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irokonews · 2 years
Badoo Login with Gmail:  How to login Badoo with Gmail
Badoo Login with Gmail:  How to login Badoo with Gmail
Badoo Login with Gmail:  How to login Badoo with Gmail  Do you wish to know how to Login Badoo with Gmail? If so, we’ll show you in this article how to loin Badoo with a Gmail account and access your account. (more…)
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vimalvkv · 2 days
How to Delete Badoo Account Online (Easy Ways)
Are you contemplating bidding farewell to your Badoo account? Whether you’ve found love elsewhere or are simply taking a hiatus from online dating, the Delete Badoo account is refreshingly straightforward. In this comprehensive guide, we will meticulously navigate through each step, guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free experience. So, without further ado, let’s embark on this leisurely journey…
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ceyhanmedya · 9 months
New Post has been published on https://hazirbilgi.com/what-is-badoo-how-to-use-badoo/
What is Badoo? How to Use Badoo
Badoo (Formerly Yamky ) is a popular free social dating site. The platform offers its users the opportunity to meet new people and chat privately. Users can use the social network for free.
Badoo membership is created for free. All basic features are available in the free model. There is also a paid user model with wider features in the form of Badoo Premium .
Badoo friend suggestions are made on a global or location-based basis. Users who create their own profiles are also recommended as friends to other users. The Badoo algorithm matches users through profile data such as interests, region, age and gender.
Badoo operates in 190 countries. In addition, there is a total of 47 different language support, including Turkish. Badoo is available on the Web and mobile with iOS-Android apps.
Users can create new accounts or connect with other social network accounts (Facebook, Google, MSN, Vkontakte, Odnoklassnki, Yandex, Mail.ru).
Badoo history
Badoo was founded in November 2006. Its founder is Russian businessman Andrey Andreev. It attracted great interest in a short time, and after its first year, it managed to collect a fund of 30 million dollars. In 2008, it received an additional funding of 30 million by the Russian investment company Finam Capital in exchange for 10% of the platform. In 2009, Finam Capital increased its stake in Badoo to 20%.
Badoo  started to offer its services through various social games and tests on Facebook, another social network that rose at the same time . Badoo used its viral model on Facebook. Thus, it aimed to direct users to its own paid services. With Badoo reaching 17th place among Facebook applications, Facebook issued a warning against Badoo to change its viral logic.
In 2014, Andreev  teamed up with Whitney Wolfe, the former co-founder of  Tinder , to set up the “female” focused dating and dating social network called Bumble . Badoo and Bumble social networks Bumble Inc. operates under its umbrella.
In 2017, Badoo was reintroduced to users as a completely independent social network with its renewed face, especially its logo. In 2019, scandals related to sexual assault, harassment and drug use among Badoo employees came to the fore.
Badoo features
Badoo offers its users private chat, automatic matching (recommending/recommending friends), sharing photos and videos. During the first registration phase, the user can choose the features to meet new people, chat and add them as friends as they wish.
Each user can define their own interests and limit friend suggestions according to their criteria. In 2018, the Badoo live streaming feature was beta tested, but later this feature was removed.
Badoo people nearby
Badoo nearby people feature allows users to find and communicate with other Badoo users in their location.
Badoo search
With the search feature, users are not limited to location-based friendships. Using the search feature, each user can find and communicate with other Badoo users in different cities and countries.
Badoo encounters
It is the most widely used feature of Badoo. The Encounters feature allows users to match based on “shared interests”. It connects users with matching interests to each other faster and easier. Users can skip the person by “swiping left” in their suggestions for matches, or like the person by “swiping right”.
Badoo premium
Badoo basic features are available for free. Users must pay to use Premium features. Badoo Premium is implemented with a monthly subscription model. Subscriptions automatically renew each month.
With the Badoo Premium feature, users can;
They can see who liked them in the matches.
They can use the invisible mode.
They can take back the likes/votes made in the matches.
They can see the ones with the most likes.
They can reach popular users directly.
They can be notified of new Badoo users.
They can push private messages to the top.
They can use Badoo stickers.
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techtoreview · 6 months
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aibclick · 3 years
how to delete Badoo account on Android 2021
how to delete Badoo account on Android 2021
Have you worked on Android? If you want to know how to delete Badoo account on Android 2021? make sure you watch this article till the end and you should be able to do so. Steps for how to delete Badoo account on Android 2021. go to your profile. Into settings at the top left corner click on the account and the bottom, you’ll see delete account. Then you have to choose the option delete…
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deepblooberc · 2 years
On Dating and Why I Am This Close in Opting to Say Fuck It.
A very personal post, y'all. Stay tuned for more shit posting later.
Tumblr media
As I navigate the modern dating world in the remains of Covid era, I have to say that out of all 4 years that I have been on and off using these dating apps (and I have used them all if they were open to homosexual dating: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Her, Zoe, Badoo, Taimi, OkCupid), no time has made me feel any more jaded about finding someone real and wanting legitimate commitment until now.
Like, okay, my last two relationships were from Dating apps. My longest (6 mos.) relationship was from Her, and I proceeded to delete my account because I thought I found the one. Sadly she dumped me for dumb reasons and went off months later to find her person. I was still alone. Then, my most recent relationship was from Bumble, but we had to end because they were unsure about their mental state and sexuality/gender identity. Understandable, since you can't out your heart into a relationship if you don't put it in yourself. We are friends still.
