#Also I really fucking like how to train your dragon
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Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Christening the new tablet with old reliable 🙌✨
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I love you analysis I love you awareness of negative tropes I love you recognising that media isnt perfect I love you not being able to handle negativity I love you different interests I have different relationships with I love you the way that changes my perspective on criticism
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got some catching up to do 
thanks again for tagging me @albertarenas <3
Name 5 songs you’ve been listening to on repeat:
i. Niemand bringt Marten um - Marteria  
ii. fools (can’t help falling in love) (feat. Sody) - Foster
iii. Tattoos Together - Lauv
iv. Laying on my porch while we watch the world end. - Powfu
v. Sunflower - Post Malone, Sawe Lee
Last movie watched
How to Train Your Dragon
Currently watching:
Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (rewatch)
Currently reading:
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and Witcher: Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski
I’m tagging: @gp2engine, @cerulean-melancholy, @karagordon, @mystlikestrouble and @chxnmi if you want to do it oc
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Something I did always like about Skyrim was the idea that dragons are intelligent and sentient. It’s a shame you have to kill them, granted it’s because they attack you, but I really like the way they’re written as though they can choose to hate people or side with people (Paarthurnax). It makes sense to me, I always thought it bizarre when works of fiction make out dragons to be big blundering beasts with no intellect. I can’t explain what makes me feel this way because I don’t study the science that I feel like has the answers for this but it just feels right that the giant reptilian creature, who looks as though it’s related to birds and dinosaurs in a way, with a large brain, and has managed to survive thousands of years, would be intellectual. At the very least, as smart as say a dog or cat or parrot.
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forced to marry Aegon Targaryen
Tumblr media
(summary) after becoming king, Aegon gives an order for you, Aemond’s fiancée, to marry him instead
(warnings) forced marriage... plus Aegon... so all that cute stuff... things that are cute on paper (or Google doc) but definitely toxic in real life...
(pairings) Aegon Targaryen x reader, Aemond Targaryen x reader (arranged, briefly)
(genre) dark romance so... fluff?
(reminder) Y/N – your name
(word count) 3657
(also) Stark!reader, she/ her pronouns used
(also) this is written as if the Greens always planned to take the throne
(also) I’m writing about a made-up Aegon – one who doesn’t force himself on women and is not a creep; let’s assume, for the sake of this imagine, that this Aegon is an innocent little virgin...
(also) flashbacks are in Italics
(also) for this particular imagine, I listened to Lana del Rey’s ‘Art Deco’ while writing – in case you want to listen to something while reading :)
(aaaand also...) English is not my first language so allow yourself to ignore any and all mistakes...
Aegon wouldn’t feel bad at all for lusting after his brother’s fiancée. Why would he? Aemond and your marriage was arranged and after the announcement his brother had left you here, in King’s Landing, all alone and lonely. His excuse was that he had to start preparing for his duties as the future Prince Regent.
Aegon had to see you at his family’s breakfast table every morning. He, either lacking manners or downright ignoring them, stared at you openly and with no shame. Everyone else either ignored him or didn’t notice.
But people weren’t blind. They noticed Aegon’s lingering gazes. How he always brought you something back from his travels. How he danced with you at every ball. Hiding behind the excuse of ‘entertaining my future sister-in-law’. It wasn’t long before he had placed multiple knights to guard you 24/7 because ‘his brother apparently doesn’t care for your safety’. How he would get you a direwolf, even though he didn’t like dragons, let alone some overgrown creatures from the North. How every man had learned to never ask you to accompany them or dance with them, because the prince’s eyes would always follow you, making sure you’re not interacting with anyone else.
Aemond, your arranged fiancé, of course, even though partially blind, wasn’t stupid. He saw his brother looking like a half drunk, half kicked puppy every time Alicent brought up his and your marriage. How Aegon would quickly excuse himself and reach for the nearest bottle. In one of their training sessions, one of the rare times Aegon was forced to be stone cold sober, Aemond had brought it up.
- I can see how you look at my wife, - he said, putting his sword aside.
Aegon looked disgusted at the title.
- She’s not your wife, - he grunted.
Aemond looked at his brother smugly, trying to get out a reaction.
- Yet.
Aegon picked up his sword and lunged at Aemond who, being a better swordsman, blocked his attack laughing. He kicked his brother’s sword out of his hand and pointed his own weapon against his neck.
- Don’t worry, we can share her.
Just as expected, that made things worse. If looks could kill, Aemond would be dead were he stood.
- You won’t fucking touch her, - Aegon declared.
- Really, - Aemond pointed his sword at the ground and now was full-on laughing. – How are we supposed to produce heirs then?
Aegon hated being laughed at, especially by his brother. He couldn’t help his anger, though.
He gathered all he could of his breathing pace and forced himself to calm down.
- What if we make a deal? – he said, as soon as Aemond had turned his back to him.
Aemond turned back, looking amused.
- What can you offer me that’s better than lady Stark’s hand in marriage?
Aegon might not have studied politics or philosophy but he knew his brother. There was one idol he desperately tried to copy and there was one way to achieve that.
- I’ll give you Dragonstone.
Aemond looked almost surprised at his brother’s words.
- What?
- I know you want to be a copy of our dear uncle so, – he shrugged, - when I become king, I’ll make you the Lord of Dragonstone.
For a second, Aegon thought his brother might refuse. It was no secret that there were not romantic feelings between you two but he still highly respected you and took his time getting to know you. From your point of view, him breaking your engagement might come across as betrayal and he valued you as much as to-
- Deal, - Aemond said, a bit irritated that his brother actually knew him that well.
Aegon smirked. In no time you would be right where you’re supposed to be. With his ring on your finger, right by his side.
- A piece of advice, brother, - Aemond said, picking up his things to leave. – Don’t announce this before your coronation.
Aegon’s brows furrowed. He wanted to announce these news to you as soon as possible. He wanted to publicly announce that you are to be his wife.
- Why?
- She’s gonna run, - Aemond laughed as if it was obvious. – If she finds out she’s marrying you, Y/N’s gonna run.
Something had changed in your fiancé’s behavior. He no longer came to accompany you to events and dances, he no longer came to visit your after his returns from travels. You sometimes would see him at dinner with the rest of his family but that would only result in a polite nod and respectful ‘I hope you have a nice evening, lady Stark’.
Something had changed about your brother-in-law too. You seemed to run into him everywhere. Your chair at the dinner table was placed right next to his – at the head of it. His mother had stopped talking about your engagement all together – which you found weird but not as weird as the pitying looks she gave you. Nobody referred to you as Aemond Targaryen’s fiancée anymore.
After the night when king Viserys’ had passed, you found out about the Greens’ plan to usurp the throne. Not that you had any power to object but you had always assumed that crown would go to Rhaenyra.
As you stood at the stage of the throne, you once again were weirded out by the strange placement. Aegon stood in the middle with his mother on his right and you on his left, while your fiancé and your sister-in-law stood further away. You were in a trance by all the sudden change that you never noticed Aegon’s bright, happy smiles every time he looked at you right beside him.
It didn’t go unnoticed by everyone else though.
- I have a surprise for you, - Aegon leaned down to whisper in your ear, as everyone else called his name.
Aegon had always scared you. Not necessarily because you thought he was going to assault you or attack you but because he seemed way more intense than your own fiancé. You slowly moved your eyes to meet his. Seeing his pupils blown and noticing his heavy breathing, you gulped.
- I better go find my fiancé.
You had also noticed that every time you mentioned Aemond, it turned Aegon either angry or drunk. But this time smile appeared on his face.
- Of course, - he nodded, still smiling. – We can’t have your fiancé getting lonely. He wouldn’t like that.
Narrowing your eyes at him, you turned to look for Aemond. You noticed him a bit further with Haelena and something about them seemed weird too. Before you could get to them, you were stopped by queen herself with her hand around your bicep.
- Let us not disturb the married couple just yet, - her words didn’t register at first. – They got married just last night, you can congratulate them later.
Even though her words sounded all weird, arrogant and not making any sense, the look she gave you was one of pity and insecurity.
- Huh? – you looked back and forth between your fiancé and the queen. She seemed genuine and... sorry.
- Don’t they look beautiful together? – a deep voice whispered in your ear from behind.
You startled, yet before you could turn around, Aegon’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back against his chest. You felt him press his mouth to the back of your head and inhale a shaky breath, inhale the scent of your hair.
A shuddered exhale made made you shiver. Even though your dress was made of thick fabrics, Aegon’s arm seemed to burn itself, brand itself around your waist. After he seemed to get enough of taking in your scent, he wrapped the other arm around your waist too and put his chin on the top of your head, trapping you against him.
You heard a satisfied and relieved sigh coming from deep within his chest, as if he had gotten his hands on a prize he’s longed for his entire life.
In a desperate attempt for help, your eyes searched for the queen’s, but she looked straight ahead. Only the nervous breathing gave away the fact that she even awknowledged you and her son.
- Mother? – Aegon’s voice, soft and careful just a minute before, turned cold and careless once again. – I kept my word. Now it’s your turn.
Queen Alicent seemed to brace and prepare herself. Just a second later any hesitation was gone and she turned around to face the cheering crowd with a joyful smile that could fool almost anyone.
