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Sugar, Sugar
Harry owns a bakery, Y/N owns a metaphysical shop. Sugary, magical love ensues. Or, plus size!Y/N and baker!Harry
Tumblr media
A modern natural witch and a hippy baker man walk into a bar.
Helllooo and welcome to Sugar, Sugar! We are delighted you’ve stumbled across our fic. We hope you enjoy your time here. Sugar, spices, and most things being nice.
TW before you read- story mentions abuse, fat phobia, body dysmorphia and body issues in general, mental illness, jealousy, witchcraft, astrology, darker themes, graphic smut and kinks (including hair pulling, choking, cock warming, exhibitionism, slight BDSM elements, spanking, slapping, potential knife play, breeding and more to be added*) and general adult themes. Please do not read or approach with caution if this triggers you! There will be a lot of fluff but I needed to add it in. 😘
* indicates smut
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under the amber light
an enemies-to-lovers (kind of) where mc finds herself working in a darkroom along with harry, who she has never gotten along with. 35mm film, watermelon slices, and a lot of dim amber lighting.
pairing: harry x reader words: 12.5 k rated: M
Tumblr media
an: hello ! i am back w another little something. i hope everyone enjoys, and im sorry if i got any technical things wrong i havent stepped foot in a darkroom in like 3 years, but yeah ! let me know your feelings and thoughts, enjoy !💘                                                              ***
A breathless ‘hello’ accompanied by a smile as you opened the front door, waving as heads turned towards you.
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There was very little Y/N could take from Anne’s brief testimony. At this point from the judgment of character alone Y/N had long since abandoned the idea that he could have killed his wife. The part of her that is immersed in the world of stories, dark literature, and mystery, tells her that she’s naive to trust him so wholly. That certitude like this would personify, walk with her hand-in-hand off the ship on a wooden plank, and there she’d find her naivety with a sword to her throat, telling her to jump. 
Y/N could be intuitive when she wanted to be. When she truly opened up her heart to a situation and saw it for what it was, and despite quite a few attempts of trying to make the accusation of murder make sense, she simply couldn’t. That didn’t mean she didn’t want to hear it straight from his mouth though. Just because she had made up her mind about the idea of him killing her, didn’t mean she knew the details that led to that judgment from the town. Who heard when about what and why; there was no way to know other than the two ideas she’d come up with: 
1. Break into the police department and look through classified records. 
2. Ask Harry. 
She thinks she’d try her luck fighting off a policeman first. 
Y/N’s questions are answered and Harry’s been through a lot, hasn’t he?
(TW: mentions of murder, suicide, abuse, alcohol/drug use)
part 1
part 2
part 3
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omg can u do a blurb of aster harry giving y/n a tattoo? like a little flower that was mentioned in poppy🥺 and she’d be so nervous but he’d be so sweet w her and it’d be in a place only he could see
@wantmoreberries: could we get an aster blurb of h giving yn her first tattoo
aster blurb where harry actually gives her a poppy flower tattoo please! 
Please can we see an aster blurb of Harry giving yn a tattoo 🥺 also getting frisky in his tattoo chair is a MOOD 👀💗
Hey! Could you please write a blurb about aster harry giving y/n her first tattoo pleeeeaaassseeee🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
aster y/n getting her first tattoo and being really scared (but she definitely wants it obvs) and harry just completely babying her and reassuring and looking after it properly and everything and after it’s done all she wants is cuddles with harry... this has been on my mind since I first read aster when you posted it and I just think it would be a really sweet moment for them 🥰💕
Can you write an aster extra/blurb where (y/n) asks harry to tattoo for the first time and the tattoo she wants matches his butterfly or another one of his tattoos?
this has been super requested for a really long time and I just now finally did it and I really really really hope u all like it and it was worth the wait !!!! 
"What are you drawing?"
(Y/N) draped herself over Harry's shoulders, her arms falling over his front as he sat before her vanity with his sketchpad out. Her hair was still damp as she'd just come from her shower, skin softened from the cream scented lotion she favored. She looked over his shoulder at the florets he was sketching out, his curls tied into a quick bun on the top of his head with tendrils falling to the nape of his neck and framing his face. With her chin tucked into the crook of his shoulder, she could feel the smile that sprouted on his lips. Harry paused his sketching and brought his free hand up and gently took hold of her forearm that was now situated across the width of his shoulders.
"Jus' some flowers," he mumbled, shifting his hold on her to lace his fingers between hers. He brought the back of her hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the expanse.
"For your books?" Her eyes traced along a sketching of a lavender sprig, the flowers along the stem blooming. She liked that one; she could see it colored in pink despite the purpled hue of the mother plant, a sage green lining the stem.
"For you, actually."
Harry spoke so simply as if she was supposed to have known all along. He absently released his hold on her hand, picking up his pencil and continued his sketching despite the flutter of shock filtering through (Y/N). He'd mentioned it here and there that he was drafting up ideas with her in mind, things he thought would be beautiful set against her skin, but he'd never actively shown her any or so openly broadcast the fact.
She gazed at the sketching under a new lens, the blooming lavender sprig altering under a rose tinted view. "Oh," she breathed.
He moved on to another idea, sweeping his hand across the page before beginning a depiction of crawling ivy leaves. The vines were tamed to a single string, dotted with the smallest of blossoms. Each design was simple, and he was right—each one she liked, and, now with the knowledge they were crafted with her in mind, she could see each of them adorning her body in discreet spots.
"What d'you think?" his voice was nonchalant as he pulled back from the page, allowing her full range across the paper.
"They're really pretty, H," she said, voice quiet between them, "You're so talented."
"Y'tell me that every time," he laughed.
He reminded her of herself when Harry would be a bit shy to compliments about his work. He knew he was good at what he did, but he'd told (Y/N) before that it just felt different when she said it; it felt more genuine to him.
"Because it's true."
(Y/N) turned her head to place a kiss on the full of Harry's smiling cheek, lips warming from the heat of his pinkened skin.
Harry allowed her to watch, silence sitting between them as her gaze followed his hand over the page. She scanned over the delicate florals strewn over the paper, some more simple than others but they were all enchanting. Each one was composed of simple lines, little shading added to the pieces, keeping it to an overtly simple and delicate style (Y/N) loved. The string of ivy directed her towards a small cluster of blooming hydrangeas. The biggest of the designs was still a somewhat small string of orchids, curling up to the lavender-esque flower that caught her eye the first time.
"Which one's your favorite?" he questioned absently, erasing stray marks around a small rosebud he'd sketched out.
"I like that one, the flower in the corner" she peeped, pointing it out with her finger hovering over the page.
"'S pretty, huh? Thought y'might like how simple it was," he mused, reaching to pull his sketchbook closer.
(Y/N) pictured the drawing all colored in, the petals a softened pink and the stems carrying an equally pasteled green color. "Really pretty," she continued, tracing each blossom along the elongated stem with her eyes.
"C'mere," Harry said after a beat, straightening his posture before tugging on (Y/N)'s arm settled across his chest.
He lent away from her vanity as (Y/N) moved along with him, standing up straight before shuffling to stop in front of him. He smiled up at her, gaze bare from his usual eyeliner as he was dressed for bed in a comfortable pair of sweats and a vintage t-shirt. He didn't say anything as he pat his thighs, his smile going crooked as he did so. (Y/N) shyly did as asked, sitting herself atop his lap with her back to his chest. She couldn't help but feel a heat in her cheeks at the position, this one being something Harry'd began to favor as of late, ever since Valentine's when he taught her how to properly take care of herself.
Harry hooked an arm around her middle, his tattooed forearm lying against her tummy as he pulled her close. He rested his chin on her shoulder much like she had before, pulling his sketchbook closer for her to look at with the same view as him. He allowed her to take the book into her own hands, the same one she had gifted him for Valentine's that was now almost hallway full already. With his hands now free, Harry settled the warmth of his palms against the full of her thighs. The soft sleep shorts she wore ended just below the curve of her bottom, giving Harry free reign over the steam-softened skin of her legs.
Harry stretched his free arm around (Y/N)'s form on his lap, reaching for his sketching pencil he had abandoned in his effort to put her in his lap. (Y/N) watched on as he moved the pencil around the blossom, experimentally sketching out another sprig tied to the other. "Could even add another, make a little bunch," he suggested as the bones of the second flower were put in place beside the original, "Or do y'like it the other way better?"