I know I am young and shouldn't be so worried about it especially if it is spurred on by social media and outside pressures, but it's nearly been pressured by people being online posting about "oh X and I have been together for Y years and we bought Z together! I'm so happy and we're going on strong!" Like...I just want shit like that, but it seems like most sapphics my age genuinely don't want to settle down and really love someone like I do as much as they claim to want that. I'm also expected to live in the now, to not worry about settling down and marrying someone and to hook up as much as I can until the person comes. Hooking up actually does nothing for me, if anything it is a cheap thrill for a short amount of satisfaction instead of a long term thing.
My emotions and hormones constantly fight with one another. I want a relationship but I also always seem to find myself wanting sex too. As much as I appreciate women finding me sexually attractive, most times they're with someone already or they don't want to eventually form a relationship. They just want the relationship without the label of a relationship, and that's extremely disingenuous. I know there's a difference between sex and intimacy, but I legitimately crave sex as much as intimacy. With the right amount of Intimacy, I can ask for sex. That's how I work.
I think that one thing that holds me back from finding someone to love me is being autistic. Like...legit it's a lot harder to find the signals than usual and it frustrates me to no end because when I like someone, I seek to make them my partner unless we can only see ourselves as friends. When I like someone, I try to tell them as soon as I can that I like them. The way I see it, if I am not seeing any sort of progression in our discussions about planning dates and seeing how we mesh well in each other's lives, then I don't see it going anywhere.
If you mention these...I don't want it.
Polyamory/Open relationship/unicorn/boyfriend: No. No. Fuck you. I don't care if you're into it, I'm not. You started talking to me and made your profile as if you were single and when I started to have feelings for you, you yank that shit away and say you want your BOYFRIEND to join us on a date? Fuck out of here! At least if you were up front, it's a red flag and I head the fuck out. (This isn't to be disrespectful to anyone in open relationships, oh you have so much more will power. I just can't because I am strictly monogamous)
Explicitly bashing my opinions on politics or talking over me because you assume I think like you: that's probably gonna be the thing that makes me angry the most. Like I am a minority with my own opinions! I don't have to take you talking over me or assuming I'm a raging leftist like you. I am not and never will be.
Saying you're crazy: if you have to put the fact that you're crazy and will "ruin my life" in your profile AS A GOOD THING, fuck off. You need a therapist instead of a relationship.
Vibe: what does that mean? You want to date me without saying we are dating? So casual date? No, no. I don't do that.
People who unironically like Dhar Mann: do I need to say anymore? Unrealistic, cheesy, Hallmark inspiration porn.
With all of these things... I am pretty sure I won't find anyone that's living near me that doesn't have any of these traits. I may either have to give up one or just give up on dating. It's getting closer and closer to the latter option for me. I'll just order a sex bot and say that's m fucking girlfriend. I'll be like those pathetic little shut ins and just give the fuck up.
It looks less and less like any sapphic really wants a good, somewhat traditional, healthy relationship and just wants to put as many warning signs on them as possible....and that saddens me. My life will be completed when I get into a long term relationship tat leads into marriage, have at least one child, travel the world and have a successful job, have the body I want and settle down in a home somewhere. Is that a hard thing to ask for?
I am already working on the working out, job and traveling parts, but all I need now is just the relationship and home soon...looks like I'll have to give up before I find her.
PS, am I a bad person for wanting to date outside my race a cis woman? I think that is what gets me into a lot of shit. Ugh I hate these thoughts so much.
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jhope-seok · 5 years
I have a lot of things to say about Tinder.
This is a personal rant about idiot boys on tinder. So if you’d like to read my CRAZY FUCKING ESCAPADES IN THE DATING WORLD. PLEASE. GO AHEAD. CLICK READ MORE. IT’LL BE INTERESTING. And fun. To watch me implode then explode.
Warnings: mentions of sex/sexting, lots of cursing, men being disgusting--potentially triggering, and one angry ass woman.
Warning part 2: this is A LOOOONG ASS POST, probably with a lot of grammatical errors. It’s 2am. (just so we’re all aware, it’s about 2.3k worth of ranting plus pictorial evidence)
So here’s the thing about me and tinder. I’ve been on the thing since I was in college, probably around junior year when I really came into the realization of my sexuality/being a pansexual person. Keep in mind this was like.....5 or 6 years ago now. I was interested in exploring my options, exhausted from going to countless frat parties and having random makeout sessions with boys who never asked for my number, and/or went on to makeout with the next girl they found at the party. Over the years I have collected an INFLUX of over 1,000 matches. I am not saying this number to brag, I am saying this number to give you an idea of how much of a credible fucking source I am when I present my case. And my case is as such.
For perspective I have also dabbled in the following dating apps:
OKCupid (absolutely horrid. don’t do it. the shit i went through on this app....just. don’t get me started. I could make a whole other post about the atrocities of this site)
HER (really sad option for lesbian/bi/pan/women looking for other women)
Bumble (pretty successful but forcing the woman to speak first is annoying as hell and then giving a STRAIGHT MALE ONLY 24 HOURS TO RESPOND. Utter hell.)
Hinge (just...downright annoying)
CrossPaths (for christians. Honestly a good idea. Poorly executed. Poorly advertised).