Aegon turned both of you around to face the people of King’s Landing, still keeping his hold on you.
You felt your heart beating in your throat, as you caught Aemond’s gaze, as he stepped to stand next to his mother. Just for a moment both of your eyes collided and one second was enough to read emotions in his eyes.
He quickly averted his gaze to the ground.
- The coronation of your beloved king is not the only joyful event of today, - the queen started, her voice shaky but the tone loud and meant to empower.
Unconsciously, your fingers tried to untangle Aegon’s grip on you - all efforts useless, his hold on you made of stone.
- We are celebrating the union of my children, Aemond and Heleana, - she proclaimed and paused for a moment.
A sudden realization unfroze your body, as you doubled your effort in breaking free. One of Aegon’s hands dropped from your waist, just to wrap around the front of your throat.
- Be calm, my beautiful bride, - he whispered in your ear.
You could feel the smile on his lips, as he pressed a hot kiss on the back of your neck, just below the hairline.
- ... and the union of king Aegon and Y/N  Stark! – queen Alicent finished.
Crowd erupted in cheers, as your blood turned cold in your veins.
- No, - your whisper was barely comprehensible even to you. – No!
Suddenly you were turned around to face the king. You opened your mouth to... You weren’t sure... Plead? Beg? Curse?
Before you could manage anything of sorts, Aegon’s lips pressed against yours, as both of his hands engulfed your face almost completely. The kiss was demanding. It was a brand. A claim. On you.
Both of your palms pressed against his chest, trying to push him away but with no awail. His tongue tangled with yours, as if you had practiced this dance a thousand times before.
That wasn’t really true.
However, the energy did give you a deja vu kind of a feeling.
You took in everything around you. You had been brought up with a certain fit-for-a-princess luxury around you, however this – all of this – was completely new to you. Your lady-in-waiting went ahead of you into the castle. You had stayed a bit behind to wait for your fiancé, prince Aemond.
- Is it too soon to ask for you to reserve a dance for me? – a deep voice said from behind you, teasing. – I do believe I’ll have to fight off some competition tho...
You turned around to see the teasing smile of a young man with blond, half-long hair. His towered over your frame but you didn’t feel threatened. You had been educated on the Targaryen family enough to know he was a Targaryen, but was this the one you were promised to?
- Prince Aemond? – you asked in an unsure tone.
The young man’s smile fell for a short moment but then it came back in the same teasing manner.
- I am told I’m much prettier than him... – he grinned.
- So... – your heart skipped a beat, - Aegon?
His lids lowered as his name passed your lips. A shiver went through your body, as the energy changed to something darker. The previous teasing smile was gone and was replaced by a vague smirk. He stepped closer to you, but before you could step back and tell him that an unmarried lady being alone with a man of his status is not a good idea, he spoke again.
- Would you agree to be my first dance tonight? – his pupils had dilated and his gaze shifted to your lips before returning to your eyes.
- I-I’m not sure...
Your first dance was supposed to be with your fiancé... right?
- I am a prince and you are in my family’s kingdom... – his voice husky and low, barely comprehendable to you. – I could just demand your company...
He had stepped close enough to look directly down on you.
- After you prepare the Stark princess for her engagement announcement with my brother, you could come to me... I’m sure she won’t mind...
Was prince Aegon really trying to seduce you or was this just a j-
The Stark prin...
You felt showered in ice cold water.
Taking a large step back, you averted your gaze and found Aemond quickly approaching from the castle’s entrance.
- I think you misunderstood, my prince, - you tried to fix everything before the damage was done. – I’m the-
- My lady, - prince Aemond bowed before you and took your hand to kiss it. – I’m sorry for making you wait. I hope my brother wasn’t too bad of a company.
All color drained from your face. You waited for prince Aegon to accuse you of seducing him or trying to bewitch him. As Aemond offered you his arm to lead you to your quarters, Aegon’s ice cold gaze froze on his brother.
- So... This is, - his voice broke off and picked up again; he pointed in your direction with his head, - this is lady Stark?
Aemond smiled at you politely and, in a deeply innocent, joking manner, said:
- Soon to be lady Targaryen!
Aegon’s gaze turned lethal. He stared daggers at his brother, his hands intervened behind his back. Aemond, either clueless or unbothered, turned to you.
- Let’s get you inside, shall we?
He turned to lead the way. Your eyes quickly shifted to Aegon who still stood still just one step away from you.
- It was, - you regretted the sentence, as soon as you started. – It was pleasure to meet you, prince Aegon.
His previously hard eyes turned just the tiniest shade softer. But there was something dark and malicious about his look.
- As it was for me, - his eyes, once again, dropped to your lips, - soon-to-be lady Targaryen.
You weren’t sure about lots of things when it came to him but you knew these words of his held a dangerous promise...
He suddenly let you go and you got good few steps away from him. His eyes dark and pupils dilated, lips red from the punishing kiss, hands – just seconds ago on your face – now laid motionlessly by his sides.
Your eyes were wide and heart wild, as you brushed the back of your palm over your lips, which was a mistake ‘cause his gaze immediately went back lower.
- You can’t do this! – you weren’t sure whether you were accusing or begging. – If my betrothal to Aemond were to become void, I’m to return North!
Aegon had the audacity to laugh. He looked actually amused. As if he knew a trick – or a loophole – you had no idea about.
- A Targaryen, - he grinned, looking so genuinely happy you felt deeply helpless. – Your father demanded that if your betrothal to a Targaryen was to be void, you are to return home... But, thankfully, that promise is about to be fulfilled.
All you could do was to helplessly shake your head. It was for a moment only though, as your temper came roaring right back.
People around you were cheering and your blood, cold just a minute ago, started to boil.
- You son of a bitch! – you took the remaining steps to get right into Aegon’s face. – You did this! You had no right to bend rules like that! That Targaryen was always meant to be Aemond!
You regretted your words, as soon as they left your mouth. Not for being untrue but because you made the mistake of assuming that Aegon had stopped seeing his brother as competition for your hand.
His face became a void mask. Smile fell and, with a simple gesture of his right hand, he invited a man from your guard closer.
- Please make sure the princess is safely escorted back to our quarters, - he asked, while not taking his eyes off you. – I will join you in a minute, dear.
Then, to add assault to injury, he bend down, picked up your hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it, as if you were actual lovers. You ripped your hand away and turned around to be “escorted” to your room. The last thing you heard, before all that was left were the cheering of the townsfolk, was Aegon’s laughter.
Despite your relentless yet very futile attempts to turn the corner and be escorted to your own quarters, the guard strictly led you towards Aegon’s. That’s where you spend the next ten very short minutes, searching for any escape that could lead you outside the castle.
After abandoning that thought and deeming it not helpful, you sat down on Aegon’s bed and looked around his room. It was cleaner and more organized than you imagined. Which probably only meant he had planned all of this for much longer than you suspected. Which, however, only added to your discomofort.
Your hand subconsciously reached for one of the knives, left on his nightstand by the bed. It shook in your grip. More from anger than fear.
When the door burst open and Aegon entered, clearly in self-satisfied mood, you wasted no time pushing him against the door with all your strength and holding the blade against his throat, right below the Adam’s apple. Due to height difference, you had to reach up to get to his neck but you did your best.
He drank in your frame, pressed against him with no self-consciousness or distress. Exactly how he liked it. His eyes lazily travelled all over your face, hands coming up to your waist, instead of trying to break free or pull away the knife.
He gulped. More from lust than fear.
- You will let me go. I will leave and we’ll never ever see each other again, - you demanded, your voice suddenly hoarse and husky. – It’s for the best, Aegon.
Shouldn’t have said his name, you realized, once again, far too late.
He had always found your voice effortlessly erotic, however now – standing here and demanding things he’ll clearly never give you – he found you bewitching in a whole new way. His hands gripped your waist tightly, as he closed his eyes for a breaf moment to regain self-control.
- Aegon, - you tried a different strategy, forcing your eyes to water. – Please. Please, let’s make a deal.
He smiled and for just a moment you thought you saw compassion in his beautiful eyes. Then his smile turned wrong.
- That’s it, baby, beg,- he whispered. – Beg me to let you go and know that I never will.
Knife in your grip shook and you were afraid you were gonna cut him by accident. This time you felt tears gather in your eyes for real.
- Put down the knife, - he quietly demanded, looking into your glassy eyes.
You pressed it harder against his skin with new determination.
- No! – you tried to push him against the wall again but he was much stronger than you and, holding you by your waist, started guiding both of you towards the centre of the room with the knife still pressed against his neck. – I’m not kidding! I will kill you if I have to, Aegon!
- You better, baby, - he didn’t seem afraid at all. – The only way for you out of this room is if I’m laying in a puddle of blood by the time you’re out the door.
You stared dumbfounded and the knife in your grasp had slipped lower, no longer firmly pressed against his jugular.
- You think I wanted to be king? That that’s some big accomplishment for me? – he shook his head, amused. – The only reason I agreed was if I got to choose my queen.
One of his hands left your waist to gently take the knife from your fingers. You didn’t resist as he let it drop to the floor.
You knew you couldn’t kill him. You wouldn’t get away alive anyway.
