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Announcing the engagement - Hip hop unit (SVT)
Hellooo lovlies ~ Do you guys want to know something sick I just realized when I were going to make this post? International GF masterlist has reached over a 1000(!?) notes. That’s insane. Like wow. Thank you. Wow. yeah... Well, enjoy.
Triggers: Online hate
Tumblr media
S.Coups: You guys waited until like 3 months before the wedding until announcing it to the public.
The two of you of course started with telling the members, since half of them were in the building as you said yes. To your surprise, the guys were very surprised by the announcement. Apparently Seungcheol had told no one except from his parents and yours. But even though the guys were surprised, it was a happy one. Everyone were so happy for the two of you, and excited for what's to come.
And his parents wee just happy for the two of you, your parents on the other hand were a bit worried about the potential back lash from social media but still very happy to get Seungcheol as a son-in-law. But to be honest, you were a bit worried about the reactions the two of you would get from the fans, even though you knew that most of Carats liked you together with Seungcheol.
And when you went to the office, the two of you had to stay and talk out the "strategy" of how to deal with the news. It was a long conversation that didn't really help with your nerves.
"You okay?", Seungcheol asked as he parked the car outside your apartment complex. You tilted your head in his direction and gave him a weak smile.
"Just nervous. You're the first one in the group to get married, I don't really know what reaction to expect from the fans", you said and he leaned over and took your hand in his.
"I think they will be happy. Most of them at least", you let out a dry laugh and shook your head. "Of course there is going to be some shock, but we've been together for three and a half year, and public for two and a half. Most of them probably realized where this was going, don't underestimate Carats", he smiled and you rolled your eyes but nodded.
"Yeah, alright. You're right."
"Like always", you snorted and shoved away his hand.
"Goodnight doofus", you laughed and opened the door. "I'll call you when I get home form school tomorrow."
"Yeah, love you"
"Love you too"
And three months later the announcement was made and Seungcheol's prediction had been terribly off. Withing minutes of the announcements you started to get so much hate. People were saying that you were ruining Seungcheol's life and career, that you weren't worthy to be his wife and so on. It got to a point where you couldn't even go to class without running into people who would hurl insults at you.
And Seungcheol was devastated by the reactions, he really not expected people to react this way and found that the only way to deal with this was by doing an official live addressing the "problems" regarding his engagement to you.
He sat completely quiet for the first ten minutes of the live, just staring at the comments rolling in.
"Carats…", he breathed out, trying to keep his tears in and his anger down. "I'm so disappointed and sad about the reactions to my engagement.", he sighed and leaned forward in the chair and put his head in his hands. He went quiet for a little while, collecting his emotions.
"You guys get to have your opinion, I took the decision to become an idol and therefore parts of my private life became public. And if this announcement has somehow made you guys disappointed with me, I'm… I am following my heart here and can't say that I'm sorry for doing so, but I do accept your disappointment.", he looked up again. "But I have to draw the line now. I can't accept the fact that y/n is getting hate sent to her daily. That the last couple of days someone has been sending her threatening text, comments and such. It's become so bad that she can't even go to school anymore.",  his breath was shaking as he breathed in and he pressed his lips together in a thin line.
"If you need to get upset, take it out on me. Y/n hasn't done anything wrong, she didn't choose to become a public figure like I did. I am the one who dragged her into the spotlight, the one who chose to love her, the one who proposed to her. Blame me.", he went quiet again and read the comments. "That's all I've got to say.", and he ended the live.
After his own announcement, the hate toned down quite a lot. Some of the fans even started to speak up for you, saying that they were happy that Seungcheol was marrying someone who made him as happy as you did.
Tumblr media
Wonwoo: The fact that the two of you had gotten engaged was a surprise to literary no one. Everyone knew that you were it for him, his family knew, your family knew, the members knew and even the fans knew that if Wonwoo was going to get married, it was going to be with you.
That also meant that it was no hurry for the two of you to announce it yet. Of course the two of you called you families, both part who was really happy for the two of you (but like said, not really surprised). Then you and Wonwoo decided to just take it easy for a couple of days, since you had the chance anyhow. You guys spent a lot of time at home just talking and dreaming about the future; When and where should the wedding be? Should it be traditional Korean or a westernized wedding? How many should you invite? Where should the honeymoon be?
The two of you got pretty caught up in your own heads, so much that Wonwoo completely forgot to inform the members about the fact that you had said yes. He had told them before the weekend that he was going to propose and by the end of the weekend the group chat were going crazy. Unluckily for the guys Wonwoo had tuned off his notifications, and the guys didn't want to call incase they would interrupt something.
So when the next practice day came he was basically ambushed by twelve curious men asking: "DID SHE SAY YES!?".
"Oh, right I forgot to text you guys, didn't I?", Wonwoo laughed softly. "Yeah, she said yes.", and cheers erupted from the guys. He was hugged, congratulated and patted on the back. And then he had to go through how he did it, Hoshi and Jeonghan wanted and reenactment but Wonwoo settled with just telling them.
You guys decided to hold on from telling Carats and the public for a few weeks as well but when then you guys announced it by posting a picture of him holding your bejeweled hand and the caption:
'Thank you for coming into my life and deciding to stay in it.
I hope Carats are as happy as we are about this
Thank you so much for everything <3'
Tumblr media
Mingyu: Everyone close to the two of you basically already knew, I mean: DK and Hoshi were helping out getting the house ready. And Mingyu couldn't keep his mouth shut, he had talked to everyone and discussed how to get the most romantic proposal with all the members.
So since everyone had known that today was the day, it wasn't actually the two of you who spread the news that you had said yes: it was DK and Hoshi. After congratulating the two of you (and asking if it was okay to tell people) they left the two of you alone and updated the other guys on what had happened. You and Mingyu on the other hand just enjoyed each other and the first evening the two of you had been off work in a long while.
When the daybreak came your phones were filled with congratulations and a text from his manager just telling Mingyu to just say when. Both of you knew that it wouldn't be possible to keep this quiet (Because Mingyu would snitch on the two of you) for long and therefore it only took a few days before the announcement was made.
Out of all the members engagement announcements, this was probably the one who broke the most hearts. The internet got filled with teenage girls crying their hearts out in the comment sections of his Instagram, willowing in the despair of the fact that: "Mingyu won't marry meeeeeee" </3".
To be honest, the two of you just thought it was kind of cute how the fans was reaction and Mingyu just posted a picture of him pouting with the caption:
'Sorry Carat, she stole my heart before I even knew it </3'
Which… let's just say that it didn't exactly calm down the situation. (But ofc that attention-seeker loved it)
Tumblr media
Vernon: Yeah, no the two of you didn't really do an announcement to be honest. You guys just calmly brought it up in conversations when you met the people, and everyone was excited for you, no one were really surprised but it didn't make them any less happy. But it was actually an accident found out by the fan that made the whole thing public.
The two of you had not necessarily been keeping it a secret but you hadn't really felt the need to post it on social media, but it happened when the two of you were away on a weekend trip. You had been taking pictures and videos, and had of course been posting online. By this point you'd gotten so used to the weight of the ring on your finger that both you and Vernon just forgot about it when you posted a picture of the two of you. It was a sweet picture where you were squishing Vernon's face with your hand and basically showing off your ring for the world to see.
It only took about… five minutes before the rumor were all over the internet "SEVENTEEN's Vernon engaged with long-term girlfriend, the runway model y/n"
After a quick call with PLEDIS they posted an announcement confirming the rumors, and you and Vernon posted a short explanation online. The reactions weren't that big, people was happy for you and writing that you two would have beautiful babies. You didn't really pay that much attention to what the public was saying because, let's be honest: you knew that mostly people were just teasing Vernon and getting ready to make wedding memes.
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Hoping to get a little ask in…
Klaus and YN were in a f**k buddies, YN gets pregnant and is upset when Klaus is an ass about it. But YN is heartbroken when she walks into Klaus room to find him painting and a naked (covered in bed sheet) Cami.
Thanks so much
Tumblr media
A life i do not deserve
It hadn’t exactly been in mind to get pregnant when i slept with Klaus. He’s a vampire he isn’t meant to be able to have children. But apparently being only half hybrid has its extra ‘perks’. We’ve had a ‘friends with benefits’ kinda situation going on for a a while before i fell pregnant and i hate to admit it but i was gaining feeling but i could have sworn he was too, there was certain gentleness he would have sometimes, a specific look in his eye you know?
Then witches took me and we found out i was pregnant…with his kid. I won’t lie i wasn’t exactly over the moon, i was terrified and sick to my stomach with nerves. When Klaus found out i, for some reason, thought he might have said something, anything reassuring. Yeah, no. He flipped out, i was a liar, a slut that would sleep with anyone who was desperate enough to have me and i probably couldn’t even remember the fathers name. I don’t think i’ve ever cried harder, in front of Klaus, his brother and a witch, the overwhelming combination of the news and then the person i had finally come to actually understand telling me how disgusting and worthless i am to him just pushed me over the edge.
He left me and our child for dead before eventually returning. By the time he came to bring me home i was in an emotionless state. I refused to speak to him and wouldn’t let him touch me.
Over the next few months he had apologised many times and i decided it was best to move on from the issue, we were going to be parents after all. Plus the small fact that i did still long for him and everything in my heart screamed to forgive him. i knew he was struggling with the adjustment to his life as well, he just went for anger instead of distress.
Besides over that time we’ve had many sweet moments, he could be very kind when he wanted to be. I still hoped that he may see me as more one day. He would give my head a soft kiss and rub my bump in a loving manner. We were going to be a family.
I thought we could be a happy family…
But then he had to fuck his therapist.
I had just got back to our home, my bump was much bigger now as i was nearly 7 months pregnant. I had gone out to collect the decorations Klaus had picked for our baby’s new room, he had insisted we get it ready asap and i couldn’t argue. We designed and got it set up over the past few weeks.
I had just made a few extra adjustments to the baby room before going to Klaus’s room but he wasn’t in there. What was however was a bra and panties set. They were definitely not mine. I could feel my heart breaking as my breath caught in my throat and i opened his art room door.
I’m almost certain he could actually hear my heart shatter as i took in the scene before me. Camille. The blonde psychologist was completely naked on his art sofa, a sofa that they had spent time on in the past. Another girl was sprawled out with her tits on full display, a scrap of a bedsheet covering her most private area. And Klaus he was painting her. He only painted people when he had taken an interest, he told me that when he painted me. Everything he had shared with me was a game. The pregnancy ruined his game.
I took a step back and immediately he was stood in front of me, i could feel the tears streaming down my face, my chest aching as my mind yelled at me to leave. I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying, though i could see the panic in his eyes as he hands came to hold my arms. The second he touched me i let out a sob, my head shaking and my feet carrying me out the compound as fast as possible.
“y/n! stop running, love please!” he was grabbing me again, hands that had been all over another woman’s body, possibly inside another woman’s body. I was gonna be sick.
“get off me right now or i swear i will leave and never come back, you don’t even want this child and it’s clear you don’t want me so i don’t know why you’re bothering in trying to convince me otherwise” my voice was shaky and pain was obvious as i spoke.
“that wasn’t anything, she’s nobody, you’re carrying our baby, our baby that i love, you know that i love our child, you mean so much to m-“
“you’re such a fucking liar Klaus! This entire time i was afraid you still thought i was a stupid whore but it turns out I’ve been living with one this whole time while lugging around his kid, a kid you wanted to leave for dead, i forgave you and you said that we could be a family” my heart was basically on the floor at this point
“i can’t live here anymore. i’m leaving, i don’t know where i’m going but i’m not staying with you, you keep your filthy hands off of me and you stay away from my child. Do as you please, when you please but do not expect me to come crawling back to you, begging at your feet for a life that i do not deserve”
i practically ran to my car, the car that he had bought me, and drove to a hotel, i would sleep this off and think of a clear plan when i was in a better headspace
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Little Wonder | Chapter 1
Summary: It was one night. One night and some poor judgement. Okay it was one night fueled by hidden feelings and some alcohol. But it was one night? How could one night lead to a positive test on a bathroom counter? And how will two pilots ever be able to make a family when they are skies apart.
Pairing: Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin X Lt. Y/N “Tiger” Wood (OC Last Name/Call Sign)
Word Count: 2.0k
Warnings: Jake being Jake. Cursing. Unplanned pregnancy. Mentions of miscarriages. Arguing. 18+ Only May Enter.
A/N: Listen, I've been having baby fever and this seemed the most productive way to deal with it. And do I need another Jake series? No. Am I starting another one? Yeah.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I’m pregnant” Your eyes met Jake’s as he got comfortable on the couch. His squirming stopped once the words left your mouth.
“Congrats, Tiger? I’m not sure why your-” Jake’s tone told you that he really wasn’t excited to be told the news.
“It’s yours, Hangman.” You finally spat out, causing Jake to spit out the coffee he was just sipping to help him wake up. 
He coughed a few times, pounding his chest as his green eyes narrowed and looked up at you. Clearly not convinced.
“Are you sure, Tiger? I saw you flirting with-”
“Finish that sentence and you’ll be sipping coffee through a straw.” You growled, your nose scrunching up. Jake sat his coffee down and stood up to be equal with you.
“It was one time…” Jake emphasized and you nodded slightly over-exaggeratedly. 
“No fuck… Jake. And you wore a condom…” You added and the look on Jake’s face sank.
“Yeah… and then it broke, remember?” Jake admitted running a hand over his face.
“For fuck sake…how many other bastards do you have running around?” You huffed putting your head in your hands. How many other siblings would your child end up with?
“What do you want from me, Tiger?” Jake asked and you looked up at him with a glare from your hiding spot. 
“Nothing, actually. I figured I should at least tell you, at the bare minimum. I didn’t expect you to want it” You answered.
“Glad you at least had the decency to tell me, Tiger” Jake growled running a hand through his hair.
You were trying to hold the little tear that so desperately wanted to slip from your eyes. You had hoped, that your secret crush on the tall blonde, would be reciprocated at this moment. That your one night, granted fueled by some St. Patty’s day drinking, would be the push the both of you needed. Things had changed between you and Hangman after that night. You clung to the hope that your one night of fucking sparked something, but it was clear now. You were just another notch to him. 
“You keepin’ it?” Jake asked, his southern tone more apparent as he was angry. 
You glanced down just in time to see the email confirmation for your first doctor’s appointment to come through.
“I am. I don’t expect anything from you. In fact... Maybe it’s best if you just stay out of its life. Continue on being the jackass you usually are.” You hissed before turning away from Jake and walking back towards the main group. 
You had pulled him into the locker room, wanting an ounce of privacy. But now that room was too hot and too small for you to stay in.
“You don’t get to make the call, Tiger!” Jake hollered at you as he came storming out of the locker room. You dug your feet into the concrete and turned to face him. 
“I do. I’m its mother. And its father doesn’t even believe it’s his.” You hissed, your nails digging into your palm to keep yourself grounded.
“Fine. See if I give a fuck. It’s probably not even mine” Jake called out, a little louder, gathering the attention of the other pilots.
“Keep tellin’ yourself that, Bagman.” You returned, tears threatening to spill out as you walked into Cyclone’s office.
You were working with the front desk secretary to get your appointments set up for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.
Sometimes it hit you like a freight train, that there was a little bean floating around in your stomach. While it wasn’t conceived in complete love, you were determined to make it feel loved.
“Sounds good. Now the last handful of weeks will be a weekly check-up, just to make sure baby is doing good and so is mama. If you are in need of a waiver for military work, please let the doctor know at your next appointment and she will arrange for one.” The lady explained and you nodded, wanting to discuss with Maverick just exactly how much flying you would be allowed to do. 
You had already discussed with Cyclone that you would be eventually the flight secretary when you could no longer safely climb into your F18. But he had already decided to pull you from the next mission, fearing your safety and ability to perform it due to the timeline. That hit you harder than you expected, but you understood.
“Great. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I really appreciate it.” You smiled, thankful for her patience, she was clearly older and maybe more experienced than you at this whole thing.
“You’re welcome. Feel free to call if you have any questions. I know how scary it can be with the first one.” She gave a warm smile as she handed you the office business card on your way out. 
You took a deep breath and walked out towards your car, only to spot a tall-blonde ass leaning up against it.
“Bagman.” You announced as you walked past him, not giving him more than his name as you opened your car door and put your purse in the passenger seat. 
“Tiger, can we talk?” Hangman asked, his voice still stern which immediately pissed you off.
“No. We had our chance to talk.” You answered over your shoulder as you climbed into the driver's seat. 
Part of you wanted to ask him how he found you, but you weren’t ready to face him full yet.
Jake plopped himself down on the bumper of your SUV, your backup cam screaming at you that something was in the way. 
You waited for a minute or so to see if he would give up the fight but to no avail. Sighing with heavy frustration as you climbed back out of the car and around to face Jake.
“What do you want, Bagman?” You asked as Jake turned to face you.
“How’s it doing?” Jake asked gesturing towards your stomach, your eyes narrowing.
“Fine.” You said, glaring still.
“How are you doing?” Jake asked, his voice seeming to soften a bit as his eyes met yours.
“Considering I can’t keep food down…fine.” You answered and Jake’s hand clenched that was keeping him up on your car.
“What… can I do to help?” Jake asked, his eyes searching your face for any clues.
“Nothing. You made your stance clear.” You hissed starting to walk back towards the driver seat, debating just running his ass over, but his hand caught your arm.
“Tiger… I… Shouldn’t have said that.” Jake admitted and you looked back over at him with suspicion clear on your face. Your call sign was apparent as you whipped your head around, nose pulled up in a snarl as you spoke. 
“You shouldn’t have. It was an ass move.” You corrected. 
“I’m... sorry. I believe you.” Jake apologized as his grip loosened on you.
“Sorry doesn’t exactly fix this, dick.” You hissed and he nodded.
“I know. But I… I want to be a part of its life. If you’ll let me.” Jake announced and you stopped your advance into the car. 
“You do realize that means having to interact with me, correct?” You asked and Jake chuckled before nodding.
“I’m well aware. Again… if you let me.” Jake offered and you glanced down at his hand before yanking your arm back.
There was a long moment of thought. You were still incredibly hurt and angry at the man in front of you. But the part of you that liked loved him, wanted more than anything to let him in. You looked over his face, wanting to find any ounce of a lie or dishonesty, but the green eyes looking back at you even held some sorrow for how this interaction was going down. He clearly understood his fault. His features were soft and his smile was even slowly ticking at your wall. You took one heavy sigh before letting your features soften as well.
“Fine. My next appointment is on the 10th. You can sit out in the parking lot.” You admitted and he nodded. 
“I’ll be there. Can I take you out for lunch?” Jake asked and you looked up at him with a curious look.
“I just told you I have problems with holding down food.” You pointed out and Jake nodded.
“Loud n’clear. But I’m sure there is something that sounds good right now, let’s go find it.” Jake offered and you bit your lip in hesitation.
“I’ll hold your hair back if you toss it up later, but at least let’s try to feed the gremlin.” Jake teased and you rolled your eyes.
“It’s not a gremlin.” You huffed as you tried to climb into the driver’s seat.
“If it’s half me, it’s a gremlin. No. I’m driving. You rest.” Jake swatted you away from the door and stood tall until you yielded, walking over to the other side and climbing in. 