Badoo (honestly...what the fuck)
Coffee Meets Bagel (good idea; too complicated)
Skout (nope)
The Game by Hot or Not (i don’t remember using this but my phone says it’s in my cloud)
And probably some others I can’t remember
What you should take away from this list is that
I’m a needy bitch
I was VERY DESPERATE at times
And i’ve tried a LOT OF OPTIONS.
therefore: don’t comment on this saying: well this worked, well that worked, try this, try that. No. Tinder is still one of the only options that actually works consistently and will continue to work because it is one of the least complicated among the dating apps.
Now. To my point that all men on tinder are the absolute fucking worst.
Time for some examples.
I will not be using these people’s real names, because that’s just mean. So I will present them to you in cases.
Case #1:
Me and this man matched about a year and a half ago, end of 2016. We were unable to meet up because I had a bunch of plans going on--at the time I worked in a law firm and my commute was hell so i only had time to go on dates on the weekends. And being that it was december I was busy every...single...weekend. Which he was fine with! (Awww what a kind gentlemen). No.
He had made it pretty clear from the beginning that he was really only in it for the sex. which for me at the time was fine. I let him know that I didn’t just fuck around on the first date. I lived--and still do live--with my mother and so he couldn’t just come over whenever and i couldn’t just leave whenever i wanted to spend the night at his place in D.C. He said that was fine. However, apparently he was not fine with that.
We talked for a month, lots of sexting, lots of naked snaps, whatever, whatever, we were basically waiting to jump each others bones. But I had also told him that I did not fuck on the first date. I had a rule. I would not break that rule. Again, he said he was fine with that.
On our first date--in a CROWDED RESTAURANT--for brunch, he kept whispering to me about how he wanted to push all of our plates off the table and fuck me in front of all those people. I politely told him to shut up because there were people sitting less than two feet away from us and that was inappropriate for sunday brunch to be talking like that (how proper of me....). Anyways, I let him walk me to my car in a garage, and as we approached it he came up behind me and forcefully turned me around to kiss him. I was like “ooh how hot. I like this.” Anyways, I drove him to his car, we made out a little, then we went on our separate ways. We had a second date not much longer after that, where we had agreed to go out to dinner BUT that first we were gonna fuck in his car. So we met up in a garage and we waited for the cars around us to leave and then we made out, and i sucked his dick. I did N O T let him have sex with me because I was annoyed that he was trying to push me to it--he had a daddy kink--and kept saying “ooh how hard do you want daddy to fuck you”. I said “You can only fuck me when I say you can, and I say no.” thank god he respected my boundaries. So I sucked him dry, then he “MAGICALLY” got a call from his work calling him in. I barely heard from him after that. Because he told me I should come over and spend the night so we could fuck. I said no. He ghosted me.
Case #2--Who knows:
Soooo many fucking men. Have ghosted me. For no reason. Like we’ll have a good few opening lines. And then....nothing. Forever. Where in the FUCK DID YOU GO?! Did you find someone better? Did you grow uninterested with our conversation?! Did you forget how to speak the English language? Did you decide you regretted swiping on me? The worst is when they don’t unmatch you and then it’s just left there....hanging.
Case #whatever:
The fucking men who ask if it’s okay to text. And then don’t text.
I don’t even remember this dude’s NAME in the first place to omit it, but we got into an argument because he supports the store brand cheese puff that is America’s president, and I matched him only so I could yell at him (yeah I know...whatever...I like to prove my dominance and tell boys why they’re wrong. Also because half of the time I use dating apps just to have conversations with people because I’m bored). Anyways. we got in this heated debate and he was like “I like your fire, you should text me here’s my number ____” blah. So I texted him cause i was interested enough in our debate to continue it. THE BITCH NEVER ANSWERED ME. LITERALLY....FOR MONTHS. PROBABLY OVER A YEAR. And then out of fucking nOWHERE he responds like “hey who is this again?” Dude...... NO.
Case #The Never Ending Message Senders:
These men are the worst. So I should explain myself first. I don’t really ever unmatch someone unless it’s for a good reason. Like they’re being disgusting, racist, homophobic, gross, call me fat, ugly, whatever. For the most part I don’t unmatch with someone because in the old days of tinder, unmatching would just PUT THE PERSON BACK IN YOUR CIRCUIT (good job tinder). I’m assuming they did this in case you deleted your tinder, or your app crashed and you had to restart, or you accidentally unmatched someone, whatever. So I don’t unmatch for the sole reason that I don’t want these jerks, who never took the time to respond to my hello or witty opening statement, back in my playing field. I don’t revisit my old matches, I don’t try to restart conversations with them.
If only men could learn the same fucking thing. I have so many men who CONSTANTLY message me. I’m talking like once in every blue moon. It’s like they let the conversation lie for a while, and then BAM another message. The ones I do actually unmatch are the ones that don’t wait a while. They just constantly message, hour after hour after hour until I either respond or unmatch. I don’t know a woman who WOULD respond after having gotten 10 messages of the same “Hello? You there?” “Member me?” (yes one dude has actually said “member me” to me. Not “remember me”...”member me”) etc. etc. in the course of a few hours. Take the hint dude. Please. I don’t enjoy being ghosted, but I know when to take a hint.
A perfect example of such case is the following!
(Context: I just updated the pictures in my tinder account today! So through tinder’s cool new facebook timeline! you can see when your matches update their profiles. to scroll through and judge them even further to see if they’ve gotten cuter or uglier through time).