- And I did. I chose you, - he pressed his forehead against yours, as you drew in a shaky breath. – Welcome to your new life.
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lu-zo-san · 9 months
🏴‍☠️Supernova Trio + Zoro+ Sanji🏴‍☠️
When you get Jealous I
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: The feeling you hold in your heart made you feel Jealous and threatened for nothing.
Pairings: Luffy x Reader, Law x Reader, Kidd x Reader, Sanji x reader, Zoro x Reader.
Word Count:3k+
Warnings: Angst with happy ending, Fluff, a bit violence in Kidd's part, and big part in law.
Op Masterlist : Part II
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[I don't really hate Boa ok but I really think Luffy would actually act like this]
Never in your life you thought you would be jealous expecially for your Caption but lord you were trying your best to not to slap the warlord who was trying everything for Luffy to notice her.
Whenever you would get close to Luffy she would give you a big glare and threaten you to stay away but thankfully Luffy would shut her up but sometimes you just softly wanted to hold her neck and accidentally snap it but you couldn't since she was his friend.
But it was the last straw when she said something she shouldn't have "You know compared to me the most beautiful women you are nothing and I don't think Luffy would ever make you his Queen/King" she said that looking right on your face with a smirk and you didn't know what happened next.
It was you on her about to slam your fist on her face but you were stopped by none other than Luffy himself. And that's when you knew you had fucked up. Because it clearly sees as you were trying to kill her, literally.
"What's going on (Y/n) why were you attacking her?" Luffy asked it was just his netural face but you deep down knew he was angry maybe at you, so you just sighed and stood up yanking your arm away from him. Before you could reply Boa answers.
"They were angry I don't know why I was just asking how they were and next thing I know they were attacking me maybe it's my fault I am sorry (Y/n) to make you angry " bringing out fake tears making you sweat drop.
"I- well fuck you know what I don't know what you think Luffy but I was angry about what she said to me but let me tell you I don't care if you get angry because I hurt your friend because she doesn't has a right to speak to me like this and no I am not going to tell you what was it about so you know what I am leaving you need to train here anyway I will be going with Law".
You felt defeated because you know how does Luffy feels when someone hurt the person who has fed him I mean he literally fought Zoro that's why you already knew there was no point when you started to walk away not before looking at warlord's victory face.
You then suddenly felt two arms legit rolling all over your body making you gasp.
"You know (Y/n) you don't have to go to Law you were actually going to train with me" he said with a pout before you could register what was happening Luffy continued.
"And Hancock you need to apologise to (Y/n) whatever you said much have made them feel hurt and I don't like it when (Y/n) is sad so you better say sorry" And for the first time you were shocked like your eyes were literally popping out.
Boa gasps and trys to say anything but sorry but immediately stops when she sees Luffy's frown face and then looks at you angry and bows down "I am sorry" and she left feeling embarassed.
"I am shocked I thought you would be angry " you said trying your pull yourself out of his hands because if you stayed any longer you would passout because of blood rush.
"Eh why would I be even angry at you. I can never be angry at you (Y/n) cause I like you ssoooo muchh" and with that you passout with smoke coming out of your head.
Yeah he is going to be the death of you.
Tumblr media
{B&I= Law} [I also wanted to add how Law knew you were hearing their talk but then it's already big so I stopped haha]
You always had a crush on him ever since he saved you from those Marines who were trying to sell you to Celestial Dragons but he saved you and since then you were in debt of him.
You requested him to let you stay with them for few years and you will leave once you realise where your friend lives and he accepted with a condition that you have to work with others and thankfully you were from medical background so you were a good help but a very clumsy girl.
So now everyone has gather together hearts pirates and straw hats and you were searching for your caption that's when you saw him talking with Nico Robin alone.
The sight alone made you jealous but you didn't meant to overheard them.
"I am telling you this because I trust you the most..." Law says before he could continue you immediately went away.
You knew this wasn't right so you respected it but the jealousy in your heart made you think that even after those years he doesn't trust you much and that's maybe you still are a guest... That's when you decide you need to forget this stupid crush of your since it wasn't like you were a part of their family...
As you walked back you were immediately pulled by Luffy and Zoro "Come on! (Y/n) party with us!!" Luffy exclaimed which made you giggle and you sat between then eating and drinking.
"If it wasn't for Tra-guy I would have asked you to be with us!" Luffy said loudly and that exact time Law and Robin came back..
"Well I can since I am just a guest of Hearts Pirates but I need to leave to find a friend of mine actually" Luffy eyes immediately lit up.
"Really!? Then when you find your friend will you join us!!?" He asks you while shaking your shoulders which made Sanji kick him "Don't do this to a lady, you idiot Caption!"
You just laughed hard at them that's when you saw Law intensely looking at you guys making you turn away immediately.
"So who is this friend of yours?" Asks Zoro who was really close to your face.
"Oh! His name is actually Marco! He is actually I mean was part of Whitbeard Pirates but that idiot went away somewhere without telling me" you pouted you were a bit drunk and Zoro could see it so he pulled you head on his lap and then spoke "Well maybe we can get to know about his whereabouts so you should come with us then mayb-" "(Y/n)-ya.." Law cut Zoro off and which made you stand up immediately since you were drunk you immediately face plant on ground.
"Yes! Caption wht-" "I need you to bring me these things immediately" "oh ok Zoro can-" "I said you didn't I can't you do this alone?" Law says harshly which made you flinch "Ah yes I can sorry I will immediately bring them!!" With that you left.
"Can't you leave her alone? Why are you being harsh to her?" Zoro asks "It's none of your business she is from my Crew I can be-" "Not at all she did say she is just a guest for few years and that's all maybe she will join us since our captain asked her-" "What!?" Law was shocked at the words of Zoro and he couldn't help but feel hurt when he hears that.
"If you treat her just like that maybe soon she will come to us, do it more then" Zoro says with a smirk and continues drinking.
"Why are you all so interested in her?" Law asks calmly but internally he was worried 'did you really said that? Were you really going to leave???' that's when he recalls your deal with them and realised that's He never really did asked you to join them he just let you stay till the time and as the time passed he considered you as a Crew member but forgot you weren't really asked to be...
"Fuckk" he mumbled. "Well she is really good and we all like her and Chopper really likes her and so do I" Zoro said which made Law's heart stop.
Law turned around and went in search of you 'No... I can't let her go when I... Finally realised that I .. fuck' he blushes and saw you holding some stuff but falling immediately "Oh no! Fuck I hope nothing is broken!" You immediately looked through the objects and then you heard some footsteps.
"Ah Caption I am so sorry I didn't meant to-" "I want you to join our Crew" "What-" "Didn't you heard me I said I want you to join our Crew" Law says looking at you intensely "Ah well do you really want to? I mean I did say I will be leaving when I find my friends location" " I know so answer my question" Law was getting impatient.
"Ok if you want me to.. now looks like I have to reject Lu's offer" you said with a smile
"Lu?" Law asked "Oh I meant Luffy haha he likes it when I call him that so does Zoro and Sanji I call them Zo and San"
"What about me?" "huh I always call you Caption I know you hate it that's why don't worry I won't irritate you by all means" you said with a smile.
"You know I don't hate you right?" Law suddenly said. "Thank you?" You were now being confused what happened to your caption?.
"I mean I like you so don't leave our Crew and never get close to Mugiwara-ya or Zoro-ya or anyone else you are mine!" With that Law immediately left with a blush.
Looks like you didn't had to worry about your crush anymore.
Tumblr media
[Our boy is a piece of shit we know it that's why we love him]
Well you Normally didn't had to worry about Kidd at all since no one dares to come closer to him well but then there is you, killer and his crew mates.
I mean who would right that's when you saw some girl trying to hit on him when he was drunk and she could clearly see that Kidd was not at all interested but he was amused that someone dares to come closer to him.
What made you shock that the girl made herself comfortable on his lap making Killer looking at you even with his mask on you knew he was looking at you and you were there siting between Killer and Heat and stabbing the poor food.
Kidd did looked at you and knew you were getting jealous. Kidd and you had a flirty type relationship both of you had feeling for each other but no one was ready to confess.
Since Kidd saw you stabbing the food he smirks and talks to that lady more and flirts with her that's when you stupid insecurity comes and bites you.
'Was I misunderstanding his feelings towards me fuck was I a fool to fall for him??' you thought and thats when you felt Killer's hand on you.
Looked like he knew what were you thinking so that's why he looked at you and shook his head. But you being you sighed and stood up making everyone on the table look at you.
"Am full so am leaving" that's all you said and left. The girl who was sitting on his lap scoffed and said "What's her problem, what a bitch" before Killer could defend you it was Kidd who pushed her down harshly.
"If you don't want me to kill you bitch then better fuck off and no one dare to talk about (Y/n) like that in front of us who do you think you are huh just because I let you sit on my lap you think you won my trust or something" with that he grips her throat ready to kill her that's when Killer stops him.
"You are lucky I stopped him but I swear if you come towards us and talk shit about our (Y/n) then there won't be a next time for you." Killer warns her and that's when she runs away.
"You need to talk your shit out with (Y/n) Kidd you really hurt her" Killer says by smacking him on his head. "I know it was fuc seeing hear jealous didn't thought she would feel hurt" with that Kidd goes towards where you were and saw you siting by the ship.
