Guess That Ship Tournament
So, using a similar concept to @mysterytournament and @mysterycharactercontest, I want to do one focused on relationships instead of characters.
The basic concept is this, you describe your ship* to me, I pick 32 pairs which I find compelling without revealing who they are, people vote on them, and when they get eliminated I reveal who they are.
Submission Guidelines
*Relationships does not have to be romantic in nature. I'm sometimes going to use "ship" as a shorthand, just know I mean "relationships" in general.
In fact, please describe the nature of the relationship as they're presented in canon. You don't have to clarify if they're romantic or not if the canon is deliberately vague on it, but if they call each other "old friends" don't summarize them as lovers.
Relationship can be between any number of characters.
Real people are accepted if 1) they've been dead for more than 200 years and 2) they have at least one published biographical fiction based on them. *Role-play characters are accepted only if they have a distinct presence separate from their roleplayers.
OCs are accepted. I'll have at most 50% OCs in the bracket.
Selection Process
I'm going to read through the list of descriptions submitted starting with the shortest ones, and pick the most compelling entries...
without looking at the names.
If I can immediately guess who they are without relying on first-hand canon knowledge, they're out.
So basically, being concise helps, but you want it to convey enough information to be compelling. If your ship is from a very popular & distinct canon, you're gonna have to be more vague with your description. (Saying "they're ninjas" would really narrow things down, for example.)
I will not vet the ships/pairings for problematic content.
If you participate in this tournament, know that you run the risk of unintentionally voting for your nOTP. The mod does not take any responsibility for any distress that may cause you.
Submission will open until I have at least 64 entries, from which I will select 32.
Submit your ship here:
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homoeroticbetrayal · 4 days
It is time for Arthur to come back from his nap!
And since monarchy is overated anyway I propose we democratically elect the new True King (gender neutral) of England!
Inspired by @autismswagsummit @epicdivorcemantournament @fashiondisastertournament @flagwars @homoeroticbetrayal @patheticmenscuffle
A few rules for submissions:
No real people, this is all for fun not for politics
No Harry Potter character
I will accept any adaptation of the arthurian legend as well as
Places, brands, objects, animals... real or fictional as long as they fit the theme.
Character of any gender who fit the arthurian lore in some way (possess an object named Excalibur, a close friend named Merlin, Lancelot... fictional ruler of England/British inspired fictional country and so on) Be creative!
I might not get the reference tho, please specify in the form, there's a section for this.
Submit you candidates here!
I will pick the candidates based on number of submission + if you make me lose it by reading the form. I reserve the right to veto a character if necessary.
And as always: be nice to each other! We are here to have fun! This poll will have zero (0) consequences on Great Britain's politic so no need for discourse.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 4 days
hey hey i am curious about if @losersbracketofficial's poll on tournament runner demographics is influenced by tumblr demographics as a whole (because i swear there was at some point a poll that revealed 80% or something like that of people here were nd) so
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homoeroticbetrayal · 6 days
hi guys i swear i'll post some more polls today but this is something that ive been rlly curious abt!
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homoeroticbetrayal · 6 days
hey soz just wondering if u don't find it at all problematic to call anakin and obi wan "homoerotic" when they met at ages 9 and 25
Okay. I have gotten questions in similar vein so I will answer it only once now that the tournament is over.
Yes. It's problematic. However...
This is a tournament for iconic homoerotic betrayals, not appropriate ones. If I am to only feature ships which are unproblematic, Judas/Jesus wouldn't be featured either. (I know a lot of you are atheists but Jesus is a deity people actually worship.)
A relationship does not actually have to be romantic to have homoeroticism. Regardless of how you read obi-wan and Anakin's relationship, it is a fairly large and influential ship (at least when it comes to eastern SW fandoms) with a fair bit of fandom history. So clearly a lot of people saw the homoeroticism between them.
In my call for submission, I included Seishiro/Subaru, another ship with inappropriate age gap, because they had such a big influence on BL in mangas. Therefore it would have been hypocritical of me to vet for age gaps in submissions. Obikin got quite a few submissions, and had a verifiable canonical betrayal, which means they automatically qualify.
