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I legit got SO excited seeing your Malleus fic of the ballroom scene from The Labyrinth!!! the concept of goblin king!Malleus has got me so feral, tysm for writing that piece of art 馃檹馃徏馃檹馃徏馃挅 (i hope you鈥檙e having a wonderful day !!!)
No but actually imagine Malleus as the goblin king!
Grim pissed us off for the last time and we wish him away into the hands of goblin king!Malleus. We obviously chase after him as in the moive, but this time we have Silver to help us through the Labyrinth.
Maybe the two doors are Ace and Deuce, and the maze is full if dead rose bushes.
Maybe it's Rook who flips the tiles so we get lost.
Sebek is Didymus.
Ludo could be Leona.
With our merry gang we make our way into the Labyrinth to save Grim from the hands of Goblin King! Malleus!
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Dance With Me.
Tumblr media
Kinda Malleus x Reader!Yuu. Slight spoilers for Chapter Seven (I haven't read nor looked at translations). But enjoy! Reader is Gender Nuetral.
That's all (Name) felt as they waltz with strangers. It was endless, the music was never-ending, the same symphony would get quiet and then repeat.
Once it got quiet (Name) would hear humming.
(Name) got off the stranger, politely excusing themselves. (Name) walked around trying to find the source of the humming, it was quiet, but soothing.
(Name) went up stairs only to re-enter the ballroom they were just in, same with going down stairs. They always re-enter the same ballroom.
'This is getting stranger and stranger by the minute'. (Name) was lost, the humming wouldn't get louder or softer, it was consistent.
The symphony slowly picked back up where it started, 'how did I get here? Where am I' (Name) looked around, feeling dizzy by the guest waltzing around them, the spinning and laughter around them was endless.
"Mind if I steal this dance?"
(Name) looked up to the figure, 'he is enchanting'. Feeling heat rise to their face, they nodded.
The man chuckled, leading them to the center of the ballroom.
(Name) felt eyes grow on them, but the humming stopped, causing them to look around.
"Is everything alright my dear?"
(Name) looked at the man, "um, yes".
"Are you sure? You look so uncertain, are you nervous?". His smile was warm but felt so sinister.
(Name) rested their head on the man's chest as they danced, "Well, kinda. Where are we?".
The ceiling was endless as were all the rooms, the room stretched, what looked like hundreds of people dancing around the two.
(Name) looked closer at the man, his horns where decorated with lace covering his eyes, but oh was it his eyes that stood out the most. The envy green eyes that pierced their mind, their soul and swallowed them whole.
"Say, have we met before?"
He smiled at them, adoring thier curiosity, "Of course, once upon a dream".
"A dream?" (Name) was puzzled, when was the last time they dreamed? They felt like they were so busy, but they can't seem to remember anything before this dance.
(Name) looked around, "did you hear that?".
"Hear what love?" The man hummed, humming, that irritable humming.
(Name) felt themselves getting angry, that humming was making their head hurt, "My name! That's my name! And your name... what is your name?".
"Names are very powerful, Little one, do you really wish to know my name?"
"Well, I think that I know you"
The whole room shook, dust falling on everyone, people around them were glitching, in and out of place.
"Wait, wake up? Am I in a dream? Sir, where are we?". (Name) tried to break away from the man, but was shoved back into his arms.
"It seems that we are being distributed". The man holds (Name)'s cheeks, rubbing them softly.
(Name) feel nauseous, worry crept up their spine, alarm bells ringing in their head, "I think I should be going sir".
"Oh no, we can't have that, shhhh. It's okay, just relax" The man picked up (Name), rocking them as if they were a baby.
The man softly hummed as he rocked (Name), the ballroom got dark, the music finally stopping.
"Shhh, it's okay (Name). I'll give us a better dream, where no one can disturb us". The man kissed the top of their head.
(Name) felt themselves relaxed, listening to the soft humming, their eyes slowly closing once last time.
Sorry! This was kinda rushed, I had to get this off my mind. I hope you enjoyed! Ask and request are always opened!
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Lay with me.
I'm in a mood again, so this was a small thing I'm writing. Kinda venting kinda not. But slightly modern, no devils really.
WARNINGS: Bad Trip, Dorothy Syndrome, Makima is alive but a drug dealer, bad world building. Weed.