She watched his hand move, creating another version of the flower branching right off the main sprig. The second was much smaller, boasting a short collection of flowers before the stem rejoined the main piece. The entire piece was barely longer than an inch, the lining kept intricately delicate as was Harry's trademark.
"I like the two together," she decided, picturing the small second one in a slightly brighter shade of pink compared to the pastel tone of the main sprig.
They sat in silence for a moment, Harry continuing to flesh out the idea while (Y/N) watched each glide of his hands against the page. She tried to picture herself with the minuscule tattoo, where she would feel comfortable with the art resting for the rest of her life. Despite the fact she didn't plan on seeing her parents anytime soon, she couldn't help but shy away from the more visible spaces on her body—arms being out of the picture in case she ever had to face them again. But, she still wanted to be able to see it if she did decide to go through with it, to admire the small act of rebellion and the beauty of Harry's work—her back and other invisible spots out of her options. She whittled down her options, wanting somewhere she could easily cover it up, but still be able to look upon it proudly—if she ever got it anyway.
She boiled down her options to somewhere that felt a bit scandalous, but made the most sense to her. The curve of the sprig allowed her to picture it on a more rounded part of her body, accentuating the arch in a delicate way: on the very side of her ribs, along the curve of her breast that would be easily hidden by her bra or swimsuit but still somewhere that felt special and pretty to her. She felt happy with the vision she had conjured up, contentedly smiling to herself as Harry added a couple more leaves to the drawing as he finished.
"Have y'thought about it at all?" Harry spoke, detailing the small of the flowers. His arm around her middle occasionally tightened, his fingers flexing around the soft of her side in reassuring squeezes.
"Hm?" she hummed, unsure of what he was talking about. Hopefully he hadn't been talking to her while she wasn't paying attention.
"Getting a tattoo."
Since Halloween, it had been on (Y/N)'s mind a lot more than usual after finding out Harry had been drafting up ideas in secret for her. She liked the idea, picturing small things she saw on Instagram or Pinterest on her own body, even some that Harry had designed for other clients, but she hadn't had that urge she thought she should have before committing to a piece.
"A little, yeah," she offered, eyes still drawn to the flower in the corner of the page. Maybe it was the fact he had drawn it exclusively for her, but she kind of fell in love with the idea of the floral being etched on her skin.
Something beautiful made for her by the most special person in her life.
Harry hummed in response, still mainly focused on the finishing touches for the sketch as he pressed a kiss to (Y/N)'s hair.
"You know," Harry mumbled, clearing his throat, "It doesn't have to be from me—the tattoo I mean. If y'find something y'like from someone else, I won't be offended if y'wanted to see them instead. I jus' want you to be happy if y'ever decided to get a tattoo."
(Y/N) almost felt offended for him—offended over the fact he could ever think she would want anyone else to give her something so permanent and that she considered special. And, hadn't she told him enough? Hadn't she told him over and over that she loved his art style and every bit of his talent was a gift to whomever was lucky enough to be tattooed by him?
She craned her neck to get a look of Harry peeking over her shoulder, a pouting furrow doing its part to pinch her brows together. "Don't say that," she insisted, "I wouldn't want anybody but you to do it."
"Darling, 'm jus' saying—"
"But you don't have to," she pressed, shuffling on his lap to sit sideways to get a better look at him with Harry's arm around her tummy keeping her stable atop his thighs, "I want it done by you and only you."
A slow smile bloomed across his features, his hand on her side flexing around the soft curve. He did his best to settle her against his chest again, cuddling her close before he dipped his head down. His eyes fell closed with the lashes touching at the height of his cheekbones as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. "You're too cute, love, m'little cheerleader," he mumbled as he pulled away, voice low to create a sense of privacy in the already empty room, "Thank you."
She was still slightly unhappy over the idea of him trying to downplay how much she admired his work, but satisfied enough with his answer. Craning her neck, she caught his lips in a small kiss—an innocent, but indulgent press of their lips before drawing back. She found Harry slowly blinking his eyes open, a small dreamy smile on his lips. He looked to her with a somewhat hooded gaze, giving her something akin to sleepy bedroom eyes.
"What?" he asked after a moment, maneuvering her on his lap to get a better view of her face.
Her eyes dropped to the tattoos adorning his neck before the ink disappeared into the loose neckline of his shirt, finding hidden heart shapes in the coiling, rose adorned vines. She brought her hand up to touch at the smallest rose bud inked on his skin, Harry's skin warm under her touch with his pulse racing only inches away. "Nothing," she said, looking up at him through her lashes, "I just love you."
A breathy laugh was exhaled through his nose at her words, his own hand reaching up to grab at the one tracing his tattoos. He brought the palm to his mouth, pressing a kiss to the skin before shifting it to lay against his cheek with his own hand on top. "I love you too, angel."
Harry tugged her in for one more kiss, one that (Y/N) found it hard to pull back from. And she wouldn't have if she didn't know Harry was already much too tired to entertain the rippling thoughts disrupting her heartbeat.
(Y/N) knew he'd been tired after his day at work from the minute stories he shared about the day and the fact he had suggested they just stay at her's that night. He typically preferred to bring her back to his where there was more space and privacy, but when he was too exhausted to make the rounds of picking her up and taking her back to his place, her small room and even smaller bed became his home for the night. She could feel his sleep seeping from his skin, coating their embrace in the comforting warmth he carried wherever he went. She'd opt for cuddling instead that night, any bit of intimacy she'd take.
"Sleepy?" she prompted when she pulled back, already standing from her spot on his lap. She quickly wrapped her hands up in his, fingers lacing together to showcase the chipping black polish on his nails.
Harry looked up to her with a sleep soaked gaze, pliantly moving along to her pull. "If y'are," he countered.
(Y/N) couldn't help but smile at his small show, always wanting to make sure she was taken care of before any focus was put on himself. She only nodded her head, allowing him to think the early bedtime was for her and not because of he exhaustion bagging his eyes. Harry cracked a small smile, lagging behind for a second to flip the cover of his sketchbook closed with the inspiring designs left inside.
Under her leading, they moved to her bed with (Y/N) climbing under sheets first. Harry flicked her lights off, leaving the lulling glow of her cloud-shaped fairylights bordering the room to dimly light the space. She watched on from under the cotton candy-like puffs of her creamy pink comforter as Harry tugged at the neckline of his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the growing pile of his things. He was left in only his forest green sweats when he crawled onto her bed, her favorite lopsided smile of his curling his lips as he slipped under the duvet beside her.
(Y/N) couldn't help but selfishly love the sight of Harry among her things—seeing him and all of his deep colors and dark tattoos covering his skin surrounded by soft shades of pink and cream with complimentary florals and angelic accessories. She especially loved seeing bits and pieces of him littered around her room, from the sketchbook on her pure white vanity to the long, black jacket he hung on the hook on her closet door beside the angel wings she wore for Halloween. She hoped those details gave him the same sense of comfort they did for her.
Maybe, having a tattoo designed by his hand and etched onto her body would give the same kind of comfort. If she got one anyway.
The idea bloomed a warmth in her chest as Harry wrapped his arms around her from under the blanket. Since her bed was much smaller than his, they tended to snuggle closer than normal, practically on top of one another. (Y/N) definitely didn't mind, it only made it easier to hear the beating of his heart, a rhythm she found comforting.
As per the usual ritual, Harry pulled her atop him with his hands on her sides. He laid on he flat of his back with the intentions of moving (Y/N) to lie halfway on top of him with their legs tangled together and her cheek on his chest. It was similar to how they slept at Harry's house, but now (Y/N) wasn't afforded her own edge of the mattress to start the night out on and her own pillow should Harry have to shift her onto it in the night. In her bed, they were to share the same small space with (Y/N) gaining the privilege of listening to Harry's heartbeat as she drifted off and Harry got to keep her flush against him like he craved after long days, repeating soothing runs of his hands down her back and tender caresses of her hair as she drifted off.
"Want me t'play your playlist or talk t'you tonight?" Harry questioned, his voice rippling his chest under her cheek.
Usually, Harry either played her a soft playlist he had put together before bed, knowing she liked a bit of noise like that while she transitioned into her dreams. Or, he would talk to her. It was never about anything in particular, but she had told him on more than one occasion—both sober and with a couple glasses of sweet wine—that she loved the sound of his voice, found it the most soothing thing to sleep to when she had trouble drifting off. So he'd made it a part of their routine, either queueing up the set of songs she'd become fond of or he'd tell her stories from his day that would most likely shift into praises revolving around her.
