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House Of Memories (10/?)
Obi-Wan Kenobi x Padawan!reader
Warnings: very few tbh... it's just- it's really long.
Summary: Senator Amidala is given three jedi bodyguards after her life is sought after again. Obi-Wan, You, and Anakin must protect her, and figure out why her life is constantly in danger.
A/n: 22 hours from now i will be watching the next episode, and someone said they suspected we were gonna get a shirtless obi-wan (fingers fkn crossed). also thank you guys so much for your feedback, it means the world to me and I love seeing how everyone is enjoying the story! if there's anything specific you'd like to see in this series, please let me know, because I only have so many ideas tbh (although i still have a general plot following the next 12 years oop-)
Words: 4.1k
Tumblr media
"Try to contain yourself, Anakin, it's just another mission," Obi-Wan sat down after delivering the news of your three's next assignment.
"Yes, but master, it's a mission with a pretty girl," You smirked across the room, earning a glare from your fellow padawan.
Anakin used the force to make the water you took a sip of flow faster, so you nearly choked on it. You set the cup down, throwing one of the pillows beside you in his direction. He looked so upset that you would possibly tease him about his nerves.
"You've never met her before, she's unlike anyone I know, and I haven't seen her since I was young."
"You still are young, Anakin," Obi-Wan wasn't really paying that much attention to the conversation anymore, as he'd picked up his holopad to check the schedule.
"You know what I mean. I was only a boy at the time," He corrected his earlier statement, standing up and beginning to pace around the room.
"So, what does that make you, now?" You chided, earning the return of the pillow that you'd launched at him. "Don't worry, Anakin. I'm sure the senator will think you are a man's man."
Your valiant attempt at poking fun at him was cut short when your master stood to his feet as well, walking between you both before a worse quarrel could commence in the living space.
"If you both are quite done, we're supposed to report to the senator and her team of security within the hour," He held out a hand to help you to your feet, and let you walk in front of him as you all made your way to the door.
It had been about two months since the kidnapping on Ryloth and the rescue from Hoth, and though it was a traumatic experience for all of you, it didn't take long to fall back into the swing of things.
There were however a few small gestures that had changed, knownst to you, yet somehow unmeaningful. The way Obi-Wan would keep his hand at the small of your back as you would walk through small corridors, the way he would pick up your hand in his and give it a gentle squeeze if he sensed you were anxious.
You dreamt the day he rescued you that he'd been so happy you were in his arms again that he kissed you, only once, and never again. It felt so much more real than your other dreams, but you chalked that up to the fact that he was actually there that time.
You thought about it often, how he could be so relieved to see you that he would go against the jedi code and make such an action of endearment, breaking the law of attachment completely. You knew he never would, so you quietly disregarded those thoughts, leaving them to the back of your mind for only the end of the day.
Obi-Wan thought about it often, too. Although he was ashamed of what he'd done in the moment, the longer he thought about it, the more he craved more actions such as those. He craved something more than a mentorship, and though it felt wrong in the presence of others, there were times, like when he would read to you in the library, when he could contemplate it being the best thing in the world. He knew that someday you would outgrow his teachings and become a knighted Jedi. He knew that at some point you wouldn't be so close to him as you were now, but if there was just the slightest chance that you felt the same way about him, he wanted to give you subtle hints. So subtle that perhaps they might go unseen, but enough to let you know he liked being that close to you, liked holding your hand or placing his hand at your waist when a stranger walked by.
He even helped wrap you in your cloak on the way out of the apartment just now, leading the way, but still making sure you walked next to him, not behind him. Anakin, bless him, in his state of current anxiety, was all too happy to bring up the rear.
The speeder ride to the senator's living accommodations was rather short, and though no one said anything, Anakin's presence left a thick tension in the air, even though you hadn't quite arrived at the real destination.
As soon as you all stepped into the elevator, Obi-Wan could feel how tight the space had become, and all because of Anakin and his worries. Though you teased him about it, you were very intrigued to know of this mystery woman that had him under such a predicament.
"You seem a little on edge," Obi-Wan said, and you snorted at his choice of words. 'A little' didn't even begin to compare.
"Not at all."
Standing on the other side of Anakin, you felt the need to soothe him, if only for the fact that you felt bad about your jokes before. You placed a hand at his shoulder, gripping it softly before letting it fall back to your side.
"I haven't seen you this tense since we fell into that nest of Gundarks," Obi-Wan continued. Surely, he knew what the trouble was, but as aforementioned, he hadn't really been paying attention until now.
"You were the ones who fell into that nightmare, master... And I rescued you, remember?"
Yes, you remembered it well. Although it was Obi-Wan who had clumsily fallen in, and you only slid after him because you lost your balance trying to grab him out of the way. You shuddered at the memory of mud caking your clothes and hands. You hated the feeling.
"Oh, yes," He chuckled under his breath, turning to see Anakin with his jaw and fists tightly clenched. "You're sweating. Relax, take a deep breath."
"I haven't seen her in ten years, Master."
Why did it matter so much to Anakin what this senator thought of him after ten years? He was an adult now and hadn't been when they met. Surely, she wouldn't still look at him as a small child, that would be completely foolish and ridiculous to believe.
"Here, let me help," you raised your hand to the back of his head, closing your eyes and focusing quickly, knowing there was little time before you would step out of the elevator. You detected the nerves, and how they rippled along his signature, causing bouts of fear to arise in him over the small build ups. You grabbed hold of a few of them, not sure if you could carry them all, and pulled them away from his mind, as always, leaving only good things that surrounded them instead.
"That's better, thank you."
You were greeted by the loud and obnoxious voice of Jar Jar Binks as soon as the doors opened. You had only met him once before, for diplomacy reasons, and always thought of him as a rambunctious fella. He was always great for a good laugh whenever in anyone's presence, you could surely say that.
He led you all into the main room, where a group of people surrounded one lovely woman, the senator. You were certain it was her, because even you were captivated by her beauty almost instantly. You well understood what Anakin had been fearing all this time. He feared rejection. He had to have. She was so lovely, and if he felt for her the way you thought he did, it meant he didn't want to lose favor in her sight.
"It's lovely to see you again, malady," Obi-Wan greeted, and you were sure that when you looked over at him, he would be enraptured by her as well. He... wasn't. How strange.
"It's been far too long, Master Kenobi," she smiled, and oh how her eyes shined like stars when she did. "...Ani? My goodness you've grown."
"So have you," Anakin replied, stepping forward with a look on his face you knew all too well. He was trying to be smooth... oh no. "Far more beautiful I mean..."
You raised your eyebrows and widened your eyes in surprise. He was so nervous only a minute ago, he never would have said anything like that. You mentally thanked yourself for helping him in the elevator, seeming that you also helped yourself to be entertained.
"Well, for a senator I mean."
What did he think that was going to fix? He certainly hadn't rehearsed his words to her, which was a bit strange, because you remember when he had a crush on another padawan a few years back, and he practiced talking to her in the refresher mirror. He was upset that you caught him, hence the schedule that Obi-Wan had promptly put in place.
The senator seemed to be amused by his antics, as were you, and everyone else in the room.
"Ani, you'll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine."
Oh man. Oh man. Did she just-?
Well now you felt bad for him. He had clearly been excited to see her again, albeit nervous, and she just shot him down as if he were an enemy fighter ship.
"I'm sorry if I don't recognize you, but have we met before?" She asked, turning to you, and you were quick to forget about Anakin and offer her a kind smile.
"I believe I have never had the pleasure, Malady. I am Master Obi-Wan's second padawan, I've been training with Anakin for the past several years," you bowed to her with respect, but she wasn't one for formalities, you could tell. You sensed it in her.
"How wonderful to hear, I didn't know a Jedi Master could obtain more than a single padawan at once," She seemed a bit confused, and for good reason, but Obi-Wan was quick to step in and clear it up for her.
"She was my designated padawan before Anakin had come to the order, so the council was gracious enough to allow me the honor or training them both."
The way he spoke was always so entrancing. The way he worded his sentences and made them flow like poetry every time he talked. You let your eyes linger on him a bit too long, and it was only when his turned back to you that you broke out of it. Everyone's eyes landed on you again, and it appeared you had missed a question.
"I'm sorry, I missed that," your face became red with embarrassment, and you waited for whoever it was to repeat the question again.
"I was wondering about your Jedi class. Are you a guardian like Master Obi-Wan and Anakin?" The senator asked with a gentle a patient look on her face. You could tell she was a kind leader, and probably beloved by all... except those who were trying to kill her.
"Oh, I'm a consular, although I sense I have some guardian tendencies," you answered, and when you glanced back at Obi-Wan, he was still looking at you with a proud smile. You loved that smile, dammit.
"How exciting, I'm sure everyone in the order is proud to have two such promising future Jedi," she commented, leading everyone into the sitting area to discuss the terms of this assignment.
Not everyone, you thought, knowing that practically the entire council, outside of Master Yoda were not in your favor.
The conversation from this point forward bored you to no end. Running security was not your forte, you much preferred diplomatic missions, where you got to converse on specific topics that otherwise would be forbidden in the order. It was frowned upon that any Jedi have a political opinion, or at least a public stance on one. You weren't exactly into politics, but you enjoyed including yourself in debates when it came to rather intellectual company. Obi-Wan could definitely attest to the fact that you were good at arguing, as well as Anakin, too.
At one point in the discussion, Anakin spoke out about how useless your three's presence was, on account of local security already being there. He was looking into more of an investigation type of assignment, and apparently, this was not what he was hoping for. To be fair, you would much rather be on the hunt for the person that was in charge of initiating these assassination attacks, but you were also looking forward to getting to know the senator. She seemed to be a kind and intelligent woman, whom you would very much enjoy the company of.
"Perhaps with merely your presence, the mystery surrounding this threat will be revealed," she finished the conversation gracefully, standing to her feet and excusing herself to retire.
You and Obi-Wan were following along with the security officer in charge of the senator's day to day travels, making sure you were clear on what the plans for tonight were, but you both overheard Anakin talking about the senator, Padme, as he had called her.
"You're focusing on the negative Anakin, be mindful of your thoughts... She was pleased to see us," Obi-Wan encouraged his distraught padawan, and you couldn't help but smile at the way Anakin had behaved on her behalf. He had it bad. "Now, let's check the security."
You were sleeping soundly, laid on the couch in the middle of the night when Obi-Wan returned upstairs.
Anakin had assured you he was fine to take first watch, or any watch for that matter, and knowing how he presumably felt for the senator, you knew you could entrust her into his capable hands while you caught a bit of sleep.
"Has she been out long?" Obi-Wan asked, sitting down beside you for only a moment, resting the back of his hand against the skin of your cheek, before running two fingers through the unruly strands of your hair.
"Only about a half hour or so," Anakin responded, pacing the room with an ounce of boredom clouding his mind.
After Anakin explained to Obi-Wan that Padme had suggested to use herself as bait, Obi-Wan grew a bit more tense with his padawan's decision to allow it.
"I can sense everything going on in that room," he promised, showing his master his confidence in a situation of danger. It scared Obi-Wan, if only slightly, that he wasn't showing as much restraint in this mission as he was supposed to. "Trust me."
Obi-Wan wanted to trust him, really, he did. He wanted to be able to say he was ready for something like this. Normally, he would be considered so, but due to the special circumstances concerning Padme, and Anakin's ever-growing arrogance, Obi-Wan simply couldn't let him take the lead on this one.
Later in the night, Obi-Wan took watch, but Anakin never laid to rest. When he was questioned of it, it was revealed that he was suffering yet again with bad dreams. Ones of his mother.
"Dreams pass in time," was Obi-Wan's response, but it was hardly the truth. He knew the extent of what his and your dreams normally went to, and they never just stopped, but more so got worse as they went on.
"She's been good to help me all this time, I can't bring myself to ask any more of her," Anakin nodded to you, sleeping soundly, dreaming of a specific pair of cerulean blue eyes whilst you snored softly.
"She cares for you more than she will admit," Obi-Wan smiled with a shake of his head. He loved it when you teased Anakin, because it kept him somewhat grounded. You had always been rather humble about your abilities, though in comparison to others, there was so much you could do, including help Anakin with the nightmares.
"She has them too, doesn't she?" Anakin asked, almost certain he knew the answer. He'd heard you next door to him a couple times and had heard Obi-Wan leave his room to tend to you.
"Sometimes," he confessed. He didn't want to expose you, but he knew there was no harm in letting him know he wasn't alone in his struggle.
"Does she ever tell you what they're about?"
Obi-Wan remembered one of the nights you awoke, crying and clinging to him, as you often did in that state of panic. He remembered asking you what happened, and you were very quick to comply. You'd told him that talking about it in the open air always helped ease your mind. Telling him of the things you knew weren't real as he held you, so that you could get it off your chest.
