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Zhang Zhehan bts of Word of Honor | © 火辣辣的小样儿_
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happy anniversary to 山河令, a little drama full to the brim with beauty, strength, and the power to move mountains ♡
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Zhou Zishu: Atonement and Freedom Twitter
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The Four Seasons Zine @wohzine has been sent out to all the wonderful supporters and I can finally set this free onto the interwebz!!!
I call this piece "Business Rivals :)"
Also I forgot to add strings to xie er's pipa what is life am i rite
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A post about how a shit stain waste of space @ajawrites @bookshop attacked fans of Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan in an article she wrote for @vox, and then went on to slander and defame Zhang Zhehan in an attempt to get the only article published about his cancellation by CAPA retracted.
Here's the context: On June 6, 2022, @vox published an article written by @ajawrites @bookshop claiming that fans of Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan are "conspiracy theorists". In it, she makes all types of claims defaming myself and the entire JunZhe fandom (both here and in China) for being conspiracy theorists because we do not believe Zhang Zhehan's Instagram account is controlled by him. For those who don't know, Instagram fraud is rampant and there have been several Chinese celebrities who have been the victim of this. Zhang Zhehan's solo fans encouraged the reposting of this article and defended it because they somehow believe that Zhang Zhehan would "comeback" on an international platform before his name is cleared in China (another story for another day).
On June 14, 2022, less than one week after the publication of that article, The China Story published an article about why Zhang Zhehan was cancelled, and specifically that a non-governmental organization called the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) was behind the cancellation, not the Chinese government. It also described the efforts made by Li Xuezheng, a famous government-affiliated director, to clear his name. To my knowledge, this is the only story in the world to shine a light on CAPA's role in Zhang Zhehan's cancellation.
After this article was published, @ajawrites @bookshop wrote a long email to the China Story on June 18, 2022 seeking that the article be retracted. She claimed she had done "research" which showed that the article was part of a conspiracy theory (false), that Zhang Zhehan's family was linked to Japan (false), that Zhang Zhehan was cancelled by the government (false), that CAPA wasn't involved (false), and that all those who believe they are are "conspiracy theorists" (false). She repeats anti talking points to smear Zhang Zhehan in an attempt to obtain a retraction of the article.
Yes, @ajawrites @bookshop attempted to get the only article in the world that described CAPA in a negative light retracted.
Tumblr media
We have a copy of the email. Here are some excerpts of her own words.
Here's @ajawrites @bookshop insinuating that Zhang Zhehan was banned by the government, when it has been proven on multiple occasions that the government did not ban Zhang Zhehan.
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A writer who cannot even get this fact right does not deserve to be called a writer or a thinking human being.
Here's @ajawrites @bookshop claiming that Zhang Zhehan has family ties to Japan, which is FALSE.
Zhang Zhehan himself stated in his interview with Li Xuezheng on January 1, 2022 (seven months before this email) that this was not true. Yet, @ajawrites @bookshop continued to spread this smear to the editors of The China Story.
How does someone who is too lazy to confirm facts become a "culture writer" for @vox?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's @ajawrites @bookshop claiming that their "research" shows that the public genuinely hated Zhang Zhehan. They claim that Zhang Zhehan was not cancelled by bad actors, but rather by the "public".
They ignore all the proof and statements that what happened was due to malicious competition and monopoly. All of this was readily available, had @ajawrites @bookshop actually done diligent research. Li Xuezheng had, after all, talked about it for weeks at the end of 2021 and early 2022.
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But of course @ajawrites @bookshop knows better! They know better than even Chinese people! They even know that CAPA is a government organization, when CAPA itself said that it is not government and does not represent government.
Pretty rich for white journalist @ajawrites @bookshop to claim that when Li Xuezheng, a renowned government affiliated film director, says that Zhang Zhehan's cancellation was not done by the Chinese government but instead by CAPA, he is spouting a "conspiracy theory".
@vox is this the type of sinophobic journalists that your publication now employs?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's @ajawrites @bookshop defending CAPA by stating that it is not to blame for Zhang Zhehan's censorship from all media platforms in China.
