#Alive hot dogs are Jack pets
nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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cinderspots · 2 years
Hey. So I had this idea.
Reader has a dog, the only thing is the dog is actually a fucking demon in disguise who for some reason decided to protect them but reader doesn't know (or maybe they do and don't care)
How will the various Ladies react to such companion.
Lmao makes me think of legends of tomorrow and Gary with his emotion support hellhound
Hope you enjoy ❤
Included: Mother Miranda, Mia Winters, Donna Beneviento, Alcina Dimitrescu, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu
Mother Miranda
Miranda recognizes that dog is demon the moment she sees it
Immediately tries to get you to get rid of it
You dont get why, but you refuse
Jack has been your dog for years, you're not just gonna give him up
Miranda does a double take when she hears how long hes been around
What in the actual fuck is that demon doing
After a while they hesitantly truce, but only because they both only want you safe
Mia Winters
You neglect to inform her that your dog is a demon
What? How do you bring that up organically?
But Mia witnesses him do some shit that dogs are...not supposed to do
And just immediately asks you what he is
Shes seen things, she knows better
She's not pleased to find out you kept this from her, but can easily see why
Donna Beneviento
Donna has been accused of being a witch so many times that she at one point looked into witchcraft
It wasnt for her (too much blood and sacrifice for all the ones she was interested in, it was all very dramatic) but she did learn
And she knew that dog wasnt right
Eventually she brings it to your attention and you are shooketh
You have a demon dog
(Angie thinks its cool)
Alcina Dimitrescu
She had her suspicions
But well, hunters attacked the castle and you were knocked out
And this fucking demon dog appears and suddenly there are no more hunters
No alive ones
"Alright" he tilts his head at her "Let's not kill anyone who lives here unless necessary, hm?" "Ruff!"
Bela Dimitrescu
Neither of you are aware of it until Bela does some research on demons and such for fun
"Uh, little one?" "Hm?" "Did you know your dog is a demon" "...what"
You're both slightly scared of Jack for a hot minute until he kills for you
Then you just spoil him
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Cassandra makes a joke about Jack being a demon
You get this weird look in your eyes before tilting your head
"Howd you guess" "Are. You. Serious."
Shes excited
She (by extention) has a pet DEMON
Like she wasnt a demon enough
Daniela Dimitrescu
Shes feeding him treats (that shes not supposed to be) when he twitches and a burst of flames come out before he barks
The whole family is brought in on this before you're called over
"Oh, hes a demon, I could've told you that" "IVE BEEN CUDDLING A DEMON"
Danielas feeling a lot of things rn
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shirophantomvox · 2 years
Hold My Hand- Illumi x Reader
Tumblr media
OMG thank you! My first international fan! Thank you for this wonderful prompt! This was requested by @illucilfer .
Summary: Today’s story takes place in a 1950s diner by a frequently used Interstate; Interstate 95. We know this dinner for its delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and jukebox records, but every night one Patreon never returns home. A few men who were angry about your recent arrest have shot you both. As you both stare at each other exchanging mental signals, everyone around you tries to help you to the hospital. Y/N is narrating the story. I seem to have fewer grammar errors that way. FYI, Bold and italicized font will reference a thought or flashback.
Story Navigation
Let’s get started!
Tumblr media
The leaves have turned bright yellow and orange, fluttering every second to the ground. I could hear little children a while away laughing and playing in the community park; throwing up the leaves, jumping into piles, and throwing them at each other. The smell of freshly baked donuts brightened everyone’s mood. All you had to do was take one bite and your face would brighten and crack a smile. Dining at Cupid’s Kitchen will always have your heart and interest.
Interstate 95 was always heavy with traffic during this time of year. The folks of Dallas celebrated mulch annually. The “Mulch Fest” was a street fair that stretched 1.5 miles to the east that contained music, drinks, farmer panels, homemaker Q&A, and other activities that southerners enjoy. Illumi and I are only here because of an unfinished assignment. We have worked night and day for countless days trying to catch Jack “Da Hamor” Gilberton, but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, I allowed my anger to get the best of me and made the executive decision to take a day off. I barred Illumi from searching, tracking, or any form of hunting for our target. The life of a bounty hunter and an assassin can thrill, but it can drive you insane if you allow it.
Ironically, Illumi and I both enjoy fall. It is perfect for cuddling (although he acts as if he’s too good to cuddle), wearing creative hoodies, going to pumpkin patches, and attending apple orchids. I tend to “lose my cool” when we have dates there. When I was a child, my family did not go on trips like these because they were over an hour away from our home and I had 5 siblings. But once I made money for myself, I made it my mission to go to one at least 5 times out of the year. Illumi enjoys the different fudge, hot cider, and candy apples. He almost broke a tooth on one!
“Say cheese snag-a’-tooth!”
“Stop it. It’s not funny!”
“It is! Could you imagine if you lost your two front teeth? You’d look almost adorable as you did in the 1st grade!”
“How did you know about that?”
“Duh! It happens to everyone, but your mother showed me the pictures, of course.”
Illumi’s sweet tooth is just like Killua’s; both have a weakness for chocolate. Except, Killua will admit defeat while his older brother keeps denying it.
Cupid’s Dinner has been in Dallas for over 55 years. A black woman established it in 1945 by the name of Mary-Lou Benson. Since then, Mary’s family has been running the shop, making sure all of her customers are happy with the service. During the turn of each season, Cupid’s Dinner gives its customer's food options based on the season. The fall options include donuts, candy apples, different flavored cider, fudge, and hot coffee specials. As much as everything looked appetizing, I could not order it all. Our server, Little Ben, placed our drinks in front of us and handed us the menu. I could tell he was happy with his line of work, just as I was to be with Illumi.
“You all take your time. I’ll be back in five.”
Ilumi glanced on both sides of the room, scanning for Jack Gilberton, already forgetting the agreement we established.
“Illumi, what are you doing?”
“You keep looking around like you’ve seen Da Hamor. Eat your donut and relax, sweetheart.”
“I cannot relax. I must stay on alert.”
“If I can relax, so can you. It’s not that hard.”
“Fine. If I die, it’s on your head… literally.”
The jingling bell rang almost every second when a customer walked in. It was a joy to everyone's ears; the spirit of Mary Lou-Benson was alive and well. An overwhelming feeling of love seemed to have overtaken the diner. After examining the bistro for quite some time now, each customer had been using their cellphones at the table instead of chatting with their families. Many traditional families hated that about this generation but they should be open to new traditions forming. Illumi dislikes using cell phones or tablets at the table unless we use them for missions. He has emphasized how rude it is to be surfing the web about utter nonsense while someone is speaking. This is a pet peeve of his, something I’ll never step on his toe about. Although I think that is overdoing it, I respect it.
Little Ben served our table quickly, leaving us with two dishes of a classic chicken sandwich, kettle chips, one chocolate, and vanilla milkshake. Milkshakes were my weakness; I nearly foam at the mouth when I see one. When I found out that Illumi had NEVER had a milkshake, I almost fainted.
“No. I’ve never had a milkshake.”
“Huh? You’re missing out, pal.”
“What’s the big deal? Isn’t it frozen milk?”
“Not just frozen milk. You can add many flavors, toppings, and whip cream!”
“Well, then. You’ll have to show me sometime.”
We thanked Little Ben for his service as he clocked out for the day.
“I have to admit these sandwiches look very appetizing.”
“You can say that again!”
Before I nibbled on my sandwich, I wanted to take a moment and adore the man before me; Illumi Zoldyck. A man full of mysteries, professionalism, skill, and talent. His enormous eyes were immersed in the large pieces of chicken in between the sourdough bread. He licked his index finger vigorously; allowing the homemade honey mustard to drip enough from the bread to the plate in between licks. Just the sight of him actually relaxing for once has blown me away. For once, Illumi Zoldyck could be himself and I had the privilege to witness it.
“Um… why are you staring at me? Do I have food on my face,” he asked; violently wiping his mouth off with a provided cloth napkin.
“Oh! Ha, ha; no reason. I wanted to see your reaction after drinking your milkshake. That’s all.”
“Why? It’s just a drink.”
“Whatever you say, babe.”
“Babe? What happened to LuLu or Illumi-Lu?”
I gasped and pretended to be surprised… although I was a little.
“I did not know that you liked those pet names. I assumed it mortified you.”
“Who told you that? That never rolled off my tongue. “What I said was” — He bent closer to the table and to me; glancing both to the right and left to ensure no wandering ears were around — “I prefer Illumi-Lu to be said in the bedroom and LuLu when we’re alone, like how we are right now.”
“Aww…. ok,” I yelled in excitement.
“Don’t blow it out of proportion, alright?”
“Yes, sir.”
As we ate, Illumi hummed along to the tune that played a few times on the restaurant's jukebox. Illumi and I were born in the mid-90s, but listening to 50s music was a part of his aesthetic. I was told that he had an “old soul” which sounds romantic at first until you realize how men were during that era. His raging temper was a noticeable toxic trait, but it has drastically improved. Nonchalantly sipping on his milkshake and then eating more of his chips, he grazed the soft part of his left hand over mine as he continued to hum.
“What’s the name of this song? You seem to know it rather well.”
“Put your head on my shoulder, a famous song from the 60s. I heard my parents sing it once and since then, they have addicted me to it. Do you like it?”
“Yes, in fact, I love it. All of this is—”
“A surprise to you? Well, enjoy it while it lasts because once I find Jack Gilberton, this side of me will hide for a while.”
Damn! I was just feeling connected to him again!
The music swelled; everyone seemed to be happy. Not an evil spirit insight to disrupt this beautiful moment. For once in my life, my raven-haired beauty actually held my hand tight, stole a few of my barbecue kettle chips, and gazed into my eyes harmlessly. His lips brushed against both of my hands, ever so lightly placing kisses on both sides of them. Illumi’s gentle smile warmed my heart as my lingering thoughts of hope stayed intact.
The welcoming bell jingled again. Two men in black leather jackets, stone-washed blue jeans, and tattooed all over their arms came into the diner. The men seemed to be bikers who had just left their own “spot” but one thing struck me as they continued to walk towards the staff. They both wore sunglasses when the sunset for the day. Not to mention that the lights were not dim in the diner and the moon was as bright as ever. The second man had his eyes glued in my direction. My heart beat faster as I wondered if Jack Gilberton had found us. Could you imagine?
Put your head on my shoulder
Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh-so-tight
Show me you love me too
I am used to coming in contact with enemies on my hit list, but given Jack’s criminal history; I felt like I may not survive his attacks. Illumi will survive, but just barely. Both men approached the checkout, crowing over Little Ben’s sister. She was a short woman but full of might, and I could tell by the shakiness in her voice she was frightened. I wanted to step in so badly, but I didn't want to blow my cover just in case it was, in fact, Jack Gilberton. After I assume, ordering food, both men stood by the entrance, blocking it from others from entering and leaving. The sound of their old, beat up-lighters crackled as one lit a joint and the other lit a cigarette. This horrid smell ruined the atmosphere because they were not in a designated area and it drowned out the lovely aroma of the food being served.
“If you gentlemen would like to smoke, you need to go outside. There is no smoking in here.”
“What? You think you’re better than me because you don’t smoke?”
“Huh? I never said that, sir. I asked for you to go outside. Not all of our customers can deal with it.”
They did not move a muscle. The sound of their mucous laughter made everyone’s stomach turn. They laughed at the young girl and called her many slurs. Little Ben’s sister didn’t flinch, nor did she cry; she remained still, staring at the men. I had just enough of their obnoxious behavior.
“If you do not leave, I will call the police.”
“The hell you won’t.”
Put your lips next to mine, dear
Won't you kiss me once, baby?
He drew a gun from his left side. He aimed it at Little Ben’s sister and demanded that she emptied the drawer. She refused. Her stone, iron will reminded me of Illumi; no matter the circumstance, they remained intact, determined to fight until the end. Bravery is always encouraged, but too much will cause your life to be taken away. Little Ben’s sister grabbed a fake till that they kept under the real one and threw it at both men. Fake money fluttered everywhere in the small diner, mimicking confetti. Gunshots rang in all directions as the imbeciles recklessly shot, aiming for Little Ben’s sister. Everyone threw themselves on the ground to avoid being shot, but luck cannot spread itself throughout an entire room of people. A young child, an older man, and another worker were shot in their lower leg. Blood reflected from the ground as it continued to seep. Ignoring injured civilians is a jackass move and continuing to deny the fact would prove that the oath I pledge to meant nothing. Sure, bounty hunters must remain hidden, but if someone is injured, I must help them.
The child was lying lifeless on the polished marble floor. He would not respond to my shaking or my silent whispers. When I rolled him over, my heart broke into a million pieces. This child had no chance of survival; a few bullets struck his chest, one just inches away from his heart. A tear rolled down my cheek.
“Why must the good die young,” I whispered to myself.
“... Because snitches get stitches.”
Before I could gain sight of who stated this utterly corny response, I felt an overwhelming amount of pain in my lower back. It felt like a million tiny needles were jabbed so far through my skin that they entered my intestine. I could still hear, but my body would not move. I tried and tried, but my brain would not signal my legs.
Move! Move, damn it!
It’s odd; I could hear myself talk, but my body would not move at all. The sound of another thudding body made my mind jump. My heart had already been pounding enough to try to resuscitate my organs to move, but a familiar semi-blurring sight of none other than Mr. Illumi Zoldyck cleared my sight. My brain went wild. I didn’t know if Illumi died or if he became paralyzed, but one thing is for sure. We finally made eye contact that felt special; something I hadn’t felt since the day I met him. Our contact felt like magnets; an unbreakable bond. Suddenly, my icy hand felt warmth around my palm and fingers. Illumi simultaneously fell in a way that connected our hands. Our unbreakable bond, the warmth of his fingers laying on top of mine, and the gaze we shared somehow made me feel like it was just the two of us alone. I could hear his thoughts loud and clear; thoughts that came from the heart.
“Please help me. Before it’s too late, LuLu,” I cried, thinking I was going insane. “I don’t want to leave if it means leaving you behind.”