"Talk, please. I missed you today." She melted into his chest, the pad of her finger absently tracing along the sketching of one of his many chest pieces.
She could hear his smile even in the small hum he gave at her words. Harry continued the pacifying rounds of his hand on her back as he left them in silence for a beat longer.
"I've thought a lot about giving you a tattoo, you know," Harry started, voice quiet between them, his timbre matching the beat of his heart. "Ever since y'told me that night when we talked about all m'tattoos, I keep thinking about what it'd be like to give y'one."
Before they'd even made love for the first time, they had cuddled (semi)naked one night she had spent the night at Harry's. She had asked him a list of questions about the ink adorning his body, ranging from what certain designs meant to him, to what the experience was like receiving them. (He'd even shared one incident when he'd had such a specific vision for a tattoo that he gave it to himself after hours). (Y/N) was fascinated at the idea; even the sillier stories Harry told that backed his tattoos captivated her attention. He had romanticized the idea of ink etched into skin for her, something that had been demonized while growing up.
She remembered because that had been the night she also began really contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo of her own.
"Really?" she pressed, voice coming in a sleepened slur against his chest.
"Mhm," Harry hummed, "Been driving the boys at the shop mad drawing up little flowers like the ones I showed you. But, I think they like it much better than the month I didn't stop bothering them about the best way to shade in pink angel wings. Liam started avoiding me when I kept asking if I could practice a set of those minimalist little sets on his ribs."
She could hear the fond smile in his voice despite the sleepened state of her brain, knowing he told the story to act as a silly anecdote, but (Y/N) couldn't help the way her heart hurt at the visions he was painting in her head. He'd spent months thinking of different things he felt were worthy of being inked onto her skin, even bothering his co-workers and friends to be some sort of guinea pig so he could have it down if or when she ever asked him for such a thing. It made her want to tell him how much she loved the lavender he drew her. Tell him to get up and take her to the shop and have it put on her skin then and there.
Instead, she sufficed by pressing a kiss to the bare skin of his chest, cuddling that much closer to his warmth. Harry smiled against the crown of her head, the arm around her middle tightening to reciprocate her adoring hold.
He went on for a while longer, recounting what seemed to be every single time he had been inspired to create something for her and what each design had come out to be. (Y/N) slowly fell sleepier and sleepier with each run of his voice in her ears though she tried to cling to consciousness to hear everything he wanted to share.
Her eyes were closed and her hand had fallen flat against his chest, the soothing twirl of her fingers against his tattoos having stopped as Harry's hand on her back trailed up to brush through her hair. His fingertips grazed the full of her cheek as he moved her hair from her face, his thumb tenderly tracing along the line of her jaw.
"It would be jus' y'and me, you know—if y'ever got a tattoo I mean," he mused, his words coming out in a stream of consciousness the more sure he was that she was almost asleep, "Jus' y'and me at the shop, could do it after we close. Wouldn't have to worry about anyone else or any of the boys. I'd take care of y'and make your tattoo just as pretty as you are."
She was floating in the cloudy space between dreams and reality as the picture flitted in her head. (Y/N) could see them in one of the small private rooms reserved for piercings or intimate tattoos, but instead it would be her laid on one of the chairs with Harry at her side. She was still stuck on the lavender sketch waiting in his book for her, the vision of them including Harry tracing it onto her skin with the tattoo gun. Maybe it wasn't if she would get a tattoo anymore, as opposed to when.
It would be just them. And he'd take care of her.
She didn't catch what Harry said after that. Her dreams that night consisted of pinkened lavender sprigs and tattooed hands keeping their promise of taking care of her.
"Baby, what are y'doing here?"
(Y/N) smiled as she slipped into Harry's office. He was sat at his desk with a slew of paperwork covering the surface, hiding the sketchings he had been working on for a client of his tomorrow. He spun in his chair, looking to her with a relieved smile on his face though the expression was tangled with one of confusion. The dim lighting in the room left small shadows on his face, only having a couple of lamps on to keep him company as he filled out his paperwork.
She dropped her school bag onto the couch before moving to sit beside it on the cushion closest to his desk. "I got out of class early, and don't have to be at the library tonight so I thought I'd come see you."
Harry didn't waste a moment before he was up and out of his chair, pushing her bag out of the way before settling beside her on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, tucking her against his side. A gentle kiss was pressed to the top of her head, his nose skimming the strands of hair as he exhaled.
"I missed you," he mumbled into the crown of her head. Harry melted against her, his free hand reaching for her own to hold in his.
"I missed you too, H," (Y/N) reciprocated, lacing her fingers between his, "How was your morning?" She casually ran her thumb along the curve between his index finger and thumb, right over his love me please? tattoo that'd become one of her favorites since he'd first told her he loved her all that time ago.
"Long," Harry answered simply, voice quiet between them. "We should've jus' stayed in bed this morning."
(Y/N) couldn't help but breathe a laugh at the conclusion he came to, recalling the way he had been the one to get her up and ready to go this morning when she had pleaded for an extra five minutes more. "That bad?"
Harry dropped his face to cuddle into the delicate skin of her neck, the cool of his lip ring tracing along the skin as he spoke. "Jus' wanted to be with you."
(Y/N) slipped her hand from his, reaching up to settle her palm against the side of his jaw. She pulled back from him, a complaining groan falling from his lips as he was forced to abandon the home he had made in her neck. Craning her neck, she faced Harry and the pouting set in his lips.
"Do you have any appointments the rest of the day?" Her thumb traced along the structure of his cheekbone as Harry leaned into her hand.
He shifted under her hand, turning his cheek to press his lips against the palm. He blinked his eyes open, looking to (Y/N) with the intensity of his eyeliner accented eyes. "No, jus' paperwork I have to finish," he grumbled. Though the stack on his desk seemed small, the fine print and amount of signatures and approvals needed were overwhelming.
"When you finish, we can go back to mine if you want?" she offered. Her apartment was closer anyway, and he seemed tired enough to not mind the size of her bed.
"Please," he sighed, his free hand reaching towards the curve of her waist. (Y/N) jumped when his fingers made contact with her side, the hem of her shirt having rode up and allowed the cool of his rings to brush against her skin. Harry smiled at the action, minutely adjusting his hand to settle over the bunched fabric of her pink top. "Will y'stay with me while I work, angel? So we can go home together?"
Did he even have to ask?
"Of course," she answered, taking the opportunity to press a kiss to the corner of his lips, "I have some homework to do anyway."
"Good. Don't want y'to be far from me right now." He gave her a few lingering kisses to her lips before drawing away. He reluctantly pulled his hands from her form, moving to go back to his desk where the license renewals and HR forms were stacking against him.
A relaxing silence fell over the room, (Y/N) pulling out her own work while the sound of shuffling papers came from Harry's spot. She saw from the corner of her eye, his sketchbook being pushed to the side, teetering off the corner of his desk closest to her.
Usually, when (Y/N) waited for Harry to finish up at the shop, whether he was tattooing or dealing with the business side of his dream, he'd pass off his sketchbook to her if she didn't have anything else to do. Ever since that first time in his office however long ago (a day (Y/N) remembers quite vividly what they had done on the sofa), it'd become one of her favorite things to do at the shop—going through his new drawings and sketches he hadn't shown her yet. He even allowed her to add her own little doodlings to the pages if she wanted, as long it wasn't a page dedicated to a client. A lot of the time (Y/N) opted to add small notes in the margins, or smiley suns and happy flowers that greatly paled in comparison to the pieces of art he had shaded on the page.  
Staring at the sketchbook set aside as Harry flipped through different forms, (Y/N) wanted to abandon the leftover homework in front of her. She knew, tucked away on one of those pages was the lavender he'd drawn with her in mind.
Since the night at her apartment, she hadn't been able to shake the piece from her mind. Every time she remembered the small sprig, something warmed in her chest. The feeling was something akin to the nerved excitement she could only compare to the moments before Harry kissed her for the first time. She wanted it, she could picture her skin adorned with the delicate ink, but held a certain amount of anxiety over the actual act of receiving it.
But, over the days, she'd come to a conclusion she hadn't expected to ever make: she wanted a tattoo. As soon as she could work it out with Harry, she wanted to take him up on his offer to take that private room with him and allow him to embellish her skin with his art.
