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Long Car Rides
Other people: uh so boring
Me, a maladaptive daydreamer: oh this is a blessing let me just listen to music and stare at my window while my mind slips away into my alternate reality
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Any memorable moments with Abhinav?
...when we are doing those romantic scenes and looking at each other, initially I used to feel like that, ‘oh my god.’ And now it’s like I’m laughing before doing it...
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Episode 315
OMG Maan pls stop staring at her sleeping! I wonder if boys actually do this?Ok the episode started and my immediate reaction was “Oh shit.” There go my ovaries, one by one, like little patakhas, just pop! and poof! gone.
LOL for a second I actually thought he plucked a piece of her hair! lmao you thought what?? ok but really how can you not love drashti?
I wouldn’t mind waking up to that. MISHTI.
Also the phag...Maan you couldn’t have used that to bring water? You had to take your shirt off? Really? Yo it has a strap and everything for easy carrying...
Why do you think she likes the place?!?! Some places are just special ok? Ok Geet pretty sure he remembers considering it was like 6 hours ago! OMG PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT LAST NIGHT’S SEXCAPADES! Nowwwwwwwwwwww kiss. Goddamn Geet, we love this place too, ok. Jeezus. I need some holy water. No A TUB OF HOLY WATER GDI MAAN. Yaad diladun? Phir se bata do? What is wrong with you?? My ovaries cannot handle this bakwaas.
Lol Dev and Nandini….”haan yeh tho vahi paathar hain” Nandini don’t hate. Why you gotta toss for this tho? Dev that was the most obvious thing? Are you really asking yourself this question Dev? I want Nandini’s earrings ok. Sher! Kidhar?! lmaooo. Aye hayye, Dev ji kitne cute hai.
LOL PAMMI they’re fine. Geet is more than fine *AHEM* Oh girl, she ain’t neva been betta. 
Well maybs you should have told Nandini about the marriage. Just a thought. Uhm all you say is that they were abducted ya dumb ass I mean Biji.
OH NO it’s the ladke wale! Lachi do not make this more dramatic!
Then there’s Geet who’s just chilling...and she hurt herself...typical….HOW IS IT THAT LARGE?! DEAR LORD! Zara hatt ke, zara bachke yeh hai tellywood meri jaan! That ain’t a kanta woman, it’s a damn branch.
OH Maan when you’re there I feel no pain! What is he an epidural? Yes, yes he is. A schmexy one at that.
I see you Dev! HOW CUTE!
FOR ONCE STOP THE EYE SEX! See? It almost got you into trouble! Ok but I don’t understand how no one ever comments on how Balwant’s damn shirt buttons are never closed.
Opportune arrival of the old people who know everything.
Praise for Balwant and “Maan”Dev! Yo Balwant got upgraded to veer.
No need to worry she had Maan and did somethings in the barn….*AHEMMMMM* Yo, she mo dan theek.
No one asks about Jugnu…..oh there it is...and oh there HE is….LOL...see? This is why you shouldn’t drink this much! I just realized how unbelievably stupid this show looks. Like if I were to watch this with another person I would wish to be disintegrated into ash then swallowed by the earth and have a mountain fall on me and get eaten by sharks and and and I actually feel sorry for Beejii.
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Episode 314
Aight yo, Dev-Nandini are just plain awkward. Girl that be yo jeej. But I suppose it’s forgivable because Dev #2 is loveable. Do they just not have like anything of good quality if they just keep dropping jhumkas everywhere?
Yes Biji, you don’t want Nandini to know now about the rishta, so it’s totally understandable to let things get to the marriage stage then break it to Nandini. She’ll totes be down for it then. Smh. #IndianSerialFams They know that she’ll resist and they’re still like literally having kidnapped? Kind of? Also, how oppurtune that it’s Geet, “Maan”Dev, Balwant, and Nandini. I don’t want to think about kaal raat the sawaal Maan. 
Oye hoye Balwant Ji, zara aage bhi toh dekhiye, you almost ran over a man gdi. See this is why I say there should be a limit to the Geet staring contest Jesus man.
