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OMG OMG OKAY HEAR ME OUT. ghostface ethan edging reader after reader receives a phone call from him…!!?!?!?!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ 𝐨𝐧 𝐞𝐝𝐠𝐞 ੈ✩‧₊˚ ]
pairing .: ethan landry x reader
genre .: suggestive content
word count .: 2k
warnings .: smut-ish (minors dni.), contains scream XI spoilers! scream plotline, threatening, mentions of a knife, soooo unedited, kissing, lingering touches, dry humping
author's note .: maybe planning on making another part to this <3 i have no idea if this is what was actually requested, but i had a lot of fun writing this! took a massive break from writing and i think i’m back, this is probably very ooc and might make no sense but i have zero experience writing thriller things like this idk. dialogue was used from the 1995 (or 7) scream movie. accepting constructive criticism, reblogs are appreciated. 
Tumblr media
“hey, pretty girl.”
pulling the phone away from your ear confused, you checked your screen to see who was on the other line, frowning slightly when you saw no contact.
“who is this?” setting the home phone back on it’s stand, you let the call ring out on speaker, turning your attention back to the stove.
“there’s no fun in telling you who i am just yet, why don’t you answer a few of my questions first.”
rolling your eyes, you shook the pot once more before turning to lean against the counter, the buttery smell of popcorn filling your nose. “why should i do that?” speaking over the loud crackles and pops coming from the fire, you moved around the island to grab a bowl.
“it’ll be fun. so tell me, what’s your favorite scary movie?”
“hm, i don’t know.” pouring the yellow kernels into the large bowl, you popped a few pieces into your mouth with a satisfied hum. grabbing the phone and turning it off speaker, you pressed it between your ear and shoulder, balancing the device steadily. “maybe, halloween? think that’s the one where that guy stalks the babysitters.”
“you think it was scary?”
“i guess, anyways. tell me who you are now.” ungraciously falling onto the couch, you picked at the pieces of popcorn that had fallen into your lap, licking your lips with a smile as a salty taste covered your tastebuds.
“can’t do that princess, haven’t finished asking my questions.”
“then hurry up and ask them already.” annoyance showing on your face, you reached across the many throw pillows and grabbed the remote —  clicking through the channels with disinterest, before going to browse your downloaded pick of scary movies.
“you got a boyfriend?”
eyebrows raising in shock, you stilled with a quiet laugh. “why, wanna ask me out on a date or what.” you teased the person on the other line, shifting in your seat as you began to ponder who you were really talking to.
“we’ll see, do you have a boyfriend?”
“no.” placing the overflowing bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, you stood to make way to your room, keeping the chunky phone against your ear.
“that’s a shame, such a pretty one you are.”
biting back a smile, you switched the light to your room on; bending down to open your drawer of pajamas, you tossed an oversized shirt onto your neatly made bed. “you gonna be this charming to me when i find out who you are?”
“got anymore questions for me, or can i start guessing who this is.” unbuttoning your jeans, you kicked the pair of uncomfortable pants off . turning the speaker back on, you tossed the phone onto your pillow, pulling your tank top up and over your head before slipping on the big shirt.
“go ahead, you’re giving me such a good show.”
“what are you talking about?” picking up the dirty clothes that you had left stranded on your floor, you walked into your connecting bathroom, putting the clothes in your dirty hamper.
“hm, that’s a nice shirt you’re wearing. where did you get it?”
eyes widening in surprise, you slowly turned back into your bedroom, your knuckles white as you gripped onto the phone. “can you see me?”
“ah what a good girl! putting her brain to some use.”
“if you can really see me, how many fingers am i holding up?” walking up to your window, you peered outside trying to get a good look. sticking out your middle finger, you squinted as you stared into your dark backyard, trying to piece together unfamiliar shadows. 
“funny, one.”
“shit.” shutting your blinds in hurry, you stumbled out of your room, quickly heading back downstairs. “who is this, jason?”
“from econ? no.” 
“you better leave me alone, my boyfriend is coming over soon.” closing the blinds to your backdoor, you shuffled into your kitchen, grabbing a large knife. “he’s strong, s-so get out of here!” 
“i thought you said you didn’t have a boyfriend?” 
“w-well i lied!” locking your front door, you turned down all the lights, curling into a corner, knife in hand. your breath was ragged, eyes darting from place to place in worry. “tell me who you are before i call the police.”
“quit being such a brat, the fun isn’t over just yet.”
chewing on your lip, tears lined your waterline as fear overtook you. anxiety creeping up your throat with every shallow breath you took. “this isn’t funny.” you flinched at the loud noise emitting from the buzzing device, a staticy and robotic laugh filling the eerily quiet apartment. 
“you look so cute with that knife. what’re you gonna do, stab me?”
“show yourself, you coward!” standing from the hardwood floor, you paced around the kitchen, blinking away any tears that threatened to spill down your pink cheeks. frustration and anger burning in your chest, when the anonymous caller laughed again.
“careful what you wish for.”
a loud ringing echoes from the phone as the call ends, the wind whistling against the windows has you whipping your head to each sudden noise. pressing yourself up against the wall, the knife that you held a safe distance away from you.
“where are you, motherfucker.” your voice just barely above a whisper, you jumped at the sound of your doorknob rattling – a fist loudly knocking against the wood of your door. “go away! i’ll kill you.”
“baby? hey, what’s going on it’s just me.”
“ethan?” letting the knife drop to the marble of your kitchen countertop, you winced at the loud clang. running to your front door, you stood on the tip of your toes, peering through the peak hole to see your boyfriend awkwardly standing in front of you. twisting the lock, you threw the door open before jumping into his arms.
“what’s wrong? did you forget i was coming or something?” pressing a quick kiss to your cheek, he circles his arms around your waist with a hesitant laugh. 
“no- no. this guy just prank called me, i was so scared.” pressing your face into his shoulder, you gripped onto his coat, muffled sobs racking from your chest. “he saw me, ethan.” 
“no, pretty, don't cry. i’m sure it was just some sick joke.” gently pulling you away from his tearstained coat, he cradled your face in the palm of his hand; wiping your wet cheeks, he pressed a light kiss in between your brows. “relax, no one’s gonna hurt you as long as i’m here.” 
“can you stay the night?” leaning into his touch, you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you. “don’t think i can sleep without you.” twirling his thick brown hair between your fingers, you sighed heavily, relaxing in his embrace. 
“of course, i was planning on it anyway.” adjusting the bag on his shoulder, he squeezed your hip once nudging you inside your apartment. “don’t want these creeps lookin at you, especially without pants.”
shaking your head with a smile, you wiped your remaining tears with the back of your hand, sniffling quietly and shuffling back inside. “lock it, please.” grabbing his bag, you tossed it onto the sofa, the sound of a lock clicking easing your shoulders.
“you were really scared, huh.” ethan laughs at the abandon knife on the counter, picking it up and putting it back with the other collection of cooking knives. 
“i was, that was the creepiest interaction i’ve ever had.” dragging your hands down your face with a huff, you walked over to your boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his torso and pressing your face into his back. “y’should jus’ move in with me.” your words muffled, you felt his chest rise and fall with another laugh.
“i was the one that made that request, i’d rather live with you than chad.” he loosened your arms around him, dragging you around his body so you were caged between him and the counter. “i am really sorry you had to go through that, did you call the police?” 
“no, i think there are worse things to worry about. it was just some silly call.” rubbing your arms nervously, you took a deep breath, reassuring yourself of any crazy thoughts. “i don’t want to talk about it anymore, how was your day?” pulling yourself up on the countertop, you shuddered lightly when your bare skin met with the cool marble. 
“uninteresting, just caught up in some classes, i missed you a lot.” moving in between your legs, he dragged his fingers against your thigh, teasing the hem of your shirt higher up your leg. “is this mine? i’ve been looking for it.” inching his hand up your shirt, he squeezed your hip, his thumb trailing along the lace of your panties. 
“mhm, it’s comfortable. didn’t think you’d miss it much.” sinking your teeth into your bottom lip, you placed your hands on his chest, drawing little circles into his shirt. looking up at him through your lashes, you licked your lips, your fingers settling at the base of his neck. “ethan…”
“what is it, baby.” bringing his other hand up to your cheek, he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “want me to stop?” moving to retract his hand that found it’s way under your shirt, he looked down at you with worried eyes, scared that he had read the room wrong. 
“no! no. i want you, ethan.” grabbing his wrist, you bring his large hands back to your body, leaning forward to press a sweet kiss to his collarbone. “do you— do you want me?” guiding his hands under your shirt, you whined softly, his cold fingers grazing your stomach. 
“oh fuck.” mumbling under his breath, he pressed his lips to your forehead, glancing down at your exposed panties; pretty and pink, decorated with a white lace, a small bow stitched right in the center. 
“gonna answer my question?” trailing along the seam of his belt, you played with the hem of his shirt, your lips lingering on his skin with every word you mumbled. 
“i do, baby. let me make you feel good.” rubbing up and down your sides with a light chuckle, he gently patted your waist. “you deserve it, such a good girl.” 
tugging at the collar of his thick coat, you pressed your soft lips to his with a happy hum, your fingers entangling in his curly brunette hair. swiping your tongue against his bottom lip, you brought your hand up to cup his jaw, pulling him impossibly closer to you. 
ethan grinned against your lips, snaking his arm around your waist to grind his clothed crotch against your damp panties. “s’wet for me, haven’t even done anything to you yet.”
gasping into his mouth at the roll of his hips, you squeezed your thighs around his waist yearning for more. “please, ethan.” your words blurred together as you continued to kiss him – you tugged lightly on his hair with a mewl, the bulge showing in his jeans nudging your clit.
“so needy, can’t wait–”
a deafening ring cuts him off, his phone softly buzzing in the pocket of his jacket. letting your hands fall from his hair and atop of his shoulders, you shook your head with concern. “ethan, no.”
“relax, i bet it’s just chad.” giving your thigh a reassuring squeeze, he reaches into his pocket, pulling out the red phone. tilting his screen, he showed you the number on the screen, one that he had not previously saved. “recognize it?”
“no, i wasn’t shown a number.” anxiously playing with your fingers, you kept your eyes glued to the vibrating phone. “put it on speaker.”
nodding at your request, you watched him accept the call, letting it play out loud. “who is this?” 
“hello, ethan. what’s your favorite scary movie?”
Tumblr media
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I Only See Daylight
Chapter Thirteen
Pairing: Din Djarin
Rating: E
Chapter warnings/tags: SMUT, first time, piv, fingering, bit of dirty talk & praise kink, loving sex, helmetless!din (in the dark), snuggling, gratuitous use of "baby" as a pet name
Chapter length: 5.2k
Previous Chapter | Series Masterlist & Info | Full Masterlist
Tumblr media
notes: enjoy :D also just a quick note that i'm so grateful for all of you wanting to be on the taglist, but i'll only add you if you have your age in your bio/if i know you're over 18!
Tumblr media
been sleeping so long in a twenty-year dark night (now i’m wide awake); and now i see daylight, i only see daylight
“He says there’s a rogue Pyke cell causing trouble in the town,” Din tells you as the door to your suite closes. The kid is curled up in his arm, already half asleep. “Should be a simple mission. He didn’t ask for my help, but I wanted to offer it.” 
You smile, heart warming at his words. He is always so quick to help his friends. Never hesitates. It’s one of your favourite parts about him. 
“Do you mind?” He asks. “I can stay, if you’d feel more comfortable.”
You shake your head. “It’s alright. I’ll be safe here.” 
He nods his agreement, then tells you he’s going to put the kid to bed. Before he does, you sneak a quick kiss to Grogu’s forehead, then watch with a smile as Din turns and takes him into his little room. 
As you head into the bedroom, removing the hair pins that have kept your hair back all evening, your stomach does a little flip as you remember Din’s promise from earlier. That he’d help you relax.
He could’ve meant any number of things. But his tone of voice made it pretty clear just which thing he meant. 
Alongside the excited anticipation comes some nerves, though. The only time you’ve really been intimate was very different to what this could be. There wasn’t a bed, for starters. A million questions are rushing through your mind at once as you perch on the edge of the bed, staring ahead at nothing, listening to the soft sounds of him getting the kid comfortable in the other room.
Is he going to want to take your shirt off? To see you? Are you going to be able to see him, his outline, or will he ask you to keep your eyes closed? How far is he going to want to take things? 
How far do you want to take things? 
Well, at least you know one of the answers: As far as he’ll let me. 
“Hey,” his voice comes through the quiet. He’s walking through the bedroom door, closing it softly behind him. Then, after watching you for a second, he twists the lock on it. 
Oh, kriff.
“Is that okay?” He asks when your eyes dart down to the door handle, to the lock he just clicked shut. 
You nod, enthusiastic. The light in here is dim and warm, orange lamps on each wall lighting up the space. He’s glowing amber and dark silver all at once. Just standing here, watching you, his fingers flexing at his sides. You wonder what’s going on in that beautiful mind of his. What he’s planning on doing next. 
You get so caught up in the beautiful mystery of him that you barely notice him stepping closer.
“Cyar’ika,” he says quietly. You watch as he crouches down in front of you, reaches out his hands and runs them up the outsides of your thighs. A soft sigh escapes your lips, your eyelids fluttering closed. 
“Din,” you breathe out. 
“What do you want?” 
And, kriff. If you answered that in all honesty, in all detail, you’d never stop listing the ways that you want him to touch you.
“Just you,” you whisper, and cup his helmet between your hands. “Please.” 
He nods in response. His hands come away from your legs, only disappointing for a second because you soon realise that he’s taking his gloves off, placing each one on the floor beside him. Then he touches you again, this time running his bare palms all the way up from your knees to your thighs, around the sides of your hips, landing eventually on your waist, holding you tight. 
You’re already crumbling under his touch. Subconsciously, your thighs clench together as you feel the first thrum of arousal shoot through your centre. 
His fingers are on your face, then, just one of his hands gently cupping your cheek. His bare skin is so warm, soft, not familiar enough for your liking. You wish you could feel him like this always; wish you could run your hands over every inch of him. 
“Din,” you find yourself saying, gripping tight to his shoulders. 
He slides his fingers back into your hair. Shit, it feels so good. “I want to turn the lights off,” he says unexpectedly.
You nod quickly, knowing that means he’s probably going to take his helmet off, let you touch his face—
His hand leaves your skin and instead finds the light switch on the wall, sending the room into darkness just a second later. A tiny beam of light shines under the door from the living room, and you can just about see his outline, your eyes getting used to the new dark.
Then, he takes his helmet off. 
And—the rest of his armour. 
Oh, fuck. 
Your hands are on him as soon as you hear the last of the beskar being removed, and you run your palms all over his flight suit, down the softness of his chest, up over his shoulders, his arms, his neck. Then they find his hair, maybe the best place to be, and you dig your nails into his scalp in your eagerness. 
He bites back a moan, his nose so close to yours that they brush together. “Cyar’ika,” he says, “you don’t know what you do to me.” 
You do know. You know, because he does the same to you.
“I want—” He cuts himself off. Like he’s not sure if he should say it. 
You lean in, kiss him. Hot and fast and urgent. “Tell me what you want,” you whisper into his mouth, “Please, Din. Whatever you want, you can have it.” 
