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I'm sorry for putting this in the BLM and stop Asian hate tag but in the last few days posts tagged with "Palestine" have not been showing up.
I am immensely grateful to the world for showing it's support for the Palestinian people!
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Why should Americans care about Palestine?
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Oh and Bid-n just signed off $735 million weapons sale to Isr***l.
735 million. Imagine what the government could be doing to better your lives with all this money , instead it's funding murder of innocent civilians.
This post isn't to make anyone pick a side. Just highlighting where the government's priorities lie.
Source to the OG post if anyone's interested
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Another day, I am fixating over Mystic messenger and Day6, I came across @lunarsmusings post on MonstaX as Mysme characters so I thought of making one for my own ultimate Korean music group Day6. I had made some post on individual Day6 members as a particular mysme characters before but I always wanted to make a post on all the members so here it is.
Day6 members as Mysme characters
Day6 is a Korean rock band under JYP entertainment. The band marked their debut in September 2015 with their EP the Day. The group consists of the following members:-
Park Sungjin (Leader, rhythm guitarist, vocalist), Park "Jae" Jaehyung (Lead guitarist, vocalist), Kang "YoungK" Younghyun (Bassist, vocalist), Kim Wonpil (Keyboardist/Syntesizer, vocalist) and Yoon Dowoon (Maknae, Drummer, vocalist).
So here we go
Park Jaehyung as Choi Saeyoung (Seven)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This was lowkey obvious)
They both are well known for being the chaotic and eccentric troll of the group
Are quite intelligent and have a very witty sense of humour
Making funny and weird noises.
Has a penchant for teasing and clowning his groupmates.
The short crybaby of their respective groups are their main targets for clowning
Pranks others (Jae had pranked the entire fandom quite a few times).
When the time calls for, they both can get pretty serious and deep about the situation they are in
Might lash out at others sometimes, but is quick to apologise.
Despite their shenanigans, they both are one of the most selfless ones of their respective groups.
King of promoting their groupmates
Both of them are very religious and have a tendency to abstain from drinking.
Park Sungjin as Han Jumin
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pragmatic and level headed
Has the "old man energy" because of their laidback nature
The dad of the group
Both tend to come off as the cold and stone hearted members of the group because of their stoic nature
Is not really openly affectionate towards their groupmates.
Has a high tolerance for alcohol.
Despite what their exterior behaviour might suggest, they are both actually caring towards their groupmates and is usually ready to give everything for their sake.
Kang "YoungK" Younghyun as Ryu Hyun (Zen)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ambitious and workaholic
They both have the tendency to work to the point of exhausting themselves
Does not like being called by names other than their stage name
Youngk during his predebut days was known for being fiesty, not much different from Zen
In a phonecall Zen says that he disliked Jumin because Jumin was a polar opposite to him. This reminds me of Youngk confessing his initial dislike for Sungjin during his predebut days for the same reason.
They are both known for being the kinkiest one by their respective fanbases and are usually seen as the "sexy guy" of the group.
Despite their confident appearance, both have confessed at some point that they are not as confident as they show themselves to be.
Kim Wonpil as Kim Yoosung
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are both shorter than the rest of their groupmates and have a distinctive soft, high pitched voice.
Emotionally sensitive and hence they both are prone to crying, making them the crybabies of their respective groups.
Jae's/Seven's main target of clowning
Gets dragged for playing videogames for the whole night.
Has a particular clothing item which is hated by the rest of their groupmates (pink sweater and blue hoodie respectively)
Is the most teased one of the group. However both of them are quite tolerant towards the teasings and easily forgive the members for it.
Tends to easily fall for stupid pranks.
Despite both Mydays and Mysme fans tend to reduce them to "the stupid guy of the group" they both are actually quite intelligent.
Naturally optimistic and hence try their best to look at the bright side of things.
They both are well known for being one of the most caring and kindhearted ones of the group and is good at taking care of their respective groupmates.
Openly affectionate towards the members and tends to compliment them a lot
Has a secret sassy side.
Yoon Dowoon as Choi Saeran (Ray)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dowoon is actually more like Ray who is slowly becoming the Good ending Saeran as the years pass by.
Reserved and socially awkward
Has a hard time expressing their own feelings due to their awkwardness
Both struggle from low self esteem and self doubt, often need others to validate them. However they both become more confident as the time passes by.
Always trying their best to become better and better.
They actually care a lot for others than they would like to let on. They both have their unique ways to show their affection.
They both are soft hearted and strong at the same time.
Both of them have a similar sense of humor, they both will say something funny when someone will least expect them to. Hence they both are the "Quiet Comedians".