"Us, mostly."
Anakin furrowed his brows and turned his head to you. You had rolled over, and your hair was now falling in mops off the cushion of the couch. You were like his sister, and he cared for you deeply, and he didn't like the idea of you worrying over him in your dreams.
"Sometimes the only thing that can help her sleep again is to feel our signatures near her own."
Anakin thought about that sentence for a moment. He was almost comforted in his own dismay at the fact that you sought comfort in his and Obi-Wan's force presence.
"I don't mean this as a slight to you Anakin, but perhaps you could learn something from her. She keeps herself centered, and shuts out the distractions," Obi-Wan said, unaware that he himself were the biggest distraction you had ever faced. It would do you well to know that he hadn't noticed it, or rather, was ignoring that it could even be a possibility.
"I'm sure I could learn much from her, she's gifted with the force in ways the council does not recognize."
Obi-Wan soon after had changed the subject, unwilling to discuss your constant problems with the council, or rather, the constant problems they seemed to pick with you. It went on for several minutes more before both heads snapped towards the room, and you sat up from your slumber, startled by a riff in the force.
"I sense it, too," Obi-Wan said, and they both lunged for the room immediately.
Upon entry, Anakin jumped onto the bed, killing two small creatures who were being used to do immense harm to the senator, who had also been startled awake by all the commotion.
You were late to run into the room, and barely caught sight of Obi-Wan as he jumped out the window, grabbing hold of the droid that seemed to be a culprit in delivering the death trap.
"Stay here with the senator, I'll go get him," Anakin told you, running out of the room soon after he came. You were in a mess of confusion, still hazy from just waking up, and went over to Padme to see if there was anything she needed. Her lady maids were by her side, so you stood at the edge of the bed to ask:
"Are you alright?"
She seemed to be calming down from a rush of adrenaline, and you could sense her heart beating rapidly, even now, when the threat had initially been disposed of.
"Yes, I am," she answered, her hand over her chest, but she didn't sound convincing. She kept looking around the room, as if she was subconsciously searching for something.
You nodded anyway, stepping back until she dismissed the others away, claiming that you would be fine enough to protect her until the others returned.
"I thank you for your confidence in me, Malady," you sat on the bench that was near her bed, looking out the broken glass window and watching everything with an attuned sense.
"Anyone trained by Master Kenobi must be fit to protect me," she offered, noticing the awkward way you sat and patted the space beside her for you to join.
You did so thankfully, nodding your respects and getting comfortable.
"I'm happy to be in your service, and I hope to be of aid to you in this whole mess," you said, chuckling with your words to hopefully put her at ease. You had stretched your force presence around her as well, hopefully making a difference in her ongoing speedy heartrate.
"I'm very grateful to you all, I know you would probably have other, more exciting assignments right now if it wasn't for me."
"On the contrary, I am thrilled to have a chance to get to know a senator," you smiled, pausing to decide whether or not you should test the waters of her thoughts of your colleague. "I presume Anakin is on cloud nine just being able to see you again. He seems to admire you."
"I suppose he does... I remember when we first met, he asked me if I was an angel," she said, laughing slightly at the memory. You rolled your eyes, because that was absolutely something Anakin would do, even as a boy. "He said I was beautiful."
"I suppose you still think of him as that little boy you met," you were being sneaky, or at least you thought you were. She didn't exactly know where you were headed, but by now had figured out that you were acting on Anakin's interest.
"I'm not sure. He's definitely changed... he's much taller now," she joked, and even you were a bit surprised. Here she was, senator of Naboo, having just survived an assassination attempt, and she was laughing about your fellow padawan, which just so happened to be your favorite past-time.
"As someone who has had to share a living space with him for ten years, I can assure you the only thing that has changed was his height."
She was so easy to talk to, and you could already feel yourself allowing a connection to her, something you did with very few people. Not because you didn't trust them, but often times because they couldn't seem to trust you. You wondered why she was so quick to address you so plainly, as if you had been friends all your lives. You supposed she was just kind that way.
It was nearing sunrise before you had finally been able to tire her out enough that she felt safe to sleep again. It was also the time that Obi-Wan and Anakin had returned.
"Where have you been? What happened?" You approached them with a certain tone of voice, they knew not to beat around the bush. You weren't demanding, but direct, and the look on your face was stern.
"We chased the assassin into a bar in the city. We tried to interrogate, but she was shot by a bounty hunter, whom we think is responsible for all the attempts on senator Amidala's life."
"Do you know where the bounty hunter left to?" You put the pieces together rather fast, and given that said hunter was not in their capture, you knew it was likely that he got away.
"We're not sure, but he left us a clue. I have a friend I can speak with about it, but until then, we need to only worry about getting the senator off world," Obi-Wan said, stepping past you and going to speak with Padme's head officer.
Anakin seemed distraught, and when he sat down on the couch behind him, his shoulders sank.
"Hey lover boy," you quickly regretted the choice of words for the glare you soon received after they were uttered. "Calm down, I have good news."
"No, you don't," he gave you a second look you knew all too well. He was annoyed and preparing for you to tell him something that was meant as a prank.
"Yes, actually. I do," you sat across from him and smiled cheekily. Now he was really afraid. You were up to something, that much he could tell. "I spoke with Padme."
"She asked you to call her Padme?" he asked with a certain jealousy that was completely unwarranted.
"That's not the point. We spoke about you," you watched to see if he would connect the dots, but he only looked at you, an inquisition upon his features. "I think, and I could be wrong, but she gave me strong reason to believe that she might find interest in you now that you're grown."
"You're playing games with me again," his face dropped, and he moved to stand up, but you pushed him back in his seat, looking at him completely serious, now.
"I am not, I promise."
Well, you were good for your word, and he knew because you'd always kept your promises to him before, however small. You felt it was a good part of character to be a woman of your word. This changed things, and Anakin smiled widely, soon letting you mirror him.
"Well then I guess I will be acquiring your help," he said, standing and offering you a hand to your feet as well.
"Help with what?" You mused, following him into the next room.
"Winning over the lovely senator."
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hey snips! I've noticed that you haven't written anything about good ol' sergeant Hunter and I was wondering if you could do a Hunter x female senator maybe? In which the senator is placed under the Bad Batch's protection and the sarg falls head over heels for the reader? Thx 💗
so. this one kind of got away from me.
i didn't realize how long it ended up being until the end. sorry not sorry. part of me was like, i should make this more than one part, but then i decided against it and just figured it would be a helluva a long one-shot. either way, i hope y'all like it!
this ask has been in my inbox for a while, so i apologize for that. maybe it's tbb being on that got me in a hunter mood. oh well. i'm not going to complain. i hope you like it anon! let me know what y'all think! or if you want to see more hunter! *wink wink*
((as some warnings, there are threats against the reader's life. nothing specific, but it is talked about quite frequently as there is someone out there threatening her life. also, someone does get injured over the course of this one-shot and there's some canon typical violence. just want to cover my bases!))
masterlist is here!
taglist is here!
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Of Senators and Sergeants
The threats against your life were just that, blank threats from individuals determined to slow you down. But they would never slow you down. The now near constant threats showed that you were on the right track. Clearly there were individuals who wanted you to stop digging, stop pursuing the answer, but that was never going to happen. 
They would have to make true their threats for that to happen, and you doubted they had the guts to do that. 
But your aides were worried. 
And because they were worried about the threats and your seemingly lack of interest in the threats, they reached out to the Jedi Council about providing protection. 
You didn’t like that. You didn’t need the protection and the Jedi were busy with the war effort. You were a senator from a small mid-rim planet with hardly any pull within the senate. You didn’t need a Jedi to be pulled from work that was benefiting the galaxy just to babysit you. 
Thankfully the Council expressed something similar, stating they didn’t have any qualified Jedi handy to keep an eye on you. Which was fine. You didn’t need to be watched. 
Unfortunately, they did assign a clone unit to act as your protection until the threats stopped. Apparently they had been on a few continuous missions and needed a “break” from the specialty missions they were always assigned to. 
You weren’t against the clones, not at all. You admired their skill and brotherhood. You only wished they weren’t forced to fight in a war. 
You were sitting at your desk when Hana, your closest aide, entered. “The unit assigned to protect you is here.”
You let out a sigh. “Show them in please.”
After setting aside your holopad and flimsi, you stood up just as the doors opened and four troopers walked in. You hadn’t been given much information on the men assigned to keep an eye on you. Just the name: Clone Force 99.
Of course you were beyond curious and spent many nights curled up in your apartment, when you should have been sleeping, researching the unit. You came to learn they handled incredibly specific missions designed for delicate care. It didn’t always turn out exactly like planned, but they had a near perfect success rate. Their unofficial name was the Bad Batch. 
Honestly, the more you read about them, the more curious you became. Maybe this wouldn’t be the worst outcome.
“Welcome.” You said with a smile, walking around your desk to greet the four men. “I may not agree with needing protection, but I appreciate your coming.”
“Just doing our job ma’am.” The one in the center said, his bucket tucked neatly under his arm. You met his gaze and gave him a smile.
“Thank you Sergeant Hunter.” 
“Wait, you know him?” The tallest (and biggest) man said, only to be elbowed by the one with a tattoo of a bullseye over his eye. 
You smiled softly. “Not officially. When I learned you were assigned to me, I did some research. It is nice to meet all of you. I again apologize you have to take a break from missions that actually matter to babysit me.”
“Every mission is vital to us.” The man with yellow goggles stated, Tech if you remembered correctly.
“You keep saying you were against protection, may I ask why?” Sergeant Hunter asked and you let out an empty chuckle. You waved to Hana who nodded before leaving. Then you headed back to stand behind your desk.
“I was against protection. Clearly I am on the right path with my inquiries and I do not believe I am in any real danger.” You said, picking up your holopad. 
“Your life has been threatened quite extensively. And the threats were incredibly descriptive and accelerating in quantity.” Tech said, looking up from his data pad. 
“They are just that, threats. I do not believe I am in any real danger. They are trying to get me to stop digging into their illegal exploitation of my planet and I will not be easily startled.” You stated. 
“What exactly are they doing on your planet?” Crosshair asked, playing with the small toothpick in his mouth. 
You sighed. “They have been smuggling spice through our agriculture exports. Normally, our police would have put a stop to this sooner, but I fear that the local police have been bought off. It was brought to my attention by several of my constituents who have been starving. With spice being moved instead of produce, their livelihoods have been disrupted. And with the added pressure of the war effort, my people have been suffering.”
“Isn’t that a job for your governor?” Sergeant Hunter asked. “I mean, you’re just a senator.”
“You’re right. This should be the governor’s responsibility. But the current governor could care less. As long as money is still moving and his expensive taste is quenched, he does not bother.” You said. “I am getting close to determining who is responsible, but I cannot quite seem to find the last remaining piece. Your assignment to me was urgent because I plan on returning home tomorrow. There is only so much I can do from my office here. I hope that by going home I will finally be able to put an end to this.”
“Tech, Hana has a copy of my itinerary. Right now, we have an official itinerary that is just a diversion. According to that, I am attending a conference on Naboo. My actual travel plans are only known by her and myself. If you would like copies of both, please see her. From what I read, you seemed to be the logistical member of your team.” You said, turning to the man who looked up from his datapad.
“Excellent observation. I am indeed.”
“More like the most annoying member.” Wrecker laughed loudly.
“I do not see how being logical is the same as being annoying.”
“That’s because you’re annoying.” 
“Alright. Tech, go get both schedules. Wrecker, go with him, but keep the arguing to a minimum. Check the hallways while you’re at it.” Sergeant Hunter jumped in and the two left, still bickering. “Cross-“
“-I know. Go check the departure location. There won’t be any surprises tomorrow.” Crosshair said before turning and leaving. The door shut behind him and you continued to flip through your flimsi.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sergeant Hunter spoke and it startled you slightly. You let out a sigh, hands stilling. “I read some of the threats, Tech was being generous with his description. Anyone would be afraid or at least concerned.”
“I appreciate the concern but I am not afraid or concerned. They are just threats. It will take more than empty words to sway me. I will be fine once my people are no longer suffering.” 
He clearly wanted to pry further, but you quickly brought him up to speed on everything you had found so far. He didn’t quite buy your distraction, but didn’t fight it. You knew he would likely bring up your blasé attitude towards these threats again, but for now, he at least was offering some assistance. 
By the end of your work day, Sergeant Hunter and Wrecker accompanied you to your apartment. You waited patiently with Wrecker, chatting with him pleasantly while the tracking expert cleared your apartment. He returned a few moments later.
“I didn’t see anything. We should be alright to enter.” He said and you strode right past him.
“See? They’re just threats.”
You didn’t give him a chance to answer before you headed into the kitchen. You pulled out a few already prepped meals and placed them on the counter. “This is for you as well. Please make sure you get something to eat. I am going to wash up and get ready for bed.”
