#Bucky Barnes x reader smut
Hydra Kidnapper calling Steve: "We have taken your partner"
Steve: "Bucky?"
Hydra Kidnapper: "No Y/N"
Steve laughing: "Good luck with that, call me back if you want help"
Bucky: "Who was that?"
Steve: "Hydra kidnapped Y/N"
Bucky: "Wow sucks to be them, we'll go get her in a few days"
Tumblr media
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buckyalpine · 17 days
Just a Taste
Mob!Steve x f reader x Bodyguard!Bucky
Bucky likes Steve’s wife. This gets nasty. Filthy. Dirty. See you in the next one if this isn't you're thing. 
warnings: SMUT - cuckolding, spitting, cumplay, sub reader, switch Bucky, Dom Steve, the super soldiers are both menaces. Breeding kink, daddy kink, voyeurism, dirty talking 
No thots just:
Every single part of Bucky knew this was wrong. So fucking wrong. Millions, no, billions of women around the world and yet here he was with his cock in his hand, imagining his best friends wife slobbering all over his balls. Every time he told himself this would be the last time, the last time he'd stroke himself, hump himself, make a mess on himself, he'd lose all sense of self-restraint the second his eyes landed on you. 
He didn't understand why. 
Fuck, you were the sweetest thing. 
A doll. 
You didn't lure him into you like a siren. 
You were always so gentle, so soft. You had no business being married to a man like Steve, his world dark and violent. Bucky wasn't selfish but when it came to you? You. It was your softness that he craved. The places his mind would go to, fantasies he wished were a reality. Your pretty mouth would make the sweetest sounds when he impaled you with his cock, your pussy would feed him till he was satiated. 
He came all over himself with a shout, thick ropes of his cum covering his fist, a steady stream dribbling out as he thought of the way you'd look leaking with his seed. You'd look so pretty, so beautiful, gorgeous little cumslut-
Except you weren't.
You were married. Happily married. To his best friend. 
God, how he wished you were a dirty little slut, who'd spread her legs at the snap of his fingers. 
Fuck he wanted it. 
But it was wrong. 
Bucky made his was down the hall, checking his watch to make sure he was on time for a meeting Steve had arranged. He opened the door of the office, his eyes growing wide at the sight before him, soul nearly leaving his body. 
"Shit, s-sorry I'll leave, I thought we had-
"Stay. Close the door" Steve commanded from behind his large desk, cocking at eyebrow when Bucky remained rooted in place. Bucky's body moved on its own, locking the door shut but his brain was yet to catch up, what was happening-
"What's wrong Buck" Steve smirked, his eyes dropping to the brunettes growing bulge, his fingers digging into his palms as he swallowed thickly.
"N-nothing" Bucky shook his head, averting his gaze from where you were splayed on the couch off to the side, clothes ripped into shreds, tossed on the floor, your body glistening with cum; your pussy, thighs, tummy, breasts covered in your husbands silky cream. 
"She's pretty, huh?" Steve broke Bucky out of his trance, palming his own boner, pulling out his over stimulated cock, easily hard again at the sight of you covered in him.
 "I-uh-" Bucky didn't know if this was some type of test but whatever it was, he was failing. Even if his eyes were on the floor, his cock was leaking, a clear wet patch now on the front of his pants, there was no hiding how hard he was. "Um-
"Show her what she does to you" The mob boss gave Bucky a pointed look, smirking in satisfaction at the sound of Bucky's pants unzipping. Bucky hesitantly pulled his cock out, his length throbbing at the needy whimper you let out at the sight of him. 
"Go on, tell her how pretty she is" Steve lazily stroked his own cock while Bucky gripped the base of his length, precum making a silky mess all over his cockhead. 
"She's-oh fuck- she's so pretty" He started to work his length, giving himself long hard strokes, finally looking up at you, a broken moan slipping past his lips. He had to slow himself down as he watched you run your fingers through the mess that covered you, moving your hand to play with yourself, your eyes locked with his. 
"Keep going, tell me what you like about her"
"Steve-" It almost sounded like a warning; he was already holding himself back from jumping on you and now-
"My wifes a little slut, y'know I caught her with her fingers in that pretty pussy once moaning for you" Bucky's eyes grew wide, the blush across his cheeks deepening as you bit your lip, nodding. "So tell her. Tell my little cumprincess all the things you've thought of with her. Give my angel what she wants" 
Bucky tossed his clothes to the floor, before crawling on top of you to straddle your chest, stroking his cock in your face. His tip was dripping, balls tapping against the tip of your nose as he worked his length, moaning, thinking about all the filthy things he'd ever wanted to do to you. 
"Wanted to fuck you so nice baby, stuff my cock in you, make you scream"
You had the most beautiful dazed look on your face, biting your lip, moaning at the delicious heady scent of him, your own arousal making a mess beneath you between your husband and your bodyguard with their cocks out, hard and leaking because of you. 
"Stroked my cock thinking about you just like this, made a mess all over my bed, got all my sheets soaked with cum wishing I was balls deep in your pussy baby-oh fuck-" Bucky nearly choked when he felt your soft tongue brush over his sensitive  tip, blinking up and him innocently, sticking your tongue out for more.
Greedy baby. 
You gave the head of his cock a few more kitten licks, moaning at the salty taste, earning a growl from your husband.
"Look at my hungry little bunny, thought you just wanted to watch angel, now you want to taste him too?" You nodded at him, your bottom lip jutting out into a pout making Bucky's eyes nearly roll back, he wanted to fucking ruin you. He groaned, willing his fist to loosen up and slow down before he came all over your face, wanting to savor this moment for as long as possible. 
"Please daddy?" 
"Hungry for his cum, are we baby?" Steve moved his hand to wrap around his cockhead, settling back in his seat, spreading his legs wider, nothing got him off more than seeing you so needy. 
"Hungry daddy" you whined, batting your lashes at him while he let out a dark chuckle, fisting his cock faster.
"I know princess, daddy knows what his baby needs, hm? Nurse off his cock" The sight of your plush lips wrapping around Bucky's cock, without a care in the world made Steve throb, his arm shoving all the items off his desk "Get on the table" 
Bucky hesitantly got off you, slowly standing by the desk while you crawled onto the table, lying on your back. Steve hummed in approval, nodding for Bucky to join you, his cock growing harder. 
"On your sides sweets, face me" The hardness of the desk hardly bothered you as your eyes fell on your feral looking husband, his angry red leaking cock, veiny and swollen. Bucky positioned himself behind you, his chest pressed against your back, his length rubbing against your ass. You whimpered, pushing back on him, making Steve smirk at your desperation. "Give her what she needs, make it worth watching" 
Bucky didn't waste a second, lifting your leg up, exposing your soaked cunt and shoving his cock in with one stroke. You gasped, throwing your head back as he started to move while stretching your leg up as far as it would go. "There you go baby, take my cock, take it angel"
"F-F-FUCK JAMESS" You nearly sobbed feeling your belly bulge, eyes locked with Steve while Bucky railed you from behind. Steve let out a snarl at the sight of Bucky's cock slamming into you, his heavy balls tapping at your clit, the desk shaking at how hard he was fucking you. 
"How does she feel”
"So-God she's so fucking tight, like fuckin' a virgin" Bucky's moans got louder as you clenched and fluttered around him, your hands clawing as his arms to hold onto something. "She's choking my fucking cock, chto ty delayesh' so mnoy, printsessa"
"Hear that baby, your pussy's perfect, you got him all fucked up" 
Bucky could feel his balls pulling tight to his body, ready to blow buckets of cum into you but he couldn't. He gritted his teeth, desperately suckling and nipping at your neck while he tried to hold off, whining against your skin. 
"Rub her for me, that cute little button between her legs that makes her squeal so much" Bucky reached over to the front, pressing his two fingers onto your clit, rubbing soft circles to match the rhythm of his thrusts. 
"That's it, that feel better princess? Feel good when he touches you there? You like it when another man touches you like that baby?" Steve's voice was raspy, panting as he started to give himself quick strokes, the combined sounds of you and Bucky sending him closer to the edge.
"Just-fuck-just him" Steve was the only man you had ever felt lust for. Pure unfiltered filthy lust. That was until he appointed his best friend to watch over you. Nothing got past your husband who noted every time your eyes lingered on him a second too long, thigh squeezing together. Hearing you moan for Bucky while playing with yourself was just an extra treat. 
"Look at you bunny, all stretched out over your bodyguards cock. That's what you wanted, isn't it? To fuck your husbands best friend?"
"Mhm" You couldn't get words out, everything around you a dull buzz. All you could register was the feel of Bucky's cock rub and kiss your g-spot while his fingers perfectly strummed your clit, your orgasm ready to swallow you whole.
 "He fucked you dumb, bunny? You all cockdrunk for another man, baby, is that it? My sweet dumb little baby" He cooed, his hips lifting off the chair at the sight of your arousal dripping down to Bucky's balls.
 "She's-she's so fucking wet, makin' a mess all over me Steve, she's so fucking soaked and messy, God, I want more, fuck, c'mon soak me babygirl, I want it" Bucky's fingers sped up on your clit, loving the squelching sounds that left your abused cunt each time he fucked into you. 
"You're making a mess all over him sweetheart, soaking his balls, you that wet for him? Is he making you all wet and tingly?"
"S-so we-wet Daddy! I-I'm gonna-" 
"You gonna cum for him you little slut, cream all over his cock?" Steve nearly sounded as gone as you, growling with each thrust of his hips meeting his fist. "How does my princess feel" 
"So-fucking-GOOD-DADDY M'GONNA-BUCKYY" You cried out, pleasure consuming you whole as your orgasm swept through your body. You let out a silent scream and Bucky continued to fuck you through your high, chasing his own.
"M'gonna cummm" Bucky whimpered against your neck, thrusting into you as hard as he could, his cock desperately throbbing, begging to fill you up. 
"You're not even on birth control baby, you gonna let another man breed you?" Steve hissed, throwing his head back, jerking himself around his tip. Something inside Bucky snapped, it was one thing for him to fuck you raw, but the possibility of him breeding you?
He had no right. 
Then why did you feel so good.
Why did your pussy just clench. 
Why did he not want to pull out. 
"You gonna let him put his baby in you, angel? Show me how good girls take cock baby, show me what a good little cum dump you are" 
You let Bucky man handle you, thrusting into you like madman possessed, grunting and whining at the thought of you carrying his child. He bit down onto your shoulder, his pace growing sloppy, cum right at the tip of his cock. 
"You gonna feed us baby? Let us drink your milk when you're all swollen and leaking? Huh? Tell me-fuckk" 
"Drink from me daddy"  You nodded, while Bucky held onto you tighter, his glassy eyes now locked with the blonde. 
"Fuck, Steve, m'gonna bust in her, can't-can't fucking pull out, don't wanna pull out, I wanna cum in her so fuckin' bad"
"Hear that angel, you feel too good, should he cum in you-SHITT"  
"Cum-cum in me Bucky!"
That did it for both of them, Steve couldn't hold back even if he tried. He let out a pornographic moan, not giving a damn about how loud he was as he shot his load onto his abs, cum dribbling down his hands to his balls. Bucky snarled, wrapping his arms around you and giving you three hard thrusts before stilling, his thick white cream endlessly filling you up. 
"FUCKKK TAKE-GOD DAMN- TAKEMY CUMM" He couldn't believe the amount of cum that continued to flow from his tip, and endless stream spilling into you, "S'too much, I know angel but you got me fucked baby, m'not gonna pull out till my balls are empty baby, they're still so fuckin heavy, need your pussy baby"
 Steve continued to tug and rub his cock, letting his hand drift down to his balls, squeezing them while Bucky moaned and whined, his hips still grinding and rutting into you, keeping his seed in your pussy. Your body was still glistening with your husbands earlier loads, the smell of sex evading your senses. 
"Clean her up for me" Steve nodded to Bucky, giving himself one last tug before tucking his cock into his pants. 
Bucky didn't to be told twice. 
He lapped up your body, gathering every bit of cum that covered your skin, groaning at your soft whimpers, squirming at his ministrations. He licked you clean till his lips were glossy and shiny, his cheeks and chest flush at the taste of your mixed arousal combined with Steve's. 
"Open up sweetheart"
You smiled, opening up your mouth wide for Bucky, sticking your tongue out while he spat your husband and his load into your mouth. You swallowed with a satisfied hum, bringing him down for a filthy kiss, greedily licking off the cum that clung onto his lips. Steve growled at the sight of Bucky's tongue slipping into your mouth, the both of you making on, still splayed out on his desk, Bucky’s cock twitching against your cunt. He looked over at Steve who was practically hard again, intently watching his wife take load after load. 
“Round two in the bedroom?” 
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tom-holland-parker · 3 months
Summary: You’d never felt like this before, it was like some primal instinct deep down inside of you. You just needed to be close to him. The only problem was that you were already wrapped in his arms and it still didn’t feel close enough
Warning: 18+ smut (cockwarming, boob worship?)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word count: 620
You’d never felt like this before, it was like some primal instinct deep down inside of you. You just needed to be close to him. The only problem was that you were already wrapped in his arms and it still didn’t feel close enough. 
“Can you lay on top of me?” You asked quietly into Bucky’s neck
“What” he chuckled, “No i’ll crush you”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, your arms squeezing him tighter as if that would solve your problem, “yes that’s the point, please I just want to be close to you” 
“You do realize that your entire body is wrapped around mine” His hands moved to rub your back, “If you were any closer I’d be inside of you”
“That's it” You gasped, eyes lighting up at the idea, “Let me cockwarm you”
Bucky laughed, “what has gotten into you tonight”
“We can fuck first if you want too but just don’t pull out after” You whined, already throbbing at the thought of him being buried deep inside you, “Please I just want to feel you all over”
He smiled, getting hard just from your desperate words. Without another thought his hand moved down the curves of your body until he reached your underwear. A low whimper left your mouth as he cupped your pussy through the thin fabric, “oh baby you’re soaked”
Your hips began to shamelessly grind on his hands slowly, “I just need you so bad, please”. Your eyes were shut as you began to kiss and lick his neck in the spots that always made him weak in the knees.
Easily giving in, he made quick work of pulling his now hard cock out of his boxers. Before you knew it he was slowly thrusting inside of you, wanting to stretch you out and have you filled to the brim with his cock. “Oh fuck that feels good” You moaned as your hands gripped his biceps
“Yeah” His arms wrapped around your body, leaving you stuck and helpless, “This is just what you need right. My good girl just needed me to fill her up” His voice, sweet like honey, ignited a fire inside you. He was right, you needed this. You needed him to hold you tightly and fuck you just right, his cock hitting all the right places.
You hand moved to your tits, fingers pulling and teasing your nipples. Bucky’s eyes couldn’t leave your body, the way you were openly doing whatever it took to make yourself feel good just made him want you even more. He lets out a deep growl as he moves to grip your ass, “Look at you, playing with your tits like a little slut. Are you gonna make yourself cum baby”
His hand moves between your bodies down to your clit, his fingers rubbing the sensitive bud. “Oh” You gasped as your hips began to move, meeting all his thrust, “I’m gonna cum, don't stop”
“Go on, be a good girl, cum for me” Bucky moans as he moves your hands from your nipples and replaces his mouth, sucking and gently biting down. “Cum for me so I can fill you up and keep you stuffed with my cock”
The promise of him letting you cockwarm him while you were full of his cum set you off. Your thighs tightened as you came around his cock. Bucky followed quickly behind, his tongue flicking your nipples as his cum poured into you. 
You took a deep breath, coming down from the high of your orgasm. “Thank you” You breathlessly said as you rested your head on his shoulder. Bucky smiled and kissed your forehead and adjusted himself further inside you, fulfilling his promise, “anytime”
@wildxwidow @marvelgurl @inas-thing @hehehehannahthings @prancerrparkerr @randomwriter1021 @hunnybunimdun @raajali3 @liltimmyst
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jamdoughnutmagician · 1 month
All The Way Down.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Plus Size!Female Reader 
Summary:Bucky reminds you just how much of a super-soldier he really is.
Warnings:Smut, 18+, Oral Sex (F Recieving), Face-Sitting, Mentions of shitty past ex-boyfriends, Dirty Talk, Bucky eats pussy for his own pleasure
Word Count:1,232
Authour’s Note: I kinda wanted to try to get back into writing for Bucky since I hadn’t done so for a while so it might not be the best writing but it’s here and it’s filthy, so there’s that
also this is for all my fellow thick-gals who just want a super-soldier bf to tr-eat them right.
When it came to you, Bucky was insatiable. He was perfectly happy to be spread out on the bed on his stomach, with each of your thighs thrown over his shoulders whilst his tongue and fingers worked their magic on your pussy.
When he was in one of those moods, then there was very little that would be able to separate him from you.
And tonight he seemed to be in that particular mood, as he licked his tongue through your folds, gently as he helped to ride out the aftershocks of your second orgasm of the night. 
“Doll..Want you to sit on my face…please..” he mumbled as he placed sloppy kisses to the inside of your thigh.
That was something that, until now, you had been avoiding. He’d politely asked you about it before, trying to get from you what he so badly desired. You so far had swatted away his advances with a kind smile and a little white lie that you had been too tired. You’d always assumed that you were too heavy, and past boyfriends and hook-ups had been less than kind to you when it came to how to handle a bigger girl in the bedroom. So from then on, you tried to save yourself the embarrassment and opted rather to either lay back or to be on the giving end of pleasure.
Bucky couldn’t lie, your rejections had hurt his pride, but he couldn’t help but feel like there was a reason why you didn’t want to do this with him, and it wasn’t because you were too tired. 
His mind ran through all the times you’d been together in the bedroom (and the few occasions outside of the bedroom too) and all the things that you’d done together, when he suddenly came around to the thought that not only had you never ridden his face, you’d also never been on top of him. That wasn’t right, he thought to himself. That needed to change right away and he was going to get you on top of him one way or another.
“It’s okay, baby, you don’t have to do that.” you say sweetly as you run your fingers through his hair from between your thighs.
“No, I know I don’t have to do it, but I want to. Want you to ride my face, Sweets.” he says with such a sweet earnestness that it almost breaks your heart with how much he loves you and wants to please you.
“Buck, please…”  you say as you withdraw your legs from over his shoulders and pull them up to your chest, sitting at the head of the bed.
“I’ve never pressed you about this, I’ve never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable, but you’ve never wanted to be on top..like ever…and I just have to ask, why?” his steely grey-blue eyes looking at you in question.
You felt safe with Bucky. Safer than you had ever felt with any of your past boyfriends. He was sweet to you, and he deserved the truth. 
Huffing out a breath to steady your nerves you looked at your boyfriend before speaking.
“I know I’m not the daintiest of girls, okay? I’m bigger and heavier than most girls, and I guess past boyfriends always made me feel insecure about being on top.” you explained.
Bucky listened carefully as you talked through your feelings.
“So, just to save myself the embarrassment and stop the insecurities creeping in, I always decline to get on top. I know most guys aren’t going to enjoy being squashed underneath me” you chuckle that last part, trying to lighten the mood.
“I’m not most guys, Doll.” He says to you confidently. 
You look at him, not totally understanding where he was going with this, so you let him continue.
“It seems as though you’ve forgotten that your boyfriend is a super-soldier, Doll.” he smiles “I promise you I’m strong enough to handle anything you throw my way, and believe me when I tell you that I would be happy man with a pretty thing like you sat on my face. I wanna fuckin’ drown in you, sweets.” he finishes, his voice dropping to a seductive growl and coming over to you to place a hungry kiss on your lips.
Looking deep in your eyes once more, he gives you a cheeky wink before laying on his back stretched out with his head resting on his hands 
“C’mon dollface, what are you waiting for? Your throne awaits.” His cheeky charm never fails to make you blush. 
You make your way over to him, cautiously swinging your leg over his body until you were straddling his chest, hovering over him.
“My face is up here, Sweets” he says, tapping his fingers to his chin to prove his point.
You shuffled further up his body until you’re hovering over his face, and you could see his lazy smile between your thighs.
You feel both his strong arms wrap themselves around your thighs, the contrast of the warmth of his hand and the metal of his other hand is a strangely grounding feeling that you welcome wholeheartedly. 
“I said sit on my face, sweets, none of this hovering, I want you to sit all the way down.” he growls before he locks his arms around your thighs and pulls you close.
