#1d fans however..... im sorry
violentdevotion · 1 year
i wouldnt have succumbed to beatlemania
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larentyouglad2 · 2 months
The last anon mentioning Harry coming out wasn’t me (not to start a war anon)
About the convo comparing Taylor and Harry if or when people (fans) really cancel them, Harry follows the footstep of Taylor-formula (be/do nothing but be everything to everyone at the same time) in his name-building, i will give you that, but the reputation Taylor has with gp is more favorable, plus people are less prejudiced towards the music she is making, than that of H which gives Taylor much more luxury with her missteps, Harry might be popular in that people know of him but his fame is notorious at best, the general gist of it is gonna sound harsh sorry about that but a man-child who wears dresses to be controversial or a wanna be rock star/home-wrecker womanizer who needs to queerbait whilst only dating white old women as he can’t keep it in his pants but needs an edge or a young leo dicaprio (this one must stink the most if you get the insinuation behind that)
So Harry desperately needs his fans to believe the best in him bc he already doesn’t have that with gp, one word of any misdoing on his part or people closely associated with him -like ow and shia controversy, he is being dragged right and left, those convos ofc leave an impression on gp and his reputation, his team needs his fans to fight that battle for him on online spaces as he doesn’t have that saving grace going for him either, which should be his work/music, his tiktok charting songs, the connections sony/azoffs have with big media outlets that is giving him platforms might give him a career but hasn’t given him respectability yet, not even grammy’s swayed gp instead they focused on his speech and dragged him more saying him winning them was something bought off by his record label to push him more.
Even with all of these, Taylor was business savvy enough to cut her ties with matt before it became too late. Harry, im guessing, couldn’t do that with ow bc of movie contracts. However they were seeing the damage that rship was doing in fandom space (so many het harries starting to question harry’s character in a way that was a blow to his pristine record with his fans, some left, worst of all for them some were willing to buy into ‘crazy theories’ of larries and calling it pr lol), so everytime we got any holivia which was a lot, they were dropping something to pacify the fans.
Harry’s team is after a fanbase like Taylor’s, that is consisted of all kinds of fans; dedicated, which makes up most of his concert crowds along with social media clout chasers who goes for content/likes; casual, like maybe twenty percent(?); gp concert goers that just want to enjoy what is perceived as good music, a handful, but hasn’t had achieved yet, with the way things are going rn for harry, i dont see that they have faith that harry has what it takes to achieve that.
So while I understand the optics that Harry is famous enough to afford to lose some fans, the reality of his situation is far from that. He can’t even afford to leave the spotlight/or fanlight for one minute as it seems (as opposed to taylor, who can disappear and come back with top charting album), he and his teams operating in the way 1DHQ did with 1D. They seem to think that he has a shelf-life, the fan lore that Harry is a workaholic is just an excuse for this imo bc people are seeing what they were criticizing with 1D happening is happening again with him, he definitely overworks (or is being overworked, hope he doesn’t burn out 😔)
Sorry that I thought the other anon was you lol. Maybe the original anon will see this. I agree with certain points both of y’all have made, like what you said here about the way Harry/hshq are operating makes you think they believe he has a shelf life. I mean idk if they actually believe that because I think they’re quite cocky (or confident if I’m choosing a nicer word), but I think they’re definitely afraid of that. There’s a reason he can’t even go off the grid after a multiple year tour ended for more than a week before he feels the need to get papped 15 times and start some new controversy within fandom or give the gp some juicy gossip with that fucking tattoo. People can say he’s doing it so that he can have some privacy afterwards or some shit, but I personally think it’s because he and his team don’t want anyone to forget about him and focus on something else for 5 minutes 😭
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Not sure why you say Louis venues aren’t full Sea. They look packed out to me and everyone I’ve at
Led to and the thought he’s playing to something like 4-6k next gig seems bizarre because every venue however big has looked full or close to it. Honestly it looks no less full than LTWT did and we accepted that as sold out, though there were scalpers and gaps like every tour gets.
I honestly fell for all the gloom before the tour began because of the PR blackout, though now it feels like astroturfing. I thought we’d see half empty venues but most empty space I’ve seen was the very top balcony on one otherwise huge show, which your anons tried to make a thing of. But we can’t say if Harry’s ‘sold out’ shows are really sold out because they have gaps too, or if Niall’s will be, because ticket sales are such a mucky business. But what counts is that enough people are going to see an artist to make booking a particular size of venue worth it, as opposed to a smaller one. Harry can fill stadiums. Louis can fill arenas. But Louis achievement’s far more impressive to my eyes.
I don’t get why Louis own fans (honestly not getting at you because lots have been doing it) are accepting an attack line from the hate Louis psychos when Harry and Niall’s fans would never tolerate anyone classing huge attendances like Louis gets as disappointing or ‘never mind at least the people who go have fun’. It feels like we’re helping undermine him, when the reality is he’s doing fantastic numbers and succeeding brilliantly at having a mainly arena tour in a country he gets no promo in. Maybe we’re just so ground down we’re used to disappointment? Sorry again Im not getting at you, I love you and you’re amazing! I’m just overly defensive of Louis I guess. ☹️
Technically these shows aren’t sold out, so we have to call a spade a spade, otherwise it’s all opinion anyway? If we’re going to debate, then let’s debate on grounds that have some basis in data.
The other question is whether the subject is even worth debating about. I get that we all feel some competitiveness and anxiety, maybe even jealousy, when it comes to other 1D boys, in as many ways as there are fans.
But why let it affect the people who have chosen to buy a ticket and go to a show? It’s our money and our shows, so just let people enjoy them.