Sergeant Hunter nodded. “Wrecker will keep watch outside your apartment and Tech and Crosshair will be on a nearby rooftop. I’ll stay here to keep watch. You will be safe.”
You gave him a nod of thanks, grabbing a piece of fruit before heading for your room and closing the door. You slumped against the door, letting out a shaky breath. 
Was this really a good idea? Were you over your head and out of your depth? 
You shook your head before pushing off the door. Now wasn’t the time to think like that. You were so close to finding out. You couldn’t give up now. 
You spent the rest of the evening taking a long turn in the refresher, packing a light bag, and reviewing all the documents you had gathered up until this point. Earlier, you had sent the records to Tech after he assured you his datapad was unhackable and untraceable. It was nice to know that the Bad Batch was not only protecting you, but had realized they wouldn’t be able to stop you and had opted to assist you in your goal. You only hoped they didn’t end up regretting it.
There was a soft tap on your door just after midnight. You lowered your datapad and called them to enter. 
Sergeant Hunter stepped in, not fully entering and keeping his eyes downcast. “Everything seems to be clear. If anything happens or you think you hear something-“
“Don’t worry Sergeant. I will call for you immediately.” You reassured and he nodded once before closing the door. You took another deep breath before setting aside your reading glasses and datapad, flicking off the light.
Maybe tonight you’ll actually get some sleep. Although you weren’t holding your breath.
You must have dozed because you awoke to the sound of scratching at your window.
It snapped you awake instantly. You have lived here for years. You knew what sounds to expect for the area you lived in. And those were not normal. 
Your heart began to race and you worked to keep your breathing even and not show signs that you were awake. Fighting against all of your instincts to act immediately, you slowly moved your hand under your pillow, fingers closing around the blaster you kept there. 
Your entire body was tensed, ready to move at a moment's notice. And then it came. You heard the sound of the window being opened and you moved. You rolled out of bed and immediately fired two shots at the window. There was a shout from the figure at the window and you were forced to duck down when they returned several shots. Your bedroom door burst open and more shots were fired. 
There was a brief break in the firing from the window and you peered back over the edge of the bed and fired. A body slammed into you and you were forced to the floor as more shots hit the wall opposite the window. 
“Tech! Crosshair! Do you have eyes on them?” Sergeant Hunter shouted near your ear and you winced. 
There was a muffled response and then silence. 
You let out a breath of relief, slumping further against the floor. You opened your eyes to see Hunter already looking down at you. His body covering yours.
“Still think they’re just threats?” 
You supposed you deserved that. 
You didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Once Sergeant Hunter had deemed it safe, he let you up from the floor and quickly ushered you into the living room. A blanket had been placed around your shoulders and reports from the rest of the batch trickled in. 
They weren’t able to catch the culprit, but did find a few clues that may help point you in the direction of whoever hired them. Apparently even though they had been injured, likely from one of your shots, they were able to get away with help. The rest of the batch returned and set up a post much closer to the apartment. 
You didn’t report the attack.
Sergeant Hunter had insisted, but you didn’t want anyone finding out because then security would tighten around you. You needed the freedom to move around when you got to your home planet. He also tried to talk you out of continuing with your plan, but you promptly ignored him.
The plans however, did change. 
“I don’t like this idea, Hana.” You spoke to your closest aide who smiled sadly. 
“You don’t have to like it. But it is what we are doing.”
After Hana found out about the attack, she insisted the plans change. Your official schedule still reflected a trip to Naboo, but instead of just no one attending in your place, Hana had insisted she go in your stead. 
“I am doing this Senator.” She said, placing her hand on your arm. “The guards will not know the difference. We need to make whoever attacked you think you are traveling to Naboo.”
You sighed. She was right, you just didn’t like it. It was one thing to place yourself in danger, it was another to ask a friend to do the same. “I spoke with Senator Amidala. Once you arrive, she will send for you and you will hide out at her private residence until everything has been resolved.”
“I appreciate that.” Hana turned to Sergeant Hunter. “Please make sure she does not get into any more trouble.”
“I will ma’am.”
You crossed your arms, huffing in annoyance. Hana merely smiled at you. You pulled her into a quick hug. “Please stay safe.”
“You too, Senator.” 
You pulled back, sniffling. You turned to the Sergeant. “I’m ready.”
And then the pair of you left. You and Hana had swapped clothes before leaving, but you still pulled up your hood to conceal your face. With the attack the night before, it had been decided that it would be best for the Bad Batch to take you to your home planet themselves. They had their own ship and hopefully those who were trying to kill you didn’t know that they were assigned to your protective detail. It was easier to control the situation with their own ship versus risking public transport. 
Before you knew it, you were aboard their ship and on the way to your home planet. 
The Batch for the most part left you alone. Wrecker had made a big show of giving you the best seat on the ship, aka the empty bunk towards the back of the ship. It wasn’t much, but it was sweet of him to try to make things a bit more comfortable for you. 
About halfway through the trip, Sergeant Hunter came to check in on you. 
“That was some pretty good shooting.” He said, startling you out of your review of your findings so far.
You felt your cheeks warm involuntarily and looked back down at your datapad. “It could have been better.”
“You still managed to hit the assailant, which isn’t easy to do, especially without training.”
“Who says I’m not trained?” You replied and he chuckled once.
“You may have been taught to shoot a blaster and have pretty good aim, but there’s a difference between that and proper training.” He said, taking a seat on the steps that lead up into the bunk you were sitting in. 
“Is that a challenge, Sergeant?”
“Maybe it is.”
“Consider the challenge accepted. If I survive this, you’ll have to train me properly.” You returned to your datapad.
“Is there a reason you’re so set on proving this, even at risk of your own life? It seems you don’t care much for what happens to you.” Hunter said after a moment of silence and you clenched the datapad a little bit tighter.
“Incredibly bold of you to say Sergeant.”
“I’ve never been once to mince my words. Want to answer my question?” He countered and you let out a sigh.
“My people have always gotten the short end of the stick, ever since I was little. We always were the last to receive aid and no one really seemed to care about our concerns. I wanted to become a Senator so I could fight for my people the way no one else seemed to be willing. This is happening under my watch. I need to fix it for their sake. I don’t care what happens to me as long as my people can live without fear of starving or suffering.” You said, biting on your lip. “It’s foolish, I know, to think I can make a difference. But I have to try.”
“I think it’s admirable.” Hunter said and you looked up at him in surprise. “I don’t agree with your disregard for your own life, but I can admire your desire to give your people the best life they can have. We’ll do our best to help you and keep you alive to see the results Senator.”
You smiled softly. “Thank you Sergeant. Also, thank you for last night.”
Hunter shifted on the steps, clearing his throat and not looking at you. “It was no problem.”
“Still. If we all make it out of this, I will treat all of you to a meal. I promise.” 
He smiled and you could feel your heart stutter for a moment. But you quickly pushed it away. Now was not the time for heart skip at the smile of an attractive Sergeant. You had more important things to worry about. 
“Hunter?” Came Tech’s voice from the front of the ship. “We’ve arrived.”
It was decided not long after landing that was best to split up, but stay relatively close.
Your research pointed to two possible locations of where the smuggling was centered. One seemed to be more heavily fortified and the other was just a hunch of yours and likely wouldn’t pan out. Sergeant Hunter had tried to convince you to stay behind, but you insisted on coming. Besides, if something happened when they were gone, you would be all alone.
Sure you could have handled it, but it was enough to convince Hunter to let you go along. Tech, Crosshair, and Wrecker would go for the more heavily fortified location of the docks. Hunter would accompany you to the location of your hunch. You didn’t know if it would pan out, but you had an unshakable feeling about the small seemingly normal storage unit. 
After promising to maintain communication, the groups set off. 
Your walk to the unit was quiet. It was late evening and most people had retired to their homes for the night. Which meant your walk was pleasant. Of course you were nervous of what you would find and hoped that you were right. Your people depended on it. 
You both arrived near the storage unit relatively quickly. Hunter held up a fist to stop you both and motioned you to follow quietly. Your hand tightened around your blaster as you followed. 
The storage unit area was empty, which was a bit strange. There was no one that you could see and you knew from your research that this place was usually pretty busy. It was enough to unnerve you. 
The unit you were looking for was towards the back and in a dimly lit area. Hunter again motioned you to stay put and you obeyed, knowing he had more experience than you in this area. He listened against the door to the unit, before coming back to where you hid. 
“I hear voices inside, but they’re faint. Almost like-”
“-there’s a secret unit and this is just the door.” You finished and he nodded. 
“I think your hunch was right.” 
That sent a swell of pride surging through you. You had been right. Something was going on and it did stem from here.
“Do we call the others?” You whispered, leaning closer.
He nodded. “I’ll send them a comm. We’ll wait until they get here and then investigate.” 
You were about to agree when the door to the unit suddenly opened. Hunter’s hand found your shoulder and pushed you down, him following the motion. You could feel him behind you, eyes trained through the small gap of the crates you were crouching behind. 
“-we need to move the supplies quickly.” came a voice and your blood ran cold.
Hunter must have felt you tense because he squeezed your shoulder. “What?” He breathed in your ear and you turned your head to look at him, nose brushing his chin.
“That’s the governor.” 
The only reaction Hunter had was squeezing your shoulder again. You turned back to listen to the conversation and heard Hunter tap at his comm unit. 
“Did you take care of the Senator?” The governor asked, clear disdain in his voice. 
You winced slightly. Sure the governor and you didn’t exactly get along, but you didn’t think he had this much contempt for you. You didn’t think he cared enough to want you dead. But maybe you didn’t really know him at all.
“They were unable to kill her, but they tracked her to Naboo and will act soon.”
You were moving before you realized it. Even Hunter wasn’t able to stop you in time. 
“It’s over, governor.” Your voice surprised the few individuals at the door to the unit, including the governor. 
His surprise was quickly swallowed when he sneered at you. “I shouldn’t be surprised you managed to sneak on to the planet, you always were a nuisance.” 
“You will be punished for this.”
He had the nerve to laugh. “No I won’t. Because you will never make it out of here alive.” 
The men who were with him reached for their guns and once again, you were faster. You had shot one down and were shooting at the next by the time they drew their weapons. Hunter appeared beside you, shooting at the men that must have come from behind. The governor turned and began to ran, several men flanking him.
“Hunter!” You cried and he turned to look. 
“Go! I’m right behind you!”
You moved immediately, chasing after him. For being such an old hermit, the governor sure moved fast. You caught up to him just outside of the units where a ship was waiting for him. You shot at one of the men with him, making them fall.
“Stop right there!” 
The governor stopped at your words, slowly turning. He was still sneering at you. 
“What do you hope to accomplish here? Even if I go down, the smuggling will continue. We are deeply entrenched here, nothing you can do will change that.” He said and you tightened your grip on your blaster. 
“Doesn’t matter. I will not stop until the people are no longer suffering.” 
He laughed.
“Hard to do that when you’re dead.” 
You saw a flash of light and tried to duck, but this time you weren’t fast enough. A blaster bolt hit your arm and you fell backwards. You heard your name yelled and blinked open your eyes to see the Sergeant. His arm was supporting your back and pressing down on your wound.
“Hunter, he-” You started only for him to catch your pointing hand.
“It’s alright, I got him. He’s stunned. You did it.”
You let your head fall back, relief once again washing over you. You lifted your head to see Hunter watching you with worry, his hand still clutching yours.
Another flash of movement caught your eye and you saw one of the criminals getting up and raising a blaster at Hunter’s exposed back. You lunged for Hunter’s discarded blaster and shot, striking the man down before he had the chance to take the shot. 
The Sergeant turned in time to see the man drop. He turned back to you as you dropped the blaster.
“Still think I need training?”
Hunter laughed and you felt yourself relax, vision starting to go dark. You could have sworn you heard him say something else, but it was lost to the ether as you slipped into unconsciousness. 
In the days that followed, a clone battalion was dispatched and began weeding out the corruption that existed under the governor’s guidance. It didn’t take long, once he realized he was done for, he practically outed everyone without stopping to breathe. 
Hana had commed you later in the days following to report that she was fine and would be returning to Coruscant to wait for you. You opted to stay a few days to make sure everything was taken care of. Your blaster wound was purely cosmetic, just a graze. It will likely scar, but you would have no other issues from it. 
The Bad Batch had stuck around to help as well and then offered to escort you back to Coruscant. You were going to decline, but they had insisted and you found it was hard to say no to Wrecker, so you obliged. 
It was your first day back at the Senate and your door was practically a revolving door with the amount of Senator’s coming to commend you on your actions. Some were genuine, some you could tell they wanted you on their side when it came to upcoming voting. You smiled at all of them and kept your answers as curt as possible. It was better this way. 