His tongue ran the length of your pussy, lapping up the dripping wetness of your arousal. He was tasting you as though he was a man starved, the rumbling vibrations of his moans and groans sending shivers down your spine.
Suddenly you found your hips rocking themselves against your boyfriend's face, the tip of his nose nudging at your clit had you letting out shameless moans above him.
You can feel his cheeky smirk underneath you.
“That’s it sweets, ride my fuckin’ face…Taste so fuckin’ sweet…” his words are slurred as his tongue drinks you in.
He flicks his tongue over your clit a few times, before swirling around and then moving to suck it between his plump pink lips. The feeling of his scruffy beard against the soft skin of your thighs is a pleasing burn as your thighs clench themselves around his head.
Your hands have found themselves tangled in his hair, thankful that he had chosen to grow it longer again, needing something to ground yourself as you found your head swimming with pleasure.
He knew you were close, he’d seen you desperate for release many times before, he continued tonguing your clit as you whined above him.
“Fuck…Baby Please..feels so good..” 
“That’s it doll, let go for me, sweets..let me taste you..” he slurs continuing to help you roll your hips over his face.
It all felt too good. Too good and too much. The tightening knot in the pit of your stomach snapping, and your orgasm rushing over you as your hips slow to stuttering movements. His tongue laps slow stripes over your wet cunt as you come crashing down from your high.
You swing your body to lie next to him, your chest heaving with breaths you break the silence that had fallen between you both.
“I do believe it’s my turn to return the favour, Sarge” you say sweetly as your lips begin kissing a trail down his toned abs.
“Well…I ain’t ever gonna say no to that, Dollface.”
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vivwritesfics · 4 months
My Girlfriend, The Worm
Y/N asks Bucky the worm question. Like the old man he is, he answers wrong.
This is just crack fluff
Tumblr media
“Have you asked him yet?” Peter said to his sister as they sat in their apartment. It was one of the rare times they were both home, and Y/N wasn’t sleeping over at her boyfriend’s place. 
Sighing, Y/N shook her head. “No, Pete. There is no way I’m asking him that. I don’t care if it’s a part of some stupid trend,” she said and went back to reading the news paper. 
It was something her brother had been seeing all over tiktok for the past few days. He’d sent a collection of them to MJ and his sister, but Y/N had ignored almost all of them. Until her brother brought it up while she was trying to relax. 
“Please,” he said, his lip jutting out in a pout. “I’ll deliver you and Mr Barnes some takeout next time I’m on patrol,” he said.
Y/N put her newspaper down. “All that just for me to ask Bucky if he’d still love me if I was a worm?”
Huffing, Y/N stood from her chair. “Okay, come on.”
“Where are we going?”
Bucky was fast asleep on his sofa. He  slept better there, but his girlfriend preferred the bed. He’d never tell her where he really slept when she wasn’t here. He usually didn’t sleep at night, either, so naps during the day it was.
He never expected someone to knock on his apartment door during the day. When they did, Bucky immediately jumped up and grabbed the gun from beneath his pillow. He inched towards the door slowly, not making any noise. 
When he looked through the peephole and saw only his girlfriend and her annoying brother standing there, Bucky put away his gun and pulled open the door. “Hey Buck,” Y/N said and kissed his cheek as he let them in. Bucky caught her around the waist and pulled her to stand beside him as Peter walked in.
“Parker,” Bucky said, as Peter walked past him. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and kissed his cheek again. “What’s up, sweets?” Asked Bucky as he shut the door. 
Grabbing his hand, Y/N pulled Bucky over to the couch. Her brother walked into the kitchen, helping himself to a glass of water. “I got an important question for you, Buck,” she said, grinning slightly. Her lip was pulled between her teeth as she tried to stop herself from laughing.
She was going to propose. Bucky's heart was in his throat, his eyes wide as he began to squirm in his seat. "Hang on a minute, Doll," Bucky muttered, standing up.
But Y/N pulled him back into his seat. Bucky could have easily overpowered her, pulled her up with just the strength of his metal arm, but he allowed her to pull him back. "It's nothing bad, I promise!" She assured him.
Bucky sucked in a deep breath and nodded his head.
"Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
From the kitchen, Peter burst out laughing. Bucky was silent, just staring at Y/N, waiting for her to elaborate. But she didn't; she stayed quiet, just staring at him.
"Did your brother put you up to this?" He whispered, eyes darting towards the kitchen.
Quickly, Y/N shook her head. "I'm being serious. Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
"I... but you'd be a worm."
The smile dropped from Y/N's face. "Are you saying you wouldn't love me if I was a worm?"
“Doll, you’d be a worm. Am I missing something here?”
Y/N stood from the sofa. “Come on, Peter, we’re going home.”
Ever since Y/N had… declared herself a worm and left the apartment, Bucky had been trying to get a hold of her. When he had gotten no reply, he turned to the one person who could help, her annoying little brother. 
Kid, what’s up with my girlfriend? He texted, struggling with the keys. He’d only just graduated from a flip phone with actual buttons for the keyboard to a touch screen, which struggled to recognise his metal fingers. 
You told her you didn’t love her, Peter replied almost instantly. 
Bucky frowned down at his phone. Since when did he say that? All Bucky could respond with was ???
You told her you wouldn’t love her if she was anybody else, that you only love her for her looks.
Sighing, Bucky typed out one last message before leaving his apartment.
Bucky wove through people as he walked through the city. His steps were quick, rushing to get to the Parkers apartment, which was on the other side of the city. Usually, Bucky didn’t walk, but there was no time for a car or a cab.
At the apartment complex, Bucky took the stairs two at a time to get to her. He threw open the door, which he had told Peter to leave unlocked for him, and strolled over to her bedroom. 
It was Y/N’s childhood bedroom. She and Bucky had spent a limited amount of time in there, since she still had pink walls and a single bed. She still had up her posters of her favourite bands from when she was younger and a couple of teddy bears. Most of her time was spent at Bucky’s, splitting the costs of meals and things. He didn’t ask her to help pay rent or anything, since she was saving up for a place of her own. Bucky had thought about asking her to move in with him permanently, but he didn’t want his first apartment since the 1940’s to be their home. The apartment where he had countless nightmares before she came along. 
Gently, Bucky knocked on her door. “Doll?” His voice was as gentle as his knuckles against the door.
When he got no response, Bucky pushed open the door. 
Y/N was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. A teddy bear Bucky had won her at a carnival was tucked under her arm and she held a picture of the two of them from last Christmas.
Bucky joined her, sitting on the end of her bed. “You know, Doll, I’d still love you if you were a worm. In fact, I’d ask Stark to find a way to turn me into a worm so we could be worms together,” he said, watching carefully for her reaction. 
She put the picture between them on the bed. “Buck, I love you,” she said. “And I don’t need you to love me as a worm. I should have known you wouldn’t get it, you old man,” she said and pulled him over to her. 
They laid on the bed together, Bucky’s bulky body on top of her own. They fell asleep like that, people in love. No, no, worms in love.
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softevnstan · 2 months
(nsfw) random prompt event generator for bucky!!
Bucky and Y/N going back to one or the other's house after a date, where they eventually end up dry-humping on the couch. Y/N only intends this as foreplay, but Bucky is already getting overwhelmed. Y/N finds this amusing and endearing, leaning close to whisper something teasingly into Bucky's ear. It turns out that Bucky is more excited than Y/N thought, and hits orgasm without any further stimulation, to the surprise of Y/N and the embarrassment of Bucky. What happens next?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing. bucky barnes x gender neutral! reader
summary. After a date night out with Bucky as you explore your new relationship, you unintentionally wind up taking your makeout session a little too far. Quickly you learn it's been far too long since Bucky has had a partner.
warnings. SMUT - minors DNI. kissing, praise kink, dirty talk, size difference, beefy bucky, dry humping, masturbation (bucky and you), implied/referenced trauma, reader has v but still gender neutral. p with plot, recovering!bucky barnes (half-way).
a.n. ok, i have other things to write and originally i was gonna let this wait... until i read the prompt again and saw this as an opportunity for some mild bottom/fluffy bucky. (bucky is a bottom you can't change my mind, but i'll write top for you all i promise) starts a little fluffy at first because idk how to not write some sort of context to situations, and bucky is still in recovery reasonably so
w.c. 7.6k howdidthishappen
Tumblr media
Your date with Bucky exceeded your expectations. Wary that things would potentially be a little rough around the edges while the soldier was still trying to put himself back together, you were pleasantly surprised when he picked you up at your apartment with a bouquet of flowers - specifically an interesting combination of sunflowers and roses. You couldn’t remember the last time someone had bought you flowers, and after running them inside so as to not ruin them by taking them on the trip, Bucky held your hand all the way to his motorcycle and helped you settle comfortably before embarking on the evening together. No awkward pauses or tense, heavy moments with Bucky; It was sweet and a dream come true that you didn’t even know you’d had.
He’d surprised you on where you both were going initially. Blindly trusting Bucky with wherever he chose your date location, he decided that the Art Museum was the safest choice. Dinners could be awkward - what if you don’t like the way someone chews their food? Movies hardly left time to actually get to know one another, instead just sitting in the dark with occasional spared glances. Anything too physical could be exerting and hinder you from another date with Bucky. So after indecisively pondering, Bucky had chosen that an art exhibit was the best way to go.
You loved it.
So many classic paintings and countless mediums of art filled the halls as you two strode hand in hand. Bucky was on the quieter side, but not enough to deter you. He’d smile and watch the twinkle in your eyes when you both came across a particularly marvelous work of art that you loved. Bucky had listened smittenly as you gushed about the way some pieces of art made you feel or the message you interpreted behind it all. Eventually, Bucky had begun to open up throughout the night to do the same. What felt like hours of enriched conversation and two people simply being in the moment.
Sometimes people don’t need candles and rose petals, sometimes people just need someone to talk to and feel just as down to earth with. 
Unfortunately, neither of you had finished going through the whole museum together in one sitting.
Bucky had used that as the opportunity to salvage the situation; “I guess that means we’ll just have to come back together.” He’d said fondly when you both stopped at the mini-cafe built in the museum before you both left.
Instead of letting the date die down when the museum began closing for the night, you offered to bring the party back to your apartment instead. Tempting Bucky with a bottle of wine sitting in your kitchen so you two could just spend some more time together, he didn’t need too much convincing. Any excuse to stay close to you, to steal some of your time just a little longer before returning to his dull apartment. 
‘How could I say no to you, doll?’ He had said, and you’d beamed at the small victory.
Truly, you hadn’t meant for it to end up where it was (not that you were complaining). When you asked Bucky to come into your apartment building, when you’d walked together hand in hand, you didn’t think you’d wind up like this. But somewhere between being plastered against Bucky’s backside and having the privilege to let your hands wander and explore tight leather hiding thick arms or the adrenaline of feeling the wind whipping in your hair, you’d started to become insatiable on the trip back.
Bucky had this way with you that made you feel like a teenager in love all over again.
Sure, he was quiet, but he was misunderstood. Soft and sweet, he had a compassionate heart and an intelligent mind, the gentle giant. 
It’d taken some time to help Bucky bring down those walls initially - countless weeks you’d spent just trying to be his friend before he finally caved and agreed. He was a private person, you learned, but once peeling back all the layers, Bucky was amazing and worth all the work that went into opening him up. Creative and smart, a book-lover and funny, he was gentle and tender and emotional in every way that a man could be if they let themselves. He wasn’t afraid to be honest, but was instead afraid to voice that too loud. He wasn’t afraid to be emotional or vulnerable with those he trusted - not the unfeeling machine that so many had made him out to be. Bucky had simply needed someone who understood him - or was willing to if nothing else.
Once you’d gotten past all of it, all of the rough nights and moody days, it was worth it. You’d watched Bucky become something he never was before…
He was the one who had taken your relationship a step further. 
Tentatively and timidly, might you add. Always endearing. He’d been anxious asking you to come out with him - as though he’d been fighting with himself for a long while on whether or not he should even ask. When he finally called you and asked if you’d like to go out on a date with him tonight - yes, he’d used date - you’d been elated. 
And sure, you were moving a little too fast at that moment, but life is short and he’s already on seventy years of borrowed time. Bucky deserves to be loved.
Warm hand had rubbed up the length of Bucky’s bicep, and you gave his shoulder a squeeze when getting off of his motorcycle with a teasing glint in your eyes.
When he walked with you into the building, you hugged his left arm to your side - refusing for any additional space to come between the both of you as you prattled on about 'Birthday', by Dorothea Tanning and how you interpreted it as the door into the imagination, and Bucky was busy trying to remember which painting it was you were talking about - it was 'the winged scared cat-creature on the floor' that rejogged his memory.
Bucky was just happy you clung so easily to the cold and hard metal of his vibranium arm as if it were his own.
Turning into your hall, you’d begun to pull Bucky by the arm. Turning on your heel and offering him a smitten smile when you tugged him closer to your body in a backward walk. His eyes crinkled at the corners with his smile, his smile wide and showing off pretty white teeth. Even the sheepish duck of his head was precious when you led him into your apartment, finally excited to have time where it could be just you and Bucky without prying eyes.
"If you were eager to get home, you could've just said so," Bucky teased you, and you gave a playful smirk in response.
"M'not, I'm just excited to finally be alone with you." you'd cooed, attempting to make the words seductive but honestly they came more sentimental than anything.
The door gave way behind you when you twisted the knob with your one hand, the other still clutching to Bucky's sleeve. It didn't give Bucky a chance to respond to your retort when you tugged him right on into your apartment. Instead, it earned a chuckle that snapped into a gasp with your pull.
It was when that door shut that something came over you. Tucked into your own little corner of the world, you didn’t fear overwhelming Bucky with affection that made him uncomfortable. No worries about people gawking and making him feel out of place (or him being afraid of gawking, really). 
When you both were just past the threshold of your apartment, you turned and used your foot to push the door shut. Fingers sliding up Bucky's arm, you used the moment to grab the lapels of his leather coat and step back - coming flush with the door and dragging Bucky right on into your tight space.
Hardly giving him a chance to protest. Wide cobalt eyes study you when you both are finally still, Bucky's hands hovering a little uselessly briefly and while shocked, still pleasantly surprised by your bravery.
"Someone is a little impatient," Bucky comments, expression softening. "Not impatient, just excited." You defend with a loving smile. "I could've sworn there was a bottle of wine mentioned..." Bucky trails. "Can you even get intoxicated?" You rhetorically question with a curious tilt of your head and a knowing grin. "Can't I drink for the taste like most people do?" Bucky retorts. "Touché."
You both fall into a small fit of giggles and soft laughs, the small talk helping to alleviate some of Bucky's nerves. His hands slowly come to settle on your sides since you're not budging from where you'd pressed flat against the door. Enjoying being wedged between a door and Bucky - you'd be crazy not to.
Despite the way, your mind is running a million miles a minute and your gaze can't seem to draw away from Bucky's pouty lips, Bucky doesn't seem to be picking up as easily on your advances. That's okay. He's always been worth the wait.
“...Did you have a good evenin’, doll?” he asks, flesh hand smoothing down to delicately rest on your hip.
“I was with you, wasn’t I?" Bucky looks at you for a beat as if slightly unconvinced... "Yes, Bucky. One of the best dates I've ever been on... ‘S a shame, I don’t want it to end.” You coo, drawing Bucky in closer until you’re both flush against each other. His left-gloved hand lifted to push your hair from your face tenderly. 
“Who says it has to end right here?” Bucky hums with his signature playboy grin - no wonder why he had every girl in Brooklyn creaming their panties.
The low husk of his voice strikes you to your very core, allowing your imagination to run wild with the countless thoughts of what the man before you could really do if he tried. Really, it wouldn’t take much; Bucky already had you curled around his finger, whether he knew it or not was another question.
“I thought you’d never ask,” pleased, you lay your hands flat on Bucky’s chest. Feeling under his open coat and hands finding the expanse of muscle. You tilt your head back, biting your bottom lip seductively with a cheeky grin.
You aren’t ready to find Bucky’s eyes watching you so intently. The way he wets his bottom lip before worrying it between his teeth and releasing that pouty lip of his. Eyes boring right into you and keeping you pinned between him and the door. Ever so carefully, Bucky cups your cheek in his large gloved palm. There’s hardly a missed beat when you turn your head and nose affectionately into his palm, able to hear the soft whirring of the machinery before pressing a chaste kiss to leave behind.
“I had fun tonight,” You reiterate to him softly - the drag of your lips accentuated with every word against his palm.
“M’glad. You look good when you’re happy.” Bucky murmurs, but he seems distracted. Cobalt eyes follow every drag of your lips, Bucky exhales a shallow breath. 
“I bet I could think of a few ways you could make me even happier, Bucky,” you singsong, hand sliding up over Bucky’s that hold your cheek to press affectionately into his touch. Always grateful for anything, nuzzling into him like a needy kitten. 
Part of you is waiting for the next step. For him to make the next move - that’s the dance between you two. You step, and Bucky steps one more further. Playing off of each other. It doesn’t come.
“M’sure you could, sugar,” Bucky starts, and you’re waiting for the ‘But’... “But,” There it is. “Maybe we should slow down just a little. It’s been such a good night…”
“We could make it better,” you offer, and Bucky flushes slightly at the implication.
“...I don’t want to move too fast,” Bucky says after a pause in a hushed whisper - as though scared if he speaks any louder, the universe may come in and rip this good thing away from him as it has a history of doing.
“Listen, I care about you. And I had a really, really good time with you - I’m still so happy you agreed to come out with me. But you’re not- Not some dame. I’m not just trying to get into your pants, Y/N…” Bucky elaborates tentatively, and you watch him with understanding in your gaze.
“I know,” You softly lament. “You’re not that kind of fella, Bucky…” “I want you to feel comfortable with me - happy,” Bucky emphasizes, and for half a moment your heart hurts for the man in front of you. So convinced he’s still capable of doing harm, even after all of this time. “I can’t think of a time I’ve been uncomfortable around you at all, actually,” Softly you contest, and Bucky offers you a briefly amused smile. 
“We can take our time,” Bucky presses; You can tell it’s more for him than it is for you. “Anything you need.” No questions about it. Nuzzling into Bucky’s palm, your lips form a chaste smile. “You’re too good to me, sugar…” “Funny, I’ve found myself thinking that all night.” Bucky finds humor in the words; expression softening and some of the tension that had begun to rebuild in him falling away. Bucky laughs. Soft, but rich. He leans in and presses a lingering kiss to your temple; Protective and loving. “Earlier, you said you had fun… So did I. This was one of the best nights in a while for me,” The admission comes with the feel of Bucky’s lips ghosting your skin. It’s distracting.
“I’m glad; You deserve good things, too, Bucky.” Something you tend to try to remind Bucky of often; You’ll slam that fact into his head until he one day decides to believe it for himself and see what everyone else sees. “You are my good thing,” he whispers even quieter; Unintentionally dropping the tone of his voice and sending shivers down your spine.
No words are exchanged when your hands lift and find Bucky’s defined jaw; cradling him gently and drawing him in for a deep but loving kiss. The first of many tonight.
Tumblr media
Both you and Bucky had soon migrated from the door in the foyer to your cozy living room. You both struggled to keep space between one another; Lips meeting together over and over again. The only sound was your own heart pounding in your ears and the soft breaths between you and Bucky. 
You were planted in his lap. Sat on strong, thick thighs - your arms draped around Bucky’s broad shoulders. His hands sat comfortably on your sides; gloves abandoned on the coffee table when he’d wanted to feel you. Not leather obstructing him from feeling the proper warmth of your flushed skin. His head tipped back to accommodate the way you had gained a few inches on him upon being seated in his lap.
Despite the way you two were entangled, it was nothing more than kisses. His hands hadn’t dared to venture below your belt, and while the kisses were definitely full of passion, it wasn’t the flame you were yearning and burning for. To respect Bucky’s request though, you didn’t proceed any further. Content with the taste of Bucky on your tongue, the warmth of his breath, and the barely there noises you were able to draw out of him that rumbled in his chest. His lips were soft and moved naturally against one another - It was a moment of euphoria.
Just the way your mouths slotted together alone was enough to rile you up; It’d been so long, and no one was as tender a lover as Bucky was with you. Each time he touched you, it was with consideration and care for what you wanted, what would feel good. Never in the means of his own self-gain. It made you that much more desiring of him; the connection that you both maintained had been there for months, it was simply that you both had finally begun to act on it. 