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tobesobri · 2 years
yeah you’re probably right. i think also the whole larry thing too drove a wedge between their friendships as well. but yeah, imo harry always outshone them and i feel like if he hadn’t been in the band they wouldn’t have been as big as they were. but anyway! i think in 2014 esp its obvious harry was like breaking away from all of it just with his stage presence and what he wore alone, he was definitely thinking about his future going solo and not about the band. and im probably more biased ig because i wasn’t really into 1D at the time, i just still kept up with harry but like i was glad they broke up bc i wanted harry to go solo and i never once wanted them to regroup. and yeah like you said he would just outshine them (which you’re 100% right about and have no reason to be sorry for saying it lol). harry just has ‘the it factor’ or whatever like he’s gained tons of extremely loyal non-1D fans since going solo and the others really didn’t so much, especially not louis and liam.
One Direction contract with their management and the label was up in early 2016 and you can kind of see cracks starting to form between them around the time they were promoting for so in late 2014. I think that Zayn and Harry didn’t want to resign but their management I think Niall was on the fence about it but I can tell that Liam on my way definitely didn’t want to and they wanted to resign and they wanted to continue with a group. But when harry did his interview with Zane Lowe he talked about how they always knew that they were going to take a break at the end of 2015 but I think with Zayns physical health and his mental health plummeting and being an all time low I think that he just couldn’t do it anymore and he decided that he wanted to leave. I also think that the hiatus was brought more into discussion after Zayn left and they were renewing contracts the next year. They said it was a hiatus because the didn’t want the media frenzy of the had announced the break up. But I also heard a lot of rumours in 2016 that the other three of thought that it was going to be just a hiatus and were blindsided when Harry didn’t resign with modest or their label in 2016 and proceeded to sign with Columbia records and star in a new movie. I think that Harry was going to go solo after their contracts ended no matter what
im a terrible harry fan and never watched the full zane lowe thing 😬 but yeah that all sounds like what probably happened i really didn’t see harry staying with them like he was definitely putting distance and however humble he is, he and i imagine jeff thought he’d make it way bigger on his own and they were right and im glad he did what he did lol also like you could ask any solo harry fan and none of them want 1D back nor expect them to come back but there’s quite a few who are fans of the others that think they’ll come back still (or at least used to a few years ago pre-covid)
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babylon-cal · 3 years
feel free to answer all of them or just some of them or just ignore this all together, whatever you’re comfortable with, and then tag however many people you want! thanks for tagging @i-like-5sos <3
1. what was your first encounter with fanfiction?
i remember it was sometime in 2012, i used to do one directoin quizzes on quotev and i saw a fanfiction called “Trapped” which was about Harry and I remember liking it (at the time). That was the first one i ever read. 
2. your favourite creation of your own of all time if you create stuff (feel free to link it)
It’s definitely Do You Love Me? which is a 2 part fic with Calum!
3. what vibe are you going for with your home decor (or what vibe do you wanna go for one day, if you don’t have your own place atm)?
i never thought of it, but probably something simple or minimalistic but with a nice of pastel colours where I can. 
4. first fandom you ever joined? what was it like? on what platform did it happen?
I was a belieber but the only person I ever talked about him to was my best friend, so the first fandom was definitely 1D and i started interacting with other fans on Tumblr and Facebook LMAO
5. what are your sun, moon and rising signs, and do you think they make sense in relation to how you know yourself?
Libra, Libra and Pisces. I think they make a lot of sense, in a few aspects of mu life like how i view relationships - being the absolute CHEESE MELT i am, and my tendency to want to enjoy lavish things (with my money ofc thats why I don’t do it) and other things im too lazy to get into
6. if you write and/or read fiction (original or fanfiction), do the tropes/plots/character types you typically seek out to read and/or write about reflect something about you as a being or how you see the world?
Reading, not so much. But when I write, not for all, for most, I tend to implement a character trait or reaction that they have that is a bit of me, that way, i can really form a character that seems human and know how to describe things in a way that would relate to the character (aka how i would) in certain situations. I can get REALLY into it sometimes fully immersing my emotions into certain plot instances and can sometimes tear up at it lmao  
7. what is the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome so far in life?
Not to be like OH MY LIFE IS SO HARD bla bla dumb shit but i don’t really think I can pinpoint an instance in my life where I look back and think “damn that was the hardest thing i ever had to go through”  and I’m pretty sure what would be the hardest thing, is something I’m still dealing with so maybe down the line in the future, i’ll come back an update this :) 
8. what is your all time favourite song(s)?
It changes constantly, but i would say See Through by The Band Camino, Therapy by All Time Low, dying together by GOLDN and Flashlight by The Front Bottoms are definitely up there constantly. Can’t choose between the 4. 
9. what do you look for in a person you wanna keep in your life, be it a friend or a romantic partner or anything in between?
Sorry for the most generic, boring ass answers but someone who is intelligent and understanding. It’s literally just those two. I don’t really have something to “look for” other than that, because if I vibe with someone, I vibe with them. I don’t even notice when they are being understanding or have intelligent insight cuz it would more often that not, just happen. 
To go into the real romantic shit, someone that would take long drives with me in the middle of the night, listening to our favourite songs - that we have to at least share cuz music taste MUST match - and kiss me at the red lights. Someone that wouldn’t mind dancing in the rain if I wanted to or be totally down to stay indoors and cuddle until the sun comes out again. Someone that brings me a cup of tea when I’m doing my work and give me a kiss on the head. Someone that knows how I like my coffee or how I feel about flowers and what my favourite ones are because they want to. 
Right, that didn’t happen. 
10. this is a bit of a difficult one, but have you ever had a moment of clarity, a conversation with someone that made you go “oh!”, or anything along those lines?
Yeah usually, when we’re talking about things either person isn’t as well versed with. You learn something new everyday, truly. 
Gonna tag : noone, cuz my moots arent active anymore and I literally dont know who to, thanks for the tag tho lovelyy!!