Late in the afternoon the visits finally stopped and you were able to get some actual work done. 
The door opened and you sighed. “Hana, please tell whatever senator that is here that I’m not here. Tell them anything, just let me have a minute to get some work done.”
“I’ll go if you want.”
Your head snapped up to see Sergeant Hunter motioning to the door. 
“No!” You said almost too quickly as you stood up. “It’s okay. I thought you were another senator.”
“Tired of their constant praises? You deserve all of it.” He replied and you cleared your throat, feeling your cheeks warm.
“No I just - I just want to go back to work. Go back to doing what I do best.” You said and he nodded as he slowly approached. 
“I understand that. I just wanted to stop by before the boys and I head out.”
“Another mission?”
Hunter nodded. “There’s always another mission.”
“I stand by what I said before.” You said, continuing when Hunter looked at you with eyes narrowed. “I want to buy you all a nice meal for your help. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.” 
“That’s not necessary ma’am.”
You said your name and he looked at you, surprised. “Please, call me by my name. I’d prefer it.”
He laughed lightly. “I think I can manage that.”
“Oh before you go.” You said, stepping around your desk and approaching Hunter. You placed a small piece of flimsi in his hand. “It’s my comm number. You did say you would train me.”
Hunter clutched the small piece in his hand before looking up at you with a faint smile on his face. “I’m starting to think you don’t need it. But name the time and place. I’ll be there.”
You smiled back. His hand enveloped yours and you squeezed his hand right back.
Sure your meeting was less than ideal and you did end up getting shot at the end, but you found that you’d do it all over again if it meant you got to meet Hunter. You didn’t know what came next, but you were excited to see where this went.
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mcu-coworkers · 10 months
A Glimpse Of Us
Summary: Anakin can’t bring himself to let go and you can't hold on any longer.
Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x Y/n reader
Warnings: Sad story with semi sad ending:(
A/n: If you haven't heard  Glimpse of us by Joji  I   recommend it because it definitely hits hard. :’) this one is inspired by the song lyrics so  I   hope  I   did it justice. I was thinking of a Part 2 for this one but it might just stay where it is I'm not sure yet really. As always  I   hope you guys enjoy it thank you guys for reading.xx
Word count: 1,989
Tumblr media
You walked into the Jedi ball, your arm around your date, face forward hoping your fear didn't show on your face. You haven't seen each other since the break up but sooner or later you knew you'd see him.
You avoided looking around just in case he was already here. It wasn't like you both had not agreed to separate, it had been a while since and he’d managed to move on just fine.
When he spoke to you in the temple he did it with ease like he’d never loved you in the first place. Maybe it was because he was so good at keeping it a secret like you both did with the relationship or maybe he was over it a long time ago.
Lost in your thought you almost jumped back when Padme approached you. “y/n? Oh my you look wonderful!” she said excitedly. “Doesn't she Anakin?” she added looking back at her boyfriend. You instantly froze looking anywhere but him.
“You’re right. She looks gorgeous.” he said, smiling down at you. Secretly, he’d wished he was the one with his arm around you but he knew it’d all end the same.
“Well thank you both,  I   need a drink, we will talk later.” you said only looking at Padme before walking off.
Anakin's gaze followed you and your date followed you until you got lost in the crowd, only looking away by force not wanting Padme to notice.
Looking down at her he hardly felt the energy to keep a conversation with her but she was good for him. Everyone liked her, she was kind, a leader. But as much as he tried he just couldn't give it his all.
“There's the senator  I  ‘ve been meaning to talk to. Will you give me a second?” she asked not waiting for him to answer. Sighing, he walked toward the bar, he was going to need a lot of drinks to survive the night.
Calling over the bartender and asking for the strongest thing they had he took a seat and looked around the room and suddenly his eyes landed on you. He watched as you laughed at your dates joke, probably something stupid.
“He doesn't dance.” someone said, that someone turning out to be Rex, Anakin's right hand man.
“And?” he said chuggin the rest of his drink.
“She loves to dance. Remember when she’d make you dance? Never thought  I‘d see that day sir.” he said looking at his General, Rex was never told about the secret relationship but he wouldn't be one of the best if his observation skills weren't as good.
And still, he was right. Anakin smiled to himself as he remembered the day Rex spoke of.
It was raining and Anakin was upset he’d gotten grazed by a beam in battle and Rex had forced him to get it checked, mainly becuase he knew his general had a thing for you but also because he wanted him to get checked out too.
“Doesn't seem like anything serious  I  ‘ll just dress it, wrap and you’ll be good as new Ani.” you said turning around to grab your kit.
Trying to hide his smile with a frown Anakin stood up, “ I   dont need it, but thank you for looking at it he said getting ready to walk out.
“Ah ah ah stop right there.” you said smiling at him and coming closer, looking around making sure it was clear before wrapping your arms around his torso. “Why won't you let me heal you?” you asked sweetly.
“ I   dont need healing my love,  I only came because Rex wouldnt rest until  I  did.” He said wrapping his arms around you.
You fake gasped, “well  I   guess  I   have Rex to thank or else  I   wouldnt get to see my boyfriend at all.” you said pulling away.
Sighing Anakin lifted his hand towards the radio you had in your office and turned it on to your favorite song and he took your hands in his again. “Dance with me?” he said smiling with you.
“Anakin Skywalker, are you asking me to dance?” you said in disbelief, he’d always steered away from it at parties and balls so this was a surprise. You moved your hands to the back of his kneck and his around your hips.
As you began to sway together you leaned your foreheads together and grinned from ear to ear. “ I‘m sorry  I‘ve been absent, But  I   promise soon  I‘ll be here everyday, in this office, with something new for you to check.” he said, making you chuckle.
“And  I‘ll make sure you come back for daily check ups just to make sure you're healing alright.” you smiled meeting his lips with yours.
Anakin smiled at the memory you’d always cared for him even over the smallest injuries you still came running to his aid.
He missed that part, you were the  shoulder he leaned on when he found his mother, when he felt lost you were there. You’d never failed to put a smile on his face when he felt his lowest. You understood him before he even spoke, still to this day he wondered how you did it.
Suddenly he thought about what Rex had said and when he looked up at you again you were alone. Confused and looking around for your date he found him, infatuated with some lady from the bar.
Scoffing and gaining some courage he decided to approach you. “Dance with me.” he said startling you, your reaction warming his heart. He loved that he still had an affect on you.
“Um,  I   don't think that's-” he cut you off, “Your ‘date’ is talking to some random girl and you were left standing alone.” he said observing your face as you looked at your date in confusion.
Sighing, you looked away, “It’s okay,  I   was planning on leaving soon anyway.” you said setting your watered down drink on a passing tray.
Anakin stood in your way again this time taking your hand in his and pulling you to the dance floor. “Anakin,” you said not wanting Padme to see you.
Wrapping his arm around your hip and taking your hand with the other he said, “Just let me hold you.” he whispered quietly making you meet his eyes in surprise. And it was then that he finally felt alive again.
His heart was racing, mind running wild with all of his memories with you. The small smile playing on your lips as you felt the same way, finally meeting his eyes you remembered the first thing about him that caught your attention.
His eyes.
Sure they were a nice shade of ocean blue but you saw passed that, in those blue eyes you saw his past, his pain, his fear, but also his love and his wild imagination that needed to be heard and healed.
You wanted to be that person. You thought you could be that person.
“What is going on in that mind ?” Anakin said softly raising his eyebrows, “Nothing,  I   just was.” you sighed, “thinking.” you said looking down smiling earning a chuckle from Anakin as he twirled you around.
Bringing you back to him secretly he pulled you closer this time. “And when did you become so fond of dancing?” he asked smiling at his sudden love for it.
“Do you remember our first date? He asked, leaning your head on his shoulder. “Yes.” you said quietly. “We went to the fanciest restaurant  I‘d ever seen and five  minutes later we left because it was full of snotty people.” you said smiling to yourself.
“ I   thought you’d like me more if  I took you somewhere that made me look more mature.” he said, rolling his eyes, smiling at the memory. “ I   thought Rubianos was perfect, no harsh stares, people with longer life spans.” you said jokingly, making him laugh.
In the midst of his laughter you realized what was happening. You’d also realized the dance floor was beginning to clear.
“ I   should get going, thank you Anakin, this was lovely.” you said as the song ended turning around and beginning to walk away and straight for the door. Not bothering to say goodbye to anyone.
“Wait, why are you leaving?” Anakin asked to catch up to you in the hallway. “Why did you?” you asked snapping at him catching him by surprise.
“Y/n, we came to that decision together.” he got serious. “No you came to that decision and  I   accepted it because it was what you wanted.” you said finally being able to look at him and feeling freed.
“This whole time,  I   followed you because my happiness was your own. And when you left  I   was the one who felt lost.” you said admitting your truth. “Don't say that.” he said tears building up in his eyes.
“ I   was happy because of you, all of who  I was, who  I   became was because of you.” he said coming closer making you step back and putting your hand up.
“Then  I   guess that makes us both lost.” you said sighing in defeat. “You should go back to the ball Padme is probably looking for you.” you said calmly tired of having done this with him again.
“Sometimes  I   wish you’d look me in the eyes more.” he said, “its the only time  I feel something now and days.” he said quietly.
“Sometimes  I   wish  I moved on as easily as you did.” you said adjusting your purse and beginning to walk away for good this time.
“Tell me you don't feel it too, when you look into my eyes.” he said, making you stop. Turning your head you looked at him once more. “Because sometimes  I   look into your eyes and  I   see a glimpse of us,” he said, wiping the silent tears away.
“And  I   spend everyday trying to get you to look at me so  I   can feel that again.” he whispered coming closer.
“Well soon you won't have to waste your time on me anymore.” you said as a tear escaped your eyes. Anakin frowned at your comment, “ I   asked for a base transfer so we won't be crossing paths anymore. Its for the best.” you said quietly wanting this to be over so you could go home and pack.
Anakin looked away shaking his head, “ I   tell you  I   need you and you push me further away.” he says hurt by your decision. “If  I   dont leave when will you give you and Padme a real chance.” you said questioning him.
“She cares for you, shes good and she already has you.” you chuckled, “we didnt work out Anakin, and thats okay, you and  I   will be okay just not together.” you said taking his head in your hands.
“This space will be good for me to move on and for you to let Padme in.” you said, wiping his tears away.
“And if   I   don't want to? If  I   come looking for you and bring you home?” he asked in all seriousness bringing a small smile to your face as you looked at his hopeful eyes.
“Tell you what Anakin skywalker, if after a year or two you haven't fallen in love with Padme then and only then, can you come looking for me but not a moment before.” you said smiling hoping you’d eased him enough to let you go.
“Promise you’ll come home?” he asked, “ If you haven't then yes,  I   promise. But for now, Goodbye Anakin.”  you said as you reached up to kiss his cheek before walking away for good.
Then suddenly, Anakin woke out of his nightmare breathless and reaching for the other side of the bed he found it empty.
“Ten months down, two more to go.” he murmured, turning himself around and looking at the photo of the girl who made him a promise.
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phoenixyfriend · 8 months
[rotates a fic concept based on a Frozen fic I read years ago]
(I'll link the fic and explain the premise a the bottom of the post. If you've read Ghost on the Wire, that's my inspo. If you haven't, check the bottom for the summary.) Easy option for the AU in question is Domino twins because [gestures at Echo], buuuuuuuuuuuut I think it would be interesting with Anakin as the kidnapped experiment sibling and Obi-Wan finding him years later.
Ahsoka, age 12, is the padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who lost his first padawan seven years ago and has been in mourning and self-doubt since; everyone thinks it's a miracle that he took her on, and she tries not to rock the boat because what if he decides he's not ready for another kid after all?
She's got a weird friend online that… well, if she complains about a senator or a mission, this person hunts down files pointing to questionable behavior by said senators and then dumps them in the Jedi's evidence box.
Since they're anonymously provided, the Jedi can legally use them to gain warrants, etc, because even if the law was broken to achieve it, they didn't do anything illegal, pay anyone to do anything illegal, or encourage anyone to do the illegal thing.
Obi-Wan takes a bit longer than he should to catch on to Ahsoka having a definitely criminal online friend, but decides to allow it so long as she lets him monitor interactions with this one specific person. He realizes that Ahsoka's random mentions of details coincide with certain infodumps, which Ahsoka wouldn't know because she's not privy to the fact that said data dumps happened at all.
War breaks out. Obi-Wan is frequently in a panic, because he already had one underage padawan die under his watch, and he's terrified of it happening again.
Various shenanigans, Ahsoka keeps up correspondence with her friend but it's much more heavily monitored now, in case of security violations. The friend still gives her heads up about suspected Separatist activity based on algorithmic analysis of shipping patterns and the like.
