Ghost: Finding you again was the second best thing that’s happened to me.
Soap: The second? What was the first one?
Ghost: Meeting you.
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Soap: Simon, I’m in love with you.
Ghost: You’re also drunk.
Soap: I can be both.
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Alejandro: [stabbing the air between Ghost and Soap]
Soap: What are you doing?
Alejandro: Trying to cut the sexual tension between you two. Shit, it isn’t working.
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Soap: Aggressive hand holding.
Ghost: How does that work?
Soap: We arm wrestle as an excuse to hold hands.
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Ghost: Tell me a secret.
Soap [thinking]: I’ve been in love with you for what seems like forever and I really wish you’d realize that…
Soap [out loud]: I’m afraid of dogs.
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Okay, I love the one "I love you" and "I trust you" one, and I feel like Soap's silence is more internal screaming than like "wut" bc he knows that its so hard to get Ghost's full trust. Like he'll trust to an extent. Trusts Gaz to watch his back, but Ghost saying "I trust you" to Soap means like he trust Soap on a higher level, trust him to be there when needed, trust him to catch him if he falls. Anyways love the prompts <3
Yes!! It reminded me of Ghost's canon quote to Soap during Alone: "Be careful who you trust, Sergeant. People you know can hurt you the most." He's already naturally distrustful, so Ghost saying he trusts Soap in anyway (canon or fanon) melts my heart because you know he would mean it wholeheartedly. <3
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Ghost: I know you’re going to take this the wrong way, but can I talk to you for a second?
Soap: You can do anything to me for any number of seconds.
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Soap: I love you.
Ghost: I trust you.
Soap: …
Ghost: That’s bigger to me than “I love you”.
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Soap: We both look handsome tonight.
Ghost: You know, if you just said I looked handsome, I would have said ‘so do you’.
Soap: I couldn’t take that chance.
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Ghost: I don’t like it.
Soap: You don’t like anything.
Ghost: I like bourbon and you.
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Soap: Fuck me. I mean fight me. Damn autocorrect.
Ghost: Johnny, we’re having a verbal conversation.
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Ghost: You’re an idiot.
Soap: But I’m your idiot. [pointing at wedding ring] Foreveeeerrr!
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Soap: I wasn’t that drunk last night.
Gaz: You were flirting with Ghost last night.
Soap: So? We’re together.
Gaz: You asked him if he was single and cried when he said he wasn’t.
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Soap: You kissed me.
Ghost: Yes, I did.
Soap: Should we?… I mean, there’s a discussion that we could have… if you wanted to have one?
Ghost: Johnny, I kissed you, with tongue, and I plan to do it again and again - get used to it. End of discussion.
Soap: Okay.
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Soap, sending a flirty selfie: So, why aren’t we dating?
Price: Sorry lad, I like them a little older.
Roach: Because you didn’t do the dishes. Again.
Gaz: Too busy dating your mum.
Graves: You can’t afford me.
Alex: We have similar personalities. We’d kill each other.
Laswell: Lesbian.
Rodolfo: I’m taken! Happily married to the love of my life! My best friend!
Alejandro, married to Rudy: No.
Ghost: Well… you didn’t ask.
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Ghost: [trying to say ‘are you fucking serious’ and ‘are you kidding me’ at the same time]
Soap: Not currently, but it could be arranged.
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Ghost: Sergeant!
Soap: Oh no, “sergeant” in B-flat. You’re disappointed.
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