"Oi (Y/n)!" He calls out making you immediately cover up your face. Before even you could speak he pulls you in a hug "Don't think any shit ok whatever I did was stupid ok so don't think anything else it's always you".
Which by hearing made you sigh happily and hug him back "You stupid red hair shit" you mumbled making Kidd chuckle.
Tumblr media
[Ok so when I was doing this I suddenly wanted to write for my baby Sanji who deserves world ok and I really do get jealous for him] [Sorry if it's short]
Well it happened in whole cake Arc and honestly you were mad at Sanji for not rely on you and others. You knew Sanji pretty well by now he would do something shit like this to keep you guys safe.
And the other part you were mad at was on that he was marring that bitch pudding who just wanted to kill Sanji and you thought Sanji didn't knew because you could see how he was holding onto her.
But that broke you more was she said that Sanji did propose her and that's when she pulled out her evil plan and boy that made your blood boil but also hurt your heart.
You knew Sanji was ladies man but his stupid behaviour made of his made you fall for him. But when you saw him beat your Caption that's when you realises he was hurting more and more.
That's when all you said to him angrily crying "Trust us for call for help Sanji, Just Call us Just Call me we well no I will come and help you even if it means for me to angry Big Mom or you Family and I am ready to do that for you" you screamed too when Luffy declares that's he was going on hungry strike.
Later When you were talking with Nami you saw Luffy and Sanji walking towards you and talked about how they are going to crash the wedding and stuff.
And when the time came you saw Sanji and Pudding standing together with each other ready to get married and your heart was breaking you knew it's all fake you knew everything but this feeling you were getting was hurting you but that all changes when you hear him
"I can't marry you Pudding because I am in love with (Y/n) and I want to marry them they told me to call out when I need them you are beautiful even with the third eye but my heart now belongs to them.." With that the fight began.
Inbetween the fight you pulled Sanji towards you and kissed him hard "I am in love with you Sanji when we find our goal and everything let's get Married" you said with a smile.
And that's when Sanji had a sudden nosebleed. "About damn time but now is not the time to have a nosebleed Sanji!!" Nami exclaimed.
'Yeah everything is back to normal' you thought while smiling at Sanji who was looking at you lovingly.
Tumblr media
[Honestly speaking there is no reason for you to get jealous because this guy is loyal to his swords and booze literally] [Again am sorry it's short haha] [Also I was going to stop till Sanji but then I thought why not Zoro too hehe]
You never thought you would be jealous of an object like seriously because this man seriously spends more time with his swords than anyone.
You just wanted to spend some time with your crush but this bitch was busy with training and when you try to talk with him you would see him sleeping.
Sometimes you realise how TF you fell for an idiot like him. You here you were sighing for the nth time.
They your prince comes in the view "(Y/n)-SWAN what's wrong is everything alright??" Sanji ask you give him a nod but he doesn't take it as an answer and that's when Sanji makes your favourite dish.
And your mood literally lit up and you where happily chating and eating with Sanji that's when Zoro comes back from his work out and sees you with Sanji and boy if looks could kill Sanji would be dead.
"So tell me why were you sighing so much (Y/n)-san..?" Sanji asks softly when he was softly touching your hair which you didnt mind but someone else did.
"Don't be mad ok I was just it's stupid Zoro always training or sleeping or drinking that idiot never has time and I just wanted to spend time with him" when you said that, it made Zoro smirk and feel butterflies but that immediately changed when Sanji suggested something.
"Oh ignore that Idiot (Y/n)-san I will give you all the time just for you" he said when he gently holds your hand. Which really made you blush, it doesn't seems but Sanji is really a handsome man and you can fall for him.
But before you could say anything else Zoro picks you up on his shoulders and walking away making you blush and before Sanji or you could say anything Zoro says
"Don't worry I am free now You can spend time with me and you know you just had to tell me that you wanted to spend some time and I would have you didn't had to go to that ero-cook.
And in background you all could hear Sanji cursing at Zoro repeatedly.
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sweaterweather-247 · 8 months
Dating Hiccup Haddock Headcanons
Hiccup is the most caring boyfriend ever, his top priority is to make sure you’re safe and happy.
Toothless LOVES you.
You always go on romantic flights with toothless and Hiccup.
Hiccup can and will flirt with you all over berk, even if he’s a chief, he loves seeing you blush.
Hiccup doesn’t get jealous of Snotlout or Tuffnut flirting with you because you chose him and not them.
The only time Hiccup gets jealous is when you flirt your way out of being trapped by a dragon hunter, he knows you’re doing it to save yourself but he’s worried.
Constantly making out in the forge and you two being banned after a fire started.
Making out constantly in private and some in public.
Hiccup always plans a weekly date for the two of you, it can be a romantic flight or dinner in a peaceful area.
Hiccup will help you find the perfect dragon and help you train it and show you how to take care of it.
You two will go on adventures to find new land and new dragons.
He named a dragon after you and you blushed so hard.
Hiccup constantly worries about his enemies kidnapping you and is very protective of you.
Hiccup is the best cuddler.
He is the big spoon and will wrap his arms around you tightly and kiss your neck and whisper how much he loves you in his ear.
In the mornings he doesn’t let you go and wants to cuddle with you forever.
When Hiccup is upset or angry, you’re the only one who can cheer him up.
Hiccup makes you a suit like his so you can glide next to each other.
Hiccup is so protective of you, he knows people want to hurt you to get to him.
If you do get kidnapped, Hiccup will stop at nothing to save you. Though he’s told many times that he needs rest.
Once he saves you, you’re never left alone again for a while.
He makes sure everyone keeps an eye on you.
Hiccup is so protective of you.
He will hurt any man who makes you uncomfortable including Snotlout.
Astrid will also hurt anyone who hurts you, she loves you and Hiccup so much.
Astrid is always there incase you and Hiccup get into arguments.
When you two get into arguments, Hiccup leaves before he says something he regrets.
You try to not say anything you’ll regret and you go to Astrid for help.
After a while, you and Hiccup apologize to each other.
His nick names for you are: sweetie, love, honey.
Your nicknames for him are: handsome, dragon daddy, honey.
Hiccup always comes over to your house and your parents love him.
Whenever you are in pain or sick, Hiccup is there.
He will bring you to gothi and attempt to carry you anywhere, it’s usually Astrid who carry’s you.
Whenever you’re feeling down, Hiccup is there to cheer you up and make you smile or to just listen to you,
You helped him through the death of Stoick and the goodbye to toothless.
He couldn’t have made it without you.
You two always go star gazing together with your dragons.
Tuffnut and Gobber constantly ask when the wedding is.
Hiccup does have an amazing proposal idea for when you’re both ready.
Hiccup is the best at anniversary’s, he will wake you up with presents and kisses.
Hiccup is a really good kisser.
All in all, Hiccup is the best boyfriend and Husband anyone could ask for.
(NSFW, I’m gonna try sorry if it sucks)
Hiccup was a virgin before he met you and you two took the time to figure it out.
You had to ask Gobber and Gothi for advice and they gave you some.
Toothless is kicked out for the night. He stays with Astrid.
You two took it slowly.
Hiccup was on top and constantly asked if you were ok and wanted to keep going.
Hiccups dick is big (I said what I said)
You play with his hair while he kisses your chest.
Making out with him during these intimate moments is like a slice of heaven.
Constantly praising each other.
Hiccup might eat your pussy if he’s ready and if you want it.
Your first orgasm with Hiccup is fucking amazing, you feel so energized yet relaxed.
After your both done, Hiccup is the king of aftercare.
He cleans you up and cuddles you close.
He tells you that you did amazing and you tell him the same thing.
Hiccup might be inexperienced with sex but he is amazing at it.
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mlmxreader · 3 months
Protector | Rodolfo Parra x m!reader
@issdisgrace asked: "Nobody fucking talks to my boyfriend like that and lives another day" with Rudy x SAS male reader. The male reader is like Rudy’s bodyguard and isn’t afraid to stomp some like a roach if they say anything bad about Rudy.
summary: you always get a little protective over Rudy.
tws: swearing, violence
With a yawn and a stretch, you lazily looked over at Rodolfo and Alejandro as they instructed the new Vaqueros, a fond smile on your face; warm grass beneath you, you were perfectly content to stay where you were, the sun on your back and a gentle breeze slowly huffing away every now and then. You did always like to visit the Vaqueros, not just to see your boyfriend, but also because it was always warm, and after years in the SAS - in the mountain troop, no less - you were glad to spend some time where it was warm; you were glad to not be surrounded by snow and ice, shivering and shaking and praying to Allah for something to keep you from freezing to death, you were glad to not have your fingertips become raw and numb, glad that you weren’t having to shovel snow into your mouth just to prevent enemy snipers from seeing your breath. Besides, from your position, you couldn’t deny - you had a really, really good view of your boyfriend as he walked over.
“Mi cariño,” Rodolfo knelt before you, a smile upon his lips as he tried not to laugh. “Alejandro has asked you stop checking me out so much - says it’s distracting to see a SAS officer looking at me all the time.”
You scoffed, laughing softly as you moved onto your back, licking your lips. “Tell Ale that I’d check him out, but unfortunately, I only have eyes for you - he’s just gonna have to deal with it.”