He’s panting for air as he pulls away, pressing your bare foreheads together. There are loose curls falling in his face, a combination of your hair and his. “Just,” he says, “give me a second.” And he pulls away. 
You feel cold, all of a sudden, the lack of his body right in front of you the only thing you can feel. You see the vague outline of his silhouette backing up towards the wall, and then he stops.
“Are you alright?” You ask. 
He chuckles. It’s so fucking gorgeous outside of his helmet. “Don’t worry,” he tells you, “I’ll be back. Just—” 
A zip.
Multiple zippers, pulling, undoing. 
Then, the sound of heavy fabric falling to the floor.
Oh, fuck. 
“Din…” you breathe, your mouth suddenly dry. You can barely see the shape of his shadow, only the side of him that faces the light. It’s less than you could see of him back on the ship that night. 
And yet you know, you feel, that he’s bare before you.
He crouches down in front of you again, reaching for your waist. He doesn’t even have to search for you in the dark. 
“Can I…?” You ask, hands hovering uncertainly in the space between you.
He dips his head close to you, but misses your lips, instead diving right into your neck. One of his hands gently pushes your hair away, and then he’s kissing your neck, open-mouthed and wet. “Touch me,” he whispers against your pulse point. “Please. If you want to.”
You’ve waited so long for this. 
His bare skin. Right here. Just for you. 
The fact that he even had to specify If you want to is almost enough to make you laugh. But first thing’s first: 
You touch his face. Run your fingertips through his beard, back into his hair, scratching at his scalp. Then your hands move down to the back of his neck, and you’re used to meeting resistance there, the fabric of his cowl stopping you from going any further. 
But, fuck, he’s naked.
“Oh, kriff,” slips from your mouth and comes out closer to a sob than anything else. Your hands slide down the bare stretch of his back, feeling hair and scars and his muscles shifting as he continues to mouth at your neck, his hands gripping tightly to your waist. “Fuck, Din, it’s you…” 
“It’s me, Mesh’la,” he breathes, gently nosing at the neckline of your shirt so he can kiss the spot where your neck meets your shoulder. He sucks, pulls your flesh into his mouth. 
You gasp at the sensation, but your hands don’t slow in their path. His skin is so warm—hot—beneath your palms as they run over his back, down his ribs, catching on the bacta patch that still sits over his knife wound. It’s as you move to touch his stomach that you realise your hands are only a part of this. It’s your mouth that wants to feel him next. 
“Din,” you whisper, “please, on the bed, I need to…” 
“What do you need?” He settles his nose on your cheekbone, his moustache brushing right up against the corner of your mouth. His breath is so hot. So sweet. So familiar.
Before answering him, you can’t help it; you turn your head, catching his lips in a kiss that can only be described as desperate. Your hands find their way back to his face, their favourite place to be when he’s kissing you like this. He’s gripping your shirt in his fists and his tongue pushes against yours, slides, gives and takes just right. 
You tug at him, urging him closer, onto the bed. “Want to kiss you,” you say. 
“You already are,” he points out with a smirk. 
“Want to kiss you everywhere,” you pull harder on him, and he gets the message, breaking away from your lips for long enough to stand up and climb onto the bed. You follow him, but you can’t see him, and you accidentally kneel on his thigh. “Sorry,” you whisper.
He chuckles. “It’s alright,” then his hands are on you, gently pulling you close. 
“Do you have night vision, or something?” You ask as he guides you to settle on his lap. You can feel, now, that he’s leaning back against the headboard, his body stretched out on the bed beneath you.
“I just always know where you are,” he tells you. 
You snort a laugh. Your knees settle on either side of his hips, and you take the luxury of sliding your hands, slowly, up from his navel, through his chest hair, to his shoulders. 
“Kriff,” he curses softly, tugging you in even closer. You’re almost pressed chest-to-chest, and his hands are holding so firm at your hips that your shirt has rucked up a little.
You realise, then, that you’re still devastatingly clothed. 
“Wait, let me…” you start to unbuckle your trousers, then pause, ask, “Do you mind if I…?” 
“Whatever you want,” he says. 
You take off your pants, and then your panties, because right now the only thing you can think about is wanting his hands on you again like they were before. For him to touch you, feel you, to let him go places no one else ever has…
You hesitate at your shirt. 
It’s dark. He can’t see you. He wouldn’t be able to see your scars even if you did take your shirt off.
But his hands. He’ll feel them. Feel you. Every curve and line you were taught to hate, every scar they gave you to make it worse.
You can’t.
“Hey,” his soft voice, “it’s alright. You don’t have to.” 
You glance at him like you’ll be able to see his expression. Instead, all you can see is the outline of one side of his face. 
It’s enough. 
You let go of the hem of your shirt, settling in his lap, getting yourself comfortable again. His hands find your waist once more but they don’t linger, instead spreading flat against your back, separating so that one slides up towards the back of your neck, the other pressing as low as he can get on your spine. He’s cradling you, wrapping you in his arms. 
The need to kiss him comes back. 
You start at his lips, but soon trail the familiar path down to his neck. You meet no resistance from his armour though, and you can keep going, so you do. His clavicle, his shoulders, his arms, lifting them up one by one so you can press kisses all down his bicep, his elbow, his forearm. Then to his chest, nuzzling your nose in the hair there, letting your mouth open around his nipples and feeling your stomach buzz with arousal at the noise he makes. You feel it in his chest, the vibration against your face, in your mouth. 
He’s so real here, so hot and soft and perfect, all muscles and curves and soft edges amongst the sharp ones. You can feel scars on his skin, just small ones here and there. Your mouth pays special attention to each one, peppering feather-light kisses to every inch of them. 
All the while, his hand sits in your hair, gently massaging at your scalp. It feels so good, so fucking good, the gentle tug he gives every now and again just making it better. 
“Cyar’ika,” he says when your lips find their way back up to his neck, sucking a mark to the other side this time. 
“Mm?” You murmur. 
“Can I touch you?” 
You lift your head, your mouth leaving a wet spot on the underside of his jaw. “Please,” you whisper against his lips.
Then, his hands are everywhere and nowhere all at once. (He could cover every inch of your skin with his and it still wouldn’t be enough.)
He slides his palms down your arms, then over your stomach, circling around to your hips and down to your ass. He grabs it, one cheek in each bare hand, and squeezes.
“Kriff,” you breathe out, holding both of his bare shoulders tightly. “Din, please…” 
He brings his mouth to your ear, panting hot and beautifully into it. Without another word, one of his hands returns to your front, this time dipping between your legs, carting softly through the hair over your cunt before finding your clit, lifting the hood and pressing gently. 
You all but fall into him, every muscle in your body somehow relaxing and tensing all at once. Your grip on his shoulders tightens for a second before one of your hands slides up into his hair, taking a firm grip of it in your fist.
“Gods, you feel so good,” he whispers into the shell of your ear as his fingertip rubs gentle—too gentle—circles around your clit. “So hot and wet already for me, Cyar’ika…” 
“Only for you,” you promise him, dipping your head into his neck. Not to kiss, just to rest your forehead there, to feel his pulse beating beneath your nose. 
He slides his fingers down to your entrance, gathers some wetness before gliding them back up through your folds, feeling every inch of you, teasing, not quite getting back to your clit. You can’t help it; you grind down against his hand, trying to find some kind of friction, wanting him on you and inside of you so badly that it has you throbbing with every fast heartbeat. 
He presses his cheek to your hair, his spare hand still grabbing at your ass, sending shocks of pleasure to your pussy with every squeeze. It only spurs on the pulsing of your entrance, wanting him so badly. 
“Din,” you say, voice husky and broken, “please…baby, please, need you inside me…” 
“Fuck,” he curses, sliding his fingers down to your entrance. “Love it when you call me that.” 
“Kriff, yes.”
A breathy smile finds its way to your lips. You lift your head, place your mouth right over the shell of his ear. Then, finding the best sultry voice you can muster, you say, “Baby.” 
His moan is enough to kill you, right here on the spot. You wouldn’t need to know if heaven exists or not; you’re already there. 
Especially when he slides his fingers inside you, two at once, the perfect amount of stretch through your dripping wetness. Your walls clench around him, pulling him in, desperate to feel friction. 
“Oh, baby,” you breathe, feeling his muscles flexing beneath your hands at the name, “Baby, that’s so good.” 
He tilts his head, mouthing at your face, wherever he can get to. He finds his way back to your lips eventually and starts to kiss you slowly, in time with the slow push and pull of his fingers inside you. The heel of his palm brushes against your clit every time his fingers are as deep as they’ll go, and it feels so good, but it’s not enough—
You grind down against him, finding more friction. He lets you, going with your movements, allowing you to find pleasure in every move that you can. You’re gasping, your mouth all but watering into his. 
He tilts his hand a little so he can use his thumb on your clit, rubbing in earnest circles, matching the increasing pace of his fingers’ thrusts. 
“Oh, fuck, that’s good,” you curse, pulling away from his lips to press your forehead into his. You wonder if he can see your eyes gazing into his. You can’t see his, but knowing they’re there, looking at you—always looking at you—is enough. 
“Yeah?” He asks. “Just want you to feel good, Cyar’ika.” 
You nod encouragingly. “I’d feel even better with you inside me,” you find the courage to whisper.
“I am…” he stops himself, realising what you mean. Beneath you, you feel his still-clothed cock harden, jumping at the invitation. “Oh,” he breathes, his hand stilling between your legs. “Are you sure?” 
You pull back just enough that you’d be able to look into his eyes if it wasn’t pitch black. “If you want to,” you tell him, stroking a hand down his lovely, lovely face. 
“Gods, I want to,” he says, and you giggle breathily, leaning in to kiss him. “You have no idea how much I want to.” 
Reluctantly, but knowing it’s for the greater good, you climb off his lap. He follows you, curling around you as you lie down on your back, feeling him flip over so he’s hovering on top of you. As soon as you’re comfortable, he’s diving in, capturing your lips in a gorgeous kiss. Your hands find their way to the back of his neck, grasping his hair, then one slides down his bare back because it can, because you’re not about to waste any moment that you can get your hands on his skin.
He shuffles to get his underwear off, and when he’s back on top of you, you feel his cock bobbing against your thigh. 
“Fuck,” you whisper, “fuck, baby.” You reach down and take hold of him, wrapping his length in your fist. It somehow feels hotter in your hand than it did before; maybe it’s that his body heat is surrounding you in every other way, hovering above you like a safety blanket, something so familiar and brand new all at once—
He moans, leaning down to suck at your collar bone as you gently tug his cock, enjoying feeling the pulse of his heartbeat, the veins over his length, the bead of liquid pooling at the tip. 
“Please,” he begs into your neck, “can I?”
You don’t even have to think about it. You were ready to say Yes before he even asked. “Yes. Please, fuck, Din, fuck me.” 
His breath stutters. He takes a second to gather himself, then gently pushes your hand off of his cock, instead taking it in his own hand and pushing his hips down into yours. He slides the head through your folds, and the slick sound that fills the room is enough to send shocks of pleasure all the way through you before he’s even really touched you where you need him to.
“Are you ready?” He asks, so gentle, so caring, his forehead pressed into yours. His skin is sticky with sweat, his hair falling in your face.
You hold the back of his neck, and nod. 
Nothing could have prepared you for this.
All that time you’ve spent fantasising about it, watching him sit in that damn pilot’s chair with his thighs spread wide, admiring the width of his shoulders, even feeling his cock in your hand like before—
You could never have imagined it as good as this.
He’s thick, spreading you open so deliciously, filling you up like nothing ever has. 
“Oh, fuck, baby,” you whimper into his ear, clinging to the back of his head like it’s a lifeline, never wanting to let him go, “Fuck, your dick feels so good inside me…” 
He moans, his face pressed against your neck. (He likes it there. You can only guess the amount of marks he’s left on you tonight alone.) “You feel so fucking good,” he breathes out like a prayer onto your skin. “Fuck, sweetheart. Can I—can I fuck you?” 
“There is literally nothing I want more.” 
A soft chuckle vibrates against your throat. 
Then he moves. Slowly, at first, holding himself up with his elbows on either side of you. The push and pull of him, so hot and big and wet and lovely—your walls clench around him and you feel it, feel the fluttering against his cock. He’s inside and all around you and you’ve never felt anything like this, not the sensation between your legs, on your neck, in your very soul—
He’s fucking you slowly; carefully, even. Like he’s holding back. You know how strong he is, and although having him inside you is better than any of your wildest fantasies, you need more. 
“Din,” you whisper, sliding a hand down his back, feeling his muscles flexing with each soft thrust. “Fuck me. You can go harder, faster, whatever you want,” you promise him. 
“Are you…” 
“Yes. Fuck, baby, fuck me as hard as you want, I can take it…” 
The moan he lets out is positively sinful, and he lifts his head to kiss you, his mouth open wide against yours, tongues sliding together in a second. You let him kiss you, will always let him kiss you. 
Then he starts to thrust faster. His pace increases slowly, steadily. He brings down one of his hands and presses it against your clit, rubbing in circles at the same pace as his cock inside you, getting harder and faster and harder and faster—
“Baby,” you gasp as the force of each of his pushes starts to move you up and down the bed. You feel your tits bouncing beneath your shirt, the fabric creating beautiful friction on your nipples. “Oh, baby, harder, please…” 
As if he’s more than happy to oblige, he does exactly as you ask. He’s fucking you hard now—probably not as hard as he could; you can still feel him holding back a little, but still—and he bottoms out at the top end of each thrust, hitting against your cervix almost hard enough for it to hurt. 
It’s fucking delicious. He’s kissing you like his life depends on it, breathing into your lungs. His finger works hard and fast over your clit. He’s so coordinated, everything is working together, sending sparks of pleasure through every single inch of you, from your mouth to your clit to your fucking toes and back. 
“Wanted you for so long,” he says into your mouth, “Kriff, I can’t believe you’re letting me…”
You cart your fingers through his hair, nails scraping his scalp and down his back.
“Kriff,” you curse as he pulls away to press his forehead into yours. He’s panting, sweat beading on the back of his neck. “Fuck, Din, baby, that’s so fucking good—”
“You’re so perfect,” he whispers like a promise, “Mesh’la, gonna make me come…” 
“Come for me,” you ask him. 
“You first,” he says, earnest, “Please. Need to feel you come around my cock, I—you feel so good, so good around me, Cyar’ika, you’re—” his words are cut off by a fucking whimper coming from his throat.
Fuck. It’s enough to have pleasure coiling tighter in your belly, rising closer to your orgasm. He’s fucking you into the mattress, your body bouncing up and down on his cock without you even needing to try, and you let your hands hold onto his biceps, feeling them tensing with every move he makes into you.
“That’s it, Mesh’la, you take it so good…”
“Fuck, Din, that’s so—your cock, you’re so—” there are no words, it’s building in your core, the press of his finger against your clit getting harder and faster and harder—“Baby, I’m gonna—!”
You do. 
Pleasure explodes inside you like a tightly-coiled spring finally snapping. You fuck yourself onto him, your hand finding its way to your clit, rubbing yourself alongside his finger, trying to draw out the pleasure as long as possible. It sparks under your skin, a wave of white-hot glory spreading across every inch of you. You feel your walls pulsing around him, fluttering, begging him to come. “Baby, that—holy shit,” still, no words come to you that could possibly convey it. Instead, feeling his thrusts getting more and more erratic, “Can you—can you come inside me?” 
