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EVERYBODY should have a bucky barnes as their neighbor
Tumblr media
Next door neighbor by @buckylattes
Your next door neighbor, Bucky, has been trying to get your attention for a while now, but he fears that he’s taken the whole situation the wrong way. Will you ever give him a chance?
cookies, kisses and such by @stevebabey
All This Time by @jobean12-blog
When you finally meet your new neighbor you can tell you’re going to have a difficult time staying away from him, even though you should.
Bribe the Super by @real-jane
You have a very hot neighbor. He happens to think the same of you.
What Are Friends For? by @gogolucky13
When you threaten to swear off men for good after your last bad date, your neighbor and friend offers to help change your mind.
Day After Tomorrow by @buckyarchives
enhanced hearing is both a blessing and a curse. eavesdropping, loud music, footsteps and when your sweet neighbor has been coughing her pretty head off all day.
do i even have a chance? by @noceurous
you’ve found him and he was sure he didn’t have a chance
just a dream by @itsmeatballworld
Bucky and reader are neighbors in Brooklyn. When reader has a spicy dream about the broody man, it sets off a series of events that ignites something in both of them.
mutual by @buckycuddlebuddy
the windows you were sharing were belong to your bedrooms, and ─okay, it was wrong, bucky knew this but he was only human ─ you sometimes left your curtains open.
valentine by @softlyspector
You're Bucky's neighbor, Bucky is your secret admirer. Valentine's day and a potential date forces him to act.
Foolish Heart by @jadedvibes
You thought Bucky would never want to settle down, but it turns out you were very wrong.
A Very Special Recipe by @straywords
You’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen and your sinfully attractive neighbor has just the ingredient you need for that unique experiment.
Secret Admirer by @bxcketbarnes
Sneaky by @imagine-docx
Being neighbours with a cute boy has some perks. Also, Sam is being the best wingman (no pun intended) he possibly could.
new neighbor by @alisonsfics
being bucky's next door neighbor and slowly getting to know each other and falling in love?
Paper Walls by @writingcroissant
 Your apartment happens to be right next to Bucky's, heads only separated by a paper-thin wall, leading to you witnessing every second of his nightmares. Although, bonding over your late night conversations, you seem to forget that you never even saw him before.
Time after Time by @justsomebucky
When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.
Hey Neighbor by @moonbeambucky
You had a plan and then life came along with one of its own. With your future almost derailed you worked hard to get yourself back on track and finally everything seemed to be going right... that is, until your new neighbor moved in.
Teardrops on Lashes by @delicatelyherdreams
After the Chitauri invaded New York and nearly ended your life, you moved to Bucharest to get away from the superhero stuff. You simply wanted an uneventful, ordinary life. But when a stranger moves into the apartment next to yours, you begin to question those aspirations and choose to risk it all for love.
A Friendly Wager by @justsomebucky
Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?
Come Over by @moonstruckbucky
You’re new to New York City. Fresh out of post-grad and wanting a change of pace, and this change comes in more ways than one. 
Keeping Me Up by @writing-for-marvel
When Bucky moves in next door, you seem to get much less sleep than when your previous neighbour lived in apartment 4a.
Tumblr media
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Random Thought: Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Bucky has very bad nightmares.
It’s just normal for him at this point and he’s gotten used to waking up every night at some point, with a horrible nightmare.
The nightmares had made him a bit self conscious about being with you. You had slept together quite a few times but Bucky always left before the end of the night and it took him a while to realize it bothered you. Not realizing that it made you feel like he only wanted to sleep with you, he kept it up for a while. It was nearly a month before you told him how you felt and he swears he felt his heart break in that moment at seeing your sweet face afraid he was only into you for sex
He quickly broke down and told you the truth and you were very understanding. He didn’t think you wouldn’t be but he was embarrassed that he was a grown man having debilitating nightmares. You reassured him though, swearing that after everything the Sergeant had been through that it was more than understandable and that even people who haven’t been through horrific trauma have nightmares sometimes.
You convinced him to stay that night and it was the first time in a very long time that he slept in a bed. It was odd for him but holding you as you fell asleep actually assisted him in drifting off on the foreign feeling plush mattress. He did have a nightmare that night and you were awoken to the sound of him mumbling quietly, the words all being Russian meaning you couldn’t understand but it didn’t matter. You pulled his head to your chest and ran your fingers through his hair, jostling him as you did to ensure you woke him and the mumbling stopped as you ran your nails across his scalp and whispered sweet words to him as his eyes opened. He didn’t jump up or startle himself awake like he had told you, he woke gradually and calmly which was more than he had ever done before since being free and he clung to you tightly, face in your neck as he relaxed and actually drifted back off to sleep quite quickly. After that he slept through the rest of the night, staying asleep until his alarm went off at 7:00am.
You quickly changed his sleeping habits! You refused to continue to be awoken by a god awful alarm at 7 in the fucking morning so Bucky ditched the alarm, only waking early when he needed to, coming to very much enjoy sleeping in with you and having sleepy/snuggle days.
Sleepy days in bed or on the couch with you became his favorite kinds of days, not because of how often you would have sex but because you gave him something he hadn’t had since he was a child. Naps!
Bucky Barnes hadn’t had a nap since 1928 when he was 11 years old. It was very rare that he had a nightmare when he napped beside you but when he did, there you were to scratch your nails along his head and tell him that he was safe beside you like you did every night.
He had nightmares every night when he slept on missions, though there was rarely a time for sleep at that point. When he was in the field and he got some shut eye the nightmares always came crawling back, probably having something to do with being in an unsafe environment once again.
It didn’t take long for you both to decide him sleeping with you was actually helpful for not just his recovery but his overall mental state and he moved into your apartment. You were relieved as he would have access to a bed to sleep in every night, being appalled and outraged that Bucky didn’t have a fucking bed in his apartment.
The nightmares never went away and he didn’t think they ever would completely but they did lessen. So much so that he went an entire week once without having a single nightmare and you for sure celebrated that. They may never be gone but they’re getting better and Bucky is comforted in knowing that when he has a nightmare he will never again be alone for it
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𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 | 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
【Synopsis】 : James wants to taint you. Bend you. Change you. Until you're nothing but putty in his hands.
『Word count』 : 2.19k
Paring: Demon!Bucky x Angel!Readeer
[Warnings] : Unprotected sex, riding, nipple play, pet names, use of religion (angels and demons), praise.
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Tumblr media
"James." You whimper as he pulls you onto his lap, kissing down your neck. The smell of whiskey slips off his tongue. A small record player, playing classical on vinyl to make background music. The red velvet against your knees as you dig further into the couch with Bucky holding you tight. Kissing along your neck, leaving marks in his path. He slips the straps of your nightgown and bra off your shoulders, giving your newly exposed skin sloppy kisses.
"Gorgeous." He mumbles under a groan, you grinding your hips again on his thick hips and thighs. Sex was a forbidden act among your kind. An act only two angels could do once they were linked and together forever as one. An act to only bring one thing to this world. Procreation. But here you were, losing count of how many times the man before you has opened you to new things.
"Let's take this off." He spoke in a low pant, pulling you up to stand along with him. Your gown falling, it pools at your feet on the floor. Bucky licks his lips, sighing at the sight of you, drinking every aspect of your body, never getting tired of how angelic you look even in the most dirtiest of scenarios. He quickly unbuttons his dress shirt, you bit your lip, letting your hands roam over his bare chest. He chuckles at your expression, still innocent even though your thoughts are nothing but sins.
You look up to the man smiling at him, a twinkle still in your eyes. A spark of your sweetness. He lets out a low chuckle, wrapping his arms around your bare waist, snuggling into your neck. The light touches of his fingertips and kisses all over your neck, drives you crazy. Like you've been touch starved for all your life―well that part may not be wrong―your body was willing to bend to Bucky's will.
"You're so dirty, my little angel." Bucky laughs, grabbing the back of your neck, pulling you into a rough but passionate kiss. You whimper into the kiss, biting his lip. He picks you up as if you weigh nothing. Because of his demonic strength, you wrap your legs around his waist. He walks swiftly to the end of the bed before placing you down with a gentle thud. Leaning against your elbows, you crawl up the bed, keeping your lips connected with his at all times.
"Comfy love?" He cooed as you reached the pillows, laying down. Your hands run up Bucky's chest, with blush forming from his words. How can someone who's supposed to be pure evil still be so caring. He snuggles himself in between your opened legs. He kisses every part of your exposed skin, slowly moving down your body. Both his hands caressing every inch of you. His soft lips retch your inner thighs, teasing you. He bites your flesh, making you shiver under him.
"Ah, Buck..." You claw the sheets below you, moaning out his name. The sanitation making you already melt for him. Your cheeks blush red, heat rushing through your body. He chuckles, licking the bite mark.
"Say my name like that again." He bites your other thigh, hoping to get another moan out of you. But this time, your hands fly to his head, gripping his hair, letting out a cry while your hips involuntarily grind into nothing. He lowly growls at your action, satisfied at how your body aches for him. Sitting up, he sees your flushed face, eyes closed and mouth agape.
"Look at me, Angel." You open your eyes obediently, seeing Bucky sliding off the bed, taking his belt off before stripping himself of his suit pants. Letting them drop to the floor, he kicks them away before he props himself next to you, laying on his side.
He whispers dirty yet sweet nothings, draping your arm over him. Hand gliding on his shoulder blade before settling on the back of his neck, your fingers tangle themselves with the ends of his hair. He smiles into a kiss on your neck, painting your skin in his marks. His hand travelling behind your back, making you arch it for him to have better access to unclip your bra. He kisses your collar bone once more before slipping the item of clothing off your body. He looks up, seeing your now naked chest, breath hitching from the sight. Wasting no time, as he grabs a hold of your left nipple pinching it before wrapping his mouth around it, sucking hard. While the other hand gropes your right breast.
"Uh, Bucky―" You gasp, feeling such sensitivity on your breasts as Bucky's tongue swirls around them, switching from one another to give both the same treatment.
"Please...Please..." You don't know what you were begging for, but you were begging nonetheless. Gripping the sheets, his hair, clawing at his back, his hands and mouth gave you nothing but his full attention. Like he read your mind, his hand snaked down to the hem of your panties, sliding them down, before discarding them onto the floor. His fingers hover over where you need him most, a devilish grin smeared on his face as he watches your brows cross, eyes glued shut, waiting for him to finally touch you.
"Fuck, you're beautiful." He praises, running his index finger along your slit, picking up some of your wetness.
"Ahh." You gasp aloud, feeling his cold metal fingers sliding up and down. He lands on your clit, slowly starting to rub circles. You grip his bicep arching your back, throwing your head into the pillow to block noises from getting too loud. Bucky noticed that, making use of your new position, he bites your neck giving you more reason to let out the dirty sounds he's craving.
"Oh my god." You choke out. He slips a finger into you, pumping it slowly in and out. His tongue licks over the bite he just made on your neck before kissing your jaw up to your lips, giving them a peck.
"How dare you use the lord's name in vain." He sarcastically gasps, making you both laugh, hitting him in the chest lightly. He takes this moment to move between your opened legs, fingers still slowly pumping, leaning over you to capture you in a hot kiss. You moan into his mouth, tongues, and teeth clashing together. He adds another finger into you, then more one, gifting him a hiss from you. Feeling the new stretch below you, your hands grip onto his shoulders, a lone tear breaking away from you.
"Shh, it's okay, I got to get you ready, Angel." He speaks through the sloppy kiss, pumping into you faster. He breaks away kissing the tear on your cheek, heat rushes through your veins, panting Bucky's name out like it was the only word you knew. A pit in your stomach forming, a release needing to be chased. Grinding on his fingers, you snap out a choking moan just before you let go. But in pain, Bucky slips his fingers out, sitting up away from your body. You mewl at the loss of touch, feeling the rush of cold air hitting you. You try to sit up to follow him, but your arms have turned to jelly. Making quick to rid himself of his boxers. you finally see Bucky completely, every scar, tan line, and beauty mark he had.
"Like what you see?" He outs out a low chuckle, flexing his arms a bit as he leans back over you.
"Shut up." You chuckle, hitting his chest lightly, before pulling him into a kiss.
"Oh, my Angel has a potty mouth." He growls in between kisses. You just shake your head at him, keeping his lips on yours. He grabs behind your knees, pulling your legs around his waist, feeling his tip brush against your core. A sense of anxiety fills you, mixing into your pleasure. Bucky could tell by your worried look, giving the side of your thigh a squeeze to reassure you. You give him a smile in response to tell him you're okay.
"James..." You sigh out, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer. He grabs his cock, bringing it to your entrance, easing into you. You claw at his back feeling a painful stretch. He cooed in your ear, whispering sweet nothings to you.
'That it... You're taking me so well. Fuck you're such a good girl.'
He stays still for a moment, letting you get fully used to the feeling of this new position. You lightly tap his shoulder, indicating he can move. He draws his hips back, pulling his cock out until only his tip is inside you, before snapping back into you with a deep thrust.
"Bucky!" You moan out, as a 'Fuck' slips from him in groans as he grinds his hips into you faster and harder. A feeling of pleasure runs through both of you, a fire lighting inside of you. Sounds of skin slapping, sloppy kisses and groans echoing through the dim room. Holding onto his back, you drag your nails down, temping to draw blood.
"My baby..." He sits up to adjust himself, but you roll him over so you're are now on top of him, grinding down, making him let out a low deep growl. His eyes change to a deep red threatening to turn black, a primal grunt leaving him as he grips your hips hard, surely leaving bruises for the morning.
You bounce on him, placing your hands on his chest to stable yourself. His hands that grip your hips, snake around to your ass, slapping your cheeks. A tingle in your stomach form, opening your eyes you see Bucky staring up at you with a fucked out expression. His dark eyes burning into you.
"Fuck I love you." You slip out, your clear eyes, hazing over with a red tint, painting your angelic eyes to a now dark crimson. A smirk falls on Bucky's face, leaning you down to rest on his chest, his face inches from your as he thrust his hips up into you at a speed, unlike anything.
"I love you too, my angel." He kisses your cheek enjoying your expressions as you let the pleasure ride over your senses. The knot in your stomach shakes as a feeling of release is needed.
"Go on, baby, let it go." He growls, taking another slap of your red cheeks. Feeling Bucky twitch inside you, you finally let out. All the innocence washing away. All the purity falling through the cracks of pure sin. Feeling Bucky spill into you, you scream out, hugging him tightly as both your highs erupt and with a final snap of Bucky's hips a moment of new being happened.
"Love, your wings." Bucky chokes out seeing your wings for the now second time. Only having ever seen them when you both first met. But this time, they were different. The once pure white feathers were now pitch black. He reaches out to touch the soft feathers, and you take notice, dropping them down so they cover you both. Your half-closed eyes are still slightly fuzzy, seeing the dark feathers. A new feeling stirring.
"They are beautiful." He whispers, kissing your forehead as you lay your head on his chest. Both panting with hearts racing, you weakly chuckle at his words. You let out a soft sigh before sitting up slowly. Bucky follows your movement, keeping a grip on your waist. He kisses your neck, your wings wrapping around both of you lightly tickling Bucky's back. Your heart starts to slow down as your breathing becomes stable. You lean in to kiss him with soft passion, melting into his embrace. You retract your wings, not wanting them to be out in the open in such a small space just in case. Bucky lets out a sigh, making you pull away to tilt your head, asking if he is okay.
"I was starting to like them being out, it's like you were hugging me with them." He teases.
"Oh god, shut up." You laugh at his words. a moment of silence fell, just a moment before Bucky gained the strength to pick you up and take you to the connected bathroom to your room. Getting cleaned up, Bucky puts his boxers on while you get a new pair of panties. Opting for no bra, you cuddle under the blankets, feeling each other's bare chest against one another.
"Goodnight, my angel." he kisses your forehead as you snuggle into his chest.
"Goodnight, My Love."
You were now his Fallen Angel.
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Mirror, Mirror - 40’s AU
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Sub!chubby!bucky, SSR au, 40’s au, dom!afab!reader, kinky idiots in love, TW: wg mention, Howard Stark’s Secret Sex Toy Line, men in lingerie, mirror sex, handjobs, humiliation kink, pnv!sex, slight description of subspace, man tears, house renovations or implementing ideas for kinky sex you be the judge
Bucky could be so clueless sometimes. It was endearing. You were watching your husband drill and set up the huge mirror in the living room. You’d been reading too many magazines and have fallen in love with the ‘streamline deco’ interior design. Visiting Howard’s house a while back only intensified it.
Your husband was a man of course and could care less. He claimed, “As long as I have a warm bed and my best girl with me.” The sap. When you and Bucky got hitched and moved in, your mothers decorated the place. So it looked like a sunshine floral nightmare from the 30’s.
You’d pestered your husband with magazine cut outs and ogling at furniture stores and catalogues to no avail. One day you sighed, “I guess I’ll have to hire some guys to help me out.” Jealously button tapped, now here you were watching the brunette work the huge mirror into the wall.
He stepped back and wiped from sweat from his brow, gesturing to the monstrous mirror. Bucky hummed, “Looks good huh honey?” You hugged him from behind, grinning toothily. “Oh it’s perfect baby, thank you. Everything is going to look great!”
He stepped back and surveyed the mirror some more, chuckling, “Don’t know why you had to get the biggest damn mirror in town though.” You shrugged, “It’s part of the design— you just don’t listen when I show you.” He rolled his eyes and turned to look at you, smirking. You cooed, “Go take a shower and I’ll get to cooking dinner okay?”
“Yes ma’am,” he saluted.
Bucky rounded the corner and you couldn’t help but giggle. Yes, the piece was exactly what you wanted. But there were some other ideas in mind. Bad, dirty things you wanted to do to your puppy. Oh he was going to lose it too, Buck got so damn shy. Regardless of the multitude of humiliating things you put the sweet baby through.
Padding to the drawer of lingerie made for your lover you snatched up a fiery red. It would look cute when his cheeks got all red from sniveling. You put the skimpy lace on the drawer and searched around for a notepad. In neat cursive you wrote, “Wear these under your night clothes if you’re feeling up to it sweet boy.”