You’d told yourself you’d be slow. Take this at your own pace. No one wants to rush into a relationship that has the potential to end messy. But there you were; Necking in your living room with Brooklyn’s finest bachelor since 1936. Truly, you were only human, and it hadn’t escalated further than that. Breathing each other in, heated and heavy. You hadn’t even done it intentionally.
One could only fault you so much when your hips rolled into Bucky’s. Formerly nestled still in his lap, you found yourself moving without thought. Grinding down into the soldier’s lap, it elicited a deep groan from his throat, and tilted his head down to pull your lips apart. His hands instinctively moved to your hips; Clutching moderately tight to still your ministrations. You relished in the subtle pressure that came with Bucky’s hands securely enough to hold you still for hardly a moment. It was enough time for you to have realized the mistake you’d made.
“Shit, I’m sorry–” you stammered between the both of you, and Bucky instead took a shallow inhale. “No, no– It… It was good. It felt good, it’s-... It’s just… been a while.” Bucky timidly expressed, cheeks flushed and breathless. You noticed how he struggled briefly to maintain a heated gaze with you, eyes averting before pinching shut altogether.
“Do we need to stop? It’s okay if we do, Bucky…” Let him know that he had that out if he needed it; You wouldn’t be upset.
That option left Bucky shaking his head profusely. “No,” he rasps out, and you can feel his breath fanning your face. Can still taste him on your lips. You’re both still so close… You can feel the faint flex of his fingers holding you. “I want to keep going… Just… Give me a moment, alright?” He requests, and you give him a comforting smile and an understanding nod.
Your fingers card up into Bucky’s disheveled locks and brush thick hair back from falling in his face. Some of the tension leaves his body when you press a chaste kiss to his temple. 
“Whatever you need,” you softly let him know. You’re both still for a minute or two. Simply letting Bucky hold your hips while you kept some of the pressure on your knees - dug into the cushions on either side of his thick thighs. Soothingly rubbing your fingers through Bucky’s hair and giving him a tender hug he relishes in.
Then, slowly, he pulls you back down. Guiding your ass back into his lap and bodies coming flush together. The moment is experimental and you allow Bucky to take all the time he needs even if there is a burning in your thighs from the awkward position. Basking in the relief with a soft sigh and nosing into Bucky’s hair. His hands experimentally dare to explore a little further down. Rubbing from your waist down over your hips to the tops of your thighs. His hands feel like that of a bear's paws in comparison to your physique. 
“How are we feeling…?” You ask, checking in on him. “A little better… I’ve been using that 4-7-8 breathing method my therapist recommended, actually,” Bucky says, and you can tell for a moment he just needs to play it by ear. Even if you both don’t do anything tonight, he’s worth the wait.
“Really? That’s good,” Indulging in the moment of chit-chat as his hands still continue the back-and-forth motion. Hypnotizing and leaving your thighs tingling.
Bucky’s reply comes in a soft hum, tilting his head down to nudge his nose at your neck. You tilt your head enough for him to burrow in the hollow of your throat and nose affectionately there. His warm breath makes your skin break out in goosebumps. You let out a shaky exhale before a sappy grin spreads across your face.
He begins to slowly mouth at the sensitive skin of your throat. Gentle kisses and the faint scratch of his stubble that initially tickles enough to make you wiggle in his lap. 
“Bucky!” You squeak and you feel the grin against your skin.
“Easy, easy…” Bucky lowly tells you and it burns into your core. It’s easy to go lax when he’s the voice coaxing you back. “Good doll,” Bucky says with a chuckle - clearly teasing but it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 
“M’ticklish,” You defend as your arms squeeze around his shoulders. “I can tell. Might come in handy one day…” His lips still ghost over your skin; ever so distracting.
“You wouldn't.” “I might,” Bucky says, his voice smooth but thick like honey.
A playful pinch to Bucky’s shoulder makes him surrender with a laugh before tipping his head up to press your foreheads together again. This time you’re surprised to find his eyes meeting yours head-on.
“Thank you for being understanding,” Bucky addresses the elephant in the room, traces of anxiety in those gray eyes. “I’m still trying to learn how to let myself be with someone else…”
The words feels so raw; A hushed confession and a moment Bucky is being fully honest with you. Not hiding from it or skirting around it - communicating his boundaries and being able to give himself the time he needs. Your chest swells with pride for the man before you in his growth; You’re so inlove. 
“It’s okay, really. I’m not here just to get into your pants, Bucky. I care about you, and we can go as fast or as slow as you need.” You affirm, always wanting Bucky to know that. That he’s safe with you the way you are with him.
“I know,” he whispers, tipping his head up a little further to let your lips brush. “It’s why I like you so much…”
You smile, unable to help but feel a fluttering in your chest. Bucky draws you the rest of the way to press your lips together again. Starting from scratch so that Bucky is able to be more expecting and prepared this time. The build-up doesn’t bother you in the slightest, and it doesn’t take the both of you long to build up where you once were. Bucky’s comfortable kissing you. It’s everything else that daunts him.
Bucky is the one who holds your hips tight against his lap as he gives an experimental roll of his hips up into your ass; feeling the semi-bulge through his jeans. You gasp against his lips, and he seizes the moment to lick hot into your mouth. He doesn’t do it again; Teasing you and inviting you to take the next step. Experimentally, you return the gesture when you grind against Bucky’s lap. It draws a noise from both of you at that time.
“Yeah..,” Bucky huskily groans. “That’s good, fuck…” Bucky’s praise eggs you on to keep pressing down into Bucky. Rotating your hips to allow both of you to grind through your clothes; Traces of Bucky’s arousal evident in his jeans.
He steals your breath with a claiming kiss. Strong hands trailing up your thighs to test the waters. Feeling over the swell of your ass and encouraging you to keep pressing down into him. Rutting against his constricted and half-swelled cock. You’re unsure what to do with your hands other than planting them firmly on Bucky’s chest as you grind your sexes together. Fingers curling into bunch fabric of his shirt as Bucky’s head tilts to deepen your kiss further.
With each second that passes, you feel dizzier. High on the endorphins and lack of oxygen - your chest felt warm and fuzzy. Kissed senseless as Bucky’s firm hands squeeze the globes of your ass and rips a needy keen from your throat, drawing your grinds to a controlled halt. Right when you fear as though you might be too light-headed from the lack of air, Bucky shows some mercy. Freeing your lips and leaving you to gasp; Bucky licking his lips with a satisfied grin.
“I think I taste mint, did you pop a tic-tac earlier when I wasn’t looking…?” Bucky breathlessly teases, both of you so close that you can feel his smile. In that moment, you’re simply trying to return to Earth for a moment between soft, airy breaths. 
When you will yourself to finally look at Bucky again, his eyes are blown. His black pupils swallowing the blue of his eyes; leaving behind a thin ring. Something inside of him looks livelier than you’ve ever seen, Bucky’s cheeks flushed and lips swollen. 
“Jesus, Bucky,” is all you manage, earning a cheeky grin from Bucky - proud. “Speechless? I’m relieved to know after nearly a century I haven’t gotten rusty… It’d be embarrassing if I was 107 and didn’t know how to kiss,” Bucky jokes, and something inside of you feels so warm and fuzzy.
That you both can joke while still being in the moment and grinding into each other moments prior.
“Cocky, are we soldier?” You hum after regaining some of your composure, hands lifting to hold his face. Before Bucky has a chance to speak, the wiggle of your hips draws a reminder of the length in his jeans. Bucky chokes on a stifled groan low in his throat at the way you frott into him.
“Very funny,” he asks, still slightly out of breath.
“You took me by surprise,” you admit softly, “You never seem so brave…” “Frankly, sugar, it’s… Been a really long time. I’ve spent a too long runnin’ and not getting to actually feel alive - I’m not just surviving anymore. It’s taken time and it’ll still take more, but you make me feel better.” Bucky confesses fondly, and you snort with amusement. Pressing a loving kiss to his lips.
“Sap.” You murmur between soft pecks. “Only you could turn something hot into something sweet.” “Can’t we have both?” Bucky cooes. “Absolutely.”
This time, you take lead. Pecking kisses down from Bucky’s lips, over his stubbled cheek and defined jaw. His head tilts back to accommodate the way you nudge, leaving open-mouth kisses in your wake. Sucking the salty skin to leave behind loving bruises that will only last so long with Bucky’s healing factor. He groans; Adam’s apple bobbing when you stamp kisses back up his neck to the juncture of his ear and jaw. A soft kiss before you take a playful nip at his earlobe and send shivers racking through the man under you. “Oh, babydoll,” Bucky sighs airly, taking it upon himself to guide your hips. You move on your own accord as Bucky grinds you into his lap; Moving you back and forth to rut together through your clothes. You don’t have to do any of the work, instead just taking some time to give Bucky the loving he deserves.
When you peer at his face, his eyes are closed. Lashes kissing the tops of his cheeks and lips parted with soft breaths; the occasional clench of teeth pulls out a gravelly rumble from his chest. All of it has you so hot, so riled up. It’s just the two of you alone in the apartment; The air is charged with electricity between the two of you. The scrape of your teeth makes Bucky’s lips curl into a devious grin.
“You’re doin’ so good for me,” Bucky praises. “My pretty baby, yeah… God– Do you feel what you do to me, honey…?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse, the friction working him up just as much as it was you. The throbbing between your legs was becoming insatiable - your answer coming in a whimper as you sucked another purpling bruise into Bucky’s throat.
Your hips move enthusiastically. Trying to meet Bucky for every grind; Becoming too much for him to handle at one point. 
“Sl-Slow down, baby… Easy, we’ve got time,” he attempts to coax, but you’re busy chasing that high at that moment. You want to make Bucky feel good - this is doing that for him; Pleasing him. 
“What’s wrong, big guy?” You ask with an airy giggle, nosing up to Bucky’s ear. Your lips press against the shell of his ear; “I can’t get enough of you touching me, Bucky. I just want to make you come, thinking about it turns me on so much…”
You don’t realize until it’s too late what the words do to him, whispered out right in his ear. Bucky’s nose scrunches up and his jaw goes slack. His body becomes taut underneath you; Hands clutching hard and leaving a dull ache in your bones despite the way you’re still trying to move. Bucky’s hips stutter harshly, and suddenly he’s gasping out. Moaning low and breathy as he rides out his orgasm with half-hearted bucks up into your ass.
Your eyes widen with a sense of wonder as Bucky comes undone in those short few seconds. His lips curl into a perfect ‘o’ and he shudders, eyes pinched shut. “Ohhhh fuuuck,” Bucky moans, long and drawn out, and there’s not a hotter sight than Bucky Barnes coming because of you. You smile; Pleased with yourself and priding yourself on the fact of being able to be the one to do this to Bucky. You continue the grueling roll of your hips into his hard dick - little left to the imagination while your fingers tangle in his hair and you hold him close. Watching his face all the while; Not wanting to miss a single moment.
Bucky rides it out until he’s left with beads of sweat misting his hairline, panting with the rise and fall of his chest. Taking his time, licking his lips before seemingly becoming sheepish of how easily he’d just fallen apart. No warning; It’s been so long since he’s had another sexual partner to experience these things within a positive environment.
Your hips only stop when he’s well and done, knowing that most guys half the time are one-and-done. “That… That felt really good, m’sorry, it’s– it’s different. With, y’know, someone else… Versus alone…” Bucky manages awkwardly, and you simply draw him in for a lingering kiss. 
“I understand,” You murmur comfortingly against his lips. “You can clean up in the bathroom; I don’t have anything in your size for underwear, unfortunately, but I can find a pair of flannel bottoms that might fit…” “What about you?” Bucky asks, raising a brow. “Me?” “You.. You didn’t get to… Y’know.”
It’s oddly endearing how he worries about the fact that you weren’t able to get off the way he had. “What, we’re afraid to use adult language now?” You tease, and Bucky rolls his eyes. “M’bein’ serious. I want you to feel good…” Bucky says, rubbing your thighs soothingly. “I can get it up again if you give me a minute.” He adds, and for a moment you’re confused before placing the answer upon a super soldier refractory period.
“You’d be comfortable with that..?” You ask with a curious tilt, and Bucky bites his lips together; you can see the lingering daze in his eyes from the post-orgasm haze. “No,” he answers almost nervously. “I… Tonight has been a lot already. I don’t think I want to go there yet…” And you expect it to end there, but: “I have something else in mind, though.”
“Oh, do you now…?” you muse, curious. “Have you ever heard of mutual masturbation…?”
Tumblr media
You’re both sat facing one another on the couch; One of your legs tucked under your body and pants long abandoned to the floor leaving you in nothing but your underwear. You’d felt far less reluctance than Bucky had when it came to stripping down; The layers shed easily as your anticipation festered more and more to the surface. 
You’d be lying if you said you weren’t excited. You’ve known Bucky for a while now, and let’s not lie to yourself - He’s a good-looking man who can do things with a single look. The ‘Barnes Charm’ he was so popular for when he was young was still there; Showing itself in small flickers of moments from time to time. The only instances in acting on it on your behalf were in the comfort of your bedroom, alone in the sheets. No one’s business but yours. 
But now you’re there with him and no one else. No one to disturb your private moment.
Touch was something that was hard for Bucky - he’d expressed that to you when he stammered over what he’d been asking of you. That he’d rather watch one another right then.
Bucky had no problem drinking you in, either. His eyes were fixed on every movement you made - when you’d peeled your shirt off his eyes followed the expanse of glowing skin and studied it all. Every curve and slope of your body; There was no question of how enamored he was with you. It was the first time in a long time you’d felt truly seen. Someone who wasn’t just trying to get into your pants but found you breathtaking.
It was flattering; You could feel the heat in your cheeks and the way it flustered you to be looked at in awe. There was something about Bucky that made you feel perfect. He was a man that was genuine in everything he did; Not much of a people-pleaser if he doesn’t have to be. Arguably a little stubborn, actually. You knew nothing about the way he looked at you was feigned.
He chews his lip as his eyes study you. Leaned more forward from where he’s sat sideways on his half of the couch. Left hand clutching the back of the couch cushion, Bucky had that familiar bulge in his jeans (which were now unbuttoned and peeled open to show off his navy blue briefs). 
“You look so perfect, doll…” Bucky murmurs lovingly after a moment, and your heart melts in your chest.
The words felt too intimate for you to accept easily, but you didn’t want to reject the compliment either. So rather than reply verbally, you leaned back into the cushion propped up behind you and drew your right leg up; Pressed into the back of the couch. Your right leg dangles off the side of the couch and leaving you exposed to Bucky. A welcome invitation if he decides to change his mind and wants to touch you. 
Bucky breath hitches; shuddering out a slow exhale through his nose. His gaze is hungry, his hand thoughtlessly moving to his own groin to palm the returning erection.
“I’ll love you right, one of these days, sugar.” Bucky promises with a lick of his lips. “This is just fine for tonight, Bucky,” You reassure him, and his gaze racks up to your face. “Thank you again for understanding,” And the softness in his hungry eyes sends a cold desire to your core - something more intimate about that look than the one threatening to eat you whole. “Anything for you.” You tell him, meaning every word.
With that, you make a deliberate show of teasing your fingers down your chest and tummy before slinking between your legs. 
“Aww, that’s it, sugar,” Bucky hums fondly with a breathy chuckle. “Eager little thing, gonna put on a pretty show for me..?”
“Only if you promise to do the same; This is just as much for me as it is for you,” You tease affectionately, mood defiled when you trace your hole with your middle and ring finger. The pads of your fingers are cold on sensitive skin, leaving you to shiver and sigh out an airy moan.
“M’not in nearly as a rush as you are, sweetheart.” Bucky hums, and you catch the way his hand slides down to palm at his cock through his underwear. “So excited to be on display, are we?” “Just for you,” you exhale, preening at the way he looks at you while experimentally dipping the tips of your fingers into your wet and wanting hole.
“Thank God, might have to wring someone by the neck if I gotta share a sight as sweet as this...” The tone is playful and joking, but there are traces of genuine possessiveness in Bucky’s voice. The idea alone is enough to have you showing off; gathering the wetness and making a deliberate show of smearing it over glistening skin. Bucky licks his lips with a look as though he wants to eat you alive. 
Atleast it’ll give him something to look forward to for when you both do get to the point you can be physically comfortable with intimacy. You can have more than enough fun with this. 
“Mother, mary, n’ joseph…” Bucky drawls; that Brooklyn accent of his coming through thick with the rumble of his words. He relaxes back into the couch while you continue the steady stroke of teasing yourself, playing with your clit and leaving your cunt throbbing. Bucky properly slides his jeans down his thighs and bunches his briefs along with them.
The evidence of his previous orgasm smeared in his soiled briefs, his cock thick and bobbing at the cool air. Bucky hisses through his teeth before spitting into his hand and stroking himself off languidly. 
“Don’t stop, sweetheart. Keep touchin’ yourself for me, I wanna see how you like it…” the words were hummed low, squeaking a moan out of you with just the way he spoke to you alone. “Aww, did you like that, baby? Like the way I talk to you..?”
You bite your lip, swallowing back the noises and answering Bucky’s question in a profuse nod. Fingers still insistently tracing yourself to that sweet spot, you could feel the slow knot building in the pit of your tummy.
“Ah, ah, ah… If m’gonna talk, I wanna hear those sweet noises, babydoll. Sing for me,” Bucky cooes with a breathy chuckle, still fucking his fist on the length of his cock. Pre-come beading at the slit and making the tip glisten with the signs of his arousal.
“Oh, Bucky,” You wantonly mewl out, surprising yourself with how helpless you sound. Trailing your slick fingers down to press the tip of your middle finger into your weeping cunt. Experimentally pressing in, having been pent up for what felt likes ages and aching for relief.
“That’s it, baby,” Bucky’s hand begins to speed up over his aching cock; His thickness jerking in his palm whenever you make a particularly sweet noise. “Show me how you stuff that needy cunt; I wanna see how you - fuck - take care of yourself…”
You moan for Bucky; needy and high and airy. It just feeds into his own arousal as he jerks off across from you. His own groans deep and rough - Piercing gaze keeping you pinned to the couch. Unable to look away from the way Bucky’s gaze bore into you.
His eyes watch you expectantly; Waiting for you to do what he’s asked. You oblige.
Your fingers press knuckle-deep into your cunt; Experimentally thrusting into your channel and leaving your back to arch slightly off the arm of the couch.
“Oh,” you mewl out, fingers driving into your hole, stretching your tightness and leaving your arousal to spill out. 
Bucky jerks his thick cock, hand sliding easily and the ministration made easier by the pre-come that spills over his fist. He shifts his hips, licking his lips and grinning at the way you fuck yourself open.
“Look at you, such a pretty baby,” Bucky breathes low between pants for air. “If I didn’t know any better I’d have thought you – mmh, god - were waitin’ for this. So eager to get that hole wet…”
The way Bucky talks to you makes your chest flutter. Your face feels hot, gasping as it drives the way you fuck your hole. Watching the up-stroke on Bucky’s cock - imagining the length sliding home into you and whimpering at the thought. Your eyes screw shut, the room filled with the slick sounds of your fingers in your hole.
“Oh no, babydoll, open those pretty eyes. I want you to watch me,” Bucky demands, and your eyes open on command. “Yeah, that’s it… Good baby, see this?” Bucky stops the stroking of his dick to let his fingers wrap around the girth and give a little tap of the tip to his thigh. Showing off the girth and his thick balls.
“Yeah, yeah this is all for you, honey. M’so hard for you, all for you…” The rumble of his voice was soothing as it was arousing.
“Bu-Bucky,” you squeak past trembling lips. Thighs softly quaking — Bucky’s words could get you off alone. Who knew he was such a filthy talker?
“I’m right here, sugar. ‘S okay, make yourself feel good. Don’t gotta hold back for nothin’, show me, pretty thing. I wanna see it all…” It’s permission if you’ve ever heard it, and suddenly at that moment, you realize how dependent Bucky’s say was over your building orgasm. As if your body knew it was waiting on his approval before you could let yourself come undone. 
Your legs draw up to clench your thighs – Stopping yourself when you remember Bucky’s eyes are still fixed upon your flushed body. Watching the hypnotizing display of the quick work you made fingering your needy cunt while he relished int he display. Stroking his cock languidly before building up a pace that matched your own; Wanting to follow your arousal with you. 
