious to me too. And you can be sure that I will protect her before myself.”
Even though Shoji spoke while looking at Tsuji, y/n looked at what he said and realized that he was actually speaking to her. To break the tension between them, she turned to the couple behind her and smiled.
“Tsuji and Shiba are being overprotective as usual, but they need to go home now. Right guys?
Even though the young girl was smiling, her suggestive voice was very clear. The two left with a short goodbye as they did not want to tease them any further.
Y/n turned to Shoji again and wanted to explain, afraid that he would misunderstand
“Sameoka-kun… I didn't bring them. Really… I think they're a little overprotective and like to annoy people.”
Shoji felt relieved when he learned that the young girl had not brought them. He knew that the past would not be forgotten, but he wanted to leave it behind.
“Oh, by the way. Here's your jacket. Thank you again.”
When Shoji saw the young girl carefully put his jacket into a bag, he smiled and took it from her. He pointed to the benches with what came to his mind.
“I brought snacks. Do you want to sit in the park with me for a while?
The young girl looked at the big bag on the bench and smiled.
“Like a picnic! Why not, the weather is really nice.”
Even though Shoji wanted her to accept, he thought she would refuse. That's why when the young girl accepted, he couldn't help smiling and quickly took the big bag from the bench.
Shoji had just noticed that the young girl was not wearing her school uniform. The jeans and jacket she was wearing were black, but they were not Oya's clothes. She looked quite beautiful. Shoji was already watching her with admiration, even with her face covered in blood.
When they came to the grass by the lake, the young boy spoke in panic.
“I… I forgot to take a blanket. I am sorry." Then he showed her his jacket in the bag. “I can lay this.”
Y/n giggled and shook her head.
“I'm someone who rolls on the ground, sitting on the grass won’t kill me, Sameoka.”
When Shoji saw the young girl sitting smiling, he smiled and sat next to her. He didn't know what to say. At first he asked small daily questions. But when he saw that this was even more embarrassing, he shook his head.
He asked, looking at the newly healing wounds on the young girl's face.
“Does it still hurt?”
Y/n shook her head.
“I didn't even feel it except for the first few days. But it was very hard to answer the questions of the people at school.”
Shoji nodded, opened the bag of chips and handed them to the young girl.
“I guess you didn't tell them.”
Y/n shook her head.
“Until today, no.”
When Shoji looked confused, the young girl smiled.
“When they saw that you were calling, I had to tell the truth.”
“They don't like me”
Y/n nodded. “You don't like them either.”
After a few seconds of silence, the young girl continued
“I… I have never been someone who can fit in anywhere. I've never had close friends. I was not someone who could control my anger.”
Shoji was silently listening to the young girl
“Tsuji approached me first. Tsuji and Shibaman were my first friends. Even though Todoroki didn't like me at first, he also started to become close to me later. They're less like my friends and more like the brothers I never had."
When the young girl spoke with a smile, Shoji understood once again how valuable they were to her. And they had hospitalized her beloved friends in front of her eyes...
"And you ? Do you still hate me?” When Shoji asked the question that had been on his mind for a long time, the young girl answered without thinking.
"No." Y/n's voice wasn't harsh. “I don't hate you. I didn't like you until recently, but I guess… I don't have any bad feelings towards you anymore.”
Shoji listened to the young girl in astonishment. There was a warm feeling inside his chest.
“Of course I haven't forgotten anything, but I think I've forgiven. The boys told me not to think about this incident any more, that it was okay.” Y/n smiled. “And I know you're sincere. I can feel it. Besides, I'm not much better than you.”
Shoji smiled as Y/n turned to him with a smile. He nodded. Even though he wanted to say, “No, you are much better than me,” he did not say anything.
"That's why Shoji-kun-" Shoji smiled the moment he heard his name from her lips. “I think the ice between us might thaw a little now.”
There was silence again for a while. Y/n realized that the silence was peaceful though, so she smiled and reached into the bag. She took out the plastic box inside and smiled
“ahhh, chocolate cake! I couldn't be happier today.”
Shoji was watching her again with the young girl's beautiful smile. He didn't know when he had such intense feelings for her. But Y/n fascinated him with everything about her.
"Ouch!" When the young girl suddenly took her hand away, Shoji looked at her in surprise. When he saw that her finger was bleeding, he didn't even understand what happened.
When Y/n rolled her eyes and looked at her hand, the black haired boy took out the clean handkerchief from his pocket and gently held the young girl's hand. Y/n was watching him as he slowly wrapped around her finger.
The young girl couldn't stop her heart from racing or feeling the butterflies in her stomach. When Shoji slowly raised his head and saw the young girl looking at him, he removed his hand.
"How did you do ? Did it hurt much?
Y/n shook her head silently.
“I think the plastic edge cut it while trying to open the box.”
Shoji nodded and slowly opened the box. He placed the cake in front of the young girl and handed her the fork and y/n giggled.
"Thank you."
Shoji shyly said it was okay. Y/n couldn't remember meeting someone who made her feel like a girl in a long time. Yes, her friends were more protective of her, but y/n had grown up around men. And Shoji Sameoka was making her feel things she'd never felt before.
After eating the things in the bag for a while, y/n lay down on the grass, holding her stomach. Shoji smiled at her reaction. Indeed, her appetite surprised him too.
Y/n was watching the clouds. The blue sky looked so beautiful that she couldn't help but smile.
And Shoji was watching her. He felt like he was watching a romantic movie. And he didn't want the movie to end at all.
He wanted to hold her hand, hug her, watch her sleep. He wanted to have a place in her heart. He always wanted to be there to protect her. Shoji Sameoka wanted to be with her.
"Looks pretty " Y/n turned to Shoji, referring to the sky. She could feel she is blushing when she caught the young boy watching her.
Shoji nodded without looking away.
“Yeah, looks pretty.”
HnL taglist : @straysugzhpe @tiddly-winx @ninamarie1994 @thatpoindexterpixy @koala-yuna @star2fishmeg
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LOKI — 02x02 “Breaking Brad”
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Tumblr media
So flashy! Finally finished this painting of Buggy
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greenc4t · 2 months
I want him to do unspeakable, unholy things to me whilst calling me the prettiest names 🥺
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I just want him to call me his "Pretty little baby" 😫🥺😭
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greenc4t · 2 months
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Have a good day.
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greenc4t · 2 months
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The Loki Strut™
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greenc4t · 2 months
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LOKI | S2E2 Breaking Brad
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greenc4t · 2 months
Reblog if you think it’s okay to platonically say “I Love You” to your friends
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greenc4t · 2 months
they managed to get all the pretty/hot people for this show
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