harryinsweats · 2 months
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He isn’t real
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stvharrngton · 3 months
Dad!Steve being a dad of one child, and having reader pregnant with their second and heavily so, and his obsession with their tits during pregnancy makes him WILD. Like the sensitivity and how perky and round they are? That man will absolutely deliver a nipple orgasm with NO issue whatsoever due to the sensitivity and i stand by that. I need it. I can’t.
fuckfhdjkd okay
guy is already obsessed with your tits anyway but when you’re pregnant and they’re bigger? perkier? and super sensitive? BOY he will go insane
and one day you’re super horny because your hormones are driving you up the wall but you’re so heavily pregnant doing anything is just difficult and maybe you’re wearing a strappy top or something and the neckline is a little low so your cleavage is on show and steve is just like full on staring at your tits across the dining table or something lmao and he just goes nuts for it and he’s pressing himself against your side as he kisses up your neck and gropes your tits over your top and you arch into his chest and moan so loudly it just sends him into overdrive so he’s pulling your top and bra off and rolling your nipples in his finger and thumb and sucking and kissing over the soft skin of your chest and he sucks so harshly on one of your nipples and he can see you rubbing your thighs together at the sensation because it’s so hot and electric and very overwhelming and he’s cooing at you like ‘oh sweet girl, you need’ta cum huh?’ and ‘such a good girl, so pretty, love your tits, fuck’
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butchcharliee · 3 months
holy shit.. butches are hot
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doe-eyed-des · 23 days
The sluttiest thing a man could do is roll up his sleeves while maintaining eye contact with you.
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medusashima · 12 days
thick muscle my beloved… like the kind that’s bulking up and carb loading, the kind you can sink your fingers into, the kind that’s all puffy and covered in a layer of fat, the kind you can lay your head on, the kind that’s not shredded but soft and pillowy and big and BULGING……
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rczc · 6 months
i’m very much not normal about dehya having a heat cycle … she just gets so feral now that her hormones and senses are heightened to a near unbearable level. shes needy enough to hump your thigh when you’re too busy to give you her full attention and she keens at all the sweet words you offer her, near tears the moment you finally use your mouth on her :(
humping your pillow with her bleary eyes screwed shut trying to imagine you beneath her, a pair of your used panties between her teeth. she’d be so pent up and sensitive, practically pouncing on you when you make your way into your shared bedroom. kisses you fiercely, all teeth and tongue while she removes your clothes, agitated fingers fumbling with the buttons before resorting to just ripping the fabric off you.
she doesn’t have time for this,,
pushes you back to sit on the bed, legs hanging off the edge before lowering herself onto your thigh, a shudder running through her as she begins to slide back and forth on you. and it’s like you’re in a daze, never having seen dehya like this or anything close to it… it drives you crazy.
playing with her ears, every soft pinch and pull causing her body to jolt, sensitive pussy practically pulsing as it drools down your thigh while she purrs. though they quickly turn into moans when you latch your lips around her nipple, sucking and biting the way she likes as you look up at her face with stars in your eyes. she’s so fucking cute.
but dehya can only be so patient, she can’t stay away from you any longer. needing to feel you so desperately. you recognize a neediness in her eyes matched by the pout on her lips and the erratic rise and fall of her chest. it leads to you kneeling on the floor, her legs thrown over your shoulders and locking behind your head as you eat her out like an animal starved. the intensity making her thighs squeeze together, tightening around your head as you alternate between sucking on her clit and fucking her dumb on you tongue, moaning out at the sweet taste of her that fills your mouth. you don’t think she’s ever been this aroused. but before she has the chance to cum on you, you pull away nipping at her folds to see those blue eyes stare down at you. they’re unrecognizable, a shadow of lust and carnality overtaking them transforming her gaze into something feral
youre close and you know she’s close too, the both of your legs intertwined as you scissor your cunts over one another, pussies smeared with slick and drool, wet to the point that every movement is accompanied by a lewd squelch, a sound that has dehya’s ears flattening against her dark hair. your praise spurrs her on, sweet words remarking on how pretty she looks like this, how hard it must have been for her to go through this alone, how sorry you are for not being there and taking care of her earlier, but you’re here now. you lay your hand on her mound, stroking over it before pushing back the dark, curly hair to press your thumb down onto her pulsating clit.
there you go baby there you go you coo, eyebrows drawn together to pout at her, dark skin covered in a sheen of sweat making her glow like some kind of angel.
can you cum for me dehya? cum all over my pussy?