Again this is the homoerotic betrayal poll not the healthy queer representation poll. Half these people stabbed each other idk what else to say.
Not what OP is asking but I also had similar comments regarding some of the contestants that are actually underage, like Vrisrezi or homumado, who were all 13. Well. Okay. A lot of the time homoerotic and homoromantic are used interchangeably when it comes to media analysis. Let's not split hairs here.
That's all! Reblogs will be turned off. If I get too many inflammatory replies on this post it will be deleted. No more questions in this line!
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homoeroticbetrayal · 7 days
This has been my favorite tournament so far (and I've followed pretty much every one I could find lol.) Thanks so much for hosting <3
That's a high praise! It's been an honor ❤️
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homoeroticbetrayal · 7 days
Well, as they say, no party last forever. As the revival polls draw to a close, I want to thank everyone once more for participating. It's been so much fun and now I have to find other things to occupy my time.
A special congratulations to the joshneku fans both for sweeping their respective revival round and once again running the hardest campaign. Truly this tournament was made for you.
I'll continue to signal boost for other tournaments that tags me here, if I manage to see them. And all polls will stay here for as long as tumblr lives, of course.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 7 days
another mystery character tournament!
after i saw @mysterycharactercontest (who came up with this idea!) and @masqueradetourney (who has an extremely cool theme!), i thought: what if an anonymous character tournament was even more mysterious, as in had even more possible sources and was even less based on popularity? so i decided to host a mystery character tournament of an even more chaotic variety, allowing original characters and picking participants entirely based on description with no concern for the number of nominations.
so, is your favorite character underappreciated? unknown? are you obsessed with a character that only exists in your head? do you have a character idea you're not sure is interesting? do you wonder if your favorite character only wins on name recognition? do you want to submit your blorbo to as many anonymous tournaments as possible?
then i have just the tournament for you!
how does this tournament work?
you submit the characters you like; it can be a character from any media, for example, a character from an epic poem or a song or a game you think you're the only fan of or a popular tv show, your oc or a character you just made up while filling in the form; however, please don't submit real people!
i pick the characters whose descriptions i find interesting (mod tyranny?) and include them in the bracket (i'll try to include as many as possible!); characters that receive one nomination with an interesting description are way more likely to get into the tournament than characters submitted many times but with descriptions like "i just like him"
i post the characters' introduction posts (with the descriptions you provided for them) without revealing their name or source so that everyone may meet our participants
i post the polls, including short descriptions of the characters and links to their intros; you vote for the characters you find more interesting or the characters you like more
after every round, the losers' identities are revealed while the winners move on, still anonymous. i humbly request you DON'T reveal the characters' identities until they lose or win the whole tournament to keep it interesting!
ready? submit your characters HERE! the form will be open at least until april 1st :)
other tournaments i'm a fan of are @the-nobody-tournament @who-do-i-know-this-man @titular-twins-tournament @homoeroticbetrayal and many others :)
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Tumblr media
i guess theyre having fun
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
I’m I don’t mean anything bad but did you mean to put the Katekiyo hitman reborn twice in the revival polls?
There was only suppose to be one round of revival poll.
But listen. Curtwen, 10051, and nagireo got sweeped twice. I felt bad.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Also it's funny how half of this tournament is like "such tragic circumstances" or "oh the misunderstandings!!" And the other half is just competing for the worst most unhinged partner imaginable, romance on nightmare mode.
Anyway someone should make a tournament called "worst boyfriend imaginable" and half the male contestants here will automatically qualify.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
we all love to have them in our lives!
and to show them to people to. and see them. here is your chance! make your cat (or not) compete with others and look at other people's cats
- your cat
-your mum's cat
- anyone's cat really
- meme cats if they are real
- actor cats
- any other cat that have lived at any point of time
-fictional. there is a bracket for them already
EDIT: - imaginary cats. sorry guys not real enough
the final number of cats depends on the number of submissions. you can submit a cat several times but seeing as this bracket will have many cats with just one sub from their owner I decided to choose them based only on me liking them. don't worry I like a lot of cats.