Bucky was feeling up to it about all the time so you expected him to follow along. Padding back into the kitchen you began making an easy casserole and some greens. There were some reheatable cinnamon rolls if he wanted that.
“I need to watch my weight,” you could hear him whine. While eating seconds. Bucky was never very good at denying himself and his wants now that he got a second chance at life. Certainly not selfish of course, just a bit…greedy. Better than what could’ve been, you remind yourself.
Bucky shuffled into the dining room, cheeks flushed as expected. He croaked, “What do you have planned now?” You placed a hot dish on the table, dressed as the perfect housewife per usual. You hummed, “You’ll see. Sit down and eat. You’ve worked hard today honey.”
He gave you a wary look, but sat down like the good boy he was. The pair of you ate in anticipated silence, Bucky forking his food down quickly. You chided, “Slow down. You’ll ruin the fun with a bellyache.” The Sargeant muttered a weak ‘sorry’ and slowed his roll.
“Are you wearing what I asked you to?”
He trembled ever-so-slightly, blue orbs flicking down submissively. Bucky half-whined, “Yes ma’am. It’s all on.” You prodded further, “Fit okay?” Bucky squirmed in his seat, putting down his generous helping of food. He whispered something.
“What was that baby?”
“S’tight. Need bigger ones,” Buck grumbled.
You sipped your small glass of wine, humming, “I’ll be sure to order some more. Although I like them on the tight side. Looks good on my chubby Buckybear.” You got a whine out of that, his metal hand digging into the wood of his chair roughly.
You waved a hand, “Go on and finish my food baby, then I’ll show you what I have planned.” Pouty blues and poked lips graced you instead of obedience. Bucky begged, “M’okay now what is it? Show me please baby? I’ve eaten enough.” He palmed his belly and grimaced, “Really. I can have the rest as leftovers. You know I love your cooking.”
He seemed miserable and needy enough that you grabbed his warm hand over the table and squeezed. Flashing a genuine smile you cooed, “Clothes off in the living room, be on the couch while I clean up James.” He nodded eagerly, stacking up his plates and rushing out. You let your husband’s begging slide for this once because this little idea would be intense for the shy little thing.
Oh fuck cleaning, you wanted your man.
He waited, tapping a foot impatiently, a pillow secured over his fluffy belly. Bucky’s eyes widened on your appearance in the doorway, full lips falling open to gasp your name. You rolled your eyes playfully, explaining, “I thought about you by your lonesome in here and couldn’t help myself. Y’miss me stud?”
Bucky nodded eagerly, smiling like a goof as he exclaimed, “So, so much babydoll. What’cha got in mind, c’mere c’mere please?” His big blue eyes tugged at your lower belly, making you bite your red lips like a nervous schoolgirl. You strode over to the record player and put on some Tommy Dorsey. Quietly, of course, Buck’s cute little whines were more important.
You had already haphazardly tossed off your apron and now busied yourself undoing your blouse before stopping yourself. Bucky whined, “Clothes on this time?”
“Part of the plan Sarge. Almost forgot myself. You get a little peak- it’s about halfway undone.”
He frowned a bit, shifting on the couch. All while in that fiery lingerie. You stepped in front of him, curling a hand in dark locks, Bucky pressing his face between your tits with a soft exhale of relief. You cooed, “If it’s too much, you better let me know bear. Red, green, yellow, and tap some Morse if ya’ can’t talk.” Muffled by your tits he affirmed, “Yes ma’am.” Big hands had laid themselves on your ass, squeezing greedily.
You truly were in a giving mood today.
“Okay now baby, need you on your ass in front of that pretty new mirror you worked so hard on,” you said, sickly sweet. Bucky jerked his head back in shock, eyes searching your own to make sure you weren’t joking. Removing his hands from your rear you restated, “C’mon then pup, use the pillow to sit on if you need to. This is the big surprise dummy.”
Bucky sulked and did so, casting forlorn expressions back over a thick shoulder. You playfully pulled at his hair before stating, “Be right back babyboy, lemme grab some stuff.” He whined in discomfort, arms crossing. You quickly gathered Howard’s device and plenty of KY.
Back into the living room you slid down behind Bucky, kissing the nape of his neck. The brunette pouted, “Hate when ya’ leave me lookin’ stupid like this.” You nipped his ear and apologized, “Sorry baby, forgot to grab the stuff beforehand.”
You pushed Bucky slightly forward, getting a view of his ass and heavy balls. He was on his knees currently, you’d spread him out nice and good later. Bucky inhaled sharply through his nose, hands gripping his knees roughly. You lubed up the toy and asked, “Want to feel the stretch or take it slow? I got the vibrating toy.”
He remained silent before blurting, “No, no, now, please?”
Your tits flush to his back, thighs spread around his frame you moaned, “You got it sweet thing.” Regardless of plea you still applied some lube to his tight pucker, deviously snatching the panties to the side with a snap! Bucky’s head fell back on your shoulder, groaning deeply, marveling the sensation.
You slid the toy in slowly, the toy making its way with minimal assistance. Sleek but heavy. Bucky squirmed harder and gasped when the toy settled on his sweet spot. Oh yes, Tony had made 2.0 of his original design, one that would milk your boy dry. Bucky shuddered, panting, “Oh-oh sheesh, baby? Sumn’ different bout this one.” You breathily exhaled, “I got Howie to make a specialized one for me. So I can wear my needy pup out.”
“Oh godddd. Fuck.”
Using your still lubed hand you rearranged ordered your husband to spread wide and lean back into your frame, that way everything was exposed to the mirror. You could drool at the bra looking full in the dim light and slight softness of Bucky’s chest. His belly was cut in half, rolling out from the garter. You pinched a sweet fatty roll and cooed.
Bucky shut his eyes, begging, “Oh baby, come on!” You demanded, “Look at your pretty damn body or I won’t touch your cock once. Look up bear.” Bucky’s watery blue eyes reluctantly drug upward, gazing at himself in the dimmed light. He whined through his nose, ass shoving back between your thighs.
“Aren’t you just so gorgeous baby? My slut all wrapped up nicely,” you kissed along his neck, eyes flickering up to the mirror murmuring, “Angel baby.” You cupped a strong pec and squeezed, the brunette gasping and moaning. Your husband managed a weak, “I- mmh- look s’softtt.”
Buck’s throat bobbed as he seemed transfixed on the reflection. Thick thighs spread wide to show his barely concealed cock— thick and leaking under a scrap of lace. You tucked your chin on his shoulder and snapped the garter once against his belly, earning a whiny yelp and shiver.
You unclipped the belt to the stockings, shoving the tight thing down Buck’s pudgy midsection. He took the rest off in a hurry, almost sighing in relaxation, but cheeks flushing up again when he saw the deep red indentation across his tummy. You were still trying to be nice but found yourself teasing, “Workouts with Johnson going well, yeah? Hafta’ move down to those size 34’s.”
Bucky pouted and tore his gaze away. No, no, no. You couldn’t have that. Grabbing his stubbled jaw you tilted your love’s gaze back up and growled into his ear, “Buck, I’m kidding because I think you’re the most handsome man to walk this planet. Whatever pant size you wear. But I need you to watch yourself, ‘kay?”
He nodded, eyes watering up again, lips trembly. You fiddled around for the remote and put it on the first level, Sarge jolting with a sharp cry. Skimming a manicured hand down his tummy you pulled that gorgeous prick out, biting your lip. Slowly you jerked the taught flesh, cum already leaking out due to the toy.
Bucky arched his back, unsure whether to bounce to jostle the toy or fuck into your hand. He moaned frustratedly, eyes dark and intense in the mirror. Using your other hand you pulled back his extra skin so you could cup and stimulate the tip of his ruddy cock.
Bucky wailed, eyes closing for a split second before making contact with your own. He was moaning harshly, chest contracting in short bursts. You cooed, “Yeahh that’s my good boy, mhm, keep singing for me.” The brunette sobbed as you slid your thumb across his slit, “M’your hah-ah good boy!”
You typically were content just using your husband until he was a limp noodle but your pussy was swollen and achy from this new show. You cooed in sarge’s ear, “Bear, bein’ so good you got me needy. Want your cock in me pup? Think you can handle that?”
He blubbered a litany of yesses, pleases, babbbbyyyys, and many other unintelligible noises of pure want. You grinned goofily, rubbing his quivering body, cooing, “Settle down, I’m not going anywhere puppy.” He swallowed and those blue eyes watched you expectantly. God your husband made you feel like you could take over the world when he did that.
Patting his cheek you clambered in front of him, on your hands and knees. Bucky asked softly, “C-can I please take off your skirt? Please honey?” You got up on your haunches and nodded, back to undoing your blouse and tossing it away. Bucky made quick work of your skirt, starting up again about your underwear.
“Take it off, c’mere,” you sighed.
The radiating heat of his body made you shiver excitedly, sending your thighs to clenching again. You turned to kiss your husband while his big hands took their time undoing your remaining clothes. He was a good kisser, sweeping you in easily. The pair of you took it slow, breaking apart to pant and coo nonsense.
His cock had nestled between your ass cheeks and you slowly rolled back against it. Bucky’s big hands massaged your tits, rolling the buds of your nipples with soft groans. You sighed and licked into his hot tongue, nipping a plump lip. Your puppy was holding it together well, hadn’t dissolved into a puddle of goo.
He nuzzled at your neck, blown pupils flicking up to your mirror image. Bucky whined so sweetly, voice raw, “Baby, sweets, can I fffu-fuck you now? M’gonna pop if I don’t.”
You assented, presenting yourself face-down, ass-up. Usually how Bucky ended up. What a strange night. The brunette’s shaky palms grabbed your hips as he dipped his heavy cock into your aching pussy. You moaned his name, lowering your back into an easy arch. Both of you cried out when he was seated.
Your gaze watched Bucky sniveling and sucking in breath from behind in the mirror. He mewled, “Ngh- oh fuck babyd-doll.” You breathed, “Yeah? Feel good? My puppy’s cock s’big.” You dropped your head at the stretch. “Jus’ gotta use it good baby, fuck your baby nice and hard.”
“I will, I will,” he promised, hair falling into his face as he vigorously nodded.
His eyes stayed on your own as he rolled into your cunt, the movement making him moan deeply. He sucked in another breath, whimpering, “Baby.” You let him breathe, he’d been such a good boy today regardless of the minor infractions.
“You got it, c’mon big guy,” you simpered.
Bucky gritted his jaw one time, that look of determination in his blues shone. He took you by surprise, rutting deeply inside and doing it again faster. You moaned in delight at the slaps of flesh, your husband’s cock rubbing that delicious spot. He was whining thinly, gasping and carrying on like this was his dying action.
You met him thrust for thrust, tits rubbing against the carpet, a surprise stimulation. You cried out, “Yes baby! Sweet puppy keep it up, making me so proud! Ahhfuck!” Bucky leaned over your prostrate frame, kissing and drooling. His tears wet your skin as the brunette split you open roughly.
His silvery hand curled around to swirl your swollen clit. He murmured brokenly against you, “Ngh- baby, cum for me please please m’so close don’t wa-wanna r-ruin oh god it!” He sobbed after, working you good and hard while falling to pieces.
You were sweaty and near delirious with pleasure, moaning like you were paid for it. Your belly was awash with heat, thighs trembling from his cock battering your sensitive insides. You turned to him, beckoning for a kiss. Once you swallowed down another sob of his you came.
Earth shaking, legs limp, mind-to-mush kind of orgasm. You cried out long and high, releasing all over Bucky in a gush of slick. Your pussy convulsed and twitched around him, already overspent. Your lids flicked open to watch Bear’s face crumple as he filled your cunt with his white hot cum.
He pulled you up flush to him, seeking to be close as possible as the intense orgasm hit him. Another possible side effect of super soldiers, they could cum for several intense minutes. So you cooed and let Bucky softly sob and mewl into your sweaty hair, cum dripping down your thighs from the sheer amount.
He settled into a soft pant, falling back ungracefully, you coming along with the fool. You turned to lay against his frame, swinging a leg over his thighs, tucking your head to his heaving chest. Bucky probably would be non-verbal by now with the mirror escapade.
You were content coddling and petting the soldier until he felt better. Bucky was your good, sweet boy after all. He kissed your cheek, humming idly to the record in the back. He had a soft smile on his pretty face. You locked that away in your memory box for safekeeping.
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allagogtoreblog · 4 months
Tumblr media
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 5 months
Pairing: Boyfriend! Bucky x Virgin! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Summary: you had never been interested in sex, or men for that matter- until you met bucky. now bucky and you had been going strong for months, and there's no one else you’d want to lose your virginity to. now the only challenge was making it seem like you were experienced...
Warnings: SMUT, reader losing her v card, dry humping, teasing, lots of pet names, PRAISE kink, slight playful choking, size kink, breeding kink if u squint real close, aftercare, reader has some anxiety, bucky being a really, really big sweetheart and a charming gentleman. seriously would die for this man.
“so i told you none of it was accidental, and the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me. i laid the groundwork and then saw a wide smirk on your face, you knew the entire time... you knew that i'm a mastermind and now you're mine.”- mastermind, taylor swift
Tumblr media
Tonight was the night. 
It was the night that would change your life, the night you would be thinking about each time your head hit the pillow, and when you’d wake up in the morning. 
The clock continued to tick slowly, almost mockingly as you waited, fingers twisting themselves into a knot. It was life-changing for you, but the same for anyone else. Everyone else continued with their lives, all in their own little fantasy worlds, with their issues and desires. 
It was confusing to think about, to wrap your head around. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, just for anyone to hear you, so they could offer their advice, or not care at all.
 Hey world! I’m a virgin, but my boyfriend doesn't know that! How do I go all the way with him without making it awkward?
But you kept your mouth shut, as you always did about things that mattered most to you. 
You sat and waited, like a patient in the waiting room, desperate to get seen. The door remained shut, the doctor refusing to come out. You knew Bucky wasn't supposed to come to your place until later, but the anticipation was killing you. 
It fired a pit in your belly, causing you to feel almost lightheaded as you waited, re-churning old worries and anxieties around in your mind like butter. 
You were in university, had been for some time now- but you were still a virgin. It made you feel stupid, even though you knew it didn’t matter. Virginity was a social concept. 
It was stupid, and dumb, and anyone could do what they wanted with their body whenever they wanted. Despite this, you still felt bad. Memories of your high school friends giggling and rushing to tell you of their sex lives haunted you, and even though you knew it probably was shit sex, at least they were getting some. 
You were surprised Bucky hadn't pushed the matter, regardless of the fact the two of you had been together for a few months now. They were the best few months of your life, and he had never made you feel so safe and comfortable in your own skin. 
So why was this so nerve-racking? 
He was obviously waiting for you to make the first move, to make sure you felt secure with his intentions. You hung your head low, hands coming up to rub your tired eyes as you sighed in the quiet. 
This was stupid. You were being stupid.
“This is stupid.” Bucky called from his spot on the couch, banging the remote with his hand as his head slouched back over the couch back. 
The internet had gone out for the second time this week, your landlord refusing to call the company no matter how much his residents complained. You watched the Netflix Error screen pop up on the screen again, the loading screen making Bucky's eyes roll along with it. 
“Trust me baby, I know.” you said, popping a blueberry in your mouth, its sweetness exploding in your mouth. 
“I guess we won't get to see Andrew Garfield's beautiful biceps after all.” Bucy hummed, tossing the remote so it buried itself in the cushions, a chore the two of you would have to complete when he’d want to watch cartoons with you in the morning. 
It sounded lame, but the amount of happiness you got from eating sugary cereal and watching old shows you both watched as kids was exhilarating. 
Bucky reached his arms out, an indicator he wanted you to curl up in his lap, a silent order you happily obeyed. “I guess not.” you pouted, trotting over to your personal teddy bear, breathing in his calming cedarwood scent. 
His skin was warm to the touch, fingers reaching to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear- lingering just a little longer than they needed to. You smiled as you looked up at him, your legs straddled across his lap, arms linked loosely around his neck.
 It was a position you often sat in, his need for personal touch consuming every waking hour when the two of you were together. But this time, it felt almost different- in a way. 
There was a secret message intertwined into your touches as you rested your head on his shoulder, nose nuzzling the side of his neck as you hummed softly. You breathed him in, utterly consumed by him as his hands found their place at your sides, repeating the same soothing strokes up and down your body. 
It was delicate, but you were hungry. 
You didn’t know how to approach this, this overwhelming urge you were feeling. 
How was this supposed to start? 
You didn’t want to outright tell Bucky, because that felt too weird. Too naked and vulnerable for your liking. You had to hint that you had done this, and that you wanted to do this- because you did.
 But you were inexperienced. And you knew that Bucky had experience- which made you feel even more stupid if you messed up. 
You were frozen, a realization hitting you all at once that you didn’t know how to even begin to approach this. The endless hours of planning this, planning exactly how and when, and who did not compare to the actual moment at hand. 
Bucky sensed this, as he always did- picking up on your sudden small movements. A catch of a breath, a fidget of the hands, the continuous tapping of a foot never got past him. “Sweetheart?” 
“Hmm?” you poked your head up, meeting his soft gaze as he studied you intensely. “What’s going on inside that pretty little mind of yours hm?” he asked, large hand coming up to cup your cheek as if the thoughts would trickle out into his palm. 
You gnawed on your lip, teeth digging into the flesh as you debated. 
Hold it off. You will sound like an idiot. Don’t even think about mentioning it.
 “M’just thinking.” you smiled, yet it wavered. 
“Just thinkin?”
 “Just thinkin.” you replied, thankful he didn’t push you further. Instead, he just kissed you- lips soft and inviting against yours, tasting of peppermint. You moaned, body leaning closer to him on instinct, hips rolling against him. 
“I’m gonna find out what's on your mind eventually.” he whispered, making you shake your head in response, a coy little smile plastered across your face like a mask. 
“Maybe.” you teased, kissing him again to shut him up. It was a little game you liked to play with him- fighting for that sense of dominance, though deep down you knew he always possessed it. 