Please take note of the dates attached to the message. For clarification, “today” is August 27th, 2018!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have since unmatched him. Buddy. Please. Take the hint. (Also, how fucking creepy of him to say that I’ve gotten closer since a while back....like are you tracking my distance every time you message me? Please dear lord, no).
OOOOOOOH BOY. You’ve gotta have some damn nerve to pull that shit. If you lost the app, deleted it, got a new phone, WHATEVER. Your profile would not continue to show up on the matching feed. People would not be able to swipe on your face to find that they matched with you. You would not exist in the eyes of tinder. You would be GONE from the system.
So don’t pull that shit with me. So many dudes have had the audacity to pull this shit with me, and when I call them out on it, most of the time I get either one of three responses: they say “oof yeah I’m sorry, I’m a dick can we move on?”, “Hahaha sorry” and then they continue to ghost me, or people who pull the shit I listed above.
These next photos are from THE SAME DAY AS THE PREVIOUS PHOTOS. Please take note of the date of the first message. (“today” in this sense is technically August 28, 2018 because it’s past midnight.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Although I deleted his name, I gotta say. My insult was pretty on point. Anyways.
Like how the fuck can you live with yourself with that fucking lie?! Own up to that shit. Be like “yep oops sorry, didn’t think you were cute the first time but this snapchat filter making u look damn good” like don’t be a DOUCHE DUDE. Men are just honestly so fucking frustrating. And yes you better fucking believe I sent that reason for unmatching to tinder. You best fucking BELIEVEEEEEEE I did that. I’m so fucking mad at men. Like how in the hell.
I’ve HONESTLY had better luck matching with MARRIED COUPLES on tinder than I have had with straight men. Married couples at least know how to respect people. God damn.
All in all, if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of downloading tinder: Don’t. Stay out of the fucking awful shit that is Tinder and dating apps for as long as you can. I have my settings set up to men in their 30s, and honestly older men do not mean more mature men. Just absolutely frustrating.
Also, as an addendum: 
Case #Don’t put my height in my bio/or do and say “Cause I guess it’s important/matters”
To all males on the planet earth: PUT. YOUR. FUCKING. HEIGHT. IN. YOUR. BIO. It fucking matters. As a tall as woman, it is so fucking annoying to match with a cute dude and then have them say “Hey I’m 5′2″ is that okay?” um....no. I’m sorry buddy. That is not okay. I have strict height limits for this ride and 5′2″ does not pass the riding restrictions.
We’re gonna call in a CELEBRITY SHOT for this story, I matched with this dude on bumble who didn’t have his height in his profile. (Context: my bumble profile says “5′10″ cause it doesn’t matter” <--a nice jab at all the straight dudes out there) and we go about having this great conversation, we’re clicking, he knows one of my friends from college, we bond, we go on a date. THE FIRST THING OUT OF THIS ASSHOLE’S MOUTH ON OUR DATE WAS “WOW. You’re taller than I expected.” BITCH HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN U READ. IT’S THE FIRST THING IN MY BIO.
Sub case: I once had a guy match with me, tell me he was shorter than me, then asked me if I would be okay owning him as my slave. I understand and respect everyone’s fetishes, considering I have a slight dominance fetish as well, but a hello would have been nice first.
Tumblr media
Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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irokonews · 2 years
How to delete Telegram account: Steps to delete Telegram permanently
How to delete Telegram account: Steps to delete Telegram permanently
How to delete Telegram account: Steps to delete Telegram permanently Telegram is an Instant messaging app that focuses more on speed and security. It’s a free app and you can use it on your Android and iOS devices. (more…)
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How do I delete my Badoo account: Best 4 options (#1 Is Golden) iPhone/Android
Tumblr media
How do I delete my Badoo account: Best 4 options (#1 Is Golden) iPhone/Android - While many people use Badoo to connect and meet with other people on a regular basis, you may want to delete the account due to lack of time or simply lack of interest. Whatever the reason for your lack of motivation, you can say goodbye to this social media site in a few easy steps. The best part is that your account is immediately deactivated and there is no need to worry because, within just 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Badoo account on PC / website, Android app and iPhone app. Delete Badoo account in a few easy steps Badoo is a very popular online dating platform. But Badoo advertises that they are more than just a dating platform and claims to be the world's largest social discovery network. The company claims that its mission is to provide the best technology for people to come together because happiness is better shared. Believe that you have the tools to find the right person for you. What sets Badoo apart from other dating platforms is that you can use the "Dating" feature to participate in speed dating online. Badoo also allows people to chat and meet new friends and not just date, which is why the company calls itself a social media platform. Badoo operates in 190 countries around the world and is available in 47 languages, making it the most widely used dating platform in the world. The company claims that more than 500 million users have signed up to the site so far. The platform operates on a freemium model where users can use the main functions of the platform for free and it also includes a premium subscription that includes additional benefits and functions. You can use Badoo on the web and on the two popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS - so you don't have to worry about the type of device you have. But, if you are not satisfied with Badoo, you can choose to delete your account. These are the steps you must follow: - Go to Badoo.com and log into your account - Access your profile and account settings. In the upper left corner, click on your profile photo to open your profile. On the next screen, click the gear icon in the top right to open your account settings. - Scroll down to the bottom of the account settings page, then click Remove account. - Badoo will give you a few options for other things you can do instead of deleting your account. You can accept one of these options and stay on Badoo, or click Delete your account. Then click Continue. - Badoo will now offer you a free trial of Badoo Super Powers for three days if you decide to stay. If you want to take