#And Dazai entered and he throws his coat away
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Your hands are cold
╰┈➤ Osamu Dazai, Chuuya Nakahara, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Atsushi Nakajima
Warning(s): Men, Blood, Mentions of Bruises, Scars, and Scratches, NOT PROOFREAD.
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Tumblr media
Is he sick? Is he nervous? Scared or upset? What do I do...? Do I...Hold his hand?
⚘️Osamu Dazai
"I can't find her." He whispers, his eyebrows furrowing as he grits his teeth. "What?!" Kunikida pushed his glasses up to his face, as he turned to his fellow worker. "I can't find [Name]!" The brown-haired man snapped, throwing away a metal bar that was in their way.
He didn't expect this mission to be scary for him, he didn't know where you were after that explotion. God, why did you have to use your ability. All he heard from you before your disapperance was a "Bang." coming out of your mouth, which caused this big explotion, leading to them losing you.
"Keep looking for her! Atsushi, you look in that direction!" Kunikida ordered. You stood on a pile of cement, watching the three as they call out your name. Only for both Atsushi and Kunikida disappearing in your sight, leaving the poor Dazai who was throwing away piles of dirt and other materials which were used in this abandoned construction sight.
You slid down, walking behind the brown-haired male, still throwing away rubbish. "Samu." You spoke, poking the man's back. He turned around, hearing that nickname of his made his heart drop. "[Name]..." He sighed, closing his eyes. "Sorry, did I scare you?" You teased. "You did." He replied, shortly. You noticed his change of mood, maybe he really was scared.
You notice his hands shaking, holding them and felt the coldness of it running through your fingertips. "Your hands...are cold." You commented.
He blinked, looking at your hands which were intertwining with his. He smiled, "Your hands are warm." He proceeded to hug you tight. "Just don't disappear again...Please."
🍁Chuuya Nakahara
"[Name]?" He called out for you, staying silent as he waited for a response. He knocked at your door, you were hella quiet in your office. At this time you'd be blasting music, and he'd be the one to tell you to keep it down. But today, it was quiet...Too quiet.
"[Name], did you fall asleep? Open the damn door!" He huffed, his patience shortening. He had enough, kicking down the door as a thud was heard, after. He looked at the empty chair. Darkness was invading the area.
"Where the..." He fell silent again, his heart dropped. 'Maybe she went out on a mission...' He tried convincing himself that you were just in the building. He walked out of your office, walking through the dark quiet halls.
He stood infront of two large doors, the office of the Port Mafia's Boss. He knocked, pulling up his coat's sleeve as it was about to fall off. "Enter." He heard, opening the large door as he stepped inside.
"Boss." He spoke, while walking towards the man who was seated, a little blonde girl doodling by his side. "Chuuya. What brings you here? Any trouble with the oth-"
"Where's [Name]? Is she on a mission?" He asked directly, even if he tried to hide it, his tone of voice laced with fear and worry. The boss seemed to catch up, "She's with Akutagawa and Higuchi, I suppose. Higuchi-kun came here to ask permission to join in a fellow mafia." He raised a brow.
He heard Chuuya swear under his breath. The boss leaving a breathless laugh, "Don't worry. I'm sure Akutagawa knows what he's doing. I'm afraid he doesn't want you to be upset." Chuuya turned his back, "He's making me quite upset now. If Higuchi comes in, tell her to go to my office, please." Chuuya bowed his head after earning a nod from Mori.
As he went out, he heard the sound of footsteps nearing. He furrowed his brows, gritting his teeth as he used his gravity to go to the location of the footsteps in the speed of light. "Higuch-" He stopped, nearly hitting the girl who stood infront of him, nearly falling backwards, he tries keeping his balance.
"[Name]!" He held both of your shoulders, checking around your face and body if you had any bruises or scars. "I'm okay, Chuuya." He glared at you, "I said you're my partner, not theirs, your mission is my mission, and my mission is yours."
You giggled at his words, "I know, I know, don't be mad now.." He removed his hands from your shoulders. "One of your gloves fell." You commented, about to pick it up when he placed his hand on it first. As you placed your hand ontop of his, you felt the coldness of it.
"You wear gloves, how come your hands are cold?" You put your hand away as you both stood up still. "It's nothing." He wore his glove, trying to avoid that topic. "You were scared, weren't you?" You teased, earning an eye roll from Chuuya. "What if I was?" He huffed. You leaped into his arms, giving him a big hug. "I'm here now..."
☘️Ryunosuke Akutagawa
"Let's split up!" You shouted, hearing explotions from here and there. You were in a battle field with Atsushi and 3 other of his co-workers. They were much more stronger than some of your men. "That'll be the dumbest thing to do! Don't!" Akutagawa shouted back as he fought Atsushi with Rashomon. "I'm sorry!" You replied before hitting Atsushi from behind, dragging him along by the collar of his shirt.
You watched as Akutagawa watched you with wide eyes, getting distracted by Kunikida who threw a grenade infront of him. He looked back again to see you nowhere to be found.
You ran and ran until feeling the pain strike your back, you looked below and there was a tail which wrapped your stomach. You get pulled front and crash into a pile of cement. You screech in pain, before looking at the body approaching you.
His head was bleeding and he looked at you with anger. "Stay put, kitty. You're not going anywhere!" You ran to him, grabbing his suspenders and using it to choke his neck. His arm formed into one of a tiger's, scratching your hand as you tightened the grip around his neck.
"Why do you hate me so much!?" He screamed out, trying to get away from your grasp. He managed to cut the suspenders with his claws and fell backwards, coughing as he was about to lose consciousness.
The moment he looked up you disappeared into thin air, running to the place where Akutagawa and you were once in. He was gone. You ran and searched for him everywhere, blood dripping out of your arm as the pain was not important as he was.
You turned around after hearing noise from behind, looking at the man who was bruised up and coughing. "Ryu-san!" You ran up to him, hugging his back as you sighed.
Tears were forming in your eyes as he stayed quiet, he turned around, looking at your weak state. "You're okay." He closed his eyes before taking a deep breath, happy, only before he saw a deep scratch on your arm. He held your hand and you shrieked at how cold it was.
"Your hands are cold." You squeezed his hand. He ignored your comment and ripped a part of his already ruined shirt, wrapping it around your bloodied arm. "You scared me." He admitted. You laughed, watching the cloth wrap around your arm. "It's okay, I'll always find my way back to you."
🪻Atsushi Nakajima
"Atsushi-kun." Dazai poked the named male, "Hm?" Atsushi turned his head, facing a serious-looking Dazai. He started to sweat in nervousness. "Y-Yes, Dazai-San?" He smiled nervously, "Where's [Name]?" He asked, Atsushi blinked, realizing that your presence made the atmosphere quite different today..Only to realize you were not here at all. He looked at the chair, which was facing back at him.
He turned it, only to see no one sitting there. All this time you weren't here?! He stood up and fell backwards, his chair rolling to Dazai's side. "Oops." The brown-haired male blinked. He looked at Atsushi who sat up, rubbing his head as he tried recollecting all his thoughts.
"Do you know where she is?!" Atsushi quickly stood up, panicking as he looked around the whole office. "No, not at all." Dazai replied, looking at the busy Kunikida. "Relax, Atsushi, she must be out with Naomi." Atsushi sighed, only to remember when they were cornered that one time.
What if you got hurt? What if you both got hurt? He quickly excused himself only to be stopped by Kunikida. "You still have a lot to report, Atsushi. Stay here." He ordered, pushing up his glasses as he continued typing. Atsushi shook his head, starting to get on his knees as he begged Kunikida to go out. Dazai laughed, "C'mon Kunikida, aslong as he comes back in no time." Kunikida sighed, finally letting Atsushi go.
Atsushi let out strings of gratitude before rushing out the door. He was about to walk around the city and look for you, until he saw a glimpse of [Hair color] hair. He quickly looked at the side, watching the girl enter the cafe.
He quickly went inside, seeing you. "[Name]?" He poked your back, you turned around seeing Atsushi in a scared state. You watched him as he sighed in relief. "God, you scared me, I thought you were at the office- And I thought something was wrong since you were quiet! Plus you were facing back at me and I thought I did something wrong so I gave you a bit of space- Until Kunikida told me you were with Naomi but it looks like you're alone..." Atsushi rambled out.
You blinked, trying to process every single word he just said. "Atsushi, relax! I'm okay. I was with Naomi, she went up, she wasn't in the mood for coffee." You giggled. You held his hands, flinching from how cold it was. "Your hands are cold..." You looked down, before looking straight into his eyes.
"I-I was scared that you were gone..I thought you'd be in danger." He smiled awkwardly. You smiled, ruffling his hair before dragging him into a table to sit at with you.
Still holding his hands and placing both yours and his ontop of the table. "I know you'd save me if I was, now, let's get a cup of coffee and warm ourselves up, shall we?"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Forest Fantasy
TW: Sexually Explicit Content: fem!reader, slight degradation, forest sex, floor sex, creampie, nicknames. WC: 0.9k
☆Note: Requested by anon for the Pretty Pictures event!
"Dazai, you said there was an urgent mission, right?"