Bucky’s hands roamed, making you shiver with excitement, his hips bucking up in sync with yours as the minutes dragged on. It was hot and heavy, gasping breaths and teeth and tongue. 
But this, this was about as far as it had gotten with you two. This teasing, this edging and dry humping until someone spilled in their pants. 
But not tonight. 
You didn’t think you could leave it at this tonight. 
You decided to take a risk, bringing your hand down to rub across the smooth planes of his stomach, brushing your fingers across the bulge in his pants, making him hiss.
 “Doll if you keep doing that I dont think I’m gonna be able to control myself.” he growled gently, forcing your eyes to meet his own predatory gaze. 
“I don’t want you to.” you breathed, a hint of a whisper that seemed to blend with the heavy pants, the rise and fall of his chest. An eyebrow was raised, hand sliding up to fit perfectly around your neck as if it were a choker. 
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you pretty angel?” he asked, making you nod. 
“Yes but- but I’ve never-” 
He stopped. Instantly, his hands cupped your face, thumbs brushing your heated cheeks with such delicately it was as if you were a petal upon a blooming flower. 
“Woah, woah lets step back for a second angel. You’ve never… you’ve never been intimate with anyone before?” 
You shoke your head. 
This was embarrassing. Holy fuck this was embarrassing.
 “No I haven't. I know it's embarrassing and totally lame, I understand if you dont want to do anything anymore.” All he could do was shake his head, shushing your words. 
“It's not embarrassing at all. It's kinda hot actually, that I’m the lucky one to get you like this. But angel, are you sure you want to do this… with me? You want it to be with me?”
Because truth be told, you couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else. You wanted to be Bucky, more than anyone else. 
“We can stop at anytime, okay? Don’t feel like we have to do this, or it’s too late to say no. You want to stop, we stop- no questions asked. And tell me if I’m doing something you don’t like, please.” he insisted, making you giggle as he kissed your lips gently. 
The breath was stolen from your lungs as you were suddenly swept upwards, definitely gravity as Bucky picked you up in his arms. You wrapped your limbs around him tightly like a koala bear, curious as to where he was taking you. 
“Where are we going?” you asked expectantly, watching as he made his way to your bedroom- to the layers of blankets the two of you had tangled in so many times before. 
Never like this though. 
“I’m not allowing your first time to be on some silly couch angel. I’m gonna take care of my girl.” he cooed, laying down upon the sheets, standing over you with a gleam in his eye. 
“So now what?” you breathed, scared on how things would play out next. You weren't quite sure what exactly you truly liked yet. You knew you liked when Bucky was gentle with you, when he would whisper sweet praises in your ears and when he would coax you to an orgasm. 
But during actual sex? It was a clean, blank slate. 
“Can I take these off sweetheart?” he pointed to your sleep shorts, butterflies in your chest fluttering so hard you could hear them faintly in your ears. You nodded, too scared to say anything, too scared to even breathe in case you woke up and this was all a dream. 
Bucky's hands were soft as they slid up your thighs, and you lifted your hips slightly to assist him as he slowly tugged them off- savoring the moment as much as you were.
 “There we go.” he smiled as he tossed the shorts to the floor, watching you eagerly slide the shirt off your head to reveal yourself to him. 
All that was left was a small scrap of fabric covering you, one that was getting wetter and wetter with each passing second Bucky looked at you like that. 
Like you were the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. Like he was mesmerized, like he was hungry and only you could satisfy them. You couldn't help but laugh nervously as he took you in. 
“S’beautiful. So, so so pretty, such a pretty girl.” he babbled, raising your leg to rest over his shoulder as he peppered kisses to your inner thigh all the way to your ankle. You couldn't help but let your hands slide up to cup your breasts, closing your eyes in pleasure as you toyed with your nipples.
 “That's it baby. Do what makes you feel good.” he groaned, rutting himself against the bed frame as he watched you play with yourself in rhythm with his kisses and scrapes of his teeth against your skin. 
“I want you Bucky. Please, want you so bad.” you begged, one hand reaching down to run your fingers through the silk strands, getting lost in the ink.
 “Yea? You ready sweetheart?” 
“Please.” was all you could whisper, watching with delight as he rose to his full height, towering over you as he undressed himself for you. His shirt was tossed with your shorts, lost to the memory as his belt unbuckled. 
This was happening. This was really, truly happening. 
So many emotions were rushing through you like a freight train, anxiety, excitement, passion. It was overwhelming, but Bucky understood this. 
“We can stop at any time. We can stop right now if you want, baby. I know it can be nerve-racking.” he assured, wanting nothing more for you to be comfortable and happy. Your happiness was his. It was something he often told you, and it brought nothing but a warmth that spread through your body. It felt nice to be cared about, to be looked after and cherished. 
“I want this.” you murmured, desire laced in your tone as he leaned over you. 
“I want this too. I’ve wanted this since the moment I’ve laid on that gorgeous lil body of yours.”
 “Pervert.” you teased, his laughter echoing throughout the room before he peppered kisses across your cheeks, causing your to squirm. “You’re such a minx.” he cooed, kissing you once more on the lips before he slid your panties down your thighs, over your thighs and toes before they were also, like everything else- forgotten. 
Your breath seemed to get caught in your throat. The gentle pitter-patter of rain that slid down the windows echoed from the end of a tunnel, the candle you had lit a while back seeming to glow just a bit brighter to highlight the wanderlust in Bucky's eyes. 
“Please.” was your only confirmation, your form of consent as he entered you slowly. You gasped, muscles tightening as you clawed his biceps. It was an unfamiliar feeling, intrusive as he moaned softly. 
“Shh, just relax angel. Good girl.” he praised as you exhaled, wincing slightly at his size as he stretched you out. 
He was big. You had known this, but it was different with him actually inside you. 
“Do you wanna stop?” he asked, concerned. You shoke your head. “No, no I’m okay. Just feels weird is all.” you whispered, moaning slightly as he filled you even more, bulge appearing from your stomach. 
“You're doing so well for me sweetheart, so so well. M’so proud of you darlin.” he cooed, making the fire in your belly flame that much higher. 
Bucky stayed inside you, unwilling to move for a few minutes until he knew you were comfortable. Your nails began to declaw from his arm, little crescent moons doting his muscles as your breath filled your lungs easier. 
“Can I move?” he hummed and you nodded, the feeling of pain morphing into some form of pleasure as he shifted. 
“Oh fuck-” he moaned, his forehead brushing against yours as he rocked his hips, causing your back to arch, chest brushing his. 
“Bucky oh god..” you drawled, finally understanding. 
So this was what the hype was about. This is what people lived for, people died for, people killed for. This sense of connection, the closeness you reached, the feeling of bliss. The feelings that sparked inside your core that were new, something that made your head spiral. It was like Bucky had you under some spell, like this was some sort of daydream your body felt so tingly. 
“You're so wet angel- n’ so tight-” he gasped as he filled you to the hilt again, finding a gentle, easy rhythm that sent you to the heavens. You were mindlessly babbling, no words coming out of your mouth coherent as your eyes rolled. 
“I- love-you-mghm.” you moaned with each thrust, your body jolting as the bed rocked from Bucky's movements. His hand pinned yours above your head, a makeshift handcuff as his lips found yours again, silencing your whines.
 “I love you so, so much darlin, so good to me. Just let go for me baby, let go.” he whispered, your body following his commands as you felt the coil break, release washing over you as you clamped down on his cock.
 “O-Oh god-” you panted, hiccuping on your noises as you struggled to catch your breath. “Good girl. Good, good girl.” Bucky coaxed you, riding you through your orgasm. 
You sensed his breath hitch, his noises getting louder with each shift of the bed frame- and you knew he was getting close. “Inside. I’m on the pill.”
 “Oh god baby shit shit shit-” he panted, your words turning him on even more than he thought was possible. His grip tightened around your wrists as he came inside you with a growl of your name, possessiveness seeping out of him from the way he kissed and bit along your collarbone. 
You felt full and warm, Bucky’s chant of “I love you, I love you oh god I love you” against your skin making you giggle. 
“Thank you for taking care of me.” you smiled. 
“Thank you for being the most wonderful, most beautiful girlfriend in the history of the universe.” he teased, freeing your hands from his grip so you could run your fingers through his hair once more, cupping the sides of his cheeks as he always did to you. 
You winced slightly as he slowly eased out of you, feeling his cum slowly seep from your abused hole. “I know pup m’sorry, I promise you're okay.” 
He kissed you not once, not twice but three times as you pried your squinted eyes open, your body slowly relaxing as he stood. You stared up at the ceiling, watching the blades of the fan spin as the cool air washed over your hot and sticky skin. 
Going over so many things in your mind, relief spilling through each aching muscle. You had lost your virginity- and there was nothing to be scared about. It wasn't so much the actual sex you were worried about- more so the stigma you were worried you'd inflict on yourself. Scared you would do something wrong, or worried Bucky would look at you differently after hearing you had never done it with anyone else. 
Of course the thought were irrational, you knew this now looking back on them but they were still valid nonetheless. 
Bucky's footsteps snapped you out of your trace, and you now realized you were too deep in thought to even notice him leave the room. A smile was plastered on his face, baby blues seeming to glow brighter than they had all night- if that were even possible. 
A damp facecloth was in his hand and you watched as he sat down beside you, bed dipping slightly as he brushed the warm cloth between your inner thighs. “So that happened.” you said, as if you were stating a fact at a business conference. 
“So that happened. Are you happy that it happened?” he asked and you laughed, hiding your face behind your hands. 
“So happy it happened. I wanted this to happen.” you confessed, snuggling into him as he lay down beside you, capturing you in a soft embrace. He kissed the top of your head, wrapping his arms around you tightly, as if he were scared you would let go. 
“You’re a mastermind.” he chuckled, the happiness rushing through you so contagious you wondered if everyone else in New York could feel it. 
You hoped they did. 
You knew they had other plans, other dates and things to stress about, but you hoped just for one second- they could feel the whisper of your giddiness in the wind. It was the kind of giddiness a child got when they ran downstairs on Christmas, seeing Santa had left them one cookie, but enough crumbs so they’d know he was there. 
It was the kind of giddiness you only got when you were with Bucky, in his arms. 
“What’s on your mind?” he’d ask again, later that night when the moon was high, sleep threatening to tug you under its waves. 
And you’d tell him. 
You’d tell him every little thing, about how much you loved him, how much you cared for him- how the feelings you had for him were like no other. And he’d kiss you again, drunk off the taste of you, until your lips were swollen and any worry you had were left far behind. 
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buckyalpine · 2 months
An idea!
Maybe an FWB situation with BestestFriend!BuckyxAvenger!Reader they do it mostly for Bucky after a long, gruesome, taxing mission. Bucky made it clear that no feelings must be involved. He also made it clear that he’s not into her as he is still very much inlove and hung up with his ex. Basically this FWB situation mostly benefits Bucky, even Nat thinks it’s not really a FWB, just Bucky using her. But she doesn’t mind. Bucky is a good fuck. Like damnnn good. And if she can’t have Bucky as a romantic partner, she’ll take what she can get. Besides, Bucky told her that he doesn’t want an avenger or an agent as a partner. Too much danger and chaos for his heart. He wants to love a civilian like his ex, in hopes of living a normal life after retiring.
So, she starts distancing herself when she sees Bucky slowly trying to get back with his ex. Less sex, more excuses. But for some reason? Bucky does not like it. He does not like how you were not there anymore, how you don’t need nor seek him for the “benefit,” he’s also not that happy with whatever he’s doing to win his ex back. She doesn’t necessarily reject him when he asks for sex, just avoids him all in all. Day by day though, she consumes his thoughts and mind. Did he do something wrong? Say something? Forget something? What did he do to deserve this treatment from her? Bottom line, he misses her. What’s weird is, she’s still there as his best friend when he needs either steve or her. Just less of that benefits part
Then it grows progressively worse (for Bucky) from there as he sees her bring one night stands, to consistent and stable dates in their home. He’s still happy tho Bc if the date goes wrong or the one night stand doesn’t satisfy her, she goes to Bucky for a satisfying sex.
However, what pushes Bucky over the edge was one night filled with passion. Both of them feels this sex is different. One thinks he’s doing and feeling this extreme emotion Bc he’s angry while the other thinks she’s just frustrated. But the truth is? It’s passion and connection between them. She feels so good that she can’t help but blurt out “oh god I wish my future boyfriend/husband could fuck and fill me up like you do”
That’s it for Bucky. Those words are enough to make him feral. Just the thought of another man giving her attention, affection, love, adoration, and faithfulness makes him sick to the core. So, He fucks her with all his might, all his feelings. He fucks her with all the possessiveness and the green monster inside him. He fucks her in hopes of filling her full and deep that no other man can reach and own her like he does. (Maybe even breed her so that no man would actually be with her, but him)
Bc how bold of her to think that he would let another man touch her. That he would let her wear someone else’s ring and last name? That he would let her carry another man’s babies? No. Absolutely not.
Obviously this confuses her, but she thinks of it as part of their play. Maybe heat of the moment? Whatever it is, it’s hot and made their sex better so she didn’t question Bucky as of the moment.
Come next morning, she wakes up buried in bucky’s arms tightly and securedly wrapped around her as if she would disappear any moment. She has things to do so she attempts to leave but this just wakes Bucky up. She was abt to say something but Bucky just kisses her passionately yes Bucky now admits what it is. Not letting her go and aiming for another hot steamy possessive sex. Her words from last night ringing in his ears as she tries to leave.
Idk what to do next, I just want them to be happy and together in the end (maybe fast forward to their wedding? To them having twins?) 😭 then maybe the last line was like “well my love, you’re lucky your husband could fuck and fill you just like I did when we were fuck buddies”
This is so perfect, i love this and that ending line is sending me, its so angsty and steamy and fuck it's so cute. Literally had to pull out a google doc to paste the request so I could look at my draft and the points side by side cause of all the details, I’m so sorry if I missed anything 
“Strictly sex?”
“Strictly sex” 
Bucky’s lips smashed onto yours as soon as the words left your mouth, the both of you clawing off your tactical gear, throwing it off haphazardly. You didn’t even make it to the bedroom; Bucky had taken you right in the middle of the safe house floor, no prep, sliding into you and fucking you till the sun was up. 
Moments earlier
The mission was long. Stressful. Violent. Bloody. You weren’t even sure if you’d make it but you’d both made it out alive. You’d noticed Bucky on edge the entire time, his jaw clenched, fingers twitching while you tried to patch up a few scratches on yourself. 
“You okay Buck?”
“M’fine” He mumbled, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back, resting on the wall of the jet letting out a strained groan. 
“You don’t seem fine” You gave him a pointed look, clearly not believing him. “What do you normally do to relax” You cocked an eyebrow while Bucky stared at you, his eyes turning a shade darker. 
“Fuck” His eyes bore into you, challenging you to ask more questions, his patience wearing thin. “I fuck” 
“I can help with that” 
“So what’s with you and y/n?” 
“You’re saying there's nothing?”
“I- I’m not over Lauren yet” Bucky shrugged, his mind constantly clinging onto his ex. She was the first girl he had dated in years and the first girl he felt anything for in a long time. The break up was mutual; his job took up long hours and the longer he was away, the more they grew apart. The split was made sense but he couldn’t let go of the lingering feeling in the back of his mind about how things would have been if he had just tried harder. Bucky set down the mug he was drinking from, leaving the kitchen while you entered. He gave you a nod, making his way to the gym to punch his feelings away. What if he had just tried harder...
Nat shrugged, not pushing the matter further but she never believed either of you when you both insisted there was nothing more between you. She knew damn well Bucky was using you to fuck his feelings away but it didn’t seem to bother you. You were more than satisfied with some super solder dick because it was good. Damn good. Still, she was a trained assassin and not stupid. Nat could see the way your eyes would linger on him for a second longer and the way you’d lighten up as soon as he stepped into the room. 
“So you and Barnes are just friends, huh?” 
“Obviously” You looked at her with wide eyes, hoping to ignore her question while you made yourself some tea but she continued to stare at your instead. “It’s nothing more than that. We hook up sometimes but it’s just casual”
“And you’re completely okay with things staying just the way they are?”  She cocked an eyebrow, her eyes narrowed accusatorily as if she could see right through you. “You’re fine with always just being a quick fuck?” 
“It’s what we both need, honestly, I’m fine with the way things are” You nodded,  thinking back to a conversation the both of you had both had after a mission. 
“If I ever settle down, it’d have to be with someone outside of all this”
“Outside of what?” 
“This” Bucky waved his hand around, pointing to the arsenal of weapons you were putting away after yet another grueling mission. “All this avenger shit, saving the world. I just want to go home to something peaceful. normal. Leave all this behind and just exist with someone I love. I’d never date someone from the team or someone associated with this, it’s too much” 
You felt a strange tightness in your chest at his words but you shrugged the feeling off, understanding where Bucky was coming from. 
“So who do you think you’ll end up with Barnes” 
Why were you asking him this as if you’d like the answer. 
“Maybe someone like Lauren” He mumbled, “Just someone who isn’t a part of this. Normal”
You felt the tightness creep back up but you shoved it back down. After all he’d been through, he deserved a little bit of normal. 
You took your tea and made your way to your room, sipping while you thought about Nat’s question. Were you okay with the way things were? He was a good friend to you and no doubt the only person who could have you screaming till your lungs were sore. 
He was never yours.
He never saw you that way.
You were just a good fuck.
He always loved his ex.
It didn’t help that you’d recently noticed he’d been out more often. He didn’t say anything to you directly but you could tell he was trying to get back with his ex.  Cut his hair. Cleaned up. Quietly going out and not breathing a word about where he was off to. You weren’t 100% sure what he was doing but it was enough for you to decided you had to pull back. 
A few weeks later
Bucky frowned, hearing yet another excuse from you as you made your way to your room, softly closing your door and hearing the muffled noise of your TV switch on, not going to bed like you insisted. It had been weeks since he’d spoken to you properly. He couldn’t even remember the last time you had the benefits part of your “friendship” You were usually always slinking around him like a cat, your touch, your voice, your scent, some form of you always surrounding him. 