- miette
- a stray I befriended (once I manage to choose just one of them)
submit your cat here!
forms will be open until 7th of April 16:00 (4 pm) UTC
EDIT 2 gogdammit I am forgetful: multiple submissions are allowed. you can also submit your cats as a duo/trio/etc if they truly are a duo/trio/etc or For A Bit but only if it's a really funny one
I am not banning cheating because honestly cheating over a silly cat bracket made to see more kitties is insanely funny
BUT. don't harass other people. this is unacceptable behavior. we are all here to have fun and be silly
and remember! every cat is a good cat :)
tagging for exposure and also because they inspired me: @best-fictional-cat (!!) @aroaceswagcompetition @artificialkids-2k23-official @orangecharactersmackdown @macbeth-murder-match @heterochromiasmackdown @bunnyrabbitbracket @divine-swag-summit @homoeroticbetrayal (!!) @blorbopoll (miette is here sweeping guys)
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Iconic Homoerotic Betrayal: Apology matchup
Look, if I pit these guys against each other at least one of these pairs will win something. Then my soul can finally rest in peace when I see Anthy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Can you use an image from the OVAs or manga instead of Crybaby from Ryo/Akira?
Unfortunately, I'm not able to edit the poll during the voting period.
The thing is. I did try to google "Ryo Akira devilman manga" and most of the results seemed to be from doujins and I couldn't tell which one was canon.
Beside the. You know. Commonly memed panel. Or the ones where Ryo is a woman, which I thought might confuse some voters.
Anyway I had a space for image URLs in the nominations and nobody submitted any.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
I am going to abuse my mod privilege for once and campaign for 10051 only because they're against formidable opponents. Here's the context for Shouichi/Byakuran which I wrote for round 1.
tldr ver: Shouichi messed with the memories of his past self and specifically manipulated himself into befriending and betraying Byakuran in order to save the world.
Long ver:
A betrayal 20+ years and multiple lifetimes in the making.
Suppose time travel and the multiverse exist. Now suppose there's a device that let you temporarily switch place with your future self from 10 years later. Shouichi used this device to peer into his own future in order to decide whether to pursue music or engineering. Upon meeting Byakuran in both futures, he awakened Byakuran's multiverse consciousness. Future Byakuran proceed to use his multiverse consciousness for world domination.
After that, Shouichi witnessed devastation in every other future he visited, until one final time when he returned to the past with his time traveling memories suppressed by his future-self, who had left him instructions to open at different points in his life. First to befriend Byakuran, and then to betray him.
He proceed to meet Byakuran in university and befriend him. When Byakuran started his world domination campaign, Shouichi became his loyal lieutenant, and overcompensated for his intentions by acting like a zealot believer who does everything for Byakuran's sake. (He fooled all the readers.) During that time Byakuran called him "Shou-chan" and sent him room full of flowers, which Shouichi immediately know the meaning of. Yes. They communicated via flower language like Victorian lesbians.
Anyway betrayal happens and Shouichi guided the protagonists in killing Byakuran. He confessed that despite everything, his time in university with Byakuran were the happiest time in his life.
They later reunites in the past as allies (and magically got their future memories because plot says so). Byakuran was immediately friendly with Shouichi, while Shouichi remains wary and warns the protagonists against trusting Byakuran. Despite this, he was the first to rush over when Byakuran got injured.
Shouichi literally formed his life and identity around his betrayal of Byakuran. Byakuran would not be who he is without meeting Shouichi. They meet in every lifetime. Soulmates but fatal.
Anyway, vote with your heart. But my point is, Shoichi deserves to win this just as much as those other two fuckers up there. Witness him.
Iconic Homoerotic Betrayal: Revival Match
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Revival round is up, I'm not posting these with contexts because there are so many and they get too long. Just add it in the reblog to your heart's content. I won't be reblogging propaganda this time but i do urge everyone to check the notes.
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homoeroticbetrayal · 8 days
Iconic Homoerotic Betrayal: Revival Match
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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