Just because you both weren’t touching doesn’t mean he couldn’t work with you.
It doesn’t take much; Not that it surprises you. You’d been pent up from the previous grinding into one another; hot and bothered by kisses that gave you a hint of what more could be like. 
While your one hand is busy playing with your nub, your free hand smooths up to ruck up your shirt. Bucky’s dilated eyes light up even more when your hand moves under your top; Rolling a nipple between your fingers and drawing even more whorish noise from your swollen lips.
Bucky downright growls, hips arching subtly off the couch as he fucks up into his fist.
“Fuck, you like to play with your nipples, baby? Aww, bet you’re so sensitive… Mm, fuck, yea… M’gonna love gettin’ my hands on you when we’re ready. Gonna learn every nook n’ cranny of you; Wanna worship that pretty body of yours.”
He keeps talking like that; each word straight to your aching core and leaving you soaked. Bucky picks up on it in the way you get louder — noisier.
“You like that? Of course you do — who knew you were so fuckin’ filthy, sugar? Aw, m’gonna come, baby,” Bucky’s voice even until it begins to find a sense of urgency towards the end. A sharp breath from him, both of your hands moving while you watch one another. Pleasuring yourselves and being your most intimate selves; On display for one another.
Your jaw is slack, gasping and moaning out pitiful squeaks while you touch yourself. Bucky’s hand moves smoothly over his arousal, the sound of skin on skin as he jerks himself off.
“Oh, oh fuck, please, I-I’m gonna come, Bucky,” you cry out, and Bucky thumbs at the tip of his cock; wrist twisting towards the head. 
“Come for me, baby. C-Cream all over your pretty fingers — come for me, come for me,” Bucky’s words drive you over the edge.
Your walls flutter emptily; begging to be filled as you come undone under your fingers. It’s cloud nine, riding out your high on your familiar fingers. Thighs trembling and soaked with your wetness, hips canting up into nothing as you finish on your fingers. Gasping and squealing out until you’re reduced to pathetic whimpers.
Bucky watches you all the while. Fucking his fist and growling out through his bared teeth when you come. Reaching his own orgasm and painting his fist in thick stripes of creamy white that you want to lick clean. He pants, face flushed as his cock spills his heavy load. Staining the denim of his jeans and leaving a mess (though he’s careful of the couch). 
You both slump into the couch, still facing one another when the high has passed. Panting for air, the smell of sex and sweat heavy in the air. You’re the one to break the quiet with an airy giggle, which Bucky grinds widely in response to.
“Are you alright, honey..?” Bucky asks curiously, his own voice hoarse and quiet. “Perfect. How’s about a shower…? You’ve already seen me from the stomach down, I’ve already seen your dick. That’s practically all we have. Nothing to hide,” you offer with a roughness to your own voice, swallowing thickly. You smile, still lingering in the soft air of the post-orgasmic haze.
“Sounds perfect, baby. I’ll go get the shower runnin’, okay?” Bucky offers, tucking his mess back into his underwear (he won’t be wearing them much longer anyways). Scooting forward, he uses his clean hand to cup the back of your head and press a gentle kiss to your temple. 
You nod with a soft, ‘mhm’. Enjoying the settling moment's peace and serenity despite the cooling wetness coating your thighs. Moving will be awful but it was well worth it.
Bucky certainly leaves an impression. Kicking off the evening with flowers and a ride to the art museum, strolling the halls lovingly with him while partaking in art, only to come back to your apartment and masturbate together. Bucky might be more full of surprises than you thought. You couldn’t be more excited.
Tumblr media
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ro-is-struggling · 3 months
Touch || Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky was not a fan of physical contact, that was something you knew about him even before you started dating him. What you didn't know was how incredibly touch starved he was. That is until one lazy Sunday afternoon, when you take your relationship to the next level.
Word count: 4300
Warnings: SMUT MINORS DNI, porn with feelings, dry humping, overstimulation, kinda sub!bucky x gentle dom!reader, touch starved bucky, a little angst (it’s bucky duh), fluff
English is not my first language
Notes: This is a continuation of THIS little thing that I posted the other day, but you don't have to read it to understand the story.
Tumblr media
Bucky was not someone who enjoyed a lot of physical contact, that was a fact about him that you found out pretty quickly. You just had to see the way he interacted with his friends and the people around him to notice that he didn't really like to be touched, especially by strangers. You'd seen him jump and flinch at the slightest brush of someone's body making their way through the busiest nights at the bar, so you kept that in mind when you had your first date. It didn't really matter to you that he didn't even hold your hand or kiss you at the end of the date, you had such a good time with him that you didn't even think about it. 
Besides, that only made things more interesting. Not knowing when he was going to kiss you —or if he was even going to kiss you at all— kept you on your toes, butterflies fluttering in your stomach every time you looked into each other's eyes. The tension only increased with each date and all that build up made your first kiss magical. There were no words to describe how you felt the moment his lips finally met yours. It was a shy, experimental kiss, your lips brushing delicately as you explored this new feeling. Bucky rested his hand on your cheek to draw you closer to him, the touch of his fingers awakening a tingle on your skin. It was almost hard to believe that someone as big and strong as him was capable of such gentleness, but that was what made the moment so special.
There was definitely a spark between you, a connection you had never felt with anyone before. So you didn't care that it had taken Bucky longer than usual to kiss you, you were willing to wait as long as it took to feel that electricity that only he seemed to be able to awaken coursing through your body. Bucky made it all worth it.
You usually let him initiate the physical contact. You didn't want to end up accidentally stepping over his boundaries, so beyond a few kisses and hugs you used to let him decide when he wanted to hold your hand or cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie. You didn't mind the lack of physical contact, it didn't affect your relationship in the slightest. It wasn't like that was the only way to show affection. You didn't have to doubt if Bucky really loved you or if your relationship had a future because he always found other ways to show you how he felt about you. 
He may not be very good at expressing his feelings in a physical way, but he had a special talent for expressing in words and beautiful metaphors the love he felt for you, confessions that were immortalized in the love letters he often sent you. The nature of his work required him to spend weeks and sometimes even months away from you, and he would take advantage of those moments alone to reflect on his feelings and pour them out on paper, expressing in neat handwriting the thoughts that were running through his head. You still talked on the phone and texted each other all the time, but there was something so intimate and personal about handwritten love letters that he refused to let them die, forgotten in the past.
Bucky also expressed his love through acts of service, dropping everything he was doing to come to your aid whenever you were in the slightest inconvenience. And he also loved sharing quality time with you, whether it was planning a romantic evening or just staying by your side while the two of you did nothing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Those were all acts that undoubtedly proved to you that Bucky loved you, so you really didn't mind the lack of physical displays of affection. The love you shared was much purer and more intense than any of your past relationships, so who cared if you weren't holding hands all the time when your chest exploded with love every time you saw him.
You learned very quickly that Bucky Barnes had a different love language than most of the other people you had dated, and you were more than okay with it. You never asked him about it because you honestly didn't think there was a reason behind it. People love in different ways, some are more vocal and physical about it and some are more quiet and reserved, but that doesn't mean they are any more or less valid. All different ways of showing love are valid and you always assumed that Bucky was naturally a person who didn't enjoy excessive physical contact because of the way he sometimes flinched and squirmed when your hands caressed his skin for too long. But your perspective on Bucky's loving ways changed one Sunday afternoon. 
You were lying on the couch watching a movie in your apartment. You were comfortably settled on the right end, your arm resting on the armrest and your legs stretched out on the coffee table. You had a pillow in your lap and on it rested Bucky's head, who was lying on his side so he could get a good view of the TV. The sunset light coming through the window illuminated his face in a special way, highlighting every detail you loved about him. The movie faded into the background as you lost yourself in the adorable image of your boyfriend resting on your lap. He looked so peaceful that if it weren't for the soft giggles he let out from time to time you would think he was asleep. It was rare to see him like that, with his features so relaxed, and you loved him. 
Bucky's long chestnut hair rested messily on the cushion. A stray strand fell over his face, hiding part of his beautiful features from your eyes. Without realizing what you were doing you reached your hand out to brush it away, tucking the rebellious strand of hair behind his ear so you could admire him better. Bucky closed his eyes for a moment when your fingertips brushed the skin on his temple, but said nothing. So you let your hand wander through his hair a little longer while you lost yourself in his beauty and the love you felt for him. Your fingers stroked his hair gently, your nails lightly scraping his scalp.
Bucky closed his eyes again, only this time he didn't realize he had done so. His body stopped responding to his brain's commands, momentarily losing himself in your gentle touches. He was instantly overwhelmed by the delicate movement of your fingers. It had been so long since he had last been in such an intimate situation that his body did not know how to react. His brain stopped working every time you touched him and this was no exception. When you pulled a strand of his hair with a little more force than usual —accidentally or not, he didn't know—, Bucky let out a pathetic whimper, electricity coursing through his body and awakening a flame inside him that he thought had been extinguished.
But then he came back to his senses. His brain regained control over his body and forced him to jump up and away from you before something went wrong. 
"Bucky, I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." you rushed to apologize, fearing you had crossed his boundaries regarding physical contact without realizing it. You should have been more careful, you should have asked him if it didn't bother him before touching him. 
It broke Bucky's heart to see the guilt and fear in your eyes, especially knowing that it was all his fault and not yours. You were nothing but loving and patient with him, never pressuring him for anything and creating a safe space where he could relax and let loose without fear. "No, no, it's okay," he tried to reassure you. "It's not you, it's me. I'm the problem, doll."
"No, Bucky, don't say that," you said, moving closer to him. You reached out to touch him, there was nothing you wanted to do more than hold his hand and kiss him until his sad expression changed. But at the last second you realized that wouldn't be a good idea so you dropped it in your lap once more.
"But it's true," he insisted. "You did nothing wrong, it's just that... it's hard for me. I haven't been this close, this intimate, with anyone in a long time and it's kinda overwhelming," he revealed, surprising you. In all this time it never occurred to you that this could be the reason for his problem with physical contact.
"It's okay, Buck. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'm more than fine with the way things are right now between us."
"But that's the thing," he sighed, adjusting his posture so he could look you in the eyes. "I like it when you touch me, when you kiss me and you hold me while we watch a movie. It makes me feel good... it makes me feel loved. But then I get overwhelmed and I- I don't know, I just can't do it," he muttered in frustration, not quite sure how to explain to you that he had spent the last few months of his life trying to train his brain to stop associating physical contact with the horrors he had experienced with Hydra. 
"We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with," you spoke in a soft tone. "I'm happy with our relationship the way it is right now. I love you, Bucky, and I would never pressure you into anything."
"I know, doll. You've been nothing but kind and understanding. I just wish I could give you more."
"We can take things slow. There's no need to rush into anything, baby." you said, moving a little closer to him until your leg brushed his. "I can still hold you and kiss you and touch you... you don't have to run from me, Bucky. We can take our time to test your boundaries and get you used to intimacy again, if you want that, of course."
Bucky would be lying if he said your words didn't sound tempting. There was nothing he loved more than feeling your hands on his body, the taste of your lips on his mouth and the warmth of your skin against his. He avoided physical contact not because he didn't like it but because he enjoyed it too much and his brain was not yet ready to process what your touch made him feel. He was easily overwhelmed by your touch, every little brush of your fingers awakened a tingle inside him and a flame deep in his stomach. He would lose the ability to think coherently when you held him and sometimes he could feel tears forming in his eyes when you held his hand as you walked down the street. The idea of someone loving him without fear or regret was something that filled his chest with joy and frightened him in equal proportions. A part of him still had trouble understanding that someone was capable of loving him like that.
"Do you trust me?" you asked as you read the doubt in his eyes. Bucky nodded, shaking his head slightly without a second thought. "I need you to use your words, baby."
"Yes, doll, I trust you" he assured you firmly, putting a warm smile on your lips.
"Can I kiss you?" you murmured, your voice barely a whisper.
"Please," Bucky begged and that was all the confirmation you needed to take his face in your hands and press your lips together. 
It was a slow kiss, your lips gently caressing his in an attempt to calm his nerves. You felt him relax under your touch, surrendering to the warm tingle that ran through his body each time you kissed him. He let you guide him, his body responding to your movements without protest. When he felt your tongue caress his lips he parted them, granting you permission to attack his mouth. 
Everything became a blur after that. He could feel your lips on his, your hands caressing his skin, the warmth of your body enveloping him completely, but it was too much for his poor brain to process. He was limited to feel, to move and act following his most primitive instincts while the flame inside him only grew.
"Is this okay?" you asked him, pulling away from his lips to speak. Only then did Bucky realize that you were now sitting on his lap, trapping his body between your legs.
"Yes," he managed to say between ragged breaths. But you didn't give him much of a break, attacking his lips once more before trailing your kisses down his jaw to his neck.
Bucky closed his eyes instinctively, losing himself in the tingling that the brush of your lips on his skin awakened inside him. His hands traveled to your hips, his fingers clinging to you as a way to keep himself grounded. It was pathetic, utterly ridiculous, that a man his age would melt at the slightest touch of your lips on his body, but he couldn't help it. It had been so long since he had last experienced such intimacy with someone that it was like it was his first time all over again. And in a way it was. The old innocent and confident Bucky had died that cold day falling off that train and for over 70 years he had been forced to live as something else, an entity with no voice or conscience damned to obey orders. He had been changed by that experience and when he was freed from his chains a completely different man from the one he used to be emerged. A man who had to adapt to a different world than the one he was used to and who had to train his brain to stop responding to old patterns. So in a way it was like being born again, at least that's how he had felt the day the trigger words stopped working on him. And that's how he felt with you sitting on his lap, your lips sucking on his neck while your hands explored his body.
Bucky felt like he was in heaven, flying through the clouds as a euphoric feeling filled his insides. He hadn't really realized how much he missed that kind of intimacy until that moment. He was desperate to feel more of you, reduced to a whimpering, moaning mess every time your lips brushed his soft spots or when your hands disappeared into his hair, delicately tugging at the chestnut strands. He let out the most pathetic whimper as your core made contact with his growing erection, your hips rolling sensually as you gently nibbled the skin of his neck. He tightened his grip on your waist, to stop you or to pull you closer to him, he wasn't sure.
The sounds that escaped his lips were like music to your ears, a sweet melody that coursed through your body and made your core throb. It had not been your intention to rub against him in that way, it was a subconscious act of your body, desperate to find some relief from the pressure that was forming in the pit of your stomach. But now that you had done it and Bucky seemed to respond positively to it, you continued to do it, finding a slow, sensual rhythm that would bring you both to the edge of pleasure.
You two were fully clothed, yet there was something so erotic about what you were doing. To have a man like Bucky, so tall, serious and imposing, turned into a moaning, panting mess beneath you ignited a flame in you, a sensation you had never experienced before. You could feel your wetness staining your underwear as you admired the pleasure in Bucky's expression-his eyes closed, eyebrows slightly furrowed and parted lips letting out an endless stream of whimpers. But there was also something in the way he seemed to be giving himself completely to you that filled your heart with joy. He trusted you for this. He trusted you to take care of him. He trusted the safe environment you had created for him. He knew he could let his guard down when he was with you, allow himself to experience that kind of closeness, that kind of intimacy, without fear of rejection or embarrassment. He loved you and that was the most important thing of all. 
"Wait!" Bucky suddenly exclaimed between shaky breaths. He tightened his grip on your hips, but this time it was to stop you before it was too late. "I- I don't think I can..." he trailed off, unsure of how to finish the sentence. He didn't want to disappoint you, but he also didn't want to admit out loud that he's had trouble bringing himself to orgasm. It's not like he didn't want to, he was desperate to feel that sweet relief, but he just couldn't. He tried to pleasure himself several times in the past and generally everything went well until his climax started to approach, then the pleasure became too much. His mind is unable to relax, to let go of the sensations, and it all ended abruptly, leaving him tense and frustrated —even more so than usual.
"It's okay, baby. I'm here for you," you said in a soft, sensual voice, your fingers delicately stroking his hair. "Let me help you." You didn't move until you had confirmation that this was what he wanted, leaving it up to him to decide how to proceed. When he nodded his head slightly you gave him a quick kiss on the lips before continuing your movements.
"That's it, baby. Let go for me," you purred against his ear as Bucky began to move beneath you, thrusting his hips upward to match you. 
You quickly found a rhythm that worked for both of you, each little brush of your bodies pushing you ever closer to the edge. Bucky's moans were almost uncontrollable as he held you close to his body, his hands never leaving your hips, pressing you against his bulge. It was too much, the heat coursing through his body, the pressure building in his stomach, the racing of his heart... he felt like he was going to explode. And yet, he didn't want the moment to end. He was desperate for relief, but at the same time he would live forever in that moment if he could. Nothing compared to the feeling of having you so close to him, moaning his name as you held him.
“You like that, baby?” you asked after Bucky let out a particularly loud whine. “You like it when I bite your neck?”
“Yes! Yes, f-fuck… please,” he muttered incoherently. He didn't even know why he was begging, the plea escaping his lips before he could stop himself.
“Does it feel good? Yeah?”
“So good, doll… so fucking good.” Bucky was struggling to respond in coherent sentences, his pleasure-clouded brain too distracted to function properly. “You’re so good to me, doll…so, so g-good. Please don’t stop.”
“I won’t, baby. I won’t." You reassured him between ragged breaths. You increased the pace, seeking your relief as much as his. With one hand you held onto Bucky's shoulder for support while your other hand traveled to his cheek. Your fingers tenderly stroked the soft skin of his face, a delicate action that contrasted with the desperation of the movements of your hips. Bucky accepted the touch gladly, leaning into your hand as he felt the world around him collapse.
"God, you're so pretty like this, all needy and desperate for my touch… my pretty boy." The words left your lips before you realized it. You didn't even know where they had come from, it was the first time you had uttered something like that in such an intimate moment. But it felt natural and Bucky seemed to like it judging by the way his member twitched in his pants. He let out a whimper that sounded almost like a cry and you knew then that he wouldn't last much longer. "Are you close, baby? You gonna cum for me?"
"Yes! Oh god, yes! Please, I'm so close… don't stop… feels so good… please." Bucky was on the verge of tears, the pleasure overwhelming him completely. He felt like he was on fire, his whole body tensing with anticipation. It was too much and yet too little. He wanted to stop, but at the same time he would cry if you took the heat from your center away from him. His brain was fried, pleasure clouding his thoughts completely.
"That's it, baby, cum for me. I wanna feel you coming undone underneath me. I wanna see your pretty face screw up in pleasure when you cum. C'mon baby, let go for me." You encouraged him, lowering your lips to his neck to kiss and nibble on his soft spots. You were close to your orgasm too, your clitoris throbbing desperately and your core clenching around nothing with every thrust of your hips. Your underwear was completely ruined, soaked with the wetness of your arousal. You were pretty sure Bucky could feel it through his thin sweatpants that sported a dark stain where your bodies met, your arousal and Bucky's mingling in the light gray fabric. But even though you were desperate for some relief you were holding back. This was supposed to be about Bucky and you wanted him to cum first.
"Oh f-fuck, I-" he tried to warn you, but his sentence was cut off by the overwhelming force of his orgasm. The knot in his stomach snapped, triggering an electric rush that coursed through his body from head to toe. He pressed your hot center against his erection, holding you in place as rope after rope of cum stained his underwear.
"That's it baby… so good to me, such a good boy," You murmured against his ear as you moved your hips slowly, riding him through his orgasm as you chased yours. He was a mess beneath you, his whole body convulsing from overstimulation. Yet his member was still hard between your legs, throbbing with desperation as if Bucky hadn't just had one of the best orgasms of his life.
"It's… it's too much, f-fuck, I-I can't." Bucky tried to speak, struggling to catch his breath and recover his cognitive abilities. He had never experienced anything similar before. He was still flying high from his first orgasm and could already feel a second forming in the pit of his stomach. He was painfully hard and overstimulated, his cock still dripping cum adding to the sticky mess that was in his boxers. He couldn't stop. He didn't want to stop. He wondered if his current condition had anything to do with the years he had gone without any kind of sexual activity, or if it was simply the effect you had on him. He guessed it was a little of both.