“I’m not going anywhere. Not without you.”
“Please! I want to live a life. Life as a bounty hunter, build a support system to our children, and a good lover is all I want to be.”
“You are a warrior and so am I. We have been through worse. This is nothing.”
Mere eye contact is all we need to exchange wandering conversations. The bond that we’ve created is something so strong that I haven’t realized it until now. The warmth emitted from his loose grasp seems to lose its effectiveness. It blurred my vision beyond recognition, leaving Illumi as a near figment of my imagination.
“Oh no. I guess this is it.”
My vision darkened. Illumi was slipping away as my lingering thoughts almost made my heart give out from exhaustion. I was ready to accept my fate, but it seemed like fate had other plans. My vision was still darkening by the second, but my sense of touch remained there. Smooth fingers outline my arms, torso, and chest. I heard muffled voices yelling and screaming about calling for assistance, but I didn’t care if they came or not. I made peace with my life’s end. Bit by bit, my breathing slowed down, but my sense of touch remained heightened. I felt a rubber glove touch my face and neck, examining it for any damage.
The jukebox continued to play Illumi’s favorite song, Put Your Head on my Shoulder. I remembered the day I laid my head on his shoulder; boy, what an endearing moment that was. It was something I took for granted, something I should have savored, for I never knew that this moment would have happened. The song grew muffled by the second verse. That verse repeated every time I tried to force myself to take what felt like my last gaze at my raven-haired beauty.
Just a kiss goodnight, maybe
You and I will fall in love (you and I will fall in love)
A/N: Since you’ve made it to the end, I’ll say something. The reader did not die in the end. They were later revived at the hospital.
Tumblr media
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hallelujahtohell · 1 year
Tumblr media
keanu reeves, panromantic asexual, cis male + he/him ― hey look, it’s vesper solandis! they’re fifty-five years old, they’ve lived in shrike heights for thirty years, and they’re currently working at lapaws. i heard they’re pretty skittish, but i think they’re so kindhearted at the same time. can they make it out alive? || jack, 27, they/them
tw: kidnapping, death of a child, mentions of suicide
Full Name: dr. vesper arthur solandis
Nickname(s): ves, dr v
Age: fifty-five
Date of Birth: march 13
Hometown: taimylyr , russia
Current Location: shrike heights, usa
Gender: cismale
Pronouns: he/him
Orientation: panromantic asexual
Relationship Status: widowed
Occupation: lapaws manager, retired vet
Positive Traits: kindhearted, creative, intelligent, witty, loving, generous, loyal, dedicated, protective,  adaptable, discreet, passionate, resourceful, creative, independent, intuitive, loyal, resourceful, romantic
Negative Traits: skittish, withdrawn, stubborn, guarded, detached, reserved, nervous, hypercritical, picky, forgetful
Goals/Desires: vesper just wants to find his daughter
Fears: enclosed spaces, his daughters’ deaths
Weather: sunny and hot
Colour: hunter green
Sport: tennis
Beverage: brandy
Food: zeppole cherry
Animal: horses
Father: pierce solandis (deceased)
Mother: amelia solandis (deceased)
Sibling(s): ava solandis
Children: evangeline solandis, elizabeth solandis (deceased)
vesper and his twin sister ava were born and raised, until the age of eleven, at a wilderness research compound in northern russia. his mother worked as a nurse at the compound, but had plenty of time to raise the two, as there were only four other families in the compound. they were raised with a profound respect for nature and it’s inhabitants, which both ves and ava carried forward. 
after moving back to civilization, pierce found it difficult to find a new job. they bounced between countries, with little luck. the twins were lucky if they stayed in the same school for more than two years at a time. eventually, vesper went off to school in the UK, where he met the woman who would become his wife. they married after two years of dating, and were married for over 25 years. after graduating school and successfully becoming a veterinarian, ves and his wife opened a little vet clinic in shrike heights, his wife’s hometown, and had two beautiful twin girls.
 {tw: kidnapping, death of a child } when the girls were thirteen, they went missing while walking home from a friend’s house. it took months for the police to find anything, and what they did find wasn’t good. elizabeth’s body, dumped just outside town limits. evangeline was nowhere to be found. vesper and his wife held out hope as long as they could, but the trail went cold. 
{ tw: mentions of suicide } about six years ago, elyse, vesper’s wife, took her own life, losing the battle with depression after years of silence about their daughters or their killer. vesper brings her and elizabeth flowers every sunday, without fail, and refuses to give up hope that evangeline is out there somewhere.
he retired after elyse’s death, selling off the vet clinic and getting a comfy little job at the mall’s pet store. retail sucks, but his service dog butter is by his side every day and makes things a little bit easier to handle. 
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kiss-my-freckle · 2 years
1x1 Rewatch: Aperitif
Gif set can be found here.
I’m only gonna do one episode rewatch a day. I like to be as detailed as I can, comment about things that stand out to me, so my posts end up longer than I’d like them to be. That’s aside from my rewatches taking a bit of time because I note things as I watch the episode. Expect a gif set with each rewatch. They’ll focus on Will’s character. 
Perfect pilot opening. They start off with a crime scene reanactment to show how Will Graham's mind works. He's teaching a class, showing them how he catches killers. Psychoanalyzing 101. Every crime scene reenactment Will does, it appears as though he's the one doing the killing. He doesn't think about killing people - yet. He's more like Morgan on Criminal Minds, but he appears to be working random murder cases rather than serial killers at the open of the show.
This entire series is centered around Will's being. He has no idea who he is, and he's so afraid of his own mind that he refuses to fully understand it. He avoids a psychological profile because of that fear, and is just as terrified of letting others see him or even speak about him and the way his mind works. This often puts Will on the defense. Insert Jack Crawford. The Evil Minds Research Museum. 
Religious aspect is heavy, but fitting when it comes to life and death and the mind of a serial killer. Pure empathy allows Will to understand anyone and everyone. It makes him perfectly suitable for Hannibal. The evidence can only take the FBI so far, Will's empathy takes them further. He starts popping Aspirins almost immediately because Jack is setting his mind on fire. Add in nightmares that cause Will to pull his shirt off because he wakes in a sweat. So hot, he has to dip his face in a sink full of cold water. Expect this to become an issue. 
Animals, that's where many serial killers initially direct their violence. Will is perfectly capable of raising a house full of dogs, so he doesn't sell as a serial killer, only a man who has the inability to connect with others because he doesn’t understand himself. He understands animals as he understands people. Those dogs are his family, and you can tell he’s most comfortable with them. More on the dogs once I hit the third season. 
Alana Bloom spends most of her time lying to herself. She claims she can't be in a room alone with Will because she has a professional curiosity about him. Too much time in a room alone with him, she's liable to tear his clothes off, she’s sexually attracted to Will. Her conversation with Jack about his fear pushes to the end of the series. A lot of the pilot episode pushes forward that way. "It's the price of imagination." Will no longer fears his imagination in the final two, that's why Hannibal said he's both free and damned to imagine anything, and Will handed his pet Chilton to Francis.  
A lion in the room. Hannibal's comment to Franklin is purposeful. While everyone else sees Will as a lamb, Hannibal sees a lion the instant they meet. More from the pilot that pushes to the end of the series. I could list the many ways it pushes to the end of the series. Just watch the pilot and the final two to see what I mean. For Hannibal, it's love at first sight. His eyes devour Will. Too much time in a room alone with him, he's liable to tear his clothes off too. He also fully understands Will's mind at first sight, which he considers just as beautiful.
Will has a problem separating because he has no forts in his mind. He can't protect what he loves from what he sees and learns, so they meld. Difficult for Will because he's not just learning about these killers, he's learning about himself. Mere minutes of conversation, and Hannibal knew exactly what Will needed. Will sees the beautiful side of a cannibal. Hannibal shows him the ugly side of a cannibal. Hobbs' cared-for victims needed to suffer. Take her lungs while she's still alive. Toss her into a field like waste instead of making pillows or putty. Now Will sees the killer’s face. Hannibal had to show Will the other side. Field kabuki on the cliff in the series finale, and Will thought it beautiful. 
Hannibal knows exactly what he did to Will. So much, he smiles wide as he eats his dinner. So much, he bypasses Jack because he wants to see Will after Will saw his crime scene. One of my favorite scenes of the series because it's the complete opposite of their cliff scene, both very intimate in their own way. He shows up at a time when Will is still in his t-shirt and boxers because he’s still sleeping. On the cliff, they're both naked. 
The ugly and the beautiful. The worst and the best. Positive and negative. Night and day. Evil and good. Devils and gods. All of this is themed in the series. I could gif these opposites, but it would take a while because there are so many. Hannibal and Will are Yin and yang. Will very much has Hannibal’s appetite. It's the sausage, not the eggs that he said is delicious. Like parents who lie about where the meat came from, or cutting the vegetables so small their kids can't see them in the spaghetti sauce. Will has no problem eating human. Knowing where it came from bothers him. He’s gonna find Hannibal interesting for the same reason Hannibal finds him interesting. 
The Minnesota Shrike isn't Hannibal. He only did it that way to help Will. I'll touch more on that when they start showing Hannibal's actual crime scenes. He wants to know how Will sees him. That's why he asked if Will is reconstructing his fantasies and what kind of problems he has. Will then asks how Hannibal sees him. “Have Dr. Lecter draw up a psychological profile. You seemed very impressed with his opinion.” This switch made possible because of Hannibal’s comment about Jack. Will is now getting a private opinion from a psychologist without the psychoanalyzing. 
Will doesn't see himself as a mongoose, so he has a confused look on his face when Hannibal says it. "Peeking behind the curtain." Like saying he's peeking behind the veil, as Bedelia spoke of being with Hannibal. Hannibal is smiling because he sees a future with Will. Hannibal purposefully warns Hobbs. Not because he wants to save him, but because he knows what he has to do. Will has yet to kill, so he has yet to know how it feels to kill. Hannibal wants that for him... to feel powerful. To feel like God does when he collapses a church roof. 
I love the end scene with Abigail. A man who doesn't even socialize with his students, drawn to a child. Juxtaposition, comparing these two lambs and their relationships with their fathers. That's why I fully believe Will's father helped him suppress his killer instincts. Unlike Abigail's father, who fully involved her. But I also like the scene because of Will's acceptance. He wanted to meet with Abigail alone, to connect with her, but Hannibal's presence caught him off guard. While he can't stop psychoanalyzing because that's who he is, Hannibal already told Will what he saw of him. There's a slow build-up of trust in this episode, from one scene to the next. That's why Will has no problem seeing Hannibal for therapy in the second episode. The one person who could help him through the event he just experienced is the one person who was there with him when he experienced it. 
Jack is a problematic character. “Maybe we shouldn't poke him like that, Doctor. Perhaps a less, uh - direct approach.” That’s what season one becomes. Jack poking Will just by sending him to these crime scenes. As abusive as it is, Hannibal trying to take a different approach so Will can better understand who he is because he knows what the job is doing to him. If Jack isn’t gonna let the lion sleep, then Jack is gonna see the lion wide awake. That’s basically the way Hannibal sees it. 
Three scenes in this episode that stood out to me where Jack’s character is concerned. Adjusting Will’s glasses... oy. More to Hannibal’s comment about seeing Will as a fragile little teacup. He might as well bend down and tie Will’s shoes for him, as if Will is incapable of doing it himself. A show of superiority in the bathroom. So much, he forces an agent to use the ladies room. This is while Will is trying to cool down. He’s on fire, and Jack refuses him a single moment in the bathroom. My biggest issue was his comment to Alana, who already told him Will is her friend. “Ah, it seems a shame not to take advantage and academically speaking.” Because that’s what friends do, they take advantage of you. This sold me for Jack’s character and what I expected of him. He’s gonna use Will until he can’t use him any more. And he does. That’s why Jack is a fixed character. He’s there to be the force that causes Will the desire to change. 
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surveystodestressme · 2 years
What’s the last vegetable you ate, and when did you eat it? there were veggies in my sushi
What was your last Facebook notification for? -
What bands have you seen live? a lot
Tell me an interesting fact about your mother: her and my dad knew each other for a week before he moved in
What do you think is the most important thing to happen to you before the age of 13? i have no idea
What were you super against as a young child but aren’t anymore? eating seafood
What are your plans later today? going to bed it's almost midnight
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? packing up the rest of my apartment
Who do you talk to the most? my boyfriend
What are some things you do regularly that make you feel old? listening to oldies
Who is your best guy friend(s)? jackson and jayson and michael
Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker? it's ok where it is now
If you had a tiny scar on your face, would you get it removed or just keep it? i already have one lol
Have you had an x-ray in the past year? nope
Do you think your first love still loves you? he claimed to last time we spoke
What is something that is “going right” in your life? my boyfriend and i are finally starting our life together, moving across the US together and both getting really good jobs
When did you feel ready to start dating? i don't know man it just happened
When was the last time your pet bit you? it's been a while, my cat love bites a lot
Where were you the last time you made out? probably in bed
When was the last time you cried tears of joy? i cry so much i don't even know
How do you type your sad smileys? :(
Do you have “decorative hand-towels” that cannot be used in your house? no we use them all
What was the last soda you drank? baha blast
What was the last thing someone made fun of you for? how bad my farts stink lol
Have you ever had any type of surgery? no
Should kids be allowed to get tattoos/piercings without parental consent? ehhh i don't know about that
Who was the last person to hit on you? my boyfriend
What was the last thing you decided not to do, that you were supposed to? no idea
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to tell someone? i dont know
What do you put on hot dogs? ketchup and mustard
Ever fallen in the shower? Yes.
