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happy (belated) sebek day
silly comic for the silly boy
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die to be reborn
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鈯别潣滒潣擆潣涴潣愷潣旔潣堭潣涴潣 饾槉饾槚饾槡饾様饾槍饾槢饾槚饾槗饾槚饾槑饾槓饾槡饾槢鈯 inspired by diana venicia from project edens garden
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Concept | [character] with a flirty, cosmetologist!gn!s/o
Type | Headcanons, ~700 words.
Fandom | Twisted Wonderland
Characters | Leona Kingscholar, Idia Shroud
Disclaimers | Probably OOC
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岽羔祲岬掆伩岬 岽封伇鈦酷祶刷岫準搬祾恕岬兪
The two of you met during the VDC, you saw him and clung to him ever since. He doesn't like makeup or any of that Cosmetology things but he knows it means a lot to you, so he tries his best not to say anything bad about it.
He doesn't like cleaning his room, and you don't either. So what does Ruggie have to deal with every time it's cleaning day at Savanaclaw? You guessed it! Makeup in dirty clothes, random hair straighteners in a pile of homework, and my personal favorite; an eyeshadow pallet in underwear!
It took him so long to get used to sometimes waking up with his hair or makeup being done. Another thing that's very common for him to wake up to, is you taking pictures of your masterpieces and sending them to Savanaclaw's group chat, using his phone.
There have been sometimes you had to meet up with Vil and had to do his makeup because you're an official cosmetologist that also does other famous people's looks for a movie or some sort of photoshoot, and he absolutely hates it. He will literally take a full ass nap on you to prevent you from going, or he'll just cling on you till you give in when you come back from a long day of work. In conclusion; he would appreciate it more if you did his makeup or hair instead of someone else's
Adores it when you call him pretty nicknames while forcing him to stay still. A simple; "My king looks absolutely fantastic!" Or "My gorgeous king will stay still while I do his hair, right?" would do wonders. He will literally get on your knees if you choose to brush his hair. He loves it so much this dude will go crazy for you. (He already is)
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岽滇祱鈦贬祪 刷拾食岬掅禈岬
Just like Leona, this man hates it when you have to go out and do other people's makeup. He will literally whine and put the whole dorm on lockdown mode until you give him a serious glare and has to give in. He's just too hyper-fixated on you that he doesn't wanna let you go any more, mwah mwah.
He doesn't show it but this man loves it when you start doing his makeup on his lap while he's gaming. It does hinder him when you're basically in his face while he's busy, but you're just too cute while being focused on making him look his best. He loves it when you leave little kiss marks on his face, he just feels so loved and fuzzy and warm inside, and his little hard drive would have a breakdown.
His hair is really a wild bull that you have to tackle. It literally goes in the most random directions you seem to wonder how he had to put up with all this for so long. Him not wanting to get up and sit on a stool also doesn't help while tackling the hair. Lucky for you, this man is absolutely weak for nicknames. "My gloomy kitty" or "Pretty boy"? You just KO'd him.
Since you're famous on the internet for being the 'Ultimate Cosmetologist'. That means some people would bash you too. Did someone say that you look ugly? They can say goodbye to their wife because Idia already gave her full proof that the dude's cheating. Is someone else saying that your style of makeup is absolutely horrifying? That person should have a lot of fun when he finds out that his dad was having an affair with a dude. He'd do all these things while you were just on his lap, being carried away with your business.
He made a weird device for you so you don't have to keep running around and switching out the things you need. He calls it the; 'Ultimate Cosmetolotool' and he made it for you and you only. You can't really work on it because well, you're not that best at mechanical stuff. But you can't stand a sad Idia, and plus, he made this, especially for you. He doesn't notice it but he gets all smiley and warm inside when he sees you use it.
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hi im back and with a new theme lolsies requests open
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book 7 part 2 spoilers
malleus overblot design rambling
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i do not like his design. im so sorry BUT THE COLORS AND THE CAPE IS JUST AAAAAAAAAAAA.
the only thing i really like about it is his gloves, theyre js so cool. AND THE HALF NEON HORNS TOO
why is he doing a homestuck cosplay. LIKE BRO YOU GOOD???
his cape is just. no. LIKE THE PURPLE THING NEAR THE COLLAR IS JUST 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tumblr media
imagine him making little yuu/lilia figures with the blot
malleus babygirl hips fan club 馃檹
in conclusion, i don't like his cape. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS SO AOAOAOAOOOOOAAAAAAA
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should i start doing requests again i feel so mentally stable
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Malleus: I'll love you forever, MC
MC: You will?
Malleus: That's the problem.
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imagine being immortal which also means that if you ever fall in love with a mortal u'll be with them till they die and you're left alone for eternity
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im so overstimulated jesus christ
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Malleus: You know, you should stop being around those people so much..
MC: Why?
Malleus: I don't like sharing.
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i made this in my underwear
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Malleus: You know what?
MC: What?
Malleus: You're my favorite person.
