#Bruce is going to be paranoid but he can't do anything about it
nelkcats · 24 days
Restraining order
Due to a problem in Amity Park with their parents, Jazz decided that it was in Danny's best interest to move in with her until she could have full custody of him, the legal process was really long when you had no connections, her brother was happy with that arrangement.
However when he decided to move to Gotham with Jazz, Danny heard rumors about Bruce Wayne and his entourage of black-haired, blue-eyed children, similarly there were other rumors about the "Gotham Knight" who kept adopting children and transforming them into "Robin", or at least, that's what the kids on the Alley told him.
So, he made the most logical decision possible: he applied for a restraining order, for both: Batman and Bruce Wayne, he justified in court that it was for his own safety and he had nothing against them but he preferred if they stayed far from him, considering his trauma it was for the better. Jazz supported him and gave her professional opinion which sped up the process; Harvey Dent found the case hilarious so he supported the siblings and they got the court order.
For his part, Bruce was extremely confused when he found Jason laughing at a document that had arrived in the mail at the mansion, his confusion only increased when his League communicator beeped, alerting him to an urgent call from Flash.
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bonesbuckleup · 28 days
please please please tell me more about "Tim's having, just, god, the worst time"? also "Things Birds Use for Land"? 🙏👋
Tim's having, just, god, the worst time: A 5+1 fic that I only wrote about 15% of! Five times Tim was saved by his family and one time he saved himself. I really only got partway through Jason's. Basically, in that section, Jason follows a lead into an AA meeting and gets a lil obsessed with the idea of making amends. He doesn't want to owe anything to Bruce, and it's complicated with Dick, so he decides to start with Tim for the whole, like, beating him up in the Tower/stabbing him in Battle for the Cowl/etc etc, but, unlike a functioning human, Jason also can't bring himself to walk up to Tim and, y'know, apologize. Instead he makes a literal list of every injury he can remember giving Tim and decides he's gonna do a 1:1 amends thing. Like, he broke Tim's arm? Great! He'll stop Tim from breaking a different bone.
From Tim's point of view, the guy who tried to kill him on several occasions is now stalking him around Gotham and doing things, like, popping out of nowhere to say, "D'you think not getting shot by a hidden sniper is more equal to a bullet in the leg or a moderate concussion?" and basically reducing Tim into even more of a paranoid mess than he normally is.
Things escalate from there.
Things Birds Use for Land: the Like a Hinge, Like a Wing sequel! Please enjoy this snip:
“Hey, Jay, it’s me. I just got back to Blud. Everything’s good,” says voicemail Dick. “Can you tell B and Alf for me? I’m about to go to sleep for three, maybe four years. But, hey, one thing, while I have you…why do I have a hundred and twelve texts from you when you knew I was out of range, how come Alfred venmo’d me a hundred dollars and congratulated me on winning a bet I never placed, and who the hell is Tim? Anyway. Your texts came in out of order, so I’m not going to read all that. I’m happy for you though. Or sorry it happened. Talk to you soon.”
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Okay what do you season is already on or is coming and I'm very curious about this
Can I have yandere batman Superman the flash and green lantern x runaway bride reader please
Oh wow okay, let me see what I can do for this one. Since you haven't mentioned it being a poly relationship with the reader I've assumed it to be separate, I'll change it if you'd like later. And pleased don't request for more than 3 characters at the same time, it's strenuous to write for
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Batman: Never in your dreams or your worst nightmares had you expected THE Bruce Wayne aka. Batman to fall so madly and deeply in love with you that he was willing to actually go as far as murdering people for you. You've always admired Bruce Wayne for his ability to manage such a large company and you were the CEO of your own company as well. You didn't know Bruce Wayne was Batman before. You however didn't know that Bruce Wayne was already interested in you before. You've showed up in various magazines with headlines of you being successful even at such a young age and he admired your skills and dedication. He's get lost in that mesmerizing smile of yours whenever he looks at your photo, he thinks you're cute and too innocent to be left alone. One day as you were walking in the night after staying back at your office for a Board meeting, you didn't realize you were being followed. You noticed you being followed after a while and you got creeped out so you started walking faster. However the man didn't leave you alone, rather came towards you with a more faster pace. Then you felt a hand against your mouth and you heard him say "You scream I will slit your throat'' and that made you freaked out. You started thrashing and writhing all around for all you were worth to wring free from his grasp. He was about to knock you out cold till his fist was stopped by none other than Gotham's very own Dark Knight, Batman himself. "Don't you know it's rude to hit a lady?" he growled and twisted the man's arm hard and he yelled out in pain. He wasn't going to spare him so he knocked him out unconscious and then looked at you and told you not to worry, as he'd drop you off home. Of course he'd finish the job of murdering that filthy scumbag later after he ensures you're dropped home safely
Once he's done with his duty for the day, he can't help but think when you looked so scared. He wanted to protect you and ensure you weren't scared anymore by holding you in his arms comforting you. He had an idea to get you to be closer with him. He arranged for a meeting with you and him for the sake of your companies and before long a deal was made. You were ecstatic and even more joyful when he offered a cup of your favorite drink while you both spent some time together. Soon it was time for you to go home and he bade you farewell, but of course he stalked you as Batman. Ever since last night's fiasco he was paranoid for your safety. He'd eliminate every single moron who'd dare to hurt you and you both started growing even more closer when you worked on your project with each other. What led him to kidnapping you was when you suddenly told him one day that you had to catch up with a friend at dinner and even though he didn't say anything he knew this 'friend' of yours would steal you away from him. Sure enough he was right, that so called friend of yours started doing all these acts that irritated the hell out of him. That pest sent you flowers, red roses at work. In flower language it was an act of love, so now it was officially war. Bruce couldn't lose you to some random alleyway pest so he did the only logical thing in hindsight and kidnapped you. You were beyond mad he kidnapped you and no matter how much you tried to reason with him he simply wouldn't let you go. What scared you even more was when he started talking about marriage
"What about my company?" you protested indignantly as he smiled you like you said something cute and replied "Not to worry dear, I can provide for the both of us'' and you spoke "Bruce you know if you wanted to take over my company then go ahead and try, I know you're doing this only for shutting down my company'' Of course he was mad that you'd think he was doing this only for the sake of your company and that you thought he didn't really love you. So to prove his love he decided to marry you which freaked you out even more. You made a fuss when you had to try on your dress but everyone else just overlooked it like you were nervous about your big day and it was quite understandable. Everyone in the Wayne manor was as delusional as Bruce except for Alfred who could do nothing but just watch on with a sad look and gently ask you to cooperate. You had enough of this nonsense so a night before your wedding, you ran away. You weren't proud of it but you ran like your life depended on it, oh wait...it WAS. Bruce and the others found out and they were all really worried for you. Bruce would find you and get you back no matter what, there's a reason he's known as the most influential person in Gotham. One way or another he WILL find you and get you back
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Superman: You want to make Superman or Clark Kent angry? Try running away from him being his bride on both of your wedding. And let me make it evident for all you folk out there, NO ONE wants an angry space dude angry at you who can kill you at least 250 different ways but why would anyone want to piss this man off is a mystery to me. Clark here was more of a 'love at first sight' guy. The spark between Lois and him died out so it was mutual that they split, even though they'd still be friends with each other. You worked at The Daily Planet as a journalist and you were on friendly terms with him however you couldn't really say that you knew him very well. You preferred being only on friendly speaking terms or rather rare speaking terms with him since he gave you the creeps. He'd always stare at you and you could see right through his fake smile as he drags you away whenever someone else talked to you other than him. It was like he was a really possessive and territorial guard dog and a clingy shadow that would never leave you alone no matter how much you tried to get rid of it
He creeped you out but you didn't have the heart to tell him so. One day he invited you to have lunch with him and he said something that made your eyebrows raise up in suspicion. When he bought you your lunch he smiled and spoke "I know this is your favorite food Y/N that's why I bought it for you'' and you thanked him but your smile faded away after a few seconds. How did he know that what you were eating now was your favorite food was? You've never really talked that well with him. Maybe he was just bluffing but you still ate it nonetheless. You were done with your lunch and you said goodbye to him since you had to work on a story of the talk of the town who was none other than Superman. He asked you what story you were working on and when you told him about it, he just gave you an amused smirk like he knew something which you didn't(Well obviously)and wished you good luck on your story. He wondered what your reaction would be when he told you he was none other than Superman
The next few days were spent in both of you playing a cat and mouse game of stalking the hell out of each other. However it was one sided, you didn't know Clark Kent was Superman but he sure followed you around. Clark loved to tease you, just when you felt like you were about to interview him he'd grin and wink at you and soar up into the sky and change his clothes and become normal Clark Kent again. You didn't know he was stalking you and he found out more about you each day. The way you bite your lip in concentration whenever you're thinking of something or when you dance around your house thinking that no one was watching, it was honestly all so adorable and endearing. He wanted to wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet things to you