Except they failed to read the multiple media reports indicating that CAPA had allied itself with multiple media platforms to ban those it deems "immoral". These media resources includes a western outlet, Reuters. Basic due diligence would have unearthed this, but it appears neither @ajawrites @bookshop or @vox care about the facts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's @ajawrites @bookshop suggesting (as a white foreign writer with zero access to his case), that it is "unlikely" that Zhang Zhehan's investigation would go anywhere, that he can't come back, that he is "already back".
These are clear anti talking points easily found on Chinese social media.
Tumblr media
Of particular note is that @ajawrites @bookshop claims that these conclusions are a result of their "research". Yes in their own words, in 2020 they were just learning Chinese. With their level of genius, I bet they're not far from being a beginner.
Yet, this is the type of "expert" that @vox employs to write about Chinese fan culture.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The article in China Story is one of the only published articles in the world that details how Zhang Zhehan was cancelled by CAPA, not the Chinese government. Yet @ajawrites @bookshop, great friend to Zhang Zhehan solo fans asked for a retraction.
Yes, we have the email. They actually did.
Who has incentive to take down an article that speaks negatively about CAPA? Who has incentive to water down statements negative to CAPA? Who has incentive to perpetuate smears against Zhang Zhehan internationally?
Who better to manipulate than a lazy and dumb writer like @ajawrites @bookshop
I do wonder how @vox and its advertisers feels about @ajawrites @bookshop spreading slander about a Chinese celebrity and his fandom? I wonder if @vox even bothers with basic fact-checking? I wonder if @vox is okay with one of its writers contacting another publication in an attempt to supports their biased views?
To the Zhang Zhehan fans (Zhang Sanjian believers) who have fawned at the feet of @ajawrites @bookshop: good to know that you support those who defend CAPA, the organization that cancelled Zhang Zhehan.
And one last thing to @ajawrites @bookshop: only a shit stain waste of space would write an article about a celebrity to gain a following in his fandom while actually despising him, believing the smears against him, and thinking he's a t******.
We call people like you blood sucking vampires.
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Some old candy...I am still glad this leaked.
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Perfect ❤💙
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Zhang Zhehan bts of Word of Honor |©火辣辣的小样儿_
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Credit ©️ 火辣辣的小样儿_
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+ little stars ⭐️ 🌟 💫
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Happy Birthday Zhang Zhehan
Hope endless light is shining upon you and happiness are always around you.
We are still here, cheering n waiting.
Hope to see you very soon💙
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Xiaozhe in a-han's clothing 👀
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bluebirdmuppet · 3 months
It’s December 24 in China. One year ago today the Beijing police accepted Zhang Zhehan’s report for the crime of slander.
Zhang Zhehan chose to depend on his country’s legal system to get justice. He would not do anything to undermine that choice.
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山河令 | Word of Honor - Mega Masterpost
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Hey guys, here’s a FULL masterpost of the following for all Shan He Ling | Word of Honor items, basically a where-to-find-what:
General - Where to Find What
Episodes - Where to Watch What
Merchandise - Stores to Look Out For
GJ & ZZH - Variety Shows, Magazines & Endorsements
♣ Updates as of 19 May 2021, updates for the GJ/ZZH sections will stop hahaha this is THE END ;-; of SHL-related promotions for em. Will only add on if more SHL merch or BTS footage comes up! ♣
Tumblr media
(1) Novel ➩ JJWXC | Translations (Full) | No New Edition Print (For Now) - Because the first edition was printed a few years ago, the novel is 11 years old haha
(2) Drama Rec ➩ Here (I did this on the first day it aired so it’s based on the first four eps so yeah some info like where to watch is not updated but ignore that) (3) Audio Drama ➩ Here (Seasons 1 & 2, with 2 recently released)
(4) 山河令 Manhua ➩ Here (Up for two weeks and then taken down for some reason)
(5) Official Accounts to Follow ➩ 山河令 Weibo | Youku Official Twitter
(6) Wrap-Up for SHL Filming ➩ Here 
Tumblr media
(1) Official Episodes (36 + 1 Special Ep)
➩ 山河令 on Youku (Original Simplified Chinese) - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Word of Honor on Youku (Subtitles) - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Word of Honor on Youku YouTube (Subtitles)
➩ 山河令 on Line TV TW (Traditional Chinese)
➩ Word of Honor on Viki (Subtitles)
➩ Word of Honor on Amazon Prime 
➩ Word of Honor on Netflix 
(2) Behind the Scenes ➩ 山河令江湖番外篇 on Youku - Partially (70%~) behind a paywall, each episode costs about 1 yuan (or if you’re in Singapore $1.50 SGD which is fucking expensive, in Indonesia it’s apparently $0.30 and in Malaysia $0.20 LMAO) - But you get about 4-8 minute long BTS cuts with original scenes released with original voices + green screens
➩ Word of Honor on Youku YouTube (Subtitles) - Definitely not full release of BTS and even if they did release everything, it’d take a while, but there are already some subbed ones on the channel, just have to do a search
(3) Noteworthy Extras
➩ Special Ep (Youku): 7 minutes long with the first 4 minutes an FMV and the actual alternate or extended ending (depending on how you see it) in the last 3 minutes - You have to pay for it on Youku (both on the CN and EN/multi-language versions), we’ll have to check this week if YouTube will have it available for free. 