But, Harry was busy and she didn't want to bother him when he already seemed so stressed. So she worked on her own papers behind him, making the finishing touches on an outline for an essay that would be due next week and starting the list of questions that pertained to a novel she was meant to finish analyzing for her romantic literature course. Every so often, she would hear Harry breathe a small sigh or let out a hum as his pen ran across the page.
He was distracting, even the smallest of ways.
Harry wasn't even doing anything, but (Y/N) couldn't help but sneak glances over to him. She'd always had a bit of a thing for his shoulders and the broad set in them, something that caught her eye and took her focus. Today's scenario brought her to one of the private rooms out in the main area of the shop, an innocent take on the image as she was laid in the chair with Harry needling in the fresh pink of the tattoo ink into her skin. Maybe then, watching him work on her like that, his shoulders would distract her as well, take off the nervous edge of her excitement.
"Are y'done already?" Harry asked, breaking from his repetitious movements of flipping through the pages. He looked to her from his spot at his desk, the stack he had been working on now reduced to a few remaining pages.
"Huh?" Maybe she was a bit more distracted than she thought.
A smile spread across Harry's features; he knew he caught her. "Your homework, did y'finish already?"
"Oh," she peeped, brows raising as she flicked her gaze to the pages in front of her, "N-Not yet, I was just—um—I got—"
"Distracted?" Harry finished for her, his hand coming up to run along the line of his jaw as a crooked smile took his features. (Y/N) nodded a small bit, eyes rounding out as she gazed at him.  "What were y'thinking about?" Harry pressed, twisting his chair further to face her fully.
She felt a bit too shy to share the train of thought that focused on the strong set of his shoulders, instead going to where the initial thought had taken her. "Just you, g-giving me a tattoo."
The volume of her voice had gradually fallen as she spoke, something she hadn't meant to do. She realized halfway through that she hadn't actually told Harry of her conclusion, that she had decided she wanted to have a piece of his art on her body since she became certain almost a week ago. Harry had been the one to suggest it every time prior to this moment, so she wasn't sure why she was getting shy over her admittance. But since when did her nervous ticks ever make sense?
The softest curl of his lips molded his features, placing his elbow on the flat of his desk before propping his chin up in his palm. "Yeah? What about it?"
Her hands fumbled in her lap, working into a lace of her fingers before untangling only to repeat the process. "Just how you said we could take one of the private rooms, and have it be only me and you here for it. Th-that lavender kind of flower you drew last time we stayed at my place, I keep thinking about it."
"Really?" Harry smiled, "You're serious?" (Y/N) only gave him a petite nod, the smile on her face matching the excited glint he had taken on. Harry couldn't help himself as he reached towards his sketchbook, thumbing through the pages before he found the floral exhibition that had framed her thoughts. "This one?" He pointed at he floret tucked away in the corner, still uncolored with only simple lines to make up the piece.
"Mhm," (Y/N) hummed, the bundle enchanting her further now that the real thing was in front of her again. "I really, really like it, H."
The smile on his face caused the dents of his dimples to deepen as he flicked his gaze from the drawing up to where she sat in front of him. "And you'd really let me be the one to do it f'you? With my design?"
She couldn't help but feel her muscles soften and her heart follow suit at the sound of the incredulous tone in his voice. "Of course. I trust you."
Harry excitedly perked up in his seat, moving the sketchbook from his hold to sit back on the surface of his desk. He reached for her hands in her lap, the lines around his mouth acting as parentheses the deeper his smile got. "Do y'want t'do it soon? We could tonight, I jus' need to prep the room and get everything closed up then it'll be jus' us. Did y'want color, or just the plain black? Where did y'want it?"
(Y/N) couldn't help but let out a laugh at the animation that took over his words and bounced him in his spot. Had he really been waiting for this?
"I don't know if we should do it tonight, H, I don't think I'm ready. And we're both tired," she reasoned, watching as Harry immediately nodded along.
"Right, you're right," he mused, squeezing her hands in his, "I wanna make sure y'don't have class the next day afterwards; wanna be there so I can check if it's healing properly and y'aren't hurting."
(Y/N)'s smile retained her features as she listened to his stream of consciousness, agreeing to each of his self-prescribed conditions. "And, I think I want color, if you think that'll work. I know it's a lavender flower, but I was hoping we make it pink? Like that soft—"
"Yeah, yeah," Harry beamed, "In your pink, the soft one. Would look even better like that. And a green, sage kind of color for the stems?"
He knew her well.
She happily nodded along to his suggestion, feeling even more excited at the way Harry couldn't get his words out fast enough as he finished her sentences. "I was thinking we could put it on my ribs?" she started, slipping one of her hands from his to point out the exact place where she wanted the flower to rest. She ran her fingers just a hair away from the curve of her breast, thumbing over her ribcage. "Like right there, where my bra would sit to cover it."
This is where Harry showed a moment of hesitation, the first fumble since he had enthusiastically latched onto her idea. His eyes traced over the spot she had pointed out, brows pinching just the slightest. "Are y'sure, darling? That's a rough place for a first tattoo; your ribs can be pretty painful to be tattooed over."
(Y/N) hadn't quite thought of that. She figured it all hurt the same, no matter where the needle would land. "Oh," she breathed, deflating a bit, "I hadn't really thought about that."
She felt like she had to start over now, the curvature of the tattoo not fitting anywhere else in her head. Maybe she needed to think about this longer, and this small obstacle was just the sign to tell her to slow down.
"But," Harry started, shuffling that much closer to her as he reached the edge of his chair, "Jus' because it'll hurt a tiny bit more, doesn't mean we can't put it there if that's what y'want. I think it would look really, really pretty there. It'd be special jus' for y'to see."
"Do you think I'll be able to handle it, if it hurts a lot?" She sought out his reassurance, an extra centimeter added to the nervous edge of her excitement.
"I know y'can. 'S not that bad, especially since you're wanting something so small. You're jus' probably going to be sore for a little while longer than other places." The pad of his thumb ran along the outside of her hand, the black of his nail polish matching the gleam of his nose ring. "We could next weekend? If y'think you'll be ready by then. It'll give me time t'get your colors ordered, and we can work on a stencil t'make sure 's perfect for you."
In that moment, it felt real. The vision of them alone in the private room, Harry working away at the delicate piece of art that would forever decorate her skin became more realized. The bubbling flurry in her stomach only heightened.
"Yeah, that sounds good," she agreed, her own smile matching his.
Harry sealed the deal with a kiss against her lips, the smiling set of her own mouth only adding to the affection. Now, she only had to wait.
Over the following week, during every free moment, Harry was doing anything he could to prefect the details of (Y/N)'s tattoo.
He could spend hours going over different shades of ink, debating over if he should order a pre-dispersed ink that looked like it would match what they had in mind or if he felt more confident mixing the pigments himself. As pretty as the colors she had wanted were, he knew that the lighter shades—especially the green of the stem—were prone to fading much faster than deeper colors, so he wanted to get as much insurance as he could on the ink. (Y/N) wasn't quite as picky as he was, just wanting it to resemble the idea she had in her head as much as they could get it, but Harry wasn't settling for anything less than perfection.
In between figuring out the specific shading he had in mind, Harry was sketching and refiguring the design over and over. Now knowing the placement she wanted, he made minor changes, adding a stronger curve to the main piece and elongating the stem. (Y/N) was called in to okay each change he made, no matter how minute it was. Harry was taking this more seriously than she was, and she couldn't help but feel a bit her heart bloat a bit with every check-in he made with her.
Something odd that she had noticed he now also began doing, was paying special attention to the patch of skin they had slated up to be the resting place for her tattoo. It wasn't overtly obvious, but when they were cuddled up in bed his hand would slip under her shirt and trail up her side before thumbing over the area. He never really acknowledged the action, just continuing talking to her or fluttering his eyes closed to start his descent into sleep. (Y/N) wasn't even sure if he was even aware he was doing it. She never said anything about it, finding the action comforting.
(Y/N) was excited, each day that counted down and every tiny bit of preparation that Harry made for her only added to the piling elation in her tummy. She couldn't wait to have a small part of Harry's world on her forever.
"You're early, didn't think y'were off from the library until eight?"
A jittery kind of excitement sent tremors through (Y/N)'s hands as she closed the shop door behind her. Harry was stood behind the computer at the front desk, the other boys having gone home for the night as he closed up. He looked to her with a matching enthused smile, his hands freezing over the keyboard to give her the full of his attention.
