oifaaa · 3 days
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A little continuation from this post - Dick not liking Damian at all when he first meets him is still the funniest thing to me so obviously I was going to carry that over to this au
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cowboysorceror · 24 hours
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babysitting your work friend's kid and he asks to look at your patchwork quilt of a skull. wyd. inspired by Super Sons #6!
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jasontoddsguns · 2 days
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Fan-art I drew of Batman dying in a glue-trap.
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kartsie · 10 hours
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Sometimes everyone dusts off or throws together their Robin costume for a hijinks filled patrol
((Yes I’m behind but it’s been a rough week))
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duckytree · 2 days
can’t explain it but bruce wayne has stepmom energy. a rich, goth, very cool and somewhat intimidating stepmom energy. that this is only towards kon. i don’t care if u ship superbat but ur dad doesn’t need to be married for someone to be ur stepmom lol.
and bruce is a lame dad in boat shorts and a pink polo to all his kids plus the moochers that is dick’s friends but then he’d show up at kon’s school in a limo, black turtleneck and sunglasses in 48 degree kansas heat, kombucha in hand with a frilly straw and he’s like “ur dad is busy so i’m picking u up. get in.”
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not-another-robin · 2 days
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He carries them like a mother possum. Is this anything
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Robin Redesigns; Jason Todd!
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Ft. Jason’s canon hatred of mimes bc it tickles me
As ever, click for non-potato quality
Part 1
Text ID for sketch page;
[Sketch 1 - (Stayed up late to do homework)]
[Sketch 2 - Arrow pointing to Jason’s boots; Convinced Bruce they were practical cause if he got lost B could find him easier]
[Sketch 3 - Arrow pointing to smol Jason; the littlest of guys]
[Sketch 4 - Jason: An’ then she said mimes were better! Can ya’ believe that?!]
[Sketch 5 - Soul-less Ginger Ver.]
[Sketch 6 - Jason: That’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen in my life. Two-face: It’s about to be a very short life, kid.]
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incorrectbatfam · 18 hours
Jason, to Bruce: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
Bruce: You’re high?
Jason: Oh, sorry.
Jason: *turns to Dick*
Jason: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
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i don’t think we talk enough about how Damian says “no shit Sherlock” to Bruce so much that Bruce says it to his coworkers now
(Flash (2016) #64 i think)
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honeyrins · 15 hours
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[Batman] 💛 Father - Daughter Ballet Practice 🖤
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choi-kabud · 2 days
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catching up on some paperwork in blüd
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justwannabecat · 2 days
Amity Park didn’t exist.
There were no records of it. Nothing on any maps. Not even any accounts from people who used to live there, or who had family who lived there.
So why was Bruce Wayne invited to “Amity Park” by billionaire Vlad Masters for a business meeting?
When the GIW started going too far, it was easy enough for the town to agree that Ghosts weren’t the real bad guys. After a town meeting, where Danny revealed his secret, they all agreed to one wish by Desiree, no matter the cost.
“I wish the government forgot why we were so interesting.”
And if the cost was their town being erased from all official US records, being forgotten about completely?
It was probably for the best.
(Of course, Vlad ruins it.)
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mikeluciraphgabe · 2 days
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Part three partfour
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januariat · 1 day
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this superbat post absolutely got me... clark with tiny kitty bruce will forever have my heart <3
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bruciemilf · 2 days
The justice league taking pictures with Bruce like men do with fish
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duckytree · 1 day
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bruce and barbara team up where he rides on the back of her wheelchair and uses his polo skills from rich kid boarding school to club his enemies
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