One day when you were talking with Clark, you got a phone call and he wondered who it was from. He watched you smiling, laughing and and playfully rolling your eyes telling someone you loved them and you cut the call. He had a sinking and dreaded suspicion, hoping and praying with all his might that was not who he thought he was but he decided to make sure. "Uh.. do you mind if I ask you who that was?" asked Clark with a sweet smile and innocent look plastered across his face hoping you wouldn't feel suspicious. You replied "Oh he's my fiance', we're getting married the next month'' and it was at that moment his heart stopped beating. No, this had to be a joke, you were just playing a game with him. Silly little girl playing pranks on him like this, he was in denial but when you showed him a picture of your wedding dress and started rambling about how wonderful your wedding with that random douchebag would be, he felt like his heart was crushed. No, he couldn't allow that wedding to take place. What did that annoying pest have that he didn't? He had superpowers for goodness's sake! He was more than capable of protecting you, he was the ideal man for you, he was SUPERMAN for frick's sake
Day by day his paranoia of losing you grew and without a second thought he decided to kidnap you and guess where he got that wonderfully bright idea from? From one of the stories he works on at the Daily Planet. Weaving and spinning a story for your long absence would be easy as pie and he even had Lois to help him with the logistics so he could dedicate more time to you, his wife. When you realized you were kidnapped by him you were immensely pissed and your fear of him grew even more when you realized he was none other than Superman and he literally stalked you and intended to marry you in a few weeks. You felt disgusted and sick at his actions. One day when he went out you decided to use that chance to escape and you ran out of the door, immediately he just came swooping out of nowhere and dragged you back to your house with him and he cooed at you and spoke "Aw... honey it's okay, pre marriage stress and jitters is fine. Don't worry, I'll take such good care of you and you no long have to worry about whatever the hell that other moron's name was, he won't be bothering us anymore''. "What do you mean?" you asked him fearfully and he just grinned a delusional love sick grin and replied "I killed him for you darling. Now now, don't waste your tears on some lousy scumbag like him, I'll treat you much better'' as he wiped your tears away. You couldn't do anything because he was Superman, before you even thought of doing something he'd already have a counter attack planned. It was hopeless, you had to accept defeat. You cursed yourself for meeting him and befriending him. There are some people in the world who can't change their personalities and their true colors come out only after a while, unfortunately for you, you had to learn the hard way
Tumblr media
Pic from: Google
The Flash: He's like a clingy kid or a toddler around you, always wanting your love, affection and attention on him. No matter if the Flash is Barry Allen or Bart Allen, they're both completely suckers for your love and affection so you can take you pick on which Flash this is about, they're clingy and delusional all the way. He's really whipped for you and you can say you have him wrapped around your little finger. He's willing to do anything for you, and he's in fact the most harmless of yanderes of the DC bunch. He's also a type who falls in love at first. It doesn't matter what you were doing at the moment he met you or where you guys were, when he sees you he will fall head over heels in love with you
He prefers to first befriend you, date you and THEN marry you and have a normal relationship with you. You won't even know he's a yandere, he hides his yandere tendencies really well for someone who looks all innocent and is all smiles with you. He wont' even realize he's yandere for you, when he sees some other dude getting overly friendly with you that's when he feels the need to step in, he'll be seething with rage. You were one of Batman's sidekicks, one of the Robins and that's how he met you. He admired your courage, valor and bravery but wondered why the hell Bruce decided to endanger the life of someone so young like yours, crime fighting is no small feat especially for someone so naive and innocent like you. He's tried to talk to you about quitting but you refused. He was worried for you but he got an idea. What if he confessed to you so he'd be more closer to you and protect you? One day as he randomly asked you what would you do if someone confessed to you, you simply replied you'd turn them down no matter who they were since you had no time for romance. You viewed romance and love as a waste of time, you preferred to stay away from them and he just stared at you in surprise. Surely you had to be kidding? However he was so lost and delusional for your love, he still thinks he has a chance to show you how and what love feels like. From HIM. He wants to be the one to show you how beautiful and wonderful love is
You could have been hurt by someone emotionally in the past which was why you were shy but not to worry, he'd teach you. He'd actually kidnap you as fast as he runs and when you wake up tied to a bed, he's peppering kisses all over your face, thanking the gods above that you're awake and all right. "W-what's going on?" you ask him groggily and accepted a glass of water from him as he beamed happily and replied "We're getting married in a few weeks'' and you literally choked on your water. "Careful there dear'' he patted your back as you stared at him dumbfounded. Clearly he had to be joking. "You know I wanted to stay single, I'm following the Greek goddess Artemis's principles in life. I've made a promise that I will NOT break, not for you or anyone'' and he grinned like you said something cute and replied "Oh darling, I'll still convince your mind. We'll still get married and you'll love me eventually. I'm sorry but you'll have to break that promise of yours'' and you glared at him. That night you tried to escape from him and you actually managed to get out of the house. You ignored the breeze of wind near you and suddenly he tapped you on your shoulder and smiled and waved "Hey darling, had a nice outing? Sadly it's late, we should be going back now, I don't want you spoiling your health after all'' as you cursed and turned only to find the Flash calmly relaxed with his arms crossed. He carried you back in his arms bridal style and within a few seconds you guys were already back because my man here runs even faster than the speed of light. He had you in his arms and he'd never let you go, no matter how many times you'd try escaping from him he was hell bent on showing you how much he loved you because he's confident you'll fall in love with him one day
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dimepdf · 10 months
Tumblr media
masterlist. / taglist. / any request?
summary. the batman gang but you're in a low-key relationship with them.
author's note. more bat-gang brainrot. all I can do is rewatch the same silly little movie and kick my feet in the air while gigging like a schoolgirl until another silly musty male appears in my life.
pairing. riddler x reader, batman x reader, joker x reader
warnings. angst, fluff, language, mature theme, violence, sadistic joker, emo bruce, soft edward, minor sexual theme, unhealthy relationship, mentions of exhibitionism | - feedback is always welcomed & dont forget to reblog 💙 800+ w.c.
Tumblr media
Bruce, honestly, with having to juggle his personal life and his alter ego, doesn't necessarily forget about you, but the plans that you two make together do sometimes slip his mind, not on purpose, though he's just a really busy man.
When you first proposed the idea of you two being romantic on the low, he was pretty understanding of the whole idea; he's Gotham’s most famous bachelor. Do you honestly think he hasn't kept a couple of secrets from the media spotlight?
Though he's really good at keeping your relationship lowkey, he does get very uncomfortable seeing someone trying to flirt with you. He looks even more depressed and gloomy watching you chat freely with a guy who's being a little too touchy-feely. It honestly makes him more self-conscious of himself than angry.
Bruce is shit with his emotions and especially when it comes to the romantic sense, you're going to have to consider literally everything, especially when it comes to hookup calls.
If you aren't blunt and forward with your intentions in text, he might take it as you just wanting to hangout, or worse, his paranoia will kick in and he’s standing there still in the Bat suit outside your fire escape waiting like a cat for you to open the window to let him in.
If anyone asks about you, he desperately tries to keep his composer, but that man is stumbling over at least a few words before he just settles with a "I can't say that I know her well enough." before avoiding the topic anymore and slipping away.
I think Edward would honestly be the only one who would actually seriously stick to you two being lowkey. He’s very paranoid whenever he goes anywhere in public, so he usually only travels during the night to better blend in. He's always cautious when he's just by himself, so he's definitely more cautious whenever you two are out in public together.
He knows it kind of hurts your feelings whenever you’re both in a crowded area and his mind is just telling him that he has to walk a few feet ahead of you, so no one expects that you're together.
In general, he isn't much of a PDA person in the first place, so don't expect many coupley gestures in general; it's just something he's trying to get used to since you're most likely his first partner. In private, the most he does is cuddle against you because he is very touch starved.
Whenever you reach your hand in his direction, he takes it and leans against you like a personal pillow.
Whenever he's doing his funky little terrorist plotting about bombing the entrance of Gotham with his little incel follower army, he picks a corner of the room that he sits in or makes sure that you are not in view as you sit in a chair across the room and do your own thing, trying not to bother him.
Sometimes he fucking hates it.
I think the Joker wouldn’t honestly care either way. Your relationship is going to be a secret. It's mostly for your safety. You two would never have been seen together in public since he doesn't want your identity tied to his.
Since he is a fucking dirty criminal, don't expect any typical romantic dates. He's obviously not doing anything in the public eye, but he does have his moments, like the time he massacred an entire restaurant that was run by a gang he was in flews with, making his mobsters clear a table and guard all the exits. He made sure to keep at least a handful of staff alive so they could serve your favorite dishes. He's cutting corners, showing you off mostly to his groupies.
He's a very possessive man.
Just because the entire world can’t know that you're his, he's going to damn well make it known to the people close to him. I like to think that he brags about you to other gang leaders and criminals, just never disclosing your identity. "Well, gotta run, guys.
The doll wants me home." He’s such a fucking dork that he just uses nicknames whenever he's referring to you. Never really on purpose, he just calls you whatever because it rolls off the tongue. Since he can’t show you off to the public, don't expect him to not be overly cheesy while you're in private.
Though he is pretty fucking sadistic, the Joker does have a soft side, but only when it comes to you and don’t expect it to come out when he’s doing business. He has a hard time trying to switch from boss to boyfriend mode, so unless you're a horny freaky fuck and like to mix a little pain with your pleasure, I wouldn't bother him whenever he’s doing his dirty work.
But, that doesn't mean he doesn't take the rare opportunity to show you off just a tiny bit. Something about having you strip for him in front of one of his defenseless, tied up victims makes it impossible for the man to not bend you over and fuck you stupid as it is the last thing the victims see before he disposes of them.