“I don’t think jealousy is his issue, corazón,” he chuckled, shaking his head fondly. “You’re just a perfect distraction.”
You rolled your eyes, refusing to move as you kept your gaze on him; he was so fucking stunning from that angle. "I'm not gonna stop checking out my fucking boyfriend just because it's a bit distracting."
Rodolfo rewarded you with a chaste kiss, one that made you smile when he softly laughed against your lips, doing his best not to be so obvious about it. "te amo… I'll be back."
"I hate that you have to leave," you called out as he walked away, "but my days, if I don't love to watch you walk away."
Rodolfo couldn't help but to blush, almost giggling as he returned to Alejandro's side; but while the latter went off to grab a cup of coffee, one of the new guys approached Rodolfo, looked him up and down, and scoffed.
"How fucking pathetic are you?" He asked. "Blushing because of some guy?"
Rodolfo shrugged. "He's my boyfriend. Not just some guy… él es mi corazón."
The guy spat on the ground at Rodolfo's feet. "You expect to train us to be lethal soldiers, when you're still acting like a schoolboy?"
Rodolfo didn't worry about what he was saying, not when he caught you approaching from the corner of his eye; trying not to smile. The only comparison he could think of was a wolf stalking its prey, a dragon coming to claim its next victim. The second he knew what you were doing, he took a step back.
"Rudy, baby," you said softly, kissing his cheek oh so softly. "Is this twat faced toe rag bothering you?"
Rodolfo nodded. "A little."
You nodded back, then turned to the new guy. "What's your name, private?"
"Hocking," he replied, "and you are?"
You didn't answer, sweeping your leg against his so that you could grab him, wrapping an arm around his throat as you forced him to the ground with a harsh thud; you put some pressure on his throat, and growled in his face. "The bloke you do not wanna piss off."
Hocking squirmed under you, while Rodolfo explained to the other recruits that, if they had any issues with him, they could very easily go to you about them, and you would see to it; visibly uncomfortable, they tried to remain stoic and stand to attention. Even when Alejandro came back with coffee, they tried their best.
"(y/n), if you kill him, I saw nothing," Alejandro told you, coming to stand with Rodolfo as he watched on. "Did that pendejo say something against you?"
"sí, lo hizo," Rodolfo confirmed with a nod.
"That explains it," Alejandro hummed. "Coffee?"
You grabbed Hocking's hand, and bent his fingers backwards, grinning when he yowled with pain and when the bones audibly snapped. "Nobody fucking talks to my boyfriend like that and lives another day… no fucking body. I didn't fucking get trained by the SAS, spend my fucking career in the fucking Arctic, for you to chat bare shit about my boyfriend."
"And this!" Alejandro chuckled as he turned to the others. "Is why, if you have an issue with Sergeant Major Parra - you have to go through (y/n) first."
You let go of Hocking, slamming him against the ground a final time, kicking his ribs when you stood up and making sure to get a few extra kicks to his face as well - doing it until you heard bones break and until he was nearly choking on his own blood - before you cleared your throat, and gestured for Rodolfo to approach.
He did so gladly, wrapping his arm around you and kissing you softly; but it was you who turned it more heated, waiting for Alejandro to tell the other troops what to do before you placed one hand on the side of Rodolfo's neck, the other on his jaw as you smiled and kissed him deeply. His tongue slipped between your lips as he held you by the front of your shirt, keeping your body close to his as he smiled into the kiss; breaths mixing and stirring as you moaned softly at the sensation. He could smell blood on you, but he didn't care as he kept you as close as he possibly could, not wanting to break the kiss until his chest felt tight and he knew that he needed to catch his breath for a moment.
"Gracias, cariño," he whispered, his voice a little hoarse and gruff, lips swollen as he softly bit at your bottom lip.
"De nada," you told him gently, gently running your thumb across his bottom lip as you smiled. "I'll always protect you, you know that."
Rodolfo didn't doubt that for a second, he never could, not when he had seen how you were both on the battlefield and outside of it; the only time he had ever seen such bravery, such lack of care for death, was when he had had the privilege of seeing Gurkhas in action.
Slowly he wrapped his arms around you, and pressed his face to the side of your neck as you eagerly returned the embrace, gently raking your hand through the hair at the back of his head.
"I love you so much."
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kayadrake123 · 4 months
Batboys x Thor!Reader
I HAVE TO I HAVE TO I HAVE TO. I just rewatched Ragnarok and I have seen a few posts speaking about Thor!Reader x the Batboys and I just had to write this. Please can people start making more headcanons and stories about this! Anyways, this is gender neutral and race neutral. I have also included some Marcel characters as well so hehehee enjoy!
Dick Grayson
First off, Dick loves your humour and how you deal with tricky situations
Like he admires how you can make lighthearted jokes as a giant dragon is trying to eat you
Which brings us to how you met
You piss off a lot of people, and this time you had happened to piss off someone with a dragon that’s trained to hunt down people
You knew you had to get off the beasts radar, so you went to the one place everyone would least expect you to be: Gotham City
Unfortunately the dragon wasn’t as dumb as you thought and followed you there, which ended with a lot of damage to Gotham’s streets, an angry dragon trying to bite your head off and an even angrier Batman
Nightwing joined the fight and just as he thought he was going to die when the dragon went for him, your hammer went straight through the beast and saved him
”Dragons have never really liked me that much”
”Which is weird since they’re meant to be like puppies. I’m good with puppies.”
”They’re meant to be like WHAT?!”
He instantly fell in love with you. He enjoys how fearless and determined you are, even if you get beat up by a large creature occasionally.
You care about those you love and would do anything for them, something both of you share.
He understands your complicated relationship with your adopted sibling the best out of everyone you know, since it’s kinda similar to the one he used to have with Jason.
He knows your strong asf, but it never stops him from worrying about you.
He would do absolutely anything and everything for you.
He’ll never admit it but whenever you go into space and you take him with you, he gets really nauseous. Space makes him feel sick.
A lot of your enemies like to use him against you, and visa versa. It usually ends with the criminal being in critical condition in hospital after you beat the shit out of them. (Yes you beat up your own kidnappers)
Jason Todd
You were in a library cursing at the book in your hand as Jason walked past you.
He found it amusing how you were trying to be quiet as the librarian had shushed you a couple of times already, but what really prompted hi, to approach you was the fact that the book you were cursing at was a Greek mythology one.
He’s never seen anyone that worked up over a book about the Gods before.
The answer he received from you was one he was not expecting
”This goddamn book has so many inaccuracies! Thor is not the God/Goddess of Lighting, it’s Thunder you fucking idiots! They always get me confused with Zeus…”
When you saw his confusion, you held your hand out to greet him.
“Thor, child of Odin. And you are?”
”Uh, Jason…son of Bruce?”
He met you as Red Hood a few weeks later when Bizarro had a run in with a large green good friend of yours
“Ah! Jason! Son of Bruce.”
”I have no idea who that is.” He lied, but you could see straight through him.
You were actually able to recognize him due to some of his left arm getting exposed from having his suit torn somehow during the fight. He had a scar there that you had noticed during your first meeting. It was shaped similarly to a lightning bolt, which caught your interest.
You grew close and you both became very protective of the other
You always defend him against his family members, especially Bruce (who won’t admit it but sometimes he finds you scary)
You get along with the Outlaws very well too. You sometimes even join them on missions.
You love it when he teaches you something about plays, poetry and novels. You think it’s really cute that such a dangerous man can be so cute and romantic.
He’s definitely helped you save the world a couple of times.
Tim Drake
He met you during his Robin days
You were a friend of Kon’s, and he called in a favour when his team was failing miserably on a mission.
They were being attacked by some angry aliens who happened to be using some of their tech to mind control parts of the planet
Bart had gotten one of his legs broken pretty badly so he was out for a while, Cassie was knocked out, and Tim and Kon were barley winning their fights.
Suddenly some thunder sounded in the sky and everyone was blinded by a bright light (your thunder bolts hehehe) and the most beautiful person Tim has ever seen appeared out of nowhere from the sky and beat the function out of the remaining enemy
He’s a bat, and is very much like Bruce when it comes to being suspicious of people so he wasn’t so friendly to you in the beginning
Your first impression of Tim was that he gave zero fucks about anything. He’s pretty, but definitely doesn’t care about shit (or acts like he doesn’t)
You guys saw each other more when you helped the Titans, Justice League and even Batman out with a few missions
And also whenever Kon would invite you both out to the same places to hang out. You guys got very close over the years.
Then you guys began hanging out by yourselves in and out of uniform
You saw people while you were each other’s close friends, but you just always knew that you loved each other.
Then he became Red Robin and fell into a dark hole after Bruce’s ‘death’ and became very standoffish with you
You spent more time in space, where you made more enemies with dragons and men made of fire who like putting you in cages (Ragnarok reference hehe) and your family issues got a lot worse too
All the times you spent away from Tim (a few weeks) made you both realise that you’re in love with each other. So you returned home through Bifrost, and turned up at his nest one night when it was raining and confessed your love for him. (You were still covered in blood as you literally just came back from a fight)
You guys have always been inseparable together, but in a romantic relationship? UNSTOPPABLE.