Today, the agency had been on a camping trip: an idea suggested by Kenji for for some workplace bonding. Dazai suddenly pulled you aside with him to help with an urgent mission. It seemed suspicious, but you trusted his cunning craft and tagged along. But now, you're confused as to why you're in a secluded part of the forest. You lean back against a tree, looking around.
"Oh, my. I thought you’d have realized by now. There is no mission." Dazai chuckles softly, hands buried in the pocket of his cream-colored coat.
"The truth is...I've wanted to get you all alone to myself for a while..belladonna." Mm, yes. Belladonna. The nickname seems to slip off his mouth so flawlessly, ringing pleasantly in your ears. As if it’s a magic spell being cast on you.
Dazai takes a few steps closer to you, slamming a hand on the tree trunk beside you and leaning closer, lips inches away from yours. The distance between you both seems to be a rather inappropriate one for coworkers.
"And we’re in a part of the forest far away from the crowd..no one can hear anything. We can make all the noise we want...." he whispers seductively, making your heart skip a beat.
"Dazai...you're so dirty-minded..." you gasp.
"Mhm, I'm the dirty one?" Dazai laughs softly. He kisses your neck, pinning you to the tree trunk behind you and holding your hips.
“Do you think I haven't noticed you looking me up and down, checking me out when we're having meetings?“ he plants another kiss on your cheek before he continues.
“Or how conveniently you always enter the elevator the same time as me when we’re alone? Flirting with me as you accidentally bump into me and push your tits against my chest? Trying to get some nice, hot sex from a co-worker?”
Your cheeks grow warm. You never wanted to admit it, but it's true. There's something attractive about this lanky brunette, even though he's a terrible tease sometimes. He's just so suave and charming, always finding a way to get what he wants. And having the wild imagination you do, you've daydreamed about being locked with Dazai in his office, letting him do unspeakable things to you.
"So? What do you say? You might get a little something out of this, don't you think?" he pinches your cheek affectionately.
"Y-yes.." you sigh, wrapping your hands around his neck and letting him kiss you. "But..please..never tell anyone about this affair." Dazai nods, placing a finger in front of his lips.
Tumblr media
You've been lifted up against the tree trunk, your legs wrapped around Dazai and hands around his neck while he's inside you. He starts with slow strokes and you try to bite back moans.
"No, no. I don’t want you to hold back. That won’t do. Come on, let it all out. We’re the only ones here, you know?” he nuzzles your neck, encouraging you to let out your moans.
He continues rushing his hips back and forth, making you cry out in pleasure and throw your head back against the tree.
"O-oh! Oh...you dirty animal.." you moan, clutching against him for your life. "
“Calling me a dirty animal while letting me fuck you like one…hm…" he slams his hips against yours harder, causing fireworks of pleasure to spark up your insides.
"A-ah! Fuck me harder, please." you moan.
"Fuck you, hm? Did I hear that right? Who's the dirty one now?" he teases.
"Well, I don't want you hurting your head against the tree. So..."
Dazai discards his cream-colored coat and sets it on the floor. Then he scoops you up in his arms and lays you down on it, spreading you apart again. He thrusts into you so hungrily, you start screaming his name, which echoes throughout the forest.
"Dazai! Dazai!" you yelp.
“Keep screaming my name. It's hot.” he groans, the pace of his breathing accelerating with each thrust. He squeezes your thigh and taps a finger on your clit, massaging it in circles.
“I’m-oh! I’m gonna..” before you can say it, white river of pleasure spills out from you over Dazai’s cock.
“Admit it. You've thought about this before.” he slips a tongue in, lips working skillfully on top of yours as he kisses you. He continues to yank your waist against him, making you slide up and down on his girth.
“Osamu! Don’t stop!” And he doesn't. You feel too good.
“Fuck.” he moans as he feels your cunt throbbing around his dick.
“Osamu....” you sigh.
Oh, when you say his first name like that....it's hard for him to keep his composure. He finally releases his cum inside of you, some of it dripping over his coat.
After you both get dressed again, Dazai kisses you on the front of your palm and then on your cheeks. "So sorry to waste your time, belladonna."
"Can we do this again, but at my house one time?" you hum pleasantly, still drunk on the feeling of cock. Dazai smiles so smugly you can't tell if he's smirking or genuinely happy.
"Oh, belladonna. I'll make sure to break your pretty little bed." he plants another kiss on your neck. "And make sure all your neighbors remember my name."
When you return to the others at the main camp, Kunikida raises an eyebrow when he sees a glistening white stain on Dazai's coat.
“Dazai, what is that on your coat? Wait, you know what? Nevermind, I’d be better off not knowing.” he sighs, flipping through his notebook.
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Can there still be love?
《pairing: mafia!Dazai x reader》
He has the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen and yet….
“Try, just try… - Dazai takes his coat off, standing in front of you. - Try defeating me, I dare you.”
“Dazai, - you pause after calling his name, letting out a sigh. - we can’t keep doing this.”
and yet he hides those eyes from me.
“Why are you stepping away? - he raises an eyebrow. - this isn’t like you at all.”
You shake your head: “I’m sorry, Dazai. Not this time.”
Taking a step back without breaking eye contact, you continue: “I don’t want to fight you anymore.”
Dazai stays silent, lowering his head.
“I know you don’t want to either. - finally, you turn your back on him, heading to the exit. - I know you don’t want to hurt me.”
As soon as you finish your sentence, a bullet flies past your left ear, leaving you shook, eye widened.
“I’m not forgiving you this time, love.”
Your breath deepens, hands start trembling as you turn your head around. There is Dazai, pointing a gun at you. Cold stare, arrow hands who do not shake a bit, sweat dripping off his face while lowering his gun. His whole exterior was shouting fight me.
“I lived to see this day, uh? - you let out a psychotic laugh, wiping the blood behind your ear. - Fine, I’m used to giving you what you want.”
You say as you sprint towards him, handling your swords and flashing them in front of your opponent, ex partner and lover.
He has the most sublime touch of them all and yet…
You moan as his fist hits your stomach, leaving you breathless for a moment. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop you.
… he only poisons me with his hands.
You scar his skin one hit after another, unleashing his bandages. For a slight second, your eyes meet his. But you had nothing but rage in that moment, thus…
“Shit.”- he cusses as you almost cut his right eye out, leaving a huge mark bleeding.
Out of frustration, Dazai starts aiming recklessly, while you slyly avoid his bullets that had your name on them.
“You still blame me for what happened, uh Dazai?!” - you shout from afar, trying to catch your breath.
“It is idiotic of you to even ask this question.”- he refills his gun and starts walking towards you.
“Alright then, - you throw you swords on the ground, raising your empty hands up. - if that’s what you believe, end this for both of us.”
Dazai widens his eyes but regains his focus, as if he was reminding himself not to soften in any way. He was always so gentle to you, and you were trying desperately to take a glimpse of that Dazai.
He is your safe place, and yet…
“Any last words?”- Dazai asks, aiming his gun at you.
… and yet he was never saved.
“I didn’t do it, and if you, for once or even for the smallest moment loved me, you’ll know I’m not lying to you, Dazai.” - you gulp hard, biting your lip as you withhold your tears.
There it is, hesitation.
You look at him and it felt like he was having an inner battle of whether to pull the trigger or not.
“How can I believe you when everything I have and know leads me to you?!”- he shouts, approaching even closer and grabbing you by the collar. His hot breath hits your face, as you both stare at each other’s lips. You bite yours as he scans your face, which gives you a rapid heartbeat.
His lips have always made you melt, and yet…
“Why should I believe you and not the rest of the world shouting your name?!- Dazai was hurting, you could see it in his shaky voice, watery eyes and dark circles formed under them.
… they were whispering the coldest words.
“You have forgotten, Dazai. - you try to cup his cheek but he flees away from your touch. - it used to be us against the world. Thus I ask you, why would you listen to the world and not me?”
For the first time in forever, you see a light entering Dazai’s eyes. Like some sort of epiphany hit him as you said those words whilst asking for some hope from his eyes. He lets go of your collar and pushes you away.
“If you didn’t do it, then who did?”- You could sense his anger slowly disappearing as his trust in you was rebuilding slowly.
“I’ll tell you everything if you promise me something.”- you say, gathering your swords and tiding yourself up. Dazai puts his gun down, wiping the blood still falling from the injury you caused in his eye.
He raises an eyebrow as you approach him.
“Promise you’ll let me heal this.”- you point at his eye, which he immediately covers.
“Has it always been a habit of yours to hurt me then to heal me?”- he scoffs, shaking his head.
“Has it always been a habit of yours not to listen me beforehand you do something crazy?”- you snap back, making Dazai chuckle a bit.
“You’re crazy.”- he says as you two start walking away.
“Oh so I’m the crazy one here?!”
There you go, just like old times, blubbering and fighting aimlessly.
“Let’s change the habit of meeting like this, love.”- you say as you lend a kiss on his cheek. - I know you miss me immensely, but come on, try not to kill me next time.”
“You were right though, I don’t want to hurt you.”- there they were, his kind eyes meeting yours and those lips melting your whole being.