Tumblr media
[ ❥ ] taglist. @lluvin @lovemedaddy-666 @dreamscape-basement @zombiew1fe​ @jud-is-the-name ​ @phantomofthecathedral @toy-cars-and-grape-juice
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Tumblr media
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yujikitu · 6 months
Billy headcannons
(Sorry for the delay y'all, i've been busy)
Hates science but is the top of his class out of pure spite
He hates when people ask to touch his dog, will get super annoyed if you ask
He's the paperboy because he didn't want to be forced into sports (he likes sports but doesn't like putting in the effort of doing them)
He doesn't like his name because he thinks is silly, like he'll say Billy then cringe
He's the friend who talks about their pet all the time but he isn't obnoxious about it, he just casually slips in something about his dog when talking
He's the sarcastic friend that everyone thinks is nice until they get to know him
He's the friend you go to when you need an opinion without sugarcoating it (I would say vance is to but he'd be meaner about it without realizing)
Bruce tried to recruit him for baseball since he's the paperboy and throws newspapers but Billy thought it was a stupid reason to join and said no
Has never actually read a newspaper, he's just the paperboy
Ever since he took the paperboy job he wakes up super early even if he stopped it's muscle memory at that point
Since he has to get up early, he makes food for himself the day before with the help of his parents so he isn't running on an empty stomach
He gets sick easy, which he finds to be an inconvenience because of his job
He's a cranky sick, he just lays in bed with a frown on his face wrapped in a blanket burrito
Spends like 30 minutes in the shower standing there doing nothing before he starts washing himself
He's the gum friend, trust him to have gum on his person but be warned he doesn't give any to anyone he doesn't know
Hates tootsie rolls, hates how they taste and the name
He gets annoyed when people do the opposite of what he says (Talking to you finney/j)
Climbed things when he was younger as a past time, 1 out of 4 times he fell off of whatever he climbed
He's the person who listens to music you wouldn't expect him to listen to
He's not a golden child but he isn't outright bad either
He's the type of person to look at you like 🤨 after you say something stupid, doesn't say anything just gives you a side eye
He will tease you if you're shorter than him (Griffin isn't safe)
He worships his dog, he would do anything for them and ain't nobody gonna say anything about it
This one person had a crush on him but didn't know his name so when the news came around back to him that they had a crush on the paperboy he got paranoid that it was someone he was giving papers too (He was embarrassed, nobody had a crush on him before)
He would not be able to handle horror houses or abandoned places, he would be shaking in his boots
He thinks his dog is all he needs, and maybe it's true
(I can't think of more)
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glorified-red · 2 years
Could I request hcs for subtle ways the boys express their protectiveness?
Thank you for the request my love! I got to play a fun little game of ���Eenie Meenie Miney Mo’ for which request to do.
Protective BatBoys
word count: 1600~
warnings: insinuation of someone getting hit by a car, mentions of attackers
I was quite tempted to write Bruce headcanons to this but I must hold back ><
Dick Grayson
Ah, Dick Grayson, the King of small romantic protective gestures
Every time, without fail, Dick will wait until he watches you get inside your house safely before driving/walking away
Its a really cute tick of his because he covers it up with a goodbye kiss and goofy waves that leave you giggling even after you close your house door
But its so he knows where you are, and he can see for himself that you made it safely inside because the second he turns away too soon, you may get locked out, or someone can crawl out from the bushes and nab you
Paranoid, he knows
He constantly wraps you up in things, when you two go swimming he’ll patter up from behind you and place a towel around your shoulders, patting you dry along the way
Very insignificant gesture but he doesn't want you to catch a cold in the A/C or Gotham wind
He’ll do the same with his jackets, maybe even plop his hat on your head when it's gets to the snowy seasons 1. Because its adorable seeing the hat fall into your eyes and 2. Because it'll warm your head up
Scarves too, he’ll even go on a tangent about how cold it is outside while he wraps you in it
Dick will always offer to drive you places, even if you insist on driving yourself to meet up with him or walking there, Dick will still offer because it means he’ll be present if you get into a wreck, sucks but then he can help with first aid
If you decline his offer though, he’ll politely ask for you to take Titus or Ace with you whenever you walk somewhere, they’re trained and he trusts them to keep you company/safe when he can't 
Jason Todd
Jason’s protectiveness comes from a place of knowing how cruel the world actually is
He can't stand the idea of anything happening to you
If he has to, he will use his reputation of Red Hood as a way to keep you safe, putting a man at gun point and sneering out, “They’re off. Limits.”
He’d bust a whole trafficking ring if it meant ending a person who touched you or hurt you in any way
But Jason’s protectiveness doesn't stop while he's wearing the helmet
Even when you two are sleeping, Jasons unconsciously protecting you, no matter how you two cuddle, Jason always positions himself as closest to the bedroom door
Whether his back is to the door or he’s facing it, Jason needs the comfort of knowing any person coming into the room would have to get through him before even reaching you
He also envelopes you, he's a big guy so its pretty easy for him to wrap you up in his arms as an extra layer of protection from the outside world
Jason doesn't really like the idea of training you past basic combat or gun skills, hell, he doesn't like involving you in the family business if he doesn't have to
So he inserts himself into any situation you may need protection in
Which is exactly why he starts going to the gym with you as a work out buddy
Jason makes it sound like he just wants to spend time with you or help you achieve your goals faster since he knows how the body works from his Robin days
But deep down you both know his true intentions: he wants to keep an eye on you
The gym is crawling with creeps that have the guts to ogle at you or get too touchy, but having Jason’s 6 foot beefcake of an ass standing beside you the entire time is like an instant creep repellent
Plus, he gets to spot you and make sure you don't get injured from bad technique or from pushing yourself too hard
He’ll even encourage you with innuendos the entire time, but at the end of the day, he’ll gladly walk you home
Tim Drake
Tim is the most subtle about his inner protectiveness, a subtle King if you will
Most times when he gets protective, you never even notice
When you two cuddle in your house, it takes him a very long time to actively fall asleep because he doesn't trust your home security system if you even have one so he forces himself to stay awake just incase anything happens
But don't worry, he’ll eventually get to updating the security in your house
He does get these protective eyes whenever something is off when he's around you, they narrow a bit and latch onto whatever is off, glaring holes into the offending object until its all clear
Its quite terrifying to witness and very hard to miss when Tim is staring dead at the man speaking to you from across the room at a Gala, sipping his drink in the corner
If he feels the need, he will walk up and control the situation, whether it mean inserting himself into the convo or simply being present for it, he’ll do it
The thing with Tim though, is when he's protective, he’s almost always touching you in some way
His fingers playing idly with the ends of your hair as he speaks to a random person who walked up to you, clinging to your shirt/sleeves when he’s analyzing a situation and doesn't want you to go forward just yet, or even as simple as holding your hand as he leads you home
Tim also keeps small snacks/waters on hand at all times to protect you from Gotham heat and pesky hunger, very much like a mother hen because he also carries a first aid kit everywhere
He follows you whenever you walk alone around Gotham at night, he’s already on patrol so he might as well make sure you make it home safe, if anything happens he won't think twice about intervening as RR
If your going out somewhere alone he always always always asks you to call him until you make it to your destination, he doesn't care if he's working on something or in the middle of a board meeting, he has an assistant for a reason who can give him notes
Its become a normal thing for you to send him your Uber tracking link so he can watch it, if you don't send it he won't hesitate to hack into your account just to find it
Damian Wayne
Damian? Wayne? Being subtle?
Its usually pretty obvious when Damian gets protective over you
He’s the type who won't hesitate to pull out a knife out of god knows where and threaten whatever is responsible for you being uncomfortable
This leads to very interesting encounters of you having to hold him back because ‘oh no a random guy bumped into you and didn't apologize’ and suddenly Damian is missing 
He’s also incredibly blunt, saying things like “Cover your drink” at galas or handing you one of those hand held tasers before you go out and saying “Go for the neck”
Will insist on training you himself, whether its hand-to-hand combat or with a sword, Damian wants to keep track of your progress himself so he can make sure all your weaknesses are trained
Its also because he doesn't want his grimy brothers near you, so its protective on all counts
But subtlety? Theres a few you can notice after being with him for awhile
He’s very careful when going out around Gotham with you, Damian knows he can fend for himself so he will gladly take the brunt of any possible situation
This leads to him always walking on whichever side of you thats closest to the road, so on the off chance a car derails, he’ll get hit first
Always making sure to match your pace when you two walk together, he doesn't want you getting too far ahead of him because he'd have to run to get to you, too far behind and he might not notice you getting taken silently, he wants you right in arms reach at all times
He has a permanent scowl and narrowed eyes but when he's protective, they get even more prominent
All the BatBoys do the same exact thing out of instinct when it comes to protecting you
None of them will hesitate to step in between you and any attacker, pulling you behind them so they are in the line of fire now
Its a subtle action that each of them do, albeit with some differences
Damian will push the attacker back as far as he can from you, putting plenty of distance between the two of them and you, so if anything breaks out, you can run away easily
Dick will hold his arms out, fully covering you but keeping his hands in the fray so if the attacker tries attacking you from any angle, Dick is ready to protect
Tim will grip onto you somehow, keeping his hand right on your bicep or forearm so he can still hold you, he doesn't know if there can be a hidden attacker from behind that will pry you away from him, so touching you is his way of making sure he doesn't lose track of you
Jason will slip in front of you and cross his arms, its a sign of nonchalance but obvious dominance, showcasing that he doesn't need his hands to be intimidating to the attacker, he’ll glare and challenge them so all attention is on him now and not you
Tumblr media
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impyssadobsessions · 1 year
At first things were going dandy for Tim and Cass. They were just making it up the staircase, using the grappling hook to speed up the time. They were racing each other to the top. Cass had initiated the challenge by grappling up first and making a peace out sign, as a tease. Tim following behind, until a vulture popped out of the wall while they were scaling up. Cass swung and hid behind the railing at the top while Tim had to drop down and hide under the stairs a floor below. “I thought I heard something.” The vulture huffed glancing around, with squinting eyes. He flapped their for a moment, Cass preparing to shoot it, while Tim was shaking his head no at her. They both rolled back into hiding when the vulture turned to glance their way again, with sigh. “eh.. I'm getting to old for this.”