“Subway, please,” You asked as you climbed into the passenger seat, setting your purse on the floor.
“Yes ma’am.” Jake started driving you towards your choice.
“Have you told anyone else?” Jake asked as he watched you pick at the sandwich he had gotten you. 
He had convinced you to at least sit in the truck and rest while you attempt to eat. 
“Cyclone knows I’m pregnant. I didn’t tell him it’s yours.” You admitted giving up on trying to eat the meat. The smell was starting to bother you, so you slid it away from you. 
“Why?” Jake asked as he took the sandwich and tossed it in the trash bag at his feet.
“Cause my stupid ass didn’t want you to get dropped from the mission” You explained as you sighed, looking out the window.
“He dropped you?” Jake asked, his jaw clenching at the thought.
“Yeah. Said it was too risky and dropped my ass. Now I get to go to schools for programs and arrange flights.” You explained picking at your fingers. 
Jake’s hand reached over to pull a hand away.
“When are you due?” Jake asked, his gaze off in the distance somewhere. 
“December 11th. But it could be a week either way. Depends on how long the cub wants to cook” You sighed looking over Jake’s face.
“The cub?” Jake asked, turning to look at you with a smile.
“Yeah. I’m not calling it a fucking gremlin. If I’m Tiger, it’s a cub.” You pointed out, still mad that Jake had insulted the little cub.
“Fair. Can we tell the squad?” Jake asked.
“Not yet. I want to get a little further along. Just in case…” You started, squeezing your eyes shut at the thought.
“Hey… Let’s not go there.” Jake squeezed your hand as you met his eyes finally. They were already starting to tear up. 
“It was one time…” You huffed whipping your face as you looked to Jake for some sort of explanation. Clearly having mulled over this issue multiple times already.
“What can I say? I’m a very good shot.” Jake had to stop your hands as they flew to probably knock a few of his perfectly straight teeth out, chuckling as you struggled as he pinned you against his chest.
“You motherfuck-” You hissed as you wanted to rip that stupid toothpick from his mouth he always managed to have.
“Easy Tiger…” Jake teased as he crossed your arms in front of both of you and held you there. His arms flexed as he fought to hold you until you cooled off. It took at least an entire song on the radio for you to stop flaring your nostrils at him and pulling hard against his arms. But then a singular whispered sentence absolutely broke him.
“If anyone was going to be my baby daddy… I’m kinda glad it was you.” You muttered, not wanting to look at him just yet. Jake leaned down, slightly pressing his cheek to yours.
“I couldn’t ask for a better mother for my cub.” 
Maybe that crush wasn’t all imaginary afterward.
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Life Lessons
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: arguing, yelling, jealousy, flirting, name calling, bullying, mild swearing, mentions of smut, Odin's A+ parenting, mentions of abuse, controlling behavior, mentions of adoption.
Summary: it's had been a week since you were paired with Loki, and things go downhill fast.
Part one - Part two-
Tumblr media
You made your way to class, thankful for the fact it was Friday and you would get a break from your insufferable partner. After seeing the picture the other night, you had made a point to keep your conversations to a minimum, you couldn't let your mask slip. You made it to class, seeing Loki standing there talking to Stacy, and he didn't look happy. "I told you, delete the picture Stacy." You heard as you got closer. "What's wrong with everyone knowing your mine?" She whined, running her hands up his chest. As you walked past, he glanced over at you as you put your head down, heading for your desk.
"OK everyone, since it's Friday we're gonna have an easy day. Pair up and work on your projects. You've got two weeks left so make your time count." Mr. Banner said as he sat behind his desk. Looking up behind you, you saw Loki with his head on his desk, was he sleeping? You wondered as you grabbed your things and made your way to his desk. You sat down, pulling out your laptop and he hadn't moved. You slowly put your hand on shoulder, gently nudging him as he groaned, ignoring the way his noises made you feel, you nudged him a bit harder. "Loki, we need to work on this." You said trying to shake him.
He slowly opened his eyes, moaning as he stretched sitting up, feeling your cheeks flush again. "Sorry, was up late, what did I miss?" He asked looking at you. "Stacy keep you pretty busy?" You snarked at him, you felt him glare as he leaned forward "what I do with my cock isn't your concern?" He whispered in your ear "unless you want it to be hmm?" He whispered again, feeling your face heat up as he sat back watching you. "I prefer a challenge, you seem pretty easy to get in bed." You shrugged, thinking back to the picture.
His face seemed to soften as something flashed in his eyes, hurt? Before his mask was back in place "strong words coming from my brother's whore. Tell me, were you thinking of me when he fucked you?" He sneered at you. "I can't do this." You said, slamming your laptop closed, grabbing your things. "Oh come on y/n, it's just a bit of fun." He smiled at you. You felt a tear stream down your cheek, hurrying to wipe it away as he watched you. "Y/n, wait, I didn't mean..." he started "No, its fine. I'll do the project, we can present together so you get credit and that will be that." You said grabbing your bag. "But i.." He tried again "its fine Loki, wouldn't want you to have to work with a whore right?" You said walking down the steps.
"Mr. Banner, I'm really not feeling well, is it okay if I take off for the day? I'll work on the project over the weekend." You said fighting back tears. "Well I guess that's fine. See you Monday y/n." He smiled. As you turned to leave, you glanced at Loki who hadn't taken his eyes off you as you stormed out. You made it to your locker, grabbing your jacket and keys, slamming it shut seeing Thor standing there.
"Jesus Thor, warn someone." You said grabbing your chest as he laughed. "My apologies locker neighbor, are you headed home?" He asked looking at you. "Yeah, I'm not feeling well." You said looking down. "Oh, well I hope you feel better." He smiled patting your back. You nodded heading to your car. "So, what's your girlfriend problem?" Loki asked Thor, leaning on the lockers. "What girlfriend?" Thor asked furrowing his eyebrows. "Y/n, she the one you were just taking to." Loki said waving his hand. "She's not my girlfriend, we're more..acquaintances then anything." He shrugged "wait, you and her never...." he started "Oh no, no no, apparently I am not not her type." Thor laughed closing his locker.
"Why do you ask?" He raised an eyebrow at Loki. "Hmm? oh no reason. Curious." Loki said. "Shouldn't you be more concerned with Stacy?" He asked nudging him "no, Stacy and I are not a thing. We had fun that's it." Loki said pushing off the lockers. "Well, you may want to tell her that." Thor laughed walking away, leaving Loki in the hallway. "Damn." He whispered to himself as he headed back to class.
You made it home, pulling out your tub of ice cream before plopping on the couch. You scrolled through your phone, seeing the picture was still on Instagram "Damn" You whispered as you tossed your phone down. "Good job y/n, you just screwed that to hell." You sighed, putting your head back. You heard a knock on your door, opening seeing Wanda. "Hey, why you home so early?" She asked coming in. "I told them I wasn't feeling well. Why can't I gave a free day like you?" You laughed heading back to the couch as she joined you.
"So, why are you really home?" She asked looking at you. You sighed "you know that guy I told you about that I like?" You asked "yeah, what about him?" She asked "Well, I may or may not have called him a whore, and hurt his feelings." You said squinting. "Why would you do that?" She asked raising her eyebrows. "I was jealous, and angry. He was with some girl and i......lost myself." You said looking down. "Well, you need to apologize." She said grabbing your phone. "I can't, he thinks I'm sleeping with his brother." You said looking at her. "Ok, you need to tell me exactly what happened." She sighed setting your phone down.
You recanted the events of the last week to her as she rubbed her eyes. "Ok, so first you need to apologize, then you need to tell him you and his brother aren't a thing." She said waving her hand around. "It doesn't matter Wan, he has that Stacy girl, he'd never want me." You sighed "you don't know that y/n." She said "oh yeah, look at this." You said pulling the picture up "Oh, ok yeah she's pretty, but.." She started "Don't, don't do that wanda. Don't try to make me believe I can compete with that." You said pointing at the picture. She sat the phone down, pulling you into a hug "Well I think your amazing." She said rubbing your back. "Thanks Wan, let's watch a movie." You smiled turning on the TV.
Loki pulled up to the house, Odin waiting for him on the steps as he sighed grabbing his things. "Your late. Why do you insist on embarrassing me." He bellowed down the driveway. Loki began to walk past him as he grabbed the front of his jacket "You will answer me." He said "I'm sorry, my last class ran late." Loki said as Odin released him. "I'll call and talk to the teacher, you are not to be late again, understood." He demanded "yes sir." Loki said looking down. "Go change and meet me in back. You have five minutes." Odin said going inside.
Loki changed into his soccer uniform, slipping his cleats on as he made his way out back to the make shift field Odin had built. "Do we really need to do this today? I've practiced all week." Loki said stretching. "If you want me to continue to pay for that useless school yes, you'll do as I say." Odin said. He pulled his hair back, making his way to the field.
Five hours later the sun was setting as Loki knelt on the grass, his knees giving out. "I can't anymore, can we please stop?" He asked leaning over. Odin walked up, looking down at him "fine, you can be done today, but I want twice the practice the next two days." He said sternly. "But....but I have plans tomorrow." Loki said looking up at him. "Cancel them. No son of mine will amount to nothing." He said "I'm not your son." Loki growled as he felt the back of Odin's hand connect with his cheek. "I adopted you, I raised you, I trained you." Odin growled as he leaned down. "As long as you are in this house you will do as I say." He said sternly as Loki glared at him. "And we both know you won't make it without my money....son." He said getting up going in the house, leaving Loki in the yard.
"Just a few more weeks, then I'll be rid of you old man." Loki snarled as he slowly stood, making his way to his room. He wiped his lip, peeling his shoes off getting ready to shower, the days event running through his mind. He could deal with anything Odin threw at him, he had for years, but he had to make things right with you. He was determined come Monday he was going to talk to you.
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strokesofstokes · 4 months
Day 6- Drew Starkey
Tumblr media
“Hey.. would you come over and help me find an outfit to wear tonight?” Drew asked. I was at lunch at work when he called me. “Of course. What are we styling you for?” He paused for a moment before continuing.. “A date…” I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I gulped. “Oh.. awesome! Yeah sure. I’ll come by after work.” I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, “awesome! Thanks Y/N! Couldn’t do it without you!” I hung up, feeling tears sting my eyes as I went back to my office. I tried hard to not let it affect my day but it was hard not to be jealous when my best friend was going to take some other girl on a date that I wished was me. 
After I got off work, I made my way to his house, trying to shake off the funk I was in. It apparently didn’t work, because as soon as he opened his arms for a hug, I dodged it. “You okay?” he asked almost immediately. I never dodged his hugs. In fact, I preferred his hugs because of the warmth and love they emit. “I’m fine. Just a long day and I’m all sweaty.” He just shrugged and shut the door behind him. “You want something to drink?” he asked. “Yeah sure.. Can I have a beer?” He agreed and handed me one. “Okay so.. I’m thinking jeans and a button up, or maybe a blazer? What are you thinking?” I took a big gulp of my beer before looking at him. “Don’t you have a stylist for questions like this? Or supermodel friends?” He chuckles and looks at me. “Well, my date is friends with my ‘supermodel friends’ so I can’t exactly ask them..” I finish my beer in about three gulps as I look at him. “Oh.. well then, I say a blazer and jeans. The green one. It brings out your eyes.” He raises his eyebrows. “Are you sure? I’m not sure about that.” I scoff and stand up. “Then why the hell am I here Drew? Why did you ask my opinion if you weren’t going to listen?” He seemed shocked at my outburst. “Woah.. are you okay? What is going on with you today?” I shake my head and begin to head to the door but he grabs my wrist to stop me. “Y/N, don’t go. Please… talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.” I roll my eyes and sit on the couch. “Why don’t you just go get ready for your date with your supermodel, and then you’ll see I’m right when she drools over you later.” He chuckles and looks at you curiously, “wait a minute, are you…jealous?” I scoff. “What? No way. Now go! You’re going to be late!” He shakes his head and goes back to his room, changing into exactly what I told him to.  When he came out, he must have been texting his date, because he had a big smile on his face. He had his back to me and I noticed that the collar of his blazer was sticking up, so I stood from the couch, reaching up to fix it, but he was too tall to reach. I huffed, “sit, tall person.” He laughed. “Why? What’s wrong?” “Your collar is a mess, let me fix it.” He sat on the edge of the couch so he was eye level with me. I reached around, folding the collar over correctly and smoothing it out. “There. Much better. See? She’ll love it.” He shook his head. “She won’t be seeing it.” I stood there shocked. “What?! She- what?! What happened?” He shrugged. “I canceled.” I slapped his shoulder. “Why the hell would you cancel on a supermodel?! Are you crazy?!” He smiled, pulling me close by hips. “Crazy for you.” He leaned in, pulling me down for a kiss.
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Summary: After your divorce, your sister’s brother in law, Frankie was there for you. One day (Valentines Day) when he’s over at your place to fix something in your bathrom you tell him that your ex husband had always been jealous of him and implied that you had been fucking Frankie behind his back. Now that you’re single you just might finally do it for real. And find so, so much more.
Pairing: Frankie Morales x fem. Reader
Wordcount: 1.9k
Warnings: mentions of divorce, mentions of cheating, fluff, some spicy thoughts but that's it
A/N: This was originally planned for Valentine's day but then I had too many other ideas so it's a belated Valentine's fic
Tumblr media
“So. The divorce is finally through?” Santiago was sitting beside you, your sister occupied with their daughter. It was his 40th birthday and you had been invited for the big BBQ.
“Yeah. Finally, we could have been done much much sooner but… Well let’s not talk about it.”
“You deserve better anyway. I never really liked him,” he said and you sighed.
“Well he wasn’t bad all the time. It just… didn’t work in the end. Wasn’t helping that he was convinced that I was having an affair,” you rolled your eyes and Santi raised his left eyebrow.
“Wasn’t he the one who cheated?”
You just nodded, letting your eyes wander through the backyard, your eyes landing on Frankie who just walked in. His eyes found yours and he gave you a warm smile before he made his way over to you.
“Why did he think you had an affair then?” Santiago asked and you shrugged.
“Apparently the couple of times Frankie was here, when we were over visiting you, were enough to convince him I was fucking him,” you said and Santiago choked on his beer.
“Frankie?” he asked in disbelief.
“What about me?” Frankie asked as he joined you and you just smiled.
“I am telling him about our secret love affair,” you winked and he chuckled. Whenever he smiled he looked years younger, his warm eyes wrinkling in the corners.
“Ah yes, our affair,” he said head shaking as he sat down next to you, grabbing a beer from the table and kissing your cheek. Santi eyed you suspiciously.
“I mean you are hanging out much more often lately…”
You were.
Frankie had turned out to be a big help after your marriage broke apart. Which was a big surprise. Of course you had known him before. He and Santiago were best friends and whenever there was a celebration or just a BBQ or a dinner at the house Garcia, he was there.
It was only after you moved out and split from your husband that you got to form a friendship with Frankie. You were at the hardware store when you met him. It was late on a Saturday evening. You had spent the whole day working on the little house you had bought for yourself to start your new life.
And everything went great until you had finished painting the walls and were trying to figure out what kind of floor you wanted. Tiles? Laminate? Something completely different?
You could manage to put laminate into your living room by yourself. Probably. Well… Maybe. And maybe it was your feelings catching up with you, or the fact that you hadn’t eaten all day but while you were at the hardware store and looking at their laminate you had a tiny emotional breakdown as you thought about everything that had gone wrong in your life. You were single in your mid thirties, had a shitty job that didn’t pay enough and you were so, so alone. Yes you had friends, and they had all been a big help but you didn’t want to bother them. To whine about your life.
You had heard a cough behind you, and you had wiped your tears away quickly, taking a deep breath before you turned around and saw Francisco standing behind you. He looked at you caringly, having recognized you as he passed by.
“Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” you whispered, giving him a weak smile. He had heard about your divorce from your sister. He wanted to reach out, but felt weird doing so, the both of you not really… friends? Anything really. Maybe some far far extended family with him and you being Godparents to Santi’s daughter.
“Ignore the tears, the laminate is just… so pretty,” you joked and he gave you a small smile.
“Yeah… Those… are… very pretty, you’re right,” he said and you laughed quietly.
“Do you need any help?” Frankie asked.
“I’m sure you have better things to do Francisco,” you said and he shook his head.
“Wouldn’t have offered it if I had. So… Laminate floor?”
He had spent an hour with you in the aisle as you decided which laminate you would get, helping you get everything you needed and insisting that he’d help you put it in the next day.
And that’s how Frankie and you became friends.
Tumblr media
“So nothing’s going on between the two of you?” Santi asked.
“You know men and women can be just friends, right?” you asked.
“Heard the rumours, yeah,” he grinned and you rolled your eyes, turning your head to look at Frankie.
“Help me out here,” you said and he chuckled.
“Nah, Pope doesn’t believe in friendship between men and women.”
“Because it doesn’t work. Sooner or later one of the party catches feelings and it all goes to hell.”
“Just because that happened to you and my sister doesn’t mean it’s a rule, Garcia,” you joked and he sighed, getting up as he caught his wife’s gaze.
“I’m just saying, you’d be a great couple,” he shrugged, before he walked away.
The thing was, maybe Santiago was right. You noticed that you began to look differently at Frankie. He was just always.. There for you. No matter what. He helped you with everything you couldn’t do at your house. You had dinner together, hell, you even cooked together. In the last months Frankie had become your best friend. Someone you talked to daily about everything and nothing.
You had met his daughter and you absolutely adored her. Almost as much as her father.
Frankie was an attractive man. He was funny, he always had an open ear for you and god… his hands. Late at night, when you were alone in your bed you thoughts began to wander to just what those big hands could do.
You didn’t know when Frankie had become your number one fantasy, it just.. Happened.
“We’re still on for tomorrow?” his voice pulled you out of your daydream. You blinked a couple of times and his smile got wider.
“Of course. You’re my Valentine's Date after all.”
“Oh yeah. You want flowers to the lamp I’m bringing to hang in your bathroom?” he asked with a grin.
“I mean it’s Valentine’s day and I am cooking your favourite,” you winked and he groaned, your mind going straight to the gutter hearing it.
“Okay. I’ll bring you something,” he smiled, his head coming down to your shoulder. You closed your eyes, letting yours fall on top of his, missing the way your sister and Santiago knowingly looked at you and Frankie.
Tumblr media
There was a knock on the door and for some reason you felt nervous. Dinner was almost ready and you had... A dress on? Why did you dress up? This was dinner and a movie with Frankie. Something you did weekly, yet you put so much more effort into it?
He was here to install the new lamp he had picked up for you after work. So he was not here for… a date with you, right?
You groaned to yourself, shaking your head as you made your way to the door. Taking a deep breath you opened it, a smile sneaking to your face as you saw Frankie standing in front of it.
Had he… shaved?
“Happy Valentine’s day,” he said with a grin, holding out a colourful bouquet of flowers for you and the lamp in his other hand. Your face softened and when you took the flowers and Frankie leaned down to kiss your cheek you felt butterflies in your stomach you haven’t felt in… years.
“You didn’t have to,” you said with the widest smile and he nodded.