Do you think that things will get better? yeah
Have you ever legitimately saved a person’s life? i don't know
What’s your favourite book genre? horror
Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? yes
Do dogs like you? i think so
Would you say that you project an air of authority? somewhat, i used to be a trainer/supervisor
Have you ever jumped off a high dive into a pool? no
Do you use one towel when you shower or two? none in the shower, one after
Have you ever been to one of the great lakes? no
Who do you know that had a baby recently? one of the doctors i work with
Do you like Usher’s songs? yeah
When was the last time you went to a waterpark? it's been a while
Have you ever ridden a train? yes
What do you eat your French fries with?ketchup, dry sauce, ranch
Do you have family problems?not really tbh
What’s the last food you ate that was stale? tortilla chips
How do you like your grilled cheese? i don't really like grilled cheese
What is the most challenging meal you have ever cooked? i don't cook challenging things very often
What was your favorite thing to do as a little kid? hang out with my friends
Have you ever been close to drowning? yes!! first time i ever went to the beach i went waaaay too far out and i am not a strong swimmer and a giant wave overtook me and dragged me further out and i could not get back up to the surface for what seemed like forever then i swam back to the beach and collapsed lol
Have you ever had a panic attack? yes
Do you like doing housework? not really but i like a clean house
Would you ever get implants? probably not
Do you own a robe? No.
Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? i have an older sister
Do you like crust on pizza or do you cut it off? i like it
What was the last song you listened to? no idea something on the radio
Have any of your family members been to jail? Yeah.
Is there anyone that you feel you still need some closure with? not really
Can you remember when you first learned how to read? nope
What event in your life has transformed your personality the most? when an ex of mine told me i was a heartless bitch because i wouldn't sleep with him lol
Have you ever had any teeth pulled? nope
Do you still want to be what you wanted to be in elementary school? nope lol i wanted to be a masuse and a fashion designer
What’re some TV shows that you would like to get into? game of thrones
How would you feel if you were drafted for the military? i would be sad because i already tried to get into the military and got discharged lol
What is your favorite Queen song? bohemian rhapsody
Do you know how to use any foreign currency? nope
Been kissed by someone who you knew was “bad” for you? definitely
Ever taken an at-home pregnancy test? Yes.
When was the last time you were at a loss of what to do? plenty of times
What did you do on your favorite date with a guy/girl? jackson and i have one so many fun things over the years it's hard to choose
What’s a movie you have seen in the theater more than once? i dont even remember
What is the reason you’re still alive? my boyfriend
Have you ever had sex in someone else’s bed/bedroom? yes
Do you ever brush your hair before you go to bed? i do every night
Have you ever had a dream about sleeping with a celebrity? yes
Has anyone ever told you that they needed you? Do you think they meant it? yeah
How did you feel when you woke up today? What was the first thing you thought about? tired, i had to poop lol
Do you still tell your parents that you love them? Of course.
Have you ever said “I love you” to someone you weren’t going out with? plenty of times to plenty of people
Would you date someone with a physical disability? Yeah.
Think of the last person you had sex with. Do you think they’ve slept with anyone else since they last slept with you? no
The last time you dyed your hair, what color did you dye it? black
Think of the last time you went out to eat. Who paid? i did
Do you save at least 15 percent of your income? yeah
Do you ever go on Reddit? rarely
Were you ever a flower girl or ring bearer in anyone’s wedding when you were little? i was a flower girl in my aunts wedding
Are your parents in good health? somewhat
Have you ever been a caregiver to a sick/disabled relative? nope
Is there any type of medicine you can’t take? For what reason? i don't think so
Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? What do they look like? yeah i like the ones jack's mom got for me last christmas they're super soft, plaid red and green pants
Do you have any interesting pillow cases? nope
If something on your body hurts, which part is it most likely to be? My back.
Are you more afraid of spiders or bees? bees
Have you ever worn fake nails? If so, what did the last pair you wore look like? yes but it's been a long time
Is Russian or Native American history more interesting to you? neither
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headcanonfantasy · 2 years
Apple Pie life with an Angel, a new God and a dog-A Destiel fic
“I love you.” Castiel struggled as Dean began to cry angrily.
“Don’t do this Cas.” Dean whimpered as he ran to Cas. Cas pushed him away.
“Goodbye, Dean.” Cas started as the Empty began to pour in.
“NO!” Dean roared out as he ran to Cas. “Don’t do this, not without me. You changed me just as much as I did you, Cas. I need you. I want nothing more than to be with you. You leave me, I have NOTHING, Cas.” Dean touched his forehead as tears streamed harder down his face. “I love you.” Dean then kissed Cas deeply, Cas struggling to push Dean away, but Dean was too strong as he held onto his trenchcoat, the Empty coating the both of them in its goo as both men were sucked into the Empty together, Dean never letting go. As they disappeared in tar-like ooze, the only sound in the dungeon was Sam calling Dean’s phone.
Sam found it hard to sleep, as did Jack. The two men found it hard to cope.
“Without Dean and Cas, we’re sunk. Do you know where we can find Amara? We could use her help.” Sam said as he drank a beer.
“We could also use Dad’s help. He was right about Grandpa to begin with.” Jack said.
“That’s true.” Sam replied. Suddenly, Dean’s phone was calling and Lucifer, once again in Cas’s body, appeared.
“So, dear old Daddy’s been screwing with the world?” Lucifer asked.
“Cas?” Sam asked confused.
“Funny, Sammy. You forget you beat me the last time we met when I was possessing your brother’s Angel of the morning?” Lucifer reminded.
“Right, I forgot. Hello, Lucifer. You got any ideas for beating Chuck?” Sam asked.
“Sure. Hey, I was able to save a dog for Deano, heard ol’ Cassie went into the Empty. Or if Dean went in with him, Jack needs a pet.” Lucifer said. “Really is a miracle. Just found him outside a gas station. Keeping him safe from Dad, but I’ll be sure to ask Aunt Amara when I see her IF he finds us and snuffs the pupper out, to let me take away his grace.”
“Why are you helping us?” Sam asked.
“Is that Dad? I wanna talk to him, knowing how to smite Grandpa. Maybe he has an idea.” Jack offered.
“Jack wants to talk.” Sam said.
“Great, I’ll bring the dog.” Lucifer said as he soon flew himself and the dog into the bunker. “A lot gloomier than I last saw it.” Lucifer quipped when he set the dog down.
“Dad, I see you’re in Cas’s form.” Jack noted.
“Yeah, when you die in one form, you tend to come back in that form afterwards. Like Nick before I possessed Vince Vincente and later Castiel. Sorry about your loss, by the way. But I think I have an idea. Our Aunt Amara has a bit of history with the Empty, yeah? They may be able to make a deal with her if I offer myself.” Lucifer said. Jack was surprised.
“Why?” Jack asked.
“Archangels and Nephilim have the power to take God’s place. You can do it, Jack. Because you’re the Nephilim of an Archangel, that’s why Dad fried you the first time.” Lucifer pointed out. “But first, we must consult our aunt.”
The Entity couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was because once again, Cas couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was because he didn’t have a reason to sleep and he happened to bring it with him. Maybe it was because that stowaway refused to unlatch himself from Cas and the men were stuck between moaning and giggling and yessing. It was very loud, very distracting and it felt like he was in Hell.
“Dean, that tickles.” Cas giggled.
“I can’t help it, you’re so ticklish, it makes me feel alive.” Dean purred as he kissed Cas’s chest. Cas moaned before arching his back as Dean stroked his groin. Dean crawled back up to Cas and they began to undress each other.
“Oh PLEASE stop.” The Entity begged as he pounded into the floor. “You’ve been drowning yourselves in each other’s pleasure and vice versa since you got here. You have GOT to stop sooner or later.” The Entity began to cry and plead.
“I’m not tired or hungry. What about you, Cas?” Dean asked.
“The only thing I’m hungry for is you, Dean.” Cas said as he nipped Dean’s ear.
“OOH, right there baby.” Dean said as he unbuttoned and unzipped Cas, making Cas whimper with extreme heat and began to slowly stroke the older Angel’s dick. Cas’s whimper soon turned into a gasp and a shout. The Entity pounded his head against a wall of the Empty a la Gordon Ramsay after Jason Underwood told him he was gonna try and make the souffles less sticky to the ramekin with butter, sugar and cocoa powder.
Once they had met with Amara, she heard pounding from the Empty. “The Empty should be sleeping. Funny, who’s keeping them awake?” Amara asked.
“Daddy’s favorite peeon and his Angel.” Lucifer said as he and Jack flew in.
“Dean’s in the Empty?” Amara was stunned. “No Human should ever BE in the Empty. How’s he surviving?” She asked.
“I don’t know, he latched onto Cas when it happened.” Sam said.
“Oh, Jack. I want to give you back your Grace.” Lucifer said as he cut Jack’s Grace out of him and Jack breathed it back in. Jack then closed Lucifer’s neck.
“Dad, you didn’t have to do that.” Jack said.
“You need more power, son. I never regretted bringing you to life. I was a crap father, but you’re an amazing person.” Jack and he hugged one last time as Amara went to the Empty.
“Oh God, baby. Yes. Yes, YES DEAN YES HARDER MORE! YESDEANYESGODDEANYES!” Cas was howling into darkness as Dean thrusted hard, hitting the Angel’s prostate. The Entity just continued to pound his head against the wall. Suddenly, Amara appeared.
“Are you here to take the sexfiends?” The Entity asked, eyes bloodshot.
“Are you willing to trade?” Amara asked.
“Who would I like?” The Entity asked,
When Amara came back, Dean and Cas were barely dressed and still attached to each other.
“Dude, seriously?” Sam groaned as he watched his brother exchange spit with Cas.
“Shut up, I don’t complain when you kiss Eileen.” Dean said as he went back to kissing Cas.
“I get that, your fly though, Dean. Your fly is open.” Sam sighed as he covered Jack’s eyes.
“Oh, yeah. Sorry, Amara didn’t have time to let us dress before the deal to take Lucifer in our stead was taken by the Empty.” Cas said as he zipped himself up, Dean following suit.
“Good to have you back, but I never wanna see that much of you again.” Sam said as he patted Dean on the back and then hugged him, then hugged Cas. “Otherwise, welcome home, guys.”
“Great to be back.” Dean said as he kissed Cas deeply.
“Alright, lovebirds.” Amara said lovingly. “Can we go find my brother?”
“Oh sure.” Dean said as he pulled away from Cas and they all headed out to Chuck.
Amara cuffed Chuck with Enochian handcuffs and Dean kicked him in the nuts. Finally, Jack touched Chuck’s head and all of Chuck’s powers were absorbed into Jack.
“What?” Chuck asked as he gasped. “But how?”
“I got some help from the one son who was right to never listen to you.” Jack said as he finished sucking all of Chuck’s powers and absorbing it into his system.
After all was said and done, Jack joined with Amara. She’d guide him on how to rebuild Heaven. Before he left though, he gifted Dean and Cas the dog. “Dad wanted you to have him. His name’s Miracle. Dad said it was a miracle Grandpa had missed the sweetcake.” Jack said as he handed Miracle off to the two.
“After years of the ‘No dogs in the Impala’ rule?” Dean asked. “I’m honored to own him.” Dean said. Cas smiled and kissed the dog before kissing Dean softly in turn.
“Where will you go now?” Sam asked.
“I’m thinking a farm somewhere. Or maybe a nice home in a cul de sac. Or even a cabin in the woods?” Dean asked as he looked Cas in the eyes.
“I hear the barn we first met in is being condemned.” Cas said. “We may buy the property and build a nice acreage where I can keep an apiary and Dean can start a garage.” Cas offered. “Maybe I can even grow peanuts and make my own peanut butter.” Just as he said that, Jack gave Cas the gift of Human feelings for food and such, not needing to give him love as Dean had already taught him how to love. Another thing he did before leaving for Heaven was what Amara had done for Dean.
“Sam?” Sam’s eyes widened as he turned and faced the truest love of his life.
“Oh my God, Jess?” Sam gasped.
“Whoa, what year is this? Last thing I knew, I was making cookies when-God, what happened to you?” Jess asked.
“It’s a long story.” Sam said as he hugged her tightly.
I missed you too.” Jess said as she hugged him back. Then, Sam immediately began to kiss her as deeply as Dean was doing Cas when they left the Empty.
“Let’s beat them in our own game by joining in.” Dean said as he pulled Cas in for another kiss.
The house was amazing. Everything Dean had wanted, a back yard for Miracle and Cas loved the peanut grinder and apiary Dean had set up for him. Especially with the tap so as not to disturb the bees.
“Try my honey roasted peanut butter burgers.” Cas said when Sam and Jess visited them. “Dean makes his own brioche and it’s amazing.”
“He thinks everything I do is amazing. He makes his own jelly though.” Dean said. “I’m telling you, ever since Cas has been able to taste? His pallet makes me purr.” Dean said as he kissed Cas deep, but chaste.
“You make me blush.” Cas said as he touched Dean’s forehead with his own.
“Imagine if that girls’ school managed to find out you’re officially canon.” Sam began to tease. “The musical they’d be making out of that.” Jess punched Sam’s arm.
“Now now, baby. Don’t tease.” Jess said.
“Brothers are supposed to tease each other, Jessie. Don’t worry, it’s a Winchester family tradition.” Sam said.
“Pranks and teasing.” Dean confirmed. “Hot dogs are up.” Dean said as he put them on a plate after cooking them on a grill. Miracle whined as he smelled the hot dogs and Dean threw one to the dog. “There you go, Miracle.” He said.
“Apple pie life really suits you, Dean.” Jess said.
“Thanks, Jess. Congratulations on the baby, by the way. I can’t wait to be an uncle.” Dean said with a smile.
“Thanks, Dean.” Jess said as she hugged him.
Life was sweet. Not just because of the burgers either.
When Sam and Jess had left, Cas was cleaning up and putting food away. Dean had decided to help after cleaning the grill. However, his help was beyond drying while Cas washed.
“I missed cuddling with you this morning.” Dean said. “I bought you more pectin for your next batch of Blackberry jam you like to make so much.”
“That’s thoughtful of you, Dean.” Cas said as he got lost in washing the dishes. Once they finished washing and drying, Dean pulled him into a dance, putting on a song they first listened to when they officially moved into their new home.
“But I can see how strong a man I’m gonna have to be to do for you what comes so naturally, it’s in the way you move.” Dean softly sang to Cas as he twirled the love of his life around the living room floor. Cas giggled giddily.
