#And my cousin goes “what was that why did he throw his coat away”
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where do we go from here;
pairing suna x f!reader word count/genre 1.2k, fluff synopsis you and suna have a fight, and he comes to a realisation. notes; my blog has but turned into a suna shrine :’) i promise i’ll try to write proper fics... soon hehe reblogs always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
“god, i can’t believe you did that!”
even with your back turned to him you can tell he’s not taking your yelling well. it’s easy enough for you to picture the scowl on his face.
“well excuse me for saving you from another night of overtime,” suna raises his voice along with you, clearly unhappy with the way you took it.
you can’t lie to yourself; you can see why he’d want to stop you from working even more tonight. you’d been up since 6am, and you barely finished work at 8pm, dragging your dinner date with suna later by 2 hours all thanks to some minor screwup (which wasn’t even your fault!) and you had both sat down for ten mere minutes before your boss called with something urgent.
yeah, you admit—if situations were reversed, you would be worried too. he had been there to witness you wake up at the crack of dawn everyday, leaving before the sun is even up. sometimes suna couldn’t even stay awake to wait up for you, with how late you came back most nights.
but still, he didn’t have to grab your phone halfway while you were speaking with your boss. you still remember how rude he had been with his reply, a “she’s currently out with her boyfriend, so we’d appreciate it if you stopped calling after hours.”
(sure, you had called your boss not a minute after to alleviate the damage but he just told you to get a good night. you couldn’t even tell if he was angry by his monotonous tone.)
you turn around, flinging your coat onto your couch, fingers prodding at your temples. “you can’t just say that to my boss!”
suna’s scowl deepens and his eyes narrow—if you weren’t angry yourself you’d probably be scared of this expression of his. “and why the fuck not?”
both of you are aware nothing will get out of spitting words in anger, yet neither of you can stop. it’s just tumbling out of you.
it’s the busiest period for your company, as if you weren’t already stressed with everything else in your life. what with your cousin getting married and your parents bugging you about your own love life, pressuring you to get married and have babies and all that. (this is exactly why you haven’t brought suna to meet them yet, who knows what kind of questions they’ll throw at him if you do?)
“why the hell do you have to care so much anyway?” you’re flinging your hands, exasperated with his lack of remorse.
suna scoffs, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, “oh, i don’t know,” his green eyes looking straight into yours, “maybe because i actually love you?”
in just a second, your anger completely dissipates, thrown into the back of your head. words do not get to you easily, really, they don’t. but this is the first time in a year since you’ve been dating that he’s ever said those words to you.
it takes only an instant for you to realise it; how he tries his utmost best to stay up every night to keep you company while you work, even if you are miles away in another building, or how he sometimes gets lunch delivered to your office, asking the delivery guy to pass you a simple message: eat. sometimes he even wakes up with you in the morning to see you off, even if he does pretend that he’s up to watch a show. (what kind of show would he even want to watch at 5am?)
suna realises the weight of his own words and his eyes widen. he didn’t plan on saying it, but he wouldn’t lie about it either. it probably wasn’t the best time to confess to the fact, but it felt good to tell you that, like a weight lifting off his chest. he doesn’t regret it one bit.
his mind snaps back into the foreground when he hears a giggle escape your lips. your whole face has lit up in a split second as though he had flipped a switch in you. your grin goes from ear to ear, your eyes are formed into cute little crescents at your glee, and you’re suspiciously walking (practically skipping) towards him.
“say that again?”
“no,” suna deadpans. (maybe he regrets it a little. just a teeny tiny bit.)
“pleeeease,” you whine, wrapping your arms around him, pouting when suna refuses to hug you back nor look at you.
“your brat,” you correct him, and he sighs looking at the human currently clinging onto him like a koala bear to a tree branch.
“shut up before i kick you out,” suna says, starting to move into the bedroom, nonplussed that you are letting yourself get dragged as you latch onto him instead of walking on your own.
“you won’t.”
“how are you so sure?” he gets to the bed and you finally let go of him, allowing him to lie down. his comfort doesn’t last for long because you slump down on top of him (and you revel inwardly at the fact that he lets you).
“because you love me,” you coo, snuggling him deeper into the mattress.
suna groans, knowing you won’t let that go for a while. (joke’s on him, you won’t let that go ever.) “whatever,” is his sign of defeat, and his arms that snake around you are an admittance of his earlier words.
he does love you, he always has, and he’s pretty sure he always will. maybe he’s not the most expressive boyfriend in the world, yet you think he sort of is. it’s the little things with suna, and perhaps some people can’t see it, but you can.
all of a sudden you feel sorry; how long had he been worried and you had failed to see that?
“mhm?” he’s already stroking your hair, his breath hot and his body warm, his scent enveloping you.
you missed this—falling asleep with him, being able to actually enjoy one night without letting thoughts of your work consume you. “i’m sorry,” you apologise.
he smiles softly, “i’m sorry too,” he says, planting a kiss on your head. after a brief pause, he speaks up again, “need me to apologise to your boss for you?” (yeah, suna figures maybe he shouldn’t have been so hot-headed earlier.)
you shake your head, “it’s fine, i’ll handle it tomorrow, you’re more important to me, rin.” (translation: you want to spend more time with him. luckily for you, suna is adept in your language.) and although you’re half asleep, he knows you mean them.
“dumbass,” he mutters.
“your dumbass,” you correct again, your voice a near whisper as you drift off to sleep.
you don’t get to see suna’s smile widen as you do. because you’re right—you’re his, and he plans to keep making you his. every second of every day. because even though you may not know it, he is very much in love with you, and he’ll make sure to take care of you.
for his whole life if he has the privilege to.
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Your 5+1 s are so fun to read. I wish you would write a 5 ways they apologized to each other without saying "I am sorry" + 1 time each of them actually say it
oh i was hoping someone would ask for this! i've been doing a lot of post-canon for these, so this time i'm taking us back in time for the first five 🥺 tw for discussion of canon events in 4x09/5x02! the ficlets take place after they occur, but they will be referenced. some toxic masculinity in the first one, a lil light drug use in the second, surprise smut in the fifth one (it took even me by surprise!), and mentions of their physical fights in the fifth and sixth ones.
mickey's only gone for five fucking minutes but it all goes to shit while he's out back smoking. he steps over the mangled carcasses of what used to be tomatoes as he walks back into the store.
ian sits motionless behind the counter, a beer in front of him, glaring at the floor. the floor that's coated in the grisly remains of a watermelon brutally attacked. it's already sticky as mickey moves to stand in front of ian.
it doesn't take much to know that lip was here. goddamn gallagher nonsense.
"the fuck is this?" mickey snaps, even though he already knows. ian had filled him in on the salutes in the living room, the application mix-up, the fight. the stony silence between brothers.
ian gallagher may be a dramatic ginger dumbass, but he comes by it honestly. and this fruit massacre has lip written all over it.
ian doesn't answer him - just juts his chin out sharply, seething anger rolling off him in waves. his fists, white and shaking, rest tightly clenched in front of him.
and yeah, okay, mickey can see why this pissed lip off so much. to stand in front of ian, to be close enough to touch, and to get none of his attention: it's infuriating. his own fingers itch to throw something.
lip couldn't get a reaction out of ian; mickey thinks maybe he can. he's always been able to goad ian into action. usually it ends in ian bending him over the nearest surface, and mickey wouldn't say no to that right now.
maybe it's what ian needs to calm the fuck down.
"yo, cadet asshole, were you plannin' on cleaning any of this shit up? or were you just sittin' pretty waiting on me to do it?"
ian doesn't say anything.
"this ain't even my job, man, i'm just security. so why don't you run along and get a fucking mop, huh?"
ian doesn't say anything.
"jesus christ, man," mickey spits, kicking at a piece of watermelon. "why don't you just man up and punch him? you really gonna let him walk all over you like this? how you ever gonna make it in the army acting like such a bitch?"
ian doesn't say anything.
and when mickey looks back up at him, he thinks maybe this was the wrong way to go. rather than spurring him into action, mickey seems to have just knocked the wind from ian's sails.
his shoulders sag and he slumps, spineless, with his hands now braced against the countertop. he worries his lip between his teeth and his eyes, just moments before steely and laser-focused, drift aimlessly around the store.
in some other universe, mickey walks around the counter and rubs comforting hands down ian's arms. leans forward and places a kiss to his hair. "i'm sorry," he says, "let me help you."
but mickey is here and he's now. so he heads back to the cooler and grabs a fresh, cold beer. he pops it open and pushes it across the counter to ian.
then he grabs the mop and gets to work.
it's chaos as soon as they burst through the front door.
mickey is shouting and pounding his fists and his ass is bleeding all over the kitchen. there are kids crawling over every surface of the living room. fiona stands in the back doorway, spluttering and covered in dirt, and suddenly debbie’s there, apparently having just drowned some preteen slut.
and then - it’s quiet.
mickey’s carted off and the kids clear out. it’s just the gallaghers, following brittany from dfs around the house and making frantic excuses for the way they live. it doesn’t work, and brittany informs them that she’ll be back to pick them up in the morning.
ian lies in bed that night, his backpack already stuffed with random clothes and some meager possessions, and wonders how far he’d get if he just made a run for it. if he skipped out on dfs and found a place of his own.
and if he knocked on mickey’s window, would he climb down and come with him?
ian smiles in the dark. his lips still burn from their kiss, even after he washed mickey's blood from his face. ian brings a finger to lightly trace his own lips, thinking about mickey and his good heart.
mickey kissed him today, in broad daylight and with his cousins just steps away. mickey stole into ned’s house because ian brought him there, leaving with a bullet in his ass for the trouble.
ian grabs his phone and types out a text: you alone?
when the reply comes in, ian pads quietly down the stairs and slips out the back door. the way to the milkovich house is easy, even in the dark.
mickey is stretched out in bed when ian creeps through the front door, ass up. ian whistles at the sight of him and mickey immediately flips him off.
"the fuck you doin' here?"
ian shrugs, moves further into the room. "just came by to check on your ass."
he chuckles when mickey flips him off again, then drags a chair closer to mickey's bed and sits down, looks at him.
"well it's fuckin' wrecked, thanks to you, and not even in the way i like."
ian nods, grimaces. "you on any good shit for it?"
"my cousins left me a couple'a pills," mickey replies, gritting his teeth as he leans up to rest on his forearms. "they've worn off by now.
"hurtin' pretty bad then?"
"no, feels great man." a beat. "what happened with that lady?"
"mmm," ian hums, "she'll be back in the morning to remove us from our troubled environment."
they're quiet for a moment. mickey picks at his comforter, ian studies the posters on the wall. there's not much to say and ian doesn't want to talk about it anyways. he wants to talk about the kiss; he wants to talk about what mickey did for him today.
and how he's in pain because of it, home alone with no one to help him.
ian digs in his pocket for the joint he stole from lip, waves it in front of mickey's face. mickey grins, toothy and wide.
"oh yeah? whatcha been hidin' that for?"
ian just shrugs again, lighting it up and inhaling deep and long. he's instantly warm, instantly loose, and he smiles lazily as he passes it over to mickey.
mickey takes a few pulls, and ian watches his body settle. he brings his head back to rest against his pillow, turned on its side so he can look at ian.
"better?" ian asks, and mickey just hums in contentment.
they pass the joint back and forth between them until it's late and ian knows he has to get back home. to rejoin his siblings for their big ordeal. mickey's eyes have drifted shut, but he's still smiling.
before he goes, ian hunts through the milkovich kitchen for a relatively clean glass. he fills it with water, grabs a box of crackers from the counter. he places them both on mickey's rickety bedside table, along with another pilfered joint.
he wants to reach out, touch mickey's hair. run his hand down his spine, soothing his aches. instead, he just watches mickey breathe for a moment.
"see ya at work, mick," he murmurs from the doorway. mickey mumbles something unintelligible; ian brings a hand to his lips as he flips off the light.
mickey counts his cash in the elevator. about a thousand, enough to keep svetlana off his back for a while. he pockets a few bills for ian, for his help.
as the elevator climbs, he thinks about what just happened.
ian had seemed unsettlingly comfortable with mickey's plan to get some quick cash. as he sat in the closet watching, always watching, mickey heard the practiced ease with which ian spoke. whatever you're into, he'd said. resigned, almost amused when that man put his hands on him, crashing into him.
mickey would keep him safe. mickey would always keep him safe now that he had him close again. but who kept him safe before now?
ian is always moving these days. he was always moving before, of course, but he always moved with purpose then. he moved because he had somewhere to be. now ian moves just to do it.
he's everywhere, all the time.
tonight, ian's sitting on the plush hotel bed when mickey pushes through the door. and he's still fucking moving. his fingers tap along the bedspread, his feet twitch against the carpet. his body trembles with something; he wriggles his shoulders as he stares down at his lap.
then he looks up at mickey and suddenly he's still.
ian's eyes are wide, and so aware as he stares at mickey. they're begging him, pleading with him to act, but mickey doesn't know what ian needs right now. he's not sure ian would know, either.
mickey steps closer, reaches out a hand to touch him. to ground him maybe, to let ian know he's here, that he's listening. but ian jerks back before mickey can touch his skin.
and his eyes widen impossibly further. ian's shaking his head in apology then, his shoulders raised by his ears as if to say that he doesn't know what's happening, either.
he's afraid, mickey realizes.
and mickey can't stand it.
he looks wildly around the room for something that might help. the mini bar is likely stocked, but there's no way they can afford it and ian probably shouldn't have booze like this. he could turn the tv on, but the sound might make things worse.
then his eyes land on the bathroom, on the deep tub in the corner.
"hey," mickey softly, resisting every instinct to touch ian. "sit here for a sec, i'll be right back."
ian raises his head in alarm and mickey holds up a hand to calm the panic. "i'm just goin' in there for a minute. you sit tight."
he rubs his hands over his face when he's in the bathroom, then slaps his cheek lightly to keep focused. the water is too hot at first; mickey cools it slightly as it fills the tub.
ian hesitates when mickey leads him into the bathroom. he brings an arm across his bare chest, covering himself even from mickey's eyes.
mickey turns, faces the wall. "i won't look, man," he promises. "just get in, relax." and he sags with relief when he hears ian unbuckle his jeans and sink into the water.
he turns, just to check on him, and ian's looking at him. his knees are drawn to his chest, but his shoulders are relaxed. he pats the rim of the tub.
tomorrow ian will be moving again. he'll dart around the gallagher house with ideas and plans. he'll run for miles in the cold and still shake with restlessness. he'll bring a fucking knife to man's throat.
and they won't talk about this. not for a long time.
but for tonight, he's still. ian lets mickey cup warm water in his hands and drop it down his back, over his head. he lets mickey rub soap over his skin, washing away the scent of another man.
he kisses mickey with wet lips.
after everyone's gone, after the photos are posted and the pastor's rushed out the door, ian starts to think that maybe he did something wrong.
no, he didn't do anything wrong.
that homophobic prick deserves everything he got, and his fellow soldiers deserve the dignity ian's fought for. he was right, he knows it.
but mickey and mandy don't look happy. they look tense, talking quietly in the kitchen. mandy rubs at her arm as she speaks; mickey's hair is wild from his hands running through it.
every now and then they'll turn to look at him, eyes wide and cautious.
and even though ian knows he did a good thing, did the right thing, he feels a little sad right now. they did such a good thing today, such a clever thing, but now mickey and mandy just look stressed.
he smiles at mandy when she passes him on her way to bed. she smiles back at him, softly, sadly. ian's confused for just a moment before mickey comes to stand in front of him - and then all of his senses are consumed.
mickey reaches out a hand, pulling ian from the sofa. "please tell me you're good to go to bed now," mickey mumbles into his neck.
"'course i'm good," ian tells him. "let's go."
and ian is good. he's good and he wants to make mickey feel so good. when they crawl into bed, ian's on him in an instant, pressing wet kisses against his neck. he runs a hand down mickey's body, over his chest and belly, down between his legs -
where he's completely soft.
ian pulls back to look at him, and mickey doesn't meet his eye. he stares up at the ceiling, chewing his bottom lip between his teeth.
"you don't want...?"
"ian," mickey sighs, "it's just been a helluva day, man." he finally brings his eyes to lock with ian's. "not really in the mood."
and - oh.
ian stressed him out today.
ian fidgets quietly for a moment, embarrassed. he made mickey feel bad today, when they were supposed to be doing something good.
he still wants mickey to feel good.
so he pulls mickey closer, hooking his arm beneath him. mickey goes easily, settling against ian's chest. ian sinks his fingers into mickey's hair, scratching lightly at his scalp.
mickey hums in surprised delight, pressing closer to ian's body. ian feels him loosen as he scratches a little harder, moving his hands down to his neck and shoulders.
ian kisses mickey's head, his hair just illuminated by the moonlight outside. his breaths grow even as they lie in the dark. ian settles down against his own pillow. he won't sleep tonight, but he'll watch mickey rest.
and tomorrow will be a nicer day.
there's not much of a celebration after the engagement is announced, the entire gallagher clan too bogged down by lip's milwaukee news.
they all sit in the living room for a while, toasting quietly with beers and drifting off with their own thoughts.
mickey watches ian fiddle with his beer bottle, not really taking any sips. and, god dammit, fuck lip and his bombshell news. they're getting married, finally; they should be cheering right now, not sitting around the living room like they're at a fucking wake.
when the others get up for second beers and snacks, mickey twists to catch ian's eye. he nods his head towards the stairwell - it's time to go up. ian shrugs in agreement and mickey helps him hobble up the stairs.
they undress quietly and climb into bed. mickey is flooded with disappointment again. this should be the moment for rigorous and athletic celebratory sex, and instead he's lying next to his sullen fiancé with a bum leg.
ian struggles to get comfortable. he wriggles around in bed, pausing every few moments to reach unsuccessfully for his broken leg. a stunted sound escapes his throat - like he wanted to groan in pain but swallowed it.
it's been a few days now. mickey's hurt and anger has settled beneath his skin, and ian's proposal tonight is a soothing salve. they fucked up at the courthouse. they didn't talk; they didn't listen.
and now ian's lying here, on the night of their actual engagement, trying not to let mickey know he's in pain.
"you hurtin'?" mickey asks at last.
"m'alright," ian answers softly. mickey just raises an eyebrow and ian says again, "mickey, i'm alright."
mickey props himself up on his elbow, looking down at ian's pinched face. this won't do. they should be close tonight.
mickey leans over and kisses ian's cheeks, his forehead, his jaw, his mouth. ian responds immediately, bringing his hands to cup mickey's face. he drags his nails down his neck and across his shoulders; mickey's skin is alight with pleasure.
mickey works his way down ian's body, kissing and nibbling and he goes. then, carefully, so gently, he moves ian's castless leg so there's room to settle between them.
"you good?" mickey asks, ready to stop if it's too much.
"good," ian breathes, watching mickey through heavy, hooded eyes.
mickey runs his tongue along the waistband of ian's boxers. he brings his lips to mouth along the line of his cock under the fabric. ian stirs, rocking his hips a bit.
"hey," mickey warns, lips still pressed against him, "you stay still."
"you can't do that and expect me not to move, mickey," ian laughs.
mickey reaches up to hold ian's hips in place. "don't move," he warns. "we're not fuckin' up this leg anymore."
ian's grin slips a little and he nods, swallowing thickly.
mickey returns his attention to ian's cock. he slides his boxers down, and kisses every inch of exposed skin. mickey's mouth is everywhere: around his hips, his belly, his thighs, and then - he licks up ian's length and feels ian jerk against him.
a rush of pure want runs through him. mickey loves this part, when ian's gasping above him, panting as he waits for it - for the heat, for the wet warmth of mickey's mouth.
and he loves giving it to him.
he takes ian in, feeling the stretch at his lips as he slides down. he moves slowly, deliberately, flicking his tongue as he goes.
"oh," ian breathes, "love you."
mickey hums and ian jerks again. he starts a steady, pulsing rhythm, sinking down and rising up, swirling his tongue at the tip.
"fuck," ian moans. "fuck, i can't wait to marry that mouth."
and mickey's got his hands on himself in an instant. he bobs mercilessly on ian's cock, keeping in time with his hard, rapid pulls on his own.
they come with gasping breaths, and ian reaches for mickey before he's even swallowed. he kisses mickey's face, his neck, his hair. "i love you," he laughs, "i love you."
mickey kisses at the fading bruise beneath ian's eye. tries not to hate himself for it. "love you," he promises. "i love, you too."
it's a quiet evening at home. no gallaghers are having any emergencies, no one's tried to rob them lately, and they've got plenty of cash to order takeout for dinner.
so, naturally, something has to go wrong.
ian's flipping through channels when mickey decides it's time to eat. his phone is charging in the bedroom and he could go get it, but ian's legs are draped across his lap, and he doesn't really want to. he nabs ian's from the coffee table.
"can i borrow this?" he asks, already punching in the passcode.
"'course," ian chirps. then, a breath. "wait, mick - "
but mickey's already unlocked the phone, and now stares disbelievingly at the webpage ian left up. "how criminal charges can affect your right to adopt a child," he reads flatly.
ian's face is twisted in guilt when mickey looks back at him.
"thought we agreed to let this go for a while," mickey accuses. "you gonna pick up a kid without tellin' me?"
"jesus, mickey, no," ian sighs. "i was just lookin' at it."
"why, though?" mickey demands, pushing ian's legs off and standing. "why, after we agreed to shelve this, are you readin' shit like this?"
ian stands and grabs his phone back.
"because i can't just let it go," ian shouts. he tosses his phone on the couch and grabs mickey by the shoulders. "look," he says, softer, quieter. "i'm sorry you were surprised with that. sorry i didn't close the page. but, mick - i wasn't gonna say anything."
mickey breathes out harshly. his defenses soften, and he gestures for ian to continue.
"i'm not gonna pester you. but this is something i wanna prepare for. it's something i want to think about. that way, when you're ready, we're ready."
a series of images speeds through mickey's mind then. ian, face down in the bloody gravel at mickey's feet. himself, split lipped and terrified, rolling around with ian in the grass at the baseball diamond. ian again, clutching his leg at the bottom of the courthouse steps.
the two of them, a tangle of limbs on the alibi floor.
not once did they apologize. not once did they tend to each other's wounded bodies or hearts. they just wiped the blood away and moved on.
and they did fine. they healed. they came back together, scars and all.
but this is a different way to go. this thing they've been learning, this push and pull called marriage. mickey doesn't want to go to bed angry tonight. and he doesn't want ian to feel like he can't think about their future. not when they finally have one.
he brings his hands to grasp at ian's wrists.
"m'sorry for freaking out," mickey tells him. keeps his voice steady, his eyes steady. "sorry for snappin' like that. you can read whatever you want - you should."
ian dips down to kiss him then, and it feels like they've done something tonight. avoided something that could have otherwise unraveled them for days.
and mickey feels like maybe, someday, they'll be ready for the next big thing.
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vantepsych · 2 years
Tumblr media
look at me…
ch.2 / pt.2 | under pressure
character appearances link
ch.1 link
ch.2 1/2 link
pairing : fuckboy!jimin x shy!reader, artstudent!taehyung x shy!reader
rating : 18+
genre : friends to lovers, slow burn, smut, fluff, angst, university au, art major taehyung, psychology major jimin, health sciences major y/n
story summary : the university duo, park jimin and kim taehyung, both fall for you simultaneously after taking you under their wing three years ago. one male’s confident, the other… not so much. things take a turn for the worse when jimin makes his move behind taehyung’s back.
chapter warnings : explicit sexual scenes, oral (m. receiving,) vaginal fingering, hand job, dirty talk, dom!jimin, praise kink, protected sex, whiny jimin moans, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, eye contact kink, mirror kink, just lots of cum play and an insane amount of teasing (overall, jimin’s a kinky little shit)
chapter songs : own it-drake, freak-doja cat, lost in the fire (slowed)-the weeknd, slumber party (slowed)-ashnikko, u.-niteboy
chapter notes : this is a part two to chapter two since i went a little overboard on the sex scene 😶 you’re welcome…?
Tumblr media
You want to say something, but you’re still dazed from your high and your brain is not able to formulate coherent sentences.
“How about your pretty lips do something other than spitting bratty nonsense?”
You cock your brow, drawing out a “hmm” as if contemplating his obvious demand, and turn your head to look at him and not only through the mirror. Jimin doesn’t stare into your eyes but instead into your mouth. He is probably feeling awfully horny. You can’t blame him, throughout the whole time of him edging you, you felt his boner throbbing against your lower back.
“Aw, stop pretending. I know you probably suck cock like a slut.” His thumb skims over your bottom lip.
You tilt your head. “Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult, Jimin…”
“Get on your knees and we’ll find out.”
Before you do so, you pucker your lips to steal a kiss from him. He gladly gives in to your invitation and kisses you back. Then you slide down on the bed and turn to face him. He’s already pulling down his ripped jeans and his all too familiar Calvin Klein boxers you’ve seen one too many damn times when he “accidentally” walks through the shared house half-naked. He kicks them off and impatiently tosses them off to the floor. Once everything’s off, he’s immediately grabbing his shaft and stroking it.
“Come here. Spit on it.” He says, pulling you in by your arm.
You align your mouth over his cock, a trail of salvia leaves your mouth and lands right on his throbbing head. He lets go of his grip and allows you to lubricate it thoroughly. Your small hand delicately wraps around his dick and strokes it.
You’re in awe at how painfully hard he is. You attach your lips to his veiny dick, planting open-mouthed kisses from the base of his cock to the tip.
His breathes are shallow, little curses falling from him as he intently watches you. Jimin combs your tousled hair, tucking a loose strand behind your ear.
When you seem to have lost yourself in languidly kissing and trialing your tongue over him he slaps your hand away and grabs his cock again.
“Stop teasing.” He exhorts.
“Don’t you like it when I give you a taste of your own medicine?”
“Give me that bratty attitude again and instead of fucking you I’ll repeat what I did earlier.”
“Fine by me.”
He scoffs. “Cute of you to think that.” That malicious shimmer in his eyes indicates that he actually thinks that you’re being pathetic with your confident attitude. And maybe he’s successful at intimidating you with that. You don’t know what’s he’s capable of pulling off the next time you’re a brat.
He taps his tip on your cheek, smearing it all the way to your mouth and gliding it over your lips.
You grab the base of his cock, wrapping your mouth around him and taking him as far as you can on your first try. Jimin inhales sharply, a deep grunt slipping from him as your warm mouth envelopes around him.
"Shit, y/n." He's fully focused on you know, horny eyes watching you as you hollow your cheeks and start bobbing your head. “You feel so good.” Your hand works on the parts that you can't reach simultaneously. He runs a hand through your hair, nails scratching your scalp and tugging on your strands. He coaxes a few small moans from you through that action, which only leads to another curse falling from him as your moans vibrate against his cock.
Jimin's hand puts pressure on your head, giving you no other chance but having to take him further. His other hand grabs the one that is working at the parts that you still don't reach.
"Hands behind your back," he firmly says. You immediately do as your told, earning you a whiny, "good girl," from Jimin.
He cups your cheek, thumb brushing over your skin. You look up at a time while you move your head, eyes a bit teary at how far you're taking him by now.
Adoration sparks within him, causing his breath to hitch in his throat.
Since when is sucking dick cute? What's gotten into him?
"You look so cute." Jimin closes his eyes for a brief second before continuing, "I'll never forget this image."
His hand wanders down to your tits, pinching your nipple. A whimper escapes from you and a lazy smirk tugs on his lips. Your movements are fast now, the slick sounds of you working on his cock echoing through the room.
He can't keep his eyes off you. He thinks he'd never seen something that turned him on like this. He's truly mesmerized by your full lips wrapped around him and sucking him in such a sweet way.
Your eyes innocently look up at him, tears simultaneously falling from each eye. A light blush scattered across your cheeks. His very hands tangled in your hair, holding it out of your face tenderly.
He gulps to himself as you raise your eyebrows, giving him a shy and confuses expression after you notice him staring too fondly at you.
He thinks to himself, 'fuck, am I falling for her?'
"I was right, you suck cock so fucking well," Jimin says in a low moan as you swirl your tongue around him. "Can I take a picture of you like this?"
You're baffled for a second and quickly stop your work to shake your head before going on with sucking him off.
"No? Really?" His lips are twisted into a little pout, but you were not going to let him win you over like that. "I'll let you keep that weird photo you took of me earlier today?" he tries to allure you. When you don't seem to react he goes on. "I'd jerk off to this photo so many times." And it really sounds sincere, like he would actually do it, but still, you wouldn't relent.
With a plop, his dick slips from your mouth. "Just watch porn and you'll be fine." It's almost like you are reassuring him, which is pretty funny considering how he acted before but you don't say more, only taking his cock back into your mouth.
His back falls onto the mattress roughly, looking like he is throwing a tantrum. "Your lips hit different though," he sighs, and before he gives you the chance to say something, he is bucking his hips upward, his hand reaching up to your head and pushing you down on his cock. You instantly choke, eyes filled with tears as his dick reaches the back of your throat. "Shit, y/n." He continues fucking his cock into your mouth, using you just like he pleases. Jimin's eyes are closed, he is enjoying using your throat to the brim and never felt like this before. “Fuck yeah…”
He sits up again, stopping his ferocious thrusts, and pulls your head away from his cock. You take a deep breath. A few tears slid down your cheeks and saliva is coating your chin. You look like a hot mess once you begin coughing.
"Just look at you," he says, his hand reaching for your face so his fingers can squish your cheeks together. "Can suck cock like a slut but can't take it properly when I fuck your mouth."
"It's because you're literally fucking my mouth," you state, voice a bit muffled by his digits squishing you.
"Should I teach you how to work with it? Thought you've slept around?" His condescending tone turns you on. You really have some problems if you find him degrading you that hot.