“I wanted to. They reminded me of you,” he said and you took a step to the side so he could come in, fighting down your nervousness. This was just Frankie, god damn it.
“Lamp or food first?” he asked and walked towards your kitchen.
“Will you be able to hang the lamp after dinner?” you teased.
He made a face. “Probably not,” he chuckled then.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on your bed, watching Frankie in your en suite bathroom as he stood on a chair, hanging your lamp. He was telling you about something that happened at work today while you were watching him.
His shirt had run up, revealing a sliver of his hips. His arms were all toned skin and muscle as he held the lamp up. It was hard to follow what he was saying when he looked like that, your imagination running wild.
When he turned around he caught you staring and you felt your cheeks growing warm, blinking a couple of times, to clear your mind. He smirked at you, not saying anything as he focused on his task.
“You ever thought about it?” he asked after a while, putting the last screw in.
“Thought about what?”
“The affair we were supposed to be having,” he said and you frowned.
“What do you mean? We never had that affair…”
“I know. Fuck... I meant… Do you ever think about us? Together?” he asked and you were sure your heart stopped beating for a second.
“I… I haven’t really thought about being with anyone since the break up. It’s… I wanted to focus on myself for a while.”
“Oh…” he said, getting down from the chair.
“But in the moments I am thinking about being with anyone… It’s always you,” you added quietly, sucking your bottom lip in nervously as you waited for his reaction. He turned around to look at you.
“You’re much more than just my best friend… I… think about you all the time, even when you’re standing in front of me. You’ve been my rock throughout this... journey on self discovery,” you chuckled to yourself, letting yourself fall back onto your bed as Frankie walked towards you. You waited until he sat down beside you and let himself fall next to you, his face turned in your direction.
“I… I’m thinking about you too all the time,” he said, one of his hands slowly lifting up, his fingers carefully touching your cheek. Your whole body was anticipating what might be happening next.
“You’re… You’re perfect. And beautiful and so damn funny and to be honest many of the thoughts I have about you are anything but what friends would do…”
“Yeah?” you asked as his hand came to rest on your cheek. You lifted yours up, covering his hand as you turned your head, so you could kiss his palm. He bit his bottom lip as he looked at you.
“Yeah,” he whispered, pulling you closer.
And then he kissed you.
Tumblr media
Hours later, after you had the dinner reheated you were sitting dressed in nothing but Frankie’s shirt in front of him on the couch, his arms around you, as he kissed up your shoulder.
“I think I need to thank your ex husband,” he mumbled and you frowned as you turned your head to look at him.
“Without him being obsessed about our non-existent affair we would probably never have ended up like this,” he grinned and you rolled your eyes, kissing him softly.
“You’re a dork,” you whispered with a smile against his lips.
“You love it,” he grinned, before he turned you in his arms so you were laying on top of him.
“I do,” you smiled dreamily, before you finally started the movie he had been here to watch in the first place.
This time though, the movie became secondary as Frankie explored your body.
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bukojuiice · 2 years
— genshin boys as your college roommates who are head over heels in love with you
Tumblr media
ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, and xiao x gn! reader
ೃ 400-600 words per character!  ♡
ೃ warnings: mention of alcohol drinking ( but aside from that, just lots and lots of fluff!)
ೃ this is my very first writing contribution to the genshin fandom, so i hope everyone likes it!  after 5 months of playing genshin, i think it’s safe to say my brainrot for it has finally consumed me and i’m confident enough to brew something up! <3
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ೃ if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– You and Childe are the perfect embodiment of the best friends to roommates trope. Whenever you wanna sleep in for 5 minutes more and you’re about to run late for your first class, Childe never fails to slowly drag you out of your bed, laughing as he does so. “Wake up sunshine!” is the first thing you always hear in the morning and you don’t complain if you get to hear his smexy voice anyway. He is a confident flirt and is not afraid to show you how much he cares or how much he pines over you. 
–  He’s always always there to save the day. There was a time when your classmates stood you up on the group project you were making, and guess who comes up to you with glitter, glue, and colored paper? Childe, of course! He stayed up until the wee hours of the night with you just so he can help you finish it. He even promises to set things in a “very civil way” with your absolute jerk groupmates the very next day. You practically hang out with him 24/7 as most of the time he just barges in your shared apartment with some amusement park tickets on hand or to some expensive yoga or judo class. There’s never a dull moment with him and with each passing day, the more you fall harder for him.
–  After a morning jog with him and seeing cute little dogs frolicking around with their married owners, Childe suddenly had the urge to adopt a dog with you.  But, due to a no pets rules established by the landlord, the two of you opt to owning hamsters instead! Childe named his hamster, narwhal (after his favorite animal of course!) whereas you named yours bunny, to match his irrelevant pet name picking. your hamsters both share the same house/cage and even they are pining over each other.
  –  His siblings visit a lot, especially Teucer. At this point, there was never a day the little boy didn’t ask when are you and Childe going to finally become “playground playmates” (a term for lovers that they use in second grade apparently) since the two of you are living with each other and seem so close. Childe is always able to successfully change the topic and shift away from talking about the shared feelings that the both of you have for each other. But, alas, the day had finally came to be and during your monthly trip to the amusement park, Childe confidently confesses to you on top of the ferris wheel.
“So... everyone in my life knows that you’re my best friend. Yea, that’s pretty cool and all but... Can we be more than just that (Y/N)? Is there hope if I think there could be something between us?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– Diluc is your posh and rich roommate who sounds and looks too good to be true. The fact that you’re roomies with the literal heir to the country’s biggest wine and beverage company sounds like something straight out of a fanfic. But, it was of his volition to decide to live in a penthouse near Teyvat University. It was the doings of his step-brother Kaeya who tricked him into getting a roommate so that he won’t be alone for the rest of his college years... aaand that’s where you come in. practically barged into his life, but, you were a blessing. an angel sent from the skies.
–  He’s quite cold and unapproachable at first, only greeting you whenever he sees you but never bothered to engage in small talk with you. Even if the both of you go to the same university. It wasn’t until your second month as roommates, when you accidentally had too much to drink after a friends’ night out. You come home to see him in the living room, drinking grape juice from a wine glass, and watching a rerun of Hannah Montana. You practically collapse at the front door, he rushes to you and helps you up as you drunkenly confess to him in tears how you wanted to become much closer to him especially since the  two of you are going to spend the rest of your college years together. That was when Diluc realized how distant and aloof he’s been and vows to make it up to you.
– Diluc is very talented. Albeit in very discreet way, he makes sure to make use of his talents especially if it’s an opportunity to make memories with you. He is an amazing cook as much as he tries to deny it, He’s a secret virtuoso caught in 4k when you impulsively bought a guitar one time and you asked if he knows how to play, and he does so well. He practically serenades you in the most non-obvious way possible. Lastly, He’s very athletic. You invited him to play tennis one time, betting that if he won, you would do his bidding for the rest of the week. Before you could even blink, he wins. His “punishment” for you was that you accompany him in binge-watching TV Dramas. Grey’s Anatomy and Downtown Abby are just some of the shows the two of you would watch. It is absolutely adorable seeing him so invested in these dramas. and since the next on Diluc’s list were sit-coms, you were preparing yourself to answer his questions on the context of jokes that he didn’t get. In a poor attempt to flirt with you, he calls out your name and recites in the most Joey Tribbiani voice he could muster, “How you doin?” You were laughing so so hard that night because his pick up line actually worked on you and suddenly your realizations came full circle: you were very much in love with him too.
–  His naturally cool yet shy nature had always gotten the best of him.  He’s always wanted to ask if you wanted to carpool with him to school. Riding with him in his Tesla sportscar that goes 150 Mph? Heck yeah. However, it took quite a while before he could muster up the courage to ask you (4 months of being roommates until he finally popped the question) Since then, the two of you go home to and from University whenever you had similar schedules. Ever since then, Diluc had began to soften. His cold and hard facade slowly melted. Asking if you could help tie his floofy red hair then he’d let you play with it and let you style it in different ways. He takes you out on café dates during lunch breaks and take you out to watch a movie after both of your late night lectures. Everyone in campus thinks the two of you are practically together at this point. All that was left was to bare your feelings with one another through a fumbling and awkward confession.
“Words cannot not suffice these feelings I’ve been harboring for you since the very beginning. I L-like you a lot. Do you feel the same way too?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Everyone loves Kaeya. Your friends and family, The School Faculty, The owner of the Convenience Store from down the street, The old lady who lives next door, The little kids from down the hall, and even the angry brown poodles from the farthest apartment to your right absolutely loved him. it was hard to keep up with having a roommate that not only were you crushing so hard on, but also had such a vibrant social life. Kaeya interacts and socializes with a lot of people and he admits that it does tend to get tiring at times. But, if these sacrifices lead to coming home to his cute roommate who has captivated his heart since Day 1, then it’s all worth it.
— Despite how warm and friendly he may seem, Kaeya is a very private person. He’s brought two or three friends like Jean, Lisa, Albedo, or Rosaria. But, only to discuss school affairs. He wasn’t the kind of person who trusts others easily, even if he was giving off the impression that he was a trustworthy and reliable person himself. He’d much rather spend time with you on days off from school. He may be a party guy on the outside (he insists he does it for future connections when he graduates) but he’s quite a homebody. Kaeya is the type to watch korean dramas and anime with you, go on late night convenience store cravings, and these always resulted in a perfect evening spent with him. When the both of you are fully immersed into the anime and things get a bit cozy, you rest your head on his shoulder, huddling for warmth.
— Kaeya would always come home with a little something for you. May it be take-out food, A trinket, a board game, an accessory, and even skincare products. The indigo-haired man is very particular about self-care and you bet that he’s bought different kinds of face masks, ointments, and even matching cute headbands just for the two of you! He’s very flamboyant and flirts with you a lot. Trying to impress you with pick up lines and suggestive jokes, but you always thought that he was just joking around because that was always a part of his personality. It was always a part of him. For Kaeya on the other hand, it seems to him that you don’t take him seriously and it's possible that you don’t return his feelings at all. He had to set things straight and it didn’t take long until Kaeya found the perfect opportunity to do so.
— With the help of practically everyone in the apartment, Kaeya is about to surprise you with a candle-lit dinner up on the apartment rooftop. His sly smooth-talking quickly convinced you that the both of you were just going to go out on your nightly convenience store trips. Your curiosity grows when he takes you by the hand, covering you with a blindfold, and whispering to your ear, “Do you trust me?” Gripping onto his hand tightly, the both of you go up some stairs and you reply, “Yes Kaeya, I do.” He slowly uncovers the shield from your eyes and your eyes sparkle at the sight of the candle-lit dinner, complete with jazz music, and a romantic view of the city.
“(Y/N)... You are the most precious person to me. I hope you can take me seriously, especially my feelings. I am saying this with my heart in my hand and with nothing but genuine love in my soul.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Zhongli is truly husband material. You’re saying this as his friend, as his roommate, and as someone who’s absolutely smitten over him. He’s a third year environmental archaeology student at Teyvat University. Gentle, kind, and has nothing but wise and intelligent things to say. your lovestruck self can’t help but just admire him from afar, not knowing that he too has been entranced by you ever since you moved in.
—He's always the first to wake up in the morning. The first thing he does is make you a cup of coffee. He's got your favorite memorized, (Coffee with cream. Not to sweet and not too bitter.) The both of you own matching mugs, (written in colored scribbled letters, “The Wise Roommate” for Zhongli and “The Cute Roommate” for you.) He always wants to spend his free mornings with you. Both of you have different schedules so you never see each other at Campus and this was the only blissful time of the day you can spend with one another. Once you get home for dinner, (Zhongli is always the first to get home if he doesn’t stay too long at the library or strolling around the city) If it’s your turn to cook or if it’s his, he never forgets to brew you oolong tea after dinner. A perfect chance for the two of you to just talk the night away and engage in deep and meaningful conversations.
—Zhongli fell in love with you because you just quietly listen to him. Sometimes, you would share your thoughts and insights, even sharing your own personal knowledge that Zhongli had not known prior. You were one of the very few people in his life whom he could talk about absolutely anything with. Well, who wouldn’t listen to a handsome man who has a voice as smooth as butter? He is very passionate about his studies. Taking a lot of extra courses and spending a lot of money on his research. and so, most of the time, he spends all of his Mora on his extra studies (excluding the money he needs to pay for rent) and other interesting antiques. You understood why though. So, instead, you ask him to accompany you to do mundane chores. Going grocery shopping, doing the laundry and cleaning the apartment. He always helps in any way he can. The prying eyes of people around you and the old lady fr next door boldly coming up to you to ask if you and Zhongli were a married couple. You blush profusely whereas Zhongli coolly denies the woman's claims. It hurt quite a little but who were you to complain?
— It was during one of your night strolls with Zhongli. He had invited you out after dinner under the guise of wanting to have some fresh air and find a clear spot for the fireworks from a nearby festival. Your heart was thumping loudly to a non-existent rhythm, blissfully unaware that Zhongli was feeling a burst in his chest too. He clears his throat and his shoulders straighten. Zhongli puts his hand on your shoulder and breathes deeply. His cool and gentlemanly aura still radiating off of him as always. A wonderful array of colors fill the sky as his lips began to form the words he's always wanted to say:
"Tonight is beautiful isn't it? I thought that this would be the perfect time to open my heart up to you... You are a diamond in the rough that few see the beauty of. My beloved– Will you accept my feelings?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—  Having a popular twitch streamer as your roommate was a one in a million chance. Especially if you’re not even an influencer or internet figure yourself. But, how did this come to be? Why have you developed a crush on Xiao aka VigilantYaksha without knowing who he was? A gamer with over 6 million followers on different social media platforms? Simple, a high-end apartment near Teyvat University had a special discount if you were willing to be roommates with someone. It’s an amazing deal, near your school, cost-efficient, and you believed the 10% chance of scoring a hot roommate as seen on reality TV and romantic comedies. It was like rolling through a Gacha Game and getting a 5 star character. As that “character” is soon to be revealed as Xiao.
— Things started off rocky at first. On your first day, he flatly welcomed you by the door, introduced himself, then quickly retreated back to his room. As soon as you locked eyes with him, he gave off a certain cold and unfriendly aura. You wanted to get to know him better. Maybe with a little love and care, he could open up to you and you could become friends! That same day, you had mistakenly thought of your room as his and you walked in on him streaming a horror game. He wasn’t spooked by the jumpscares. But instead, he was looking at you in horror because you’ve just exposed yourself to thousands of people. You wave at the camera, apologize, and left. Since then, his fans, (called the Anemo Tofus) have been shipping the two of you together. Creating fanfiction and fanart of Xiao and the mysterious roommate that accidentally walked in on him. They practically begged Xiao to at least talk a little bit about you, to which, he declined. When you surprised him with dinner (as a little treat since this was your first week with him) He sits across the table from you, his eyes gazing deep into yours, as he pops the question, in a very tsundere tone: “Would you like to appear in my streams? T-the Anemo Tofus wanna learn more about you. B-but, if you don’t want to, it’s alright! You don’t have to-” You cut him off before he could continue his doubts, “Xiao! What are you saying? I’d love to!”
  —  There was something blossoming between the two of you after that particular dinner with him. Starting with your first “roommate video” that you had thought of when you were brainstorming for video ideas. It was an Almond and Mapo Tofu mukbang whilst the two of you answered questions from fans! The viewers noticed how visibly comfortable he was around you despite his usual reserved attitude. He was cracking up a lot more sarcastic and self-deprecating jokes whilst Tofu filled both of your mouths. Outside of the confines of social media and inside the comfortable space that was your apartment, you and Xiao grew closer. Wearing matching hoodies, going on midnight snack runs, playing in arcades, and stargazing with him up on the rooftop as you contemplate about life and talk about the mysteries of the universe. There were times when you would stay up late doing school works and would accidentally fall asleep on the sofa. Xiao would come out of room because he periodically had cases of insomnia. When he sees you on the sofa, he can’t help but smile at your sleeping figure and admire your beauty. First. he brings all your clutter back to your room then slowly picks you up from the couch, into his arms, and brings you back to your room. He places a blanket on top of you and your stuffed plushies next to you so you can hug them any time. 
— On a particular night, you fell asleep on the sofa once again and begun to  have recurring nightmares. Xiao was there to witness you whimpering, muttering to yourself, and shivering to a mental image that he could not see. (He wishes he could erase all the pain that these nightmares were giving you) You subconsciously grab onto his hand, murmuring to yourself: “Xiao, please don’t go.” He whispers back, “I won’t.” Your nerves slowly relax when you feel the Yaksha squeezing himself to lie next to you on the couch. Holding onto your arm, he continues to reassure you that it was going to be okay. You grab onto him, hugging him from behind. He feels your heartbeat revert back to it’s normal pace and you return back to your peaceful slumber. “I’ll always be here for you, (Y/N). I’ll be here to protect you. Forever and always.”  Turning to you to plant a kiss on your forehead, you nestle your head on Xiao’s chest. He watches as you cling to him for love and warmth until he is slowly whisked away by his weariness, rewarded with a peaceful sleep he hasn’t felt in a while.
Tumblr media
“And they were roommates.”
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rsedits9420 · 1 month
mark spoils reader
Happy tears
Mark Estapa blurb
Word count: 927
Tw: mention of death
Tumblr media
I’m currently rushing across campus to get over to Mark’s apartment. He’s bring me to this party with some of his friends. He was the first friend I made at Michigan. We instantly clicked. Now 5 months later, we spend just about every day together. He’s more than a friend definitely, but I have no clue what the proper label would be. I had transferred here from Eastern Illinois University, the college in my hometown. This week has been rough, I miss home like crazy. I’m hoping a night out on the town will relax my mind.
I had a tough home life. My mom is a single parent after my dad died, and she never overcame the pain of his death. He had a heart attack, and she blamed herself. After he died, she shut down. I was left to raise my younger sister, and baby brother at just 10 years old. I was super duper close to my siblings. I didn’t like telling many people about my mom. Only my close friends, like Mark. She isn’t a bad person, trust me she’s amazing. It’s just like she sealed off parts of herself and one of those parts was her motherly affection. I stayed close to home last year to help with my siblings. Anna, my sister is now 17, while my brother Max is almost 10. I love them to death. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for them. Now that Anna is almost 18, I decided to be selfish for once. I followed my dreams, and it led me right here in Ann Arbor.
“Hey you ok with being the DD tonight Hughsey?” Ethan asks Luke. “Sure. I’ve got class at 8 tomorrow morning anyway. Don’t want to show up all hungover. Mark is currently laying his head on my shoulder, and playing with the bracelet on my wrist. “How was your week?” He asks. “Eh-, I don’t know. My classes were fine, but I miss home. Apparently something’s going on. Anna won’t tell me.” He cups my cheeks with his hands and says,” Hey, It’ll be fine. Trust me.” I nod. I still can’t shake this feeling though.
After getting some drinks, I’m sitting down talking to Dylan’s girlfriend Grace. Her and I got really close after the first semester. We both spend all of our time at the boys apartment just hanging out. “So are you going to the game Friday?” She asks. “Probably. Are you?” She nods. We both sit next to each other during the games and make the biggest most embarrassing signs ever. “How’s Mark?” Umm. Ok straight to it then. “He’s good. I still have no clue what we are though.” I say honestly. “ He’ll come around. I just know it.” Maybe she will.
