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Memento Mori - DPxDC
What was beyond death. Was there anything at all? Was there nothing?
That was what he always wondered.
When Clark was a child, he looked up to his fictional hero: Danny Phantom. A half-dead guy in a comic book series that led to the most bisexual awakenings in the century.
Clark liked to go back and reread the comic books from Issue #1 (they were fairly short, but all parts of an “episode”, almost like those ads on shows, but the wait time was every two weeks). He tended to read them all in one sitting, and yet oddly enough, never disturbed as he murmured the made-up summoning spell under his breath.
He could’ve sworn he had been going through them for over an hour and not twenty minutes.
It was Phantom who inspired him to continue being Superman in his darkest moments. He also considered himself physical proof that Danny’s palette swap was enough to hide his identity.
The glasses ARE enough.
When Clark found out he had a clone, he was ecstatic to be able to teach Conner anything everything, to answer any questions his little brother had.
Danielle “Dani” Phantom and her awaited return in “Issue #46 D-stabilized” caused him to become a mama bear to Conner out of the fear he would melt within a few weeks. But it wasn’t like anyone at the Watchtower had to know that small detail.
Getting married to Lois was the best day of his life, the day of Jon’s birth also fighting for that first place spot in his mind.
He had a clone brother, a wonderful wife, a beautiful son, and an amazing group of friends that work together to protect the planet he calls home.
But everything started to fall apart when a protest against metas took it too far, Jon’s powers started to develop and he was seen accidentally tripping, falling, and catching himself by hovering a few inches above the pavement.
Jon said he considered himself lucky nothing scarred. He laughed everything off when it came to the topic.
But it shook Clark, Lois, and Conner to the core.
Memento mori.
It reminded Superman that despite his impenetrable skin, Death can come at any moment. Even for him.
When Danny was a little boy, he dreamt of reaching the stars, he wanted to be able to touch the moon, explore Mars, and roam the galaxy he resides in and beyond.
He read these comic books of a league of heroes, a team with space cops, super powered humans, a man dressed in a bat suit that was more effective at capturing rogues and villains than some of the powered members, aliens, and so much more.
He flipped through the weekly published comics, learning to read better than most at a young age. He had two favorites, Superman and Martian Manhunter.
Danny wanted to explore the stars like his heroes. He wanted to be able to fight as well as the big Bat. He wanted superpowers. He wanted to help people. He wanted to fight his own set of supervillains. He wanted to be able to succeed and be loved.
Oh how he got everything he wanted but the last.
Tucker and Sam were the only reason he hadn’t broken yet, the reason he was still standing.
The anti-ecto acts, the GIW, Vlad, Pariah Dark, and his- Jack and Maddie’s sadistic comments about ghosts were the last straw.
The hero always wins… they don’t die to the evil they want to stop… right..?
The sound of a scraping scalpel, the buzz of the lights, and the squeals of pleasure - as his ghostly heart was found again and again and prodded again and again - filled his ears for an unknown length of time.
His cries for help were never answered until a summoning pulled at his core, it was a personal calling, someone had managed to find his calling card.
The tears of relief stung his eyes as the dissection table with his body strapped down to it was sucked into a summons portal.
He was spat out in front of kids, most likely teenagers, due to the shrieks of horror and surprise.
Oh… oh how he prayed to the Ancients that he’d live to see another day as a tears slipped out of his eyes.
Memento mori.
Jon found out about his comic book collection and wanted to show Damian.
Clark hummed as he typed up an official report on a rogue attack to send to the Watchtower.
His blood ran cold when he heard his son scream from over in Gotham.
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Tumblr media
~ Valentine's Chrom (and Robin) ~
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Tumblr media
Business casual 👔✨
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Dc x Dp prompt #08
Danny is stuck in a dating simulator game (for whatever reason) and he can't find a way out of this game.
Tim bought this game because he was bored and wanted something to play. He caught his eye with the character that wasn’t on the list that can be dating.
Maybe that's a secret character that needs to be unlocked before dating?