"I told everyone I was getting my tattoo tonight and they let me go early," she beamed, rounding the desk in the reception area to go to him.
Harry readily wrapped an arm around her shoulders, tugging her to him to press a kiss to the top of her head. "I still need t'get the room set up, but y'can wait for me if y'want. Jus' need to finish closing the system and I'll be right there."
(Y/N) peeped out a small okay, rising to her tip-toes to press a kiss to Harry's cheek before padding off to the first of the private rooms. She felt oddly uncomfortable as she moved about the room, placing her bag on the small bench offered before distractedly pulling out her phone. A thread of texts lit up her screen, most from Sarah with an emoji punctuating each message about how excited she was for her friend and to send however many pictures afterwards. A single one from Mitch stood out, wishing her good luck and that he was ready for Harry to stop bothering him about each new reworking of the design. She happily replied to each one, feeling a little less uneasy now that she had something small to focus on while she waited.
A few minutes later, Harry stepped into the room carrying a small tray of the pigments and the more delicate of his tattoo guns he planned on using for her. His smile from earlier still tugged at his lips, dimples deeply denting his cheeks as he looked to her.
"Ready?" Harry started, beginning to set up the small stand that would be beside him as he tattooed her.
"Yeah," she said, not trusting her voice not to waver if she spoke anymore.
She didn't think she would be this nervous, really. Throughout the waiting days, she hadn't much thought of the process, more so focusing on the ending product. Small doubts had appeared now that the moment was becoming more and more real, hearkening back to the original reasons she had waited so long to take up Harry's offer.
What if she ended up regretting it? What if the tattoo was beautiful, but didn't look right on her? What if, somehow, her parents found out and they-they—She didn't know what they would do, but she knows it wouldn't be pleasant to hear from them over this. And she couldn't help but add the worry over the pain to the growing list of anxieties. That was something that hadn't been more than a fleeting thought until this moment, but now she couldn't help but feel a tint of fear take over her thoughts at the prospect of a needle pummeling ink into her skin along with the anxiety of getting a tattoo at all.
Harry didn't seem to pick up on her hesitance as he turned to start mixing up the trio of pigments that would make up the petal soft color of the flowers. "Y'can get up on the chair, angel. Take off your shirt if you're ready."
She could hear the pending excitement in his voice, able to picture the bright expression on his face despite his back being turned to her. She absently followed his instructions, hands surprisingly shaky with less excitement and more nerves than she remembered.
Now only adorned in a flowery bralette with the soft pink of her shirt bundled in front of her middle, (Y/N) hesitantly laid herself on the black leather of the tattoo chair. She felt stiff against the cushions, not melting into it the same way she has when she's taken this same position. She was aware of the buzzing of her phone in her back pocket, but couldn't bring herself to pull it out and check who had responded to her messages, her fingers tightly fisting her shirt.
She jumped when she heard the sound of the tattoo gun start up, her taut muscles snapping at the abrupt noise. Harry breathed a laugh as he flicked it off, tossing a glance over his shoulder to her.
"Sorry, love, was jus' plugging it in," he offered before returning his attention to the green hued powders he needed to mix next.
(Y/N) was silent as she watched him, feeling her muscles recoiling again as the silence allowed too much of her anxiety to create puddles in her thoughts. Harry had no idea as he continued to mix up the ink, (Y/N) wishing the small cups of color could take her attention away too. She needed to say something to him, he always knew what to do and figure the best way to calm her down. She just hoped she could get it out.
"Harry, I-I'm—" (Y/N) couldn't find her voice as she spoke, a slight waver now that it was real. She was really in the chair, with her shirt off waiting for Harry to give her a real tattoo.
"Hm?" Harry responded, looking over his shoulder at her for just a second as he reached for a pair of gloves, "You're what, lovebug?"
Her voice died in her throat, leaving only a small whine in its place. That caught Harry's attention immediately, dropping the pair of latex gloves onto the counter as he turned to her with a furrow in his brow. He was at her side in a second, sitting in the small stool he placed beside the chair. She shyly clutched her shirt over her middle, covering her bralette covered breasts and the heaving of her chest.
"Hey," he started, voice quiet and soft, "What's wrong? What happened, darling? I thought y'were excited."
She didn't even know where to start. He was right, she had been really excited at the beginning of the night, she wasn't even sure what exactly it was that set her off.
Harry heaved a small sigh next to her, settling his hands on her own over the bundle of fabric that was her shirt. "We don't have to do this, m'love. If you're not ready, or jus' not sure y'even want it anymore, 's okay. We can stop and wait as long as y'need." His gaze ardently bore into her own, never shifting to anything but her own worried irises.
(Y/N) felt like a guppy, her mouth gaped as she tried to find the words. He was able to calm her the smallest bit with just his presence alone, but it wasn't enough to quell the brunt of her worry.
"Is-is it gonna hurt?" She started with the simplest of her worries.
A small smile cracked at Harry's lips, hands squeezing hers. "A little, yeah. You're brave for picking your ribs, but I know y'can handle it. Is that all you're worried about, the pain?"
She chewed at her bottom lip, wanting to find the perfect way to phrase her next fear so she didn't hurt his feelings. "Wh-What if... What if it doesn't look good?"
At this line of questioning, Harry's brows raised with his close-lipped smile going crooked. "Well, if you're worried about that I can ask one of the other boys t—"
"No, no, not like that! I didn't mean it like that," she rushed, twisting in the chair to face him directly, "What if it doesn't look good on me? Everything you draw is perfect, I just don't want it to be ruined because its on me—"
"Don't talk like that, stop," Harry cut her off, his expression falling into a serious set as he looked at her. He leaned closer to her, making sure her vision was filled with only him and none of the tattooing equipment behind him. "'S gonna be perfect because 's on you, (Y/N). 'S only a flower, and you're going to be the reason it looks beautiful, I promise. Don't be scared of anything like that."
The majority of the fear tinted smog dissipated from her lungs, making it much easier to breathe and think more clearly than she had only a few minutes before. She worried her bottom lip between her teeth, the full of her pout swollen after she released it. "And what if my parents find out?"
There was a small change in Harry's expression, his jaw hardening and brows creasing the smallest bit. The look of frustration and anger only occurred whenever she mentioned her family. It was like a piece of him broke whenever he had to be reminded of what she put up with before he ever even knew her.
"If they do, we'll deal with them like we have before," his voice was quiet and firm as he spoke, "I doubt they will, though, or say anything at all if they do. But, anything they could say or think about you, means nothing, okay? As long as you're happy, they can't take that from you—I won't let them."
She was sure there was something deeper attached to his promise, but she was more focused on the clarity his voice had given her and how the remaining edge of nerves had shrunk to be overshadowed by the excitement and certainty that now filled her. He knew how to talk to her to lead her in the right direction to figure her own tangled thoughts out for herself; she'd never understand how he knew exactly what to say at the exact right times.
A beat of calming silence passed between them, (Y/N)'s gaze flitted from Harry's to trace over his features and down to their hands joined in front of her chest. She slowly nodded her head, peeking her eyes up at Harry through her lashes.
A smile softened the edges of Harry's features, losing the tenseness he gained at the mention of her parents. "Yeah? You're okay?"
"Yeah," (Y/N) breathed, "Sorry. I thought I got passed all the nervous stuff."
Harry dipped his head down, pressing the smallest kiss to the full of her lips before nudging his nose against her's. "Don't be sorry, 's normal. Would have been more concerned if y'hadn't got a little scared beforehand." At least he didn't seem to mind her miniature breakdowns too much. With his hands giving her's one final squeeze, her grip having loosened around the fabric of her shirt, Harry drew back from her. "Still want t'go through with this?"
"Yes, please."
A satisfied smile made up Harry's expression as he inched towards the waiting supplies. (Y/N) felt much more comfortable, finding it in herself to settle into the leather of the chair under her. At least, if she had to have a small mishap like that, she was with Harry; if she had been alone, she most likely would have scrapped the whole plan and stuck herself in the all-too-familiar walls crafted by her parents.
(Y/N) tossed her shirt to land on the rest of her things laid out on the bench pushed against the wall, leaving only her bralette to conceal her modesty. Harry turned back around with a pair of gloves clinging to his hands and the rest of his supplies set and ready to go on the tray beside him. The excited smile he'd taken earlier had returned, making it that much easier for (Y/N) to emulate the expression and focus on the reward at the end of the experience.
