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actually lifechangingly good books will be on goodreads with a 3.6 star rating at most with people fighting for their lives trying to be comedians in the reviews section while meanwhile the worst dogshit youve ever read in your life will have a 4.7
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Assad Zaman in Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 2 "Do you know what it means to be loved by death?" (2024) dir. Levan Akin
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why am i the only one serving cunt here 😭😭😭 omg i'm so embarrassed 😭😭😭
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Colin was nervous.
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baby fever - husband!charles blurb
Tumblr media
gif credits to @blueballsracing <3
If there was something you never got tired of no matter how many years passed was joining Charles for race weekends.
And ever since you became husband and wife a year ago, being by his side during races and practices felt even more exciting and special.
This weekend was no different, you were joining him for the Emilia Romagna GP and this time you were bringing the newest addition to your little family: your dog Leo.
"Do you have Leo's pass?" Charles asked as you sat on the back of the car that was driving you to the circuit.
"Yes, I have it," you said, scratching behind Leo's ears, "Do you hace your pass though? I didn't see you grabbing it before we left."
Charles eyes widened at your words, "Shit!", he exclaimed, patting his jeans pockets in search of his pass, "I think I forgot it back there."
"Of course you did," you rolled your eyes and shook your head, "You're such a teenager sometimes, always forgetting everything."
"Give me a break, woman. I've got a lot on my mind," Charles retorted playfully, leaning over to give you a quick kiss on the cheek. "Let's just hope they'll let me in without it."
"I don't think they will," you laughed, feeling the car start to slow as it approached the entrance to the paddock. "It's not like you're Charles Leclerc driver for Scuderia Ferrari or something."
Charles threw his head back in laughter, kissing you cheek again and scratching Leo's little head.
The driver pulled up to the security checkpoint, and as predicted, the guards immediately asked for Charles’s credentials. Charles gave them a sheepish smile, scratching the back of his head. "I might have left it back at home," he confessed.
"Mr. Leclerc," the guard began, trying to keep a straight face. "This is the third time this season."
"Does it help that the dog has his pass?" you chuckled, holding up both your pass and Leo's as if to compensate.
"Alright, alright," the guard burst into laughter, shaking his head. "But next time, no excuses. We’ll let you through this time. Right Mrs. Leclerc?"
You smiled widely at the guard calling you by your new middle name, "I'll make sure he doesn't forget it!"
"Thank you!" Charles said, relieved, as the car was waved through. He reached over to scratch Leo's head. "Looks like you're the star of the show today, buddy."
Leo barked happily, tail wagging as you all stepped out of the car. The familiar buzz of the paddock enveloped you, the hum of engines, the chatter of the teams, and the clicking of cameras.
As Charles go through the gates, you and Leo following close behind, a camera from Ferrari's social media team approached him and asked how was he feeling about the start of Race Weekend.
"Started the morning without my pass," he said as he kept walking, Luckily they let me through and my wife had our dog's pass," you laughed quietly from behind him, "So today I can get to work and tomorrow we drive, so it's all good. But I almost missed out on race weekend for a pass."
The camera team chuckled at Charles’s confession, "Well, it’s good to know Mrs. Leclerc and Leo are on top of things," one of the team members remarked, directing the camera toward you and Leo.
"Always ready to save the day!" you gave a playful salute to the camera.
You and Charles made it to the Ferrari area, where his team would tell him what activities he had to do before getting in the track, as you walked hand in hand, you noticed that a couple of Tifosi were hanging around, and a little boy who's eyes lit up as Charles walked by caught your attention.boy,
"Baby, look," you called for Charles, pointing at the little boy, "Why don't you go say hi."
Charles followed your gaze and noticed the little boy standing shyly among the crowd of Tifosi, clutching a miniature Ferrari car in his hands. His eyes were wide with excitement as he looked up at Charles.
Charles smiled warmly and made his way over to the boy, crouching down to be at his level. "Ciao, piccolo amico," he greeted, extending his hand. "What's your name?"
The boy told Charles his name, and as you stood back watching the interaction, you couldn't help but think how good he was his kids.
Even before you got married, you and Charles had talked about wanting a family together, but you agreed that would needed to wait until the time was right.
However, every time you saw him interact with little kids you couldn't help but feel what people called "baby fever" take over your body.
The little boy handed Charles his little Ferrari toy for him to sign, "Now it's even faster!" Charles said as he handed it back to him, "Would you like to meet my wife and our dog, Leo?"
"Yes, please!" the boy's ever grew even wider.
Charles beckoned you over, and you walked up with Leo trotting happily beside you. "Hii, this is Leo. Do you want to pet him?"you said warmly
The boy hesitated for a moment, then reached out tentatively. Leo, always friendly, wagged his tail and leaned into the boy's hand.
"He's so soft," he said, beaming up at you. "And he's got his own pass!"
"Yes, he does," you laughed, "He's a very special member of the team."
After taking a few pictures with Charles, the boy went back with his parents with a happy smile on his face.
"You're really good with kids, did you know that?" you said to Charles, feeling his arm wrap around your waist and pull you to him.
"I love being around kids," he caressed your cheek softly, "Little fans always make my day."
"You'll be such an amazing dad someday," you let out before you could even stop yourself, watching Charles' smile grow bigger at your words.
"Am I sensing some baby fever?" Charles teased, making you cover your face in embarrassment.
"It's not baby fever!" you protested and Charles gave you a raised eyebrow, "It's not!"
"Sure, sure," Charles chuckled, pulling you closer and planting a gentle kiss on your forehead. "Whatever you say, Mrs. Leclerc."
"Don't tease me, it's true," he raised an eyebrow at you again, "Okay, maybe I'm getting a bit of baby fever, but we agreed to wait until the time is right and that's fine."
"I know, I know," he pulled you to his chest, kissing the crown of your head, "But honestly, I can't wait to have our own little ones to bring to the races. You'd be an amazing mom and Leo would be a big brother."
You threw your head back in laughter, pecking his lips softly, "That sounds like the dream."
"It does," he kissed your lips again, "Now, I have to get to work to make my wife and kid proud."
"Go do that, Leo will be cheering you on."
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Tell me you did not feel pride. I did not feel pride! Yes, you did! Past your empathy for that woman, past your fear of being exposed. Vampire pride.
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Colin Bridgerton & Penelope Featherington ↳ Bridgerton Season 3 (Part 1)
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me trying to convince myself that the whole spectrum of human emotions is a good and necessary thing to feel even if its not comfortable while im actively experiencing emotions that make me feel like my bones are being dissolved in acid
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shoutout to everyone who wants to infodump but cant string together coherent thoughts to form sentences and instead just look at you like this
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Reblog to let your followers know that they’re safe from jumpscares/screamers/etc from you on April 1st but they are NOT safe from getting boop’d like an idiot amen
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shoutout to lil hal
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we're running out of time to fuck it we ball....
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Everyone: Penelope’s gonna get married thanks to your help!
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in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21
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