He didn’t like it.
Not one damn bit. 
 He hated that you didn’t wrap your arms around him randomly, whispering in his ear about how badly you needed him. Or the way you’d bite your lip looking over to him in the middle of the field, a silent promise of sucking his soul out as soon as the mission was over. Or how your back would arch off the bed, your thighs suffocating him, tugging the hair from his roots when he nursed from your clit as if your arousal quenched his thirst. Or the way he’d let his cum seep down your thighs, fucking it back into you with his fingers, getting you to lick them clean afterwards-
Bucky groaned to himself, shifting uncomfortably at the hard on he’d given himself thinking about you. It’s not even like he could go to you to get you to take care of it. The few time’s he’d tried to initiate something, you were tired. Had cramps. Not feeling well. Injured. Always something, leaving him high and dry, avoiding him all together. He decided to make his way down to the gym, punching his feelings away yet again, though this time they were over you. 
A few more days had done by and Bucky was worse than before. Sure he was talking to his ex again, but he was more concerned over the growing distance between you both. You’d both agreed the benefits would stay just the same unless either of you got into a committed relationship and while he had reconnected with Lauren, they weren’t official....
Why did you avoid him so much?
Was it because of Lauren?
Why did he even try to reconnect with her...
How come you didn’t let him get close to you anymore?
He started to wrack and pick at his brain wondering where it all went down hill. Did he say something to you? He didn’t forget your birthday, he’d gotten you everything you’d ever mentioned, even the littlest things you figured he hadn’t paid attention to. So what did he do to deserve this? He’s pent up like never before and it’s not just sexually. It dawns on him that he needs more than just sex, he also needs your friendship, your softness, your laugh. 
He missed you. 
All of you. 
Of course you were there for him when he needed you, patching him up after missions, keeping his favorite snacks always stocked up, listening to him vent about Sam. It wasn’t the same though. As soon as you did your job taking care of him, you were out of his hair and off to do something else that had nothing to do with him. 
Bucky thought it was bad before but now he was seeing red. He was silently seething, seeing yet another handsome stranger drop you off, kissing you and giving your ass a playful squeeze before letting you make your way inside. The worst was when your stupid dates would actually make it inside the compound and all the way up to your room, Bucky had never been more thankful for sound proof walls. He watched you carefully, your smile dropping as soon as your date drove off, kicking your heels off and making your way to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink. 
Though Bucky despised seeing you after dates (unable to understand why he felt so strongly about them in the first place) there was one benefit to your rendezvous. One he wouldn’t openly admit to enjoying. A twisted part of him was happy when you didn’t enjoy yourself because while you would keep your distance from him on a regular basis, there were a few select times you’d relent and give into your needs. Like right now. 
“Bad date?” He cocked his head while you downed the dark liquid in one go, slinking over to his side, the warmth of your skin radiating off you. You nodded, letting your arms drape around his shoulders, standing between his legs. 
“Wanna help me forget?” 
It happened often and left Bucky more tormented than before. He hated that you only came to him when you needed to forget your shitty date but what could he say when you were supposed to be just friends with benefits anyway. You have a hold on him he can’t even explain. A hold no one else had ever had on him before. Not even his ex. 
His ex.
Bucky isn’t even sure why he had tried to reconnect with her. He realized there was nothing between the day he met her again after months. He remembered the relationship differently; rose coloured glasses making him forget that there wasn’t ever a strong connection between them. Now he was struggling to figure out why all of his thoughts were consumed with you. If that was the only way he’d get to have you then he’d take what he could get. 
Bucky smiled to himself when he heard the a soft knock at his door, opening it to find your semi disheveled state, your hair a mess, wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt. 
“Need something doll?” Bucky smirked while you rolled your eyes, pushing past him, walking right into his room. You were there for one thing and one thing only. He knew it and you knew it.
“You know what I need Barnes” You huffed, unsatisfied from your date who rubbed you like a scratch lottery ticket, asking if you had finished 30 seconds after. “He couldn’t find my clit” You shook your head, tossing your tshirt off, leaving you bare moving laying on his bed “Not that most guys can”
Bucky felt all of his blood rush down south, it didn’t matter how many times he’d seen you naked, how many times he’d had you spread out for him, he’d forever be taken with how perfect you looked wearing absolutely nothing. He palmed his boner as he made his way over to you, stripping all his clothes off before giving his cock a few tugs. 
“Pretty sure I can” Bucky murmured, crawling onto the bed and spreading your legs in front of his face. “And if I remember correctly...” He nipped your inner thigh making, smiling to himself at the soft gasp that slipped form your lips, pressing a sloppy wet kiss right onto your clit “It’s right there, isn’t it baby”
You let out a whimper, nodding while he hummed, a cocky smirk curling on his lips. He pressing his hard cock against the mattress for some relief, the feel of your soft silkiness making him leak. “I know exactly where my pretty doll’s clit is, don’t worry your pretty head baby” 
“He didn’t know how to touch you, huh” Bucky cocked an eyebrow when you silent shook your head, his thumb coming to rub soft circles around your clit, “You like it slow and gentle at first, hm? Barely touching you, teasing you a little before getting faster?” Bucky watched you carefully, your chest rising up and down faster as he started to apply more pressure, his blue eyes locked with yours. “Then you like it faster, just like this” He removed his thumb, twitching to his two fingers', coating them in your arousal before using his fingers tips to rub you making you moan louder, “That’s right, sing for me baby, sing for me while I play with your pretty little clit” 
“I remember you loved when I did this...” He gently sealed his lips around your sensitive nub, suckling with the lightest pressure, his hands holding your thighs apart, loving the way you moaned just for him. He pulled off so he could use his tongue, lapping and twirling around your clit, groaning at the sweetness that coated his tongue. 
“Need-need more” You moaned, getting louder as he pushed two fingers into you, curling them and speeding up his pace, grinding against the bed, his balls growing heavy. “Need your cock Bucky! Please fuck me” You grabbed at his shoulders, too desperate for just his fingers, needing to feel all of him. 
“Okay, okay baby, m’here” Bucky cooed, as he came up, kissing your neck, jealousy creeping through his veins smelling the remnants of your dates cologne still lingering on your skin. 
Another man. Who touched you. Felt your body. 
“Need you” You moaned again, feeling his cock nudge against your soaked entrance, your thighs wrapping around his waist. Your eyes were practically pleading with him, rolling back when you felt him start to press into you, moaning into your neck. 
“You have me” Bucky groaned as he shoved his cock into you, not giving you a second to adjust, his arms wrapped tightly around you, and pounding you right into the mattress. You cried out from pleasure, the air nearly knocked out of your lungs from his cock hitting your sweet spot, his cock starting to drip inside you. You could feel him all over, his body weight heavy on top of yours, the scent of his body wash, the scent of him, the heat off his body, the way he tasted when he smashed his lips against yours. 
You’d hooked up plenty of times before but none of them were like this. 
Bucky’s face was tucked into the crook of your neck, sucking dark bruises, gently licking and kissing them right after. His arms were holding you tight against him, rolling his hips so that he’d still be pressed against every inch of your body the entire time. It felt like he was trying to fuck the deepest depths of your soul, unrelenting, the bed post steadily thudding against the bedroom wall.  
 Bucky felt it too. Something more. He didn’t know what, maybe you were frustrated, pent up from being unsatisfied but he’d never had you like this before. Your legs squeezed his sides, your nails scratching down his back, trying to pull him impossibly closer. You were begging him for more, nearly crying, tears clouding your vision as he braced himself up slightly on his knees, fucking you even deeper. He savored your sweetness on his tongue, the smell of your shampoo, how silky and soft your body was. His cock was throbbing, threatening to blow sooner than he’d like, your pussy sucking him back in every time he fucked you. 
Your hands went to card through his hair, your nails grazing through his scalp, drawing the sluttiest moan from Bucky, his eyes rolling back, fucking you even harder. You could feel your arousal squirt out of you at how desperate and delicious he sounded, squirming under him, feeling the wiry hair at the base of his cock rub against your clit. 
No one else had ever satisfied you the way he did, touching you in a way that made your body light on fire. He felt so good, fucked so good, tasted so good, made you feel things everywhere. Your heart was screaming, wanting to making the night last forever, but forever wasn’t something either of you agreed on. He wasn’t yours. If only. If only you could always have this. You needed this. Exactly this. You tried to bite your tongue, your voice needy and broken, unable to stop the words from tumbling out as your mind swirled. 
“Fuck Bucky I wish my future husband would fuck me this good, oh god-
You cried out as he growled, grabbing you and bringing your knees up, angling his hips till his thrusts made your belly bulge. He felt feral hearing your words, knowing you needed more of what he was giving you, what only he could give you. No one else would ever make you feel this good.
“Yeah? That what you want? Another man to fuck like me?” Bucky felt another surge of jealously course through his veins at the thought of another man having you the way he did. Another man touching you. Making love to you. Fucking you. Filling your tight cunt with their cum, breeding you till your belly was round and swollen. He snarled against your neck thinking about you carrying someone elses name. Someone else making you feel good, making you moan, putting their cock in you, it was supposed to be just him. Only him. 
Why was he so possessive.
He tried to shake off the thought but the image seared into his brain. 
He couldn’t stand the image of you in your wedding dress, saying I do to a man that was someone else, your soft lips kissing theirs, sealing the both of you together forever, taking you away from him. 
Fuck that. 
Bucky fucked you like his life depended on it, the green monster of envy and jealous possessing his very soul, pouring all his feelings into the way he fucked you. He marked your neck, your shoulders, your breasts'. 
“Need-need this Bucky” You cried out, feeling pressure and tightness growing through your body, your orgasm desperate to spill over. He grunted, his balls growing heavy, his own climax at the tip of his cock. 
How could you think of letting someone else have you this way. 
To have you so vulnerable, hearing how beautiful you sounded when you were lost in pleasure. 
How could you think of wearing another mans right? Taking his last name?
How the fuck could you think of carrying another mans child, giving birth to his babies, having a family with someone that wasn’t him. 
How could you. 
Bucky’s mind felt muddled, he felt sick at the thought of you belonging to someone else, not when you had him. Not when he could give you what you wanted. He couldn’t push away the thought of how you’d look if you were carrying his babies. The way your tummy would be so round. How tired you’d look, a little super soldier baby growing inside you. 
The way you’d be pouty, your breasts leaking, your swollen belly perfect evidence that you belonged to him. No one would look at you twice, knowing who your baby daddy is. Who would dare look at the pretty thing the winter solider knocked up, thinking twice before they even looked your way. 
Fuck, you’d look so perfect, pregnant with his baby. He’d take such good care of you, massaging your sore feet, rubbing your belly, doting on you every second of the day. He’d spend hours worshipping your pussy with his mouth, knowing you wouldn’t even be able to see him over the swell of your tummy but your satisfied moans would be more than enough for him. He’d carry you everywhere, treat you like a queen, make love to you, drink your sweet milk when you felt heavy and sore, you be all of his-
“F-FUCK I’M CUMMING” Bucky bit hard onto your shoulder, moaning loudly as he started to cum, thoughts of your leaking nipples and firm belly making his whole body jolt, his cock sensitive, spurts of his seed endlessly pouring into you. “Y/n, look at me” He panted, still rutting his cock into you while your eyes rolled back into a silent scream, cumming around his throbbing length. 
“Look at me” He grasped your cheeks, making you look at him, sweat beading at his forehead, his skin flushed “I’m gonna get you pregnant” You gasped, moaning against his mouth as he continued to sloppily grind into you, his cock still some how hard. “You’re all mine, understand?”
You nodded, but it wasn’t enough, his grip on your cheeks tightened, desperate to hear your voice. 
“Say it” He pleaded with you, panting and grunting, overstimulated but too deep in wanting to fill you again to care. 
“I-I’m yours James!” You could feel pleasure creep up you again, working yourself up to a second high just off his words alone. 
“Keep saying it, keeping saying it, m’gonna cum again, don’t fuckin stop, keep telling me” He almost sounded like he was going to cry, his balls throbbing, still full and heavy.
“I’m yours, I’m yours, get-get me pregnant daddy” 
“FUCK YES”  That did it, his second orgasm spilling into you, his cock finally starting to soften. You panted, your mind reeling over the what had just happened, too fucked out to formulate words. He had taken you apart, cumming in you twice, his seed still deep inside you as he stayed inside you, slowly drifting off to sleep. As much as you wanted to ask him about what had just happened, you figured it was just the heat of the moment. You melted into his hold, letting sleep take over instead, what just happened wasn’t a big deal anyway....
You blinked awake, heat engulfing you, Bucky’s arms wrapped around your body keeping you tightly and securely right against him. You squirmed, only to feel him hug you closer, whining, as if you’d disappear if he let go. You tried to gently wiggle free, not wanting to deal with the fact that you’d stayed the night, but your attempts to leave only woke him up. You blinked at his soft blue eyes gazing down at you, his strong arms still clinging onto you like no tomorrow. 
You were cut off by his lip smashing onto yours in a breathe stealing kiss, your eyes growing wide before melting and kissing him back. You both reluctantly broke away for oxygen, your face heating up as he tucked your hair behind your ear, still holding you close. 
He rolled over, pinning you down onto the bed, his hard cock pressing against your thigh. “Stay, please” All Bucky could think about was your words from last night, the thought of anyone else other than him having you making him sick. He needed it again. Needed more. Wanting the same passion from the night before, his heart yearning and aching for it. “Y/, doll please” 
You shook your head, a sudden surge of anger fueling you when you remembered he wasn’t even yours and his heart was elsewhere. 
“James, let me go- 
“No” He stayed in place, bringing his hands to lace with yours, pinning you further, “Doll, I know I have no right but-but I need you”
“You had me last night, that’s all you need anyway” You scoffed, while he shook his head, regret clouding his eyes.
“No baby, it’s not enough. It was never enough. It’s always been you” 
“James, you were just trying to get back with your ex-
“It was a mistake. I learnt that the same day I met her. There wasn’t anything between us, truthfully there never was. I guess I remembered things differently from how they actually were. A stupid memory that never even existed. She never made me feel the same way you did. Not even close” 
You stayed silent, while Bucky continued to nervously ramble, his feelings coming out scrambled, fear making it difficult for him to focus. He couldn’t lose you. He adored you. Needed you. Couldn't stand the thought of someone else other than him being by your side. 
“It’s all you baby, always all you” He whispered, giving you his best puppy eyes, his heart hammering against his chest. You spread your legs slightly, letting his cock rest against your core, your nose bumping against his. 
“Show me you mean it” You whispered against his lips, gasping as he filled you, moving slowly so you could feel every bit of him. Him. The only person you truly every wanted. The person you imagined your future with. The person you wanted it all with. 
“M’gonna show you for the rest of my life doll” 
A few years later
You yawned, handing off your little one to Bucky, giving him a quick kiss before he was carried off to bed. Bucky rocked his son in his arms for a moment before setting him down in his bed, kissing him goodnight before switching the night light on. He made his way back to the bedroom, his heart swelling when his eyes settle on you, the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. 
“How are my babies” Bucky smiled, laying in front of you and pulling your shirt up over your swollen belly, his two little angels fluttering inside. 
“Kicking and causing a ruckus, just like you a Steve” You huffed, giggling when he laid his head on your tummy, kissing the area where he felt the little ones moving. 
“Let mama sleep” He soothed, rubbing your skin,  smiling when he felt the babies settle down. “Be good for mommy, she’s sleepy, carrying you both around all day, keeping you warm and cozy” 
Bucky continued to coo and whisper to your belly, lulling you in and out of sleep, listening to his soothing voice. He had done the same thing when you first son Steve Grant Barnes Jr. was born, doting on you every second of the day. You had sworn you needed time to recuperate, exhausted from carrying his enhanced little one though both of you struggled to keep your hands to yourselves. 
“You just had to get me pregnant with twins, didn’t you” You playfully narrowed your eyes at him, gently stroking his hair while he continued to cuddle with your tummy. Bucky grinned, taking your hand and kissing your palm, the ring on your finger glinting softly under the glow of the table lamp. 
“Not my fault, you were the one who had your hands down my pants when we got back from that mission. I didn’t hear you complain when I made you cum three times in a row” He wiggled his eyebrows while your face heated up, biting your lip, remembering the way he had taken you apart in the jet, the safe house and then your home, the both of you insatiable as always, “Aren’t you lucky your husband fucks you like I did, Mrs. Barnes” 
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spencerreidafterhours · 4 months
Tumblr media
*~.It’s so comforting to know I can stay up till 2 am reading the most toe curling, filthy, plotless smut in a warm bed on thanksgiving break. This is what the holidays are all about. *~.
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buckylattes · 4 months
Next door neighbor-B.B. version
Logan Howlett’s version here
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!!!
Summary: Your next door neighbor, Bucky, has been trying to get your attention for a while now, but he fears that he’s taken the whole situation the wrong way. Will you ever give him a chance?
Warnings n stuff: 18+, modern au(but Bucky still has his enhanced senses and stuff), virgin!female!reader, reader is 25, smut!, fluff, bucky is a whore at the beginning, mentions of virginity(obviously), unprotected sex, penetration, creampies, multiple orgasms, soft sex, rough sex, lots of cum, belly bulge, multiple positions, scent kink, sexual frustration, talks of masturbation, talks of sex toys, choking, finger fucking, breeding kink, biting, he calls readers pussy ‘her’, dirty talk, oral(fem receiving), spit, pet names: pretty thing, pretty girl, sweetheart, sweet girl, cockslut, cock hungry slut, mentions of noncon touching(not by Bucky), both of them are lusting horny idiots, he licks his lips like a loooot, they argue like once, reader is a tad bit insecure because of past relationships, Bucky’s a fucking romantic sweetheart😭. WC: 8.8k+
Decided to repost this with Bucky because I like the fic so much. So if you see any “Logan” or “Lo” excuse that haha
All mistakes within this fic are my own!!!