“I’ve—got the implant, I—” he’s holding back, his voice choked and strained—“Can I?” 
The aftershocks are still pulsing through you, one of your favourite parts of the come-down. “Fuck, baby, please.” 
Oh, fuck.
He spills inside of you, so hot and fast and too much to stay inside when he’s fucking you like this, all fast and hard and out of control—
It pushes out around his cock, coating the bed beneath you, a mix of both of your pleasure. 
He’s kissing your neck again, open-mouthed and gorgeous. His thrusts slow gradually, and you feel his orgasm not just in his cock but in his shoulders, his back, the hitching of his breath against your skin. 
“Cyar’ika,” he pants, nosing against the shell of your ear. “Sweetheart, that was…you’re…” 
It’s nice that he can’t finish any of his sentences, either. 
Breathy, you laugh in his ear. Your hands hold each side of his face, just so grateful that you can touch him, feel his bare skin and heat all around you. 
“I never thought I’d—I want to—”
You shush him softly, pressing a long kiss to his temple. “This is perfect,” you settle on, because it’s all you can say, and it sums everything up.
He nods, earnest. Lifts his head, presses your foreheads together. Carefully, he removes his fingers from your clit—your pussy pulses at the lack of contact, immediately wanting him back—and instead brushes them down your cheek, leaving a light trail of wetness in their wake. You close your eyes into his touch, tilt your head to kiss his fingertips.
“Thank you,” you whisper.
“For what?” He’s still inside you. You don’t want him to ever not be. 
You find your words catching in your throat around a lump of tears that has seemingly appeared from nowhere. Because he’s here. He’s taken everything off for you. Not just his armour, his clothes, his helmet. But his walls. His facade of hardness, impenetrable beskar around the things that he feels. He’s shown himself to you, not literally, but in every other way he can. 
And you’ll never be able to thank him enough for that. 
“You’re really good at fucking me,” you say instead, and he laughs at that, all breath and husky voice. 
He kisses you, soft and chaste. “I’m gonna pull out,” he warns, soft. “Is that okay?” 
It has to happen at some point. But what if this is the only time this happens? What if everything goes wrong; what if he changes his mind?
You hold him tight, lift your leg up to wrap around his hips. “Don’t let this be the last time,” you whisper. Plead. 
You can feel the frown that creases his brow, pressed against your forehead. “I promise,” he says. “I’ll always want you like this, Cyar’ika.” 
Only a small part of you could believe such a beautiful, nightmare-defying promise. But you lean into that part of you, and nod. 
Keeping his face right above yours, he pulls out, slow and careful. It doesn’t hurt, but it might as well, because the loss of him inside you leaves you feeling cold, open, vulnerable. 
You can’t help the whimper that comes past your lips.
“You okay?” He asks immediately. “Did I hurt you?” 
“No,” you shake your head, but there are tears in your eyes, and you can’t let him go. Your hands grip the back of his neck, knuckles probably turning white, because the idea of him leaving you alone in this bed forever suddenly seems like the most likely outcome, even though you know he never would. “No, I just…” 
He strokes your face again. His soft, wet cock brushes against your thigh. 
“Just,” you stammer, “hold me. Please?” 
He kisses you. “Can I clean us up first?” He requests softly. “Just don’t want you to get cold. Then I’ll hold you all night, I promise.” 
Knowing that he means it, you nod, and release your iron grip on him. 
It’s freezing cold, suddenly, when he removes himself from above you. You curl in on yourself, feeling so raw, cold wetness sticking between your thighs. 
But he’s back in a moment, carrying a few warm, wet wash cloths and a towel. “I’m here,” he says softly, finding his way back to the bed. He kneels between your legs—you feel the mattress dip—and places a gentle hand on your ankle. “Can I?”
You nod. Your muscles relax as you feel him slowly wipe at your thighs, your centre, where your wetness and his release are drying onto your skin. He cleans you thoroughly, using his hands to feel the job he’s done, making sure he’s got it all. Then he moves to clean himself, and soon the wash cloths are on the floor, and he’s gently shuffling you out of the way to put a towel under you on the bed. 
He lies you back on it, then crawls up the bed, his bare skin against yours again. You breathe out in relief, hold onto him. 
“I’ve got you,” he says. “Roll over?” 
You do. His arms are around you in a second, your back pressed flush against his bare chest. A sigh comes from your throat as every single muscle relaxes. He’s here. He’s naked. He’s giving you parts of himself that he’s never given to anyone else.
What did I do to deserve this?
“Rest, Cyar’ika,” he breathes into your ear, all hot breath and soft lips and bareness. 
You grasp his hand, pulling it up to cradle against your chest. Your lips find his knuckles, kiss each one. You want to tell him how perfect this is, how much you adore him, how you never dreamed of being fucked that good. 
But sleep is coming for you fast. And, to be honest, you’re a little scared of telling him all that. Because you’ve never said those things before.
Words aren’t needed, though. 
You drift off in his arms.
Tumblr media
notes: hope you enjoyed! thank you as always for your wonderful comments and thoughts on the last chapter. all interactions are appreciated, but reblogs are so helpful and comments fuel my need for validation. next chapter is going to be a long one, so be ready for that!
ps. life is about to get BUSY (even more than it already has been) and i'm not very well to top it all off but i will try my best to get the next chapter out on time❤️
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onlyseokmins · 2 days
aftercare • w.j.h.
Tumblr media
Pairing: wen junhui x gn!reader Genres: implied smut (minors dni!), fwb!au, aftercare!au Warnings: swearing, gooey-ooey shit tbh, lil sneak of possessiveness, tiny angst if u squint, feelings ew, mentions of sex but it's actually really soft but lmk if i missed smth WC: 1.3k A/N: a request i kind of got a lil carried away with idk if this is what they were looking for but this is what my brain came up with askdjfksdj i think i made it gender neutral 🤞🏻 but if i missed up please let me know - i didn't intend to but it just turned out that way :3
Tumblr media
Sweaty bodies lay against one another, bedsheets tangled and damp from the rigorous amounts of exertion earlier. Yet it's not uncomfortable at all.
It hits Junhui first, coming out of his post-nut clarity with a startling — almost terrifying — realization. You looked good earlier. Good enough to eat. Decked out in a sexy little fit that had everyone's heads turning at the club… and effectively turning him on.
He'd had his hands all over you in record time. The need to touch and claim you as his for all to see was ravenous. All-consuming. Not even a half hour had passed before he'd worked up your sexual tension so high on the dance floor with slow grinding and sneaky groping. Then he was teasing and prepping you with nimble fingers during the ride back to his place. 
Tongue battling yours, mouths and lips sloppily making out while he struggled to open the door. Immediately dropping to his knees to explore your intimate parts once the lock clicked and you were inside, back pressed firmly against the other side as he slid down to have his way with you.
Junhui is very well-acquainted with your body but nothing gets him going like finding a new way to make you squirm and moan louder. 
For him.
But now, thoroughly fucked out and fucked well, you have a glowing vulnerable air of softness around you. All for him. Alone.
And he finds you as gorgeous — if not even more so — as he did before. Just as radiant as when you first met, standing out amongst everyone else in a subtle way that drew him in.
Junhui had genuinely wanted to get to know you first. Approached you with honest intentions. It was you who shuffled the cards and set the rules, putting the initial offer on the table to win the game. And how could he resist?
He lost the reckless deal willingly and easily dived into this odd arrangement of not-quite-friends with plenty of sexual benefits. But his heart had already clumsily fallen for you even back then.
With his brain only catching up to speed now. So he can't help but place what feels like an instinctual kiss on your nose that he'd denied doing before, watching with an astounding amount of endearment at how your eyes nearly cross at the action.
"Let's get you cleaned up."
You follow his lead, guided by his hand holding yours. Tremors and shaky legs are but a by-product your aching body experiences after sex with him. Normally that would inflate Junhui's ego — maybe even rile him up enough for another round.
But contrary to the roughness he exhibits and indulges your bedroom desires with, the warm cast of the nightlight he'd installed in the bathroom (after one too many stumbles with you in the dark) dials down those lust-filled feelings with… something different.
Of course, you act like you don't notice the sudden shift between you two. Simply choosing to stare blankly ahead, posture slouched unattractively over the toilet that he helped you sit on. Yet he's never seen you any lovelier despite the telltale empty look in your eyes. More than likely planning the usual, sneaky exodus he can't seem to encourage you from forgetting.
"You'll stay the night?" The man tries not to sound too hopeful — too needy — while wetting a fresh washrag under warm water for you after rinsing off the one used on himself. "I… accidentally ripped all your clothes anyways."
"Sure there's something I could salvage."
"You can get all cozy and snuggle underneath the new blanket I just bought. It has cute cat faces on it and it's super fuzzy."
"Or you could give me something to wear, bet you have something laying around that I can use."
"I mean, I could since it doesn't bother me if you borrow something of mine. Or you could leave a couple pairs of clothing here next time for next time. I told you I didn't mind."
Junhui expects a disappointed, slightly annoyed sigh of his name like usual. But he should know what happens when he breaks the mode; it triggers a butterfly effect. 
"You did it on purpose, didn't you?" you question pointedly, though you let him gently pick up your hand so he can dab at it. Palm to palm, it lays lax against his — neither holding but not pulling away — and he takes that as a win. "I spent a good amount of money on those, you know."
"I'll buy you more."
He focuses on the tender motions of wiping your arm, ignoring the warning call of his name that's always delivered in a cold tone. Once he reaches past your shoulder and sweeps delicately across your collarbones littered with teeth marks, his eyes are drawn up to your slightly chapped lips that are set in a frown.
"Um, don't worry I can also have them fixed. My friend's good at stitching and it's not like they're… in pieces."
"So they're wearable."
He whispers loudly in mild frustration, "Why do you keep trying so hard to escape?" even though you've made no effort to physically move.
"I'm only escaping if you're keeping me against my will. Otherwise it's simply called leaving."
"But I don't want you to leave! Can't you see I'd rather have you stay?"
"… Why?"
"Why?" he repeats incredulously and leaves the wet cloth to hang on your opposite shoulder. Bare fingers brush the side of your neck, cup your cheek, and a thumb sweetly rubs at the corner of your mouth. Brown eyes raise from the curve of your lips to the cute bump of your nose to finally meet your eyes. Despite your aloof front, he can see how they flicker with an uncertainty he wishes to soothe. "Because I like you. If you want to be held captive, just say the word."
"You're crazy."
"Crazy for you, sure. But I am definitely in my right mind and I mean what I say."
Suddenly backing away with a tug, Junhui urges you to stand with him. You still ask your demanding questions even as he releases his hold on your upper body and squats. A gentle hand grasps your outer thigh while the other gingerly strokes the delicate flesh between your legs and downwards. Dutifully cleaning away the mixed stains of your releases. 
"What if you're wrong? What if you regret it?"
A chaste kiss is delivered below your belly button as he works on the other leg. "I won't."
"You'll get tired of me… you'll miss being free."
"Is that why you're trying to leave first? Because you think I'll walk away one day?" He takes your silence as an answer and rises to his full height. "Won't you give me a chance? Even if it gets to that point, if we hit a crossroads where it's not easy anymore, and you think we'll go our separate ways… Only if you want me to, I'll make sure to prove you wrong. That we can make it through together."
"Why though? Do you really think — "
"Because I like you. And I want to learn to love you… and maybe, just maybe, you might be able to love me in return too."
"But Jun…"
His name falls from your lips in such a soft tone, a stark difference from earlier and he pulls you into a hug. Dry and warm skin becomes a comforting embrace against your cooler, damp body. He's safe. As much as it scares you shitless, it's oddly soothing. He's soothing. 
Maybe it sparks something deep inside your chest you've tried to bury as he finishes cleaning you up, the steady touch of his hands expressing what words yet cannot. Returning to lay on his bed, the cozy cat blanket covering your naked bodies… perhaps you realize "I love you" has never sounded better wrapped in the undertoning of the words "I'll make the same promise to you when morning comes," followed later by Junhui's low snores. 
You doze away letting his arms encompass you, dreaming of the possible future that may become a reality — the one with him in it.
Tumblr media
onlyseokmins: March 2023 ©
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soonito · 2 days
great times ahead
pairing: soonyoung x reader
genre: fluff, crack/humor, there is only one bed, idiots in love
warnings: hoshi lowkey manhandles reader a lot ?? but still has little spoon energy ?? i'm bad at this
wc: 1324
Tumblr media
“This- This is the best- night of my life.” Soonyoung giggled between hiccups.
“My thoughts exactly!” Seokmin smiled fondly at his friend, handing him a glass of water. “I believe he’s very happy that you joined us after all.” He added, looking at you.
You shook your head. “Or he’s just pretty wasted.” 
“I- I am.” Soonyoung wrapped his right arm around your shoulders. The water didn’t calm his hiccup at all. “Both.”
“Drink some more, Soon, and try to hold your breath for a bit.” He did as you told him, taking one last sip and then holding in a big gasp of air, filling up his cheeks with it. You chuckled. “Now you do look like a hamst-”  Surprisingly fast (given his state of inebriation) he covered your mouth with his hand before you could go on, holding you even tighter. His face started turning red as he tried really hard to hold his breath without loosening his grip on you. Then, Seokmin poked his face, so he exhaled like he was a deflating balloon.
“Ah… Better.”
“Let me go!”
“Retire what you just said.”
“You didn’t even let me finish!”
“Retire what you were thinking!”
“Stop yelling!” Seokmin took Sooyoung's arm away, setting you free. “Everyone else is sleeping by now.”
“We should go too, it’s late.” you whispered “And I’m exhausted.” 
Soonyoung made a weird sound of disappointment, but let himself get dragged by Seokmin as he led you upstairs. You’re staying in a nice lodge that your friends rented a couple of months ago, in the countryside. Back then you weren’t so sure if you could go, since you usually have lots of work even during the summer, while most people are enjoying the holidays. Luckily enough, you managed to get yourself some extra days off, and that's what made it all work out.
Seokmin and the rest arrived at the shelter earlier in the morning. You surprised them at dinner, bringing some more food and beers. You could have tagged along the next morning, since the plan was to stay for a whole week, but you decided to go right after finishing your last shift. Although you were already slightly tired, you really missed spending time with them. You needed this. Everyone got so excited to see you, especially Soonyoung. That cheered you up enough to gain some energy back, so you stayed awake longer than you expected.
“You can take that room.” Seokmin pointed at the end of the hallway. “The one on the right.” He handed you Soonyoung’s arm as if he was a package that needed to be carried. He complained just a second ago, but he was also getting sleepy. You shook your head with a smile, gestured Seokmin a good night and pulled Soonyoung by his wrist.
You tried your best to be quiet while opening the door. The curtains were drawn back, so it wasn't really necessary to turn on the lights. The moonlight coming in through the window was enough. The room was small, but cozy. It had a big wooden closet, a tiny desk by its side with a matching old chair and… only one bed.