After about 3 hours, Mark found me and said,” Hey. You wanna head out? I’ve got something for you back at the house.” I nod and grab his hand so he can lead me out. “Did you have fun?” He asks. “Yeah. I did. I just for some reason can’t shake this feeling, you know.” He nods and takes my hand in his. “It’s ok. I’m here for you.” My heart flutters.
“Here close your eyes. I got you a surprise!” Mark says excitedly. “Uh ok.” I responded. I put my hands over my eyes and waited. I can hear his feet stomp against the hard wood and his bedroom door open. Soon after I hear him say,” Open your eyes beautiful!” I’m met with the sight of my favorite candies, some sodas, and then an envelope. “I know the other stuff isn’t the most, but open the envelope. Trust me. You’ll like it.” I blush at the fact he’s got me all this. I open the envelope and am met with 2 plane tickets back home. “You did all of this? For me?” He nods. “Well there’s more. I know I’ve only known you for five months, but y/n I feel like I’ve known you forever. I got this feeling around the 1 month mark of our friendship. I really like you. I’ve been too afraid to tell you, but I just had to. Y/n will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?” I’m in shock. He wants me! “Of course Mark!!” I grab him by the neck and pull him to a hug. “Let me guess the second ticket is for you?” I ask him. “How’d you know.” He says jokingly. “You’ve already met my family. I want to meet you as your boyfriend.” I giggle and place my lips on his. “You're the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. I would do anything for you. I want to see your family, and see you happy again. I want to do everything I can for you baby. What ever is going on back home. I’ll be there next to you to face it. I promise.” Tears start to fall down my face. “Really all for me?” I ask. “Y/n don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” I laugh with tears still streaming down my face. “Mark this is a good cry. This. All of this. It makes me so extremely happy I can even express how I feel. Thank you!” I grab him by the neck once again and inbrace him in a hug. “You’re the best. Thank you so so much!” He pulls away and says,” So your sure your not sad?” I giggle and give him a peck on the lips. “Yep! I’m sure.” He grins and says,”Well I guess where going to Illinois!” Yes we are.
So I have a lot of works in progress so be expecting more soon 😜
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luminnara · 2 years
Omega Depression || Alpha!Kiribaku x Omega!fem!reader
Hi! Can I request an alpha!Kiribaku x omega!fem!reader where she is strong on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. Then, some asshole alpha comes and insults her saying that she isn't worthy of having alphas and other super mean stuff that makes her go to omega depression. After that, she confines and isolates herself in her room, not allowing her alphas to enter. Days pass, she misses school for like a week, and her alphas are tired of waiting, so they bust the door and find their omega deep in omega depression and starving herself, and they're super worried and try to help her get out of it, cause she could die if not. The rest can be little angst with a fluffy happy ending!
Yo I live for alpha kiribaku, not gonna lie
Warnings: angst, mental health stuff, depression, eating disorder/starvation stuff, abo
Requests are open!
You were always happy with your alphas. Bakugou and Kirishima were the loves of your life, you were sure of it. The three of you got along well, and there was nothing you enjoyed more than spending time with your boys. You kept up with them easily, never having trouble when it came to handling Katsuki’s temper or Eijiro’s enthusiasm. They loved protecting you, too, not that you ever really seemed to need it; you were tough as nails, as far as everyone was concerned. 
You weren’t, though, not really. 
“What a useless little omega.”
The words kept repeating in your head, over and over.
“Two alphas? Yeah, right. You don’t even deserve one, not with an uppity attitude like that.”
They kept echoing, no matter what you tried to do. 
“What a stupid bitch. They should just leave your sorry ass. You aren’t worthy of anyone, much less alphas.”
You curled in on yourself. You felt sick to your stomach. How could someone say that about you? How could a shitty alpha go and ruin your mood, and your day, by saying something so awful?
“I am worthy!” You had argued. “And we’re happy together, so just fuck off.”
“Oh yeah? Then why haven’t they claimed you yet?” His lips had pulled over his teeth in a sick grin. “You know they’re just biding their time, waiting for something better to come along. You’re nothing to them.”
The little spat had been earlier that morning. It was rare that you ever went out alone; usually Eijirou or Katsuki or both of them were stuck to you like glue, but this had been one of those instances when you had absolutely insisted you would be fine. After all, you were just running a couple errands. You weren’t even going very far from campus. What’s the worst that could possibly happen?
Well...this, apparently.
You had rejected the advances of an alpha who had been eyeing you for quite some time. He was annoying and his scent always made you recoil, but you would never, not in a million years, have thought that he could hurt you so deeply.
Why were his words even bothering you so much? You knew your boys liked you. They made sure to constantly cover you in their scents, they happily gave up their shirts for you to tuck into your little bed nest, they held your hands and gave you sweet little kisses...
And yet, he was right. They hadn’t claimed you yet. There were no big bite marks on your neck to show the world that you were taken. Why hadn’t it happened yet? You always thought that maybe they were just nervous, and they wanted to wait for the right time. Maybe they wanted to wait until school was over and they were better established as heroes.
Or maybe they were just playing with you, maybe you were nothing more than their favorite toy for the time being. What if they got tired of you? What if they really were planning on kicking you to the curb? Without a bond mark, nobody would even blink if they cast you aside. It would just be a normal break up, nothing for anybody else to even care about or get involved in.
But your heart was already aching at the thought of it.
You huddled up in your nest, ugly sobs wracking your body as you clutched one of Katsuki’s hoodies to your chest. An undershirt of Eijirou’s was nearby, a few plushies that they had given you tucked in amongst the blankets and pillows. The scents of burnt sugar and cinnamon wafted around you, and as comforting as they usually were, they weren’t helping you now. Nothing was.
You heard your phone vibrate, but you didn’t reach for it. You didn’t care. You were too wrapped up in your own thoughts, absolutely trapped in your head now. You were plagued by those same words as they kept repeating, telling you over and over that you were worthless, useless, nothing.
When you finally managed to glance at your phone, you had missed texts from both your alphas. You replied to them with a couple of half hearted “yeah, I’m fine” -s, then finally slithered out of bed to make sure your door was locked. You didn’t want to face them when they came to bother you.
If they came.
You spent the entire day like that. When you were out of tears to cry, you just grew numb. It was the worst you had ever felt, and while some part of you knew, deep down, that you needed your alphas to come help you, you couldn’t stand the idea of them seeing you like this. How had you managed to grow so afraid? You usually told them everything, but now...now you abhorred the thought.
“Oi!” Katsuki’s rough voice came from the other side of your door, his scent wafting in. “Open up!”
You didn’t answer, curling in on yourself even further instead. 
“Omega!” he called angrily. “Stop ignoring me, dammit!”
“Go away!” you managed to squeeze out, your voice sounding weak and strangled. 
He was silent for a moment, his scent changing. It grew more burnt-smelling as his anger mounted, and as it reached your nose, you felt panic and annoyance spiking in your chest. 
“Omega,” he growled, voice low. You heard the doorknob jiggling as he tried to get in, but you had locked the deadbolt, and unless he unleashed his quirk right there in the dorms, there was no way he was entering your room.
“I said go away!” you yelled. 
On the other side of the door, Katsuki was fuming. The beginning sparks of little explosions were popping around his hands, and if Eijirou wasn’t there to hold his arms down at his sides, there was a good chance he would have done some real damage to the hallway. 
“Katsuki, c’mon.” the larger alpha said. “Let’s just leave her alone for a little.”
“Something’s wrong,” Katsuki pulled back as his partner started trying to drag him away. “She stinks.”
“Yeah, she definitely doesn’t smell happy,” Kirishima paused, frowning. “But...we need to give her the space, if she wants it.”
“Fuck that,” his partner spat. 
“Katsuki....” Eijirou sighed. 
Bakugou’s nostrils flared angrily for a moment, red eyes wild as Kirishima grabbed his arm once again. Someone was trying to drag him away from his omega, from his perfect little mate, and if it had been anyone other than Eijirou, he would have done far worse than simply dig his heels into the floor and growl in protest. Kirishima was right, though; if their omega wanted alone time, they couldn’t just barge in without permission. As much as it hurt both boys, as desperate as they were to get to you and make you feel better, they weren’t total animals. They respected you, and prided themselves on being two big, capable alphas who listened to their omega. 
They returned to their own rooms, expecting to at least hear from you within an hour or two. 
Hours turned to days. 
You texted them a few times, listless, half-assed messages that did little to reassure them. You would send a pathetic I’m fine or a It’s okay here and there, only after they had both blown your phone up for a few hours. It was the only reason they hadn’t tried to tear your door off its hinges; they knew you were alive, at least. But by the third day, Katsuki was beside himself, and even Eijirou was getting upset enough to consider using his quirk to get to you. 
You wished that he would. You didn’t want to face them, but at the same time, the fact that they weren’t tearing the building apart to reach you was making you even sadder. Your sad scent was starting to leech out into the rest of the dorms, and by the end of the fifth day, nobody could stop your alphas. 
“Oy!” Bakugou snarled, his fist thudding against your door. “Open up, omega!”
You didn’t answer, too weak and listless to bother. 
“Babe?” Kirishima asked, his voice strained with the effort of not yelling in panic. 
“We know you’re in there,” Katsuki growled. “Quit avoiding us!”
Still, you didn’t answer. 
Then, you could hear some shuffling, and the door was being torn off its hinges by Kirishima. Bakugou stormed in as soon as the path was clear, his red eyes blazing with anger, his hands balled into fists.
“You’d better show your face right fuckin’ now, or I swear I—“
He fell silent at the sight of you. His eyes widened, his nostrils flaring. Your scent was so strong and so incredibly miserable that a wave of nausea passed through him. He hadn’t expected that it would be so pungent in your room, and as he covered his mouth and nose with his hand, he rushed towards you.
“Baby,” he cooed, vaguely aware of Kirishima behind him, “what the fuck is going on?”
You tried to bury yourself in your nest, trying to burrow away from the world, but a big hand caught you around the middle and pulled you back out. Eijirou manhandled you easily, his eyes wide with concern as he sat on the floor and placed you in his lap.
“You haven’t been eating,” he observed, looking at your tired eyes. “Or sleeping.”
Katsuki was beside himself with worry. He was immediately sitting in front of his boyfriend, caging you in between them as he began looking you over. “What the hell is goin’ on?”
You didn’t want to tell them. Your throat was sore from crying, and you felt stupid for being so upset. So, you did the only logical thing you could think of and buried your face in Kirishima’s broad chest, clinging to his shirt weakly.
“Omega, please,” the big redhead pleaded, leaning his head down to scent you. “Tell us.”
You shook your head.
“We know Somethin’ is wrong, so spit it out!” Katsuki barked.
His voice was harsh, but you felt a warm, gentle hand on your back that could only be his. The familiar touch made you sigh, and after a shuddery breath, the dam finally broke.
“Th-there was an alpha,” you whimpered, voice muffled by Kirishima.
“What the fuck did they do?” Katsuki growled, his voice deep and savage. It sent a chill down your spine and you whined, clinging to Eijirou for dear life.
“Cut it out,” Kirishima snapped, snorting at his boyfriend angrily. “You’re making it worse.”
“I just wanna know what happened!” He grumbled, his hand pressing into your back.
You hiccuped as a little sob wracked your body. “A-an alpha I rejected, h-he told me…he told me that I wasn’t good enough for you.”
The low rumble in Kirishima’s chest was like nothing you had ever felt before. It was threatening and powerful, putting Bakugou’s growl a moment ago to shame. His arms tightened around you, the scent gland on his neck slipping over your hair as he tried to cover up your unhappy omega stink.
“I’m gonna fucking kill him.” Kirishima snarled, uncharacteristically angry.
“Hey.” Bakugou slipped a hand around your waist, prying you away from the other alpha slightly. “Look at me.”
You faced him with teary eyes, and when you tried to shy away, he took your chin in his fingers. 
“We fuckin’ love you. Okay? I don’t say it much. Maybe I should say it more. But it’s true, ‘n no stupid, two-bit, shitty-ass alpha knows anything about the three of us.”
He leaned forward, pushing you back up against Kirishima with his head resting on your shoulder. You finally sighed, surrounded by the scents of your alphas, allowing yourself to relax as the dam broke and your crying started all over again. This time, though, it was freeing, and as your alphas rocked back and forth with you, you felt the dread and the anxiety slowly leaving your stomach. 
“Better?” Eijirou asked after a while. 
“A little.” you said, voice muffled by his tear-stained shirt. 
“Good.” Katsuki said gruffly, pulling you up to stand. “Let’s go get some food in you. Point that shitbag out if you see him...I wanna have a few words.”
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So excuse language, I am le drunk. But! I want big rig to come pick me up and deal with my stupid ass. Like picture him walking in to the bar where you are at. His tall ass scanning the crowd for you. *he spots tiny beAn person* and then BOOM protective!jams. Bonus points if he beats someone up to protect his girl.
Also also, soft rig at home brushing hair and taking off makeup.
Love you,
Allyxoxoxo ♥️😚🙈✨
A/n: I’m le tipsy now that I finally wrote this. But here it is! Hope you love it and it brings you some comfort.
Warnings: bar/club, alcohol, reader and friends are drunk, creep at the bar, unwanted flirting, the usual protective bf fic/blurb/whatever this is, tell me if I missed something
Title from: carry me home by the ready set (nothing to do with the blurb/fic/thing)
Carry me home
Tumblr media
“I want a pony,” you whine to your friends, completely drunk off your ass.
Jenny, the most sober one, who was still borderline tipsy, just gave you a “what do you think you’re doing” look. “A pony?”
You almost burst into tears. “I want a pony so I can just sit on him and he can take me places. Too much walking.”
“Can’t you get your tree of a boyfriend to carry your everywhere?” One of your other friends, Lisa, asked. She was also drunk.
“I like to climb treeeeeees!” You all but screeched.
“Someone grab her phone and call Jamie before she does something stupid,” Jenny said in vain.
No one was sober enough aside from her.
“Ugh fine. I’ll do it myself,” she complained before confiscating your phone. Again. Then she dialed Jamie’s number. “Hey Jamie. Your lightweight of a girlfriend overdid it again and needs you to pick her up. In fact, I’m calling everyone’s rides to get them. I’m cutting them all off.”
Jamie sighed but had a smile. He knew you needed a night out with your friends. Apparently, he underestimated how long it’s been since your last bender. Your tolerance went way down.
“I’ll be there shortly,” he said while grabbing his keys and anything else he’d need. Jacket. No water because he didn’t think you’d be able to keep it steady in a moving vehicle in your inebriated state.
A little later, he walked to the bar to the sight of Jenny attempting to wrangle all of your friends, including you.
“Need some help?” Jamie asked Jenny as he approached her. “I don’t see y/n.”
“She was right here!” Jenny nearly screamed, frustration evident. “I was trying to stop Lisa from drunk calling her ex. And then Cait was about to flag down a waiter so I had to stop her. And I am so sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Jamie told her honestly. “You’re the most responsible and clearly have your hands full.”
“It’s like trying to wrangle toddlers, except with alcohol,” she sighed out.
Jamie shook his head and proceeded to look over the crowd to find you, the bean he called his girlfriend.
Once he spotted you dancing with some other girls, whom he assumed you befriended that night, he started weaving his way through the crowd.
By the time he got to you, your demeanor changed drastically. You were now visibly uncomfortable, trying to shake this creep who decided to talk to you and dance with you.
“Hey babe, ready to go,” Jamie said as he walked up to you and placed an arm around you.
You visibly relaxed into his side. “Time to go home?” You asked, clearly ready to leave with your boyfriend and not the creep trying to hit on you.
Instead of putting up a fight, the creep took one look at Jamie and muttered and apology before hightailing it off the dance floor.
Yeah, you were grateful to have such a great boyfriend.
Later, at home, you were close to falling asleep as you made your way through the door with Jamie.
“Let’s get you to the room so we can get you into comfier clothes,” he said as he guided you to your shared room and bed. “Sit right here for me. I’ll get a makeup wipe and a hairbrush.”
You smiled and hummed, closing your eyes on instinct. You were so sleepy and ready to just sleep for three days.
Jamie couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him. “Do you want to take your makeup off or do you want me to?”
You fluttered your eyes open, blinking and willing the sleepiness to go away long enough to get your makeup off. “I’ll do it. Eyes sensitive. Lots of liner and lashes.” You did your best to speak your thoughts in your state.
As you gently took it off, Jamie slipped behind you to brush the tangles out of your hair so you could sleep easier and wake up without a bird’s nest on your head.
You didn’t know what you would do without such a kind and caring soul as your person.
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17-goingunder · 2 months
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four
Tumblr media
Previous | Next
Tumblr media
"So, explain to us one more time what happened," Harlow asked as she flicked through the rail of wedding dresses. Jess, Heidi and I were sitting on one of the sofas in the room with a glass of champagne clutched in our grasps. Harlow's mam, Laura was settled on the adjacent sofa with her grandma, Doreen and her nan, Anne as well as her Aunt Sofia.
"Harls, your family don't wanna hear about my tragedy of a love life like!" I groaned.
"Oh, shut up! They're nosier than I am," she scoffed.
"Charming," her Nan laughed. "You're alreet, pet. Besides, I don't think we've had an update off yer since ya left Shields." My cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. I quickly down the contents of the champagne flute and groaned. "Ya've been seeing that footballer, ain't yer? S'what I saw in the newspaper anyway."
"Nan!" Harlow scolded, shooting her a warning glare over her shoulder.
"It's fine," I blushed. "Yeah, I was. He called it off last month."
"Aww, I'm sorry, pet," Anne frowned sympathetically. "It was lush to see yer moving on after everything."
"Aye, well..." I mumbled. "It was my own fault. Apparently, I'm still in love with Sam."
"Yer are," Harlow snorted.
"He broke up with yer 'cause he was jealous?" Laura questioned, sipping on her own drink.
"No," I shook my head. "Well... he broke up with me but he wasn't jealous. He was actually lovely about it all. Said he just wanted me to be happy."
"Bless him," Doreen cooed.
"Well, I, for one, am hoping you and Sam get back together," Heidi shrugged nonchalantly. "He's like a bloody puppy for yer."
"Ya'll be waiting a long time, poppet," I muttered.
"Yous both need to wise up," Jess grumbled. "You're only making yourselves more miserable in the long run."
"Can we just talk about sommat else? Please," I pleaded.
"Fine," Harlow huffed, pulling a dress from the rack. "Woah. What do we think?"
I gasped as she held the dress up, stunned by its beauty. "That's lush, Harls," I smiled. "Gan try it on!"
"I'll be reet back," she beamed, stalking off to the changing room.
"She's gan be the most stunning bride ever," Jess cooed.
"Oh, definitely," Sofia agreed.
"I'm already preparing myself for the tears," Laura sniffed, blinking her eyes rapidly to delay the salt streams that were threatening to fall. "God, I can't believe my baby girl's getting married! It only seems like yesterday that she lost her first tooth."
"It's been a long time coming for those two," I pointed out with a fond smile.
"It has," she chuckled. "I still remember the day she brought him home. I was shocked, to say the least!"
"Yer and me both," I laughed. "I found oot from Sam's ex-girlfriend!"