He will find a way to flirt with that character, no matter what.
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Bruce looked at the pop-up on the Batcomputer's screen.
"Explain," he growled, glancing down at Tim.
"Not much to explain," Tim answered, pulling up lines of code. "It showed up ten seconds ago."
"I'm starting a full diagnostic," Barbara said, voice filtering through the speakers. "So far, I'm not seeing anything."
"And yet..." Time trailed off glancing at the window again. It had a video queued up to play and the words "IMPORTANT: PLEASE WATCH. DO NOT DELETE" in large text at the top.
"There's a new folder labeled 'a gift for Batman,'" Tim said. "Not something any of us made."
"I'm still not finding any viruses, corrupted files, or spyware," Oracle said. "The new folder was programmed to stay in a hidden partition for a few days after it was placed. Then, obviously, the pop-up to catch our attention."
"Folder also has a text file named 'security notes,'" Tim said. "Maybe our new hacker is friendly?"
"It's starting to look like it," Oracle agreed. "The video is clean. It should be safe to watch."
Bruce sighed. "Then let's see what they've got for us."
The video opened with a dark room. The background hidden in shadows, while the foreground was well lit, letting them clearly see the tired teen in the center of the frame as he took a heavy swig from his mug before putting it down.
"Pulling up facial recognition."
He ran a hand through his messy black hair and then down his face, pinching his nose and hiding the bags under his blues eyes for a moment before he dropped his hand and finally looked at the camera.
"I really don't want to do this," he said, "but you need it." He glanced longingly off screen in the direction of the mug he'd put down.
"First of all, I think I should apologize for hacking you. Or asking my friend to, technically. I just. You need to know about this and I didn't know of another way to get it to you that would be secure.
"I did at least make him promise to make a record of how he got in so you can patch that.
"That out of the way... to business? I'm Danny Fenton, for the last year or so I have also been the hero Phantom in Amity Park. My parents are Jack and Maddie Fenton. They are ectobiologists and ghost hunters. While extremely biased and not actually that good at catching ghosts, their tech is easily the best in the business."
"That's a positive match."
"Running a search on Phantom."
"I- fucking shit." Danny put his head in his hands again, running them back through his hair before leaning back, almost collapsing into the chair.
"This kid has... gotten into some shit."
"Everyone knows you're the League's strategist, Batman. And. I'm strong enough. I can handle my problems, that's not what I'm worried about.
"It's been about a year and I've already been mind controlled once." Danny laughed. A dry, broken, almost desperate laugh. "And that was just some lowlife that wanted to rob jewelry stores. I'm still not worried about. It's not why I'm sending you this. The magic relic he used is broken and gone now."
"Well that explains one of his problems."
"The others?"
"An attempted kidnapping and fairly standard property damage. I want to see some footage of those fights before passing judgement."
"Even more standard given he doesn't seem to have a mentor. Batman, he was fourteen."
"No. I. I've seen a version of the future. One where I go mad. Where I snap. And the Justice League can't stop me.
"I don't know if I- he kills everyone. I don't know who, if anyone, makes it out. But it's not anyone that could really do much. I... I saw ten years after he- I snapped. Earth was little more than rubble and ash. Only one city was left holding out and it was about to fall- was falling when I got there.
"I've managed to change the time line. What broke him didn't happen here. But. I can't guarantee nothing ever could.
"So. Yeah. Next best thing is making sure you're prepared. All my powers. All my weaknesses. Everything I know of that could possibly hurt me. Schematics and blue prints for anything you could need to fight me, track me, keep me out, keep me contained. All nice and giftwrapped for your convenience.
"Uh... that's everything. Why is it always so awkward to end a video? Hopefully we never see each other? I guess? Pretty sure us actually meeting is gonna be a bad sign.
"You know what. I'm gonna turn this thing off now before I say something stupid."
"Batman, who's 'Phantom'?" Superman asked, glancing up from the Watchtower computer he was working at. "Aren't we supposed to vote on new members?"