Your hand works on his cock again. You're always in for some blowjob lessons, but he stops you. "Not today. I wanna fuck you now." You bite your lip.
How can you still be so excited even though he literally wrecked you a few minutes ago?
"Get on all fours," Jimin instructs. He lets go of you, but not before he gives your cheek a quick pinch and walks towards his bedside.
You get up and sit down on the bed. "What are you searching for?" You ask, adjusting your appearance briefly.
"Condom." He plainly says, focusing all his attention on impatiently digging through his nightstand.
After grunting and groaning for a good few minutes about his inability to keep track of his important items, he finally digs into his wallet for his spare one.
"I see why you always keep one in there." You chuckle, "Remember that time you went to pull out your ID when picking up your cousin and it quite literally fell in front of him and the superintendent?"
"Yes, that memory haunts me every night." He winces, laughing over his clumsiness. "They didn't even let me pick up the damn kid. They called his guardian and told me to leave the premises." He sighs, shaking his head.
He climbed back onto the bed, winking at you overconfidently while shaking the condom around. "You ready?"
"Of course." You smirk, getting in position.
"What are you waiting for? Bend over." If you haven't been that eager to feel him inside you, you would have screwed with him, but at this point, all you can think of is his cock pounding into you.
You bend over, hands holding you up and back arched. Jimin is right behind you on his knees. You watch as his sexually frustrated body squirms in anticipation. He licks his lips impatiently and takes in your body. "Can't wait to feel my cock, hm?" It's like he already knew that you were staring at him. He tilts his head to the side to meet your eyes, waiting for a response.
You nod.
"Then say it. Tell me how bad you want my cock." You nearly whine in frustration. You turn your head away from him and sigh loudly. Jimin tugs at your hair. "Ah, don't look away now." Reluctantly, you still stare at the messy bed in front of you. "Look at me and beg for my cock, brat."
Staring into his warm, but unwavering eyes you speak up, "Jimin, please. You teased me so much already, I can't take any more. Just fuck me now. I need your cock inside me, please." His eyes are briefly closed. He can't get enough of you begging for him. He feels powerful and loves the way your voice sounds so small and meek. He runs one hand down your spine, leaving your body in chills.
"Good girl." He briefly ducks down and places small kisses over your back. You suppress a smile that risked tugging on your lips as a result of his praise.
You didn't know that you are so into getting praised—blame your brat inside you for that—but every form of praise he shows you makes your heart skip a beat.
He grabs his cock and glides it over your folds. After gathering your arousal on your entrance he nudges it with his tip, slowly entering you.
"Shit," you mumble, feeling his cock vanish inside you.
"You're so tight." He moans. His cock is completely buried inside you. Jimin gives you a few seconds to get used to his size. Your walls are snuggly wrapped around him and he swears he never felt a pussy like yours before.
"You can move." You whimper. He places his hands on your hips. He leisurely bottoms out, but forcefully pounds back in, his balls slapping against your body.
You moan in unison. "You feel so good," He whispers, spanking your ass. He wants to go slow, wants to give you more time to get used to him, but now that he started he can't stop anymore. He quickly finds his rhythm, quick and hard snaps of his hips granting you both the pleasure that you need.
He quickly gathered his speed, didn't need a long time to develop rapid movements. "Jimin," you moan loudly.
"Again," he breathes. "Moan my name like that again." Sharp thrusts of his hips make you moan his name again and again and again. Despite all the annoyance you have reserved for this flirty boy, you can't lie and say that he is not one of the best people in bed.
His hand sneaks under your body and cups your boob that's swaying with every jolt of his cock. Jimin leans over you now, his face close to yours as he whines next to your ear. You watch how his hand reaches down from your breast and then feel his finger toying with your clit. Your breathing instantly trembles.
You grab his wrist that's between your legs. "Jimin, it's super sensitive," you whisper in between sobs.
"Little clit is sensitive because of me? Aw, what a pity," he coos, still not indicating to withdraw his finger. "What a pity for you, because I won't stop till you gonna cum, baby."
Asshole, you think. But your walls that flutter around him betray you.
"Come on, baby. You already did so much for me today, you can cum again for me, can't you?" The way he is saying it makes you desperately want to cum again just so you can hear him praising you afterward.
"Go harder," you urge him. Jimin immediately complies and sets for harder thrusts. His cock is angled perfectly, hitting the right spots and reaching deep inside you. “Just like that," you cry, arms slowly giving in and soon you're resting your face against the sheets. You don't know how he is still keeping up, but your limbs start feeling numb and tired.
"You like the feeling of me inside of you?"
"Yeah? Such a slut... For me, right?"
You nod, not able to utter any words. It's insane how fast Jimin is able to get you close to cumming again, but you're not complaining. "Fuck, you are close, aren't you? You just clenched around my cock so harshly." He spanks your ass again, grabbing your flesh after and squeezing it tightly. "Cum all over my cock, baby. Want you to cream all over me." And with that you're cumming on his cock, drenching him in your arousal and walls clenching even harder around him. "That's it. That's my good girl," he murmurs, pressing kisses on your shoulder. "You alright?" You shift your gaze from the bed beneath you to his face, watching his dark eyes flutter.
"I'm good," you reply.
"Perfect." He places one last kiss near your neck before he sits back on his heels.
"Then turn around for me." His cock slips from you as you lay on your back and spread your legs for him.
Jimin puts his cock back into your pussy, arms framing your head and leaning close to your body as he starts bucking his hips into you again. Your pussy feels so used and sensitive that your walls can't stop clenching around him. He has to inhale sharply.
"You're so pretty. So cute. You feel too good." He whines, leaning down to peck your nose.
You don't stop fluttering against his cock as his dick is practically bruising you. You're so dazed with all the buzzing feelings that Jimin coaxed out of you that you don't notice the way his cock is twitching inside you. He wants to last longer, wants to devour you so much more but he was unprepared for the effect that your pussy would have on him, so now he's fighting with every crumb of his living to pound into you a bit longer. He can't get enough of you, he's just too intoxicated with every ounce of your existence, and absolutely adores how you make him feel.
He starts sucking on your neck to get his mind off his nearing orgasm. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his body closer.
"Jimin," you whisper.
"Hm?" He is still occupied with creating little red marks on your skin.
"I want you to cum." He knows that you telling him to cum makes clear that you're tired and can't endure this any longer, but he wants you to cum one last time for him. So his thumb reaches for your little bud again, brushing his digit over it. You immediately squirm under him.
"J-Jimin. I can't take it," you sob. "I can't cum anymore. Please just cum." You lift your legs and wrap them around his small waist. "Just focus on yourself now and cum on me." You're not sure why he prolongs his climax for so long now, you’re at your limit now and can't take any other high anymore.
Your words cause him to lose the rhythm of his thrusts. "Cum on you?" Eyes big and searching for yours to confirm it.
"Yeah, cum on me."
"If you say so, princess."
You don't know why he is so excited about that so you roll your eyes. "Do it before I change my mind." He gives you a hard thrust for rolling your eyes at him that causes you to moan loudly. He is holding himself up again, his hair falling into his eyes as he watches how your tits jiggle with every jolt of his body and fully concentrates on himself this time. Your sweet moans and whines help him getting closer and one glance at your face makes him lose control.
His thrusts are sloppy, not coordinated, and all over the place. His grunts grow louder when you cry out his name, so weak and fragile. In response, he rips off the condom and squirts onto your stomach, face, and chest. He wasn't sure if you were clenching your walls on purpose to help him get off, but he didn't care at this point. All he knows was it was enough to break him.
His head falls into the crook of your neck as he gives a few more lurches forward in his hand, roughly jerking himself off and whining so loudly—you swear he's as loud as a girl in bed.
"Good girl. God, y/n, you're so sexy. Fuck. Fuck." He curses, digging his head into your neck as he comes down from his high.
Jimin's breathing is heavy and you see his dick twitching inside his grasp.
"Are you glad you took my offer?" He smirks, letting his dick go limp as he crawls on next to you, wiping the sweat off of your face with the blanket.
"Shut up." In a week attempt, you slap his biceps.
You are both a mess, sticky and sweaty and full of cum.
"This was amazing," He says, pecking your cheek. You hum in agreement.
After staring at you for a bit too long, he gets up to clean the both of you off.
And with that, you both get comfortable underneath the sheets, your backs to each other, keeping a safe distance, as you instantly drift off.
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So Far
We have had a lot going on in our lives. So We went up to Kamiah, Idaho just before Father's Day. We surprised my father in law with the visit. It was nice to see his reaction. :)
Well during our visit we helped friends move, which was no problem really, many hands make for light work. Tuesday we hung out with just dad and mom and we went sight seeing and fishing. Akasha and I didn't end up doing a lot of fishing, we spent our time fighting a drift wood tree.
We headed home on Wednesday. Which wasn't all bad, I got a phone call asking if I'd be interested in a job at a local grocery store, which was awesome. I interviewed Thursday morning. Great! Then we were about 45 minutes from home when we got the second phone call. It was Akasha's Grandma. Seems Grandma's sister and brother, my daughters Great aunt and uncle have COVID-19 and are in the hospital. Grandma might have to go in too. Auntie had to have surgery and she had to be brought back. Grandma hung up the phone.
My daughter told us what had happened and what it meant. It meant no Father's Day, it meant no possibility of good bye. and most important, it meant no closure. Thursday, I interview, I got the job. Thursday we got a call about Grandma going into the hospital. Friday rolls around and still no word. Saturday, my daughter goes to my sister's house. Her cousin is helping keep her mind off the crap that's 100% out of her control. Well, that evening I got a phone call that Auntie had to have a second surgery and she wasn't doing too well.
Sunday, we got the dreaded phone call. Auntie had passed away at 3 am. My daughter was pretty upset, honestly I would've been more worried if she hadn't reacted at all. We went to church and her bonus mom Debby called me. "Hey is there anyway Akasha could come over, I'm sure it would brighten her father's day?" Sure no problem. I know my ex well enough that when he shuts down and he goes inside himself it's dangerous. It's the same for his daughter. They have very explosive anger.
So my daughter stays until Tuesday evening. Wednesday she goes to Girls Camp. I go to work. My husband is left to do the running around. Taking girls to their activities and our Bug to gymnastics etc. Well I asked him to bring the girls to work so I could see them. He was running nearly an hour late. I was worried, but he finally showed up. He came in clearly physically upset. I asked him what's up? He answered with "Can you please take a break?" "Yeah of course, just as soon as my co-worker gets back from her break" "Okay thank you". Now ya'll my husband doesn't normally say thank you for something like a break... unless it's something super bad and super serious. So now I'm on high alert.
Well come to find out my mother in law has been back in here where we live for quite some time. And Wednesday just happened to be convenient enough for her to tell her son that his stepdad has three different cancers along with colon cancer. I'M AT WORK! I cannot deal with this right now. My life is falling apart because of what's going on with my ex in laws. I can't handle this too.
Now, I'm sitting here and I am trying desperately to figure out why and how families can be so heartless. My mother in law/that family, has done this to my husband EVERY SINGLE time someone from "THAT" side of the family has died. They tell him, "Hey so and so has only so long left" full well knowing that had they just picked up the phone sooner my husband could've had more time with whoever it was. Instead they leave him with the guilt of not spending enough time. They did it with his grandmother, his grandfather and now his stepdad. It pisses me off to no end.
How can you be so heartless? To tell someone "Hey, so and so is dying" and then not check on him? Not take the time out to see how it is effecting him? Do you think that that kind of news won't effect him? Do you think that he's just as heartless as you? My husband has spent the better part of 20 years in a love/hate relationship with this stepdad. I feel like that is the way it is with every stepparent relationship. It's a love/hate depending on mood or even time of day.
So to tell someone something like that and then just drop them like a hot potato is bullshit in my opinion. Makes me just irritated. To top it off they told my husband, "Don't tell your father or your brother" Don't tell the two people that will give you the support that you need. Don't tell the two people that can help you work through you're emotions. And make sure your wife doesn't tell a single soul either, because she has Facebook.
Yall, the last time I actually hung out on Facebook, ugh, it's been a minute. I have better things to do with my time. Anyway. I'm trying to process.
None the less, because it is me and my husband's relationship and we've been together going on 13 years, I have gotten to know my husband's patterns pretty well. He bottles his emotions up. He bottles em up because ain't nobody gonna help him work through them.
So we ended up fighting pretty bad yesterday (Friday). I always feel bad when he and I fight. I never want to hurt him. He never wants to hurt me. We are both still learning. We're learning effective communication. We're learning how to say certain things and we are also learning to how validate each other's feelings. We grew up in a time that our parents scheduled fights, made sure the kids weren't home so they could make up as loudly as they needed to later.
So we fought. Now, I don't care who it is, every single person who's been in a fight with me knows how physically draining it is. I say some pretty hard to swallow truths. I am not Willy Wonka, I don't sugar coat anything. When you are being stupid I will call you out on it. When I have had enough I will leave or I will simply smile and say, "Are you done yet?"
I don't fight fair either.
To watch my husband be in such pain that he would rather be cruel to me than to open up to me and simply state, "I am no okay, I'm hurt because people seem to think that this kind of thing doesn't effect me and it does very deeply." Men! *insert eyeroll* So, I called his brother, ya know, the one we're not supposed to tell. I called him and asked him to just be there for his little brother right now, because I have a different way of looking at this whole situation than they do and neither one of them likes it.
I am of the mind that hey, you get what you get and don't throw a fit. If you are a shit human being in life and you KNOW you are a shit human being and you don't try to change it, instead you use the slogan, "Eh, I'm too old to change my ways" screams you are a narcissist. That is totally unacceptable. For someone to sit there and tell another human being that they aren't allowed to grieve with someone who understands them is also unacceptable. To try to control someone's life the way they've tried controlling ours.
Look I am all for respecting someone's wishes, but when it comes to cutting someone off from the only support they have, how can you do that to someone? And for what? Because you have a grudge? Dude you're dying drop the bullshit mask and fucking die in peace. Let shit go!
I'm sorry I have rambled on enough. But there ya have it. A look at what's been going on in my life thus far. I just simply wish everyone a day. Have whatever day you think you deserve. I love you all.
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Freaks But Family
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5: This is not helping my mental state
You're back, where have you been, I've been waiting for ages! Oh, so this is my fault, how dare you? Just kidding, but seriously where have you been? I thought you didn't want to hear the story anymore. Now, where were we?
"What are we looking for?" Joseph asks Rose.
They are digging through the metal yard trying to find something Esme sent them to get. Maria and Cameron are on the other side of the yard looking for the same thing. The thing is, that they have no idea what it is they are looking for. Esme just told them to find the shiniest copper they could.
Rose shrugs, "Just very shiny copper. That's all we were told."
As they keep looking, they hear the sound of metal being crushed, and the ground starts to shake. When they look in the direction of the sound, only to see a ball of crushed metal hurtling towards them. Before it can hit them, Joseph gets in front of Rose and stops the metal. His knees buckle under the weight and he drops it in front of them.
"Who knew... that..." Joseph takes in deep breaths. "Five tons of crushed metal would be so heavy."
Rose stares at Joseph, "That was five tons?"
Joseph nods, "Can we just find out who threw that? I can tell you it wasn't Maria or Cameron, each of us give off this sort of wave of power when we use our abilities." Joseph runs down the hill of metal they are on and touches the plain ground with his hands. "We can sense each other using it, and that was not a wave of someone in my family."
"You want to go look at it? You want to see who we have to kill?" Rose wonders.
Joseph grins, "Hell yeah!"
They both take off running in the direction the metal came from. When they get to the spot, they see someone blasting fire at metal around them in anger. They're shouting and they look scared.
"Who's that?" Joseph asks, pointing at the person.
Rose squints, "I... I don't know. I can't see their face."
"It's Favion." Hands go over Joseph and Rose's mouths and they get pulled behind a large pile of metal.
When Rose and Joseph see who took them, they find Cameron and Maria.
Rose glares at Maria, "How do you know it's Favion?"
Maria taps her temple, "Mind reading remember."
Cameron taps on Maria's shoulder, "How did he even get those abilities, they're the same ones you have."
"I have an idea, just have to see if I'm right." Maria runs out from behind the piles and throws icicles at Favion.
Favion quickly turns around, holding his hands up, and stops the icicles. He stares at Maria and he slowly lets them drop.
Maria gives him a small smile, "You're scared, I know the feeling. So, from what I can tell, you don't have all the abilities I have."
"What the hell did you do to me?" More metal is thrown at Maria.
Maria dodges the metal, but it hits where Rose and the twins are hiding. Before the three of them can get crushed, the twins use their abilities to stop the metal. Maria helps the twins to move the metal and throw it aside.
"Are you guys hurt, nothing bad right?" Maria kneels in front of her cousins looking them over.
"We're fine, just the fact we were almost crushed." Cameron explains dusting himself off.
Maria looks at Rose, "Take them home, I'll deal with Favion."
Maria opens a portal behind them and pushes her family in. She closes the portal and faces Favion again.
"What the hell, I really want to know." Favion wraps his arms around himself tightly.
Maria shrugs, "I'll give you a tip, if you can't see what you want them to do, don't risk it."
Favion glares at Maria, "What do you mean by that? Can you please just teach me how to control them?" He begs.
Maria frowns, "I'm sorry, but I can't."
She opens one of her portals and jumps in, Favion tries to reach for her but she's gone.
Dr. Gomez glares at Favion with fury, "So you're telling me that there were no effects of the blood?"
Favion wraps his arms around himself, "Yeah, basically. I don't know what else you want me to say."
"So who were those other two with Madness and Thorn? Did you not get their names?" She interrogates.
"What, you think I can read minds?" Favion shouts her.
"Yes, you should be able to! How are you not able to?" Dr. Gomez argues.
Favion finally snaps, "That's it, I'm going home! I don't care of the city is burning to the ground because of those two, just don't call me!"
Favion shoves his way around Dr. Gomez and heads to the locker room. He snatches his bag before running out of headquarters. He heads back home, hands deep in his pockets, and head hanging low. He passes by people that are rushing to buy last minutes gifts for Christmas. He stops in front of a boarded up building, the one that Maria's family used to own.
"I wish they would just demolish this place." A voice beside him mumbles.
Favion jumps away from the voice, he turns only to see Maria standing there, hands in her puffy black jacket pockets, red beanie, but still wearing her signature knee high black Converse.
Favion sighs and puts a hand over his chest, "You scared me for a second there. What are you doing on this side of town?"
Maria just shrugs, "Came by to get something for Esme, it's in the old store in there."
"And how exactly are you going to get in there?" He wonders.
Maria smirks, she runs off to the back of the building, Favion behind her. When Maria see's the fire escape stuck, she kicks the side of the building. The stairs shake and come down, she quickly starts to climb up the fire escape to a window.
"Come on, I could use the help." Maria gives Favion her hand.
Favion takes her hand and climbs up the unstable stairs. Maria feels around the window, before knocking on it in the left top corner, and popping the glass out. She carefully moves the glass to the side and sneaks through the window. Favion goes in after her, looking around at the room, distant yet familiar.
"This was your room, the one you shared with the girls right?" He wonders.
"Still sharing a room with the girls, just a bit bigger." Maria gestures around the room.
She walks to the door and opens it, she steps out and goes down the hall. Favion follows and they both head downstairs, to where the store used to be. Shiny chandeliers still hanging from the ceiling, beautiful china still on display, vintage clothes still on the racks, books still on shelves, and the register open.
"Still the same place it used to be." Maria sighs as she looks around with a smile. "Look around for Esme's initials, EAG."
They both split up and look around the store, both careful not to mess with the valuable stuff. They both pick and move somethings around, checking them for the initials.
"Hey, I found it, this side of the bookshelf." Favion points to a bookshelf in the far corner in the front of the store.
She looks at the book shelf, looks it up and down before moving it to the side. When there is enough space for her to fit, she heads behind the shelf and Favion hears some banging and shuffling.
"Whatcha doin back there?" Favion asks.
"Give me a minute!" Maria shouts in frustration.
She pops out from behind the shelf after one large crash, a large thick book in hands. But Favion wonders if it can really be called a book, it just looks like a bunch of pages between two cloth covered pieces of cardboard.
"What is this for?" Favion gestures to the book.
Maria looks down at the book, "Nothing you need to worry about."
Maria pushes the shelf back into place and heads back to the stairs. She lets Favion go out the window first before going out herself. She locks the window glass back into place, and it looks like it was never moved.
"Thanks man, now I just have to get this home." Maria turns to walk away.
"Hey, can I walk you, I need to clear my head and the walk would help." Favion rubs the back of his neck anxiousness.
Maria nods, "Okay, let's go I have to be home before curfew."
They both start walking and joking about their childhood together. They remember things that were forgotten, and they talk about what's happened.
"How long has it been since you went to the tree?" Favion ask when they're on Maria's block.
Her eyes light up, "Just last week actually, Rose took me there."
"Oh, really, why?" Favion keeps asking.
"My birthday, finally old enough to get a license." Maria brushes some hair out of her eyes.
Favion frowns, "December twentieth, right?"
Maria nods, "Yeah, wait... I forgot we have the same birthday!"
Favion laughs, "Well congrats to both of us for making it through our shitty fifteen year old years."
Maria laughs with him, "Fifteen was shitty, for both of us." They arrive on her block, in front of her house. "Welp, I'm home now. See you around man." She waves as she goes up the driveway to her house.
Rose looks around the backyard, watching Maria sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, eyes closed, and hands on the ground.
"I don't really think this is a good idea," Rose watches as cracks start to form in the earth. "Please don't tell me this is actually working."
Small bones start to come out of the cracks, floating into the air and putting themselves together as Maria moves her fingers. They start to form skeletons, rats, snakes, birds, and just general small animals. Maria stands up, spreading her hands and pushing them in a downward motion, and the animals run off.
"That took a lot out of me." Maria stumbles a bit while holding her head.
Rose helps her steady herself, "If you're drained after just some small animals, do you think you'll even make it to bigger things?"
"I honestly don't know, then again," Maria looks off to where the animals ran off. "That was the first time I did that."
"I didn't even know you could do that." Rose puts an arm around Maria's waist.
Maria shrugs, "Let's go inside, I can't be out here any longer because I feel my blood freezing up."
Both girls hold each other close as they head inside of the house, once they are inside Maria quickly takes off her shoes and coat and runs to the kitchen.
"No Maria it isn't- don't use your fire!" Clarisse shouts from the kitchen and smoke starts to fill the house.
Maria comes out of the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate and an angry Clarisse behind her.
"Are you happy?" Clarisse growls at her cousin.
Maria nods, "Do you want me to literally freeze to death?" She slowly sips at her hot chocolate.
Clarisse frowns, "Now I do, you burned most of the hot chocolate."
"I'll make more in a minute." Maria heads back to the kitchen.
Rose smirks, "I'm gonna make sure she doesn't burn this one."
"Yeah you better." Clarisse mumbles and walks to the girl's room.
Rose walks to the kitchen to see Maria finishing what is in her mug and is on the floor digging through the oven looking for a pot. She has the mug float onto the nearby counter, and she has the fridge open and the gallon of milk also floats to the counter.
"I'm not gonna burn it." Maria points at Rose with sternness.
Then both the pot and the milk gallon go into the air, the milk pours into the pot. Maria stands up with fire in her right hand, her left hand pulling chocolate out of the pantry. She sets the fire under the pot, the milk boils, and she puts the chocolate in.
Rose whistles, "I'm impressed, just don't burn it."
Maria flips Rose off, "Watch yourself, you don't want to sleep on the couch again do you?"
"No, I don't." Rose keeps watching as Maria practically dances around.
Maria finishes the chocolate milk, setting down on the stove to let it cool off.
Maria points up to the ceiling, "Tell them to get their butts downstairs before I burn this."
Rose nods and rushes up the stairs, she finds everyone in the girl's room, sitting in a circle, around a monopoly board.
"Am I interrupting something?" Rose asks, pointing at the circle.
"Shut up! I'm about to win!" Nico shouts at Rose.
Rose grimaces, "So none of you want hot chocolate?"
At that the family drops everything they are doing and push each other out of the door. They rush down the stairs, the sound of banging footsteps on the ground, and they run to the kitchen. All of them shouting at Maria to give them some of the drink.
Maria laughs as she makes mugs float out of the cabinets, and she has the drink float into the mugs. She hands them out to her cousins, then points to the fridge.
"Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel is in there." She then walks out of the kitchen.
Rose frowns, she grabs a bag of barbecue chips out of the pantry before following Maria. They both end up in the basement, Maria staring at the monitor. The monitor has the plans that she stole a week ago.
Rose taps her on the shoulder and hands her the bag of chips, "You're head is spinning, hon. What's in your head?"
"He had abilities, I don't know how but he had them. Any theories are appreciated." Maria glares at the screen like it personally offended her.
"That thing you said they were going to do with our blood, do you think they actually found a way to do it?" Rose puts her arms around Maria to help her calm down.
"How did they get our blood, I was actually talking to Favion yesterday, he seemed shaken up." Maria leans into Rose's arms.
Rose takes hold of Maria's hands tightly, "That knife, it had your blood didn't it?"
Maria groans, "Now that you mention it, it could be that." She pries herself out of Rose's hold and heads to the open dome. "Just lock me in here forever." She lays on the floor and puts her arms over her eyes.
"We both have nightmares, plus you get cold and I'm your only good source of body heat." Rose makes her way to the dome to drag Maria out of it.
"No! Leave me here to die!" Maria pleads with her girlfriend.
Rose picks Maria up into her arms bridal style, "Then I'm gonna be lonely, so how's about we figure things out."
Rose sits down on the floor with Maria cradled in her lap. Maria retells what happened with Favion and the knife, and they try to figure out how it may have affected Favion.
Favion is sitting on a roof again, not really knowing what to do. He knows he has these abilities, Madness and Thorn know, so they know what to expect of him. He's been trying what he can to control them, and from he remembers Madness doing, yet nothing works. He usually just ends up burning something and having objects fly across the room in anger.
"Weird seeing you here." A small voice behind him giggles.
He jumps up into a fighting stance, behind him is Thorn and Madness, standing hand in hand. Madness gestures for him to calm down, and she sits to his left, Thorn to his right.
Thorn sighs, "Dude, we can't really help you. As much as we want to,"
"No we don't." Madness mumbles.
"Yes we do," Thorn glares at Madness. "Look, how we see it, if you die because you don't know how to handle your abilities we get no more entertainment."
Favion looks between them both, "So you're willing to help me, like teach me everything I need to know, right?"
Madness puts a hand to his forehead, "First we need to find out what abilities you have." She looks him dead in the eyes before blacking out for a bit.
"What was that?" Favion asks once he regains his senses.
Madness moves her hands like she's controlling a puppet, her eyes closed tightly, weaving a dark blue light between her fingers.
"Just let her do her thing, she has part of your mind in her hands, literally. Unless you want to lose it leave her alone for a minute." Thorn keeps Favion for reaching for Madness.
Madness opens her eyes, and puts her hand back to Favion's forehead. She takes her hand away when the glowing stops. She shakes her hand, like it was numb.
"You only have levitation, fire, ice, light, and barriers. That's nowhere near half of what I have, just be glad that they're the easy ones." Madness shakes her head.
Favion frowns, "Those are the easy ones?" He ask.
Thorn laughs, she stands up and helps Madness up, "Now teaching you is going to be the problem, because these are things you have to be taught when you are young." Thorn puts an arm around Madness' shoulder's. "Plus what about that lady you work for?"
"We'll help when you really need it, but for your first lesson." Madness takes Favion's hands, she starts to make his fingers form a certain way. Like he's controlling a puppet. "This is the easiest way to use any abilities, just a heads up."
Then she and Thorn both disappear, Favion just sighs and sits back down on the edge. He stares at the edge of town, and he watches as the stars move across the night sky.
Just like when they were kids, the chaos gang holds their annual Christmas gift exchange. They all have their gifts, they are just waiting for someone.
"You really think he's coming?" Immanuel asks the girls while throwing some rocks down the cliff.
Maria is sitting on the ground, legs crossed and hands on the earth. Small things such as rocks, bones, leaves, and pieces of ice float around her. Her eyes closed shut and her teeth grinding against each other.
Maria nods, "He'll be here, if he doesn't find out I have his answers now he'll find out soon." A small pebble hits Immanuel on the nose. "And be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate." Her hands start to form into tight fist.
Alyssa chuckles, "You're getting good at this, you think you'll be able to do bigger things soon?"
Maria sighs, exhaling heavily, the objects slowly floating back into their places, "Hopefully, because I was doing some fortune telling the other day and saw some stuff." She shakes her head and looks behind her into the bushes. "Speaking of seeing things, a certain someone will be here in a minute."
They all go back to sitting in their circle, just as Favion comes out of the bushes.
"Hey, sorry I'm late I had to talk with my uncle a bit." He sits down between Immanuel and Rose with a red box in his lap.
Alyssa claps her hands, "Okay so we know the rules, oldest to youngest so Kayla first."
Kayla looks around until Rose raises her hand, "I had you so here." Rose hands her a small silver bag.
Kayla opens the bag and pulls out a small grey box, she opens it and pulls out a candy bar.
She groans with a smile, "Really, queen of extra like always. Just for the candy bar?"
Rose nods, "Yup, at least it's your favorite."
"Okay, next is Immanuel." Alyssa interrupts before a fight can start.
"Catch!" Maria throws a blue box at him.
Immanuel catches it, but inside it sounds like glass, "What's in here?"
Maria smirks, "Something I made, it'll be fine when you take it out."
Immanuel shakes his head and starts to take off the wrapping paper, he unfolds the top of the box and has a look of shock when he sees what is inside.