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dailytomlinson · 5 years
(I hope you answer this since I'm a bit confused) so apparently the producer of exo love shot said (in his ig live days ago) that the song was written years ago (3 or 5 years I forgot sorry) so I'm confused bcs, how can they sample bty when, it wasn't written yet back then? And other thing, some said they sample bty but some said there's no such thing as sample it's just plagiarism.. Dyk any further info about things like this? I'm a bit uneducated in this part
And bcs of this (love shot was written years ago but just released last December) i can’t believe I read their fans said exo producer sold the music to Louis since bty was released first (and that’s why the melodies are similar)…?!?!?!? Why suddenly it’s about Louis bought from them when the issue was, they “sample” him?
Hi love, Im no expert as well, but lets try to understand a litte bit more together? The song could’ve been written ages ago, doesn’t change the fact that when recording, the melodies are similar. It doesnt have to be word by word, same exact note through the song. If you do a line, a paragraph, and etc, call it however it fits (sample/plagiarism).EDIT: apparently, "sample" is not illegal IF you credit the artist you're sampling (?) right away. (Sampled songs on a quick video)
On “sold the music to Louis”, thats completely not true.
Please note the writers on the following websites dedicated to registration and copyrights:
ASCAP (from wikipedia: The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers is an American not-for-profitperformance-rights organization (PRO) that protects its members’ musical copyrights)
Tumblr media
GEMA (rough translation from their website: In GEMA, composers and lyricists have come together as originators of musical works as well as music publishers. As a collecting society, GEMA represents its members’ claims for remuneration worldwide if their copyrighted music works are used.) 
Tumblr media
Ascap is where majority (if not all) of 1D songs were registered, for example.
Earlier today, their song was registered/updated (dont know which because I can assure you I do not keep up with other singers/groups registrations) as:
Tumblr media
However, same website (GEMA), if you search “Back to You”, it also shows the song:
Tumblr media
(Title of version: Love shot)
How one registers and whats the process behind it being registered and properly checked and etc, we would have to look in deeper, but these two websites have been used by Louis and other artists, example (from different artists, just to check if the website matches with other sources, such as wikipedia, for copyrights):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This last one is FRIENDS, I searched that because even tho the song is pretty well known, its a bside)
As far Im concerned and my lack of knowledge goes, both websites are very renowned and go-to for songwriting registration so for them to add Louis and the other BTY writers… Its not like wikipedia, where fans can just go and change it.
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cassandraatthegates · 5 years
You've mentioned Niall as the enigma. Do you have any idea/theories why? I mean, he seems like he is the most free one out of the bunch wdyt?
Anon Im sorry this has taken so long to answer. I suppose Niall’s always been the most free hasn’t he? The only one whose private life was never used for band PR, who never had to stunt, who didnt have an image imposed other than ‘happy Irishman’ which he seems to be. I’ve always thought Niall’s situation acts like th control in an experiment. By not stunting he is the exception that proves the rule. Or something. Hes the person who *proves* to fans who tend to believe what theyre told, that the other guys weren’t forced to stunt and Dan W was telling the truth and they’re now all free. Niall is absolute proof. Thats why I think his ‘freedom’ is so useful.
In actual fact all 5 guys are still tied in one way or another to 1DHQ - and in Niall’s case its being chained to Modest and SJPR (nominally). Modest of course instead of advocating for him when he had a badly injured knee as they should have done as managers, appeared to simply enforce the labels commands. But hey no! - that cant be true!  Because Niall is *free* and he chose to stay with them and start a golf management company even! So he cant hold any grudges which must mean Modest aren’t to blame for anything!  QED.  
Just as Liam loves Simon and the XF because - Chiam! Harry loves Sony and Columbia who were 1Ds US label through the worst of their abusive PR as does Zayn and look at Louis - he must adore Sony, Syco, the XF, JGG and Cowell. All of which proves no abuse went on there. Noone’s being forced into anything. Theyre all *free* and look! theyre choosing to stay with the people 1D fans used to claim abused them.  So the 1D guys chose everything that happened to them. Everything is as Dan told us.
Ive said before – in my view, the holy grail in controlling and milking a fandom is the belief in choice. As long a fans believe everything is the free choice of the person they love they’ll support it, however much they may have to ignore things they dont actually like or believe in - or if the purpose is to tank someones career - ‘choice’ is equally useful.   When the band was active, 1D fandom never believed the guys were choosing that was happening to them and as a result fan militancy made 1DHQs life difficult and embarrassing. They have actively worked and planned to tame us and it worked. Niall’s situation is vital to that imo as is hazoff. But its also encouraging that they put in all this effort. It must mean that militant fans worry them. Which is what Louies still are thankfully.
OTH Niall also provides a lesson you’d think Sony might look to - solo Niall isn’t sold by tacky tabloid headlines and his private life. He’s allowed to use his twitter account to be his charming unpretentious self, he concentrates on his music and having fun. And look at how his career has exceeded expectations and proved that music and a personality and no tabloid scandal can be more than enough. 
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bangtanhug · 5 years
Honestly...there are three things which i don’t get about western media x bangtan.
1) Why do they keep saying how crazy our fandom is? Like, I get it  - it’s almost Beatlest like but .... Idols or artists in Asia  are treated like god, the “craziness”, which they really like to emphasize in our case, is very common there. It’s like when westerns freak out about stuff like: oh my god, putting cheese in ramen is the new trend - when in reality on the other side of the world its a pretty common thing since XY years lol. We’re aware of how huge Bangtan is now, yeah, it’s very unbelievable to think how many records they and our fandome broke but....if you know DBSK, or SUJU or the old artists like H.O.T etc, you know that our fandom behavior is the same. The only thing which is new here is how Bangtan occured in the U.S market since Psy and staed there with increasing popularity - but I wouldn’t call our fandom crazy for that lmao...this just shows, how unfamiliar western media are with the sensation which comes with highly respected artist. I can understand that: “ wow, this is super unreal and woow, how can they be this powerful ?” etc etc - but still, the crazy “attribute” usually has this negative aspect  -> like we are uncontrolled animals, who don’t have job and disrespects our artist’s pprivate life ...... btw, bless Namjoon for always protecting us....im so happy how well he manages these questions. ....anyway, still, I think it’s very unpleasant how ARMYs are described as an insane fandom. I know that there are good media too, however the bad ones are heated up by those who are not familiar with Bangtan. 