Batman grunted. "He's not a member, just someone who understands the need for contingencies."
"You know what, I'm not gonna even ask."
"Probably for the best."
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Peter giving Bucky piggy back rides or even just sitting on Peter's shoulders.
They can only do this at the compound. And maybe it first happened on accident. Surprise tackle from behind that went wrong.
But Bucky loved it.
But now the team is confused who is the top and bottom.
They both switch.
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Tumblr media
Engage said Chrobin Rights so…
Ref used!
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Short DPXDC Prompts #657
It was supposed to be a basic bust. Get in, beat up the goons, alert the GCPD of the illegal goods, get out.
This bust wasn’t the same. The strange men in the white suits overwhelmed Nightwing and Red Hood and knocked them out. Nightwing woke up still in the warehouse. Red Hood however, was gone.
Red Hood didn’t know what these Ghost Investigation Ward guys wanted him for but a sinking feeling in his gut said that it wasn’t for anything good
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DP X DC Prompt
Jack and Maddie's Purge Weekend
Being married for 20 years and being together longer gets on you sometimes. Especially if you act sickeningly too sweet all the time.
So Jack and Maddie decided that they need a weekend Purge. A weekend where they go their separate ways and do what they want (no crime) and there will be no effect on their marriage no matter what.
On one of these purges, they went to Gotham. One where Jack got drunk and had an affair with Dr. Sheila Haywood, after getting drunk herself. She just had a bad sex night with her boyfriend Wills Todd.
Meanwhile, Maddie went to a Wayne sponsored science convention for inspiration. She ended up having an affair with Bruce Wayne. Before the deed, she told him sternly that under no circumstances could this get out. Bruce agreed, thinking what his crazy exes would do (*cough* Talia*cough*)
In Jack and Sheila's case, Jason is all but guaranteed. BUT in Bruce and Maddie's case, a certain Master of time had to poke holes in B's condom and swap Maddie's pills just as she was taking it.
CW: Things are about to get interesting
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DP x DC prompt - Uncle-Son
Bruce Wayne accidentally adopted his uncle.
In his defense, he didn’t know the kid was his uncle. 
Daniel Fenton was born Daniel Wayne, brother to Thomas Wayne. 
Daniel Wayne disappeared from the hospital a few hours after he was born. The hospital staff covered it up by giving the parents a stillborn and telling the parents he had died.
Daniel Fenton meets his nephew, Bruce Wayne, when the man forcibly takes him home after catching him wandering Gotham by himself at night.
Now the question is, does he call Bruce “Nephew” or “Dad”?
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Something different ... the fics are ao cute and awesome.
Some Bruce/Danny fics. They are the same age on these ... no Old/Young
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Slides the folder over]
Read my fanfic.
Anyways! I wrote a fic a few weeks ago with a prompt here on tumblr and even did some doodles to go along with it. I then posted it onto AO3 and, turns out, people really liked it! Wow! 
So I decided to render out those sketches into these lovely scenes! And yes I did use the webtoon’s style I was not about to go tumbling over how to draw the batboys in my own style. I don’t know how accurate any of this is but I did have fun. 
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I didn’t write two parts this week or anything. Nope.
But apparently you all have been very good/bad/tired/enby and deserve to be spoiled. Who am I to deny that?
Master List: Start of ‘Thirst Trap Lessons‘ wc 1220
Danny jolted up, going out of frame on the video call. “I have to seduce Red Hood.”
“…dude,” Tucker said after a moment. “He already likes you.”
“As Jason.”
“You just said they’re the same person,” Sam pointed out.
“That’s not important, not if they’re pretending they’re not. He’s not, I mean. If I want to date Jason I have to convince Red Hood to let me and the easiest way to do that is to get with Red Hood too.”
“Just pointing out that, again, he already likes you, my dude.”
“As Jason. How is this confusing you?”