"You didn't!" Immanuel takes out a small silver pendente, no bigger than his palm. "I thought I lost this forever!"
Alyssa, Kayla and Favion look at the pendente in Immanuel's hand. A triangle, with elegantly carved vines and flowers, golden accents on the edges.
"It's nothing like the original, but I worked with what I had." Maria rubs her hands together.
Immanuel smiles at her, "Honestly, better than the original. Thanks, I missed this."
Kayla smirks, "So Maria has shown us up, as Immanuel's girlfriend's can we say we feel offended?"
"Yeah!" Alyssa agrees.
Maria throws a small pebble at Alyssa, "You're turn, you're third oldest."
Alyssa laughs, "Okay, who had me?"
"I did, and you better like it!" Favion hands her the box in his hands.
Alyssa blows a raspberry at him and takes the box. She opens the box, and pulls out a silver cylinder. She raises an eyebrow at Favion questioningly, he only gestured for her to continue. She rolls her eyes and opens the tin, inside are hair accessories, clips and beads of many colors.
"You kept these, I was wondering if you even got rid of them." She takes out some round green beads and looks them over.
"I kept them from the last time I did your hair, thought you might want them back." He smiles while Alyssa keeps looking through the tin.
Kayla frowns, "So let me get this straight," Everyone chuckles. "My boyfriend and girlfriend got amazing personal gifts while all I got was a candy bar?" Everyone nods. "In a way this is better than anything those two have given me."
Both Immanuel and Alyssa tackle Kayla to the ground, both kissing her cheeks and strangling her in a hug. Maria laughs and leans on Rose, takes hold of her hand.
"This all aside, Rose is next!" Maria kisses Rose's neck.
Immanuel gives Rose a pink bag, "Please don't kill me for this." He begs while laughing.
Rose glares at him and takes out the tissue paper out of the bag. She looks into the bag and just stares for a minute, then she looks up with a straight face and slow claps.
"I'm betting Maria helped you with this." She puts the tissue paper back in the bag.
"Don't put it away we want to see!" Kayla encourages Rose.
Rose shakes her head, "I'm not sure, cause I think then you two are gonna kill Immanuel."
Alyssa smirks, "Now we really want to know."
Rose sighs, "Fine, Immanuel I am sorry if they kill you." She takes out what was in the bag. A stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear. The shirt has patches on it and one of the ears has been stitched back on. "It's from when I was in the center, thought I wouldn't be able to get it back after I left. Those few times I did go back I wasn't able to find it."
"Maria just did her thing and we were able to find it in the place where... all that stuff happened." Immanuel crosses his legs and drums on his knees.
"Anyways, who's next. It just leaves you two." Rose gestures between her girlfriend and Favion.
Favion and Maria look at each other before bursting into laughter, it gets to the point where Favion is hugging his stomach and Maria is laying on Rose's lap. It takes a while before Kayla, Alyssa and Immanuel catch on to what is going on.
"Rose," Kayla starts to explain. "I don't know if you knew this, but Favion and Maria have the same birthday. What makes this funnier, is that they were born at the exact same time. So we honestly don't know who's older. But we do all have that one month difference."
Rose looks down to the girl laughing in her lap, "That doesn't answer why they are laughing so hard." She gives Kayla a worried look.
Kayla winces, "They have to do this small challenge thing to see who goes first."
At the mention of the challenge Maria and Favion stop laughing, They both rush to stand up and head off into the woods, everyone else running after them. Immanuel stays behind, and as the girls catch up with Maria and Favion, Kayla keeps explaining.
"They have a race, but the thing is anything goes. They can hurt each other, throw things, basically anything to stop the other." Kayla points as Maria is hitting Favion upside the head. "One year Maria almost buried Favion in snow." Alyssa stops walking and stands where she is. "We act as check points, we make sure they don't die."
Maria walks back to Rose, "Please tell me I can have a knife this time."
"No, that ended badly last time." Favion runs up and gets Maria in a headlock.
Rose helps Maria to free herself, "You got into some weird stuff before we got together." She hugs Maria to her side.
Favion looks behind them, "And Kayla got her spot, Rose your job is to just make sure we start at the same time and that we don't hurt each other before we start."
"Just run after us, try keeping up." Maria stops them when they reach the start of the woods.
Maria and Favion stand next to each other, Rose stands behind them. Rose can see some vines starting to slowly grow around Favion's feet, Rose smiles knowing it's not her. Maria shouts at Favion for them to start, and as they do both Maria and Rose run forward as Favion trips. Rose laughs, and once they are out of Favion's field of vision, Maria opens a portal. They jump through and arrive at where Immanuel is.
Immanuel laughs, "You know, we should have specified no abilities. Now we have to wait for him to get here."
Rose wraps an arm around Maria's shoulders, "That was smart with the vines. Then the portal, I think you've been planning this for a while."
"Well," Maria raises an eyebrow with a smile. "Maybe I have been planning this for a while."
"That's my girl!" Rose picks Maria up bridal style and twirls them both around.
They hear the crunching of leaves and twigs in the forest, and out comes Favion with Alyssa and Kayla. He looks angry and the girls are laughing behind him.
Favion points at Maria accusingly, "What the heck? How did you do that?"
Maria rolls out of Rose's arms, landing on the ground. "I'm just lucky, which means I get to go first!"
Alyssa smiles, "I had you, here you go." She tosses a wrapped sphere to Maria.
Maria slowly unwraps the sphere and laughs at what she sees, "A spider!" She looks at the plush spider with happiness. She shoves the spider in Rose's face, making hissing noises.
"You're a child." Rose kisses her forehead.
"I know!" Maria climbs back into Rose's arms.
Immanuel clears his throat, "So Maria being a child aside, I had Favion, here you go man." He hands Favion a simple box.
Favion quirks an eyebrow at how light it is, he opens the box and pulls out a book. It's pretty thick and has leather-bound covers. He looks through it, smiling to himself while looking at the pictures.
"I... I forgot all about this." Favion wipes his eyes, getting rid of the forming tears.
Maria smiles, "They gave me one too, when I came back."
"You know I missed doing this, I just missed being around you guys." Favion admits.
"Game night!" Nico runs around the living room, holding his youngest cousin.
Yallesia holds a hand up, stopping Nico, "You're holding a baby, hand him over." She separates her cousins and places Mike on a nearby couch.
Clarisse sets up the snacks on the table, "What are we even playing tonight?"
Liam walks into the room with a pile of large cards, a deck of cards, and a large cup of beans. "Lotería, Maria is sick again so she and Rose are out for tonight. However, they did ask for someone to give them snacks."
Sam raises an eyebrow from where she is on the couch with the younger kids, "What was it this time?"
"Flu." Everyone responds automatically.
Everyone sits around the table in the living, grabbing their game cards and waiting for Esme to start calling out cards. A few games in, more than half the snacks are gone, and it's around this time Maria comes down the stairs. Suffocating in one of Rose's sweatshirts and some sweatpants, black fuzzy socks, her hair tousled and sticking in weird angles, her eyes rimmed with red, dark circles under them and her glasses askew. As she passes by her family, she glares at them, walks to the kitchen, rummages through the pantry and fridge, and leaves with a large box of Goldfish, a package of Oreo's, two blood bags, and a gallon of apple juice.
Imelda looks at her cousins, "We're not going to talk about that?"
"No." Is everyone's response, even Mike.
They all go back to playing their game, eventually they get bored and pick another game. But in order to play the game they want, they need Maria.
"Maria, get down here, we want to play a game and it will give you some training!" Esme shouts up the stairs.
Maria shouts back, "I fucking hate y'all!" There are heavy footsteps on the stairs, Maria rushing down them with Rose right behind her. "What do you need?" She asks, tapping her foot.
Yallesia responds from the couch, "Just drain all the light in the house and spread some shadows."
Maria looks concerned, "You're kidding, right?
"Nope, this is actually good." Esme defends, "These are abilities that counter each other and we need to see what happens if we can get them to work together."
Rose wraps her arms around Maria's waist, "The quicker you do this the quicker we can go back to sleep."
Maria rolls her eyes, "Fine, just because if I pass out, I get some good sleep."
"Please don't pass out." Clarisse begs her cousin.
Maria takes Rose's arms away from her waist and has her family clear a way. She sits down on the ground, closes her eyes, and raises her hands, she moves her fingers like claws, like she's bringing something towards her. The light in the room starts to drain from the room, then starts coming in from other places in the house too. Once the house is nearly pitch black, Maria brings her arms down, bringing her hands together as if she is cupping something in them. She quickly pushes her hands flat against her chest, and the light in them goes through her skin.
"You guys sure you want some more shadows?" Maria asks, her eyes staying closed.
"Yes please, just don't strain yourself." Clarisse warns her.
Maria nods, placing her hands on the ground. The glow in her chest fades as shadows leave her hands and she makes them spread across the house. It's like hands reaching all the nicks and crannies in the house. By the time the house is completely black, Maria is already asleep.
Nico sips his juice box, "I see we have made a mistake."
"She's gonna be in a lot of pain, is there a way to get her to stop doing all of this." Alyssa wildly gestures at Maria who is sleeping in the dome, shifting back and forth from her animal forms to her human form.
Rose shakes her head, "We really don't know, what I do know is I will not be able to wear that sweatshirt again." Rose stands as close to the glass as she can.
Esme rolls her eyes from her work station, "Bold of you to assume it was still yours or that you would ever get it back." She rolls herself in her chair to the other side of the basement. "Clarisse, Liam, how is translating this text going?"
Liam looks up from the book he is reading, rubbing his eyes from behind his glasses, "We were able to translate the whole thing, but there is a problem."
"It's a potion," Clarisse points to the dome. "Only Maria can make potions."
Rose walks over to them and looks at the book, "Okay, I have no idea what it says, please translate." She smiles awkwardly.
Liam chuckles, "We need to teach you to read Aztec. Basically potions are sacred, only those with multiple abilities can make them because they are able to expand more power than any of us." He shows Rose some of the pictures, "Only a chief or chieftes has more than one ability."
Rose looks at her friends, "You three thinking what I'm thinking, right?"
Immanuel immediately responds, "I say no, we are not going to ask him, why would you even think that Rose?" He looks up from where he is working with Kayla.
"Dude, I really don't want to ask him either, trust me." Rose looks back at the dome with worry. "But what matters to me is that Maria is safe, that's what matters to all of us."
Esme has a bolt float off the table and hit Rose on the arm, "Please fill me in on what is going on."
"Promise not to get mad." Alyssa interferes.
Liam winces, "She's gonna get mad."
Rose shifts from foot to foot, "Umm... Maria gave someone abilities. But it was an accident!"
Esme stares at Rose, she looks to the dome and then back at Rose. She looks up to the ceiling and screams in frustration. She quickly gets out of her chair and marches to Liam. She snatches the book from him and looks through the potion, and while she reads it she brings it over to her work area. She pulls up the scanner beside her keyboard, and scans the pages she needs, pulls it up on the computer before printing it out.
"I have the list of ingredients to make the potion, there is also information on where you can get them." She takes the paper off of the printer and writes on it with a pen. "There are four people that are going to help you with the ingredients. I want you going alone, and take that person with you."
Rose gives a face of bewilderment, "You want me to do something like this with someone I don’t like?"
Esme has the paper float in front of Rose's face, "Don't worry you'll manage. I say we have a week, so get the ingredients, get whoever you say has the abilities, and get us that potion." She points to Maria who is still curled up in the dome, "We don't really have much time."
Favion was wandering the rooftops again, no activity from Madness or Thorn. He just roams the roofs, trying to find what he can. He's also been taking it as a time to practice, he's slowly been getting a hold of all these abilities of his. So far one thing he enjoys doing is weaving light, he can make the light do anything he wants. He feels something climbing up his leg, he looks down and sees a kudzu vine.
"Knew I'd find you here." Thorn is standing there, her hand curled downward as her fingers move.
Favion places his hand on the vines, watching them burn away. He slowly stands up, "Okay, what is it you want?"
Thorn smiles, "A small favor, in return you get to learn more about your abilities." She bargains.
Favion thinks about it, "What is this favor?"
"Helping me save my girlfriend. She did something she wasn't supposed to do, only way to save her is this." Thorn takes a piece of paper from her jeans pocket and hands it to him.
Favion takes the paper, he looks it over with confusion, "I can't read this."
"Neither can I." Thorn takes the paper back. "But that's where some people come in, they know how to read this."
Favion quirks an eyebrow in curiosity, "And who exactly are these people?"
Thorn shrugs, "That's for both of us to find out."
"What language was that anyways, never saw it before." Favion gestures with his hands.
"Aztec, you know the dead language no one has spoken or has been able to read for centuries." Thorn waves the paper around.
That's when confusion hits Favion like a truck, "Then how can these people read it?"
"They kept their ways, and they're pretty much the only people that have." Thorn shrugs.
Favion nods, "Okay, so where do we find them?"
Thorn grins, from behind her she pulls out Madness' ring. She presses the button on it turning it into a staff. She makes a dandelion appear out of thin air, still yellow and young. She throws the staff and dandelion up into the air, together they form a yellow light that leads into the distance.
Thorn points to where the light ends, "We follow that."
Dun, dun, dun, suspense! The best parts are yet to come, yes I know, I always say that. But it's true, everything is better than the last, did I just make a life analogy? I totally just did! Well anyways come back when you want more of the story.
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deus-ex-moshina · 2 years
The Most Ridiculous Action Franchise of Our Time: On the Power of a Non-Protagonist
I want to preface this by saying that this post was originally going to be either a 3 part YouTube video essay or a stand-up routine performed at our local bar, but I was worried my massive sex appeal and even bigger dick energy is gonna distract everyone from the points I was trying to make, and so we gather here, once again. 
*clears throat, leans into the microphone* Hey, you. Yes, I’m talking to you. You ever wonder what the hell is going on in the John Wick series (2014- , dir. Chad Stahelski)? Are you one of those people that’s convinced you’re never touching these movies with a ten-foot pole, because every time you tried to look up any useful information that can tell you why your homophobic republican boss, your art student gay cousin, and her 60 year old asian mother are all crazy about this weird action classic/dog movie hybrid, it’s either people analyzing cinematography using words that didn’t even look english to you, or just pages after pages of Guns wikipedia dot com? Don’t you just wish that someone–anyone–would explain to you what kind of mind-controlling witchcraft they’re putting into those movies in a way you can understand, without berating you for not wanting to actually watch them yourself? And finally, do you, sometimes, find yourself just sitting there and wondering–
Who the fuck, exactly, is John Wick? 
And how the hell did this action movie dude manage to get so many people to give a shit about him? 
Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t know anything about movie making, have never held a gun before in my life, and hard as it may to believe–I know, I can’t believe it myself either–
I’m not actually getting paid by Chad Stahelski to promote his movies. 
Hey, I’m just a guy(gender neutral) who’s watched the entire series over 70 times so you don’t have to. I’m not here to convince you to get into anything. That episode has aired.  So if I end up changing your mind and you decide to finally go check out the series yourself, I sincerely hope you’ll be pirating it because if I’m not getting paid for this, no one should be; but if you still don’t want to watch it after this, good, because that’s not our goal here. The goal here, children, is to have you walk away with the knowledge that every single thing I’d mentioned in this post absolutely did happen in canon, and therefore could have been experienced first-hand if you had watched the movies yourselves; and whether it’s gratitude for your narrow escape, or grief for your own loss that this knowledge evokes, well, that’s out of my hands. 
Have a seat. Make yourselves comfortable. John Wick fans, don’t be ridiculous. I’ve already bolted the doors and no one is getting out of this room. Sit down. 
Now, I’m going to tell you exactly how those crazy sons of bitches made their movies work, and without bringing up Keanu Reeves’ name more than once.
You can think of reading the following post like watching someone prepare a blooming onion in the kitchen. Picture a large, fresh onion, because this topic has layers; then, I want you to picture someone cut into the onion in a way so illogical, so batshit insane, and so painful it’s going to make you want to claw your eyes out.
Then, we’re gonna make it bloom.
You ready?
Here we go. 
Ultimately, the secret behind the impossible success of this action franchise, and the answer to all your questions, is actually much more simple, and much more insane than you think: ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that John Wick is, and I’m quoting the movies here–
A fucking nobody.
I know. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m gonna need the John Wick fans to stop throwing your chairs at me and sit back down, because it’s all gonna start making sense in a minute. 
Now, I know that the most famous, and arguably the best scene in the entire franchise, is literally a scene establishing the fact that he’s not just a fucking nobody ; but this fact, if nothing else, just perfectly demonstrated my point, because they’ve been recycling this exact narrative structure for 3 entire movies now and their audience eat that shit up every time. They fucking love it, every single time. John Wick fans, I know what you’re thinking: “But Kate, what narrative structure?” 
Exactly. There’s no narrative structure because these movies are, and I mean this in the most positive way possible, just 67 fight scenes in a trench coat; but what people tend to overlook, is that every single fight scene in these movies IS secretly a two-minute narrative built on this exact same premise–
Absolutely everyone, and I mean everyone in the John Wick Cinematic Universe thinks He’s Just Some Guy, despite his reputation suggesting the exact opposite; and oh yes, they are going to put this theory to test themselves if it kills them (it does.) Of course, these people had spent their entire lives hearing about how this guy is THEE Deadliest Guy on the planet, but then they’d look at him and collectively go, Oh, he’s just Some Guy. This is just a Man. I mean I know he killed 574 people this afternoon, but that just seems like standard Some Guy behavior to me, so I’m going to approach him right now and kick him in the back really hard, gonna slap him around a little, just to see what happens. RIP to those 574 people but I’m different. 
People who’s never watched these movies, does this not sound like bullshit to you? Don’t you just want to start breaking things with your hands right now? Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through exactly how they managed to pull this off for three entire movies, and we’re gonna start with the most obvious aspect: 
His appearance. 
Now, I need everyone to look past the fact that he’s [redacted], really just take in the way this character looks, and then try to describe him to me. No, you cannot mention the fact that he’s [redacted].
Are you hearing yourself right now?
This is a guy. In a black suit. You literally just described every white man at the Oscars and, simultaneously, every baby lesbian at their high school prom; this means absolutely nothing to anyone. Is his hair short or long? What do you mean both? Is that a beard or did he just forget to shave this morning? How old is he? Oh, you can’t tell? Fine, does he look like he goes to the gym? Or does he just have a healthy lifestyle? Does he look healthy to you at all?  And what’s that expression on his face? Is he friendly or intimidating? Angry or just tired? Tell me one thing about this man that caught your eye, and no, you cannot bring up the fact that he’s [redacted]. 
See what I mean? He’s literally just a guy. Like Welcome to Night Vale fans this IS your Man Who is Not Tall and Man Who is Not Short. 
I know this entire thing sounds lame as hell, and I’m gonna stop you right there, because I’m actually going to argue the exact opposite. And since we’re already talking about styling and costumes here, allow me to use a fashion analogy to demonstrate my point: You know that pair of black skinny jeans in your closet that goes well with everything and you wear six days a week, but still is, ultimately, just a pair of black skinny jeans with nothing on it? 
That’s John Wick. You can get away with literally anything when a character like this is your protagonist, because he’s not functioning as a protagonist at all. He’s the black skinny jeans that you’ve refused to throw away for seven years now because it doesn’t clash with any of your band t-shirts. Most of the times he’s just a backdrop for the most balls-to-the-wall insane events to take place. He’s a perfect blank canvas. He’s the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and this stupid god damn franchise is The Creation of Adam. 
In John Wick (2014), he got into a wrestling/screaming match with his leather jacket-wearing lesbian best friend in his underwear at 3 am, after she broke into his hotel room to murder him for a 4 million dollar bounty; then he spent the last 15 minutes of the movie throwing hands in the rain with this 70 year old russian mob boss, who was also his old boss and the father of the kid he just killed. In John Wick Chapter 2(2017) he fought a sumo wrestler 4 times his size, right after he defeated this street performer in the subway station who took a gun out of her violin and shot him with it. In John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, he beat a guy who was an entire foot taller than him to death with a fake book he planted in the New York Public Library, then he ran out into the streets, found a horse in the middle of brooklyn, and sicced it on someone who was coming after him with a gun. And I cannot stress this enough, but he once killed three men. In a bar. With a pencil. 
With. a
Pencil (Stationery.)
You see what’s going on? They’re using him as a plot device. In a movie with no plot and literally has his name in the title. 
Oh, our onion is blooming like a fucking cherry tree in mid-april Japan right now, you just can’t see it yet. Don’t worry, everything’s gonna fall right into place in a moment. 
Because John Wick, contrary to popular belief, is actually not the protagonist of the John Wick series(2014-, dir. Chad Stahelski). No, he’s just a fucking nobody. The actual protagonist, believe it or not, is everything else that’s going on in these movies, and boy oh boy, they sure do look cool as hell next to this fucking nobody. This man is so unremarkable in every way imaginable, you can put him into any universe, give him literally any choice of weapon, make him fight anyone using any fighting style, and the fight scene is still going to look extraordinary on screen, every single time; and what happens, everyone, when you give this fucking nobody all the coolest weapons on the planet, and pair him up with the most fascinating opponents you can find?
Congratulations, you just accidentally created the best action movie franchise of our generation. 
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, this is bullshit. There’s no way they hustled a 5-part action series and two tv spin-offs out of Lionsgate with a guy in a black suit. You’re right, you can’t; and this also doesn’t explain your 80 year old former neighbor Deborah’s strange obsession with these movies, does it? She used to do nothing but sit around all day and crochet tiny sweaters for her pet chicken, but now every time you go visit her in the old folk’s home, these movies are just playing on her TV non-stop and on repeat. She’d never watched a single action movie before this in her entire life. You have no idea what the fuck is going on, and you feel like your life is falling apart. 
Hey. Look at me. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. You’ve made it this far, and I’m so proud of you for not walking out on me. I know I’ve bolted the doors and tied you down in your chair, but that’s not the point. Stop screaming. Together, we will make sense of this bullshit franchise if it kills us. Yes, us.
By now we had effectively broken down the logistics behind their (non)protagonist’s in-universe journey using just his physical appearance, moved out of that universe to discuss the unremarkableness of his appearance in terms of artistic value, and had firmly established the fact that John Wick is, at the end of the day, just Some Guy; but in the following paragraph I’m going to circle the argument back onto us, the audience, and turn this entire essay around by explaining how his some-guyness is so absolute, he just accidentally turned into every guy at once.
Yes, I’m saying that they managed to secure such a mind-bogglingly wide variety of audiences, because John Wick is the most relatable fictional mass-murderer you’re ever gonna know. I am going to elaborate on this, don’t worry, and I’m also going to be using a list of canon evidences I’ve compiled over the years to support my statement. 
We’ll start with things we know about him that should’ve been his defining qualities: He’s focused. Committed. Strong-willed. 
Okay, now read that again. Read that a third time. Now take out that astrology book on your bookshelf, flip to any page–Oh, there he is. He’s literally all twelve zodiac signs at once and also an Aries. 
What’s another basic fact we all know about this guy? Yes, he loves his wife. Now because some of us might not know what his wife looks like, I’m going to provide a visual aid:
Tumblr media
Look at her. No, this is not a stock photo. They literally gave this Some Guy a Some Wife. This is the most conventionally attractive woman on the planet. We all know a brunette Bridget Moynahan in our lives, and we are all at least 67% in love with her. She’s so everyone’s type she just stopped being A type all together. The fact that he married this woman simultaneously tells us nothing about him AND brings us one step closer to him, and so we arrived at his third, and most well-known “defining character trait”: 
He would commit manslaughter for a beagle puppy. 
Let’s just say it together, everyone: Bitch, me too. The fuck. 
Oh, but you’re sorely mistaken if you think we’ve reached the height of this man’s relatability. This? This is nothing. This is a universal common ground, a blank page they’ve created utilizing his undeniable some-guyness; and now, they’re gonna start turning this some guy into you. Yes, you.
And I’m afraid you’ve underestimated just how unnervingly specific they can get. 
You know the best thing about having a nobody as your (non)protagonist? You can throw literally anything at him, and it’d stick. If this was some other character in another movie, he would’ve become a contradiction of himself in no time; but you can’t exactly contradict yourself if there was no self to begin with. Absolutely nothing this guy does would be considered out of character, because there wasn’t even a character in the first place. You’d need to actually watch the movies yourselves to feel it, so you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one: 
I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s incredible.
There are, instead, just these bits and pieces of lore they kept revealing throughout the movies, and he wears them like a god damn costume on top of his dumbass black suit. He’s like if Slenderman had a baby with Mothman and we named it Man-Man. At any given moment there’s simultaneously Too Much but also Absolutely Nothing going on in his life, just so Things can keep Happening to him without leaving any lasting impact and potentially changing this some guy into one guy; they really said we’re going to make this man experience 47 different traumas in the span of 3 days, but before he could process any of that we’ll have to run him over with another car and throw him down 75 flights of stairs. Look me in the eyes and tell me that’s not the most relatable thing you’ve ever heard. Like that’s the story of my life. His character arc is non-existent, his single goal in these movies is getting through it, and his moral compass is a god damn fidget spinner glued to a power drill. Yes he’s going to kill over 70 people for a puppy. Yes he’s just going to stand by and not react when someone shoots a dog in front of him (the dog is fine, he’s wearing a bullet proof vest.) Yes he’s going to slaughter an entire warehouse of men for his car, yes he’s going to wreck said car beyond recognition in the process of saving it. He’s going to respect this bullshit rule and kill someone over it, but also say fuck this other bullshit rule and kill someone else in spite of it. He IS the Man Who Orders a Small Black Coffee With a Blueberry Flavor Shot AND the barista taking his order at the same time. He's confirmed to be bi through canon lighting and friends with 5 different wlw, but also homophobic towards his own ex and this one ninja/sushi bar owner who has a crush on him; he’s a cishet gay icon (The Boogeyman) in english, but a cottagecore butch lesbian (Baba Yaga) in Russian. Yes, John Wick is canonically trans in Russian dub. No one is talking about this, but like, hey, they did that first. (Cishets if you’re reading this and wondering what the fuck I’m talking about/if we’ve been watching the same movies, don’t worry about it. We haven’t) He’s a middle-aged 23 year old college burnout desperate to get himself into a retirement home. He’s polite and respectful until he’s the Rudest Bitch Alive. His fighting style ranges from Brazilian jiu jitsu and Wing Chun to biting and screaming like a feral cat while repeatedly kicking his opponent in the nuts. He’s the sanest insane person in any situation and the dumbest genius I’ve ever seen. He’s soft-spoken and quiet but also Yells All The Time. He’s a horse girl AND a car freak. He’s a dog person, obviously, but his first pet is actually a cat in comic canon. He was a student athlete because he grew up in a wrestling team, but also a theater kid because it was heavily implied that he did contemporary ballet in his youth; he’s a nerd because his go-to weapons are office supplies and he’s canonically a bookworm, but he’s also a jock because he’s literally the most popular man on the planet. He’s still going to be extremely relatable to those of us who weren’t so popular in high school though, because there was also a scene where he was quietly trying to go through a book by himself in the library, and ended up getting lifted up by his hair and then slammed into 8 different bookshelves in a row by a 7′3 basketball player. He’s obviously a prep–I mean, look at the way he dresses–but he’s definitely a goth, because his mom is Morticia Addams. He speaks every existing language, knows every single person in New York and Rome, served in the US marines, is played by a Native Hawaiian-Chinese-English-Canadian born in Beirut, Lebanon, and is later revealed to be a Ruska Roma orphan named Jardani Jovonovich. He’s literally every ethnicity and nationality at once. 
Do you see what I mean now? This guy is us. He’s you, your mom and her long lost love who’d left her behind for the sea and gave your dad a chance to step in 35 years ago, all at once–but he is, first and foremost, just some guy. No matter your gender, sexuality, age, hobby or high school experience, by the end of John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum(2019) you’re either falling embarrassingly in love with him, or you’re projecting onto him with every fibre of your being. So don’t worry about sweet Deborah. She bonded with this guy during John Wick (2014) when she saw that vintage rotary dial landline in his basement, and is now just vibing with him while he lives out her very specific fantasy of having a girl’s night with lesbian Claudia Gerini in her enormous bathhouse after her husband’s passing. Everything’s fine. 
You guys still with me? Good, because I’ve just reached into the fryer and pulled that blooming onion out of the boiling oil with my bare hands. For you. Look at it. It’s beautiful. 
No, I’m afraid I can’t let you go just yet, because we’re still missing one last ingredient; and to make myself sound even more like Daniel Craig in Knives Out(2019)–which is the voice and accent you should’ve given me in your head for this entire post–I’m just gonna go ahead and quote Detective Benoit Blanc here, because this is a weird case from the start. A case with a hole in the center. A donut. 
Because who the fuck–excuse my language here–goes to an Outback Steakhouse to get a blooming onion, without ordering a steak first? And while everything we’ve discussed so far sounds perfectly enticing, not unlike the delicious blooming onion sitting right in front of us–
How the hell, exactly, did they get so many people into the theater to experience all this in the first place? Because if you think they can convince anyone to go watch their bullshit movies for a fucking nobody, for just some guy–then I’m sorry to say this, but you’re out of your god damn mind. 
It’s ok, I know you aren’t. And yes, of course they couldn’t. That’s why they did the only logical thing, and chose to counteract his some-guyness by casting the Only Guy in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves
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genyakosstyk · 3 years
A/N: this is called ‘how many Stiles Stilinski quotes can I fit in one fic?’ Turns out quite a few
Tumblr media
Y/N sighed as the phone rang for the fifth time that day.
“Tom!” She yelled, hoping he would answer it so that she didn’t have to get up. “Tommy !”
“I’m busy!” He yelled back.
