#And now I'm trans so idk
the-halfling-prince · 10 months
Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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transmascrage · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's interesting how whenever I look at a denier's bio 99% of the time they're tme.
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rovermcfly · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lover lover lover by leonard cohen // blackbeard in our flag means death episode 10 “wherever you go, there you are” // @all-chickens-are-trans on tumblr
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arsonforcharlie · 1 year
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hey happy trans day of visibility, it's me, i'm a whole trans with a new shirt who will post selfies given the slightest provocation
this year was a big one for me on the actively physically transing my gender front, and that's kinda ruled, glad i managed to work past a lot of that fear and self-doubt to get more comfortable in my me than i ever thought i could be, so that rules. now that i'm where i am i can't believe how long it took to let a lot of things hit, but look at me now, i'm trans AND hot
anyway trans rights, if you're in a position to help push back against transphobic legislation do that, and give money to your trans friends whenever you can
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spokelseskladden · 6 months
no but actually, when I was like 16 I decided to get in deep with the cult, like fanatically deep. Donating my entire allowance and dedicating myself to biweekly bible study deep. Mainly because I had deluded myself into thinking that if only I could become a perfect jehovah’s witness, god would heal my crippling gender dysphoria by either taking pity on me and simply give me a dick and testosterone for the low price of my freedom and dignity, or alternatively taking it away all together and let me live my life blissfully as a cis woman for all eternity in paradise. The latter never sounded appealing to me, and I’m not going to pretend that the blatant sexism within the cult wasn’t a part of it at all, but even if you removed it, I still didn’t particularly care for having tits. I did realize that the former alternative probably wasn’t likely to happen in the end, and that’s probably one of the big reasons I never could admit to actually just being a guy, even though it was kinda obvious. Cause when you know you can’t ever have something, it’s easier to pretend you never wanted it in the first place, lol
#ex jw#isn't it funny that I even entertained the idea of fucking JEHOVAH giving me top surgery or some shit?#dude are you daft? the babykiller who hates the gays? You really think THAT GUY would support trans rights?#also. my OG mutuals probably remembers me sort of coming out as nonbinary back then‚ and i want you to know that I was not#practically everything I ever said about my gender back then wasn't real and I KNEW it wasn't real. I was just scared as fuck lol#cause I couldn't open that can of worms and then close it again. and like yeah. experimenting with gender can be great and important#but I wasn't experimenting‚ I knew it wasn't completely right from the moment I said it and idk. I want that out in the open I guess lol#funny thing is I kinda did that thing AGAIN not that far back when I was like oh yeah any pronouns goes :) oh no it's they/them achtually#oh now im he/they and oh I just want to define anything and blah blah blah#and I was sitting there and I just asked myself what the hell I was doing cause you're a grown ass man and you KNOW you're spewing bullshit#like i thought i would keep things ambigous but in hindsight. the url i had and having my other name in my bio was kinda stupid#in my defence i didn't think about my url and i still don't really mind my legal name so lol#but i realized i was just pussyfooting around everything and i'm tired of it so yeah!#anyway. look at me revealing my fucking lore here. i've gotten way off track and idk what i was trying to get to#if you read this far you get like. knowledge about me you probably didn't want#you're welcome i guess? idk lol#insert drive through meme or something
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sporkprez · 2 months
the definitive list of every genshin impact character 😤
(i have over 10 years experience playing hit mobile game genshin impact and know everything about it, especially the story)
1. pantaloons pantone
2. kayenne pepper (a gay pirate)
3. duloc the red guy
4. vente grande cappuccino (he is green and has a serious drinking problem and he plays harp wow what a talented lad)
5. capitane uhhh the masked guy
6. childe/tartagula? tarantula.
^ please calm yourself i know he fell into an evil well or something which made him worse/more hot depending on who's reading this like damn he's the marmite of anime boys huh??
