what kinds of careers do you see lucas pursuing in the future?
Ohh! That’s so hard. Idk…let me try to talk my way through it…
So what does Lucas like: science, basketball, d&d, video games, let’s not forget Audio/visual stuff, and I hate to say it but Military Paraphernalia (it’s the 80’s and the implication is that his dad was in Nam)
He’s smart, protective, loyal, strong, athletic, brave…he has experience with combat….AHHHH! 😳😭
The signs point to military out of high school!! NOOOOO!!!!
…speaking from a realistic stand point anyway, but let’s dream…
Safer and somewhat better options:
Idk how highly he may think of scientists anymore considering basically all the ones he’s encountered have been bad, but maybe he might still be interested, so scientist: specializing in what??… I doubt interdementional sciences, probably something a little more helpful to humanity, probably stuff a little more hands on also, so maybe he’ll study to be an engineer of some kind. Maybe even a video game creator.
Idk how interested he is in sports outside of the potential of popularity so idk if he’d go for a scholarship of some kind, not sure it’d be a goal 🤷🏻‍♀️
I wish we knew what his father did, I think he really looks up to him and that might have an impact on his career goals but 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️.
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I haven't made many posts recently so I'm here to say Lumax world domination, Lumax Supremacy, and Lumax deserves the world!!!
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get it loser it’s time have agonizing thoughts about lucas sinclair and how beautifully caleb plays him (x)
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Max: i want to kiss you
Lucas, not listening: what?
Max: I said if you died, I won't miss you
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Stranger Things 4 Color Palette Meme: requested by @she-who-the-river-could-not-hold​​​​​
Lumax + In One Fell Swoop
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Ahh!! This aged so well
We gonna talk about me fav character for a sec hopes it’s okay Lucas Sinclair deserved better I hate how everyone was making him the comedy relieve like two whole season before this we saw that he is a very serious person and has a serious attitude and we all know he would of been there for max when billy died even though billy called him names and tried to kill him cause if his skin color like no LUCAS deserves better and I love him with all me heart and that’s final so I don’t want to hear
This. 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼
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I was super sad at the lack of lumax on ao3 so I wrote my own, LMAO. It's a Max centric (main pairing is Lumax) it is slow burn, I'd argue its worth it though. At least it is when they finally get together XD. The plot is the main focus though, but so is her bonding with the party so you get a little bit of romance and found family. It's about 251k words long and part 2 is in progress. If you give it a try I hope you enjoy :) NAME - "On My Death Bed" by ThornyWords (on ao3)
Finally getting to this! I’m a few chapters in and I’m absolutely loving it. You’re really talented anon! Thank for letting me know about your story. Highly recommend!
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What are some of your fav lumax fics? I’m tryna look for some recommendations!
Hey, I’m sorry but I totally fucking suck and haven’t kept up with Lumax in the past 2 yrs. Ofc I saw s4 and loved all the Lumax we got, and ofc they are still my superior ST ship but I just haven’t kept up with the fandom. I actually did go through the Lumax tag on ao3 the other day and was really sad to see the struggle in my bio still very much exist; so little Lumax in their own tag, like, wtf?? Anyway all that said any recommendations from me are at least 2 yrs old but I’ll still give ‘em here
Road maps by starsandwristrockets
Back to you by Summer-in-Hawkins
Opposite Date by SmoothFluffle
As Strange as it Seems by Michal-hearteyes-wheeler
Below are links to master lists of all the fics I’ve tagged in the past. Hope you enjoy and sorry I’m not more up to date. 😔💕
Source: ao3
Source: ff.net
Source: tumblr
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Lucas Sinclair is literally one of the bravest and most loyal characters I’ve ever seen and we don’t appreciate it enough.
Like in season one he was so ready to fight anyone (including little psychic girls that could kill him with her mind) to get to Will. He literally went to an army base for that kid and then when he faced the demogorgon he stood in front of his friends with his wrist rocket like he was 11 and yet he was this brave and he’s also brave enough to admit he was wrong. Like he’s just so good and loyal and kind.