"Are you gonna cum for me again?" you asked him between moans, feeling the knot in your stomach tighten with each brush of your clothed core over his bulge. "Fuck, that's so hot, baby. Cum with me, please. I'm so close, baby. I want to feel you cum with me, please." You begged him, your voice broken with pleasure. You gave him a quick, sloppy kiss, all teeth and tongue as you chased your orgasm. When you broke away you rested your forehead on Bucky's, looking into his eyes as the world around you collapsed, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through your body as your orgasm overwhelmed your senses.
Seeing your face screwed up in pleasure pushed Bucky over the edge again, his second orgasm leaving him completely ruined and unable to move underneath you. His cock throbbed between his legs as he released rope after rope of cum, creating a bigger mess of sticky fluid in his pants. He had never cum so hard or so intensely before, but he'd be lying if he said that wasn't exactly what he needed. 
You collapsed onto Bucky's chest, hiding your face in his neck as you both struggled to catch your breath. You stayed in that position for a few minutes, the sound of the movie playing in the background the only thing you could hear in the room besides your accelerated breathing.
"How do you feel?" you mumbled against the skin of his neck, curious to know if the experience had been as wonderful for him as it had been for you.
"Great. I feel great," he replied, struggling to form a coherent sentence. "That was..." he trailed off, unsure of how to describe what he felt.
"I know," you assured him with a chuckle, placing a sweet kiss on the skin of his neck. Bucky smiled, wrapping his arms around your body to draw you closer to him. He used his flesh hand to caress your back, tracing imaginary shapes with his fingers as he enjoyed the way the warmth of your body enveloped him.
"How do you feel?" he wanted to know.
"Awesome," you smiled. " Although I need a shower," you added, moving to get up from your spot. But before you could pull away, Bucky tightened his grip on you, trapping you between his chest and arms.
"Later," he said. "I want to stay like this for a little while longer." You smiled, settling into his arms as you inhaled the scent of his cologne. Bucky really was the man of your dreams and you would forever be grateful to fate for having crossed your path.
“I love you,” you told him as you traced imaginary figures on his chest with your fingers, losing yourself in the warmth of his body.
“I love you too, doll.”
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fatecantstopme · 3 months
The Wink
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: Bucky reveals how he really feels about you through a series of winks and an answer to a question you never wanted to ask.
Warnings: SMUT, oral (F receiving), unprotected sex (P in V). Aftercare. Small bits of fluff. Slight body issues (Bucky hates his scars). Feelings about being used for sex. Use of pet names.
"You're an idiot," you said with a laugh.
"Maybe, but this was entirely your idea."
You smacked his arm and rolled your eyes. "It was your idea, James."
He cocked his head to the side as if he was deciding if he agreed with you or not. He took another swig of his beer and shrugged. "It's possible that you're right." He held up a dart and shook it in front of you. "So you gonna take the bet or not?"
You grabbed the dart from his hand and grinned. "You're still an idiot." You threw the dart and it hit the board with expert precision. "Are you sure you wanna take the bet?" you teased.
Hr grinned and stepped forward, throwing his own dart at the board. It was an instant bullseye. "Oh doll, I'm gonna win this one." He winked as he teased you.
You groaned, knowing you were probably going to regret this later. You threw the dart again, aim pretty good, but certainly not a bullseye. "Shit."
Bucky threw his bullseye a second time. He turned to look at you, shooting you a wink as he grabbed his drink. "Your turn, doll."
"You can't win, Barnes."
"I'm pretty sure the game is mine, sweets."
You bit your lip and turned to face the board again. You knew that losing wasn't an option. You took a deep breath and threw your last dart, sinking it right in the bullseye. "Yes!!"
Bucky smiled and threw his last dart. "Ooo, bullseye number three, doll. Looks like I win." He winked at you again before setting his drink down and leaning closer to you. "So now you have to answer my question."
"What was your question again?" you asked in a light tone, trying to give yourself more time to formulate a better answer.
"If you could only save one person's life on the team, who would you choose?"
It was the question you never wanted to think about, let alone answer. If it came down to it, who would you pick? Whose life did you value more? Could you even pick between your teammates--your friends? Hell, every single one of them was more like family...how could you pick one family member to save?
The problem is, you knew your answer. You knew it from the moment Bucky had first asked the question 20 minutes prior. You'd refused to answer, thinking he would just let it go, but you should have known better. Instead, he made a wager...putting the answer to his question on a game darts. A game you had lost.
You could answer him honestly, but that terrified you beyond belief. You could lie to him instead, but that had its own risks. It was a rock and a hard place scenario and he knew he had you.
"I can't choose, Buck," you complained.
"It's hypothetical!"
"I know, but I love all of you. How could I possibly choose?"
"I chose," he said simply.
Your mind wandered back to a mission from three weeks before. The mission where Bucky had saved your life...
The room suddenly lit up, the muzzle of a gun flashing brightly as a bullet shot from it. The gun was pointed at you and you knew you were about to die. You could practically feel the end racing towards you at the speed of a bullet. You closed your eyes, bracing yourself for the pain, but it never came. Your eyes opened to a scene you'd never imagined seeing.
Bucky stood in front of you, his gun firing off a round as he dropped to his knees. His bullet hit his target, killing the Hydra agent instantly. When Bucky hit the ground, you hit it with him, coming to his front to assess the damage.
"Bucky!" your eyes scanned his body, panic settling into your chest. He was bleeding, but he looked alright.
"I'm fine, doll. It's just a shoulder wound."
"Why'd you do that? Why'd you jump in front of me?"
"Because you wouldn't have survived it. And I couldn't live with that," he said softly.
He wasn't wrong. That bullet would have killed you. While it only pierced his shoulder, it would have hit you directly in the head, killing you instantly.
"Thank you," you whispered.
"Anything for you, doll," he said with a wink.
Back in the present, you shook your head, clearing the memories from your mind. "That's not the same, Buck. I'd die for any one of you. That's much different than picking which one of you to save."
He shook his head. "You didn't see the whole thing. I didn't just save your life, I chose yours over Sam's."
You froze, trying to picture the moments before the gun went off, but the room had been so dark...you hadn't even seen Sam. "Sam's fine, though."
"Sam was fighting another Hydra agent when that one squared up with you. I saw him raise the gun at the same moment I saw Sam get pulled into a choke hold with a knife to his throat. I chose to save you."
You were silent, allowing his words to sink in. "I--I didn't know that. Sam never said anything."
"Sam got away moments later, so he never had a reason to bring it up."
"You just acted on instinct though."
"Perhaps, but I knew I would save you if it came down to it. I'd always choose you." He smiled and shot you another wink. It was the third one this evening alone and you were starting to wonder if they meant more than you'd originally thought.
Bucky was always winking at you. Sometimes jokingly, sometimes in a flirtatious manner, and sometimes even in a serious moment. They always made your heart flutter, but you didn't think they meant anything to him. Bucky was flirty, but he'd never made a move, so you assumed he wasn't interested.
"You still haven't answered my question, doll, and you do owe me an answer."
You took a deep breath and sighed. "Fine. I'd pick you, alright?" you said with a huff.
He looked surprised, but unconvinced. "Why? Because I picked you?"
You groaned, deciding to lay your cards out on the table, come what may. "No you idiot. Your stupid face popped into my head the moment you asked me the question, okay? I knew I'd pick you."
"Then why didn't you answer it the first time?"
"That's not an answer."
"Ugh!" You sighed again. "I didn't say it because I didn't want to explain why it was you."
Bucky looked at you strangely. "You're not gonna make me ask, are you?"
"Damnit, James," you groaned. "I can't live without you, okay? There's no world worth being in if you're not in it."
You couldn't believe you'd just said that out loud, but here you were, heart laid bare, in the awkwardly quiet compound game room.
Bucky didn't say a word, but he wasn't speechless. He was simply contemplating his next move, weighing the consequences of his actions before he made them.
After a few more painfully silent moments, he grumbled "Fuck it," before crossing the short distance between you two and pressing his lips to yours in a frantic, yet passionate kiss.
You were surprised by the suddenness of his actions, but you melted into him without a second thought. The kiss was infinitely better than you had imagined, and you had done quite a lot of imagining.
When Bucky's lips left yours, you whined slightly, wanting nothing more than for him to kiss you again.
"Sorry, doll. I've wanted to do that for ages."
"Well what you took you so long?" you asked.
He raised his eyebrows. "I wasn't sure you wanted me to. You never said anything either, you know. At least I dropped hints."
You rolled your eyes. "Can you please just kiss me again?"
He grinned and leaned back into you, mouth encompassing yours instantly. He loved the taste of your lips, the feeling of your tongue fighting against his, the way you gripped his arms like you were terrified he was going to disappear.
Bucky pulled away once more, the action almost painful. "Should we move this to my room? Anyone could see us here."
"Bit presumptuous of you, James," you teased.
He started to back peddle, a look of panic crossing his features. "Oh, I--uh--I didn't mean--"
You laughed. "I was teasing you, handsome. I'd love to move this elsewhere."
He relaxed, exhaling long and slow. "Thank god." He grabbed your hand and practically dragged you towards the elevator. "Come on."
"Buck, my legs are a lot shorter than yours, so can you slow down a little?" you asked as you jogged after him.
"Sorry, sweets." He turned towards you and scooped you up with ease before continuing to the elevator.
"What are you doing?"
"It's faster if I just carry you."
"Are we in a rush?"
He gave you an unreadable look. "Let's just say I've wanted you for so long that I actually might not be able to contain myself for much longer."
You smirked. "So you're gonna take me right here in this elevator?"
His eyes darkened. "Don't tempt me, baby, because I will."
You blushed. "I wouldn't say no..."
He looked like he was considering it for a moment before shaking his head to clear his dirty mind. "No, no. Our first time needs to be in a bed, where I can attend to your every need, not some dirty elevator."
You'd be lying if you said that the idea of him attending to your every need wasn't sexy as hell. The image of him on his knees for you sent a wave of pleasure straight to your core.
Bucky inhaled deeply and a low growl escaped his throat. "Fuck, you smell good."
You gasped, realizing he could actually smell your arousal...freaking super soldier senses.
The elevator door finally opened and Bucky practically ran towards his room. He pushed his door open and kicked it closed behind him before tossing you on the bed. He stepped away from you and took a few deep breaths.
"Bucky? You okay?" you asked in concern.
"I just need a minute, doll. Need to control myself."
"Why? I'm not afraid of you."
"You should be and you know it," he growled. "I could hurt you and I might if I lose control."
You crawled across the bed towards him, hand reaching out to him. "You're not going to hurt me, Buck. Just come here...please..."
His eyes met yours and you were taken aback by how dark they were. The normally bright blue irises were almost entirely hidden by his pupils, an almost feral look in them. It was an expression that might terrify a lesser woman, but you trusted Bucky with your life. That wasn't going to stop in the bedroom.
"Come here, baby," you whispered gently.
He let you take his arm and pull him towards the bed. He stopped when his legs touched the edge of the mattress. "I wanna be gentle with you, doll. Treat you right."
You cocked your head to the side as you took him in. "While I love that sentiment, Bucky, I don't need that. I need you and I'll take you in whatever form you come."
He groaned. "You're amazing."
You grinned. "Oh baby, you ain't seen nothing yet." You shot him a wink to emphasize your statement and he practically jumped on top of you, earning a squeal of delight from you.
He pinned you to the bed and started kissing you again as his hands began to undress you. His hands were fumbling with your shirt and he groaned in frustration before simply ripping it in two.
"I'm sorry, I'll buy you three to replace it," he mumbled, reattaching his lips to your skin.
He quickly rid you of your pants, leaving you in nothing but your underwear and a bralette that was arguably a little small for your chest.
Bucky sat back to take you in, eyes hungrily dancing across your body. He tapped the fabric between your breasts, "Is this expensive?"
You shook your head. "I have a couple more like it."
"Good," he said as he pulled a knife from his pants and slid it under the fabric, cutting the bralette in two. He cut the straps and tossed the ruined fabric onto the floor along with his blade.
You stared at him in a shocked silence, wetness seeping into your underwear. "That was hot as hell."
He grinned and inhaled deeply. "I can tell you liked it, pretty girl."
He grabbed your underwear and tugged them harshly down your legs. "Holy shit," he murmured, sliding a finger between your folds to collect your juices. "This all for me?"
"All for you, Bucky."
He licked his finger and groaned loudly. "Fuck, baby, you taste even better than I imagined."
He dropped to his stomach between your thighs, spreading your legs as wide as he could. He didn't bother to tease you, just dove right in, devouring you with a kind of hunger you'd never experienced.
You were a moaning mess in minutes, begging him not to stop, a plea he took to heart. When your orgasm hit, he worked you through it, never stopping to even take a breath.
You tugged on his hair and whimpered, but he kept going, needing to taste you for a little while longer. He wanted to feel you explode on his tongue again and again and again until you couldn't take it anymore.
"Bucky--I'm so close, please," you gasped.
He dug his fingers into your hips and kept your pussy tight to his face, not letting you squirm away.
Moments later you came with a cry of his name, waves of pleasure making your hips buck against his face. He worked you through it, only stopping when you begged him to give you a break.
He lifted his head, giving you a view of his slick covered beard. "I could eat that pretty pussy all day long, baby." He licked his lips. "Tastes so damn good."
You whimpered softly and reached for him, wanting to kiss him again. He wiped his face on his shirt before tugging it off over his head and lowering his body back down to yours. You held him close as you kissed him, fingers lightly tracing the scars on his left shoulder.
You felt his body stiffen under your hands and you pulled away to look at him. "What's wrong?"
"It's nothing," he murmured.
"Hey," you said softly, grabbing his chin to force him to look at you. "Talk to me."
He sighed heavily. "I'm just not used to anyone touching my scars."
"Oh," you said in surprise, pulling your hand away from him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"Shit--no, that's not what I meant. Most women tend to avoid them. I know they're not pretty to look at."
"I think they're beautiful."
He looked at you as if you were insane.
"I'm serious, Bucky. Each one tells a unique story of your life. They're a part of you and that makes them beautiful to me."
His eyes softened and you could have sworn you saw the ghost of a tear slide down his cheek. "I don't deserve you," he whispered.
"Oh hush. That's not for you to decide." You hooked your leg around his hips and flipped him over with surprising ease. "If we had more time, I'd kiss every single one of your scars until you believed me, but we don't."
His eyes widened. "Are we in a rush, baby?" he teased, echoing your earlier statement.
You grinned. "If I don't get your cock in me soon, I may never recover."
"We can't let that happen, so we better get to it."
He helped you remove his pants, leaving him in just his boxer briefs. His bulge was massive and your mouth was watering in anticipation. You gripped the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down slowly, allowing his cock to spring free.
You inhaled sharply as you took in the massive erection before you, a slight panic settling into your bones at the thought of having something that large inside of you.
As if he sensed your panic, Bucky chuckled lightly and said, "Don't worry, baby. It'll fit."
"I don't think so."
He grinned. "We'll make it fit."
You looked up at him with what you hoped was a neutral expression. Concern immediately clouded his face, so you knew you'd failed miserably.
"Hey doll, it's okay. I'll go nice and slow, alright? I'll be gentle."
You nodded and took a deep breath. You positioned yourself directly above his painfully erect cock and began to lower yourself down very slowly.
Bucky gripped your hips tightly, making sure to guide you as slowly as he could manage. You both moaned as he began to enter you, the stretch causing you to dig your nails into his chest.
"I've got you," he whispered.
You tried to lower yourself further, but Bucky's grip on your hips kept you from moving. He meant it when he said he wanted to be as gentle as possible.
"I can take it, Buck. Let me try," you murmured.
He looked at you and nodded slowly, not looking entirely convinced, but he loosened his grip on your hips, allowing you to take control.
You took a deep breath, deciding to handle this like removing a band-aid--just get it over with. You sat down on top of him, sheathing his entire cock within your tight walls.
You cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, body stretched in ways it had never been stretched before.
Bucky groaned loudly, almost covering your cry. He looked at you with wide eyes, checking to see if you were okay.
Your body was acclimating to his size and you were becoming desperate the longer he remained still. "Please, Bucky," you whimpered.
"What do you need, baby?"
"I need you to fuck me--please."
He gripped your hips again and started to move slowly, letting you match his pace.
"I'm not made of glass," you grumbled.
He looked up at you in surprise. "What?"
"You're not going to break me, Bucky. I want you to fuck me until I can't walk, understand?"
He nodded rapidly, eyes darkening once more. "Are you sure?"
"Fuck. Me. Now." you demanded.
He wasn't going to deny you such a request. He shifted his body, planted his feet on the bed, and began to piston up into you with speed and force.
"Fuck!" you gasped, the pleasure slamming into you like a freight train.
"You're so tight, doll. Feels so good wrapped around my cock."
Bucky was giving you exactly what you'd asked for and you loved it. The tip of his cock brushed your cervix with every thrust, the whisper of pain only adding to your enjoyment.
"Squeezing me so tight, baby. You gonna cum for me? Gonna make a mess on my cock?"
You whimpered and nodded rapidly, your third orgasm of the night creeping up on you. "Feels so good, Buck."
"I know, baby. It's like heaven--could stay here forever."
Your fingernails were digging crescent shapes into his chest as you clung to him, unable to do anything more than moan and gasp his name. "Please," you whimpered.
He knew exactly what you were asking for, so he didn't slow down or alter his movements. He continued to pound into you until you came with a cry of his name, pussy pulsating around his cock.
"Fuck!" he gasped. "Fuck--baby--shit, you've gotta stop that or I'm not gonna last."
"Can't help it," you mumbled. "Feels so good."
"I know pretty girl." He pulled you down to his chest and held on tightly as he flipped you onto your back, allowing him to get a better angle.
By this stage, your body was hyper-sensitive and you could feel every single movement he made.
His hips began to move again and his fingers caressed every part of you he could reach. He pinched your nipples, rolling them between his fingers as he fucked you. "Can you give me one more, sweets?"
Your eyes widened and you shook your head.
"You sure, doll? I think my pussy can do it." He changed his angle, giving him the ability to hit your g-spot with each thrust, as if to punctuate his sentence.
You moaned loudly and clenched tightly around him, eliciting a groan from his lips.
"I think she can give me one more, baby. My pussy--treating me so good--gonna make sure she feels good too."
You moaned again, nails clawing at his back as he fucked you.
"Yeah? You like that, huh?" he groaned into your ear. "Who's pussy is this, baby?"
"You--yours," you gasped out.
"That's right, doll. It's mine."
He knew you were getting close, so he slid his left hand down between your bodies, using his finger to gently massage your clit.
"Bucky!" you gasped.
"You gonna cum for me again, sweets?"
"So close," you whispered.
"I know, doll."
Three more thrusts and you were falling into an ocean of pleasure, wave after wave crashing into you. You were barely aware of Bucky chasing his own high, the crest of your pleasure blinding you to anything else.
Bucky came with a low groan of your name, spilling his seed deep within you. When he was spent, he collapsed on top of you, body shaking slightly from the intensity of his orgasm.
You laid like that for several minutes before Bucky finally shifted, rolling off of you and leaving you cold and empty. You reached for him almost instinctively, but he wasn't beside you.
You whimpered softly, looking around the room for him. He appeared from the bathroom holding a washcloth, a look of concern on his face.
"What's wrong, baby?"
"I didn't know where you went," you whispered sheepishly.
He looked sad. "Just wanted to get a nice warm washcloth to clean you up with, doll."
He very gently began to clean you up, hands surprisingly soft. "I've got you, doll. I'm here."
You felt kind of foolish...you were simply used to be treated differently by men. You'd always been the girl they'd fuck and leave, none of them ever stayed long enough to even make sure you'd cum, let alone clean you up after. It was wrong of you to assume that Bucky was the same.
When he was done, he tossed the washcloth to the floor and crawled back into the bed, pulling you into his chest. "Wanna tell me what's wrong, sweets?"
"I'm--I'm just not used to aftercare, that's all. I...I thought you left."
"It's my room," he teased softly, laying a kiss on top of your head. "Besides, I'd much rather hold you after sex than lay in an empty bed."
You looked up at him, taking in his disheveled appearance and eyes so full of love it almost hurt to look at them. "Thank you, Bucky."
His brow furrowed. "For what?"
"For being you," you said simply, placing a soft kiss to the scar on his right shoulder, the one he got from saving your life.
"Anything for you, doll. Anything for you."