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polonium-snap · 11 months
Underrated Bakudeku fics rec
I tried to rec fics that I like and thought deserve more attention, so ofc this is just my personal preference. Most of them are rated T, but I encourage all of you to read through the tags, warnings, and summary.
They are all complete or one-shots.
-A Time For Love by spiketheespiegel
Older bkdk, this fic has a very good characterization, that is 100% what I imagine more mature bkdk to be, they are also teachers which is always great.
-Straight from a Shoujo Manga by myheartslikepaper
The student fair fic you didn't know you needed
-Here's Your 'Thank You' by humdrum_hummingbird
Spidey Deku, you know how that goes, and it also has the iconic kiss, if you know what I mean
-You Felt Like Mine by Jenanigans1207
Amnesia fic, is truly lovely, bkdk are a hero duo
-I'm coming for you by earlgreyson
This one is sooo good, if you don't read any of the other fics in this list that's ok but you HAVE to read this OMG. Deku mysteriously disappears and Bakugou is the only one that remembers him
-headlines by dabibones (ofvulcan)
Short but effective kiss after a stressful situation
-Don't even think about it by Anonymous
Katsuki can hear Deku's thoughts
-Sweet Sweet Kacchan by heartnut
Another amnesia fic, I know, but it's just too good and I looove this trope
-I've seen the way you look at me by bubblegumbee
The pinningggg
-Not like I do. by Unoutan
Angry Deku is so soudhvnoehirvufbgv
-shipwrecker by sorethroat
Serving some truth serum realness
-2:19 A.M. by serotonindealer
Conserned Dekuuu, good ole angst with a happy ending
-Don’t run away on the first try by Unoutan
Funny with a side of feelings
-I didn't know you were so pretty by Mickeyymouse
Fem! Bakugou because I love that shit
-Sexy Little Copycat by Quirkyasfok
It's funny and very interesting for some reason. Mentions sex, but no description and rated T
-Bakugou Katsuki, you smooth motherfucker by thatpinkbetch
It's just a good fic, nothing else to add except Fluff!!!
-Love and Literature by Fawn_Eyed_Girl
Short and sweet, a really good meet cute
-Thirst Trap by EquinoxSolstice
The big three read thirst tweets, which is fucking amazing, rated M for obvious reasons
-Keep Your Eyes on Me (I'll Drown Out the Rest) by TargaryenJedii
Another Social media fic, and the consequences, and more importantly supportive Bakugou
-Chasing A Comet by BlueSinner
Quirkless Analyst Deku AU, which ofc is cute and investing plotwise
-Kacchan and the Drunken Tattoo by Tremere1
This one has just the right amount of drama I need
-You're Not Allowed to Die by TargaryenJedii
Lovely take on cannonverse
-walkin' on sunshine by AmaryllisPetals (rainboweuphoria)
In denial Bakugou
-A Million Extras in the Sea by Yonkai
Dating program angsstttt
-Study Session by setsujoumayu
This one gave me the feels, which ones? I don't know but I enjoyed it
-How To Train A Hero by Mycreativewritings
The how to train your dragon AU I know you needed
-Of What ifs and time machines by Maru_Chan
this one will never get enough attention, it's one of my absolute favorites, maybe because it has my favorite trope Time Travel, but whatever I just had to add it
Ok! That's it for now, but believe me, I have so many bkdk fics I would love to share. If you guys like this and would like me to make another list let me know! I also regularly make a bakudeku fanfic of the day on my Instagram because yes, I read bkdk fics every day, just so I don't miss a good one.
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 years
Are your requests open again? Cuz I've been reading your oral headcanons and they are getting me HOT AND BOTHERED 🔥🔥
If you don't mind can I request some oral headcanons for Malleus, Deuce, Jack, Floyd and Crewel(if you write for the staff, you can make the reader his colleague in his case) with a fem reader? Thanks a lot⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
Hello anon!!! Yes I will do my best to deliver >:) BTW this is like sooo long and I’m so sorry it took so long for me to get to this!
Pairings: Malleus x Fem! Reader, Deuce x Fem! Reader, Jack x Fem! Reader, Floyd x Fem! Reader, Crewel x Fem! Professor!Reader
This piece of writing is strictly for 18+ audiences. NSFW under the cut. Minors do not interact!!
Warnings: dubcon ish for Floyd? Slight voyeurism too for his receiving, sub/dom elements for Crewel
Malleus Draconia x Fem! Reader
Malleus is into making things like a ritual - including lovemaking of any kind.
He would probably take you to a forest where flowers are laid out gently onto the soft grassy floor, glowing fireflies illuminating the sky with the moon.
Gently, Malleus would lay you down and kiss you from head to toe, literally. Giving praises, telling you how beautiful you are, etc.
Malleus would strip you bare naked and lick his lips. You feel his glowing green eyes trailing across your skin giving you goosebumps.
When you feel his long tongue against your cunt for the first time, you arch your back in pleasure and a soft moan comes out, making the horned man shudder.
Malleus always cares about not hurting you, making sure you’re okay, he wants you to be vocal.
Lord please don’t grab his horns. Grab his horns. He turns into a BEAST and will probably overstimulate you.
“Nnh- M-Malleus..!” You keened under his touch. Malleus’s fingers grazed your skin lightly as you laid on your back, his head currently in between your thighs. He brought his head up and licked his mouth of your juices. “My child of man, please, tell me if I’m hurting you.” He spoke softly. “N-no, it feels so good… Please, keep going…” you hid your face in your arm, too embarrassed about the situation the fae male had you in. You lightly stroked his horns as soon as his head dipped back down.
Suddenly, Malleus released a growl and his fingers dug deeper into your skin, nails close to breaking your skin. “Mm, Y/N… you know what that does to me.” He lowly spoke. His eyes were now trained on your own as he sucked hard on your clit, tongue abusing the bead. You screamed as he continued his ministrations - you were gonna be here for a while.
Malleus would be walking with you near Ramshackle dorm when you see a bench in the distance and lead Malleus to it. When he sits down he expected you to join him, only for him to see you drop down to your knees in between his legs.
You want to treat Malleus for being a lovely boyfriend!! Praises and eye contact is not necessary but makes him go crazy for you
When receiving oral, Malleus isn’t shy but something inside him lets butterflies go absolutely wild in his stomach. The fact that it’s his favorite human servicing him makes him all the more excited too!
Malleus’s thick cock would be hard to take in all at once, so you opt to use your hands to pump the base with your fingers.
Malleus has a lot of stamina, you’ll definitely be there for a while. Moaning onto his length and staring into his eyes with lust will make him come closer to climax though!
He would stroke your hair and tell you how beautiful you are and how good you’re making him feel~
Instead of moaning and being loud, he grunts and hums.
Would want to repay your kindness as well if you know what I mean 👀
The dragon fae hummed in approval as your tongue worked his cock. Malleus’s fingers made its way to your hair to massage your head, making you moan.
“My little child of man, I’m getting close… you’re so beautiful.” Throwing his head back, his thrusting into your mouth was becoming faster and sloppier. When he looked back down at you, he swore he could see hearts in your eyes as you stared back into his green orbs. That and the combination of your lewd slurping sounds and the pleasure you were bringing him brought him to release. You squealed as Malleus’s seed shooting down your throat. He watched in wonder as you swallowed, licking your lips. “Tasty, my prince…” you teased Malleus, kissing his thighs.
Deuce Spade x Fem! Reader
Deuce has little to no experience, let’s be real. He was a bad boy who wasn’t very popular turned into a wanna be good boy. However, he is very eager to please.
What Deuce lacks in skills he makes up for with determination. Maybe it’s the way he aggressively licks up and down your cunt that turns you on, maybe it’s the way he’s trying his best!
Before you can even say where he should focus, he licks on your clit. Deuce notices how much louder you moan when he does that, so he learns quickly that THAT’S the spot for you.
Deuce would definitely moan when he’s eating a good meal 😋 the vibrations from his moaning goes straight to your clit as he’s sucking and slurping on your wet pussy.
Deuce would also want to use his calloused fingers on you in some way - be it fingering you, tweaking your nipples, or even having you suck on them.
“Deuce, th-there, more, please..!” You moaned, hands flying down to his soft navy blue hair. “You really like it, huh?” Deuce’s soft voice was inquisitive but also you heard joy behind it. You wiggled your bottom closer to his face and whined with the loss of touch. “Then, I’ll keep going.” He dove down once again and licked and sucked with more aggression, knowing exactly how to please you. Sweat dripped down his face as you pulled tufts of his hair, grinding your pussy against his mouth.
After tutoring Deuce for so long in preparation for an exam, your efforts would come to fruition as he emerges from the classroom with a good grade.
You wanted to reward your boyfriend for doing so well! Take him back to Heartslabyul and deep into the gardens where you knew barely anybody would be at that time. Roses were painted, animals were fed, etc.
Deuce would be confused but blushing profusely when you offer to reward him by sucking his dick, but he doesn’t say no.
When you lay him down and pull down his pants and underwear, his cock springs to life with a bead of precum already leaking from it.
You like to tease Deuce with your fingers first - rubbing the bead of precum all over the tip with your thumb.