"Oh, god," she cringed. "I'm just glad she's found someone like Dean. I dunna what I'd have done if he was a nob."
"He'd have some sense battered into him, that's for sure," Jess commented, ripping laughs from the older women.
"He's not gan know what hit him when she walks down that aisle," I smiled fondly.
"She could wear a bin bag and he would still bawl his eyes oot," Heidi joked.
"I hope I won't be wearing a binbag on my wedding day like," Harlow teased as she pulled the curtain across.
I felt the air leave my lungs as my eyes fell on her. She looked absolutely ethereal and I just knew that was the one. "Woah," I gasped as Laura began sobbing.
"Is it really that bad, mam?" Harlow frowned, staring down at herself. "I quite liked it."
"No, no, it's beautiful, love," Laura cried. "Yer look absolutely beautiful."
"Oh, thank fuck 'cause I think it's the one," she sighed in relief, unbothered by the fact her family were sitting in front of her. Typical Harls.
"Yer look stunning, Harls," I smiled, tears beginning to pool in my eyes.
"Give us a twirl," Jess commanded. Harlow grinned and spun around, the dress billowing around her like she was in some sort of Disney movie. "Wow."
"Well..." Heidi trailed. "Are yer saying yes to the dress?"
"Yes," Harlow beamed, earning a chorus of squeals from her three friends.
Tumblr media
"Have yer seen Sam?" Heidi asked as Jess and Harlow returned with our drinks. After a successful day of dress shopping, the four of us decided to go back to the Low Lights for a few drinks. "Y'kna, since you and Finley broke up."
"Er, nah," I mumbled. "We've both been really busy, I've not spoken to him either. Especially not after he dropped that song without giving me any warning."
"Yeah, that was a dickhead move," Harlow agreed.
"Why?" I pondered.
Her eyes flickered to the side of my head nervously. "Because he's here," she told me.
My stomach flipped but I couldn't deduce whether it was in anticipation or dread.
"Fancy seeing yous here," he grinned, ruffling Heidi's hair as stole the free seat at the table. Right next to me. "I didn't know yous were coming oot tonight."
"We weren't," Jess shrugged. "It was a bit spontaneous."
"I'm surprised you're oot, Scarl," he commented as he turned his attention to me. There was a slight slur in his words that made my stomach turn anxiously. I knew how loose-tongued he could be when he was drunk. "Thought that boyfriend of yours would have yer locked up back in London."
I bristled at his comment, a mixture of shock that no one had told him we had broken up and rage at his accusations. How dare he?
"Could yer blame him after the shit you pulled?" Harlow hissed. I shot her a look of doubt, tense at her attempts to rile the older man up. I was unsure of her motives. Finley and I had broken up, so, why hadn't she just said as much?
"He's no good for yer, Scarl," he slurred, completely ignoring Harlow's comment.
"And how would you know?" I spat, my blood boiling at his words. I wasn't ready to play along with Harlow's illusions but his comment made my blood boil with anger. Yes, we had split up but if anything it was the opposite. I was the one who was no good for Finley, not the other way around. He deserved a lass who would love him the way I couldn't.
"Cause I know yer," he shrugged noncommittally.
"Oh, really?" I scoffed as I finished the drink in front of me and slammed it down on the table in front of me. "Well, he fuckin' treats me better than you ever did."
His blank expression contorted into one of pain then guilt as he realised the effect he had on me but he couldn't stop the words from pouring out. Nothing had changed. "Scarl," he called gently, his tone filled with guilt as he reached out for me.
"Don't fuckin' touch me and don't call me that!" I hissed, scrapping my chair backwards to stand up and turning my attention to Harlow, my expression quickly softening. "I'm gan home. I'm sorry to ruin your night, Harls."
"Don't be daft, pet," she told me gently although her eyes burned with anger as they lingered on Sam. "Text me when yer get back, reet?"
"Aye," I agreed with a soft smile, waving goodbye to the girls and completely ignoring Sam's pleas as I swiftly exited the pub.
Why couldn't things be easy? I thought to myself as the tears started free falling down my cheeks.
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mysticalrambling · 2 years
Ending It All Part 1 (C.E)
Part 2
Chris Evans Fan fiction (Fan fiction Masterlist)
Summary: Chris wants to end your marriage and you decide to go along with it. You have to be civil for the sake of the kids but you are hurt. This process is too much for the both of you and eventually, it all ends.
Warnings: Angst all the way. 
You had seen it coming from a mile. People say that a woman’s sixth sense is her greatest power. You always took pride in it but in this case, it was a curse. Chris and you have known each other for the past seven years and from those years, you were married for five. He was the love of your life. You thought it was forever but apparently you were wrong. You were wrong about so many things.
From the past six months, Chris has been home for a couple of days at most and then he was traveling. Traveling for work, for friends and whatnot. And for the days that he was here, he didn’t look at you like you were his wife, his soulmate. He looked at you like you were a stranger. Spending time with the kids was all he ever did and then came up with measly explanations to go off to bed early. There was no space left for you in his life. You thought that it was just a rough patch but that was not the case.
“(Y/N), we need to talk.” The determined look in his icy blue eyes said it all.
Taking a deep breath, you shakily replied, “Let me just put the kids to sleep.” Your energetic kids had tired out you for the whole day because you were off from work today. Chris had just come back from shooting and he didn’t give you a kiss like he usually did. In fact, he hadn’t kissed you like he meant it for several years now.
“I will be in the kitchen. You want wine?” He was walking away before you could even reply.
“Yeah, sure.” You mumbled out and you didn’t even know that he listened.
“Mommy, we are going to spend the whole day with you and daddy tomorrow?”  Mia and Jace have started to pick up on the fact that there was something going on between their parents. You wanted to keep all of this away from your four and two year old but it seems that you might have failed. You were failing at a lot of things right now.
“Yes, we will. Now, go to sleep.” It took you about half an hour to be put them to sleep and during that time, you were a wreck. There were a thousand possibilities running through your mind.
Coming back downstairs, Chris handed you the glass of wine, your favorite as always. He knew every little detail about you. “(Y/N), I don’t know how to say this but-”
“Before you finish that sentence, I just need to tell you that I promised the kids a day out tomorrow. Don’t ruin it.”
“I- I can’t say that.” Fiddling with his almost empty glass, he couldn’t bring it in himself to look at you. He was going to ruin this promise as well just like he was going to ruin everything.
“Just, go on.” You refilled the wine glass as you knew you needed the alcoholic haze to get through this conversation.
“I can’t do this anymore. This is just not what I want in my life anymore.” Your breath hitched and your heart broke into tiny little pieces.
Exact words were what you needed to hear right now. No vague statements. “What do you mean? What can’t you do?”
“This. This relationship. I think I am done. I am truly sorry, (Y/N).”
“Is- Is there someone else?” It was as if a ball was lodged in your throat and you couldn’t bring yourself to talk coherently. Fluently.
Chris looked at you, horrified. How could you even say that? He would never in a million years even think about cheating on you. Dignity was an important trait for Chris and if he ever cheated, he wouldn’t be able to look at himself. It hurt him that you would even consider this as a reason but he couldn’t blame you.
“No! This is not the reason. Not at all.” A defensive attitude was immediately taken up by your husband.
“Then is it me? Am I not enough for you?” Hot tears rolled down your cheeks but you didn’t have the energy to wipe them out.
“It is not you, darling. I just don’t think this is what I want with my life anymore. I want to solely focus on my career.”
“You are choosing your career over your family.” As the realization started to hit you, you couldn’t control the anger that took over you. “Over your family, Chris?”
“(Y/N) I am just done. I want an out and can we please try to be civil about this?” He pleaded.
“You want me to be civil about this? Fine.” You took a calming breath and closed your eyes for a second. “Just explain it to me. Maybe we can work something out.”
“I can’t- I don’t know how to explain it. Seven months ago I just woke up and I didn’t want to do this anymore. I want to start over.” A shocking chill passed through your body and you realized that it was hurt. You were betrayed.
“So you don’t want to do anything with me or the kids as well?”
“No. I want to be a part of their lives and-”
You looked him in the eyes and spoke in a broken voice, “It’s just me that you want out of your life.”
“Darling, no-” Chris tried to reach out for your hand but you placed them on your hands. He had lost the right to touch you from the moment he said that he didn’t want you. You were just a problem for him that needed to be solved.
There were years when he needed you every step of the way. Chris met you at a party that Scarlett threw. You were her best friend so you were invited to her New Year’s party. The moment he saw you, he was head over heels. He followed you around for two months to get you to go on a date with him. You used to tease him afterwards that he was a love sick puppy. But he was your love sick puppy.
That was not the case now and you didn’t know what you will do if he wasn’t in your life anymore. Your world revolved around your family but now it was all falling apart. You were falling apart.
“We can file for divorce tomorrow. Do you want to stay here tonight?” Wiping your tears, you got up from the stool and put the glasses in the sink.
“Uhh okay, okay. I can stay with Scott tonight.”
This was not what he expected. He expected you to cry, fight, scream. He thought there would be more discussion on this topic. Seven years were going to waste and you were treating this as a simple business transaction. Truth be told, you didn’t want him to see you fall apart. Chris had lost that right. If he didn’t want a life with you, then you were not going to beg him to stay. You were going to fulfill his wish and set him free.
“We have to take the kids out tomorrow. I was thinking the park.”
“What?” He was too distracted by everything to even realize what you were talking about.
“We will talk to them about the divorce tomorrow.”
“Isn’t this going a little too fast?”
“We should get this all over with as soon as possible. Goodbye, Chris.” Silently pecking him on his cheek, you went to your shared bedroom.
The moment your head touched the pillow, you were surrounded by his scent. The dam burst and you couldn’t stop the tears from running down your face and getting soaked up by the cushions. What were you going to do with your life now? You had to come up with a plan to manage the kids together with Chris. You had to think about getting a job that would accommodate your kids in to it now that you were going to be a single parent. You didn’t get a wink of sleep last night and you cried a lot.
On the other hand, Chris was not doing any better. Scott gave him the spare guest room to sleep in. He didn’t know what was going on between his brother and you but he knew it was serious. Chris couldn’t sleep last night either because he was not used to. This was the first time in seven years that you both were in the same city and you were not sleeping together. You wouldn’t be sleeping with him from now on. He has to get used to that idea. The idea of you not being there every step of the way because this was his own doing. He was dreading tomorrow as he was the one who was destroying his family.
“Hi. I was just here to pick you all up.” Guilt washed over him when he noticed your red puffy eyes and eye bags.
“You didn’t have to. We could have come there by ourselves.”
“We always go to the park together. It is our thing.”
“We can’t do all of these things now. Everything is going to change.”
“Right.” You moved towards the kitchen and he followed you like a lost puppy.
“Daddy!” Both kids ran up to him and clinged to his legs like two little monkeys.
“Hey babies.” He held on to them a little bit longer because he knew he was the one who was ruining their little lives.
“Where were you? Missed your pancakes. Mama doesn’t make good.” Mia hadn’t learned to make full sentences yet but Chris understood her perfectly.
“I was busy, baby. I- I-”
“Go get your shoes on. We are going to be late.” You saved him from the conversation because he looked like a deer caught in headlight. Chris couldn’t answer his daughter as this was how it was going to be. He wouldn’t be there for all of this. The important phases. Jace’s first soccer win, his first award, or Mia’s first school day, her first break up, her prom. He was going to miss most of them because you would be there with them while he will get them for weekends mostly.
“Let’s go.” Buckling his kids in, he sat in the driver’s seat. When he pulled out of the garage, his hand instinctively went for yours. It was out of pure instinct. You retracted your hand immediately and Chris just drew in a shaky breath, He was not allowed to touch you now.
“I am taking them to the swings. Do you want to come with?”
“No, I am just going to my usual spot to read my book.” There was a maple tree that had been your spot for the past five years. It was where you rested and caught up with your reading.
The next hour was spent with Chris going on to every swing with his kids. He didn’t want to miss anything. Plus, he didn’t know how he could sit with you under the tree that held so many memories. You told him that you will marry him under this tree and that you were pregnant with Jace. It was all too much. You couldn’t focus on your reading when this might be the last time you get to see him with your kids. The last time you were together as husband and wife. This might be the last time because Chris wanted you out of his life.
“Hey, kids. We have to talk to you.” You finally gathered up some courage when they all came to sit beside you. Chris couldn’t bring himself to start up this conversation so he was glad that you did.
“Yeah, Mommy?”
“So you know how your friend Oliver’s parents don’t live together but they still love him very much.”
“Yeah.” Jace’s whole concentration was on his ice cream but he still nodded his head to indicate that he was listening. Mia was too young to comprehend it all so you mainly focused on your son.
“Well, Daddy and I are going to be doing the same thing. We love you both very much and we will always there be with you.”
“But Ollie’s daddy doesn’t live with him.” His blue eyes focused on the two of you when he made the statement.
“Yeah, buddy. I will be staying at an apartment really near by. You both can come whenever you want to.”
“You won’t be there to read us night stories or make our favorite brekky?” His question threw Chris off guard and he froze in his place.
“He will be there to do everything for you guys. Mia and you can go to daddy’s place and he can do all this.” You jumped in when you noticed that Chris didn’t know how to respond to all this. “Right, Chris?”
“Yes, that’s right. Nothing is going to change, buddy.” Wiping away his tears, your husband placed him on his lap with Mia.
“Promise?” Mia spoke up this time because she understood that her daddy wouldn’t live with her like he always did.
“Promise. Let’s go back to the house. You both look tired.”
You placed Mia on her bed while Chris did the same for Jace. They both were out the moment they were buckled in their car seats. Coming downstairs, you prepared coffee for Chris and yourself. He always liked his coffee black so that’s what you made for him. The cup was placed in front of him and he sighed because no one made coffee like you.
“Our lawyer said that he will have the papers delivered to us by tomorrow.”
“Okay, I saw this new apartment building when I was coming here this morning. I might rent it out. The penthouse has three rooms. One for the kids and one is the guest bedroom. You can stay there when you bring the kids over.” He looked at you with a defensive position.
“I won’t be staying at your apartment so please don’t take me into consideration.” You didn’t understand why he thought you would ever stay over at his place. You would never subject yourself to that kind of pain.
“But there can be special circumstances and my home will always be open for you, (Y/N). We can still be friends.” He was hoping against all hope that you would agree. He still wanted you in his life.
“I don’t think I can do that. Be friends. There is too much history. Let’s just keep it to the kids right now.” You picked on your nails because you didn’t want to cry like a little girl in front of him. “And I am going to change houses as well so do you want to sell this one?”
“Why do you have to move?” Chris was shocked to hear those words come out of your mouth.
“I can’t live in a house that was meant to be our family house. I just can’t.”
He understood where you were coming from but this house held too many memories. He couldn’t think of another family living here. Some couple living in your master bedroom, some kids running around in your children’s playground, some other family’s picture instead of yours. It was just too much to think about.
“Let’s just keep the house. When the kids grow up, they can have it.”
“Okay. I am tired right now so I am going to bed. I will sign the papers tomorrow and send them over to Scott’s.” You placed the empty mug on the counter and stood in a straight posture. “You want the kids this weekend?”
“Yes, I would like that. Do you want to maybe come with us?” He didn’t know why he was not ready to let you go yet. This was all his doing but he just couldn’t accept it right now.
“Umm no. I think we should settle the kids into this new routine.”
“I guess you are right.”
“Goodbye, Chris. I love you and I will always love you.” You regretted the words that came out of your mouth the instant you said them. You were so stupid but you just couldn’t help yourself. This was probably the last time you ever got to say it.
“I- I love you too, (Y/N). I will always be there for you. Goodbye, darling.” The lump in his throat seemed to grow bigger by the second but he had to say this. Lightly pecking you on the lips, he knew this was the last time he ever got to do this. He left afterwards and you couldn’t help but tear up. The same thing happened with Chris. This was it. Your marriage was over but your love would always be there.
Hope you guys liked it!!
A/N: I literally cried while writing this fan fiction. This one is particularly close to my heart so please let me know what you think about it. If you want to be added to my tag list, message me. I am also open to requests for this series; requests, blurbs, anything.
P.S: There is a part 2 as well.
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Pairing: SBI family x reader (platonic, one shot), BASED OFF FROM CHARACTERS NOT ACTUAL PEOPLE
Warnings: child abuse/neglect, bullying, alcoholism, death of a parent, mentions of panic attacks, injury, mentions of a dog’s death, mentions of eating disorders, mentions of suicide attempts, depression
Word count: 7,730
(A/N): if you’re not feeling safe at home or are being abused, please contact the proper authorities. Here’s the abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233, my DMs are always open if you want to talk 
You met Tommy and Tubbo when you were in third grade. You were a relatively quiet kid, the type to always keep to themselves and abstain from social activity. Mrs. Jansen, being the nice woman that she was, let the entire class choose their own seats.
“Welcome to your first day of third grade, class! I’m Mrs. Jansen and I look forward to getting to know all of you. As you can see, there are enough desks for all of you. You may sit with who you want.”
You shifted around uneasily and gripped your book in your hands as your classmates hurried to get the back seats. After every seat was taken, you walked to the only seat left in the front. You were between a girl and a boy. They introduced themselves as Dorothy and Samuel, and were relatively kind to you. 
As the class passed their second week, two boys that sat in the back row made themselves apparent very quickly. They were both rambunctious, always disrupting the class with their giggles and whispers. Mrs. Jansen had warned them multiple times that she was going to separate them, but it seemed that they didn’t think she’d do it. One day, she finally had enough.
“Tommy, Tubbo. I’ve given you plenty of warnings, I’m going to have to separate you. Dorothy, Samuel, can you please switch places with them?”
You could feel dread wash over you. Why was she putting you between them?! What did you do wrong to deserve this? You could swear that you’ve done all your chores, you even made your mom smile at you! She never did that. 
They pouted as they sat next to you, Tommy on your right and Tubbo on your left. You already missed Samuel and Dorothy. “Thank you. (Y/n), make sure they behave.”
You shrunk down into your seat as you felt Tommy’s glare burning holes into the side of your head. Tubbo, on the other hand, was watching the lesson with bored eyes and  his chin propped up in his hand. You tried to take notes, but you kept getting distracted by Tommy’s heated glare. You were going to fall behind, you couldn’t have that. Mama wouldn’t like that. 
After the final bell rang, you hurried out of the classroom to avoid Tommy’s wrath. You could hear him shouting for you to stop, but you never stopped until your hand was grabbed and yanked backwards in the empty playground. You fell back onto the pavement of the basketball court and whimpered at the sting in your palms. 
Tommy glared down at you, “you gonna cry? Serves you right. Never tell on Tubbo and I. Got it?”
You tearfully nodded and he grinned maliciously at you, “good. Tubbo, let’s go. Wil and Tech’s probably waiting for us.”
The brunet was staring at Tommy with a shocked expression, unmoving. Tommy rolled his eyes and huffed before he grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the crowd of families. Tubbo looked back at you with an apologetic expression and watched as you looked at your scratched up palms. 
