#Besides yesterday I finally got around to finish watching the Beast movie and man I was not prepared for–
kyouka-supremacy · 4 months
Thoughts on odazai? I wondered if your reasons for disliking dazai apply to this ship since it doesn't seem to function the same way other popular dazai ships do
Mmmmhh okay first off, I'm afraid my dislike for Dazai transcends all ships (╥﹏╥)
But I do think odazai is very enjoyable for its own uniqueness!! Oda is the only person Dazai respects, literally, and that's bound to make their relationship distinctive and unique. I feel like respect should come with every healthy relationship, so you see the appeal here? Odazai is the only ship that shows a side of Dazai that finally feels authentic– it shows a side of Dazai that is willing to care. For the rest of the franchise Dazai's character is pretty much up to interpretation, there's the mystery element of never being able to tell what's going through his mind, but Oda's existence alone is enough to show us a true face of Dazai for once– which is nice, because Oda showed us a side of Dazai that is capable of love. Which wasn't exactly predictable given Dazai's nihilism, cruelty and apparent disregard of human life; and yet even him is capable of love. And he truly is! Even if you don't like them romantically, Dazai's love (platonic, if you prefer) for Oda is undeniably there, and it's nice, it's miraculous to get to witness it. In a way, Anon, maybe you're right! I don't like Dazai, and still odazai has the power of making Dazai feel sympathetic: because it shows you a man who cares about another person, and who would do anything for them; and then that person is taken away from him. You just can't not feel sympathy for that, it's inherently human to relate to and be touched by another man's suffering, and a thousand times more so when such suffering is moved by love. Odazai is the only ship that makes me want to ship it because I think it would make Dazai happy, and makes me feel happy for him.
Odazai is a sweet, tragic, comforting ship. People have definitely put it more eloquently and in detail than me, but it's just the completely lack of judgement on both sides which is SUCH an appealing aspect. They can be their true authentic selves with each other, and it must have been so staggering and exhilarating and overwhelming for Dazai specifically who probably didn't even know who he himself was– how much human he could be. There's the mutual respect, the genuine admiration. There's the feeling of being accepted and understood like they aren't by anyone else– they both share this morally grey view of the world, and they are the only ones who aren't judgemental of the other's lack of morals; they get each other. In a world that results meaningless to them, they can be each other's reason to live. Then there's the making each other better?? Seriously, what other ship makes Dazai even slightly better. Oda canonically changed Dazai's whole existence prompting him to do good for the rest of his life with six words. And again, the fact alone that Oda is the only person to ever make Dazai capable of love– that's as good as it can get! Dazai is the best he can be as soon as he allows himself to be vulnerable and emotional and soft and honest, and Oda prompted him to do exactly that. And I know that's very arguable, but we literally do not know if Dazai ever truly loved anyone after joining the good guys, or if he's just doing good things because Oda asked him to instead of having an innate will to do good for a genuine love of human beings– maybe he's really doing all of that solely because he loved a man and he will never love anyone else; we really have no way to know, and it's up to interpretation. My take, while we're at it (because I'm drunk on tiredness and I can't stop talking), is that Dazai, even if coming from a place of having no fondness for humans and exclusively doing good because he was asked to rather than for a true conviction, got so accustomed to doing good, he actually... Became good (Aristotle and moral virtue being something you can get better at by practicing it). In that case, Oda would be someone who literally taught Dazai to love, and that's beautiful in its own way.
I didn't get much into Oda's side of the relationship; I feel like I don't know Oda a lot, I only watched the Dark Era episodes of the anime once ten months ago and even Beast doesn't feel like giving away much of his personality. But I do like to think he would love Dazai; if else, I feel like Dazai too is a special person to Oda like no one else is.
Also like, there's the fact that they're quite literally canon. Like I don't know what to tell you it's literally there. Not that many men out there Osamu Dazai would literally abandon everything he's ever known, completely turn his life upside down, start doing good without even believing in good, for. Characters who aren't canonically gay but who's actions don't make any sense until you interpret them as gay and stuff. It barely even count as queerbating tbh like it's just right there.