advantage of this, click Get Free Super Powers. If you still want to continue deleting your account, click Delete your account at the bottom of the window. - Select a reason why you would like to delete your Badoo account. Then click Continue at the bottom of the window. - Enter your current password in the first text box. In the second text box, write the characters you see on the left. This shows Badoo that you didn't end up on that page by accident. Finally, click on Delete your account. Those are all the steps to delete your account. Badoo will send you an email to confirm the deletion of your account. If you change your mind, you can reactivate your account within 30 days of deletion. To do this, open the email from Badoo and click the button that says Recover your profile. Delete Badoo account created through Facebook Deleting a Badoo account from Facebook is relatively easy and only requires a few steps: - Log into your Badoo account with your Facebook credentials (there is a Login with Facebook button on the Badoo home page). - Click the Settings link in the upper right corner of your Badoo profile (just before Signing Out). - Look for the Delete Profile link on the left sidebar. When you click on it, Badoo will ask you to hide your profile. Ignore that and click Continue deleting profile. - On the final page, it will ask you to enter your Badoo password and a reason for deleting your profile. Please note that your Badoo password is not the same as your Facebook password, although you actually signed up for Badoo using Facebook! Actually, when you first create a Badoo account through Facebook, Badoo emails you a separate password for your account that you can use to log in directly in the future. That email should be somewhere in your inbox / email files, and you'll have to search for it. If you can't find it, reset your Badoo password by logging out and clicking the I forgot my password link. - Once you've acquired your Badoo password, go to the delete profile page again, follow the steps, enter your password in the final step, and click OK, I'm done. Delete my profile. - Badoo will keep your profile in hibernate state for 30 days, in case you want to recover it (the links will be sent to you by email), after which the profile will disappear forever. Now that you've deleted your Badoo account, it's time to block the Badoo app on Facebook (so you stop receiving all updates and requests). Go to the Badoo app page and click the Block app towards the bottom of the left sidebar. Confirm your action and you're done. Delete Badoo account without password For security reasons, Badoo requires that each member must verify an account two or three times during account deactivation. The first verification is to log into the account, the second is to enter your password after having indicated and given the deactivation command. Then the third phase is the confirmation message that will be sent to your email. So, you have to go through these three confirmation phases. That said, if you have forgotten your password, you must recover it before deleting the account. Therefore; - Go to the Badoo app or the Badoo website at www.badoo.com - Enter your User ID in the first column and click the "Forgot Password" link. - Prove that you are the account owner by providing the email or mobile phone number associated with the Badoo account . - After that, create a new password and log in. - Now you can take the following steps to delete your account. In contrast, the Facebook account and some other available third-party accounts are available to log into a Badoo account, so having a forgotten password is not enough to prevent you from deleting your Badoo account. Unsubscribe from the Badoo mobile APP Now let's see how to delete the Badoo account using the official app for mobile phones and tablets. In android Deleting the Badoo account from the Android mobile is simpler than the PC. On the one hand, you must follow the processes below to deactivate / delete your Badoo account. - The first step is to log in or open your profile if you are logged in - Go to the Settings option on the right side of the profile tab and access the Account option in the settings. - Select the Account option under Basic Information on the Badoo Android app settings screen to delete the account. Click on the phone number / email in the Account option and it will direct you to another screen, where you can continue to delete the Badoo profile. - Select the link to delete your Badoo account "Delete account" at the bottom of the screen. - You should verify that you are deleting the account despite repeated offers to stay on Badoo. Select the "Delete your account" option and click the "Continue" button. - This will be followed by an offer of premium services that you must ignore and select "No, delete my account." - Immediately after this, it will ask you the reasons for leaving badoo.com. Please choose any reason from the options. - Once you've entered your reasons, be sure to confirm the deletion. You can select from the answers previously provided or choose "Other" and give a personalized explanation of your reasons for leaving Badoo. Once done, click on the "Confirm deletion" button. - A short green pop-up window will appear indicating that your account has been deleted. On iPhone Deleting Badoo account on iPhone takes a bit of patience, but it can be done easily. Read on for the steps to delete a Badoo account on an iPhone. - Once you've logged in, go to Profile and look for Settings. The profile is accessed by clicking the person icon in the lower right corner of the screen. - Go to the Account option by clicking on it. - Now, click on Remove Account, which can be seen in a dim font in the bottom center of the screen. - Next, it will ask you if you are sure to delete the account. Make sure you don't opt ​​for any of the options. - Press Delete your account and press «Continue». - Next, you must choose the option to delete account by clicking "No, delete my account" even though they offer you premium services. - Finally, he will ask you about the reasons why you are leaving. Select an option from the preset options or write your own explanation. - Once you give your reason, it will ask for a final confirmation. Select any reason and click "Remove account". - Once the confirmation is made, your account is deleted. With these steps you will be able to delete the Badoo account on iOS . What happens if I delete my Badoo account? When you deactivate or delete your Badoo account, your dating profile will be removed from the platform and will no longer be visible to other users on the site. It will be hidden from you from other possible matches and you will also not be able to receive messages about your current matches. Badoo won't show you any more notifications either. If you choose to delete your account, your account information will be removed from the platform after 30 