You wiped at your tears as you stood up and started to walk home. Your neighbor’s dog behind the wired fence barked at you as you hurried past it. You never liked that dog; it was a drooling, angry, ugly furball. It scared you, but not as much as Mama did when she drank her adult juice. She was scary when she drank it. You tried hiding it from her once but she grounded you from eating dinner and snacks for half a month. You didn’t try to hide it again. 
You trudged up the creaky wooden stairs of your porch and tried to open the door only to find it locked. You tried to knock on the door but Mama didn’t answer so you just sat on the front porch waiting for her to open the door. She did so when the sun was setting, surprise and then anger shining through her hazy eyes. She yelled at you before she sent you to your room for the night without dinner.
The next day when you were sitting alone at a lunch table, someone plopped down in the seat next to you. You jumped and scooted away from them, looking up only to see Tubbo. He was smiling at you.
“Hey, I’m really sorry about Tommy, he gets mad easily.”
You eyed him warily and clutched your open book, “...it’s okay.”
He grinned and scooted closer to you, peering over your shoulder at the book. “What’re you reading?”
“‘Harry Potter’.”
“Oh I love that book! My favorite character’s Ron, who’s yours?”
Surprisingly, the conversation was pleasant before he was dragged away by a glaring Tommy. You might actually make a friend after all. Later that day after school, Tommy once again stopped you in the school yard. This time, he shoved you to the ground and started to shout at you. 
“You do not talk to him, freak! You’re gonna mess him up, he talks to me and me only. Do you unde-undastunend?”
You gulped and shakily spoke up, “yes, and it’s ‘understand’, not ‘undastunend’.”
His glare intensified before he reared back a fist. You yelped as you curled into a ball with your hands protecting your head. Before he could hit you, you heard the stomping of shoes against the concrete.
You could feel a hand on your back and a gentle voice asking if you were alright. You hesitated before you looked up to see an older boy with a mop of curly brown hair on his head and wire glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He reminded you of Harry Potter. Looking past him, you saw a tall pink haired boy glaring and lecturing Tommy, holding the struggling boy in place with a firm grip on his elbow. Tubbo was just behind him looking down and shifting on the balls of his feet.
“I am so sorry about Tommy, are you alright? He didn’t hit you did he?”
You shook your head and the boy heaved a sigh of relief, “that’s good. I’m Wilbur and that’s Technoblade, we’re Tommy and Tubbo’s brothers. What’s your name?”
He smiled at you, “that’s a lovely name.”
“Wilbur, let’s go. This one,” Technoblade shook Tommy’s arm, “needs to talk to Dad.”
You watched as Tommy’s movements stopped and he looked up with wide eyes. “No, please don’t tell Dad. Please-” 
Wilbur stood and helped you up before grabbing Tubbo’s hand and lead him away, “you aren’t weaseling your way out of this.”
You watched the brothers leave, feeling guilt wash over you. You didn’t want to get him in trouble, punishments were the absolute worst. Even though he shoved you and almost punched you, he didn’t deserve any punishment. With guilt weighing down on your shoulders, you walked home. At least Mama was in a good mood, she made you some mac n cheese for dinner. 
The next day, Tommy trudged up to your desk and put a tupperware dish on your desk before sitting down in his seat and ignored you. Tubbo sat in his seat next to you and smiled at you.
“Open it,” he jumped in his seat slightly as he watched your expression change to shock. In the container laid five chocolate chip cookies. You had only had cookies once in your life and that was during a class birthday celebration a year ago. “They’re our Dad’s secret recipe, I helped make them! Um, Tommy wanted to apologize to you.”
You glanced at Tommy. He was glancing at you over his shoulder and blushed a bright red when he saw you looking at him. Tubbo cleared his throat and gestured at Tommy. The blond crossed his arms and looked off to the side. “Sorry,” he mumbled halfheartedly. 
After that, they started to sit next to you during lunch. Tommy was a bit cold towards you, but you found yourself beginning to relax around Tubbo’s friendly aura. Soon enough, you started to supply him with more than a few words per sentence. Tommy eventually got bored of eating in silence and would join your conversation. You three became thick as thieves that year, you even met their Dad. He was very different from Mama; he never yelled at you, he was always giving you snacks, and he even smiled at you often. 
That house became like a second home to you. Eventually, you ended up spending more time at the Minecraft residence than you spent at home with your mom. Over the years, she got worse with her drinking. She was always passed out on the couch and when she wasn’t, she was swaying on her feet in the kitchen staring at a portrait with dazed, wistful eyes. You can remember when you first realized that she had a problem and always being unhappy and drunk was, in fact, not normal for a parent. 
It was a warm spring day in seventh grade. Luckily, you had your health class with Tommy and Tubbo. You were currently learning about alcohol dependency and the effects it had on the body. The teacher listed all the symptoms your mom had; the uncontrollable urge to drink, the aggression, the shakiness and dizziness, everything. When you came to the realization that your mother might have a problem, the teacher started to explain the disorders and diseases that could come from heavy drinking, most of them having the potential to be fatal if the drinking persisted. You felt like you were drenched in icy water as your body seized up in fear for your mother. You stared unseeingly at your notebook at the symptoms of alcoholism and associated disorders. You didn’t want your mom to die. You had to do something before it was too late for her.
“(Y/n)?” You jumped and looked at the person who called your name. Tommy and Tubbo were giving you worried stares. “Are you okay?”
You shakily started to put your supplies away into your backpack. The class had been dismissed and you didn’t even realize it. “Y-yeah. It’s just- I’m worried.”
“Yeah, I’m worried too,” Tommy laughed as you followed the two out of the classroom and to the courtyard. “That essay’s gonna be awful.”
“Oh god we have an essay?”
“Yeah, Mr. Smithers assigned it to us before the bell rang, are you sure you’re okay? You’re usually on top of this stuff.” Tubbo threw a worried glance towards you.
“Yeah, just a bit distracted today. I uh, have to go home. Like right now, my mom wants me home right after school today.”
You sprinted off towards your house. When you reached your neighborhood and ran past the wired fence. The bulldog that lived there was now old and gray. You found out that his name was Buster and he was actually a total sweetheart if you slept next to him on the other side of the fence on more than one occasion. Buster watched from inside his doghouse as you sprinted into the house. Luckily for you, the door was unlocked and your mother was passed out on the couch surrounded by glass bottles. You locked the door behind you as you rushed over to her intensely watching for any sign of movement. She looked dead, her skin was pale, her hair matted, and her mouth gaping open showing off her yellow stained teeth. She wasn’t moving, were you too late?
Just as you started to panic, she snorted and started to breathe. You slumped in relief as you stepped over the beer bottles into the kitchen. The table was sparkly clean with a pristine picture frame resting in the middle, a stark contrast of the beer bottles that littered the floor and the piles of dirty dishes in the sink. It was of a man standing stiffly in a military uniform saluting at the camera with a stern expression. He was an exact copy of you. Well, you were an exact copy of him; that man was your late father.
“Hey Dad, how was your day? Mine was awful, I learned about alcoholism and cirrhosis today and- and I’m worried about Mom. She’s been drinking a lot lately.”
You stared at your dad’s face behind the glass as if expecting a response. You wanted some reassurance from the man. You wanted him to tell you everything was going to be okay and that he’d handle it so you could be a normal kid. Like usual, his steely expression didn’t budge one bit. 
You sighed to yourself sadly and trudged to the refrigerator opening the door. The beer bottles stared back at you tauntingly. Your fingers twitched on the fridge door as you contemplated the consequences of throwing away the offending glass bottles. You remembered in second grade when you hid your mother’s alcohol she punished you by withholding food from you. She’d probably do worse this time, but the consequences were worth it if you were going to save your mother’s life. 
It took you ten minutes of tossing alcohol into the garbage can until the fridge was left barren of the drink. Without the green bottles, the fridge was completely empty with the exception of milk and a few probably rotten eggs. You struggled to take the trash out to the curb and started to work on homework in your room. 
At seven at night, you could hear her roll off the couch and stumble into the kitchen. A series of frantic rustling and banging sounded downstairs before you could hear pounding footsteps storm up the stairs. Your door flung open to reveal your red-faced, livid mother. 
“What the fuck did you do?”
“M-mom I hid them because we learned about alcoholism and cirrhosis and-” You cut yourself off when she walked over to you with her arms extended towards your trembling frame. You tried to scoot as far away from her as possible, but she grabbed your shoulders with clammy but firm hands, shaking you roughly.
“Are you saying I have a problem?! You spoiled fucking brat, you’re the problem! Everything was amazing before you came and fucked up my life. You took him away from me. YOU FUCKING KILLED MY HUSBAND.”
You could feel tears start to drip down your cheeks as you remembered that day in first grade when you begged your dad to get you some McDonalds for dinner. When he relented, you cheered and your mom laughed at your excitement. She was so full of life back then; her hair was shiny and bouncy, her skin was unmarked and flawless, her eyes were lively and bright. Her laughter was perhaps your favorite memory of her. Then everything went to shit when your dad never came home and your mom got a phone call saying that your dad was killed in a car wreck on impact. You could remember your mother’s heart wrenching sobs as she collapsed to the floor and pulled you tight against her body. As if she was trying to protect what was left of her husband.
You were snapped back to reality when your mom shoved you back onto your bed. The happy, beautiful woman that you saw was replaced by the shell of a broken woman. Her silky hair turned dull, her smile turned into a grotesque scowl, her loving eyes turned cold. She truly was a husk of her former self. 
“Stop crying, you’re not the one who’s life was ruined. I want you out of my house in ten minutes. You’re gonna not step foot anywhere near here for two weeks. If I even see you on my property before those two weeks are up, you’re fucking dead.”
You frantically nodded and watched as she stumbled out of her room. You packed what you would need in your spare backpack and ran out of the house past your mother sobbing and babbling incoherently to your dad. You flinched when you could hear a bang and the sound of glass shattering when she threw a bottle at your retreating figure. 
You ran until you couldn’t run anymore. Your legs brought you to the park where you spent most of your childhood. Everywhere you looked, you could see glimpses of your mom and dad pushing you on the swing, Tommy and Tubbo running from you playing tag, Mr. Minecraft putting a bandaid on your scraped knee. Tears streaked down your cheeks as you pushed yourself up and went to your safe place. It was a little nook deep in the vegetation where nobody could see you. You originally found this place when you were playing hide and seek with Tommy and Tubbo. They never knew where you hid.
Tears moistened the soil underneath you as you pulled out a blanket you had hid in a plastic grocery bag and spread it out on the floor. You curled up on it and cried freely into your hands. You didn’t sleep much that night. 
That was the first time she had kicked you out for that long. You barely ate in those two weeks, wolfing down any food you could get your hands on at lunch. Lunch for you was the small scraps of food that Tommy and Tubbo shared with you. Mom never packed you lunches or gave you money to buy things anymore. To make matters worse, they had told their dad that they thought you had some form of eating disorder. 
About a week into your exile, you finally visited the Minecraft residence after avoiding them for a week. You remembered how the blond man pulled you aside into the kitchen. He gently sat you down and pushed a plate full of chicken and vegetables in front of you. You looked at him confused as he gestured towards the plate.
“Eat that, I heard you haven’t been eating much lately.” When you made no move to eat, he smiled at you. “Go ahead, it’s okay if you don’t eat it all. Just eat some of it.”
That was all you needed to hear, you began to eat quickly like a starving wolf. It’s been a while since you had more than half an apple to eat, let alone an actual homemade meal. When you were done, you looked up to see the older man looking at you worriedly. 
“...Are you not getting enough food at home?”
You scrambled to find a lie, “my- my mom is away a lot on business trips. We don’t really eat much.”
His worried expression grew tenfold as he moved to kneel in front of you and put his hands on your shoulders. “You need to eat three meals a day, especially now that you’re growing. You’re always welcome here when your mom’s away, our door’s always open. Is she away now?”
“Yeah, she won’t be home until next week.” You felt bad for lying to the man that put bandaids on your scraped knees and took you to the father daughter dance in fifth grade when he heard that your dad was dead. He was always so kind to you, which you never quite understood. Despite feeling bad for lying to him, you felt incredibly relieved that you didn’t have to be alone anymore. 
From then on out whenever she kicked you out, you went to the Minecraft residence. They welcomed you with open arms and treated you like you were a part of the family. You and Techno bonded over your love for reading and mythology, Wilbur made sure you took care of yourself, and Philza (he told you to just call him Phil at that point) treated you like his own child. You didn’t think that it was possible for you, Tommy, and Tubbo to be any closer than you already were, but you three became inseparable. You told them everything one night when you couldn’t sleep. You told them how you felt like you were the cause of your mother’s decline and your dad’s death, how she would usually punish you, her ‘hobby’. They were about to tell Philza, but you begged them not to. After a while of pleading and assuring them that she’d never hit you, they hesitantly agreed and made you promise to call them whenever you felt unsafe in your home. 
You kept to that promise, calling them whenever she would get too drunk to know what she was doing. They would calm you down from panic attacks late at night and invite you to their house in the daytime. They felt like your actual brothers and you started to refer to them as such. You three gave each other a shoulder to lean on and gave each other comfort when needed. One night when you were in your freshman year, however, your mother caught you sneaking out to see them after she sent you to your room. That was when she started to hit you.
Just as you were about to sneak out the front door, your mother started to scream at you incoherently. When you flinched away from when she got up in your face, she became even more enraged. 
Without thinking, you yelled back at her, “I would never! Why-” You were cut off by a harsh slap to the cheek sending you to the ground. She quieted down and stared at you and her hand, a glint of shock shining through her dazed eyes. Without a word, she turned around and left to go talk to your dad. You sat there listening to her rant about how she failed as a mother, how she wanted to do better but she didn’t know how, how she wished that he was there with her. You scrambled up and ran to your room. You looked at yourself in the mirror, there was a bright red mark on your cheek in the shape of a hand. There was a small cut where her wedding ring connected with your cheek. A single drop of blood dripped down your cheek and curved down the dip of your chin before dripping onto your shirt. Without doing anything else, you plopped down onto your bed and sobbed into your pillow, crying yourself to sleep.
When you woke up in the morning, you realized that you slept through half of the school day so it was useless to go to school now. You reached up to run a hand down your face only to hiss and pull your hand away. You once again looked at yourself in the mirror.
You looked terrible. Your eyes were bloodshot and swollen like you were crying in your sleep. Hair was sticking up in all directions and matted slightly. The slap mark was gone, but the cut had bruising around the edges with dried blood crusted on your cheek and on your pillow. It was a small cut, but it bled a surprising amount overnight. You couldn’t see Tommy or Tubbo like this, they’d flip out. Luckily for you it was a Friday and you had the weekend to heal. 
Your mother gradually started to hit you more and more. It started off as a once-a-week thing whenever she was really angry, but then it divulged into something that would happen daily over the smallest things. You became her punching bag for her to release some steam. Makeup became your best friend at that point; you used what little savings you saved over the years for dollar store makeup.
Soon after it became a struggle to hide the cuts and bruises from Tommy and Tubbo, so you gradually started to avoid them. Your face, once synonymous with the Minecraft residence and Tommy and Tubbo, became a rarity. They tried their hardest to contact you, but you always dodged their calls. After a few months of you dodging Tommy and Tubbo, you finally told them that you didn’t want to be friends with them anymore. 
It broke your heart to say it, but it had to be done. They were getting too close to the truth and you couldn’t have that; the government would take you away from your mom and she’d end up dead. You were the only one keeping her alive at this point, she lost all motivation to eat. The only thing she did nowadays was hit you, drink, and hug your dad’s photo to her chest. 
The beatings got to the point where you could barely walk without feeling pain. School became something that you’d rarely attend. Tommy and Tubbo stopped trying to talk to and call you. Buster, your previous confidant, had long since died so you were truly alone in the world. The neighbor’s yard looked barren without the dog house and the graying dog. The only person you had left was your mom. 
When you had accidentally burnt dinner late at night, she completely snapped. She grabbed your arm and held it on top of the burner. Pain hit you immediately as you screamed and cried apologies to her. When you instinctively hit her with your other hand, she dug her nails into your arm and pushed your arm closer onto the burner. Nerve endings screamed at you to get away from the pain. The pain was becoming too much, so you looked on the countertop next to you for something to defend yourself with. A metal fork was lying close to your other hand. 
You grabbed it and, with a distraught apology to your mother, drove the prongs deep into her arm. She screamed in pain and let your arm go. You ripped yourself out of her grasp and started to run for the front door. A force collided with the back of your shoulder making pain explode in the area. You didn’t know what happened at first, but after hearing the shattering of glass, you realized that she threw a beer bottle at you. You could feel the sting of alcohol and glass mingling with your open wounds on your shoulder. The sting was almost as bad as your arm, but you didn’t stop running especially when you glanced behind you to see her running at you with a knife raised and the fork protruding from her arm.
You flung open the door and sprinted out without bothering to close the door behind you. As your bare feet hit the sidewalk, you could hear your mother stop at the end of the stairs and shout at you to come back. You never stopped.
You didn’t stop until your feet took you to the Minecraft residence’s front door. Nobody was on the street as it was about eleven at night. You hesitated to knock on their door, you ignored the family for the past six months, and you weren’t sure if they even wanted you there. After five minutes of thinking, you just sighed as you walked back down the wooden stairs and walked back towards the sidewalk.
“(Y/n), what are you doing here?” You froze up at Tommy’s sleep riddled voice. You stayed frozen as you heard him stomp over to you. He placed a firm hand on your injured shoulder and forced you to turn around. His angry expression faded into a concerned one when he heard you start to sob and flinch away from him. 
“Wha- shit are you bleeding?” You nodded slightly and he gently turned you back around to see a patch of darkened cloth on your shirt. You could feel him shaking as he grabbed your arm and pulled you into the house. He plopped you at the dining room table and told you to wait there. With that, he sprinted up the stairs and brought back a serious Philza holding a first aid kit. 
When he saw you bruised and battered, you could hear him take in a sharp intake of breath and saw unbridled anger flash across his face. You flinched away from him when he approached you. 
“Hey,” he said in a gentle voice, “I won’t hurt you. Can you show me where you’re hurt?” 
You eyed him warily like a scared wild animal and reluctantly moved your burned arm away from your chest and showed it to him. This was the first time you saw your forearm; it was an ugly red that expanded up the majority of the underside of your forearm with skin burned off at the edges. Yellow, fluid-filled blisters were starting to form. 
You could hear Tommy’s horrified gasp as he turned to run out of the room. You kept your gaze downwards as Philza warned you that he was about to put disinfectant on your wound. He apologized to you when you whimpered in pain at the sting of the alcohol on your exposed nerves. After he was finished wrapping your arm, he asked you to show him where else you’re injured. You turned around so he could see the growing patch of blood staining your now ripped shirt. You could feel him gently move your shirt to the side and heard him wince. 
“Shit, there’s glass in here. I’m going to have to get some tweezers to get it out. Stay here, I’ll be right back.” You were then alone in the kitchen for a moment before he came back with a worried Wilbur and Techno in tow. The brunet pulled up a chair next to you and asked if it was alright to hold your hand. After you hesitantly nodded, he grabbed your hand and started to run his thumb over your knuckles. Techno held a light close to your shoulder as Philza started to tweeze out the green tinted glass from your shoulder. 