#Writing this was illuminating. Still don't like Dazai tho 😔#osamu dazai#I feel... Some of this *may* apply to Daz/atsu too but I have mixed feelings about it#sakunosuke oda#odazai#If they use the same criteria to write the name on Dazai's tomb they did for Oda it's literally going to say “o.dazai”#bsd#bungou stray dogs#mine#people asks me stuff#Thank you for this ask! As you can see I love giving my opinion on matters lmao#Besides yesterday I finally got around to finish watching the Beast movie and man I was not prepared for–#Dazai's voice cracking at the bar Lupin scene that scene was so good#Tbh for most of the time in the bsd fandom I thought fyo/dazai was my favorite Dazai ship but tbh...#I think I might have been mistaken to assume that#I mean I never thought about fyo/dazai as intensely as I do for odazai#And granted I don't think about Dazai a lot either way but still ///////#I MAY have rewatched some odazai bits from s2 ep4 and I MAY have gotten a little bit too emotional over these two#I mean. Dazai's desperation seriously??? Why is he suddenly so human??? I can't make this post any longer but I'm sobbing#I'm thinking about that time - I made a post about it that's going to be published at some point but whatever -#that time I was showing Oda's death scene to my cousin for whatever reason#And Dazai entered and he throws his coat away#And my cousin goes “what was that why did he throw his coat away”#And I answered without beating an eye “because that coat represents his position at the pm and everything he's ever known#and he's willing to throw all of that away and leave everything behind without even thinking about it if it's for Odasaku”#I'm not sure where that came from so promptly but I still think about it a lot#The fact that Odasaku spent the last moments of his life advising his friend on how to live because he cared about him–#and his last wish was literally for him to be happy and live a peaceful life. Okay that was not very heterosexual of you#Bones didn't have Dazai cry in that scene because they're cowards
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giorno-plays-piano · 3 years
I LIVE for your exophilia Bucky and Steve fics, Drider/spider Bucky is my LIFE, if you could do centaur, naga or mermaid, please. I just love this so much!
Okay, it was supposed to be a short request, but it had somehow evolved into a oneshot. Thank you for this awesome idea!
Blood in the water
Tumblr media
Pairing: merman!Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: yandere, obsession, attempted kidnapping, non-grapic depiction of violence.
Words: 2125.
You had never truly believed in the existence of fantastic creatures despite all those rumors about mermaids living in the Triskelion sea. Sure, at some point people thought they shared the Earth with centaurs, sirens, griffons, and all those divine beasts, but you lived in the era of rapid scientific progress, Internet, and space-based technologies. No one in the right state of mind believed in fairies and unicorns.
However, you did like this little town: there was something charming in its narrow streets and a hundred years old buildings, lovely hydrangeas in flowerpots standing outside of the houses and small family cafes here and there. It was a nice place to have a vacation, especially after a crazy year in a big city where streets were always full of people, regardless of time.
You rented a nice little cottage close to the seashore for a month and were now enjoying your morning coffee, sitting on a wide wooden windowsill. The sun was barely up, and you smiled, wrapping a blanket around your bare shoulders. It was such a beautiful morning when the sky was a lovely shade of pink, the sea so unusually quiet. There definitely was something magical in it.
Watching the sea with your window open, you inhaled its smell deeply, closing your eyes. When you opened them in a second, you suddenly saw something glowing far away from you, on a small rock surrounded by water. Your eyes grew wide - it was not something, it was someone. It was a living being. You just saw its enormously huge scaly tail when the creature slipped back into the sea as if it knew you were watching it.
Oh dear.
You immediately left your half-emptied cup on the windowsill and jumped down, hurrying to the door while keeping the blanket wrapped around your shoulders. What was that? How huge was that fish? What could it even be? All those questions were making you speed up, and you rushed to the small pier right next to your cottage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious creature again.
