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Im keeping the Fire core and the head, though i think I will add a mask that can open into a maw. And while I want it to be more like his Red Hiod style, im thinking maybe having his shirt resemble his robin outfit a little, as a nod to him wanting to be part of the Batfam. I drew up a quick sketch, to show what im going for. Im calling him Wraith in his Ghost form btw.
Tumblr media
Halfa Jason Todd
Now that I have your attention, I was wondering if anyone has any design idea's I could borrow? Im working on a BIG story, but I need a new design for it as Jason's too recognisable in the one I have now. I need the Batfam not being able to tell its him at first glance.
I want to keep his head the same as the earlier design I did, with the white hair & green eyes, but his outfit is giving me trouble. Should I keep it red? But that's too much like reguler Hood. Should I make it inversre aka blue? Or monochrome like Danny?
Any help would be greatly apreaciated!
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phantom-dc · 9 hours
Halfa Jason Todd
Now that I have your attention, I was wondering if anyone has any design idea's I could borrow? Im working on a BIG story, but I need a new design for it as Jason's too recognisable in the one I have now. I need the Batfam not being able to tell its him at first glance.
I want to keep his head the same as the earlier design I did, with the white hair & green eyes, but his outfit is giving me trouble. Should I keep it red? But that's too much like reguler Hood. Should I make it inversre aka blue? Or monochrome like Danny?
Any help would be greatly apreaciated!
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A soulmate AU where you have the last words your soulmate will say to you before they die as a soulmark would be very interesting with the Danny Phantom fandom.
Would the soulmark change after the portal accident, but then stay the same until Danny's final death? Or would the mark change every time he transforms because he's technically dead in his ghost form? Does the mark change color or fade when he's in his ghost form? Or does it stay the same?
What if his soulmate met him once when they were kids? They just bumped into each other. Maybe the words are generic, but maybe they're not. Maybe his soulmate has to grow up knowing that they'll never meet again. And then after Danny's accident, their soulmark changes. Do they assume that Danny was revived and they'll meet again someday? Or do they assume that their mark is for a new person?
What if the soulmark words are super generic? Everyday Danny and his soulmate meet. Everyday their mark changes. But, they can't figure out who the other is because their marks are basic greetings or apologies.
Maybe Danny's soulmark stays the same while his soulmate's keeps changing.
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Tumblr media
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phantom-dc · 16 hours
Tumblr media
The two Fenton adoptees: One crushes you to death and the other wishes you well. “You’re going to die-” “-of FUN!”
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I am in my angst today so I'm going to drop a few of ansty Batfam headcannons.
- Bruce till this day do that father thing of open the door of his kids room to see if they're sleeping and then closing (even when they're just visiting).
- The first time he did that to Tim, Tim pretended to be asleep and then he just started sobbing because Jack used to do the same thing too, and his mother before him.
- Dick, when he moved out of the manor, still would use the Batcomputer to do research from time to time. Everytime he slept on from tiredness he would woke up with Batman's cape on his shoulders.
- No one knows Bruce has a good singing voice other than Dick and Jason because he would sing to their sleep, sometimes, when they had nightmares.
- He stopped singing when Jason died. The only person who was able to hear him sing again was Damian. He pretended to be asleep, because if he opened his eyes he would noticed how much he misses his mother.
- Jason singed to Damian sleep once at the league. None of them remember that.
- Damian tries constantly to assure himself that he could take down every member of his family if he needed to. Deep down he knows he can't.
- Bruce spent weeks trying to master how to cut someone's hair ( with Alfred's help ) so he could give Dick a haircut, because Dick said to him that his mother used to cut his hair.
- Bruce taught every single one of his sons how to shave their beard.
- Bruce had a mental breakdown once because he was starting to forget his mother's face.
- Cass overanalyze everyone's body language to see if they're healthy and happy. She tries to stop herself sometimes because more often the answer is no.
- Sometimes Tim flinches when Jason moves to fast near him. They never talked about that out loud.