MC: Out of how many people?
Malleus: All of them.
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i need to catch up on jjk manga WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
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鈥淲hy do you like Riddle?鈥
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hes so silly
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first day of feb epel log
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MC: It's not worth it, don't do anything stupid for me.
Malleus: I would do anything for you, dear. That's the problem.
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im genderfluid ong
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MC: Would you be jealous if I danced with another person?
Malleus: Of course.
MC: Sorry, that wasn't supposed to come off like th-
Malleus: It's fine, I'd probably kill another person if I found them dancing with you.
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my cousin has beef with this 12 year old on discord
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Another twst oc introduction 馃弮鈥嶁檧锔
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School : Royal Sword Academy
Favourite food: Rice dishes, Shawarma
Pastime: Playing with his pet tiger Rana, Visiting Kalim, Discovering wildlife
Family: Father, Mother, Kalim(Cousin)
Role: Dormhead
Jaseem is a third year at RSA. To most people he may seem like a lone wolf who despises making friendships, but underneath the surface is a gentle boy who longs for freedom.
Being born from a wealthy family with relations to the Asims, Jaseem鈥檚 status is nothing new to even the freshmen. Every year groups of students and parents from high status families would flock around him offering their sister/daughters hand in marriage.
Before he was allowed to bring Rana to school (don鈥檛 ask me how he did it-) Jaseem had no choice but to either 1. Run as fast as possible or 2. Teleport himself to a safe spot. Now with Rana, a fearsome tiger donning an expensive turquoise silk ribbon, nobody dares to approach Jaseem anymore.
Personality wise, Jaseem is extremely sharp-tongued and will not tolerate a single second on people he deems as childish. He is capable of cooperating with others but would prefer to work alone. Despite the cold exterior, if one can prove that they love tigers as much as he does.. maybe they鈥檇 stand a chance to win his attention. And if you can win his trust, Jaseem is probably the most loyal ally/friend you will ever get.
Having attended many arranged marriage meetings, Jaseem is already accustomed to how he must act around the ladies even if he dislikes interacting with them and entertaining their thoughtless comments about his wealth.
He is actually really bad at conveying his feelings, particularly romantic ones. He can no longer grasp the real meaning of love and has trust issues about whether someone is genuinely interested in him. This only numbed Jaseem more over the years hence brushing these feelings aside.
Jaseem has a general disliking towards women due to his past, but he will respect those who deserve it and mean their words. He won鈥檛 voice his opinions unless the situation gets on his nerves.
Jaseem鈥檚 mother was hospitalised when he was a young child and has been living there for many years, only visiting for a few days when the doctors deem her suitable. Due to schoolwork and other business matters, Jaseem is unable to visit her as much as his father. But he tries to make time for her as he feels most comfortable and at ease when talking to her about his troubles.
His father already told him that he will never marry another woman as he loves his wife very much, this made Jaseem envious as he hopes to be able to find someone he can stand by faithfully someday. While he feels that his father can be rather strict, both father and son have mutual respect for one another as they only want the best for the family.
Tumblr media
Back when the life wasn鈥檛 as complicated, Jaseem was extremely cheerful and lived every day to the fullest with the vast amount of wealth his family possessed.
However when he had reached the age of 10, his life began to fall apart. As the only son, Jaseem was forced to find a future wife sooner or later. From then on he had to attend countless numbers of arranged marriage meetings, parties while attending his father鈥檚 business conferences. Jaseem thought he could shoulder this responsibility , but that pressure would just build up later as he grew older.
Arranged marriage meetings were the worst. Jaseem learnt how shallow and sly people could be, faking their entire personality to coddle up to him for the sole purpose of attaining his family鈥檚 wealth. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 just the reality of being the only heir isn鈥檛 it鈥, he thought. Jaseem became increasingly saddened over the fact that no one genuinely TRIED to understand his hobbies or know more about him, only throwing empty praises about his home/accessories/looks.
Since young Jaseem has been fascinated with tigers and his mother was the one who encouraged him to take care of one ( much to his father鈥檚 reluctance), thus Rana became his new family member. Many of his suitresses cringed at the sight of Rana whom they saw as a dirty, wild animal. Sometimes Jaseem鈥檚 father had no choice but to order the guards to take Rana away in order to force Jaseem to follow his schedule , which made him even more depressed.
Tumblr media
Eventually, Jaseem had reached his breaking point during one of the parties and wanted to escape his 鈥渃age鈥 even bringing Rana with him. It was then he met a young, white haired boy in the greenhouse. Jaseem couldn鈥檛 hold back his tears when the boy comforted him, claiming that he can share the same sentiments. It was after they were called to the main event where Jaseem learnt that the boy was no other than Kalim Al Asim, the oldest son and soon-to-be heir of one of the richest families in the world and his cousin.
From that moment onwards, the two spent their childhood days together basking in the sunlight and running around the mansion. They confided in each other, became each other鈥檚 source of strength to keep doing their best( this was especially stronger for Jaseem towards Kalim). They drifted a little after entering higher education, but still keep in contact.