2) I will just say it - I’m so tired of these useless 1Direction comparison. Listen...I was not part of the 1D fever, but there are/were many other boy groups who were/are as impactful as Bangtan or 1D lmao. Seriously, it’s always 1D like this, 1D like that etc etc etc....before 1D there was Nsync fever or Backstreet boys fever or other ones....I’m just personally so tired of these Bangtan x 1d comparisons because they have nothing to do with each other - not to mention they are whole different story!!! Just because both of them were able to gather a big fandom for different! reasons that doesn’t mean that they have to appear in every sentence hand in hand lol
3) Some other western artists/media emphasized how Bangtan is popular because of their good look ( besides talking about our ‘crazy fandom’ since they have nothing else to write...like there isn’t a real biography there with many important stuff...right...) ...whenever I read this I get angry for 2 reasons:  I.)Bangtan is so much more than their looks. Okay, I agree - they are handsome men yeah, but would  I be here for 5 years just because of their look?  - seriously, don’t make me laugh ...They are talented, their songs are relatable and speak to us, they are genuinely nice people who make us laugh and not lastly, they treat their fans like friends. They give us a lot and not just only serve the look like dolls who have no idea about how the music industry works -.-.... II.)This is such a sexist opinion that I’m honestly just boiling from the usual stereotype: girls only like boy groups because of their look...girls are so emotional that they fell for pretty faces, they just care about abs and not real stuff blah blah blah...Just because I’m a girl, thank you for judging me before I even open my mouth or explain myself. it’s like when in a radio show a man said to ariana grande how girls would save their make up when a catastrophe would occure...yeah, because we are girls who have this kind of lame priorities in our life, yeah totally...listen, this is just soooo...ugh, we live in the 21st century and we still have to fight for woman rights, LGBT rights, world peace, environmental protection, mental health acknowledgement etc etc etc....I’m so sorry but I can’t help just roll my eyes while I’m fuming inside.... when will we finally move on, learn from teh past, respect humans for them being human while we look at the bigger picture instead of our selfish desires? and i don’t know, maybe be more open minded? I feel like these people who says stuff like that just can’t get over the box which was made up in their mind, they use the tools from the box over and over again because they are too lazy or too uninterested to replace that box with a new one....
Anywaaaaaaay, back to the point: I know that Bangtan is a “new” sensation to western media but honestly, not really?!?!?!? it’s the second year in row, they should get more information about them and maybe use their words a little bit differently than creating an unrealistic image of us. 
But what do you guys think? 
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clumsyclifford · 3 years
thank you love 💕 i saw that you were still awake at like 6 am on sunday so i'm guessing the sleeping thing crashed a little again?
honestly that's amazing i need so many playlists rn 🙈 gonna listen to the one direction bangers one today very excited
i'm so happy for you!! i kept checking the election results and i was so nervous and now i'm really just so stoked for you!!
thank you so much darling it's very appreciated. love you very much 💖 sleeping is not going great bc i have bad anxiety about work so i just can't sleep through 🤷‍♀️ but i haven't cried in 2 days!! and work was okay-ish today so small victories.
oh and about blink: just about the best part of my day atm i really love their music so much so thank you again for the recs and i swear feeling this will grow on me the vibes just aren't right rn 🙈 oh and i will actually ask heath about more recs/information thank you (oh well probably not immediatly but sometime this week)
oh and rabbit hole? slaps. so good. and you are correct the first line is so good. (also you mentioned the first line of how to live. i agree that's so fucking amazing too) that also reminds me i wanted to listen to the songs where one lyric takes me out playlist.. will do so tomorrow i think
oh and lastly a couple of days ago you asked about fav fics of yours and i really tried to narrow it down but i failed so here top 11 (not all by name bc i'm lazy)
emo lashton
neon weekend
i hope i never lose the bruises that you left behind
the fic for helen's birthday
iydk lashton
spidey au
acapella au
hello hello
human luke
airport malum
special mashton
love you, fiancee 💕
actually i was awake at 6am but then i still slept for almost seven hours, i think??? weekends are so sexy like that. however i only got six hours last night so yes the sleep thing has crashed a little BUT you know what. progress is not linear
omg i hope the 1d bangers didn’t disappoint i saw you listening......... Stress ! i’m sorry that work is creating so much stress and anxiety :(( i hope your not-crying streak is still going strong i am sending lots of love and virtual hugs and such
omfg that’s so sexy god i love blink im gonna put some blink on to go get lunch fiancee you’ve inspired me <3 also flkdgmlkfj dont worry about feeling this you are 100% entitled to your own opinions !!!! 
YEAH RABBIT HOLE FUUUUUCKS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goddddd are you actually gonna listen to that playlist that’s REAL love fiancee i wonder if you can figure out which lines take me out. probably not since my brain is super weird and also there’s a good chance you won’t know many of the songs but in case you do think you’ve solved one by all means come tell me (also i think i’m gonna have to make that separate playlist for knockout first lines honestly cos there’s also about you by fletcher and the greatest by tonight alive i feel like five is enough for a playlist right? i’m gonna go make that god i really hate being me)
omg fiancee..................please i fucking love you. HUMAN LUKE HGLKHFLGMKJLKBXMJ and special mashton really !!! wow i am not in touch with The Fans tm (that’s a joke and i am joking) but i am so deeply flattered by this fiancee i adore you you are truly a treasure and i love you <3
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veebrato-bitch · 3 years
Walls Analysis - Fearless and Perfect Now
This is what L said about the song for apple music:
“What I wanted to try and capture with the song is the idea of feeling youthful and how important that is. I’m at this age where I’m on the cusp—I’m definitely not a teenager, I’m not a young lad anymore, nor am I old, but I sit in this space where I’m aware of my age now. I hear it as a playground or going back to real youth”
Ok so I feel like this song is about Louis himself, his work and his personal life; his struggles with his career. I feel likes he’s talking to himself maybe, when he says “you”.