Y/N groaned, unfolding herself from underneath the blanket and got up for the sofa. She all but stomped over to the phone, making sure her brother was aware of how annoyed she was at having to move.
“Hello?” She said as she picked up the phone.
“Oh, thank god it’s you.”
Y/N raised her eyebrows. “Finn? What do you want?”
“I need your help,” Finn replied, panting slightly.
“Why are you out of breath?” She asked, frowning.
“Because I’ve just run a marathon,” Finn said, sarcasm dripping off every word. “I’ve just been chased down the street by some random Italians!”
Y/N turned her back to the betting shop. “What?”
“You heard me.”
She rolled her eyes. “Yes, not what I meant. Why do you need me?”
“Well, I don’t really know what to do.”
Y/N groaned. “Alright, fine. Where are you?”
“Phone box near the station.”
“I’ll be ten minutes,” she muttered, already regretting answering the phone. She put it back on the receiver and grabbed her coat. “I’m going out!”
“Don’t do anything stupid!” Arthur yelled at her as she left.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “No promises,” she muttered, shutting the door behind her.
Tumblr media
Finn hadn’t moved from the phone box.
Y/N sighed at her brother as he all but burst from inside and ran towards her. “What did you do?”
Finn hesitated, opening his mouth and closing it several times before answering. “It’ll be easier to show you.”
He grabbed her hand and began dragging her down the road. Y/N sighed but allowed her brother to keep dragging her. They walked past rows of house, turned down several suspicious looking alleyways and definitely walked in a circle several times.
“Finn, love, where are you taking me?” Y/N asked as they walked past the butchers for the sixth time.
“Here,” Finn said, pulling her in front of him and pushing Y/N into the entrance of a dead-end alley.
Y/N and stumbled to a halt and stared at the body of a rather large Italian at the end of the alley. “Finn, what did you do?”
“It was self-defence!” Finn exclaimed loudly.
“Alright, alright, shut up,” Y/N said, slowly walking forward towards the body.
“I’ve already called the police.”
Y/N turned to look at her brother, eyebrow raised. “You called the police before you called me?”
Finn frowned. “I’m supposed to call you when I find a dead body?”
“YES!” Y/N said loudly, throwing her hands up. “Bloody hell, Finn, do you have any brain cells or do I have all of them?” Y/N sighed. “Alright, if you’ve already called the police then we need to leave.”
“They didn’t seem overly concerned,” Finn replied. “Maybe we should phone them again.”
“No,” Y/N said, shaking her head.
“No, what do you mean no?”
“I mean no, you want to hear it in Spanish: Noh,” Y/N replied, staring at her brother. “I swear to god this family has two brain cells and that Polly and I are the only ones who ever have them.”
Y/N grabbed her brother’s arm and dragged him away from the alley.
“What about the body?” Finn asked, pointing at it as he was led away.
Y/N shrugged. “They’ll sort it, come on,” she said, pulling him in front of her and pushing him.
“But, shouldn’t we tell someone?” Finn asked, genuinely bewildered.
“Yes, let’s tell the entirety of Small Heath that Finn Shelby murdered an Italian with his brother’s gun.”
Finn stopped and glared at her. “The sarcasm is not appreciated, Y/N.”
“I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, sarcasm is my only defence,” Y/N shot back. “Not to mention I just saved your ass.”
“Where are we going?” Finn asked as Y/N pushed him into walking again.
Tumblr media
“A dead body?” John asked, staring at them, eyebrows raised.
“No, a body water,” Y/N snapped. “Yes, a dead body!”
John sighed. “Alright, what do you want me to do about it?”
“Well, it was your gun Finn murdered him with.”
“It was self-defence.”
“Still murder, Finn,” Y/N replied. “John, I just need you to move the body and burn it and no one will be any the wiser.”
John shook his head in despair. “Fucking hell, fine, where is it?”
“Why have I just had a phone call from Moss about a dead Italian near the butchers?”
Y/N winced at Tommy’s yell as he marched into the room.
“Ah, fuck,” John muttered. He stood up and walked into the betting shop flanked by Y/N and Finn. 
“What Italian?” Arthur asked, frowning.
“No idea, Moss got a phone call about a dead body and found it in an alley,” Tommy replied, leaning on the back of a chair and looking at the room. “I’m only going to ask this once, did anyone here murder him?”
“Not me,” Arthur said, shaking his head.
Michael shook his head as well. “Weren’t me either, Tom.”
Tommy turned to look at John. “John?”
“I’ve been here all afternoon, Tommy,” John replied. “Finn and Y/N have been upstairs.”
“Yup, I’ve been reading,” Y/N said, following John’s train of thought.
“I’ve been sewing my cap,” Finn added, nodding.
Tommy raised an eyebrow. “Ahuh, then why did Moss say it sounded like Finn on the other end of the phone?”
Y/N sighed. “Fuck’s sake, Finn.”
“What was I meant to do!” Finn yelled.
“So, you lied to me?” Tommy asked, frowning.
Y/N shrugged. “That depends how you define lying, Tom.”
“Well, I define it as not telling the truth,” Tommy replied, walking closer to them. “How do you define it?”
Y/N paused, thinking. “Reclining your body in a… horizontal position,” she said, mimicking horizontal with her hands.
“Get the fuck out of here,” Tommy ordered.
Y/N nodded. “Absolutely.”  
“What exactly were you two going to do about this problem?” Tommy asked, staring at them both.
“Well, personally, I’m a huge fan of ignoring the problem until, eventually, it goes away,” Y/N replied, standing in the doorway.
“Y/N,” Tommy said, turning to face her. “What did I say?”
“Well you told me to leave but then started talking to me so I just… sort of… hovered,” Y/N replied, swinging her arms. “Besides, it’s not like the Italian was a good person or anything, probably had Finn shooting him in the head coming.”
Michael turned to stare at his cousin. “You’re a horrible person.”
Y/N sighed, nodding. “I know, it keeps me awake at night.”
“I didn’t mean to kill him!” Finn suddenly yelled. “It was self-defence.”
“What the fuck is happening in here?” Polly asked walking in and glaring at them all.
“Finn killed an Italian, Tommy’s pissed off at us – nothing new there - and apparently I’m a horrible person,” Y/N replied.
“Not to mention you won’t answer any questions,” Michael added, twirling his pen between his fingers.
Y/N clicked her fingers and pointed at him. “That too.”
Polly sighed. “I’ve been gone three hours.”
“What happens if they find out I killed him?” Finn asked.
“Who?” Y/N turned to look at him, frowning.
“The mafia!” Finn exclaimed. “I killed one of their own, they’re going to hunt me down and kill me,” Finn muttered, spiralling. “Oh god.”
“Alright, sit down,” Arthur said, shoving Finn into a chair and handing him a glass of whiskey. “I’m not gonna let you die, alright.”
Y/ N groaned. “God, can’t you at least think about it?” She asked, looking at Arthur lovingly. “For me?”
“I refer to my earlier statement,” Michael muttered.
“Oh, cry me a river, Michael,” Y/N snapped.
“Oi!” Tommy yelled. “We’re getting off topic. Y/N, since we all know you are a fucking terrible influence on Finn, you’re coming with me to dispose of the body.”
“Oh, no, thank you, it’s rather gory, disposing,” Y/N replied, shaking her head. “I might faint.”
Tommy raised his eyebrows, staring at her incredulously. “You faint at the sight of blood?”
“No, but I might at the sight of a chopped off arm!” She exclaimed.
“Y/N, stay here and keep quiet for once,” Arthur muttered, shaking his head as John laughed.
“If I could give you a grade on how profoundly you disturb me,” Michael said, looking at Y/N, “You’d be an A+ student.”
Y/N smiled gratefully at her cousin. “Aw, thanks Michael.”
John laughed again as Polly shook her head, slightly amused. Tommy groaned, hanging his head in despair.
“Right, Arthur and I will deal with Moss,” Tommy said, rubbing his face. “Y/N, stay here and try not cause any more chaos.”
“I wasn’t even the one to shoot him, Tommy!” Y/N exclaimed. “What the fuck?!”
“Yeah, alright,” Tommy said, waving a hand at her. “Stay here and let Michael teach you something useful, ok?”
“Yeah sure, we’ll do the alphabet, shall we Michael? Start with F end with U,” Y/N snapped, glaring at her brother.
Tommy glared back at his sister. “You’ll be lucky if I don’t end up shooting you at this rate.”
Arthur stepped forward, grabbing his sister by the shoulder. “Think you can answer some questions without the usual level of sarcasm?”
“If you ask them without the usual level of stupid, Arthur.”
Polly chuckled quietly. “Y/N,” she said warningly, her eyes betraying her amusement at her niece.
“So, you’re asking me to tell you what I wouldn’t not tell you,” Y/N asked, looking at her older brothers.
Arthur blinked. “First of, I have no fucking clue what you just said.”
“Secondly,” Tommy said, cutting in, “how about you just let us help you?”
“Well, it wasn’t me who killed him.”
“Well, I don’t know how to help you help me tell you something that would help if I don’t know it,” Y/N replied.
Tommy groaned. “Are you doing this on purpose?”
Y/N smirked, crossing her arms. “Possibly.”
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Part II Wed By Candlelight (The Portrait of the Secret Bride)
Supercorp The Corpse Bride AU
Kara’s dreams that night are turbulent. She could attribute it to the fact that she’d had to endure dinner with Mon-El’s mother, but it’s far worse than any nightmare even Rhea could induce.
She dreams of her lady’s brother, returning home the prodigal son. But she knows of the atrocities Lex Luthor is said to have committed, of the wife and child he had left dead in his wake -- and Kara doesn’t want him anywhere near her lady. She can see the war Lena wages between her good judgment and her good heart, can see her vacillating between her love for her brother and her own instincts.
But Kara, who has no such attachment to him, sees how he brings nothing but discord and chaos into their lives. And she’s right.
Over dinner, he announces his plan to restore the Luthor name and fortune -- by promising Lena in marriage to his new business associate, a man named Morgan Edge.
It’s the first time she’s ever seen her lady truly angry. Lena’s fury emanates from her lithe frame in cold waves as she stands from the dinner table, straight-backed and proud, facing Lex with glacial eyes that burn with pent-up rage, before she throws her glass of wine in his face.
The second they’re locked in her room, Lena grasps Kara’s arms with desperate fingers. “We need to leave.”
“I can’t stay here, Kara. Not like this. Not when he intends to shackle me to a man like Morgan Edge. I met him once, and that was enough. He’s a despicable cockroach of a man. I cannot stay here and marry him, Kara. I will not.”
Kara hears the steel in her lady’s voice, and loves her for it. She opens her arms and Lena melts into her, lips touching her throat, soft words murmured against her skin. “I won’t marry anyone but you.”
Kara huffs a small laugh against Lena’s hair. “Somehow I don’t think the Bishop will approve of that.”
“I don’t care. Hang the Bishop.” Lena smiles when Kara laughs again. She pulls away slightly, just enough for Kara to see the brilliant clarity in her eyes. “And hang the Luthors. Let them rot in this miserable place. We’ll leave them here. You and I can go somewhere we can be together.”
Kara’s heart pounds like a drum, and she takes one of Lena’s hands in hers. “You’d leave your family to be with me?”
“In a heartbeat.”
Joy bubbles up in Kara’s chest, almost dispelling the heaviness that had settled there since hearing of Lex’s plans. “We could go to Kandor. My cousin lives there with his wife, they might have a place for us.”
Lena rests her temple against Kara’s, her lips brushing softly against her hair. “As long as I’m with you.”
Kara sighs, and the two of them stay that way for a long moment. It feels as if they are standing at a precipice, with the threat of Lena’s family surrounding them and the terrifying exhilaration of the unknown before them, freedom just within reach.
“I’ll leave for Kandor at dawn, to make sure Kal can make a place for us.” Kara brings Lena’s hand up to her lips, pressing a kiss to her fingers in lieu of a ring. “I will come back for you, I promise.”
And Kara somehow, somehow, knows that this is the last night she will spend with Lena.
The dream shifts, and Kara finds herself in the dark of night, the wind whipping across her face. The horse she is riding on snorts in exertion as she urges the animal as fast as it can go.
There’s a fierce desperation in the way she grips the reins. She doesn’t know where she’s going, all she knows is that it’s a matter of life and death that she get there in time.
There’s a wound on her side that burns, but she just presses on it and keeps riding. Bruises have bloomed over her knuckles. Blood dripping from her eyebrow and an accompanying wave of dizziness tells her that she also has a head wound, but she grits her teeth and forces herself to stay on her seat. Nothing is more important than getting to her destination.
“Kara, we have to stop.” A man appears in her field of vision, riding alongside her. Something in her recognizes him as Kal, her cousin. “You’re bleeding too much.”
“No!” She protests violently, her voice breaking in the whipping wind “If Lex’s men found us, that means Lex knows that Lena and I were planning to run away. He’s going after her, Kal. We have to get to her first!”
She leans forward, urging her horse faster still.
Only, she never gets to her destination, because the dream shifts again, and this time, instead of a mount, Kara finds herself sitting at a desk, in a small, unfamiliar room.
Beside her, Kal’s son, Jon is sleeping peacefully in his cradle. On the table, at her elbow, is a solitary candle, its flickering flame casting a familiar thin light on Kara’s bowed form.
“Lena.” Her voice is little more than a whispered sob. The candlelight brings back too many bittersweet memories that make Kara’s heart ache and crumble, as if it’s dying a living death inside the cavity of her chest. “Lena…”
Kara swallows back a sob and wipes away the tears that blur her vision. She’s worked with less light before, she reminds herself, as she bends over the small locket, painstakingly recording every detail she can remember. She works ceaselessly and without the need for sleep, as if it were possible to bring her lady back to life with each brush stroke.
She knows -- She knows it’s impossible to bring her back. She knows it’s impossible to capture the warmth of her smile or the soft steel of her voice in a miniature portrait, she knows, but each brush stroke feels like a penance, a way to keep her alive.
When she’s finished, Kara seals it within the necklace. A secret only she knows.
This time, Kara all but forces herself awake.
She scrambles out of bed, nearly waking Mon-El in her haste. The floor is cold under her bare feet, but she doesn’t care. She scurries out of the room and down to the foyer where she’d left her coat.
Her hand plunges into the coat pocket and she triumphantly fishes out the antique necklace her mother had left her.
The exact same necklace in her dream.
Quickly, she retrieves a knife from the kitchen and pries it open as carefully as she can. It’s a painstaking process, trying not to damage a two hundred year old piece of jewelry, but finally, Kara’s efforts pay off.
The necklace opens to reveal the portrait Kara had seen in her dream -- a faithful likeness of Lena Luthor in miniature.
For the first time, it occurs to Kara that this is the only time she’s seen Lena outside of her dreams and their encounters. This solitary portrait is proof that Lena had lived. That she had been loved.
Kara’s breath leaves her in a rush, as she slowly realizes what this is.
A lover’s final gift, her penance, handed down her family for generations, from one bride to another, with the secret bride who never was inside.
She doesn’t quite know how she feels. It’s a lot to process, and it’s truthfully been a mad whirlwind of the past few days that barely seems real. She looks down at the locket in her hand. Lena’s face smiles up at her, the painting so devotedly true to her likeness, it almost feels like she’s alive.
Well, Kara thinks. If she’s doing this, she might as well go all in. They say every bride goes crazy before the wedding, after all.
Before she can talk herself out of it, Kara grabs her coat and shoves her feet into her boots. She spares a few seconds to root around for a flashlight in the hallway closet before setting out the door.
The air is chilly as she hurries along the familiar overgrown path. Somehow it’s less tranquil and more scary walking along the trail in the middle of the night, with the wind rustling through the trees and insects chirping.  The serenity she’d felt before is gone in the oppressive darkness. In the night, everything seems much more ominous, formless shadows flitting around her, the night sounds loud in her ears. The leaves crunching under her feet feel more ominous than comforting now, and Kara finds herself jumping at every sound.
She draws her coat tighter around herself as she nears the graveyard, her flashlight illuminating a narrow beam of light that plays menacingly over the tombstones.
“Lena? Are you there?”
Kara’s voice is a tentative whisper, and she feels stupid. It’s cold, it’s the middle of the night, and she’s in a graveyard, looking for a ghost. Her steps falter, and she sighs, rubbing her arms to stave off the cold. Maybe it’s time to go home.
She turns to leave, but a familiar voice wisps in the wind behind her, making her shiver.
“You came.”
Kara whirls around to see Lena’s pale form behind her. The eerie silver radiance of her skin in the darkness makes her look otherworldly. But the dark red stains on the white of her red seem unnervingly real. Like Kara could touch the mortal wound on her abdomen and still feel the pulsing of blood within.
It reminds Kara of why she’s here.
Her fingers close around the locket around her neck, and she steps forward, closer to Lena. “I did. I… I think I can help you, Lena. I think I know what happened all those years ago.”
“What?” Lena’s voice is thin and hesitant, as though she can scarcely believe Kara’s words. “How--?”
“I see it. In my head, in my dreams every night. I see you and Kara. I’ve seen the love you had for each other, and I’ve seen -- so many things, but I need your help. I don’t have the whole story, there’s a side of it that’s missing, and it’s you.”
“I - I don’t understand, Kara.”
“What do you remember from the night you died?”
“I - I don’t… I don’t remember. So much of it is a fog in my mind...” Lena turns away from Kara, her hands flying to her temples. “It’s been so long. I’ve been waiting so long…”
Kara clutches the locket around her neck. “You have to remember. Please, Lena, remember. Because I have pieces of the puzzle, but you have the key to it. Try, please…. Look, you said you were waiting for Kara. But were you alone?”
“I… I think so. I’ve been alone for so long…”
“What about that night? That night you died?” Kara presses on, her hands coming up, wanting to take Lena’s arms, but she knows that there’s no body there to touch, so she lowers her hand. “You said the place where you were waiting wasn’t a graveyard then. What was it?”
“I - no, it wasn’t, I --” Lena’s voice is becoming higher, panicked and confused. Her beautiful face is lost and frightened. “I don’t know!”
Kara knows she’s pushing too far, and her instinct to comfort and soothe comes to the fore. She reaches out to touch Lena, and before she can remember that Lena is dead -- has been dead for two hundred years -- her hand comes up to touch her shoulder.
She touches nothing, but for a second -- less than a heartbeat -- her fingers meet resistance at the curve of Lena’s shoulder when there should only be empty air.
In that instant, everything changes. A shock comes through the end of Kara’s fingertips, and all at once everything turns white.
As the light blinds her, Kara hears voices in her ear. “Lex is watching, and the trip to Kandor is five days long. I can’t risk you leaving until I know there’s a safe place for us there. I promise you, Lena, I will come back for you.”
An unfamiliar voice. This time, a woman’s. “Lex has informed me that Morgan Edge is arriving tomorrow. This wedding must proceed smoothly, Lena. This is what you and I have been working for your whole life. What have I always told you? Everything I do, I do for you and our family…. We are so close, my dear. Everything we have lost will be restored to us. The Luthor name shall be revered once more, and we can become a family again.”
When the blinding light fades, Kara finds herself in the same old room in Luthor Manor where she and Lena slept. Except the sanctity of the tiny dark room has been violated by another.
Lena is dressed in immaculate white lace, flowers at her breast and in her hair. She looks beautiful and terrible at the same time.
Lex has her by the arm, his face a cold snarl above her as he holds up one of the wine glasses from the dinner table. His hand is wrapped around Lena’s forearm, and Kara rushes forward to rip him off of her, but there’s no use. Her hand passes through Lex, and he continues to sneer menacingly at Lena.
“You’ve never been poisoned before, have you, little sister? Well, I have. Arsenic has a very mild odor.” He holds up the glass to her face before throwing it across the room. Lena stiffens, but she doesn’t flinch. “Usually, one would never recognize it, but I know because my bitch of a wife put it in my drink the night she left me, sneaking off like a frightened little rat, just like you were planning to.”
Lex bares his teeth. “You women, you’re all fools. None more than you, baby sister. You couldn’t even think of a different plan.”
“I did.”
Lena’s free hand subtly disappears within the folds of her dress. As Kara watches, she silently withdraws a knife hidden within her dress and swiftly stabs it into Lex’s side. Lex yells in pain and his eyes widen as Lena twists the handle and pulls the knife out for good measure.
Lex groans as Lena pushes him off of her and leaves him lying on the ground. She gives him one last look, her eyes full of pain and cold anger. “Good bye, Lex.”
Without another backwards glance, Lena draws her cloak around her shoulders and all but flies to the stables. Her horse is there, ready and saddled, and she rides swiftly away from Luthor Manor.
Kara recognizes the path she takes. It’s the same path she’s taken away from the Inze house, the one that leads to the graveyard, and at once, her stomach is filled with dread. She wants to scream at Lena to take a different road, but Lena can’t hear her.
The dread worsens into full panic when she hears hoof beats growing louder and louder near them. She sees the same terror in Lena’s eyes when another horse cuts her path, and the mare she’s riding on rears up in fright.
“Lena!” Kara screams as Lena is thrown off the horse, her head hitting the ground hard. But Lena can’t hear her. She moans feebly on the ground, the back of her head covered in blood. She hangs onto her consciousness, and Kara watches fearfully as Lena tries valiantly to get up.
Behind her, Lex dismounts from his horse, his entire right side blooming red with blood from Lena’s knife. He advances toward her, hand on his side, and Lena stumbles, pulling herself away from him on her arms.
Kara frantically tries what she can to help, even though she knows it’s useless. Her hands can’t pull Lena up or beat Lex away as he drops onto one knee beside her struggling form. A glint of a blade is the only warning Kara gets before the blade Lena had used to stab Lex drives into her body now, and all of Lena’s breath comes out in a choked scream.
“You couldn’t just do what I asked, could you, Lena? Everything would have been perfect, little sister. Our fortunes restored, the Luthor name once again redeemed and exalted, and you would have been set for life.” Lex hisses in her face, flecks of his blood spitting from his mouth to her cheek. “But you had to go and spread your legs for some servant girl like a filthy whore!”
Lena closes her eyes, tears trickling down her face, and Lex laughs mirthlessly at her, voice lowering to a dangerous mutter.
“And where is she now, Lena? Where is your faithful Kara? She never came back for you, did she? You’re about to die, little sister. You’re going to bleed out in this godforsaken road, and she’s not here. You’re all alone.”
Kara screams at him, beats her ineffectual fists at him as he struggles to his feet, away from Lena, dropping her body on the side of the road. Kara drops to her knees beside her fading form, frantically trying to place her hands on her abdomen, as if she could close the wound herself. “Lena…. Lena….”
Her hands can do nothing. Unlike before, there is no resistance when she tries to touch Lena, her hands simply grasp thin air, even though the jagged wound on Lena’s stomach is terrifyingly real. Lena chokes on blood and air, and she can’t see Kara’s pleading face as she mouths her last word.
All at once, the light blinds Kara again, and she’s wrenched away from Lena. She screams and tries to reach out, but to no avail.
When the light fades, she finds herself in the woods again, this time astride a horse, with Kal by her side. 
She spies the limping form of Lex Luthor between the trees, blood trailing behind him, and she feels white-hot rage surge through her veins. She dismounts from her horse and lunges at him, dragging his broken body forward.
“Kara!” Kal’s voice tries to stop her, but Kara is beyond all reason.
She fists her hands into his bloodied collar and shakes him. “Where’s Lena??”
Vaguely, Kara realizes that she’s no longer seeing Lena’s memories, but Kara’s. The realization is lost when Lex laughs, and she wants to tear the smile from his face.
“You're too late.” Lex sneers, blood and spittle flying from his mouth, his face contorted in a terrible smile. “She’s dead.”
Kara finally screams her rage in his face. “You’re lying!! Where is she??!”
Lex doesn’t answer, just laughs and laughs. She wants to kill him, she could so easily finish the job, but she has to find Lena first. 
She leaves Lex with Kal, and follows the trail of blood, her stomach turning and her heart pounding in her throat. From a distance, Kara can see where the trail ends, to a pool of blood and a lifeless figure dressed in white.
She screams. And screams.
It feels never-ending.
Everything shifts again, and Kara weeps against it, wanting this to end.
It doesn’t.
When everything rights itself again, Kara is standing in front of the old Luthor Manor. It’s in terrible condition, the west wing has caved in. Its shutters are broken and its windows empty. Like the family it served, it is dead now.
“There’s nothing left here, Kara.” Kal tells her “We should go. There’s nothing for you here.”
Kara shakes her head, resolute. “Not yet. I have a promise to keep.”
Their room is in disrepair. The bed they shared their love on is lifeless and broken, just like her lady. Kara grips the dusty sheets, tears slipping silently down her face. She would howl her grief out if she could. If she could, she would scream and yell and rage for the woman she loved and lost. 
But she can’t. Her grief is too far beyond that.
So instead she drops the sheets and bends down to retrieve her oils and paints from their hiding spot in the floor. Nothing else in this room is retrievable, but this -- the last gift Lena gave to her -- is sacred.
That night, with great effort, she lifts the brush again. She can’t paint Lena’s face anymore. It hurts too much. That wound will never heal, but she can seal it within the necklace and place it above her heart.
Instead, Kara paints everything and anything else. She lets the brushes guide her, instead of her guiding them.
For a long time, she paints only in blacks of night and reds of blood and browns of earth covering the dead. She paints in slashes and heavy strokes that demand the weight of grief. 
Sometimes the brush becomes too heavy in her hand, and she yearns to put it down, but Kara made a promise, and she is the only one left to keep it for -- herself, and the memory of a dead girl -- so she persists.
And then one day, baby Jon comes toddling into her room, burbling nonsensically around the fist in his mouth. 
He waddles unsteadily toward her, tripping into her dress. She catches him with a small oof! And he laughs as a streak of paint smears his cheek. His hand splatters into her paints and he smears them over Kara too, making her chuckle. 
They make a little game out of it, smearing paint all over each other, and Kara opens the brighter colors that catch his eye. Soon, both Kara and baby are smeared with greens and yellows and blues and pinks. She opens the colors that had been Lena’s favorites, and she lets Jon smear them onto her face.
She’s just teaching the baby how to mix paints to get orange when Lois catches them red-handed in the middle of their mess.
But instead of scolding them, Lois sees the first smile Kara has cracked in months and she shakes her head at both of them, chuckling, and marches them both off to get a bath.
And so Kara heals. 
Slowly, and in small steps forward and many falls backward. But she learns to live again. She learns to build her life around the cavern in her heart.
Lois gives one of her paintings to her sister Lucy as a gift, and it hangs in Lucy’s sitting room for a while, until one of her guests, an illustrious and irrepressible widow named Lady Grant, sees the painting and offers to purchase it from Lucy on the spot.
Lady Grant proceeds to commission an entire series of paintings from Kara, and Kara rapidly acquires more patrons who marvel at her paintings, and praise her on the depth and emotion behind her work. 
“One cannot help but be moved by them, by you, Kara.” Lady Grant tells her once in a rare moment of candid compassion.
Through it all, she never forgets her promise.
When, years later, she stands underneath an arch of white flowers -- plumerias, her lady's favorite -- Lois asks what her “something borrowed” is for the wedding, Kara doesn’t answer her. 
Instead, Kara silently answers the woman in the portrait, sitting hidden in the necklace above her heart.
“My heart. It will never be owned by another, merely borrowed. He may become my husband, but my heart will always, always belong to you, Lena.”
“Kara… Kara, wake up.”
Kara opens her eyes to see Lena’s face hovering over hers. The ground is cold and hard underneath her, sprinkled lightly with dew. Kara blinks rapidly a few times. It’s morning now, still early if the light is anything to go by, and the first rays of the sun are just brightening the horizon.
“Kara…” Lena’s eyes are relieved as she sits up, but her voice still holds a touch of concern. Her fingers hover lightly over Kara’s shoulder, touching but not quite touching. “Are you alright?”
“Do you… Do you remember now?”
Lena looks away from her, her eyes downcast and pained. Her voice breaks on a single word “Yes, I remember. I died on this road, and Kara, she never came. I was alone.”
“No.” Kara surges forward, ducking her head to get Lena to meet her eyes. “She came back for you. She… she may have been too late, but she came back. She never forgot you, Lena, not for the rest of her life. And she never forgot her promise.”
Lena finally meets her gaze, her eyes full of sorrow and hope long held back.
“Come with me. Let me show you.”
The path feels long and full of the things Kara knows now, but she and Lena walk through it side by side. Kara wishes she could hold Lena’s hand, but she settles for letting her fingers brush the outline of Lena’s.
She takes Lena back to her ancestral home, and opens the doors for her. The morning sun is just high enough now for the light to filter beautifully through the vast windows, painting the rooms with warmth. 
“She made this home for you, Lena.” Kara turns to the other woman, who finally steps through the threshold with a look of wonder in her eyes. “All those years ago, Kara promised you she would build you a house filled with light and warmth, and she did. She built it from the ruins of the house where you first shared your love, and she’s kept it for you all these years.... All the women in my family -- every daughter that passed through these halls, every bride that said their vows here, all the way down to my Mother who was married here and left this place to me -- every single one has kept it.... And it was all for you.”
Kara takes the locket on her chest and opens it to show Lena the portrait her Kara made of her. “She kept you in her heart until she was ready to give you to her daughter at her wedding day. She was never able to be with you, but don’t you see...? Every time this necklace passed from one bride in this family to the next, she gave you her vows and she kept you alive.”
A strange sense of peace washes through Kara as she leads Lena through the halls of her family’s home. Lena’s home.
Lena touches the walls of the house, the flowers adorning the staircase, with reverent hands. There are tears on her face, but she is smiling as steps into the light filtering through the windows. She closes her eyes and turns her face to the light, as if she can feel its warmth. Kara stands next to her, feeling her heart fill at the sight of Lena in the home she was promised.