But once you were standing on the wooden boards barefoot, shivering from the sudden cool sea breeze, the waters were quiet just like before, not a sound coming from that direction. The creature had disappeared as fast as it emerged, and you were staring at the dark waters again, thinking of whether you saw that enormous fish at all or was it some trick of the light. Maybe you really watched too many fantasy movies on Netflix yesterday. Smiling at the though, you fixed the blanket, covering yourself some more, and inhaled the cool morning air deeply. Whether or not there was a huge fish, it wasn’t really important. You didn’t know how to swim anyway and wouldn’t get into the water far.
When you went to the town to have lunch, you did ask the elderly lady serving customers whether there was some peculiar type of marine animal living in the waters of Triskelion sea, but she just smiled at you and asked you not to come too close to the shore at night.
“It’s not good you live so far from the town,” she said quickly before moving to the other table, gathering empty dishes.
Did she mean it was unsafe to be out of the house at night? Was there like a gang gathering close to the sea or something? You nervously nodded to her, growing a bit concerned. Your landlord didn’t tell you anything about that.
Well, in case of emergency you could barricade the door and call 911. The phone worked perfectly, you thought while walking the streets, buying nice little souvenirs for your friends and colleagues. You actually bought a baseball bat just in case.
Hurrying home before it got dark, you clenched the big bag with a takeout. You asked the girl behind the counter about being on the shore at night, and she confirmed it wasn’t wise. Unfortunately, she didn’t specify, and you thought that speaking of that gang aloud wasn’t appropriate. The girl was probably scared.
Damn, and there you thought it was a perfect quiet place, ideal for a lonely young woman. Was it really better to leave before you got into any real trouble?
Locking the door and closing the windows, you huffed, irritated neither the agency nor your landlord mentioned this to you. It was unfair and even illegal to do business like that. Thinking whether to call your friends to ask for an advice, you sat in the kitchen, unpacking the amazing carbonara that was still warm and smelled heavenly. Well, it least the cafes here were absolutely awesome.
Once you finished your meal and were drinking tea with milk, still sitting in the kitchen - now you were a little afraid of sitting on the windowsill with an open window where anyone could see you - you suddenly heard some noise from the outside. It was a loud sound of fins crushing the water surface. Was it that odd giant fish again? Still, you were aware of danger of being outside late in the evening, so you simply stayed inside the house.
But then you heard someone screaming.
“Please, help!” The voice was pleading, and you stood up quickly, grabbing your bat. “HELP!”
The next moment you were running to the sea shore with a life preserver in one hand and a bat in the other. Someone was drowning in the sea, and you couldn’t fucking swim. Blood rushed to your head when you saw a man tangled in a large fishing net attached to the pierce, and you immediately run to him, dropping to your knees.
“Please! I can’t-” He was fighting the ties binding him, almost screaming in hysterics when you approached him. “I can’t breathe! HELP!”
In complete darkness when the only source of light was the moon shining high up into the sky, you were struggling to see how the man literally wrapped in the net, striking about in the water like a stranded fish. When you got close, throwing your hands to the stranger, he jumped at you right away, leaning closer and trying to climb to the pier. He almost made you fall into the water, but you managed to grab wooden pole with one hand and stand on your knees.
“I’m here! Wait, wait!” You were hurriedly grasping the net, seeing literally nothing in the dark. “I’ll help!”
You could hear the stranger crying, his huge figure shaking terribly, and rushed to tug on the ties, desperately trying to untangle him. You spent a few minutes like that before you had finally freed him, pulling the net up and throwing it on a wooden boards - it was so big you could literally cover the whole pier with it. How did it end up here?
Deadly tired from all the pulling, you gave the stranger your hand again to drag him to the pier, but suddenly he moved away from your arm. He was neither crying not screaming anymore, strangely silent, and you stared at his handsome face, still red from tears. How come? He was able to swim, wasn’t he? Breathing hard from all the struggle, you blinked, wiping the sweat from your forehead.