Every time you would suck in air through your teeth and muffle your yelps with your other hand, Wilbur would whisper reassurances to you and hold your hand tighter. After the glass was out, the wound was disinfected, and wrapped in gauze, Philza told the boys to leave the room. He grabbed both of your hands and gave you the best reassuring smile that he could.
“Tell me what happened.”
You swallowed the lump in your throat as you felt tears well up in your eyes, “I tried Phil, I really did. She never got better no matter what I did.”
“What do you mean, are you talking about your mom?” You could hear the angry undertone of his voice. You tensed up and nodded.
“She… she needs help. She was never the same after Dad died, she started drinking. It started off with only one beer a day, but after seventh grade she was going through an entire case in a day. She’d punish me if I said or did anything about it. No dinner for a week was a popular one until she started to ban me from the house for weeks on end. She never went on business trips, Phil. She got a knife today. I-I thought she was actually gonna kill me this time, I was so scared.”
Without another word, he pulled you into a tight hug, letting you sob freely into his shoulder. “It was my fault, I couldn’t help her! She- she needed me and I couldn’t help her.” You said between sobs. He hugged you tighter and started to rub your back, making sure to avoid your shoulder. “None of this is your fault, you can’t help someone if they don’t want help. Sometimes you can’t fix someone who’s too far gone.”
“Am I too far gone?”
“No, you aren’t. We’ll help you through this, we won’t let anybody hurt you ever again. You’re gonna go on to live a good life.” You passed out in his arms after a while of crying. 
When you woke up, you were in Tommy and Tubbo’s room. The two boys jumped to your side and pulled you into a tight group hug. After you tried to apologize to them for how you treated them in the past six months, they shushed you and just sat there in silence hugging you. 
Later that day you found out that your mother was found by your neighbor on the front porch with her wrists slit and empty beer bottles surrounding her. She was breathing, but just barely. Currently she was in an unstable condition in the hospital. You had a full breakdown when you found out that she almost killed herself because of you. You had run out of the house and to your safe place in the park. You hadn’t been there in a few years, so you hoped that it was still there. 
Sure enough, it was still there albeit a bit overgrown. The blanket in the plastic bag was in the same place where you left it. You had no idea how long you were sitting there crying and having a panic attack, but when you came to your senses it was dark outside. You could hear crickets chirping and the rustling of leaves in the entrance of your hideout.
A brunet head poked itself in and smiled when he saw you. Tubbo fully came into the nook and gestured for someone to follow. Tommy’s blond hair made itself apparent before he joined you two inside.
“Nice little place you have here. It’s… homey.” Tubbo rubbed his hands together and blew warm air on them. You threw one side of the blanket at him and pulled your knees up to your chest. “Thanks, I used to sleep here sometimes… How’d you find me?”
“We could hear you,” Tommy pulled out his phone and typed something on it before pocketing it and sitting next to you. He covered himself with the blanket as Tubbo followed suit. You sat in silence before Tommy broke it. 
“How long has she been hittin you?”
“Tommy!” Tubbo scolded him.
“She started about six months ago.”
“Six months ago… that was when you cancelled plans! I knew something was wrong Tubbo.”
Tubbo said nothing as he looked at you with a helpless expression. Just as he was about to open his mouth, you interrupted him. “It’s not your fault. It’s mine. Everything’s my fault. I’m the reason my mom’s in the hospital right now fighting for her life. I wasn’t there for her.” You would’ve started crying if it weren’t for the fact that you just felt so drained and numb.
“The fuck do you mean? She was about to kill you! You told us that she was about to stab you, what else were you supposed to do, just let her kill you?!” Tommy exclaimed.
You shrugged, “maybe. If she did she’d be happy, I was just a burden to her. I- I just wanted her to be happy and I would never be able to do that as long as I’m alive. If she killed me she wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.”
“What the fuck (y/n),” Tubbo shouted, startling you. He never shouts, let alone swears. “How could you even say that? I don’t know what I’d do without you, everything would be so boring and nothing would be the same without you. Fuck her happiness, she’s a wretched woman if the only way she can be happy is when you’re dead. Fuck her.”
You and Tommy stared at the seething boy in shock. He never shouted when he was angry, he only did that once when he found out that Tommy was being bullied. Whenever he sweared, that’s when you knew his emotions were hitting him at full force. Tommy quickly recovered from his shock to join him, “yeah fuck her, man! She can go suck a dick.” He was interrupted by his phone buzzing.
“Dad’s here, c’mon he’s worried sick about you.” After they helped you out of your safe place, they both wrapped an arm around your shoulders and walked you to the parking lot. You could see the headlights of the lone car in the lot turn off before the door swung open and a figure rushed towards you. You pushed yourself behind Tommy and Tubbo and hid behind them fearfully. They both turned around and put a hand on your shoulders. ��It’s okay, it’s our dad.”
You peeked over their shoulders and saw a mop of disheveled, long blond hair. Philza looked like he was just told that there was an antidote for a fatal poison he just ingested, despite the flash of hurt that showed on his face. His blue eyes were accentuated by the redness of his sclera and you can see the relief painted in them. A gentle smile was on his face as he moved his arms up. Without another word, you launched yourself at him and pulled him into the tightest hug you could manage with your shoulder.
“Are your accusations true, Mx. (L/n)?” 
Your gaze flickered over to your mother sitting on the other side of the courtroom. She looked at you with no expression on her face. Her wrists were wrapped tightly in a white bandage that was a stark contrast to the bright orange prison uniform and the silver of the handcuffs. She wasn’t the woman you knew when your dad was alive. The life was sucked out of her the second she picked up that phone call.
You looked back at the lawyer, “yes sir.”
“I have no further questions, your honor.”
“You may return to your seat, Mx. (L/N).”
You stood up and walked as confidently as you could past the dull eyes of your mother and back to your seat between Tommy and Tubbo. You held their hands tightly as the trial moved onwards. Buster’s owner even stepped up to the witness stand to give his testimony. Apparently he knew about the abuse from your late night conversations with Buster. He had contacted CPS and the police multiple times but the case was always dropped for some reason that you couldn’t bring yourself to ponder. A few of your previous teachers even showed up to give their testimonies. Their words, though true and slightly sweet, rubbed you the wrong way. If they ‘knew something was happening at home with you’, then why didn’t they do anything when it was happening? You tried to focus on the rest of the trial. 
Your mother’s only witness was herself, and she did a piss poor job at it. She was basically digging her own grave with every word that came out of her mouth. The entire time, she was staring at you with her infamous dull eyes. 
“Do you have any further points you would like to add, Mrs. (L/n)?”
“Yes, I have always loved my child. They were my husband’s pride and joy, the splitting image of him. Their rightful place is safe with their real parent at our home.”
You could feel Tommy attempt to stand up, but you pulled him back down; now was not the time for him to start yelling in anger. Tubbo squeezed your hand in reassurance and glanced at you. You were staring at the woman you called your mother with pain and hate filled eyes. You wished her words were sincere, but you knew fully well that they weren’t. The words that left her mouth would’ve been one hundred percent true  and genuine when your dad was still alive, but he’s buried six feet under in a military cemetary now and he has been for years. You would’ve given anything, even your own life, for those words to be true a month ago, but you knew better now. Mothers don’t treat their kids like this, they’re supposed to give their children their unconditional love and take care of them. As far as you were concerned, she was no longer your mother. She forfeited that title the second she turned to the bottle. Philza is and will always be more of a parental figure than she’ll ever be. 
After the jury left to discuss, the court was in a recess. You slipped out of the room and speed walked to the bathroom. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You could see heavy eye bags under your dull eyes. The dullness of your eyes, to your horror, reminded you of your mother, so you splashed your face with water. That fixed it, your eyes were slightly brighter. You could still see the faint outline of the scar on your cheek from when she first hit you. Small scars littered your face from the more recent wounds she gave you before you ran.
A knock sounded at the door, “(y/n), the recess is almost over.” It was Techno.
You patted your face dry and went to leave the bathroom. The pink haired boy that you now saw as your older brother was waiting patiently for you on the other side. He put a gentle hand on your shoulder and led you back to the courtroom. There, the rest of the Minec- no, your family was waiting for you. Just as you reached them, the judge announced that the jurors would be arriving back. The entire courtroom stood as they walked in.
“Have you reached a verdict?” The judge asked.
“We have.”
“Mrs. (L/n) and Mr. Langsburg, would you stand and face the jury? You may read the verdict.”
“We the jury of the state court find the defendant guilty under the charges of child abuse and child neglect.”
Tommy clapped a hand on your shoulder as Tubbo squeezed your hand. They both smiled widely at you. You, however, didn’t acknowledge them. You were only staring at the empty eyes of your mother as she was looking at the jury. Her reaction was akin to her breaking a pencil, like it didn’t matter to her. Like all the years abuse that she put you through didn’t matter was as trivial as breaking a pencil. 
“So say you all?”
“Yes, your honor.” 
“I hereby sentence Mrs. (L/n) to twelve years in the state penitentiary with no opportunity of parole. Mr. Philza Minecraft shall be bestowed the custody of Mx. (Y/n) (l/n) as they do not have any next of kin. Court is adjourned.” With that, she banged the gavel and the courtroom exploded in the bustling of people. You never took your eyes off from your mo- no, the monster with the dull eyes as she picked at something in her nails boredly. Just as she looked up to meet your gaze, Tommy pulled you into a tight hug, lifting you off the ground slightly. You were passed around the family in the courtroom for their individual hugs. Philza’s was comforting, Tubbo’s was congratulatory, Wilbur’s was warm, and Techno’s was slightly awkward, yet soft. 
At home, you spent most of your time in the spare room Philza had given you. He had offered to help you decorate it, but you had no idea where to start. You were never allowed to have decorations in your old room. You kept the room simplistic and your possessions light. 
You often stared at your dad’s portrait on your nightstand wondering what your life could’ve been like if you never asked him for McDonalds that day. Your family probably would’ve been stationed in who knows where and moved around often, as is customary in most military families. You probably would’ve never met Tommy and Tubbo in third grade. You probably would’ve never met your now older brothers and new father. You didn’t want to imagine a life without them. 
After a few days of you being locked up in your room, Tommy and Tubbo came into your room with mischievous grins. You knew them like the back of your hand, so you knew the second you saw their faces that they were about to do something. You sat up and looked at them suspiciously. 
“What are you doing?”
“We’re not doing anything, (y/n). Right Tubbo?”
“Right Tommy.” Tubbo nodded curtly. They still had grins on their faces. They walked over to your bed before they picked you up and walked you out of the room. You didn’t have the energy to fight them, so you laid limp in their arms. They eventually took you down to the living room and plopped you down onto the couch between them. Techno tossed them a blanket when they then used to wrap you tightly into a blanket burrito. The home screen of Disney Plus was pulled up on the TV and the curtains were drawn. Philza and Wilbur exited the kitchen with glasses of water and two big bowls of popcorn.
They smiled widely when they saw you squashed between your brothers, putting a bowl of popcorn in your lap and three glasses of water nearby. The two next to you dug into the popcorn as the rest of the family made themselves comfortable on the couch. 
“What are we doing?”
“Movie night! We’re gonna binge the Marvel movies, your favorite!” Tubbo grinned at you, practically bouncing in his seat.
“Just double checking, the order is Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Mans One and Two, Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Thor-”
You cut Wilbur off with a mumbled “first Thor, then the first Avengers movie.”
“Glad I asked then! The timeline would’ve been thrown off.” 
As the movies progressed, you started to finally feel like you belonged as a part of the family. Laughter came easier to you, mingling effortlessly with the family’s laughter. Every time you laughed at a scene, they would give you a smile and laugh alongside you. Eventually after about halfway through Captain America: The Winter Soldier, everyone had fallen asleep on the couch. Soft snores and the quiet sounds of the occasional fight scene filled the room as your eyelids started to close involuntarily. You looked around the room at the rest of your family. They all looked peaceful in their slumber. Tommy and Tubbo’s protective hold of their arms around your shoulders made you feel safe. It was in that moment that you realized that they would never let anyone hurt you ever again. You were a part of an actual, loving family. With that, you let yourself fall asleep into a peaceful slumber surrounded by the people that loved you the most. 
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doevademe · 2 months
ok! As a counter for that last ask! Cause I think Percy would never forget Nico even if he s intoxicated to his last brain cell or mind whipped by Juno!!! I propose this version (which is hilarious to me may I add) 😆:
Nico, trying to get a drunk Percy to the car (or to a dark corner to shadow jump) : c'mon dear we gotta get you home-
Percy who's completely plastered: GET YOUR WHORE HANDS OFF ME!!! I HAVE A FUCKING BOYFRIEND!
Nico: ... I am extremely proud and offended at the same time.
[Anon means this drabble]
Nico entered the bar carefully, trying to not draw any attention to himself.
He had recieved an IM from Jason from the bar's very dirty bathroom so he could pick up Percy, who had apparently fallen victim to Leo's pranks and spiked cocktails.
He would have let it run its course if not for Percy saying way too loudly, "Jay! I'm starting to think that Margarita Sunrise lied about being a virgin!" before an embarrassed son of Jupiter ended the connection.
"Nico!" Jason called him looking relieved. "Thank the gods, your boyfriend is out of control!"
"Hi, Jason," Nico shouted to be heard over the loud music. "The place looks very unflooded, how bad could it really be?"
"—And believe me, I met Misery, and you reek it!" He heard the love of his life say behind him. He turned around to see him talking to a man built like a fridge, who looked more and more displeased by the second. "With some luck, you'll see that happiness is not found at the bottom of a bottle."
And then the unthinkable happened. The man's eyes welled up in tears and he hugged Percy. Nico turned to look at Jason, who just massaged his temples.
"He already made Leo cry too," he said. "And three other people, including the bouncer who tried to throw him out for dragging the mood down."
Nico sighed and approached Percy, who stumbled unfocused and said, "Hokay! Who's next?"
"Hey, caro," he greeted, giving him his best disarming smile. Percy blinked and looked him up and down.
"Pretty..." he mumbled, making Nico smile.
"You're very drunk, aren't you?"
"...Maybe a bit," he admitted after a few seconds. He leaned in close as if he was about to whisper, but kept the same volume as he said, "Don't tell anyone, but I think someone spiked my drink!"
Nico chuckled. Of course drunk Percy was adorable.
"Come on, I better get you home so you can sleep off the—"
"Woah, woah!" Percy took a step back holding his hands up to prevent Nico from grabbing him. "Hands off, pretty boy!"
"Percy, what are—?"
"Don't touch me with your sexy hands, you hussy! I have a boyfriend!"
A million thoughts went through Nico's brain as he tried to understand what Percy had just said. From the fact that Percy didn't recognize him, yet still seemed loyal to him, to the fact that he had called him a hussy.
"Hussy?" Was all he could say. Percy frowned.
"Yeah, who else would go to bars, looking all attractive and tempting, and picking up guys, strumpet!" Percy crossed his arms. "But I have my Nico, and he's a thousand times better than you could ever hope to be!"
Nico blinked.
"I... have never been so flattered and offended at the same time," Nico managed to get out. Percy looked away. "What if I take you to your Nico? Preferably before you bring out the thessaurus for more words for escorts."
The idea made Percy smile. He nodded and held out his hand.
"No touching below the waist though... or above, ar anywhere but my hand!" he warned. Nico rolled his eyes and nodded. Percy seemed satisfied and looked behind him. "Bye Jay! This tramp will take me to Nico!"
Nico turned to see his friend trying hard to hold his laughter. He glared before taking Percy's hand and shoving him into the darkest corner.
He wasn't sure if he should congratulate or chew out Percy the next day, but he was certain that Jason would face his wrath come morning.
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kokonoisgf · 2 years
Home - Kazutora Hanemiya x reader
Tumblr media
☆ ☆ ☆
MINORS DNI - sexual explicit content - 18+ content
+ really wanted to publish something for his bday <3 I love Kazu a whole lot, he deserves the universe ugh-  this is smutty with fluff and a tad of angst <3 
+ soft kazu, slight angst at the beginning, “princess”, “baby”, “angel”,  blowjob
+ stay safe and drink water! I love you <3
☆ ☆ ☆
Lazily laying on his bed, the dim lights emanating from the street lights reflect through the large windows. Sounds of passing cars - driving hastily to places far beyond Kazutora’s reach, buzzing through his ears. Sandy-colored orbs gazing at the ceiling in doubt with à mixture of fear of yet another year passing him by. He’d be 28 this year, gaze drifting to the clock by his bed flashing in a neon color: 11:58. The sound of rain slowly eases his mind to rest. Truth be told, he never cared about his birthday, dark thoughts rummaging in his head at how he always spent it by himself in juvie, years after years. For him, it was like any other day, it wasn’t like his existence required to be celebrated. Somehow, even the sky seemed to cry, as the clock struck 12, thunder roaring outside, à flash bursting through his dark room.
A long-drawn-out sigh escapes his parted lips, one hand thrown over his head as he ponders his past, nightmares, and shadows of it creeping through his vacant room. Letting his hand fall by his side, he stares at the ceiling with lazy eyes, before a knock at his door stir him out of his spiraling misery. “Huh,” His voice is soft, filled with a pinch of confusion. His eyebrows perk up before making his way to the entrance. With one hand on the handle, he slowly opens the door revealing who could possibly be outside at such a late hour. 
Before he even has the smallest chance to react, that said person jumps into his embrace, his eyes widening tenfold. It’s you, it’s really you. Your umbrella clumsily laying on the floor, where a neatly placed bag filled with ribbon is standing by it. 
“Happy birthday Kazu!” You coo, your embrace only tightening as his scent overflow every pore of your being. Shock is apparent on his face, taking à good 5 seconds to process this, as he shakily wraps his arms around you. It’s embarrassing really, but he feels like breaking down; crying because he knows you’ve remembered. Even though to him, his birthday is just any other day, to you it’s something important. It hits him like à tidal wave, washing away his previous thoughts and worries leaving only pure bliss.
“Y-Y/N” He stutters, mind in a daze as you press feather-like kisses down his neck. “You remembered..” His voice is soft, like glass, shaking slightly as if to hide the fact that he was crumbling right under your touch. Pulling away just slightly to get a better look at his face, one of your hands slowly caress his cheek as you tiptoe capturing his lips in a chaste kiss. 
“Of course, it’s an important day after all” A single tear fall from his eyes, cascading to his mole and down his cheek. He looks at you with such love you could melt right there. Slowly, you wipe it away, as he leans down to press his lips against yours once again. The kiss is passionate, time seems to stand still, Kazutora trembling like a leaf under your spell. Tongues twirl together as you wrap your arms around his neck, itching one leg to wrap it around his waist. He feels himself unravel already, cock straining against the loose material of his grey sweatpants, twitching from your mere kisses. Gasping for air, he makes quick work of bringing your belonging insides before peeking at the gift, you snicker grabbing his hand “This one’s for later, I got a special one for now” 
Guiding him to the leather couch in the corner of his living room, you’re quick to nestle between his legs, looking up at him with doe eyes. A bead of sweat rolls down his forehead, gulping down excessive saliva, gaze flickering between your lips and your twinkling gaze.