The friend tells Ahsoka he's in trouble. He needs help. Given the amount of information he's been giving the Jedi, they can consider him a confidential criminal informant that needs extraction and could continue being useful (important so they can justify using military resources when the Senate asks about budget expenditures).
They find Anakin, in a very similar setup to S7 Echo
Obi-Wan is. Not okay.
Ahsoka is freaked out by Anakin's physical state but fuck it! Friend! He needs medical help and he's really not exactly cognizant of the world around him.
Get him back to the ship. Get back to the Temple. Get him some medical help.
Figure out what the fuck is going on.
Turns out Anakin was captured on Sidious's orders when he was like... IDK ten. And then underwent experiments under the supervision of the Sith Lord. He still doesn't know who the Sith is, because Sidious saw his chatting with Ahsoka and only allowed it for as long as it wasn't anything too damaging, which means it was all either something that benefited Sidious, or something Anakin only barely managed to hide inside larger data packets (including his final request for help; he's gotten much better at cyber security on his own brain over the years).
But Sidious never did let Anakin know what his real identity is.
IDK where this goes but I do know Anakin is incredibly insistent on helping Ahsoka and the Jedi, and also that Obi-Wan cries on Anakin a lot.
He definitely would NOT be allowed out in the field, into battle, because the amount of physical therapy he needs. Immense. But he's probably with the 501st and 212th as their main data analyst/strategic dude? In this situation, the 501st doesn't technically have a Jedi, they're just a legion under the larger command of Obi-Wan and Cody, with their direct CO being Yularen, but Ahsoka's paired up with them regularly and she is honorary Jedi for the legion and everyone expects to get her officially once she's knighted, if the war lasts that long.
I do know that he chose Ahsoka to befriend because he had a vision of her becoming Obi-Wan's padawan a few years before it happened and went OH. BABY SISTER.
Any fic on this topic would have a heavy focus on Anakin's experiences with disability and recovery.
I feel like, while he can recover from a lot of the muscle atrophy etc, he probably has permanent damage to his bones and general health. He needs mobility aids, maybe a service animal to keep an eye on his physical state. Possibly epilepsy, since there was so much done to him neurologically. He definitely sleeps more than most people, has a very specific dietary plan, and relies a lot on the Force for things like getting things off of shelves.
A lot of this fic would by necessity happen with Anakin in a medical pod, communicating either in chat format or with a speaker. Possibly projected as a hologram approximation of himself despite the real body being in the pod.
Especially early on, he really is just text chat, before the war starts.
I think for the first few months of the war, when Anakin is still just a criminal internet friend Ahsoka happens to have, there are a lot of instances of him slicing into her comm during a mission and offering directions or information while she's like. Three quarters of a mile into a sewage system infil.
He's been on mute this entire time, but someone asks if the others remember which way to go, and he just pops up with "turn left."
It's the first time Ahsoka's ever heard his voice (or rather, an approximation of what he thinks he'd sound like at this age using some synthesizers normally used for waiter droids,) and it scares the crap out of her.
He wants to tease his baby sister! Sure she doesn't know she's his baby sister yet. But it's his obligation as a big brother.
They spend most of those months thinking he's some super cool slicer in a basement lair with eight screens and a bottle of orange soda and, basically, they're imagining Hardison from Leverage.
It's uhhhhh not quite that.
I think Ahsoka's a little betrayed at first that Anakin didn't tell her who he was, but she gets over it in favor of THIS IS MY FAVORITE PERSON LOOK HOW COOL HE IS pretty quickly
"It's my older brother's birthday and if everybody doesn't clap for him I'm going to blow up this entire ship."
Ahsoka: I'm gonna rob a BANK and Skyguy's gonna help! Obi-Wan: Ahsoka please he's still reco-- Anakin: DAMN RIGHT I AM where are we going
A whole lot of the emotional core would be the development for Anakin and Obi-Wan in a context where one's been mourning the other for so many years, and feels guilt for accepting his death instead of searching for him, even though he had evidence of Anakin's death (like "Sidious used Anakin's DNA to feign an accurate corpse burnt to a crisp" levels of evidence).
Obviously, there needs to be a heavy plot regarding figuring who took Anakin, why they did what they did, and whether there's any way to find them again.
I think the Domino twins steal Anakin for shenanigans of their own regularly, in part because they were usually the two with Ahsoka when Anakin popped up and started offering advice unasked.
IDK how I want to do the Rex&Anakin dynamic. That part's still percolating.
I do think Obi-Wan is very… delicate with him? He fusses. Anakin appreciates the part where Obi-Wan regularly tells him he's proud and loves him, but he's quickly very irritated by Obi-Wan treating him like he's made of glass.
Obi-Wan, however, is much more emotionally delicate than in canon, because he lost his master and his padawan within two or so years of each other, and blames himself for both. Part of him is convinced that Anakin also blames him.
(And part of Anakin… does.)
(For giving up on him, instead of searching for him even after evidence of his death came up.)
(Even though he knows, from conversations with Ahsoka before he revealed his identity, that Obi-Wan mourned him for years upon years before he took another student)
There's probably a specific medic whose job is at least 25% "Skywalker stuff."
I feel like it's easy to assign Kix to be Anakin's primary medic (there's a Jedi back at the Temple that's in constant contact) BUT I think it would make sense for there to be someone on hand as an assistant for the day to day, since he's on a military vessel and most of it isn't built in a way that's easy for him to navigate, especially with the Force, so I think it would be interesting to have Dogma assigned as Anakin's temporary care aide.
He's definitely someone who'd thrive on having a detailed list of Things That Need Doing, for a Jedi that has trouble remembering to take the medication that Kix said he needed, or to eat, or what have you.
And Anakin would. Probably have Dogma help him break many laws and regulations. Could be good for him.
Anakin: I want some hot chocolate. Dogma: That's not on the list Kix gave me. Anakin: But I want it. Dogma: ... Anakin: [starts levitating ingredients] Dogma, vibrating and maybe tearing up a bit: SIR PLEASE--
(Obi-Wan can be convinced to give him the hot chocolate. His brain is just going Baby Boy. Baby.)
Dogma makes so many calls to Kix for help keeping Skywalker alive.
Someone suggested he get an exoskeleton-style aid (think Rhodey post-CACW), but I think he does prefer more mundane mobility aids. Like, he's been forcibly teched up for… eight years? It's nice to have something that's just. Not that.
It's a chair with a motor. It's crutches with special padding. It's the Force, sometimes. Yeah he could take a shot at complex external support, but... he'd rather stick with the basics.
It's also like. A separation thing? He still uses his neurological hookup to do data analysis and slicing for the GAR and the Jedi (even though he was told MANY times that he doesn't have to and everyone would like it very much if he just stayed home at the Temple and focused on recovering), but he'd like to be able to ditch the complex tech stuff by choice when he's not at work.
I think Anakin puts a lot of stock in his ability to be useful. He'd want to 'detox' from it, so to speak, for a few months at a time very year or so. Just get out somewhere rural with lots of nature and a manageable number of people, and minimal tech. Regular missions with AgriCorps, maybe.
But he'd still think that, now that he has these skills and connections, it's irresponsible to not use them to help people.
I do not have the energy to write this out as an entire epic, which it probably deserves, but. Concept.
The Frozen fic was ghost on the wire.
Cyberpunk AU. Major element is that some people get neurological hook-ups to the internet and slowly get addicted to it to the point where they lose themselves to it (think the dream addicts in Inception, I guess?) The parents had died early on, and the sisters had been split up Anna made friends with a weirdo online, used this friendship to investigate the suspicious deaths of the parents. Weirdo is an insanely good hacker. Goes on a Recovery mission for the weirdo. Turns out the weirdo is actually Elsa, who was forcibly hooked up to the internet as a weapon? Ish? IDK she's a mega-useful hacker but she's been trapped in a medical pod thing for the past however many years and can't walk. Can barely talk, and regularly gets back inside a medical pod due to the lack of motor function and medical instability, and she needs to speak clearly to plan Cool Heists for the conspiracy investigation.
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Hi!!! Could you do a one-shot for your j-line femdom au where sana and mina are dating and they’ve been looking to spice up their sex life. Sana’s always found you to be so cute so she decides to bring you to their bedroom. Thank you!!
"Read it out loud"
[Twice J-Line as FemDom Series]
— Series Masterlist —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Senator!Mina x Model!Sana x GN!NewsReporter!Reader (No specific gender mentioned, but reader may be G!P/AMAB :) )
Warnings: Fluff; Smut; Pegging; Sana being sadistic; Poly relationship; Non-idol AU; Lowercase intended.
Synopsis: News, news, and more news— aren't you forgetting something? Oh right, the report! Sana wanted to know what you've been up to, she wants you to read your papers out loud. Probably, you, on her lap.
If there are two things you hate in life, it's rewriting your paper and Senator Myoui. Those things are the only ones that make living impossible for you. Because not only is the Senator too demanding and bossy most of the time, but probably has secret agenda against you.
You know for sure that she hates you, because why on earth would she give you last-minute Press tasks if she could've just given the papers to you earlier a while ago or tomorrow morning?
Goddammit, you thought. If only these reports aren't that important, then you could've just ditched them and made up an excuse as to why you haven't finished reading and revising them. The senator doesn't have to know anyways, and besides, it's not that she cares about you anyway.
However, as you were about to stand up, a hand was placed on your arm and made you flinch a bit. Turning to see who decided to give you a heart attack, made you truly about to have a heart attack.
It wasn't Clarence, the smelly bastard who messes up your papers all the time, it wasn't also Joohyun who gives you side eyes twenty-four-seven— instead, it was Sana. The treasured model and princess of Prada; the famous model your boss is dating at the moment.
Good Lord, she looked pretty. As soon as your eyes lock with hers, her smile made your heart skip a beat. She smelled good as well. You wonder what perfume she uses.
But then, your gawking and admiration were cut short as she laughs at your petrified state. Her high-pitched voice pulled you out of your trance, and have finally woken you up from daydreaming. Embarrassing, you thought. Smacking yourself internally.
Deciding to be polite, you stood up and bowed at the model. Of course, you have to show courtesy to your boss's lover or you'll have to say goodbye to your only job. You can't have it getting fucked up too.
"Good evening, Ms. Minatozaki. Is there anything I could help you with?" And to further prove that you wanted to keep your job, you threw a fake, but somewhat believable, smile into the mix.
"Oh don't be like that, Y/N. No need for formalities," she said smiling, her hand then resting on your arm. Squeezing you as well.
"Have you finished the papers Mina asked you to do?"
"Oh-uhm, I'm working on it right now. I just needed to find where Miss Myoui placed her folders, and I'll get it checked,"
You're probably wondering where the hell are the damn documents? Unfortunately, you genuinely don't know where your oh-so-loving boss placed the folder. She told you that she'll have it ready on your desk tonight so you can get on with it, it’s also why she asked you to stay longer in the office, and yet the things you needed to finish are nowhere to be found. It's as if she hated you so much, that she decided to hide the papers from you.
Weirdly enough though, Sana’s seemed to know where the papers are as she begins rambling and talking about how much she 'hated' Mina for bringing her work home. She also mentioned that Mina seemed to "have left" a blue folder in the office of their shared home, and that it could be the documents that you were looking for based on the details and information you have with what she has back home.
You tried refusing and declining the model, saying that you would rather face Mina’s wrath tomorrow morning— than be an intruder in their home. God knows how much you wanted to stay out of the politician's life, and how much you wanted to serve the public without ever risking your life, but this problem seemed urgent— as it is a document to a pending case against a certain CEO. So, with no other choices left, you agreed.
You weren't even sure if it was a wise decision to get the papers yourself, or something that could get you killed in the future. But all you know now is that Sana's strap felt so fucking nice inside of you.
"What does it say, hmm?" With the sweetest voice that she can give, Sana does nothing but turn you into mush. Putty with just words and soft touches.
She had you sitting on her lap while she sits on the leather chair in her' and Momo's office bedroom. While her arms are wrapped around your waist, you can't help but squirm as she plays with your throbbing cock.
Sure, you were able to get the documents, but you weren't expecting to get this kind of "reward" for doing good in your work. You weren't really sure if you were even supposed to be doing this with your boss's girlfriend, but when Sana began palming the tip of your cock, all of your worries and thoughts went away.
"C'mon, what does it say, Y/N/N?" She repeated, her lips nipping the skin of your neck and exposed shoulder. But really, how could you even focus on "reading" when she has her seven-inch cock buried deep inside your ass, and her hands busy jacking you off?
"I-it said in the co-constitution that, a-all business p-permits..." you began reading out loud. You tried your best to focus your vision on the paper on your hands, but you genuinely just can't when Sana has her hands perfectly stimulating the sensitive head of your dick. Her hands felt so good, that you can't help but tear up at the sensation she was giving.