Sooyoung wasted no time and jumped right into it. He had to, because the bed was taller than usual… and also seemed really small to be shared. You looked around, thinking about what to do. Maybe there was a sleeping bag in the closet, or at least some blankets that you could bring back downstairs to sleep on the couch. You went ahead to check it out, but didn’t take a single proper step before Soonyoung took your hand and pulled you right next to the bed again with a tug. How could he be this strong when he was drunk and already half asleep?
“Jesus! Soonyoung! Do you want to rip my arm apart?”
“Come in.” he mumbled.
“I don’t fit in there.”
“Just come.”
“You’re taking all the space!”
Soonyoung stood up again with a grunt, this time lifting up the sheets to get inside the bed. He laid on his side, sticking close to the wall so this time there was actually some space left for you. “Here.” he whispered, slowly patting the mattress.
Too tired to keep complaining, you gave up and jumped in with him. Laying on your side as well, you still felt too close to the edge of the bed.
“If you move one inch you'll push me down.”
Slipping one arm around your torso, Soonyoung brought you closer, so you were practically on top of him. For a second you thought he was going to stop there, and you felt a breath get stuck on your throat. Then, he turned around with a sudden move to exchange positions, causing you to bump your elbow with the wall and making you whine in pain. Now you were awkwardly laying on your back, Soonyoung snuggled back so that he could rest his head on your chest, his arms still hugging your waist like you were some sort of human pillow.
“Your heart is beating really fast.”
“Because you just tried to kill me!”
“And you're crushing me.”
“I'm not.”
“Let me move my arms.”
It was a losing battle. No matter what you did or said, Sooyoung wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. He had to hold you one way or another. At some point you found yourself holding him back. Just to make sure he wouldn’t be the one rolling down to the floor in the middle of the night. Finally, the whole place was all quiet and peaceful. You focus on Soonyoung’s breath, his hair rubbing against your face. It tickled. You saw this coming. He’s so clingy when he drinks, but then again, he has never been so close to you before. Is he even aware? Would it be awkward in the morning when he wakes up? His fingers moved on your back, it almost felt like a soft caress, a reassuring touch. You got used to his embrace, eyelids turning heavy again. 
None of you closed the curtains at night before going to sleep, so the sun woke you up as soon as it was rising. You and Soonyoung were completely entangled with each other. Your arms hurted a bit.
Someone peeked through the door, which you also forgot to close. It was Vernon. You didn’t know why, because it was obviously not a big deal at all, but you felt kind of shy in that position, barely awake with Soonyoung still holding you for dear life, unable to get up.
Vernon tilted his head. “Why didn’t you use the other bed?”
“What other bed?”
“The one below.”
You blinked. Vernon stepped in, moved away the sheets that were hanging off the bed. You noticed that there was a drawer, but it had no handle, rather a small gap along the wood, so that it could be grabbed and opened, and Vernon did so. Inside it had another mattress, wrapped in another set of sheets and blankets identical to the ones around your body.
It was a trundle bed.
You stared at the second mattress. Then at Vernon. Then at the mattress again. Before any of you could say anything else, Soonyoung started stretching, letting out a big high-pitched yawn and rolling to his side without noticing, so he falled down to the newly discovered bed and brought you and half of the blankets along with him. The two of you screamed from the shock as you dropped down, and while you were still completely startled, Soonyoung began to laugh hysterically. 
“You are definitely trying to kill me!” you hissed.
Soonyoung didn’t stop laughing. He surrounded your neck with his arms and pulled you into another hug. Of course, you couldn't hold back your own laughter for too long.
If this is how it started, it was truly going to be a great week.
Tumblr media
notes: i wanted to make a series with the classic there's only one bed trope and i had this and many other ideas (almost all svt members! damn) on my drafts for sooo long !! all of them are really messy and silly so i don't know if i'll keep them going but hey, at the very least, this is my first attempt! hope you enjoyed it 🩷
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accio-victuuri · 1 day
CPN : 3/24 LRLG Post
As if the excitement that we all have today, the eve of Weibo Night where they will be at the same event isn’t enough, LRLG had to go ahead and bless us with an update. A very recent one at that. Usually, the contributions shared to us are events that happened months ago. This is why we are able to match which is which fairly easily or notice something we haven’t before.
Tumblr media
It starts of saying “today”, meaning this happened 3/24, XZ’s arrival in Shanghai. I have thoughts on LRLG deciding to share this today and who allowed it. If we’re going by the assumption/speculation/clownery— whatever you wanna call it, that these contributions are sent out with xz/wyb’s “blessing” then there must be a reason why they are switching from the usual pattern. They could have easily shared this after the whole weibo night craziness. As what they did in previous events, but they didn’t. So what’s changed? I’m not looking at this as a negative in any way, I am just curious. Did they see how excited BXGs are so decided to give us something? Are they also just dying to be in one place again so they are sharing this happiness to us? No matter the answer, All I can say is : “Bless Shanghai!🙏🏼”
now onto the fake rumor itself. same disclaimer applies. this is all fan fiction. ‼️
It starts with a phone conversation ( i think ) between the boys and it’s mostly yibo. As you will notice in this entire scene/s, it’s all on WYB’s perspective ( literally only one red circle in the entire post ) so again, we have an additional “clue” that this lrlg person is from wyb’s team.
WYB: "Wear more when you come"
XZ: "Okay, I'll use it for you..."
WYB : "sock"
WYB: "I can't see your news anymore, you tell xx"
WYB: "good"
This exchange is so simple and sweet. Their love language is being attentive towards each other and what the other might need, even as “simple” as needing extra clothes to wear because of the weather. And so GG decides to wear a Tod’s biker jacket that makes him look so sexy instead ( as seen in photos / videos of him boarding the plane today and arriving ). 😂😂😂 I mean, WYB & I are not complaining with his choice of clothes but I hope it does keep him warm. and GG’s “ i’ll use it for you..” he really can’t say No to his puppy. He will do it if his puppy wants it. I just. I’m done with them.
The next part is his staff ( a woman based on the emoji ) is saying how unfortunate it is that he has work today and he is mildly pissed that has to because if he didn’t, then he can pick GG up at the airport. I mean. That’s interesting. I wonder if he did that before and i’m surprised at how brave he is to even consider “planning” to do that out of all days. It’s the day before WB night, paps are waiting for all the celebrities to arrive at the airport so if he goes — there is a higher chance for him to get spotted compared to just the normal day. Or maybe he knows the ins & outs already as he’s almost always filming in Shanghai over the past years so he might know how to make it happen.
Then you have a scene where people are playing cards, and I think there is drinks involved. but he ( wyb ) can’t come and join because he has works. The people are telling him to try and join because tomorrow ( WB night ) is busy and there will be lots of material to shoot. I just love WYB’s dedication to work and cackling at the emojis LRLG is using for him — I can totally picture his face like this and going “what are you all doing???”
Tumblr media
in the meantime when the subject is XZ, he all sweet smiles.
Tumblr media
and this exchange is just too much —
WYB: "Get me the power bank"
👧"Hurry up and play, you won't be interested in playing with your phone tomorrow.
WYB: What are you talking about?"
👧: Would you like to see how you smile now
WYB: XZ is coming why won’t i be smiling.
and he goes on to say 恋爱脑 with that smiley face. I don’t know if he’s fuckin trolling himself at this point, because this is same/similar label said about him by that yangyang paparazzi. the same one he refuted was false because they were saying he single then the next sentence has ambiguous relationship with an older woman and so on.
Tumblr media
so i am looking at this like, he’s trolling and this only applies to GG. It’s not necessarily real for him, cause i highly doubt it— looking at how they live and thrive as individuals too. He’s using it and also making fun of that ridiculous rumor spread about him.
Tumblr media
he just smiles differently when it’s connected to ZZ. I think no one can deny that. It’s so radiant ✨✨✨
I AM ALSO CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THIS EXCHANGE MIGHT MEAN: ( the people talking aside from wyb is his staff )
“Those who didn’t know thought that xx stole our boss”
"they're here"
"it's here"
WYB : "Finish xx this afternoon, we will record together tomorrow"
"I have sorted it out and sent it to xx for confirmation, no problem with me
WYB "Good job"
WYB "What time will the filming be, you can tell me when the time comes"
Shoot with who? I mean, I’m not really expecting XZS to share a bts of XZ’s photoshoot because they are together soooo ( based on this cpn ).
The next is his his ( wyb ) staff telling him they will prepare food for him and put it in the car cause it will be hard to eat tomo because of the show and how busy it would be. They said they will fix just small things he can carry and also provide him warmer. Awwww. They are so sweet and caring of Bobo 🥹
👩🏻‍🦰: “you are really so happy today”
🟢: “im happy every day”
👩🏻‍🦰: “nonono there is a difference”
🟢: “😊”
👩🏻‍🦰: “that’s great”
I’m thinking this girl who commented is probably part of the cast/crew. not sure why i get the feeling, cause the emoji is different form his staff. lol. I’m so giddy thinking about yibo being all radiant and happy knowing that he will be with ZZ very soon. ☺️
LRLG also has a message for us at the end:
Be Safe. Have a long and fun weekend!
What a great treat to all turtles, setting all of us in a good mood before the day of the show. I have no expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will wear and to see the photos. I’m proud of the awards/ recognition they will get — all well deserved. everything else is just a bonus. 💕
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soloh · 21 hours
Reminders and advice for the Wellington protest against "Posie" tomorrow:
-If KJK pulls out, there is still a peaceful pro-trans rally going ahead to show that people don't just show up looking for a fight, and Aotearoa genuinely loves and supports our trans community
-Wear a mask. Please. There are likely to be plenty of disabled and/or immune compromised people in attendance, it's for their health and safety (Also they have the added bonus of making you less identifiable by neo-nazis)
-Do not instigate violence. You absolutely have the right to defend yourself and other protesters, but KJK and her team are already trying to twist the narrative around what went down in Auckland today, and we need to make it incredibly difficult for them to do that here by standing it back and making it damn clear who started the fight if her supporters do start another one
-Bring water and snacks. Even if KJK runs away after 20 minutes again, her supporters will likely linger. You could be there for a long time.
-Wear sunscreen, even if it's overcast (that's general "living in Aotearoa" advice anyway tbh)
-Bring a raincoat. Would not advise an umbrella given that it's central Wellington near the harbour and there's currently a wind watch.
-If you, for any reason, feel the need to take photos or videos, do not include any protestors who have not consented to being in them- blur out their faces after filming if need be. Do not livestream yourself or other protestors, it puts people in danger.
-Have an escape plan, and make sure there is at least one person not going to the protest who knows you are going and can come and get you if something happens. Have something pinging your location privately to an emergency contact (I know Google maps on android allows this via a txt alert, unsure about Apple devices).
-Do not go to, or leave, the protest alone. If you must, meet up at a pre-event beforehand (vic uni are hosting a free sign making session that will conclude with attendees walking to the protest together), and when you leave, follow within another group of protestors until you reach a further away area where you can safely split off.
-Consider bringing a change of clothes to make yourself harder to identify post-protest. I know a lot of people will want to wear pride colours and whatnot, but this will make you stick out more once it's over, so if you're staying in town, you might need to cover up.
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bitchlessdino · 2 days
You know i love dino but i also really really love boo seungkwan so how about a morning coffee/brunch date with kwannie 🫶🏼
Tumblr media
Pairing: gn!reader x seungkwan
Genre: fluff
word count:2.5k
tags: brunch date, blind dates, book stores, sunset
Summary: Blind dates aren’t really your jam so you didn’t expect to enjoy this one so much.
No description, no name, no age, absolutely nothing. You were walking into the face of danger. Well, maybe not danger per say, but a blind date with no context and absolutely no point of reference to who your date would be. All your friend that set you up said that it was a total surprise and that he is a total hottie, completely your type.
Your eyes watch over the tons of people in crowded brunch places, already told that your date was waiting for you inside. Your friend texted ahead of time that he’d be early, hoping to make the situation a tiny bit easier for you. It did not.
Luck struck when your eyes land on someone you would define as a ‘hottie’ and met his round eyes before seeing him timidly smiling at you in the midst of the noise. He put up his hand and waves, to which you do right back.  You stare at him for a minute before realizing he’s urging you to take a seat, quickly following through. “Sorry, you’ve probably been waiting a hot minute.”
“Not at all, glad you could make it.”
“They literally didn’t tell me anything, just that I would know and here you are.” You playfully present.
“And here you are! Wow, I was told you were gorgeous, she was not kidding.”
His words already had you flustering, knowing you had those exact thoughts about him in your head. You cup your cheeks in embarrassment before immediately changing the topic. “Thank you, um, have you ordered yet?”
He shakes his head, “Just some water for now. Didn’t want to get my food before yours. They have a special, or you can get the surf and turf brunch item, gosh so many options, and mimosas! Hopefully bottomless, but ha, probably shouldn’t be drunk on a first date—oh my god, my head is all over the place. I’m Seungkwan, by the way.”
Gosh, he was way cuter than you anticipated.
“Thank you for reminding me, I definitely would’ve forgotten to ask. I’m Y/n.” You put your hand out for a handshake, which he accepts, firming grasping in a hearty friendly shake.
“I’m saying this more for myself than you, but let's relax. No formalities. I’m not really sure of blind date etiquette, to be honest.”
“Oh thank god,” you sigh a breath of relief, “Me too, I had no idea what to expect, but I’m starving, so don’t mind me while I scarf down a whole brunch special.”
“I am glad you said that because I will have no reason not to scarf down mine.” He put his hands up and caught the attention of the waiter tending to him before. “Hi, we’re ready to get some drinks—wait are you? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.”
“Oh no, you're on the money. I’m ready.”
You get your orders in, along with Seungkwan and it doesn't take long to get back into the flow of things. You wish that friend told you he was a conversationalist, you were initially worried you’d be doing all the heavy lifting. It made you wonder what was wrong with him that he was still single. He was super attractive, entertaining, and fit; a total catch. What was his deal?
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but, what’s wrong with you?”
He bursts into laughter, your crass language taking him by surprise, finding it refreshing and even delightful. “What’s wrong with me? What did I do?”
“You’re just…I don’t know, perfect? Why did you accept going on a blind date? I feel like you’re perfectly capable of finding someone.”
He nods in comprehension, seeing where you went with pretty much insulting him within the half hour of talking. “Ah-ha, you say that, but I’ve hardly even made plans after a second, heck even a first date.”
“So, what is it? Dog hater? Conspiracy theorist? Or the worst of all…you’re a ‘movies over books’ guy.”
“Okay, okay. One, no. Two, I don’t even know what that would entail. Three, movies are better, okay?”
“Your flaws are unraveling right now. You’re on my watchlist,” You joke–notice the pun–in a feign serious tone, narrowing your eyes as he lightheartedly rolls his. “Okay, then what is it?”
He shrugs, unsure himself. He would ask himself that every day, and he’s sure–he hopes–he’s following every rule of not being an asshole with potential partners, but something always still missing. “I don’t know, I’ve just been told I’m not really…boyfriend material. They all end up wanting to be friends with me and nothing more. I don’t really get what I’m doing wrong if I’m being honest.”
You hum in ponder, elbow propped with a curved hand to your cheek. “That’s kind of hard to depict. So, you’re either the nicest guy on the planet or the worst guy possible.”
