noooo your normal grammar is so fun! i think it adds charm to the fics
Well now i dont know what to do
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Please use grammarly or something like spell check when typing up posts. Your ideas are great and all + I see you everywhere in the dpxdc Fandom, but bad grammar is one of my pet peeves and too much normally makes me quit a fic. I've had you blocked but still can't escape bc a lot of those I follow sometimes write fics based on your ideas or add stuff to your posts
Like, please write stuff down on grammarly, copy-paste into tumblr, then bam! Done.
It's easy, and if you don't have it, spell check is fine too. Or you can come back and edit at a later time once the initial rush that made you type everything in one go is done.
Ok ok this isent the only time my grammer has been brought up
I'll download and cheak through grammerly
Thank you for the feedback
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After jason finds out the joker is scared shitless of the haunted house attraction he starts hurding him there
Whenever joker break out of arkam jason with damian, dick and cass's help all chase the joker in the direction of the haunted house
Whenever bruce tries to scold them they just start a rant about how their not hurting the joker, their just trying to capture him
And if in the chase they lead him to the one place in gothem hes scared of well he shouldn't have gone that way
And if he keeps babbeling and babbeling about some "ghost king" who would believe that, an all knowing, all seeing and all powerful being just chilling in gothem
Yeah right...
dp x dc prompt #58
danny and a couple rogues, maybe his friends from amity, or just by himself starts up a haunted house in gotham. the reviews are stellar and you can hear the screams from across town.
everything goes smoothly until the joker tries to escape through his building.
the bats get spooked, danny bullies batman, and the joker comes out at the end babbling nonsense about the ghost king trying to eat his soul.
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The batkids hide danny
So dannys been hiding out in gothem for a few months now and fell asleep in one of the batkids safe houses
He sprints away before anyone can really talk to him and it just keeps happening until everyone (- batman )is aware of him
The batkids however are doing their damndest to keep danny away from bruce
Like they will throw danny over their shoulder and jump out a window at the thought bruce is coming this way
Their all slightly concerned when danny dosent react to them just grabbing him
But imaging all the BS they go through to not get another sibling
Dick once cursed in batmans presence because danny was right around the corner, he didnt mean to, he was just freaking out over what would happen if Bruce saw him but it stopped bruce, he may have stood stock still, knocked him out and interrogated him but it was worth it
Jason just grabs danny and runs away as fast as possible, because redhood avoids batman bruce he dosent question the running, but once jason had to say he was carring a duffelbag of drugs to avoid questions
Tim pretends to pass out whenever he's close to finding danny. Dannys only one floor below them? He drops like a rock and fake snores
Steph just shoves danny into where ever she can find, a closet, under a table, in a vent once even a suitcase
Babs runs over their feet with her wheelchair, and when bruce question her she looks him dead in the eye and gives him the finger
Damian will just start screaming at bruce that he just scares off a cat or dog and bruce has to convince him not to go after it
And danny juat goes along with all this BS
(Edit: sorry i got cass and babs names mixed up, i can never keep the batgirls names or backstorus straight, sorry)
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So i want vlad and danny to... not BE enemys like mid-vlad-redemption ark but vlad is just that obsessed
Something with maddie happened and now his obssession is no longer connected to her, but now his obsession is full force on danny
He is possesive, over protective and definitely obsessed, he want to be alone with danny as much as possible but not really DO anything
Danny(still freaking out about why vlad no longer cares about his mom) is freaking out and goes feral if you mention vlads name
The scene up there happened afew months before the redemption ark started and bruce finally tracked down the fenton family
So the batfam arive to the fenton house only to be told danny is with his GODFARTHER VLAD MASTERS
Dick and jason had to drag him away foaming atvthe mouth
So now their driving like crazy to get to vlads mansion
And when they do they break the door down only to be met woth masters trying to pin down a hissing and growling danny(danny kept trying to punch him in the face)...no the batkids didnt stip bruce this time
But vlad is only registering that this man was keeping his obsession away from him so he's fighting back just as feral
The batkids are all trying to comfort a very confused danny
The blurb I promised
@nerdpoe for your prompt about Vlad being a creep and giving Pedophile Vibes :3
This "Danny" was not Vlad Master's kid, Bruce knew this for a fact. Yet, for the past month all Vladimir would talk about was him. Bruce loved his kids to the moon and back he loved to talk about them, he loved talking with other parents too but the way Masters talked about this boy was... Odd, not the way a parent should talk about their child.