“Your brother cursed you with his last words when he made you believe she would never come back. That you were all alone. He kept you bound to your sadness for so long, but Lena…. your Kara loved you so much that her love for you spanned generations. You don’t have to let his words keep you bound. You can choose to be free.”
Lena’s eyes open slowly, and as Kara watches, her face becomes radiant, awash with blinding love and emotion.
“I…… I see her. I see Kara.” Lena’s reverent voice breaks into a breathless sob. “She says she’s been waiting for me.” 
Lena turns back to her one last time, tears of joy shining in her eyes, and Kara knows she will never see her again. “Thank you.”
For a long moment, Lena glows so brightly that the light blinds Kara’s eyes. By the time her eyes open, the light is gone. 
And so is Lena.
Kara stands quietly in the middle of the room and takes a long inhale. The melancholia of the past few days is gone. Even the anxiety of the last few weeks seems to have fallen off her shoulders. Instead, she just feels a lightness in her whole body, and a clarity of thought she hasn’t known in a long time.
“Kara?” Alex’s voice comes from behind her, concerned, and Kara turns slowly to face her. “Are you okay?”
Kara huffs a small laugh and beams at her. “Yeah, I really am.”
Alex moves to stand beside her. She’s still in her pajamas, and there’s a quiet sort of hesitation in the way she approaches Kara, all sisterly concern. 
Kara smiles warmly at her and offers her hand. Alex takes it and they both look out the vast windows.
“I can’t go through with this wedding, Alex.”
Her sister turns toward her, studying her with a protective eye. When all she sees on Kara’s face is contentment and a tranquil sense of calm, Alex nods. “I know.”
“You do?”
“I could kinda tell.” Alex shrugs and gives her a knowing look. “You’re my sister, I know you. I was just waiting for you to tell me.”
“Does Eliza know?”
“Knowing her, she probably does.”
“Well, then.” Kara inhales long and deep. “I guess the only one left to tell is Mon-El.”
“Why am I not surprised that your groom is the last to know that he’s not gonna be a groom after all?”
By SorrowsFlower
This was so fucking hard to write (I actually had most of it written up but it was hard to join them all up together, but it JUST WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE). There is an epilogue of sorts to this, but I think y’all can probably see it coming, so I might as well not write it lol.
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thelukealvez · 2 years
Luke Alvez x Reader: Thanksgiving Dinner
Description: You invite Luke home for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: none
A/N: sorry i suck at updating! but here’s a fluffy thanksgiving fic.  i hate this holiday, but love luke so enjoy!!! (obviously this fic is pre Covid times, so keep ur distance and stay at home y’all)
Tumblr media
“It’s just dinner, Luke! And my family really wants to meet you. Please?” You beg again, sitting up again to look into Luke’s eyes pleadingly. The two of you were cuddled up in Luke’s apartment watching a rerun of a show you’d already seen.  You had one of his throw blankets wrapped around you, but still shivered.  Luke always kept his apartment freezing.  Something to do with the fact that he was literally a human furnace.   
“Thanksgiving dinner is supposed to be a family thing,” Luke sighs. “I don’t want to impose.  Why can’t we just do dinner any other day?” He asks. You frown at him, and furrow your eyebrows, your signature sign of annoyance. 
You had only been dating Luke for about six months now, but Luke can read you like an open book.  He knows all of your little expressions and mannerisms.
“Because,” you groaned, like that’s the only explanation you need to give. Luke raises his eyebrows, so you continue.
“Because that’s the only time my whole family will be there and I want you to meet all of them,” you huffed, falling back against Luke’s headboard, a few inches between the two of you now. “I don’t understand why you won’t just come.” 
“Baby,” Luke chuckles, reaching over and pulling you back into his side, like you had been sitting just a moment ago. 
When your frown doesn’t go away, Luke sighs. “Okay.”
“Okay?” you ask. 
“Okay, I’ll do Thanksgiving.”
You smile smugly, and lean back into Luke’s side. “Thank you,” you murmured.  Luke gives your side a slight squeeze.
“You're lucky I like you so much,” Luke chuckles. 
Luke straightens his shirt in the mirror one more time, making sure his hair is intact and his shirt wasn’t too wrinkly. He really, really wants your family to like him, and if he doesn’t look perfect or say exactly the right thing, he knows he’ll blow it.
He’s gone with a dark blue button down, one of your favorites. He picked out his best pair of pants and even trimmed his beard so that it looked clean and presentable.
There’s a knock on the door as soon as he’s finished tucking his shirt into his pants, and he lets out a long breath before he goes to answer it. He checks his teeth in the mirror beside the coat closet before he opens the door, finding you waiting for him in the hallway.
You both just kind of stare at each other for a long moment.
You have on a white sweater and dark pants.  Your hair sits perfectly on top of your head in a big bun.
Luke breaks the silence first, reaching out to pull you into his chest.  He kisses you softly. “You look great,” he murmurs against your lips.
“So do you,” you whispered. “We’re gonna be late if we don’t get going now. Are you ready?” you asked, reaching for Luke’s hand when he nods. Luke allows you to lead him down the hall and to the elevator, and then out to his car.
The two of you pull up to your parents house an hour later, you’re quick to undo your seatbelt and climb out of the car. There are already several other cars in the driveway, and Luke tries to guess who might already be here as you walk him up to the front door.
There’s a wreath already hung on the door as you ring the doorbell. Luke squeezes your hand tight, making you turn around and look up at him in amusement.
“Are you nervous?” you ask, smirking.
Luke shrugs, “A little bit,” he says.
“They’re going to love you,” you assure him and then the door swings open. 
You whirl around, grinning at the little girl in the doorway. Luke recognizes her as one of your cousins from the countless pictures he’s been shown, but he isn’t sure which one she is.
“Hey bug,” you say excitedly, and the little girl jumps excitedly. She runs the few steps it takes to close the distance and jumps into your arms, hugging you tightly around your neck. Luke’s heart melts as he watches you twirl around the porch with her a bit, before putting her down and letting her run back inside. 
“That was Kate,” you tell him before taking his hand in yours.  Luke nods, already storing the information in his long term memory. 
You lead Luke inside, just in time to hear Kate announce to the whole house that you and your “cute boyfriend” were there.  Luke smiles at that and you look up at him with the widest crinkly-eyed grin, leading him around the corner to the kitchen.  
Luke was not prepared for the crowd of people gathered as soon as they turned the corner. 
There’s a male that looks just like you sitting on a stool at the bar, with a double version of himself sitting next to him.  Luke immediately recognizes them as your twin brothers.  He knew their names, but couldn't for the life of him, tell who was who.  Kate has found two other young kids, around the same age as her, and all three of them are clawing at the dress of a woman who Luke presumes is their mother.  
There’s an older woman stirring something in a pot on the stove, and another, younger woman sipping from a wine glass and holding a baby. In the attached living room three men sit on the couch, a football game on the flatscreen TV. 
Luke is a bit overwhelmed by the chaos of it all, but when you squeeze his hand a little bit tighter, he feels like he can breathe again.  You quietly start pointing out who is who before actually bringing him around the room.
He learns that your twin brothers were named Caleb and Elliot.  He also learns that Caleb has his hair parted down the middle of his head, whereas Elliot’s was just combed back.  
He learns that the woman stirring the pot on the stove was your mother, and the woman getting mauled by all the young kids was your Aunt Christine, and that her three kids were named Kate, Emily, and James. The woman nursing her glass of wine was your older sister, Caroline, and that the baby she was cradling was your three month old nephew.  Her husband was one of the three men sitting on the couch.  The other two being your uncle Mark and your grandfather.
“The one in the war?” 
You nod. 
Christine is the one that makes the obligatory new-comer to the family joke about there being a test later on who is who, and when your mother has finally put the turkey in the oven, she turns around to get a good look at Luke.
“So,” she begins, wiping her hands on a tea towel and untying her apron. “You’re the famous Luke that my baby talks endlessly about every time she calls home.” You throw her a look, one that clearly means stop- but Luke just laughs softly and squeezes your hand again.
“Yeah, that’s me,” Luke grins. 
“So Luke,” your sister pipes up. “What do you do?”
Luke hesitates.  His job was slightly unconventional, so he always just assumed you would have told them about it.  
“I work for the Bureau,” he states nonchalantly, but he notices the hush that falls over the room. 
“The FBI?” your sister asks. 
Luke bites his lip and nods. 
“Is that like the police?” one of the little kids asks. 
Luke nods, smiling, “Yeah, I work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”
There’s a blank silence- Luke interprets it as no one knows what the hell that meant. 
He clarifies.  
“I study criminal behavior to assist in investigations.”
The whole kitchen remains quiet. Luke feels his stomach drop, as he suddenly starts wondering if he said something wrong.  He notices you flinch, digging nails into the back of his hand until someone breaks the silence.
“Y/N,” says your grandfather from the couch, and everyone turns to look at him. “Is that boy a cop?”
“He’s not a cop,” you say. “He’s FBI.  There’s a difference.”
Luke turns to look at you, lips parted in surprise. Clearly he was missing something here, as the tension grew thicker. 
“You’re dating a cop?” He asks, standing right in front of the two of you now. 
Luke lets go of your hand and wipes it hastily on his pants. 
“He’s not a cop, he’s-”
“He’s a cop,” your grandfather sighs, he doesn’t seem mad, more disappointed. “After what your family has been through, I figured you’d know better.”
Luke looks between you and your grandfather uncomfortably before taking a step back towards the entryway of the kitchen. 
“I- uh-” Luke stammers.  “I didn’t mean to offend anyone-”
“You didn’t,” your mother pipes in finally.  “Dad- that’s enough.”
“Okay,” he says, putting his hands up in defense.  But the malice was still there.
Luke takes another step back.  “Maybe I should go- I don’t mean to impose.” He takes another few steps before turning around altogether. 
He hears you scoff harshly.  “Nice going.”
You chase after him, grabbing Luke’s hand and pull him straight out the front door. Luke stands off to the side of the yard, pinching harshly at his own nose.
You reach for Luke with an apologetic look on your face. Luke opens his mouth before you can, though, spitting out the words that are probably on everyone else’s mind right now.
“I should leave,” he says, taking a step back when you reach for him again. “They hate me. I knew I shouldn’t have come in the first place. I’ll call an Uber home, you can take the car.” he mutters, turning away and reaching into his pocket for his phone.
“Luke,” you argue, pulling his arm down. Luke groans, refusing to meet your gaze. 
“You’re not leaving,” you say. “They don’t hate you, not at all. They haven’t even gotten to know you yet, and they’re absolutely not going to hate you because of your job, of all things. My Grandfather is just a little crazy, but he’ll get over it, I swear,” you assure him.
“Why didn’t you tell them I was in the FBI in the first place, if you talk about me to your mom so much? Kind of a defining feature, I would think,” he grumbles, stepping back and crossing his arms over his chest. 
“Uh, it didn’t come up?” you offer. Luke rolls his eyes.
“Did it have to?” He asks, voice dripping with annoyance.
You finally sigh, rolling your eyes and running your hand through your hair. “Alright, my dad was a cop. Right here in Baltimore.  He died when I was thirteen. Shot in the line of duty. So we had to grow up without him. I didn’t tell them you were a cop because I knew that if I did my mom would wanna talk about my dad, and I didn’t want to talk about my dad.”
There’s a long, heavy silence before you sigh.  
“I’m sorry, I should’ve told her,” you admit, shoulders slumping slightly. “I didn’t think any of them would react like this. I guess it’s still a little raw.”
Luke takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, letting that all sink in. He can see why your family might be a little cautious. Because all that hurt that your family had to deal with must have really been awful.
“You never told me that.  I’m sorry that happened,” he says softly, reaching out to squeeze your hand. You look up at him hopefully, trying to lace your fingers together. 
“I promise, after like five minutes of getting to know you, they’re going to love you, just like I did, I promise.”
Your eyes widen at your sudden admission.  You look to Luke to see if he noticed your slip up.  His grin says it all.
“Love me, huh?” he asks slyly.  
You try to brush it off, but Luke’s not having it.  
He takes a step forward in the grass and gently touches your chin, he tilts it up so that you’re looking at him.  “I love you, too.” He says before pressing his soft lips to yours. 
When he pulls away, you bite back your smile.  “So you’ll try?” You ask. 
Luke nods his head and lets you tug him back inside the house.
“Luke,” your mother says softly and Luke freezes, looking up at her like a deer in the headlights. He can only imagine that she’s about to kindly ask him to leave.  “Oh, you poor thing, how rude you must think we are,” she says instead.  
Luke shakes his head.  “No ma’am,” he insists.  
“I’m not sure if Y/N has told you about her father, but he was a cop.  Sixteen years,” she stares off as if remembering him.  “He passed away in the line of duty. It was terrible- the kids having to grow up without their father.  And terrible for me to raise them without my husband.  I never wanted that for my kids.”
Luke’s chest tightens again. 
“But I’m so sorry about what my father said to you, and I want you to know that you are always welcome inside this house, because you obviously make my daughter very happy, and that makes me very happy,” she says, giving you a smile that looks so much like yours that it eases him just the same.
He releases the breath he was holding and lets himself smile, nodding quickly. “Thank you,” he says, giving your mother his most genuine smile.
“See? Told you she’d love you,” you say smugly.  
Luke chuckles softly.
During dinner, Luke works his charm and is able to wiggle his way into every family member's heart.  You marvel in awe as he’s able to carry on a conversation about football with your grandfather and uncle.  Luke knows a surprising amount about the Ravens- even though he’s a Patriots fan. After dinner, when they all gather in the living room to watch the game, Luke turns out to be as loud and passionate about football as the rest of the men, even with Kate seated on his thigh, because for some reason she will not let him put her down.
After dessert is over you and Luke finally start to say your goodbyes to everyone with promises to visit soon. 
By the time you get back to Luke’s apartment, you’re both too full and sleepy from the turkey to do much more than cuddle for a while.
“I told you my family would adore you,” you sigh.  “Even my grandfather warmed up to you by the end of the night. Everyone loves you. But I love you the most,” you say, clearly already drifting off to sleep.
Luke smiles to himself and presses a long kiss to the top of your head.
“I love you too,” he whispers softly, before letting himself drift off to sleep as well.
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harrysgoldenline · 3 years
hey🥺 can u pls write a blurb about harry getting jealous when u start talking and laughing with another guy. and then he starts acting like a baby but u reassure him that ur all his🥺🥺 i would love it thank u so much love ur writing is amazing
Thank you so much 💕💕💕 I really hope you like this! As always requests are always open so plz send in anymore ideas you have 💖
Harry was feeling insecure.
Thirty minutes ago he was confused, 15 minutes ago he was angry and now he was just kinda sad.
Harry and Y/N arrived to Glenne’s birthday a couple hours ago, glued to the hip as they made their way throughout the venue. The pair had been inseparable all night, although that came as no surprise to anyone, always one with the other as they chatted with friends, got drinks or danced.
That was until Samuel showed up, Glenne’s annoyingly handsome cousin who was some hot shot twenty four year old businessman.
He also hadn’t left Y/N alone.
Harry had left her side for probably only four minutes, running to the bathroom quickly and as he walked back into the large space, he saw his lovie throwing her head back laughing as the pair stood alone.
He watched from a distance, pretending to talk to Jeff as his eyes were glued on her, watching as she smiles up at him as he told her a story, his skin burning as he watched Samuel playfully nudged her shoulder, stepping closer to her when her eyes close as she laughs again.
The anger in him quickly subsided and he was replaced with insecurity, watching as this handsome man made her laugh and all he could think about was how much easier her life would be if she was with him.
Samuel could always be there for her. He could go with her wherever she would go and he wouldn’t have to leave her for months on end like Harry had to and Harry couldn’t help but think that Samuel would be better for her.
“Just go over there.” Jeff chuckled, gesturing over to Y/N with the beer in his hand, “You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve been saying, just staring at her.”
“I can’t.” Harry wearily spoke, “she deserves someone like him, someone who can always be there for her. I can’t be that! And anyways she’s having a good time and I would hate to ruin her fun-“
“Are you fucking insane!?” Jeff exclaimed with a laugh, shoving the mans shoulder, “I’ve never seen any two people more in love than you too. Go get your girl, you have nothing to be insecure about.”
Harry slowly nodded, setting his drink down in the table and rubbing his sweaty palms on his trousers, a shaky breath escaping him as he approached his love.
He felt silly feeling his heart race as he approached his girlfriend of two years as if it was going to be the first time he’d ever be speaking to the beautiful girl.
“Hi Y/N.” He shyly spoke, coming up next to the girl before glancing at Samuel, giving him a soft smile before turning back to her, “sorry, there was a long line in the bathroom.”
“That’s okay, Bubs.” She reassured, noticing his off behavior and intertwining their fingers, “Sam was just telling me some funny stories of him and Glenne when they were kids, I’m sure you have plenty!”
“Oh yeah I’ve got some.” He chuckles, shuffling a bit under Sam’s intense gaze, struggling to think of something.
Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, utterly confused by how much his demeanor had changed since before he went to the bathroom, not his usually confident and charismatic behavior. She looks up at him, giving him a questioning look before she apologizes to Sam and starts walking away, Harry following behind her like a lost puppy.
His eyes ran over her, staring at her bare back as it was exposed by the backless, custom made Gucci dress Harry had got for her, making her look like an angel.
She lead him out of the party, back into the coat room where the sound was drowned out through the walls, quickly turning to face him with a pout on her lips.
“What’s wrong?” She frowned, one hand raising to his hair as the other rests on his chest, gripping his jacket, “did something happen?”
He shrugged his shoulders, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her tight again his chest, “I need cuddles.” He whispered, “...do you like Sam more than me?”
“What?” She nearly laughed, forcing herself not to when she saw his teary eyes when she pulled back to look at him, “no! Not even close! I don’t know anything about him. I love you, Harry. Why would you even think that?”
“I don’t know.” He practically whimper, “you just were laughing with some much and you looked so happy... I just... a guy like that could always be there for you and I’ll never be able to be that, I’m always all over the place and busy and-“
Y/N cut him off, wrapping her arms right around him and snuggling her face in his chest, rubbing his back soothingly to try and pry the insecurity out of him. She goes up on her tiptoes, kissing his lips softly before moving into his jaw and wiping away the few stray tears.
“You’re my favorite person in the world, H. I wanna be with you forever. Nobody makes me happy or laugh as much as you do. I am so in love with you.” She sympathizes, “okay, Bubby?”
He sniffles and lets out a soft giggle, slowly pressing their lips together, arms going around her waist as hers go up to his shoulders. Harry pulls back, pressing a few kisses to her cheek before spinning her quickly, pressing her back against his chest causing her to let out a loud laugh.
“And I love you, angel, so so much.... will you dance with me?” He whispered down into her ear, hearing the slow song faintly playing as they still stood in the coat closet, already rocking her slowly as they started to dance.
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stanakin96 · 2 years
The High Crown - Obikin Royalty AU
Tumblr media
True love or the crown? A question Anakin thought he'd never have to answer.
Ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25884949/chapters/62899801
Summary: Every eye in the Kingdom of Tatooine is on their young prince, Anakin Skywalker, as he goes into an arranged marriage in order to claim his place as king. However, Anakin finds himself wishing things were different when he meets the dashing knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi. A connection is forged between the two men in the shadows, and thus, a burning attraction they simply cannot ignore. Love, secrecy, and lies all fall into the path of the young Prince Skywalker as he makes his way to his rightful place as king.
ch 1 & 2 under and on a03 <3
Chapter one - Prologue
In the land of Tatooine, a large country surrounded by sea and forest, there once lived a young prince called Anakin. He was devastating and gorgeous, often pretending he was not a prince, but a knight instead. He liked the workers more than his cousins, he hid in the kitchen cabinets to avoid his responsibilities, and often found himself in all sorts of trouble.
“Anakin, I know you’re in here,” called out Qui-Gon, a member of the royal guard who had elected to watch over Anakin.
“I know you don’t want to do this your grace,” Qui-Gon said, laying eyes on the young prince, at last.
It was the morning of his mother’s funeral. Anakin was roughly eleven, twelve if you directly asked him. Qui-Gon picked up a piece of bread that had been reserved for the funeral, broke it in half, and sat down at the table with the young prince. He handed him a slice, to which he took with suspicion.
“What if it gets on my funeral clothes?” Anakin asked, already taking a bite. Qui-Gon felt poorly for the boy, knowing that this day would likely live in his memory forever. Not as a son who’d lost his mother, but as the young, expectation-laden prince of Tatooine. Qui-Gon took a bite before replying.
“Then we’ll both have crumbs, I suppose.” Anakin quietly laughed at Qui-Gon, who was grateful more than anything to see him smile. After a moment’s rest, the two stood up and Anakin paced  closely behind Qui-Gon. He didn’t want to go to the funeral reception but would follow Qui-Gon anywhere he said to. Even before his mother had passed away, Qui-Gon had always taken care of him.
Without ever admitting it- Anakin was terrified.
He’d liked his mother very much. She had long, brown hair, always smelled of fruit, and knew exactly how to make him feel better. She didn’t see him as anything other than a boy, which Anakin greatly struggled with when finding worthwhile companions.
Anakin did all but take Qui-Gon’s had as they walked out to the courtyard, where the funeral reception was being held. He did the rounds with the general, begrudgingly saying hello to various royal representatives. He received wet, perfumed hugs from women he did not know, aggressive handshakes from tall, intimidating men. If everything had gone his way, he would have run off with Poe, a worker’s son that Anakin revered as his one and only friend close to his age.
After walking around with Qui-Gon, Anakin eventually grew tired and slipped away, anxious to get to his favorite hiding spot on the castle grounds. He ran up the cobblestone stairs to the tallest point in the castle, where archers and guards used to patrol while members of the royal family still lived there. Anakin reached the top, breath heavy from running and body warm from his heavy funeral clothing. He went directly to his spot at the ledge of the roof when he saw him, a boy.
The young prince quickly hid behind a pillar, hoping that the sound of his footsteps hadn’t alerted the stranger of his presence. He peered from behind the object, careful so that he would not see him. He was far older than Anakin, appearing to be eighteen at the very youngest. He had long, blond hair that hugged his face, and had perched himself at the edge, dangling his legs and looking down at the reception.
“You might come and talk with me if it would please you,” he said, his voice smooth and low. Anakin could feel something in his chest when he heard him but couldn’t quite place his finger on it. He’d never felt so nervous, not even when he’d spoken to adults.
The boy stood up, a solid foot and a half above Anakin. He wore a tight, black shirt and pants, he held out his hand to Anakin, “I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi.”
Anakin stood there, unable to move at the closeness of the stranger. He jerked out his hand to shake Obi-Wan’s, whose long fingers surrounded all of his hand. This interaction only made the young prince more nervous, as the feeling of Obi-Wan’s warm, strong hand around him made him feel odd. Perhaps he’d been stung by something or waved his hand too close to a lit candle.
“I’m Anakin,” he replied, softly, knowing that Obi-Wan’s entire demeanor would change once he knew who he was. A blip of silence filled the space between the two boys while Anakin waited for the inevitable, he looked down at his shoes.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Anakin. Would you like to sit with me?” Obi-Wan asked. Anakin looked up at him, still silent at the never-ending pressure of the boy’s attention.
Obi-Wan smiled at Anakin, “we don’t even have to talk if won’t have it, I promise,” Anakin quickly nodded at him, shocked at how normally he was being treated.
Usually, when people realized who he was; the motherless, pathetic Prince of Tatooine, they treated him like a glass object to be gawked at in a display case. Obi-Wan made him feel like just a boy. Nervous, but a boy none the less. The two walked toward the edge in silence and sat down only a few inches from each other, legs dangerously hanging off the edge.
“Are you a knight?” Anakin asked, looking up at Obi-Wan.
He smiled at the young prince, “I’m training to be one, actually,” Obi-Wan replied.
Anakin sighed loudly, “they won’t let me be a knight. What’s your training like?” Obi-Wan laughed quietly, his warm breath puffing clouds into the air before he began explaining to Anakin the going-abouts of his day.
Anakin smiled back at him; nobody he’d met before at any royal event had ever treated him so normally, made him feel quite so seen.
The pair talked until the reception was over, going back and forth from Anakin asking questions to Obi-Wan answering them, trying to change the subject, and Anakin immediately going back to his Knighthood. Anakin was sad when his new friend had to leave, save that he knew very little about him, and had only interacted with him for a few hours.
However, as the days progressed, Anakin couldn’t help but wonder about him when he saw the statues of armor lining the hallways. He couldn’t help it as thoughts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the knight in training, filled empty spaces in his mind as time and time went by.
Eight years passed as the country of Tatooine watched the young prince grow up. Every eye was on Anakin as he approached his twentieth birthday, the year he would take his mother’s spot as ruler of Tatooine. Whether or not he would like it, twenty would also be the year he was to be married.
He sat across from Qui-Gon as he had so many times before while they ate a quiet breakfast. Poe, Anakin’s valet, usually joined them. However, today he would be with the rest of the castle workers arranging for the visitors that would be arriving later in the day.
“You needn’t be nervous,” Qui-Gon said, bringing his usual cup of coffee up to his lips while he waited on Anakin to take anything more than a bite from his meal.
“I’ve never met her,” Anakin stopped and took a sip of his water, “Padmé.”
“Your betrothed?” Qui-Gon asked, witnessing Anakin’s body recoil in nerves at the statement.
“She’s not my betrothed,” Anakin said, wary of how bratty he must have sounded. He’d known this day was coming his entire life, it was not as though he’d gone unprepared for the day he’d enter into his arranged engagement. Which was a simpler way of describing an arranged marriage. Anakin wrapped his fingers around his cup and tapped the glass with his nails, “why do they call it an arranged engagement rather than an arranged marriage?”
Qui-Gon lifted his eyebrow at Anakin, “I know your tutors have explained this to you,” he took a final sip of his coffee. “Your royal advisors are not against you, they want you to be happy, so they have provided several months for you to get to know Padmé before you enter into a marriage.”
“Is the illusion of choice better than the discomfort of being forced to do something General?” Anakin asked, throwing his head back in his chair and pouting. Before Qui-Gon could get another word in, they heard a loud knocking at the kitchen door.
Poe walked into the room, dressed in his nicest clothing and dark hair gelled back. He looked at Anakin angrily, “do you not care what you look like when you meet the Princess of Naboo your highness?”
Anakin stood up to respond to him, knowing that he would soon be taken away to get ready with Poe. He stopped him, putting a hand on his shoulder and shaking his head, “don’t bother, come with me.” Anakin shot a quick wave at Qui-Gon as he left with Poe to get ready.
He stood in front of a tall mirror that was propped against the wall in his room as Poe slipped his jacket over his large shoulders. Anakin looked at himself, confused, wondering how it was he was allowed to be wearing clothing that looked like this. It was the coat of one of his uncles, he’d recognized it from the paintings in the hallway. It was a dark, velvet jacket with stamps of ornate designs rolling up the sleeves, so intricate that he looked as though he’d been steeped in gold. He furrowed his brow, questioning the judgment of whoever had allowed him to look so grown-up.
“Are you well your grace?” Poe asked, taking a comb to his hair briefly, knowing that Anakin would swipe it away in a matter of moments.
“I’m very well,” he responded, staying still so that Poe could fix the crown on his head. It was the only one he liked; small, brass-colored, and more reminiscent of his mother’s than anything that had been made for him. “Thank you,” he said, looking up at Poe.
Anakin was more than capable of getting himself dressed, but valued the time spent with Poe. There was also the fact that he could somehow never replicate how he felt when Poe dressed him with anybody but him. He’d been his only friend, save Qui-Gon, ever since he could remember.
“Are you ready, Prince Skywalker?” Poe asked, his use of Anakin’s formal title making him laugh. He always knew how to bring out the best of him.
“I suppose,” Anakin replied, admiring the designs on his coat, considering wearing it every day of the week that he was allowed. He stepped out into the hallway en route to the Grand Foyer, where Princess Amidala would be waiting to be formally introduced to Anakin, who was doing his best to calm his nervous heart. Something about today felt so different, he hadn’t quite felt like this since before. Like he was standing on the precipice of something that would change his world forever. After all, his marriage to Padmé would be the catalyst to his reign as King of Tatooine, a role he’d been preparing for his entire life.
He stopped at the double doors, where Qui-Gon was waiting for him. He wore his formal military attire; a look Anakin only saw at balls. As the retired General of the Tatooine royal guard, Qui-Gon was well decorated. The sound of trumpets echoed through the lonely hallway as Anakin walked through the room, Poe trailing at his coat like a guard dog.
Anakin opened his mouth to greet the princess, but found himself caught on a word the moment he saw her; Padmé Amidala.
She was beautiful, dark brown hair tied up in an intricate braid, a light blue ballgown draping off her shoulders like it would be a crime if anybody wore it other than her. She was stunning, encapsulating, and the object of Anakin’s undivided attention; had it not been for the man standing next to her.
“Good morning, princess,” Anakin said, taking her hand and placing a warm kiss on her knuckles. Anakin could feel his face growing red, and not at the closeness of the princess. He was sick under the attention of the soldier she had at her side, was everyone from Naboo gorgeous? Anakin wondered, and have I seen this man before?
“Good morning, Prince Skywalker,” she replied with a quick curtsy, “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Anakin did his best to move his gaze to Padmé.
“Yes, and the same to you,” he replied, choking on his words. He’d never been so inarticulate before in his life. But he couldn’t stop looking at him, the soldier with the dark blonde hair. He was clad in white and gold armor that showed off his cut muscles and frankly, regal posture.
“This is the General of my royal guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Anakin let out a repressed laugh that sounded more like a cough.