“Better than being turned into goo,” Said another one as it flew through the wall out by Tim, not having noticed him at all. Tim tried to stay low and out of sight, crouching towards the nearest door. Hoping to sneak behind it. He motioned to Cass what he was doing, who gave the thumbs up. She kept her blaster trained on the two ghostly birds. “At least as goo we wouldn't have to hear about his backstory for the hundredth time. I'm three thousand years old and I've never repeated a story as much as he done.” “That's because you can't remember them all. Feather brain.” “Who are you calling a feather brain-” Tim cursed as the door echoed in the stair way. He was afraid of that, but waiting on the old ghost vultures wasn't ideal either. So he swiftly ran for it, trying to create as large of a distance as he could. He swerved around corners, hoping to lose the trail. “Red Robin, you think you can help me with this?” Tim heard over the comms. “Uh... little busy-” He tried to reply in a whisper but was interrupted by a vulture screaming in the halls. “INTRUDER! INTRUDER!” Tim stiffened up his shoulders then he moved trying to stay away from the noise. “What was that?” Batman asked. “Vultures. Ghost vultures, they talk unlike the other animal ghost we found.” Tim keeping his voice to a whisper. “Do they have a stupid fez hats?” Danny asked, loud enough to be clearly heard over the comm. “Uh... yes?” “Frootloop employs them for his schemes, he does that with a lot of ghosts. They're push overs though... as long as you don't let them peck at your face.” “Noted.” “Is Orphan still with you?” Dick asked. “No, we got separated. I don't know what floor I'm stuck on. I think the coast is clear.” Tim peaked around the corner trying to double check. The hall was empty and he couldn't hear the birds anymore. He wondered if they went after Cass. Tim took the time to examined where he was, he couldn't read the writing on the wall. He stood up fully, deciding to peak into the room beside the writing. The room was filled, floor to ceiling with cages. Most were empty, some held glowing green rats. Just one or two filled with wild game. Damian would be furious if he caught sight of this. “Red Robin?” Batman called from the com. Tim must have went too quiet. Bruce, when not in the action becomes more paranoid then ever. “Still here. Just came across one of the rooms, where he kept all the animals in. I'm guessing before most of them became ghosts. Most of the cages are empty, except for some ghost-wait are they ghost? Green maybe ghost rats, a couple rabbits, and a deer.” “Anything else?” “Nothing to note.” Tim stated as he passed by the cages, examining the room. “Think you have enough time to help me decode these files. I thought they were in ghost, but Danny says they're just corrupted. I did a restore, but the files are left unchanged. However, I can open source codes for it.” Dick explained quickly. “So it was corrupted manually?” “Way its looking, but it gets stranger, its still not in English. The characters are though.” Tim hummed as he stood by the rats. “Probably made it so that each letter is at least one letter off from another.” “Must have an easy way of scrambling it, and unscrambling it then.” Typing could be heard over the com. “Might be hidden in the file itself-” Tim was walking as he spoke, until his foot accidentally bonked a cage. It caused the animals to screech with life, “Shhhhhh shhh-” “Ah! I knew you couldn't keep things quiet for long, little badger.” The voice silenced the animals as it echoed from the hall. He sounded like a smug bastard, Tim noted. “Plasmius.” Danny's voice was heard over the comms. Tim looked for a way out, taking another door into a back room. It had an operation like table and straps, a giant spot light in the center. Tim did not like the looks of this room, or being trapped in it. There wasn't any other exit points, none that didn't look like a chute. Probably to an incinerator, either way, he wasn't testing his luck. He pressed himself against the wall where
the door was, hoping to use the door as cover and run out. “Daniel? Playing hide and seek are we? Honestly, aren't you to old for that?” Plasmius phased through the door, reminding Tim that ghosts didn't need doors a little too late. Though thanks to the lighting in the room, the darkness concealed Plasmius's peripheral. Plasmius growled, “I can smell that retched stench off of yooouu-” Plasmius spun around only to see the door swinging back and fourth. The chase was on. Tim ran out of the two rooms and trying to make his way back to the stairwell, or at least give Plasmius a run around to buy everyone more time. He wasn't sure how well that'll work considering the ghost could fly through walls. He kept hand on his blaster just in case.
Dick frowned, as he continued to work on the computer. Keeping an ear open, for any signs that Tim needed help. He kept his voice low, “We don't have much time until Plasmius figures out the truth.” Jason gave a nod, then nudged Danny to help him look around more. Danny stared at him with a defying, skeptical look. He was ready to run off to fight. Kid had plenty of spunk, even when constantly on his death bed. “Red Robin has a knack for not dying, unlike us. He'll be fine, but we need your help being our local ghost informative.” Danny raised a brow, but by his cheeks seem to be trying to suppress a smirk. He hesitated before giving a sigh and looking around. Jason was relieved, usually he was the one needing to have his impulses checked.. strange having to keep someone else's. They explored the room, Danny avoiding the capsules. He had enough looking at them. He didn't want to see his face staring back at him, again. He doubted he be able to look at a mirror anytime soon after this either. Danny felt a pull on his chest, he pressed his hands on the wall. Something was behind it. It felt like a- Danny glanced for a door or any indication of opening one. “Access denied-” A voice that sounded like his mom chimed as a sheet of metal glowed beside him. He adjusted his sight to see in the dark, them glowing a faint green. He could see the built in panel better. “What you found, spirit?” Danny stuck his tongue out at the nickname, not that Jason could see it behind the mask. “I prefer being called Phantom myself. Back room, there's a hand scanner.” “Phantom? Is it like your hero name?” Jason walking over to check the wall, tapping on it. Judging if it was easier to blow a hole in it or trying to hack the scanner. Danny jolted, rubbing his arm. “Heh. I guess... Towns people might have different opinions.” “Do you protect people?” “Uh.. yes.” Often. “Do you fight anyone that harms others?” “Yes....?” “Then you're a hero.” “I think you're simplifying it.” “I think you're over complicating it.” Jason was simplifying it, as he knew he was more of the antihero type himself. “People often don't appreciate others until they lose them. The fact you're still trying says a lot, kid.” “Do any of you have to deal with the town hating you?” “............I'm not considered a hero by all, either. Not that I want to be. I want people to know I have a line, and not to fucking cross it.” Jason managed to pop out the panel from the wall, with a knife. “Do you protect people?” “You're not turning this around on me-” “Do you?” “Sometimes..” “Do you fight anyone that harms others?” “Depends who it is and fight is an underwhelming word.” Jason prefer beat the shit out of them. “Counts. You're a hero.” “Not how it works kid-” “You're just over complicating it.” Danny said with cheeky tone. “Smartass.” Jason ruffling Danny's hair then shoving it gently from him. “It's not the same. I've killed people.” “And one of my best friends killed me.” “Accidents don't count.” Jason grunted as he fiddled with the wiring. “Second time wasn't.” Danny muttered looking off to the side. Jason paused, feeling heat rise. “Second.. time?” “Yeah, buuuttt I only remembered it once.” As if that dampened the scenario any. “Sam made a wish while the genie ghost was in town, long story short. I wasn't Phantom and Amity needed one, so she recreated how I died. Got a cool logo out of it.” “............” This kid was trying to kill him. Jason could feel water boiling in his veins. “..Sometimes I want to lash out at her for it, but I know she feels guilty about it. I think it be better if we talk, but one, feelings what are they? And two.. I don't think she could handle one.” Danny was playing it off. Awkward silence fell between them, as Jason tried to calm himself. He focused on the task, mindlessly. Danny felt bad for mentioning it now. Internally cursing at himself. “You should tell her, Danny.” Dick spoke. Reminding the two that their conversation was indeed not private. Jason cursed, remembering Bruce was listening in too. “Also, I
found out how to get into the files. Despite all the new tech, he likes doing things the old fashion way, huh?” Dick was grateful to. “Yeah, ghosts tend to stay stuck in the past. Kind of our nature.” Danny semi joked as he walked over to Dick. Jason stayed put, working on the wiring still. The line not loosing significance on him. Danny spoke like there was always a joke. It made Jay wonder if he was a bit more ghostly than zombie, as what Danny mentioned.. felt eerily similar. Maybe it was a dead thing. They heard static of a com turn on, as Batman started to scold. “Robin! I told you not-” “Father, would you like to explain why you've compromised our identities by outing Richard's name.” “Pfft.” Jason choked on a laugh that tried to burst out. “B, did what?” Steph could be heard faintly over the comms. He guessed where there was more interference where they were. Jazz was heard in the distance, Damian hissing. “That is not an excuse!” “Wait, Baby bird. What do you mean?” Dick asked as Danny peaked his head around to look at the files. “Means, the Fenton girl knows.” “Jazz knows what? Wait! Is she with you, is she ok? How hard do I need to hit Vlad in the face?” Hearing other people on their comms, must have been out of Danny's hearing, at least from what distance he was when they spoke. “She says she's fine, and that she kicked him in the groin earlier. Which I can confirm, did indeed happen.” Danny let out a breath in relief with a bit of a chuckle. “Great. That. You. All.... are... good..” Tim chimed panting. He didn't think he could keep this up much longer. Once or twice, he had to shoot at Plasmius to get by. Luckily, they were duplicates so he was able to keep the element of surprise. “Red Robin, what's your situation? Do you need back up?” “I-” “Finally cornered you, Little Bad-Wait, you're not Daniel!?” Shit. owo Plasmius floated from his spot, staring down at Red Robin who was stuck at an end of a hall. He had been giving Plasmius a run around through doors and corridors, but he could only run for so long. “Uhhhh, no. But I can leave a message?” Tim whipped out his blaster, ready to defend. Plasmius seemed to still be in shock at finding out Danny wasn't the only one running around. He growled, eyes glowing red, as his hands charged with similar color. Then he howled in pain, dissolving into goo from a struck of green. Cass standing in his place, spinning her green staff. She gave a nod to Tim, who let out a breath in relief. She must have been taking out the duplicates and ghost while he was on the run. “Report?” Batman was going to have his share of heart attacks when this was all over. “Orphan took out the duplicate. Plasmius knows we're here.” Tim sighed. “Hurry up and find their parents.” “Jasmine thinks she saw them a few floors down, we're going to start looking on the 8th floor.” Damian stated, as footsteps were heard. “Jasmine? Not girl Fenton?” Jason teased. “Don't be ridiculous. It be tiresome to keep referring to her as Fenton or girl Fenton, when they are all Fentons.” “And not being slightly impressed she figured out your identity has anything to do with it?” “It was partially your fault that she-” “Enough.” Batman grunted. “Me and Orphan are on our way.” Tim nodded to Cass in agreement to start running, as they made their way back to the stairway. “We'll finish up here and meet you guys upstairs.” Dick stated. “Let us know if you need extra hands.” “Fruitloop will have clones of himself all over the place.” Danny grumbled, as he was being held back. “More than he had?” Tim groaned. He was already tired of this ghost. Cass just chuckling.