Do not read or interact(with this post, any posts, or my blogs) if you’re under 18!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having Bucky as a neighbor is…hard. You overheard what his occupation is one night a bit back, and now you know why he’s gone so much at night. He’s a top of the line security guard for a huge hospital. He leaves at around 6:30 PM and doesn’t come back till almost 7 AM. But on his days off, which he gets quite frequently due to his twelve hour shifts every night, you can hear the thumping of the mattress. The springs when they squeak, the bed frame that nearly pounds against your wall. It starts around 1 in the afternoon, and goes in till late into the night.
He must have some amazing stamina, is all you can think, well…besides thinking about how amazing it would feel to be on his cock, in his bed- or yours- and how fucking good it would feel to have his lips to yours in a heated kiss that gets you fucking throbbing. You’ve heard Bucky’s grunts through the walls, how throaty they are, how deep they are. They make you wet, to the point every day when it starts, you have to put in earbuds or you’ll contemplate doing something to yourself, touching yourself.
But that also doesn’t stop you from laying there and listening sometimes, thinking about how good it would feel, how his cock would fuck you dumb. It doesn’t help that you’re a raging virgin, if that’s how you’d like to put it. Twenty five and haven’t had much experience. Some of the dates you’ve been on were been nice, but most felt rushed because every guy wanted to fuck you on the first or second date, even a little non consensual touching happened. And they weren’t worth any of that, obviously. They didn’t compliment you, most of them didn’t anyways, they didn’t kiss your cheek or bring you flowers, chocolates, or even a fucking small teddy bear. Nothing. It was bland talk, and dry laughs for the most part of the dates, and then immediately they tried to get up your skirt or in your pants.
You don’t like those types of guys.
And Bucky surely sounds like he brings home a different woman every time his bed frame bangs the wall, but that’s different…right?? He’s not leading them on. Because sometimes you’ll hear them ask about the ‘next time’ or if there will be another night, and he says no, he tells them that he only occasionally does more than a night, but it’s rare. The woman usually understands though, and she leaves.
But…since you moved in a year ago, something in Bucky has changed. All he wants to do is you. But he’s a bit stubborn, so he thought that maybe fucking the women he’s bringing home, so hard that it would catch your attention and you’d hop into his bed one night and he’d take you out to dinner or something, make a habit of you. But Bucky is almost positive now that he’s got that completely wrong. He’s got it all wrong. Especially when he holds the elevator doors open for you and you rush in, a small smile on your lips as you mumble him a ‘thank you’ that he hears.
The corners of his mouth lift up and the doors close, but he can’t help to smell you. It’s a little after lunch, did you just touch yourself? He smells the sweet fragrance and it’s killing him, yet this is how it goes weekly. His hands are in his pockets as you both silently wait for the elevator to get to the bottom floor. God it feels like it’s taking forever.
“Uh, so…” Bucky starts with a small scowl. How does he even go about this type of thing??? It’s been a while since he’s asked someone on a date. Usually he’ll find the ladies that he brings home at bars or at clubs that he sometimes works at over the weekends. But he’s not asked anyone out on a date in…a long time.
You keep quiet but your gaze falls upon him. These are the moments you realize how fucking tall he is, his shoulder width is insane, and how fucking good he looks. Bucky’s eyes don’t meet yours, not for a few seconds anyways. “I- i don’t do this often but…I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner?”
Did those words just leave his mouth???? Did they really? What even takes you more off guard is the fact that he says ‘he doesn’t do this very often.’ Huh?! “I- I’m sorry?” You ask, a bit confused and taken back. Times ticking, there’s only six more floors to go. “I was just-.” He starts but you give him a polite smile, “look, Bucky… don’t, I’m not looking for a one night stand. I can hear the fucking bed frame hitting the wall every night. I just can’t do that…i- i can’t.” You shake your head and turn towards the door before it opens.
Bucky is stuck to his spot in the elevator as he watches you leave, and his brows furrow. You could hear it all. And he definitely knows he fucked up now. He should’ve known that as sweet as you are and innocent-because let’s admit it, he’s heard your soft cries at night while getting off on your fingers- you’d think he’s a jerk.
But Bucky doesn’t just take home any woman. He takes the ones back that only want a night or two, and that’s it. And you’re the first woman, in a long time, who’s made him feel any sort of way.
As he watches you walk out the elevator and into the lobby, he’s frozen. Bucky watches you greet the elderly couple and chat with them for a moment before going on about your day, and he does too, once he’s able to move, but you’re sitting in the front of his mind for the whole day.
Tumblr media
A week has passed, and you’ve run into Bucky once since then. He offered, again, to take you out on a date. This time, you almost went with it, but you didn’t. You hadn’t been hearing any sort of woman being brought over, so you think that maybe he’s being serious. Maybe this is his way of proving it to you.
But then last night, as you sat on your bed earlier, you could hear it. Well you thought you could, except this time it wasn’t a steady thump or creaking of the bed, the frame wasn’t hitting the wall. It was just the sound of his grunts and some kind of wet sound. You could hear him mutter and groan under his breath, and that’s when you knew that he was masturbating.
What else was Bucky supposed to do?? He’d gone almost two weeks by that point without fucking someone, and he was desperate. So he resorted to his hand, and fuck it he hadn’t of wished it were you and your sweet cunt. That’s honestly all he’s been thinking about for a solid few months now. That all the other women he brought home were you. Their moans and whimpers weren’t the same though. And he knew your pussy would feel different too. Yours is sweeter than any other pussy he’s ever smelled, your arousal makes his mouth water and his cock hard.
After another week of being shot down, even with no women being brought over, Bucky is starting to feel hopeless. He doesn’t want to bug you, he doesn’t want to be a creep, but he really wants you to give him a chance. Maybe he should take a new approach.
So after work, Bucky ran by the store and grabbed some flowers-that he very specially picked out for you. Thankfully he worked an odd shift today, so you should be up. He rushes to your apartment and knocks on your door, hoping you’ll answer. Bucky hears shuffling and then you pick up something, then he hears you at the door.
You look through the peephole before opening the door and you let out a sigh of relief before plopping the knife down on the table beside you. “Bucky…you’re home at a weird time…” you say with a small laugh. Bucky can’t help but to realize you know his schedule. That’s cute.
“Yeah I picked up a weird shift but uh…I wanted to bring these to you.” He says as he extends his long arm to hand you the flowers. Your eyes go a little wide and you feel heat rising to your cheeks. “I- oh they’re gorgeous, Bucky.” You can really tell he put some thought into them, and they look very expensive too.
They’re made up of reds, pinks, white, and some yellow flowers. There’s a few dark green pieces as well, and they’re very much real. The wrapping used for the flowers has white hearts on it, and it’s paper- not plastic. There’s pink twine wrapped around the bunch of stems to hold them together better, and there’s a little card sticking out of the center with a bumble bee stamped onto the outside of it. You smile and Bucky’s heart hammers in his chest. He’s never felt so nervous, not in a long time at least.
His eyes watch as you take the card and flip it open. Bucky licks his lips and swallows, hoping you’ll take him up on the offer. He fears this will be the last time he asks you if you say no.
The little card reads,
‘The most beautiful woman deserves the most beautiful flowers. The last time I bought someone flowers was twenty years ago, if not longer, so I hope this means a little something. The colors reminded me of you. So sweet and so pretty, always a ray of color and light in my days when I see you and your smile.’
Your smile grows more once you read it, and you can’t help but reread the words. They’re actually…in his handwriting. The numerous times you’ve seen him write something at the PO Boxes here at the complex have made his writing pretty much recognizable to you, so you know he’s being serious if he wrote this himself and not let the printer or some other person do it.
You put the small card down into the little holder before turning your eyes to his face again. “One date. No sex, no dirty flirting, no vulgarity, one date. And if it goes well, we can take it further. But if you butcher it, Mr. Barnes, no more!!” You say with a soft smile on your lips.
Bucky can’t help but chuckle as he nods, “yeah, I completely get it. I won’t ruin this. I’ve dreamt about this for months.” He says before his lips stay permanently into a nice, handsome smile. “How does tomorrow at seven work for you??”
Tumblr media
You never thought it would be happening, but as you stand outside of the all too expensive restaurant, your heart races. You’re definitely dressed for the occasion, but you’re nervous. As you’re in your own head, standing, looking into the window of the restaurant, someone lightly grabs your elbow and you jump. “It’s just me, sweetheart.” Bucky says, voice deep. “Oh, shit, sorry.” You apologize and a crack of a smile appears on his red lips. He speaks while his hand moves down to yours, taking your freshly manicured hand into his. “Don't have to apologize, I’m the one who startled you after all. What’s going through that pretty head of yours, hmm?” He asks, his hand that nearly swallows yours, squeezes yours and your heart thumps louder. “Just…there’s a lot of people.” You lie right through your teeth, but you’re more than sure that Bucky buys it because he nods. “Yeah, there is. But the food is absolutely delicious, sweetheart.” He hums before he leads you to the huge doors, and someone opens them for you both before Bucky escorts you in.
Dinner goes well. No flirtatious remarks, but Bucky does everything he can to compliment you. He compliments your hair, your nails, asks if it’s a new perfume you have on because it’s different from the ones he’s smelled on you before. He compliments the dress you’re wearing, and the shoes, even the tattoos that he’s never seen before, and he wonders what else you’re hiding from him.
You don’t expect him to compliment your laugh though. “What!? That happened!?” You ask after Bucky tells you about one of his many night shift stories at the hospital, mentioning the fact that a man fell on his ass while rushing to his car, for whatever reason, and it was icy. So he plummeted. Bucky then said the man proceeded to slide under his own jeep, and couldn't stop until he managed to grab ahold of the foot piece on the other side. “No fucking way!!” You say softly before you giggle. Your hand goes over your mouth as you laugh, imagining that the guy must’ve been so embarrassed because wow, you’re getting second hand embarrassment for him. “Yeah….nearly went down to the ground laughing at him myself.” Bucky chuckles as he listens to you laugh. When you finally manage to settle down, you take in a breath of air before drinking some water. “Your laugh…I’ve never heard you laugh so much before. But my god, it sounds so sweet.” He hums low before he licks his lips.
You feel your cheeks heating up again and you smile, “I- oh wow…No one’s ever said anything like that about my laugh. Bucky, I really- you’re a charmer aren’t you?” You giggle a little more and he laughs, “only for you. You’re the only one I’m seriously committed to for as long as you will have me.”
On the way back to the apartments, Bucky’s words play over again and again in your head. That he’s yours for as long as you’ll have him. Is he this serious about it? About you?? You’re brought back to the car ride when he squeezes your hand that he’s holding in his lap, sort of on his thigh. “Something wrong??” Bucky asks, voice deep and gruff, but something about it is always so soothing. You shake your head, and it’s the truth. Nothing is wrong, everything seems so right. “No, nothings wrong, just taking in everything.” And it’s halfway true, because you’re trying to wrap your head around how he went from fucking so many women, to looking like he’s in love with you.
Maybe one day you’ll have the guts to ask him, but for now it’ll wait.
Indeed, when he dropped you off at your door that night, he kissed your cheek, and you promised him another date. But you also told him you’d be out of town for a week, so he’d have to plan for when you got back. That was no issue for Bucky, because as soon as you were back, he let you get settled, let you get some rest, and then that next morning he knocked on your door. Bucky had you get dressed, “wear something cute but cozy.” He said, and so he dragged you out of the door after you got dressed.
He took you to a park, full of statues and art for the whole world to see. You walked the whole place and thankfully, Bucky steered you right with cute but cozy clothes. The sneakers you wore were perfect for the occasion. Bucky then brought you to a place for brunch. You drank coffee, ate some baked goods, and then made it on your way to the next destination. You remember asking him over and over again where he was taking you, but he wouldn’t say.
So when Bucky pulled up to a botanical garden, your smile came back onto your face. He didn’t even have time to tell you where you were, because you already knew. You loved this place, went there so often that you knew it like the back of your hand, but of course Bucky didn’t know that, so you explained to him, and he felt a little bad. He thought he'd picked out really good spots. But you reassured him that you loved it so much.
Bucky was relieved, he’d worked so hard to plan that date, and he wanted you happy. You two went out for dinner again, and he got you even more flowers, a bigger bouquet too. It had a small box of expensive chocolates with it, and you fell harder for the man.
Tumblr media
After a few more dates, Bucky finally got the courage to ask you to be his girl. Of course, over those dates, he realized and learned that you’re not a crowd person. You don’t like large crowds or a lot of attention on you, so he asked you to be his girl while the two of you were cooking in your apartment. It was romantic, and Bucky looked at you as if you were the brightest star in the sky, guiding him in the right direction of his sort of messy life.
You couldn’t say no, and you didn’t want to. He was thrilled. It was the most perfect dinner and snuggles he ever had, and he was happy- still is, the both of you are.
One small issue was that Bucky’s schedule got busier. So less dates is what became of that, but it didn’t deter your care and passion for each other. He’d often come to your place to sleep if he’d missed you way too much that day, and he needed you. He’d knock and knew that you had waited up for him, every night, and you’d help him shower and get dressed- simple loving things. Then you’d crash in your bed, tangled up together all warm because of his body heat, and all cozy.
Thankfully, the busiest time of year passed quite fast, and he was able to start back his regular schedule, which ultimately made you both happy. Bucky planned date after date, along with your help of course, and you never grew tired of each other.
Tumblr media
Your first argument was two months ago. You’d asked him, ‘how did you go from fucking so many women, to only wanting to be with me?’ And he had an answer. He just didn’t know if you’d like it or not. So he sat you down, held your hands, and told you.
Bucky told you how he instantly felt pulled to you the moment you two locked eyes, how he knew he had to have you, thought it would be best to try and make you jealous. But he found that stupid the more he thought about it, and he slowly realized that he needed to stop. So when you kept shooting him down, he knew that it was time. So he stopped. Bucky told you the truth, that he never really wanted to fuck all of those women, but he thought that it would get your attention.
That made you upset. He’d never seen you get upset at him or angry, but you were that time. Maybe you were being a little immature-you thought to yourself-, but the thought of him trying to make you jealous, when he had barely talked to you and didn’t even try to get to know you, was a hit in the face. It just felt dirty. So you didn’t talk for a whole week..
Thankfully, a week after that, you two made up. Bucky apologized a million times and bought you many flowers. He had them shipped to your workplace, along with lunch, and dinner dates. He finally won you back- and he thanked whatever god is above-, and you apologized too, for being a little too hard on him. Everything was good again, everything felt right again.
But around a month ago, you felt guilty at the end of one of your dates. The ride home got a little steamy, and you’ve kissed him before- many times. Sleepy kisses, lazy kisses, I missed you kisses, happy kisses, etc etc. But these were different. Bucky needed you, he wanted you so badly. And by this point it’d been around seven months since you started dating officially- nine since the first date. He had to pull over on the side of the road, pull you into his lap, hands were heavy all over your body where he allowed. They didn’t wander much, because he wasn’t sure if you wanted what he did, so he kept them on your hips, waist, thighs, and neck area, until he knew you wanted to go further. But then you didn’t want to go further.
Of course Bucky didn’t show disappointment or anger when you told him you weren’t ready for that yet. He was more than understanding, but his aching cock was a tiny bit of an issue. He’d dreamt so many nights of fucking you into the mattress it had gotten old how many times he had to jerk off just to relieve himself. But he’d never push you to do something you didn’t/don’t want to do- he’d never do it. A boner is only a minor inconvenience, one that’ll eventually go away. So he helped you get back into your seat and then drove you both home.
What he hadn’t expected was for you to not talk to him for a week. You felt guilty. You felt bad. You knew things between you two were going good again and…you felt like, since everyone in the past only really wanted to have sex with you, that’s what you were waiting for to make this relationship spiral into a pit of doom. You were nervous to actually try sex for the first time, and it was not a discussion you wanted to have with anyone- let alone Bucky- but you knew it would have to be done at some point.
So after around a week of unanswered calls and texts, luckily you answered his knocks- after he came by so many times and all you answered with was ‘I’m okay’- on your door and opened up. “Holy shit, you’ve worried the fuck out of me, sweetheart!” Bucky said as soon as you let him inside, and he picked you up, hugged you to him tightly and kissed your cheeks, nose, and lips. “I’ve missed you s’much. Thought I’d lost ya.” He whispered against your lips before he shut the door.
You apologized, profusely. You didn’t let him get a word in, not until you finished. You explained why you felt guilty, why you felt off and odd, and that you were scared. You didn’t want to disappoint him, you didn’t want to be a nuisance either, and Bucky’s heart broke for you. He had no idea that you were a virgin, he figured it was none of his business before now what you’d done with who, but he knew you would’ve told him about it before things got heated between you two, and he was correct.
Bucky didn’t expect for you to give yourself to him, he didn’t expect you to jump the horse and want to have sex with him immediately after that conversation either. So he held you as long as he could that night after the conversation, whispering words of reassurance and validation into your ears. “I don’t care about that. We can do it whenever you want to. You’re not disappointing me sweetheart, I don’t care about that.”
Tumblr media
Yesterday, three weeks after the conversation, Bucky got a new mattress delivered to his apartment. He bought new sheets, silk ones, and new pillows. He bought a whole new fucking bed, let’s just say that, and tossed his other one out while you weren’t home. You had no idea. Bucky was proud of himself. He felt like you would like to sleep on something….new. Something that wouldn’t remind you of his past ‘relationships’(aka.. one night stands) so he’d went out and bought new bedding. A new bed frame, mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows, everything. And he wanted to have you over the next day, so he cleaned up the whole place after the delivery guys had left.
Today, he got up and finished some laundry, then sent you a text, telling you to come over in your best cozy clothes at around 3pm. While Bucky finished cleaning, and then ran to the store for food products, you showered and ate a little something, then picked out a pair of cotton shorts and a big shirt of his.
When the clock hits 3, you knock on his door. You have a small baggy in hand for just extra necessities, because even if you do live next door, you kind of don’t want to have to leave his place. Not even a minute later Bucky opens the door and engulfs you into a warm hug, his lips pressing against yours and his hand on your cheek. “Sweet girl…I’ve missed you.” He whispers before he shuts and locks the door. Because before you he never would. He can protect himself, very well, and he’s never had a reason to. But when you told him that it made you feel safe, he started doing it for you.