Aki covered Angel's mouth, "Please.... shush", he groaned.
Aki's eyes shifted to the water bottle sitting on the floor, pointing at Angel to grab it. "You almost scared me there, by the way".
Aki took gulps of water, throat burning raw from the small session.
Aki laid back down, "Why?".
Angel chucked, "Well for one, you were stoned out of your mind, mumbling, crying, then sleeping".
"Did I really?" Aki sighed, 'this is embarrassing'.
"Yeah.... remember? You wanted to try this with me?". Angel motioned to the small bag of weed, that he may or may not have gotten from Makima.
Aki wanted to get close to Angel and apparently this is how Angel liked to spend his free time, forgetting about the world and get high.
Aki did a long sigh, "Oh. That's. I just had a wild and bad trip, that's all". Aki closed his eyes, focusing on the rain hitting on the window.
Angel hummed, looking at the ceiling, "Really? You're such a snoozer. Crying and sleeping on me? What kind of things did you see?". He smirked.
Aki pulled Angel's hands into his hair, motioning for Angel to play with it, "Yeah... you were an angel....".
Angel sighed, pulling Aki's hair down, "don't say that".
"It's true, I know I don't say this often, but I appreciate you, Angel".
Angel pulled Aki towards his legs, looking down at him, gaze softened.
Holding Aki's face, rubbing his cheeks, "Aki, never change. For me? Maybe that's selfish but I love you just the way you are".
Aki hummed, pressing small pecks on Angel's fingers.
The two saw headlights coming through the window, Angel sighed and pulled away from Aki, "I guess your family is home, time for me to go then".
Aki grabbed Angel's hand, "can't you stay?".
Angel started picking his things up from the floor, "sorry, I don't wanna bother or make things complicated with your family".
Aki sighed. "You don't want to meet them this time?".
"It's not that, just don't want to meet your hyper active dog and cat and be a bad influence". Motioning towards the weed, "you also might wanna get rid of the smell in here, your brother? His name is Denji right?"
"Yes, My adopted brother, Denji".
"Well, I would burn popcorn. It gets rid of any smell in the whole house".
Angel opened the window, letting in heavy rain in, "Well... I'll see you later Aki".
Aki was getting irritate, "It's literally raining hard outside, you are really going to get soak in order to avoid my family?". Fed up with all the bullshit in his life.
Angel pulled himself up, getting out of the room, "Aki, I'm not going to argue with you. I'll see you later".
And just like that he was gone, Aki sat in silence, alone with his thoughts until a door slammed and the loud voice of Power and Denji.
"AKIIII WE ARE HUNGRY" yelled Power.
Denji banged on Aki's door, "YEAHHH! WHAT'S THE SMELL? It smells like ASS".
"DON'T BE A DICK, Power you hear this shit?"
"Yeah what got his panties in a twist".
Aki walked our of his room, "I swear to god i will return you guys to whatever pound or firestaion if you guys can not act right".
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Twisted Wonderland
Genshin Impact
Obey Me
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Twisted Wonderland
Types of airplane passengers the Dorm Leaders and Under classman are!
Chick Flicks that the Dorm Leaders have a guilty pleasure for!
Imagine where in Twisted Wonderland people broke into songs .
Board/Card games that are probably banned from the dorms.
Yuu(Reader) gets isekai back in Twisted Wonderland as a baby! One, Two, Three
Video games I think the Dorm Leadera play religiously.
Fast food jobs I think Dorm Leaders have worked.
Being Vil's sibling Au
I Want to be just like Him. Two
Malleus x Reader
The day that (Name) disappeared.
Dance With Me
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Obey Me!
How Obey Me Charaters would react to you mispronouncing their names.
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Since I'm moving and finally getting out if a toxic relationship heres....
Type of airplane passengers I think the Dorm Leaders and Classman are!
Riddle Rosehearts: Quiet Worker Passenger (Business).
He's prepared, he brought his own computer, three travel batteries, headphones, etc. He gotta finish work somehow in peace.
Trey Clover: Magazine Reader. (Premium Economy).
He probably reads or brings his own magazines. Either baking, dentistry, or about the place he is traveling too.
Cater Diamond: Constantly taking pictures out of the window. (Premium Economy).