“Kenobi, your highness?” Anakin cleared his throat, “Obi-Wan Kenobi?”
“That is what she just said, your grace,” Poe whispered into Anakin’s ear.
The General of the Naboo royal guard held out his hand, “it’s a pleasure, your highness.”
Anakin reached his hand out to shake it, feeling his body shoot back in place at the feeling of Obi-Wan’s fingers touching his, wrapped around him. He’d gotten taller and stronger since Anakin’s mother’s funeral, but no less captivating.
“The pleasure is all mine,” Anakin replied, failing to take his gaze off of the General. He felt Poe kick at his heels, bringing him back to life. Padmé awkwardly laughed, doing her best to remain collected in an already tense situation.
“We will join you tonight for dinner, Princess,” Qui-Gon said, bowing to her and motioning for Anakin to leave. Anakin and Poe bowed as well, their short-lived interaction with Padmé Amidala coming to an abrupt end.
Surely the meeting was meant to last longer than all of two minutes, but Anakin was embarrassing the country of Tatooine with his behavior. Even after he was out of sight, his mind could only focus on General Kenobi.
“Have you been stabbed, your grace?” Poe said, throwing his hands in the air at Anakin the moment the double doors closed.
Anakin shook his head, eyes focused on the ground. He hadn’t thought of Obi-Wan Kenobi for years and was positive the knight didn’t remember him at all.
“The General will come to dinner tonight,” Anakin said, hungry to know more.
He walked past Qui-Gon and Poe, knowing that they would pester him about his behavior and do their best to coach him into acting better, which he was well capable of. Anakin would act better, be charming, and formal as a good prince should be to a princess.
However, until then, he’d hoard his excitement to see Obi-Wan in his warm palms. He continued to his quarters, thinking back to the day of his mother’s funeral. He disregarded the calls of an exasperated Poe as a small, a secret smile began to line his lips.
Chapter 2 – Enchanted
Anakin found himself dreaming of him, The General Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Some dreams unremarkable and some that gripped his chest tight enough to rip him out of sleep. He’d had one in particular that’d plagued him on the fourth anniversary of his mother’s funeral.
The setting was always the same, the two were joined together at the ledge of the castle, their feet off the edge, neither looking at the other. Except, Anakin wasn’t the scared, small eleven-year-old anymore. He was fifteen, he was older and had grown taller, bigger. Obi-Wan always looked the same no matter how many years had passed. Gorgeous, sun reflecting off his blonde hair and making it look like perhaps it was sparkling.
Neither boy would talk to the other, and the dream always ended at the same point. Anakin would turn to Obi-Wan and ask him to stay with him.
The ending would never change, either.
Obi-Wan would reach his hand over and place his palm on top of Anakin’s fingers. Anakin could feel the warmth of his skin as though he’d physically touched them himself. Anakin would fold his fingers into his, taking the older boy’s hand. It would be enough to jolt Anakin awake, his body drenched in sweat and leading to a sleepless night.
He recalled every moment of his pained, long dreams about Obi-Wan as Poe helped him dress for dinner. He couldn’t quite place why he’d dreamt about the general so much. Or why someone he’d only met once, and for a few hours, had such an intense lasting impression on him.
“You’re awfully quiet prince,” Poe remarked, sitting on a small stool in front of Anakin. “Is it the General?” Poe asked, raising his eyebrow at Anakin.
“What should you mean by that?” Anakin started, before Poe interrupted him.
“You used to look at me that way,” Poe said, smiling up at him.
It was true, the pair had a complicated history. Poe was the first person Anakin ever had feelings for, besides Obi-Wan. They’d had a brief affair that ended in true friendship, as Anakin’s title would never allow him to marry outside the monarchy. Though, Poe taught Anakin nearly everything he knew about courtship- talking, kissing, almost everything.
“Just make me look dashing as always,” Anakin requested, a wicked smile peeking out from the side of his smirk. “And not for the General, for my betrothed.”
Poe hummed, motioning his hands to Anakin for him to stand up. He started to roll his sleeves back down to his wrists. “You shouldn’t fool me for a moment, my prince,” said Poe, pining a gold circle into the cuff of his jacket.
He’d dressed Anakin in a dark green jacket, one of his favorites to prepare him for the dinner. Nothing quite helped the young prince feel better than a well-tailored suit. He would need it to face them both, his childhood obsession and his soon to be bride.
“Just remember as I taught you, your grace,” Qui-Gon said as he escorted Anakin down to the dining room. They could not have a repeat of this morning, where Anakin had to be honorably removed from the Grand Foyer due to his incompetence around Obi-Wan Kenobi.
“I swear to do better, Qui-Gon,” Anakin replied, placing a hand on his large shoulder, “though I’d feel much better if you joined us.”
Qui-Gon shot a small, careful smile at Anakin, “I believe you to have far more friends than you can handle, at the moment, prince.”
Qui-Gon opened the gold-crested double doors for Anakin, releasing him into the dining room. Until now, the grand, decorated table had been bitterly out of use. Since Anakin’s mother had passed, there was seldom any kind of gathering that merited so many placemats. Anakin wondered how the castle workers were able to remove eight years of dust in one night.
He scoured the many seats that were available, running an index finger over the decorated, ornate ridges that lined the top of the chairs. Anakin chose a seat in the middle, one that would face Padmé. He ignored the head of the table, feeling all too peculiar about taking the seat he’d last seen his mother sit in. His palms went clammy at the thought of her; he wished that she could be his side more than anything, that night.
“Princess,” Anakin said, standing up immediately as Padmé entered the room.
She looked stunning, not to Anakin’s surprise. She wore a long, pink dress that showed off her arms, making them look soft and dipped in glitter. He smiled at her, offering his hand across the table and pressing a cold kiss to her knuckles. She sat down at the seat facing Anakin, General Kenobi following closely behind and sitting next to her.
Anakin sat back down at his seat, awkwardly. He’d grown taller and bigger than he’d liked, which meant he struggled finding places that his arms did not feel cramped. He thought it was quite un-prince-like of him. Padmé and Obi-Wan filed into their seats and exchanged a quick whisper. Anakin felt a smooth pang of jealousy, though unsure who the jealousy was placed for.
Conversation presumed as normal, exchanging formal pleasantries about their nights. Obi-Wan kept quiet, as though he was merely a statue on the wall instead of a person at the table.
“Would you tell me about your childhood, your highness?” Padmé asked, pulling a glass of water up to her perfectly lined lips.
Anakin laughed into his cup of water. Not at all that his childhood was a topic of humor, but more that he always found the subject of his late mother as the most interesting of dinner conversations.
He held up the empty wine glass in front of him, imagining that he would need more than just water to get through the night. One of the cooks quickly filled it halfway with a dark red liquid. Anakin shot a quick glance at general Kenobi, who was still clad in his gold and white uniform.
“My mother raised me in the firm belief that fathers were not necessary figures of the household. She was a fine queen and an even better mother.” he brought the glass up to his lips and took a sip. “Though, passed away when I was very young.”
Obi-Wan awkwardly folded his hands together in front of them, Anakin couldn’t help but imagine what they looked like underneath his gloves. He questioned if his knuckles went white when his hand was in a fist, if scars decorated his fingertips.
“I’m so sorry my lord,” Padmé quipped in her bird-like princess voice. She couldn’t help but be good and genuine in everything she did.
“It’s all well princess, I have grown well and passed it. There was a lovely funeral I remember fondly,” Anakin said, Obi-Wan folded his hands tighter.
Anakin took another sip, his gaze still locked onto the young General. He thought, for a moment, that Obi-Wan had been looking at him. He should’ve, if Anakin was talking about his mother’s funeral. He’d expected some sort of physical reaction from Obi-Wan, something to signal to Anakin that he’d without a doubt been the boy at the top of the castle.
“I believe your General was there,” Anakin said, already feeling a light dizziness grow in his head. Obi-Wan set his glass on the table. The tension at the dinner was so palpable Anakin could have taken a knife and popped it like a bubble.
“I beg your pardon, your highness,” Obi-Wan replied, with more words than Anakin had heard him use in his entire time at the castle. It threw a bolt into Anakin’s throat, hearing the young General call him by his title.
“You heard me correctly, General, I believe I met you once my mother’s funeral reception, unless I am to be wrong,” Anakin said, continuing to drink. He could feel the panic that was no doubt settling into Qui-Gon from all the way across the castle.
Obi-Wan looked over at Padmé as if to ask for permission from the princess to reply to Anakin.
“I apologize, you must have me mistaken, Prince Skywalker,” Obi-Wan said, his accent thick and smooth like velvet, “I am a soldier, I’m afraid I’d never be invited to the funeral of a queen.”
Anakin felt a burning rage pill inside of him under the burning lens of Obi-Wan’s eye contact.
Or was it something else?
He wondered, his chest fluttering like a caged bird. He took another drink.
“The apology is all mine, General Obi-Wan Kenobi,” he replied, careful to enunciate every vowel, as though to signal to the General that he knew he was lying. Anakin was never wrong and would especially not be wrong about something like this.
The rest of the dinner carried on awkwardly, as Padmé would attempt to make conversation and Anakin would deflect it immediately. He’d never caved like this before, but under the undying attention of the Naboo royal circle, he couldn’t help but neglect up every word that came through his mouth.
Despite his interaction with Obi-Wan during the middle of the meal, he found himself undeniably drawn to the young General. He watched him eat, drink, breathe.
Anakin wondered, carelessly, how it felt to be the wine at the back of the General’s throat.
He pushed his knees together under the table, foolishly fearing that anybody could read his thoughts.
“Tonight was quite pleasant, prince. Will I be in your presence tomorrow?” Padmé asked, standing at the double doors with Anakin.
The dinner had not been as pleasant as Anakin had hoped. However, any moment was made infinitely sweeter in Padmé’s presence. Anakin breathed in a long sigh of her perfume and took the Princesses’ hand, doing his best to rip his mind away from her young General.
“Tomorrow princess,” he replied, bringing her small fingers up to his mouth.
He liked Padmé, there was no doubt concerning his affections for her. She was beautiful and kind, it was only the fault of Anakin that he be so distracted at the company of her General. He heard a quick shut of one of the back doors to of the dining room, Obi-Wan’s absence already penetrating the room.
Padmé smiled at Anakin as she left down the hallway, her pretty teeth peering through an utterly tiny mouth. Anakin watched her leave, and not to look at her any longer, but to realize exactly the moment he could go looking for Obi-Wan.
Anakin searched the hallway for any sight of him, feeling foolish beyond his years that he couldn’t locate someone in his own castle. He nearly gave up his search for Obi-Wan when he caught the feintest smell of his cologne. It was enough to stop him in his tracks; the dark, cedar and amber smell that he recognized from his childhood. He’d stopped in the middle of one of the corridors when the General peered around the corner, stopping in place as well when he saw Anakin.
“Obi-Wan,” Anakin blurted out, the wine having obviously gone to his head for not referring to him by his formal title.
He pressed a few fingers to his forehead, a headache already brewing. Anakin stepped on his coat as he approached closer to the general.
“Tell me you remember me, I know you do,” Anakin breathed, heavily.
Obi-Wan looked around, careful to check if Padmé or anybody of the sort was nearby. He walked toward Anakin, soon enough only a few inches away from his face. Obi-Wan was always taller, in Anakin’s mind. He’d taken off his gloves since dinner, Anakin had to stop himself from staring at the General’s hands.
“I-“ Obi-Wan stopped, closed his mouth and looked down at his shoes. Anakin was careful to keep his breath soft and quiet at his apparent closeness. “I haven’t the faintest your highness, my greatest apologies.”
“I don’t believe you,” Anakin remarked, the disguise of angst and frustration fading at Obi-Wan’s closeness. In anger he’d pushed a hand up against the wall next to Obi-Wan’s face and cornered the General, close enough to feel the heat of his body. Anakin suddenly felt a pool of anxiety rise at the bottom of his stomach, as he realized how close he was to the general.
“My apologies gneral,” Anakin replied, backing away. quickly His leather shoes clicked on the hardwood floor in the obvious, painful silence they shared. “The wine must have gotten to my head.”
Obi-Wan curled his fingers into a fist and then uncurled them, Anakin watched painstakingly. The General walked towards Anakin’s direction but not to him, undoubtedly, to retire to his bedroom for the night.
“The apology is mine. Goodnight, Prince,” Obi-Wan said, finally.
However, as he walked away, Obi-Wan’s knuckles softly brushed Anakin’s hand. Anakin quietly gasped, feeling his stomach tie into a series of sailor’s knots. It had only been for a moment, a quiet, fleeting second where their hands were touching, but a moment, nonetheless. Ungloved, warm and rough.
He listened to Obi-Wan’s steps as he walked up the stairs and to his quarters, leaving Anakin alone in the sepia-tinted nighttime of the castle. He lifted his right hand, the one that Obi-Wan had brazenly touched and held it to his lips. And thought, perhaps, he had passed away and was doomed to an eternity of standing in the space where he had first touched Obi-Wan’s hand.
The country of Tatooine on a late summer’s day was Anakin Skywalker’s favorite kind of afternoon. It was hot, warm enough for him to roam the castle grounds. He often did this alone, or with Poe. However, today was the exception. He walked the gilded hedge mazes with Padmé Amidala today.
The white sun bounced off her shiny hair like a reflection in water, she wore an orange dress that draped off her shoulders and down to her feet. Prettiest of all, he thought, were the small, golden rhinestones that glittered her eyelids.
Anakin thought she was beautiful; and she was the undeniable object of everyone’s affections had it not been for the quiet footsteps of General Kenobi.
The two had not spoken since their encounter after dinner. Anakin, in fact, had seldom even made eye contact with the young General. He couldn’t, lest he be burned into a pit of ashes at the mere flinch of Obi-Wan’s eyesight. For whatever reason, Anakin couldn’t breathe as long as he was in Obi-Wan’s presence.  A man he’d not even known for all of one week.
Yet, he could not escape the memory of being eleven years old and a young, dashing Obi-Wan telling him about his training. From Anakin’s adolescence, the ever-persistent figure of a Knight in shining armor took the figure of a beautiful, blonde, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He couldn’t let himself revel in the fairy-tale of it all. There would be no happy ending. Not while the General persistently stood a solid five-foot distance from the prince, and not while he was engaged to the Princess of Naboo.
Anakin Skywalker did not know, however, the blip of danger he stood in on the sunniest day of the year. Anakin reached over to a rose bush, looking for a flower to give to Padmé. Danger, a man in the shadows, moved forward as Anakin found himself blissfully unaware, and his back seemingly unwatched.
He drew his bow and pointed it directly at Anakin.
“Prince!” Cried out Obi-Wan in desperation, as the General had spotted the man right as they’d shot a steel, sharp arrow in Anakin’s direction. Devoted to keeping him safe, Obi-Wan threw his body toward the young Prince, tackling him to the ground as the arrow shot right above them and into a neighboring tree.
Anakin looked up at Obi-Wan, his hands shaking in adrenaline. Obi-Wan had saved him, he’d been attacked.
“Th- thank you,” Anakin stuttered, finding it difficult to get a word out. Obi-Wan, who’d still had Anakin’s wrists pinned to the ground, looked back at the Prince, eyes fearful but relieved that Anakin was okay.
“Of course, my Lord,” Obi-Wan said, also finding it difficult to speak normally in the light of current events.
Though Anakin had only been inches away from a bloody, arrow-wrought death, the one persistent thought on his mind did not sit with the attacker.
His brain did not collect in fear over the fact that he’d almost just been killed, or if he was still in danger. Unfortunately, obviously, the ever-present object of his impervious thoughts was with how close Obi-Wan had been to his lips, and the fire-catching feeling of the General’s fingers holding tight to his skin.
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thesetrashimagines · 3 years
The Man
A Peaky Blinders imagine (reader insert)
Warnings: fighting, blood, bullet wounds, swearing, murder.
Tumblr media
GIF is not mine!
Summary: Accidentally busting into a bar while trying to finish a job may not have been the smartest idea.
  You knew they were on your trail, it was part of the plan. And it was going perfectly. What you didn't expect was for one them to be in a car, driving straight for you. Thinking fast you looked for some kind of cover. Seeing a pair double doors, you made a run for them and honestly in the moment you weren't thinking about who or what was on the other side.
  Throwing the doors open and slamming them behind you, you rushed to the side and waited for the shadowy figures belonging to your targets to enter. It didn't take long which you were greatful for, means that you would get to go home sooner, the group of 3 men walked into the bar. Being behind them gave you an advantage, pulling out some piano wire you threw yourself onto the back of one them. He wasn't able to get his fingers underneath the wire making his death come quickly. The other two men turned around to the sounds of their partner yelling and as soon as the body hit the floor they pounced.
Ducking down from most their collective swings, you scrambled towards one of the tables, there was a bottle on it. Picking it up you turned and saw the bigger man of the two come towards you. Spinnig the bottle in your hand, you rose your brows and gestured your arms out in a 'come on and get me' kind of way. The man barrelled forward and threw a hard punch, hitting you in jaw, you staggered to the side and swung the bottle right onto the back of his bald head, he stumbled before you pulled the back of his collar exposing his chest where you plunged the broken end of the bottle into his right breast. You turned the two of you around and faced the other man, his eyes widened at the scene in front of him. Taking his moment of stun, you pushed the bald man forward into the arms of the smaller man, knocking him over with a loud thud as he hit the floor, this action obvisously drove the broken bottle further into the bald man which caused him to cry out in pain.
Neither man can move now, the smaller man started babbling while the bald one was crying. Pulling out the knife from your shoe you waltzed over to the stacked bodies. "We all know why this is your fate," Spitting out blood you continued, "stop making so much fucking noise."
Leaning over them you stabbed the knife into the smaller man's neck before grabbing the bald man's hand and telling him to hold it there, he was trying to fight agaisnt you but you could tell that he was getting weaker with every shift he made. "The more you move the more you bleed." He stopped moving, "You wont die from that bottle unless I want you to." The man started crying again. Grabbing one of the chairs closest to you, you sat down. "You throw a good punch by the way." His hand slipped off the knife's slick handle. "What did I say to do?" He finally tried to speak.
"Please let me go......how was I suppose to know?" Standing with a sigh you walked back over to the man and gently placed your hands on his neck. "Don't lie, you always knew." Snapping his neck quickly and straightening back up, you finally glanced around the room to assess the damage. 1 broken bottle, and some blood. 'Not too bad', you think to yourself. Turning back around to your chair you started to push it back in when the back door opened and footsteps caught your attention.
"The fuck happened here!?" A man with a mustache started yelling. "Buisness." Glancing up as you answered you noticed there was 4 of them. The man with the mustache, another with a cap on, the third had a ciggarette hanging out of mouth, and the last one had a baby face. With the adrenaline running out you started to feel the pain, looking down you saw your shirt soaked in blood. "Fuck...," looking back to the gaggle of men, who were still glaring at you, 3 of them even pulled out guns. "Look I'll pay for the bottle and the labour for the blood, I apologise for the mess too. Are you lot gonna tell the police?" Now their expressions changed looking st you as if you had multiple heads. "Police!? We're the fucking peaky blinders!" The man with the mustache yelled at you, cocking his gun, "and who the fuck are you!?"
"Nobody." Turning yourself toward the door, "The money will be here by first light." Hearing the other men cocking their guns you stopped and stared at the door in front of you, a different voice spoke out. "It is already first light, its actually 5 in the morning. We were told by some of our men that a group broke in here and were stupid enough to leave their car outside." Closing your eyes you sighed, 'well there goes my ride', you thought to yourself again. The men began talking to you again but you were thinking about how you were going to be leaving, 'Maybe I can still take the car, worst they could've done is fuck with the engine.' Smiling to yourself you turned back to the men.
"Look gentlemen, I dont know who the peaky blinders are. Never heard of you lot sadly, as for me don't worry about it. I'm just another man walking the streets, well not these ones but..." You looked back down and noticed another blood spot was slowly getting bigger, " I've got to get going now, I already got a few bullets in me so if you'll excuse me, you'll find me in the hospitial."
With that you turned and dashed through the door as bullets went flying around you for the 2nd time today It's something you've gotten used to over the years. With every step you took, the pain spiked. Gritting your teeth you hopped into the car and started it. The machine shook alive and you let out a little laugh.The men were now rushing out the door and aiming at the car, stepping on the gas you bolted down the road. Nothing was more exciting then driving a fast car.
"The fucker's getting away!" Arthur shouted, "What do you want us to do Arthur? Chase after the car?" Michael questioned his cousin. John lowered his gun and tried catching his breath, "Did you see the bodies in there? Something don't add up, one of them had a knife in his fucking throat." Tommy walked out of the Garrison doors, "Yeah and the one on top of him has a bottle in his chest. Then there's the one by the door, he's got a mark on his neck, wire looks like." Everyone was silent, mulling over the situation. "He said he'd be at the hospital, we should send someone over there." Michael looked to Tom, taking out another cigarette. "You know Michael that isn't a bad idea, we'll send Finn and Isaiah."
Getting back to the apartment was easy. No one was up yet, it was 5 AM at the latest, the sun was just starting to peak through the horizon. Taking off your shirt you started unwrapping the binding on your chest, taking a deep breathe would've been nice but the bullet hole in your side reminded you it was still there. Grabbing your supplies and sitting on the bed, you got to work on removing the bullet, luckly it wasn't near any important parts. Biting down on some cloth you pulled the bullet out. "Fuck ,fuck, fuck, fuck!" Tossing the stupid thing on the floor you splashed some alcohol into the wound. Feeling a little woozy you grabbed the needle and thread, 'Come on YN youère almost done.' Stitching yourself up wasn't new but your hands still shake with every pass. The slash on your arm only needed a few stitches but the awkward angle was enough to give you trouble.
Spinning around you realized there wasn't any bandages left, throwing your head back with an audible "ugh" you stood and started to throw on a new shirt, careful not to bump anything and open it back up you threw a oversized coat on and a hat.
The air was cool which was nice on your flushed cheeks, cool air was always nice after a job, espiecally one that you walked away from with new wounds. You kept your head slightly down and collar popped, hiding your face. You knew this life wasn't easy but you knew nothing else, you grew up doing this, your whole life dedicated to this and everything associated with it. Your thoughts cleared when you came up to the hospitial. In and out. Grab bandages, and leave, simple.
Walking into the hospitial you saw nurses bustling about and doctors checking boards and holding conversation with each other. Good, people were busy. Watching one of the nurses walk down the hall and enter a door that said nurses only, you set your attentions there. Everybody glanced at you but with a simple tip of the hat and a "here to see the wife and babe" nobody questioned you, babies were always being born. You could hear some of them coming into the world, the cries of life. Not like the ones you were used to too.
Entering the room some murses looked up at you and some were about to start yelling but you were quicker. "Oh I'm so sorry everyone for being late, you know how it is." Laughing gently you took off the hat and shook out your chin length hair. "Excuse me but I dont think I've ever seen around before." One nurse spoke. Looking over to her while sliping off your coat, "Oh well pardon me, I'm Leanna. I've been sent over for a few days with a patient before we go back home, I'm his personal nurse." Most of the nurses ignored you and left to get on with work you presumed. "Which patient?" You went behind a curtain and changed into a nurses uniform, "Mr.Smith." You replied, Smith was a rather common name anywhere you went in Britain so it was a safe name to throw around. "Smith? I don't think I've heard of him sorry." Stepping out fully dressed you gave her a gently smile "It's quite alright we won't be here long. it was nice meeting you but I have to get going Mr.Smith gets upset when he doesn't recognize where he is." With that you left and walked the halls.
While looking for the supply closet you saw 2 boys dressed very similarly to the men from the pub walk in, you could hear them ask doctors and nurses of they've had a man in with bullet wounds. Of course they said no. But now there was a problem, while walking towards another section of the hospitial these two boys bumped into you, knocking you to the ground, and you felt a pop. Quickly standing back up, you ignored the hands trying to help you up. "Miss! Sorry! We weren't looking where we were going, you know we're trying to look for someone. Maybe you've seen them? A man who was shot-" "shot in the side." Tying your cardigan around your waist you looked up at the boys. One was lean, had freckles and curly hair, the other was a little more built (he did knock you down), smooth skin, and had dark hair. "It's alright, no I havent seen a man, now please excuse me." Keeping things short, you left and found the supplies closet.
You dressed your own wounds and stuck the rest of the bandages into the bust of the dress. Shifting the bust of the dress around you gave yourself the okay and left the closet. The boys were still in the same spot but now babyface and the cap wearing man had joined them. 'Shit.' Holding your head down you passed them again. " *whisle* thats one pretty girlie, oi nurse!" The capped man was catcalling you.....honestly could've be worse. Walking faster you made it back to the lockers, changing was nice until you noticed the smallest blood stain on the dress, "Oh for fucks sake." You held the dress in the crook of your elbow, now standing in the nurses locker room, dressed in mens clothing with coat pockets full of bandages and other supplies, holding a nures's dress, to make it even better a nurse walked in and was staring at you with wide eyes. 'fuck'
"Look miss my girl works here and she asked me to throw her uniform in the laundry here, you see there's some blood on it and she's in the bathroom right now, the blood it makes her dizzy, I-I I'll leave, oh Lord this is embarrassing." Lying came easy, sometimes you enjoyed it, every word created a story and here you were acting in it, you found it funny. 'No! No! It's quite alright you're just trying to be a good husband here lemme take it for you, you go see how she is alright." The nurse came over placing a hand on your arm and grabbed the uniform. "Thank you miss" You gave her a smile and left the room swiftly.
Leaving the hospitial was suppose to be as easy as getting into it but the tiny detail you forgot about was now you were in the same building as those men from the pub. Wanting to face plant into the ground and wanting to let put the biggest groan, you kept silent and your head on a swivel. Looking around every corner and down every hallway. Alas your efforts were futile when you rounded a corner and bumped into the same chest as earlier. You landed on the ground again and quickly pulled your hat down to cover the majority of your face. "Oi watch where your going." You nodded and stood up making sure not to make eye contact, side stepping around them you carried on your way when you heard, "Isaiah thats him!" Upon those words you ran, 'so much goddamn running.'
You weren't far from the entrance when some men stepped in front of the hospitals doors, wearing those stupid hats, 'you've got to be fucking kidding me'. Looking around you noticed a open window, you slowed down to a halt and stared at the men at the door, they slowky walked forward and you could hear the shoes hitting the floor in chase behind you. Throwing a smirk at the two at the door you dashed to the window and used your arms to send yourself out of it legs first. Sticking the landing you stood up and glanced into an alleyway and decided to take it, you could still hear the men running after you. Looking up at the walls around you, specifically at the windows again and these were barred. Perfect. Stopping in front of one you noticed how high it was, your arms weren't gonna be long enough. The slapping of shoes filled the alleyway, making up your mind in that moment, you decided on a run and jump. The first attempt didnt work, at all.
By now when you started the second attempt the men could see you easly scale the windows, then the fire escape, then they watched you jump onto the roof and disappear. "Now who in the fuck does that?" Isaiah looked back at the group of men. All of them were out of breath. "Yeah who the fuck is he? Why's he so important?" Finn looked at his older brother, "He broke into The Garrison and killed 3 blokes" John answered. Finn looked to the roof and laughed. "Fucking hell."
The group started their journey back to the betting shop but what they didn't know was that they were being followed by the 'man' on the roof. Granted jumping from roof to roof only worked so far before you had to get down, you watched them enter a building and recognized the area around you, it wasn't too far from the apartment, letting out a sigh you walked back 'home'. How were you going to leave this place now? Taking everything off you started yourself a bath. Seeing your reflection was weird, you were so used to being seen as a man by the outside world that when you did see the feminine parts of you it was like a surprise, a nice surprise cause you knew you were one badass lady. Taking off the bandage made you huff in annoyance, getting knocked over causing your stitches to pop open and then all that running and climbing, all that hard work just to be back at square one. Walking to your room you redid the stitches, not as shaky this time, then climbed into the bath.
It's at moments like these where you wished you had your beloved record player with you. Music is always able to help you calm down. You could say music was your only weakness.
You lounged there wondering when you should drop off that money, would they even want it? They didn't seem to enthustiastic about your offer. Whatever you promised, maybe you could deliver the new bottle...nope, knock and run away? Yeah that sounds alright.
The water was getting cold so you stood up and wrapped yourself in a towel and made your way to your room to grab the bandages from your coat after dressing yourself you noticed there was a whole in your coat, 'the windows', letting out another sigh you grabbed some wide cloth and binded your chest, then grabbed a shirt, trousers, your hat, and some cash, then headed to the nearest store to buy a bottle of whatever you could find. Seeing as your coat had a hole in it you couldn't help but stick your hand in and out of it as you walked, you even pulled at the frayed edges before you mentally yelled at yourself saying that you're only gonna make it worse. Shoving your hands into the pockets you walked into the first store, it looked like a general store, had a little bit of everything. Looking around the shelves you noticed they had a very small liqour selection and guessing by the dust on some of the bottles, they weren't very popular. You saw an older man with a white beard and mustache behind the counter, "Excuse me sir, what kind of drink is this?" Throwing a gesture towards the shelf with your head the man looked to the side at the bottles.
"You want to buy them?" He looked surprised. "Yes but only if you tell me what it is." You let out a small laugh. The older man chuckled, "Yes well, the ones in the front row are whiskey but everything behind them is rum." Rum? You haven't had rum in awhile. "I'll take two bottles of rum, the ones in the furthest back please." He turned and set them down in front of you. "Is that everything?" He asked with a raised brow, "No, do you sell coats by any chance? Or know of somewhere that does?" The older man was about to answer when a woman behind you spoke, "You can buy coats down the road now can you please hurry im in a rush." Turning towards the woman you noticed the short haircut, to the chin like yours, her eyes were a bright blue and she wore red lipstick, she was also wearing a fur coat. Once your gaze went back up to her face, she had a mischievous look on her face. "Are you finished? Thats a rather large hole in your coat, what happened?" Laughing to yourself, you turned back towards the man and placed 2 bills down. "keep the change." With that you left and hearing the older man yelling thank you as you left, put a smile on your face. You enjoyed making people happy.