“Hi handsome, I missed you too! What were you up to yesterday?” You ask, your hand runs through his hair before you kiss his scruffy chin. Bucky chuckles, “I wanted to show you something. It’s what I was up to yesterday.” He says, voice wavering a little but he wiggles his brows just a bit which makes you giggle. Bucky’s a bit nervous, he doesn’t want you to feel guilty that he replaced his bed for you- because he really wanted to do this; for you.
“Okay, let me just put my bag down and I’ll follow!!” You tell him, eyes bright and smile wide before you place the bag down, crocs sliding off and next to the door before Bucky picks you up into his arms. “I told you you’d never have to walk again if you don’t want to, pretty girl. Especially not in my apartment.” You giggle, that laugh he loves so much, and his heart grows warm at the feeling. He can’t help but press a kiss to your soft lips.
“Take me away, Buck!” You say before you wrap your arms around his neck and he leads you to his room. You’ve been in here dozens of times, but this time it’s different. The walls have different pictures on them. There’s many of you two, and some are just art pieces. He even put up some bookshelves and he sees you eyeing them. “Yeah….I know they’re pretty empty but I was hoping you’d bring some books over and leave them here…so I’d have more of you around the place.” Bucky whispers before kissing your neck delicately. “Notice anything else??”
Your eyes scan the room and they land on the bed after a brief moment. Your eyes squint as you focus and you notice it’s not the same banged up, metal bed frame as before. This bed is a sleek black wood, the poles extending up to leave around a foot and a half from the ceiling. There’s intricate white details, lining some parts of the headboard and footboard, and your mouth falls agape as to how nicely it looks. You also notice the sheets that are sticking out from where the comforter is pulled back are different, and the comforter is new. Everything’s new. “Is…is this all new??” You ask, confused as to why Bucky would go and buy all this stuff. But he nods as he holds you to him tightly. “Slept so good last night, even the mattress is new, pretty thing.” He says as he walks over with you on his body, and he sits down. “Why..?” You ask again, confused.
He chuckles at your expression and kisses your lips, “because I thought that maybe….it was time for a change, but I also wanted you to be comfortable. I know you could hear what all was going on here…in the past. Whenever we finally decide to take that next step, I want you to have something secure, new, and comfortable to be pleasured in. I wanted to get you something that’s just for us, only us.” Bucky tells you honestly as he holds you in his lap, his hands rubbing over your arms as he watches your face.
“I just want you to know, this isn’t some shit, or twisted plan to get you to change your mind about everything, I just want you to know how serious we are. How serious I take our relationship. That I am prepared for when you want to finally have sex with me-if ever-, and when you want to open up- no dirty pun intended.” Bucky says with a small chuckle, but he’s honest about it, before he kisses the crown of your head, pulling you closer into his arms.
It takes you a moment to process everything, but you smile, tears brimming your eyes, and his hands trail over your back as he eases your nerves, or at least he thinks you have nerves. “Bucky…you did this for me?” Your voice comes out small, and quiet. “Yeah, I did.” You hug him tighter, your face resting in the crook of his neck as you smile, “I-I Love you Bucky. Thank you, i- i really don’t know what to say.” You tell him gratefully, and all Bucky expects of you is for you to enjoy it. Whether it be sleeping, cuddling, watching a movie, hell just having you sit on the damn thing would make him so happy. “It’s all for you sweetheart, and you’re welcome anytime. I love you even more, pretty girl.” He then pulls out a key from his pocket, and it’s the spare apartment key to his place. You look at it and you smile, “any time? Really??” You ask, not believing that this man is real, but he nods and that brings you to realization that he is. Bucky is very much real.
Your hand takes the key and you kiss Bucky’s lips, “I really do love you.” You whisper against his lips, and he smiles, “and I love you, so much. I’m not good about putting it into words but…I try to show it through other things.” “You do…you’re amazing Bucky, honestly.” You murmur, and then you set the key down onto his nightstand, which is also shockingly new. “I have been thinking about it though…about losing my virginity. God I hate saying that…” you scrunch your face up and Bucky chuckles at how cute you are. “But I have been thinking! And I want to lose it…tonight. With you…on this new bed…and the new sheets- which are silk?!” You ask as you run your fingers on the material. “I really want to. I’ve dreamt about it…longed for it. I’m not…,that scared anymore. I’m more nervous than anything.” You admit, and your hands hold his as you look at him as if he’s your entire world.
“God, sweetheart, the things I’ve dreamt of doing to you. I’ve just imagined them night after night.” He mumbles against your lips before he stands up and places you onto the bed on your back, his calloused hand-and metal one too- running up your shirt just a little bit. “You’re positive? That this is what you are wanting??” Bucky asks, because he needs to make sure. Bucky needs to make sure because he is positive that once he starts, he won’t be able to stop. He’s dreamt of devouring you, sinking his teeth to leave bite marks all over your skin. Bucky has imagined kissing every inch of your skin, touching every inch of your body, and bringing you to your orgasm, more times than he can count on his fingers- and toes- twice. To say he’s utterly obsessed with you, pretty much any thought of you makes him go crazy, it’s an understatement.
You nod your head as you look up at him, “yes. I’m absolutely positive, Bucky.” Your words come out soft, and you bring your hands up to cup his cheeks. “And….you don’t have to be soft the entire time.” You tell him, your words firm and sure as can be. Bucky swallows and nods, then his lips are on yours as he picks you up and moves you towards the plush pillows, soft but firm and the fabric of the pillow cases are soft too.
The kiss is full of need, on both ends, not just yours. His body is slotted in between your legs as his hands slip up under your shirt, rubbing over the area of your ribs and your hands bury themselves into his messy hair now, thick and untamed. You moan into his mouth, and Bucky can’t help but grind down onto you, and you feel the heaviness of his cock through his sweatpants. “Bucky…” you mumble against his pretty lips, and your eyes stay closed as he starts to trail kisses down your jaw towards your neck. “So…fucking….gorgeous.” He growls out in between every kiss he gives you, and he can’t stop from saying more. “Love you…..so much….want you….need you….been dreaming of you….and thinking about..,,your tight cunt….” He’s breathing a little heavier when he gets to your pulse point, and Bucky starts to nibble on the skin there, causing a moan to slip past your glistening lips.
“Bucky…” you moan, and it sounds like a melody only meant for him to hear. “That’s it, pretty girl….moan for me.” He whispers, and you continue as his hands trail further up, his thumbs brushing past your nipples before he starts to tease them, playing with the hardening buds. You can’t help but let out soft whimpers of bliss as he treats your body like it’s a delicate statue, or like you’re a queen and he’s only meant to serve you, please you.
The further his kisses go, the wetter you get just from his kisses. They’re sloppy and wet, and Bucky’s cherishing every bit of your skin, memorizing it with his hands, lips, and nose as he takes in the scent of your warm skin. You smell absolutely captivating to him, and he can’t imagine not ever being able to have you.
His hands move down from your nipples and breasts to your ribs again, down to your waist and then hips. He kisses down your tummy and over your belly button before his hands slip to the waistband of your shorts. He can feel that you’re not wearing panties.
“Were you…planning on this?” He asks with a small smirk. Your cheeks grow hot and he notices how bashful you get, so he chuckles at your little expression. “Aw, pretty girl…so good for me.” Bucky kisses right above the band of your shorts before he tugs them down, slowly. You watch him as your hands stay buried in his hair, and the further down he goes, the more your hands slip away, and eventually when your shorts are pulled down, your hands are not in his hair anymore. That’s when you notice your shorts are gone, and on the floor somewhere, and you get a little more shy. But he doesn’t allow your legs to close.
Bucky’s hands gently grab you by the thighs and pull you closer to him, so that you’re now at the end of the bed and he’s on his knees, ready to worship you. “Mm…” he growls out low as he looks at your pussy, dripping and wet for him. He can just see the clit peeking out, and his cock throbs harder. He doesn’t say anything else, all he does is lean forward, hands still on your thighs, and places his face right onto your cunt. He takes a deep breath in and a throaty groan escapes him, and you can’t help but to get hotter than you already are. Bucky then takes another breath in, this time some sort of growl comes from his throat and more arousal gushes from you.
“Holy fuck Bucky….please.” You whimper as you clutch the comforter under into your hands, fingernails digging into the fabric slightly. He chuckles against your pussy before he moves his face back a little and then licks up your slit, and just teases you by missing your clit. You let out the most needy little whine and he didn’t think his cock could throb any harder. “Fuck, pretty girl….smell so sweet…sound so sweet, taste even sweeter than I imagined, too.” Bucky grunts out before he spreads your legs wider, and he can’t take it anymore.
Those sweet eyes you’re giving him, and the way you smell, look, and how you crave him just as much as he craves you, makes his head spin. Bucky leans back down and this time when he licks up your slit, he doesn’t miss that pretty clit he’s been wanting to wrap his lips around and suck on. You let out such a filthy moan, he has to grip your thighs harder to contain himself. “Please….mmph…feels too good!” You let out, your eyes closed. You’re so sensitive, never being touched makes you that way, and the fact that you haven’t touched yourself in a week, because you wanted to be absolutely needy when you told Bucky you were ready. And fuck if it isn’t so good already.
Bucky then sucks onto your clit, one of his strong hands leaving your thigh and spreading your lips apart so he can focus more onto your pretty pearl, giving it as much attention as he can. His eyes don’t close, instead they strain to focus on you, how your chest heaves, how your fingers clutch the sheets and comforter, and how your face is so blissed out. You’re so needy, and he’s going to give everything he can to you tonight, and as much as you’ll take.
Bucky pulls away from your clit and then his fingers spread you open even more, so that his tongue can delve into your hole. Your breathing gets heavier, and your pussy flutters at his warm, wet tongue when it slips in. His tongue is long, and when he manages to slip in a finger along with it, you’re moaning more. His nose bumps your clit over and over again, rubbing it just right in ways you didn’t know would feel so good. Guess your friends were right when they said guys with big noses make good use of them.
“So good…” Bucky groans in between lewd noises, complimenting your taste. His finger moves and curls into your cunt, reaching as far into your pussy as he can, then his tongue finally moves back up to your clit, and he flicks his tongue, knowing just how to make you feel good. “Bucky…another…” you moan, back arching as you tell him to slip another finger in. Bucky doesn’t have to be told twice by you. So he pulls back from your clit, gathers spit and then spits it messily and filthily onto your cunt, watching as it drips onto the one finger that’s curling against your g-spot, before he slips the second one into you. “Fuck!” You moan, fists getting a tighter hold on the sheets before he’s moving back to working on your clit, hungrily. Bucky nibbles on it, sucks on it, and flicks it with his tongue. The noises grow louder, wetter, more obscene. He’s never eaten any other woman out like this, he’s not even thought about it. All he’s thought and is thinking about, and forever will, is you. Your pussy, your clit, your lips, body, sounds. Everything about you.
“G-getting….close.” You whimper as you start to squirm a little, body growing hot as you whimper and moan, the sounds are heavenly to Bucky’s enhanced hearing. He groans from the pit of his throat, lapping at you hungrily as he finger fucks you harder, faster, messier. He’s never eaten pussy like this in his life, not this lewdly or needily. No.
He wants you to cum on his face, his mouth, his tongue. He wants every bit you’ll give him, and he’s so fucking glad that when he suckles onto your clit harshly, growling out which sends vibrations through your core, that you cum. Your back arches off the bed, and you try to squirm away but of course Bucky doesn’t let you. He has that one hand gripped onto your thigh and holding you in place as he fingers you and suckles your clit.
Bucky does, however, move his mouth after a few moments, and let’s his nose do the work while he laps at your juices that have leaked from your weeping pussy, and god you taste so good. He groans, cock leaking precum in his sweats as he licks up everything and all that he can of your cum.
When he’s finally done, you’re panting, chest heaving, skin hot and slightly sticky, and your shirt is ridden up so he can see your boobs. Throughout that, he thinks, you must’ve risen it up and started playing with your nipples. “God Bucky….fuck me, need it so bad!” Your raspy, whiny voice breaks him from his trance as he stares at your body. He can’t believe he got this fucking lucky. You’re so debouched, hair a mess, eyes hazy, lips parted, and nipples hard. Your pussy is a mess of slick and spit, and your clit is swollen and sensitive.
“Fuck, pretty girl. Such a pretty pussy, tastes so damn good, look so fucking pretty for me.” Bucky mumbles as he crawls on top of you, helping you take the shirt off while whispering, “let’s take this off…” He then kisses your lips again and being able to taste yourself on his lips, has your pussy walls fluttering around nothing, greedily. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as he kisses you, lids closed, Bucky’s tongue in your mouth, roaming to taste every inch of yours.
His hands grab your thighs and lift your legs up, and he grinds down onto your cunt, his clothed cock hot and heavy. You let out a breathy moan, and you lick your lips. “Taste good, don’t you?” Bucky asks and you nod, “yes…tastes so good.” You’re so blissed, pussy so needy, that you rub up and buck up towards Bucky’s cock. That makes him chuckle before he runs a hand up your body and over your neck. Your breath hitches as his hand closes around your throat, and his face comes close to yours. His breath is felt on your lips, nose bumping yours, “love ya, pretty girl. Think you’re ready for me?”
You nod quickly letting out an, ‘mhm’ and Bucky chuckles again. “So needy….” He grunts out before his other hand goes to your pussy again, feeling the wetness that’s fresh, and it’s not even his spit this time. It’s your arousal. “So fucking wet again. I can tell you’re gonna be my little cockslut.” He smirks before he presses his lips to yours in a searing, hot kiss, then he squeezes your throat a little harder before he stands up, and takes off his sweats. He didn’t have a shirt on, so that’s not an issue, and now you can see he didn’t have underwear on either.
“Fucking….my god.” You breathlessly say when you see his cock. It’s huge. The only thing you’ve ever used is a vibrator, and oftentimes your fingers. You’ve never had anything that big inside of you. You swallow, legs still spread open as you look at Bucky’s cock. “It’s okay…” He whispers as he comes over, crawling back on top of you. “It’ll be okay….I’ve gotcha, pretty girl.” He murmurs before kissing your jaw, then down to your neck where marks have already risen due to his assault on your neck earlier.
You feel the tip of his cock nudge your pussy and you gasp. It feels even bigger without seeing it. Your hands go to his biceps, and you hold onto them, nails digging into his skin. Bucky grunts out in pleasure before he starts to make a steady motion of slipping his cock in between your folds, the leaking tip rubbing your clit every time. “Is this my pussy, pretty girl?” Bucky grits out, his cock throbbing hot against your cunt. “Yes, yes it’s your pussy. All yours, Buck…” you say fast, and needy. Bucky chuckles deeply, cock catching on your hole now as he slips back and forth, dying to be inside of you. “Tell me if you want to stop or if you need a minute.” He says, and before you can reply, he’s nudging his cock into your pussy. “Oh shit…” you gasp out, nails digging further into his skin. Your eyes scrunch closed at the intrusion, and Bucky softly kisses your cheek and face, your lips and jaw. “It’s okay…it’s okay. Doing good, such a good fucking girl. So tight for me too. Ease up a little though, pretty girl. Gotta ease up.” Bucky murmurs, and you try to relax as much as you can, because holy fuck this is a lot.
You swallow as he eases the head in, and you try to relax more. “Keep going.” You tell him, and he obliges. He pushes in some more, and when he hears you take a breath in he stops. He waits the few seconds for you to relax again, and this is repeated until he’s fully inside of you. Your pussy squeezes him so tightly, he’s not sure if he can go more than two minutes without cumming, but he knows with his stamina he can cum many more times than just once or twice. “You’re….fuck.” You say with a small chuckle as your hands soothe over the small cuts on his arm from your nails but they’re pretty much gone now. “You did good. Taking my cock like a good girl. My very good and pretty girl.” Bucky moves a little bit and it has you whimpering. He places his hand onto your lower tummy and you let out a moan, feeling him so deep inside of you. “Gonna make you feel so fucking good…gonna have you stuffed.” He grunts before he eases out and pushes back in.
The first few thrusts are like that, sort of slow, but he pushes back in progressively harder. The more of a reaction he gets from you, the faster that Bucky goes. Eventually he has your legs pushed back, and his cock is ramming into you while the hair at the base of his cock is brushing up against your puffy clit, your moans bouncing off to the walls and for a few seconds you feel bad for your neighbors but…then you remember that you are his neighbor, and Bucky lives at the end of this hall. So it’s likely people can’t hear you as much as you were thinking. But those thoughts are all swept from your mind the second Bucky says something absolutely filthy. His hand wraps around your neck, one arm holding both legs near your head as he fucks you. “Focus on me. Focus on my cock, my voice, the pleasure I’m giving you, or I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you fucking focus.” He growls out as he gets faster, harder, and you moan, nearly screaming.
Everything’s washed from your mind except for him. The way Bucky’s cock drives into your pussy, the lewd sounds of his dick pushing in, pulling out. The feeling of how thick he is, how his heavy balls slap your skin. “Want you to cum in me!” You moan, breathless, but it’s a moan full of pleasure nonetheless.
Bucky nearly cums right then, his balls twitching, cock does too, as his chest heaves. He licks his lips before he gets a dirty smirk on his face, “you…..you want me….to cum in your cunt??” Bucky’s voice is even deeper, and it hits the pit of your stomach, making your pussy clench around his cock, and he groans- guttural and devine to your ears. “Yes! Yesyesyesyes!!!” You chant, voice music to his ears as he fucks you harder. You don’t think you’ll ever walk again from how hard he’s fucking your pussy.
“Oh I’ll cum inside of your cunt, pretty girl. I’ll fill ‘er up so good….that she’s leaking my fucking cum for a week. You won’t be walking, you won’t be off of my cock for longer than five minutes at a time.” He growls, hand tightening around your throat, and Bucky has you seeing stars.
You unexpectedly cum, trembling under his glistening body as you do, and you pant, nipples hard and exposed. He then pushes your legs down further, hand leaving your neck as he takes a nipple into your mouth and sucks on it, nibbling some afterwards. You cry out at the pleasure, and this isn’t exactly how you imagined the first time for you going, but you’re definitely not going to complain either.