“Is this okay Kazu?” You whisper, one hand softly caressing his inner thigh, head cocked to the side. His sandy orbs zeros on your lips, the way his name falls oh so gently from your mouth. “Y-Yea please-” He begs slightly,  mindless please slipping from his lips. His cheeks are flushed with embarrassment, desperately chasing the feeling of your mouth enveloping his cock. His long locks are tied up in a bun, two caramel-colored strands framing his features, god; you swore he was prettier than any work of art you had ever laid eyes upon. 
Humming, you make quick work of his pants and underwear, his dick slapping against his stomach as he bites his lips, the cold air of his apartment sending shivers through his spine. He’s been ridiculously hard ever since you jumped into his arms, your scent engulfing him whole. Cock leaking, the tip is engorged and flushed red. One prominent vein runs under it, a delicate finger coming to trace it, as he curses under his breath. He’s so sensitive, feeling all his pent-up emotions and needs curse through him.
“I love you so much baby a-ah-” He's cut off when your parted lips press a messy kiss to the head of his cock, the sweetest smile covering your face, conveying more than any words ever could. Inch by Inch, you ease hi length into your mouth, pulling whimpers and pleads from the man above you. He hisses at the warmth your mouth provides around his dick, one hand tangling itself in your locks.
“So desperate for my cock yeah? F-Fuck- taking me so well-” He knows the answer to his question full well, as your tongue eagerly laps at his length, hands slowly caressing his thighs. You had craved him, craving the feel of his cock kissing your throat and painting it white all day. A shudder runs through him at your neediness, gaze flickering to your mouth accommodating his cock so well. The rain still tumbles echoing through his small studio, mixing so deliciously with the squelching sound of your mouth wrapped around his cock. 
“So good to me princess-” Kazutora lets his head fall back against the couch, chest heaving as his hips stutter, release coming incredibly fast. Biting hard enough to draw blood, he feels the coil in his stomach unravel, a gasp of your name cutting through the rain.
“Fuck angel am’ gonna cum-” He warns, though a bit too late as his cock twitch inside your mouth, nails digging into the leather of his couch leaving small crescent moons, proofs of the bliss pulsating through his veins. Brushing à strand of your hair away from your face, his gaze imprints the sights in his mind as he desperately ruts into your warm mouth, chasing his orgasm like a starved man. It’s not too long before thick ropes of cum coat your tongue and throat as you eagerly swallow. A series of rather loud moans fall from his parted lips, eyes shut tight, orgasm washing over him. Eyes rolling in the back of his skull, one hand over his forehead, strands of hair sticking to his forehead, his gaze is glued to you. You pull away with a satisfying ‘pop’, looking at the man above you with heart eyes;  Parted lips, flushed face, you make your way unto his laps straddling him, as he eagerly wraps his arms around you, bringing you into the warmest embrace. Nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, he inhales your scent; you smell like home. 
Slowly you untie his locks, watching every strand cascade down his shoulder, your heart almost leaping out of your chest at the sight. Excitement rushes through your veins as you hand him the small gift; a giddy smile covering your features. Diligently, he unwraps it, fingers working slowly as if afraid to break its content. As it slowly paints itself before his eyes, a silver key shines under the dim light of the living room's lamp. Blinking, his gaze flickers between your smile and the key, noticing a folded sheet of paper underneath. Picking it up, he reads its content :
The message reads in small cursive letters: “for our new home.” 
At this moment, the rain slowly comes to a halt and Kazutora swore he was the happiest man in all the universe.
☆ ☆ ☆
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buckycuddlebuddy · 2 years
𝒍𝒐𝒇𝒕 𝒎𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄
summary ─ “let’s go back to fucking,” he whispered, licking a fat line on your neck, nipping on the flesh. “miss your body, baby, lemme make it sing under me again.”
pairing ─ fuckboy!bucky barnes x reader 
warnings ─ smut, +18, angst, asshole bucky, dirty talk, rough sex, wall sex, biting/marking, pet names, bucky tasting from his own medicine (a little), language, bucky is a manipulative pos btw, reader calls herself “stupid” 
a/n ─ i didn’t wanna promise anything just in case if i didn’t write, but here i am with the second part. thank you so much for all the comments you left on the part one, i hope you like this one, too! please leave comments again if you do! thank youuu <333 it’s a long one y’all just a heads up! 
the (after) party [part one]
Tumblr media
It’s been a month since that night at the party, and you didn’t have a time to focus on yourself because of all the college work you suddenly had. All the exams and deadlines had hit you almost at the same time, so you were swept with papers and notes.
Today was the first night you absolutely had nothing do. Your roommate was out because she was celebrating… something. You had no plans, so you decided to just have an off day where you lay on your couch and watch some stupid movies.
Three hours later had found you on your couch, sprawling comfortably with snacks in your hands. You were watching Tangled, the movie reminding you why you loved animations. The colors were vibrant, it was easy to follow and it didn’t have any of those very deep meaning messages. You knew you couldn’t take one right now if there was any.
You sighed deeply as you paused the movie. Standing up, you gathered the empty snack packs and takeout boxes. Just as you threw them into the trashcan, you heard a strong knock on your door. You frowned, it was almost 1AM in the morning. You slowly made your way towards the door and looked outside from the peep hole.
Bucky was right outside your door.
“I know you’re home,” he said, “Open the door.” You didn’t budge instead you continued to watch him. “Please.”
“What do you want?” You asked him without opening the door. His face was the last face you’ve wanted to see, and to think he was standing right outside your door was making all the hair on your body to rise.
“To talk,” he replied, voice muffled.
“We don’t have anything to talk about,” you said and walked away. You weren’t ready to face with him, yet. These past weeks you’ve kept yourself busy with school, didn’t have enough time to digest the facts that he cheated on you and used your body for his own pleasure, so if you were to open the door, you were going to do something stupid.
“C’mon,” he grunted. You heard him knock again. “Please, just a talk and I’m gonna leave, I swear.” You didn’t say anything. You decided to wash the dishes that have been piling up in the sink in order to ignore him better. “I’ll start singing if you don’t let me in, I mean it, Y/N.” You exhaled angrily.
How dare he to come to your door at 1AM and demand you to open your door? Seething, you grabbed the sponge and started scrubbing at the plate in your hand with your all might.
“Y/N…” You heard him calling out to you but didn’t care. “Open the fucking door, Y/N.”
You couldn’t believe that he still had the balls to show up on your doorstep after what he did to you. Catching him with one of the girls from your class, all naked and moaning mess in the bed you frequently shared, had hurt you badly. Your friends had always told you not to fall in love with him, but it was easier said than done. You knew that he was getting around even before you started dating, you knew it. After hanging out longer than you assumed you would, you thought he might have changed and maybe you had a little bit of a part in the change he went through. So, you started dating and fell in love with him.
A big fucking mistake was what you did.
Assuming that he saw you as his girlfriend was one of the many little mistakes you’ve done. Apparently, you were just hanging out to him, there weren’t any dating in the middle, so he had been fucking girls all around.
Come to think of it, you shouldn’t have felt this hurt; you weren’t dating, you weren’t anything explicit. Yeah, you were fucking frequently, were always together at some place, let it be a bar or the cafeteria. Wherever he was, you were there, and wherever you were, he was there.
Bucky said that you weren’t dating, just fucking, but everyone except him thought that you were.
Then, there was this falling in love with him part. You were blinded, you ignored when he said you were just fucking and not dating. You knew it meant that he had been seeing other girls, but you ignored it because you loved him. You continued to ignore it until you caught him with one of them.
“Y/N, come on,” he said. You dropped the plates and sponge in your hand and went to your door. “I wanna talk, come on, plea─” You yanked the door open.
“What the fuck you possibly might wanna talk about?” You sneered. “You said we weren’t dating, that we were just fucking, so what is it that you wanna talk so fucking badly?” Bucky narrowed his eyes. His steel blue eyes were assessing your anger contorted face with large pupils. He faintly smelled like cigarettes and beer. “I’m waiting.” You heard him growl lightly and then, you were grabbed by throat and dragged inside with him. He slammed the door close.
“That is exactly what I wanna talk about,” he hissed. He bodily plastered you against the wall and caged you under his big body. You tried not to react, but it was hard when your body had been missing the hell out of him. Your heart was beating fast and your lungs had stopped working.
You always forgot how sexy and dangerous he looked when he was angry and turned on.
“Let’s go back to fucking,” he whispered, licking a fat line on your neck, nipping on the flesh. “Miss your body, baby, lemme make it sing under me again.” You tried to swallow, his hand around your throat making a bit harder, but you were loving it.
“You fucked every girl in the campus already?” You spit out. His hand increased its pressure, and you made a gurgling sound. Chuckling as black spots slowly appearing in your sight, you looked at him, ignoring the pounding in your head. “You c-came… back… w-with y’r… tail betw’n y’r legs.” Bucky snarled, leaning in dangerously close. His nose was touching cheek, you could see his eyelashes and feel his lips moving against your neck.
“You seem to love it whenever I came back, love,” he whispered. There was no blue to be seen in his eyes, it was all black. His voice had dropped low and became a little hoarse. You shivered. The black spots in your vision were getting a bit much, you could hear the warning alarms in your brain going off. Bucky kept the eye contact for five more seconds and then, he let go off your throat.
You gasped. Knees buckling, you fell on the ground. The oxygen quickly filling your burning lungs, you coughed and wheezed through them. You blinked the tears away as you tried to stand up. Bucky grabbed your arm and pulled you upright, holding you tight against his solid body.
Your eyes found each other, and you cursed at your heart for starting to beat faster than before. You were also cursing at yourself for liking the way he grabbed your throat. You could now see why people were saying ‘love is a dangerous thing’.
Bucky pushed you against the wall gently, surprising you a little. You could see that he was battling with himself about something, but you couldn’t put a finger on what exactly it was. You took a deep, shaky breath when you calmed down a bit. Bucky stepped forward. His body was touching yours, but it didn’t feel as dangerous and angry as it did few minutes ago. He lifted his hand to brush your hair back. Your heart did a flip.
“I came back to you because you’re the only one who accepts me without judgment,” he whispered. His eyes were roaming on your face with a weirdly soft look in them. “I came back because you don’t have high expectations from me. You know me, know what I’m capable of.” He leaned in slightly to have his lips brush against yours as he spoke. “You get me, love.” You whimpered so softly, tears making your eyes sting. Bucky’s hand in your hair moved to your cheek to brush one of the tears away. Why he was being so gentle, you have no idea, but this was the guy who made you fell in love with him, this you knew.
He leaned in to capture your lips this time. Those soft lips onto yours felt like heaven. It was like all your troubles, all those stressful and painful times had been washed away by his lips and you had nothing to worry and stress about. You felt like you were standing on the clouds when his lips were pressed onto yours like this. You let out a soft moan into the kiss. He swallowed it just like he did with the whimper following your moan. He pressed you against the wall fully, once again caging you between his body and wall. This time, you went willingly.
Bucky bent his knees to grab your thighs so that he could lift you up. As soon as your thighs are in his hands, you jumped and wrapped your legs around him while holding onto his neck with your arms. Bucky hummed approvingly and deepened the kiss. His tongue was licking and teeth nipping on your bottom lip, you moaned.
Without a need to ask, he made his way to your room. He knew which door was yours since he had been here many times. He stepped inside and with two large steps, you were dumped on the bed.
Bucky crawled on top of you. His body was radiating a warmth that you had missed so dearly, so you immediately grasped at him, pulling him in. He chuckled, going along, he positioned himself between your legs. His jeans were brushing against your bare legs; the rough fabric causing goosebumps all over your body. You felt his Bucky’s nose poking your jaw playfully, and then trailing down, he stopped when he came across to the collar of your oversize t-shirt. Mumbling non-sense to himself, Bucky ripped the t-shirt off. He ignored all the cries you let out because he just ripped your t-shirt.
“You owe me one,” you panted when he took a nipple in his mouth. Bucky kissed his way to your stomach, biting and sucking every available skin he could reach. You were a moaning, trembling mess under him. You clawed his sweatshirt. You wanted to feel his skin against yours; all smooth and scorching hot skin under your hands. He pulled back for a second to ditch the sweatshirt and his undershirt. He was wearing his dog tags today, you noticed and looped your fingers to it.
Pulling him into a filth kiss with the help of his necklace was easy, Bucky was ready to kiss you yesterday. His tongue slipped in your mouth, licking your lips before that. You moaned. Your hands were framing his face, feeling his knife-sharp jawline and scruff in your palms was a delicious thing.
You heard him fumbling with his sweatpants and then, they were lowered to his mid-thighs. He grabbed your knees, hooked them on his elbows and walked towards you on his knees. His thighs were pushing against yours, and your knees on the crook of his elbows meant that you were almost bent in half.
“Fuck, c’mon,” you groaned. Bucky grunted as he grabbed his cock and lined it up.
“Shit, pull your panties aside,” he growled. You scrambled to comply. Finding the soft fabric that was covering your pussy, you pulled it aside to give him way. He took it immediately. As soon as you uncovered your core, Bucky thrusted forward and slid into you with one move.
You cried out. The sudden intrusion was a bit unexpected, but you loved the burn and sting. Bucky knew that. Humming to himself, Bucky leaned over your body, effectively bending you in half, and started to thrust.
God, you thought. You fucking hated this son of a bitch for what he did you, but you also fucking loved him because his cock felt so good in your pussy whenever you had sex. It felt like his cock was made for only you, and pleasuring you properly was only reserved to him. It was a sad fact, but no one other than him made your body rang with pleasure like this before.
“Yeah,” you breathed when he hit your sweet spot. The stars went off behind your eyelids. “Fuck, James, yeah, right there!” His hips were constantly moving in and out, slamming his pelvis against yours, making his balls kiss your other hole with each pistoning movement; you were in fucking pleasure heaven.
“Oh, fuck, shit,” he hissed through his teeth when you clenched around him unintentionally. You cried out as he bit down your shoulder hard.
“Shit, harder,” you moaned. You were digging and dragging your nails in and down his back, giving him angry red lines, marking him up in your own way while he made you feel so damn good. “Harder, James, holy fuck!” You screamed when his hips started to slam against yours even harder. The sound of slick skin slapping each other got louder, the sound echoing in your room along with your moans and whimpers and gasps. “’m close!” You whined. Bucky stayed quiet although you could hear his soft, guttural moans and occasional grunts.
“Can feel it,” he said, voice rough and deep with lust dripping from it. “You’re clenchin’ around me like mad. Fuck, honey─” He moaned loudly this time and sneaked a hand to your pussy, immediately starting to play with your clit. You gasped, choked on a moan and almost bit your tongue off. His thumb was putting pressure on your abused clit while playing with it. Not even three seconds later, your legs started to tremble from their places on Bucky’s elbows violently and three more seconds later, you were coming on Bucky’s cock with a scream trapped in your throat.
You vaguely heard Bucky cursing, swearing, moaning and hissing through his teeth and felt his hips stop. When you managed to peek through your heavy lidded eyes, you saw him squeezing the base of his cock to stop himself from coming.
“Not done with you,” he grunted when he caught you peeking. You chuckled breathlessly. You felt your legs tingling pleasantly. You wiggled on the bed, feeling satisfied and happy. “C’mere,” you heard Bucky grunt again and before you could understand what was happening, you were hauled off the bed.
“What─” You got cut off with a gasp when your back made contact with the wall. Your legs were still quivering, pussy still clenching around nothing and was sensitive, you felt Bucky pushing back in. “MmmMM, fuck!” You cried out, head banging against the wall. Bucky growled.
“Yeah, baby,” he said. The look in his eyes was hungry, lust filled and predatory. You shivered. “You got what you need, ‘s my turn.” He rearranged you against the wall and in his arms before taking a better position and then, he was fucking off.
His hips started slamming, cock hitting all the sweet spots you had in your pussy but didn’t know about before. His balls were caressing and hitting against your other hole; you could feel the hair at the base of his cock against your pussy. Bucky was thrusting in and out of you at a mad pace. His biceps were bulging, abs clenching and pecs moving up and down, you couldn’t decide whether he looked like a fuck machine or a sex god.
“Ohh, shit, oh!” You whined as his pelvis rubbed against your clit. It was still sensitive, still throbbing lightly and you already felt like close to coming. Bucky, probably felt the rhythmic clenching around his hard cock, snarled and hoisted your legs up on his shoulders and crowded you against the wall even more.
“God, you have no idea how your pussy milkin’ my cock,” he whispered. He slightly changed his position and slowed his thrusts a bit so that he could hit deeper with long strokes, and your eyes rolled back with the intensity of this new position. “Lookit at you, fuck, you look so good on my cock.” His teeth latched onto your neck, right under your jaw, and he sucked and bit the skin there, leaving a mark which was going to be a bitch to cover. You didn’t care.
“James,” you breathed. “James…”
“Yeah, love?” Bucky panted. The sweat was beading on his forehead, his thigh muscles were twitching and his abs were clenching even more than before.
He was close.
“Hard,” you whispered and whimpered loud and long when his cock touched something in you. “Fuck me harder, give it to me harder, come on.” He smirked, briefly leaning into give you a filthy kiss.
“Your wish is command,” he whispered against your lips and picked up the pace.
It didn’t take long for you to become a whimpering mess in his arms yet again nor it didn’t take you long to come on his cock for a second time. Bucky swore as he buried his face in your neck, groaning and grunting as he chased his own orgasm. You slid your hand in his hair, your orgasm still ringing through your body, and pulled on them hard.
“Fuck!” Bucky exclaimed and his body collapsed on you, plastering you fully on the wall. You could feel every twitch, every weak spurt of come in your pussy. You hummed. Bucky was cursing with a weak voice. His legs were trembling as he lowered you on the ground with himself. You played with his hair for a couple seconds before getting off of him carefully. You could feel his come leaking, your legs tingling and satisfaction making your body hum happily. You grabbed another t-shirt from your closet and pulled it on you, padding back to the kitchen and leaving Bucky on the floor of your bedroom.
As you were sipping your water, he walked in. Sweatpants hanging low on his hips, chest bare and hair a mess, he looked thoroughly debauched. You smiled lightly.
“Damn, I could use a long nap,” he said, chuckling. You hummed. You poured him a glass of water, too, before you marched back into your room and grabbed his sweatshirt and shoes. When you returned, he was putting the empty glass back. You threw his sweatshirt to him, dropping his shoes by the door. Bucky caught the clothing on the air and looked at you all confused. You opened the door.
“Goodnight, Bucky,” you said with a cold voice. He blinked.
“It’s late. Goodnight,” you repeated, showing the door with your head. His confused expression went and an unreadable one took its place before he straightened. He put his sweatshirt on and laughed coldly.
“Revenge,” he said, laughing again. He looked at you for a couple seconds before he grabbed his shoes and pulling them on quickly. He turned to you, looked like he was going to say something, but then he decided against it and walked out of your apartment.
You closed the door after him. Suddenly, the apartment felt cold without his warm body around you, and you shivered. Sighing sadly, you went to your room and stripped your t-shirt off to take a shower.
If it wasn’t for the ripped t-shirt on the floor of your bedroom and his come leaking, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.
You gave into him. Again. You knew that as long as you kept loving him, you were going to give in to him whenever he came around.
“Stupid,” you murmured to yourself as you stepped under the warm water. “You’re fucking stupid.”
It didn’t stop you from crying under the warm spray of your shower head while washing his come away.
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