“Cashin' your weekend treasures (Treasures, treasures) For a suit and tie, a second wife
Now I'm not saying that you could've done better (Better, better) Just remember that I, I've seen that fire alight”
I’m not sure what weekend treasures means. He could be talking about money. But I feel like he could be talking about his free time, he gives up his free time for a “suit and tie”, meaning his job. And the second wife could be the beard.
Then it kind of feels like he’s comforting himself, that even if he had to do all these things he did what he could, and that he also knows what he’s capable of. He’s talking in past tense so it feels like the moments where he had to do these things are behind him now.
“Tell me, do you, tell me, do you still remember feelin' young? Tell me the truth, tell me, do you still remember feelin' young And strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people? Just for tonight, look inside and spark that memory of you Strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people”
Maybe there are a few parallels in these lyrics with other songs and with the Walls music video. He talks about being young, I feel like he resisted more what was coming when he was younger until he kind of gave in to the pressure. He wasn’t scared of getting it wrong, and he wants to be like that again. He’s freeing himself, he’s trying to jump back and be “fearless”.
Then he speaks about lies again, he references fame and the public eye saying:
“Now if happiness is always measured By the life you design, that car on the drive Then you should feel better than ever But you know as well as I, it's all lies”
This is another thing Louis references often, be it on his videos or lyrics or even him speaking in interviews: his discomfort with fame and the way everything feels like its manufactured; nothings what it seems. And he seems very frustrated with this; he references it enough to make me think it’s something he really struggles with. But he wants to set himself free, he has been fighting it and I think these lyrics prove that.
And then the song ends with him talking about being young which is something he really does often on his songs.
Perfect Now
From the beginning I felt this song had a really big “sibling vibe” (I keep saying the word vibe but I guess that’s the person I am IM SORRY). I don’t know why, I think it’s the lyrics and the way that the melody feels a little bit like a lullaby maybe. Idk. I’ve never analyzed it and I don’t listen to it too much cause it’s not one of my faves but here we go:
I do feel like it has that “lullaby” sound as I said, it’s more feminine maybe. He sounds like hes encouraging someone and I just can’t shake off the feeling that it’s for his sisters. However some lyrics do have more of a romantic vibe. He sounds like he’s talking to a girl that’s feeling down and insecure.
He says “On Friday night when we're all out”, talking in plural since “we are all out” makes it look like they are in a group, idk why this called my attention lol.
“Cause everybody's lookin' at you now, my, oh my I guess some queens don't need a crown And I know why Even when your tears are fallin' down Still, somehow, you're perfect now”
Ok so with the chorus it feels like he’s saying this person feels bad and sad, but now everyone’s looking at them and this person is so beautiful that everyone’s mesmerized even when they’re crying lol. And with saying “some queens don’t need a crown” I feel like he’s trying to say this person looks beautiful without the need of all the glam or without trying too hard.
“You never do, but if you asked me to I'll tell the truth lyin' next to you 'Cause you're the only one when it's said and done You make me feel like being someone good to you Even at your worst, you steal the scene and it's unrehearsed Don't you wanna dance? Just a little dance I'll never stop given half the chance”
This verse has more of a romantic feeling. Louis is basically telling this person he loves that they’re perfect as they are, his showing they way he loves them and appreciates them despite of what they think their flaws are. He sounds amazed as well.  
I don’t know what to say about this song honestly, its very beautiful but quite basic with its lyrics. I think it’s a pretty song
- Ok so just saw he said this and it makes a lot of sense cause this song wasn´t making sense to me on a personal level. I do feel like he may have written it with someone in mind but it feels like more of a disconnected song, like KMM but more:
“I worked on this with Jamie Scott, who was part of the One Direction writing team. Lyrically, it’s kind of an extension of “What Makes You Beautiful,” One Direction’s first single. It was written quite deliberately as an attempt to write a fan favorite song. There is a long history of people coming out of bands and then talking shit about that band. I absolutely fucking love One Direction. I love the music. I love the music that we made, the fans, the culture, and everything behind it. There are songs like ‘Kill My Mind’ and ‘Walls’ where I’m trying something different, but of course, there’s always room for those [1D-like] songs on the album.”
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kaylassurfbort · 6 years
11 questions
I was tagged by @code-blue-styles what a lovely surprise thanks babe!
1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger.
3. Write 11 questions of your own.
4. And tag 11 people.
1. Do you like old music? (70s/80s/90s)
Not particularly especially 70s and 80s I don't listen to but I listen to a couple of 90s music like TLC 
2. What made you a 1D fan?
My best friend is a fan and has always been a 
fan but I was always like one direction NO WAY but one day she was playing their music and I was like this is actually not that bad and I went home and listened to the albums and realized what I had been missing out on then I saw their faces and fell even more in love
3. Favourite tour moment? (from any of the four tours)
I've never been to any of the tours so this made me cry a bit inside. But as far as what I've seen videos of I love Harry's "this is a family show or is it?"
4. Favourite breed of wild animal?
Elephants (I hope they are considered wild animals) 
5. What’s your favourite novel?
Modelland by Tyra Banks
6. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
7. What’s one TV show you’d love others to watch?
Famous in love or Vampire Diaries or Grace and Frankie
8. Any life goals?
Successfully graduate college and become something that leaves me financially stable 
9. Do you believe in true love?
I do 
10. Favourite song off of each of 1D’s albums?
Up All Night: Same Mistakes
Take Me Home: I Would
Midnight Memories: Happily
FOUR: Fool's Gold
MITAM: I Want to Write You a Song and Walking in the Wind (I'm sorry I couldn't pick 1)

11. Are you proud of yourself from what’s happened this past year?
Im partially proud of myself because I went through a lot of new changes like a change in my family dynamic and starting my first semester of college and successfully completed it. However I know I could've done a better job so I'm slightly disappointed in myself.