His sincerely hurt tone lets you know he’s assumed the latter, now making you both linger on the significance words ‘the worst’ like it was poetry poorly crafted in a beginner's workshop. Seungkwan at the moment is trying to figure out the trials and tribulations of adult dating, whereas you wondered why he was already pondering on the negative conclusion.
“Well, to say the furthest you’ve made it is only at the end of the second date can be a red flag in itself, but you have yet called yourself a ‘nice guy’, which means it’s more likely than not you are actually a nice guy. And that’s maybe the issue. You’re not setting off romantic vibes, hell, you even said we should drop the formalities.”
He shot his eyes and finger at you, accusatory, “Which you agreed to!”
“And accepting that too quickly was your first wrong step in the wrong direction.” You retort smugly. “Dating is like a soccer field, Seungkwan. You make the right moves, you score a goal.”
“...I do like soccer and scoring goals.”
“Well, so far you’re kicking the ball directly at the goalie’s feet instead of strategically making it to the net.”
“Alright then,” his elbows are parallel to each other as the interlock of his fingers holds up his face in amused anticipation, “What do you suggest I can do better?”
You stretch your lips out in a wide grin, already listing out the unorthodox first date activities you can teach him, but decides to spare him. Before you get started, you made made sure to finish your meals, leaving a decent tip when the bill arrived. You drag him out of the brunch place with a hand wrapped around his slim wrist and towards the direction of a bookstore, you knew is not too far from here. 
“Books…” he whines, “I’m eating my movies over books comment, aren’t I? You’re going to force me to read?”
“Tip numero uno: try doing things that your date might enjoy. There is so much magic in reading,” You run a finger through a shelf you know all too well and hand him the hardcover, “Here, go nuts.”
He playfully grimaces, observing the foreign object you’ve put in his hands, feeling the indentation of its engravings and subtle, yet stimulating, cover art it had to offer; in the midst a black, shots of red, purple, and yellow all over. It was, admittedly, beautiful, but wasn’t the saying always ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’
“I don’t get it.”
“Just read. I’ll pick up one myself and we’ll share a spot in a corner with intimate lighting and little space.” You wink at him, grinning.
He can’t help but grin back, “Alright. Lead the way.”
You sit in the silence of each other in close space as you promise, scanning the jumbles and combinations of letters that would stare back at you. Although your selection was a mildly good read, you were curious about Seungkwan’s journey as you peek up from the covers and see him enthralled with the content (a good change from the yawning he was exhibiting earlier).
“How is it,” you whisper.
He barely catches your words in his immersion and looks up confused, clearing his throat as you blink back at him with a goofy grin on your face. He tries not to let the corner of his lips twitch, but fails. “Slow beginning, some alright pacing, have to admit.”
You nod, pretending to take notes, “Something worth finishing?”
“...Be honest, you brought me here so I would shut up, didn’t you?”
You snort, covering your face with your book. “Maybe you’d be cuter if you were quiet,” you answer, not denying it.
“That is so mean of you to say—you’re lucky I enjoy your company.”
As you enjoy his. Fortunately for both of you, you finished your books (thank goodness for fast reading and short books) and you both leave the store, surprisingly content with what has come out of it. You can tell he enjoys it, even if he denies it and triumphantly says movies are always better. There are smiles on both your faces, hands lingering at each other's side. For a somewhat quiet afternoon, it felt like I’d be memorable, at least for a first blind date.
“Look, the sun's setting,” you point out.
The air felt warm and alive, you’d think it’d have a mind of its own. This lights up a figurative bulb in Seungkwan’s brain, now having him be the one to tug to a place of unknown, and for some reason, you were okay with that, and rightfully so. You stumble upon a park together, luscious green grass with tall fibrous green trees to match.  It was a sign spring was finally here to embrace and enjoy. His hand now interlocked with yours, leads you to an empty park bench, hitting in direct line with the descending star in the sky, sharing a sigh as the colors shift gradually before your eyes.
For the first time in some time, you felt your heart tingle and were unsure whether it was the painting-eque scene before you, the soothing buzz of insects including the appearance of crickets coming out of hiding, or how Seungkwan’s thumb brushes against the back of your hand like it belongs there. Your once normal temperature hand felt warm in his, even comforting despite him being a stranger still, but something about it makes it ok. Seungkwan makes it okay.
“I haven’t watched the sun set like this in so long,” He admits.
“Why’s that?”
He looks down at his lap, a smile on his face. “Something I used to do back when I had free time, or when I needed time to think. I don’t really get that these days.”
“I can say the same.”
There’s an unspoken message you both share. Somewhere in the past that made a reason to stop moments like this. You both had the respect not to pry. The silence spoke for itself, a comfortable kind of silence, the kind that even Seungkwan found himself enjoying.
“I had a really nice day with you.”
You’ve both reached the footsteps of your front steps to your building, lacking the desire to end the day. Your hand feels like it’s fused into his and now you’re worried about how cold it’d be without him. Despite your remorseful mood, you hum, letting him know the feelings were mutual.
In his eyes, you sense hesitancy, feeling the disheartening sensation as he plucks his fingers away from you, and sighs in disbelief. The day just had to be over. He locks with your gaze, holding onto it as if he never would again. Just as you wave your hand at bidding him an amicable goodbye, he calls out your name to make you stop. You turn to him slowly, almost expecting—no hoping—it’s exactly what you think he’s going to ask you.
“Can I…kiss you?”
His tone resembles that of a timid schoolboy: a light dusting of red on his cheeks and ears, his eyes shifting back and forth, and his lips quivering before even forming those words. You lightly giggle, walking back towards him, standing close enough to him you can still smell the syrup breath from the brunch you had together, reminding you really needed to fix something for yourself when you get inside.
“Depends, is that something you ask on all your first dates?”
He shakes his head apologetically in defense. “N-not at all, I just thought, we had this moment—or I guess a lot of them, I don't know, maybe just me—that I wanted to do it but felt awkward to ask, but now I’m asking anyway which kind of proves me right—mmp.”
Your lips meet his mid-speech, lucky for you since the curve of your lips fit perfectly through the gap of his, close your eyes, and sigh in bliss when you feel how lush and soft they feel. Seungkwan pauses for a moment, for the first time glad he’s being interrupted, and reciprocates with heavy lids, savoring the felt and taste. It’s chaste and magical and even peaceful, something you could only read in books or watch in movies or experience after having starved yourself all day waiting for the morning to come so you can have breakfast. His hand finds your shoulder, steadying himself against it, but pulling you closer, the heat of the kiss making him momentarily lose all of his remaining senses. It leaves him wanting more, more than what first fate normally could offer, and he begs himself to keep it together.
When you part, it’s like a ghost of his lips is still there and you smile. “You talk so much.”
You shake your head, grinning harder than ever. “It’s cute.”
His eyes finally shoot open and he drops his jaw in realization. “Your number! Oh my god, I was going to ask before you were going to leave—I mean if you wanted to give—“
“Sure,” you pull out your device from your pocket and are met with several missed calls and messages, ones that had you shocked, almost erupting with boisterous laughter. “Oh, my god.”
“What? You changed your mind didn’t you?”
You shake your head again, showing him your phone.
Jihyo: where are you
Jihyo: don’t you ignore me
Jihyo: you did not just ditch my guy 
Jihyo: you better have a good explanation on why you left a perfectly good date waiting around for you and didn’t have AT LEAST the decency to give me a heads up
Seungkwan sees what you mean and laughs with you, now has the urge to pick up his phone and see a similar flurry of messages from his friend. You match in an expression of disbelief, finding this situation serendipitous, and although remorseful of having left out their real dates, they were not regretful of having met each other. It makes this encounter a lot more special knowing it wasn’t meant to happen yet the universe made it out to be that way. You both hope this time it’ll last.
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heavyhitterheaux · 2 hours
Wonder What She Thinks of Me Preview
(Requested by 21 can you do sum for me @hoodharlow and a beautiful anon 💖)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All you could do was sit in silence as Jack tried his best to explain his reasoning behind the decision that he made. He had slid you into his lap and kissed your cheek thinking that would soften the blow, but you weren't having it. As much as you had missed him and wanted to rip his clothes off right then and there, you figured that you did have standards.
Your standards were probably in the third level of hell, but at least you did have them.
You didn't consider yourself innocent by any means and knew that you were at fault just as much as he was.
"Your wife knows about me and you didn't think that was important to tell me?! And she knows where I live?!" You exclaimed while looking over at him in disbelief.
It only made sense for her to know where you lived since you lived in a high rise condo that Jack had bought for you four months ago.
Only ten minutes away from the home that he shared with her.
"She knows that I don't love her anymore and I haven't for a while. I'm not sure if I ever did. She wanted to see if there was someone else. She went looking in my phone and ended up getting her feelings hurt and unlocked it when I was sleeping. She should have minded her own business. That's one thing that she could never do and would always be questioning me about everything."
"So, what's next? Are you actually planning to leave her like you told me? Now that she knows about me and that I actually exist, do you honestly think that she's going to sign the divorce papers without putting up a fight?"
"I didn't think that far ahead."
"And that's your problem babe because you never do. She is accustomed to this lifestyle that you have introduced her to, and do you think she is going to be willing to give that up? I have a bad feeling that she isn't going to be nice about this which is fair. I would be out for blood if I found out my husband was cheating on me. So when did she find out about me? When you released Side Piece on your album? She must have gotten a kick out of that one."
"She told me she had her suspicions, but she wasn't sure. And when she heard the song, that's all I told her that it was, a song. Nothing more. Just.... let me make this right. I promise to make this right."
"How? How are you even going to begin to make this right? You told me months ago that you were going to leave her and we are in the same predicament that we were in then. I'm tired of hiding and I deserve to let people know who I'm with, but I can't do that because guess what? I'm in love with a married man who I didn't know was married when I first met him since you weren't wearing a ring."
"You make this sound so easy like I can fix this with a snap of my finger and it will all go away."
"Well from the way you had been describing to me what you were going to do it did sound easy. There is absolutely nothing tying you to this woman. You don't have kids, you made her sign a prenuptial agreement and you said that you even cheated on her the day before you two were married with her cousin and she cheated on you, multiple times and started in the first three months of your marriage. You two are toxic to each other and I don't see why you can't see that. Please make it make sense. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you won't do the same thing to me, but I don't know. I got involved with a married man and now I'm pregnant by him. AGAIN. You can easily walk away right now and act like I never existed. I want to be with you, I do, but..."
Jack looked at you in disbelief that you would even come to that conclusion. He admits that he didn't have the best track record with relationships, but when he met you, there was something different that he couldn't quite put his finger on and knew that he couldn't bring himself to do that same thing to you.
"Y/N, please I would never do that to you. Ever since we met, I knew that you were the person that I wanted to be with and not her. You have given me so much more in a two years than she did the entire time we were together. I just need a little more time and then I promise to take you to Paris for our anniversary like we talked about. By the end of the month, I'll file from divorce from her."
"No, not the end of the month. I'm not waiting that long. You're going to do it tomorrow. The sooner you do that, the sooner we can be a family for real."
Just then you heard the cries of your eight month old son and was brought back to reality.
"I got him, babe." Jack told you and you simply nodded while sliding off of his lap.
Just then you got a text on your phone from a number that you didn't recognize.
Stealing someone's husband never ends well for anyone. You can't turn a hoe into a housewife no matter how many children you give him. No one ever remembers the person who comes in second place.
We'll be meeting each other soon.
Kiss that sweet son of yours for me, will you?
Love, Natasha Harlow (Jack's wife if that wasn't clear) 😘💖
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desultory-novice · 3 days
hi. uh. i have recently heard that marx, in the original japanese translation, is implied to have just. always had his powers??????????? this is. so so strange to me. bc of. yknow. similarities to Things In RTDLDX. as well as void termina having similar wings ???????? like ????? it makes so much more sense that he wished to rule popstar so nova granted him the powers so he'd have the capabilities to overthrow anybody who stands in his way (except kirby of course) AND NOVA WAS MADE BY THE ANCIENTS !!! SO!! THE SIMILARITIES IN His POWERS MAKE SENSE!!
is this. unfortunately true? :') and.. if so.. where does it say this and how.. and.. why.. ough ough ough ouhg...
(sorry if you're busy, this is just on-par with Magolor's bombshell of "actually im not from halcandra lmfao" and COMPLETELY shattered everything i thought i knew and i dont know how to find anything about this that better explains it!!)
So, I'm probably the biggest "Marx got his powers from Nova" stan in the fandom (?) and I am more than happy to talk about this! (While noting that, even though I believe in it now, and have "evidence" for it, I accept that things change in Kirby. Until it does, ala "I'm not really from Halcandra," I remain staunchly Nova-Wings)
Anyway, since you said the original Japanese, I went ahead and compiled EVERY line of dialogue relating to Marx in Kirby Super Star / Super Star Ultra! All re-translated by yours truly!
Let's see what it says!
[Instruction Manual]
"The sun and the moon got in a big fight, and now night and day in Dream Land are all jumbled together. Marx the Magician has told Kirby this can be resolved by linking up the planets in the vicinity of Pop Star and summoning the giant comet. What will Kirby do?"
[Opening Cutscene]
"Hey, hey, hey!" / "You want the sun and moon to make up, right?" /"Then you ought to make a wish on the comet, Nova, located in the furthest reaches of the galaxy!" / "But don't go thinking it'll be as easy as all that!" /"To summon Nova, you need to link up all the nearby planets to gather enough energy!" /"It'll be a long journey, but hey, do your best!" /"After all, everyone's counting on you. Good luck!"
[Cutscene 2]
"Then... I want Pop Star to be all mine!"
"OK > 3 2 1 GO! >"
"I did it! Just like I hoped!" / "The sun and moon fighting? You going on a journey into space?" / "All of it was my part of my perfect little plan!" / "Anyway, Pop Star's mine now!" / "Now I can play all the tricks I want! Sorry not sorry!" (1) / "Ho ho ho ho ho! O ho ho ho ho ho!"
[Starship - Pause Screen]
"The Starship was created with the power of the stars!! Fly, toward Nova's core. Put a stop to Marx's ambitions (2) then have a good meal and a nice nap."
[Starship - Pause Screen - SDX version]
"The light of the Milky Way (3) has gathered and when it cleared, the Star Ship was there. Destroy Marx's ambitions with this!"
[Marx - Pause Screen - SDX version]
"Marx has revealed his true intentions. In order to protect Pop Star, it's time to Fly! Kirby of the Stars!"
I think the issue here is that last part:
"Marx has revealed his true intentions."
Because the bolded text can also interpreted as "true self" and that (plus its usage in other games) has led people to think it is explicitly referring to Marx's exterior. Now, the reason I translated it as "intentions" above is because 正体 can refer to character as well!
Just as an example, when Magolor grabs the Master Crown and reveals his ambitions, you (assuming you were Meta Knight, as he's the only character who would talk like this...) might say to him 「正体を表したな! 」 ("So, you reveal yourself!") even though we know that Magolor's boss form isn't his true form, it's just a transformation.
I'm not here to lecture everyone that this word HAS to specifically be referring to Marx's intentions. The point I want to make is that it is debatable. And it is probably going to remain debatable until Marx makes another appearance and HAL Labs has reason to clarify whether its one way or the other.