“Dean, why so sappy today?” Cas asked when they took a break.
“Cas, to finally let you know after all this time how much you mean to me? I thought I was gonna lose you and with Jack visiting on occasion, I feel we should have a more official title to what we are.” Dean said as he knelt down and pulled out a box. Inside was a honeybee shaped ring with stripes of Citron and Obsidian and Diamond eyes and wings. Cas was in awe at the look of it once Dean opened the box.
“Castiel, I come to you as a man, no more or less, with the hope that I can take your hand in marriage and we can make each other honest men until death parts us.” Dean said as he handed Cas the ring box.
“Oh Dean, it’s beautiful. It had to have cost a forturne.” Cas said.
“Not at all. I know an expert jeweler in town, he was able to get the materials together for the occasion.” Both men began to cry. “Will you marry me, Castiel?” Dean asked.
“Yes.” Cas said as Dean took the ring out of the box and put it on Cas’s hand, then they kissed deeply. They then spent the rest of the night celebrating in a lot of ways. Not only their engagement, but the start of what’s to come in their future.
The End
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clumsyclifford · 2 years
prompt: alex says goodnight to the horses and when he gets back inside jack has tea waiting for him made perfectly
you know i really didnt think i would write this tonight but then i did
ao3 link!
It’s getting chilly out, but damn it, that is not going to stop Alex. His horses are his best friends. They deserve goodnight wishes as much as anyone else. Sometimes he likes them more than his actual best friends, if only because they won’t ever tell him to stop talking about the possibility of life on another planet or eat the last Oreo but put the empty package back in the tour bus cabinet because they thought it’d be a funny prank. (Rian.) 
Horses aren’t super chatty, sure, but at least they’re not assholes.
“Hey, gorgeous,” he says, smiling as he walks up to the stables, where he can see Theo and Beaux. Their eyes are still open but they’ll be asleep soon. They’re like old people in that way; always asleep before nine o’clock, these guys. “Hi, beautiful. Hi, you guys. Hey.” 
They say nothing, predictably, so Alex walks first up to Beaux. “Goodnight, honey,” he says, tenderly kissing the bridge of his nose. He doesn’t smell great. Maybe tomorrow they should wash the horses. Or maybe on Monday. Alex isn’t sure he’ll feel like doing it tomorrow, though he knows it has to be done regardless. “Sleep well. Dream of carrots. Dream of…of winning a horse race. Not that I’d ever make you race. I’m not a monster.”
Beaux doesn’t answer, just snuffles loudly. Alex laughs. “I wouldn’t! I swear. Anyway, you wouldn’t last a minute in a real horse race, you lazy fucker.” He pats Beaux’s nose affectionately, strokes it once more. “Alright. Goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning.”
A few steps leads him to Theo’s stable, where Theo has been watching him patiently until Alex reaches him. “Hey,” Alex says softly. “You look tired, man. Long day? Hey, why the long face?” He chuckles to himself. “That’s not even a funny joke. I think I’m getting old, Theo. I’m way too much of a dad for someone without kids.” Although he’s not really childless, is he? He’s got all these animals to take care of, and surely that’s the same thing. Or at least similar. Someone’s got to have done a psychological study on the effects of having pets instead of kids. They can’t be that different. After all, Alex is here tucking them in. That’s pretty fatherly.
Theo nudges at Alex shoulder. “Okay, shit,” Alex says, smiling. “I’m getting to it.” He pauses for effect. “Goodnight, Theo.” Rubbing a hand affectionately over Theo’s nose, he adds, “Dream of beating Beaux in a horse race.”
Theo also snuffles. Maybe, Alex muses, it’s the horse way of saying goodnight. Though they kind of do it all the time, so maybe not. Alex should look into that. After he looks into the whole pets-as-kids thing. His to-Google list is growing by the minute. 
His hands are also getting cold, so he quickly kisses Theo’s nose and pats his cheek. “Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Love you both. See you in the morning.” And he backs away, rubbing his palms together.
The farm might look eerie at night to a stranger, but to Alex it’s familiar enough not to scare him anymore. Now it feels almost like a summer camp, and Alex feels like a rogue camper out of bed past quiet hours. The world is his oyster. Maybe one night they ought to take some blankets out and stargaze. Glancing up, Alex can see a smattering of stars overhead, and for a moment he’s distracted and slows to a stop just to stare.
The stars are so beautiful out here. The sky is so pretty. Alex dedicates a lot of brainpower towards thinking about the galaxy — probably more than is healthy — but when he’d been living in L.A. it had always been something of a distant train of thought, because there’s so much light pollution in L.A. that the stars are more fantasy than reality.
Here, though, in rural Maryland, a fair distance away from civilization, the stars overhead had been what had sealed the deal for Alex, when they’d been thinking about whether or not they ought to buy a farm. And now, head tilted far back to gaze up into the sky, Alex thinks they made the right choice.
Fuck, it’s pretty out here. The universe is capable of creating such lovely things.
When it’s been long enough, Alex shakes himself out of his reverie. The cold is seeping into his skin everywhere it’s exposed to air, and his hands are starting to feel more like ice blocks attached to the ends of his arms. He tucks them under his armpits and continues his trek to the house.
“Back,” he calls out as he enters through the front door. It’s nice and warm inside, but Alex’s hands are still really fucking cold, so he puts them back under his arms as he nudges the door shut with his hip.
“How did it go? Have they said goodnight back yet?”
“Not yet,” Alex says, following the voice to the kitchen, “but any day now. I can feel it.” He pauses. “Whatcha doin’?”
Jack looks up at him, but he doesn’t stop stirring the mug. “Making tea,” he says. “What’s it look like?”
Alex blinks. “Making tea?”
“Yeah,” Jack says. “For you.”
“For me?”
“Well, I don’t like tea,” Jack says, which is patently untrue, but whatever. “Yeah. It’s kinda cold out, and you always make yourself tea after you get back from saying goodnight to the horses, so I thought I’d kinda, you know, cut out the middleman or — whatever, the point is I made your tea for you so you wouldn’t have to.”
Alex steps towards Jack, who pushes the mug across the island towards him. There’s steam rising off the top, and the color looks right, but honestly Alex hadn’t realized Jack ever paid attention when Alex made tea. “What…is in this?”
Jack raises his eyebrows. “Cocaine and dog food. What the fuck do you think, it’s tea. Milk and sugar. How you like it.”
Alex feels a fond smile cross his face. “This is so cute,” he says, reaching for the tea and wrapping his hands around the mug. It’s too hot and he has to pull his hands away after a couple seconds, but he can’t stop smiling. “You made my tea.”
“Yeah,” Jack says. He looks pleased. “Well, I hope I didn’t fuck it up. You should probably try it before you tell me it’s cute.”
“I didn’t say it was good, I said it was cute,” Alex says. “Which it is.” He abandons the tea for a moment in favor of approaching Jack, who’s cozy in an orange hoodie and black sweats, hair mussed up from the day. Still, in his dressed-down state, Alex has never seen anything more beautiful than Jack.
He brings his hands up to press against Jack’s cheeks. Jack jerks. “Fuck, your hands are freezing!”
“It’s cold outside,” Alex says, smiling still. He doesn’t move his hands away and Jack doesn’t make any effort to. “I love you.”
“It’s just tea,” Jack says quietly.
Alex kisses him. Jack’s lips are warm on Alex’s cold ones, but it’s nice — almost like Jack can reset Alex’s internal temperature, like the very act of their being together is enough to achieve perfect equilibrium. Kissing Jack might not be a cure-all, but it absolutely is a cure-most, and Alex cashes in whenever he can possibly find a reason to, and frequently even when he can’t.
And Jack’s made Alex’s tea. Jack has made himself a part of one of Alex’s favorite nighttime rituals. Alex is so in love he doesn’t have the words.
“Thank you for the tea,” he whispers, stealing one more kiss before stepping away and picking up the mug. Jack has a silly smile on his face that he’s trying his best to hide. Alex waits a moment, blows away the steam over the mug, then lifts it to his lips and takes a careful sip.
It tastes just right, and somehow Alex is both surprised and not. Sure, Jack keeps him company every evening while he puts together his nightly tea, but Alex never expected Jack to be paying attention. It’s just tea, like Jack had said. Not the kind of detail boyfriends are necessarily supposed to remember about each other.
On the other hand, though, Alex is the luckiest man alive to have Jack, and Jack is constantly surprising him. And Jack is much better at proving his love than saying it, so of course he remembers how Alex takes his tea. Of course he would make it.
“I poisoned it, by the way,” Jack says, just as Alex swallows. 
Alex laughs. “Well, it’s not affecting the taste at all. It tastes amazing.”
“Yeah, Jack. Literally perfect. You got it exactly right. This might be the best cup of tea I’ve ever had.”
“Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”
It is the best cup of tea Alex has ever had, actually. Not because it tastes good — sure, it tastes good, but after a certain point a good cup of tea is just a good cup of tea — but because Jack had made it. Obviously that’s too cheesy to say, so Alex just thinks it really hard, figuring Jack will probably get it anyway from his face.
Jack slides in his socks over to Alex’s side and wraps his arms around Alex’s waist. His chin digs into Alex’s shoulder. “Lemme taste.”
Alex sighs, grins. He lifts the mug up, trying to glance down to see where Jack’s mouth kind of is, and when he’s pretty sure it’s in the right place he carefully tilts it. Against all odds, nothing spills. Jack takes a sip, and Alex brings the mug close to his chest again.
“It’s actually pretty good,” says Jack. “Maybe I should have made myself a cup too.”
“You can share mine.”
Jack hums. He squeezes Alex’s middle, pressing himself flush against Alex’s back, even closer than he’d been. “That’s okay. I’m good right here.”
“Don’t wanna sit down or something?”
“Can’t hug you if we’re sitting.”
“That is true,” Alex concedes. “But I can look at you, which I would love to do.”
Jack scoffs. “I’m nothing to look at, babe. I’m literally in sweats.”
Nobody in the world has ever made sweats look as good as Jack does, is the thing. “I know,” Alex says. “But I just like looking at you. Don’t call me cheesy. I already know you’re going to, so stop it.”
“That’s just cheesy as fuck,” Jack says anyway, kissing Alex’s cheek. “You’re gonna get cheese in your tea.”
“That’s so gross, can you imagine tea with cheese?”
“I bet that’s a thing. In Asia or something. They make some weird shit over there.”
Alex chuckles. “Maybe.” He sets the mug down on the island and turns around in Jack’s arms, and Jack doesn’t protests, though he also doesn’t move his arms away, and they remain encircling Alex’s waist, linked behind his back. Alex brushes his palms over Jack’s shoulders, smoothing the fabric of his hoodie, and curls his fingers around Jack’s neck, which is warm like the rest of him. “You’re a good-looking guy, you know that?”
“I do know that,” Jack says, smiling so so softly. He doesn’t smile like that for just anyone, Alex knows; it’s a special Jack smile, only for Alex. “You’re a pretty handsome boy yourself.”
Alex kisses him again, just for the hell of it. Because he can. Because he’s got Jack in his arms, prettier than any other fucking thing; because Jack’s his boyfriend and that means Alex gets to kiss him whenever; because he loves Jack, is in love with Jack, and sometimes kissing him is the only way to adequately communicate that. 
They show love in different ways. Alex says it aloud, traces it into Jack’s skin, brands him with touches and kisses to remind him.
Jack makes Alex tea.
“Love you,” he murmurs again, though he’s already said it. Jack could call him on it, but instead he does that rare Jack smile again.
“Love you more,” he breathes, before capturing Alex’s mouth with his own.
The universe truly is capable of creating such lovely things. And if a sky full of stars is a home run, then Jack Barakat is a grand fucking slam. 
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elvenferretots replied to your post “On the same topic re:yesterday of tiny dogs and how people treat them:...”
My mentor in conformation actually switched from dobermans to chihuahuas, and I was pleasantly surprised by all the same things you were. Her dogs are athletic, breathe without any trouble, spend long hot days at dog shows much more comfortably than the dobermans (to be fair, they’re longhair so they have undercoat), and are just generally hardy and longlived little dogs. And they’re very much brachy with less snout than Tiki. 
Yes, all of this. I understand that “toy group people” don’t really care as much about some things as “working group people”- things like titles, drive, performance ability, etc sort of fall by the wayside when producing dogs where 99% of them are going to homes where they’ll be cute and small and sit on people’s laps and that’s about it. Most good ones still do conformation and will play around in some of the more pet-friendly sports, but some things flat out aren’t looked for. Why would they be? Toy group dogs are almost entirely pet only at this point. Who cares how much drive a yorkie has when they’ve been exclusively lapdogs for more than 100 years?
(This also revisits my “while testing to see if a dog still has correct breed temperament isn’t a bad thing, how much use is it if that breed is basically never used for its purpose in the modern era” thing- Yorkies started as ratters, sure, but have been solidly lapdogs only for some time now. If you want a ratter, a yorkie is not most people’s first choice when breeds like the jack russell, patterdale, and jagd exist. The modern, toy-sized yorkie is much different than the ratting yorkie of old. What, exactly, is the point of testing a modern yorkie’s ratting ability when the fact is that the vast majority of yorkies will never see a rodent in their lives?)
But because working ability is sort of shrugged off with many toy breeds, I’ve been finding a huge amount of the energy that would go into that be diverted to health testing instead. For ages I thought that the reason little dogs live so long is because they’re just little and it’s easier on their bodies. Now I’m thinking it also may have something to do with how much care and concern the better breeders have for ensuring that their tiny dogs are healthy and are producing healthy puppies. COI of less than a percent! Acknowledging the risk of a serious health problem by recommending extensive imagery testing of the head inside and out! A refusal to allow even mildly deformed dogs to be considered “mostly correct” to prevent the rapid worsening spread of a preventable issue! A demand that every breeder calling themselves ethical follow suit or else! Breeders outcrossing to various other lines on a regular basis, ignoring that they miss out on conformation titles just to reintroduce diversity into their own lines!