days. If you have questions after deleting your account, you can choose to reactivate it. But remember that this is only possible within 30 days after the account is deleted. After that, all your information will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to reactivate the deleted account again. If you want to use Badoo again, you will need to create a new account and start over. And if you want to delete your account, it is recommended that you first unsubscribe from your premium membership because Badoo does not have a policy of refunding premium memberships. By deleting your account, you will also lose all premium features and accompanying benefits. How to deactivate the Badoo profile without deleting the account? If you don't want to use your account for a while, Badoo gives you the option to temporarily hide it. All your information will be put on hold and you will be able to recover everything you had in your account when you decide to return to Badoo. When your account is hidden, it will not appear in the Close People or Encounters section. Users who previously messaged you can still message you, but you won't be able to read the message until you choose to display their profile. You will also not receive annoying notifications or emails. You may want to do this if you are going on vacation or just want to take a break from the app for a while. But remember that your subscription will remain active during this time. Follow the steps below in a web browser to Hide your account and activate stealth mode on Badoo: - Go to badoo.com and log into your account with your email address and password - Open your profile page by clicking on the profile picture - Now click on Profile Settings - Click Remove account - Now click on the option Hide your account from the list - Press Confirm After following these simple steps, your account will be automatically logged out and hidden from other users. If you want to reactivate your account, please log into your account and display your profile. What if I want to reactivate the profile? If you regret having deleted your user profile on Badoo, you can Areactivate it again without complications. There is a specific way that works to regain access after unsubscribing, and here I explain it easily and simply. Badoo gives a reasonable time and a chance to retrieve the profile. To regain access, you must go to the inbox of the email linked to the deleted profile. There you will have a message belonging to this platform in which the deletion of the profile is reported. Open that email and you will see a button with the text "Recover profile." You must press it. Now you will return to the Badoo website and it will ask you, in a pop-up window, to fill in a space with the letters that appear on the left. Write them, remembering that if there are capital letters you must indicate them as such. When finished, click on "Re-enter". If you have followed the steps we have indicated well, you should be back in Badoo. After the temporary suspension, you can regain access without any problem as we have indicated. Read the full article
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Skout Sign Up Online
Tumblr media
Want to delete Skout account? Then you are in the right place where you would get step by step guide to do so.
Discover new friends nearby or around the globe. Millions of people are connecting and meeting through Skout every day. Use exciting in-app features to increase your chances of friending or chatting! Start Skouting and make new friends, or meet new people, anytime, anywhere. Features: Meet people by preference and proximity, chat, broadcast. Signing up and creating a profile on Skout is very simple and quick The website is an excellent way towards building up a friendship and also finding a partner for hook up Basic members get to enjoy a slew of features. There may never be a need to upgrade on the membership at all.
The story of Skout is quite interesting, as in 2007 it was started as a social networking platform like Facebook. However, its essence is still the same but over the years it turns out as a great medium to find dating partners.
In general,it is a location-based app that allows people to connect with other nearbyusers, after which they can communicate, send photos, videos, gifts and discussmany interesting topics as well.
People can access this platform both through website and app. It allows to check nearby users’ profiles before you start interacting with them.
It hasanother interesting feature called “Shake to chat” which randomly connects youwith another nearby user who is online at the same time.
However, theapp is in controversies as people faked profiles and sign-up with differentages to fraud other users. There are also several other dating platforms likeTinder, Badoo, MeetMe, Zooks, Bumble, WellHello, Grinder, Chatous are availablewhere you can meet many interesting people across the world.
So, if youare decided to leave Skout permanently and looking to delete Skout account, thenhere we have solutions for you.
Delete SkoutAccount Through Website
Step – 1
Open abrowser on your Pc and enter the URL “https://skout.com/”
Step – 2
Click onyour profile.
Step – 3
Now look forthe Settings option and click on it.
Step – 4
Now click onDelete Account option.
Step – 5
To keep youon the platform, it will offer a “Premium subscription” offer, skip that andconfirm the deletion.
Step – 6
Now select areason for leaving the platform and enter your password.
Step – 7
Confirm thedeletion again and your Skout account will be deleted permanently.
Delete SkoutAccount Through App
Step – 1
Open the Skoutapp on your smartphone and Log in to your profile.
Step – 2
Then clickon the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the homepage.
Step – 3
Now a slideMenu will open, look for the Settings option and click on it.
Step – 4
On the Settingspage under the Account section click on the Deactivate Accountoption.
Step – 5
Tumblr media
A newinstruction page will open, from there click on the Deactivate option.
Step – 6
On the next page write a reason (optional) of your leaving the platform and click on the Deactivate button in red color.
Note – It might take three months for complete removal of your account from their database. So, within that period do not log into your account again, otherwise, your account will be activated again.
Delete SkoutAccount Through Email
Step – 1
Log into theemail which is linked with your Skout account.
Tumblr media
Skout Dating Site Sign In
Step – 2
Tumblr media
Now click oncompose and enter the email address [email protected]
Step – 3
Then filledthe subject section with “Request To Delete My Account”
Tumblr media
Step – 4
Now write amail regarding deleting your account, you can mention any genuine reason likethis.
After a fewhours of sending the mail, you will get notified by the company that youraccount has been deleted from their database.