I hope this turned out okay, I wanted to make it OT6 but apparently there is a 10 picture limit of tumblr which kinda sucks. However let me write why I see the former member Lim Junhyeok as V, I remember after quitting Day6, Junhyeok had gone to this reality show where he had confessed that he left the band because he did not want to put his bandmates in trouble anymore due to his own "mistakes" (which was basically a dating scandal) and after he had left, his career had suffered a tremendous amount of hardship, the new band he had joined got disbanded soon and his solo works are barely popular. That statement he made on the music show made me realise that he is quite similar to V, just like him V is not afraid to throw himself in the hot water for the sake of good for his groupmate and is always ready to do everything for their sake. Both of them are also known for being warm and caring towards the members of their respective groups.
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The saeran good ending is everything
And I'm fucking crying.
*spoilers duh*
This really was made to be the true ending and it feels so bittersweet. I love individual character routes esp Zen and Saeyoung, but it makes me sad that there are so many unresolved things and you just know the other characters are still going through shit. This seems like the first one that everyone gets a good ending and it makes me so soft.
Tumblr media
Pls. Seeing this alone made me tear up.
First off, who gives a fuck about him? BUT at least his arc has ended. There was something nice about the twins opposing reactions about him and it was the first time we really saw him. Good riddance
Tumblr media
Driver Kim and Jumin's Daddy
The driver Kim interactions made me happier than I expected- what a sweetie. Putting himself out to help everyone and genuinely caring about the RFA. As for the CEO, he was quite humbled. Caring about the RFA and not being angry at Jumin for them forced out of C&R. He even invested in SEVEN鈽 and didn't profit. All the fiction I've consumed about rich boys with daddy issues didn't prepare me for this nice exchange.
We all knew we would thirst from the first selfie. Not a major arc but the tragic backstory of his was touched on. He always seemed like a sympathetic person backed into a corner and his scolding of Saeyoung showed he really cared and we saw that. He really is a good guy!
Tumblr media
Yep we still fucking hate V, he's stupid and a passive observer to all the people around him, who clearly need therapy. He also encourages all of Rikas madness.
As for Rika, she seemed a lot more sympathetic, yes her wrongdoings are not excused - she's done bad things and is making bad choices, even going as far as murder, which is not surprising for a cult leader. But to watch her try to change and then actually change was quite therapeutic. I like Rika more than V (but then again that's not hard!).
Tumblr media
Everyone's favourite lil overtired student. He has always shown to be caring and cutely soft but this arc has shown him to be more mature in the Rika stuff which is very different to his previous portrayals. His calls and attitude were just all around sunshine! Now he's growing up on his own, working for the government and moving to a foreign country to pursue his dreams. I would love for Netflix to commission a show called Yoosung in Paris.
Tumblr media
I had to do this after Yoosung because I love their understated friendship (I even wrote a post about them). But this gave me new content for these boys supporting each other. Zen does not break his super caring attitude with MC either, he calls and cares, supports her and Saeran. Where in all the other routes I get sad because I feel Zen is on love with MC secretly and it breaks my heart, in this one he acknowledges a good friendship (but he's still my equivalent to a bias, I just like he can have his own happy ending). Finally from a sexy struggling actor, he is now a sexy successful actor working for I marketing with his family and he's in "wolves". I'm sure he can make the eventual monstrous movie a success.
Tumblr media
(Fuck me, I genuinely cackled when I saw this)
I love this woman! Her ending is one I was hoping a little bit more from, but the thing with Jaehee is I know she will do great things in the government. The last call with Yoosung, her and Zen was the cutest thing and her calls throughout were lovely. In my mind Jaehee will kick ass in the political world for a year or so and then slow down for a small business with a kind investment from a President-in-line. AND she will be first in line for Zens shows, whose friendship (and hopefully more) I will always support. She will buy him a huge bouquet of flowers, waiting in his dressing room and he will always make sure she comes backstage, even with her saying she doesn't want to impose (yes I'm forming my own narrative).
WOW. I do love Jumin, don't get me wrong but I never had that OBSESSION like certain people. If there's one character who surprised me it was him. Imagine the path you've had your whole life being absolutely decimated, how do you act so okay with that? Well, my boy did and he's doing bits. AND he's keeping the family together by paving ways for them. His church scene made me tear up, just cos you can see how much he cares, so take that Jumin haters.
Tumblr media
Saeyoung and Saeran and MC
We need to group these people from being so intertwined. They will all sacrifice themselves for each other which was seen when I got the bad endings *cries*. The Saeyoung CGs made me very sad and the constant goodbyes were a lot. I always got feels realising how much the twins went through for each other and how much pain they've been in. After it all Saeyoung cared about Saeran and Saeran was able to forgive himself, which gave themselves strength. They're both amazing and deserve to settle down in a quiet life, carving a path they've decided rather than what life threw at them. So leave Saeyoung to fish and Saeran to tend to his flowers because they deserve it.
Tumblr media
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It's 2021 and I'm still waiting for a mystic messenger arc when you can just constantly call V (and Rika) out on their bullshit.
"I'm sorry, I did it for the twins"
"Fuck you, V"
"I understand why you feel that way."