Jesus Christ, if dobermans had half of that energy poured into the health of the breed, maybe we wouldn’t be looking at over 50% of dogs dying from a boogieman heart condition and the average COI being over 40%. Maybe we wouldn’t be facing down the extinction of a breed while breeders refuse to even consider breeding to a dog that’s not guaranteed to get them a CH or IPO3. Dobe people are so caught up in the cropped ears vs natural arguments and the “vWD isn’t THAT bad” koolaid while they look down their noses at these “useless little dogs” who at least have enough of their shit together that their dogs usually die at 15-20 instead of 4. FOUR! Dobe breed average is 8 and you get a fucking longevity certificate if you manage to keep that dog alive until 10, with several dogs literally dropping dead at 4-6 years old.
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Hannibal: A Little Less Different
This fic can also be found on my AO3, where it was first posted, here.
As much as I adore all the art that’s out there for Hannigram, I really don’t feel comfortable writing for them. So instead I chose my other OTP, Will and Beverly! I seriously love their dynamic. So, enjoy!
Pairing: Will & Beverly (platonic)
Words: 2075
It wasn't so much shame as it was embarrassment that Will Graham felt while sitting at FBI headquarters mere yards away from the morgue. Or was he closer than that? Yardage didn't matter. A probe was gently stuck into his right ear, bringing Will back to this present moment momentarily. It was an uncomfortable sensation. This physical reminded him of why he doesn't like doctors. Why take the physical at FBI headquarters, one might ask?
Will got hurt on their last catch. It was no one's fault, Will tried to reassure. There was a fleeting moment of uncertainty where Will experienced time-lapse, and he fell into a ditch. That was the first instance. While facing off with the killer, he was thrown into the corner of a mantle. Scathed but alive, that's what Jack called it. As much as Will demanded he be given leave to go home and heal, Jack wanted to make sure there was nothing more seriously wrong with him. It was his leg and back right behind his ribs that were the main sources of pain. Typical injuries and soreness, in Will's head. But Jack gave him that look and, well, here we are now.
"Lie down for me, please."
Beverly's calm voice resonated in Will's head as he obeyed her instruction. He'd just gone through the vitals checks, passing each with flying colors, he was sure. Will shivered when his bare back touched the icy metal table. Now he felt like he belonged in the morgue. A very corpse-like feeling encompassed him as the metal chilled his skin and likewise, he warmed the metal.
Will's eyes focused on Beverly. She clearly had just said something to him and had gotten no response.
"I said loosen up a bit."
"The table's cold."
Beverly smirked, "I saw you shiver. Relax."
"In this position, am I wrong to have a fear that you'll start cutting into me?"
"Your only fear right now should be not listening to my instructions."
Will smiled. He was put at ease. Beverly rested her hands on Will's belly and started pressing around. Will could feel her cold hands through her latex gloves, but that wasn't his only thought as he sharply inhaled and grunted. Beverly paused and looked at Will's face. Having not worked as frequently with living subjects, she feared she was being too rough. She was checking for injury, after all, so maybe she hit a sore spot. She proceeded with slightly gentler touches. But again, Will tensed.
"You can let me know if I'm hurting you," she rested her hands on the table as she looked down upon Will's pale upper body.
"No, you're not hurting me. I'm sorry. Continue."
Beverly massaged just under Will's ribs and that one got him to shoot up from his prone position, arms coming forward to protect. Beverly stared with an agape mouth and was about to send him to the hospital for intense organ displacement when she heard a small titter.
New shivers coursed through Will's upper body and he made shy eye-contact with Beverly, "I'm ticklish," he admitted.
Beverly's look of utter alarm placated to a kind of smugness when Will came clean.
"Well, better that than injury. Lay down, I need to finish up," she let Will lay down once more before she continued. No organ swelling or odd lumps, though she did get him to giggle. When she felt just behind his right set of ribs, he winced from pain this time. Assessment with that finished, Beverly then rolled up Will Graham's pant leg and brushed her fingers around his leg. Swelling under his kneecap.
The crime scene investigator lifted Will's leg and rotated his ankle, "Does this hurt?"
Will responded, "It's uncomfortable."
Beverly finished her physical examination and peeled off her gloves after instructing Will to get dressed.
"Am I dying?"
"Not this time," she responded with her usual wit. Will liked that he could talk to Beverly like this. The jabs, the morbid humor. They bounced off each other well.
"Bruised ribs, swollen knee, and twisted ankle. Nothing a little R&R in bed can't fix," she gave her analysis to Will, "I don't know how well you're gonna adhere to my prescription."
"I'll do my best."
"I think I'm going to have to check up on you."
"Well, aren't I the special patient."
Beverly grinned, "Goodbye, Will."
It turns out Will didn't listen very well, after all. Two days passed and he was keeping up with his day to day activities, concordant with his sleeplessness. He walked the dogs, worked on flies, thought about death and destruction and loneliness and mental illness... all of Will Graham's greatest hits.
He was rightly a little surprised when a knock came on his door on a sunny winter morning. He expected Alana, or Jack, or even Hannibal. They frequently checked on him; and it was always a worrisome house call. They'd be concerned about him or if it was Jack, he'd be picking him up to consult on the newest grisly murder. No one ever checked up just... cuz.
"Hey," it was Beverly who greeted Will when he opened his door for her.
"Oh," he sounded surprised because he truthfully was, "Hi," he looked past Beverly, thinking there was someone else with her.
"Can I come in?"
"I need house calls now?"
Beverly and Will exchanged small smiles. He stepped aside to let her in. She stepped inside and placed a hot coffee on his desk, "I didn't know how you liked it. I deduced no sugar, dash of milk."
"You would be almost correct. I like one sugar packet," he lifted up the coffee in his hand and took a sip.
Beverly groaned and snapped her finger, "Ugh! So close. I figured someone unstable might not want sugar."
"As in not want joy?"
"As in don't overanalyze coffee preferences."
Will smiled at that. Beverly walked around his home, taking a look at the bits and bobs of the place that made it home. She leaned down and pet a few of the dogs that brushed against her boots.
After Will took one more sip of the steaming, bitter coffee, "Can I ask why you're here?"
"We haven't had a new case since the last one, and no one's heard or seen from you since. I figured you needed something to think about."
"You figured I needed someone to talk to."
"That too," Beverly took a seat on the ottoman of a sofa chair. Winston came over and rested his chin on her lap.
"You're not a dog person."
"You can tell?" Beverly rested a gloved hand on Winston's head and gently pet it, "I always believed dogs gravitated towards people who they knew were uncomfortable around them."
Will smiled and he took a seat in the chair adjacent to Beverly, "To torture them?"
"To tease, or to convert."
"Is Winston converting you?"
Beverly set her coffee down on the floor carefully and removed her gloves. Once she did, she gave Winston a full petting and scratching. Will looked on.
"Thank you for the coffee."
"You're welcome," Beverly tucked some hair behind her ears after Winston trotted away from her to go to his dog bed, seeming proud and accomplished, "You haven't been relaxing very much, have you?"
"I'm doing the best I can."
"I don't want to be your nurse, I really don't... but if Jack needs you back in the field, he's gonna want Will Graham at 100%."
"That sounds like an impossibility. Will Graham has never performed at 100%."
Beverly watched how Will's eyes looked nowhere towards her. They didn't seem to focus on anything.
"Will you let me take another look at you?"
"You think you missed something?"
"No, I just want to do a little checkup. See how things are healing."
Will took another big gulp from his coffee and he walked over to his bed and sat at the edge of it. Beverly followed him and sat beside him.
"This doesn't seem like protocol."
Beverly looked at Will's face, his striking jawline. He was right. It wasn't. She cared about his wellbeing, physical and mental. If she could pay him a visit under the guise of medical work, then so be it.
She slipped her hand under Will's sweater to find the tender spot at the back of his ribs. The second her fingers made contact with the skin, Will gasped and he flinched.
"Your fingers are very cold."
Beverly grinned, "Being inside your icebox of a home isn't exactly helping," she teasingly traced her nails towards the front of Will's ribs and gave them a scratch. The consultant forced out a sputtering breath.
"I will repeat myself. This doesn't seem like protocol."
Beverly couldn't not smile now. She had Will here, in the safety of his own home, his dogs all around him, and now she was present. She needed to act on this, she may never get another opportunity to do so. Will froze, as did Beverly's hand. She kept her hand just barely touching Will's ribs, still under his thick sweater. It was just this extra pause of anticipation that bubbled up in Will's chest and he giggled sporadically when Beverly dug in. Will wiggled like a worm on a hook, unable to escape Beverly's hand.
"You're not a very good patient," Beverly teased and she introduced her other hand in the mix, all ten nails scratching and digging against Will's soft, tense skin. Will threw his head back as a louder laugh ripped through his lungs and he fell back onto the bed. It was very cute, Beverly couldn't lie.
"Beverly! B-Bev-- wahahait!" Will giggled away. He wasn't trying to shove at her attacking hands, nor really try to protect himself. It seemed all he was managing to do was wrap his arms loosely around his middle. Beverly was still able to access every curve and protrusion on Will's torso.
Beverly tried squeezing instead, and she latched onto both of Will's sides, allowing her thumbs to do most of the work digging into ticklish muscle. Will spasmed and he rolled side to side, his elbows pressing into his sides more now to try and lessen the sensation.
Will Graham's laugh was nothing like Beverly imagined. She didn't imagine it much, mind you, but she did think about it more than once. His laugh was deep and steady. Nothing she did really changed its pitch. Beverly scritched her hands to Will's belly and that's the first time Will reacted strongly to her tickling. He grabbed her wrists with his hands and tried pushing them out from under his shirt.
"Noho more, please," he giggled, face flushed red.
"You don't want a repeat physical?"
"More than anything, no."
Beverly shot her hands onto Will's belly again, even with him holding on, and she poked and clawed at anything she could. Will belted out more laughter. He snorted when Beverly scratched a nail around his bellybutton. When Will was snorting more than actually laughing, Beverly felt she betrayed him enough. She relinquished her ticklish hold on his bare skin and slipped her hands out from under his sweater. Will was panting on his bed, the tip of his nose having turned red from the fit of laughter.
"Is... Is it bad if I say I never want you as my doctor again?"
Beverly chuckled and she tucked hair that fell in her face behind her ear, "You're a pretty fun patient, I might have to recommend that we keep seeing each other."
Will smiled without provocation now and he sat up, "I really don't want to know how you're so good at that."
"Eldest child. Had a lot of practice."
Will looked at Beverly and his lips were quirked upwards. He had a friend in Beverly. It warmed his heart, almost more than the tickling warmed his body.
"Thank you for bringing me company. Just... don't tell anyone about... all of this."
Beverly smiled and she nudged Will's shoulder with her own playfully, "Wouldn't dream of it. Being ticklish definitely conflicts with your whole unstable, outsider persona."
"How so?"
Beverly considered it, "It makes you a little less different."
Will appreciated that statement. They sat in silence for a few extra seconds. One of the dogs jumped up onto the bed and made itself comfortable.
"I think I should take a look at that ankle now."
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OC Stats - Red
Tagged by @abstract-apocalypse again: Thank you!! I really like doing these!! 
tagging @southernstar-s​ , @charomiami​ , @tarberrymentats​ , @nukaworldnerd​ 
Face Claim: Like his great great great etc grandson, he’s too weird looking for a face claim. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Name: Edsel “Red" Jack Lincoln Euler  
Age: 20 during the beginning of Fallout 76, 205 in Fallout 4
Birthday: December 13th, 2082
Sun Sign: Sagittarius  
Height: 5’10
Species: Human, later on, Ghoul  
Gender: Cis male
Residence: Originally from Appalachia, born and raised, and remained there for most of his adult life. He only began traveling after his wife passed, but he always finds his way back home eventually.
Marital Status: Married to Lena Riggs. After becoming a ghoul, alive for so many years longer than she was and all that, he never remarried.
Alignment: Chaotic – just chaotic
Food: He loves to cook, but most everyone’s favorite thing of his is his opossum bacon. He really loves his Aunt Jolene’s pumpkin pie, and growing up on a peach orchard he could live off of peaches if he had to. He loves them.
Drink: He makes moonshine! He also loves coffee, which he absolutely doesn’t need, and mutfruit juice.
Day or night: Day, he wakes up extremely early so he can have a complete day to do anything. He also thinks sunrises are beautiful, even though it always makes him cry because it’s just TOO PRETTY  
Snacks: He really likes baked snacks, like cookies and cobbler and things like that. But while on the road, he will literally eat anything. Just like. Firecracker berries, while still exploding. Hot dogs found in a 25 year old vending machine. Rocks. Anything.
Pet: He does not have a pet, but his brother Eli has a pet squirrel that he absolutely hates because Eli gives it more attention than he gives him.
Color: Pink and purple, despite his nickname.
Flower: He loves all flowers, but particularly rhododendron. He would collect massive arm fulls of them to give to Lena, because she! Is so much more beautiful! Then all the flowers!! And so she needed them.
Sexuality: Lenasexual.  
Body Type: He likes to run and climb a lot, so he has toned legs and arms. Overall not particularly strong, kind of scrawny compared to his brother. Still says he is stronger than Elijah. Actually isn’t.
Eye color: Gray/hazel.  
Hair color: Very bright ginger red. Fades a lot once he becomes a ghoul, but he never loses it all.