(For those who believe Marx's winged form to be his true form, I'd love some theories on why he resembles the Master Crown, Dark Nebula, Void Termina, and other Ancient Artifacts! I really hope we start getting more Marx + Ancients theorizing down the line... Even as a Nova-Wings stan, I'm very interested in this line of thought!)
But, speaking of, I'm such a sap for the Nova-Wings theory I'm going to end this with one more piece of evidence he wasn't born with them...
Tumblr media
When you "defeat" Marx, it is visibly only his wings that go haywire. This is another, not often discussed thing that Marx and Magolor have in common. Sure, the fight with Marx doesn't have the cinematic direction that RtDL does, where you can see when using the Ultra Sword that Kirby is striking at the Master Crown, not Magolor, but take that in mind and go backwards. You can assume it is the same with Marx as it was there, because Marx is not yet physically injured, from what we can see.
Tumblr media
Ignore the quality. You can watch a non-"upscaled" version for yourself on Youtube and see that his wings start flashing red while lightning arcs across them while he has an expression of shock, not hurt, on his face.
Tumblr media
Again, I beg you to remember how the non-cutscene part of the fight ends. Marx stops for just a second mid-air, looking like he's covered in electricity, before his wings cast off stars and start to malfunction, send him rocketing off the screen in the wrong direction. He leaves the surface of the moon (4) while his wings continue to carry him further and further away, out of control until he crashes into Nova.
You, Kirby, didn't technically "defeat" Marx. Like Magolor, who was modeled so closely on him, Marx was yet another victim of an Ancient Artifact going haywire.
And maybe more than we think?!
...But I'll talk about that in another essay I'm working on: "Theme Parks, Mischief, and Corrupted Wishes"
(1) Marx says "Please forgive me!" or maybe "Pweeeeaswe forgive me" if we're going by intent. Basically, he says he's sorry, but the tone he takes makes it particularly snide + cutesy.
I chose "tricks" not mischief because Marx is very particularly speaking about teasing pranks and jokes. I feel like mischief could be read to mean more and the fact that Marx has such simple ambitions leads into the topic of my follow-up essay.
(2) I mentioned this in another post, but the text uses さっさとhere which ostensibly means "quickly" but is used to diminish the task in question. Kirby is treating stopping Marx not as a thing that needs to be rushed  because everyone's in great danger but more like because its a nuisance and he needs to get his rest.
(3) They use "Milky Road" in Japanese, which is interesting because the space through Another Dimension is often called "Another Dimension Road." Using Milky Way implies Pop Star is in our universe, but that's what its localized as, so!
(4) Probably it's because of the hearts on his wings, but I've always wondered if Marx's defeat wasn't a subtle reference to Cars' defeat from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. (Is that a MF Jojo's reference?! XD )
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sasukimimochi · 2 days
Hi everyone! So i decided to make a master post which i will update regularly with what projects i'm working on and some of which their completion status [if i am currently working on them!] as well as their entire list of art which can be browsed that way! it will be easier to link 1 thing than to do many repeatedly i believe :) ♥️
i have UPDATED the information as of posting this, so if you're curious to see new things about the au of mine you may be following, make sure to check it out. Also i have added a new project that i haven't spoken of or haven't talked about enough. make sure you check it out to see if you're interested!
BEFORE YOU START READING, make sure you're looking at my original post so you can see the most up to date version!
So let's get this started! i will put a read more line just so this doesn't clog up the dashboard.
"Ghost of Mine" / GOM - RATED EXPLICIT
My first public large-scale fanfiction project, and is ongoing; it's currently being written and updated once a week on Sunday, US Central Standard Time as of the moment and can be found on my Ao3, but will be posted on one or two more platforms once it is completed. There is usually always one artwork per chapter, sometimes two! it is currently on Chapter [ 15 "The Will to Live" ] as of [ 3/19/23 ].
I do not currently accept offers to translate and post on their own pages, but this doesn't mean you can't translate this to share among friends privately for those who can't read english. Publicly, please do not do so! I may change my mind once the fanfiction is complete, but right now the answer is no, i'm sorry!
So what is Ghost of Mine?
GOM is mainly about Ghost WWX, unveiling things that aren't written in the novel through empathy, inquiry, and Lan Yuan who can see ghosts. I stick as close to canon as i can while having this divergence present, but i sample from multiple canon sources. Primarily i base GOM on the novel, but i do reference to a few other things from other sources, such as the audio drama, donghua, and manhua! Though i don't really think there's a ton of difference between the manhua and the novel, besides there being some summarizations.
Where physical details aren’t mentioned in the book, I fill in a bit with the donghua then add my personal headcanon based on the book descriptions and/or official art from the book. 
Anyway, let's go on to what ships are technically in this fic. Obviously, there's Wangxian! There will be some background relationships; however the main pairing will not be overshadowed! I prefer to focus on one pair in a fic because it's already a lot to write and someone may not like another pair I show; so I will keep it to WangXian.
However, I will list these ships/friendships that will be hinted at; and hopefully easy to ignore for those who don’t like the ships.
XiCheng - Lan Xichen / Jiang Cheng will be a friendship, and post-Ghost of Mine they will actually be a couple if I get to writing their additional mini-fic [this will be talked about as well further down]. There may be one or two chapters here and there where they interact, but it will not be obvious to every eye.
SangYu - Mo Xuanyu / Nie Huaisang will be hinted at, but obviously it will not come to fruition due to canon events. I also plan on writing out MXY's story separately to keep things smooth, but this one will be vaguely summarized about ½ - ¾ through the plot of this fic [it matters how big the first part ends up being compared to the latter half]
SongChen - Song Lan / Xiao Xingchen - this one I'm not sure abt, because the plans are too far ahead for me to decide if this will be a thing or not. I do not plan on expanding on their story beyond what will show up in the fic, but you never know. I will update this later if I decide.
XuanLi - Jin Zixuan / Jiang Yanli - this one isn't really present? But it may be at some point shown, it's a canon ship, so just expect it to show its face somewhere. If it doesn't, well i will remove the tag in the fic! LMAO
-Obv there’s a ghost in it so ghost/supernatural tag if you’re not ok with that stuff. I like writing fantasy/supernatural so expect there to not be a lack of detail when it's needed.
-There is some smut and plenty of violence. Rated explicit for a reason!
-There will be moments where WWX has extreme hysteria/madness/depressive episodes. if you're uncomfortable with a character going unhinged even if only for temporary bouts this is your forewarning.
The blurb is as follows:
The feared Yiling Laozu and his journey as a ghost after death, truths and his family.
Wen Yuan wanted to comfort the ghost leaning over his bed like a mourning mother, and so he did. After all, he was the only one who could see him. This leads one day to Wei Wuxian putting forth the effort to answer Lan Wangji’s Inquiry; and finding truth where the poor ghost hadn’t wanted it to see the light.
Or simply:
Wen Yuan being forgetful but loving, Wei Wuxian being traumatized but recovering, Lan Wangji finding shit out much earlier than canon and trying even harder than before to make things right.
You guys can see all the previous art for GOM here:
Chapter 1-9   Chapter 10   Chapter 11   Chapter 12   Chapter 13  Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 ... Chapter 1 Remake art   Chapter 1 Remake art (bonus) Chapter 2 Remake art   Excerpt art (1) Chapter 14 WIPS & SHITPOSTS   MXY Concept art WIP
my GOM music playlist can be found here, and updates somewhat frequently. one of my favorite GOM songs is this one, "To Be Enchanted" by Sleeping At Last.
Whew that was a lot! the other fics will have sorter sections.
"Ghost of Mine - Mo Xuanyu" - Rated Teen and Up*
*(probably, maybe Mature if the violence or themes is bad enough.)
"Ghost of Mine - Mo Xuanyu" [currently nameless, i guess you can call it GOM-MXY until it has a name] is a small [bigger than a one shot though i think, not positive] companion fic to GOM, and i think its purpose may be a bit evident- but it has also began the outlining and writing process. it will be hopefully finished by the time we reach the end of wwx's ghosthood in GOM and posted separately- there's actually a reason why its not going in the fic, but we'll leave that a mystery as to why for now. you can find Mo Xuanyu's first concept sketches here on tumblr or on reddit here.
GOM-MXY has no music playlist at the moment, but i will update once i make one. rn the songs geared towards this fic are in the GOM playlist.
"The Wild Plum Tree" / TWPT - Rated Mature* (?)
*unsure of the rating but i am not sure if there's gonna be much explicit stuff in it yet. Will update if i decide on this.
TWPT is a medium/small companion fic to GOM; it will be focused on JC and LXC behind the scenes of GOM instead of Wangxian, though you may see them. The outline is complete and the story has already started to be written- i'm trying to write it up to the point we're at now in GOM, i just haven't had a lot of time to work on it yet (so it's in progress, but no chapters are posted and they may not be at all until GOM is done).
*Summary not yet available but i've had this in my summary spot:
Wild plum trees (​Prunus Americana​) are sociable fruit trees that thrive in dense stands. Not as sociable with other species, wild plums have thorns that can grow to 3 inches to discourage visitors from plucking their fruits.
TWPT has no music playlist at the moment, but i will update once i make one. rn the songs geared towards this fic are in the GOM playlist.
“Son of the Yiling Laozu” / SOTYL - Rated Mature*
(Rating may adjust to Explicit if i deem it bad enough, but i'm just not sure all of what is gonna be in it despite having a good chunk of outline done).
SOTYL is an upcoming project I would like to do where WWX doesn't die for 13 years but WWX goes missing with the Wens for 13 years right after saving them from Qiongqi path! After saving the wens from Qiongqi pass [and this time, not hurting/killing anyone in the process of saving Wen Ning and the group but scaring them shitless] WWX completely disappears off the map with the group and goes missing for 13 years. It will be based on the same history of Ghost of Mine, but with canon-divergence, so it ends up quite different.
"Huang" Yuan meets with Lan Wangji, and finds out not only that he knows where wwx is, he also admits that wwx is not doing so well...I can't say much about this story lest i spoil it, but it's essentially a fic i wanted to do where wwx raises a-yuan himself and a-yuan inherits suibian. He has to actually keep a little thing attached to the inside of the hilt so it doesn't seal itself while A-Yuan has it.
It's not a fix-it i'd say, cuz bad things have still happened, but it's like an in-between, haha. i've been brain rotting this idea since before i even started GOM, but i didn't sit down and write down the outline until i got to abt ch 7 of GOM. So things described in GOM are things that have or can possibly happen may be in this too or at least hinted at, though i have some alternative ideas since he will be in his original body. This will also include some lives being saved that don't need to be taken as a result, like MXY.
Find the original post here on Reddit and Tumblr where you can see the art i did of SOTYL Wen "Huang" Yuan.
*Summary not yet available i will write one before long i'm sure.
my SOTYL music playlist can be found here, and updates somewhat frequently. I don't really have a favorite song for SOTYL yet, but one of the ones i like is this one, "Kids on the Run" by Klingande & VARGEN.
“Clash of Immortals” / COI - Rated Explicit
COI is an upcoming project I’m super excited about with Demon WWX and Angel LWJ. I use my own version of hell/heaven for this, allowing for lots of fun details and some creatures unique to my universe, including A-Yuan who is a “Garden of Eden” [not drawn yet]. Reddit. Tumblr.
*Summary not yet available i will write one before long i'm sure.
my COI music playlist can be found here. My favorite COI song is this one: "Into Darkness" by Thomas Bergersen.
Here's all the sketches for COI in order! ♥️ I update the links on my original COI post plus each new COI post every time i draw or release something new!
OG POST - Demon WWX & Angel LWJ COI - MXY YLLZ WWX Demon WIP COI - Chibi kisses COI - Cuddles COI - Slumber COI - hugs COI - Hellscape Concept art [ficlet included in this post] COI - Er-Gege COI - Marks COI - ReunionCOI/OC - Thanks!
See the OG Reddit post here [contains 11 drawings] Rough Hellscape Concept art [has more art here that i didn't post on Tumblr!] Reddit Posts: Slumber Hellscape Concept art [same as Tumblr] hugs/hold er-gege reunion Thanks [separated] Marks
See the Explicit™ COI ficlet here [i can't post this on tumblr, so i posted this on Reddit, sorry!
See the first peek at Ch 1 of COI here!
“In My Blood, Stardust Blooms” / IMBSB - Rated Teen and Up*
(Rating may change depending on if i add anything explicit or too violent).
- “In My Blood, Stardust Blooms” / IMBSB is a short project that not unlike COI is about the afterlife, but centered on angels pretty exclusively this time [while COI is mostly centered in hell]. It delves into the mysteries of the forbidden land of Yiling and loss, and of course a particular couple of angel’s love for each other. I have started writing, but it's of course not up yet as it's going to be either a one shot or very few chapters. [this doesn't mean I won't make more stories about this setting in the future, it's just I don't have any future plans for it yet as of now]. You can find the first post on Reddit here and Tumblr here.
In the afterlife, even angels can fall. Despite this, Wei Wuxian still gets up. With a heart plucked from the sky, he continues on, hoping to one day fly amongst the clouds again. Lan Wangji just wants to finally make the step forward but has suddenly lost his footing, wishing he knew why Wei Wuxian no longer wanted to fly with him.
Art for the fic can be found in these links:
Updated Wen Ning [cleaning in progress, will be updated later with the link]. A gift for the second jade of Gusu WWX first concept sketches Previews 1-3 [which includes a bunch of writing segments!]
my IMBSB music playlist can be found here, and updates somewhat frequently. My favorite IMBSB song is this one: "Galaxies" by Amarante.
“The Dead Keep Walking” / TDKW - General rating*
*maybe Teen if gross things are described, tbh more likely to be teen but not sure.
TDKW is a one-shot fic i have planned centered around lwj finding the dead body of wwx and ayuan is with him- but wwx is undead and walking. WWX may be a corpse, but he is conscious- a bit more like tgcf in that sense for plot reasons, but i may provide a sort of "as canon as possible" answer to fit more into mdzs properly. maybe something like a tag he attached to his skin or something before death combined with resentment from his living body.
wwx is not completely right in the head; he repeats things a lot, has lost the ability partially to actually debate with people (he will just repeat himself when he knows he's correct or wants something) has an uncharacteristically flat expression because of his state and his movements aren't always too fluid. he is however still good at protecting, as his resentment still resides with him in death. he has become more unapologetically feral as a result.
There's not a lot of information i can share yet for this fic, but i wanted to share it since i have been thinking about it for quite some time!
Broken Lullaby
Not really a playlist yet, but i do have the beginnings of one here.
That's the end of this for now!
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ninhaoma-ya · 2 days
Chapter 1079 — The Red-Haired Pirates - An Emperor’s Crew
All rights, so the formation of Neo-MADS wrapped up the Germa cover story arc. Wonder when we'll see those guys again – and on which side of the upcoming war.
I read the chapter.
And then took a break.
Went for a walk. Pondered life. Cursed Odacchi's name to the heavens and thanked the universe for bringing us such a masterful storyteller.
Nothing for it but to go through it.