youre not sure if your words are reaching her, or if she can even hear them over the sounds of her own cries and mewls. but it’s not long before the both of you feel yourselves reaching your high, with the tightness in your core growing more and more intense, nerves shooting sparks all along your body. and as dehya’s about to cum, she lunges forward sinking her teeth into your shoulder, mumbling out apologies and expletives while she fucks your pussy, circling her hips and pushing into you, feeling herself squirt onto your cunt that spasms below her as your nails dig into her muscular arms. she rides it out, grinding against you, her clit catching onto yours with every roll of her hips until she’s drained every last drop
and as she does in a rut, she had to make sure to cum inside you, scooping up her juices and fucking her fingers into you to mix with your own release 🥺
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loveshotzz · 4 months
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sleepytimegal777 · 4 months
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1. Heritage - Kaveh Akbar / 2. The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller / 3. Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
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ambientwitch · 1 month
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leqclerc · 10 months
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Sebastian about Charles in Grill The Grid 2022: Driver Heights!
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gabelandeskog · 5 months
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intermission interview | islanders @ panthers | 10.23.22
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wannabevampire · 1 year
Dom Druig + clit slapping. That’s it, that’s the concept
ashes to ashes.
Tumblr media
YES YES YES every chance he gets!
you were a good? clit slapping!
hard day? clit slapping!
bad mood? clit slapping!
and if you’re bad? 😳 honey your pussy is about to be obliterated…
clit slapping + toxic enemies to “lovers” = ♡!!!
warnings: edging, overstim, clit slapping, squirting, implied sex, cum play/spit play i think?, degradation, like it’s really degrading guys (even for me), so if you aren’t into it don’t read!, implied masochism uhhh cigarettes…
18+ only !!!
could be interpreted as dub!con but everything is totally consensual! it’s just dark and toxic as fuck. if you aren’t into it don’t read it!!
uhhh very casual mini-fic below the cut!! it’s my first kinda dark fic/blurb? so proceed with caution!
update! re-vamp coming soon…so it’s more organized!
he would 100% do it after edging you for a long time.
he ruins your orgasm for the millionth time and you’re a complete mess. tears running down your cheeks and whispered pleas of mercy fall from your lips. it may look as though you’ve completely submitted to him. but you’ve still got a spark of brattiness left
he looks at you with mock pity. his eyes sparkling gold, daring you to disobey him.
“oh i’m sorry, did you want something?”
he said sarcastically. with that stupidly attractive smirk of his.
and then you say something bratty and lowkey uncalled for like calling him short or something😭
(idk i don’t like being mean so you can come up with your own snarky come back if you want lol)
and he just snaps.
you feels a warm comforting sensation spread through your body as he slips into your mind. he has you completely under his control.
he spreads your legs and ties your wrists to the head board.
he slaps your cunt repeatedly, hard. you cant stop the noises that leave your mouth. druig made sure of that. but even if he wasn’t controlling your mind, you’re not so sure you would have wanted to keep quite.
he spanks your clit until you cum. the pleasure unbearable. too much and yet not enough. unable to close your legs he continues his movements and overstimulates you into oblivion and you squirt all over him in the bed.
you whimper out apologies about the mess you’ve made. he doesn’t stop slapping your pussy as he hovers over you, kissing and biting your neck before whispering in your ear.
“Don’t apologize for something I wanted you to do. Use your brain for once, you really think I’d let you ruin my favorite sheets on accident. nuh uh baby, you’ll take what I give you and you’ll do it like a good girl or your cunt won’t be the only thing getting slapped tonight. So why don’t you just sit there and look pretty for me? Is that dumb brain of yours comprehending anything i’m saying right now? mmm that’s what I thought. It’s okay angel, Iove how stupid you are for me.”
Once he’s finished with you he stands up, pulling up his jeans and securing his belt. grabbing his boots and tying them lazily. He grabs his button up dress shirt that has been thrown haphazardly across the room. Not bother to put it on he slings it over his shoulder.
He lights a cigarette and takes a drag, tilting his back to blow smoke up into the air. he sighs contentedly.
you’re staring at him, waiting patiently for him to come free you from the uncomfortable position.
he’s released your mind, the only thing restraining you bring the rope keeping keeping your wrists tightly bound to the head board.
he smirks, letting his eyes run up and down your body as he admires you like you’re art. a pathetic piece of art that’s currently covered in bite marks and his cum.
he walks over to you, his footsteps echoing across the now silent room.
“you want me to untie you angel?”
He says softly. His voice laced with a gentle sweet tone you’d never heard his use before.
You nod cautiously, feeling flustered by this new side of his. The tears that had been steadily flowing had begun to dry. leaving your eyes glossy and lips swollen.