- Sometimes Damian's hand tremble when he grabs his sword, he can still feel the blade.
- In one of Dick's worst fights with Redhood the moment he got home he threw up. His brother's eyes used to be blue like his and not green.
- There was a time where Jason was so happy that Bruce's blue eyes were the same shade of his.
- Bruce's hands still tremble when he sees his children on the battlefield.
- Bruce has a habit of messing with his children's hair, every single one of them picked the same habit after him.
- When Dick moved out to the Titans Bruce couldn't sleep for weeks.
- Jason avoids to change clothes in front of his brothers because of the face Dick made when he saw his autopsy scars for the first time.
- One time Jason had a panic attack and misdialed Tim's number, Tim stayed on the line until Jason managed to sleep.
- There's times where Bruce says the word Robin and all of them look at him.
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Tumblr media
Mermaid by Nikolay Elizarev
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but what if,,, what if humans aren’t the only Hold My Beer species.
We are one of two.
The Adt’harra people look kind of like a cross between a bat and an elf. Big ole radar dish ears, slender bipedal bodies, all that. Their planet is heavily forested with gargantuan mangrove swamps, and they lurk under the roots to hunt fish and birds. More importantly, they lurk under the roots to prank the shit out of any and all intergalactic visitors. 
The Adt’harran love of pranks was at first a non-starter for joining the Intergalactic Alliance, but then they realized that these creatures were absolute geniuses for rigging complex mechanics in a matter of minutes, and also were simply too enthusiastic to refuse.
At around the same time, the Human people were discovered. They were rather flimsy compared to many other members of the Alliance, but further interaction proved them to be loyal crewmembers willing and able to risk life and limb for their cause and teammates. Further interaction also proved them to be reckless bastards who think it’s great fun to glue six warp cores together and try to poke a tunnel through a sun.
It was very quickly decided by the high-ups that Humans and Adt’harrans should never be allowed to interact, they would surely blow up at least three ships and cause a half dozen interplanetary incidents with their scheming.
When the Humans and Adt’harrans eventually meet anyway because neither species is really into ‘rules’, they are fast friends and the collective universe tears its hair out.
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Danny gives Johnny the go for driving in gotham after he checked out some areas that seem safe only the problem is that he hates clowns and wouldn't find any spaces safe while the joker is still in gotham
He offers Johnny to wait out till he dies
But Johnny decides to take manners in his own hands
Now there is some guy on a motorcycle going through gotham with a clown hanging off said motorcycle
Jason thinks he's screaming something about
"Those fucking clowns had to go after the kid and now we all suffer for it" or something along those lines
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He reached for my hand…
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Tumblr media
me irl
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Jason's Old Man
Since I'm on BatFamily relationships, I kind of see Jason's "old man" as an inverse of Alfred's "Master Bruce."
"Old man" is a slang term for father. "My old man," "the old man," "Hey, old man."
I know very little of the canon after Jason's death. That was about when I stopped following the comics, and I haven't gotten around to watching "Under the Hood". (may never with how videos can fuck me up sometimes.)
But I've noticed how often in fics Jason refers to Bruce/Batman as 'old man.' Even in fics where they are actively fighting. Even in fics where Jason still has stitches in his throat. Even in fics where Jason is threatening to shoot Bruce if he comes near Crime Alley...
Bruce is still "the old man," to Jason.
"Fuck off, old man," is at the same time a denunciation of Bruce and a kicking Bruce out of his life AND a declaration that he still sees Bruce as his father, himself as Bruce's son.
I wonder if Bruce recognizes that?
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And I Turn Away To See, Proud Evening Star
No one asked, but I'm gonna write it anyway. Here's a Jason Todd experiences the dad gene when he finds Danny in an alley and has to fight not just some thugs, but also the urge to adopt on the spot
Jason's heavy boots are stomping hard against the black Gotham pavement. Not his Red Hood boots, no, just his plain old Jason Peter Todd boots. The splash he sends over his jeans from stepping in one more puddle does not help his growing anger, either.