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lionhearted13 · 8 months
i am BEGGING fanfic writers to start using the "keep reading" button when they post their fics on tumblr. It's not always necessary for short stuff like drabbles/blurbs/headcannons but if you post a full-fledged one-shot or fic chapter PLEASE slap a keep reading on that shit. If I do a search for fics and don't want to read yours please don't make me scroll past all 3000+ words of your story in order to get to the next post. for the love of god
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assembletheimagines · 7 months
Could you do a like heavy smut where Bucky receives a video and has been on. Edge from all the teasing and finally does something about it please!!!
Message Received
Tumblr media
Note: hope you don’t mind that I made this a little AU with ceo!Bucky x reader haha
warnings: f!masturbation, mentions of toys, praise, pet names, choking, smut, 18+ to interact
summary: You send Bucky a video
tag list: @littlelightnings @getwellsoontana @elle14-blog1 @avengetheunnatural @potatothots 
When Bucky receives a message from you, he’s in the middle of a meeting.
Leaning back in his chair as his team presented the new stats for the end of the quarter. And he would be lying if he said he wasn’t bored. So, when he feels his phone vibrate on his thigh, he is quick to grab it from his slacks and angle it under the table from prying eyes.
His lips twitch wanting to display a smile when he notices your name on top notifying that you had sent the message and his thumb unlocks his phone.
And what he sees has him immediately sitting up straighter, eyes slightly wide.
“Mr. Barnes, do you have a question?” One of his employees who was part of the finance department speaks up and all heads turn to him. He mentally curses and shakes his head, flashing a charming smile through clenched teeth.
“No, no, please, continue.” He hums and they follow his orders, everyone returning their attention back to the projection screen.
But not Bucky.
No, his blue eyes flick down to his lap. His slacks tighter around his thighs as he looks at the photo you’ve sent him.
The camera is pointed at the mirror across the bed and shows you laying on your back in bed. Your long legs pointed up to the ceiling as you show your ass to the mirror. The flash from your camera gives a glare but Bucky can clearly see the dildo stuffed between your puffy folds and even though he couldn’t see your face he knew you had a cheeky smile.
What a fucking tease.
His phone vibrates again and he scrolls to see the new message and bites his lip from groaning. It’s a video.
He doesn’t dare play it. Not as his finance department drones on about numbers and compares previous quarter statistics.
But he can’t stop looking at his screen, the temptation as the stilled video doesn’t show much difference from the photo you had sent two minutes ago other than that now your legs are spread and your hand had a grip on the end of the toy that was deep in your pussy.
You’re going to kill him.
Because normally, with his company, he’s the last to leave the conference. Giving charming smiles to each of his employees as he thanks them for their hard work.
But not today, as soon as it’s done, he’s gone. Not stopping until he’s back inside the safety of his office where he can lock the door and close the blinds and play the video.
He’s still hard from the pretty picture you’ve sent so as he leans back in his office chair his metal hand can’t help but palm the tent in his slacks as he finally presses play.
He had to turn down the volume of his phone just in case anyone would walk by but your pretty whines and moans still get to him. His eyes glued to his tiny phone screen as you spread your legs and cry his name.
He doesn’t even realize he’s holding his breath as you move the dildo in and out of you, the soft vibrations of the toy mixing with the sounds of your slicked pussy nearly have him foaming from the mouth.
You really are a tease. Working yourself up while he was away.
His tongue glides over his lips as you arch your back, the hand you use to hold the phone to point at the mirror across from the bed shakes as the whines that fall from your lips get higher.
It makes him wish he was home, so that he could kneel over the side of you. Be the one to hold onto the toy as he kisses down your neck and make you come undone.
Your thighs begin to shake and your hips buck to meet your own movements and Buck is thinking about leaving for the day. What excuse he can make to go home.
“Bucky,” your mewl makes him groan. “Not the same, not as good as you-” you babble and tell him exactly what he needs to hear to nearly cum in his pants.
And then the video stops.
And his face drops, sitting up right with wide eyes. “What?” he immediately searches for a new message from you but there isn’t a part two and he is about to call you when a knock is made on his door.
“Buck?” He recognizes Steve’s voice and he groans again but not in pleasure as he stands up, fixing his slacks before opening the door to his blonde best friend and V.P.
Steve gives him a smile, not realizing the inner turmoil going through Bucky as he walks into the young CEO’s office. “I thought we could meet up with Sam before heading to our two o’clock meeting.” Steve says and Bucky knows he can’t leave.
And it’s true. He ends up in meetings for the rest of the day while looking at his phone every now and then for another message from you.
But there isn’t any.
So when seven comes around he’s rushing to leave. To get back home to you.
“Wait a minute, Bucky!” Steve��s voice calls out to him and stops him in the parking lot. “Everyone’s agreed to go for drinks tonight-” and Bucky hates to turn down his friends and co-workers but he’s already shaking his head because he has somewhere to be.
“Sorry, I cant-” he’s already coming up with an excuse when Steve interrupts him with a smile and raises his phone screen to Bucky.
It takes a moment to register what he’s reading but then his mouth drops as he recognizes the texts are from you to Steve agreeing to go out tonight.
You little minx.
You can text Steve but not send him another message for the whole day?
“We’ll see you both at Bullseye around nine?” Steve hums happily already back tracking to his own vehicle and Bucky’s eyes narrow nodding his head curtly.
When Bucky makes it home, his tie gets discarded on the back of the couch as he climbs up the stairs. He can hear you humming and finds you in the bathroom getting ready to go out.
You’re partially clothed, tights and a bra, when you notice Bucky through the mirror. The top buttons of his dress shirt have come undone and expose his chest and his sleeves are rolled up his elbows.
“Hey-” you start your greeting with a smirk but Bucky’s stopping you before you can continue. His eyes dark as he turns you around smashing his lips to yours.
His hands find their way down your back and to your ass, playfully squeezing and earning a squeak from you as he presses you against the counter.
“Do you know what you did to me today?” He grumbles biting your lip in the kiss and earning a moan from you as he quickly discards his shirt.
Bucky’s hands grab the back of your thighs and swiftly sits you on top of the counter, your make-up clattering to the side and into the sink as his lips kiss their way down your neck. “Bucky-” you feel his hands brush your inner thighs and you feel a warmth begin to spread through your body. “I’m-” the sound of fabric tearing resonates through the bathroom and your jaw drops.
Bucky had torn a hole in your tights, right between your thighs.
And before you can complain, you feel his fingers push your panties to the side and enter your slicked heat in one motion. He doesn’t waste time to curl his fingers just right and it entices a loud moan from your mouth that makes him smirk.
Your hands find refuge on the counter, fingers curling around the edge as he adds another digit. “I’ve been thinking about doing this all day,” he groans and you gasp as he brushes the sweet spot inside of you. “I bet you did it on purpose,” he grunts and his fingers stretch and fill you faster as his words fueled his movements.
You can’t respond coherently as the sounds of your gasps and moans mix with the sounds of his hand between your soft thighs. Your mind begins to fog up in pleasure and Bucky’s marking your neck with his lips. “You know I was in a meeting when you sent that photo and video?” He hums, his breath fanning over your ear and causing you to shiver in response.
“Please,” you gasp not sure what you’re pleading for exactly but all you knew was that you didn’t want him to stop. You could feel the coil in your abdomen expanding as you clenched around his long fingers. “Im gonna-” your back arches as his thumb connects to your clit, rubbing messy circles against your bundle of nerves as he keeps up his pace.
“You going to cum, Bunny?” he asks and you whine, head tilting back against the mirror as you feel your thighs shake. “Go on, make a mess on my hand, baby.” He coos and you see white. Your orgasm hitting you hard as you gush around his fingers with a wail.  
And Bucky doesn’t stop. “Good girl,” he praises as he helps you through your orgasm, taking pleasure in the way your body twitches as he continues to play with your sensitive clit.
Your eyes are hazy as you feel him slip his fingers from you and you can’t help but whine at the loss of connection. “Did you think we’re done, Bunny?” And your eyes flicker from his dark smile to his belt he was undoing.
Your legs feel numb but your pussy throbs in need as you watch Bucky free himself from his boxers. His cock curving up to his abdomen, thick and long with pre-cum already forming around the head.
And he settles between your legs, his dark eyes taking in your glossy eyes and parted lips with a chuckle. He pulls your panties to the side again and rubs the tip of his cock along your folds. Smearing your essence along his length and relishing in your whimpers as his tip bumps your clit a few times teasingly.
His hand comes to rest on your pelvis and in one swift movement, he slides in. His thick and long cock stretching you more than his fingers and the dildo ever could.
It has your eyes rolling back as his thumb rubs your overstimulated clit as he fills you up. Your hand grasping his wrist as your mouth drops open and a sinful moan falls from your lips from the feeling.
His hips meet the back of your thighs finally and you shudder underneath him. You will never get used to the feeling of being full of him and your walls squeeze his veiny shaft as you try to accommodate his size with a huff as his hands shift you around.
He moves you so your ass is hanging off the counter and his arms wrap under your knees, pressing your legs closer to your chest. The new angle has you both groaning since with each thrust, he slides deeper and causes you to clench around his length.
“There we go,” he groans lowly, pushing into you over and over, picking up the pace with each thrust. “So good for me,” he praises and you whine from the back of your throat, gasping with each rock of his hips.
The coil in your abdomen doesn’t take long to grow since your first orgasm had passed. “Just swallowing me up, huh?” He taunts and you can feel your essence cream around his base as he bullies his cock further into your wet heat. “Is this what you did when you played with your toy?” He hums and you clench around his shaft at his words.
The tip of his cock brushes the gummy spot inside of you and you clench your eyes closed as Bucky works you up again.
“Huh? I didn’t hear you?” Bucky’s tone is dark as he thrusts harder, his hands clutching your hips tighter as he pounds into you. “Didn’t give me a full video,” he growls and your toes curl as he jabs your sweet spot again and again.
“Bucky-“you feel a twist in your abdomen and your fingers grip the counter harder.
Bucky’s hand finds a home around your throat and he squeezes as he fucks you harder. “You going to cum again?” He teases and you hold onto his wrist as his other hand continues to press your knee to your chest. “Come on then, give it to me. Cream all over my cock.” He growls and you cry out.
Your body shaking as your orgasm overwhelms you. Your eyes rolling back as you do just as he commands and soak his cock with your slick.
“That’s it, so pretty,” his coos are muffled under your racing heartbeat. His hips still rutting into you and helping you through your second release. Your thighs shake on either side of him and Bucky can’t help but think you look so cute with your eyes rolled up and tongue hanging from your lips in pleasure.
And as you continue to choke his cock, his thrusts grow sloppier with his release rushing over him as you start to come back from yours.
“O-oh fuck,” it’s the only warning you get besides the stutter of his hips as his head drops down to your shoulder and he pushes his cock as deep as he could get it. You keen at the movement and feel his cock twitch inside you before you feel him paint your walls white as rope after rope of his cum shoots from his tip inside of you.
He shudders with a groan of your name as he keeps you pressed to him, filling you up.
And he doesn’t move to leave you right away either. Both of you catching your breath as his thumbs rub your hips softly before finally sliding out.
You go to move off the counter but Bucky’s hands stop you. His eyes on your puffy folds smeared with his and your cum. His eyes are half lidded in satisfaction at the sight and your cheeks burn red as he pulls your panties back in place so nothing drips out.
“Bucky!” You say his name but his eyes flicker to his watch before giving you another dark smile.
“No, you’re going to keep my cum in place since you told Steve we’d go out.” He hums and your blush darkens at his choice of punishment.
He already fixing his belt as he looks over at you again. “And if you behave, I’ll lick you clean when we get back.”
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sweetsweetnuit · 7 months
  toxic & jealous
Tumblr media
synopsis: bucky is fed up with you going on shitty dates so he finally does something about it.
pairing: bucky barnes (roommate) x f!reader
word count: 2.5k
warnings: 18+ ONLY. jealous bucky, shitty date, possessive bucky—he’s actually kind of a red flag but it’s fine, teasing, dirty talk, bucky is beefy and tall af, so much sexual tension, lots of kissing, oral (receiving), fingering, protected sex, praise kink, heavy size kink, pet-names, idk if i missed anything
notes: felt kinda slutty and this happened
“Where are you going?” Bucky asks, folding his arms over his chest.
His brows are furrowed tightly, a look of concern and confusion coating his face as he watches you apply your lipgloss in the mirror. The bathroom you both share isn’t nearly large enough to accommodate you both, so Bucky has no choice but to lean against the doorframe.
“A date,” you shrug casually, puckering your lip before dipping the wand back for another coat.
Your eyes meet Bucky’s through the mirror briefly as you try to focus on your makeup and not the hole he’s boring into the back of your head.
“With who?” The line of questioning doesn’t stop as you groan, closing the tube of gloss and chucking it into your small purse.
“Just a guy I met.” You’re keeping things as nondescript as possible because you know Bucky.
Your last date didn’t exactly go smoothly, but that wasn’t because of any you did. No, in fact, it was entirely Bucky’s fault and you continue to remind him of the fact.
Things were going great until you invited your last date back to your place, opening the door only to be greeted by a brooding Bucky who looked like he had murder on his mind.
And truthfully, who wouldn’t be afraid of a nearly 6’6 man built like a Greek God glaring at you like you’re his best victim. Safe to say your date didn’t stick around as soon as Bucky opened his mouth and explained all of the ways he could hurt your date if he fucked up in any way.
“Where are you going?” Bucky asked and you rolled your eyes as you scoffed.
“Bucky.” You tried to warn, “we’re just going to grab some dinner, okay?”
Nothing you said seemed to calm Bucky down, his jaw clenching before he forced himself to relax. He stepped out of the doorframe so you could exit, grabbing your heels before grabbing onto Bucky’s thick arm for balance as you put them on.
“I just don’t understand why you go on these dates, it’s not like these guys are good enough for you.” Bucky grumbles under his breath as he wraps his arm around your waist to offer more support as you slide the second heel on.
You chuckle, shaking your head, “maybe that’s because you scare off anyone who tries.”
Bucky just shrugs as if there’s nothing wrong with his behaviour. Despite being your roommate, he acts more like a protective father to you. No one is ever good enough for you, that he’s made clear.
“I’ll be back soon, don’t wait up for me.” You say, giving him a wild smile as his eyes blow wide.
You don’t linger, running out the door and closing it shut as you hear Bucky swearing on the other side—some of it not even English as you laugh to yourself before stepping into the elevator.
What a total fucking bust of a date.
Bucky was going to love this at least. He won’t be a huge grump and maybe you’ll be able to talk him out of hunting this guy down. Although, you probably wouldn’t try so hard considering he was an absolute asshole.
The second you’re through your front door, the heels come off and you let out a groan of relief before chucking your keys and bag onto the small table by the entrance.
“So, was I right?” Bucky emerges from his bedroom wearing nothing but a loose, low hanging pair of sweatpants.
It takes you a moment to tear your eyes away from his broad chest, but you manage.
“Yes, fine. You’re right, no one is good enough for me.” You sigh, grabbing a glass of water before leaning against the counter.
Bucky mimics your position, folding his muscled arms over his chest. His prosthetic gleams lightly under the soft light of the city, but little else is illuminated in the apartment.
You let out another defeated sigh, “maybe there’s something wrong with me. I don’t know.”
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at your words again as he takes a few steps towards you as you watch him, placing your glass on the counter behind you.
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth. And I’ve heard a lot of dumb shit come from those lips.” Bucky smirks, his words oddly putting you at ease.
“Yeah? Well then why can’t I ever get a man to stay?” You retort back, feeling that awful pit in your stomach you always get when you think about your love life.
Bucky moves closer and you think he’s going to stop when he’s right in front of you, but he doesn’t. Instead, he’s nearly pressed up against you as he cages you in with both of his hands on either side of you.
Your breath catches in your throat slightly at the proximity and the way Bucky’s scent washes over you. It’s so deep and rich you want it to stain your bedsheets, but he can’t even know that.
“Do you really want to know why, sweetheart?” He asks and you notice the way his voice has dropped an octave or two.
You swallow thickly, inhaling a shaky breath as you nod your head as your response. You know that your words would fail you right now, especially with the dark, hungry look in Bucky’s eyes.
He looks away for a second, taking a deep breath before his eyes are locked on yours. His tongue runs across his bottom lip and you think your heart might fail you at any moment.
“Because I’m a selfish bastard,” he says. “I drive every man away because I’m a selfish, jealous, arrogant asshole who can’t stand the thought of another man’s hands on your body.”
His confession sends a jolt through your body. The rawness of his words mixed with the raspiness of his voice as he’s just mere inches away is enough for you to feel lightheaded.
“It’s because I want to be the one who makes you laugh. Who’s there for you, who knows you better than anyone else, and who makes you come so fucking hard I ruin men completely for you. That all you’ll want is me.”
You gasp at his boldness, mouth forming a soft ‘oh’ shape. You’ve crossed some sort of boundary and you know there’s no going back now. You’ve fucked up this relationship.
Might as well ruin it some more.
“What else do you want to do to me?” Your question comes out meek and small, voice shaking, but Bucky smirks at your words.
He cocks his head to the side, nearly perfect teeth on display before he’s leaning into you so he can whisper into your ear.
“I’d rather show you, baby. I’m better with my hands than I am with my words.” He purrs, lips brushing your earlobe and his breath is hot against the skin of your neck.
You nearly whimper, knees almost buckling as you mutter a silent fuck under your breath without even realizing it.
“Would you like that, baby?” He asks, almost mockingly with a small pout as his eyes lock with yours again.
“Would you like me to show you all the ways I dream of touching you? About the things I think about when my hand is wrapped around my cock late at night?”
The heat between your legs is beyond extinguishable now unless Bucky gets his hands on you.
“Yes.” That three letter word is all Bucky needed to hear before his lips are on yours.
The kiss is hot and desperate, his hands trying to feel and touch every inch of you as you do the same to him. Sinking your crescent shaped nails into the freckled skin of his shoulder as you lose your breath over this man.
He’s pulling you off the counter, large hands splayed on your waist and hips as you both messily stumble through the dark apartment until you’re standing at the threshold of his door.
Bucky makes it look so small, but he looks like a wild animal with his dark eyes and heaving chest as he looks down on you like you’re his next meal.
“I want you on my bed so all you can smell is me while I’m buried deep inside of you,” he says, chest rumbling as he pulls you into the room.
There’s no need to close the door, but he does anyway. Shutting it with his foot while he hungrily kisses you again. And he’s all you can think about, your heart beating to the tune of his name.
It’s not romantic, there’s no candles or mood lighting. Bucky’s bed isn’t done and there’s a pair of boxers strewn on the floor you both manoeuvre around. Still, you wouldn’t change a thing as Bucky rips your clothing off one by one until they join his.
“You’re so goddamn beautiful,” he murmurs, dropping to his knees so he can wrap his lips around your nipples.
You moan when he sinks his teeth into them, grabbing his hair to keep him anchored to you.
“No man deserves you, but I’m going to do my best to prove my worth to you.” He says against your hot skin as he presses a hot trail of kisses down your stomach until he meets the line of your panties.
He looks up at you one last time, as if asking for permission before his hand in pushing you back onto the bed. His fingers hook into your panties, dragging them down before throwing them over his back.
Bucky’s hands spread your legs further as he leans in and your mind is dizzy and fuzzy when his hot breath fans over your core.
“Just relax, let me make you feel good, baby.” Bucky purrs in a cocky, confident tone as you let your head fall back onto the mattress.
His kisses are warm against your inner thighs and you’re squirming until Bucky delivers a soft bite that has you gasping and looking at him.
“If you can’t stay still I’ll have to tie you up, sweetheart.” He winks, nose nuzzling the top of your mound and you’re about to start begging.
Bucky delivers a long lick and you lock your legs tighter around his head. He takes his time, carefully mapping you out in his head and taking note of what makes your toes curl.
“Fuck,” you curse, grabbing onto his hair as he teases your entrance with a thick, cool finger.
He adds one, then another, and then he curls them and you swear you’re about to meet your maker because no one has ever figured you out this quickly. If ever.
“You’re so sweet, Christ, baby.” Bucky groans, “I’m already fucked addicted.”
You moan, feeling your orgasm quickly approaching as his continues his motions with his fingers and mouth in tandem together before you’re falling apart.