He was everything but what he used to be, and yet he trusted you. There was trust for sure, but what bout love?
Can there still be love?
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chuuyasboots · 2 years
Omg I loved the anon request for the dazai comforting reader after wearing a revealing dress AHHH 😍 Maybe we can get a part 2 but it’s nsfw 🤭 Them finally coming back home from the event and dazai showing her how much he loves her body, just lots of praising and vulnerable moments?! Anything up to your comfort zone, i’d love writer 💘
anon im glad we were on the same page when i said i’d do a part two to that fic :))))
part 2 of dazai comforting his self conscious s/o
genre: smut >:)
warnings: minors dni, explicit smut, themes of body dysmorphia
pairing: dazai x fem!reader
word count: 2.6k
master list - part 1
Tumblr media
Walking into the event that you’d been anticipating for hours, if not days, was a blur. A whirlwind of people came to greet you and Dazai as you entered, everyone throwing in their bit about how nice the two of you looked and how great it was to see you.
Your heart felt warm as you held onto Dazai’s arm, trying to steady yourself in the unusual crowd of people. There was still a lingering worry and insecurity as more people commented on your appearance. Although everyone’s remarks were positive, the fact that so many people were seeing you was enough to keep your stomach tied in a dull knot. Still, Dazai’s presence was plenty enough to keep you out of your head too much, his reassuring and sweet words blocking the negativity as it popped up.
The night passed by in a blur filled with laughing, drinking, and above all else: Dazai. As almost a kind of super power, Dazai had an incredible ability to read your emotions without you even saying anything. There were times throughout the night where he could tell you were in your head, and immediately he’d have a hand on your thigh or your shoulder, pulling you back to reality with a look full of reassurance.
By the time the event was ending, you were worn out. You’d spent all night drinking and conversing with several different groups of people, as well as trying not to let your thoughts cave in on you.
Your feet ached from the heels you’d been regretting wearing all night as you walked back out to the car, Dazai’s coat hung over your shoulders.
“Did you have fun tonight, love?” Dazai asked you as you held onto his arm. The two of you were little more than tipsy, but you liked having Dazai to hold onto as you made your way out.
You responded with a quick, “Mhm,” and kept walking alongside Dazai. Your reply wasn’t a lie, exactly. You did have fun, but now that you were out of the constant stream of people and conversation, you were still left with a vague insecurity that maybe you didn’t look as nice as everyone insisted that you did.
Dazai opened the passenger door of his car for you to get in before walking around to step into his own seat as well. He was quiet for a moment as he started the car, but once you were on the road towards home, he asked you, “Are you sure you had a good time?”
You turned to look at him as his eyes stayed focused on the road in front of him, but his hand did move to hold yours.
“What do you mean? Of course I had fun,” you replied quietly, trying to shake away Dazai’s concern.
“You don’t seem so sure. Darling, it’s okay if you didn’t, you can tell me,” Dazai said, rubbing his thumb in small circles over your knuckles.
You hesitated. Dazai obviously was catching onto your discomfort, but you didn’t want him to feel guilty for your disposition. Every part of the night where you’d been able to focus on him was perfect. It was only when your thoughts started to drift that perhaps your outward appearance may have faltered.
“It’s not that I had a bad time,” you started slowly, unsure of how to maneuver this. “I had fun with you, it’s just-“
“Are you still caught in that pretty little head of yours?” Dazai interrupted.
Your cheeks roared with a blush as you searched for a reply. Of course Dazai was correct, but you didn’t want to make it seem like his constant reassurance had been for nothing.
Suddenly, you felt Dazai’s hand move up your thigh, jolting you back into what he was saying.
“I could think of a way or two to get you out of your head, if you’d like,” Dazai said, his voice dropping lower and his fingers dancing just under the hem of your dress now, massaging your thigh slowly.
You felt your heart squeeze and your stomach turn in anticipation of what Dazai’s words implied. He was hardly touching you yet, and the impact that Dazai had on you instantly was ridiculous.
Your heart was racing faster than normal whenever you and Dazai flirted quite like this. He’d never initiated this on the premise of your insecurity- would it be different now? Would it just make your anxiety worse?
“Love? You look spaced off again,” Dazai said with a small smile playing on his lips, which you found yourself particularly fixated on.
“Sorry,” you mumbled half-heartedly. You were utterly distracted by Dazai’s profile as he drove and as his hand continued moving its way slowly up your leg, until eventually he was teasing you through the thin fabric of your panties.
You bit the inside of your cheek to keep any whines from escaping you so quickly, but the adrenaline and anticipation coursing through you alongside your utter need for Dazai was overwhelming.
By the time you and Dazai had arrived home, you hadn’t said much more, but he hadn’t stopped his ministrations, only making you more and more needy for him as the seconds ticked by.
He helped you out of your seat as he always did, but as you stepped out, Dazai pulled you into him by your hips, pressing his own against yours and kissing you with a fire you recognized all too well. You kissed him back with just as much passion, tilting your chin up, allowing the kiss to deepen.
“Fuck,” Dazai muttered, pulling away from your lips only momentarily, “Fuck baby, need to show you how perfect you are.”
You moaned into his kiss, both because of his words and your own desire building up. As much as you didn’t want to address your insecurities, you couldn’t go another second without Dazai.
“Please,” you murmured into the warm polish of Dazai’s lips, voicing exactly how much you wanted him right then.
Dazai let out a throaty groan against your lips before pulling back again, looking you up and down quickly with a smirk on his lips, and dragging you into the house with your hand in his. Everything once you were inside was a whirlwind of frantically taking off shoes and throwing aside Dazai’s coat, as well as loosening his tie and a few of the buttons on his shirt. As for you, Dazai wanted to save undressing you for just a small bit longer.
You stumbled into your bedroom with Dazai, who immediately closed the door behind you, pressing you up against it as his lips attacked yours.
His leg found purchase between your thighs as he moved his lips down to your jaw and then your neck.
“So, so beautiful, baby,” he murmured in between leaving small marks along your skin.
You shuddered under Dazai’s touch and words, grinding down on his thigh gently, but just enough to give you any sort of friction. Normally, Dazai would have chastised and teased you for being so needy, but tonight he was fully willing to give into every desire of yours.
Slowly, letting his fingertips brush every part of you available to him, Dazai brought his hands to the back of your dress, pulling the zipper down painfully slowly.
“Dazai, please,” you said breathlessly. You needed Dazai to just hurry up and stop teasing, even though he’d usually tease much, much more. He was moving quicker than most nights, and it still didn’t seem like nearly enough.
“Whatever you say, pretty,” Dazai replied, bringing his hands up to the thin straps of the dress that rested on your shoulders. He pulled them down languidly, letting his palms caress your shoulders and arms as he moved.
Once the straps were down, the rest of the dress followed, leaving you only in your bra and panties. Dazai stared at you as the dress pooled by your feet, drinking in the sight of you. His hands ran up your sides, tracing your newly exposed curves.
“C’mere baby,” Dazai said lowly, as if you could really move any closer to him.
You brought your hands up to tangle into Dazai’s hair, bringing him in to kiss your lips hard. He moaned into the kiss, savoring the taste of you on your tongue.
“So, so perfect,” he mumbled into your lips, his hands holding the back of your thighs, squeezing and grabbing the flesh greedily.
Dazai leaned back in one more time, pressing another firm kiss on your lips before grabbing your shoulders and turning you around, walking you to the end of the bed before pushing you down playfully.
You laid on your back, blushing furiously and incredibly needy, watching as Dazai undid the rest of his shirt, shucking off the garment with his pants following quickly. Crawling onto the bed, hovering just barely over you, Dazai stopped when his head was just above your thighs, which he rested his hand on as he brought his lips down to kiss the skin gently.
“Love you so much,” he said, his lips tickling you as they ghosted your skin, “Love you here,” he pressed a kiss on your inner thigh, “here,” he moved up to your hip, “here,” now your stomach, “everywhere,” he repeated, moving his lips up and down your body relentlessly.
Your fingers found their way back into Dazai’s hair as he moved along your body, placing kisses on every inch of your skin. In between kisses you could hear him uttering small words like “pretty,” and “stunning,” and “perfect,”and in that moment, you could feel like all of those words because Dazai treated you like them.
When his lips found their way to your unfortunately covered clit, the tension was immeasurable. You needed Dazai desperately, and weren’t slightly ashamed by that fact as you usually would be.
He kissed and sucked at the bud through the fabric, which was now wet from both your arousal and from Dazai’s saliva. Every sensation felt impossibly better as you pulled at Dazai’s hair, pleading silently for him to give you your pleasure.
“How do you wanna cum tonight baby? I’m yours tonight, however you want me,” He said, raising his head up slightly above your sex to look at you with glowingly eager eyes.
You moved your hand to cup Dazai’s cheek lovingly, and answered without much hesitation, “With you. On your cock. Please.”
Your voice had a whiny stretch to it, but you couldn’t bring yourself to mind it. You could, however, bring yourself to focus on how Dazai moved himself up your body slowly, until his face was just above your chest.
“Whatever you want, beautiful,” He replied with a warm, sensual smile that made your heart flutter.