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Gateway Drug | Part Thirty
Table of Content or Part Twenty-Nine
Pairing: Douglas Booth!Nikki Sixx x OC
Word Count: 4.3k
Warning(s): Language, Drug use, Mentions of abuse, Death
Tag List: @unknownoblivion @sinningsixx @edwardtriggerhandzz @lemmyjelly @haileynicoleseavey17 @cierrasixx19 @oskea93 @mgkobsessed @vamprlestat @sharon6713 @itsametaphorbriansblog @miriampraez @allie-mcginn @rebeccaphillips14 @nicholeh7 @fandomshit6000 @lilmou5ie @tamedhearts @divaanya @kingbouji3 @evrsncnewyork @6ixx6ixx @ratedrkohardychick91 @floregrohlssard @oldschoolimagineblog @thanks2pete @abaldboi @swoopygorl @justjodeye @liith-ium @caos18blog @ytwahsog @shamlessobsessions @scarecrowmax @toadspleen @random-internet-user-4471 @solohqrry @loveofmyloif @sparxx27 @kaitieskidmore1 @xpoisonousrosesx @ijustwanttokiss70srogertaylor @triplehaitches @emmaelizabeth2014
When your husband presents a week long vacation on a tropical island 3,875 miles away from your everyday civilization, it seems like an absolutely flawless plan.
Until your husband is so incoherent from drug binging the whole week prior to your trip that he can't even get his own bag packed...or hold much of a conversation.
I decided not to go, even though I'd be kinda miserable without him for a whole week, and left him and Robbin to it.
I didn't feel like taking a week to observe even more of Nikki's reckless habits.
My body's comfortably enveloped by warmth and pulsing jets that leave not an inch of tension in my body for the first time in months.
The only sound there is, is the bubbling of the hot tub as Tansy, Sharise, and I, treat ourselves to an entirely empty mansion while Nikki's away.
"This is great." Tansy vocalizes in a sigh, her sky blue eyes closed while her blonde bombshell waves are pinned on top of her head.
"No Vince screaming at the TV at a ball game, no aggravation out of boredom, no arguments..." Sharise exhales from her place in a lounging chair on the pool's deck.
"...No stepping on needles, no smell of booze or vomit. Just peace." I add in the same, relaxed tone.
"Viv!" Tommy blares from the back door.
"Baby!" Vince's voice follows.
"Tans!" Sparkie's next.
"If we ignore them, they'll go away." I mumble, the three of us not making any moves, pretending we can't hear them.
Once we hear their footsteps approaching on the concrete of the pool deck, I let out a groan.
"Why can't they be 3,875 miles away?" I ask myself aloud, picking my head up and looking at them. "What is it?" I ask them, pulling my sunglasses down my nose to look at them.
"Vince is having a party tonight." Tommy tells me excitedly.
"And?" I reply, smartly.
"And we want you guys to come." He tells me, nudging my arm with his boot. "Well, Sharise, you're already gonna be there, so, but Viv, Tansy, you need to come."
"Why on God's green Earth, would I voluntarily submerge myself in to a booze, drug, and sex obsessed enviroment?" I ask them.
"Well, you married Nikki, so it wouldn't be the first time you've done it." Tommy says cautiously and I glare at him.
"When is this party?" I sigh out, not feeling like arguing.
"Tonight." Vince tells us.
Tansy, Sharise, and I exchange looks.
"Fine." I agree.
A party I assumed would only last a night, went on for four days.
By day three, Nikki was waltzing through the door, Jack in hand, and a shit eating smirk as if he were home.
"Vince, why am I answering this?" I rub the bridge of my nose.
"Theologically, speaking, Viv." He slurs, from his spot on the couch. "Dream threesome. Two girls, two guys, a girl and a guy, whatever wets your pussy. Go." He shoots and I raise my brows.
"I don't know." I admit.
"Oh, come on!" He groans out, frustrated. "Forget you're married, Nikki Sixx doesn't exist in this parallel universe, you're not God fearing, you just have a shot to select your dream team threesome. Who're you choosing?"
"David Lee Roth, Joan Jett." I reply honestly.
"Really?" Vince sounds disappointed and I raise a brow.
"Were you expecting me to say you and someone else?" I question, knowing damn well he was.
Sharise raises her brows at Vince, daring him to say something and causing me, Tansy, Tommy, and Razzle to chuckle.
"Nope." He lies, smiling innocently at his pregnant wife.
"What about you, Tansly?" Razzle nudges her with his elbow, mispronouncing her name, as always.
She's corrected him more times than we can count, but she's stopped fixing him the past few weeks.
I think she's fond of the little pet name.
She blows smoke past her red lips, heeled feet on Sparkie's lap, as she thinks for a moment.
"Billy Idol, Lenny Kravits..." She says, her eyes falling on me. "And Viv."
I don't pay any attention to her suggestion because I know she's on a cocktail of coke, heroin and ludes, and I'm suprised she's even awake.
"Jesus, it's a threesome, Tans, not a orgy." Tommy laughs, taken by surprise.
"I have three perfectly good holes and a talented tongue. Go big or go home." She shrugs, putting out her cigarette.
Tansy talked a big game, but she despised group activities in terms of sex.
She would play her part if she was asked to join one, or if Sparkie suggested she put on a good show for his buddies, but she'd have to get stoned out of her mind, borderline comatose, in order to follow through with it.
One thing Nikki did right, even in his worst point on heroin, he always protected Tansy the best he could.
He turned on Sparkie like a rabid dog in the Summer of '87, after Tansy had to get stitches in her vagina because she passed out at a party she was throwing at her beach house, and Sparkie let his sick-fuck friends practically mutilate her by attempting to fit a Jack Daniels bottle into her unconscious body.
The bottle busted in their attempt and sliced her up so badly, some of the glass went through her and missed her left fallpian tube by the thickness of a quarter.
Tansy had us as her emergency contacts, and I was helping Sharise with Skylar when the hospital called our house and Nikki, being the only one home, answered and then came and picked me up.
The doctor explained it, and Nikki and I figured it was a kinky thing Tansy and Sparkie were trying out.
When she woke up after being repaired, she told Nikki the last thing she remembered before blacking out.
I remember coming back from the vending machine to see Nikki slamming Sparkie's head into the wall of the waiting room, screaming that he was going to "fucking kill him", getting in three good punches before I got him off of him.
Sparkie didn't press charges because he knew what he and his friends did to Tansy would have come out.
To her mom, the rest of Mötley Crüe, her friends, and her husband now, it was just a weird thing she tried out for pleasure and it didn't go too well.
I suppose if Sparkie were still alive, and Axl found out the truth of what really happened to his wife's reproductive system that was nearly jeopardized, he would track him down and finish what Nikki started that night.
I'm about to get up and go get some more water just as a familiar voice exclaims, "Honey, I'm home!"
Nikki's standing at the top of the stairs from the foyer, his arms exposed by his t-shirt turned tank top, his legs wrapped in black denim, arms open wide, Jack in his right hand, and his smile gleaming.
He must have had a really, really good trip.
He was surrounded by drugs, booze and topless women the whole time...he had fun.
I've gotten over being mad at him the past few days, and despite enjoying the quiet house, I've missed him.
Tommy's jumping over the couch, like a puppy seeing his owner return after a trip, nearly tackling him, and Nikki and him are both laughing excitedly to be back together to raise hell as the Terror Twins once more.
Once Tommy's had his turn, Nikki's pulling me into him, his arm looping around my neck as he pulls my lips to his.
I eagerly accept, our tongues dancing together.
"Aww." Tommy pipes.
"Get a room!" Vince orders from his place on the couch, over the loud music and chatter of his guests, sounding grossed out.
Nikki pulls away from me after a moment, smirking down at me before peppering my face in kisses, causing me to giggle.
"I've missed you." He tells me once he's done, squeezing me in a tight hug.
I'm kind of shocked he's admitting that, but I hug him equally as tight.
"Okay, cute, but now the real party starts." Vince cuts us up, handing Nikki a bindle of blow and his hazel eyes glitter that look he gets when he knows he's bound for trouble.
I went home that night to shower, recharge, and went back early the next morning to see almost everyone was still up from the night before, including Nikki.
Hanoi Rocks is passed out in the living room floor with half dressed women all over them. Tansy's naked and unconscious on the kitchen counter with Tommy, covered up with Tommy's jacket and a blanket Sharise drapped over her legs.
Sparkie's still up with Nikki and Vince, and Mick is asleep and minding his own business in one of the guest bedrooms.
I'm stepping over strangers that are littered on the floor, and sitting next to Nikki on his spot of the couch, closing my eyes and leaning my head against his bicep as he and Vince talk about the upcoming album.
He doesn't skip a beat as he goes on about the concept he wants for the cover, lifting the arm I'm resting on to wrap it around me, and lean back, allowing me to lay on his chest.
I curl my legs close to me to lay down on the couch and take up his silent offer, wrapping my arm around his abdomen, and drifting off.
Nikki was very affectionate and sweet when he wanted to be back then.
I wake up around the same time everyone else does, 8:00 at night.
Vince showers and changes clothes while me and Sharise clean up around people because the house is a wreck.
By the time we're done, Nikki's waking up from where he was passed out on the couch with me, and rubbing his eyes.
Mick's even joined the party, too, and I also notice that Tom Zutaut is here as well.
"Draw four." Tansy tells Razzle as she's criss-cross-applesauce at my feet as she and him are using the coffee table to play Uno.
"Wait a minute, I don't wanna draw four." Razzle argues with her.
"Razz, you gotta. It's how you play the game." She explains and he scoffs.
"You ain't gotta tell me how to play the game, I know very well how to play Uno. It's Uno. Uno means 'one'. Why fuck would I draw four when the game is called 'one'?" He asks her, his accent adding humor to his slightly booze induced argument.
"The game's called 'Uno' because whoever has only one card left, is closest to winning." Mike explains, brushing his fluffy blonde hair from his face.
"That's a bit stupid, isn't it?" Razzle replies. "Life's like one big fucking game of Uno. You're dealt more than what you were under the impression of getting when you signed up to bloody play to begin with."
He draws his four cards as Tansy and I try not to laugh.
"It's a game, Razz." I chuckle out, glancing to my right to see Nikki strategically lining coke up in the shape of a cross.
He glances at me to gauge my reaction and I raise an unamused brow as he just throws a wink at me before snorting it.
Mick sits down next to Nikki and I, sighing out in pain.
"God damn." He mumbles and Tommy and I exchange looks.
"You okay there, Mick?" Tommy asks him.
"Yeah. My back hurts from carrying this tour." Mick replies smartly, causing all of us to laugh.
Once Nikki's snorted his blow, he takes the paper he rolled into a straw and licks the remains of white powder off it.
I pretend not to notice his desperate attempt to get every bit of it in his system.
"Mick." Nikki says, nudging Mick, motioning to Vince who's getting friendly with a pretty blonde girl, obviously with ulterior motives in mind. "Hey, are you in the band?" Nikki mimics what he assumes the girl is saying to Vince.
"What do you fuckin' think?" Mick replies mimicking Vince and once again, we're all cackling.
Sharise is now standing next to Vince as he introduces her to the other woman.
"Have you met my wife Sharise? Do you wanna have a threesome?" Tom jokes next, mocking Vince's voice like Mick did but goofier sounding and it's like someone cut the track on a record.
Even Tansy turns around to shoot daggers at him along with Nikki and I.
"Tom, what the fuck is wrong with you man?" Nikki asks sternly, taking him off guard. "She's fucking pregnant, man." He motions to her. "That's fucked up."
It's obvious Tom feels guilty for saying it, but Nikki's suddenly laughing and hitting him in the shoulder. "No, I'm just fucking with you, man. I'm just fucking with you." Nikki assures him and Tom lets out a sound of relief and laughs. "But don't be a fucking dick." He sternly says again, serious this time, pointing at him. "Look at her, she's fucking pregnant, man."
"Don't be a dick, Zutaut." Mick advises, crossing his hands over his chest and laying down.
"Alright, sorry." Tom mumbles as Nikki picks his bottle of Jack back up.
"I win!" I hear Razzle yell, his arms raised in victory, cigarette hanging from his lips. "Choke on that you fuckin'..." he trails off, trying to think of an insult to jokingly throw at Tansy and she just blinks at him, waiting to hear it. "...I can't think of anything because you're perfect and I don't want to plant any bad seeds in your mind so I'll just except the money you owe me and we'll leave it at that." He decides aloud and Tansy reaches for her purse and pulls out fifty dollars.
"A dollar for the number of rounds it's taken you to finally beat me." She hands it to him.
They've been playing Uno ever since he arrived the first night of this party, four days ago.
He's worked hard for this single win.
I would've appreciated his wide, proud smile as he tucked the cash into his pocket, if I had known it would have been the last time I ever got to see it.
"Tans, can you grab something from my trunk?" Nikki asks about an hour later, digging in his pocket for his keys and she nods.
"Can I drive your car?" She raises her brows, smiling innocently.
"With what license?" He counters.
"Touché." She replies taking the keys from him, and he mumbles in her ear what he needs and she nods, stepping out.
Razzle and Tommy flip through Tansy's Miss December issue, each of them holding it open, discussing the girls like food critics pointing out good and bad elements of a dish.
"Is it just me, or does Tansly have a birthmark shaped like a saxophone on her bum?" Razzle points at something, I assume Tansy's ass.
"She does." Me, Tommy, Vince, Nikki and Sparkie, all reply at the same time and look at each other, before they look at me.
"How do you know that?" Vince asks, suggestively, and I cross my arms.
"We see each other naked all the time." I explain, plucking the magazine from Tommy and Razzle. "Not to mention her ass is plastered in almost every issue."
Tansy's coming back with Nikki's keys in no time, handing them off to him, before handing him a brown paper bag I know has gear in it.
"Viv, can you go get me some food?" Sharise asks me politely and I ignore Nikki dismissing himself to the bathroom, Tansy following, as I look up at her. "I'm having a craving." She adds and I nod.
"What do I need to get you?"
I'll be honest, when she gave me specific instructions to go to Dairy Queen, get chilli cheese fries and a swirl of vanilla icecream on top of them, I was judging.
But when I was knocked up...I was eating fried mozarella sticks with peanut butter, hot wings with watermelon, mustard with club crackers, and white peas with mayonaise.
"Ew..." I mumble, coming down the road, the smell of chilli and vanilla not mixing well as the odor continues to stain Nikki's corvette.
I look down at the cupholder to grab my Pepsi, and I look back up, about to meet the back of a car that's stopped dead in the tracks of a car pile up.