The silver haired man didn't simply talk about Danny he raved for as long as you would allow him to go on. Something about way he smiled while he went on a possessive rant over a child make Bruce's stomach churn. A gut feeling that there was something much more sinister going on here. If all his years have taught him anything it was that you trust your gut.
Bruce needed answers and he was going to get them. So no matter how sick to his stomach the way Vlad licked his lips while talking about talking about how the boy "took after his mother," Bruce kept him talking, gaining trust,. Eventually Vlad started to relax, leaning into the more obsessive side of his rant. He talked about "Getting his hands on the stubborn boy," and " Convincing his little badger that this was how things were meant to be," Bruce feared for this kid's safety Vlad clearly had enough access to speak with the kid and that was clearly to much freedom for the predatory billionaire.
Vladimir would complain about "Daniel's bumbling idiot of a biological Father who was keeping them from being the perfect family,"
Honestly Bruce should have snapped earlier but there specific event that pushed him over the edge. He'd invited Masters over for a chat about parenting techniques. Not even two minutes after he entered the Manor, Vladimir had and started his usual disgusting rant about Daniel and Bruce tolerated it. At least he did tolerate it until he admitted to hurting Danny, insisting it was "out of love" and "For the sake of progress"
Bruce saw red, he lunged. It wasn't until his children were prying his hands hands off Vlad's neck that he managed to calm down. He couldn't imagine looking at his children the way Masters did the thought of hurting them in the ways that Vladimir described what he did to Danny made bile creep up his throat...
He needed to find Daniel Fenton, he was obviously in danger and needed to be protected.
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Inspired by this
What is instead if making the deal while pharia is in charge, they attempt to make it while dannys already been kings for centuries
So ra al ghul wanted better standing in the infinite realms and get access to better Lazarus pit water
So what dose he do?
He offers his grandson as a bride... and if the king dosent want a bride it'll be an offering none the less
So the LOA kidnap damian and prepare to travel to the infinite realms to try and make a deal with the ghost king
Talia, finding this out, runs to bruce (who has spent the last 3 days without sleep trying to find out where damian is) and explains everything
They call a meeting and explain that Ra is trying to gain standing in the infinite realms by offering damian as a bride, every member looses it, dick tim and jason are all foaming at the mouth and loading up weapons left and right because that is their 12 YEAR OLD BABY BROTHER FUCKERS
So talia is driving with the batfam to get her son back while re-evaluateing her opinion of the batfam because they've gone fucking nuts
1 day later they arrived in the infinite realms and immediately decided to break into phantom keep
Thats where damian is being held and they have no time to loose
When the wall they crashed into cleared, they are met with the sight of damian playing with a glowing green puppy, A white haired being with a flaming crown talking to a tied up Ra al ghul and a living armor stand with a flaming sword watching over damian
Dick, still foaming at the mouth, walks up and punches Ra in the face, turns to the guy with the crown and says
:look i know they offered you a bride but-
: if you think im accepting this your more crazy then him
The white haired guy points to damian who is still playing with a dog, looks dick in the eyes and said
: that is a child! He. Is. A. Child. And im not a pedo
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Tumblr media
- almost every fic that has Danny meet Red Hood first
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Court case for the jokers punishment
So the joker got an infection and eventually kicked the bucket
Bruce is nutral if a little sad
Jason is pissed he couldn't kill him
And all of the other batfam are releived that the jokers not out and about anymore, and atleast the family fight on the joker ends
During a family meeting to discuss the jokers death a Lazarus pit opened up and a...butler? Servent? Footman? Who knowes! someone in a suit...
Oh and he was floating off the ground and translucent
The batfam were on high alert and instant attack mode, damian tried to stab the guy and ended up tumbling through him
Bruce walked up and intended to intimidate him, but the guy walked through him...and right for jason
:you are jason todd, correct
:why do'you care
:you are the jason todd killed by the joker and reserected by currupted ectoplasm, correct
:my death is none of your business!
:mr todd, as a victem of the joker you are entiteled to a say in the jokers punishment
The whole room got quiet, jason was freaking out but...also calm. The pit was reacting to this guy like...comradery? Companionship? It wasent negative but not positive either
Bruce was still trying to intimidate the guy into giving them answers
Tim and dick were just staring
and damian was making another swing with his sword
:w-what do you mean, jokers punishment ???