It's been a long fucking day. Long fucking week, actually. From handling crime to his own underlings to his siblings, this week was just too goddamn much. And it was just Wednesday.
Bruce wanted a, what did he call it? Ah, yes, a 'family brunch'. A brunch that turned into lunch turned into "Bruce I swear to god just fuck off" at 4 in the afternoon.
He's almost at the block where his most comfy hideout was at, his 'real' apartment, when he gets soaked by a passing car, not even slowing down in the slightest when he nears a giant lake forming on the side of the street.
Jason doesn't even bother yelling or even grunting when he turns into the next alleyway and punches the nearest dumpster, leaving an immense fist shaped dent in the rusting metal.
"Off all days", he mutters, dripping wet hoodie pulled over his face. "One day of peace, just the one, can't I have that?"
Thunder rolls overhead and he takes it as a universal no when the rain becomes heavier and water starts collecting in his boots.
"You kill a few people!" he exclaims, waving his hands in the air, "You try to make up for it! You even move back to the shitty city it aaaaaallll started in, you even promise not to kill anymore, and what? Can't have one, just one tiny bit of reprieve?" He punches at the wall behind the dumpster, less impactful but enough to rattle the brick façade as he shakes his anger off.
Hints of green are pricking at the corners of his eyes, but he takes deep breaths, forcing them away with evened breathing.
'Not now. Not today. We're not doing this'
He's almost at a calm pace when he hears gunshots further down the alley, instinctively reaching for his own guns until he realizes he's in civies.
He grunts, but still pursues the commotion. He doesn't need guns to punch someone, after all.
Jason expects a mugging, a hit-and-run, or even assault of the worst kind and is ready to crack skulls instead of walls when he sees two gunmen cowering behind a heap of trash, guns pointed at a kid who couldn't be more than 15 at best.
Even more bizarre is the fact they're shaking not from the cold, but from fear. A closer look at the boy shows him the boy is hunched over, snarling and guarding what looks to be a thermos and a myriad of small boxes, exuding an eerie familiar green glow.
He outright growls at the men to back off and when the two men refuse, he braces himself for an impact of several bullets, were it not for Jason. He snatches the guns from their hands with such an amazing speed he barely has time to register the guns he's holding, ammo dropping to the ground and shoved to the side along with the weapons he pulled it out from.
"If you have half a braincell between you two", he towers over the trembling men, "You leave and don't look back. Capice?" He says it more like an order than a question and the scrambled attempts at running away are more than enough of an answer for him. But something tells him, it's not from him they run. He looks back at the kid, worried he might be bleeding somewhere when he sees him calmly packing up the items on the ground.
"Uhm, hey, are you-" Jason moves closer but halts. The boy hisses and protectively holds the cubes and thermos to his chest. The same green colour flows from his eyes and he can see patches of it on his utterly soaked hoodie and t-shirt. More importantly, he can see it in his cheeks.
He stares at the kid who's breathing in heavily and whose eyelids drop lower with every second standing there in the rain despite the fixed gaze he keeps on him.
He may not know why he has the weird coloration in his cheeks, or what the patches are from, but he knows a fever when he sees one.
"I'm not gonna hurt you", he keeps his hands up, palms outstretched towards him, "I just wanna help."
Jason expects the boy to yell. In all honestly, that would've been the normal response. To tell him to fuck off or for him to run, really. There's all sorts of responses he has gotten over the years, friends and foes alike.
When the boy disappears before his eyes, that startles him, sure. Wouldn't have been the first time he finds a meta with teleportation powers or someone with super speed.
But when he turns around and finds the boy sniffing him, he doesn't exactly know how to react.
"Uuuuhm...I'm not-, I don't-," he slowly tries to add more space between him and the boy, but the kid creeps closer, vibrant green eyes boring into his skull , and Jason swears the kid is floating, until he finally seems satisfied somehow when he rests against his chest and breathes out a long, tired sigh.