Deuce’s moans are heavenly when you finally use your mouth and tongue on him, softly thrusts into your mouth
Once he’s close though he lets his bad side come through - he’s thoroughly facefucking you while talking dirty, calls you names, etc
Wants to cum on you instead of in you, likes to see the way it paints your body!
“Mmh, Deush.!” You slurped and tried to talk while his cock invaded your wet cavern. “Y/N, I’m gonna- I’m so close..” You sped your movements up, the lewd squelching of your mouth becoming louder. “It’s almost like you want us to be caught, filthy slut.” Deuce’s attitude changed while he barked out his words, making your pussy throb. “Yeah? You want me to cum all over your pretty face? I wanna see you covered in my cum.. fuck!!” Deuce pulled away from your lips with an audible pop, pumping his hot cum all over your lips and cheeks. The sight of your puffy lips and blushing with your messy face made his cock twitch again.
Jack Howl x Fem! Reader
Jack is a more romantic type, prefers to be in a bedroom when he makes love with you, and certainly wants to give you a good time. He wants it to be private because he doesn’t want anybody else to admire you the way he should!
Jack would have you fully naked laying down so he can fully admire your beautiful body.
Leaves a lot of lingering touches all over your body with his fingers and tongue, loves to taste you~
Jack is skilled with his tongue, aggressive too. He uses his fingers and tongue at the same time to please you
Secretly loves if you reach down to pet his ears and head while he goes down on you - sometimes you can see his tail wag 🥺
Leaves marks all over your thighs close to your sex because he wants to show you’re his, but also has enough restraint to put them in places only you both will see.
Jack lapped up at your pussy, lewd noises filled your silent room. You gasped as he flicked your clit with his fingers, adding more pleasure to your body. “J-Jaack.!” You whined at the loss of feeling when Jack pulled away. “Use your words, Y/N…” he whispered, staring into your eyes. You gulped when you saw his entire mouth and chin were glistening with your juices. “Please, Jack, make me cum, I-I’m so close..” you hid your face away in embarrassment. Jack’s cock twitched in his pants and blushed heavily, his tongue going back to work on your cunt. He’ll prove to be your perfect mate.
You and Jack would be finishing up a morning jog, a rare occurrence since Vil couldn’t make it this time. After going pretty far out into the woods, you get tired and decide to pause and stretch.
Jack sees your sweat making your skin glow under the early sun accompanied by your panting from being worn out. He turns to look away, but he can’t hide the growing tent in his pants.
Once you take notice you mischievously start to tease him and take off his pants. He’s flustered because, what if someone comes by?! You tell him not to worry since it’s so early and you were pretty far out.
Back resting on a tree, Jack stands while you’re on your knees looking up at him with doe eyes. You lightly palm his heavy cock until it’s fully erect, making eye contact the whole time while putting it in your mouth.
Jack knows you can’t fit the whole thing in there, and he’s usually really considerate of what you want never forcing it to go further down your throat.
Jack likes it if you fondle his balls as well while you use another hand to pump his base.
Whines slightly when he’s close, also begins to wag his tail!! Good boy!!
Also loves to see you with cum on your tongue, whether you wanna swallow or not is up to you~
Grunting and feeling the rough bark on the tree, Jack is preoccupied with the way your mouth takes him so well. You stare up at him with droopy eyes, tongue swirling around the tip, playing with the slit on his cock. When you combo that with playing with his balls, Jack feels something snap inside him. He’s grunting and snarling lowly, thrusting faster into you, eliciting gags and moans. “I- I’m close, Y/N. I’m gonna cum…” Jack’s voice only made you work faster, pumping harder on the base. You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, his milky seed exploding onto your tongue not a second later. A series of grunts and followed, as well as kisses and “I love you”’s exchanged between the both of you.
Floyd Leech x Fem! Reader
POV you are working at the Mostro Lounge and you are suddenly pulled away by a tight grasp around your arm or waist. It’s Floyd, your boyfriend!
Floyd tells you how delicious you looked while working and how he could smell you from the other side of the lounge (bro how?)
You know what he means by “taste you” when he drags you to either the nearest closet, storage room, or maybe his dorm room. You’re flustered and telling him to let you get back to work! Azul would be pissed knowing you both left out of nowhere.
Floyd’s grip tightens on your pants as he pulls them down, and he sees your wetness pooling in your panties already. I imagine Floyd would have no patience and start licking up aggressively up your panties, making a bigger wet spot
Floyd would either rip your panties or just eat you out while pulling them to the side - he’s too impatient and he just NEEDS to taste you
His droopy heterochromatic eyes are TRAINED on yours, he loves seeing the way your body reacts to him!
Squeezes any part of your body he can, your tits, nipples, ass, thighs, etc
“Shrimpyyy~ you taste so good! I knew it was a good idea to ditch work to lick you up~” he giggles furiously, licking again on your swollen clit. “F-Floyd! You, you shouldn’t leave work so suddenly like th- Aaahn~!” You keened, back arching off of his bed. Floyd was now squeezing your nipples between his pointer finger and thumb. The stimulation was becoming too much. “Floyd, Floyd!! I’m gonna cum!!” You started moving your hips on your own while hearing Floyd’s laughter resonate on your cunt. “Mm, Shrimpy is becoming so enthusiastic! Cum on my tongue then! I’ll be sure to lick it aaaall up~”
Sometimes, when Floyd is in a bad mood all of a sudden, he doesn’t know why. You don’t know why, either. But you do know a way to make him feel better!
When you whisper in his ear, offering to help him, he doesn’t really know what you mean at first. When you explicitly tell him you want to suck his dick, his face immediately brightens! He’ll grab your arm and almost skip on over to a private garden around the school.
When you’re both comfortable, you pull his pants down and his cock bounces back up, already twitching and leaking precum.
Floyd is loud but he does not give a damn. Let people hear how good you’re making him feel! If someone were to stumble by, Floyd would make direct eye contact with them and smirk
Floyd also wants to facefuck you - pulling your head down and thrusting into you when he gets close! He loves the way you slobber and gag all over his cock
He is down to cum anywhere when he’s receiving oral, because he loves cumming in your pussy the most. But when he’s not doing that then anywhere else would suffice!
“Mm!! Floyd, what if someone sees us?” You muttered, suddenly feeling very nervous. You stroked his dick which was covered in a mixture of your saliva and his precum. Floyd suddenly pulled your mouth back onto his cock and kept thrusting, making you squeal in surprise. “Don’t worry, Shrimpy!! I’ll protect you, and besides, I think they should see how well you’re taking MY cock!” As you closed your eyes and kept suckling on his length, Floyd’s eyes narrowed dangerously towards the rustling sounds coming through the bushes. “And, I’ll deal with them accordingly.” Floyd’s tone was suddenly very serious, reassuring you as you kept working on pleasing him.
Divus Crewel x Fem! Professor! Reader
Your relationship with Crewel was only a rumor amongst students, two teachers dating is pretty taboo even in the magical world! When asked if you two were an item, both of you waved off the question and denied all rumors, saying you were only friends.
After a particularly stressful day of grading exam papers and dealing with unruly students, you go to Crewel’s office after classes are done to unwind, simply to rant.
Crewel offers a more… physical way to destress. He snakes his gloved hands up your thigh inch by inch, fingers trailing closer to your lacy pair of underwear that he bought you himself.
After locking his office door, Crewel seats you on his desk, using some accessories on you. He would blindfold you, tie your hands, etc!
Hiking up your skirt he gently removes your panties and rips a hole in your pantyhose if you’re wearing any 👀
Crewel wants you to use your words~ he loves hearing his favorite professor beg for release, loves watching your face contort with pleasure because of him
He loves your noises and actually would punish you if you tried to hide them!
I wouldn’t be surprised if he liked using toys on you to further your pleasure~
Gives you the sexiest eyes and smirks when you tell him you’re going to cum
“Oh- oh Great Seven, Divus…” you moan. Your arms were tied behind you as Crewel’s signature red tie obscured your vision. As he flicks his tongue over your clit with fervor you can feel how his fingers scissor open your wet pussy. “Oh, haaanh, shit!!!” You closed your legs instinctively, and gasped when he forces them back open. He tsks and stops altogether, eliciting a pained whine from your throat. “Now now darling, you know what happens to naughty girls, right?” You knew. He wouldn’t let you cum, at least not for a while. “N-no, master, I promise I’ll be good, I’ll be so good! Please, please let me cum, I’ve been a good girl for you, master Divus..!” You whined, tears staining his red tie. Crewel knew how stressful your day was so he decided to let you off the hook. “Mm, fine pup, you’ve had a stressful day. Cum on my tongue, if you so wish~”
As much as Crewel loves giving oral, he LOVES receiving from you. You would be crouched down under his desk after hours while he’s grading papers.
It all starts with him texting you about how he “needs help grading.” You don’t expect THIS kind of help, but the idea gets you excited nonetheless.
Crewel would be sadistic - stuffing a vibrator into your pussy or ass while he’s having you service his cock. It’s not necessarily for your own pleasure but more for the idea of him controlling your orgasms and seeing you fall apart under him.