And upon noticing your tears rolling down your cheeks, Sana couldn't help but chuckle and kiss your cheek.
"So cute," she said as she began jacking you off faster. And by doing that on your sensitive shaft, you can't help but mewl and squirm at the feeling— not to mention the stretch on your ass as well.
"You know, Mina was supposed to be here too, but she needed to attend an emergency meeting right now, so I'll have you all for myself tonight," and by the mention of her girlfriend, you tried breaking free from the model's hold. And just as you were about to move away, Sana immediately squeezed harder on your cock— both of her hands showing no mercy at your sensitive shaft.
"Where are you going?" She asked with feigned curiosity; her hands still has its deathly grip around your shaft.
"I'm not yet done with you," she continued.
As you squirm and moan at the tightness of her hands around your cock, you can't help but leak more at the feeling of her warm palms around you. It kind of hurt a bit, but then it feels so good at the same time.
"M-miss Myoui, sh-she's your girlfriend— this isn't right," you tried arguing, but really, what else could you do when you legitimately just wanted to blow your seeds out.
Sana admires your loyalty; she liked how obedient you are to Mina, and she wanted to have her share of that too.
You may never know it, but Sana has been watching you for a very long time now. Either you never see her enter the office building, or you were just too busy to care about anyone passing you by as you work. Truthfully, though, Mina has had her eyes on you as well for quite some time now— and hearing her girlfriend be so curious about you, has her smiling from ear to ear. At least she knows that they're both on the same page; that they both wanted you.
"But how do you think can we make this right then, hmm?" Her hands began moving again, but this time, it was faster and harder than the last strokes she did on you a while ago. This time, she's determined to have your sperm drip on the wooden floors of their bedroom.
"I know you wanted this too," she continued. Both of her hands move up and down at a speed.
"You're too much of a good baby to disobey mommy now," And finally, when Sana squeezed the base of your cock with one hand while the other kept pumping, you blew your load on the ground and were able to make a mess on your and Sana's thighs as well.
It was somewhat of an intense release, it had you panting and leaning on Sana as you try to catch your breath from an out-of-this-world experience that you just had from a simple handjob. You tried processing what just happened, but you were too fucked out and exhausted to even register that Sana took a selfie of you, with your cock sticking out of your office pants, and while sitting on her lap.
But before you were even able to question her, she cut you off.
"Don't worry, baby. Minari just wanted to know if you're with me already. I think she'll like this," she said.
A lot of things happened today. From extended working hours to papers needing revision, up to Sana just giving you the best handjob ever yet.
What next, meeting the president?
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panther-os · 1 month
Do you have thoughts about Jedi holidays?
Oh, I actually haven't thought about this before. 👀
I wanna say they definitely have at least one festival dedicated to each of the five core parts of Jewish holidays - candles, singing, leaves, food, and "the people who tried to kill us failed, woohoo!" I've been playing a lot of swtor lately so I feel like that last one would be the anniversary of the Coruscant Temple's destruction in the Sith Wars. Candles is light, obviously. Singing, maybe something to do with kyber? Leaves, hm, I have vague half-formed thoughts about the Room of One Thousand Fountains and similar gardens in other temples. Food is pretty self-explanatory but there could be something like World Thinking Day in scouts where different ethnic groups gather together to make little booths with their local cuisine for everyone in the temple to try.
The idea of Shaak Ti walking Ahsoka and Ashla through traditional Togruti recipes and the two girls beaming with pride as other Jedi walk up to try what they made.... How they vibrate with wanting to go see all the other booths but they also want to stay and keep giving out food and eventually Shaak smiles at them and asks them to go find something they think she'd like because she's hungry - and don't worry, she'll take good care of the food they made and tell them all about the Jedi who come by while they're gone.
I also feel like there would be festivals of knowledge, days of contemplation/peace, and giant carnivals of harmony/community. The carnivals could also tie into the food festival. I can almost visualize in Ye Olden Days padawans and younglings putting together floats and such to march in parade down the Processional Way from the temple to the Senate and those ethnic food booths being set up like food carts along the way, on the steps of the temple, or both. There wouldn't be enough time or supplies towards the prequel era as the Jedi were slowly strangled by the Senate but at one time, I could see it being absolutely glorious and something all the non-Jedi on Coruscant looked forward to eagerly.
Thank you for asking this! I don't think I would've thought of it on my own. ❤️
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the-obiwan-for-me · 5 months
A non-spoilery thought on why I have been so blown away by Andor....
In 2016, I sat in my seat on opening night of Rogue One, completely gobsmacked at what I had just watched. I had never had such a viseral reaction to a movie as I did that night. And I really haven't had one since.
Even my first ever viewing of the original trilogy, my heart movies, the things that started this obsession love didn't hit me in quite the same way....I assume probably because Rogue One built on why I loved them, and gave A New Hope and everything that happens in it, especially that opening sequence, so much weight.
Rogue One hit different for me.
And Andor is hitting different, too.
As a form of entertainment, it is far superior to any of the other live action shows we've been offered. The acting is....wildly good. The sets are intense in how deeply they pull you into the world. The writing is phenomenal. The characters are intriguing and compelling. THEY SHOT ON LOCATION AND IT SHOWS. It's just a terrifically well done show.
But the story it is telling is where it really shines. I continuously call it "grown up Star Wars." I laugh at the jokes about "shit" being canon, seeing actual underwear (ummmm....I thought there wasn't underwear in space?!), and sex being heavily implied. We also have our very first on screen, live action queer relationship (LET THEM KISS!!!).
But, beyond all that, it is grown up Star Wars. It's a deeper, darker look at the age of the Empire. We've had glimpses of that in Rogue One, Solo, and Rebels, but this time they aren't just showing it a little, they are sticking us right in it and saying "suffer along with everyone else!" We're seeing it from all sides. From the trenches of the nascent rebellion, to what it's like to be in a pointless, powerless senate, to being an Imp trying to wade through the bloated bureaucracy. It's different this time and you can all but taste it.
It's powerful stuff, and I realized this evening, after watching the latest episode, that I keep experiencing the same feelings I had that night in 2016.
Why this particular storyline and way of telling stories hits me so hard, I'm not really sure. It's not like I am not rabid passionate about other parts and times of this galaxy. I also am the first to admit that rebellion era shit is my jam. I'm sure that's part of it. But, at the end of the day, this show is making me feel things I didn't know I could. And I will gladly take it. Even if it makes me actually scream at the end of it.
So, here I am, having mini weekly meltdowns over a galaxy I didn't think could make me feel quite so deeply anymore.
And I am here for it.
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gffa · 1 year
Hey, I kind of have a request and I'm sorry if I'm being inconvenient or something, it's just that you're one of the most knowledgeable person (people?? I'm sorry, I'm not a english speaker) on this Force forsaken fandom and actually knows what being a Jedi means and this new episode has made all the Jedi haters rise from hell so... I was wondering if you had some sources of GL talking about how the Jedi were actually the victims of all that happened in the prequels (can't believe I'm asking for a source about how genocide victims are, in fact, victims, this fandom is killing me) and how they were, in fact, right and that their beliefs and values weren't the reason why they were murdered.
I'm sorry for asking this, I know you must also be frustrated about all the Attachment Discourse™ and the Jedi hate and misinterpretation all over the internet now, I'm just really upset having to deal with this and now people are even shitting on Golden Boy Luke "Never Did Anything Wrong In His Life" Skywalker and it almost feels like I'm on another dimension because I thought everybody loved him but now people are blaming him and his beliefs for what happened to his Jedi Order and I'm @($+2!#!37#[email protected];2!
So, if it won't trouble you, please, could you give me some power juice (source) so I can at least have something beyond my awful explanation (I suck at explaining things) to rub on the face of whoever comes to my bubble to talk shit about my kids?
Oh, this is going to be a tough one, because I'm not sure there's a smoking gun of George Lucas specifically saying they were victims because, like, I'm pretty sure it was so blisteringly obvious that he never felt he had to talk about it. Like, if you're asking, "How would I show the deaths of people who kind of brought it on themselves? I know! THEIR BABIES ARE MURDERED WHEN CUTELY ASKING FOR HELP. Yes, literal BABY MURDER is the way to show the Jedi were kinda bad actually." I'm not sure what else there is even to say. Or even just, "If [x] group of people had just done [x], they wouldn't have been genocided out of existence!" is--what do you even say to that? It's more in the way Lucas talks about how the philosophies of his movies are ones that directly align with the Jedi teachings, it's more in the way that Lucas talks about how the fall of the Republic was at the feet of the Senate, it's more in the way Lucas talks about how Anakin's fall was because he was attached to things and didn't want to accept Jedi philosophy, rather than directly saying, "The Jedi were victims of this." I mean, I can't even think of any examples where he talks about Order 66 specifically at all? I do have a george lucas tag, which includes a lot of quotes that might help you get started (and meta by a lot of really thoughtful, smart people), or else just hit up @david-talks-sw's blog who is an absolute rock star at collecting together quotes and organizing them into excellent meta (this one is a great place to start if you haven't seen it yet), which is about all I can think to offer. If anyone else has any other thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them, especially on anon's request about how the Jedi were victims/commentary on the deaths of the Jedi! (Also, I know SW fandom is a hell pit, but come over here and join us, we've been yelling a lot and there's plenty to keep you occupied while you ignore the tags and possibly the entirety of Twitter for awhile. 😂)
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feyre-darling92 · 7 months
A little rest
When you and Ashoka come back from a difficult mission you don’t have the time to rest. But that won’t stop you as you’ll find your own way.
T/W: None, bad writing
A/N: Obi-Wan and reader are in a relationship in this one.
Tumblr media
“Good job, Ashoka” you stood next to her as the ship landed.
“Thank you Y/N. You too” she replied with a weak smile.
You both had fought hard on this mission, you were alone undercover which meant that you had no reinforcements. Thankfully, you had succeeded but you both needed a good rest.
And you hoped you did, but then Anakin and Obi-Wan appeared giving you tasks that needed to be done.
“Go report to the council” you did. “Go check the mission files” you did that too. “Give another report to the senate” you also did this.
You and Ashoka were on the run for the rest of the day barely able to stand.
You also missed Obi-Wan. Since you returned you didn’t have any time to see him, maker you’d barely talked to him! 
 I am a great girlfriend you thought. Well, he never complained about anything he understood and you appreciated that.
You took a look at the mirror. Hair pulled up in a bun that was now half destroyed, purple bags under your eyes- great.
You heard the door of your room open and then close again.
“Hello, darling” Obi-Wan hugged you from behind.
“Hello, Obi” you sighed.
“What’s the matter?” he asked worriedly.
“It’s been two days since the last mission and I haven’t rested for 5 minutes. 5 minutes! And I bet neither has Ashoka. And in 10 minutes I have another meeting and then to meet Padme”
“I am sorry, love” he kissed your temple, “is there anything I can do to help?”
“I just-” you looked at your clock “I have to go” you sighed and kissed Obi-wan for goodbye. “see you later”
“Be carefull” you heard him say as you opened the door.
“I will”
The meeting lasted about two hours and by the time it was finished you could barely keep your eyes open, even though it was still noon.
You practically dragged your feet to the room you were supposed to meet Padme.
When you opened the door you saw a familiar face waiting. “Hello, Ashoka”
“Hi, Y/N. How are you doing?” she asked as you sat next to her on the couch in the corner of the room.
“Fine, just a little tired”
“Yeah, me too” she yawned. “I would give everything for a nap now”
“What stops you?”
“C’mon” you took a small pillow and placed it on you lap. “You deserve some sleep”
"Thank you" she muttered as she layed and soon fell asleep.
You smiled at yourself and layed you head back watching the view from the window.
Finally you were able to relax.
You closed you eyes “just for a second” but the second became a minute and you soon fell asleep too.
----- Obi Wan's Pov
I was in the library when Anakin found me,
"Hey Master, have you seen Ashoka? I think she was supposed to meet Padme but I can't find her"
"No, I haven't, but I think Y/N was about to meet Padme too. Maybe they're together"
"Thank you Obi-Wan"
"Actually, do you mind if I join you? I hoped that I could find Y/N. I need to talk to her about something"
"Of course"
We continued our search for the three of them when I tried to feel Y/N through the force.
I tried to call her, but I received no response. Usually, she would answer me whether she was in a meeting or on an assignment or even studying in the library.
But this time she didn't. And that's when I began to worry.
A couple of minutes later we finally found Padme, but she was alone.
"Do you know where Ashoka and Y/N are?"
"Follow me" she said and so we did. "They were supposed to meet me right here" she opened the door and the sight was beautiful. And quite amusing.
Ashoka was laying on Y/N's lap, snoring softly, while Y/N was snoring soundly with her head laying at the top of the couch.