Skout Dating App
That’s itfrom our side. Now here are three solutions to delete Skout account permanently.If after deleting the account, you still receive emails or newsletters from thecompany which makes your mailbox look spammed. Then just mark the mail as spamor unsubscribe by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link given at the bottom of themail
Tumblr media
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How to Delete a Photo or Video at Badoo
How to Delete a Photo or Video at Badoo
How to Delete a Photo or Video at Badoo Deleting your photos is very easy. Image Credit: Buccina Studios/Photodisc/Getty Images When you sign up for a Badoo account using your Facebook account, Badoo adds your Facebook photos to your albums. Furthermore, moderators might move some of your pictures to other albums or may even remove some of them. Delete a photo or video from Badoo if you think…
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chronikkally · 5 years
This is to an artist I wrote an article talking about. Basically a little something about me and pedophilia. She’s 19 or 20 and I don’t like her. I don’t like her or the girl that accused me of being a pedophile over art. But this was so confusing and I didn’t want to argue with someone that young. I’m 21. I should know better but this was another case of Not knowing all the facts. 
I will start it off. Like this,  this was last year mind you. I have an imvu account. I’m always off and on imvu. Creating an account. Deleting. I actually enjoy that site because of the avatars. 
And I started my first time on imvu,  when I was in elementry. I think,  maybe middle school. 
Imvu is a chat website with 3D avatars in a virtual reality. The site is between good and bad. It’s a 50/50 win or lose type of thing. But last year,  back when I had my laptop working. I had an account and got back on it. I was bored and I decided to play with this new upgrade to the chat. 
It worked like tinder! I wasn’t planning to date anyone because at the time I was in a so called relationship. Previously I was on a dating website,  badoo. Bad choice,  don’t do it. 
This artist on tumblr. Draws Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts with Lexaeus. She’s lesibian. Not important but to me it was and she had the stupidest reason behind this thing I shall explain. 
She accused me of fetishizing,  an Iranian. So,  I’m swiping on these avatars on imvu. And I come across this guy who doesn’t have an avatar, it’s his face and I’m like he’s kinda ugly but his nose is cute. The thing I notice about guys is their nose. Now,  I will admit this. Which is accurate. 
If there was anything I truly was fetishizing. It was white men! And I still feel bad and no longer like white guys,  in a sexual nature,  they have weird dicks. Another reminder I am black. POC. Brown. African american. Whatever. I’m a nigga. 
At the time when I swiped right on this boy who was 24 on his profile. He’s 25 now. Moments later he sent me a message and I didn’t think anyone would swipe on my card so this was surprising. 
I didn’t  get on imvu to date because I thought a boy named Tony Holt was my boyfriend. He said he cuffed me and I believed it. I was wrong. He said he liked black girls but in that way,  you know actually fetishizing. 
He messages me and says,  my interest are funny. And I like making people laugh it gives me good vibes. So I say, I try my best. Eventually he invited me into a private chat and I accepted. 
I was nervous as hell because like I said imvu is 50/50 you have some really messed up guys on there. And the last time, some really weird and ugly white dude started kissing all over my avatar like no tomorrow asking if I loved him. So this nice man and I’m saying man because he was one. The first thing he said,  would you date a Chinese man? 
I was so confused and I moved avatar as far from him to simulate this weird behavior. I wasn’t trying to date him. I ask,  are you Chinese? He goes,  I’m Iranian. Me: Then why did you ask? Him: I was trying to be funny And goddammit  if he wasn’t. 
I didn’t know he was Iranian. Nor did I care. It wouldn’t have made a difference if he was or not! 
What really made me swipe right. Was because in his card he said he wanted an intellectual conversation with someone. Me,  I like to talk,  that’s all I wanted. 
I ended up moving my avatar to the couch in the private chat but there was still space between our avatars. 
He introduces himself. I give him my name. He was confused to why I thought, the first thing he wanted to do was date. Because I was away from his avatar. I remembered being a bit mean. He asked,  why are you way over there and I snapped and said this is the not too fucking fast position because the last time somebody put me in a private chat THEY ASKED ME RIGHT OFF THE BACK DO I LOVE THEM AFTER KISSING MY AVATAR. 
I remember words like, I don’t bite. And not going to lie. I was smiling because it was cute and I was nervous like. 
But when I moved my avatar we talked and it was the best shit ever. Realizing I was having a conversation with somebody that knew shit and wasn’t a dumb ass. I was high. 
He asked me about the president and his policies and I said something like fuck him. And he’s surprised. He goes,  you don’t like your president? I said fuck no! 
The conversation is going. I find out he has an illness. I have an illness I asked how he felt in Canada and asked if he faced any decrimination and I really don’t understand why there is a hatred towards middle eastern people. And the last middle eastern that spoke to me was on tinder. I think he said he was Iraqi. And I feel bad for that. I dogde the shit out of Arab men. Out of respect! I would hate to have an Arab boyfriend and both our families are like why you bring an A-RAB home (my dad) and his family is like what the fuck did you bring home? 
Because not everyone is open minded to their children dating outside their race. I hold middle eastern men to a high regard. Like respect the shit out of them. By not talking to them in fear I sound like a racist uneducated ghetto mess! It’s like,  you’re a smart man please leave a poor black woman to her slave duties, sir. But the one on tinder was confusing like are you here for sex or a date? And I wasn’t into the whole sex thing. So I ducked and dodged. On imvu,  I love Capricorns! I don’t know why. He was a Capricorn. And I was all FUCK YEAH. And I had made him laugh talking about dick because dudes send me ugly dick pictures and I lie to them. I said something about black guy’s dicks changing color and he shared a story how a chick he was dating was real conceited. 