"Ready, lovebug?" Harry beamed, gaze trailing to the lace trimmed straps of her bralette.
"Yeah, let me just—," She moved to tug off the last piece of clothing from her upper half, left in only in a pair of high waisted jeans. Despite the typical ease she felt in Harry's presence with her nudity, the fact they weren't in the safety of their own homes, made her keep the majority of the cups up against her chest.
Harry got to work after the patch of skin was visible, beginning to clean up the area and make sure she was happy with the final placement before he smoothed the stencil over her skin. The ink felt cold against her skin as he pulled the thin paper away, leaving only the beginnings of the design on her otherwise clean skin.
Before Harry could get his hands on the tattoo gun, (Y/N) couldn't help but pose a question that had been running through her mind.
"Could you hold my hand? If you can anyway."
Harry practically melted at her words, his shoulders falling and his features rounding as he looked to her. "Darling, I wish I could," he cooed, dropping a kiss to her shoulder, "But I need both m'hands if we want this to look good. But, y'can play with m'hair if y'want. Jus' be careful, though, 'cause I need to focus."
(Y/N) expected that she wouldn't be able to hold his hand, the downside to having your boyfriend be the one to tattoo you, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask on the off-chance Harry had mastered how to tattoo with one hand. But she happily nodded her head at the offer to instead run her fingers through his hair and take out her anxious nerves there.
With the running tattoo gun in his hand and her free hand in his hair, Harry looked up at her one more time with a question of reassurance in his gaze. (Y/N) nodded her head, sure this was his final way of asking if she was ready and sure of what he was about to do.
(Y/N) gasped as the needle made contact with her skin, funneling a lightened pink into her pores in a stinging itch. Her fingers in Harry's hair tightened along with her hand clutching her bra to her chest.
"Oh, my gosh," she breathed, feeling stiff in her own skin as Harry tried to work her through the initial bite.
"I know, angel, I know," he cooed to her, lifting the gun from her skin to wipe at the excess ink on her skin. "It gets better, I promise, jus' surprising at first."
"Okay," she peeped, her voice stiff in her throat. Instead, she tried to focus on the twirling curls she slipping her fingers between to find anything distracting.
Every time he lifted the needle from her skin to wipe at her skin, a moment of solace allowed (Y/N) to breathe before the startling burn of the gun against her skin resumed. She was sure at some point, especially when he would begin his first go of shading, that she would hopefully go a bit numb and it wouldn't hurt as bad. He hadn't been lying when he told her that her placement was bold for a first tattoo.
Harry was as adoringly gentle as he could be during the whole process, dropping a kiss to her collarbones when he could and layering sweet encouragements whenever he knew she was struggling. When he would go over a particularly tender spot, apologies would fall from his lips as soon as she tensed up, telling her he wished he could take the pain away. He told her how brave she was, and how proud he was his of his angel. In an effort to distract her, he told her how good it was looking, that he couldn't wait to show her after. He told her how especially a week or two afterwards, when it was all healed, that he couldn't want to see what she thought then. She was pretty sure he even stopped, pretending the adjust the gun and clean her skin when he saw it was getting a bit overwhelming for her.
It was the longest half hour of (Y/N)'s life, the pain only dulling a small amount the longer he worked. She loved Harry to death, but she couldn't help but question if he was taking so long on purpose. He was most likely making sure every detail was just as how they discussed it, wanting to double check and ensure she would be proud to have his design on her body, but the pain was starting to cloud her mind. Her small solace was found in the rhythmic run of her fingers through his hair, finding a new curl to twist over her finger every time in an effort to distract herself.
"All done," Harry sigh, suddenly pulled the offending machine away from her skin with a proud smile on his face.
(Y/N) thinks she could have cried as he turned off the gun. He was finished, now only going through and cleaning off the skin and prodding at the tender area with gentle fingers.
"Really?" she peeped, scared to pull her hand from his hair in case the buzzing filled the room again and he had to do more for the tattoo.
"Mhm, told you I was almost finished," he smiled, sitting back and gazing proudly at his newest piece. His smile only faltered the smallest bit when he looked up at her for the first time since he started, finding the sheen of tears (Y/N) hadn't even been aware of until he pointed it out. "Did it really hurt that bad, m'love? Should've told me and we could have taken a break."
She gently wiped them from her gaze with her now free hand, "I just wanted to finish it."
Harry breathed a laugh at her words, peeling his gloves off before standing from his stool. He offered her his hand, his own tattoos looking more vibrant now that they weren't veiled by the gloves. "Wanna see it?"
(Y/N) eagerly nodded her head, taking Harrys hand while her other kept her bralette pressed against her chest. He led her towards the mirror set up on the other side of the room where (Y/N) hadn't been able to catch a peek during the process. Harry stopped her in front of the glass, putting his hands on her hips to turn her sideways to get the best view of her new tattoo.
The custom pink of the florets looked petal soft backed by her skin, with the sage of the stem just as delicate as she had envisioned. The smallest additions of darker shading made for the rest of the piece to stand out against her skin, the highlights seeming brighter like the flower had been originally found in a spring meadow. The bend of the sprig rounded the curve of her breast just as she had wanted, easy to be concealed. But now, looking at the art, she wasn't sure she wanted to hide this from anyone.
Thank god she went through with this.
"What d'you think, love?"
She flicked her eyes from her tattoo to the man standing behind her, his hands strong on her hips though uncertainty tinted his features. "Harry," she started, her eyes rounding out in he mirror in front of her, "I love it."
A large grin bloomed over his lips, fingers flexing around her hips. "Really?"
"Of course, it's even better than I expected," she beamed, dropping her hand to lay over his on her side, "Thank you."
"'M not jus' saying this cause 'm in love with you, but I really think this might be m'favorite piece I've ever done." His adoring gaze fell the his pastel creation, the dimples on his cheeks only deepening at the sight.
She stepped towards the mirror, wanting a closer look at the new ink adorning her body. "I think it might be my favorite tattoo I've ever gotten."
Harry let out a laugh behind her, his arms crossing over his chest as he watched her. "It better be."
A beat of silence passed between them, Harry allowing (Y/N) her moment to admire her new tattoo as he stood back. His own proud smile could be seen in the mirror.
"What do we do next?" she looked to him over her shoulder, resisting the urge to run her finger over the raised skin.
Harry perked up at her question, turning to grab the aftercare kit he had set up before he'd even started tattooing her. "First, I need to put some cream on it then we need to keep it bandaged for the next twenty-four hours."
(Y/N) couldn't stop the pout that set over her features at the condition. She couldn't look at it for the next day?
Harry breathed a laugh at her reaction. "'S gonna be clear, s'you can still see it, silly. C'mere."
He beckoned her to his side, waiting for her to be within arm's reach before wiping a cooling gel over her heated skin. She expected the area to feel a bit tender to the touch, but she hadn't imagined just how sensitive and sore she would be directly following. She winced as Harry made contact with her skin.
"Y'okay, love?" he asked, reaching for one of the transparent dressings to go over her tattoo.
"Yeah, just sore I think." She watched as Harry's lips tightened into a line at the admittance of her discomfort.
He carefully smoothed the bandage over her tender skin, double checking to flatten out the edges to make sure they were flush. Almost as if he didn't mean to, Harry lightly touched over the glossy surface of the bandage along the line of where her new tattoo was etched into her skin.
"'M proud of you, you know," Harry mumbled, voice quiet as he looked at her through his lashes, "Proud of y'for even going through with this, I know y'can get scared sometimes. But 'm proud of y'for being so brave. And, f'getting your first one on your ribs." He ended with a smile, sliding his hand down to cradle the soft of her waist.
(Y/N) felt shy under his gaze, fingers playing with the lace covering her bralette. A warmth bubbled under her cheeks as she smiled at his words. "Thank you," she said quietly.
Harry only smiled in response, leaving her with a small squeeze to her waist before stepping towards the bench where she left her things. He passed her the soft pink fabric of her shirt, dropping a kiss to the top of her head before turning to start cleaning up. (Y/N) took a deep breath as she redressed herself, dropping her bra before pulling her shirt over her head.
Something akin to relief filtered through her system, a refreshing coolness that only served to brighten the smile on her face. She did it, finally. That was all that was running though her mind as she adjusted her shirt on her torso. She absently touched the patch as she smoothed out the wrinkles in her shirt.