Anytime they pass something that looks "pretty" or cool, they are taking pictures. Even go as far to take videos or photo of people doing dumb things on the plane, (looking at you Ace).
Ace Trappola: Takes off shoes. (Economy)
Motherfucker takes "get comfortable" seriously. He is wearing a eye over, wearing earmuffs, he takes relaxing seriously.
Deuce Spade: Sleeper but wakes up bored so mess around with papers sitting in the front of the seat. (Economy).
Type of person to leave everything in a checked-in -bag and doesn't have anything to do on flight. He will mess with the papers in the front, try to use the tablet on the seat, look at others phones. Very unprepared.
Leona Kingscholar: Sleeper (First Class).
His family owns their own jets. He probably has his own plane (small one, he probably has a flying license too). Anyways when he is flying with family he is sleeping or drinking, anything to take his mind off from screaming Cheka.
Ruggie Bucchi: Snacker and moive watcher. (Economy).
He is responsible enough to be prepared and brings a bag of his own food, whenever he gets bored he is just snacking or looking out the window.
Jack Howl: Podcast Listener. (Premium Economy)
He is just going to be listening to his meditation or fitness podcast or even sporting commentary. Doesn't really care about anyone else or mind babies.
Azul Ashengrotto: Slient Worker. (Business).
He probably loves first class, he feels like he runs the world with this much privilege. If he hears a crying baby he can't focus and probably talks shit about the parents.
Jade Leech: Knitting and listening to a podcast. (Business).
He is just chilling, wearing a neck pillow, gotta comfy blanket, humming as he just knitts. Man doesn't care about anyone else around him, he just chilling.
Floyd Leech: Tablet Baby. (Business).
Literally always given a tablet or some electronic that will distract him from bothering other passengers, motherfucker probably likes kicking the seat.
Since it's probably likely that Kalim's family owns their own private jet, they both are spoiled on the plane.
Kalim Al-Asim: Talker
Always talking, probably offers to pay for someone's food. He probably doesn't even mind crying babies on a plane either, probably will try to play with them aswell.
Jamil Viper: Worrier.
He probably has to take anxiety medication because of flying, like worrying about if there is enough fuel, or if the jet had a good manience constantly asking the flight attendants how long the pilot has been flying and where he got his license.
Vil Schoenheit: Champagne Enjoyier.
I feel like he doesn't have his own jet but flys with other influencers who have their own jets, buy he does fly first class and drinks and gossips with other passengers.
Rook Hunt: Magazine reader and Talkative. (First class).
I feel like he has never been on a airplane and when he was he was with Vil, talking and talking away and he isn't quiet about it. This man does not understand social cues! But he will be reading about the place he is visiting.
Epel Felmier: Snacker (Economy).
Since Vil isn't there to comment on what he eats, he is eating what his family packed him, fruits, candy, homemade chips, packed lunch.
Idia Shroud: Gamer (First Class).
He paid for the premium package where you can have wifi and internet. Let him sit in the corner of the plane and enjoy his game time.
Ortho Shroud : Sleeper (put under the plane).
I'm sorry but I feel like he was put under the plane because he is made completely m e t a l. (If I remember) but he is put in sleep mode.
Malleus Draconia: Curious. (First Class).
He has no need to be on a plane but he was curious as what it was and why so many people used it when they could use a mirror. He is touching all the buttons above him.
Lilia Vanerouge: Gamer but doesn't have headphones so volume is loud. (First Class).
He is the most annoying person to fly with, he doesn't listen when you ask him to quiet down, it's embarrassing. Old people and their social cues.
Silver Vanerouge: Sleeper. (First Class)
He literally sleeps through the worst turbulence, it's terrifying really, he looks dead. Only wakes up for water and goes back to sleep.
Sebek Zigvolt: Worrier. (First Class)
This man is clutching his seat, he does not feel safe. Constantly hitting the 'help' button and asking the flight attendant when they are about to land. He freaks out at the slightest turbulence.
02/20 I wanted to write short story along with this because I'm currently waiting for my plane to board! So here Yuu!(Reader), Epel, Ace, Deuce, Floyd, Jack and Diasomnia gang on a plane.