My questions
1. Who are your celebrity husband(s) and wife (wives)?
2. Do you go to the nail salon or do your nails at home?
3. Who is your favorite member of 1D and why?
4. Favorite 1D album?
5. What is your favorite season?
6. How do you study/ what do you do to focus?
7. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
8. Dresses and skirts or jeans and a t shirt?
9. What book series or TV series do you think everyone should watch or read?
10. What's your favorite website?
11. What is your New Years revolution?
I tag @tokyoharry @niallblack @ashleeynobanks @superliam and anyone else that wants to do it cause I don't have 11 people to tag :/
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harryfeatgaga · 6 years
I'm dying laughing at the CEO of the Recording Academy trying to cover his ass cause he knew he made a mistake all while questioning if Harry's reached a "level of excellence to merit a nomination." But gave the Chainsmokers and Meghan fucking Trainor a Grammy. Where was the excellence from them? The Chainsmokers song was played at Frat parties and dirty basement, is that's excellence then I don't want Harry to reach that point.
i literally cannot believe
Anonymous said: My dad just texted me from work to see if I was okay because he got a call from the neighbours saying there’s been the same song on loop on full blast (that song is the Grammy robbed Sign of the Times by the Grammy deserving Harry Edward Styles)
Anonymous said: I bet that one anon you got a few days ago is cackling and trying to talk shit about how they knew Harry isn't talented enough to get a Grammy or something stupid like that
they can ch*ke
Anonymous said: Niall did great things with his album and it got great hype by both the public and music producers so if his album made the deadline I would easily say his album deserved a nomination. But the other boys haven’t even released albums yet and their singles were just good for radio play.
i haven't listened to his album still lol but noah fence from what i saw it did not get nearly as great reviews and hype as harrys lol and idk why the others even bothered fhbgfjkvl
Anonymous said: Boycott the Grammys 2k18!
Anonymous said: I’m just going to air out my grievances if that’s ok- first of all,Harry’s management or record company stuffed up bad cos y’all know damn well the members don’t vote artists with a progressive sound into the rock category so you fucked up there. second - Bruno mars is clearly this ceremony’s Taylor swift cos idk how tf his flimsy song about material things got nominated over a relevant refreshing ballad like SOTT . Harry deserved better , but also, harry needs to fire some incompetent people ✌️
well harry made music he wanted lol not stuff thats gonna get played on the radio which i enjoy lol but yea bruno is the tswift this year....or j*y z
Anonymous said: The thing that sucks is he most likely was planning on going to the Grammys cause he's performing for Fleetwood Mac the day before, but now he's going to be in New York and not going.....
Anonymous said: I was really disappointed but more for him than me like my first thought was “I hope he’s alright and not too sad about it” And I really hope he understands that it doesn’t make him any less good because an award is just an award and it never defines who you are as an artist and as a person.
i know I'm so sad for him i hope he's okay :(
Anonymous said: Harry is the best artist in the world right now he doesn’t need awards!!
tru! but it would've been nice to even get a nom/recognition
Anonymous said: You can tell the Grammy' will just nominated any old shite. I mean Ed Sheeran has the biggest album of the year yet he isn't nominated. And i didn't even know JayZ had an album out and he's nominated. Like no offense but American music industry is just shit.
ed is nominated and some other categories which I'm sure he will win and literally same i had no idea jay z had music out lmao
Anonymous said: Scrap what i said, Zayn didn't get nominated. It was for songwriting and he didn't write that song.
Anonymous said: He got all that hype, he did that private show for them, they went his his first show in LA. They for sure used him for hype and media attention. Robbing bastards.
Anonymous said: I just hope he knows Grammys ain’t shit
Anonymous said: I know it’s not the end of the world, but I hope he’s not super disappointed and sad, because everyone hyped him up so much smh. Also, I bet this will change how he does promo and radio shit for his next album, they should get him a radio deal just for the fact that clearly that’s all these loser Grammy voters care about.
well if thats what he has to do to get a grammy i don't think that would be worth it and i don't think he would think that either
Anonymous said: Jay Z can fucking choke like his album? The shit he did to beyonce? I’m not fucking rewarding a man for being like that anymore, he can take his ancient ass somewhere else.
Anonymous said: Good, now I don’t have to watch the Grammys this year, I’m glad tbh since I’m not really a fan of any of the other nominees and I’m sick to death of hearing the same five songs all fucking year lol, that issues song? Fucking hate it, have since day one, can’t believe it got nominated for shit lol. However Jeff needs to get Harry a radio deal since clearly that’s all that matters to voters, considering Harry did all the courting of the voters he could and still got fucked.
i literally haven't even heard most of whats nominated its such a joke
Anonymous said: Most nominees in the important categories are poc so I’m not completely mad and besides Despacito or however you write it (which is a horrible song) they nominated well deserved ones. I still think SOTT should’ve got at least one nomination but I think that maybe because harry is fresh out of the oven they’re not gonna straight up give him a nomination even if he deserves it.
yea i mean its awesome theres actually diversity this year but SOTT literally deserved a ROTY nom
Anonymous said: Nah Harry will get Brit nominations because he’s respected in his own country, the Brits also nominated 1D they don’t hold being in a boy band against him which clearly the Grammy voters do, which is a real shame tbh. But the Grammys are continuing to dig their own grave and become more and more unimportant every year.
i cant wait till the grammys just make such a food of themselves no one goes
Anonymous said: Pls the whole Grammys is a conspiracy theory lol I told you
a mess
Anonymous said: The Grammys lost all credibility after giving Adele Album of the Year last year and not Beyonce. They stick to the basics and just anyone who doesn't "break the rules of music" Harry's first solo song was a 6 minute long rock ballad, which doesn't go with what was expected to be put out. They don't care for originality or you know talent, that's why Ed Sheeran's wack ass has won 🤷🏼‍♀️
Anonymous said: He'll probably get nominated for Song of the year and Video of the year at the Brits. Pretty sure both are fan voted. Maybe best male as well. Also maybe best album but then again probably not because it depends. Also maybe global success. I can't think who else would get that right now. Maybe Ed Sheeran again.