She swore there was something warm that jolted through her fingertips when she brushed over the tattoo. It was small and beautiful, and something she wanted. Harry worked with her on it, and helped her figure her vision, but this was something she wanted; her own idea that came to fruition without the permission of others.
"Ready t'go?" Harry called from behind her. (Y/N) turned, finding him already holding her bag and his smile bright on his face. His gaze flitted from her eyes to land where her new tattoo sat for just a second, the light in his eyes seeming to shine that much brighter. "I'll tell y'how to take care of it on the way home."
"Can I see it again, angel?"
(Y/N) excited perked up at the sound of Harry's request. He was cuddled under the down of his duvet, the black fabric reaching up to his bare chest as he waited for her to join him. The sound of the playlist he crafted for their nights together soundtracked the moment, making the sight of him timeless. She was coming from the bathroom, having just brushed her teeth when Harry spoke. She happily nodded, trapping her bottom lip between her teeth as a bright smile bloomed across her features. Their shared excitement over her tattoo only furthered the amount of love she felt for the small floret on her ribs.
Clumsily climbing onto the bed, moving to straddle Harry on his side of the bed, (Y/N) played with the hem of the large t-shirt she borrowed from his closet. The palm of Harry's hands cradled her hips to keep her stable atop him as she lifted her top. The side of her ribs were exposed to him as she brought the hem up just enough to show off the glossy bandage keeping her art safe. Though she couldn't get a good view of it, she knew it was still just as beautiful as she remembered if Harry's adoring expression was anything to go by.
"I wish we could take the wrap off," (Y/N) whispered. Harry had explained on the way home what kind of aftercare was going to be involved for the next few weeks, emphasizing the fact the bandage wasn't allowed to come off for the next twenty-four hours.
"I know," Harry responded, "We can soon, 'm jus' gonna keep an eye on it t'make sure it heals properly." He slid his hand up and took her shirt from her hand, allowing it to fall down around her lap. He looked up to her with stars in his eyes, reflecting the way he viewed her.
She chewed at her bottom lip as she thought about the effort it would take to make sure she didn't harm any of the ink etched in her skin. "I just want it to be healed already. I want everyone to see it."
Harry smiled at her words, shifting his hold on her hips to land on her cheeks. He gently pulled her down to draw her in for a small kiss. Nudging her nose as he pulled back, he matched his gaze to her's as she cuddled into his chest. "I know, baby. We'll jus' need to be careful for a little while longer."
(Y/N) happily took his answer, loving the sound of "we" coming from his mouth. She allowed him to pliantly move her to lay under the covers beside him. He turned to lay on his side, wanting to face her.
"Goodnight, love," Harry mumbled, pressing a kiss to the full of her mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
(Y/N) tucked her head under his chin, lashes fluttering against the skin of his throat. "Goodnight, H. I love you."
"I love you too, gorgeous." She could hear the smile in his voice.
With the rhythm of Harry's pulse lulling (Y/N) closer to her well-earned sleep, she melted into his chest. His warmth surrounded every inch of her, including the way he tangled their legs together to keep her close to him. One of his hands wandered over her side, skimming underneath her top in soothing motions against her skin.
"Are y'still sore?" Harry mumbled above her, guiding his hand up even farther under her shirt.
"Not really," she answered, sleep slurring her words. If she was being honest, she was just as sore as she was right after he had finished up her tattoo, but he knew he was only asking because he didn't want to break his habit of warming that patch of skin under his palm. She didn't want to take that away from him.
Harry didn't say anything as his hand glided up to rest over her ribcage. His fingertips traced over the smooth bandage, running along the curve he had created.
She couldn't believe she waited so long for something like this.
ahhhh!!!!!! thank u all so much for reading and being so patient w me obvi ive been holding onto this request for a super long time to I hope it was worth the wait!! sorry for any mistakes and if u had any request of ur own please send them ! 
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Pls aster y/n waking Harry to have sex because “she had a dream” and she needs him so she gives him little kisses and snuggles up to him and he’s all sleepy like “baby are you alright??” And when she says I need you he’s like I’m here and hugs.. and she says NO! 😪 I need you! and rubs his tummy and moves her hand down his tummy and he clicks and “oh” and it’s sleepy and lazy but it’s 💯🤗
omg🥺🥺🥺🥺 like she’s doesn’t really get dreams like that a lot but ofc the one time she does it’s when she’s spending the night at his house and she wakes up all flustered and he’s still asleep next to her with his head in her neck all peaceful and she feels guilty bc she wants to wake him up and have him really do exactly what was in her dream but he just looks...so tired🥺 buuuuut then she remembers how many times he’s woken her up way too early just to have sex sooooooo she just like starts being really gentle and giving him little kisses on his cheeks and nose and saying his name quietly and getting really close to him to try and get him to wake up and when he’s does he’s super groggy and sleepy but still worried bc she never does this so he’s just “are u okay? What happened?” And she just looks at him like 🥺 I had a dream I need u and he ofc just assumes since she’s his Angel that she might have had a bad dream so he holds her really tight and kisses her head and is like I’m here baby it’s okay and that’s when she’s like no I had a dream ab u daddy🥺 and kinda runs her hand down his tummy to the waist of his pants and then he’s like OH OH OKAY THATS....I CAN DO THAT and it’s super slow and soft and he asks her what he was doing in her dream and takes such good care of her and does all the work even tho he’s sleepy bc he knows she’s probably even more tired and it’s just sweet and lazy and lots of kissing🥺
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red, red wine
 in which harry planned a special valentine’s day for his girl, but everything doesn’t quite go as planned 
Tumblr media
word count: 4k…more or less…..
pairing: mafialeader!h and y/n
warnings: if you are not comfortable with mentions of drugs, acts of violence, guns, a/o anything affiliated with the mafia please do not continue reading. 
author’s note: hello! i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted for mafia!h and so many of you have been asking for him! this is based on an ask i received sometime ago( anon: omg!!!, mafia!h where they are out and about somewhere and harry senses danger/sees someone take their pic or something and gets real serious and aggressive real fast ) although i have changed some things a bit….
Harry clawed at every opportunity he could to spoil his y/n. 
Birthdays, Christmas, unimportant anniversaries like the one year and twenty-seventh day mark of their relationship (to Harry, it was more important that all the money he was making), and even Easter, with baskets full of French lingerie and Italian imported sweets that he had someone pick up in his jet. 
He enjoyed expressing his love, and seeing her eyes go wide with a wonder at the treasures he presented her with. Giggles of giddiness and appreciation followed by wet, squeaky kisses to his smiling cheeks that filled him with just as much happiness as he hoped she felt. The feeling was only beaten by the sense of accomplishment that spurred him further when her whimpers escalated to desperate moans in the bedroom. 
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“Your baby stood you up, so now you’ve come to your second choice, I see how it is,” she teased him first, “I s’ppose I could pencil you in.” 
Marzipan – as sweet as her name – looped around Y/N’s ankles in an effort to make it to Harry. In doing this, she did not take into consideration that the woman who feeds her, lets her sleep on her head, and put up with her fiery, spiteful kitten age…was only just barely balanced as is. And with a decidedly firm approach to her scenting, she knocks Y/N off her footing. In preparation to fall, a sound mixed between an insulted squawk (she couldn’t believe the gall of this cat) and an obnoxious gasp left her, but the impact of her bum on the floor never came. 
How could it have, when Harry has grabbed her by the forearm and yanked her forward? Instead of falling backward, she falls into him, only just barely catching herself on his body. One of her hands shot out for his bicep so they didn’t collide too hard together, her grasp almost as firm as Harry’s on her. He found her eyes when she finally garnered the courage to look up at him, and the look he held in his gaze was tender.
“She tripped you.” He noted matter of factly. 
Y/N thinks Harry is just too sweet, so he couldn’t have done that, right? 
(TW: mentions of suicide and potential murder)
part 1
part 2
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Tumblr media
word count: 46.5k | warnings: explicit language, sexual content, concept of virginity, family problems, lies, old slang etc.
a/n: @havethetimeofyourstyles jill this is to celebrate your incredible talent! and a huge thank you for every single one that’s supporting me <3 
summary: someday in the 1980s - the charming man in town that always visits the new girl at the roller rink, wants to win over her heart but as YN’s friends help her set a stupid idea into her head, she gets herself into a huge mess.
inspiration | askbox | playlist
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thinkin’ bout you
in which harry owns a flower shop and has a major crush on a girl who comes in to buy flowers every once in a while (and he’s too shy to ask for her number) 
Tumblr media
word count: 17.3k
paring: florist!h and y/n
warnings: just some pinning and lustful yearning. m for mature…
author’s note: i’ve been working on this forever. not to pick fav’s but i think florist!h comes second to sl23… hes just so…….well, you’ll see!!