Ok this chor is hilarious, but not as hilarious as Maan’s superhuman strength. That thappar he gave the nikamma chor was classic, though, I could watch that over and over. You can totally tell Gurmeet loves these fighting scenes. But fo realz how does he do that in those jeans?? I mean they’re practically painted on... SHAM SUNDAR thatb slap tho BAHAHAHAHA Yea dude also his clothes are entirely too tight for a normal human...then again he is Maan Singh Khurana. Thank God Nandini isn’t as much of a ditz as she seems....also why have they been just circling around him while he convinces Geet to go. You don’t have that much belief in Maan that you just gotta running into an unknown path?
Episode 314, brought to you by the string of Maan’s fake party hat pugh.
Cue the telepathy, ayyye hayyyeeee. Yes, that’s right just leave the other 2 and run after your husband when you don’t even know where the hell you are. Also, GURMEET IS TOOOOO FAB. Lol what even where they just laying there waiting for the guy to be like wake up? 
Nandini honey...I understand your concern but pls! Believe in Maaneet
Ugh, Geet, baby girl, you’re supposed to fight back darling. Not wait for Maan...eh, chaddo. WHY ARE ALL THE BAD GYS RAPISTS IS THAT A REQUIREMENT?
Euuuuh guys, right now is not the opportune moment for some maahi maahi action...shall we get to safety first?
wow, ya’ll suck at this whole running away thing, just sayin...OK BUT IF THIS WAS DEV #1, THEY’D BE PULP. Your obsessiveness with Dev #1 is unhealthy. But, why ya’ll gotta stand there like idiots arguing. Ah cue more bad guy rapists. You let yourself be tied?! Are you real?!
Hum tum, ek koowe mein chup kar maahi maahi karenge!! DUH. Tbh, if I was Geet, last nights confession would be fresh in my mind too, I mean it’s hard to come across that level of sheer “Hey girl, I’m horny” I just can’t I hope they never flashback to the “main papa banha chatha hoon again” I can’t do more awkness
Guys, but why is the nikamma chor the leader? HIS NAME IS BHEEMA CHALAKI! 
I really don’t understand the purpose of these chors, they left a perfectly good car, with shaadi clothes and jewelry and ran after some useless lovestruck bums...velcome to the logics yaar. They just had to set up an issue. Lucky actually made since for like .5 secs
Ok but really, ya gonna leave her alone, Maan?? Not the greatest idear...OK we get it Maan, tumhe bas bahana hona shirt uttarne ke liye. I swear Gurmeet is so happy right now, you all know he’s high fiving himself on the inside. And yes, now that you’ve gotten water for her FACE, what about water for her to actually drink you muscled moron?  WHY ARE YOU LEAVING HER? OMG THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO GET WATER! This is not romance it’s stupidity. Was he supposed to hydrate her or something. Because I can tell you rn that doesn’t work babies. I’ll admit it was cute tho...stupid, but cute. OMG THOSE MUSCLES.
Does the concept of ‘authorities’ not exist in Amritsar? Oh no, my relatives are missing, quick, call the old lady at home, she’ll help find them! And how are you feeling, Biji, knowing you decieved your daughter and used your niece into going to this shaadi and now they’re missing??
Yes Maan, pick me up. Show off those dole shole.  Geet: “oh no it’s fine I’ll just cuddle standing up.” Oh right because he’s not tired and can carry her for miles.....
JUGNU JASOOS ZERO ZERO ATH JAMES BOND DA VADA PRAH.  Mama! Why’d you move tho? Now you gonna die. 008? LAWL Lucky how did you not expect Mamaji to mess up?
Thank you Mr-Police-Man-Sir for being utterly incompetent. Bheema Chalaki is ridiculous why do you even need a whole team? Nikame police!
Euh, Dev, right now ain’t the greatest time for the romance-shomance. Perhaps you should reschedule this incestuous rendezvous with your supposed saali for a more convenient time, eh? Nandini are you calling him a girl? Smart girl tho! OMG Dev isn’t dumb!
Nandini now is not the time to be think about the weird things! Stop screaming bro! He’s trying. I really don’t like you rn girl.
Mama BAHAHA I should have thought as much! BHEEMA PATHILE!!