“Thank you,” the man finally said, coming closer again, and you realized there was something huge in the water right beneath him - you saw an enormous scale tail gleaming in the sea when the moonlight illuminated the waters.
It wasn’t some fish. It was the man’s tail. You saw the scales covering his hips when he got up, getting on the pier where you sat. Instinctively, you crawled back, both charmed and horrified with what you were seeing.
Dear god, he was a merman.
While you stared at him, opening your mouth as if it were you who was suffocating, the man smiled widely, watching you gawk at him. He wasn’t concerned at all, flashing his tail carelessly. “Thank you for saving me, human woman. You are truly fearless.”
Well, you weren’t so sure anymore, gazing at the unbearably handsome merman whose voice was so deep and silky it could drive any girl crazy. You were still scared of him though, knowing little whether he wanted to thank or hurt you - you even read some tales where mermaids were eager to eat sailors if they stumbled upon them in the sea.
But he looked so magnificent. His clear blue eyes were shining bright in the darkness, cheeks a lovely shade of pink, hair like a pure gold in the moonlight. His shoulders were wide, and you could see he was athletically built with his tufty, solid arms. Besides, how could a man with a smile as kind as his be a threat to you, the one who had saved him from the net? Reluctantly at first, you slowly got closer to him, watching his cheerful face. He was happy you weren’t afraid of him.
“What is your name?” He asked, suddenly getting closer so you ended up nose to nose with him.
The merman smelled like salt and seaweed, and when he wrapped his long fingers around your wrist, you whispered nervously, “Y/N.”
“I am Steven.” He grinned at you, rubbing the tip of your nose with his wet one. “I will be forever in your debt.”
“B-but how did you end up in the net? I’ve never heard of people fishing here.” You mumbled, your face flooding with embarrassment at being so close to the handsome stranger.
“Oh, they don’t fish. They try to catch us, the merfolk.”
His gaze turned sad as he touched your cheek with his nose and backed away, getting into water again while you crawled closer to him. So, that was it. That’s why they didn’t want you on the shore late in the evening - they were starting the mermaids hunt. God, how could they? Why did they try to harm these gorgeous creatures, unmistakably as intelligent as people were?
You felt sorry for the man, bending over to him as he stared into your face, still smiling. Gently cupping your cheeks with his wet palms, he rose up to give you a quick peck on the lips, apparently, having very little shame to do it to someone he only met a couple of minutes ago. Feeling terribly embarrassed, you thought that maybe it was merfolk’s way to thank someone and just nodded.
“Are you going to be okay, Steven?” You asked him, barely realizing you were leaning closer and closer to him while he kept getting down in the water.
“Yes.” He answered barely audible, kissing you again while gently touching your hair. “Come closer, love.”
You went even deeper, enchanted by his lovely voice.
You didn’t realize the merman was luring you into the water until he pulled your face down, and your head ended up in the sea. As you opened your mouth, the water rushed inside it, and you were quickly becoming suffocated. But was scaring you more than drowning was the face of the most handsome man you had ever seen - the sclera became dark, making his eyes looking extraterrestrial, frightening. The next second you saw Steve opening his toothy mouth, and the world turned pitch black.
The pain shooting through your neck made you scream, gulping down salty sea water, and you fell down from the pier completely. You couldn’t breathe, kicking and fighting and struggling in merman’s arms until he let go of you, and you immediately grabbed the life preserver that fell into the water along with you. Keeping kicking furiously to keep Steve away, you clenched the wooden pole.
You didn’t know how you managed to pull up, getting back to the pier while merman was hissing something behind your back, trying to get closer to you. Despite you had no strength left, you were crawling to the shore on your knees, crying from the pain - blood was still seeping from your neck.
“You can’t get away from me!” Steve grinned wickedly, shouting to you. “I’ve marked you, love! You won’t have a mate other than me!”
Deaf to his shouts, you kept crawling until you felt the ground beneath your palms.