“Yes please.”
He raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘finish your sentence’
“Yes please sir.”
left your mouth as though it was second nature.
If someone had told you that you would ever use those three words to address Druig you would have laughed in their face. but it was different now, you could feel it.
Things were changing.
He laughed appreciatively at your words and knelt down next to you.
His hand cradled the side of your face guiding you to look at him. His eyes flickered to your lips as you nuzzled further into his touch.
He took another drag from his cigarette, maintaining eye contact while he did so. He tilted you chin up, forcing your lips to part. He took advantage of the small gasp that left you. And exhaled the smoke from his cigarette into your open mouth. His lips brushing yours as he did so, crashing your lips together in a kiss that was worth a thousand words.
When he pulled back you were panting, lips still parted as you stared up at him dumbly. He smiled again, that familiar glint of mischief evident in his smirk.
You looked completely fucked out. He loved it.
“mmm it’s a shame really. you look so pretty like this, honestly i’d be doing the world a disservice if i simply untied you right away. no i think i’ll let you figure that out yourself. you’re a big girl right? i mean, that’s what you tell yourself. here’s your chance, prove it.”
Sarcasm dripped from his words and you felt that all to familiar anger rise in you. that sweet caring Druig hadn’t been real, simply an act to make you think there was hope for the two of you.
“Druig please just-”
He tutted disapprovingly.
“Thought you would have learned by now? It’s sir. Why can’t you remember that? It’s honestly adorable how stupid you are.”
He spoke.
“Fuck you.”
You snapped at him.
He laughed and shook his head. He lifted the cigarette to his lips as he looked down at you, you were beneath him. Both literally and figuratively, and he wasn’t going to let you forget that.
“Darling I just did? You really that desperate for my cock?”
Tears filled your eyes again, why oh why did you have to fall for the men who treated you like shit but fucked you like a god.
“Crying again? Wow you really are pathetic. You’re lucky brain dead sluts are my type.”
He exhaled another breath from his cigarette. It was almost out, only burnt ash remaining as the embers drew closer to the filter between his finger tips.
You realized this just as he did. What you failed to notice was the hungry look in his eyes as he settled on what to do.
And with one last hit the cigarette was out. He brought his hand down from his lips. The finished cigarette held between his fingers.
He casually brought fourth his hand and tapped the filter. The remaining cigarette ash falling and landing on your body. You gasped at the sensation, the ash was cold now having been burnt out for awhile. But it was the action itself that finally broke you. More of your tears fell as he rolled his eyes exasperatedly. The smile on his face indicated he was proud of himself for turning you into, not only a fuck toy but also his own person ash tray.
He checked to make sure the flame had completely died out and then flicked the filter. It landed on your stomach. and you whimpered at how degrading his actions were. fuck, why were you into this?
You shut your eyes, desperately trying not to let him see your tears. Knowing that they’d just spur him on.
He took another look at you.
And decided to finish his art.
He leaned over you, his face coming right next to yours as he whispered in your ear.
“You know this is all your good for. Don’t you?”
And despite the little voice inside your head screaming at you to tell him off. You nodded pathetically.
“Good girl.”
He whispered and promptly spit on your face and walked away.
“I’ll be back in a few hours.”
He called over his shoulder as she shut the door, locking it from the outside.
Leaving you tied to his bed, unable to move your wrists from the rope keeping you securely in places
The evidence of your orgasm covered your thighs and the sheets below you. The rest of your face and body covered in his spit, cum, and cigarette ash.
Covered in him.
You were right about things changing. You just weren’t so sure if it was for the better. He’d made you his, you belonged to him.
But he was Druig and he belonged to nobody. Not even you.
I’m going to ruin that bastards entire fucking life.
You thought to yourself. The wheels in your mind starting to turn. A little ash wasn’t going to stop you from planning his downfall.
“Fuck it.”
You thought…finally deciding on what to do.
You were gonna make him pay, and it was going to feel fucking fantastic.
All you needed was a pair of handcuffs, a hotel room, a pack of Marlboro reds, and phone.
It was time to call in that favor Matt owed you.
And god knows he’s going to enjoy this just as much as you.
……………….. ……………….. ……………….. ……………….. …………
also this is my first semi-dark fic??? sorry if it sucks! also it’s not proof read.
everything written in this story was consensual!! tagging for dub-con just in case!
tagging some ppl i think might be into this! ahhhh!!
@waspswidows @murdicks @lokianddruigsbitch @drownedpoetess
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see you in church. see you in hell. punish. punish.
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the hottest people in the world are middle aged men who are also women
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Officially have died this morning
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