i hope so
Anonymous said: Grammys? I don’t know her. Anyway I hope Harry knows how proud everyone is of him and I hope he’s proud of himself I love my baby 🤧💕
Anonymous said: i feel so much for harry i mean he did everything he could he put out a phenomenal single and a stellar album and worked with amazing producers and writers and did the grammy performance thing and all that stuff with cbs and like i know im biased but he deserves SOME recognition for all of that like he really did put out amazing music this year that was so much more worthy than despacito like come on he was robbed i just hope he feels okay and valid bc he IS :(
i know :( like i hope he knows he still has done such incredible things this year and his album is so good and he doesn't need a stupid grammy anyway
Anonymous said: Taylor is nominated for two (one for the country song she wrote). Like no offense the the American music industry but you need to get your head out of Taylor arse and stop being snobs. SOTT deserved a nomination.
when will they stop kissing her ass
Anonymous said: Harry broke records held by legends, had a BBC special, performed at the record academy, and sold out an arena tour in minutes. So Julia Michaels and Ed Sheehan can take their boring ass music along with their nominations and shove it up their asses.
Anonymous said: I’m sorry but I have to point out the irony. The lyrics of the song are literally stop your crying it’s a sign of the times. and I know there’s a deeper meaning, but this year fucking sucks
i know :(
Anonymous said: All that hype for nothing. Boy was robbed. Sign of the times deserves a Grammy.
Anonymous said: Everyone knows no one, NO ONE deserved a nomination more then Harry. White old men disappointing me again. Like every fucking person said Harry deserved one. ISSUES AS SONG OF THE YEAR? YALL I NEED THEIR CRACK DEALER CAUSE CLEARLY ITS SOME GOOD SHIT TO GET YOU TO THINK FUCKING ISSUES IS SONG OF THE YEAR. Nah fuck them.
FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said: I’m so?? Noah fence but the songs that got nominated? What the fuck???? Harry deserved to be up there whether it was roty or aoty idc he just deserves to be nominated.
Anonymous said: LISTEN in 10 years time people will look back and say why the fuck wasn’t SOTT a Grammy winner... he is timeless and he’ll win in the end!! The Grammys are fucked
Anonymous said: The Grammys just proved again how much they don’t matter lol, Harry’s song and album was on every single list as one of the best of the entire year, and the you know who wasn’t? Most of those other songs lmao so whatever man I know the Grammys matters to harry, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore they continue to be irrelevant and continue to nominate mediocrity.
its such a joke lmao
Anonymous said: Yeah honestly the Grammys really do only care about awarding the same people over and over again, and it’s like, no offense but who cares lol. I’m sure Jay Zs album is good but he’s nearly 50 and been nominated a ton like idc anymore lol. And I like Bruno mars but seriously? The songs he was nominated for really aren’t that great lmao.
seriously tho like j*y z has enough awards
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wheretogofrmhere · 6 years
niall said himself that he keeps relationships completely private so it's not silly to expect every person knows every person he's dated. unless you're a stan stan stan you might not know... also he is able to keep a lot private you have no clue what he's able to hid from us because he's hidden it.... you don't know and have no place saying it with certainty
if you truly truly honestly 100% in your heart want to believe that niall has had “secret gfs” through his years in in 1d, then......lol i dont know what to tell you.
if you think niall is for 1) the type of person to completely HIDE being with someone that he cares for to the point that we legit would have NEVER seen or heard of this person at all for months or however long you consider a serious relationship to be and for 2) that hes had TIME to actually do that considering every gf he HAS actually had has been in the off seasons of him touring.....then yeah.....okay lol
this is honestly such a silly topic. bc it feels to me that the only reason a fan would make this accusation is bc they dont want to admit to the girls hes dated and think that he could possibly have felt something for them or that they meant something to him or was serious. like.. “i dont want him to have dated this person and have written songs about them, so he must’ve had a SECRET GIRLFRIEND that he loved and cared about and broke his heart that none of us ever saw or knew about. MAKES TOTAL SENSE!!”
and im not talking about ons or hooking up, im talking about an ACTUAL relationship. yes, he is a very private guy, but the amount of effort and time and pinpoint strategy that would go into HIDING a girl for months or however long to the point that literally NO one has ever seen or heard about her nor has there been any indication of, is honestly ludicrous. 
and given that, since we HAVE seen the girls hes dated throughout the years, niall having no issue going out and being seen with them on occasion, why would you think this ONE girl or two or whoever, would be the one he would choose to hide?? lol like...what would make the difference and how would that make her feel? and you really think he would do that to someone? and again, WHEN WOULD HE EVER HAVE HAD THE TIME??? they legit toured for 10 months out of the year every year for five years and when he wasnt, he was seen with someone (that we ACTUALLY knew and saw lol)....almost every time so like....
like, im sorry but y’all gotta give up this notion that there are secret gf’s just lined up somewhere, its so silly and a juvenile way to think.  
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cassandraatthegates · 6 years
I don't know if louis is choosing to be closeted now or if it is still coerced. I have no doubt he wants out of babygate however. I wonder if he and harry have decided to stay closeted for career purposes and so having el back allows him more freedom to write about deep love & relationships for his album. Maybe he'll be honest in lyrics /we'll see/ but establishing el as his partner was a precondition. I hope babygate ends soon but think the El push has another purpose that may help him in a way
Hey anon, thats quite a complex ask :)
I actually have close to zero doubt that Louis is being coerced. I don’t think its actually very hard to reason that out. Unless you believe he really is Fred’s father (in which case...good luck in life) or you think he is the evil mastermind behind one of the most shambolic and unbelievable PR closets any of us has seen - we may as well accept that theres a very fair bet whoever shoved him into it, is still in charge 2 years on.  In fact these people aren’t even hiding- they’re still out there pushing it relentlessly through his supposed solo promo.  The same people who acted as his jailers and abusers in 1D and afterwards, are still  ‘his team’ now he has *all* this freedom. And you know what?  Even leaving aside the fact that these people bullied and media trained his personality out of existence, that they were relentless enough to bring both his stunts to his mothers deathbed, then openly worked to slander him as unstable and violent in the aftermath - even leaving all that repugnant history aside, do you believe Louis Tomlinson, launching a solo career would *choose* a team like that-- if he weren't still cornered and under coercion?