GO DEV! Ooooooooh, now you’re nice to him Nandini! Great you escaped. Now, don’t get caught AGAIN. YES YES HE GOT HURT! Now tear your dupatta! Called it! ROOOOOOMANCE. I’m sorry it’s still weird.
“Geet, main khane ka intezaam karta hoon”
“Nahi Maan, I’m not that kind of hungry *wink wink*”
Warning, the following content is rated X for explicit content portrayed by these two damn fools eyes.
But fo reals guys, this is probably the classiest, hottest, bestest ‘suhagraat’ EVER. I mean how can you not just melt??? MAANEET, JUST KISS ALREADY! “Aap aise kya dekh rahe hain?” WHAT DO YOU THINK GEET?? He’s horny af don’t you know what he’s thinking? God this is awk but so cute...I’m really torn rn. I feel like I’m interrupting a really private moment. Maan stare is unnerving. HOW DO THEY DO THESE SCENES? Actually more importantly...how many times has he actually undressed her on this show?
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Mama, I have a question? How can they not taste the alcohol? Dev, you don’t want trouble and you’re drinking laced sharbath? Pretty sure it wasn’t that strong, or was it moonshine? According to Mamaji the sharbat overpowers the moonshine. And of course it’s moonshine, it’s a shahi peg!! Poor Dev. But really, can you not imagine Dev #1 in that sherwani tho...ow ow!
No one questions why a driver is leading the dancers? I KNOW RIGHT. Ain’t nobody notice that the driver is singing at a family function??? But for reals this is my one of my favorite song sequences, the perfection is just so utterly sweet and wonderful and god so perfect.....Dev you want wanna take a break faaaaaaaaaar away from Nandini. Yeah this is just too creepy to actually be shipped, I mean I wish Meera had stayed. Meera was the bomb. I wanna ride a bike like that...nevermind I’d end up falling lol. I SWEAR TO GOD THESE TWO WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HARD IT IS TO RIDE A BIKE LIKE THAT??? OK BUT MISHRI SI MEETHI GUD SI BAATEIN REHNE DE. GAWD. KAJARA LAGAKE WOH MAIN KYA JI KEHTI HAI. HAYYE O RABBA. 
Lachi! LOL! Maan vraat? Typical. Why is this bet even a thing? Questions I have. Ok obviously mamaji doesn’t know. So Mamaji did see Geet and Maan together before Balwant became a thing, but because of his perpetual drunkeness, he’s unable to pin point where exactly he’s seen Balwant before. GEET KHURANA! #brbdead MRS. KHURANA OH GAWD I know I love my mishti claiming her position as Mr. K’s Mrs.
LAWL why are all of them biting the ladoo like that? MUCH AWK! It’s unfashionable to eat laddoo like a normal human being ok.
OFC Geet is smart! Balwantji! (HOW CUTE) I’m ready...the love in their eyes is just too much for me... And her sassy little beautiful stunning face when she so badmashi se says, ‘laddoo?’ I die every time she goes ‘Mr. Balwant Singh...’ Aye hayye geet, ghayal kar deti...
Ok shit that burn was not visible in the scene before. I feel like I’d have noticed a burn that size....and in typical serial style a kiss makes it better...OMG HE SAID IT...why is he leaving? OH GAWD WHY YOU GOTTA SAY IT LIKE THAT!? HOW AWKWARD I SWEAR THE LEVEL OF AWKWARD HAS NOT WORN OFF NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I SEE THAT SCENE. And the award for the most awkward way of saying ‘Girll, I wanna get it owwwwnn’ goes to Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, Supreme Ruler of Awkwardness and Landlord of Creepiness. It may be Netflix and Chill now, but for Maan it was Vrat and Break the Vrat *wiggle eyebrows*
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Ok honestly the chaand talk and the way he looks at her! I may faint! You know, from the very beginning I’ve always been able to say what Maan is going to say right before he says it, and yet, it still gets me. Hayye, tumhara chand tumhare paas hai, hum sab jaante Maanji. Ab iss chand ke taraf bhi dekho, jo tumhare fictionality pe mar rahi hai.
