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Lame Superpowers
1. Superhuman sense of smell, but only for expired milk.
2. Imperviousness to photosensitivity - can stare at bright lights indefinitely without blinking.
3. Telepathy with inanimate objects, but they only communicate mundane facts.
4. Light-dependent invisibility - Can turn invisible, but only in the dark.
5. The power to talk to animals, but they only want to discuss their favorite TV shows.
6. Ability to levitate, but only a few inches off the ground.
7. The power to instantly grow fingernails at will.
8. Infallible memory, but it only works for the lyrics of songs from the ‘80s.
9. Selective invincibility - Can sustain any injury without dying, but only on Wednesdays.
10. Super-speed, but only while crawling on all fours.
11. The Human Clock - Can accurately tell the time down to the second without ever needing an actual clock.
12. Lint Magnetism - Attracts lint and dust particles from a 10-foot radius, making them the bane of clean freaks everywhere.
13 Spontaneous Napping - Can fall asleep instantly at will, but only for 5-minute intervals.
14. The Human Mood Ring - Skin changes color according to their emotions but with no control over it.
15. Toothpaste Teleportation - Can teleport toothpaste from one tube to another, but only toothpaste.
16. Sock Summoning - Can summon a random sock from any laundry basket at will.
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Found this weird flyer in the parking lot on my way out of my doctor’s appointment today. Y’all know anything about this? Should I call the number?
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summertimevideogames · 2 months
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summertimevideogames · 2 months
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summertimevideogames · 7 months
Thought I was the only one
i like how antidepressants make u sleepy
no time to be depressed or anxious if ur sleeping all day! 😂
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summertimevideogames · 7 months
antidepressants are literally magic.
like, i take a pill every morning and suddenly i actually wanna live my life and im not just constantly anxious and sad
i dont think i realised how badly i was doing until things got better.
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summertimevideogames · 7 months
my experience with fluoxetine:
week 1 - normal. a few nightmares, sleeping more than usual, but very much the same.
week 2 - mix between good days and apathy. sleeping 9.5 hours.
week 3 - tired and incredibly anxious. self harm urges, strong apathy. vivid nightmares and bad sleep.
week 4 - tired, spaced out, emotionally drained, anxious. sleeping and emotions similar to prev week.
week 5 - tired, spaced out, emotionally drained. less intense than the last few weeks.
week 6 - 4 decent days! still tired and unfocused but regaining more energy/interest in things.
week 7 - 5 decent days! still tired (+ etc), but the apathy is fading and definitely feeling more focus and passion. still sleeping badly, but way less nightmares.
week 8 - generally decent, but tired. sleeping is still bad, but things are looking up! no nightmares, just some bad dreams.
further notes:
- i'm more tired in the evenings! it makes it easier to fall asleep, but harder to eat dinner.
- doing something to wind down in the evenings makes sleeping through the night easier.
- consistently falling asleep around the same time (10) has made getting up in the mornings easier! not counting waking up in the night, i usually get 8/9 hours, which is much more than before - sleeping little during the week and then 12 hrs on weekends.
- i feel less intensely anxious about deadlines! this makes it easier to consistently work on stuff as opposed to doing a mad panic the night before, as i won't physically be able to stay awake.
- craving caffeine more.
- bad sleep generally means i wake up a bunch of times throughout the night, but i don't struggle with falling asleep.
- when having a bad day, eating is tough! i've had to take my time a lot more.
- missing a day is fine! don't take it late, just take your normal dose the next day.
- nearly fell asleep when doing stuff a few times. it's fine, being there is enough.
- definitely worrying less what people think of me.
tips (stuff that's worked for me):
- structured self care: i hate doing self care, and don't understand how to do it automatically, so i do activities at specific times. going swimming for me has been really helpful - it's an hour or so in a peaceful place with something easy to focus on, and gets me that sweet dopamine.
- let people know: it's personal, but if you feel okay to, let anyone who expects something from you know as soon as possible that you're not going to be your usual self. an in-person conversation can be stressful but people are much more understanding than i know i often give them credit for - everyone i've talked to has accommodated for me, and its made focusing on my health much easier.
- phone a friend: i personally struggle with mornings, and i've found it really helps me face the day to have a friend call me regularly on weekdays. just hearing a familiar voice means it's easier not to be stuck in freeze mode.