In a second, your last two remaining garments were being shucked off of your body with disregard, thrown to the floor without a second thought. You reached down to palm at Dazai through his boxers, forcing a loud moan through his lips. You reveled in the sound as Dazai stood up one last time to throw off the last piece of fabric between the two of you.
His dick was incredibly hard, your mouth watering at the sight of it as it leaked onto his stomach.
Dazai was back on top of you in a flash, kissing you with fire and his hands wandering greedily over your body. He was grinding down on you mindlessly, so that you could feel his cock rutting against you, so close to where you wanted it, yet not close enough.
“Fuck, Dazai, please,” you whined, bucking your hips up to meet his.
Dazai moaned into your mouth, making your clit throb with need as your fingers started gripping at Dazai’s back, pulling him in closer to you.
“Okay, doll, okay,” he said, his thumb going down to circle your clit a few times.
Dazai was in awe at how wet you were for him, his heart nearly stopped, “Fuck baby, fuck. You’re so perfect,” he whimpered.
You felt the tip of his dick prodding at your entrance, and even though he hadn’t prepped you at all, you were so, so eager for him to be inside of you. You needed him inside you.
Slowly but steadily, Dazai thrust his hips forward until they met yours, bottoming out and causing both of you to moan loudly. You squeezed your eyes shut and your head felt like it was drowning in the incredible sensation, and you loved it. You were overwhelmed in the very best way possible, barely able to hear Dazai’s continuous bouts of praise at how perfect you felt wrapped around him.
Dazai waited for you to adjust to the intrusion, waiting for your eyes to reopen so he knew he could go. With how beautiful you looked underneath him, he knew that once he started, he’d hardly be able to stop himself.
Your eyes fluttered open after a few seconds, looking to Dazai with stars in your already fucked-out eyes, giving a small nod, indicating that you were ready for him, and that you wanted him. You wanted him horribly and have for what felt like so long now, but you knew that Dazai would always wait for you to become comfortable.
“Belladonna, fuck, you’re so beautiful. Cant believe you’re mine,” Dazai said, pulling his hips back slightly before slamming back into you.
He kept a pace that wasn’t nearly as fast or demanding as you knew he could manage, rather opting for a slower, more sensual grind. That said, your eyes were still rolling back in your head with every roll of Dazai’s hips into yours, or with every word of admiration out of his lips.
Between moans, Dazai managed to get out quick little words, telling you every few seconds how stunning and perfect you were. In what felt like no time at all, you felt heat pooling in your stomach, ready to snap.
“Close, Dazai, close,” you moaned out, hoping and praying that he would be too.
With a quick kiss to your cheek, Dazai replied, “Me too, pretty girl, me too.”
It only took a few more thrusts, which had grown quicker and more erratic, for you to reach your impending orgasm, with Dazai following right behind you with a loud moan in your ear.
When you’d both finished, Dazai let himself stay inside you, catching he breath as he was positioned above you. Once his own haze had mostly passed, he was kissing you incessantly before pulling out, and moving lower down your body to kiss you all over once again.
In your exhausted, blissed out state, all you could truly manage was to card your fingers through his hair softly, your eyes closed in prolonged pleasure.
When Dazai was done with his kisses, he looked up at you and placed one final kiss on your tired lips.
“You’re so, so good to me, love. You’re so perfect, I love you,” he told you with an equally exhausted smirk sitting pretty on his lips.
“Love you too,” you replied warmly as he moved to lay down next to you, pulling you into his warm embrace.
It wasn’t very long before you were nodding off, sleep trying to take hold of you. Right before you succumbed, however, you could hear Dazai’s voice. It was rough, low, and sleepy, but his words were clear.
“You’ll always be perfect to me, belladonna. You’re so beautiful. I love you, I love your body, everything.”
Your heart swelled as sleep pulled you in, your head resting comfortably in Dazai’s chest. Although Dazai hated to see you feeling badly about your appearance, if it meant loving you like this, he’d do it a million times just to show you how much you’re worth to him.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading and thanks for being patient as it’s taking me a little bit longer to put stuff out recently! i hope y’all enjoyed!
requests are open <3
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yandere-sins · 2 years
oh my gosh I adored that dazai piece! could you write a part 2 with the readers reaction?
Thanks for requesting! Glad you enjoyed the last part (:
»»———————— ♡ ————————««  
♡ You’re not judging his simplistic lifestyle as he leads you into ‘his’ apartment. There is enough lying around to show someone is living there, but not enough to say it’s comfortable. Then again, who are you to be surprised when Dazai has been such a hard-working, single man. He scratches the back of his neck, apologizing that it’s not an amazing location, but at the same time, he welcomes you warmly into his home, and that’s all that matters, right? A gentleman through and through, he takes your coat and hangs it up, shows you around the small home, and taking his time to explain the amenities to you. You wonder why he feels the need to show you everything so thoroughly, but when the sound of a teapot rings out, you immediately forget about it again.
♡ Following his instructions to sit down at the small table, you admire how well-kept the tatami mats are, even though the walls are bare. No photos or art, no unnecessary clutter. “You’re very minimalistic,” you joke and Dazai chuckles, standing in front of two cups of tea as he is preparing them for you two. “I sure hope you can change that in the future,” he hints, winking at you, and you feel butterflies in your stomach as you realize what he’s playing at. Having a future with him surely would be nice, wouldn’t it?
♡ Thanking him for the cup of tea, you eagerly take a sip, burning yourself lightly on the hot glass while tasting the unfamiliar blend of tea he’s serving. Your dates hadn’t been awkward before, but Dazai isn’t talking much this time, and you realize the ticking of the wall clock. Trying to lift the mood, you try complementing the few nice things you find around the room, like the TV and how clean everything is, but you still end up unable to keep up a conversation with him. Worried, you ask if he’s alright, since usually he’s such a big talker, and his expression grows surprised before he smiles, avoiding your question by asking how you like the tea. Admittedly, it’s a bit disappointing that now that he allowed you into such an intimate atmosphere, you two don’t seem to get along as well as you did at first, but you’re not going to tell him, complementing the tea with as many lavish words as you can think of.
♡ “There are some things I haven’t told you about me.” You’re suppressing a yawn as he finally speaks up, his voice low, regretful. Hoping he doesn’t think you’re rude for almost yawning, you reach for his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. No matter what he tells you, you are sure you two can work it out. Dazai smiles briefly at your hand on his, enveloping it with his second one. “I used to be one of the bad kind. The one you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.” Gulping, you nod. Well, everyone makes mistakes, and their past may be less pretty than it seems. “L-Like the Port Mafia!” you try to joke, pressing out a laugh, but Dazai doesn’t laugh with you. So, quickly, you shut your mouth, smiling at him. “It’s okay,” you keep reassuring him, and this time, you are able to turn his sorrowful expression into one of slight relief. “Yeah, just like them. So, how would you like to stay here? I can keep you safe as long as you’re here.”
♡ Drowning the last bit of tea you have, you splutter, coughing as his words surprised you. “O-Oh.” Did he mean staying with him? Or stay here in the apartment? Were you in danger? Why? For how long? “That’s really nice of you, but I have my own home, a-and a job, so...” Retracting your hand from his, Dazai is left with a deep frown as you try to stand up, uncomfortable by how this date is turning out. Sure, you like him, and he’s doing his best to please you, but this was going a bit too fast for your taste. The moment you try to stand up, you are met with a sudden dizziness, making you stagger. Calling out to you, Dazai worriedly rounds the table, catching you from falling, and you apologize profusely. “It’s okay, here.” He unfolds the futon for you, helping you lie down, and you keep apologizing for the inconvenience, but he merely smiles tenderly at you, holding your hand and telling you it’s okay. It’s to be expected. What?
♡ The room becomes uncomfortably quiet as you struggle to focus on anything besides the white noise ringing in your ears. You wish to say something, do something, call for help, but the warmth of Dazai’s hand slowly fades as you close your eyes. Falling into a weird kind of sleep, you are well aware of the lack of dreams you have, and when you finally manage to pull yourself out of the darkness, you wake up in the late evening. Wrists tied to the wall over your head and ankles to the opposite one, you start to panic, unable to understand how this could have happened. You never thought Dazai to be that kind of person, even when he told you about his shady past. Luckily, you don’t have to wait long, as you hear the door open, and you hold your breath for a moment, scared of who could have entered. But by the humming, you realize it’s just Dazai, immediately making some noise to get his attention. “Ah, you’re awake,” he smiled, trotting over with a grocery bag in his hand, and sitting down by your side. “I know it’s a little uncomfortable but bear with it, okay? It’s just until I’m sure you’re safe here. Can’t have you be seen out there, you get it.”
