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How to Survive Your Freshman Year of High School
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Having a Social Life in Freshman Year of High School
Okay, there are three main areas that you can improve your social life: Extracurriculars, Classes, and Mutual Friends/Break and Lunch.
Please, please, please do not pick an extracurricular that you are not interested in just because it is popular or because a friend is doing it! You will lose interest very quickly. Pick clubs or sports that you actually want to do.
This will help you find friends organically that genuinely share the same interests as you.
Pro Tip: Pick a club barely anybody else is joining.
For one, the officers will love you, and on top of that, not many people will be there. These clubs often have other people like you that didn’t join with a friend, whereas bigger clubs will hav entire friend groups joining them.
Sports are guaranteed to make you friends, especially with other freshman on the team. The moment you see anybody alone, ask them a question, or crack a joke about how you know absolutely nobody here after greeting them. Sports teams are like family.
Class friends can be both the easiest and the hardest to make.
They are often the people sitting next to you, or in front/behind you, or in your table group. Start off by talking about assignments or the teacher, and then slowly work your way into actual conversations.
It can be awkward at first, but try it out.
Another Pro Tip: DO THIS ALL IN THE FIRST FEW DAYS!! Everybody, and I mean EVERY freshman, even if they were popular in middle school or whatever, they are all looking for new friends those first few days.
Do not let your anxiety get the better of you the first day and hang around by yourself. That is the peak time to make friends, so push yourself!
If you’re struggling to find somebody to sit with, ask a (nice) class friend if you can sit with them at lunch.
Warning: People will say no or avoid you. Not everybody is nice. You still have to put yourself out there.
Finding friends through mutual friends consists of just hanging around those friends until their other friends show up.
Talking in a group is very hard, especially if not everybody knows you. Here are some tips:
Make a joke about the friend you DO know (tell a funny story about them, how stupid they are, etc.) Don’t be mean about them or put them down, but talk about a happy memory!
Talk about teachers with your friend first, and ask the person you don’t know if they have __ teacher or __ class
Talk about your sport or something funny from practice, and see their response
Joke about yourself! What’s something relatable? Do you take naps right after school? Do you stay up late? Make fun of yourself, people love people that aren’t afraid to do that.
Go to my blog post!
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Yard Sale
Mom and I are having a yard sale. 
Old lamps she doesn’t like anymore, 
Lightbulbs that were meant to fill a room, 
Used paperclips, 
Old drawings of cotton candy 
I can’t imagine being sold, 
photo frames, bicycles, glasses,
boxes and boxes of stuff,
And as I carry the trash out for trash day,
A card falls out; 
Jenny Peterson: Marriage Therapist.
I take the trash out. 
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Sticks pinch their way into my heart,
much like you did,
with thorns that refuse to fall of with the rest of autumn.
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75 Journaling Prompts to Stay in the Game!
What does creativity mean to you?
Who is most important in your life and how have they impacted you?
Is making friends easy or difficult for you? Why?
Do you feel at place in your environments (school, work, home, etc.)
Pick a debatable political topic and write about it.
Do you find yourself to be observant of small things? If not, do you want to be?
Do you enjoy working out? If so, why? If not, why?
Do/did academics come easily to you? What subjects specifically?
Do you like your teachers/professors/mentors in your life? Are they doing a good job?
What is your dream friend group and how does it compare to your current one?
Write about the most important people in your life, past or present.
Where do you hope to be ten years down the line? Go big with this one, it can be through your career, or it can be simply a mental state you hope to reach.
List all of the things you are grateful for.
What is your favorite book series? If it’s had a movie adaptation, how do you feel about it?
What is your favorite movie/film?
What is your favorite book genre? If you don’t read, do you think reading is good, or do you place your value in other things?
What is your favorite sport? Could you go on for ours about this? Why or why not?
Describe yourself in six words.
Do you agree with the concept of money? Do you think it’s useful to society?
Do you think you were born in the right generation? Do you wish you were born earlier? How would the stigmas and laws affect you if you were born in past centuries?
Would you consider yourself a creative person? Why do you think you are the way you are?
What impact does your extended family have on you?
How would you describe your schooling environment? Even if you are/were homeschooled. Competitive or lenient? Does it encourage creativity? Did it hinder your skills for the real world in any way? Do you appreciate the system you were in?
What are your religious beliefs? Do they mean a lot to you?
What do you appreciate more—humor or the ability to take things seriously? In your opinion, what is more important?
What place in the world means the most to you? Why?
Name one singular thing that brings you joy.
What is something that you would change about yourself? Why do you think this means so much to you?
Write a letter to somebody you have a lot to say to.
Write a letter to your past self about what you wish you’d have done differently.
If you got to relive a year in your life, which one would you choose?
Which year in your life so far went by the fastest?
What was the saddest moment of your life? Pick ONE!
What was the happiest moment of your life? Pick ONE!
If somebody is going through a lot, how would you approach (or not approach) them?
Describe your ideal romantic partner. Does this match the people in your life? Why?