TSA was awful, Grim, who was considered a pet, had to be put in a pet carrier. All of Epels bags had to be checked troughly, Ace got detained for having three bottles of lotion, and then Sebek wouldn't stop freaking out about Malleus getting questioned for his 'cosplay', when it was his horns.
'Finally, we can just sit down'. Looking down at Grim who was under the seat, growing and mumbling in his sleep.
"Child of man? May I sit by you"
(Name) looked around, "um sure, as long as no was sitting there".
Malleus, hummed.
"Aaaaaweeee I wanted to sit by shrimpyyyyyyy".
Malleus glared at Floyd who was smiling and holding their tablet.
"Ah that's okay, Malleus how about I sit in the middle and you can sit by the window? Is that okay?". Malleus nodded, switching seats with (Name).
As everyone was getting seated, a screech could be heard in the back.
"Sebek, I'm relaxing, you should try and do the same"
"No Ace, I'm going have to agree with Sebek on this one. You're disgusting".
"Shut up Deuce, I'm literally doing nothing wrong. If there is a problem, the flight attendants would've done something by now".
'Please guy, not now......'.
"Shhrimmmpyyy, my moive isn't workinggg"
"Oh, okay let me see it, and stop kicking the seat, you're bothering Silver".
Lilia stood up on his seat and turned around, "No it's fine! Look Silver won't wake up no matter what, but please stop for my sake. I'm trying to beat this boss".
"Child of Man, what is this?"
"Um that's a fan"
"What's that?"
Looking out the window, "umm the wings".
'This is going to be a long trip'
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I'm liking having a mental breakdown and stuffing my fatass with popeyes anyways here is...
Chick Flicks that I think the Dorm Leaders have a guilty pleasure for.
Do to that this a different world everything that is popular reference is going to be different! I don't think TWST world has guns or bombs?? So Legally Blonds JFK reference could refer to a King in Port o' Bliss (since Sam is from there, which is a reference to New Orleans). Heather's reference to the Vietnam War could be an overbolt war between kingdoms (obviously for the very very wrong reasons) and JD could've overbolted and Veronica had to kill him.
And I think TWST do have its own fairytale, Enchanted is one of them like "omg what if magic doesn't exists and someone from our world goes there!"
Riddle Rosehearts : Legally Blonde
I feel like he was forced to 'catch up' on pop culture, Cater showed him ( this world's equivalent movie). Out of all the movies he was shown, he liked this one the most.
"So what what's you're favorite part?"
"I loved the fact she proved to everyone that she wasn't a bimbo. Like, seriously? Fashion merchandising is a business school, she wasn't taken seriously because of her greek fraternity? I'm sorry that pink is "too girly" to be taken seriously".
Leona Kingscholar : Heather's
He only watched it because he crashed moive night at Ramshackle. He actually stayed awake for the musical.
"I didn't take you for someone who liked musicals"
"I don't but this moive was enjoyable. You're not supposed to cheer for the cast but to see their flaws which I understand wanting to fit in"
"So you wanna see the live performance?"
"This is on Broadway?".
Azul Ashengrotto : Mean Girls
Azul wanted more guest to come into the lounge so he opened a moive night, Mean Girls was a popular request so popular it is played every Wednesday.
"You know what Azul, you remind me of the mean girls group"
"How so?"
"Well, you're not a fashion statement but you, Jada, and Floyd are kinda of the "It" group. As in "don't fuck with us".
Kalim Al-Asim : Enchanted
Kalim has forced everyone who befriends him to watch this movie, he is obsessed with this type of romance, the very naive and the smitten serious type.
"Oh Yuu! My favorite scene is obviously the dancing in the city!"
"Aww that's so cute Kalim!"
"Yeah! I love this moive! My parents funded the company to make a second one!"
"Oh... Kalim that's .. precious"
Vil Schoenheit : Crazy Rich Asains
This is definitely Vil's favorite moive, like, we've both cried to it. Because for real best romance movie in decades.
"Vil why are you crying?"
"Shut up, you're crying too! I wished I had someone who didn't care about my appearance or my background. I wish I had someone who stood by my side untill the curtain fell"
Idia Shroud : A Slient Voice
I couldn't think of a live-action Idia would genuinely liked, but this counts. Anyways, we had to show him this movie.