♡ You try desperately to tell him that no, you don’t get it and that he needs to let you go, please. But instead of listening, Dazai merely unpacks dinner, waiting for the moments that you open your mouth to speak so he can feed you, unbothered and with a happy smile every time you take a bite. How could you misjudge a person like that? What even was going on? Growing more agitated and angry, you start swearing and trying to kick at him, but Dazai seems unfazed as he finishes your dinner, appreciating the bites he takes from where you had bitten off from. Until you realize you can’t continue like this, getting the feeling that he’s been through worse than just you throwing a tantrum - how he calls it. And slowly, the quieter you grow, no matter if you are crying, hiccuping and sobbing, pleading with him, he starts telling you about his past. With every detail, your eyes widen, and you grow more desperate to get away, but Dazai never even looks at you, only musing about how lovely the moon is, just like when he killed that other guy with only his hands. Pushing the groceries aside, he lays down on top of you, head buried in your chest and disgusting you with the deep breaths he is taking. “But you,” he mumbles into your shirt. “I can save you.”
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nameless-shrimp · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING: Osamu Dazai x GN! Reader
TYPE: one-shot
SYNOPSIS: Dazai asks you to make a stop somewhere before you both head home.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: soft dazai, soft dazai, soft dazai, SOFT DAZAI. btw i am sorry if this sucks i just wanted to write soft dazai to comfort myself, okay, hehehe
Tumblr media
The sun was setting, near the peak of its set where the vibrant warm colors were fading into its soft mist of navy blue. From the horizon, your eyes trailed from the road for a brief moment. City lights of nearby bars of Yokohama glimmered on sight; a yawning Dazai on the passenger seat while he fiddled with the radio. Old 90's music playing in a gentle whim—more so to keep the background noise to settle in with the drive home.
"Mind if we stop for a bit?"
Raising an eyebrow, you turned to Dazai. A cocky smirk on his lips before pleading into his large eyes. The same damn look he'd throw at you to cause your stomach to turn into a pit of cartwheels. Sighing, you nodded and asked, "what's the destination?"
"A nearby gas station," he clicked his tongue. "Let's get some snacks, my love."
Unsure of his odd request, you decided to go along with it anyway. Because it was Dazai; the man you were in love with, yet also, found annoyance in every time he invaded your space. (Sure enough, even Kunikida lectured you about teaching the man proper manners to take his work seriously.)
Gas station lights flickered from afar; parking the car near the entrance, Dazai hopped out in a flash. Tan trench coat swayed too quickly along with the faint breeze before he ran into the store as you blinked.
Too exhausted to enter in, so you rest your arm against the edge of the open window. Eyes gazing out to the empty parking lot. A ghost town. Ironically, even for—your eyes darted to the time depicted on the car radio—only it to be ten minutes past eight in the evening.
You yawned, fiddling with the radio in hopes of finding a low upbeat song to make the attempt of you getting some type of energy to drive. God. Knowing your lover, Dazai was the unexpected; twiddling thumbs and flicker of his flirty smile was enough to swoop your heart up.
(Even though, he really did the most.)
The door opened before you looked over to your right, watching your lover rummage into the passenger seat with plastic bags in his hands. Glass clanking inside one of them; clearly signaling that he must've bought alcohol—or some type of drink—along with the bags of chips that peeked out from the bags.
"You know we were going to go grocery shop—"
"I actually have another request, baby," Dazai said, putting the bags in the back seat of the car. Fighting back a tired sigh, he grinned cheekily; that genuine smile that caused you to smile back, regardless of your mood, and he fell back into his seat. "Follow my directions. I'll tell you where to go."
A laugh trailed out from your lips. "You're not going to kill me, are you?"
Dazai gasped jokingly. "You think I would ever commit such an act? How cruel, love."
Shaking your head, you exhaled. "Directions?"
And Dazai informed you of where to go, even in the midst of opening a bag of chips every so often before feeding you one while you rested at a stoplight. During some moments, he'd play a song from your phone in the car that reminded you of him—regardless of its cheesy satire, Dazai found amusement in it. Perhaps it was the blush tickling your cheeks as you turned away every so often.
Little did you know that you fluttered his heart as well. And after turning left three times, with you driving up a hill, he'd reward you with a bite of a crunchy chocolate bar that he'd share with you. Joyous laughter pooling his lips; the taste of milk chocolate on the tip of his tongue. Though he'd rather allow himself to have that taste be engulfed down your throat—but that'd be for a later time, he supposed.
You were driving up a hill and he changed the song after continuous soft pop music filled the atmosphere of the car. The sun had died down long ago; night crept in. A full moon. Stars bouncing on the clouds. Dazai watched the sky, watching the shadows of trees blind the view of the moon above. Most likely calling out to him from afar; for what words, he didn't know. Nothing mattered to him.
He turned to you; eyes squinted from the darkness of the forest due to the lack of streetlights. Only you mattered to him. His heart fluttered.
"Okay, where are we going?" You asked, tilting your head as your hands gripped on the steering wheel tighter. "You're not trying to kill me, are you?"
"You're funny, baby," he chuckled, gnawing on the chocolate bar. "Just a whittle longhur—"
"What?" You let out a laugh. "Swallow then speak, silly."
He licked his lips and grinned. "You just want another bite."
"Sure," a roll of your eyes answered his mental question. "Gimme."
He reached the candy bar closer to you as you took a quick bite of it before stopping at a stop sign.
Dazai watched you cover your mouth as you ate, looking at the surroundings near the both of you. At one point, he talked about how he saw a crowd of raccoons running across the bushes laid out amongst the green of nature. So random. Yet adorable all at once. Not that you minded.
After ten minutes of an old rock song filling in the ambiance of Dazai's crunching as he shared his other bag of chips with you, your eyes opened largely at the city of Yokohama laid out below you. Realizing you had driven up a high hill, you watched alongside the empty parking lot that you pulled in. A smiling Dazai close to your side. He asked you to park the car.
So, you did.
Adjusting your seat, you watched the lights below that made up the city for what it is. Each building lit up the darkness that surrounded the whole city; a crowd of attractions filled with endless poetry and stories that were unknown to strangers that lingered on every corner of each street. Mystery tales with hidden endings. A citizen with their own life; curiosity would kill the cat for some, even for you, watching the movements of the lights flicker as your eyes flutter to a blink.
"Let's sit in the back, shall we?" Dazai noted and you obliged. Both of you made your way to the back seat, and on cue, he immediately grabbed ahold of your figure while he rested his back against the side of one of the car doors. Head planted on the cool window. His eyes trailed alongside the lights that you were just gazing upon. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
"This is what you wanted to show me..." your voice slowly fanned out a breath. Words weren't used to describe the magical view from up above; neither of you ever basked in Yokohama from this high up together. Even so, a new experience for you—not that you minded, with your boyfriend intertwining his fingers with yours. A tight knot.
"It's truly beautiful just like you, my love," Dazai whispered before planting a quick kiss on your cheek. He adjusted his position as he swung an arm to the trunk of the car.
You watched him throw over a loose blanket on top of you, where you smiled at the faint bit of warmth covering your legs before he tightened his grip on you. Back close to his chest. Chin resting on your shoulder. Nose nudging into the pillar of your neck.
"You're so warm," he chuckled before keeping his grasp on you tight. A dance of his fingers near your hips caused you to squirm into a fit of laughter, causing the ring of your echo to fill up the empty void of the car—not minding the music still casually playing on its low volume—and Dazai grinned, shutting his eyes in delight. "Absolutely breathtaking; that's what you are. God, I'm in love with you, belladonna."
Your head swung back; dark tousled mocha hair tickling the tip of your nose. The scent of his chocolate from before made its way to capture your attention. Letting out a yawn, your arms stretched. "You're too good to me," you said, shaking your head around near the column of his neck. "Stop that."
"I don't think so, silly," Dazai laughed before poking your hip as you flinched at the touch. "You're too adorable for me to stop. I think I'll keep holding onto you for a while longer."
You smiled before your eyes softened into a close. "I don't want you to let go."
"I don't plan on letting go, my love."
He shook his head before keeping a smile painted on his lips. Facial expression etched into a sketch filled with adoration; happiness hidden within the glow of the golden acrylic in his eyes. Dazai leaned in, kissing you passionately on the lips; thumb trailing alongside your skin before you felt his grasp on you get closer to his chest.
"I promise, love," he breathed alongside your lips. Your eyes were still dazed; lost in exhaustion, nearly on the brink of sleep. "One night, I will propose to you and the moment you say 'yes', then I will forever know that I can be happy with you for the rest of my life."
You held back a laugh. "What makes you think I'll agree to marry you?"
"Well, ouch," he gasped dramatically. "Am I that too much to handle?"
"I know you love me."
A grin rose on your flushed face. "I love you very much, Dazai."
"Good," he kissed your nose before your figure slowly fell deeper into his body though your position was more laid down onto the—somewhat—comfortable seats of the car. "Someone's tired."
Not wanting to respond, you only hummed and slapped him playfully on his hand. The way you always messed around with him—regardless of Dazai's silly antics, he'd fall in love with you more. Nonetheless, the way you caused his heart to dance; heartstrings strung along with a melody that he couldn't forget. On tune, on repeat—a love that wasn't broken on record.
Leaning down, he pressed his lips against your head before the back of his head met with the car window once again. The city lights never failed to amaze him; a beautiful view it was. White flickers of illumination mixing in with a dash of midnight despite the time only being close to 10 PM. Wallowing in sheer joy; a lovely moment of darkness descending amongst the tall buildings to its smaller shops below.