The guy pulled out a seat and told everyone to sit, he pulled out a file and put it in front of jason, bruce went to grab it but the guy slapped his hand away
:only mr todd and trusted members of the ghost kings high court may read it
That was the first time he acknowledged bruce and he didnt like being ignored, jason couldn't hold in his chuckle at B getting frustrated
Slowly jason picked up the file and began to read, the paper on the top was a basic file of jason todd before he died, age,school, adoption date, birth place basic things though the thing that stood out was the words at the bottom
Cause of death: joker
Following it was the date, time, wepon and location of his death
He flipped to the next page and saw a similar file to robin, the day he started training, his first day out, how he met bruce, an analysis of his fighting gear from that time, his patrol rout
And at the bottom was the same thing with the same information
Cause of death: joker
Jason was starting to worry why he wasent freaking out about this file he was kinda a numb giddy if that made sense, the batfam were all looking at him expectingly and the butler guy was just watching him
:why are you watching me??
: oh, you see, some ghosts tend to...loose themselves a bit when confronted with...sensitive information, I'm just making sure you wont panic
That got a look from dick and tim, bruce just "hmm"ed and damian was still glaring at the guy
Jason turned to the next page and saw another thing like the last pages, except this one was much more recent, age, height, the day he came back to the public eye,
But there was alot more concerning writing
Death date, date of reserection, level of corruption, death age, core growth, manifested abilities
Jason gave a look to the guy but didnt freak out, though everyone at the table saw the look and was starting to get concerned, jason didnt know what to make of the information let along what it ment
He turned the page and saw one for red hood, age, number of wepons, occupation, date he made his davew, number of times he tried to kill the joker, ect;
Jason tried to ignore all the things that stood out and gave him a sinking feeling and the pit had an...odd reaction
He flipped a page and rather than another log thing there were pictures, mostly id photos and things accessible to the public, but there were also alot of photos that looked like tim took them when he was playing watchdog
He flipped the page and read the following:
You jason todd, due to the crimes and atrocities commiced to you by john, kur aka:the joker
One week after the jokers death he will be tryed and condemed for his actions, and dispite the unusual circumstances surounsing your existence you are entiteled to a say in how the joker is punished
Due to your previous and current occupation you have much more sway over the outcome of the trial then most of his other victmes though they will still have their say
You will not be forced to attend any trial or judgement, as this selecting processes is voluntary and you may reject having any involvement in the case of the jokers soul, condemnation or punishment
And dew to your unique standing with parties that for whatever reason (the big bad bat, you know who) may want to joker to get a lighter sentence than diserved the batman will not have nor get any power or say over the conditions of the joker. he will not have any say and you do not have to lisen to him on any matters concerning this trial
I thank you for your time and any question you may have berry( the ghost who delivered this to you) will answer any and all questions
High king of the infinet realms: phantom
P.S: most people in the infinite realmes kinda have a grudge against the batman so don't be shocked if berry dose something to him
Jason closed the file, handed it back to berry and just...sat there for a good 5 minutes
:mr todd do you have any questions you need answering
l:... I've been out of the loop d'ya think you could...give the the details of...whatevers going on...and what court trial for the jokers soul?
:ah i can do that mr todd.
So 24 hours ago the joker passed away, dew to the ambient ectoplasm in gothem he bacame a ghost in the infinite realms
At jasons confused look he said he'd explain later
:the high king of the infinet realms immediately had his soul captured and he is currently waiting for his trial
The joker has killed alot of people in the infinite realms and they want their pound of fleash, and king phantom is beyond willing to give it to them
So anyone willing is going to his trial next week to condem him
You were killed by the joker and are under unique circumstances, in fact it was up in the air weather to let you have a say or not, but you were dead and thus entitled to a say in his punishment
Because you fought the joker and died to protect gothem you have a larger sway over the outcome than most
:... so what your saying is... i can fuck over the joker even when hes dead?
:hhahaha hell yeah!!!
Jason jumped up and started laughing like a lunitic, now it made sence why the pit was giddy, it knew he'd finally get his pound of fleash and B couldn't do shit!!!