Has a remote that controls the speed and intensity of his toys~
Has a poker face the majority of the time when you’re doing it in his office until he’s close~
Oh! He also likes putting a choker and leash around your neck to see how obedient you are ❤️
Divus pulled lightly on the leash around your neck, signaling he wanted you to go deeper. You obliged, moaning around his cock. The vibrator that was plunging into your cunt had you practically dripping onto the floor beneath you. Your bottom half writhed in pleasure as your noises sent vibrations through to Crewel. “My beautiful pet, I’m getting close… be a good girl and cum with me, won’t you?” He suddenly grabbed a remote and raised the intensity of the vibrator to max, causing you to scream around his cock. “Mmph!!” You began to suck harder, tears rolling down your face onto his thighs. When Crewel finally saw your eyes rolling back he suddenly released his hot seed into your throat, making you sputter and gag. You swallowed and proceeded to open your mouth to Crewel who was pleased with your empty mouth. “What a good girl for me…”
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kinstrel · 23 days
being a ridden dragon & not yet knowing what that entails
inspired by @who-is-page's post here! i decided fuck it !! i wanna write (more) about the draconic aspects of myself, timidness be damned.
as a quick preface, i am a psychological 'kin! i hold loose beliefs in multiverse & a form of reincarnation, but i don't know for sure if / don't think those things apply to me specifically.
i've known i'm a dragon for a while, now. i go somewhat in-depth about it here in this entry about adopting/trying out the term folcintera for myself, but i didn't really touch on one of the newer revelations i had about it:
i'm the dragon in a rider-dragon pair.
as for how i know this, it just feels Correct. (far as i'm aware,) i don't have any past or concurrent life memories, or know who/what my rider is or was. this is a noema that i cannot explain further, as of yet. I Just Know this aspect is fact.
i mentioned [in my linked entry] that my first up close exposure to dragons was the Eragon series, which is what cemented my idea of what "dragon" was to me. ever since that series, i've been aggressively hyperfixated on dragon-rider stories; the kind of hyperfixation that waxes and wanes, but when it hits, it Hits like a Truck.
i don't think i'm from any one specific source, such as How to Train Your Dragon, Dragonriders of Pern, or Eragon. none of those really feel like places i've lived or belonged in. my specific brand of dragonity is wildly different from any dragons you'd see in the listed settings/stories, so i am not any dragon you'll see in those stories — but i also am.
moreso, i feel a connection to the dynamic between rider and dragon; the trappings don't truly matter, in the end. i am the archetypal dragon-with-a-rider, and see myself in almost any dragon-rider setting. i am a Ridden Dragon, and that will mean something different to everyone who interacts with dragon-rider lore — including myself. i am both folcinteric and an archetrope, in this regard.
before i awakened, and thought about dragon-rider stories, i thought i was simply wanting to live in a world where i could share a bond like that & go on adventures... and while that's still true, since i'm an escapist storyteller, there's a key difference between then and now.
i thought i had to relate to and imagine myself as the rider — and that never felt completely right.
now that i'm aware of and better exploring my draconic side, this aspect has come to light. and i have No idea what it could mean for me.
as stated, i don't know who my rider was/is or could be. i don't know what our dynamic was like, if our bond is of magical origin or through mutual trust. though, that might have something to do with me being archetypal, here. my rider could be anyone; our bond origin could be of any type, so long as it serves the purpose of the archetype.
dragon riding means different things to different people. sometimes it's about taming a wild beast, akin to horseback riding. other times it's a magical bond. and other times still, it's about trust and friendship.
i still don't know what my personal mythos is, or if i have one at all. maybe it is just that dynamic, nebulous and without a tether. or maybe it's just not uncovered quite yet.
i don't know how common being a ridden dragon is, be it in fictherian/fictionkin dragon spaces, or more general dragonkind spaces, because i haven't seen it talked about much. possibly because i'm just not looking in the right places, but, *shrug*!
i have no idea if this post will inspire any other dragons with riders (or maybe even dragon riders!) to write about their experiences. but, never know unless i post, so ;]
thanks for reading!
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multi-writer · 10 months
Eddie Munson x Athlete! Reader
I posted this enemies to lovers blurb some hours ago and I can´t stop thinking about it so instead of working I decided to write it in bullets lol. And I wasn´t expecting my first bullet imagine to be this long (it was longer but Tumblr made me erase some parts). I was really inspired, sorry boss (I freaking love bookworm Eddie)
This is before canon so don´t worry for S4 spoilers
Requested: No
You hate each other
That´s it
Literally despise each other to guts because he´s so idiot and not responsible and a big ass child and weird
And you´re so miss right, miss perfect, miss always-training-to-be-better, so into grades and futures
And weird
Every Thursday he would come out of school at night after playing D&D and you would see him because you just finished some late training
Mess each other for a bit
“What´s up Miss sweats?”
“Shut it Mr. grade failure”
Even in recess you´d love to throw him a box of milk when he´s on a table giving a loser speech. Just to see him mad
In classes he´s a pain in the ass
“Hey, pass me question 3”
“Fuck off”
“Professor! She´s copying from my exam!”
“Quiet you two!”
Even every teacher knows about your feelings toward the other
Hell, everybody knows this
On Monday you were walking back from some training and as always you decided to go pass the bookstore and check new releases.
Surprise! There’s a paper in bookstore announcing they will have the LOTR special edition
And that’s weird because nobody pays attention to the small town of Hawkins
It´s a special edition. Limited copies.
Not only that, it´s about your favorite high fantasy book.
Heck, scratch that. Your favorite book of all time.
You. Need. To. Get. It.
But there’s a problem. A big one.
The release date is on the next Thursday. And guess who has late training? Yes. Miss-bad-luck you
There´s two options, cancel training or train earlier and hope you get a copy
Nah, cancel it. A special edition is worth it.
The week before release day you´re so anxious people wonder if you´re into drugs
If everybody notices your anxiety so does Eddie
“Something wrong miss great? Need something to calm you down?”
“I swear to god if you don’t shut up for once you´ll play your dragon game in the hospital”
But what you didn´t know is that Eddie was in the same place, he is also a LOTR fan, he has all the books besides The Hobbit ones. If he could live in a fantasy place, would be in those books.
So. He. Also. Needs. It.
Both of you are in the same situation and didn´t even notice
Eddie has been planning how to tell the guys that D&D was canceled that day
They won´t like it. But again, they didn´t know about their leader´s love for books.
If he doesn’t get that book he would unsubscribe from LifE
Obviously the guys complained about it but Eddie convince them to have a free day to rest their brave souls for the next battle
He knows how to convince people.
Thursday morning passed way slower than ever
the last bell ran so fast you felt your legs give up.
Oh no.
The line is so long you bet all your money you won´t get a copy, until an angel sent from heaven save you.
“I didn´t know you like those books”
“I didn´t know you knew how to read”
Eddie Munson was there, almost in front of the line. Of course he would skip classes
“Well, guess Wonder Woman was slow this time and won´t get a copy”
Not gonna lie, that hurt like hell, you do wanted a copy but now its almost impossible and his words hit a nerve.
Eddie wasn´t a fool, he saw the way your face fell and your body seemed like it carried the weight of the world and god bless his pretty heart
“you know… just… get in front of me…”
Eddie couldn’t look the way your face lighted and your smile got big because he was looking at the other way to hide his blush.
The bookstore would open in 2 more hours so instead of being quiet and awkward you decided to ask him about other books.
And he answered so nice he would tell you everything and make you laugh
Two hours of books recommendations until the bookstore opened its doors and you two managed to get each one a copy.
All thanks to Eddie swore-enemy Munson
You both said goodbye not before thanking him for letting you in the line.
Something changed between you. You were nicer to each other making the whole school confused.
One day in recess he came to your table just to pull something from his bag.
A book.
His favorite copy of “Farenheit 451” with notes on the corners of the pages.
Your heart was beating so fast you swore he could hear it.
The next day you gave him your favorite and secret copy of “To kill a mockingbird”
On Friday he waited for you to talk about the book you lent him and gosh you have a crush on Eddie now
And he has a crush on you now.
You two would go to the park every Friday and talk about books for some weeks until he lent you a book with a note inside it asking if he could court you as if you two were in 1800.
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy who?
You and Eddie Munson
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gale-gentlepenguin · 16 days
Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda
Tumblr media
Evil and fucking love it | A Whinny psycho | Really Dumb motive | Cool motive still murder | I don’t know enough to rate them | They have a point but they are a dick about it | Road to hell paved with good intentions | They are in the right here | Look if it were me I’d have been So MUCH worse | How are they not the hero? | Yea, I’m routing for the villain.
You can’t tell me Tai Lung wasn’t gaslit since day one.
Shifu basically telling him every day how he would be the dragon warrior. And then Oogway decides when he is all grown up to be like “Nah”
Oogway couldn’t have told the boy maybe he wouldn’t be the warrior earlier? Or Shifu could have not mentioned being the dragon warrior at all?
Tai lung even said he pushed himself so hard to make Shifu proud of him.
Like it’s tragic!
Also imagine all those years of training to find out the scroll is empty, and your ass beat by a panda that is conveniently the PERFECT counter to you.
Like damn, Tai Lung was angry and vicious but he never actually killed anyone as far as we saw. Really think about that. Even escaping prison he didn’t kill anyone, not the furious five, not even Shifu.
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