"but he... and she....AHHH"
"You know this is rumored to be based off a true story but the guy actually died"
Malleus Draconia : Twilight
You wanted to try and binge watch this entire franchise with the gang one night for a goof, you happened to see Malleus outside and invited him to watch with the gang. To say he was very very interested in this series was a understatement.
"Child of man, explain to me this. Why is she choose the guy who wants nothing to do with her but stalks her?"
"Malleus, I couldn't tell you but don't be an obsessive dick who tries to have an off and on relationship. That's toxic".
"I think I see, but can you explain why the grown man imprints on a literal baby?"
"I cannot tell you".
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Imagine where in Twisted Wonderland people broke into songs .
So you know, we, the readers/players know what Disney characters are, right? Imagine if we get transported in Twisted Wonderland but we knew all the Disney characters, like "wow, this bitch acting like evil queen for real".
"Omg it's literally fucking Hades in real life"
Anways, where I'm going with this, imagine expecting everyone or someone to randomly start singing and being so paranoid about it, like that's so awkward.
"Yeah! When I'm done with Vil I'll show him I'm not just some cute boy!"
"Are you going to start sing? That's where it is going?"
*Epel confusing look*
"Leona, please wake up!"
"...what herbivore?"
"Please tell me if I'm crazy or not-"
"You're crazy...."
"NO LISTEN! do you here any drums or trumpets playing right now?"
"No but I have a paranoid mouse squeaking in my ear, go to sleep".
After a year of no singing, we've been started to lower our guard, untill we go to Royal Sword Academy.
"Hey Neige! How have you been doing? I got your letter saying that you needed help?"
"Oh just wonderful! Yes! I do need your help! After all you are well known to help anyone in need!"
"Okay? With what?"
"I need you to stay here with me!"
*piano heard in the distance*
"Oh no..."
"You see-"
"Are you going to sing?"
"I've been thinking-"
Tumblr media
This was rushed but I needed to get it out of my head, like, it's been sitting there and I don't know how to put it in the right words.
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Thank you so much btw! This was really good! Again thank you!
I was binging your stories and I was wondering from this. Do you think reader would've had a omegan drop if he didn't get help from Bonten Gang, the stress of like a newborn and a rebellious son taking a toll on him, then the son being there to witness like 'shit what to do I do? My dads are going to kill me'.
Idk just a thought.
(Name) felt dizzy, he had been all day.
His pups were non-stop, his eldest being particularly prickish and doing shit he shouldn't and his youngest wasn't feeling well and sobbing non-stop.
"Shh shh!" (Name) tried soothing tho sobbing baby, having just given them their bottle and a fresh diaper.
His mates were working hard, unable to spend time at home often and besides... (Name) wanted to be a stay at home Omega to care for his kids... He could handle this.
Eventually his pup quieted down and fell asleep and (name) let out a sigh of relief, his head pounding and body trembling aggressively as he went to stand up.
His son walked into the room as he saw his Dam drop.
Time moved slowly as he managed to catch (name), the Omega shaking as his body went limp and the scent of (scent) gone from the air.
He knew he was one of the sole causes of this drop, having been an absolute menace to his dam but seeing the other drop... Was terrifying.
"What do I do?!" Having not paid attention to secondary gender classes at all safe for the Alpha portions left him like a fish out of water.
"God they're gonna kill me!" The ramifications of what he's done now setting in, how was he going to explain this to his sires!
He can hear the questions now "well why didn't you help him?" What was he going to say?! "I didn't see him as a person, omegas should just be able to handle this stuff"
Papa Mikey would kick him into the sun!
(Name) was completely unresponsive and (sons name) didn't realize what time it was as the first half of his dad's stepped through the door "(name)?!" Kakucho said panicked as the four men rushed to the Omega "what happened?!" Sanzu hissed out and (sons name) was freaking out as he watched Rind艒 lift (name) into his arms "we need to get him to the hospital now!"
"(Sons name)! Grab your sister!"
"I-I don't know how to hold her!"
"What do you mean?! You held he plenty of times when helping (name)" that's what (name) said in the phone after all.
"I-I... Don't help"
"WHAT?!" The men were livid as Mochi checked (name) "we will deal with this at the hospital, he needs help now!"