What did you know about the merfolk living in the Triskelion sea? Why didn’t you think it was them who were hunting people, luring innocent souls into the water with their pleas and crying? Of course, you didn’t know it was the mating season, and the mark Steve left on your neck would never fade away, scarring your gentle skin.
Why didn’t you leave the town, knowing you were in danger? Now you were bound to him, the cold, merciless creature who would stop at nothing to have you.
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Tagging games #5
I’ve been tagged by @fandom-glazed and wanted to do this anyway, so here we go! Tagging anyone who wants to do this ^__^ 1. what’s your favorite way to dress? Black all the way. I’m a fancy goth on the inside and trying (but most likely failing) on the outside. 2. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Not to be so voulnerable to the people that mean a lot to me would be nice. Not getting attached so fucking fast. 3. What movie/game/etc. helps you calm down? I tend to love movies reducing me to a sobbing mess, so that doesn’t count as calming me down, does it? As for a series, I’m all for Merlin BBC at the moment which I watch unfrequently with @fandom-glazed on Netflix and usually laugh my ass off at Arthur and Merlin’s antics. :D 4. What does your room smell like? Dust, nailpolish, some tea and the slightly burnt smell of my old heaters. 5. Do you like to organize? Hell fucking no. I’m an ADD person, nope, I don’t. 6. What kind of music would you listen to if you could only choose one? German rock / gothic rock. Unheilig, Staubkind, Blutengel, Lord of the Lost, Letzte Instanz, that kind of thing. Not that either of those bands would ring a bell with most of tumblr users, I assume. 7. What song is your aesthetic? Oh man, making me choose there is mean. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish, Stand my ground by Within Temptation, Morgana by Lord of the Lost. Hard and heavy. 8. What color do you think goes best with your personality? Crimson like my hair right now, probably. 9. Do you believe in auras? Nope. 10. What do you wish you hated, but actually like? Ballet. To wish for having been introduced to how to ruin your body in the most beautiful way as a child is kind of unhealthy. 11. Vague about your crush(es) Valentin Winter / van Porcelain. That man. Go to his tumblr @valentinvanporcelaine and dare ask me again why I’m addicted to his aesthetics. 12. Is there someone you have mixed feelings towards? Yep. Not talking about specific people in my personal life here tho.  13. Talk about an AU or story you came up with Oh boy, here we go. If you get me started on my vampire novels, we’ll be here all day and I won’t even be half way finished. I adore my own characters to a decree that might be weird, I ship some of them and the main gay pair Count Louis and his life long best friend and personal vassal Chris, later Knight of Alderton, to death and writing anything with those two idiots in love soothes me so much. The main trilogy (A shimmer of Red, Black and Silver respectively) is huge (as in 200k for the first, 140k for the second and 110k as of yet for the unfinished third) but not finished yet, I’m almost there and would have been a year ago if I’d just get my arse out of the Fantastic Beasts Fandom and saunter off to writing my own stuff again. Unfortunately, Albus and Gellert own my ass at the moment and I’m overflowing with plotbunnies that won’t go away on their own. I know my mind. I need to write them all down before I get any peace at all. Lol. 14. Do you like makeup? No, not really, I like sharp-winged-eyeliner though. 15. Do you prefer space or the ocean? Ocean all the way. Space is fascinating and I’m a massive nerd for SpaceX because their projects are so promising for the future of mankind, but standing at the shore, being able to breathe properly again (asthma kid here, hi) and cry from sheer relief of hearing the waves crash against the cliff or roll onto the beach again is my life blood. I’ll have that next week again. Fucking finally. The sea soothes me so, so much and I suffer from constant longing for distance. We have a very fitting word for the feeling in German. Fernweh. Roughly translated to “I want to get far away from here so much it hurts.” Yeah, that’s the German language right there for you. 16. If you could pick any planet besides earth, where would you live? Pandora, probably. You know, three meters tall blue humanoids, a captivating nature, trees large enough to be a bother for the planet’s rotation, probably? Yeah. I’d like that very much. 17. What form of government do you like the most? (capitalism, socialism, etc.) I’m quite content with the German system of Social economy. Pure capitalism, socialism and communism are shit, don’t work in the long run and should just be abolished altogether. 