"So, mystery solved" Anakin laughed silently and gently picked up Ashoka.
"Sorry about your meeting. Bit I think for a couple of days we should leave them rest"
Padme nodded smiling and followed Anakin.
"Alright, Y/N. Let's get you to your bed" I whispered and gently lifted her.
She made some muffled sounds and then began snoring again.
She was so beautiful when she snored.
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astriiformes · 7 months
For reasons, I am once again thinking about the ideal TOH Star Wars AU that I might not ever write but lives in my head and haunts me regularly
Can't decide if I would age some of the kids up by a couple years or just continue in the grand Star Wars tradition of harm and too much responsibility to literal children but Luz is a young Force-sensitive human maybe more around 16-18 (still not THAT old) living on a backwater planet who convinces Eda to take her on as an apprentice
Eda is an ex-Jedi who has been on the run since Order 66, now working as a smuggler. I think people are cowards about never interpreting anyone as aliens in Star Wars AUs and think she's a good candidate but haven't narrowed down exactly the species, although the whole Togruta-are-obligate-carnivores thing make them a tempting choice. The Empire has probably been around a little longer than in SW canon to make things line up right and I think she was an older teen during the Clone Wars, and also Bump's padawan before everything fell apart.
King is a small alien of indeterminate species that she found in a mysterious older-than-the-Jedi temple while mucking around the galaxy. Not sure exactly what his deal is but some kind of weird Mortis/the Ones/Force nonsense long since forgotten about by modern Force users feels about right.
Lilith is also a former Jedi (I know by canon Jedi rules they probably wouldn't have had two siblings training at the same time, but also, I can poke at Star Wars canon too), now Head of the Inquisitorius dead-set on tracking her sister down and recruiting her as another Inquisitor. Was probably Belos' padawan and got roped into his own fall to the Dark Side as a result.
Gus is a young (human?) Force-sensitive rebel, as is Willow (although I think she is a green twi'lek); I have not decided exactly how they are affiliated with the Rebellion since they are both YOUNG (although again, maybe more in the 16-18 range, Gus is still the youngest of the kids for sure) but I think having their parents involved might make sense, especially if it's in part an attempt to keep their kids safe from the Purges/Inquisitors. Doing something with the Emerald Entrails as an X-Wing squadron is also very tempting (Emerald Squadron, with Willow as Emerald Leader??)
Raine is in a sort of Bail Organa double agent senator/Rebellion leader style position and YES this means that they and Eda were basically doing a whole "what if Padmé and Anakin were just a tiny bit smarter, but not by much" illicit senator/Jedi romance when they were younger, so I think it would be funny if they were from Naboo. They definitely think Eda died in Order 66 and Eda definitely thinks they, as a member of the Imperial Senate, have bought into the whole "the Jedi were bad, actually" thing which is why the two haven't spoken in decades. Darius and Eberwolf might be Senate colleagues? (Maybe a Fulcrum agent kind of situation?)
Not sure what is going on with the Blights. I think maybe Alador is an Imperial scientist and Amity might end up involved via a not-quite-Rogue-One, but a little inspired by it heist situation just to get her in contact with the rebels. Her parents have worked very hard to keep her Force sensitivity on the down-low. Also I think it's funny that in canon Pantorans can have the same gold eyes/lavender hair look Amity does (just, you know, blue) so while it doesn't work for the whole family I think Alador being a Pantoran and Amity taking more after him than her mother works amusingly well.
Hunter is Belos' Mara Jade-style Emperor's Hand (obviously) but ALSO a clone (obviously) who probably has an Order 66-style chip implanted in him somewhere for maximum angst potential, because this is Hunter and also Star Wars. He was definitely a pet project independent of the clone troopers, probably an attempt to do something weird with the Force to create a perfect Jedi killer. I'm honestly not sure if he's Force-sensitive or not, it could really go either way. Also I would be broadly interpreting all palismen as droids, but Flapjack in particular has to be an old, beat-up little guy he found on a mission and has been tinkering with against his better judgement since.
Belos is probably creating some Force-draining superweapon; a Star Wars AU is interesting for him because making him a Sith makes him one of the weird "magic" folks himself, but obviously the Jedi purges are still a good equivalent to his whole deal in canon. He and his brother were both Jedi and Caleb almost definitely tried to stop his fall to the dark side in a very Mustafar-but-if-Anakin-won situation, just because I think the parallel there is tasty.
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adriensaltprompts · 8 months
Submitted prompt Those Who Can Do Should Teach
Title is a pun on the phrase "those who cannot do, teach". Also can be called This Series Needs An Adult, Remix
Ms. Bustier is a terrible teacher but, thankfully, she takes a break to go have her baby and take advantage of the large amounts of maternity leave France provides.
In steps a substitute teacher, we'll name him after one of my old teachers, Mr. Iadorola. Mr. I, for short. His dad is the President of the Senate of France. Chloe's dad doesn't outrank him. She can't threaten him. Her dad knows it'd be political suicide to anger him and actually listens when Mr. I talks to him about Chloe's racism, bullying, and disrespectful behavior. For once, Chloe's actions have consequence and she either has to clean up her act or get ready to switch schools.
Meanwhile Lila is in an equally screwed position because she loves her mom, and she knows anything she says will absolutely make its way back to her now that the son of a prominent government official is near her. It'd take him two texts to get ahold of her mom's number and tell her about every single lie. Lila knows without having to be told and that if she keeps spreading gossip and starting drama, he'll tell her mom absolutely everything. No amount of moving will undo that kind of damage. Her mom will never think of her the same way again.
Then one day, when an akuma attacks and Adrien is goofing around so much that Marinette isn't sure they're going to be able to win this one, in swoops a new superhero wearing very familiar collar pins, the Deer Miraculous. After beating the crap out of the akuma alongside Ladybug, he turns and starts lecturing Chat Noir in a way that's oddly familiar... something about the cadence, the way he moves his hands, it's so...
"Mr. I?" Ladybug asks, and he freezes for a second, giving it away. "You have a Miraculous?!"
"Wait," Chat Noir says, "if you've had a Miraculous and you've been living in Paris for a month, why haven't we seen you before-"
That's interrupted by Mr. I doubling over, coughing. The Deer Miraculous is cracked, handed down his family line on his mother's side for generations. He's got a bit of a double life going on - no one knows he's a superhero, including his own parents, who never opened the box the Miraculous was in before giving it to him as a 30th birthday gift. He's got superpowers, but he can't come to the rescue unless he's okay with a ringing headache, nosebleed, and dizziness for hours afterwards. Still, if Chat Noir isn't going to take things seriously, someone has to step up. That's why he moved to Paris in the first place.
The awful physical side effects will not keep him from pitching in when Chat Noir can't be counted on - something he says in front of Adrien, who isn't pleased with that statement or the way Ladybug looks relieved, impressed, and concerned all at once.
So now the group dynamic has shifted, and worse, when he's around, Mr. I will not stop calling out the sexual harassment. "Stop harassing her and do your job." "If you're done sexually harassing girls for the night..." "Are you late because you were harassing some other poor girl, or is Ladybug your only victim?" "Keep your paws to yourself or I'll stomp on them with my hooves, catboy." And every time, Ladybug's esteem for him gets a little bit higher, and Chat Noir gets a little more furious with him.
Meanwhile in class Marinette has put this teacher on a pedestal, this awesome guy who moved across the country to risk his life saving other people, cooler even than Jagged Stone in her eyes, and Adrien, for the first time, is acting up in school, so, so irritated with this guy who doesn't understand that Ladybug is his. The rudeness and insubordination in class amps up until, finally, Mr. I takes him aside after class one day.
"I know you're Chat Noir. You popping up whenever one of my students goes missing is a dead giveaway; don't deny it. Clean up your act or so help me God, I will send a note home to your father. I can have you pulled out of school, young man. You either learn that no means no and start treating women with respect, or you get to find out what it's like to have your wishes ignored by someone you can't get away from."
"That's not what I've been doing with Ladybug!"
"Yes, it is. And I intend to stop you while you're a kitten, before you become a predator. That's what you are, Adrien. You're predatory, and I come from a long line of hunters, the only thing that triumphs over predators in the wild. You keep that in mind for next time. Now, dismissed."
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softnasty · 2 days
#wipwednesday again!! sneak peak of chapter 2 of my jyn/cassian politics au! you can already read chapter 1 here on ao3.
Senator Mothma comes back from taping Lando's show with Tay Kolma in tow. In typical Tay Kolma fashion, Kolma is wearing a light blue suit jacket over his white shirt. His pale gray slacks have the faintest checkered pattern on them if you look really closely, which Cassian is. 
In the middle of the bullpen, Cassian is front row to Mothma's chief of staff's motivational speech. It's 12pm on what should have just been a regular, no big fuss workday for all of them. Instead, Cassian has to stare at Kolma's eccentric — but impeccable — fashion choices as he dishes out commonplace after commonplace on chaos and how to keep going and thrive when everything is seemingly falling apart.
[more under the cut because i couldn't resist sharing my entire 1st scene for the chapter hehe]
The words falling apart are a bit too strong for Cassian's liking but what does he know, really. It'd probably be too presumptuous of him anyway to pretend that everything's fine when he's literally an emergency replacement expected to help clean up this mess and ensure a smooth transition like nothing ever happened. So, perhaps Cassian's downplaying things a little, at least to himself, if only to keep his sanity and avoid freaking the fuck out.
When Kolma finishes his speech, Cassian sets himself on a mission to find where Brasso must inevitably be hiding. He's barely turned on his heel when Kolma sidles up to him, clapping a hand to Cassian's shoulder.
"So. Campaign manager? Everything good so far?"
Cassian chuckles weakly.
"I guess. Haven't done much in the 3 hours since my appointment."
It's not even a lie. He's barely made a dent in the pile of folders and emails that have been handed over to him, his calendar has grown twofold in terms of volume of invitations, and his phone hasn't stopped buzzing. Nothing from Jyn. 
The only substantial thing he's accomplished is signing the amendment to his work contract, a task that happened under Kay's supervision because Cassian's day was, at this point, becoming a collection of all his worst fears and dislikes. Jyn is barely out of the door, Cassian's voicemail is unanswered, and Cassian has already signed his name to a two-pager instating him in her position. 
"Well, you need anything, you tell me, alright?" Kolma claps his shoulder again. 
Cassian nods and goes to find Brasso.
He doesn't even make it to the hallway.
This is quite literally the worst day of Cassian's life. He thinks of those old-school hidden camera shows, wonders for a delirious second if maybe this is an elaborate set-up to see how long it takes him to crack.
Cassian narrowly avoids crashing straight into Mothma's husband as he steps out of the bullpen, desperate to reach the archives where he knows Brasso will be hiding. Like he doesn't fucking know that Cassian knows all of his hiding spots in the office. Cassian glares at Mothma's husband and asks the stars above, not for the first time, why such a useless piece of a man is even allowed to exist. 
A note, for the blissfully ignorant souls of the galaxy: Tay Kolma, in addition to being a fantastic chief of staff, has been linked to Senator Mothma in numerous scandalous rumors, the most notable one claiming that they were engaged in their early twenties. Each time the rumor crops up, Mothma sends out the same statement on how Kolma has been a friend since childhood and she cherishes the bond they have. The press calls him her work husband. Cassian tries to also stay blissfully unaware, but it's near impossible when anyone remotely involved with galactic politics has such a high affection for gossip. Because Cassian tries his best to stay away from all the office gossip, no one's ever asked him for his opinion but if you did, he would tell you that Mothma deserves better than Perrin. 
"Ah! Cassian Andor, the man of the hour!"
Cassian gives Mothma's real, actual husband the phoniest smile he can muster.
"I really need to get going." Cassian lies as he tries to move past Perrin.
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thegirlwhowrites642 · 5 months
I hope you are well.
Just wanted to tell you I love Back to Eclipse. In fic their was scene about ginny, bathtub and Tom. That was so creepy.
I love how different Harry and Tom in Ginny's life. Tom's diary always brings her pain and harry comfort.
In your analysis of yew wand you explained ginny is representation of life and Tom is of death(one of your best analysis). I think It fits in Ginny's life too maybe.
Many think Tom was like abusive ex. What do you think about that?
Also i have been listening to Taylor's would have could have in which there is line "give me back my girlhood it was mine first" dunno why it remind me of ginny and Tom.
Anyways will love to hear your thoughts on this scene. Also this has such a great imagery harry holding her from behind, ginny keeping her eyes shut and the back and forth between past and present.
Thank you (Sorry for a long rant).
TW: discussion of self-harm
[For those who haven't read the story yet -> Back to the Eclipse ]
I love that you love Back to the Eclipse and that scene!! It is creepy, isn't it? It wasn't even planned originally, it just came to me while I was writing about Harry and Ginny's fight. I had this visual of Ginny in the bathtub with blood and with a white nightgown and I needed to bring it to the page. I won't get into a personal rant about my original writing but it's a very me scene.