For Jaseem, Kalim is the definition of the sun. Had he not met this smiley boy showing off his unique magic and telling him how he must continue to do his best as not only the heir but as an older brother too, Jaseem would have had a different fate and never face his reality. This explains why he hates Jamil to the core after knowing what he had done when he overblotted.
Current lifestyle for Jaseem was no different from his younger days, he still attends arranged marriage meetings (fewer due to school) and gets numerous phonecalls from his father about countries they have to fly to for business conferences. Jaseem became more adept at his dealings with women and can twist meetings to end faster to save his time to do something useful.. like picking a new silk ribbon for Rana. 馃惎
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Cousins by blood and childhood best friends. While many students in NRC thinks Kalim is way too carefree, Jaseem would cut in and tell them off as Kalim is not the oblivious rich boy many thinks he is.
He respects Kalim鈥檚 motto to be kind to others, lend a helping hand when needed and staying positive despite the challenges life throws at him. Jaseem wishes to protect this precious spirit, praying that Kalim will have nothing but happiness in his life. Jaseem truly looks up to Kalim for being able to smile through everything he鈥檚 been through, believing that he wouldn鈥檛 even survive a day in that household knowing he might not live to see the next day.
Jaseem can be extremely over protective of Kalim especially when Jamil is around. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 let that damn snake cause any harm to my cousin..鈥漢e would think angrily while glaring at Jamil馃拃
If not for the sake of his family image and Kalim Jaseem would have pummeled Jamil to the ground for the things he said and had done to Kalim. While he tries his best to understand Kalim, Jaseem still cannot fathom why he鈥檇 want to keep this traitor who doesn鈥檛 even consider him a friend by his side.
Unlike his caring and soft self when he is with Kalim, Jaseem treats Jamil like a mere servant and only replies with direct commands. Sometimes he would mock Jamil for the sake of belittling him, but would not stoop as low as to bring his family into it. The atmosphere around these two can be very intense indeed.
If Jaseem learns to see the overblot incident from Jamil鈥檚 point of view, perhaps he will come to understand that the two of them aren鈥檛 so different after all.
One of the few girls he respects, Jaseem is like a second older brother to Najma. Of course Najma catches on quick and can tell that Jaseem isn鈥檛 exactly fond of her brother, so she has to constantly remind Jaseem to stop frowning whenever he spots Kalim and Jamil together. He tries his best to be nicer to Jamil, but only because Najma wouldn鈥檛 stop nagging at him 馃ぃ
Bonus: Rielle
If you鈥檝e seen my old comics about my RSA ocs i often draw Jaseem and Rielle bickering 馃ぃ Jaseem thinks Rielle is incompetent and has dad issues while Rielle views Jaseem as a weirdo who is way too protective of his cousin, also why would any sane person bring a TIGER to school??
Fun facts about Jaseem鈥檚 design
He carries a waist pouch filled with Rana鈥檚 treats, various silk ribbons, water dispenser, comb and toys ( just to name a few). The pouch is magically altered to carry many items.
The tiger plush keychain was a gift from his mother when his parents brought him to an amusement park on his birthday. Jaseem did not have the best experience as he was constantly surrounded by guards and journalists, no other children wanted to play with the renowned heir too.
His seemingly blue day turned upside down when he spotted a cute tiger plush in the souvenir shop, thinking about how it looks exactly like Rana. Jaseem鈥檚 mother noticed his adoration for the fluffy toy on the top shelf and asked the staff to order one for Jaseem. Even though this silly fabric toy could not compare to the vast amount of gold and expensive gifts Jaseem received, he saw his mother鈥檚 gift as something invaluable that money can鈥檛 buy.
Till this day he still brings his tiger plush around with him chained to his waist pouch. Though it looks rather dull after being used for years, you can still tell how well washed and cared for it is by its owner.
I struggled trying to incorporate Jasmine鈥檚 hairband into the design but for now its a turquoise strand of hair that starts from the top of his head so it looks like a hairband! Its also Jaseem鈥檚 way of exploring with his own style knowing that he is far away from his home and strict upbringing. The first time Jaseem dyed his hair he thought 鈥淪o this is what its like to be rebellious..interesting鈥 馃ぃ
His earrings are different, the one on the right is a slightly thick gold piece ( OG Jasmine) while the left is a decorative earring with small, dangling chains and a huge jewel ( Live action Jasmine). I thought it would be cool to incorporate both earrings as I couldn鈥檛 settle on one.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed Jaseem too, I鈥檓 really happy with the response for Alison haha 馃槶 Till next time!
*Also I know someone addressed it before but I mean to express Jaseem鈥檚 love towards Kalim as familial, nothing more. How you choose to see my OCs is up to your interpretation so long as you don鈥檛 twist my words and stories i wrote for them :)
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pov you interrupted your father's midnight snack
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