Dazai glanced down at you; soft breaths leaving your lips as your eyes stayed to a tight close. Lips parted with a flushed face—most likely flustered by his usual flirtatious acts—and he smiled, keeping your head close to his chest. Let the sound of his heart beating be enough to have a pretty dream flutter its way into your mind.
He smiled while petting your head.
"Get some rest, baby," Dazai said before looking back at the steering wheel.
He chuckled to himself.
"Looks like you'll have to trust me to drive us home safely tonight."
Tumblr media
tags: @whorefordazai @tender-rosiey @internetkilledtheroxstar @sadcannibal @bsdparadise @pompompurin1028 @dazais-osamu @tetsustation @milky-toast @missrown @requiem626k @jessbeinme15 @kyuus4ku @so-chile @kiyokoxd
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The Other Half (of the Worm) by girlinstory
Dazai and Atsushi go out for drinks after the events of Dead Apple. 
Dazai returned to the dormitory along with the rest of the agency. Coverup wasn't their job, after all. That was Ango's problem.
The walk took longer than it normally would, but convincing Atsushi to go out again took longer still. At first, a raincheck for the celebration was requested, exhaustion cited, but they both knew Atsushi wouldn't be getting any sleep that particular night.
The argument gave them time to change out of their bloodstained clothes. Dazai refused to leave, lest Atsushi go out the window (again), but he did turn a gentlemanly back while his protégé changed.
Dazai had already thrown away his white suit coat and vest. The black shirt barely showed the blood. He was practically presentable.
They went to an izakaya around the corner. Too pricey to be a usual haunt, but that was the point. He ordered for them both. Shōchū, served in a wooden box. He showed Atsushi how to hold the masu, and his protégé followed diligently along, copying his movements correctly if somewhat sluggishly.
Dazai ordered food too, because he was a responsible mentor. Small plates of hot things that were simple to consume. Yakitori, some dumplings, tempura, (not edamame).
Atsushi still didn't eat.
Well, it was Kunikida's card.
He waited until Atsushi had finished his shōchū, which took so long Dazai began to suspect the the first few, tentative sips had already worn off. Then he asked, as nonchalantly as possible after all that build up, "Do you want to talk about it?"
"Why?" Atsushi laughed, but for the first time Dazai did not find the sound particularly melodious. "It doesn't matter what I say now."
"Why is that?"
Atsushi held the masu between two hands, forming them into a square. "I told Kyouka not to kill him, but it turned out I already had."
They were interrupted for a moment by the somewhat tired "Irasshaimase!" as another group of patrons entered the izakaya.
"And how did she reply?"'
Atsushi frowned. Dazai could barely see it in the low lights from paper lanterns, but he could hear it in his voice. "She said that the Port Mafia's killing and the Agency's killing were different."
"What do you think?"
"I think Kyouka is right, but I- but I don't-" He gave a little growl in frustration, something Dazai would have teased him about under any other circumstances.
"But you still don't like to kill?" he prompted instead.
A nod.
Dazai stripped the panko off a shrimp. "Do you remember that friend whose grave I was visiting?"
Another nod.
"He was a member of the Port Mafia. He could have been an executive, but he never graduated past flunky because he didn't like to kill people either."
"Did he die because of it?" Drunk Atsushi was blunt. What a fun fact.
"No," said Dazai, but of course, he had to add, "He died because other people tried to take advantage of his ability."
This time, Atsushi didn't ask, though his silence was eloquent.
Dazai tried not to let his own silence speak too much. Atsushi would only apologize again if he knew how regularly he gave his superior palpitations- and not the fun kind. Dazai had a new nightmare every other week, whenever Atsushi decided to throw himself in front of some novel peril.
Surely there would be new ones now, about black cages and electrical currents, but the last time Dazai had actually slept- sometime last week- his dreams all featured Kyouka's murder and Atsushi's subsequent Kill Bill style rampage (with the yellow jumpsuit, but without the happy ending).
"That's why I left the Port Mafia."
"I see," Atsushi said slowly, like he was afraid slurring would be an insult to Oda's memory. "Thank you for telling me about him."
Dazai grinned. "Are you still upset that Kyouka didn't tell you the phone was from her mother?"
"What? No! I just-"
"She was ashamed."
Atsushi was frowning again. "Of what?"
This time, Dazai leaned into his own intoxication and used the pad of his thumb to smooth out the furrow in Atsauhi's brow.
"I imagine because she had used the cellphone to control Demon Snow to fight alongside the ability that killed her parents."
"But that's- How else is she supposed to survive? She has nothing to be ashamed of!"
Dazai hummed inarticulately. The furrow came back, and he smoothed it again. "You're very understanding of others for someone who's so unforgiving of himself."
There it was again. Dazai was doomed to toil eternally over Atsushi's forehead, like Sisyphus with his boulder, but he had taken it upon himself and would not fail the challenge now. This time he kept a hand on Atsushi's cheek, elbow resting impolitely on the table between them.
"What happened to Shibusawa was an unusual iteration to be sure, but it was still self defense." Dazai gentled his voice to make up for the harshness of the words. "You were a child who was strapped to a chair and electrocuted. What choice do you think you had that you could make the wrong one?"
And wasn't it serendipitous how Dazai's hand was now perfectly positioned to wipe away the tears that followed?
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The Delilah to His Samson
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Dazai x Reader, Chuuya x Reader
A/N: A WIP that I never finished. Part two in next month.
TW: *deep breaths* None so far except for the fact that MC is a traitor.
Tumblr media
Night falls once again in the city of Yokohama. The beautiful city lights and the glistening stars in the sky accompanied by the glowing moon, hides those lurking in the shadows in the bay city's nightlife.
The notorious organization of the Port Mafia is one to blame of that mishaps that run within the borders of Yokohama . Murder, kidnapping, fraud, illegal shipments and many other crimes that cannot be said that are done by those who pledge their loyalty to the Mafia.
Betrayal is the greatest sin to be ever done inside the organization. Many have tried to bring demise to the Port Mafia and all of those who did, death is the retribution they received.
"Dazai-san, the boss wants to see you."
You said firmly to the brunette who was in front of you, doing his paperwork. He stood up from his chair and walked past you. You followed him as he make his way towards the head office.
The young man whose mind cannot be read, the demonic prodigy of the Port Mafia, Dazai Osamu. After working for him for more than a year, you have seen the many sides of him along with his suicidal tendencies, earning the name 'Suicidal Maniac' from his partner.
You came to stop as soon as both of you arrived the destination. As per usual, you came along with him to meet up with his superior. Yet, unbeknownst to you, he didn't let you enter. It wasn't unusual, you thought it was just another private meeting and you can still gather information by using the gadget you attached on Dazai's trench coat.
"Ah, (L/n)-san—" Dazai took step towards you, his hands trailing on his attire as he removed the recording device. "—I prefer if you wouldn't eavesdrop on my meeting with Mori-san. An assistant like you has nothing to do with any information that is to be told in the meeting, correct?" He held the tool between his fingers and crushed it using his hands afterwards, throwing away the pieces on the floor.
You nodded in response. Your clenched your fist angry at the fact he was always one step ahead of you. After being an assistant of his for so long, he had knew everything about you before knowing everything about him.
Dazai entered the room while you wait outside. You closed your eyes as you leaned on the wall. There were loud steps leading towards you. You could assume that it's another executive that has a meeting with the boss.
The former King of the Sheep, one of the strongest ability users and the Twin Dark that was alongside with Dazai, Chuuya Nakahara.
"(Y/n)-san, is mackerel inside already?"
You answered an 'mhm' to him. He groaned in annoyance when he received the affirmation. 'It must've been another bet' you thought to yourself. He mumbled something before knocking at the door. After receiving a 'come in' he turned his head towards you with a smile.
"(Y/n)-san, if you're free later let's meet, okay?"
"I'll try." You told him softly. You considered asking him later about the details of the meeting. After Dazai destroyed your plan everytime, using Chuuya was always the next option.
After waiting for a few hours of waiting outside, Chuuya and Dazai—along with a red-headed woman in a Kimono— exited the office. She glared at you that brought a chill on your spine before leaving the two executives with you.
"(Y/n)-san!" Chuuya called you out with a merry voice. He then embraced you in which you returned. Seeing Dazai's dull expression, your lips twitched upwards.
"My, my, Chibi-san seems to be getting along with my assistant. In that case, you're a dog of hers as well. I hope you don't forget that your still mine, okay?"
Dazai butted in your moment with Chuuya. "Tch, I'd rather be hers than to serve a damned mackerel like you. And how many times do I have to say that I'm not your dog!" Chuuya retorted.
You let go from the hug, noticing the event that was happening between the two. Bickering and fighting, it was already too common between the two that you have already gotten used to it.
Feeling annoyed at the situation at hand, you decided to stop the two. "Chuuya-san, let's meet together afterwards, okay? Dazai-san, I wish to not interrupt with your conversation but I wish to inform you that you still have paperwork to finish after this."
The brunette wasn't too fond of you reminding him things and such. After all, how could a traitor like you tell him what to do and when to do things?
