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badeyesightdog · 3 days
welcome home!
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yr-obedt-cicero · 2 days
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binch-i-might-be · 2 days
fucked up thought of the day:
when Hamilton is on his deathbed, after the kids have already said their tearful goodbyes and he's been slipping farther and farther, Eliza notices him mumbling something. she leans in.
she assumes she's asking to see the baby, because she had asked Angelica to look after the little one while the rest of the kids came in to see their father. he would have been confused and upset, wouldn't have understood what was happening, why Papa couldn't hold him, and Eliza hadn't been able to even take the thought of it-
Alexander lifts his trembling hand, fingers outstretched. reaching. glassy eyes are fixed to a point just beyond Eliza's shoulder.
"Philip... Philip."
a shiver drips down her spine. she glances behind herself, tears blurring her vision. she sees nothing, of course.
Eliza clasps that reaching hand between both of hers.
Alexander passes mere hours later.
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mxtallmadge · 2 days
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Say cheese!
Based off this post I made
Lafayette looks so stylish— nothing to see here
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morganss · 3 days
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I saw this and couldn't not to...
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andyjoylol · 2 days
traditional sketches yup
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studying kills
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petrawood · 5 months
No listen, casting Lin Manuel Miranda as Hermes is actually a genius move because Hermes is one of those characters that at the beginning makes you think "I dunno, I think I like this guy" but some time later it has swifted to "I don't know why I still like him but by GOD do I want to punch him in the face". And honestly, the "I like you" to "Punching On Sight" pipeline is the peak Alexander Hamilton experience
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 months
Me and my sibling were fight the founding fathers in a museum gift shop with nerd guns and Alexander Hamilton was choking me out.
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evan-loves-trees · 2 months
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sasusk3 · 1 month
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“Let me tell you what I wish I'd known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story”
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badeyesightdog · 2 days
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grooming his son
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hopeless-lesbian223 · 8 months
Let people who have never heard of/cared about Kate Bush listen to ‘Running Up That Hill’ and love it because they heard it on Stranger Things.
Let people who don’t know how to play DND try it because Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin did it on their TV screens.
Let people who used to never want to approach metal music before Eddie played a kickass concert of ‘Master of Puppets’ now be interested in other Metallica songs.
Let people who watched Black Widow now be interested in other Nirvana songs despite never being interested in that stuff before hearing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.
Let people who don’t care about American history go out and research the Founding Fathers because they watched Hamilton and really liked it.
Let the same be said for people who started listening to the Six soundtrack and found themselves really interested in the Tudors all of a sudden.
Let people buy t-shirts, put up posters, talk about, become fans of, show interest in, and generally enjoy something even though they haven’t been fans as long as you have, and they’re fans for different reasons, or they don’t know something that you think diehard fans would know, because if you think the gates to your interests/fandoms should be so closely guarded that allowing people who haven’t been listening to this music since it came out in the 80s aren’t allowed to enjoy it because you have been a fan for that long, then you are quite a jerk. Stop muttering “they don’t get it” and “kids these days” under your breath. Stop telling them that they aren’t real fans. Stop thinking that they’re trying too hard to be “cool” or that they’re jumping on the bandwagon just for the sake of it.
Just let people enjoy good things, for Pete’s sake.
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cat-cosplay · 3 months
"Pardon me, are you Aaron Purr, sir?"
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lllemonsoda · 3 months
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somebodywholikes2read · 3 months
George washington taking them to therapy
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dustzvacuumcleaner · 3 months
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My version of the quadrangle x
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