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loveisinthebat · 3 days
Scream Nugget
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feyburner · 3 months
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Guess who got hit with a de-aging beam 👍🏻
Page one text:
Dick: Let’s see, you’ve met ✨me✨, Duke, Dami, Al… who else is around…
Dick: Oh hey! It’s Jason!
Jason: Uh.
Timmy: Jason………. Todd?
Dick: That’s right!! (Wow, good memory!)
Jason: Hi.
Dick: T-TIM?!
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fernsnailz · 3 months
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it's their week!! happy late birthday to shadow and rouge and happy early birthday to sonic, eggman, and the badniks <3
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mayamarvil · 10 months
do you think dick is ever just shocked at how technologically advanced the newer robins suits are? like when it was just him and bruce it was just straight up spandex that alfred bought from like some fabric store and DIYed for them. and now there's new robins that have like mini computers in their suits and dick's like ??? you could do that????
jason: *falls down like five storeys* dick: oh whoa little wing! you good? you know that spandex isn- jason: *already picking himself up and dusting himself off* dick: what the actual fuck?? how are you standing??? jason: oh? Yeah the suit is made out of like a ploy carbon kevlar so it doesn't hurt too bad dick: you mean it's not spandex?!? jason: no? that's so unsafe, why would anyone do that?
dick: okay we'll just have to get into the main building and hack into the computer tim: oh i already did that dick: ??? when? we literally just entered the building like five minutes ago tim: oh the ai in the suit just hacked into the computer for us while we were trying to break in. i mean we didn't even have to enter the building but you really looked excited so... dick: what?! you know back in my day we actually had physically hack into computers, with like a keyboard
damian: *bleeding from a stab wound* dick: we have to get you back to the cave! damian: tt cease your worrying grayson! the suit has already began its first aid protocols dick: your suit does first aid?! dmaian: just the basics. did your suit not do that? dick: no???? bruce literally ran around with bandaids and gauze all the time
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arunneronthird · 7 days
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the thinking chair
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nerdpoe · 3 days
I'm not trapped with you, you're trapped here with me.
Danny, in Gotham after bolting from the GIW after a reveal gone bad, is on the roof of a building.
The building is surrounded by GIW agents.
Danny can't fly away, or they'll gun him down.
When the local vigilante lands behind him, all he can think about is how he isn't ready to die all the way. That he admires Gotham Vigilante's, but he isn't going to doubt that they'd side with the letter of the law.
So he overshadows them and bullshits his way out of the situation.
For a Bat, which Danny has heard are notoriously stubborn and tenacious, the chick he's possessing is surprisingly chill. She isn't fighting back at all, completely content to hand over the reigns.
Usually there's like, a little struggle.
Cass, however, is quietly perusing through the memories of the ghost that has possessed her.
He had no ill will when he did the jump, only fear. He only seeks to escape, and Cass understands that with an intimacy she wished she did not have.
What she wants to know is the why.
Hence, subtly going through his mind.
There are many things she was not aware were laws, and she believes that Bruce does not know are laws as well.
She will have to tell him.
He will fix it, one way or another.
She will make sure that he does.
So she watches the most recent memory of her Ghost possessing her; memorizes how it feels for him, how he did it from his point of view, and decides to take over so that she can get him to optimal safety.
If he is a ghost, and a ghost is a soul, and she has a soul; she should be able to take control again. Possess herself. Lock him in.
She is right.
She can feel the brief struggle, the confusion, as her ghost is forced to be the passenger. He tries to leave, but she focuses on how possession felt for him and locks him in place.
This would be a good time for a Star Wars quip. It will be funny, even if he does not understand it.
"Congratulations. You are being rescued. Please do not resist."
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rileyclaw · 5 months
new TOH animatic on my channel!
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planetbeanie · 11 months
Tumblr media
Todays beanie of the day is Radar the Bat
Birthday- 10/30/1995
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steddielations · 7 months
We all agree Steve has the biggest praise kink ever, he absolutely does, but in the meantime, Eddie’s just getting off free, walking around openly saying that flattery works on him
Let's talk about how Eddie ‘hides behind his hair and holds back a smile at the smallest compliment’ Munson, would be fighting for his life dating Steve 'holds hands during sex, randomly says you're beautiful, turns on his charm like a secret weapon, confident sweet talker no matter how lame he looks' Harrington.