"Fuck!" I say harshly, my feet hounding the break, the tires squealing to a hault last minute, missing the car in front of me by inches.
I take a few deep breaths, hearing ambulance sirens blaring past me.
My hand opens the door, my brows furrowed slightly.
Traffic is now stopped on both sides, and I shut the door, looking towards the accident up the road.
Others are getting out of their cars, checking on each other, I don't think anyone is this particular pile up is badly injured.
"What's the matter?!" A man a few cars behind shouts out.
A woman about ten cars ahead turns to look in my direction, able to see the problem better in the night.
"Car wreck!" She replies and I let out a breath, relieved I know it's not Nikki.
Tears come to my eyes.
"Oh, God, be with them, please." I mumble, wiping my eyes.
"Some hot shot in a sports car!" Another man ahead of me pipes.
A heavy feeling that weighs my soul down invades my body.
"W-What kind of car is it?!" I ask him over the sound of more people getting out of their cars and talking.
"...Uh, Pantera, I think!" The second the words leave his mouth, something in me tells me to run.
My heels are lost to the pavement as I take off as fast as my bear feet and legs will take me, turning the bend to see Vince's red Pantera, completely crumpled on the passenger side, while the other car involved in the collision is in startling shape as well.
I see Vince sitting on the curb, cut up, blood smattering his hands and clothes.
His blonde hair is covering his face as he shakes, his arms wrapped around his ankles...rocking back and forth, a cry of the deepest fear evading him.
I'm skidding to my knees when I get to him, ignoring the sharp pain shooting through my skin at the action.
"Vince, are you okay?" I ask him frantically, making him look up at me.
He looks so disoriented.
I smell alcohol on him without even trying to.
"I—I...Razzle and I—"
"—Razzle? Razzle was with you?" I try to stay calm, seeing police pulling up to join the ambulances and firetrucks.
"It came outta nowhere...I..." He trails off.
"Vince, where's Razzle?" I ask, starting to panic.
No answer.
"Where's Razzle, Vince?" I repeat, tears filling my eyes.
"He fell asleep, they got him out." He tells me, nearly incoherently, and I look around frantically to see if Razzle is anywhere to be seen.
I only see one of his high-top Chuck Taylor's sitting in the middle of the glass and blood painted pavement.
"Viv?!" Tommy's voice is panicked, probably thinking I was apart of the accident.
I turn to see him, Sharise, the party guests...
Vince's house is just up the road, they probably heard the commotion.
The guests are gawking at the accident with the people caught in the stopped traffic, while Sharise and Tommy are coming towards us.
"Ma'am, I'm gonna ask you to get away from the suspect." A police officer is saying, pulling me up and I furrow my brows.
"Suspect of what?" I demand sharply, seeing another officer approach Vince with a breathalizer.
"Possibly three murders. Depending on how good the doctors are." He replies blatantly and my heart sinks to my stomach.
I allow him to lead me away, seeing Vince being pushed into the back of a police car while the doors of the ambulances are shut, Razzle in one of them.
I turn to look forward, my eyes catching on Michael, Andy, Nasty, and Sami, now moved to the front of the crowd, the various shades of red, blue and white lights reflecting in their glassy eyes.
Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley was declared dead after nearly three hours in surgery, with surgeons that tried everything they could.
Waiting in complete silence with Tommy, Sharise, and four members of a band who were waiting to hear their drummer would be okay, only for a doctor to come out covered in blood, speaking the words, "your buddy Razzle didn't make it," completely broke something in me, that still has yet to be repaired, and probably won't ever be until I see him again.
I held it together as long as I could while Tommy, Sharise, and the remaining members of Hanoi Rocks went through a roller coaster of emotions before I decided I needed to make a getaway.
"Where you going?" Tommy asks me, sniffling as I stand up, grabbing my purse and my jacket.
"Getting Nikki and Tansy." I tell him.
"Well...they were passed out when we all left." He tells me and I let out a breath.
"I'll go check on them." I mumble.
It's obvious to him that I'm avoiding being here, and he gently grasps my hand.
"Viv, it's gonna be alright." He assures me even though it sounds like he's trying to convince himself.
I want to say: "Hanoi Rocks and Mötley Crüe are done with. Razzle's dead. Vince will get sent to prison. Everything Michael, Andy, Nasty, Sami, Razzle, Nikki, Mick, Vince, and you have worked your asses off for, is gone. It's not alright, and it won't be for a long, long time."
But I just give him my best smile and nod, and head for the car.
I got back to Vince's, taking Sharise with me. She was terrified. There she was, pregnant, promised the world by the man she loved and trusted...and he fucked it up and screwed her over.
"Sharise, I know it's a lot, but you gotta calm down." I tell her softly as we park in the driveway.
She's been sobbing ever since the doctor announced Razzle's death.
"I don't know what he expects me to do with this!" She outbursts, her eyes screwed shut as what's left of her makeup runs down her puffy, tear soaked face. "I don't know what to do, Vivian, I don't know what to...oh, God..." Another sob rocks through her as her hand is grasping mine as tight as it can, her knuckles turning white.
I love Vince. I love Tommy. I love Nikki. But they were pros at dealing their significant others fucked up cards, leaving us to pick up the pieces, accept the consequences of their actions—because they sure as fuck never accepted consequences for themselves—and repair whatever it was that they broke.
I go inside to find Nikki and Tansy, stumbling upon them in a guest bedroom, needles scattered, coke and heroin among them, and they're knocked out.
They don't know what they're going to wake up to.
I leave them in whatever high bliss they have left to escape to before reality hits them like a train.
Sharise insists on being alone to "think a lot of shit through."
I just need a fucking place to fall apart.
I could go home, but I don't like being by myself, especially not like this.
Robbin's probably in the same blacked out state as Nikki and Tansy...
But I know who isn't.
Looking back, this is probably the seed that grew it all.
The second the cheaply painted door swings open to reveal a half-awake Duff, in nothing but boxers, rubbing at his sleep filled eyes.
"V-Viv?" He asks, confused. "What're you doing here?"
Tears topple from my eyes and he seems to wake up quickly.
"Viv, what's wrong?"
It hits me at once.
A wave of grief.
My aunt, my two babies, Razzle, Hanoi Rocks, and Mötley Crüe's future...all dead.
A cry cracks past my lips as pain radiates through my chest, causing the muscles to tense and tighten, constricting against my heart as if attempting to protect it.
The sheer weight of all of it—such incredible people losing their bandmate, Vince sitting in a cell knowing he has one of his friend's blood on his hands, the fact that Nikki will wake up eventually and find the dream he had for his band is in shambles, the thought of Razzle's family and friend's getting the phone call that the only way he's coming back home is to be laid to rest—brings me to my knees.
Arms are wrapping around me before I can fall, guiding me into the apartment lit by a dim lamp in the corner, before the door shuts and we're both brought to the floor.
My head aches as more despair is vented out in tears and near shrieks, muffled by the bare skin of his chest.
He doesn't ask anymore questions, he just holds me tightly to him, rocking soothingly, his long legs splayed on either side of me as he keeps mumbling, "I'm sorry."
It doesn't take long before I'm hearing his voice crack thickly, holding back his own tears.
It was the first heart break of many in which my own husband was too fucked up to even know what was going on, or too pissed off at me to give a fuck, leaving Duff to step up and be what Nikki couldn't.
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dingojingojango · 3 years
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23510692/chapters/56381029
Just as he suspected, Revali spent much of the day lagging behind everyone else. He didn’t speak unless he was expected to respond, his head somewhere in the ether, asking himself over and over why he came. On the outside, he presented cool and aloof, but on the inside he was spiraling through the updraft of his emotions. He did his best to ignore his thoughts about the day before, but the more he tried, the more his brain seemed to want to betray him. His thoughts were so preoccupied, he didn’t even think about his disdain for Link, not once!
Mipha appeared to be getting on just fine, however. Several times she made playful conversation with Daruk and Urbosa, and stopped to pet the dog of a Hylian man that Revali couldn’t help but notice seemed a bit overly interested in her. She looked to be in a much better mood than he was at least. It was hard for him to know if she was still upset with him or not. Though he was pretty sure he knew the answer.
Now, he was soaking in the hot spring, boiling alive. Or at least, that’s how he liked to imagine it. He definitely would have been if one of the travelers at the foothills of Eldin Canyon hadn’t taken pity on him and given away their Chilly Elixir. Revali practically collapsed in front of everyone. He couldn’t believe he was so distracted that he didn’t think to bring any of his own elixirs before heading out toward Death Mountain! Ritos were not built for this climate—he was made for the snow, not hell-on-earth. How embarrassing. He wondered if Mipha took any sort of pleasure in watching him fall to his knees like he did. As he contemplated the scenario, he sat still in the hot spring with his eyes closed, letting the water penetrate his feathers.
“You’re offly quiet today,” A familiar gruff voice bulldozed his trance.
Revali opened an eyelid half-way to see Daruk leaned over from the pool of water next to him, returning from visiting his fellow “brothers.”
“It’s hot,” Revali responded simply.
“Ha-ha! It’s actually pretty cool out right now! Oh, speaking of which, how are you feeling?” 
Revali assumed he was referring to his little fainting incident. “Better.” 
“Good,” Daruk smiled. “You know, I’m actually really glad you came with us.”
Revali opened his eyes fully.
“I thought you might decide to leave and fly home or something, but I’m glad we get to spend time together as a group,” He continued. “Of course little guy and the princess aren’t here, but that’s okay. Urbosa had a great idea too for later, if you’re still feeling like hanging with us.”
Revali gave the idea some thought. He looked across the hot spring at Mipha sunken in the water next to Urbosa, with only the top of her head visible and her eyes closed. “We’ll see,” he responded vaguely. 
He kept wondering if perhaps now was a good time to try and speak with Mipha. With all of this future activity, he wasn’t sure if he’d get the chance later. The longer he waited the more awkward he felt it might be. Ultimately, he decided he’d had enough. It was time to get this over with.
Revali slowly rose from the water. “Would you excuse me for a second,” He said to Daruk without facing him. As soon as Revali placed his talons back on the dry earth, a small rock came rolling across his path. It stopped and unfurled, revealing a goron child. The rito was making his way across the designated walkway, over to Mipha when he heard a tiny voice call out, “Hey! Hey, you!”
Revali stopped and turned his head to the left. The goron child was staring at him. 
“Yes?” Revali responded reluctantly.
“Are you a bird?”
Revali felt a sting of insult from this asinine question. But, this was merely a child, so he let it pass. “No… not exactly. I’m a Rito. Believe it or not, there’s actually a difference, despite the similarities–”
“You look like a bird,” The child cut him off. “Like a giant bird.” 
The rito exhaled to find his patience. “Again, I can see how you might make that mistake, but–” 
“I’ve never seen a giant bird before,” The child cut him off a second time, now walking up to Revali. The little goron reached out to touch his feathers. Revali was so taken off guard by the child’s forthright nature, he remained frozen as the tiny goron lifted his wing over his head.
“Looks like you’ve made a friend,” he heard Daruk say behind him. Revali turned his beak back to see him chuckling. 
“I don’t…” Revali muttered, shaking his head at Daruk, unsure what to do with this child and hoping desperately his goron colleague would come to his rescue.
“Show him something cool!” Another voice rang.
Revali swiveled his head forward again. Urbosa called out to him from where Mipha was. “We all know how you love to show off,” She added.
Mipha was watching now too, her head out of the water. She was… smiling? “Yes, show him your gale!” 
Mipha actually just spoke to him. She hadn’t said a word in his direction all day until now. Wasn’t she still angry? There was no way she’d forgiven him that easily. He hadn’t even had a chance to speak with her yet. Still, there she was, showing him mercy by offering a solution to the situation he found himself in with this child. He glanced down at the young goron again.
“Can you fly!?” The child asked enthusiastically.
Amongst being with the other champions, and spending so much time at his village where everyone already knew him, it was refreshing to be revered again through a new pair of small, beady eyes. Perhaps this was exactly what Revali needed to lift his spirits. He couldn’t help but grin. 
“I can do more than fly...” He said. 
The goron kid began jumping up and down. “Oh, show me, show me!”
Revali pretended to think about it. “Hmm, I dunno…. I don’t think you really want to see.”
“I do! I wanna see you fly! Lemme see you fly!”
“Mmmm… and how do we ask?” He teased as he playfully rubbed the underside of his beak.
The Goron child gave it some thought then beamed. “Lemme see you fly, right now!”
Revali looked at the child as if he was now seriously considering showing him jack shit. 
“Revali… don’t be an ass” He could hear Urbosa scold him from the sidelines.
He shot the woman a look before addressing the little one. “Yes, yes, alright. Back up.” Revali waved his wing at the kid as he took a couple steps backward. “Prepare to be amazed,” he declared as he dramatically fanned out his wings. 
He bent down low to the ground and laid out his wings, concentrating. He’d managed to get his gale to work ninety-five percent of the time, but there was still that five percent chance of failure that his perfectionism would never let him forget. All eyes were on him, including those of a certain Zora princess. He couldn’t fuck this up.
“Please, just let me have this… ” He prayed to himself.
In a matter of seconds, the wind swirled around Revali, creating his famed updraft. He leaped into it, soaring and ascending, steadying himself in the eye of the whirlwind until he reached its peak. He spread his wings wide and circled the hotsprings below, spinning in the air. He could hear the cheering from the little goron down below. The cooler air in the sky felt so good he considered for a brief moment not coming back down.
Eventually however, he did. He made a graceful landing, gently touching down in front of the child. Proud, he stood straight with his wings crossed and his chest puffed out. 
“Woweee-wow-WOW! That was awesome!” The child ran in circles with his little chunky arms extended, mimicking Revali’s soaring. 
The rito glanced at Mipha, hoping she was watching. Her head was back in the water with her eyes closed again. Did she even see him? 
“Aw man, I wish I could fly,” The kid bemoaned. “Oh! I got an idea. You should let me ride your wings!”
Ride!?  What did this kid take him for? Some sort of sky-horse? Revali looked down at the pebble with so much incredulous displeasure, the little rock-child might have burst into dust. 