Batman: that cant be fair
: whyever not
: he's already dead just let him rest
:after all the things he's done...never
: he's already been punished leave him be
That was the wrong thing to say as berry jumped out of the chair, knocking it over and jamming the table into the rest of the batfams ribs
:he die-
:WE ALL DIED!! HE'S DIED, I'VE DIED, HELL YOU'VE DIED! That dose not excuse his crimes! Besids! What do you think he'd do in the infinite realms! Think you egotistical furrie a madman with no punishment, developing powers and access to multiple universes! Its a disaster waiting to happn you idiot
:it's still unfair, i will stop it
: how moron! you have no say in this you are naither a victme or a trusted member of the high kings court, you have no power
:then I'll talk to this king
:*snort* sure you will...mr todd do you have anymore questions?
Jasons giddiness froze at being put on the spot so suddenly he froze mid-cackle and had to stand properly before he answered berrys question
J: uhh... how to i get to the trial, thing on the right time
: a servent will escourt you,AND ONLY YOU, to the event. Good day and fuck you!!
Berry opened a portal, stepped through and gave bruce the finger
Everyone kinda stared at where the portal was, jason was the one to break the silence by giggling
: hahaha i still get to fuck over the joker and, for once, you can't stop me, later you egotistical furrie
Jason ran to his bike and floored it out of the batcave, he has to plan
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Hello there seemes to be a problme with my lasp post i may need to delete it, sorry about that I'll give you an update soon
Edit: so i had to delete the post, i was able to copy it so im trying to re-port it
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Someone actually manages to get the answer as to WHY he was like that
He told them that is creepy godfarther/uncle was trying to fuck his mother, murder his farter and make him his business currupt son
Danny talked about how this "fruitloop" would forceful drag him to galas, photoshoots, interviews and after all the drama of adopting all those things have become a PTSD trigger
Everyone feels sorry and after that he's no longer pestered by the press
(Yes all his siblings are jelous and proud)
Until said creepy godfarther/uncle tries to get custody over danny, all bruce wayne did was relese the information to the press
Now there are hundrers of gothem press breaking down his door for making them deal with the feral racoon he traumatised
dp x dc prompt #54
When Danny was first given the opportunity to make a public persona when he came to live in Gotham, he was a little bit concerned. How was he supposed to come up with an entire elaborate character to act as all the time. Then he remembered the time that Vlad called him a rabid badger when he got especially angry and a genius idea came into existence.
When the press gathered around to interview and write about the newest Wayne adoption, they thought they had seen it all already. The last new child had tried to skewer one of the unsuspecting interns after all. When the teenager didn’t even get all the way out of the car before punching someone standing too close and snarling at him, several considered filing their resignation letters on the spot. The pay wasn’t worth this.
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Danny meets the batfam by crashing his car
So danny was going for his driving lisense, and it turns out he has inherited his farthers lack of driving skills
So he wanted to get better at driving
But to practice he needed to actually drive
No one in amity park will let another fenton drive without a full lisenclse and proof that their a better driver than jack
So sam, tucker, jazz and danny go to some city with high crime rate so him crashing and driving like a lunatic wont stand out too bad
Well 2 hours later and sam and tucker making appointments with a heart doctor and danny is a little better
They were talking about food when danny made a wrong turn and crashed through a wall
When they all looked up they saw a group of furries being held at gun point and screaming and a guy with a red bucket on his head cursing and waving guns at them
They all look at eachother
Back to the furries
Back to eachother
And then cheif furry stepped foreword and was about to say something when danny paniced
He put the thing in reverse floored out, put it back into drive and turning so fast he flipped the car, once the car was right again he reversed into another wall of the building and then used the ecto-charge fearure on the car to activate the ectoplasm in the engine and floor it faster then the flash
He's sure this wont backfire
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Damian: *just got back from the first day of school,
Damian: farther
Bruce: yes damian
Damian: how old do you need to be to get married
Bruce: uh- 18 why?
Damian:... that is acceptable
Bruce: wa- why do you need to know!!!