18. What animal would you keep as a pet, if you could? Give me a black cat, please 19. What do you think our purpose is in the universe? To find our place between the stars, become a multi planetary species and to develop a way that’s not as destructive to the planet we inhabit. There’s a beautiful sentence that sums it all up in Interstellar from Cooper: “We might have been born on earth, but we don’t have to die here.” 20. Do you believe in god(s)? Nope. Atheist all the way. Before anyone misunderstands me, though: believe whatever you want to, I don’t judge people for their religion, it’s just so not my tea. 21. Is there a song you can’t handle listening to, even though you like it? Yep. Chasing cars by Snow Patrol. 22. What ex do you miss the most, if you have one? Mean question. I only have an ex-girlfriend and sometimes I miss her gentleness and how instantly she saw right through me, but she replaced me, we’ve been done for a bit more than five years now and I’m over her. :) 23. Do you like soft, fluffy blankets or rough/smooth blankets? Soft, fluffy blankets all the way. 24. What is your favorite thing to learn about? History. What do you think I’d study that for? :D 25. What country’s history do you find the most interesting? Man, that’s a mean one again. I’m pretty solid on English history, but I don’t know the first thing about Asian history altogether because german schools don’t teach that and we’ve got a different subject for Asian culture in university so it’s not included in my must-do-schedule too, but I’d like to learn more about it soon. 26. What do you think about genderbent ____ (insert someone here) Nope, noping right out, nopedinopenope, not my tea. At all. 27. What breakup was the hardest, if you had one? The one I had was... bad. Not talking about that here any further tho. 28. Do you have someone where you can’t decide if you like them romantically or just as a friend? A couple of weeks ago, my answer would have been yes, but I’ve got that all sorted out now. Not dwelling on it, though. It doesn’t matter. 29. What do you think about tumblr discourse? Ughhh. Exhausting most of the time. I loved the metas in the Sherlock fandom before it all fell apart and I like Fantastic Beasts metas, but people get so emotional so fast that normal discussions are all but impossible here. 30. What instrument do you wish you could master? Piano. Still salty that I’ve been forced to stop that as a child. 31. How easy is it for you to be honest? Very. I’m a very honest person and I’m shite at lying. 32. Do you have any strange interests? Fandoms, probably? xD I find fossils infinetely fascinating, anything conserning dragons (that sounds strange in context, I’m well aware that they don’t exist) and the way stars are born in large nebulas is something poetic to me. 33. Do you have any strange fears? Strange? I dunno, I’ve just about ran out of the kitched screaming at the top of my lungs when a fucking spider dropped ON MY HEAD yesterday evening, you tell me if that’s strange. Drowning would suck a lot, I guess. Anything that makes you suffocate. Nope. 34. What food do you binge on when you’re lazy? Toast with something on it. I did that in exam week last week, not because I’m lazy but because I just did not have the time or the nerves for cooking. 35. When you get angry, how do you show it? I go all quiet and drill my posture to absolute perfection until it hurts. You’ll notice when I’m mad. Seldom happens, though, I’m hard to offend. 36. Do you have any impulsive movements? (twitches, ticks, flapping, etc.) Picking fingers. Bad habit that I’m trying to get rid of. 37. What do you listen to music on? YouTube and Spotify on the PC, used my phone a massive lot for that during the summer too but now with all the layers of jackets and coats and such it’s a bit hard to stuff my large phone anywhere. 38. Are you left brained or right brained? Uhhhh what? I’m right handed, but I don’t think I have any tendencies otherwise. 39. Earbuds or headphones? Earbuds. 40. Do you like light blankets or heavy blankets? Light blankets for around the flat, heavy in bed. I’d like to be able to breathe.