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The 5 Stages of Grief
A/n: I had this idea recently and began to write it because I missed angst sooooooo much. I've decided I need to stop trying to write multiple fics at once because it just slows everythingggg down and slows down my posting especially so I will be writing requests in the order they have been sent in! Now, enjoy!
Ship: Natasha x Reader
Words: 1.3k
Summary: You recently found out Natasha and Steve had kissed on a mission and you had no idea what to think. Nat had been away on a mission, however, and was hoping to come back to your loving arms, only to get nothing. You avoid her and ignore her until one day you just can't do it anymore and have to talk about it.
Warnings: Mentions of cheating, heartbreak, generally pretty melancholy
Prompts: Angst No.7 - ‘Don’t look at me like that.’ ‘Like what?’ ‘Like you still love me.’
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The Stages of Grief
Stage 1: Denial
Once you overheard drunken Steve bragging about it at a party, you froze. No. No. Did you hear him correctly? She wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. They wouldn’t. You’d definitely misheard. Why would they do it? What situation would they be in? You smiled, trying to lie to yourself and trying to pretend you never heard a thing. It’s safe to say that didn’t last very long.
For the next 2 days, you were playing the words that came out of Steve’s mouth over and over again in your head. Nat was currently away on a mission but you weren’t sure if you were happy or not about that. You hadn’t spoken to Steve yet either. Should you? Maybe not. He’d know you had been listening to his conversation then. But he might have a rational explanation for all this. Maybe he was just doing some drunk babbling or maybe he was just trying to impress people? Any of those outcomes would be better than the one that remained in your mind.
It seemed unbearable without her here and you were just driving yourself crazy. At least today she was coming back so you could see if you were able to talk to her about it. Although, your demeanour clearly perturbed the rest of the team as they were involved in the conversation and knew you had heard what was said. The fact that you seemed uncomfortably bubbly and smiley worried them. You would get unsure grins back from Tony, furrowed brows from Bruce, sympathetic looks from Wanda. They were pretty sure they knew what would happen when Nat came back but the team could never be sure. Would it be calm and rational or would it be an all-out argument with shouting and throwing things? Considering your behaviour, there was no way to be certain.
Stage 2: Anger
Once Natasha had returned, she was expecting to be greeted by you, as you usually do, but opened the door to find an empty hallway. She was confused and hurt and worried and paranoid but no one had said anything, so Nat assumed she was just overthinking things. For the entire day, she had yet to see you and kiss you after the tiring mission she had been on.
“I’ll go ad see Steve,” she said to herself, hoping to find some comfort in having his company. She longed for your company, though. Your affection, attention, all and anything you could give so that she could feel that warmth she always had with you. It was almost agony, knowing she was close to you, yet so far.
You, on the other hand, had been steering clear of Natasha entirely. You wanted nothing to do with her after you had settled on what you believed to be true. She and Steve kissed, she didn’t pull away, she didn’t tell you and you had to find out through eavesdropping on conversations. That part most likely hurt you the most. The fact that she lied to you, never told you a thing, never even changed her behaviour to relieve the possible guilt she felt. Or maybe she didn’t even feel guilty. Maybe she intentionally did it just to get your attention or to hurt you for something you did. Either way, you didn’t plan on seeing her for as long as you could hold it off for but you knew that couldn’t be forever.
As it turns out, you couldn’t even hold it off for 2 days. You peered around the doorway to the gym, hoping to get a workout in after Nat’s session but she remained in the boxing ring, taking off her gloves. You turned back around the corner and sighed because you had made eye contact and knew she would be coming around the corner at any second.
She swung around the corner and looked at you with her hand on a cocked hip. She gave you a glare that was somehow soft underneath.
“Where have been?” she said, raising her eyebrows.
You ignored her and began to walk the other way but she grabbed your arm.
“I don’t understand how you can act like nothing happened! Like you haven’t been lying to me for weeks? Why do you even care? It’s not like I’m the person you were so excited to see when you got back. I’m guessing you immediately went to see Steve?” you stated sharply while turning back to face her. She was stumped. She had been to see Steve but she obviously couldn’t admit that because you saw it a different way. This conversation was doomed to fail as soon as the first sentence left Natasha’s mouth. She let go of your arm defeatedly and watched you walk away.
Stage 3: Bargaining
After that uncomfortable encounter took place, it became less avoiding and more ignoring. You simply wouldn’t acknowledge the presence of each other in the room. Needless to say, it made things very difficult for the team too.
Despite the toll it took, what was going on in both of your heads was even worse. You constantly felt sick at the thought of your girlfriend kissing Steve and Natasha constantly felt sick because she had no idea what was going on in your head. She was in the dark about every single part of the dilemma, yet felt angry and guilty nonetheless.
You both knew it couldn’t keep going on like this and you had to have a rational conversation about this at some time, and that time was now. There was no way around it. You were waiting outside Nat’s door, hesitating to knock but she opened the door just as you were about to put your hand down and walk away. You seemed to make each other jump but there was no awkward laughter that followed as it usually would. Instead, she moved to the side signalling for you to come into her room. The bed dipped slightly as you both sat on it in silence for a while until you broke the silence.
“We can’t keep doing this. We both know that. We need to talk this through.” you whispered just loud enough for her to hear.
“I know…. I know. I just- I don’t know what I did? What did I lie about? Why are you angry at me?” she said, hurt. You felt the anger building up inside of you but reminded yourself that she was being sincere right here and now. It was unfair to get frustrated when she had no way of knowing exactly what you were talking about.
“I know about you and Steve kissing.”
She paled.
“You don’t need to say anything… just- just don’t. Please. That’s all I ask.”
She looked at you, her eyes overflowing with emotion. She probably couldn’t say anything even if she tried. Natasha looked at you while trying to put herself in your situation but she couldn’t help but think about the moments you’d shared together.
“Don’t look at me like that.” you said while standing up and moving towards the door.
“Like what?”
“Like you still love me.” and with that, you left.
Stage 5: Acceptance
That talk seemed to soothe your relationship and the chaos it had caused. Not too long after, you and Natasha could participate in conversations together and it was as if nothing had ever happened between you. Of course, you hadn’t forgiven her. That would take a lot longer. And she still felt guilty too. Every time she looked over to you and you made eye contact, she felt that twang of pain. Every. Single. Time.
Whether it was a healthy end to your romantic relationship or not, what mattered now was that it was back to normal and you would have each other’s backs until the end of the line.
Taglist for all fics: @alotofpockets @catasha @kiwiana145
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popvulcha · 2 years
Dick: Alright, who the hell keeps kicking back my reports?! I can't keep refilling this stuff! I've got other cases to work on!
Amy: Take it up with the new clerk.
Dick: Who is it? What does this guy have against me??
Amy: You'd probably spend less time redoing reports if you were filling them out correctly the first time.
Dick: I--
Amy: -- Your reports can be sparse, Dick. I know the paperwork is the least exciting part of the job, but it's an important part of the process. Try not to rush through it.
Dick: *sigh* Okay... guess it's a good thing I'm at my desk today...
Amy: Go ask Foxx in Records for some tips on what he's looking for-- just don't take it personally. And Dick? Having a friend in that room never hurts... plus he's new. Could probably use the company, since hardly anyone goes down there in person...
Dick: Alright, yeah... I'll head over now. 'Foxx', you said?
Amy: Mhm. Jace Foxx. You can't miss him, he's usually the only one clocked in at this time.