Then come season two he’s out there meets a cute girl and is instantly like wow. He literally risks the governments wrath so she won’t be mad at him. Then her brother tries to kill him then she nearly hits him in the balls with a nail bat and he is ride or die. He keeps dating her despite the risks Billy poses and he also continues to mock her and be real with her and literally just thinks she’s so cool like there’s no self preservation there at all. Max could come at him with a bat and he’d be like “okay ✨✨”
Then in three not only is he still fearless with Max but even with the girlfriends vs will drama he’s like constantly ride or die. He and Max bring both Will and Mike on their dates. He’s the first to apologise to Will for only talking about girls. He literally tries to fix it after the argument and then he literally always includes Will. Like not to mention him grabbing the axe or his firework plan like he just wants to protect his friends so much he’ll literally make himself a target to back them up.
And in four like he didn’t ditch the guys, like he’s in basketball and hellfire. He risks the public humiliation on the daily and I bet neither Eddie or Jason were that nice about his two interests. Like he literally asked the guys to switch nights for the championships he still wanted to play. Then he volunteered to be a spy with no idea if Eddie was legit guilty, lead the entire basketball team on a goose chase put a target on his own back and then stood and faced down Jason WHO HAD A GUN. Not to mention constantly being Max’s support and not being scared of by her being depressed and he’s genuinely empathetic to her losing Billy even though the guy attacked him. Like he’s just so good.
I love the boy so much. He’s the bravest little guy ever, nearly as bad as Steve when it comes to self preservation but he actually won a fight. I will fight anyone who says anything against him.
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Tumblr media
Lucas Sinclair. By Michael Balchaitis
Lucas is one my favorite characters. While making this one I realize how important he is to the party and Stranger Things. He’s funny and he is always level headed and practical. He has some of my favorite lines in ST and he is a well written character. I think he is a bit underrated. I also want to see more of him in the new season.
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Can you tell me lumax fanfictions to read pls thanks
Hi! Wow! I haven’t posted on here in forever.
I’ve been busy and I still haven’t gotten over the dirt we were fed by season 3,,, but anyway, I’m always happy to help. Granted I haven’t read Lumax in a long time so all the stories linked below are just some of my old personal favorites that I thought of off the top of my head, still though, all these authors did amazing things for Lumax and even when they write for other ships than Lumax they are still incredibly talented and you should definitely check them out; luckily though, they also have Lumax fics aplenty. 🙂 Hope you enjoy and find a story and/or authors to love. 💓💓
Back to you by @lucascsinclairs
As Strange As It Seems by @michael-hearteyes-wheeler
A Wavelength Far From Home by Armedwithastaringfly
Opposite Date by SmoothFluffle
Road Maps by @starsandwristrockets
Again, these are just the best ones coming to my mind at the moment, there are many more (many of which are by the above authors). There is an entire catolog within this blog that I hope will help you find other great lumax fics and I hope you enjoy and keep Lumaxing. 💜💜💜
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Feelin’ a lil emo got any lumax head cannons
I don’t actually write for Lumax myself, but here’s a link to some of the headcanons I’ve reblogged in this archive
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Hiii :) Im a new writer and I wrote a lumax fic called ‘we fell in love in October’ I was hoping you could maybe check it out?, my AO3 is @/Januarysembrs ( Im sorry abt the self promo AKAHSSHSHS :/ ) 💓✨🧡🌙✨🧡🍊
No worries, there’s no shame in more Lumax content. I’m happy to take a look at your story, and Ill be sure to post a link to it.
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In my mind Lucas cradled-comforted Max while she sobbed over Billys death. Like I’m sorry but how did we not get ANY emotional scenes between the best couple on stranger things. I will DEMOLISH the suffer brothers for that.
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Tumblr media
dynamic duo ☀️
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