The store selling coats was crowded, people were everywhere in there, some were customers, and others were employess with tape measures around their necks. A woman walked up to you when you steped through the door. "Hello! How may I help you?" You locked eyes with her and gave her your most charming smile, "I'm looking for a coat, mines got a hole in it." Showing her the whole she gasped. "My thats a rather large rip, well if you could follow me I can show you some im sure you'll like." She gently wrapped her arm around yours and took off down the racks of coats before stopping in front of a section with many black and navy coats. "So here we have some coats that match the colour and wear as the one you have on now." Going through a few you noticed one a little further down the racks. "What about this one?" Pulling out the dark forest green jacket, you turned to her and smiled, "Can I try this one on?" She stared at you for a moment.
"Yes of course you can sir though I do have to warn you it is one of our more expensive pieces." Taking off the jacket you had on and giving it to the lady, you swung the green fabric over your shoulders, your arm protested but you masked the pain. You looked over yourself and you were quite happy with how it looked on you. "I quite like it, miss I think I'll take this one." The woman started speaking fast, "but sir that jacket is very expensive, yes you look very handsome in it but-!" You walked over to her and grabbed her hands, "It's alright, but now I have to get it if I look so handsome in it." Winking at her, you let go of her hands and grabbed your old coat, pulling out some money. "Is this enough?" She glanced at the money in your hands and grabbed the bills, she refiled through them then handed back 2 bills. "There its yours." She smiled at you with flushed cheeks. Smiling back, you placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed lightly, "thank you miss, have nice day." Her face got brighter as you walked away, you wished she kept the old coat but you needed to get the bottle of rum to the building before sundown.
You saw the woman from earlier walk out of another shop in front of you. Her arms carrying a box and a bag on top of it. You could hear the clicking of her heelings against the pavement, she was walking with purpose you decided, guess she was telling the truth about being in a hurry. Then you noticed the men, the men in caps,'they're everywhere'. The woman noticed them too. "If you're just gonna watch me all day atleast be helpful and bring this back to the house." She placed the box and bag into the arms of one of the men and kept on walking before entering a car.
You watched the car leave and felt jealous but kept on with your travel on foot. You walked towards your street and on the way you saw a small girl running in nothing but a dress. Watching with careful eyes you examined the path the girl was running in and saw a pump in the road, almost as you were about to call out she tripped and fell. Rushing over, you picked her up and sat her on your knee and brushed off her legs and arms of the gravel stuck to them. She had her face tucked into your neck as she cried, getting you wet with her tears. "Hey you're alright now, I've gotcha." You gently brushed the dirty and gravel off her injured knee. "Nothing more than a little scrape aye?" She looked down at her knee and sniffled, "It hurts." Rubbing her back you replied, "I know darling but you're a strong girl. You look tough now and once this little scrape heals you'll be good as new." She studied the side of your face as you were checking the rest of her legs for scrapes.
"You've got long hair mr." She was gently pulling on the strands poking out from under your hat, "It looks pretty." She giggled as the hair sprung back into place. "Why thank you, I must admit I only ever want my hair to look pretty." You wrapped your large coat over her small frame and tied the long ends in a knot. "There you can have my coat, now I know there's a hole in it but you can throw it when you get home, it's just something to keep you warm yeah?" She looked at you with big eyes "Yea!" "Now watch where you run." She nodded, hugged you and ran away. The sleeves of the coat covering her hands.
Laughing you turned back and continued the walk. When you finally reached your street you saw the car the woman left in, 'curiouser and curiouser', the car was parked in front of your rums destination. Standing next to the car you gently leaned against it and began to come up with your 'escape' plan. "So after almost a day of my men trying to find you, you end up on my door step." Spinning your head towards the alley and the voice, you made eye contact with the man from the pub, and just like when you first saw him, he was smoking. Looking back to the door you answered, "I was just going to leave the bottle and money and be on my mary way." You heard in let out a airy laugh. "Mary way? I didn't peg you as the type of man to go about things maryly especially after what I saw you do to those 3 in the bar." Looking up at the sky you sighed.
Still sitting on the car you tilted your upper half and placed one of the bottles of rum on the top of the car, then you held up some cash and placed the bottle on top of the pile. Holding up your own bottle of rum and stepped off the car, "I'll be on my mary way." Throwing him a small smile you walked past him. "This rum?" You spun back around to him and opened your bottle. "Yep." You gave the bottle a swig and let out a hum. "It's pretty good too." You tipped the bottle towards him, "Cheers." You spun back around and walked towards your aprtment.
Watching you walk to the apartments at the end of lane Tommy smirked and grabbed the rum. He opened the bottle and gave it a sniff and quickly scowled at it. He put the top back on the bottle and counted the money, eyes shooting up to your apartment again. Where the hell did you get this type of money?
"You alright Tom?" Turning towards his sister he placed the bottle of rum in her hand, "I'm fine Ada." Recognizing the bottle, Ada made eye contact with her brother. "Where'd you get this from?" Tom looked at the bottle then back at his sister, "why?" Ada shook her head. "It nothing I just saw a man earlier today buying a few bottles," she let out a laugh, "he was asking where to buy a new coat cause his had this giant tear in his." Thomas glanced down the lane again to the apartment building he watched you enter earlier.
"A man eh?"
Aaaahhh it's been forever since I last wrote anything, truly am sorry, but! I have been craving to write for peaky blinders again (I honestly love that show and its universe) I had loads of fun writing this and I actually know where I want this story to go so please let me know if you want a part 2 or maybe I'll write a part 2 anyways cause I have many plans for it. Anyways enough of my rambling, I really hope you enjoyed this and thank you so much for reading! <3
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c4pricornc4ts · 2 years
The Minors Lunch Club (MLC for short.)
This is a Valentines day one-shot for intruxx <3
Characters: Tommy, Ranboo, Sam, Tubbo
Catagory: Fluff 
For a MCYT writing challenge, join the writer’s block discord here!
----------------------------------------------- It’s a very on-brand thing for Tommy to do- leave getting his friend a gift the day before Valentine’s day. He kept putting it off because he wasn’t sure what to get Ranboo. He has hybrid friends, but Tubbo was easy. He and Sam had taken a break from the hotel to make the boy a small bee necklace that he knew he’d love. 
Endermen were a whole new category. What did enderman hybrids even like? He hadn’t talked to Ranboo much unlike Tubbo. So he was really at a loss for ideas. Are there items that are offensive to give an enderman? He hopes Sam will know. Otherwise, he’s going to have to ask Tubbo and he really doesn’t want to get laughed at. 
Sam doesn’t laugh, even if Tommy knew the question was ridiculous. He wasn’t used to that. 
“What do endermen like?” He’s gathering more wood for the hotel, Sam somewhere behind him. 
“What are you setting up some kind of… enderman trap?” 
He throws his axe down, splitting another log. Trying to keep his focus on his work, embarrassed to admit the truth to Sam. 
“No- I don’t know what to get Ranboo for tomorrow. And I don’t think he’d appreciate me trapping his cousins.” 
“Yeah you’re right, don’t tell him about Philza’s hardcore world then.” Tommy hears Sam shudder, his tail making a slight sound as it puffs out. 
“Didn’t plan on it Big S.” Tommy laughs and cuts through another trunk. 
“Just get him something he likes, we hybrids aren’t that different you know.” 
“That’s the problem! I don’t know what he likes. We barely talk, but Tubbo went and invited the guy to our lunch and now I need to find him something.” He tosses the logs into their wheelbarrow and pushes it towards Sam’s pile to collect his as well. 
“Okay then, get him a grass block or something. Better yet, let him pick. Y’know?” 
“Your ideas are shit, Sam.” He hopes Sam can somehow hear a “thank you” in that insult. Because Tommy just got the best idea ever. “I’ll drop all this off, then I’m off to build something else. I’ll see you tonight yeah?” 
“See you then, good luck with Ranboo. The only way you could mess this up is by giving him water so just- don’t do that.” The creeper hybrid goes back to the rest of the trees as Tommy pulls out his silk touch shovel and gets to work collecting grass blocks and a few other blocks just in case Ranboo likes variety. 
He tucks his new blocks away into his inventory and goes towards the main path of the SMP. 
With how far everything has gone, can he even call this the main path anymore?
He goes into the abandoned Walmart that Tommy for the life of him can’t remember who built it and starts arranging the mostly grass blocks into different piles and sections. Adding a small pile of sand and some smooth stone he mined with a silk touch pick for a little variety. He can’t have a store that only sold one thing, it was bad for the economy. He reasons. 
Once he was finished he went to Sam’s house to find something to make for dinner. He and the creeper hybrid had a deal, he does dinners and Sam lets him stay in the spare room while the hotel is being built. Though he knows Sam doesn’t actually care if he does it, he just wants Tommy to feel like he’s earning his stay. 
He appreciates it. He’ll never say it out loud but he appreciates all the little things Sam does for him. Maybe he’ll try being nicer to the man tomorrow. 
Probably not. 
He tears into his baked potato after wrapping Sam’s in some tin foil before running up the stairs to his room. Tomorrow he would drag a hopefully excited Ranboo to an abandoned Walmart and make the best second impression ever. 
Once he’s dressed and double-checks he has Tubbo’s gift in his inventory he pulls out his communicator to message Ranboo. Leaning against the front door. 
You whisper to Ranboo: Hey, meet me outside Sam’s house, I want to show you something. :)
Ranboo whispers to you: Alright, I’ll be there by the time you read this message. 
Tommy reads the message again, trying to understand what it meant when he hears a small vwhoop and jumps a bit when he looks up to see a slightly disoriented 6’6” enderman hybrid standing on his front porch surrounded by purple particles. 
“I hate teleporting. But Philza says I need to do it more so here I am.” 
Tommy regains his composure as Ranboo straightens out his suit that Tommy can only assume got ruffled in the process. 
“You know, that whole teleporting thing would’ve been useful back when we were fighting for L’manberg.” Referring to L’manberg so lightly with anyone else would be impossible, but Ranboo’s absence from those days made it easier to joke about with. “What were you doing before you came here anyway?” 
“I don’t remember.” Ranboo looks away, Tommy silently berates himself for asking. He really didn’t want Ranboo to hate him. 
“That’s okay tall man! You’re here now and I’m stupid for asking.” He starts walking towards the Walmart hoping Ranboo would just follow. 
He does. “You’re not stupid, most people would remember. I just have beef with memories y’know?” 
“Beef with memories…? You’re gonna have to tell me about whatever that means later. But for now I gotta show you your gift.” 
“My gift?”
Tommy stops and turns to him. “Your valentine’s day gift! I thought you knew, why else would you just teleport to me no questions asked?” 
“I must’ve-” 
“Forgotten. Right. It’s no big deal, but what I’m about to show you inside of this broken down Walmart is.” He takes Ranboo to the entrance which is just the 2x2 opening not surrounded by broken glass. “Welcome to the enderman store! I made it myself because I am just so cool.” 
Ranboo immediately ducks under the doorway and starts moving the blocks around. “You aren’t very cool but this makes you at least 20% cooler.” 
“Does that mean you like it?” Tommy asks as he goes to stand behind the makeshift counter. 
“Of course I do! It’s like- like a block playground.” Ranboo teleports around the store and Tommy looks down because the sight of him appearing and disappearing was making his head hurt. 
“You pick one yet?” He plants his elbow on the counter and tries to give his friend a good impression of an underpaid cashier. 
“Pick one for what?” 
“As your gift.” He says it like it was the most obvious thing in the world but with the way Ranboo stands confused he supposes it wasn’t. “I mean, the whole store is your gift actually. But you gotta like, pick your favorite block or something.”
“That’s kinda stupid.” 
“Whatever, at least I’m not 6’6”, now pick your favorite grass block so we can go to Tubbo’s and show him how cool I am.” 
“Okay, I like…” He carefully considers the dirt for what? Tommy doesn’t know. Maybe endermen have a block grading system. 
He finally picks one of the many grass blocks in the corner and places it in front of Tommy. 
Tommy uses his communicator as a scanner and pretends to ring up the block. Ranboo just seems even more confused. 
“What? This is a store roleplay. I’m just keeping things realistic.” He pushes the grass block back to Ranboo who takes it and immediately holds it out in front of him. “The cost is teleporting Tommy to Tubbos because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to walk.” 
The taller laughs and Tommy climbs over the counter and clings to Ranboo’s arm bracing for the sudden movement. He closes his eyes and stumbles forward a bit when the hybrid brings them to Tubbo’s in under a second. 
He lets go of Ranboo once he’s sure he won’t trip and goes up to Tubbo’s door, instead of knocking he just let’s himself in. Rather he announces he’s here by shouting, “Big T! We’re here for lunch and I brought a very tall man with me. I think his name is Rainbow, not sure though.”
“Tommy it’s-” Ranboo is interrupted by Tubbo appearing from the kitchen, the fur coat he is usually buried in abandoned for a cheesy heart covered apron. 
“Ranboo! Tommy!” He runs up to them both with excitement, but he quickly tilts his head at the grass block Ranboo had brought in that was no doubt ruining his floor. Tubbo runs back into the kitchen and orders the boys to, “Stay there!” and when he returns he is carrying a planter pot with a little note attached that says, “To: Ranboo, From: Me :)”
“This is perfect, you can fill my gift with… wait did Tommy really give you fuckin dirt?” 
“No! I gave him a whole store of dirt you dickhead!” 
“I liked it.” Ranboo adds, trying to help Tommy’s case. 
“See Tubbo? He loves my gift, you are just a hater.” 
“Whatever.” Tubbo rolls his eyes and turns around, leading the other two into his kitchen. 
They take a seat and Tubbo places a basket of bread in the middle of the small wooden table. Tommy runs his hands under it to where he can feel the carvings of his and Tubbo’s name. They had built the table together, hell they had built most of the furniture in this house together.
Tubbo sits down next to Ranboo and places a jar of honey, no doubt from his own bees on the table.
“You know we should invite Purpled next time, then we can call it the MLC.”
“Call it the what?” 
“Y’know the minor lunch club! All the teenagers in one place, hopefully shit-talking the adults.”
“Tubbo can you-” Ranboo is interrupted by Tubbo, who was focused on what Tommy just said.
“We are not naming anything ‘Lunch Club’ ever, pick another name.”
“What? Why not?” He whined. 
Ranboo reaches over the table to grab the honey, knocking over the vase of flowers in the middle of the table. Tubbo pauses, he’s stood up, preparing to lean over and hit Tommy. 
“Tubbo I’m so sorry I’ll-I’ll clean it up.” Ranboo starts to go grab a towel when Tubbo tackles him and pretends to be mad. Tommy just sighs at the scene and goes to actually grab a towel before the water could ruin the table. 
“It’s valentine’s day and you’re fighting.” 
“It’s play fighting, it's a hybrid thing you wouldn’t get it.” 
Tubbo knew what he was doing, get Tommy mad so he’ll come over there and join them too. 
It works, Tubbo giggling as Tommy pushes him off Ranboo and shakes him gently. 
Tubbo headbutts him gently, careful not to actually hurt him. (It had happened once, Philza was not happy.) 
Tommy wraps his arms around the deer and refuses to stop hugging him, Ranboo takes the opportunity to get up and actually wipe down the table before going back to where Tommy was sitting against the door laughing holding a faux annoyed Tubbo. 
“Let me go Tommyyyy.” Tubbo whines, it’s muffled by the blond’s shirt. 
“No, you were mean to me and now I’m sad.” 
Ranboo sits down next to them and whispers “Clingyinnit.” causing Tubbo to laugh and Tommy to let him go opting to go mess with the enderman instead. 
“I am not clingy!” 
“He says, as he clings to Ranboo. His newest victim.” 
They finally get up, dusting themselves off, and go to exchange the rest of their gifts. Tubbo giving Tommy earrings with two purple disks on them. Tommy hands him the bee necklace and then Ranboo gives both of them a pig spawner. 
They go out and help Sam with the hotel for the rest of the day and when it’s dark outside they say their goodbyes and promise to come back tomorrow to see Tubbo’s new ‘project’ which the two no doubt means more nukes. 
It’s almost midnight by the time Tommy works up the courage to give Sam his gift. Walking up to his bedroom door and knocking gently. Fiddling with the letter he had made. He had no reason to be nervous, it was just a card to thank Sam for everything. He owed the man so much more. 
He had avoided giving Sam the card all day, but there was no turning back now. He supposes he could just run back to his room, pretend to be asleep when Sam goes to ask if he knocked. 
“Tommy?” Sam opens the door, yawning. Tommy had clearly woken him up.
He shoves the card towards the creeper hybrid and looks away as he reads it. 
Tommy can tell when he’s done because Sam murmurs an “Oh, Tommy…” before going to hug the blond. Who happily accepts it. 
“Your gift idea wasn’t shit, he loved it actually.”
“I know, I never have bad ideas.” Tommy can imagine the grin on Sam’s face as he says that and it’s enough to make him laugh softly. For the first time in a long time, Tommy finally takes a deep breath. Holding onto Sam a little tighter than maybe he should. Tommy’s tired of letting go. 
Neither of them ever want to let go. 
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drkcnry67 · 3 years
you are
Tumblr media
A/N: going into the DC side of things. except another leap for my writing as well as my brain. this came to be in the middle of the night bout 2am so i briefly jotted a few ideas on a piece of paper in the dark and now im doing this… i hope this brings joy in these dark times!
Pairing: Kate Kane x reader
sentance inspirations : “what's stopping you now?" “can you help me with my tie?” / “can you zip up my dress?”
summery: not freaking telling
several years ago, billionaire Bruce Wayne disappeared from Gotham City, the company struggled but when Lucius Fox got murdered his nephew Luke struggled to keep Wayne techs inner lights on.
one evening Kate Kane walked into the office of CEO Bruce Wayne her cousin. she was determined to continue the legacy he had left behind in one shape or form.
she stumbled upon her cousins biggest secret, the biggest legacy he had left behind. she found the Batcave. she discovered her cousin was Batman. now she continues the shadow of the Bat. she continues to strike fear into the criminal element of Gotham City.
you had gone off the grid shortly after Bruce did, you werent sure when or if you should return but 6 years later you did, just cause you figured things would have changed and you had heard about another bat being in gotham.
you wanted to know if Bruce had returned. of course you knew your boss’ deepest darkest secret, you were his co ceo and his secretary. you had to know these things.
the penthouse you had been living in before leaving gotham hadnt changed at all. after putting your stuff down and getting somewhat settled, you decided to go and see if your workplace had changed at all, you decided to go see if anything had changed with Wayne tech.
the exterior of wayne tech hadnt changed though there were fewer lights on inside, but you swiped your key card thinking that no one else would be here that you would be able to go upstairs without anyone realizing that you were here.
kate: “someone just used a key card and entered the building.” Luke: “what do we do?” Kate: “we need to find out who they are and how they have a key card. It looks like they are coming up here. So perfect we will be questioning them in no time.”
Luke: “why would we question someone who used a key card? wait what was the key card access number?”
Kate looked at the computer again…
Kate: “4789932. why do you ask?”
Luke: “dont interrogate the person coming out of the elevator was the last person to see Bruce before he disappeared. his secretary, YN.”
you exit the elevator at that moment to see Luke and Kate in the room. Kate’s eyes lock onto yours, her gaze piercing your soul, you had forgotten that you were standing in the office of your former boss.
Luke: “you YN right?”
YN: “who are you? and how did you get in here? this is sacred space.”
Kate steps in front of luke and comes close to you.
Kate: “no need to be hostile, im Kate Kane im Bruce’s cousin. the one he didnt really mention, when he disappeared i figured i would use this place as my home away from home. plus my buddy Luke here is the son of Lucius who i believe worked closely with you and Bruce before Bruce disappeared and before Lucius passed a year ago. when my cousin disappeared did you happen to…”
you interrupted Kate, you felt bad for doing so but you knew what she was gonna ask.
YN: “no he didnt mention anything to me about where he was going, he was just being Bruce. he told me he had to leave Gotham and wasnt sure if or when he would return. i left that same day when he and i had last talked. we had our final conversation and i got on the next flight out of gotham and spent the last few years trying to cope with having lost my job, the loss of my best friend, and the loss of my life.”
Kate: “how long have you been back in Gotham?”
You had to set yourself down in a chair cause now you were feeling the vibes and memories from being back in the office.
YN: “i got back only 4 hours ago. i live in the penthouse in the gotham plaza hotel a couple blocks away. but there are a ton of cars and everything everywhere whats going on?”
Kate looked at you and then remmbered that you hadnt been back in gotham very long.
Kate: “tonight is some sort of fancy ball type thing that the rich folk are throwing in honor of the crows security team that helps the gcpd protect gotham well only those who can afford it anyway. anyway my dad wants me to make an appearance and be there and such so i was wondering if your not busy would you consider coming with me…”
you were shocked this woman this woman who you had barely known for a total of half an hour was asking you on a date… and you of course had nothing to wear.
YN: “i would love to but i have nothing to wear.”
Kate: “we can solve that… Luke im taking the night off… and whatever you do dont contact me at all. im gonna show YN just how much has changed in this city and with its people. and rememebr to pick us up at the apartment at 6:30pm.”
Kate takes you to the elevator and down to the garage. you of course realized that she had a motor bike and that was a total turn on for you.
YN: “where are we gonna find me an outfit on such short notice.”
Kate: “there is a boutique near my place we will stop there on the way to getting me ready.”
you take the helmet that she hands you, you put it on and strap your small bag cross your body, and get on behind Kate. you hold on tight as she takes off out of the garage.
the feeling coursing through your veins right then was something you hadnt felt in a long time. in about 15 minutes you both arrived at a small boutique. it was super fancy, you remmber hitting alot of those types of store when you were bruce’s secretary.
Kate: “lets find you a dress…”
you and Kate walk into the boutique and smile as you both walk in not knowing what you wanted like detail wise for a dress. but Kate spoke up fairly calm.
Kate: “can i get some help to find this lovely woman a dress for the ball tonight?”
Helen comes around the corner and stands immediately in front of you and Kate.
Helen: “such a fluent canvas, let me guess you wear mostly bright colors, but look good in almost anything, dont really care for heals but will deal with wedges, spaghetti strap, built in bra, and has to have a slit in the front for easy walking but can deal if it doesnt. how did i do?”
YN: “you got it. how did you know?”
Helen: “darlin’ ive been at this a long time plus you are very easy to read… wait a moment you remind me of.. YN?”
you had to think now… you couldnt think straight in the first place cause of Kate but now you were faced with this lady who suddenly knew your name.
YN: “im sorry you seem to have me at a disadvantage. do i know you?”
Helen: “its me Helen, i was your tailor when Mr Wayne was still here. God rest his soul.”
you now knew who she was and she hugged you welcoming you back to Gotham as she took you to the rack where she happened to have a mermaid spaghetti strap in lilac and in your size.
she pulled it off the shelf and handed it to you. you held it up to your figure and she gave it the thumbs up as she went to grab you a shawl and a handbag as well as a pair of wedges which she took a guess on the size.
kate and you went back to her apartment and she helped you get comfortable before she went to go get ready for the ball. you started to take off what you currently were wearing, and then you slid into the dress. the satin lace combo gliding across your skin.
you didnt hear Kate who wanted your help with her tie come back as you finished pulling the up but couldnt reach the zipper.
Kate: “knock knock…”
YN: “i cant reach the zipper. Can you zip up my dress?”
Kate: “only if you help me. Can you help me with my tie?”
you nod.
YN: “deal. but who goes first?”
Kate: “come closer to me and turn around so i can do up the zipper.”
you turn around and move your hair out of habit. Kate’s hands move slowly along your back to the zipper but they trace every inch of your back before grasping the zipper.
YN: “can I ask you something?”
Kate: “of course.”
Yn: “did you have any contact with Bruce before he left that would indicate where he was going or why?”
Kate: “no but my cousin was strong willed, if he wanted to do something he most certainly did everything in his power to achieve whatever he was trying to do. Ugh the zipper is stuck, do not worry I have someone who is very eager to help in any way possible but while I Call her can you do my tie?”
Just as you turn around you hear the door open, Kate turns to defensive in front of you. Mary walks through the door.
Mary: “chill out sis it’s me!”
Kate: “thank God it’s you I hope you can help. Mary this is YN, YN this is My sister Mary. Mary can you fix YN’s zipper on her dress it is stuck even I couldn’t get it.”
Mary places her purse and her coat down and comes behind you. While you trace Kate’s form grasping hold of her tie. Mary goes to take a look at your zipper, she spends longer on the zipper then you do on kates tie.
You had this weird feeling, like she had a secret, like she was trying to tell you something and you werent quite picking up the signal.
Kate had one of her hands on your waist, she had every confidence that she had found her one in you. Course she had heard her cousin mention his fantastic secretary but she didnt think you would be this gorgeous. Mary after a while exclaims.
Mary: “i have an idea… stay right there dont move…”
mary left the room for a moment this left you and kate to further ponder your thougts. kate still had her hand on your waist, this sparked something within you that you had not felt in years.
Kate: “do you have anyone special in your life?”
YN: “ive been single every day for my entire life. cause before i left bruce and i shared secrets with eachother that we soon knew would go with us to our graves. kate, im a lesbian…”
Kate smiles and is about to speak when mary comes back into the room, she goes to the back of your dress and fiddles round for a few moments before standing straight and comes back to her bag and coat.
Mary: “all done i replaced the zipper pull, you will be fine ill fully replace the zipper before that dress is needed again. now both of you should go Luke will be here any moment. and im hitching a ride so hurry up both of you and finish getting reAdy.”
Kate and you finished getting ready, the sound of a car horn sounded. this pulled you and kate out of your own admirations and into a state of lets go present to the public.
you held kates hand this sent several shivers down your spine but in a good way. kate however knew what you felt but she knew she would have to tell you her secret after tonight if everything went her way.
kate: "so i hope that this isnt too forward but how do you think people at this party will react to seeing you at the party let alone back in gotham?"
yN: "dont worry bout it ill just exclaim that im back to stop running from the past. Exclaim that I can't and I shouldn't run forever! Even if I'm still scared."
kate: "what do you have to be scared of?"
yn: "my future, the company I worked for for so long went awol after lucius God rest his soul and now I return to meet the cousin of my former boss and the son of his best friend. Geez I'm overwhelmed!"
Kates hand on your own had you finding the strength to make it through the evening! Your only thoughts were of how how you and Kate looked.
Luke got out of the car and came round to open your door so kate and you as well as mary could exit the car. The press got one look at you beside kate and had a field day.
After pushing through the crowd, making it inside the gallary you realized that the security was tighter than usual.
YN: “when did security get beefed up?”
Kate: “since my father became the leader of a security company, they are called the Crows, they became a thing after Batman disappeared. lets avoid any and all contact with him while here, he wont entirely take kindly to me having a date at this gala.”
YN: “does he know that your...”
Kate: “yes he does but he doesnt entirely approve of it. but you know what screww what he thinks. im just happy to not be suffering this event alone.”
You smiled you knew that there was a small chance that kate had feelings for you as well. there was speeches, music, silent auction and dancing. this was what you and Kate spent some of your time doing. was dancing and placing tickets into the silent auctions.
You and Kate were standing by the bar during the next few speeches, doing a few shots and having several laughs.
Kate: "have you ever kissed a girl?"
YN: "not willingly... Poison ivy got me once but batman swooped in and saved me after I sucker punched him while he was trying to save me. But I guess kissed and put under a spell by a bad girl doesn't count."
Kate: "nope but it was a good try..."
before kate had a chance to finish er sentance her name was being called, this made both you and her turn toward the voice, this also made kate immediately chug the rest of her drink.
Jacob: "kate... didnt expect to see you here tonight."
kate: "thats cause i didnt mention that i was gonna be here. as i found out a few new things today but you dont need to know as long as you do what you do we can never be a proper family. trust me being gay is the best thing to ever happen to me. I swear I'm not gonna give up who I am just to make you proud of me. If you can't accept me for who I am then how are we supposed to be a family. "
Jacob: "Kate you made your choice years ago at the Acadamy you don't need to remind me that we are not and can never be a proper family. You and your lady friend enjoy the gala."
Jacob gives you the snake eye before walking away. You turn to Kate both of you now standing alot closer before. Then it was time for someone from Wayne tech to get up and speak.
You and Kate were the only ones who were able and willing to represent the company on the stage.
Kate: "Wayne tech was started by my aunt Martha and my uncle Thomas Wayne many many years ago. Then my cousin Bruce took over when he was old enough. 6 years ago my cousin disappeared, 3 years ago lucius fox was murdered, today I stand up here with YN who worked close along side lucius and Bruce for many years before Bruce disappeared. Under her leadership and the help of lucius fox's nephew Luke we have plans to reopen Wayne tech."
YN: "citizens of Gotham, what Kate says is true we have plans to reopen Wayne tech, we hope to bring good to our city, continuing on in the steps of my former boss and business partner Bruce, may he ever be remembered as we reopen and continue the business that was the foundation to Gothams Legacy for years before and will continue to be...”
before you could finish your speech the lights in the entire building went out. you and Kate stood close.
Kate: “stay close to me, this is not supposed to happen...”
a few moments later a single spotlight on the other side of the room reveals someone standing there...
Hush: “greetings gothamites, right now some of the crows are all standing on pressure plates that will explode the building if they move. so i want the little rat who is associated with Bruce wayne to come forth and face the punishment for trying to shine that light again.”