Keep reading
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Tumblr media
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Clartz 100 Theme Challenge - 14. Smile
Bartz laid in the tent next to the blonde swordsman who held him in his arms as he slept. He studied his partner, his tourmaline eyes twinkling with a particular fondness only the other warrior saw. Gingerly, he brushed away blonde bangs away from Cloud’s face and cupped his cheek with a hand, a soft smile gracing his lips.
The wind chaser reminisced when he first met Cloud, a warrior who was aligned with Chaos at the time. They encountered in a battle, crossing blades for the sake of the gods. There was something he noticed that day when he fought Cloud. Unlike the other warriors of Chaos, who had malevolent intentions and thirst for power, Bartz saw pain and doubt behind Cloud’s mako eyes. It was a look that made Bartz question why.
Even when Cloud was eventually brought over to Cosmos’ side, the swordsman still exhibited the same broody expression. At the time, the swordsman was lost and doubtful, even if he appeared to be calm and collected. Cloud often questioned why he was fighting and what he was even fighting for.
Bartz tried to get a better understanding of his ally at the time, to try and dig deeper and help him open up, but it always seemed the other was adamant on keeping him at arm’s length. He recalled the pained expression Cloud sometimes wore when he thought no one was looking, or the way his eyes showed hurt behind his stoic exterior. Bartz really wanted to comfort and support the other, but Cloud was stubborn like that, he wouldn’t let anyone get close to him.
Seeing him now after a few years, Bartz saw someone completely different. Cloud seemed more at peace, relaxed, and open. During their journey, Bartz saw Cloud smile for the first time. Although it was a small one, it was there, and Bartz found it to be beautiful. It was a smile that made his heart skip a beat, and one of that eventually made him fall head over heels for him.
Bartz was happy. Cloud was finally able to let his guard down and open up to him, sharing intimate moments only the wanderer experienced. Thinking about this got him grinning from ear to ear, as Bartz nuzzled into the crook of Cloud’s neck, feeling content to be laying in the other’s arms. He felt happy, whole, and there was nothing else in the world that mattered more.
Cloud groaned softly, his eyes fluttering open to reveal his gorgeous azure eyes, traces of mako glowing within those pools. Upon locking gazes, the swordsman tightened his arms around the wind warrior’s waist and brought him closer, foreheads pressed together. Bartz giggled as he wrapped his arms around his partner’s neck, staring lovingly at him.
Cloud sighed contently, flashing that unique smile explicitly reserved for his wind chaser.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy V, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bartz Klauser/Cloud Strife Characters: Bartz Klauser, Cloud Strife Additional Tags: Dissidia NT - Freeform, Post-Canon, inspired by all the canon flirting between Cloud and Bartz throughout this whole game, cw: Alcohol Mention
After the final battle against Shinryu, the warriors summoned by Materia and Spiritus are returned to their home worlds—all except for Cloud, who accidentally ends up in Bartz’s home world. Bartz promises to help Cloud get back to his home world, but Cloud isn’t too bothered to be in a whole new world with Bartz at his side. When the two warriors finally get to spend time together—time that doesn’t involve fighting or running for their lives—the feelings that have been building up between them finally begin to emerge.
The dust had finally settled after the battle against Shinryu, and now the warriors summoned by Materia and Spiritus began to disappear, returning to their home worlds one by one. Bartz and Cloud were standing next to each other in the desert sand, with only a moment left before being transported back to their home worlds. They turned to face each other—perhaps for the last time.
“Well, looks like this is the end of the road for us,” Bartz told Cloud.
“Looks that way,” Cloud reticently responded.
Bartz could feel his eyes begin to water so he smiled brightly and told Cloud, “Well… this was fun! You know, when we weren’t running around, getting lost, and having to fight all the time, of course. But I guess even then…it was still fun getting to partner with you!”
“Yeah. It was.” Cloud gave him a slow, gentle smile—the kind of smiles he’d been giving Bartz throughout their travels together. The kind of smiles that had felt unexpected at first, and now…not so unexpected.