Eddie's probably used to people being entertained by him, but not being endeared, and now he has Steve fucking Harrington winking at him after Hellfire, looking at him like he’s something special even when he's sweaty and has Mountain Dew sticky fingers, casually saying, "Why did they ever call me the King when you look that good up there on your throne, hm?” It’s a miracle Eddie isn’t constantly falling to his knees. Sometimes Steve’s compliments get Eddie so flustered that he just has to hide his face in Steve's neck and bite him.
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p0ssym1lker · 20 days
Danny would go to gotham and just, not care that people know he's a half ghost, just uses his powers and transforms whenever he wants
He's in a different universe! There are laws that protect him! (Not his fault they all assume he's a meta)
And when Batman shows up like "we can't have metas here because-"
Danny just, he just walks away
What is Batman gonna do then huh? Try again? Try a different tactic? Guess what
Doesn't work, Danny just leaves and continues being a menace in gotham
He keeps picking fights with different rogues (and has put the joker into the ground so many times the clown will run when he sees him - he started a petition for the bays to remove Danny by force) and has like, zero respect for any of the bats
It's driving them insane
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loveisinthebat · 2 days
Excited Friends
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ave661 · 2 months
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[1/3] Render inspired by @Bat_Ghost and his THE BEST cosplay. More to come!
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flamingpudding · 2 months
Gaming Pal Prompt
A/N: Random Idea that was stuck in my head after reading about a Pen Pal Prompt
It all started with a simple accidentally created open lobby. Sam, Tucker and Danny were just playing Doom in a four person Lobby that was supposed to be passcode locked and private so that it was only the three of them playing. But one of them must have forgotten to lock it as suddenly a random player joined them as well as the in-game voice chat they were using.
"Sup. Mind if I join the game? My last lobby kicked me."
"Why? Too good or too bad?"
Tucker shot back, not minding the new player. The three would just have to watch what they talk about during game time.
"Don't know. I think they thought I cheated."
"Pff, sore losers. Maybe you can help these losers kick ass."
"Oh shut it Sam, we will wipe the floor with you now!"
"A challenge huh? That sounds interesting. I am Tim by the way."
The friend request was sent after the game in which Tim did help Tucker and Danny beat Sam. Only for Sam to demand a rematch to regain her victory streak. From then on the random player regularity started joining in on their games whenever he happened to be online at the same time.
Of course the trio filtered their talks over voice chat. Making sure they wouldn't let anything atrocious slip. Though they did have some fun telling a non Amity Parker about the shit that goes down in their town and Tim always appeared interested to hear more about the things going on. Always curious and full of follow up questions, that strangely focus on who the attackers were ( always ghosts really they don't have any other rogues aside from maybe the fruitloop) and other times very much focused on their local ghost hero Phantom. He was also strangely interested in the whole GIW situation and sounded rather confused when they mentioned the Anti-Ecto Acts.
Aside from that Tim practically became a part of their little group. Their online Gamer Pal who knew nearly as much about their rogues and local Hero (thanks to all the questions he asked) like they did. A full fledged Team Phantom member who just didn't know the main secret of Danny actually doing the Ghost fighting as Phantom and being the one getting hunted by his own Parents and the GIW.
So of course the day came where Sam, Tucker and Danny forget to filter their words. It was during one particularly exhausting day when Danny had only had like 4 hours of sleep because he had studied all night for an English Test and then Skulker appeared to hunt Phantom and Danny's parents showed up too, making souping the Hunter Ghost especially difficult.
"Ancients, Skulker just had to decide on hunting you today, didn't he Danny?"
"Don't remind me. He is still souped in the thermos, but dodging Mom was harder with so little sleep."
"Should you like take a nap then man?"
"Nah I am fine for gaming night."
"Hey Danny, you did escape the blasters unscratched right? Your mom is the better shot after all."
"Nearly. Mom landed a couple of hits but it's almost healed already, just some small burn marks left."
"I am sorry, WHAT?! Did you guys just say that Skulker, the one that's hunting Phantom for sports, was hunting Danny. Danny was the one to Soup him not Phantom and Danny's Mom shot and hurt her own son with one of these ecto-blasters?!"
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nelkcats · 26 days
Honestly Danny would be the first to admit that trying to overshadow anything after the Technus incident was a bad idea. But he was also a very bored teenager, visiting a strange city at the request of his older sister so, can you blame him?
It had seemed like a fun idea to the halfa the moment he saw a small roomba in a store window in Gotham. It didn't look like many wanted to buy it but it was there anyway.