The other half met them at the hospital, (name) hooked up to machines and is thankfully stable but unconscious as Ran kissed his forehead gently.
(Sons name) wanted the world to devour him as his dad's stared him down "why aren't you helping him? Helping your sister? The man gives you unconditional love and this is what you give back?!"
"He's just an Omega he can Handle it!"
The room went cold as Koko stared his kid down "what did you say?"
"H-hes an Omega! They're baby machines! It's not my fault he wasn't good enough to handle it!"
"He's not a fucking machine you little shit! He's a person! Just like you and he obviously has been dealing with some bullshit to have had a drop to this degree!"
"Well why don't you guys help huh?!"
"Because we bust our asses to keep you fed! And we do fucking help, who do you think does the night feedings and changes?!"
"When he wakes up, we are learning all the shit you do and if our suspicions are correct, you're going to fucking military school" Sanzu gritted out to his kid, barely wanting to look at the kid whom (name) devoted so much love and time too only to do this shit.
When (name) woke, he was clingy as hell and flickering from his omega state as Mikey held him close to soothe him "pups?"
"They're right there baby" Mikey pointed to his kids, Sanzu holding their babe to give (name) "what happened...?" (Name) slurred out and Mikey nosed at his scent gland "you dropped baby"
(Name) looked wide eyed as his pup fed from him "what happened (name)"
(Name)s eyes watered up, now having to face his problems head on as a soft hiccup left his lips.
The alphas attention turned to their son who rolled his eyes "Kakucho, wait in the hall with him"
When the two left the room, (name) was urged to share and he did.
Apologies were sputtered out, the alphas feeling shitty for not being home enough to catch this problem that clearly got so bad their beloved dropped.
"I-I don't know what to do anymore..." (Name) mumbled exhausted, snuggling into Mikey as ran held their baby girl "sleep, we will handle it"
(Name) didn't leave his room as his mates got into the car with their son, keeping to their word about millitary school.
Koko came and checked on (name), the alphas working out a chart on who could be home each day with (name) to help out especially during his recovery "I-I just feel like I failed..." (Name) mumbled and Koko kissed him gently "you didn't fail, we couldn't have predicted him making friends with shitlings"
"You're a great dam and a great mate, I don't want to hear otherwise"
"Ok alpha..."
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lemonmaid 2 months
Imagine Yuu/Name getting isekai'd back into Twisted Wonderland.
After the amazing year long adventure, (Name) must return home. After saying goodbyes they step forward into the mirror, they are greeted by their world in a hospital bed.
'What the hell', (Name) scratched their head.
"Oh, you're awake!"
The nurse walked up to them and started messing with the machine next to them.
(Name) looked at the nurse, " Um, can I call my family?".
"Oh! Of course! Let us check your vitals first!".
(Name) felt like crying out of pure joy, they were going to see their family and friends again. After what they thought was a year was only 6 months in the real world.
(Names)'s family filled the room, hugs were past around. Laughter and crying was heard all around.
"Yeah, (Name) the doctor said it was the worst cast of insomnia he has seen! You had to be put in a medically induce coma to sleep!"
"No more staying up so late for school or anything, this year let's focus on your mental health!"
(Name) smiled, "Of course mom and dad!"
"(Name) why are you crying?"
"I missed you guys so much". (Name) smiled fondly at their family.
As (Name)'s parents filled out discharge papers, (Name) was wheeled to their families car.
"Um hey? Nurse? Are you sure it's okay to leave me here?".
"Oh yeah! Your family is just to be out! Plus these wheels are locked so you'll be fine".
"Shhhh, hey hey now. Shhhh, let's not cry buddy".
'Am crying?'
(Name) looked around, everything was so glossy, only being able to see inches in front of them. But then again it was raining.
"Who would abandoned a baby here?"
"Sebek shh! You're going to scare it"
(Name) felt their whole body being lifted, their body being held close to... SILVER?!
(Name) started wailing, "hey buddy. Shhh, it's okay! Look what you did Sebek you got the baby crying!".
Sorry! This was rushed! I do intend to make a longer part two exploring more but I couldn't get the thought of Yuu getting back home just to get hit by truck-sama and get returned like an Amazon packaged. Thank you guys! Also I know that you can't be hospitalized just for insomnia.