7. the leaf child who hangs out with vente grand cappuccino
8. the purple goddess empress lady who hangs out with the green people
9. some tiny marshmallow children
12. those 2 children trying to escape prison or something in a tiktok i watched (i became invested and rooted for them) i think one was a furry
13. fox boy who was given the coolest character design (maybe he was the one escaping prison idk tho)
14. uhhhhhh fuckin uhhhhhh
15. those 2 blond kids you play as
16. some goth nun
17. this guy called xiao showed up in the tags, he will be the only one added to my definitive list
no other characters have breached containment exist sorry
#if i have to keep seeing genshin everywhere then you have to see this#genshin impact#genshin scaramouche#idk why they spell it like that when his name is sacre bleu it's sacramouche (the guy with the cool hat) but okay#genshin kaeya#< apparently he's a prince but i think he belongs on the high seas yarhar (not because of the eyepatch it's the outfit + he's vry blue)#venti#WHST DO U MEAN 'VENTI SMUT' HE LOOKS 12#zhongli gives me 'fell in love with an emo gworrl' vibes i think he'd listen to p!atd... o no zhongli im so sorry sweaty :(#zhongli#childe#ahh yes the one everyone wants to smash (either into the ground or... no i shan't say it)#oh shit i gotta tag red boy uhhh#diloc? no. dilloc? no.#genshin diluc#also no way am i going to try to find childe's government/scam/whatever name. it's tarantula now.#anyway hello genshin fans your blorbos are very cool I'm putting zhongli on the fridge as we speak#(zhongli is the funniest for me because he just looks like some guy)#venti is the best character though because he has trans swag and bard energy#I'd drive venti to starbucks and ask for a vente for venti and then we could vent with our ventes (i cannot drive)#i don't want reader x zhongli smut on my 'based off your likes!' dash (no fr WHAT did i LIKE to deserve that!?)#i want reader x zhongli where i go to hot topic and he's working there#it's 5am and I've had 5 hours asleep#I'd tag the other characters but i don't know their names#FUCK I FORGOT PANTONE#genshin pantalone#< me upon finding out this mf is from genshin: 'SLOWED AND REVERB YOUTUBE BACKGROUND IMAGE???? YOUR NAME'S TROUSERS???'#wow what a genshin impact haha#long post#sorry followers 🙏
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trans-cuchulainn · 18 days
i guess the reason so many books featuring trans characters have them able to go stealth and make it so other characters don't know they're trans unless they say something is because that's an escapist fantasy for many trans authors who don't get that and want to imagine what it's like to live in a world where you don't get misgendered on sight every single day, and because they don't want to write about the latter (very fair)
but also when these are YA books it depends on the characters being able to medically transition at like 14 and i have literally never in my life met a single person who was able to do that (partly because I live in the UK where you can't and also I am old enough that for people my age, coming out as a preteen would've been way harder and rarer than it would be for current teen-aged protagonists)
so idk. i would like to read a book with trans characters who feel like real people living in the real world occasionally. it's hard to walk a path when you never get to see other people do it first and never get to witness it safely in fiction before you experience it IRL, and only ever seeing people walk roads that don't even exist in your reality doesn't really help at all tbh
#i have mostly only read fantasy and historical adult books with trans protags#aside from Confessions of the Fox i guess. which is still 50% historical#but i never come across contemporary-set adult books with trans protagonists#compared to the growing contemporary trans YA scene#this may be that i am looking in the wrong places#but i can more easily find historical trans romance than a novel with a relatable 20 or 30something transmasc protag#oh i did read detransition baby i guess. but it didn't really speak to me for various reasons#(most of them to do with me being trans in a different direction but not all of them)#anyway idk. i read a lot of YA because a lot of my friends write YA and it is easy for me to find things#but even though i am glad there are trans YA books now I can't relate to them at all#i guess because I didn't know i was trans as a teenager#so the trans teenager experience is always inherently one i did not have#i am looking for something that will never be what i need it to be#i want coming of age and self discovery and all that because I don't feel like I've DONE it yet in gender terms#that's why i want the YA vibes but. i guess as a 27yo still trying to do that I'm not going to find it there. not meaningfully#so i need novels about adults coming of age and figuring shit out and being newborn baby trans adults i guess. where are those#and nobody is allowed to be cool in those books because i am unable to continue reading about cool people sorry#néide has opinions about books
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aroundthe-aurenflare · 3 months
weird aro feelings- there was this girl i thought i might have romo feelings for, except she moved away and i feel next to nothing about this. so it probably wasn't that romantic after all
mmph yeah! compallo (not the right word, don't care) feelings are so fucking weird like do i have a crush on this person? probably yeah i definitely have a crush on this person lmao i'm so alloromantic
except then? you realize? you don't? mmph romantic feelings are so! weird! idk!