"Haha you dumbass. [Quotes the entirety of the Liam Neeson taken scene for Saeran and Saeyoung]."
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Monsta X as Mystic Messenger characters
I did a thing cos I cant stop thinking about it.
Shownu as V
Tumblr media
Leaders (but Nunu is better)
Quiet protectors of the other members
Patient and never get angry
Seem awkward at first
But their loved ones know how cool they are (seriously we have witnessed the shownu thirst and feel it).
Wonho IS Zen
Tumblr media
NO BRAINER, I really feel some kinda way about this
Forreal the ideal man come to life
They are gorgeous men who can pull off the white hair look
Super hard working
Love exercising (cant relate)
But still manage to be modest
Sweet, caring and soft
Will do anything for friends and fans
Minhyuk as Seven
Tumblr media
I see people comparing him to Yoosung cos of the gaming BUT you think Min will allow himself to be teased and not even realise?!
Nah, Min is the man behind the teasing.
He enjoys his gaming and is good at it.
He is extroverted and gets people comfortable.
He is also famously hard to control and we love him for it
He also has a lot more going on beyond the surface, he is smart and talented
Kihyun as Jaehee
Tumblr media
Maybe not as mum as you initially expect
But telling the other members to eat healthy and lowkey nagging at them. That is Ki!
Not afraid to speak they're mind, even if they get teased for it.
They get shit done, projects and generally making sure the members are surviving.
Members would struggle without them (and live in a mess without Ki)
Have their "why are they like this?" moments but its all part of their personality
Hyungwon as Yoosung
Tumblr media
Of course, Wonnie is a college student, hes overworked and always tired.
Hes got the baby face and big eyes but there is still a lot more to them, don't let the puppy (or turtle) demeanour fool you.
Hes still super sweet and a little bit quiet at times but can still come out with lines that would destroy the other members.
Both underrated as hell!
Understand the worth of a good meme
Loves the other members like family (lets just ignore the V/Yoosung complex)
The poor paper doll is also victim to the most teasing (please save Hyungwon).
Jooheon is Saeran
Tumblr media
Okay I had a hard time deciding Sae for Honey or IM (my lil emo baby) but decided on Joohoney in the end.
He is the softest little thing that everyone cherishes (especially Minhyuk who is Seven apparently), but he is the ultra cool rap god.
He is soft and cute, tries his best at everything and so good at it.
People call him intimidating but he really is sweeter than Honey
I think he's always got another surprise up his sleeve as well
Changkyun as Jumin
Tumblr media
At first seems a little cold and distant
But they are very caring and will use any means to protect the people they care about.
Super intelligent and sharp
As well as having a charm that a lot of people fall for.
Blunt and honest, never forget the IM savagery.
But beyond that never forget how sweet and well meaning they really are.
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Me starting Mystic Messenger over and over
Tumblr media
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Playing Another Story:
I swear I'm not trying to be biased but whenever V speaks I'm just like
Tumblr media
So yeah I get the saeran route pretty much every time, who yes I absolutely love.
I know some of yall love V but damn he didnt handle anything well
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Damn, I genuinely forgot how great Jaehee is. In the Yoosung route, shes always asking MC to take care of Yoosung but still makes sure MC doesnt get hurt. She supports Zen and wants him to succeed. She is a saint for putting up with Jumin (yall can fight me on this).
She has a tragic backstory but it isnt her defining trait and works so hard. She really deserves the world.
Is there a reasonable way for her and Zen to get into a relationship?!
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Me constantly flirting with Zen
Mystic messenger: yoosung route
Tumblr media
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lunarsmusings 3 years
Havent played in so long but never forget!
Might draw another Zen today for old time sakes
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I havent posted in ages but...
I've been listening to a lot of monsta x. A lot. Watching their variety shows and generally crushing on them. The more I watch the more I'm convinced that Wonho is a real life Zen.
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Blushing Saeran is my favourite Saeran!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One of my favorite snack. (鈮и♀墻)
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FINALLY completed the Ray/Saeran (Saerayn) route and...
There was too many feels. I did not expect to love him as much as I did. He has reached such a high level, like second favourite (after my bae Zen of course). I started the route expecting to hate him because before this route well I did. But he needs all the love. How did Cheritz manage to make a Ray of sunshine like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Turn into this?!:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then to this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And still love him. Seriously I cried in his route, and not just one time. I'm so sad. And the cliffhanger-ish ending is KILLING me even more. I even started writing my first fanfic because I need more.
If cheritz makes me like V as well I'm actually gonna be SHOOK.
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OHMYYYYGOOOODDDDDD love it (yep, the Zen thirst is too high)
Tumblr media
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Tokyo Ghoul Manga been hitting a little too close to home lately
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haha BANTER (starts sobbing on corner because the truth hurts)
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Tumblr media
Thanks bae, I am dazzled
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