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xo-cuteplosion-xo · 2 years
Too late | Dazai x reader |
Too late | Mafia Dazai / dazai x fem!reader |
( A very shitty attempt at a song-fic. )
Warnings- toxic relationship (minor mentions of abuse?), death
A brunette sat on the cement. The tan folds of his coat fluttering out behind him. The wind brushed his hair from his face, it stung his eyes and brushed his skin with bitter cold air. His fingers dripped the brightest shade of crimson. His eyes had dilated and shook with shock and fear. The skin his hands desperately held, already losing its warmth. Lips stained the color, as well as the outfit that resembled his own. Those blood-stained lips coughed final words before letting go. How, how had this happened? Why had he never predicted this? Why would you ever do this?
He knew those answers like he knew his own crimes. After all, how could he forget? He’d been the reason you fell, he’d only denied it for years.
The sun fell softly along the stone. A boy, no older than 15, walked along the stone edge of a bridge. His brown locks flying within the wind whilst he adjusted the bandage over his left eye. He paid no mind to you, even as you walked behind him. Your feet carried you on the safer ground, next to the edge. It was common to find the two of them like this. You were always with him, whenever you could be at least. He never seemed to notice you were there; You didn’t mind it though. The rare moments where he did suddenly ask you questions were enough. Rushing to close the distance between you and him, you caught a glance of his eyes darted to the side. He was looking at you, the single eye that showed seemed puzzled, before he parted his lips to talk to you; His arms opened at the same time. Skipping around steps, he smiled, “Hey, why are you still following me, woman? Don’t you have a better hobby than stalking me?” so he did notice you at times.
Flustered you froze before chuckling with a light hum. “No, not really Dazai-san. I think you're interesting! You're the only one I can't read.” you were referring to your ability. It wasn’t much, so you weren't too high up in the ranks. You could read thoughts, see their feelings in the form of aura, and manipulate that aura. So far, you could make people freeze up and lose themself in an overdose of emotions. Also known as individual illusions created by their auras; things only they could see. It was hard to believe you were even in the mafia. Your bubbly appearance and lack of interest in killing made you look harmless. You never killed, but when you worked with another they sure had an opening to kill.
Dazai leaned down so he leveled with you. “I wonder, have you ever thought of using that ability to induce such outrageous depression, one acts on it?” blushing you took several steps back shaking your head.
“N-no, sir! I d-don’t think I could do that. Well, if Dazai-san really wanted me to, I-I could try it for him!” What were you saying? Knowing this demon prodigy, you’d probably end up not meeting the expectation and ending up punished. Though, would that be so bad?
He puffed his cheeks out, jumping from the edge to land in front of you. With a half-smile, he flicked your forehead. “You keep doing the opposite of what I predict. I really can’t get a read on you.” turning away you covered your face.
“I-is that a compliment?” you mumbled, looking through your fingers. He shrugged, jumping back to the ledge. His eyes lost their glimmer as he looked down. He seemed to be judging the distance; With a heavy sigh, he looked back to the sky.
“If only this was a little higher. I think falling into the water and dying right away, without the pain of falling to the ground, would be okay. I’d drown unconscious, how peaceful that would be.” you didn’t respond as he turned and began walking again.
Year after year you walked by his side, growing with him. Slowly that bubbly gaze began to fade ever so slightly. The fun-filled times like the day on the bridge no longer existed.
My head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost
Standing next to the demon prodigy you stretched out your hand with a sigh. “Ability: vortex of emotions.” from the shadows you worked alongside him. The enemy's hands reached their head. A perching scream echoing as they turned their gun to themselves. Looking to the side your eyes met the brunettes; They were colder than they were a year ago. Sighing, he raised his pistol and shot. He pushed past you, and you followed numbly.
I need to feel something, 'cause I'm still so far from home
Entering the box he called his home, his hands grabbed your waist pulling you towards him. His fingers lifting your chin. The flutter of your heart pounded against your chest, the closer his face came to yours. “You really should stop following me everywhere. If you won’t at least try to kill.”
Cross your heart and hope to die. Promise me you'll never leave my side
Nodding as he released you, he sat at his desk. “Mori won’t be happy that we clocked out so early.” he leaned back groaning. “Found a new suicide method? I don’t want to deal with his annoying voice tomorrow!” his older persona slipped through. The light in his eyes spread before it disappeared with your silence. Yet despite that, there was a caring hint to his posture. The way his hands moved softly, how he traced your bow. How he exhaled with a sigh when you closed the door
Show me what I can't see when the spark in your eyes is gone
Another year went by with a soft ease. You stood in Mori's office, a blank expression on your face. You were sure you were dead. Messing up like this, letting somebody get away. You were shaking, unsure why your breaths still rang. The doors opened to the brunette mafioso. Dressed in all black, a short ginger walked at his side. The way your emotions suddenly changed was unnoticed by everybody but Dazai. His eyes set in glares as you looked away. Your heart raced, why was it you still felt like this? He treated you as a pawn, yet you still ached to kiss him. Mori blamed your failure on Dazai’s lack of discipline with you. “I’ve been more than lenient with how she follows you around. If this happens again, it will be you who pays the price Dazai.'' Why did this have to happen in front of the ginger? His eyes looked at you with sympathy. It was weird to see such a thing. Dazai rolled his eyes stepping closer to the ginger as his eyes darted to you. Puffing your cheeks out you looked away.
Once you were in his office, he practically pulled you by the ear. Pushing you to the floor with his frustration. “I don’t understand why I keep you around! All you seem to do is put me in situations that bore me to death!”
You've got me on my knees I'm your one man cult
You looked up with begging eyes. “Please, I’m sorry Dazai-san! Please forgive me! I’ll do better! Please don’t leave me.” he was the first person to ever make you feel real emotions. Fear, excitement, lust, love, heartache, despair. He gave it all to you.
Cross my heart and hope to die Promise you I'll never leave your side
It was an unexpected look, an unexpected plea. His eyes showed excitement. “There, there’s the reason! You can’t stop doing the opposite of my expectations, every time I think you’ll do something, you manage to shock me, even in this kind of situation! I wonder, would you commit suicide if I died? It would be so unexpected!” his voice was full of wonder as he lifted your chin using the front of his foot.
Looking at him he smirked. He'd known, all along, about your feelings. He teased you all the time, but maybe he could finally get an expected reaction from you. It would be possible to toy with you. Maybe then he’d be satisfied with you. “Would you ever be only mine? Something only for my eyes?” with wide eyes you nodded.
Cause I'm telling you you're all I need I promise you you're all I see
With a smile, you brought your hands to press against your chest. With a desperate smile, your eyes filled with that childish light from when you were 15. “Even if I'm only being used for your satisfaction, it would be all I need! You're the only one for me." Once more he was shocked by the response. Nearly losing the balance he had, his hand reached to his face a soft snicker leaving his lips.
“You’re utterly helpless.” he hummed, removing his foot from under your chin. “Come here darling~” he was certainly stressed today. A little fun wouldn’t hurt, right? “Tell me you’ll never leave.” he hummed holding your chin within his fingers. The blush on your cheeks darkening in your complexion.
'Cause I'm telling you you're all I need I'll never leave
His lips met yours. Shivering you closed your eyes, letting a tear fall. You wished he truly loved you back.
Another year passed, you stayed by him no matter what he did. He was crueler than ever. He often left you at night to go hang out in a bar. Those nights were lonely but a ginger often peeped in to see you. “You look like hell.” he would always tell you how messed up you looked. “Why do you stay by him?”
The images passed by your head. The boy you fell in love with. The young 15-year-old. The one with a smile that would show itself here and there. The young boy who jokes around, the carefree one. You picture the feeling of his fingers over yours. Cold yet so warm in those years.
So you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand
“I love him.” you hummed watching the male drop a bottle of wine in your lap. He walked out leaving the gift. He knew you understood how cruel he was. He had never really pitied anybody before but you… you were something he pitied. A demon prodigy's toy, your relationship was nothing more than toxic.
I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell And you can throw me to the flames
Sipping on the wine you drank yourself drunk. “I love him… he loves me. I love him. He loves me, I know he does. I’ve seen some softness in those harsh eyes.” you wiped the tears looking up to the ceiling. What had you gotten yourself into? Why did your heart have to play you like this?
I will follow you, I will follow you
He stood looking so conflicted, broken, and unsure. It wasn’t the first time you saw him without the bandages but it was the first time your dull lifeless eyes saw him this vulnerable. “Figures, you do follow me everywhere.” his voice was blank of anything; You could no longer read his voice.
Come sink into me and let me breathe you in
It was true, you needed him, so of course you followed him everywhere. “Go, we’re done! I’m not going back! This is all Mori's fault! He’d be alive if it weren't for inviting that damn organization here!” he was upset, yet he seemed so confused. Like a child, he had no grip on what he was feeling. Was he angry, grieving, sad? He couldn’t tell.
You ran to him wrapping arms around him. “I will go with you! I will follow you!”
I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen.
You'd hold him down during this pain. You’d help him achieve whatever it was that he needed. “Even if it is death, I will not leave.”