So yes, Danny could admit that it was all a strange combination of his boredom and lack of sleep because before he knew it he had overshadowed the damn roomba, causing the light above it to glow bright green.
It was just luck that some of his powers worked, because he made it through the store window with no problems, and had some fun chasing the denizens of Gotham all over the place.
It wasn't so much fun when he realized he was stuck inside the roomba; or when some people started to look at the machine curiously, trying to catch it.
He managed to escape with some luck and set about being a real nuisance to anyone he came across, including the clown laughing like a maniac and the live scarecrow, because well, what other option did he have besides waiting for it to sort itself out?
It wasn't long before the bats heard the report of "a roomba on the loose" in disbelief. Dick wondered if Alfred would appreciate them bringing the machine to the mansion to help him with cleaning.
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clownsuu · 2 months
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Mini apology doodle since I didn’t post yesterday 😔🥄🥄
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foxyteah · 10 months
Alright fine here is my obligatory won't-let-me-sleep dc dp idea
Enter left: Immortal Ghost King Danny who's made peace with having to stay in the Zone fulltime to keep the place from going to metaphorical hell, but that doesn't mean he can't visit Amity every now and then for some basic human pleasures like coffee, soda and a burger
Thing is, with no basic income and unwilling to mooch off his friends' and parents' money for the rest of their life, he comes up with the brilliant idea of a gofundme which circulates on tumblr every few months and literally just says "buy a coffee and burger for your local king of the dead, any help is appreciated :)"
Enter right: One Tim Drake whose fatal flaw is not something as simple as posting rants or online-shopping when sleep deprived, oh no, no Tim instead clicks on any crowdfunding posts he comes across and throws money at them from his anonymous bank account, then forgets all about it after a full night's sleep
This guy has slept 7 hours in 2 weeks and just busted the unholy drug ring child of the Maroni's and Black Mask, he is ready to die in his sleep and scrolling tumblr instead. He sees a signal boost post with 1 note and the keywords 'dead' and 'any help', promptly dumps a random sum on it and drops off
He is woken from his sleep by a guy literally squeezing himself out of his phone screen like a cat through a mouse hole except so much worse, yelling at him about selling his kidney through a PHONE not even a COMPUTER screen, and asks him if he is Tim Jackson Drake
Tim, still waking up, replies yes, because yes he is Tim Drake and not someone else like a vigilante haha no, and then in the next hour becomes coherent enough to understand that this guy is the actual King of the Dead, doesn't know his secret identity and literally ghosted several firewalls and offshore accounts, bypassed all that and travelled digitally through to him because he left him 50 grand on his gofundme for a burger and that is just not okay please ask for a refund i'll find you a new kidney pLEASE
Tim refuses.
Hell if he knows why but he's not taking the money back, he has enough anyway so Phantom can keep it and buy himself a life supply of Coca Cola or something
Phantom refuses.
Because what even this is non-negotiable
So they're at a stalemate and have argued through Tim's morning routine, through breakfast for two and the drive to work which Phantom spends invisible while in public, and halway up the WE elevator before Danny falls silent and after Tim closes his office door says:
"You're rich."
"Yes I am."
"You're like, stinking rich. Billionaire rich?"
"Pretty much."
"Will you keep the money now?"
"...Nope, now I'm even less inclined to."
But the King of the Dead stops harassing Tim to make him poor again and leaves, and Tim has a whole day of peace before he gets home, where he is immediately slobbered up by a two-headed dog the size of his Ducati.
"If you're giving me all that money for free then have this hellhound, rich people need bodyguard dogs right"
"I refuse, also why does it have two heads"
"My rottweiler met a Cerberus and the rest is history, also come ON I can't just accept this much money pLEASE tell me your PRICE"
"50 grand"
"oh ha ha"
Somehow they agree for Tim to accept a blob ghost that will be invisible most of the time, completely invisible on any surveillance, and will only serve as an emotional support cheek-rub and an emergency call if Tim's ever in trouble, Tim is reassured he'll go get Phantom personally if that ever happens, and only on Tim's orders which will never happen
Except one time he really does need help because he and all his support structure is captured or incapacitated, so he asks Phoenix for help and promptly finds out why she insisted on that name when she explodes in a spray of green all over his face and now everyone and especially Jason is staring at the green goo
And then the ground cracks open to a lime green pithole, the lights go out and the place turns cold, and out of the hellhole rises Phantom wreathed in flame and shadows, rising his finger at the enemy and intoning softly
"Where is he?"
"Where's my sugar daddy?"
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