Dick: Okay, thanks...
Dick: ... Hold up.
Dick, on the phone with Tim: Yeah, well it's my turn to be paranoid. He's messing with my reports on purpose, Tim! And I don't know how he could have done it, but I'm certain it's--
Dick: *spots the engraved name tag on the door that says 'Jace Foxx'*
Dick: *bursts into the room* Y O U.
Jason: Me?
Dick: *slams the door behind him* JASON!!! WHAT-- HOW-- WHY ARE YOU HERE?!? HOW ARE YOU HERE?!?
Jason: Well, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much--
Tim, now on speaker: *starts laughing over the phone*
Dick: Both of you shut up! Jason! You can't be here! This is classified!
Tim: This is RICH!
Jason: Look, Dickie, if it's about the reports... I get it, paperwork isn't the most exciting--
Dick: -- IT'S NOT JUST THE-- *heaves a big sigh* Look, Jay, I get you just... want to spend more time with me or something, but there has to be a better way than this...
Tim: How did... *wheeze* how did the BPD manage to hire a dead guy??? In the Records department??? Ha ha!!
Jason: Let's just say I'm very good at this paper-pushing thing. See? *swirls some case files around his desk to piss Dick off* And who said anything about visitation? Maybe my rent was due, and I just needed a steady gig. Maybe I liked the hours and hours of alone time, with almost unlimited access to police records?
Tim: *snort* Obviously the latter. Why go through the effort to create a fake identity that stays solid under police scrutiny, when you could've easily picked up some work over by the docks, or even as a mercenary?
Dick: But why police records? You probably could have hacked most of this data if you really wanted to once it was digitized... and you're not the type who needs a piece of paper to tell you who to go after...
Jason: *shrugs*
Tim: Hm... there is a third option.
Dick: Which would be?
Jason: *grins*
Tim: ...
Dick: ... Oh no. Oh, come on... really??
Tim: I mean, it is Jason...
Jason: *snickers*
Dick: You're such an asshole!! You'd really infiltrate the BPD just to prove you could?!? Just to mess with my reports?!?
Jason: ... Actually, my plan had been to work the job for a week, then show up at your desk one day to freak you out. Those notes on your reports have all been legitimate.
Dick: EXCUSE ME?!?
Tim: *starts laughing again*
Jason: I stand by my edits! It's not my fault you're the only grown-ass adult who can't sit down for 15 whole minutes to fill out some paperwork properly!
Jason: Then let someone else take the cases!!
Dick: No!!! And also, fuck you!
Jason: Come on, Dick-face, don't be like that, I can teach you what to write down--
Dick: -- You tell me how to do my job one more time and I'll tell Bruce you've got a fake identity so fleshed out it withstands a police background check.
Jason: *gasp* You wouldn't...
Dick: Try me, Jay. Before you know it, your safehouses are gonna start to get college brochures and Wayne gala invitations-- maybe even adoption papers, who knows-- all made out to a Mr. Jace Foxx!!
Jason: Alright, alright, YEESH! I get it, joke's over!
Tim: Bruce already knows.
Dick: What???
Jason: You TOLD him?!?
Tim: No, he said he figured out what Jason was up to about 4 days ago. Hey, would you guys consider this a bonding experience? Dad wants to know if you're bonding...
Dick: Tell you what. You can let him know that that I'm gonna sit down with my little brother tonight, and we'll bond as I teach him how to draft a formal letter of resignation.
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hollandorks · 9 months
Shelby I haven’t been on my phone all day, I was about to fall asleep and I was like “there’s an update” now I’m half asleep and writing a small list of things I enjoyed because holy shit I’m sleepy and I haven’t been sleeping enough lately. Fuck. Okay.
-I love that she’s still giving Bruce shit about how they first met. I absolutely adore it. He regrets that piece of information and it amuses Alfred endlessly.
-I love how worried she is about him and how much she just want to protect him. It’s soft. I’m soft. Chefs kiss!
-Of course she made extra copies of the Batmobile key. I love that it’s not just a single copy. Copies. She has multiple. They’re hidden. Bruce wants to find them and hide them from her. Like elf on the shelf but cooler. Chefs kiss!
-I love that she knows something bad is going to happen. It could just be paranoia—after traumatic events it’s hard to think things could go back to normal. It’s Gotham however and I imagine being paranoid in that city is very helpful.
-I love the glimpse into her Gotham Project. The staff, where they came from, who they are. All of it. Chefs kiss!
-Her and Gordon are besties. He won’t admit it, but they are. I imagine them having coffee and just talking about life and stuff. He knew if he mentioned anything about the mayor to her she’d be there before Batman. Chefs kiss!
-I love that his name from his work number is a simple dark circle emoji. Chefs kiss! So fitting. I wonder what his name is with his regular phone?
-Does Gotham have a crime problem? Yes, of course. Does it also have a mayor problem? Absolutely. It reminded me of that Phineas and Ferb meme nickel meme. She was probably like “if I had a nickel for every time the mayor was murdered I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?” Idk if you know the meme or not.
-OOFFTA I can’t wait for the angst that happens when she sees Bruce watching the footage back and she sees the boy. My heart! It’s gonna be soft. I bet Bruce will want to bottle up his feelings and she’ll be like “no.”
So far this story has been a gift, but that isn’t a surprise. Much love!
It’s time for my predictions—I think Bruce already knows someone is vigilante-ing other than him. Does he know it’s her? Probably on some level, but he denies it because he wants to think she wouldn’t put herself in harms way, and he also wouldn’t be able to see why she’d do it. When he meets Selina Kyle he’ll probably be like “it’s her.” When he finds out the truth boy will be heartbroken, angsty, and supreme emo.
Also idk if I’ve mentioned it or not but I can’t wait for the funeral scene. Idk if she’s gonna be in it, but I hope she is. I want her to interact with the penguin again, and I want her to at least kick him or something.
Also will we have some of Bruce’s pov in later chapters? I do love his emo mind.
Was this yet another instance of your sixth sense regarding updates? 😂
Also bestie you need to get some more sleep!! Especially before you start that new job! 😂
Bruce needs someones to give him shit. So obviously I'm having her give him shit constantly, but also constantly worrying about him!
Elf on the shelf but cooler 💀 yeah in my head she went ahead and had like....a stupid number of copies made. Like a dozen. And they're in increasingly random places 😂 One is probably actually in the Batmobile but Bruce doesn't expect that
And yeah I think her trauma lends to the paranoia! Things are getting worse despite the big Maroni bust, despite everything that happened in MOTN--so she feels like something in behind this even though it's mostly just Gotham being a shit place 😂
Her and Gordon are totally besties! Their dynamic is something I'm enjoying and can't wait to develop more. I love the idea of Gordon as almost a grudging mentor figure. My headcanon (for my own fic lmao) is that Gordon goes by the GP to see her but also to keep an eye on things 😂 despite her having fancy Wayne-funded security
Yes!!! The nickel meme! That's perfect!! 😂
Ugh I'n so excited to share more. Hoping to post ch 3 Thursday or Friday! 🥰
Love seeing your predictions again!! Also, yes to Bruce POVs! 👀 Probably won't have as many as in MOTN but only because we have his POV in the whole film. But I'm definitely including some fun ones! And yes she'll be at the funeral! 👀
Thanks for the love bestie, get some sleep! ❤️
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dollyreblogs · 2 years
Rosario "Ross" Sage/ Cut-Throat:
- Ross to his friends, only his parents can call him Rosa (it's cute because Helena's middle name is
- He honestly takes a lot after his mother, so he basically likes to bully his dad and his best friend out of love because he thinks they're super uptight.
- Little bit of a man-hoe, ngl, it's just when he sees a pretty girl he likes and they like him, sorry but his Latino side takes over.
- Speaking of which, he is a white Latino so he makes white people jokes about himself and doesn't mind if others do it, I mean, he do be like that sometimes.
- He is a lot more violent than Maikel. He uses a crossbow like his mom and he isn't afraid to start shooting before he does...anything else. If anything, he's itching to pull the trigger.
- He gets into a lot of fights at school, either because he slept with someone's girlfriend, or because he said something to piss someone off, or because he was bored in class and wanted the drama.
- He is the kind of person who calls it like he sees it and doesn't really have a filter, but he never lies and always tells the truth and he always expects people to tell him the truth, or else he gets aggressive real quick.
- Considering his dad is the Question, people think he's an impulsive jerk but it's more or less a Bruce Wayne situation where he's a lot smarter and more capable than he appears.
- He's observant, not a detail flies past him, hence why he's a pretty great detective.
- I've decided that I'm gonna replace Angelo with him and with that being said, this guy can and will turn anything into a weapon when fighting someone. If it can be held, it can be used to hurt is his philosophy.
- He also has Vic's whole "I don't save bad guys" thing and literally does not care if you're a villain but that's why he and Maikel even each other out, Maikel is more compassionate and he's more effective as he calls himself.
- He's Maikel's first friend and they do very much trust each other. The only thing is that Ross really wishes Maikel would stop overwhelming his body and making it do things that it's not supposed to do.
- Like, yeah, he's done for danger but Maikel, please do not shut off specific parts of your brain so you don't breathe in fear gas, Ross isn't a scientist but he knows that can't be good.