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tigerlover16-uk · 6 years
Anime I need to watch (May 2017 update)
... Yeah, I’m a day late with this because I never had the time to sit down and do it yesterday. It’s been a bit busy for me around here, so let’s just get started.
Luckily this one should be quick because honestly... I didn’t actually make much progress this month. Even though I keep meaning to get back to it, I still haven’t watched any more of Yu Yu Hakusho than I had last month, though I fully intend to catch up on it this month. Mostly I just kept getting distracted from it, especially since I got ahold of some DVD collections for other anime. Doesn’t help probably that I was re-watching the Frieza saga of DBZ for fun this month, plus some old movies like the first Yu-Gi-Oh film (I won’t give my thoughts on those since those are things I’d already seen before).
To count, I only watched 3 movies on my last list and I’m part way through 2 other series, Soul Eater and Fairy Tail, which I’ve been watching on DVD.
First off, continuing my catch up on the Pokémon movies was the duology Pokémon Black and White movies... which have probably the dumbest gimmick for a movie I’ve ever seen. Seriously, all the little differences here and there really don’t justify making two different versions of the exact same story. The games can get away with this because it’s been a tradition since the start and different versions give us different Pokémon to catch, but you can’t get away with this idea for movies where the story is the entire point.
And the story isn’t even very good. Honestly, I watched both versions and I still only have a vague recollection of what actually HAPPENED throughout half of these films. A lot of the stuff I do remember was pretty underwhelming. The battle between Reshiram and Zekrom was one of the most anti-climactic in the whole franchise and not even fun to watch for how short it is. Victini is cute, but doesn’t really offer anything that a bunch of other cute legendaries can’t offer in these movies. The climax was a bit dumb, and honestly it was just a dull, forgettable experience. I’m having trouble finding words to really describe these films, they were just lackluster.
And the sad thing is, I can’t seem to find the DVD’s for practically any of the other Pokémon movies that I still haven’t watched besides the most recent one that just got released in my country. So I haven’t watched any more Pokémon movies this month. Honestly looking around, I’m not even sure most of them even have UK dvds made for them, which would be a pain in the neck if that’s really the case. Luckily I do have the Kyurem movie now though, so expect my thoughts on that by the end of June. I just hope I can watch some of the other films by then.
And since I was feeling nostalgic for Naruto, I decided to finally check out some of the movies, starting with the first one Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. Which was awesome. Oh, it was nothing spectacular or amazing, feels like it would have been a fairly typical arc for the show in some ways. But as a movie it really works as a cool action movie that embodies the charm and spirit of the first half of Naruto. The production values are great, the action is good, there’s plenty of fun moments and Princess Koyuki was an interesting character. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking or up there with the best stories from the show, but it was a great film, I’d gladly watch it again. I can’t really remember if I had any issues with it, though I didn’t go in with a critical eye so who knows.
And then I also watched the first Shippuden movie. Kinda felt like a somewhat less good re-tread of the former film in some ways, honestly. Shion was a good character but I didn’t really like her as much as Koyuki, the villain was alright, and the story was pretty good, and it was nice to see Lee and Neji get some screen time. Though at the same time, it didn’t feel quite as enjoyable as Clash in the Land of Snow. But maybe that’s just me. I don’t remember quite as much from this movie as the first one though.
Also this month I ended up watching the first 48 episodes of Fairy Tail after buying the first two DVD collections, and honestly... I’m loving it so far. It starts off a bit meh with the first few episodes, but once it gets to the first real arc it’s a really good show. Kinda silly and stupid at times, but it’s pretty fun. The characters are likeable, I like the art and music, and really it’s just the kind of fun, kinda cheesy yet awesome show that I enjoy. I know it gets a lot of flack for being stupid, having overpowered characters, constantly hammering in the whole “Friendship is awesome” concept in really thick and having a laughable amount of fanservice, but honestly I don’t really find any of those to be an issue so far (And if I’m being honest, having watched some of Soul Eater straight after it, I think that show has more frequent and obnoxious fanservice at times, Fairy Tail doesn’t seem all THAT bad compared to several anime I’ve seen honestly. Though I hear the anime tones it down a lot, so what do I know?). But then again, I’m only 48 episodes in, so who knows.