So dig two graves 'cause when you die I swear I'll be leaving by your side
With a soft sigh, he pushed you away. “That changes nothing, follow if you have to but I never loved you.” you backed away smiling you curtsied.
“I know Dazai, I know you never did and never could. You are a demon prodigy, one that can’t understand his own feelings. I wish I could help, but your gift cancels mine out.” your voice was sweet as honey, but he shed you no more glances as he walked away. Following him, you sighed.
Two years later your empty eyes sat at an agency desk, you'd bought an outfit to match his. Those feelings refused to leave you even after all this time. They surged more than ever. He was like his 15-year-old self again, different but at least there was life in his eyes. He laughed and flirted just as he did those years ago.
So you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand
You looked to the cafe waitress’s hand, then your own. How you wished to be her. You stood up, walking out and to the office of the agency, sitting in your chair, Kyouka walked up to you. She once had your eyes. Dull, lifeless, broken, but then Atsushi seemed to save her. “Do you love him?” she asked tilting her head as you looked from your phone to her, you sighed.
“Yes, but I'll suffer for life over this. I had my chance and now it’s gone.”
I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell
She set down a small piece of paper. “I found this.'' She tried to give you a smile that wasn’t pity. They often asked why you always looked so disturbed. Maybe it was the fact you were really all alone now?
And you can throw me to the flames
A tear dropped from your eye. Something, a feeling you hadn’t had in so long. It was worth it, these empty dull years. “A tossed away letter to apologize.” you held it to your chest.
I will follow you so you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand
You found yourself alone on a mission. This was assigned to both you and Dazai, but he had other things he wanted to be doing. Neither of you knew how dangerous this was. He had not batted an eye at this mission. It was simple, a simple recovery mission. A ransom kidnapping, simple in and out. You could handle it without being seen. You ached for the warmth of his hand. A little light lifted your eyes as you stepped into the building.
When his fingers opened his phone accepting the call, he nearly fell over dead. The mission you were attending wasn’t a retrieval; It was a set-up. Despite how careful he'd been, somebody had found out about you. More so his past with you. His mind was too focused on you to think of who let it slip.
I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell And you can throw me to the flames
Dazai pushed past the doors too late. This was his fault, all of this. The loss of your true self.
I will follow you, I will follow you I will follow you, I will follow you
You'd always said you would follow him. It was always like that. He had taken years to figure out why he never ignored or let you go. He was selfish, he had grown attached. Ango and Oda had even offered the thought. The thought that, maybe in this heart; swallowed by black, he loved you.
It was his turn to feel desperate as he dropped down. The blood flowing from your stomach in spurts.
So you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand
He held your hand in his while also trying to keep the bleeding down. “I’ll get help! Just hang on, we just need Yosano!” it was the first time your heart slowed like this; The first time you could read him like a book.
I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell And you can throw me to the flames
Your hand was growing cold, your breathing staggered. You looked to be in so much pain. “No, I won't be that long. You should leave, you don’t love me so…” your voice trailed off as your head tilted to look at his cheeks. Tears… there were tears.
He shook his head pressing your hand to his forehead. “I will follow you.”
Your eyes widened as a light chuckle left your lips, “I will follow you.” you hummed, as the crimson left your lips. He was forced to watch you die in his arms. There was one final look on your face. A giant smile, a real smile on your lips. “I love you Osa…” then, you were gone.
Another, another friend in his arms, dead. No, you are more than a friend. “I… I love you.” he’d never said those words, and it didn’t matter now. There was no going back. He held you to him, cold and motionless.
Somebody from the mafia had done this. Somebody would probably be Mori… he’d dropped this low before, it wouldn’t shock him if he were trying to drive Dazai to murder again; To get him kicked from the light.
For you, for the wish left by Oda, he wouldn’t let himself fall that low. He’d be strong.
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voidcat · 2 years
—pink of the snow
Characters: Dazai Osamu/gn!reader
Genre & wc: fluf/comfort – 1.1k
a/n; Happy Valentine’s Day (again!!) this can be read separately but if anyone’s wondering this has a part 1 leading to this. The song mentioned is obviously Nobody by Mitski. Yes I’m ok I swear (I almost named this “Pink in The Night” I am rotting...) — part one
Tumblr media
One afternoon, a knocking on your door though you’re not expecting anyone for the day.
Upon opening the door, the chill of the day barges in with a sudden little breeze but neither of these things are the source of the chill going up your spine.
And there stands Dazai Osamu, with a bottle of wine you can’t see the name of; yet from the looks of it, it’s one you’re positive he didn’t pay for.
“What better way to get warm on a chilly winter day than a glass of wine?” he says with a smile, ‘shared with someone’ hanging from his lips to finish his line.
With nothing else to do on your part and his determined posture on the other side, you sigh and stand aside. “Take off that stinky coat as you get inside.”
You can hear him complain behind you, mumbling about ‘what smell’ and ‘what’s it with people always telling him he smells?’, you decide to leave it at that, already entering the living room to sit by the window.
He comes several seconds later, sitting across you, the coat nowhere to be seen and the bottle still in his hand.
The name Petrus catches your eye, with an eyebrow rising, “I can put it in the drive and you can reveal to me how you found this address.”
“It was pure luck.” He hands out the bottle and you know he’s yelling the truth.
Dazai Osamu has many ways of obtaining intel but none of them for the home address of someone he already knows, and his looks alone tell you he found out out of the blue.
“Atsushi and I were investigating a rumor and he saw you by the door. I suppose you had earphones in because he calle do it your name but you just swayed in through the door.”
“And you decided showing up uninvited with a bottle of stolen quality wine?” You state more than ask.
“You could say that.” He replies with a shrug and one of those small smiles you like, “although it’s more borrowed than stolen.”
“I’ll make sure to tell the owner this was all your idea.”
And surprisingly, the rest, flies away like the day with Yosano, if not faster.
The light gentler than usual, the air calm, the wine tastes great and soon your fears of Chuuya –you have been informed that was his name— beaming through your ceiling gone with each sip you take.
So, what do you do when you’re alone with all the time in the world to yourself?, Dazai asks and you unlock your phone, hitting the shuffle button. A song starts building up, the lyrics contrasting the melody as usual, your cat glaring at him from your room and you find yourself laughing, clutching at your stomach whenever you meet his eyes.
He, Dazai, seems confused at first, until he follows your gaze, “You weren’t joking about the cat” his voice falters and ends up worsening your fit of laughter, face hurting, mouth desperately begging for a break.
Yet there’s something about their expressions that keeps you shedding tears of joy, you cannot recall the last time you cried if that, and you keep drinking and laughing and taking and watching him, as the light grows gentler, as it turns Golden and dances on his skin.
You think, maybe sunsets were made for him.
Any other winter day feels blank and stale, like food without spice or love in the process; bland and lacks taste, lacks a touch of personality, a sense of familiarity.
Yet here is today, as the day ends, it gains color, brought back to life in the dead of winter, the hue turned into something sweeter as Mitski comes on with honey in her voice and poison in her lyrics —though they don’t hurt for the first time in a while.
Pretending they’re about a regular life, or love, or something soft and known and lived is easier now in this very moment you find yourself in.
So you get up, your body commands, as another song begins, the glass still in your hand and you can hear Dazai complaining about a lyric.
“You heard her loud and clear; did its people want too much?” You say, taking a few steps away as you feel yourself floating away.
Taking a sip whenever you’re not singing, swaying or spinning, you can feel his eyes on your form moving.
It’s impressive how quick you’ve gone from converting to… whatever state the two of you are tangled in but it feels nice, you decide, and the sounds are welcome. You think, ‘What better way to dance your heart out to a song about loneliness than this very moment you’re wrapped in?’
The second verse begins and you go back and forth, back and forth and back and forth again. Throwing your head behind and drink what remains in your glass, you twirl your arms in the air and turn once.
Place the glass on the table and pull him by the wrist.
Back and forth and back and forth again, repeat and spin and soon he joins in following your cue, moving along to the sound and the melody and the air surrounding. Holding your hand above your head and making room for another spin for you, catching by the end and it feels natural somehow. Like you’ve danced many dances before, not only to this song but to countless more.
Face to face again and it’s slowed down, with limited movements, small and calculated, more swaying and the best rises, so does your energy, in sync and the sky pink.
Winter evenings, you recall, are the best when they’re painted in pastel shades of lavender and pink, soft and oozing, comforting and carrying a piece of spring. Snow begins again a little shy, as the song reaches an end and begins to fade away.
Your hand in Dazai’s, you’re not sure when that happened, and he leans in for a kiss, as a lonely snow flake rests against your window sill, beginning to melt as soon as it touched the surface that seems to carry the warmth of his lips.
“What was that for?” You ask, you think, you’re not quite certain if you’re spoken out loud or if you asked with your body.
“One good honest kiss.”
Dazai says as if it’s something so simple, in the open and easy to acquire, just like that, like a snapping of fingers.
The rest of the song echoes in your head after his words as the two of you lean into one another.
You suppose it is something so simple, in a pink night like tonight.
Tumblr media
Tags: @atsumusdomain @celosiiaa @ywanfen
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