- But other than that, he trusts Maikel and does whatever he says because he's confident that Maikel doesn't make mistakes and it's the same on Maikel's part...except some of Ross's plans have gone horribly bad but it's fine, Maikel can nuerally shut off his brain to not feel pain so-
- He loves his parents so much and is super close to them. He trains with his mom everyday and sometimes even goes over for a 1v3 fight between him, his mom, Kate, and Renee. With his dad, he likes to go into his office, read over his case files, sometimes he leans on his dad's back and takes his fedora and puts it on him and is all: "So, who got murdered??"
- He's not gonna lie, he pretends he's not as paranoid as his dad but if there's one thing he learned, it's that you've always got stay alert and he doesn't let his guard down for shit. It's best if you let him know you're there by calling out his name because if you touch his shoulder or hug him when he isn't expecting it, he'll throw you over his shoulder.
- Can't tell you how many times he's punched Maikel, Batman, and his own dad because they snuck up on him.
- He and Gabriel are also pretty much enemies because Gabriel thinks that Maikel used Ross to replace him and Ross is all: "BITCH, I AIN'T NOTHING LIKE YOU-"/ "True, you're not nearly as sophisticated or sexy"/ "Oh, those are fighting words."/ "WE ARE FIGHTING, DUMBASS-"
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mrslaufeyson002 · 2 years
Tumblr media
Chapter 2.
When the movie finished, Peter introduced himself to me. "Hey, can I show you a cool game?" Peter asks me and I nod my head, he grabs my hand and drags me to the game room. I watched him play a few rounds on the game called 'Fortnite'. I didn't care about the game, so I went to another tv screen and played 'Batman Arkham Asylum'.
I have been playing the game for longer than two hours and I was going against 'Titan Joker,' when Peter walked over to see what I was doing. "How are you so close to finishing the game? I can't get past Poison Ivy."
I just giggled at how childish he can be. "I can help you another time, but I'm starving and then I'm going to bed."
I came back an hour later and I was ready for bed. I took the elevator to the fourteenth floor and walked up to a flight of steps to get to my room. I got in my bed and closed my eyes, but I didn't fall asleep. I heard footsteps coming closer to my room, the door opened and I heard quiet, graceful footsteps getting closer to me. I gasped in surprise and opened my eyes when I felt a pair of cold hands wrap around my throat. I started to laugh at his attempts to kill me. "Why are you laughing?"
"I love how you thought, choking a vampire will kill them." He got up and started to pout, he was about to leave my room. "You try to kill me again and I will enjoy killing you." He left my room and I tried to sleep.
(What Cecelia is wearing after waking up)
Tumblr media
I opened my door and saw Tony standing there, arms crossed over his chest. "Can I help you?" I ask a bit sarcastically and he seemed to get angrier.
"Where were you yesterday during dinner?" I rolled my eyes at him, I mean he can't be that stupid. "I got hungry, so I went hunting for food. I didn't know that I needed permission to feed. I thought you knew that I don't eat human food, I'm a vampire, we have an all blood diet." I raised my voice a bit and Tony looked a bit shocked. "I'm sorry." I apologized, lowering the volume of my voice.
"I was worried, I like you kid and if anything happened, I don't know what I would do. It's not safe for Vampires nowadays, you could have been caught and killed. The government has hunters everywhere, I'm just glad that you're safe." He sounded like he was about to cry. "I had an idea last night, we'll have the avengers participate in this also, but I was thinking about having a blood drive around the country." I wrapped my arms around him and he returned my hug.
"Thank you, Tony." He let go of the hug before I did and he stepped aside for me to leave my room. "Hunting for my food can be tiring and very messy sometimes."
"I told Peter about it yesterday and asked if he could like to donate and he agreed. If you get hungry, there's a blood bag in the cupboard above the sink. I also labeled whose blood it is."
I walk down the hallway and down a flight of steps to get to the kitchen. I had eaten at least twice a day or I could lose control. I opened the cupboard and there were at least ten or thirteen bags of blood. I grabbed a bag and looked at the label, it said Bruce/Hulk. I tore into the bag and dumped it into one of Tony's cups. I drank half of it when I heard a female screaming behind me. I stopped and turned to look at her, she looked frightened for a second. "You're the vampire that lives here." She calmed down a bit shook my hand. "I'm so sorry for freaking out, I'm Jemma Simmons."
"Are you a part of Coulson's team?" She smiled and nodded her head. "Can you introduce me to your friends?"
She dragged my hand and pulled me into the living room. "Cecelia, it's so good to see you again," Phil says and gets up from his chair and hugs me.
"I saw you yesterday Phil." Jemma pulled me to her friends and pointed to each one as she introduced me to them. "This is part of our team, Agent Melinda May, Daisy, Lincoln, Lance Hunter, Leo Fitz, Bobbi Morse, Erika Fury is Director Fury's daughter and Al Mackenzie but he prefers to be called Mack." I shook everyone's hands as Jemma introduces me to her friends. "Jemma can you bring my drink in for me?" I ask her and she hurriedly goes to the kitchen. Loki walks in and nobody talks.
"Here you go, Cecelia." She hands me my half-empty drink and I take it from her. I take a sip and almost everybody is watching me. I stop and look up at them.
"What?" I ask getting paranoid at their looks.
"Is that...blood?" Fitz asks me and I could see him trembling in his seat.
"Yeah, I'm a vampire." They're still watching me so I excuse myself to finish my drink in peace. I walk into the kitchen and sit at the counter. I gulp the rest of it down and I walk back out to the living room. I still got a semi-weird look from them, so I went to the elevator.
I walked into the game room and saw Peter trying so hard to defeat Poison Ivy, he was so close but he died. He threw the controller on the floor in frustration. I walked over to him and sat down. I picked up the controller and handed it to him, his fingers touched mine for a second so I let go. "I can give you some tips." I offered and I'm glad that I'm not human, because if I was...I would be blushing.
"Can you please give me some tips?" I smiled and nodded my head.
I helped Peter finish the game and he left to get himself some lunch. I sat in my room waiting for Peter when the door opened and Loki walked in. "Did you come back to kill me?" I ask looking into his eyes.
"No, but only because I do not wish to die." He smirked as he said this.
"Then why are you here?" I ask not wanting him to be near me anymore.
"I wanted to hang out with you and maybe get to know you."
"There are a lot of other people here, why me. I mean last night, you tried to kill me. He smiled shyly at me.
"I'm sorry about that. I was not happy to be here, and I thought that you would be an easy target to let my anger out on you." He replied rubbing the back of his neck.
"Is that your way of saying, 'I never planned on killing you?'" He nods and smiles shyly again at me, and I thought it was absolutely adorable. "If you're ever angry, I will always be here to listen. I don't want you to accidentally kill anyone."
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realhankmccoy · 5 months
been thinking about how wise americans are and how much better they are than me. their wisdom usually comes down to how i'm expected to be the provider and become them. i am the most undesirable of all friends and mates and have been getting it wrong this whole time. when JD snapped and shamed at me and demanded tight strictures upon my writing (no politics, no religion, no anything except what he wanted to see) i should have said SIR YES SIR I ALWAYS LET THOSE WITHOUT ANY GAY JERKOFF OR SEX SCNENES WITH FAR LESS INDEPENDENCE AND TALENT AND MORE RACIST WEIRD WHITE PEOPLE CONNECTICUT POLITICS TELL ME WEHAT TO DUE SIR and immediately sent a piece back as long as his three paragraphs apologising for my deviance.
his message to me was BECOME JD OR ELSE.
his message to me was BECOME YOUR DAD OR ELSE
when that woman making six figures in education said she thinks i should work in education and 'ive got guns i'm serious' should have said MAAM YES MAAM I WILL GET GUNS SO I CAN BE AS SERIOUS ABOUT THE REVOLUTION AS YOU AND I WILL GET A JOB IN EDUCATIN MAAM and then relocated myself from an all-white neighborhood to a whiter neighborhood even further away and then turned on the tv and participated in 'the revolution on tv'. she did think she deserved to be President of the United States and i did get that right and say she should be President so whew i mean since she is absolutely the only person who should be leader of the free world cuz she's got guns
her message wasn't to become her as that glory would be impossible. it was GUNS WOULD MAKE YOU MORE SERIOUS GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND I AM SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT
indeed, when Bruce insisted i marry a woman and have children and go see a Catholic priest, i should have said SIR YES SIR I WILL CONVERT TO CATHOLICISM BE IN CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY AND FUCK A WOMAN AND GET THE HOTS ABOUT HOMOSEXUAL DESIRES ON THE SIDE LIKE YOU SIR YOU"RE A VERY GOOD BOY SIR
his message to me was BECOME BRUCE OR ELSE
when Chicago Boi wanted me to limit my writing to the number of blips he wrote -- only 2 pings allowed in a message like a normie -- and told me all my writing was really damaging to the world and intimated he was the greatest author of all human history and would be the next John Waters and he had the most impoverished hardest upbringing in history i should have said SIR YES SIR I WILL LIMIT MYSELF AND MY WRITING IS GOING TO HURT EVERYONE I AM WAY OFF THE RAILS I SHOULD FOCUS MORE ON HASHTAGS AND AFFIRMING THE STATUS QUO AND LIKE U AFFIRM BIGGER IS BETTER LIKE A GOOD AMERICAN DOES SIR LIEK YOU SIR YOU HAD IT THE HARDEST YOU ARE THE GREATEST I KNOW A VICE PRESIDENT SLOT THAT MAY BE OPENING THAT SHOULD BE FILLED BY YOU SIR WILL REBLOG RACIST NAZIS LIKE YOU SIR THAT WAY NOBODY WILL GET HURT
his message to me was BECOME CHICAGO BOI OR ELSE
her message to me was BECOME ME OR ELSE
when my Melbourne friend was worried that i wasn't as bland and unresponsively grunting and paranoid of social media as him and didn't regular time my poops into the toilet into as rotely, i should have said SIR YES SIR I WILL BE MORE BLAND AND I WILL START SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS AND THEN DELETE THEM AND THEN COME UP WITH SHADOW ACCOUNTS NOBODY KNOWS OF AND FALSE NAMES AND BE VERY VERY NORMAL AND WRITE NO STORIES AND JUST GIVE YOU THE RACISM YOU GET HOT FOR SIR WE WILL NEVER GET INTO BED WITH NON WHITES SIR
his message to me was BECOME ME OR ELSE
i guess these people have a lot of self love. I mean they really, really, really think they're some sort of yardstick everyone in their lives needs to measure up to, transform themselves into and become.