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Fast food jobs I think Dorm Leaders have worked.
I'm at work so I thought of this while making food, but send in request!
Riddle Rosehearts : Dairy Queen and Trey's family Bakery.
I feel like after his overbolt he wanted to explore and experience things he couldn't before. So he got a job to try things out.
"Riddle how was Dairy Queen?"
"It was alright for a first job, I hated making blizzards though".
"Yeah when Riddle came to work at the bakery, his muscle memory was the worst".
"How so?".
"Let's say when he was making milkshakes for customers he was flip them upside-down".
Leona Kingscholar : Waffle House
During his teenage angst years he was badmouthinh servants and food workers, so his mom has enough and decided to get him a job so he will understand how hard it is being a worker.
"You know that stigma around waffle house? The fights? Let's just say he ran a fight club!".
"Ruggie cut the shit, I didn't start them, but I did finish them".
Azul Ashengrotto : Family Restaurant
Since it is said his family owns their own restaurant, I can imagine him as a child coming from school and doing his homework in the corner of the restaurant and when he got older (old enough not to break child labor laws ) he worked as a host/server or dishwasher.
"How do you feel about tipping Azul?"
"Well my family pays our workers above minimum wage in the Atlantic, so tipping isn't necessarily but it is seen as a complement".
"PSST Yuu/Name, people tip there more because there's rumors that their family works with the mafia"
"Floyd, stop."
Kalim Al-Asim : Sonic
He saw an ad where the employees got to Rollerblade to cars to being food. He begged for weeks just to have a job. His family complied but he was only allowed to do it for a week with Jamil's help.
"Yeah! It was super fun!! But I wasn't allowed to rollarskate, they said 'we don't do that anymore'. So Jamil took me to Roller-Rink after work!"
"He would pout everytime we passed it on the way home...."
Vil Schoenheit : Starbucks
A video circled around of a blond Karen who looked kinda like Vil (maybe or maybe not it was him, PR teams worked hard) bitching about her Chai latte not being hot. So Vil decided to work at Starbucks for two weeks just to bring up his reputation and "be humbled".
"Did you enjoy it?"
"Kinda, it was a nice experience but so many people came in asking just for autographs to the point where the manager had to put a sign up saying if you bought 20 dollars worth of food or drinks they get a free autograph".
"So we're you the karen?"
"... listen we all have our bad days, but now I get free Starbucks for life. Now what do you want to drink?".
Idia Shroud : McDonald's
Remember when BTS meal was available at McDonald's and workers got shirts are started selling them for hundreds of dollars? I feel like Idia would do the same thing for like a game collaboration or a popular idol group. Literally only applies for the merch.
"Did you enjoy working there?"
"No. The social interaction was awful, people are so fucking rude. I'm sorry that I misheard you when you said you want a fucking mcnugget".
"Damn, salty much?"
"You know how many rude customers got spit in their food? Alot. That's why I will never eat there again" *shivers*
"Welp atleast you got this cool shirt".
Malleus Draconia : None.
I'm sorry but I can not see this man working a day in his life unless he was told to do the dishes as a punishment, but even then he didn't finish doing them because Lilia felt bad
"Child of Man, I don't understand why you have to leave to work".
"Some of us aren't from old money or have a whole ass castle decaded to their "hoard"".
"I don't like your attitude".
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lemonmaid 2 months
Omg I was watching this and this made me think of Leona and Cheka.
Leona would be 15. I didn't find any name for Cheka's mom so I went with the name from Lion King.
Falena: "Oh my little brother! You must meet your nephew! You forgot to come to the ceremony!"
Leona: "whatever".
*Falena leaves*
Sarabi: *tackles Leona, pinning him to the ground* "watch your damn place kid, you're going to be this damn kids uncle and you're going to like it".
Leona: "Jesus fucking christ woman, get off me!"
Leona: "Okay! Get off me!"
Sarabi: "good, now apologies to your brother and go hold your nephew".
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lemonmaid 2 months
Imagine if Genshin Impact was a reality show.
Warnings(?): kinda modernized and slight ships? And a reference to stoners and being depressed
Xiao: "my dad decided to date someone who is a few years older than me, I'm pretty sure they also tried to kill him several times before. Fucking slut".