Kate and you make your way through the shadows and around the harmless civilians to a hidden panel in the wall. stepping inside this felt very familiar feeling of security.
Kate: “we all have our demons, some of our demons hide in the shadows, for this lunatic out there im one of his demons. YN you know Bruce’s secret now im trusting you with mine.”
YN; “ what are you talking about Kate i have to go out there and stand up to that monster and prove my worth.”
Kate: “and you will have your part to play in this but so will i...”
you watch as she emerges from shadws into some low lighting dressed as a bat...”
YN: “so you took after your cousin in that respect. i am so happy that you have trusted me with this secret. thank you for that.”
Kate: “all i want you to do is go out there and keep him talking distract him long enough for luke who can hear us right now to silently and remotely disarm the pressure plates. now go, ill be along shortly. i have to go a different way.”
you leave the hole in the wall, you walk out there and throw your voice from behind the people.
YN: “who are you and what the hell do you want with me?”
Hush: “why dont you come out and face me so i can see who you are!”
You go further and a spotlight shines on you.
Hush: "well well well, let's get this party started.. Starting with a pop quiz: in Wayne tech the last project that was announced to be in development was what?"
YN: "a new secure wing at arkham asylum."
Hush: "what made the plans for this project go off the rails?"
YN: "the disappearance of Bruce Wayne and the murder of lucius fox."
Hush: "and what project are you guys gonna start on with your start up?"
Yn: "why does it matter to you you dick? You are the one that is basically holding us for hostage... Now either release the innocent people and disarm the pressure plates or the gcpd will be crawling over this place in a matter of moments."
Hush: "now now little girl, you were Bruce Wayne's pet weren't you?"
YN: "I was his assistant and best friend."
Hush: "I knew him once, but he was much different then... I for one am glad he is gone, he was an arrogant ass..."
Kate came into view a few times, helping to set up the room so the people are safe, you keep ‘hush’ busy for a few moments. before you knew it all the innocents were in a safe location.
Hush approached you rapidly and began to get all up in your grill.
Hush: “why are you not afraid of me?”
YN: “cause ive seen things in my lifetime that would scare even a man with no heart such as yourself. so do your worse cause im counting on someone saving me very soon...”
Hush comes up and starts using his fingers to trace your body. that is when Kate decided it was time to make her presence known.
Batwoman: “hey ugly, take your hands off the lady...”
Hush turns to see Batwoman who you know is actually Kate standing behind him...
Hush: “why should i you silly little bat?”
Batwman: “cause in a number of moments the pressure plates will be disarmmed, the crows will be free and you will be going to arkham. now pick on someone your own size...”
Hush turned away from you immediately before turning to batwoman he chucked knives at her while you stood there and watched.. Kate caught your eye and winked, just like bruce used to do if he wanted to pull a reverse batarang catch combo.
Kate threw the batarang and it landed in your catch then with all your strength and force your threw that batarang at the back of hush’s head and he fell straight on his face.
batwoman: “alright commander the pressure plates have been disabled, make sure this animal sees justice. ill take the lady out of the building. have a good night commmander.”
kate comes up to you and grapples both of you out of the building. kate’s father called to make sure both of you were okay. you ended up at wayne tower with kate now she still is in costume.
Kate: “what fascination did my cousin have for bookcases...”
YN: “it is just his thing, back at wayne manor he had a bookcase a piano entrance and several other things, he finally choose the bookcase to make things easy for his quick escapes.”
Kate: "do you want to see the cave?"
YN: "I haven't been down there since before Bruce left... I would love to see it back up and running."
Kate's hand on your own leading you down into the cave made you smile as the stairwell seemed to get brighter like something glowing at the end of the tunnel.
Getting to the end of the tunnel there's a path lined with flame less tea lights.
Yn: "it's beautiful... I love these tea lights!"
Kate: "I have to be honest tonight I had a hard time keeping myself from letting my heart lead my actions. In the few short hours that I've known you, I've fallen in love with you. I had Luke and Mary set this up. As well as the bed in the center."
Kate says as she starts de suiting allowing you to roam around but mid way through de suiting her eyes couldn't leave your form.
Kate: "it took everything I had for will power not to make love to you right then and there and when we were dancing it took all my will power not to kiss you while dancing."
You turned to face Kate both of you facing eachother now.
Yn: "what's stopping you now?"
Mid way through de suiting Kate allowed her instincts to take over. she left her suit half off ran to you cupped your cheeks and kissed you. this was the kiss that felt like it had happened before, but of course it hadnt but it sure as hell felt amazing literally breath taking.
after 10 minutes both of you broke the kiss breathing heavily before kate spoke in heavy raspy breaths.
Kate (breathing heavily): “this might be more sexy if you help me finish getting out of my suit.”
YN (breathing heavily): “turn around and i will...”
Kate turns around, you place small seductive kisses trailing her neck, to her shoulder, down her spine earning small soft moans of approval from Kate. your hands moved to her wait and began to slide the suit from her waist down her legs you still leaving kisses ever couple seconds.
once the suit was off Kate threw it across the table in the corner, and took you closer to the bed as she started to use her hands once more to roam over your body, feeling every inch of it.
Kate: “you are still wearing far too much clothing... turn around time for me to help you get out of what you are wearing...”
YN: “i promise you that this is probably way less than you were wearing.”
Kate: “turn around for me..”
you turned around and smiled, kates hands on the back of your dress using the make shift pully for the zipper that mary had put on to undo the dress. but Kate kissed your neck earning soft moans from you.
Kate: “dont forget we are the future of wayne tech, and united we stand..”
YN: “you are so hot, i got all throat dryed and tongue tied when i first met you. i was shell shocked... but im damn well glad you were the one in the building.”
the fabric slid off your body on its own, all kate had to do was make sure you didnt trip over the dress. tossing that with the suit you are in the caressed embrace of Kate.
Kate: “so beautiful...”
you turn around lifting Kate’s tank top off her body. her hands making quick work to slide off her shorts. both of you now scooting onto the bed, Kate was on top of you quicker than you were fully laying down.
Kate: “now this is how love is supposed to be...”
Kate grinded her way onto you, pulling off 69 and just general pleasuring sensual acts. you both were screaming and moaning in pleasure.
Kate: “you know i dont think ive had this much passion in sex in a long time.”
YN: “i know what you mean and i am perfectly content staying right here for like ever...”
kate had been using a double strap on so it pleasured you both. she hadnt puled out or really stopped moving, you both were just laying in a way that you could have a conversation.
YN: “how did i get so lucky to end up with you?”
Kate: “no idea but it was probably the same thing that brought me to you. i love you...”
You cupped her cheeks making sure your noses were touching and that was how your night of perfect bliss continued with the strap on and the vigerous sexual positions and the oral sex you received from Kate.
After several hours of that you both fell asleep cuddled together in perfect harmony. Morning soon fell, the bat computer started its morning routine, the lights were still romantic.
In those moments things seemed simple, both of you had forgotten the horrific but wonderful time at the gala the night before.
Kate and you stirred at the same time, opening your eyes only to start grinding the strap on again, not alot of moving from where you were nor from under the covers.
You were still going at it moments later when Luke and Mary began to decend into the cave. Neither you nor Kate noticed as you were too pre occupied.
The bat computer spoke suddenly.
Computer: "sir Luke and lady Mary, madame Kate and mistress YN are still rolling in the sheets, they also just woke up shall I put up the protective shield?"
Mary: "yes please so we don't have to see anything.. But there is a question I have who installed those shield and why?"
Computer: "master Wayne did for his rendezvous with miss Kyle! Whenever they would happen. "
Luke: "did my father know? About Bruce and Selena?"
Computer: "oh yes everyone eventually knew cause they got engaged in secret. To show Gotham that Selina had truly changed her spots."
Luke and Mary were shocked they didnt think that someone would happen upon anything like that in the cave... though like they were about to see the shield would reveal as though nothing was on the other side of the wall...
Luke: "did bruce leave anything indicating where he was going or why he left?"
computer: "that information is classified except to those whose code names are on the inscription."
Mary: "is it safe to go down now?"
computer: "yes go on..."
meanwhile you and Kate were still engaged in the sensual arts. passion flowing gracefully from you both. neither of you noticing the shield nor hearing the voices from luke and mary, nor realizing that there was work to be done.
about an hour later you and kate were both finally satisfied. you both threw on the robes sitting near by and smiled happily walking out from behind the shield. only to be confronted with glares from Luke and Mary...
Luke: “glad you both could finally join us... oh by the way, great idea for starting wayne tech again that is a brilliant plan...”
Mary: “where are your formal wear so i can repair that zipper and whatever else needs on it...”
YN: “its on the couch over near the shield. just dont look back there it aint pretty.”
Kate smiled cause she could only imagine what kind of horrors they would see if they looked. 
Kate: “did you find anything on that Hush character from the gala last night?”
Luke: “sadly no but i can say that whoever he is is extremely hard to place. plus there is no mention of anyone named Hush in Bruce’s files anywhere.”
YN: “so he is someone new thats okay cause i am the one that took down Poison ivy, that was one of the only missions i ever did with bruce i had my own suit and everything. Bruce taught me everything he knew. but in those moments ivy had no idea that i was the same girl she had tried to force to kill Batman. then i turned around and clipped her with a batarang to the back of the head and brought her ass to arkham. it was a glorious day. it was also the same day that Bruce told me he was leaving. or well that he was preparing too. he told me for what was coming neither of us should be in the city. so when he left i grabbed what few belongings i had and i left gotham and had been in Star City till yesterday.”
Kate went to mary who handed Kate something which peaked your curiousity, but you werent gonna pry you knew when the time was right Kate would do what her heart commanded. 
~1 and a half years later... success had been accross yours and Kates features as you both were running sucessfully 3 businesses. the reopening of wayne tech had gone smoothly. then there was the real estate firm that Kate had been running before you got to gotham as well as a nightclub. a little excessive but its a welcome reprieve with a fully stocked bar. you and Kate were happily living in your penthouse together. you had left alot of it alone due to both of you missed Bruce and wanted him to be honored.~
Kate: “YN, did you put..”
YN: “top drawer in the middle cabinet, Kate did you...”
Kate: “its in your desk in the center drawer...”
you and Kate were functional working happy couple. this was to be the night of the wayne tech gala. you both had put one on as tghe grand reopening and now its a yearly thing. to showcase everything that is in development for the people of gotham. 
Kate: “can you believe that its already been almost 2 years...”
YN: “can you believe that i never thought i would have ever been working for wayne tech again.”
kate: “can you believe that you are the most beautiful woman at this party.”
YN: “your not so bad yourself.”
Kate smiled as she came up behind you to help you do up your dress. 
Kate: “do you think bruce would be proud of what we have done and are doing?”
YN: “i think whereever he is he is very proud of us... and even better he would be honored that we took this mantle and have upheld it for the good of the Wayne family legacy.”
thats when an intruder alert sounded. it was one of the silent alarms on the wayne manor property. 
YN: “we should go as ourselves not in costume.”
Kate: “ill call Mary and Luke and have them stall for time at the gala. we will be there in plenty of time. but your right as usual.”
YN: “good thing we travel to impress.”
Kate: “we also travel combat ready... i get now why you always have slits in your dresses. lets go.”
Kate and you got onto Kates bike and drove off towards the detection. ah yes wayne manor now declared sacred land and only for family, it was unusual that someone would dare to venture onto the property. 
upon arrival at the gate you and Kate parked and got off the bike leaving your helmets and hiding the valuables in the safe installed on the bike. 
Kate: “keep your eyes open something isnt right.”
YN: “dont worry whatever it is we will make sure to handle this.”
Kate smiles and keeps you close while walking further onto the property. you remembered the last time you had been here before bruce left and disappeared. 
Kate: “see anything yet?”
YN: “not yet... wait there is a light inside...”
you start running towards the house Kate follows in suit, you start going up the steps but stop as Kate comes up behind you and grabs your hand both of you walking up those stairs together.
Kate and you each opened one of the double doors, both of you walking inside the light seemingly brighter. you could hear rustling and creeking of floors. you and Kate wanted to charge in “guns” blazing but you were in civilian form not a good idea. 
you both stop outside the door to the room, you hear a familiar voice. no it cant be... 
Kate: “whoever that is, is going to be tried for trespassing...”
except you knew that voice... you knew who it was...
YN: “dont be rash babe, i recognize the voice.”
you open the door with Kate on your heels.
YN: “talia...”
the figure turns around and remves her hood.
Talia: “its been a long time YN. how have you been?”
YN: “to be fair its been a gong show... what with having just come back to gotham last night after being in star city for the last several years.”
Talia: “i guess it has been a long long time. whose your friend?”
Kate holds her hand towards talia and stands tall beside you.
Kate: “kate kane, im Bruce’s cousin. im as of 1 and a half years ago  YN’s  girlfriend.”
Talia shakes kates hand. 
YN: “what are you doing here talia?”
Talia: “i mean no disrespect but something seemed wrong about Bruce disappearing. something felt wrong and if i can find out why it felt wrong then i can find out where Bruce disappeared to.”
YN: “keep us informed, we have an expo to get too.. we are so late...”
Kate: “if you wish there will be a ticket for you at the door Talia. it was very nice to meet you.”
Talia: “as it was to meet you Kate.”
You and Kate leave Talia to what she was doing and head back to the bike. Tears fell from your eyes thinking about Bruce and how proud he would be of both you and Kate.
Kate: "thinking about Bruce?"
YN: "I just wish he were here to see what we have accomplished. But let's get to the expo and reveal the plans for the developments that we have come up with."
Kate hands you your helmet before hse puts hers on as you both get back on the bike and head to the expo. Parking in the parking garage you make the notion that you both got dirt on your outfits.
Kate: "shit Mary is gonna kill us... She might have planned for something like this... Hold on let me..."
before kate could call Mary, mary rang Kate’s cell...
Kate: “Mary thank god its you listen YN and i had a little run in with some dirt both our outfits are no longer presentable do you have any spare outfits.”
Mary yells at luke and then speaks a moment.
mary: “meet me in the washrooms in the lobby... i will have them there shortly..”
you and Kate sneak your way through the corridors and head into the lobby washrooms. anxiously awaiting Mary’s arrival with your replacement outfits, you made sure that you kept a level head. 
Kate: “you look a little tense love...”
YN: “i wanted this night to go smoooth and now we have to do a costume change only a few short moments before we have to be on stage for the toasts. this is not how this night was supposed to go...”
Kate: “not to worry, there is still plenty of time for things to go right.”
Mary walks in a while later, you look at Kate with anticipation for the way that you were hoping this night would go was not what it seemed. 
Mary: okay whose first for their outfit change... 
Kate: just give me the outfits Mary, you and Luke need to make sure no one comes in here for a few moments while we get changed... once we are changed ill knock on the door and you and come and collect the outfits. 
Mary: that sounds do-able. just both of you hurry up people are asking for you, important people. 
you and Kate were not sure who could be out there but you both were certain that this night was gonna be a rocking good time. 
getting into your clean outfits you both realize that you both are wearing your costume colors. Kate knocks on the door once you both are presentable, mary walks in.
Mary: you both look spectacular!
Kate: ya in our costume colors what is going on?
Mary: luke developed a microchip to change anything into your costumes its like a portable solution. but these are just incase of any ruckass. which we are hoping there wont be but just in case here they are. 
Kate: what if we just want to be normal for one night?
Mary reaches into the neckline of Kates shirt and your bra line on your dress and pulls out the microchips. 
Mary: if you both change your minds i have the chips now go  you both are due for your speech in a few moments. 
you and kate go out of the washroom, arriving in the ballroom to be greeted by dignitaries and just in time to be called up on stage. politely excusing yourselves you both walk up on stage. 
Kate: whats up gotham city. thank you all so much for coming out tonight. this year so far is really big and productive for the company. i cant believe its been almost 2 years since me and YN brought wayne tech back to life. if bruce wayne were here today, to see what we have done he would be very proud of everything we are doing to keep this legacy alive. the silent auction will run all night the winner will be contacted by telephone and by email. the prizes will be availble for drop off or pick up at wayne tech. now i am gonna turn the mic over to my business partner and girlfriend YN.
YN: thanks kate, so as you all have seen around the room are some of the plans to refurbish some of the wings at arkham as well as build a secure wing for those more deadly super criminals. our goal is to create a more secure enviroment as well as give the orderlies more space for any other crazies that may pop up or have to go to arkham thanks to the donations of you Gotham we almost have the funds to start the arkham asylum expansion project. 
Kate: before we sign off for the evening i have something i would like to do. bare with me i have not put alot of thought into this but here it goes. 
Kate turns to you taking your hand in her own.
Kate: Yn you and i have taken Wayne tech and brought it back from the dust and shadows like a phoenix in rebirth but tonight as we boht stand before all of gotham i have a question for you, this night at this gala i want to know. Will you YN marry me?
she then got down on one knee and held a ring box to you open to a rose gold entwined celtic knot band with a emerald cut stone in the center. your face went pretty fast from shock to a face of happy complete utter joy. 
YN: yes!
was all you managed to squeak out.  kate placed the ring on your finger and kissed you before holding both your hands up for the press to see the gripped shot of the engagement ring. 
you were not sure what else would come out of your mouth. thats when luke stepped onto the stage with mary. both of them bringing you and kate some champagne. 
mary: waiters are coming around with champagne will you all please join me in raising a toast to YN and Kate  the best people for the right jobs at the right moments. we are honored to be in your debt. to YN and Kate. 
the toast made, the congratulations flowed in, the press all over your engagement. even the crows offered congratulations. 
~what happens now is a different story for a different time~
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ghost-in-the-hella · 2 years
63. “I need a place to stay.” PriceMarsh
Roughly 1 million years later (in fandom years), here it is. 
CW for homophobia and implied domestic abuse. 
When Chloe answers the door at 9pm on Christmas Eve, she isn’t expecting to see her girlfriend. She especially isn’t expecting to see her looking tear-stained and puffy-eyed in her best church clothes, soaked to the skin and carrying a hastily packed backpack. 
“Kate! What’s wrong?” she asks, heart immediately hammering anxiously in her chest. 
Kate barely manages to get the words out. “I need a place to stay.” 
“O-of course, yeah.” Chloe holds the door open and steps back, ushering her inside. It’s too cold and rainy outside for Kate to be standing there without a heavy coat. 
“I’m sorry,” Kate starts babbling as soon as she’s over the threshold. “I didn’t know where else to go; the dorms are closed until after New Years and--” 
“Hey, hey,” Chloe says soothingly, pulling Kate gently into her arms. “I’m glad you came here. I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all. But I’m glad you’re here. I missed you.” 
Kate hiccups something between a laugh and a sob into Chloe’s shoulder as she hugs her back so hard that Chloe’s ribs ache. “I missed you, too,” she mumbles wetly. 
“What’s going on?” David barks from the living room over the sound of the television. “Shut the damn door, girlie; you’re letting all the heat out!” 
Chloe gives Kate an extra squeeze, feeling the way she tenses at David’s gruff voice. She kicks out one foot, pushing the door loudly shut. 
“Who is it?” Joyce asks, poking her head out of the kitchen, her hands still dripping soap suds. Her eyebrows rise in concern when she sees the state that Kate is in. “Kate, darlin’!” she exclaims, leaving the kitchen and wiping off her hands on a dishcloth. “What’s the matter?” 
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Madsen,” Kate says through a fresh wave of tears. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your family so close to Christmas. I’m sorry I didn’t call ahead; she took my phone.” 
Chloe’s heart sinks down to her toes and her head starts buzzing numbly. Shit. She’s been dreading this moment ever since she and Kate started dating. “Your mom?” 
Kate nods, looking heartbroken. She turns to Chloe. “I didn’t mean to tell her anything,” she says in an agonized rush. “It just slipped out. One of my cousins came out over Thanksgiving, and she was talking all about how he was going to hell and I just meant to defend him and… and… It just slipped out.” Kate’s mouth tightens into a pained snarl. “She was just so convinced that none of her perfect daughters could be ‘like that,’ so convinced it was something his parents did wrong and that he would go to hell, and I couldn’t let her. I couldn’t let her keep saying those things as if she wasn’t talking about her own daughter, too.”
“So she kicked you out,” Chloe says numbly. 
Kate nods again, and Joyce’s frown deepens as she sweeps in to put her own arm around Kate’s shoulders. “Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like, Katie, darlin’. I’m sure your mother will come to her senses--” she glares at Chloe when Chloe snorts angrily “--eventually,” she continues determinedly, “but until then you just stay right here with us. Have you had supper?” 
Kate shakes her head. “Th-thank you, Mrs. Madsen. I’m sorry to impose, I just didn’t know where else to go; the dorms are closed over break.” 
“Never you mind; it’s no imposition. Chloe, would you set up a dinner plate for our guest?” 
“Yeah, ‘course.” Chloe lets go of Kate and looks her up and down. She’s sopping wet and shivering. “You wanna grab a shower and warm up while I’m heating the leftovers? You can borrow some of my pjs if you need a change of clothes.”
“Thank you,” Kate says once again, pressing her cold lips gratefully against Chloe’s cheek as Joyce returns to the kitchen and starts bustling about in the refrigerator. “I managed to grab some things before she locked me out, but I don’t know if I’ve even got a complete outfit apart from what I’m wearing.” 
Chloe scowls. “I can’t believe your dad let her do this. And on Christmas Eve; what the actual fuck.” 
Kate shrugs sadly. “He tried to reason with her, but when she gets like this…” She sighs. “Maybe he’ll be able to talk her around, eventually. At least enough that I can go back and get the rest of my things.”
“He’d fucking better. And if he doesn’t, we’ll break in and take them back,” Chloe promises. 
“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” 
“Parents kicked you out, huh?” David says, suddenly looming in the doorway with a nearly empty beer bottle dangling from one hand. “That’s rough.”
“I… Yes, it is, Mr. Madsen.” 
David nods contemplatively, eyes darting back and forth between Kate and Chloe, and Chloe wants to go over and smack his eyes shut. “Well. Sorry t’hear it. I s’pose we can fix up the couch for you ‘til the dorms reopen.” 
It’s more than Chloe expected from him but less than Kate deserves. “Kate can stay in my room. We’re both adults.” 
David’s expression sours. “Miss Marsh can stay on the couch,” he replies. “Your mother and I already tolerated enough shenanigans when that Amber girl used to stay over. This isn’t a bordello.” 
Chloe’s anger flares and she steps forward to say something well-deserved but ill-advised, halted only by Kate’s gentle hand on her elbow. “I can sleep on the couch,” Kate says. “I don’t mind. I fell asleep on the bus ride here; the couch will be much more comfortable, I’m sure. Thank you, Mr. Madsen.” 
Step-douche nods at that and disappears back into the living room like some vile ghost. Chloe wishes he’d fuck off and find some other house to haunt. Chloe’s distracted from her thoughts by the soft, cool press of Kate’s lips on the corner of her jaw. Kate slips her fingers into Chloe’s and gives them a squeeze. “I’m going to go shower and get changed. Maybe I’ll feel a bit more stable then. We can figure everything else out afterward, okay?” 
“Okay,” Chloe says, turning to kiss Kate back, just a light peck at the edge of her lips. “I’ll heat up some food for you. We can talk it out once you’re warm and dry with a full stomach.”
Kate nods. “I’m probably going to cry a whole lot,” she warns. “I feel sort of numb right now, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last before I break down again.”
“I’ve got two good shoulders,” Chloe tells her. “You can cry on them all you need. I’ve got your back, Angel.”
Kate already looks a bit teary when she pulls Chloe in for a hug. “I should be calling you Angel. You’re the one saving my life here. I don’t know what I would have done tonight if I didn’t have you to run to.”
Kate wouldn’t have to run anywhere if it weren’t for Chloe, but Chloe knows that if she says that out loud Kate will only deny it, so she gives Kate a squeeze and sends her upstairs. Chloe busies herself in the kitchen, trying to focus on setting up the best dinner she can for her girlfriend rather than on the bottomless anger welling up inside of her.
“I just can’t imagine,” Joyce sighs. “And on Christmas Eve, no less! I thought you said they were Christians. What good Christian woman would throw her daughter out on Christmas Eve?”
Chloe shrugs because if she speaks she’ll only shout, and she doesn’t want Kate to hear her yelling and get upset.
Joyce stares at Chloe’s tight shoulders for a moment, her brow furrowed and jaw tensed in contemplation, and she gently takes the plate from Chloe’s hands and puts it into the microwave. “You know that I love you, Chloe. Don’t you?” 
Chloe nods, feeling like she might cry or be sick or very possibly both. It isn’t fair. Kate’s the good one. Kate deserves a family that loves and protects her. She deserves better than her mother’s rejection, her father’s inadequacy, Chloe’s bony shoulders to cry on, David’s barely-there tolerance. She deserves the world, and Chloe doesn’t know how to give it to her.
“Oh, Chloe.” Joyce pulls her into a gentle hug, and Chloe’s upset enough that she lets her, sobbing wetly into her mother’s shoulder before she can stop herself. “Chloe, Chloe. We’ll take good care of that girl. She can stay here as long as it takes.”
“I’ll talk to David. Don’t you worry about anythin’, Darlin’.”
Chloe wants to say something cutting about why hasn’t Joyce ‘talked to David’ about not berating her constantly, not invading her privacy, not smacking her around whenever she talks back to him rather than take his shit. But she can hear the shower turning off upstairs and she doesn’t want to get them both kicked out on Christmas Eve with nowhere to go. “Thanks, mom,” she mumbles, wiping her eyes as she pulls out of the embrace. The microwave beeps and Chloe goes to check on the food.
Kate comes downstairs a few minutes later with damp hair hanging around her shoulders, wearing one of her own sleep shirts paired with a severely oversized pair of Chloe’s pajama pants. She’s rolled the cuffs several times and they still drag on the floor. She looks soft and sweet, and Chloe just wants to wrap her up in the protective warmth of her arms and keep her safe forever, never let her go. Chloe draws back the chair in front of Kate’s steaming dinner plate. “Hope you’re hungry. Joyce always makes enough food to feed the whole town around the holidays.”
Kate sits and picks up her fork, giving Chloe a bigger smile than Chloe would’ve expected considering how traumatizing Kate’s night has been so far. “You know, I wasn’t sure I would have an appetite at all, but I’m actually famished.” She scoops up a big dollop of mashed potatoes and gobbles it down, closing her eyes in bliss. Chloe has to smile. Kate really is just too cute. She reaches over and thumbs away a smudge of gravy at the corner of Kate’s mouth. “Your mom’s a really good cook.”
“When she has time, yeah. I, uh. I’m actually a pretty decent cook, too. Had to pick up some of her skillz when it was just the two of us and she was pulling doubles at the diner all the time, y’know?”
“Hmm, good to know.” Kate slowly sets down her fork. “You know… I keep thinking I should feel worse. I should feel worse, shouldn’t I?”
“Probably hasn’t sunk in yet.”
“Maybe. I keep thinking: I should be breaking down, my mother threw me out of the house, my sisters were crying, she’s going to tell them horrible things about me, my father failed to protect me… Most of my life is in that house. My phone, my computer, Alice. But all I can feel is relieved.”
Kate nods pensively. “Relieved, and grateful.” She shrugs. “My family knows now. There’s no big secrets left to hide from them. I can stop worrying about what’s going to happen when they find out, because it’s already happened. I can just be my complete self now and not have to worry that it’ll get back to them somehow.” She places her hand over Chloe’s and smiles softly at her. “And grateful because I have you. Because I have a place to go and a person to go to. So many people don’t have that, but I do, and I’m so, so grateful that it’s you.”
Chloe sniffs a little even though she’s not crying - she’s not - and shifts her hand to lock her fingers with Kate’s. “I’m the one who’s grateful for you. I… I wish I had a better place for you to go. Without…” She flails her free hand inarticulately. “Fuckin’ family drama. Without having to look over your damn shoulder in case Sergeant Dickhead’s getting his rage on.” 
Kate squeezes Chloe’s hand. “Maybe… Maybe this can be a good thing. Maybe it can be an opportunity for both of us. I was thinking that when I graduate, I’ll want to move out of my parents’ place anyway, find an apartment of my own… I was, um. I was planning to ask if you wanted to join me.” 
Chloe blinks rapidly, struggling to keep up. “Wait, like… Get an apartment together? Like, move in together?” 
Kate nods shyly. “If you wanted. And now… Maybe it makes sense to start looking sooner. I don’t know if they’re going to keep paying for my dorm room now that I’ve been kicked out, and if they don’t… I mean, even if my dad is willing to keep paying for it, it’s probably better for me to get some distance.” She blushes. “If you want to, of course. It’s okay if you don’t; I didn’t mean to spring this on you so suddenly. I was going to work up to it, try to get a sense of what you wanted to do, if you even wanted to live with me--”
Chloe leans over and kisses Kate hard on the cheek to interrupt her spiral. “I’d love to.” 
Kate lights up. “Really?” 
“Really. Seriously. I can’t think of anything I’d like better. Our own place? Just you and me, able to decorate shit the way we want, to not have to lie or hide anything or walk on eggshells to keep from pissing off our parents?? Hella yes, I want that!”
“We probably won’t be able to afford anything too nice, and we’ll have to get jobs, but--” 
“Fuck, I’m game if you are. I’ll wait tables at the fucking Two Whales if I have to.” Chloe shuts up so that Kate can kiss her. “You and me, Katydid.” 
Kate rests her head on Chloe’s shoulder. “You and me. We’re going to make it work.” 
“Hell yeah, we are.” Chloe presses another kiss into Kate’s wet hair, and she sits and holds Kate and, for the first time in years, looks forward to the future.
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