and there's really no excuse, Jason, why you haven't managed to become them all or else. you could and should have made the rounds. just, poof, presto chango into one, and when that made you human perfection, move onto the next and poof, presto chango into a whole new one, once again human perfection
the problem this whole time has been me only me always me Americans know better Americans are good people very smart very artistic Americans are so incredible that it is hard to imagine how i will ever become, for example
Pikachu Onesie, 37, from Monroe WI
his message to me was BECOME ME OR ELSE
and i didn't so it's all my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault
and i would be a typical American if i tried to just force all these people to become ME but here i have been minding my own business and liking diversity in the world so that is BAD of me. all the rest of them know you need to steamroll diversity and only surround yourself with those like yourself -- or further to the political right of you, the sort of Nazi you aspire to be -- because diversity is BAD
and clearly these were all Gods, Gods of the highest caliber, the upper echelons of the development of the human DNA, far superior not only to me but to everyone
i had the pinnacle of the fruits of humanity in my grasp sparkling and saying 'become ME or PERISH' and i chose
to perish!
how could i bee so
boo hoo hooooooooooooo hooo hooo hoooooooooo (insert stream sob emojis) wait i don't even know how to do THAT????
I am truly UNDESIRABLE i should have bought these people all 3 meals a day for a calendar because they were worth it and i'm pond scum
all these people are Gods and i blew it, every error was on my part the failure to throw myself away and become them as they spit on me and demanded it
it was my failure to not just wipe that spit off and mutate overnight into copies of themselves
i can understand why they think so highly of themselves compared to me, tho i mean why wouldn't they? i'm gay
every good person knows gays are the problem gays are remiss gays so they chose wisely in their target with me when they asked me to delete myself and become themself.
if only i hadn't blown it so we all, hand in hand could walk into old age, veering further and further towards the political right, as all systemic people do as they age, walk on off into that Nazi sun together... slowly becoming slightly more Nazi until at the age of 80 our now slightly more conservatives heads rupture and well, hopefully someday human prefection, i mean perfection, is uhcheeved
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Tell me a story about Batman eating soap.
Dr. Estragon had finally lost patience with all the posturing, and had given up any pretense of civility.
"So let me get this straight, Mr. Wayne," he said. "You don't just talk with the voices. You actually act it. You run a criminal empire as a hobby. You murder dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people for sport. And when you're not murdering people for sport, you're spending your days playing video games. I suppose your wife doesn't make you breakfast, or help out in the home?"
"If I wanted someone to make me breakfast I'd have gotten a girlfriend," said Bruce. "My wife has always made me breakfast."
Dr. Estragon was so angry now that the anger began to look like genuine physical pain. His shoulders were shaking, and his hands were clenched into little fists as he fought to restrain himself from breaking something.
"You're so full of shit you have to see a psychiatrist just to talk about your delusions, Mr. Wayne! You're delusional! You're fucking paranoid!"
"The fuck I am," Bruce snapped. "I'm having hallucinations again."
Dr. Estragon's face was now a mask of pure, open, naked fury. He turned to his computer and punched some buttons.
"And look," he said, holding up the video feed of Wayne Enterprises' latest ad campaign, "these people are perfectly normal. They're not the least bit strange in any way."
"That's no hallucination," said Bruce. "I can see those people on TV. They're not fucking weird. Just like you're not fucking weird. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have no right to be angry at anyone. You're insane! We're talking about people who were already dead! How could you say anything bad about them, after you talked to them on the afterlife, you crazy fucking piece of shit?!"
Dr. Estragon ignored the tirade. He just sat down at his desk, put his head in his hands, and looked at the ad for a while without saying anything. Then he looked up at Bruce.
"You should leave," he said. "Right now. You don't belong here."
Bruce stared at him. "No, I don't. I don't belong here."
"I'm not going to argue," said Dr. Estragon. "I'm just going to sit here and watch you destroy yourself, so that you can feel better. So you can feel less alone."
"I'm not alone. I've got a fucking team."
"You can't trust them," said Dr. Estragon.
"Why not?"
"I can't talk to you about that," said Dr. Estragon. "Just get out, okay? Please."
Bruce stood up and walked over to the window. From this angle he could look down at the plaza, where a large crowd of people had gathered and was being led by some men in dark suits.
"I'd stay with you, if you wanted me to," he said.
"That's not your decision," said Dr. Estragon.
Bruce sighed. "No, I guess not. Sorry, doctor. It was a long time ago. I don't know what I'd do, if I was here. I guess you've never seen me as a friend. I'm sorry."
"Fuck off," said Dr. Estragon, with a tired look. "The doors will be locked as soon as you leave."
* * *
Estragon, for his part, was pleased with what he'd done. He'd gotten his revenge in a way he could never have hoped for before: by making Bruce Wayne leave the room.
He'd tried and tried before to get Dr. Estragon to talk to Bruce Wayne. It was difficult in the beginning, back when things were still good between them. And yet now here it was, finally successful: by speaking as bluntly as he dared, saying only what needed to be said. By letting Bruce Wayne leave this room. By removing any pretense that they were friends or were going to be friends. By making him realize, once and for all, just how terrible a person he was.
But it was a bit disconcerting how easy it had gone. How much he'd been able to get Bruce Wayne to say simply by making him realize, once and for all, just how bad things really were.
Of course it was a bit disconcerting: this was a side to Dr. Estragon he hadn't been looking for, but hadn't expected.
He'd known Bruce was getting worse, as time went on. He'd certainly had good reason to be concerned about that, considering what had happened with the last psychiatrist. And yet he hadn't expected things to get so bad as quickly as this. And now he had the feeling that the worst is still yet to come.
Now, more than ever, this new and terrible side of Dr. Estragon worried him.
And now there was another worry: was there something wrong with his drugs? Was there some substance hidden somewhere in them that could undo all of Dr. Estragon's progress with his patient? Was there a possible downside to what he'd been doing?
Dr. Estragon had told him before that he was still working on it. That he'd made some progress, which he was pretty sure was only going to get better and better with time, no matter what. And this latest side effect was surely an improvement on the others: his patient had come this close to harming himself, and yet he'd not done so.
"There is no problem with the pills," said Estragon. "If they were dangerous, I'd have had Bruce Wayne throw them out."
Estragon took another sip of his coffee. "What do you think, Adam? Is it safe?"
Adam considered the question for a few moments. "I think it would be safe in small doses. But no greater than the doses you've been giving him. It's too soon to say."
"And how much is too soon?"
"A few weeks, maybe. At least. It depends on his tolerance."
"And if he does start to feel the side effects?"
"Then we'll have to talk."
Estragon nodded and stood up, gathering his things. "I have a meeting with the lawyers tomorrow, and I have to go back to the office."
Adam stood as well. "All right. Are you going to see Bruce after the meeting?"
"I'd say so. I was going to stay in town tonight, actually. I just won't tomorrow."
Adam nodded in agreement and headed for the door.
"See you," he said.
"Have a good day," said Estragon.
"Thanks. You too."
Estragon left the suite and made his way down to the lobby. He stopped by the front desk to pick up his key card and his coat and briefcase, and started walking to his car.
There was a crowd of people gathering in front of the Wayne Enterprises building, with more coming in from the streets every minute. All wore dark suits and most had signs, although not all signs were clear to Estragon (and it was difficult for him to understand, over the din of the crowd).
Some of the signs said things like: "We know what he did. His crimes are well known. The guilty must be punished." Others said things like: "Justice is here, in the end. Justice must be made."
Estragon kept walking, trying to figure out what was going on. A group of men in suits approached him, speaking in low voices, gesturing to the building with their signs. Estragon walked slowly up to them, wondering what was going on.
One of the men, a tall thin fellow, turned to Estragon and spoke up to him.
"We are all aware of Mr. Wayne's actions," the man said. "And his crimes against us must be addressed."
"We must punish him for what he's done," said another man, "to ensure that this does not happen again."
"We must also ensure that he never gets to hurt anyone else."
"And we have found a way to do that," said the thin man.
The men walked closer to Estragon, and a third one spoke up. "We can do it now."
The thin man looked at Estragon. "We have to."
"No," said Estragon, shaking his head.
"Do you think this is just?" asked the thin man, looking at Estragon.
Estragon shook his head. "I don't know. I don't know enough."
"It doesn't matter."
Another man came over and spoke.
"This must be done," he said.
"No," said Estragon. "It can't be."
The man turned to Estragon and spoke up. "Do you want to live with this, all your life?"
"I don't think so."
"You don't seem like a very good person."
Estragon looked down.
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