First off, an update on Egghead: Confirmation on York's plan and what happened before this. She ordered S-Snake to unfreeze her later and adds another mystery; which area can't be damaged? However, it is clear York isn't the brightest bulb: the 'hostages' refer to the P-agents, I assume, and we've seen how much the Government cares for those guys in the past. Not a very good hostage.
Tumblr media
Chaos on Egghead, people trying to get away. Will they manage, or will the navy blast them to kingdom come?
However, on the outside…
Tumblr media
a) The Hearts didn't manage to take down Blackbeard's ship
b) That looks very much like a certain fluffy cap and cursed sword…
c) Not to get ahead of things, but when looking at the end of the chapter… o_O
Welp. Before we get there, we have several pages more to go through.
Tumblr media
Shank's minions are adorably weak. At least Luffy has some power in his fleet.
It's not very healthy to build an organisation on the shoulders of one person, though… you really should take a look at that, Red-Haired allies.
Tumblr media
Shanks, also known as "Fair". Awfully nice of him to check if his opponent is up for it before attacking.
Nice little bit of characterisation going on here:
Tumblr media
Obviously Shanks' crew is almost as well-informed as Big Mom's, with the ready-prepped information package casually tossed his way. It's also interesting that Oda hides his eyes when he mentions the rampaging (which was one of the first things we learned about Kid when he was introduced into the story: he doesn't care about casualties). I know it is completely my interpretation, but it seems like Shanks is not happy about the unnecessary casualties caused.
However, Kid is also interesting here. Based on his history, he probably would have attacked the weaker fleet members as well. But we don't know to what extent. Would he have used the Damned Punk cannon then? Here Killer provides some info for him: there's a lot of bounties (i.e. dangerous people in the Government's eyes) on those ships. Why then be careful with your attack when you can take out several threats at once, especially when the weaker ones now are out of harm's way?
Tumblr media
As hinted at, Shanks is one of the most powerful haki users in the world, here confirmed by quite a long future sight. Luffy's and Katakuri's observation allowed them a few seconds into the future, while this looks to be a bit longer than that.
And he does not hold back!
Tumblr media
After years of "When will Shanks make his move?" he does, and it is glorious.
Tumblr media
Aaaw, they care so much about each other.
Kid's crew is a nice foil to Luffy's, in that they care about him (as we saw already on Wano) and he would do anything for them (as we saw in Udon) and they seem like a nice little collection of oddballs. And yet, they are the Straw Hats without the compassion and empathy for others. They care only about each other, not about the consequences of their actions for others.
Before we get to the finish, remember how Shanks asked Dorry and Brogy to help? If we look back to chapter 128 and Little Garden, just for a size comparison with the Merry:
Tumblr media
They are huge.
(And that is one pretty panel. Love the contrast of their mantles with the sea and sky.)
Tumblr media
Yes, you will.
And keeping at Little Garden:
Tumblr media
What a thought. Will the Sky Island snakes make a comeback at some point?
And… what a terrifyingly familiar pose.
Tumblr media
That is a blast and a half.
I don't think Kid is dead, however. As someone else said, the phrasing mirrors what happened with the Straw Hats at Sabaody pre-timeskip:
Tumblr media
They met their match and some, but will probably survive. Maybe learn some humility, maybe learn some restraint when it comes to rampaging.
That might be the end for Kid's pirate journey, though, with his Lode Poneglyphs gone (so they had at least Big Mom's and Kaido's, I assume) and ship gone.
But, going back to the start of the chapter: it doesn't look too good for the Hearts either…
I wonder where the fourth Lode Poneglyph is. Kaido had one, Big Mom had one, one is on Zou, and one… we don't know, do we?
Great chapter, although the break next week will break my spirit. I give it the edge of my seat and my now broken stress ball.
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tanadrin · 1 day
To Ocalla of Darsei, 9th house of the winding lane The 34th day of spring
Itachiye, my friend, and I hope this letter finds you well, and your kinsmen and family, and your friends; but I write to you with a low and darkened spirit, for many things have passed since last I wrote. And the guilt of failing to answer to your letters has grieved me, though you have been indulgent of my silence. I am grateful; and I shall explain that, and more, I hope, herein. Ah, Ocalla! It has been a long time since we walked under the alders together at Karmassa; and yet I hope year after year, foolish though it may be, that it will not be so long before we do so again.
When last I wrote it was to tell you of my new address in Ladai, and little more, for I was in a very great hurry. You expressed concern at the cause of my relocation, and on that, at least, I can reassure you that it was for fortunate reasons–perhaps the last truly fortunate thing that has happened to us since the autumn. There had been rumors for some time that the Soxha chancery wished to open a new charterhouse to serve the growing villages in the west. I had hoped to participate in this project, if it were true, since a new charterhouse is something I have often spoken in support of, but all I had heard in the weeks prior was rumors, with no definitive plans. Then one evening one of the senior clerks came to call on us–I thought it was nothing more than a social occasion at first–but over tea he confided to Peria and I that he hoped I might lead the new charterhouse–that, indeed, I should be its governor! My consistency in supporting the idea had impressed the senior clerks, he said; my zeal for the education of young people was evident, and they thought there was no one in the local chancery who was better suited to the task.
I cannot overstate the extent of my gratification at his words, or, for that matter, my surprise. I had thought that perhaps I was only being indulged as you might indulge a child who has a fancy they will not relinquish; and though I have always cared deeply about my work, I had not thought that I had much distinguished myself in it. Needless to say, I accepted at once; and the formal announcement was made a few days later. In the following weeks, we were all consumed with preparations. Peria and I at home, arranging the move, preparing to visit Ladai to look for a residence, and assuaging Kiya’s fears about the change, which were not inconsiderable. At the chancery, more work still–arranging for books and equipment, surveying the surrounding villages to determine how many instructors we would need, and of course actually choosing staff, and much more besides. It was the work of many months; and your letters sat on the corner of my writing-desk, reproaching me for my laziness; but I never thought I could really give them the attention that they deserved.
The actual move came in midwinter, and was the start of real trouble; there was heavy rain, as a result of which the roads were very bad, and what should have been only a journey of two days took five. The packet-coach was bogged down in the mud several times, and broke down completely on the morning of the fifth day. Impatient, I was able to procure the loan of a horse from a kind farmer and ride ahead, so I was at least in Ladai before sundown. I slept the night in a small hostel in the middle of town, and turned up to the chapterhouse the next morning.
What I found filled me with disappointment. The chancery had acquired a great old house on the outskirts of the town (which is not very big), and though handsome enough from the front, it was in a state of some disrepair. That much we knew; and we had hired workmen to renovate it, which should have been finished well in advance of my arrival. But I arrived to find them not halfway done–some of this was disorganization, but much of the delay was because the building was in much worse shape than we had thought. The uppermost storey, which was intended to be dormitories for the students from the furthest villages, proved to be entirely uninhabitable; the south wing had been damaged badly by a storm the fortnight prior; and because of the weather, there were delays in supplies for many of the most urgent repairs. I, of course, had no inkling of any of this beforehand, and I must confess I flt a deep fear in the moment that the senior clerks would regret their choice of a governor, and would decide to recall me to Soxha.
But, as you have often counselled me, the best solution for chaos is to tackle it head-on. So I marshalled the staff who had already arrived, and we took up paintbrushes and hammers and buckets to help in the repairs–some complained they knew nothing of carpentry or bricklaying, but, I reminded them, they had arms and could always carry things. I think some of the workmen were rather amused to see chancery-clerks carrying planks to and fro; but hard work has a knack for bringing even very different souls together, and once they were comfortable giving us direction, things began to get back on track rather quickly.
It took two weeks, and a ruined shirt, but we did get the repairs to the building back on track, more or less; we were a little short on space at the beginning of term, but not too badly to manage; and the boarding students had a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Peria and Kiya arrived shortly before the term started; and it seemed Kiya’s apprehension of moving to Ladai had mostly disappeared. She had found the trip (which went far better for her and her mother) to be a delightful adventure, and was thrilled with the picturesque village, which was full of children her own age. It grieves me terribly now to think of how little time I had for her then; but I was consumed with the business of the charterhouse, and even Peria only saw me for a few minutes each morning and evening.
I shall pass over most of the troubles that cropped up at the beginning of the term–none really stand out now, all belonging to the general difficulties of bringing together a new group of people for a significant endeavor. It wore on me, though, I will admit! I remember you once told me to beware of anyone who tries to bestow authority on you–and though I told you at the time that that admonition reflected your habits more than mine, there was some wisdom in it I must now admit. I care deeply about education; I enjoy it. Teaching is, outside my family, the thing that I find most rewarding in life. But the governor of a charterhouse does very little teaching! At his best, he supports others in their teaching, and perhaps takes a lecture here and there for himself, as his other duties permit; but in worse circumstances, he is a manager of clerks, a settler of petty disputes among the staff, a court of appeal for the disciplining of unruly pupils, and a manciple whose position is ornamented by the addition of a fancy hat. Those are tasks that, though a few of them might be moderately satisfying in the moment, have little in common with the thing I actually love and find satisfaction in, and owing to the circumstance there was more of each of them than there really had any right to be; more, it seemed, than any man could address in the finite hours allotted to each day.
You have accused me of being relentlessly, even belligerently cheerful at times; well, you might have taken some small satisfaction that by the middle of the term my spirits were decidedly beginning to wilt. I had known this would not be an easy job; yet it seemed, by then, that the celestial powers had returned from their eternal journey just to personally afflict me. Peria suggested that we go up to her sister’s cottage by Lake Halda during the midterm vacancy, and I eagerly accepted. At first, Kiya planned to stay in the village–she had made many new friends at the charterhouse, and they were already inseparable, in that way that only children in their unselfconscious way can be. But at the last minute I changed my mind–I missed my daughter, and I wanted to spend a few days with her before the breathless tumult resumed. Stupid! Selfish! And the worst part is that Kiya seemed only a little disappointed. Maybe if she had argued–but it does not matter now.
Lake Halda is fine in late spring; the water is clear, since the streams that feed it all come down from the icy mountains to the south. There is a long meadow along the western shore, not far from the cottage, where the flowers go down almost to the water’s edge, and the woods nearby are full of songbirds. The water is cold, even in summer; but while we were there the sun was shining and the sky was clear. If you ever have the opportunity, it is worth a day or two; I do not think I will ever go back. Our first few days were calm, quiet, relaxing–a thoroughly welcome reprieve for me. I felt like I had been away from my family, as though I was a sailor at sea, or a soldier at war; seeing Peria every morning, talking with Kiya over breakfast, going for walks together along the forest’s edge–it all filled me with more energy than I had had in months.
Our fourth day, we decided to have a picnic; we packed a lunch, and walked up into the woods. There is a trail there that goes to a low hilltop–a shoulder, really, of the higher hills behind it that rise gradually to the snow-topped mountains beyond. That hilltop forms a clearing rising out of the trees, with broad, flat stones that are warm when the weather is fair, and which give you a view of the whole lake and the valley beyond. It is only a few hours’ walk from the cottage; and when we reached the hilltop, it was only an hour or so past noon. We ate lunch, and Kiya went roaming among the nearby trees; and I lay back on the stones, with my hat for a pillow, and took a nap.
My memory of the rest of the afternoon is and poor. I woke to Peria shouting my name–Tatha! Tatha! Quick and ragged, in a way I had never heard before. I bolted upright and looked around, disoriented. By the sun, maybe two hours had gone by; I had been deep asleep. I remember running toward the sound of Peria’s voice; and I remember Peria, crouched over Kiya, who was lying still in the underbrush. Her hands and face were streaked with something, purple and black. She was not still; her small body convulsed as I approached.
Blueberries and raspberries grow wild by Lake Halda; in summers past, we have picked them with her aunt. Always together; we have never sent Kiya on her own. And I have warned her, in the past, not to eat things she finds in the woods, unless she is sure that they are safe. She forgot, perhaps; or she was sure, but nonetheless mistaken. It didn’t matter; in the moment, I was conscious only of how far we were from home. A couple of miles from the cottage; miles more from Ladai; and Soxha, the closest hospital, miles more beyond. I drew up Kiya in my arms, and I began to run as fast as I could.
I remember Peria saying she would go to the village; I remember laying Kiya down in her bed in the cottage; I remember Peria arriving–not long after, I think–with the local physician, a grandfatherly figure with thick glasses and a serious face. I remember him saying that nightshade grows wild in the forest–that from time to time the unwary mistake them for blueberries. How much had she eaten? Had she vomited? Neither Peria nor I knew.
Not enough, in the event, to kill her. We did not tarry at the cottage. At once we brought her back to Ladai, on the physician’s recommendation; there is a small sick-house there, and he had only a few medicines in his little village surgery. She languished in a coma for days; and I cannot tell you how great my relief was when she finally opened her eyes and looked around the room.
But that was not the end of my grief or my worry. I do not know what the usual course of nightshade poisoning is like; but Kiya struggled terribly, even after she came out of the coma. She was at turns feverish and delirious or both; the doctors worried she was also suffering from an infection or some kind of food poisoning, from some contaminant on the berries. Convulsions came and went; and on the few occasions she tried to speak, her words were unintelligible. I should, perhaps, have gone back to the charterhouse–they certainly had need of me, and there was little I could do at the sick-house. But I found that it was simply impossible. Neither Peria or I left her side, not even to sleep. The only thing worse than the fear, perhaps, was the guilt; but Peria did not blame me, nor could I blame her. We each privately reproved ourselves–mercilessly, I have no doubt. But that was all that we could do.
After six days, the worst of the symptoms seemed to have subsided. Kiya was taking food and water, sleeping and waking normally; but she still seemed terribly confused. Her memory was clouded–she did not recognize me or Peria, or any of her friends that came to visit her. She did not know where she was, or her own name. She seemed to regard almost everything around her as strange and bizarre, from the foods she was given to the clothes she wore. Her hands still sometimes shook, and she seemed to be brought nearly to tears by the smallest frustration, and everything frustrated her.
The physicians encouraged us to take her home, to return her to familiar surroundings; or as familiar as the house in Ladai could be. We showed her her books, her toys, her pencils and her drawings; she regarded them blankly, like they belonged to someone else entirely. We made her her favorite foods; she ate them with no particular satisfaction or disappointment. Her friends made one more effort to visit; but she couldn’t remember their names, and they went away, regrettably but perhaps understandably, confused and distressed.
I tried to return to the chapterhouse then; but I confess, my heart was not in it. I was distracted, unable to concentrate or care on most of the problems brought to me; and the other instructors seemed to notice. I think once or twice I came into a room when they were talking about me–their voices low, heads bent over, as if exchanging gossip. They stopped when they saw me. But it mattered very little to me; all my concerns were focused on Kiya.
I spent as much time as I could talking with her, trying to engage her memory or at least her attention. And, at first, I thought some progress was being made. Her ability to focus on what was happening around her improved; her tremors faded; her irritability and mood swings also gradually abated. Her memory seemed to be getting better–she remembered me, she remembered Peria. But her mother and I had spent nearly every waking minute with her; how could she not recognize us? I talked with her about the recent past–about the move to Ladai, about how the term had gone so far, about Lake Halda and the cottage–and she seemed to respond. She did not smile or laugh; but she said she remembered all these things. It was Peria who noticed–she was lying. She asked Kiya about a nonexistent friend, about details of the house in Soxha that were untrue. Kiya just nodded along. Hoping to avoid our anxious looks and our unhappy whispers. Peria wept that night, as we lay next to each other; I held her, and said nothing. What could I say?