- being alone: being alone, especially in a stressful environment, made my brain kick my ass like nothing else. having someone around who gets it to keep you company is invaluable.
- tomorrow you: try to make things as easy as possible for tomorrow you. a shower might be a relaxing thing now, but a stressful chore tomorrow - take the easy option for tomorrow you, even if bed is easier.
- self harm urges: holding ice in my mouth and blasting fast intense music into headphones helped me, as did listening to podcasts that dissected mental health issues. i also talked to friends about it openly.
- rest: don't assume you'll be able to do extra things. if all you can do is turn up late, go home, and go to bed, that's fine. if you can't turn up at all, that's fine! focus on making things easier for yourself right now.
i've written this out because i struggled to find any online timelines (aside from "it kicks in in six weeks!") on the effects of fluoxetine/prozac when i was considering whether to take it, and it really stressed me out. hoping this helps out someone else - i'll add onto this if anything else of note changes.
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summertimevideogames · 7 months
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Silent Hill: is a franchise about an ambiguous force that physically manifests your trauma and guilt into a personalized symbolic purgatory Twitter reactions to the Silent Hill F trailer: “how is this silent hill??? silent hill is a series about naked mannequins and rusty gates”
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summertimevideogames · 9 months
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Virgos are unmatched when it comes to observing & analyzing! ♍️ Tag a bad Virgo bitch & check out our store today! 💕
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summertimevideogames · 9 months
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Sooo real.
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summertimevideogames · 10 months
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You're conducting a dangerous research
Remember to bring sweets
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summertimevideogames · 10 months
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valentines for u chuckleheads
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summertimevideogames · 10 months
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[Book Review] New World Witchery, by Cory Thomas Hutcheson
I’ve always enjoyed New World Witchery (the podcast). Here, Cory Hutcheson addresses some of the same subjects, plus more.
The title alone excites. So many works on folk magic focus on Europe and the British Isles. It’s great to see a shift in focus towards the traditions on the left of the Atlantic. It’s also much appreciated by us American witches!
North America’s magical traditions speak to the unique history of the continent. Hutcheson doesn’t shy away from the painful aspects of that history.
We’ve recently seen a (welcome) acknowledgement of colonialism’s psychic trauma. New World Witchery discusses this, and provides resources for further exploration.
This book does mention live animal sacrifice. It’s such a ubiquitous feature of ancient (and some modern) religions. I would’ve found the book incomplete without some mention of it.
The details on it that the author provides are appropriate. New World Witchery doesn’t give any how-to information for animal sacrifice, of course. Still, expect to learn a lot about its history in America.
This book mentions corpses (human) too. For millennia, locks of hair, bits of clothing, etc, have all connected sorcerers to their dearly departed. This book discusses the historical role corpses have played in North American magic. Hutcheson writes respectfully and with nuance, doing justice to this serious topic.
The author admits that magic can veer a person into strange situations. Hutcheson willing dives into the spooky stuff. This is fitting in a book about North American traditions, so many of which connect with local High Strangeness experiences. Mothman wants you to read this book, in other words. I asked him.
I love the author’s look at how secular North American holidays might relate to magical timing. The book also raises questions about the origins of magical materials, like gemstones. I would like to see this topic expounded upon by other authors - I think we, as a community, need to talk about this more.
There’s a lot of folklore in this book - spells, formulas, charms, leaving me with quite the appetite for it. I realize that much more would’ve made the book massive, though. Hutcheson provides ample sources for further reading.
The author’s treatment of recent New World occult phenomena interests me most of all. The book includes instructions for a classic creepypasta game hailing from online haunts. This brought me fond memories of life online in the illustrious mid-2000s. As online occult spaces become increasingly relevant, I love seeing authors address it. This book’s a gem.
Some will question the author’s choice to include a chapter on the Satanic Panic. I find it apt, timely, and important. We currently see the resurgence of a new such fear outbreak, spurred by the likes of Qanon and Pizzagate. Hutcheson shows how modern conspiracy theories often copy older blood libel legends. Not a fun thing to read about, but definitely important!
This is more than a collection of folktales and rituals from the Americas. New World Witchery gives us a vivid, dynamic picture of America’s psychic landscape. I give this book five out of five stars. It’s available from most online book retailers, and I highly recommend it!
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summertimevideogames · 11 months
Resident evil related
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