Describe your ideal best friend. Does this match the people in your life? Why?
Describe ONE thing you absolutely need to have in your dream house.
Why did you decide start journaling?
Name celebrities that you look up to. How did they earn your respect?
What do you know now that you didn’t know a year ago?
Think about when you felt most in tune with your emotions. What were you doing?
What makes you inspired? Is it scenery, sounds, or something else?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
What is something that never fails to distract you from work?
Describe yourself. Describe yourself from somebody you love’s perspective. Describe yourself from a stranger’s perspective.
What is something unhealthy that you are holding on to (tangible or intangible)
Look in the mirror and describe every single thing that you like about yourself.
What were you doing right before this entry? What have you accomplished today and what do you want to accomplish tomorrow?
Make a list of every single thing that is worrying you right now and cross them out. Scribble all over them. Would future you be able to look at it and piece together what it was? Or would they be so stress free that they couldn’t figure it out? Where do you want them to be?
Is there anyone that you barely knew, but had an impact on you? If not, why do you think you never spotted anyone like that?
Are you a plan person or a spur of the moment person?
Do you believe in soulmates? Can they be platonic?
List all of the fun activities you did when you were a kid. Would you feel shame in doing them now?
What are foods that you’ve been meaning to try?
What food do you always order when you go out (don’t lie)
What is the most important life lesson you have ever learned?
Think of somebody that has left your life. What lesson(s) did they teach you?
What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
What was the most disappointment of your life?
When was the most jealous you’ve ever been? Who were you jealous of and why?
Scroll through your phone and find any meaningful photograph. What does it mean to you?
What are three objects that you can’t imagine life without? How did you get them? What do they mean to you specifically? Would somebody else appreciate them like you do?
Do you consider yourself “weird?” Are you proud of that? Why or why not?
Go online and search for quotes. Write the most meaningful ones here.
What is your favorite holiday? How does your family uniquely celebrate it? If it’s a cultural holiday, what’s special about it? What’s the story behind the festival?
What is something that you did with your family when you were little?
Did you ever get lost as a kid?
When did you learn to ride a bike? Was it an odd age or a normal age? What was your experience?
What is the earliest memory you can remember? Is it positive or negative?
Who made you feel good this week? Who didn’t make you feel good this week?
What career would you choose if you were a billionaire?
What would you ask for if you had three wishes?
What do you wish the world looked like?
What are you really good at?
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people that feel like sunshine
Her eyes,
they sparkle like
sunkissed roses,
the kind everybody rushes to the store to buy,
shoving me out of the way. 
Her hair,
it doesn’t coil, but it waves
like the ocean
so perfectly and subtly 
that she doesn’t even have to scrunch and pull and throw
billions of products in just for it to not look like 
she rolled out of bed.
Her eyes, yet again,
bags aren’t present,
the piercing blue reflecting the scorching sun
that burns the rest of us
but reflects her perfectly,
creating the illusion that it is coming directly from her,
burning me in the process.
Her smile, her teeth,
they line up like shadows at noon,
coming out when people question if she’s had braces
and she says no,
the gorgeous echo in the room that soothes our ears
being her laugh,
that oh so contagious laugh 
that I wish I had 
because mine is described as
a dying goat but hers, this one, is described as
Her presence in the room,
I need to be warned hours before
so I can wear sunscreen 
and throw on sunglasses
because she
so bright
that I could get skin cancer from a smile she throws my way,
the same one she throws to everybody,
but we all faint anyway
because she burns us all if we don’t protect ourselves. 
Her words,
they are mint,
they mask the smell of problems and stupidity 
and misunderstandings
and betrayals
that burn, burn me so much that
I want to just escape it all
but her words,
they are mint,
and they mask it all,
and I can’t help but stay by her side. 
My cheeks,
they sprout freckles like a seed sprouts a seedling
all because I didn’t put on enough sunscreen
even though I’ve only been out in the sun for twenty minutes,
but she, she could stay sunkissed forever without
sunscreen because she 
the sun. 
My friends,
they leave me, 
but she stays with me, 
her eyes, her hair, her smile, her teeth, 
her presence, her words, her beautiful cheeks, 
and my disgusting ones 
that have not been sunkissed, no,
they have been burned by the
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I pave my own way to disappointment,
I pave the road myself,
Because the hope stirs from all colors and emotions, struggles to form anything cohesive, and results in a black circle, void of color, lacking the hope that once flourished.
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You owe to yourself the time taken away by unnecessary and harmful sources of discomfort
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littleteenagethoughts · 11 months
I would give the world to have my hope not be my curse
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littleteenagethoughts · 11 months
somebody you see across the room
time spent in my bedroom is time well spent, for the comfort of books and little drawings I never show anyone, and little stories I write because nobody will ever know about anything and none of it will ever happen. Because the second I think about what might happen, it never happens. But with you it always happens anyway. I can daydream, and obsess, and you'll always be there, looking back at me, and for once,
I don't feel invisible.
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