Now, Ocalla, I will tell you something that I have told no one else. It happened only a day or so later. Kiya had fallen asleep early that night, just after dinner; Peria and I had stayed up a little longer, trying to enjoy what we could of a warm and fragrant evening. I woke in the night, thirsty, and went downstairs for some water, when I heard something moving in the front room, and saw the glimmer of a lamp from underneath the door. Concerned, I went in.
Kiya was sitting with a book propped up on the arm of a chair, poring over it closely. I could see her eyes–they were not reading, scanning back and forth. They glanced around almost as if at random; and the look on her face was one of incomprehension and growing frustration. I went over to her.
“Kiya, what’s wrong?”
She ignored me at first, and continued flipping through the pages.
“What are these?” she asked. I looked at what she was pointing at. She was holding a volume of the Chancery Pandect, open to an article on the Karyistene ruins.
“Inscriptions,” I said. “From very old ruins, to the east.” I pointed to the caption. “See? It tells you what they mean here.”
She did not look at the caption. She turned the page again.
“Maps. Of Karyista.”
“Where is that?”
I paused. Kiya had always excelled in geography. “To the east,” I said. “About four weeks’ travel by road.”
I sat quietly for a moment. “Kiya,” I said, “can you read what the book says?” When she was four, she used to sit on my lap and read from the Pandect aloud. One day, she said, she was going to write for the Pandect.
She did not reply. I could see tears beginning to brim in her eyes.
“Kiya, do you remember your geography lessons, from the charterhouse?”
She turned the page again. Then again. Then she froze.
“Tatha, what’s this?”
It was a star-chart, spread out over two facing pages. The constellations were outlined in ghostly figures, and all the names of the brightest stars were marked.
“It’s the night sky,” I said.
“The night sky where?”
“Here,” I said. “Here in Ladai. And Soxha. We’re in the northern hemisphere–” I pointed to the left-hand page “--so this side is our sky. There’s Daashe, the dancer. Utamna, the herdsman. And there’s Rafei, the Great Horse–”
I stopped; Kiya’s tears were falling onto the upturned page one by one.
“Kiya, my dearest child, what’s wrong?” I set the book aside, and wrapped my arms around her; a heavy, dark weight seemed to fill my chest.
“It’s not right,” she said.
“What’s not right?” I asked.
“The stars.”
“The stars aren’t right?”
“The stars are wrong! It’s all wrong!”
She twisted out of my embrace; I let my arms fall to my side, though I wanted to weep myself.
“I’m starting to remember things,” she said. “And none of it is right.”
“Kiya, what do you mean?”
“I can’t–I don’t know how to explain,” she said. “But that’s not my name. That’s not who I am. That’s not how the sky is supposed to look. I don’t–I know there’s no such place as Karyista. Something’s changed. I don’t know you, or Peria, or this place. Or this house. It’s all wrong, like somone’s taken all the pieces of the world and turned them into something new.”
At that, she broke down sobbing; and all I could do was try to comfort her; and finally, when she was exhausted, carry her to bed.
Since then, I have resigned my position as governor of the charterhouse, and we are in the process of returning to Soxha. There are doctors there who specialize in the treatment of disorders of the mind, and chronic afflictions of the body. Whether Kiya suffers from the former, in consequence of the trauma of her sickness, or whether its lingering effects have resulted in the latter–or in some combination of the two–I hope, I pray, I dream that they can help to heal her. But in my most secret thoughts, I have a fear that seems too dark to even write–that some changeling spirit has stolen into her, and she is lost to me forever.
My daughter is not dead–it is important that you know that, Ocalla. But it is true that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. That child that you once knew–that smiling, laughing, singing baby you once held on your knee–is afflicted by sorrows I cannot begin to understand. It may be that there is no help for us in Soxha, and if so we will go to Vallas, to the capital–I have already written to my brother there about the possibility. If that happens, I shall of course let you know; in the meantime, send your letters to my former address.
With love and unending well-wishes, Tatha
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multi-fandomsfreak · 2 days
Madness combat trio proposal
(Hank J Wimbleton x reader, Sanford x Reader, Deimos x reader) ~J/Blaze
Pronouns: They/Them
Warning: ⚠️Minor swearing⚠️
Requested: Yes/No
Characters: Hank J Wimbleton + Sanford + Deimos
Proof read: ❌
Credits: Icon by Rawan Rawan on Pinterest + Banner by ??? on Pinterest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hank J Wimbleton:
- I’m pretty sure Hank would know pretty quick when they are in love not instantly but will catch on quickly
- He would suppress his love for you especially with this current situation with Nevada
- But eventually you notice their weird behaviour and decide to confront them about it
- You managed to convince them to admit their feelings about you and he admitted that he was scared about your reaction but you ensured them that you feel the same to which he was happy for once in his life
- Ever since then you two have been protecting each other’s lives and make sure neither of you two were hurt
- After the whole Nevada thing you and Hank had been more vocal about your love for each other
- For a while Hank had been thinking about proposing to you for while but they just didn’t know how
- Since he didn’t know what to do they decided to ask Deimos for help which was a bad idea since he decided to tease Hank for it
+ “Oh you want love advice from me well then I can definitely help ya buddy”
+ “Deimos please don’t make it worse and just help me”
+ “Alright then what you want to do is take them somewhere nice somewhere romantic and just tell them”
+ “…that’s it?”
+ “I don’t know what else to say”
+ “Well your much help”
+ “No wait don’t ignore what I just said because I don’t know what else to say”
+ “Just i think it be best for you two to be together at a somewhat peaceful place and just say it”
+ “*sighs* guess I’ll try thanks”
+ “K bye good luck buddy”
- Hank just smiled a bit at Deimos and went to visit you
- Hank did what Deimos said surprisingly because they didn’t know what else to do to which they actually had a good time and for once didn’t regret asking Deimos for help well for the most part
- Eventually the time came he needed to tell you but he was absolutely shaking about it they were so nervous he managed to confess to you I’m pretty sure proposing wasn’t that hard
+ “Y/n I need to tell you something”
+ “Huh what is it Hank?”
+ “You know I love you right?”
+ “Yes? I’m I doing something wrong?” You asked nervously
+ “No no your not just let me explain” Hank took a deep breath in
+ “Y/n, my love, your the best person I could of asked for even throughout the whole ordeal a while ago you had stay by my side and for that I have to ask”
- Hank went onto one knee and asked
+ “Y/n will you marry me?”
- You felt tears coming from your eyes Hank was proposing to you
- You nod your head in reply and Hank put the ring on you finger
- They hugged you as soon has the ring was placed on your finger since he was shocked at your reaction
- I feel like Sanford would also be quick to notice his emotions for you but not as quick as Hank
- He definitely appreciate you as a friend don’t get him wrong but he didn’t realise his feelings until Deimos teased him about you two being a couple until it hit him
- Maybe he is in love with you?
- That was when he made it his mission to confess to you and propose to you If you do accept his feelings
- He was going to tell you at some point during the Nevada disaster but he kept getting distracted
- Eventually after the disaster while the two of were accepting he just blurted out his confession
- It shocked you at first but you did accept his confession to which he thanked you and gave you a hug
- Next mission: marrying you
- He be planning proposing as soon as you accept his confession well not straight away of course (at least he’s prepared I guess)
- He managed to find a place for just you and him and to just relax
- Eventually he decided to propose
+ “Y/n can I tell you something?”
+ “Sure go ahead Sanford”
+ “I don’t really know how to do this so I’m just going to be straight with you”
+ “Y/n I love you, you're the best, I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t met you and…” then he started to ramble about everything perfect about you
+ “Sorry but can you get to the point”
+ “Oh right sorry” Sanford chuckled realising he was ranting
- He took a deep breath in and went onto one knee and said
+ “Y/n would you marry me?”
- The moment that Sanford said that you felt some sort of happiness come over you and said yes
- Sanford happily put the ring and gave you a kiss and hug
- I’m sorry Deimos Stans (I’m one too so I can say this) but he’s kind of dumb despite him claiming to be a love expert he can not tell for shits that he loves you unless someone points it out
- And those people being either Hank or Sanford (most likely Sanford) it probably go something like this:
+ “Jeez Deimos if you like them so much just marry them already”
- Then he was like “wait fuck” “maybe I should?”
- Now that he final realise his feels his for you he’s been trying to impress you so you can catch on and confess to him but instead you thought that he was just being his normal self since he does this on the daily
- It kind of frustrates him so eventual he just tells you that he likes you and the reason he’s been doing this is so you can confess to him
- In response you just chuckled and said that he could of just told you because you feel the same
- To that he just laughs in embarrassment but thanks you anyways for accepting
- Hope you guys are touch starved or love being close to people because this man is clingy as fuck he will and can hug you 24/7 and compliment you and make sure that you are giving all the love and the attention you deserve
- Anyways on to the proposal
- Deimos isn’t your typical guy remember how i said that he’ll make sure you are giving all the attention and love you deserve
- He will take you to the most romantic ass restaurant and treat you like a god/goddess or whatever terms you prefer
- After all of this he will just tell you straight up
+ “y/n i need to ask you something”
+ “Huh what is it?”
+ “There’s a reason i did this, you know i love you with all my heart and i want to be with you for the rest of my life so i want to ask you”
- You saw deimos go on one knee and say
+ “y/n would you marry me?”
- For once in deimos life he was actually nervous he knows you but still he’s afraid that you’ll reject him
- But he heard you say yes and he immediately looked at you and put the ring on you and gave you the biggest hug and kiss you
- After that he went to hank and sanford and rambled about how you accepted his proposal
Tumblr media
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jacobseed · 3 days
— wip wednesday
i haven’t done much lately so here’s some wips or something to keep myself kinda active lmao.
tagged by the lovelys @leviiackrman @phillipsgraves @unholymilf a long time ago and i’m finally doing something lmao
tagging uuuh @jendoe @aartyom @pheedraws @visenyatargaryn @ardberts @indorilnerevarine @detectivelokis @strangefable @marivenah @queennymeria @chuckhansen @beemot @red-nightskies @nightbloodraelle @nuclearstorms to post wips - doesn’t have to be writing can be whatever idk
Maxi x Ghost
Shadow Company are stopping them from going forward and Ghost looks ahead to see a commotion stirring. He nearly throws himself out of the truck when he sees Graves drag Maxine from the vehicle and up against the door. He holds her there, face close to hers as he speaks. The woman glares at him, blood on her lip and chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath. 
Graves notices them and there’s a small smile as he pulls her towards him as he takes a step back. She attempts to fight off his grip and he quickly dismisses her as he drops her to the ground, placing his knee firmly on her chest and pointing at her. 
“Graves!” Soap yells, taking a step forward. “What the hell are you doing?” 
“Remodeling.” He stands up and his men replace him, pulling the medic up onto her feet. “Step away from the gate.”
Alejandro glares at him, his brows furrowed. “You’re crazy, this is my base.”
Ghost watches Maxine carefully - her tired and defeated expression caused his gut to churn. “Maxi.” He calls for her attention and her brown eyes searches his. “Are you alright?” 
"Worried, Ghost?” Graves taunts. “Our dear Maxine is just fine. We’re just having a little fun. What’s important is that you are all relieved, so go home.” 
Jacob x Theo x Sawyer
Sawyer kept a close eye on Jacob, his thoughts whirling as he couldn’t focus on Joseph’s speech. Any time their disenchanted deputy was mentioned, there was a small and almost unnoticeable twitch from the eldest brother. Some could call it disdain or annoyance with just hearing the name of the woman set on breaking down the cult, but he knew.
The plans were simple; force the deputy into the cult or remove her from the equation all together. Hard to believe there were two of them who didn’t agree with that situation at all.
At the end of the meeting, Sawyer stands outside the church waiting for the other to leave and when Jacob walks past him, he follows close behind.
“She’s mine, you know that right?”
Jacob stops walking and turns around, narrowed blue eyes examining him. “Who?”
Sawyer glowers at his feigning ignorance. “Theo. The deputy.”
There it was again, that small and now blaringly obvious twitch. Sawyer was sure he’d say something along the lines of ‘I don’t want her, you can have her’ to save face, but that wasn’t what came out of his mouth.
“I already have her.” Jacob smirks for only a second before he turns back around and climbs up into his truck.
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lelelego · 8 hours
number 7 for the Boss ask meme? 🥰
aka question we probably know the answer to but will never tire of hearing/seeing more about 😉
DSUIGFSDSF and here i am falling for it hook line AND stinker
(breakdancing gently) do YOU have questions about my boss
7. Do you have an OTP/OT3+/endgame pairing etc. with them?
Tumblr media
if you didn't already know despite me being ginormously obvious about it, adrià's endgame pairing-wise is gat :^) i'm just gonna take this opp to talk about their relationship start to end
tl;dr: in sr1 adrià admires him and they become best friends (which is just boss canon); sr2, they become each others' rocks, become fwbs (comic incoming!); sometime in a re-written srtt they get together, probably after one of them almost dies
in sr1 adrià REALLY looks up to gat. like this post says, boss sees gat as this badass guy. at first, adrià, who after being abandoned by everyone he trusts and not knowing when he's going to eat next, follows dex around like a lost dog lmao because while julius is completely unreachable (at first) dex is adrià's bedrock - planning ahead is just so FUCKIN sexy. so when johnny and dex get into it, adrià was very fast to defend dex LMAOOO to the point i imagine johnny was about to beat adrià's ass in, but after working together they rapidly become best friends, adrià loving his ruthlessness and not fucking around when it matters. and his loyalty is INFECTIOUS
now when sr2 starts, uh oh! adrià, bitter and angry, can't trust anyone anymore i guess! except for johnny. johnny is his one rock - carlos was kind of becoming that too, adrià thinking he could be this kid's johnny, except we all saw what happened to that. but johnny is in adrià's eyes unkillable. he won't ever stop being a saint and even when everything burns down around them the two of them are still going to be standing. i imagine when aisha dies, it's kind of the same for johnny. the only thing he can rely on in his life beyond himself is the boss. die-hard loyal!!
sometime in sr2 they become fwbs (comic incoming!!!). it happens one night, and afterwards it just becomes something they do on the reg.
i think then between that and sometime in a re-written srtt, the amount of people they sleep with just eventually dwindles to 1 - each other. because it's reliable. it's always there. they don't have to go somewhere or use some app and talk someone up. it's free (lol). they know each other like their favorite gun. adrià notices first and falls first, kind of an "oh." moment when they're waking up in the same bed one day, when adrià goes to the bathroom and notices two toothbrushes, two towels, johnny's hair gel... or something like not liking it when one of the saints hit on johnny and pierce having to ask him to calm down
it probably takes a lot longer for johnny "dense ass motherfucker" gat to notice, and something has to kind of knock him over the head for him to figure it out (imo either one of them almost-dying is probably the catalyst), but yeah! endgame 8^)
i'm SO SORRY this got so long but to anyone who got here i hope you enjoyed :>
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marblerose-rue · 6 months
Tumblr media
click for better quality!!
wctober day four - break/broken
yo there's a stray cat outside!
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