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Jack Adams, ASID, Adams Design, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii.
100 Designers' Favorite Rooms, 1994
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The death of Paez Terán – the first time an environmental protester has been killed by police in US history – created headlines around the US and the world and further galvanised a protest movement against the huge project amid accusations of heavy-handed police action and some local Georgia politicians eager to depict activists as “terrorists”.
The incident reports reveal that officers were first to discharge a weapon – they fired a pepperball gun into Paez Terán’s tent, which was followed by gunshots they believed were coming from inside the tent, leading officers to fire a barrage of shots blindly into the tent, killing Paez Terán inside. It also reveals that, while they rendered medical assistance to an injured officer, they did not immediately do the same for Paez Terán.
There are nine mentions of the phrase “domestic terrorist” or “domestic terrorists” used by officers in the 20-page police incident report, which Paez Terán’s family said showed the attitude they took towards anyone they encountered in the forest during an operation that resulted in the death of the activist, who went by “Tortuguita” and used they/them pronouns.
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Got the blonde 70s curtain bangs of my dreams today
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There was a pic that Carmen posted to her IG that had some Valentines Day balloons in the background, and then she immediately deleted it and posted again with the balloons cropped out lol.😅🤣
Here are some posts about it lol... Enjoy lol
And as far as the gushing... Like, you can just TELL from this interview Tom did with Josh Horowitz (our favorite interviewer lol 🤭) that he was madly in love with Zendaya lol. Like, look at his FACE and hear how he SPEAKS about her when Josh mentions her!
It's SO obvious y'all lol... Like, a man does not talk about you and look like this unless he's in love with you lol. 🤭
FF to Min 6:45
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The Onion really ain’t fucking around.
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Quick post on what's happening in Atlanta right now
So there's this beautiful trail in Atlanta called the South River Forest Trail. As we all know, Atlanta Georgia is renowned for their tree cover and historic forests. 
The City of Atlanta and corporations like Delta, AT&T and Amazon are funding a massive police training center that will destroy the forest.
Dubbed ‘cop city’ by many protesters, this will cost about $90 million  to build. This will be used to further militarize Atlanta’s police leading to more incidents of police brutality in the city. 
On January 18th indigenous activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran was shot and killed by the police for defending this historic forest from destruction. Their reason? “He did not comply” (Tort went by They/them/it but report said “he”). Many protests have been going on in Atlanta to defend this forest.
Since Tortuguita's death, the situation has quickly deteriorated
This forest is very dear to me but I am unable to physically protest at the moment, so I am handing this off to Tumblr to spread awareness. Rebloging this may help this tragedy become part of national news instead of just an Atlanta problem.
Donation and petition links to stop cop city
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protesters in Atlanta just got hit with $700k bail for two people who were arrested at the night of rage for Tortuguita. if you guys could donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund and spread the word that they need funds, that would be really helpful to the local scene, including the forest defenders who are still mourning their murdered comrade.
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It's a forest. Just say it.
This is the exact section of South River Forest property that's becoming the "cop city" training facility for the City of Atlanta.
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I'm no expert on what constitutes a forest. But from Google Earth, this sure resembles one.
And yet the City of Atlanta put out some "facts" about the police training center being built here, and they're trying to convince us this is no big loss because it's not really a forest:
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Weird. They know we have access to the internet, right?
Whatever this greenery is (and I still say it's a forest) it's going away for the training center. We're losing a huge stretch of trees -- which was supposed to all be a public green space, per the Atlanta City Design -- while massive highways stay the same & even get bigger. It's screwed up.
Remember this:
Nobody regrets the forests we saved. Just the ones we lost.
Darin Givens is co-founder of ThreadATL, an urbanism advocacy group in Atlanta.
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March 5, 2023 - Hundreds of forest defenders chased away police from a security post in Weelaunee Forest at the construction site of Cop City. The activists burned security and construction equipment and destroyed infrastructure. Thirty-five people were arrested by police, you can donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund to help them out. [video]/[video]/[video]
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