The second you feel that Bucky is about to cum, he doesn’t. He pulls his cock out, maneuvers you so that you’re faced down. He grabs a pillow, one that he bought for you both to use, places it under your hip area, and then spreads your legs just wide enough for him to push back in. The stretch is more now, and he feels that you’re even tighter since you’re not so splayed out for him. “Fuck! Good girl….good girl. Taking my cock like it was fucking made for you. Huh? It was made for you, wasn't it baby??” You sob out from under him, his hands holding you down as he fucks you, skin slapping skin loudly. “Yes!!” You moan out, but it’s a little muffled. “Mmyeah…she’s so greedy, won’t ever let her go a day without my cock again.” He then pulls out and teases you, slipping just the head back in. You beg, “nononononono!!!! Put it back in, put it back in!! Please pleasepleaseplease, Bucky! Please!!” You cry out, and he’s shocked at how much of a cockslut you already are, but that doesn’t stop him from ramming into your cunt again. He fucks you like he has no restraint. He has been dreaming of this for a long while now, so really no one can stop him- only you if you need to.
“Cock. Hungry. Slut.” Bucky growls in between thrusts, his cock throbbing as he gets close to another orgasm but he wants you to cum again. He needs to feel how tight you can get in this position, how pretty your sounds are again and again, and how breathless he makes you.
All you can whine out are noises. You can’t make a coherent sentence or thought. All you know is, cock, cum, orgasms, Bucky. That’s all you fucking know. “Yeahhh, gonna fill you right to the brim. Over. And. Over. And. Over. A-fucking-gain. Gonna fucking breed this little pussy.” He growls out and when his hand meets your asscheek, it has you cumming. Legs shaking, pussy spasming around Bucky’s thick cock. His balls are full, and within the next minute, he cums inside of you. Bucky lets out grunt after growl after groan as he cums. It’s so much cum that you’re stuffed just from this one load, and you’re wondering just how much more of it you can take, but you know you’ll take however much he can give you. “Mm…Bucky.” You moan as he continues to fucking it into you cunt, needing to get it as far and as deep as he can, which makes your pussy squeeze tightly and it squelches from the cum inside of it. “Good. Girl.” He says in between breaths before he leans down and kisses the sweaty skin on your neck. He moves your hair out of the way, and then kisses more skin, and his hips move in the process. “Buckkkyy!” You giggle softly, hazily. “Again…” you murmur and he chuckles. “So fucking cock hungry, huh?? Already needy, already wanting to suck me fucking dry. But that’s okay…because I’ll give you all you want. All ya gotta do is ask, pretty girl. And I’ll fill this pretty, swollen cunt up, as much as you want.” Bucky murmurs against your skin, trailing kisses down your back as far as he can, then he’s spreading your ass cheeks and pulling out, before pushing back into your hole, watching as the sticky cum stretches from your hole to his cock, and when he sees his cum covered cock, and feels your pussy flutter around his dick, he can’t help but cum again. It’s not as much as last time, but he still gives it to you.
And he gives you plenty more after that.
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luvrkives · 2 months
bucky barnes + pussy eating, backshots n’ breeding <3
warnings coded language (wife, clit, tits), slight lactation kink (hear me out.)
words 484
notes bucky.
notes2 this is quite old i literally just remembered i had it.
Tumblr media
bucky is .. something when he eats pussy. he’s rough, burying his face between your thighs, nosing at your clit the way he knows you love, the way you taught him. he feeds on the way you whine and moan and shiver and shake as you call his name, thighs clenching around his head. he loves grabbing at your thighs, loves the feeling of them under his hands. he likes the way the slaps ring out when he can’t help but smack your thigh, growling out how fucking good you taste and how good you are for him. he could eat you out for hours. he can never get over how pretty his metal hands looks glimmering with your arousal, the way you gasp whenever he slides them in, the cold metal contrasting with how fucking hot you feel.
he knows you love how he flips you over when he’s done, yanking your hips up to meet his relentless thrusts. it’s the super-soldier stamina mixed with how crazy your body drives him, the way your pussy sounds when he drives into you, the slips of your hips against his. he can’t help but lift your back up to his chest, rubbing at your clit with his flesh hand, closing the metal one around your throat. he knows you love how rough he can be with you, hitting that spot inside you with no mercy. he keeps fucking you through your orgasm, telling you how you’re gonna give him another one, how you’re gonna be his sweet lil thing and come for him again. the way he drops you down only to yank your head back by your hair after you come, chasing his high.
he’s so far gone now, muttering about how he’s gonna get you pregnant, “imma come so deep in you baby, gon fill this pretty pussy up, maybe even give you my babies.” he’s driven on even farther by the way you whine and beg him to do it, to give you his babies, to knock you up and get you all big and pregnant. he leans down by your ear, cages you in, going on about how he’s gonna do just that. “imma do it baby, get my gorgeous wife pregnant. then imma take care of you, yeah? wait on you hand and foot, suck those pretty tits when they fill with milk for our child, fuck you as much as you want when you get sex-crazy, bend you over and take you whenever you want, hm? imma be such a good daddy for you, baby.” he comes still murmuring about how good he’s gonna be for you, how he’s gonna put a fucking baby in you, how sexy you’re gonna look pregnant with his child. he can’t bear to see his come run down your thighs though he loves the sight, fucking it back into you with his metal hand.
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buckybabesonly · 2 months
Dirty Little Secret
Tumblr media
Summary: You believe Bucky doesn’t even remember your name, not knowing he moans it to himself at night.
Part 2 - Dirty Little Confession
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Masturbation (male)
Word count: 1.4K
A/N: Wrote this on my phone lol sorry for any potential errors. Just wanted to get a little smutty post out there. Also - thanks for nearly 400 followers in just over one week of starting this blog! I’m so happy 🥲 Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Hey. Are you listening?”
A pair of fingers snapped in front of your eyes, breaking you out of your reverie. You blinked in embarrassment as Natasha scowled at you playfully.
“Seriously though, did you listen to anything I just said?”
“No,” you confessed sheepishly.
Her eyes followed your line of sight, landing on a certain Bucky Barnes.
“Ah. You started writing ‘Mrs Bucky Barnes’ across your notepads yet?”
You blushed, heat rising to your cheeks. Were you that obvious? You supposed that one would have to be blind not to notice the goo-goo eyes you gave Bucky all the time whenever he was in the vicinity.
He had arrived at the compound just a few months ago, settling in to his new reformed life away from his history as the Winter Soldier. Steve did his best to help him adjust, and from what you could tell, he was fairly quiet and kept to himself.
“He’s kind of exactly my type,” you confessed to Natasha quietly, biting on your lower lip.
“I see. You like a guy with a high body count, huh.”
“Nat!” You exclaimed, slapping her arm as she snickered at the double entendre. “Not funny.”
“Hey, he gave me this.” Natasha yanked up her top, showing off her scar just above the hipbone. “I’m allowed to be mean to him.”
You grumbled in response as Natasha leant closer, cocking an eyebrow. “Anyway, as I was saying, I really need you to help me run some analysis on this equipment we picked up from…”
Tumblr media
You shuffled through the compound hallways, a stack of files in your arms. You rounded a corner sharply, almost colliding with a tall, dark figure who sidestepped you neatly.
“Jesus Christ!” Though a collision had been avoided, you squawked in shock nonetheless, promptly dropping the files onto the floor.
“Ah, shit. Sorry,” Bucky said, quickly kneeling down to collect them.
“Oh god, I’m sorry,” you floundered, cheeks flushing red. He straightened up and stacked the files on your arms neatly, his long fingers brushing against yours ever so slightly. His eyes met yours as he offered you a half smile, the corners of his lips quirking up.
His irises were a gorgeous, gray blue, and you silently noted that you had never been stood so close to him before. He smelt so good, and he looked even better in his tight tactical gear.
“Thank you,” you stuttered, wanting to kick yourself at how ruffled you sounded. The effect this man had on you was unfair.
“You’re welcome…” he paused deliberately, and you offered your name to him eagerly. He repeated it, and you loved the way the syllables sounded on his tongue.
“See you around,” he said casually before he strode off again, leaving you a flustered mess in the hallway.
Okay, at least step one was accomplished - he finally knew your name, even if he might not remember it.
You sighed, knowing your little schoolgirl crush was going to be the death of you.
Tumblr media
Bucky lay in bed that night, as he did most nights since coming to the compound, with his hands down his pants.
He liked to start off slow, usually. On the odd occasion, he would want it fast, his hands working overtime on his cock as he showered, water streaming over his body as he pumped himself to completion. He would cum hard each time, bracing himself against the shower tiles, your name on his lips.
But usually he liked to take his time. Enjoyed painting a picture in his mind, a mental porno in which you were the star.
God, you had been so fucking cute today. Bucky loved watching you squirm, seeing you blush, practically see the blood rushing to your cheeks.
He had playfully orchestrated the encounter in the hallway, able to smell your subtle perfume with his elevated senses (it had the smell of vanilla and sakura blossoms) as you power walked through the compound.
He was delighted when you practically unravelled in front of him just from a simple stare and a sweep of his fingers. He wondered what you would be like if he ever got you in front of him, naked, ready to take his cock.
His hand palmed his semi-hard erection as he settled back against the pillows, eyes closed. He teased himself, fingers gently tapping his dick, pulling slightly at his balls.
Your face was fixed in his mind. He recalled your wide, shocked eyes, your mouth open in a small ‘O’ as you gasped.
He imagined that mouth stretching wider, tongue lolling out, asking to suck his cock. You would be on your knees as he stood over you, feeding his dick into your warm cavern, and you would take as much as you could like a good girl. So eager to please.
“Ah, fuck,” Bucky hissed, pulling down the hem of his sweatpants and freeing himself completely.
His cock was heavy and thick as it lay against his stomach, twitching slightly as his mind filled itself with the most lewd images of you.
Of course he knew your name. He had asked Steve for it after the first few times he’d spotted you, playing it off as a casual inquiry.
He moaned it now as he dragged drops of his pre-cum down his shaft, wishing it was your hands that was wrapped around his length.
Somehow he found it thrilling, the idea of you believing that he had no clue who you were. He wondered what your reaction would be if you could see him now, rendered a horny, sweaty mess as he masturbated to thoughts of you and only you.
He imagined you spread out in front of him, legs wide, panting and begging for him to fuck your tight pussy. He would slap the head of his cock against your entrance, dragging it against your wet folds, teasing.
In reality, he knew that if he ever found himself in that position, he wouldn’t be able to hold back. Hell, he’d be the one begging you to let him fuck you.
“Yeah, you like that, baby?” Bucky grunted, his hand beginning to move at a steady tempo. If he went too fast, he would definitely cum within seconds, and he wanted to make this last.
He imagined being able to fondle your soft breasts, imagined being able use his mouth on your nipples, wanting to suckle on your tits. He imagined being allowed to kiss every inch of your body, from your toes, up the inner thighs, through the valley of your breasts and to your lips.
He would kiss you with passion and fire, tongue searching yours, wet and hot and needy. He would cup his hand behind your neck, fuck into you slowly and make you moan his name into his mouth.
He tried to imagine how that would sound like, high pitched and breathy.
“Beg for me,” Bucky said aloud, his hand moving up and down his cock as he fantasised about it moving in and out of your cunt instead. “God, beg me to cum inside you.”
He bet your soaking pussy would feel ten times better than jerking off alone in his room, but for now, this was the best he could get. He imagined rutting into you, hard, watching you shake under him as you became undone.
“You gonna let me cum inside you, princess?” He groaned, feeling himself reach the edge. He could see you in his mind, touching your own clit, pleasuring yourself as Bucky’s fat cock disappeared inside you over and over and over again.
You would beg for him to breed you, to fill you up, that sweet mouth speaking the filthiest words.
“Ah - ah fuck, I’ll give it to you, you’re taking it all like a good girl,” Bucky gasped, his hand clenching around his thick, veiny cock before he released all the pent up sexual frustration inside.
Creamy, hot ropes of cum spurted out, onto his stomach. He steadily stroked himself through the high, imagining you crying out as you orgasmed, imagining you being filled up with his seed.
He envisioned how it would look as he continued to thrust, you letting yourself be used, whimpering at the over stimulation.
Bucky was breathing rapidly, body finally going lax as his sticky hand released his softening cock. His heart was beating rapidly as he licked his lips, sighing longingly.
One day, he thought, almost a prayer, one day I’ll get to see what you look like when you cum.
Tumblr media
Part 2 - Dirty Little Confession
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buckrecs · 22 hours
Hello! Hope you’re doing well! Can you please recommend Bucky x fem reader where the reader is the villain or like morally grey? Or against Bucky (like fighting against him or something )
Villain / Morally Gray Reader
masterlist | req masterlist
Tumblr media
Carried Away by @buckysgoldenheart
Bucky wasn't exactly the best at assassinating the targets he was assigned to.
HYDRA by @waiting4inspiration
You’re Bucky’s next mission while he’s with the Avengers. He was given the mission because they think you’re still a HYDRA agent and that he might know you. He does remember you, but he can’t bring himself to hurt you because he remembers everything you’ve been through with him.
Till Death Do Us Apart by @giorno-plays-piano
Sergeant Barnes by @ladyeliot
You joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve with the sole intention of avenging your father’s death.
hurts like hell by @extremelyblackandwhite
she loses him at the battle of wakanda and grows into a morally grey witch trying to gain him back.
burn the witch by @dreamwritesimagines
There’s a thin line between mission and love, and spies aren’t allowed to cross that line.
one’s promised by @invisibleanonymousmonsters
Living a double life was not a choice when one was the daughter of Alexander Pierce. Y/N was the youngest agents of SHIELD and one of the most respected threats within Hydra’s empire. No matter her allegiance, she was feared by both. Y/N Pierce would’ve tried to escape it all… if it hadn’t been for The Winter Soldier.
Cheek to Cheek by @wienerbarnes
Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, and Bucky Barnes seek the help of a condemned ex-Hydra murderer and kidnapper who claims to have psychic powers to find two missing college students.
Kill ‘Em With Kindness by @captainsimagines
You’re a vigilante with a dark past, who is recruited for a mission against the powers holding your sister hostage, and fall in love with the only person who escaped those powers alive.
Take Me Out by @shamevillain
You and Bucky are both professionally trained assassins. Both contracted to kill the other. Both completely unaware.
Tumblr media
Krasavchik by @after-avenging-hours
While under orders from Karpov to test the Soldat’s loyalties to Hydra, you find yourself questioning your own loyalties
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buckybarnesb-tch · 2 days
Bucky Barnes Playlist
Tumblr media
I have a really extensive playlist for Bucky and I’m just posting the top songs that I feel go perfectly with him
These are my Top Picks
Holding Onto Smoke -Motionless in White
Catharsis -Motionless in White
Fix You -Coldplay
Candyman -Christina Aguilera
Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked -Cage the Elephant
Little Lion Man -Mumford and Sons
Demons -Imagine Dragons
Monster -STARSET
I’ll be Good -Jaymes Young
It’s Been a Long, Long Time -Kitty Kallen
Broken -lovelytheband
Soldier -Samantha Jade
Roaring 20s -Panic @ the Disco
Hold On Til May -Pierce the Veil
Human -Rag’n’Bone Man
Lonely Dance -Set it Off
My Name (Wearing Me Out) -Shinedown
Already Gone -Sleeping at Last
Anti-Hero -Taylor Swift
Shattered -Trading Yesterday
Chivalry is Dead -Trevor Wesley
Run Boy Run -Woodkid
Control -Zoe Wees
The Devil Within -Digital Daggers
Tumblr media
Here’s a big portion of the rest of my Bucky Barnes Playlist
Disguise -Motionless in White
Another Life -Motionless in White
Masterpiece -Motionless in White
Porcelain -Motionless in White
Hello, Brooklyn -All Time Low
Monsters -All Time Low
Hey Brother -Avicii
Bad Reputation -Avril Lavigne
everything I wanted -Billie Eilish
Bad Guy -Billie Eilish
Insane -Black Gryph0n & Bassik
Have a Nice Day -Bon Jovi
Human -Christina Perri
Criminal -Britney Spears
Popular Monster -Falling in Reverse
Wrong Side of Heaven -5 Finger Death Punch
Kill of the Night -Gin Wigmore
Echo -Jason Walker
Monster -Imagine Dragons
Rise -Katy Perry
Part of Me -Katy Perry
Brother -Kodaline
All I Want -Kodaline
We Don’t Talk About Bruno -Encanto
Monster -Reckless Love
In the Stars -Benson Boone
Happier -Marshmello
That’s Just Life -Memphis May Fire
Carry on my Wayward Son (cover) -Neoni
I’m No Good -New Years Day
How You Remind Me -Nickelback
Apologize -OneRepublic
Counting Stars -OneRepublic
Try -P!nk
The Good, The Bad, and the Dirty -Panic @ the Disco
The Only Exception -Paramore
No Way Out -Phil Collins
Strangers Like Me -Phil Collins
A Match into Water -Pierce the Veil
Holding on and Letting Go -Ross Cooperman
Play with Fire -Sam Tinnesz
Killer in the Mirror -Set it Off
Duality -Set it Off
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing -Set it Off
Treat You Better -Shawn Mendes
MONSTERS -Shinedown
Sick of it -Skillet
Rise -Skillet
Feel Invincible -Skillet
The Resistance -Skillet
Animal I Have Become -Three Days Grace
New Perspective -Panic @ the Disco
Here Without You -3 Doors Down
Iris -Goo Goo Dolls
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infictionalwonderland · 6 months
beefy bucky barnes being drunk and obsessed with you???? 😩😩😩
heart implosion xo
warnings: drunkenness, fluff, perhaps some crude comments 💕💗💞
You couldn’t help the giggle that fell from your lips as your large, super solider, crime fighting boyfriend drunkenly whined and tried to crawl up your body as you both lay on the same, his large and veiny arms either side of your torso as he crawled upwards.