In any case it’s a happy ending I suppose, do all of you know it’s a happy ending? I’m seeing people reblogging my posts with so much angst in the tags about how the ending is devastating (which I suppose it is by my interpretation anyway for Ep 36 but Ep 37′s healing properties have been spread far and wide)
➩ Ep 6 (YouTube)
➩ Ep 7 (Youku, BTS)
➩ Ep 12 (YouTube - BTS in Youku, Original Voices in Youku)
➩ Ep 17 (LINE TV TW & YouTube)
➩ Ep 20-21 (YouTube)
➩ Ep 27 (Youku) - Part 1 | Part 2
➩ Ep 35 (Youku)
➩ Official Interview with Cast
(4) 山河令 Concert - May 3 & 4 2021
➩ Livestream on Youku - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Livestream on Youku YouTube - For international fans, think this is a cheaper option overall hahahaha
➩ Concert Trailer - Highlight 1 | Highlight 2 (I AM LOSING MY MIND)
➩➩➩ Footage now available subbed on Youku YouTube and unsubbed on Youku
➩ SHL Concert Merch - RWB Hair Accessories
(5) 山河令 Official OST
➩ Spotify
➩ YouTube Playlist
Tumblr media
Official Stores for SHL Merch
➩ 歪瓜出品 - First store to come up with SHL merch, has shikishi boards, standees, keychains, cushions, fan, badges, puzzles and ZZS’ hairtie most recently. Also officially bought the rights to two popular WenZhou fanarts for merch, the other stores don’t have the same design. Ran by Boss Hu, a young dude who’s hilarious af on Weibo and has been trying to get permission to produce more merch and also struggling real hard to get us WKX outfit-inspired sweaters!
➩ Rua哇吧 - First to come up with WenZhou dolls. Currently they have a 10cm version and also a 20cm version. 
➩ Omodoki [Via Rua哇吧] - Hairpin, cushions, glazed armour keychain, enamel pins and other cute things like bookmarks too
➩ 阿里鱼 [Via 咕噜文化] - SHL OST. Enough said. PO is over so there is no link but once they produce it the listing might go up again.
➩ 娱影文创 - SHL-themed jewellery based on ZZS’ alcohol gourd and sword Bai Yi, or WKX’s fan, also has tote bags and the glazed armour
➩ 一直娱 - Another app, items cannot be bought directly from Taobao. They’ve got mugs, hair ties, scrunchies, mouse pads, coasters and a lot of cute other things that the other stores don’t have, including customizable phone covers etc. and best part is they sell WenZhou posters from scenes from the book. They’ve also got an official photobook, but IMO the one from 吾流文化 is more worth it.
➩ 啦啦酱JK - Wen Kexing outfit-inspired kimono outerwear, and also WenZhou inspired ties and ribbons
➩ 吾流文化 - SHL Photobook (the full version with costume, set and character designs etc.) and also matches another box set of items that include a fan and standee and some other things 
➩ 月心引力 MOONLY - Perfumes in liquid and solid form. They’ve also bought the rights to a set of WenZhou fanarts, and they’re making white-haired WKX for standees and freebies etc.