TEJ IS A BUTT. That is all. I have a theory that Pammi-Tej is only there for the stark contrast between Maaneet. Which too sad. And mean. Rewatching this track has made me realize something that makes me love this show even more. Initially I skimmed over Tej and Pammi and just wanted to see Maaneet, but this show is so revolutionary. They juxtaposed Maaneet’s out of this world love story with Tej-Pammi’s all too often occuring crappy relationship. They’re making a point. Not all jodi’s are happy happy. Every single jodi gets a happy ending, from Dev-Nandini to Lucky-Preeto, and then BAM you got Tej-Pammi. The submissive wife, overlooked by her husband who just happens to be unable to see past the large tree trunk stuck up his ass. I don’t remember what is issue is…suppose I’ll have to watch to find out.
This Dev-Nandini thing….idk really tho….maybe I just don’t like his face…also Nandani pls calm…Dev pls calm…k thx Ok but seriously, do you understand how twisted this is?? Her BROTHER IN LAW is hitting on her!!!
OMG GEEEEEEET Goals. Just goals. Maan stop with the eye sex kthx NEVER.
Oh God the petals! HOW ADORABLE. I’m done. SHE’S SO PRETTY! Yes my baby is drop dead gorgeous. But seriously, if that was me I’d be like straight up, who the hell is dropping ish on me?? But I suppose our Geet loves getting dumped with garbage, you know like forced marriages, unplanned pregnancies, relatives who are the spawn of satan...
Dat-heroine-fall-hero-catch with Lucky and Preeto is actually cute awww…MAMAAAAA I LOVE YOU YAAR 
TEJENDER!?!?! That’s his name? AND WHAT A BUTT. 
The time has arrived for some games lol will Maan win? Of course duh…stop looking so worried you two…YASSSSSSSSSSSS MAAN…omg that smile…omg eye sex….omgadorbs…omg Maan that outfit dat V-Neck too deep! Ok wait if Dev goes away…then…..OH SNYAP! Beeji calm pls Ok but can you just imagine Dev #1 in that sherwani?? Op there go the ovaries...
Lucky…babe…it’s called I LOVE YOU….oh there we go. How cute. 
LAWL Nandini! Only in Hindi serials tho. 
MAAN!!! YAS BOY!!! You win everything! Including mah heart! 
Ya know Tej is actually good looking if he wasn’t such an ass. Pammi….hunny…MAAN GEET STOP HAVING EYE SEX THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER…that’s cute…too bad it doesn’t last…Pammi don’t cry…be a strong…you are a strong independent brown woman who doesn’t need no man. Damn straight she don’t need no man. She’s been fulfilling this damn marriage without a man at her side for the past decade.
Aww that look! OOOOO 313 is gonna cuuuuuuuuuute! YOU MEAN TIME FOR ONE OF THE GREATEST SONG SEQUENCES EVERRR???
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@classywithasideofcheesy and yours truly are doing a Geet re-watch of sorts. I know, the obsession is real jeez you don’t have to point it out. LOL jk
But, I’ll keep y’all updated on where we are so that you can follow along and rant and rave with us.
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He looks so lost
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Send this to your friends without any context
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DD setting reporters straight.
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Every other Tellywood show on Holi: hero and heroine get drunk and confess their feelings of burning love for each other, which they fail to hide while sober, but deny vehemently
Every other Tellywood show on Holi: makes watchers super happy to see hero and heroine happy
Every other Tellywood show on Holi: happiness and cuteness all around
Every other Tellywood show on Holi: hero and heroine do a super cute/hot dance number
Every other Tellywood show on Holi: everything is cute and drunk and adorable
Geet Hui Sabse Parai on Holi: hey guys lets make sure the hero hangs on to his crappy past and says a ton of bs to heroine and ends up causing the heroine to leave home
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I found the exercising episode. It's episode 78 from 9:54.
THANKS JAANEMAAN (hehe get it?)
Tumblr media
good one jaan
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Do you remember which episode was the one where Maan and Dev were randomly exercising?
The really randomly fabulously amazingly hawt scene? Yes, but I don’t know which episode…. classywithasideofcheesy?
edit: I love how you thought of me....i spend way too much time on here :P
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GurTi + their crazy masti 
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Since you make such wonderful GIFs I was wondering if you were going to make any GIFs and creations of Drashti Dhami from the new promo of her show on Zee TV :) she looks really adorable
Done :)
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