The kid clutches his belongings close to his chest as they stand there in the pouring rain, just the sound of water crashing into the sewers below.
Jason isn't quite sure how to react to that. He decides to comfort the kid and slowly pats him on his back. "There there", he says, mentally already picturing Dick scolding him for his approach but in his defense, what the fuck was he supposed to do?
'Be a functioning adult?' he hears Dick scream in his head but let's be real here, was he either of those things?
A purple backpack then catches his attention, a noticeable hole on the bottom of it.
"That yours?" he points, and the boy barely glances up from where he's standing.
"Yeah", he mutters with a drawl.
"Alright, you have a name to go along with that backpack?"
The boy waits a moment before he speaks up again. The silence grates against his nerves with the boy standing so close to him.
He replies softly, like he's scared someone else but Jason will hear him.
"Danny." "Danny. Okay Danny, how about we grab your backpack and find shelter?"
He gently pries the boy away from him as he marches over towards the purple bag.
"I know there's a homeless shelter nearby, if you don't have a place to stay at, and there's a diner across from it where you can get some fo-" A loud thump makes him spin around, dropping the backpack to the ground again when he sees the boy, Danny, had collapsed, still clutching the cubes tightly.
Jason rushes over, unsure of how to proceed with this clearly non-human kid as he goes over his options.
He is definitely not calling Bruce or any of the other birds, fuck that. He doesn't need help that bad. But just dropping him off somewhere else is out of the question too.
He glances around for a solution to drop out of the air when he spots the balcony to his apartment, begging him to come home.
Jason sighs, taking the boy and his stuff in his arms as he starts making his way home again. "It's been a long, long fucking week."
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phantom-dc · 2 days
Danny is on the run (reveal gone wrong, Vlad went too far, or GIW gaining brain cells, take your pick) and he makes his way to Gotham, the only place he can reasonably hide.
He's injured, scared, and cut off from all his resources, so he's been squating in a rundown half abandoned apartment somewhere, waiting to be healed enough to start trying to figure out something more sustainable.
And it just so happens that this place is where Jason sets up his first safe house when he returns to Gotham to become Red Hood, kill the Joker, and beat Bruce over the head with his failures.
Obviously, because Danny was squating, no one was really able to warn either of them about the other.
So Jason literally walks into the apartment with bags of essentials (including many guns) and basic furniture on the way and the first thing he sees is a half feral teenager in filthy ragged clothes, bundled in thread bare (and just as dirty) blankets just. In the corner.
Now, dirty or not, the kid is obvious Wayne bait. (Sure Bruce had only taken in three at this point, but three is a patern.) And Jason might be pit mad, but he is not kicking out a starving kid that looks like he's waiting for Jason to literally kick him. Not when he knows what it's like on the streets. Not when he knows this kid could wind up in the manor.
So he just. Moves in around him. And makes sure there's enough food for both of them that night. And the next.
He isn't adopting the kid. Definitely not. He's got revenge plans to deal with but... he's not heartless either. Kid can come and go as he pleases, but if he can provide a safe place for him to sleep and some warm food he doesn't have to steal, then he's going to.
On Danny's end. He knows there's something sketchy about this guy. He smells like shit, and he got this crappy apartment, but he also clearly has money? All the furniture is pretty clean and new (though it's all generic and nothing fancy). And of course. All the guns. Hard to ignore that part.
Danny really shouldn't stay anywhere near him. Not safe. (Not for either of them if who ever he's running from catches up and this guy shows up on their radar.)
Hell. This guy should know better than to let a total stranger hang out when he's planning something that requires that many guns.
But all he does is tell Danny he can stay and to not touch the guns.
And then he feeds Danny.
And gives him a spare key.
Neither of them speak to each other for weeks.
Danny is well enough to move. But he doesn't want to.
So he doesn't.
He comes and he goes. But he doesn't leave.
(It's a bad idea. He should leave. But. Maybe there's safety in numbers.)
And then things start shaking up. Black Mask's lieutenant are dead. Someone is starting a gang war.