My favorite thing. We talked. Laughed and joked. Eventually this huge feeling comes over me. And I wanted to really know him. I was interested as fuck. And last time I spoke with him,  it was real short. I messaged him on imvu and he was willing but… Ugh I can’t get that back. Even if he changed his relationship status to in a relationship and I was confused as to why. Because I’m a grandma. If you don’t ask me. Nigga I guess you not interested and I don’t play games so… 
Tony Holt came back from working on a rig and all hell broke lose. I think I hurt him. He unfriended me and that hurt me. I still like him. But at the same time. I’m confused,  I don’t know if it’s pity or that rich Arab hospitality. One of those,  Imma be nice but I don’t like you…ANYMORE BECAUSE HE FUCKING CALLED ME DEAR THE SECOND TIME WE CHATTED. And I’m not going to force him to be with me. Never. But my actions hurt. And I don’t want to slip into another relationship now. 
If this is about wanting to date outside my race however. That is the stupidest thing. Rihanna is courting a Saudi! Brittany Spears is courted by an IRANI. AND A DAMN KARDASHIAN IS WITH A MIDDLE EASTERN. So two white heterosexual women and one black Caribbean can do it. But my black ass can’t? 
I tried to date outside my race multiple times. What I fetishized were white men!  And If I was really fetishizing, I would like a fucking middle eastern to message me and curse me the fuck out then some ass kissing self entiled brat. I don’t like her. She’s 19 and full of shit. Talking about,  I draw Arabs and write about them. 
THEY DO NOT HOLD THE SAME VALUES AS A TANGIBLE MOTHERFUCKER. I said a Desi/Arabic woman was super fucking beautiful and thick and I don’t know if it was lesbianism or I was jealous as fuck. I had a stroke and she came into my room while I was in recovery and I just lost my damn voice. Plus. Why are you so concerned with what I reblog? I reblogged Arabic men one time. Some of them were shirtless. They looked good. Maybe the reason I did it was inappropriate but they were good looking men! And some were gay asf. 
Oh look at this happy gay Arabic couple. They look so comfortable. You see gay men just hug and suddenly get happy? I don’t know why but seeing guys have this. I’m envious. Because I want a dick and hate my vagina. I’m a transexual? I do not care for my lady parts. 
Like what ever the argument is… It’s stupid. Your art doesn’t carry the same shit as an actual middle eastern who comes to America or Canada. They out here getting called all sorts of shit. 
You draw a hajabi girl and she gets her hajabi ripped off in your fictional world. You don’t go to an actual breathing tangible hajabi girl and try to relate your fictional shit to her actual pain. 
A scenario: Hajabi: Some guy snatched my hajab off An artist: Well,  my character Shahira Mohammed got her hajab ripped off her head too. 
Scenerio two: Black people: I got called a nigger, I’m  biracial An artist: I have a character that’s a slave,  so I totally understand. 
Scenerio three: Jewish people: I was just breathing when somebody threw money at me and called me a Jew face An artist: I totally understand. Yousef was called a Jesus killer in Chapter eight. It hurt so much  to write that. 
I still like Ahmad. Him being Iranian doesn’t mean shit to me. But I’ll punch a nigga for him. Middle easterners and Jewish people get the dumbest hate. ‘Oh well,  middle easterners uh,  9/11’
One person. Not a whole nation. 
‘Jews love money’
First off. Don’t be mad at somebody Jewish for getting off their ass and going to work because you sat down and scratched your ass all day. But please tell me I’m fetishizing. 
How the fuck is it okay for some goddamn lesibian of 19 fucking years old. Find it remotely acceptable to draw gay fictional characters in yaoi scenerio if yaoi is also the art of hypersexualized homosexuality. 
Because if that doesn’t mean the same damn thing then I might have a second goddamn stroke and I don’t want to die. That’s hypocrisy. Lesibians get the fetishizing thing, too when two homosexual girls are caught in public and a heterosexual man comes and sees they wanna instantly have a three way. 
But clearly you don’t understand this. And instead you want to focus on POC, like middle easterners can’t speak the fuck up. If I was doing wrong,  why the hell didn’t somebody that was Arabic not come and tell me after all the shit I reblogged. Can you please not reblog my shit? Because if they did I would have gotten the fuck rid of it. 
But please explain to my black ass once more how I’m wrong. You fucking brat. You wanna act like an adult be prepared to get talk to like one. No one ever comes out when black women get fetishized. But I guess,  in the harshes reality. 
1) You once upon a time had a crush on some Arab who rejected you and now your gay. 
2) You’re low key fucking racist. You looked through my blog on my now deleted account and ignored that I was a POC who went through this bullshit. And everyone can come after me like. Dude chill she’s 19. Fuck off. She’s reaching a new age of 20 no one is holding your fucking hand through life because you can’t face these things. Grow up. You hurt yourself. Which led to this. I’m not going to let some 19 wannabe important child explain to me what fetishizing is! 
I told Ahmad about this. He laughed,  said it was amusing. Found out he’s short. He has two brothers. Is the middle child. Is a weed smoker. BECAUSE MEDICAL MARIJUANA. 
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