 I can’t understand how often that obvious fact is skipped over as fans agonize over (and are constantly astroturfed over- anyone noticed that over the past couple of days?) how much ‘Louis might be to blame’.  You’d have to believe that he pays, with his own money, a team which is unbelievably unprofessional and incompetent at best (though mysteriously able to do their jobs for other people) and actively works against his success at worst. We, as fans, have never caught a real whiff of the band’s contracts, but we’re being told by people who actually don’t know, that the guys have to be free. Well- I am pretty much 99.9% sure Louis isn't. My 0.1% of doubt about that would have to be that he’s actually managed to fool us over the years into believing that he's very bright, when in reality he’s very, very stupid. But I think I’ll go with the 99.9%.
Im not debating about ‘wanting a closet’ for their careers. A closet isn't a shameful thing for the person who has to choose it- its survival in a lot of situations and a lot of professions. For example if Harry wants to become a Hollywood leading man, I sincerely doubt  any agent or manager is going to advise him to come out.  If L and H have been persuaded that a closet is necessary then that is entirely their prerogative.
Its how the closet is run thats in question. Its how damaging Louis’ closet is in every way. Does anyone seriously believe Louis wouldn’t have a closet like Harrys if he had any choice at all? A closet that doesn’t invade his family? Invade his life and his home and his professional image? A closet that’s front and centre of everything he does, just in case anyone forgets he's in there?
Louis closet is a fiasco of closely-watched stunts which his team prioritise over his work and which are used to entwine with, subtly diminish and tarnish his image.  Stunts which bring him obvious stress, and in BGs case, constant potential disaster. His closet involves handing himself over to Dan Wooten to put any words Dan chooses into his mouth, with no ability to demur. Dan can turn him into anyone he feels like. Does anyone seriously believes Louis *chooses* that over something effortless and convincing? And the ‘explanation’ that the difference between reputation-ruining cruelty and the odd Victorias Secret model is because Louis ‘reads as gay’ and Harry doesn’t? Sorry. No.
 Bringing Eleanor back as a cover for his album, because he would need that if he wrote any love songs? Well,its ironic but I tend to think the fandom insistence that Louis and  Harry must have lived each song they wrote, may be a legacy of the history of Larry ‘protest songs’. The songs that obviously did reflect their struggle. But its also good box office (as Taylor Swift knows) and I think its an idea the people who run the show use, not just for press but to manipulate the fandom, as they try to use tattoos.
But the suggestion that Louis team would care enough to bring back Eleanor so Louis could write what he wants, isn't believable to me for all kinds of reasons.  Rationally, if he is only allowed to write songs about someone the fans can identify as Not Harry, he could have kept Danielle. Or he could say they weren't personal songs, like they u-turned on BTY once they realised that fans didnt think it was romantic. He could say anything. His team know Larries won’t believe love songs are about Eleanor for a second, just as they know antis (and everyone else) will believe absolutely anything they’re told up to an including that the album is about Angela Merkel.  So, no I don’t think they brought her back to ‘allow’ him to write the songs he wants. And I don’t believe he would have chosen Eleanor’s return if he had any say.
Remember how thrilled he was to get free of Eleanor even for a while?  He was trapped with her, in the exact same insulting, diminishing, erasing closet as they’re now rebuilding around him, for *years*. And here we are back again: he's too chaotic and immature to function without her; he’s an unremarkable guy who’s best staying at home out of the limelight with her instead of going out and being visible or networking  in the industry, because he’s not a star in any way -- he's Eleanor Calder boyfriend. *Why* would he want or agree to that if he had a say? 
 Eleanor isn't just an ordinary beard. She's in with the Sony /1DHQ bricks. She’s one of them. She represents something, and they know it. 
Far from bringing El back to cover the album. I’d suggest its the other way round. Promo for this single and the album, is being used as excuse to push Louis stunts, even if it sabotages the single and album and loses him active fans. I think his team have made it clear what their priorities are.  
Very clearly Louis has no option but to push the stunt messages and fight an pray his fans see whats happening as he tries to get his music out there over the stunt noise, then again, whats his option? Harry is also trying to have a career and making compromises.
Since you touch on it anon, one of the biggest questions I have is where Eleanor fits into BG, because I actually had a tiny paranoid suspicion from the time BG began, that they were planning to bring her back. The press narrative at the time of ‘clubbing’ and the baby announcement, had too many mentions linking him to her as his one true love he couldnt get over;  Love You Goodbye during MITAM promo, which was not a single but was pushed that hard, and heavily linked to Eleanor. Louis family, Jay especially, still liking her pics through the ‘estrangement’. But I cant come up with a single theory of why they would free him of E to go through the very obvious plan to land him with a baby, if the endgame was going back to Elounor jail, only even more burdened? Or why he and Harry looked so hopeful or excited through OTRA and MITAM, if they had a clue what was coming? I cant even come up with a faint theory, so Im probably wrong about the contract being in place all along. I would say maybe she's part of the end to BG, but lets face it, they dont need a costar/saviour to do that. They just need the will to let him go. You never know though. Nothing around Louis is ever allowed to be simple.
I worry though that ending BG or Elounor while Larries are still strong  and confident => rebound impact on Harry.  Which isn't really a hopeful equation. I very much hope Im wrong though and someone somewhere has a heart. 
Sorry anon... I really need to stop writing essays.
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