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Vlad is Ra al ghul
After jack and maddies death danny and vlad had one final brawl which resulted in the both of them having breakdowns and eventually having a heart to heart so their on better terms now
By the time danny ghost king coronation was coming up vlad was conflicted a part of him wanted to follow in dani's footsteps, leave to explore and no longer live for someone else
But another part of him didnt want to leave his obssession(danny) alone and just cut contact
In the end danny gave vlad a fenton-phone with the ability to teleport vlad to danny and danny to vlad, danny also had one so he could do the same to vlad
So vlad traveled between the infinite realms and eventually setteled in a little universe where he relaxed for a while
Until he started aging again, danny, vlad and frost bite did some experimenting and discovered that because vlad wasent a true halfa if he was removed from ectoplasm for certain amounts of time he'd age again and eventually die
So vlad asked danny to create a pool of ectoplasm in the mountains.
More years passed and eventually vlad created the LOA, danny knowes about it but dosent aprove, vlad never stopped contact with danny he just stopped teleporting him there every month
He had a daughter and a grandson, created a fake name so only a few people knew him real name and was currently being harassed by a group of furries
Yes, danny dose repeatedly, make fun of vlads life
Now where this takes a turn is when during a fight with batman at the LoA
The batfam were all there and watching as Ra al ghul fight bruce to see the fate of their lives
However during the fight Ra dropped something that looked like a phone which bruce picked up
The way Ra reacted to bruce having it told everyone it was important, so bruce was planning to trade it for the batfams lives when he pushed a button on the thing
A *beep* and a flash of light was all the warning anyone got before a white teenager in regal attire was floating there holding the devise
The being looked breefly suprised before turning to Ra
:really fruitloop, you teleport me now
: apologies little badger, but it was the bat that teleport led you
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The young justice and danny
The young justice were annoyed at the JL for not giving them a proper chance to prove themselves
Their claim that supergirls "too immature" that conner needed to "gain better control over his powers" was BS and their claim that megan needed "more experience" it was all BS
So they decided to go to the watch tower and refuse to leave until they tell them how to get into the JL
Was it immature? Yes but they were tired of their "excuses"
So they spend the next 2 and a half hours harassing different JL members until one of them gave them a way to proove themselves
After a while wonder woman gets a beautiful idea
She tells them to follow her
They arive at a training room to see superman and a black haired teenager
The young justice were immediately pissed, why did this nobody get proper training
So when wonder woman said that if they manager to beat this kid in a sparring match to become official JL members thay were exited
They were even more excited when she said they could all attack at once
Supergirl woke up in the watchtower medbay, surrounded by other young justice members, confused tired and in pain
Thats when wonder woman and the kid from earlier walked in, smirking
:hey there, i think we got off on the wrong foot, I'm danny 15 year old prince of the infinet realms
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Patron God/Ghost King au
where after a few centuries of boredom, Danny gets a sudden influx of college student worshippers but it's not too worrying since all the offerings he's gotten so far are just different snacks ranging from crackers to a full bowl of mac n cheese. Without any other options, he goes to the only halfa he knows who had finally settle down from dimension travelling to studying in a dimension where she knows the people wouldn't need an extra helping hands of a hero.
King Danny "get me out off paperwork" Phantom: Heya Dani, do you know if something happened that resulted in mass worshipping?
Danielle "I built a shrine of my brother in the empty storage closet of my dorm building to see if it would work" Phantom: gee golly I have no clue on what could have happened to result in that
Words tend to spread really fast especially when it comes to tired students who has nothing else to lose. Besides, after leaving a a potato chip on the creepy looking shrine in the storage room and feeling a strange wave of calm/relaxed/focus and passing that paper you've been struggling with for the whole year, who wouldn't keep doing it and leave even more snacks.
Next thing you know there'll be a creepy little shrine piled with snacks on top of it in empty storage rooms of different college and universities. Eventually the students find out what to call their entity of calm after one claimed to left their notebook in the storage only to find a little scribble that says Phantom in that slightly glowing and possibly toxic green ink.
In hindsight, Tim should have probably stayed at home and rest after staying up all night finishing a paper due the day after tomorrow but Bruce had asked if he wanted to tag along the JL meeting with the JLD because of... whatever it was Bruce mentioned so who in their right mind would say no to that. So now here he was half listening to the banter meeting about some eldritch entity that could be a threat to humanity and what offering should they provide to complete the summoning. Of course after hearing a familiar name of his preferred deity of submitting papers on time, the delirious boy never even registered what he said.
Tim "barely conscious on his 11th cup of Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order" Drake: Phantom?? give 'em poptart... green flavour...
[this was just a fun little thought but I might add on to it from time to time]
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