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marvus-xoloto · 17 days
I have trouble imagining marvus as like, a child or adolescent (which I think is mostly bc I have a hard time imagining childhood/adolescence in general), but I've finally figured out kinda of what might fit.
Y'know i still do think he'd have been a little bit disconnected from his peers (mostly stemming from knowing even then that he saw himself as Your God [dramatization] instead of anyone's dogg), a bit of a bully (mean girls style), and a lot of a shit starter. Still a charismatic and well liked kid despite, though. He's intelligent; i imagine he was bored a lot. Did well in cataclysm, got a little addicted to the violence but forced himself to always stay frosty. Always made other kids do his dirty work so he could never truly be pinned for the crime, yet everyone knew he was behind it anyway.
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cerbreus · 1 month
Tumblr media
my day so far
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solradguy · 7 months
I’ve been a part of many fandoms in my 500 years on this hell planet but the GG fandom is just so different and good like UGH!!!!!!!!!! love you all 
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aliveburs · 1 year
guy who daydreams about romance and getting into a romantic relationship like once a week but is probably aromantic
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secondsonaym · 2 months
i think the thing that ticks me off the most is ppl who consistently assume he/him for deckard are most likely basing it on the fact they're the edgy, freaky, etc. twin in comparison to star
however, not that it is ANYONE'S damn business,
Tumblr media
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arsonforcharlie · 1 year
trans men want to be extra oppressed so badly everyone shut up
lmao i mean i'd like to not face oppression, actually, but thanks for the advice?
love reblogging a post that says "transmasc people often have difficulty talking about their issues and there are some quarters that are actively hostile to that discussion" (accompanied by another post about how unproductive it is to try and rank oppression, no less) and like immediately getting an ask telling me to shut up about it because i clearly just want to be more oppressed than anyone else. that's definitely a quality addition and not just proving the point a bit, great job
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spaceyqueer · 2 months
it's funny. you think you're growing some sort immunity to casual transphobia and transmisogyny, and then your coworkers suddenly burst into a debate about J K Rowling, and about how she's been cancelled just for "stating a fact" and you realise how badly it really does effect you, when you're having a breakdown on the stairway where no one can hear you cry
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birdmenmanga · 6 months
there IS a temptation to send my mother images of men having sex that I’ve drawn because I think it would honestly answer a lot of questions she has about me. but I say this while simultaneously feeling embarrassed about telling her my plans to make two guys roommates in a story. genuinely have no idea why the latter is embarrassing and why the former isn’t...
#just thinking thoughts...#I think maybe it's the act of saying.#maybe I just hate saying things#me (contemplating): I'm certain she knows I'm transgender. and she does know I'm bisexual#and everyone I've been with in a relationship has been a guy (while I was with them anyways)#but like. I wonder if she understands that means I'm largely mlm#she's trying SO hard to corner me about being trans btw.#we were talking about how the police force can only address people in one of four ways:#student lady gentleman and uh. something else#these are considered the 'respectful' ways to address people#(like for example middle schoolers might not like being called 'little kids' so student is like. the age-neutral form of address)#and she was like. so do you prefer to be addressed as 姊姊 (older sister) or 哥哥 (older brother)#I very lamely said UHHHHHHH#i don't know!! I'm not a good liar when I haven't made my mind up about it!!!#so yeah. I think my mind has decided that like. ok. if she wants me to come out as a trans guy so bad.#I will have to remind her that I will probably idk. get gay married in the future or whatever#there's a very pervasive attitude in taiwanese culture (which I can see in my mom) that you're not REALLY trans unless you've had surgery#and like. mother brought that up you know. she mentioned like. well yeah I think you can use the men's room if you. you know.#get surgery. you know#which like.... well... yes thank you for the support. actually now that I'm saying it that IS pretty like. supportive of her I guess#like lol. I don't even know if I WANT surgery#top surgery maybe... bottom probably not so much#mmm brain is a soup...#I explained they them pronouns to her actually#we were talking about earrings and I was like huh you know I DON'T know many people with earrings!!#and I start listing out people and she's like no I'm talking about GIRLS#and she's like. isn't the person who sent you the earrings a girl. and I was like. I don't know mother. they are a they them...#we've never really talked about gender...#and I told her that I just say they or them when I am referring to them#it seemed like a novel concept to her... I forget how new these things are sometimes...
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