Zhongli: "Xiao, we don't use that language in this house sweetheart".
Xiao: "I wish mom was here".
Childe: "hey there champ!".
Xiao: "kill yourself".
Venti: "now I know it is the holidays so that just means I have an excuse to drink more".
Keaya: "three things I love about the holidays, 1. I can drink with family and friends, 2. I get things, and 3. I get to start drama and it is excused".
Scaramouche: "I don't mean to sound like a bitch but this food taste like shit"
Ei: "Excuse me?"
Scaramouche: "oh suddenly we aren't taking constructive criticism? Oh let's make fun of Scaramouche for joining a cult but let's not help him! In fact let's abandon him!"
*slams door*
Yae *drunk*: "heh, I remember being 500 years old, teenagers. Am I right?"
Aether:" and then he tells me that they are just roommates but like who lives in a one-bedroom house with a roommate?"
Cyno: "someone who doesn't like their business in others people's mouths".
Kazuha: "mushrooms? Not that I'm one to judge for someone's intakes"
Tighnari: "oh please, this is more better than that dreadful Naku Weed. You didn't even bother bringing any drinks!"
Kazuha: "not my fault that you took a big hit"
Scaramouche: "what are you stoners doing?"
Kazuha: "trying not to be depressed".
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lemonmaid 2 months
Video games I think the Dorm Leadera play religiously.
Riddle Rosehearts: Candy Crush
"Bro how are you already on level 679?"
"I've been plating this game since it was release. It's a stress relief"
"I think you should go to therapy instead"
Leona Kingscholar: Clash Royal or God of War (franchise).
I feel like he only plays these when he is truly bored and not tired.
"So If you actually don't like video games. Why do you have all the consoles to play this franchise?"
"Leave me be, I'm trying to concentrate"
"I'm just saying if you can afford this. You can afford to pay me for spying on Malleus".
Azul Ashengrotto: Animal Crossing or Project Sekai
This dude HATES Tom Nook, like he has a fully furnished town.
"This town is so aestheticly pleasing"
"I know, I've worked hard earning my fair share of bells. The only thing that stands in my way is that damn squirrel"
"I'm pretty sure he is a raccoon"
Kalim Al - Asim:(downloads any game he gets an Ad for).
"Um Kalim, I found the reason why you have no storage"
"Oh those are all my games!"
"Yeah, I see that but like, some of these games came out in ####. They aren't even on the appstore no more"
"Don't delete any, I still play those"
Vil Schoenheit: Cult of the Lamb or Sky
"Ooo Vil, I didn't take for you to play these type of games"
"I only play these to connect with fans, my manager says it builds good reputation. This and my Vtubing gig"
"Wait. you're a vtuber?"
Idia Shroud: literally has played every game that has been uploaded onto the internet.
"So like what game have you've not played?"
"Ugh, I hate those dress up games. They are for babies"
"But you've downloaded Dress Up Nikki? And pre-bought tickets to the upcoming moive?"
"Just because I hate something doesn't mean I don't enjoy the lore"
Malleus Draconia: Sims
When this man gets introduced to better technology, he will be in his room playing Sims (every franchise but we all have distaste for sims 4 without the mods).
"Yuu look at our little family!"
"Oh Horten, that's adorable... why do you have 1000+ hours?! That's about 5 weeks?! How?!"
"...Fae have no use of the concept of time"
Authors Note:
Sorry if this looks rushed or poorly written, I had this in drafts for a long time and decided today to finish writing it. I hope yall enjoyed it though.
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lemonmaid 3 months
So like, what part of Mallues birth celebrated? He is royalty so like did he get the circle of life treatment?
So was it after his mom gave birth to him as an egg? And (he) the egg was shown to the kingdom.
After he hatched he was shown to the kingdom.
I also imagine that his shown off was very eventful, if I remember correctly Fae have a hard time reproducing (which is why they steal children). So what if they did both, like
"here is the egg!" *cheers* .
"here is the boy!" *bigger cheers*.
Idk I'm sick rn and like almost delirious.
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lemonmaid 3 months
I just realize that you had to press "save draft" to save your draft so like, everything is lost....
I'm also having a writers block for a Genshin AU because I don't know whether or not to have characters as teachers or students. Because I can see alot of them as college students and the rest teachers.
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