It hits you out of nowhere, back arching off the bed as Bucky keeps you anchored with a thick arm over your waist.
“Oh my God.” You pant, unable to get any other coherent thought out.
Bucky smirks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he crawls over you until his lips are back on yours. He moans when you wrap your hand around his clothed cock, grinding it against you before he has to stop you.
“You keep doing that and I’ll come in my pants, baby girl.” He groans, almost in pain as he squeezes his eyes shut tightly.
You’re breathing just as hard as him, if not harder, as you watch this giant, huge, man coming apart all because of you.
“Bucky,” you say his name in a questioning tone.
He looks down at you, meeting your eyes and you know just how much he’s holding back. You know he wants to rip into you…and you want it too.
“Fuck me.” You whisper, barely audible as Bucky’s eyes flutter closed and he buries his head in the crook of your neck.
“You’re going to kill me, baby.” His words are muffled, “I never thought I’d hear those words from you.”
Bucky makes quick work of his pants, not wanting to waste any time before your eyes widen and you can’t tear them away from his cock.
“I-I, uh, Bucky I don’t think you’re going to fit.” You stutter, still in a trance.
He cocks his head, licking his lips as he grabs a condom from the bedside table. Your body moves for you, inching up the bed and getting comfortable against the pillows because you need to know how Bucky Barnes fucks.
“It’ll fit, sweetheart. We’ll make it fit.” He cooes as he finishes rolling on the condom and settling over you again.
You don’t doubt him either, watching him spurt lube over his length as he gently nudged your your legs apart.
“You look so good like this; spread out underneath me.” Bucky purrs, his nose tracing along your jawline as you feel him line up with your entrance.
You wrap your arms around his neck, beckoning him closer to you as he pushes in slowly.
“Shit,” Bucky groans as you gasp out a moan.
You’re both entirely consumed by each other as Bucky slowly pushes in, stretching you out inch by inch.
“You’re doing so good for me, baby.” Bucky whispers, kisses being peppered to your neck.
It’s not painful, but the stretch can definitely be felt as his hips rock against yours. When he’s fully seated, you can feel his hand cup your face as you manage to open your eyes.
“Feel that, baby? That’s it, so fucking deep inside of you.” You whine at his words, trying to lift your hips up and create some sort of friction.
Bucky takes mercy on you, circling his hips before pulling out and thrusting into you. It shakes the bed, the headboard rocking against the wall as the bed springs creak under your combined weight.
Nothing in this world is more important than this very moment and you hope it never ends.
You feel Bucky’s hand run down your sides before he’s placing it on your lower stomach. You’re confused at first, but when he adds pressure, it’s a whole new type of pleasure.
“That’s how deep I am, fuck, baby. And you’re taking all of me like the good girl you are.” Bucky praises as he continues to rock his hips against you.
You know he can feel you tighten around him, because he just slightly changes his angle until you’re crying out for him.
“I know, I know, sweetheart. Don’t hold back for me and come for me.”
Your legs tighten around his toned waist, holding him close to you as the coil snaps and pleasure fills you. You’re acutely aware of the way Bucky’s hips stutter before he stills completely inside of you, panting against your neck.
“Get comfortable, sweetheart.” Bucky smirks, a light sheen of sweat on his face, “because we’ve still got all night ahead of us.”
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helvonasche · 1 month
revenge of the kinks #22 - facesitting (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: NSFW
Word Count: 1,033
Warnings: Facesitting. That's it.
Listening to: Feeling Good by Muse
Summary: Where Bucky is a himbo, and himbos love to eat.
Author's Note: I stand by the summary: Himbos love to eat. <3
my masterlist
Picking the label off the bottle, you were just waiting for closing time. You didn’t mind going out, but tonight you were exhausted and didn’t want to be out. Going out tonight wasn’t about you, but getting all the sticky paper off the bottle was your mission for the night. 
“Hey, doll, you okay?” Bucky asked, nudging you as he took the stool next to you. 
You nodded, not taking your eyes off the bottle, “Doing great, you?”
“Why do you bother trying to lie to me?” he asked, and you glanced over at him. When you didn’t reply, he plucked the bottle out of your hand before he said, “Let’s go home.”
“Seriously, I’m good. Go celebrate,” you insisted, folding your arms on the bar and smiling at him. 
“Or…” he started, cocking his head to the side and grinning before he continued in a deeper voice, “We go home, and I put you to bed.”
Pulling your phone out, you said, “Yes, sir.”
Half an hour later, you walked in the door and went straight to the bathroom. Stripping quickly, you stepped in the shower and didn’t waste any time getting cleaned up. Bucky putting you to bed was not a joke or a drill; this was serious. As long as he kept doing it, you had no qualms about making sure you were clean and ready. 
Grinning when you heard the bathroom door open, you were scrubbing your legs as you shouted over the water, “Almost done.”
The shower curtain was pulled open, and you stood to make a joke about how impatient he was when you were distracted. A very naked Bucky was stepping inside behind you. His arms around your waist, he said, “That’s too bad. I wanted to help.”
His hand slid down your stomach and between your legs; he held you against his chest as he whispered, “Guess I’ll just check to make sure you're clean.”
You gave up trying to clean your legs, and you could shower in the morning and do it then. Feeling Bucky's fingers sinking into you while he held you like this was much more important. Even after two years, he was still like this. He was still interested, and acting like making you cum was his favorite pastime. You were starting to think it wasn’t an act as he moaned in your ear, “I think you missed a spot.”
The urge to point out that you weren’t supposed to clean inside your cunt was easy to ignore as he pumped his fingers. You gripped his forearm as you started to breathe harder and said, “I think you found it… Oh, fuck.”
“Just like that, doll,” he whispered before kissing your neck as you came. 
He held you for a few moments, letting you come down, before he asked, “You ready for bed?”
You nod, then giggle as he turns the water off and gets out before you. Bucky thought it wasn’t right for you to wait for him, so he rushed in, drying himself off, and was in the bedroom before you. Not bothering to get dressed, you gave him a headstart and made a point to make sure you were dry before joining him. 
Stopping in the doorway, you couldn’t help but laugh. In all his naked glory, Bucky was lying in the middle of the bed with his arms crossed behind his head and grinning at you like a kid on Christmas. 
He held his hand out and said, “C’mon, doll, time to put you to bed.”
“Pretty sure you mean inducing a coma, but I’m not complaining,” you joke as you walk to your side of the bed. 
Taking his hand, you kneel on the bed before he lifts you by the hips and places you where he wants you. Slamming your hands against the wall, you barely have time to balance yourself before he pulls you down. 
“Oh, shit,” you sigh, your eyes falling closed as you relax. 
Bucky is making the most obscene sounds between your legs, and you can’t deny how much you like them—groaning, slurping, and moaning as he eats. His hand comes down on your ass, just enough to get you to look down at him. 
“What?” you ask, smirking at how he pouts. Giggling, you start combing your fingers through his hair, and his face relaxes, “Silly man.”
His grip on your hips tightens, and he settles into his usual pattern. It’s not creative, it probably wouldn’t even work, but it’s not about that. His steady lapping, the same repetitive motion, allows him to taste you as much as he wants. If he gave up after a few minutes, this would do nothing for you, but Bucky isn’t a quitter. To emphasize that this wasn’t entirely about you, his eyes are closed, and he looks ten years younger. 
Some people work out, some drink, and Bucky eats your pussy. Everyone needs that one thing that helps them relax after a long day. That thought reminds you of something, and you mutter, “Still can’t believe you were serious.”
Glaring up at you, Bucky doesn’t stop licking at first. It takes him a few seconds like he’s worried the pussy will run out or he might miss something if he takes even a quick break to talk before he says in a too-serious voice, “Every night until your knees can’t take it, doll.”
You stare down at him, then he’s flipped you onto your back and jerks you to the edge of the bed. Draping your legs over his shoulders, he winks up at you as he kisses down your thighs, “Then we switch to this until your hips give out.”
Back arching as he starts to lap at your cunt again. Feeling him spread your lips so he can lick every part of you, you're already about to cum again. It’s never enough for him to make you cum even a couple of times with his tongue, and you decide to enjoy this. Not just him going down on you like a maniac, but all of it. Your hand on the back of his head, you whimper, “As long as you're happy.”
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months
Biker bucky at any given time! 😏😏
Bucky absolutely loves your ass. 😌
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader
CW: Body worship, implied oral
A/N: Still at work, still writing on my phone. All unbetad
Tumblr media
"You see Gorgeous, the ladies—" Bucky squeezes your breasts, jiggling them with his calloused fingers. "—are my mood boosters. If I'm feeling sad, they know how to cheer me up. Instant serotonin."
"Bucky," you laugh as your tall biker ambles around you. "You can't be serious."
"Yes the fuck I am." Bucky pauses, his brows furrowing, a deep wrinkle forming between them. "I love everything last thing about you from eyes to your smile to your soft belly and those goddamn thighs that drive me wild, just seeing you make me happy but getting to touch you—" his head tips back and he moans, the needy sound is enough to make you whimper. "—incredible."
He resumes his slow trek around your body, tracing your waist with his fingertips before stopping behind you. "And this perfect ass is good for my health."
The sharp sound of his palm slapping your ass echoes in the room followed by your shocked hey.
"Sorry," Bucky chuckles, immediately smacking your ass two more times, he applies enough pressure to send a wave of heat across your skin. You hear a rustle and then his teeth sink into your cheek, biting down until you burst into giggles. "Yeah, that's the good stuff right there." He lets out a relieved sigh as he stands up, resting his forearms on your shoulders.
"Glad I could be of service," you reply, your amused breathy tone giving away how much you enjoyed it as you gingerly rub your sore cheek.
"Thank you." He says, his hands landing on your hips, turning you around in one smooth motion,
Bucky knows you like being manhandled and he takes advantage of how weak you get when he does it. He grasps your chin in his fingers and cants your head back, making you look up into the tall biker's brilliant blue eyes.
"But you know who really makes me happy?" He teases, raking his teeth over his bottom lip.
Your thigh clench. Hard. A throbbing pulse flaring to life between them. "Nope," you lie.
His brow arches, silently calling you out, he can feel the heat radiating off of you. He releases your face, claiming your hips in his large hands instead. "You sure?"
"Uh huh," you shakily breathe out, anticipation building in your chest.
Without taking his eyes off of you, he slowly, slowly kneels, until his head is tipped back and he's on his knees before you, gazing up at you with pure adoration. He pulls you into him, and his beard grazes across the tender skin on your belly. His gaze slowly lowers to your panties, taking in the growing wet spot, a smirk tilts his plush lips up. "You want me to show you how happy she makes me?"
"If that's what you want." Even you dont believe your poor attempt at feigning nonchalance.
His smirk grows, two long fingers curl around the side of your panties, twisting them to the side.
"Gorgeous what I'm about to do to you and my pretty girl is going to make us all very, very happy."
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Fugacious Pleasure
Ship: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning(s): Smut, Overstimulation,
Word Count: 511
Summary: Just some soft smut of takin' care of Bucky
Tumblr media
“How you feelin’ baby?” You purred, sitting upon his lap, your arms over his shoulders and hands in his hair. A pathetic whimper escaped him, spurring you on. His hips thrust upwards, begging for friction. 
“Please-” He rasped, eyes dazed as he looked at you. 
“Oh honey,” You gripped his hair tightly, pulling his head harshly backwards. He hisses, eyebrows furrowing in frustration. “That’s not what we agreed on, is it?”
His hands are tied behind his back, and it spurs you on knowing he could easily break free, but he doesn’t. He allows himself to be at your mercy. 
Sweat covers both of you, and his cock dribbles precum as it sits impatiently in front of you. You felt a little bad, letting him sit there unattended to.
“Do you think you deserve it?” You dare to ask, nails clawing gently against his scalp. He nods, barely thinking as he answers. You hum at his answer, pressing your lips against his, and he sloppily reciprocates. 
You push yourself up, lining yourself up and then slamming down, spearing yourself on his cock. He chokes on his own words, a deep groan thrumming through his chest. 
You can’t hold back your own groans, the feeling of him within you is downright delicious. James rhythmically groans with each one of your thrusts, incoherent babbles as drool dares to dribble from his mouth. 
You can tell he’s close, you had been teasing him for hours, he was like a ticking time bomb. You didn’t commit to this act without already accepting the fact he wouldn’t last long. If anything, you didn’t particularly want him to last. 
You speed up, downright bouncing on his cock, admiring the deep blush set upon his face. You see his abdomen tense, and you lean down, mouth attaching to the junction between his shoulder and throat. You feel him groan again, the sensitivity and friction becoming his downfall.
He shudders, and releases with a guttural groan, and you slow your bouncing to softly guide him through his orgasm. His eyes are closed, and his head leans backwards and almost hits the headboard. You guide his head towards your own body, and he mouths needily at your throat as he comes down from his high.
“You good?” You ask, a chuckle escaping you at his neediness.
“You didn’t finish,” He finally says, his voice rough. You bark with laughter, pressing a kiss to his lips.
“Always the gentleman huh?”
“I’m being serious,” He scoffs, acting as if he isn’t completely worn out. “Sit on my face.”
“You sir, are in no place to demand things of me,” You reach behind him, loosening the tie from around his wrists. “And if I did sit on your face, you’d probably fall asleep.” 
He grumbles in disagreement, his eyes half lidded. You press a kiss against his mouth, pulling away before he can kiss back. You push him backwards to lay down, rolling off the bed to grab a wet towel to clean him up.
He’s asleep by the time you get back.
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marvelouslizzie · 2 months
just let me make you feel better
Tumblr media
summary: after a long day of work, you finally come back home and rest. your period is making your day miserable but your boyfriend is here to help you.
pairing: bucky barnes x female reader 
word count: 3.2k
warnings: 18+ NSFW MINORS DNI, period comfort, established relationship, pet names, mentions of menstruation pain, a little bit of period stigma, comfort offering, sexual activity during the period, nipple play, clit play, fingering, after care, obviously blood, unrealistic portrayal of male partners, no mention of y/n.
a/n: I just wanted to write a Bucky Barnes offers to comfort you during your period story so here we are. Unfortunately, this kind of care is really rare so I’m sorry for fucking up your expectations about men. Most of them don’t even do the bare minimum. This concept would shock them but don’t settle for anything less.
Thank you @notafunkiller and @es1dit for beta-reading and helping me better this story. Love you both!
All work is mine, please do not repost or translate without my permission. 
Every like, comment, and reblog is highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to message me or send me a question regarding the stories I write. I would love to talk about it and no, it would never bother me.
Read more tag starts after the first paragraph of the story.
Tumblr media
God, you can’t wait for this day to be over. It’s not the worst day of your life, you know it, but still, the freaking pain just doesn’t want to go away. At least, not completely. It finds different ways to crawl back to you and keep you suffering.
You tried a lot of stuff, starting with good old painkillers. There’s no denying that the pill is helping you, but it’s just not good enough. Your back is hurting, joints are feeling sore and there’s still a headache on the back of your head that no matter how many painkillers you take, keeps lingering and torturing you. Like bleeding isn’t enough.
Yeah, being on your period and working at the same time is no fun. It’s not even bearable. Still, you make it through the day and come back just to drop on the couch. You really want to get rid of these clothes, take a hot shower and change into something comfortable, but you just don’t have the energy. Mentally, you are already doing all this stuff, imagining how good it would feel to stand under the hot water and just let it relax your muscles. Yet your legs don't want to move. You just lay on the couch like a bag of potatoes.
As you drift between sleep and being awake, you hear the keys jingling, signaling that your boyfriend is home. Is it weird that you can already smell him while he’s standing across the room? You have no idea but you can. It just feels like something…  familiar. You have no idea how it works, but it makes you feel safe even though he did nothing but step into the apartment.
“Darling?” Bucky calls out because he isn’t used to not being greeted by you when he comes home. Usually, you are either going toward him or yelling “Welcome home, baby” from wherever you are.
You can’t find the strength to call out so you groan a little while raising your hand. God, his expression changes so quickly. He walks towards you at a trot.
“Are you alright?”
“I am.” You are just exhausted, nothing out of the ordinary. Especially not at this time of the month.
“Are you sure? You don’t look alright.”
“It’s that time of the month again.” The worried expression on his face slowly fades away when he notices you are actually alright. It makes you wonder what he thought happened to you, but you don't ask him.
“Oh, darling…” His voice is so caring. Your period completely saps you of your energy and he knows it. He knows how you suffer or what you do to make yourself feel better. “Did you take a painkiller?”
“Yes.” Of course, you did. That was the first thing you thought of.
You stop for a second to think. “In the morning and after lunch.”
“So you can take another one now, right?” 
That’s a good question. You can take another pill, but your stomach is already protesting at that thought. You should eat something before taking it, but you don’t feel like cooking. Even the thought is exhausting.
“But first you will need food.” God, is he reading your mind or what?
“I don’t feel like–” Before you can finish your sentence, he’s already standing up and making his way to the kitchen.
“I will prepare something for you.” When your words register, he turns around and looks at you. “You don’t wanna eat anything?”
“No, no. I was going to say I don’t feel like preparing anything.” 
“Oh, that’s fine.” He turns around. “Don’t worry. I will make your favorite.”
You have yet to learn what he means by that because you have many favorites. A meal, sandwich, snack, or dessert? You find out what he means when he comes back with your favorite sandwich, a glass of water, and the painkiller you use only during your period. You love him for paying enough attention to notice that.
“Eat while I draw a bath for you. Warm water should help.”
Why didn’t you think about filling the tub and just sitting there? The thought of laying there for a while sounds so much more appealing than a quick shower. It doesn’t take long for you to finish the whole sandwich and take the pill. Your stomach isn’t protesting anymore, and neither are your taste buds. Still, the pain and that discomfort are there, lingering and making you regret being born. Men don’t have to suffer like this and it’s so unfair! You hate mankind for that privilege. While you are lost in your thoughts, Bucky comes out of the bathroom and you notice: No, you don’t hate the whole of mankind. There’s one exception. You can’t hate Bucky when he’s the most thoughtful person you've ever met.
“The bathtub is ready for you. Did you finish your sandwich?” He kind of sounds like a teacher or a parent, checking if you did everything you were supposed to.
“Yep, all done.” You gesture to the plate. “Took the painkiller, too.”
“Good job, doll.” He comes closer without taking his eyes off of you. “Wanna head to the bathroom now?”
“Yes, but I need to take some clothes with me first.”
“Don’t worry, I will take care of it. Just get in there and relax, okay?”
You just nod with a small smile on your lips. When he takes care of you like this, you feel so lucky and so seen. You never asked him to do any of this stuff for you. Occasionally, you just said “I don’t feel like cooking” thinking you would order take out or you asked for a painkiller, but he registered all that information and started to do things without you asking. Seeing how he paid attention and cared about you just makes you feel valued.
You have no idea how long you have been laying in the bathtub. It was nearly perfect with the bubbles and the scent. You expected him to show up and tell you what to do next, but that did not happen. After a while, you decide to properly clean yourself and drain the bathtub. That’s when you notice he put your towels to warm on the radiator, which instantly makes you smile. You wrap your hair with one and dry your body with the other. Thinking you might bleed around, you quickly leave the bedroom to find your clothes. 
While you are thinking if you should go for a pad or a tampon, you find your missing boyfriend in your bedroom. Your clothes are already chosen and set aside, your favorite pajamas waiting for you.
“Hey. How are you feeling?”
“A little better. The painkiller started to work its magic.” You walk towards your clothes to put them on as quickly as possible, still thinking about the blood.
Bucky quickly gets in your way. “No need to rush.”
“No, no, I really need to rush.” He gives you a look that makes you think he's confused. “I don’t have a tampon on. I will bleed on the floor.”
“And?” His tone is so carefree, it confuses you.
“And we will have to clean it, Bucky.” You state the obvious.
“Then we will clean it.” He makes things sound so natural, so casual. Like it’s the most normal thing on earth, but you are conditioned to think that you shouldn’t bleed around, that you should take care of any mess you make.
“You don’t wanna see that.”
“Maybe I do.” His answer comes instantly, surprising you.
“Believe me, you don’t.” You make a move in the direction of your clothes, but Bucky doesn’t let you.
“Darling, I have been fighting for god knows how long. Do you think your period blood would disturb me?” His question sounds so genuine, you stop to think for a second. He has a point, but not really. It's a different kind of blood.