Bartz put his hands on his hips and replied, “Well, I’d say see ya later, but… I guess I won’t…”
He glanced down and quickly lost his grin. Bartz hadn’t been exactly the best with goodbyes before, but he was able to handle them with little heartache. Saying goodbye to Cloud, though… He already felt the ache of it in his heart.
Continue reading on AO3
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here’s a comprehensive list of all the highly legit reasons why everyone should start shipping Cloud / Bartz in our lord’s year of whatever
THE CONTRASTS.  there’s a lot, first we got the immediate aesthetics with Bartz’s bright pastel clothing palette having minimal coverage with this really lightweight tank top and sashes adorned all over with decorative beads, then there’s Cloud with these bulky uniform-esque outfits all predominantly dark colors, all baggy and heavy and harsh.  like you can really just judge the book by its cover with these two, y’know?
this contrast of light vs. heavy reflects in their fighting styles too,  Bartz is adaptive and fast as all getout,  but you can feel Cloud’s weight in his strides.  he’s heavy,  and he hits hard but at the cost of really having to commit to every action without the wiggle room to switch gears if he’s halfway through a swing.  power battle couple.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
another hot contrast is storywise   -   Cloud’s narrative involves the reveal that he ultimately failed to achieve his dream of following in his hero’s footsteps and thus thematically becomes an inversion of this prospect of fame,  success,  and the inheritance of power through the fact that he achieves such greatness (read: trauma) through arguable bad luck and a series of accidents,  and being just this normal small town boy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Bartz,  on the other hand,  inherits his late father’s legacy despite the latter’s wishes for him to live a life free from such burden,  and is chosen to be a Warrior of Light.  so it’s like……   a boy who was rejected and considered a failure with a boy who was chosen to carry his dad’s legacy.  love that.
also hey,  Bartz lost his mother at a young age and was raised by his father until his passing a few years before the start of the game.  Cloud lost his father at a young age and was raised by his mother until her passing a few years before the start of the game.
now check out some OTHER GOOD STUFF:
the chocobo connection  -  Bartz adores his chocobo.  Cloud’s hair is described as looking like a chocobo.  give me a dollar.
Cloud has easily triggered motion sickness.  Bartz is afraid of heights.
never forget that Cloud was on Chaos’ side before Cosmos brought him over to hers.  meaning that once upon a time in 012,  he and Bartz were fighting on opposite sides in a cosmic war between two gods.  spicy stuff.
ACTUAL CANON STUFF NOW OK  so Cloud’s honestly pretty absurdly kind to Bartz when they’re paired off in Dissidia NT just going off comparison to how he tends to treat characters in all his other spinoff appearances,  and it’s not even just exclusive to NT,  his opening battle quotes to Bartz in both PSP titles are also notably kinder in nature.  likewise,  Bartz in both his original game and especially in his PSP appearance isn’t really the sort to have any trepidation over saying whatever to whoever,  and yet there’s that cute little  “sooo uhhhhh……….. i’m glad you didn’t forget about me :)”  and  “oh you’re breaking my heart”  and “always the consummate gentleman”  and they got that wholesome little background guitar strumming going.  
Cloud is straight up chill and relaxed the entire time they’re together,  their scenes just come off as so peaceful compared to all these other nerds turning into furries and having daddy issues in real time.  you’d almost expect someone like Bartz to grind on Cloud’s nerves,  but in canon he just…… doesn’t.  Cloud goes out of his way to find him,  saves him,  sticks with him the entire game,  is just overall very at ease around him.  NT’s story is empty trash but this is nice stuff.
Shantotto keeps awkwardly interrupting their staring contests and i just think that’s very anti behavior of her.
Sephiroth knocks Cloud into Bartz like he’s a bowling pin and like honestly me too.
“wait,  that is your name,  right?  Cloud?  like puffs in the sky?”
listen they got the whole  i didn’t remember anything until you showed up  amnesia trope going on and that’s pretty groovy.
also the trope that they only have this much time together before they’re either killed or sent back to their own separate worlds where they might just forget everyone and everything all over again.  
Tumblr media
they’re good.  i accept support and dollar bills.
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