Honestly so far it’s just a really fun, charming show. A little cliché and relying on some stereotypical shonen tropes, but honestly I don’t mind that sort of thing when the overall experience is an enjoyable one. I’ve got some more dvds in the post this week, so I’m happy to watch more of it. Honestly, Fairy Tail feels like the kind of crazy fun anime I’ve been looking for to pass the time with. I’d give my thoughts on the whole show, but honestly a lot actually happens in those 48 episodes, I probably wouldn’t be able to cover everything and this stupid update is already late, so I’ll just leave with those general thoughts and maybe go into more detail in a different post if anyone cares.
And as I mentioned I also watched the first 28 episodes of Soul Eater. I’ll save my overall thoughts for next month when I’ll have probably finished the whole thing, I’ll just say that for the most part it feels like a just above average anime with some really good elements, some weak points and it’s overall decent, but so far I don’t think it’s anything special.
Aaaaand... I guess that’s it for now. I didn’t watch nearly as much anime as in April, but I had a lot of other things going on this month (And I’ve still got plenty of stuff to sort out right now, especially with this stupid car of mine) and other shows to watch. I don’t really know how productive June is going to be, at the very least I plan to finish Soul Eater and hopefully Yu Yu Hakusho, or at least the next arc of it. I know I’ll be watching Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark side of Dimensions whenever it arrives in the post (I’m so excited to finally watch it), I’m going to watch at least one more Pokémon movie and 5 Centimetres per second. And definitely some more Fairy Tail. Other than that, it’s all a bit up in the air right now. I’m just going to try and sort out my personal life more than anything. So sorry if this update ended up short and skimping on details, I just don’t have as much to say. Looking forward to the next month of anime goodness though.
One Punch Man (Seen four episodes a while back, looks good)
Mobile Suit Gundam
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Digimon Frontier
Digimon Data Squad
Digimon Fusion
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V
Sailor Moon (Watched the entire first season and was about halfway through season 2. Should really get back to watching the full series)
Sailor Moon Crystal
Yu Yu Hakusho (Up to episode 67)
Ranma 1 ½
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012-onwards series)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Fullmetal Alchemist
One Piece
Astro Boy (Any series. I just want to be able to say I’ve watched something from this franchise).
Kill La Kill
Gurren Lagann
Fairy Tail (Up to episode 48)
Little Witch Academia
Tenchi Muyo!
Death Note
Yuri On Ice
Fist of the North Star
Soul Eater (Up to episode 28)
Code Geass
Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma (I watched about 9 episode, need to catch up)
Your Lie in April
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Mob Psycho 100
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Phoenix Wright anime
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Natsume’s Book of Friends
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Eureka 7
Black Cat
Black Shooter Rock
Afro Samurai
Space Dandy
Vision of Escaflowne
magical girl lyrical nanoha
Shin Sekai Yori
Cyborg 009
Yo-Kai Watch
Pretty Cure
Future Boy Conan
Yona of the Dawn
Your Name
Garden of Words
Tokyo Godfathers
The Boy and the Beast
5 Centimeters per second
Millenium Actress
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
The Digimon Adventure Tri Movies
Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions
Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend awakened
Pokémon: Kyurem vs the sword of justice
Pokémon: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
Pokémon: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Pokémon: I Choose You
Ghost In The Shell
Perfect Blue
Naruto: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Naruto: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Naruto Shuppuden: Bonds
Naruto Shippuden: The Will of Fire
Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower
Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison
Naruto: Road to Ninja
Boruto Movie
Fairy Tail the movie: Phoenix Priestess
Fairy Tail the movie: Dragon Cry
Godzilla: Monster Planet
Mary and the Witch’s Flower
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