“Hey, Little one, that’s enough bothering the nice Rito.” Daruk finally interjected. Revali looked at him thankfully and received a wink and a smile. “What’s your name anyway?”
“Crag!” The kid bellowed. “Hey, I know who you are. Your name’s Daruk!”
“Ha-ha! That’s right.” 
Just like that, Crag’s attention was diverted. He rolled over to Daruk and began asking him all sorts of questions about the gigantic divine beast he kept atop the mountain. 
Suddenly feeling more confident than he had in the last twenty-four hours, Revali figured now was the perfect opportunity to approach Mipha. He had to ride this high while he still could. He was a proud Rito. He could soar like the wind itself. He was a master archer and the greatest winged warrior to grace this earth! He wasn’t afraid of confrontation. If she hated him, he was certain he could take any blow she could deliver.
He approached the pool of water where Mipha was soaking, knowing he’d have to interact with the barrier named Urbosa. And of course, she was the first to greet him. 
“Aw, what's the matter,” She asked mockingly. “Didn’t want to give the kid one little ride on your wings?”
Revali looked at her with a deadpan expression. “No. I’m afraid I’m too much of an ass.”
Urbosa grinned. “At least you know.”
Revali half-rolled his eyes. “As delightful as it would be to banter with you, I came over here on other business.” He turned his attention to the zora princess. “Mipha… could I have a word?”
Mipha lifted her head from the water. “Of course,” She said pleasantly. 
Revali glanced at Urbosa. “In private.” 
“Oh, you want me to leave?” She asked as if she had no such intention.
Revali opened his mouth to respond, but was cut short by Mipha. “That’s quite alright, Urbosa,” she said as she rose from the pool. “I don’t mind going for a walk.”
“Are you sure, Mipha?” Urbosa asked, with much more concern in her voice. 
“Yes, it’s fine. I should be alright.” She stood up completely, addressing Revali, “As long as it doesn’t take too long. Let’s walk this way, shall we.” She began to walk down the main path. 
Revali took one final look at Urbosa before turning up his beak at her. 
He and Mipha walked quietly side-by-side until they were out of view of the hot springs. Revali had his wings behind his back while Mipha had her own hands clasped in front of her. He was busy looking up, while her eyes looked toward the ground. With the cold colors of his blue and white feathers walking next to her warm, reddish-pink skin, they couldn’t have been more contrasting. Surprisingly, she was first to break the silence.
“So… what did you want to speak to me about?” She asked without looking up at him.
Here we go, Revali thought to himself. He took a deep breath. “I wanted to discuss yesterday’s… incident.”
She remained silent.
“It’s just… I realize I may have lost my temper and said some things that might have been a bit… rude. And, well,” he chuckled ironically, “you left before I could really explain myself.”
“I didn't think there was much left to say. Seemed like you’d made your point.” She suddenly sounded despondent, which made him uneasy. He could tell now she had been putting up a front the entire day. If his confidence were a glass of water, it was pouring out, fast. This might have been a mistake. Why was apologizing so hard?
“It’s this whole champions thing,” He carried on, making excuses instead. “it isn’t easy for me–not that being a champion is difficult,” he quickly corrected himself. “I mean, our skills aren’t really even being put to use. All we’re meant to do is pilot our divine beasts and serve as back-up for someone else who gets to fight Ganon, all because a magic metal stick said so. Don’t you find that at least a little bit frustrating?”
Mipha was silent for another moment before speaking. “Not really. I’m just glad to be able to help in any way I can. And if that means piloting a divine beast just to back Link up, then that’s what I’ll do.” 
Of course she wouldn’t comprehend his point of view. After all, she was in love with the chosen knight. 
Mipha stopped walking and turned to Revali. “What I don’t understand—or rather, what I want to understand—is why you feel like you have to prove yourself to everyone.”
That was an interesting question. One he had never thought to ask himself. He didn’t know why. He just… had to. So many times his fate had been pre-determined by someone or another. It was said he likely wouldn’t live when he was found as an egg, alone in the cold. He was told he couldn’t fly right when his growth was behind the other children. He was told he was too small to use the Great Eagle bow he has now mastered. He was told creating one's own updraft was impossible when he refused to believe it. All his life he had to prove others wrong, so perhaps that was the reason. He didn’t want to be the poor boy everyone took pity on. He didn’t want to be substandard, and he certainly didn’t want to be ordinary. He wanted to be exceptional. 
But there was no reason for him to disclose all of that to her. He doubted she would understand anyway, given her royal upbringing. Revali turned to face Mipha. “You were chosen as a champion because you have a special healing ability, yes?”
Mipha nodded.
“Daruk was chosen for his innate shield. Just like Urbosa was chosen as champion for her powerful lightning fingers,” He said, as he fluttered his own fingers. “And I bet their standing as leaders didn’t hurt either. With all that in mind, why do you think I was chosen?”
“Because you’re the best warrior among your people,” she answered.
“Correct. But things didn’t turn out that way by accident. I wasn’t chosen because I have some magic ability I was born with. Hell, depending on who you ask, I’m not even the leader of my village. No, I was chosen because I worked my tail off to be the best warrior among my people.”
His tone shifted to cynical. “And how was Link chosen?” He asked rhetorically. “By a damn sword.”
Mipha didn’t speak. She looked away from Revali, into the distance. 
He was mostly speaking for himself now. “To work hard your whole life just to be looked over for someone who was practically handed the position of being the chosen one… it’s infuriating. So, while I appreciate your earnest efforts, you’ll have to excuse me for stating that it's something you couldn’t possibly understand.” 
Mipha continued to stare at nothing in particular. “You’re right. I can’t understand what you’ve been through. And I’m not going to pretend that I do.” She said softly. “But I’d like to share something with you. I haven’t been able to speak to anyone else about this…” she began.
Revali gave her his full attention.
“You already know that Link and I have history… and that I do have feelings for him,” she continued.
Revali listened as she spoke, though to this point, he didn’t need any reminding. 
“But you probably don’t know he was really different when I first met him.” She continued to stare at the ground. “True, he was a small child in Hylian years, but he used to be so lively. So talkative. So silly…  so happy…” Her voice trailed off. “It wasn’t until he got that sword that he changed into the silent knight you now know.” She looked up at Revali.
“I don’t think you want the burden that sword has brought him.”
Revali mulled over her words. He saw no reason not to believe her. Makes sense the knight would have changed due to his destiny of sealing Calamity Ganon. He must have felt the weight of the world when he was told its fate literally depended on his success. Revali hadn’t considered this. Even someone as confident as he was realized, that was heavy stuff. To have the pressure of so many others depend on him… he felt similarly amongst the people in his village. Wow, was he actually comparing Link to himself? God forbid.
“Perhaps not,” he replied. “But I do wish I at least got the chance to prove I could do exactly what he gets the honor of doing.”
“And you think fighting with him is the only way to achieve that?” Mipha asked.
Before Revali could respond, the high pitched falling sound of a projectile could be heard heading in their direction. He tilted his head up with bird-like precision and saw a flaming boulder routed straight for them! Instinctively, he wrapped his wings around Mipha and took her into a tumble with him on the ground, rolling them both out of harm's way. The boulder exploded onto the surrounding rocks where they had been standing.
Mipha was startled, barely realizing what just happened. Another high-pitch whine of a falling boulder could be heard. Revali grabbed her arm and pulled her behind the safety of a large rock protruding from the ground. They peeked out from behind their hiding place and sure enough, they saw a Rock Octorok swiveling around. 
“Ugh. Annoying,” Revali breathed.
“I wish I had my trident…” Mipha started looking around. She’d left her weapon back at the springs. “Maybe there’s a drill shaft around here somewhere… Nnngh…” She released a groan as she held her head in her hand.
“You alright?” Revali asked.
“Yes… I’m just feeling a little dehydrated. I think I need to get back to the hot springs.”
Too bad the octorok was in their path. Another flaming boulder crashed in their direction. There was no way they’d be able to get past it without getting hit. Well, no way for Mipha to anyway. Revali realized he’d have to take it out from the other side. Good thing he at least remembered to bring a metal bow with him. “Wait here,” He instructed her.
She watched as he crept away and flew up into the air with his gale. He circled the Octorok until he was on the other side of the now unassuming and unprotected beast, still facing where Mipha was. As he lowered himself to aim, he forgot completely where he was, because without thinking, he pulled out a singular bomb arrow. 
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The moment he released the arrow from the protection of his quiver…  His realization of what he had just done… The arrow’s explosive ingredients collided with the blistering heat of Death Mountain, detonating it right in front of him before he could even finish uttering the words, “Oh, shi–”
He was blasted back, hitting the ground hard until he tumbled to a smokey stop, some of his feathers trailing behind. 
Mipha watched it all happen. The octorok’s attention was now on Revali as it spun around away from her. While it began sucking in rocks to spit at him, she seized her opportunity and ran up behind it, brandishing a large rock of her own. Using all the energy she could muster, she spun around and gave it one good wack to it’s backside, sending it to its demise. But not before it could shoot one final flaming bullet.
Revali was just getting on his feet again when he got blasted by the rock. He cried out in pain and fell back, sliding even further away, almost teetering off the edge of the sweltering cliffside.
With the octorok taken care of, Mipha ran to Revali and rolled him over. He moaned in pain as she inspected his wounds. “Bomb arrows… fire… so stupid…” He muttered. Even in critical condition, he still found the energy to berate himself for his lack of focus. He was not on his game today at all. Everything had been blowing up in his face so much, it was beginning to look like a curse. His left side was singed really badly, exposed, burnt, and bloody. 
Mipha wasn’t feeling quite one-hundred percent, but she had to try and heal him, or else. She breathed and held her hands out over his wounds. Concentrating, as she usually did when activating her abilities, she thought about all the things that brought her joy… her father, her little brother’s smile…  the safety of her people… yes, she was starting to feel it. Then she thought about Link… 
Suddenly, the feeling faded. That was the opposite of what was supposed to happen. Something was wrong. She couldn’t feel any power flowing through her. There was nothing happening. Why was nothing happening? She tried harder to focus on her feelings for the knight. 
Still nothing. 
This usually worked. It always worked. Why wasn’t it working?
“No, no, please…” She pleaded. Revali was starting to lose consciousness. She began to panic, tears welling up in her eyes. She touched his wounds with her bare hands and tried again. Still, no healing. She began contemplating getting Daruk and Urbosa, but would it really matter? There was nothing they could do either. She was supposed to be the healer. But she couldn't do her job and now Revali was going to… 
“Revali? Revali! Stay with me!” She grabbed his face with her bloody palms and turned it toward her. His eyes were barely open. She fell over and embraced him. 
“Please… please… don’t die…”
Suddenly afraid she might actually lose him, thoughts flooded her mind about the first time she saw him miss a shot and how silly he was talking to himself. The thought made her want to giggle through the tears. She thought about when she asked him to give her archery lessons and the confidence he tried to inspire. She did so admire his effortless confidence. She thought of how he tried, in his own way, to comfort her when she had no one else to talk to. How he knew about her feelings even when she never told him, and how despite his tendency to speak brashly, he never disclosed those feelings to Link or princess Zelda. She realized he was currently the closest thing she had to a friend right now… and she was about to lose him. 
As Mipha weeped over him, Light began to illuminate Revali’s blasted side. She sat up, still holding him, and placed her hand over his wounds. She began laughing past her tears out of a mix of joy and relief. Her powers came back! She stayed in that position until the damage was fully mended, wondering if perhaps the dehydration had some effect over her powers.
Once his wounds were repaired, Revali groaned and blinked, turning his head to look at her. “Oh… man…. I really blew it, didn’t it?”
Mipha stared at him before realizing he just made an awful pun. She released a giggle that turned into full blown laughter. Honestly, she wasn’t sure if it was because of his bad joke or the lightheadedness from the dry heat affecting her, but she found it hard to stop. “Were you coming up with that this whole time I was trying to heal you?”
Revali simply smiled at his own joke. 
“You’re ridiculous,” she told him.
His smile faded as he looked her in the eye. “I wasn’t just talking about the arrow.”
She stared back at him.
Revali looked away shamefully. “I… I never meant what I said yesterday…I do care. About… you know.”
Mipha sighed. “I think we both said things that were meant to be hurtful. I got defensive. And so did you.” She smiled at him. “Let’s just forget about it. Water under the bridge.”
He stared at her, trying to muster the courage to say, “Thanks… for sa–”
Mipha held his beak shut with her hand. “No need to thank me,”
He returned her smile, though the moment was cut short by the call of a familiar gerudo voice.
“Well, isn’t this a pretty picture!” 
Mipha turned around to see Urbosa and Daruk standing in the path back to the hotspring. Realizing he was still laid out in front of Mipha, Revali sat up with a quickness. 
“If you guys wanted to be alone, you could've at least told us where you were going,” Daruk added, sounding like a worried father. “We didn’t know where you went!”
“We heard explosions and when you two didn’t come back, we thought you might be in trouble.” Urbosa explained. “But I can see now, that must have been the opposite of the situation.” She finished her sentence with one eyebrow cocked.
“Please," Revali sneered. He leaped up from the ground, trying to hide his embarrassment with his usual snobbish disposition. "This is NOT what it looks like.” 
Mipha stood up as well. “No, no. Absolutely not.”
“Whatever you say,” Urbosa gibbed.
“Well, we’re glad you two are okay. Anyway, we should all start heading back to Central Hyrule if we wanna catch the princess.” Daruk commanded.
He and Urbosa started back towards the hot springs. Revali glanced at Mipha before he followed. He took a few steps, then stopped, turning back to the zora girl. He leaned toward her, holding up a feathered finger as if he was about to make a demand.
“Oh and uh… by the way,” He spoke in a low tone. “That whole thing I did with the bomb arrow…”
“Never happened,” Mipha finished his sentence sweetly as she walked by him. 
He retracted his finger, surprised by her response as he watched her go. Continuing on behind her, a tiny smirk crept onto his face. 
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