The whole matter of Ginny and the diary is a very fascinating one that for targeted audience reasons could never be fully explored in the books, even if in each one there's at least one reminder of how dark and twisted it was and how Ginny brings it with her all her life (with the exception of GoF because it builds to the Lucky you scene).
Tom in that scene I've written is setting up a suicide attempt for Ginny, even if in my idea he didn't actually have the intention of killing her at that moment, it was "just" psychological torture. In CoS, when Tom talks to Harry in the Chamber about Ginny he's so taunting, he makes fun of her. Even if you think about the fact that he makes her write with blood her own death sentence, you can find this element of unnecessary torture for the hell of it. A show of power. So I imagined it wasn't rare for him to do something like that. You can even interpret it as an experiment for what he will do in the Chamber if you want.
One of the main inspirations for this scene was the concept of suicide in ancient Rome. Suicide was considered a right in roman culture. Because while life was a right it fell under private law (it didn't work like that in ancient Greece for example). And in certain situations, it was an honourable act as an alternative to perishing at the hands of someone else. Now I'm not going to get into detail but, for example, when the senators wanted a fellow senator dead, they made him understand that he was going to die anyway, and out of respect, they gave him the possibility of killing himself, to have control over his own death. The cut of the veins was a pretty popular method in the tradition of the great figures that ended their own life. Maybe the most famous one is the one of Seneca.
This "tradition", and especially Seneca's episode, became my inspiration for that scene because Voldemort is a European dictator, or well, at 16 an aspiring one. And if there's something all European emperors/dictators have in common is an obsession with the roman empire. But I also thought it was quite fitting as a show of that weird co-dependency between Tom and Ginny. He makes fun of her, yet he knows her, and he is close to her. He tortures her but he sets up a scene that links that act back to something that was considered honourable.
[for the love of God, don't hurt yourself, people, there's nothing pretty or honourable about it, if you need help, ask for it]
I think Would've, could've, should've by Taylor Swift is a really powerful song that is quite fitting in this situation of Ginny and Tom. Yet I have to disagree on the matter of seeing Tom as an ex-boyfriend. I understand the parallel, but I think it comes from a line of thinking I disapprove of, the idea that the greatest betrayals and heartbreaks come always from lovers. Tom was Ginny's friend, her only friend. She trusted him, and she opened up to him, he was older, wiser, and charming. And he manipulated her. The implication of romance is not necessary, opening up to someone requires putting yourself in a vulnerable position, and that happens with friends too. There's nothing weird in suffering because you are not friends with someone anymore, whatever the reason is. There's nothing weird in suffering because a friend backstabbed you. It doesn't need to be romantic. It's not that the parallel of the toxic ex-boyfriend is wrong, but I find it often unnecessary.
But back to the scene I've written.
The presence of Harry. First, I have to specify that he's holding her from the front, I don't wanna take credit for things that I'm currently wishing I had written. That said, one of the things I really wanted to do with this story was showing what Harry does for Ginny. It's in the books, but Harry's pov tends to reduce the impact of those moments. So I wanted Harry to be there for Ginny, and be sensible about the matter, calming her like he does when she's worrying about the potions' book for example.
Something that I also find very fascinating is how Tom and Harry are arguably the two most impactful male figures of Ginny's life (until her sons) and how they are so connected and yet so different. The parallels between Tom and Harry are an explicit storyline of the books as much as their enormous differences. And you are right in referencing my analysis about the yew wands, like for Harry when it comes to Voldemort and Ginny, Tom and Harry are for her diametrically opposite things that still hold a connection. Tom is her darkest past, and Harry is her bright future. Tom is hate, and Harry is love. Tom is the guy that leaves her unconscious on a stone floor, and Harry is the guy that helps her stand up and tells her everything is going to be alright. Tom is torment, Harry is the guy who after seeing his mentor die still worries about how Ginny is feeling in regard to Bill being attacked. And I really enjoyed bringing this contrast to the page. I'll never get tired of saying that Ginny Weasley is built as a main character, she's just not the one of the story we've read.
I hope this was exhaustive enough! And please don't apologise, messages like this make a writer's day.
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inquisitorius-sin-bin · 6 months
Okay so I could go on forever about the two stories but I shall keep it as concise as possible
I loved both of them, honestly some of the best Quizzy content I’ve ever seen out there. I think “Studied and Praised” would probably be my favourite if I had to pick, I loved the way the tragedy unfolded in “Whiskey and Teeth” (not that this one wasn’t tragic too) but the sheer detail you put into character backstories is stellar, and I think the length of “Studied and Praised” helped draw that out a bit more. Loved the Sith legends, too, I’m always down for lore like that. They were both so wonderful oh my god
Aaaand I have to know, how many siblings does HRH have? And (if you’ve thought of it) what happened on the journey to Exegol? Because I bet that was NOT a fun conversation oof
Eeeeeee thankyousomuch!!! I am glad you enjoy them both! I did a lot of research for Studied and Praised, almost every bit of Sith lore I included was canon. The only bits I embellished were like, giving dates for the design inspiration of Fortress Inquisitorius, and some of the details in the paragraph where HRH is inferring where Exegol should be. All their jokes and everything were based on real tidbits I found about sacred Jedi and Sith text, which I thought Inky would get a real kick out of.
My only real regrets were, because of the length, there were some things I kind of had to cut or shorten. Originally HRH and Inky were supposed to have a longer conversation about HRH's family, but it felt a little out of place. HRH has four siblings that they know of, an older brother and three sisters, HRH is somewhere in the middle of them. The nibling is not Rey, as that timeline doesn't work out quite right, it's too early. But I'm sure if the Emperor had one secret grandkid, they could have had many.
Also, I really wanted to continue to show the full interactions with HRH's guards afterwards, but it didn't feel quite right, and so I didn't feel like I got to wrap that up very cleanly. But Renson, based on his age and HRH's age, would have joined Sheev's guard when he was still a Senator. Sure, he's loyal to the Emperor, but I think this shapes the story a lot. I don't think he signed up for everything that came after. I think he's pleased he's assigned to the one child that isn't force sensitive and gets ignored more. He gets to shape them, and have more of an impact on their life.
The sadness and pity when he looks upon HRH after they reveal what they were planning, I think he's upset that they cannot deny that part of them that is a Palpatine, that is so ruthlessly ambitious it consumes them. He's like, why can't you just play it safe, be an archaeologist, not a murderer/politician/warlord? Why isn't this good enough for you? And he is very explicitly worried about the correct problem, which is: HRH doesn't have the Force, therefore isn't a threat. If they are known to interact with the Inquisitor, or WORSE, form a personal relationship that could undermine the master/acolyte relationship between the Emperor and the Inquisitor, they are gaining access to the force AND becoming a huge threat.
For Vanyiel, the relationship is much newer, but I think she is starting to warm up to HRH for giving her her identity back. But she also has seen the Inquisitorius and the dark deeds that they do up close. Of course HRH is familiar with the Sith and what the Inquisitors and Emperor get up to, but they were raised in that, I don't think it bothers them. They also haven't necessarily seen it first-hand, only discussed it, been familiarized with it casually. Vanyiel has not seen that side of the Emperor, because he doesn't show it much, but she has a reason to fear the Inquisitors.
So all this being said, the aftermath would really damage HRH's relationships with both of her closests "friends"/advisors. However, they also legitimately care about what their guards think of them. I think up until this point, HRH has been a really calculated, rational person, so to see them slip up this badly and come completely unhinged would be a total shock. Even to HRH. I do think Vanyiel would stick with them, and not tell the Emperor what they had done. But HRH would have to work hard to rebuild her trust. Renson probably gives them a really stern lecture, but I think HRH would be a little broken too. Once separated from the moment, I think they would totally fold from their mistake. They really, really botched their future plans. Maybe they would finally realize that they will NEVER get approval from their father, and instead should seek to better their relationship with the real guiding figures in their life that actually care about them, Renson and Vanyiel.
Personally, I like to think about a afab HRH having a little bit different fate ultimately, should this encounter leave them a little more "burdened" than they came in. That they might, after delivering Exegol to the Emperor, beg to be given exile as a reward. So that they might live out a quiet life as an archeologist, assigning Vanyiel to be their child's Head Guardian, and just learn to live in peace with what they have, under Renson's guidance. So ultimately, a happy ending for them, I think. Just a rocky middle. But I don't necessarily think that fate is set in stone, just one I like to think about for them.
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ladycolumbia-liberty · 2 months
9 & 15? 🤠
9. Pick up their phone. Are there any texts or calls? Who are they from?
Government issued work phone:
While many would assume Alfred would be getting calls from the president, he generally sees the president enough on a day-to-day basis where they don't need to keep in touch by phone. Only time the president calls is when 1) Alfred got snitched on by NASA or some other government agency and he's being called in for a "talk" about "abusing government resources and tax payer dollars". 2) Something major happened and the president is trying to make sure Alfred isn't dead before he sends the FBI out to uh, stop him from getting an autopsy.
The vice president: It is my personal headcanon that the unofficial job of the vice president (since Arron Burr) has been "Alfred wrangling". Make sure he is accounted for, tracking to see if the feds should be worried about civil war part 2 because he's hearing a voice in his head that isn't his own, making sure he isn't breaking laws they can't cover up, dragging him back to DC when he try's to run away. All the normal stuff. Are any of them ever successful? no, never. Despite the lack of successes, the first year or so as VP, they really try their hardest at keeping him in line. Before they eventually give up and let him do what he is going to do anyway.
Speaker of the house, leader of the senate, supreme court justices, and other high level government officials. While I generally go with the headcanon nations are not known to the public, with how old most members of the federal government are, I think a good chunk of them would have put together that he isn't a intern by now. Alfred had bi-weekly lunches with Bernie and had blackmail on literally every official who is over the age of 60.
Personal phone: Alfred truly avoids making phone calls. He really dose. If he calls you, something is up.
Family group chat
Family group that Arthur isn't in
NAFTA group chat
Texts between him and Matt
Texts between him and Maria
Texts with Toris, Kiku, Gilbert, Emili, Im Yong Soo, Lillian, Katyusha, Natalya
Texts with other nations about things that aren't serous enough to be sent through the government phone
Burner Phone from the dollar store he payed cash for:
Encrypted texts with Ivan
15. Is there anything you notice that points to an addiction or bad habit? (Possible TW for eating disorder and drug use)
Limited solid food intake, increase in liquid consumption: I generally go with the popular headcanon that Alfred swings from one extreme to another very quickly when it comes it food. For few months its "my body is a temple and I'm only eating fruits and veggies I grow myself". Then "Oh, I haven't eaten anything in 4 weeks? ops. Good thing I'm not human lol". The to " What do you mean shots of espresso mixed with redbulls, monsters, and mt. dew isn't a meal? I awake and upright aren't I?
When Alfred is relapsing, going through the yearly season depression, or just having a hard time Matt can tell by 1) Alfred just going radio silent for more then a few weeks. Alfred often will go into his own little world of being a super power. But zero communication for 2-3 weeks? something is going on. Alfred would have least sent Matt a meme or funny video in that time if he was ok. 2) When he finally tracks Alfred down he sees a fridge with just redbulls, monsters, 5 hour energy, and cheap seltzers. On the counters are half empty plastic cups of cold brews with extra shots, a jar of open peanut butter with a spoon in it, take-out that never was touched and and long been forgotten about.
2. Evidence of Illegal substances: Academics and scholars who have known of nations existence have long theorized over what causes nations to develop habits (both bad and good). When nations drink to much, is just them finding a way to cope with pain/trauma like humans do? when they partake in a illegal substance that are also popular with their people, is it really just them being influenced by the needs/desires of their people? for Alfred and other nations, its a mix of the two. Alfred already has a natural draw towards self-medication but I do headcanon that major epidemics also have driven him to a higher level of drug usage over the years.
Another popular headcanon subscribe to is that Alfred uses drugs to try and dictate his moods. When he needs more energy, he takes an "upper" like Adderall or if he has gone really off the deep end again, coke. Then, doing what would 100% kill a human (and likely has caused him to have a nice 24 hr nap at least once) he will take a downer to counteract the effects of the upper. And in recent years (and yes, this is me as a rust belter projecting) the opioid epidemic has really increased his usage of drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl. In the 1800s, mostly around the civil war, morphine was a go-to. But he very quickly developed a tolerance for it.  
I think it's mostly Matt who will notice when Alfred start swinging to much one way. Maria and Arthur also might notice when it happens depending on if they are around. Maria witnessed Alfred's first run-around with alcoholism post-civil war and she might actually notice the signs before even Arthur dose.
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