“I don’t why you’re laughing,” he drunkenly mumbled, “but I love it please continue.”
Bucky buried his head into your chest contentedly, drunkenly mumbling in pleasure as you ran a hand through his hair.
“Buck.” You laughed lightly, squirming underneath his large body as he whined out, clinging to you. “Bucky, you need to move. Please, love.”
“But you’re so comfy.” He mumbled, slurring and happy. “And I love being close to you. ‘M favourite thing in the whole wide planet.”
“Is it?” You coaxed softly, gently trying to detach yourself from his large arms, his relentless embrace radiating unfathomable warmth.
“Oh, yeah.” Bucky easily agreed, nodding lightly as strands of his dark hair fell to frame his structured face, “you always smell so good, if I could sniff a scent for the rest of ‘m life, it’d be your smell.” He slurred.
“What a little angel.” You teased, giggling.
“Say that again.” Bucky pleaded, opening his eyes to give you a stupidly pretty pout with his clouded over gaze.
“My little angel.” You grinned.
“Your little angel.” He hummed happily, you could feel his elated smile against you skin as he snuggled closer.
“Hmm, see, so good.” Bucky smiled lazily, as he stuffed his head in your hair, lifting his head to gently grasp a lock of your hair and bring in to your own nose. “‘M favourite smell. You.”
You kept in your laughter as you willingly sniffed your own hair, watching a smile break out on your boyfriends lips as you stared at him adoringly.
“And your face..” Bucky mumbled, sighing exaggeratedly as he lay on your chest, gazing up at you in admiration— “best bit. It’s so pretty, makes my heart go wooosshh.”
“Aw.” You pouted at him and he smiled wider, a red hue now gracing his face. “What’s your least favourite part of me?” You prompted, teasingly.
“No!” Bucky replied firmly, pulling his body off yours slightly and staring down at you with furrowed brows and a small, adorable frown. “Ent got a least favourite. No such thing. All of you is perfect.”
“You little sap.”
Bucky shook his head, softly collapsing onto you once again and holding you tightly in his muscular arms— “no. Your little angel.”
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bucknastysbabe · 2 months
What do they know?
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,306
Tags: Pnv!sex, rough sex, outdoors SEX, exhibitionism-ish, Big Dick Bucky Barnes, getting absolutely railed on vacay 10/10, college!au, undernegotiated stuff but they work it out, praise kink, sweet sweet idiot babey Buck, Steve isn’t a virgin but is also an idiot with the rest of the quartet
A/N: This jumped out the ether whoopsie doodle I needed to pretend I actually got to do spring break in college. Don’t play collegiate tennis
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky had you pinned up against the side of the house, only hidden by a shower curtain. With his cock shoved deep inside of you, throbbing and hot. One of his huge arms was cradled under your ass to hold you up. It almost made you cum right there thinking about his strength.
Bucky had you pinned up against the side of the house, only hidden by a shower curtain. With his cock shoved deep inside of you, throbbing and hot. One of his huge arms was cradled under your ass to hold you up. It almost made you cum right there thinking about his strength.
But you had to be quiet. Although everyone knew you two were missing from the house. Actually, Bucky had made it his personal goal to fuck you in the most inappropriate places on the spring break trip. You didn’t know about this exhibitionist side of the usually shy member of the friend group.
He moved his hips slightly, thick member dragging against you maddeningly. You stifled your moan, a thin whimper coming out instead. He had your cunt split in half— another fact you weren’t aware of until Bucky decided to ask you out. The guy’s dick was huge, veiny, and should be immortalized in dildo form.
The brunette was grinning ear to ear, blue eyes dark with lust. He cooed, “That’s a good girl- we don’t want anyone to hear do we?” You bit your lip and shook your head, eyes fluttering shut. Bucky tapped your cheek with his other hand, chiding, “No, no, look at me baby.” He pulled out some— the tip of his cock dragging against your sweet spot.
Trembles ran down your thighs, another quiet whimper falling out. You tucked your head into his beefy shoulder, panting, “C’mon, stop playing Buck.” He laughed meanly in return, fucking back into you with a wet slap.
“If I stop playing you’ll start screaming again,” he said all casual, like he wasn’t balls deep inside your pussy.
You were frustrated. It wasn’t enough, you were throbbing and achy and Bucky had been toying with you for about thirty minutes now. He even turned the shower off so you really had to be quiet. Steve was around the corner on the porch, you could hear his footsteps.
Hot tears welled up in your eyes, you blinking instinctively. Bucky stopped smiling, his thick brows knitting together in concern. He carefully pulled your gaze back to him with a big hand wrapped around the side of your face. Your boyfriend asked, “Hey, wait, what’s wrong?”
You whispered, more of a quiet warble, “You’re being mean.” Another annoyed tear ran down your cheek, Bucky swiping it away. He pressed a couple of kisses to the side of your face and whispered, “I’m sorry baby, shit, do you wanna cum now?”
You nodded deliriously, mouth falling open to chant little ‘pleases’.
“Okay, okay, fuck, you better cry for another reason,” Bucky sighed, pressing his forehead to your own.
He slid in and out slowly at first, the obvious noises of people fucking out loud. It made you blush to hear him inside you, begging to turn the shower back on. Bucky cursed but obliged. Once the droplets were raining onto the ground again, the brunette began to roughen his pace.
Your arms around his neck stiffened, nails digging into tanned flesh. His cock was back impossibly deep again, battering against your g-spot and grazing your cervix. You’d never had that happen before and it was causing an intense sensation to build between your thighs.
“Bucky- Bucky, oh my god!,” you whined into his pink lips. He pressed them against your open mouth, swallowing up your noises eagerly. His other hand dropped down to your ass, slapping his hips harder and harder. You felt like a ragdoll, unable to do anything but take it.
You babbled into the hot kisses, scrabbling desperately at his back. Bucky moaned softly, “God you feel so good, being so good, fuck,” his eyes closed before he praised, “Best babydoll ever.” You gathered enough wits to kiss the sweet boy back at that.
More pressure built up in your lower belly from his fucking monster dick catching every sensitive spot in your cunt. He was all fast shallow thrusts now, so much friction your eyes rolled up. Your breath was coming in hitched sobs, calling his name on every other breath.
Bucky’s breathing was ragged against your open mouth, blue eyes blown wide. He grunted with exertion, beginning to twitch inside of you. He crooned against your lax lips, “I know baby, I know, it feels s’good don’t it?” His honeyed tone struck you hard, you mewling pathetically, tears welling up once more.
“C’mon- know you’re close pretty girl.”
You couldn’t take it anymore. Bucky dug his hips in deep, striking your innermost walls just right. You wailed his name, unable to bite back the overwhelming ecstasy. Bucky clamped his hand down on your mouth with a surprised gasp. He growled into your ear, “Goddamn babygirl you can’t do that to me- shshit!”
Bucky sought out his release, gasping and straining for purchase as your cunt milked him. You blubbered behind his hand, orgasm crashing down like a ton of bricks on you. The brunette twitched and whined your name so, so sweetly as he emptied into your pussy.
The pair of you didn’t move for what seemed like an eternity, sucking in breath under the stream of the outdoor shower. Bucky slid out of your abused cunt— both of you wincing. He let you down gentle, steadying you with those big hands. Your legs were shaky and like a newborn foal with the way you stumbled and leaned into Buck’s broad chest.
He smiled down dopily, eyes soft. Bucky rumbled, “Well there’s no way they don’t know what we were up to— you okay babydoll?” His thumbs circled at your waist, a reassuring gesture. You nodded and rasped, “Yeah you ass. You’re carrying me to the bed.”
He grinned widely, teeth shining as he laughed. Your boyfriend peered around, grabbing the earlier discarded swimsuits from behind. Bucky teased, “Almost forgot,” he bent down to help you slide on the one-piece, “I want you to tell me if you’re not okay, promise?”
You nodded, pulling a strap onto your shoulder. Bucky pulled on his trunks, you almost sad to see him clothed again. Pressing a kiss to his still-pulsing neck you replied, “I will- honestly jus’ never been fucked like that.”
“No? Never?”
You shook your head, “Nope. Either drunk hookups or plain missionary where I didn’t cum.”
Bucky’s eyes lit up possessively, him sealing his lips over yours with a soft lick. He pulled back and gushed, “No way- so I’m the first who made you cum?” You rolled your eyes and palmed his softening cock.
“Hard not to with this thing,” you said with a wink, “But yes, Barnes, you are the one and only.”
Bucky kissed you again, smiling helplessly. You wrapped tired arms around his waist and returned the favor. Both of you pulled back and hollered when the shower curtain jerked open with a SCHINK.
A smug Sam and blushing Steve stood on the other side, Nat peered from around the corner from the deck with a knowing look. Sam boasted, “Told you! They been in there way too long!”
Natasha added, “Seriously Steve you’re too pure for your own good!”
Bucky glared at Sam, shoving the fellow junior in the chest. His other arm was still clung tight around your frame. You deadpanned, “Did y’all really have a bet going on?” Steve sputtered, “Yes- look- dammit!”
Clint’s voice came in next, “Did Steve figure out Barnes was plowing our goody-two-shoes?”
Bucky made a face and an annoyed scoff. You started laughing deliriously, frankly high off the rush of the orgasm. Rogers shook his head and returned to the porch along with a cackling Sam. Bucky palmed the back of his head, sheepishly giving you a look. You playfully tugged on his wet hair.
“You’re still gonna carry me right babe?”
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wndalovebot · 3 months
could’ve just asked, baby | b. barnes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings : ceo!alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader
warnings : smut! eighteen plus! a/b/o, size kink, public sex, squirting, fingering, marking, knotting , bondage ( wrists tied up ), overstimulation, multiple orgasms, slight cum play, breeding kink
word count : 1.9k
author’s note : enjoy!
it went on every year, around the same time you’d find a mate. and it was also at the same time that you had gone into immense heat. you couldn’t help it, you needed bucky but he had been so busy the last few weeks setting up the fair that you two barely had any time to have sex.
leaving you to fix your needs with your fingers or toys. it never satisfied the ache that sat deep within your core, however.
leaving you to fix your needs with your fingers or toys. it never satisfied the ache that sat deep within your core, however.
so in turn, you had the brilliant idea to do something flirty with bucky, maybe it would help him want you as much as you wanted him.
you went panty-less with the cute sundress you owned that you knew drove bucky mad. it laid over your ass just enough that he could see the bottom of your ass cheeks if you walked just the right way. it usually ended with him getting very territorial, but that’s what you liked. the possessiveness made you drip.
he was behind you in the corn maze, it was just the start of the fair fun, but you couldn’t help it. his hands were rubbing up and down the sides of your hips, squeezing your ass softly every few times. the touch he had on your skin drove you absolutely nuts.
he sported a navy blue sweater, with a pair of khakis and nice shoes that he only ever got out when the two of you got married. he was constantly swamped with work when it came to his business, not really having many chances to take you out and do something nice for you — and he hated that part about himself.
that and the scent of leather, whiskey, bergamot and musk filled your senses. it was like you were drowning in the smell of bucky barnes.
you whined softly as you both were walking, his hand squeezing your ass just a little harder. you felt him chuckle softly, his tummy brushing against your back, his chin on your shoulder. “what is it, baby?” his voice was low as he spoke, turning his nose against the side of your neck, right under your mark, the place you needed his lips most.
“n-nothin-“ you suddenly felt shy under gaze, thinking it was a mistake to not wear anything underneath.
“wanna try that again? know when my omega needs something.” you felt a soft shiver run down your spine as he ran his fingers under your dress, getting dangerously close to finding out your little secret.
“buck..” you leaned your head back on his shoulder, putting your hand on top of his and sliding it further down towards your cunt, fully letting him feel there was no barrier.
“fuck..” once it registered you were nude under this small little sundress, he immediately switched. he groaned in your ear softly, his fingers going to spread the folds of your pussy, “drippin’ huh?” he rubbed through your folds slowly, your hand holding onto his wrist. you both were so glad it wasn’t busy on the last day of the fair, but you wouldn’t have minded for one of the towns folk catch you two. you were tired of men trying to flirt with you, it was beta behavior.
his fingers teased past your entrance as he was rubbing your slick over your folds. you didn’t even have to say anything for him to sink his two fingers into your hole, a soft moan coming from your lips as he sunk all the way, his fingers stretching you out.
“yeah, baby? go on, know ya wanna grind my hand.” he smacked your ass softly, making you immediately move forward, grinding you hips down on his palm to get some friction. his palm rubbed against your clit as you move, his lips sucking on the skin of your neck leaving marks.
you couldn’t help but whimper each time he rubbed your clit, his fingers started to thrust in and out of you, because you knew he was getting impatient. your legs trembled as he fucked you with his fingers, “come on, baby, make a fuckin’ mess..” he licked a soft stripe up your neck before you squirted hard, a loud moan coming from your lips as his other hand covered it quickly.
“don’t you fucking dare..” your muffled moans made him groan softly as he finger fucked you through your high, slowly down just to bring his fingers to your lips after he pulled his hand away.
he shoved his fingers into your mouth, a small whine coming from you as you tasted your cum on your tongue. you sucked them clean as he took them away and pulled away, your dress falling back down and his hand wrapped tightly around your wrist.
he tugged you back out of the corn maze, through the crowd of people and that’s when you smelled it.
burnt logs of wood, leather, and possession. as he walked rough the crowd, he definitely caught the nose of other omega’s.
he tugged you to his car in the parking lot in the back, surrounded by other cars and away from everyone.
he grabbed your wrist and tugs you harshly to the car, pushing you against the hood and pressing his now hard cock against your ass, soft belly on your lower back and lips right next to your ear as he growls “you think that’s fuckin’ funny, doll?” you could only let out a breath moan as he grinned your wrists, pinning them to your back and spreading your legs with his thigh.
his other hand went to undo his belt, and the second you felt your dress ride up and his zipper undo, you knew it was over for you.
“don’t make a fucking noise n’ take this cock like a good little omega.” you whimpered as he pushed in on one thrust, your wet cunt making it easy. he groaned under his breath, pinning you further against the cool metal surface of his car.
his hips were quick to snap against yours, the sound of skin slapping against skin and you moans filling up the space, you weren’t even ashamed to say you didn’t care if you got caught. having bucky’s cock deep in your cunt was the only thing you cared about.
“you’re so fuckin’ wet.. gonna fuck my cum so deep in this tight lil cunt..” his thrust got quicker, slapping your ass cheek softly as he chased his release. you whined as soon as you noticed he wasn’t going to let you cum.
“you think you’re allowed to cum again? after that little show? walkin’ around here without anything underneath like a little whore?” he pulled your wrists back so you were a little off the car as he continued to fuck you, feeling his cock twitch in your cunt.
“you’re fuckin’ mine, ya hear? my omega.” he growled softly as you nodded quickly, biting your lip as you felt him shoot his cum deep into your cunt.
you felt it spill over down your thighs and onto the grass below, heavy breathing from bucky above you, letting go of your wrists as he soothed the skin gently.
“don’t fuckin’ do that again. understand, baby?” you nodded as he smacked your ass a little, watching it bounce back.
“let’s ge you home.. not done with you yet.” you nodded as he tugged up his slacks, not bothering buttoning or zipping up his pants as the two of you got in.
you were laid out in bed with your hands tied above your head, his face nuzzling itself in between your thighs as he looked up at you, your arousal glistening on the tip of his nose.
he wasn’t relenting, no matter how many times you came in the last two hours- which you couldn’t even count.
your cunt was abused, swollen but she still wanted more, and he knew that.
the smell of deep vanilla mixed with strong bergamont, creating an aroma of need and lust.
he was able to pull one more orgasm from you before he hovered over you, grabbing your chin and making your mouth open, spitting into your mouth. you moaned as you swallowed, tasting yourself. he didn’t even need to tell you to swallow, he knew you’d do it.
“good girl.” you let out a moan as he rubbed his cock through your folds, leaning over to untie your wrists, your hands going right to his face, running your fingers through his hair before pulling him in a heating kiss.
he groaned against your lips as he took it as the perfectly time to slip his cock in your cunt, which welcomed him easily.
sex with bucky was always something you were thinking about when you weren’t in heat. he was a rough fucker but he was also a love maker. and sometimes he could be both.
“feel so fucking tight.” you whined softly against his lips.
“‘s so big, buck.. fuck..” he peppered kisses down to your neck as he nipped softly.
“i know, baby, takin’ me so good. cunt was made for my fat cock, dont you think?” you nodded, moaning softly in his ear as you felt your release again soon.
he groaned as he felt you squeeze around him, his hand going down to your clit as he watched his cock disappear into your dripping cunt.
“gonna cum again, omega? go on, give you my knot for being so fuckin’ good.” you were practically dripping at the thought of finally getting your alpha’s knot after needing it for days.
you squeezed him hard as you came, your thighs locking up and your whole body shaking as you came.
“atta girl.. shit.. you want my cum baby? wanna be round with my pups huh? your sweet lil pussy wants it with the way she’s milkin’ me.. fuck!” he moaned as he bit your shoulder, sucking hard as he came deep inside you. you felt it spill out of your cunt, earning a grunt from bucky as he fucked it back into your sensitive and over stimulated cunt.
“not wasting a single drop, omega.” he watched as his cock slipped in and out of your sore cunt, puffy and red and leaking all of his cum. the sounds of his cock pushing in, your messy cunt taking all of him while you laid there whining and overstimulated from the stretch and sting but he didn’t care. he was only focused on making sure his cum stuck.
he licked his lips as he pulled his hips back with only the head of his cock in your hole, and you could feel his cock twitch just slightly as he eyes widened, seeing your cunt squeezing the tip of his cock.
“fuck baby, keep doing that and i’m gonna have to fill you up all over again. but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he looked over at you, reaching out and holding the side of your face with his metal hand, stroking the apple of your cheek as you nodded. you didn’t even have to verbally say you wanted more — the fucked out look on your face, list filled gaze and heaving breathing gave it all away.
“of course you do, sweetheart. always so eager to take your alpha’s cock, take his knot. don’t worry, keep you in this bed as long as i can ‘til you’re round with my pups.”
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