But no one can figure out who's leading it. No one knows what gang.
Danny sees his... live in acquaintance come back to the apartment injured.
He sees more guns and more ammunition.
He knows it's not a gang.
Not yet.
They still don't talk.
Not until Red Hood comes in through the window one night, and Danny grabs the first aid kit and patches him up without asking any questions.
He makes the first step and tells Hood his name. Only his first name. His last isn't useful anymore.
And they talk.
They share some stories.
Edited. Half true stories.
And they talk through some stupid shit.
But eventually. They stop hiding behind half truths too. It only takes so many times covering each other for the full story to spill.
In for a penny and all that.
Jason convinces Danny he should finish his schooling.
Danny convinces Jason that maybe the new Robin isn't a part of his problems.
Jason doesn't drop his plans for revenge. Or stop blaming Bruce.
Danny refuses to go to a public school, but allows for online schooling.
Jason gets Danny a new name. A new identity. He needs one for school.
Maybe he did adopt the kid after all.
Jason really hopes Bruce never finds out.
Of course Bruce finds out.
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phantom-dc · 2 days
"If You Want My Husband, You're Gonna Have to F#cking Kill Me."
So, Dead on Main is the best, right?
So, Jason and Danny are secretly married. It's was an accident; somehow, those two managed to do a ghost courting ritual and acceptance without realizing it--Danny's a halfa, Jason is a remnant, neither one was informed that ghost marriage was thing. The two go on an adventure in the Ghost Zone to disolve the marriage, but over the course of the journey, surprise! The two develop feelings and decide that they prefer being married. Maybe it gives them a power up, lets them know how the other is doing/feeling? It's nice, to have someone who's always there for you, that's all their saying.
Obviously, they don't tell anyone. Or at least, no one knows they're still married.
fortunately, it comes in handy. Red Hood, Red Robin, and Stabby Robin got captured by a pissed Black Mask or maybe the League of Assassins... I'll go League, bc less guns. Jason's injured, about to be killed, when Danny bursts through the door, says the title line, and starts ripping through the goons.
he's so pissed, he doesn't even transform, he's using entirely his parents weapons and he's good with them. (no murder Danny, sorry. But he'll probably get covered in other people's blood thanks to the concussive effects of his parents weapons on humans.)
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phantom-dc · 2 days
Clockwork tells Danny that he's the clone of a vigilante named Jason Todd who died before he was created. Danny freaks out and goes to find out more about his "real dad" after Clockwork refused to tell him anything other than that Clockwork kidnapped him from an orphanage for time-stream reasons after he was dumped there for being born sickly.
Danny had so much pent up resentment about his parents being crappy and neglectful and at times even outright abusive. To think he might have had a family out there, even if his dad is dead there must be other members right? He just needed to find them
Danny arrives in Gotham and stares at Jason's headstone, not sure where to go from here. He lays down a bouquet of flowers as it starts to rain causing him to tuck the Infi-map into his jacket to safety. He begins forming a mental checklist when he gets spooked by a man greeting him and introducing himself as Bruce Wayne.
Danny, being from another dimension and just arriving today didn't show any recognition to his name, which Bruce noticed immediately. He also noticed that this little 10-ish year old kid looked a lot like Jason.
Like his mini.
Like his clone.
Bruce Wayne later proceeds to go try to find any info he can on "Danny Todd" but nothing seems to be coming up. Yeah, Bruce didn't actually think Dannys story about being Jason's long lost cousin would be true but he also didn't expect to find absolutely nothing on this kid.
Legally he didn't exist.
He and the other bats kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For this kid to do something. Instead he kept looking for info on Jason. It was...weirdly innocent things too. Once he found out Dick knew him (but Dick didn't tell him from where) he asked all sorts of questions, like what was his favorite colors? Did he have a favorite season? What were his hobbies? Favorite animal? Dick started getting a bit overwhelmed by how much this clone wanted to know about Jayson.
I wonder if this fic would be better with Jason being alive or if he was never revived...hmm.
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