➩ 地澈天清 - HANFU AND DRESSES!!!! Inspired by WenZhou I WEEEEEP they look real good and are also in the affordable range - A summary of what you’ll see
➩ CanCan x Youku - Cutest WenZhou fam items!!!! With WKX white-hair
➩ Prismland - New accessories!
Tumblr media
(1) About ZZH/GJ
➩ ZZH Weibo | ZZH Studio Weibo | ZZH Instagram
➩ GJ Weibo | GJ Studio Weibo | GJ Instagram | Wuhu-Famous
➩ Ship Name: Lang Lang Ding (LLD) or JunZhe - Although there’s no really strong RPS to be honest, most people I know use JunZhe and LLD as a mix of platonic friends + the WenZhou drama ship, or use JunZhe just to shorten their names because they appear at a lot of shows/shoots/interviews together, faster to type as well. The word Lang Lang Ding comes from 浪 (lang) which means to wander, and then 钉 (ding) as in nails, the nails that ZZS inflicted on himself.
(2) Noteworthy Interviews
➩ Goodbyes to SHL - ZZH | GJ
➩ About their Characters (Youku)
➩ Interview with ELLE TW
(3) Fansites (Check out their Photobooks - Mostly for WenZhou and also individual events and they will add on the upcoming concert footage and shots as well)
➩ 越界 (Both)
➩ 起意 (Both)
➩ 怦然心动 (ZZH) *Special mention they’ve been around for the longest so far, about 3 years, way before SHL and they’re REALLY generous
➩ 春秋荒梦 (Both)
➩ 同谋 (Both)
➩ Percent511 (ZZH)
➩ 105度 (ZZH)
➩ Plenilune (GJ)
➩ From May (ZZH)
➩ 月下思凡 (ZZH)
➩ 初霁 (ZZH)
➩ 未央 (Both)
(4) Variety Shows (Since SHL aired - Mar 21 to Apr 21)
➩ Happy Camp (Youku or YouTube) - 3 April 2020 | 24 April 2020 (GJ only)
➩ Ace vs. Ace (Youku or YouTube)
➩ Ace Actress (Youku or YouTube) - Ep 1 | Ep 2
➩ CHUANG 2021 (WeTV) - Part 1 | Part 2
(5) Magazine Shoots (Since SHL aired - Mar 21 to Apr 21)
➩ 精彩!OK (Both)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➩ Madame Figaro 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➩ SE 南都娱乐 - GJ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➩ Wonderland - For ZZH’s Birthday
Tumblr media
➩ Glitz - GJ
Tumblr media
➩ VOGUE/VOGUEME - GJ (Not cover)/ZZH (cover)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(6) Endorsements (Since SHL aired - Feb 21 to Apr 21)
➩ Both
Tom Ford - 03 Lark and other shades
Tumblr media
Armani Giorgio - Foundation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wahaha Yogurt
Tumblr media
Pandora - Jewellery
NIVEA - Sunscreen
Oneleaf - Skincare
Elizabeth Arden - Skincare
Sensodyne - Toothpaste
OPPO - Phone
Joyoung - Blender
Maybelline - Superstay Foundation, Loose Powder
Ariel - Laundry detergent XD
Baidu Maps - Don’t ask this is damn weird
Clinique - SKincare
Costa Coffee - Coffee mugs
Longines - Luxury watch 
水星家纺 - Bedsheets (He’s clearing the entire household)
Ahava - Hand cream
JBL - Earphones + Speakers
Killian - Perfume
Glico - Pretz
梦幻新诛仙 - Game
➩ GJ
Bearkoko - Dietary sweets
Wolong Nuts !!!
Sisley - Skincare
Vita - Drinks brand
Centrum - Supplements
Fresh - Skincare
Tangle Teezer China - Haircare
Loreal - Sunscreen
TT语音 - Some gaming social network thing
Revelation - E-gaming
Beast - Candles, aromatherapy
Ya-Man - Men’s skincare
ROEWE - Car brand
Braun - Shavers
Plant Selected - Oat Milk
YSL - Rose perfume
Tiffany & Co.
Louis Vuitton
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artistlin8 · 1 year
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“The Light”
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