bonebrokebuddy · 1 day
So, my favorite canon explanation for the continued design choice of the brightass yellow bat symbol on Batman’s chest as the suit has gotten darker and darker is that it’s a target.
If a criminal has a gun and a massive black shadow comes at them, in their fright they’re going to probably shoot at the bright yellow target in the center of Batman’s chest, the purposefully most armored piece of his suit rather than blindly shooting at weaker areas of his armor, like the joints. It gives the criminals something to point and shoot at that’s not civilians or weak points in his armor.
But here’s the thing.
The utility belt is also yellow.
So, going with that logic:
He want them to shoot at he dick?!
Is that what he wants?
He dick be shot?
Why he want shot his dick?
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lethalhedgehogs · 2 days
Hnnnngh hurt/comfort?! Yes please 🥺
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My digital handwriting is awful no matter how hard I try.
I feel like this needs an epilogue, and when I think of a good one, I'll update the post! But I figured this would work for now.
I have it in my head that they're 26 when they get sent to the Mushroom Kingdom, and in terms of big events, SPM doesn't happen until they're at least 35
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non-un-topo · 1 day
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iseelie · 3 days
wah !
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hehe bee-shwammy
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eidolons-stuff · 1 day
Ajax: "Are you sure? Enid is really nice. I can't imagine she actually likes hanging out with you"
Xavier: "Ok, I don't think that's cool to say"
Wednesday: "No need to defend my honour against a weak opponent"
Ajax: "Weak?! All because I'm telling the truth?"
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kokodrawings · 13 hours
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Remember that Kakashi drawing I did ages ago where ANBU members wear masks from Japanese folklore? Well, I needed a Minato version in my life so I sketched it this morning 💖
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three--rings · 3 days
ALSO ALSO (I'm sorry for shotgun whale-posting) the amazing thing about Moby Dick at this point is that RIGHT up until this point it's been an almost entirely straightforward narrative with a strict POV and strong narrator voice.
Even the long asides into scientific whale facts have been delivered from the same point of view.
He tells his intent and his story and swears the entire crew into a vengeance quest, at the risk of their lives.
And suddenly the narrative BREAKS. The POV shatters. We get no narrator, we get no narration. We get a series of inner thoughts, as if a telepath was suddenly overhearing them. It's thrown into theatrical format and more poetic than usual. We meet a cast of characters. Ishmael isn't anywhere in them.
And in Ch 44 it has returned to narration, but the POV is still broken, it's still a sudden omniscient narrator watching Ahab. And then it breaks into second person, addressing him.
This reminds me of the incredible moment in the Hitchcock movie Psycho, when after (uh spoiler for 1960's Psycho) the so-far apparent main character, who we have been following in tight POV from the beginning of the film, suddenly, she's murdered. And the camera is still on her dead face, and then swings away, aimless, drifting, showing the remnants of the previous plot and her life that are no longer important because of this unexpected intrusion of violence. And then the camera swings and looks out the window, at the Bates house, and we hear Norman Bates's voice. The story has a new focus.
A clip for reference, starting just after the actual murder.
(Have I ever mentioned Psycho is one of my favorite movies? That fucking shot of her face, name a film showing the horror of death like that.)
Anyway, yes Moby Dick is a modernist narrative and inserting a play in the middle of a novel is its fast shower scene cuts and screaming violins to make the audience feel the impact of how fundamentally the narrative has just swung.
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robosylveon · 2 hours
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actually pure
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yokyoaaa · 2 days
Various common Kirby enemies!
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teal-tealwren · 2 days
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drew these guys
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2dfruity · 1 day
Help me transition please!!
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Hi I’m Kurt and I’m currently out of a job. Working for me is extremely hard due to my bipolar disorder, autism and psychosis. Anyways I desperately need money to fund my transition (which is life saving for me).. My dysphoria is so bad that it makes me suicidal most days so please consider sharing this or d*nating. I need abt 300 dollars to get started on T. Tysm for reading. Love u guys ❤️
Cash app: $electrosw00sh
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blanketempress · 1 day
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when you try to make fun of the usurper clan for being cringe and fail but you're also from a cringe fail usurper clan
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21-roses-a-day · 2 days
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SABRINA CARPENTER during her opening show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 16th March, 2023, Hard Rock Live Seminole emails i can’t send tour: second leg l NIGHT 1 © (on twitter): salutelmx, suntanlex, tobesostarfox & mirrorballval.
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misty-wisp · 2 days
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the results of our silly little aggie ^^ it was super fun doodling with everyone!!
featuring the works of @sirenspells, @omori-sv-au, @nonbinaryaubrey, @mysteriouslynn-art-and-ask-blog, @biocrafthero, @kriff-the-jedi, and an anon!
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antimony-medusa · 12 hours
I think we should all start writing fic rec posts again. I think it would be fun.
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adriles · 22 hours
i do not believe the gods give a shit about us. i believe we mortals live in sorrow while they are free from care. i believe that for every blessing zeus gives he in turn brings suffering. but i pray every night that he will pin the achaeans to their ships and slaughter them on the trojan shore because they were mean to me
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