*    *    *    *    *    *
When Harry was given the option to go on a playdate with his car-loving and dirty-nailed schoolmates or spending the weekend at his nan’s house, he would often pick the latter. 
He preferred to spend his afternoons frolicking with her Siamese kitty in her wild-flower filled garden, sunbathing in the open grass, or napping on a quilted blanket under the large, round oak tree, with the kitty nestled into his tummy, keeping him warm. When he woke in the arms of his nan as she carried him inside the house for a glass of cool lemonade, he bore a band of pink sunburn over his button nose, and the blue and white striped Mickey shirt was sticking to the areas where his furry friend had provided an extra heat. 
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Tumblr media
someday in the 1980s - the charming man in town that always visits the new girl at the roller rink, wants to win over her heart but as YN’s friends help her set a stupid idea into her head, she gets herself into a huge mess.
80s!harry au coming soon!
inspo tag | playlist | askbox
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Look At You With Your Mouth Watering (II)
Tumblr media
or the fic where Nisha manages a farm, Harry’s a law student, and Raina just really wants to set her daughter up with someone good. 10k word. 
this part is dedicated to anyone who has had their appendix removed.
read part one here
here is the link to my ko-fi in case you’d like to support me. it is very much appreciated. thank you <3
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Hii! It's me again (sorry I'm very annoying 😅) and I just wanted to thank you for recommend me all those fics 😍😍 they're all masterpieces and the lighthouse was so beautiful omg i just wanted to hug and snuggle harry all the timeee... And since you recommended me a lot of good stuff I was wondering if you can recommend me more fics based in the SNL sketches with harry's characters or about marcel if there are some?? I just love harry's alter egos so much but I can't find so much about them 😔
Hello!! You’re not annoying at all! I’m so glad you enjoyed them, I love sharing fics i love with people! Feel free to ask for recs whenever, I’m always happy to help!! And don’t forget to go and send your love to the writers, they put so much effort into writing and it’d mean the world to them to hear that you’ve enjoyed their work!!
I read A LOT of AUs so gang!Harry, vampire!harry, tattoo artist!harry, ceo!harry, mechanic!harry, Dunkirk!alex, boxer!harry, werewolf!harry etc etc etc (feel free to request recs for any of these) BUT for some reason I haven’t read a lot of fics based on SNL characters. SAYING THAT I do read a lot of gang!harry and I know that one of his SNL characters is in a gang so I’ll give you some gang!harry recs if that’s okay? And then I’ll give you some Marcel/nerd!harry recs
@jawllines https://jawllines.tumblr.com/post/188332081168/snot-that-he-flickers-his-ash-on-the-ground
where Harry’s boss (who harry has SUCH A CUTE RELATIONSHIP, THEIR BANTER IS TOP NOTCH) is in hospital and reader is his nurse. Harry is adorable in this, he’s so sweet to her and just wants to get to know her and be with her (he follows her on her lunch break everyday to keep her company🥺) He’s so cheeky and charming in this! UGH MY FAV. This is a series. SO GOOD
Gunrunners by @goldenbluesuit
Reader also works in a hospital and harry is her patient bc he’s been shot but he’s grumpy but also cheeky and she’s not having any of it and he tries to ask her out and she says no and UGH HE LOVES THAT SHE WILL ‘PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE’ and mitch and Sarah play matchmaker for them bc harry really really likes her. Also a series. Also SO FUCKING GOOD
Intruder by @berrynarrybanana
Reader comes home to find that harry has a hostage in the living room (tut tut naughty harry). Reader helps harry interrogate the guy in a ~questioning~ manner and then we get jealous and angry harry🥰 BADASS WOMAN ALERT
Only Angel by @stylesharrys
Reader is a dancer at a strip club and harry always requests her👀🥵bc he has a tiny lil soft spot for her and wants her to be his🥺 FUCKING LOVE THIS CONCEPT SM
@jawllines also writes https://jawllines.tumblr.com/post/173457404689/eyes-going-wide-her-hand-drops-down-to-her
where they’re neighbours and he’s really grumpy and rude but he finds out reader isn’t eating properly bc she can’t cook (lol can relate) so he starts making himself 2 portions so he can deliver one to her🥺 not extremely gang-y but he ends up having to save her ass basically from some bad people he’s involved with. ANYTHING THIS WRITER WRITES IS PHENOMENAL GO CHECK OUT THEIR MASTERLIST RN
Nerd!harry: (I don’t have many:( sorry)
Good Together by @bopbopstyles
Nerdy editor!harry working for youtuber!reader. HE IS JUST ADORABLE OK HE GETS NERVOUS BC HE THINKS SHES PRETTY AND SO LOVELY. I’m a sucker for gamers so the fact that this is slightly integrated into his personality makes me🥰
Level Up by @jarofstyles
AGHHHHH NERDY!HARRY IS SO FUCKING HOT IN THIS LIKE THE SMUT IS SOFUCKINGGOODDD. everyone at school is a dick to him but reader is lovely and he’s so so so nervous around her and is constantly pining after her (lil bit obsessed with her which we LOVE) but tHE FILTH🥵
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Tumblr media
Part Five: Adam Mason’s Babysitter
a/n: Y’all are gonna kill me for this one lmao  Feedback and REBLOGS are super helpful, and keep me motivated, especially when it comes to writing series. I’M NOT PLAYING ABOUT THIS ANYMORE, IT TAKES TWO SECONDS TO REBLOG PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU WANT TO KEEP READING THIS STORY YOU NEED TO REBLOG! (partially-proofread) You can support me here if you’re able!
Warnings: tiny bit of angst, like, if you squint, smut (male receiving oral) (book within a fic smut as well), flirting, and a little fluff
Words: 5.3K
Pairing: Harry x OC (Jane Watson)
Master Post Playlist
“Shh, it’s not a big deal, just help me scrub it off, would you? She just had to use a permanent marker.” Harry grumbles as he furiously scrubs his palm in the kitchen sink. “Who even does this anymore?” He huffs.
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Ivy; Chapter One: Incandescent Glow
Tumblr media
A/N: Chapter One is here!! I’m so excited to share this with you all and I hope you enjoy it!! You can find the rest of my writing in my masterlist and I would love love love to hear what you think about it in my ask! Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoy it!! 
Word Count: 6.5k
Series Masterlist
Chapter Pinterest Board
Before their paths had crossed, she had resigned herself to an existence void of the excitement, passion, and the simple enjoyment of a life in love that she consumed every day in her books. Their worn and yellowed pages held stories of adventure, mystery, and her personal favorite, romance, etched onto pages that held the ability to transport the novel’s reader. She turned to their worn leather binding as a way to escape her own dismal and boring life, living vicariously through star crossed lovers, double agent spies, and explorers who had set out to find the fountain of youth.
The tall tales were never enough to fill the void or tame her desire to escape, but they placed a temporary bandage on the wound she would rather keep covered.
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imma send you a list okay so: lips, angel, heart, love, need, hair, smell (these are so random and feel free to ignore ones you've already done or don't want to do!)
everything for you babe! tried to make a good mix ;)
YN leans up to capture his lips with hers, tasting the familiar toothpaste and the lip butter of hers he seemed to have located in the bathroom.
“No one besides annoying parents who can’t believe that their beautiful angel of a child could ever start a fight.”
Harry bites at his bottom lip, heart plummeting in his chest at how right it feels to have her be like this with him, so intimate and loving.
It's hard to deny that her aunt does have a point and, to be honest, there's nothing else in the world that she loves more than spending time alone to take care of herself.
She secretly yearns for all the cheesy nicknames he keeps for her only, but Yn thinks he doesn’t need to know that.
She twirls a strand of hair at the nape of his neck. “Your butt is very…”
He takes a moment to smell the moisturizer she uses, enjoying that unmistakable scent of what he thinks might be a mix of peach and coconut.
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I miss lighthouse!harry a lot
i do too 😔 i think about them a lot. i like to picture them on their back porch, sun shining with their feet up on the coffee table as they work, and harry just leaning over to press a soft kiss to her jaw and ask if she wants to take a drive to saint aymes for lunch ❤️  
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