“I mean it’s not the same, is it?” 
“Yeah, it’s not.” The confirmation you expect finally comes. “I’m used to seeing blood caused by violence, not by nature.”
Wait, what?
You don’t know how to react to this. Of course, it is natural, but it is also torture and it makes a mess every time. A huge mess. Usually, your exes were disturbed by the idea, keeping a respectful distance while you were on your period, but apparently not Bucky. His fingers were already grazing your skin carefully. He looks into your eyes, asking for permission silently.
“I really don’t feel like it, Bucky.” You hate saying no to him, but the pain is still there. You are sure it will make things uncomfortable.
“I’m just asking for permission to touch you, doll. I’m not asking for anything else.” He keeps confusing you tonight. 
“What do you mean?”
“Just let me make you feel better.” His answer is simple, but not enough for you to understand his meaning. What does he mean by that?
“I think having you there now isn’t a great idea, Buck. I’m in pain and a little bit too sensitive.” You try to explain as simply as possible.
“Darling… There are other ways to make you feel better, or did you forget about those? Maybe I should remind you, huh?” Gosh, the smug smile creeping up his lips… It sends shivers down your spine. “Just lay down.” He gestures to the bed.
“I will blee–”
“Shh…” He doesn’t let you finish. “Just be a good girl and stop thinking too much.”
For fuck's sake… A good girl? He definitely knows how to shut your brain up. You slowly sit down on the bed and notice a big towel under you. He already thought about everything, so you won’t have to worry. So you can just enjoy this. If that’s what he wants, you can do that. You can shut your mind for a short while and try to enjoy yourself. 
As he lies down next to you, he turns his entire body in your direction and props himself up on his elbow. His flesh fingers start to caress your skin very lightly, making their way to the towel you wrapped around your body. 
“It is time to…” His fingers work quickly to undo the towel. “...take this off.”
He sounds somehow impatient. Maybe just to see you naked or hear the sounds you make while he touches you all the ways he knows you love. His fingers move to your nipple, fingertips grazing over carefully. As he touches you so lightly, another wave of goosebumps washes over you. It's not normal for you to be this sensitive, but your nipples are already hard. Your lips tremble as he moves closer and gives one a long lick.
“God, damn it.” You mutter and he instantly looks up.
“Should I stop?” The way he asks the question shows how concerned and focused he is.
“No, no.” You take a deep breath. “Just be gentle. I’m just…”
“Sensitive, I know.” He smiles and dives back in. His tongue swirls around your nipple over and over again until you start to cry out.
“Fuck!” That’s so unexpected. The pleasure you are feeling is foreign. Nipple play never felt like this before. “It feels so– so good.”
He moves his mouth away with a wet pop just to say: “Yes, surrender yourself to the feeling, darling.” Then he goes back to sucking your nipple, while his metal hand is massaging your other breast. It’s such an amazing change after feeling pain for hours and you can’t help but crave more. Your hips are rising unintentionally. Bucky’s flesh hand moves down to your body, sliding between your folds really carefully, but it makes you push your hips up again.
You've never felt this wet in your life. You are sure your period has a lot to do with it, but god… That’s not the only reason. The way he’s paying attention to your breasts, the way his index finger is working between your folds… It feels like magic. His fingers start rubbing on your clit and the next thing you know you're moaning his name over and over again. Whenever you moan, his tongue becomes more relentless around your nipple. The pleasure hits you suddenly, it takes your breath away.
“Buck–” Your back arches like a bow. “Oh my go–”
He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t even hesitate for a second. His fingers and tongue work you through your orgasm until you start to feel a little sensitive. You let a long breath out, proving how satisfied you feel.
Finally, he lets go of your nipple and looks up. Hair messed up, lips swollen and eyes glossy. “How are you feeling?”
“Great.” You breathe out again and it makes him smile widely. So fucking widely… “I feel great.” His hand rests on your pussy while his head is on your upper body. You lean down a little and he meets you in the middle in a messy kiss. God, his lips are the most delicious thing you've ever tasted. They're nearly sweet and just intoxicating.
You sigh loudly, feeling so much better than before. The pain is the last thing on your mind. You actually think about a possible second orgasm already and a little smile creeps up on your lips.
“What?” He asks wondering what you are thinking.
“I think I want a bit more.” 
“Oh, you do?” He is fully smirking now. You just nod while biting one side of your lower lip. “Would it be okay if I put my fingers inside? Would that be comfortable for you?”
“I hope so. We can try and if it’s uncomfortable, I'll tell you.”
“What a good girl you are.”
Before you can say anything in return, his fingers move a little down and he pushes one of them inside.
“Bucky!” The sudden pleasure catches you off guard.
“Sorry, sorry. I will go slow.” He moves himself a little bit up, just to be able to kiss you comfortably. You look at him and excitement is written all over his face. He’s actually enjoying this even though he isn’t getting off himself, and you love how your pleasure affects him. Licking your lips, you close the little distance between you two. 
He kisses you deeply while moving his finger in and out. He’s using just one, but dear god… you are so sensitive. It feels so good even though you aren’t completely filled. Slowly, he pushes the second finger inside, crooking them and rubbing them along a spot where you can see stars. Your mouth suddenly opens as you let out a loud moan. You are unable to kiss him back, it feels like your whole body just tensed up and your muscles stopped working.
“Yes! God, yes.” You manage to say while he keeps on working. “Just like that.”
“Don’t worry, doll.” He speeds up a little. “I won’t stop.”
He keeps working his fingers while kissing your neck. You can feel your second orgasm approaching and it feels so good, but also not enough.
“Please…” You beg without thinking. “Please…”
“Tell me what you want.” His voice sounds so deep, so full of desire.
“Faster. A little faster.” You take a deep breath. “I’m so– close.”
He doesn’t make you ask twice, just starting to move his fingers a little faster and that’s all it takes. 
“Bucky!” You scream so loudly that it surprises even you, but it’s too late to bite your lip. The overwhelming pleasure takes over, making you scream so loudly that Bucky thinks all your neighbors know what you are up to. And he doesn’t care. They should know he is the one making you feel this good. He is the one who makes you forget about your pain and mindlessly moan his name like a prayer.
When you come down from your high, you feel boneless. It’s like your whole body relaxed after the blinding pleasure. Maybe it’s the mixture of the orgasms and the painkiller you took, but you are too tired to care. 
While you stretch your arms, you notice Bucky isn’t next to you anymore. You look around to see where he went and he comes out of the bathroom with another towel in his hand.
“Looking for me?” God, his smile is so smug, but you can’t blame him. The way you just screamed his name without having his cock inside you… That must have boosted his ego. Rightfully so. His fingers are magical. And his tongue. Also his lips. The way he turns you on so much and pulls this pleasure out of you is unbelievable.
“Yes. Why did you leave me?” You know he didn’t but you like to play.
“Just got a wet towel for you.” He kneels in front of the bed, between your legs and you prop up on your elbows to see what he’s doing. He gently moves the towel on your thighs and wipes the blood he smeared while making you scream his name.
“I could clean myself. You didn’t have to.” 
“I know you can, doll. Nobody said you can’t.” He rubs the towel against your slit and you jump a little, feeling sensitive. He notices your reaction and tries to do it more carefully. “I just want to help you.” After he’s done wiping, he folds the towel and puts it away. Immediately after, he grabs your clothes and helps you get dressed: your underwear first (and no, he did not forget about the pads), then your pajamas. In a couple of seconds, you're clean and all dressed up. “Now it’s time to rest.”
You move backward and get under the covers while watching him collect the towels all over the room and put them in the dirty laundry bin. It amazes you how he doesn’t forget about anything. He doesn’t let any small detail bother or worry you. You hear him washing his hands and he comes back with a smile on his face. 
You don’t know how you got this lucky. Having a loving and caring boyfriend like him… Getting taken care of like this… You remember how your friends talk about their boyfriends and how they do absolutely nothing. You know that’s not how a relationship should be, but you also know how rare this is. Your eyes wander back to him while he is getting undressed, showing you how incredibly hard he is. Yet he didn’t even make a move to relieve himself. He didn’t ask for a hand or begged to be inside you like he does sometimes. He put you first and unfortunately that’s even rarer.
He quickly puts on his pajamas and slips right next to you in bed. His arms are already around your waist, pulling you closer. You carefully move your hand down and palm his still rock-hard erection.
“Nope.” His answer is simple yet firm.
“Let me take care of you, Bucky.” You try to say as sweetly as possible. You want to return the favor.
“Not tonight, darling.” He gently moves your hand away. “But I promise, you can do whatever you want to me when you feel better, alright?”
“Alright.” He’s right. You are feeling sleepy already, you can do this another time. 
After all, you are his and he is yours. You have all the time in the world.
He pulls you even closer, putting his head on your shoulder behind your back.
“It’s time to sleep.”
“I love you Bucky.” You say while feeling the weight on your eyelids. It’s hard to keep them open.
“I love you too, darling.”
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becca-e-barnes · 8 months
do you have any pornstar dbf!bucky thots👀
The Video
I've had this thought in my head all damn day and I just needed to write it. I'll link this piece on both my Dad's Best Friend!Bucky master list and the Pornstar!Bucky master list because I don't want to choose.
Consider this the piece I wrote to celebrate my birthday today 💗 here’s to 23 with you lovely folks! 🥂
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pornstar! Dad's Best Friend!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: You find out what your father’s best friend does for work.
Warnings: Age gap (reader is in her mid 20’s, Bucky is in his late 40’s), vaginal fingering, masturbation, unprotected sex, creampie, size kink, praise kink, mentions of rough pornography, dirty talk, pet names, degradation
Minors, do not interact
Avoiding Bucky had never been your plan, purely because it would’ve been a fucking stupid one.  Realistically, it wouldn’t have been easy to avoid someone who probably spent more time at your house than they did their own.  When he wasn’t at ‘work’, your father’s friend seemed to spend his time at your house, mowing the lawn or polishing your mom’s car or watching some pointless sports game with your dad.
You’d never really questioned what Bucky got up to for work.  You imagined growing up that he must’ve practiced a trade since he was always the one your father called to fix the kitchen sink when it sprung a leak or tinker with the garage door when it became difficult to pull down.
Now that you were fully clued in however, it all made painful sense why Bucky had been so evasive when you had come right out and asked him what he did for work the year before you graduated from college.
“What do you think I do, sweetheart?”  He had asked with a smirk tugging at the corners of his soft, pink lips.
“I have no idea, Buck!  You seem to have as much free time as you like, I just don’t understand how you pay the bills.”  You had mused, sitting in your own garage on a work bench, swinging your legs in front of you, secretly hoping that Bucky would notice just how cute and tiny those shorts you were wearing are.  Unfortunately for you, he didn’t look up from under the bonnet of your dad’s jeep.
“I guess you could say I’m self-employed, angel.  I pick and choose the jobs I want.  I have plenty of offers.”  He tried to keep it as non-descript as possible, dodging the question rather than lying about it.
“I bet you do, you seem good with your hands.”  He could tell by the genuine innocence in your voice that you truly had no idea.  You weren’t leading him to answer one way or another.
He huffed out a laugh as he grabbed the rag beside him, wiping the oil from his hands, muddying the white cloth with the dark residue.  “Oh sweetheart, you have no idea.”
It all made perfect sense now though, scrolling through picture after picture on your phone.  Every drag of your fingertip brought a fresh wave of video thumbnails, each somehow more obscene than the last.  The titles certainly weren’t much better.  
Pictures of beautiful young women flooded your screen.  Some had their makeup thoroughly ruined, mascara tracked down their cheeks and a fucked-out look in their eyes.  Some were on their knees, their hair grabbed into a rough ponytail while they rested the tip of a cock on their tongue.  Some were bent over, evidently ‘trapped’ under their bed with their ass in the air. 
Curiosity got the better of you, after ignoring a warning from your brain that this might be an invasion of Bucky’s privacy.  It was all posted on the internet after all, it’s not like he could keep it a secret forever.  
One video caught your eye, titled ‘James Barnes fucks tight brunette, HUGE cumshot’.  The crude objectification made you wince a little but the short snippet of video that the thumbnail provided you with seemed a little bit gentler than the rest.
Skipping the first few minutes helped you feel like you weren’t too invested.  This was research.  Plain and simple nosiness.  You had no intention of watching this for any purpose other than to see whether Bucky Barnes had perfected his craft or not.
“Shit, that’s it.  So fuckin’ pretty like this.”  The voice from your phone was familiar but so much lower than you’d ever heard it before; so deep, you could only have described it as a growl.
The girl whimpered, almost pathetically.  You couldn’t blame her.  Bucky wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination and judging by the reaction of the woman he was buried inside, he managed to hit all the spots he needed to.
You’d heard fake moans before.  Hell, you’d made plenty of them yourself.  Enough to know that the woman you were watching wasn’t orchestrating hers for the benefit of the camera.  No, those were real.  Right down to the trembling thighs either side of Bucky’s narrow hips.
“You have no idea how perfect you feel.  Tight and wet and warm.  You take me so fuckin’ well.”  You watched as he slid inside her, painfully slowly.  Admittedly, her body did take him well, letting him sink in until he had nothing left to give.  This poor woman was already looking somewhat blissed out, begging him to fuck her but that’s when you skipped forward to about a minute before the end.  That same woman was now clawing at his muscular back, whimpering and sobbing delightfully while Bucky pounded into her.  He wasn’t holding back in the slightest, letting the same filth tumble from his lips.
“Oh baby, you sound like you can’t take any more.  Are you done?”  He was so condescending, it made your gut tighten with lust, a dull throb settling between your legs but the woman only shook her head.
“Good girl.  God, ’m so close.  You’ll never get enough, will you?  Just a needy fucking slut for me.  Gonna have you all cock obsessed.  Bet you’ll think of me every time you touch that pretty pussy of yours from now on.  You’ll be begging to see me again.”  Bucky sounded wrecked, finishing his sentence with a drawn out, low groan.  Within a couple of seconds, he had pulled out, splashing his seed all over the woman’s tummy, pearlescent spend rolling down her sides and onto the sheets while some pooled on her heaving chest.
Over the next few days, you tried desperately to get what you had seen out of your head.  You tried hard, you really did.  Perhaps it didn’t help that late at night, you found yourself going back to watch more.  Perhaps it also didn’t help that you found your hand drifting under your panties as you watched, taking care of that familiar throb that seemed to turn into an ache when you watched for too long without touching yourself.
Dodging Bucky was simple enough but you knew you couldn’t keep it up forever.  Hiding in your room couldn’t become a hobby just because you found out your father’s best friend, the older man you had been so innocently crushing on, was a porn star.
The first time you bumped into him though, it was game over.  He could tell just from the way you looked at him that something was up, or rather, the way you couldn’t look at him.
“Everything okay, sweetheart?”  He asked, watching you make yourself look busy in the cereal cupboard late one afternoon after he had walked into your kitchen.  You saw him coming and very obviously tried find any excuse that meant you wouldn’t have to talk to him.
“I’m fine, looking for cereal.”  You replied, your head almost buried in the cupboard.
“Well, I hope you find it.  If you can’t see it from there, you’ve got a problem.  I bet your nose is practically touching the box, you’re so deep in there.”  He sounded too damn amused and it only made you more embarrassed.  This really was the last thing you needed.  “Why are you avoiding me, honey?”
There it was.  You were called out.
“I’m not!”  You tried to sound sincere but you weren’t awfully successful; you knew even as you were saying the words that it wasn’t going to fly.
“Mhm, and the fact you saw me coming has nothing to do with how you’re buried shoulder deep in the cereal cupboard?  Don’t think I’m stupid.  I know you’re avoiding me.”  In hindsight, you maybe could’ve handled that a little bit better but now here you were, pulling yourself back out and forcing some painfully awkward eye contact.
“I’ve seen the videos.”  You mumbled, looking away and making yourself busy with your nails.
“Okay.”  He dragged the word out a little, slowing it down and only adding to it’s gravity.  “And?  You’re an adult.  You know what porn is.  Things don’t need to be weird but if you’re uncomfortable having me around, I can leave you alone.”
“No, you don’t have to, I don’t have a problem with it.  It’s all just very… Rough?”  You weren’t really sure this was a conversation you wanted to be having, shame burning in the pit of your stomach because clearly you’d just admitted to watching more than a video or two.
He paused for a second, nodding his head, the couple of light grey hairs at the crown of his head glinting in the light.  “You’re right, sweetheart.  It's a little rough at times.  That’s not my preference, that’s the script I’m given.”
That made sense and somehow settled you just a little.  “So you just stick to the script?”  You quiz, holding eye contact with him again for a few seconds before it got too intense.
“For the most part.  It doesn’t tell me what to say, that’s all up to me.  It just gives me direction.  It’s a running order of the scenes we’ve agreed to shoot.  Most of those videos certainly aren’t a representation of how I would want to fuck if I got the choice.”  His lips were curled in a soft smile, watching you lap this all up.
“A-and how would you want to fuck if you got to choose?”  You couldn’t quite believe you’d said it but apparently you did because the question hung in the air longer than you might have wanted it to.
“Well sweetheart, that depends.  I’d treat a pretty little thing like you a bit differently.  I’d have to be slow with you.  Really ease you into it.  I bet I’d have to spend a lot of time working you up to take me.  I think I’d start by giving you my tongue until I can slip a finger into you.  Then a second finger.  Maybe a third if I think you can manage it.”  He could see the effect this was having on you.  You’d wanted to imagine it while you’d watched his videos but you couldn’t bring yourself to fall into the fantasy.  Now he was dragging you into it.
“Then I’d put you on your hands and knees.  I’d tell you to rub yourself while I press inside you, so slow you’ll be begging me to give you all of me.  And when you’re at that point, ruined and desperate for more, I’ll fuck you nice and slow.  I’ll have you just as addicted as those other girls but with a kinder pleasure.  I’d tell you how beautiful you are and how badly I’ve wanted to kiss every inch of your skin I can.  I’d tell you how gorgeous you look when you cum and how it’s better than I ever imagined.”
God, this was something close to a dream come true.  “I-I’d like that.  That sounds… Nice.”  Words were really failing you, hoping this was a genuine offer and not just some hypothetical situation that would never play out.
“It does sound nice.”  Bucky huffed out a laugh.  “It sounds real fucking nice.  I shouldn’t want my best friend’s daughter cumming around me.  I know I shouldn’t.  I know I think about it far too often but nothing gets me off the way you do.”
Your breath caught in your throat, an embarrassing arousal throbbing its way around your body, settling in the pit of your stomach.  Heat blossomed in your chest, hoping beyond hope that this wasn’t some sick joke.  
“I want that.  But I don’t want you to be too gentle.  I want you to fuck me the way you want to fuck.  Not what you think I need.”  Your confidence almost caught him off guard and he didn’t expect to find it as sexy as he did.
“God, you’re a tease.”  He muttered under his breath, crossing the short space between you both to crash your lips against his.  You could feel the heat of his body against yours, the difference in size almost making you shudder because you’d never felt this small against a partner.
His lips were soft, his hands wandering seemingly everywhere at once and it was so much to take in.  Fuck, it was perfect.  Intense and hungry but not overwhelming.
“Bed, Buck.”  You pant between fervent kisses before he’s grabbed you by the back of the thighs, helping you wrap your legs around his waist so he could carry you to your room. 
You both had your clothes stripped off in a frenzy, not giving much thought to anything other than the way your lips slotted together.  Your bottom lip felt perfectly at home between his teeth, the slight pain of his bite only making you moan.
“You’re such a good girl.”  He whispers, tugging your panties off and groaning when he realises how slick they are already.  “Fuck, I should’ve known how bad you’d need this.  It’s always the ones you least expect.”
His breath feels so hot on your neck, littering the skin with kisses and gentle nibbles, panting tiny groans against you while his fingers slide over your core.
You’re wet and messy, aching with a need you didn’t know you were capable of.  “Oh sweetheart, I could slip right into you.  You’re soaking wet for me.  God, you’re a dream.”
“Buck, please.  I want your tongue later.  P-please just fuck me first.”  You could hardly manage a conhesive thought with the way his fingertips played with your body ever so gently, alternating between rubbing little circles on your clit and teasing your hole with the tips of two fingers, pressing them in just to the first knuckle.
“This is wrong, sweetheart.  So fucking wrong.  I shouldn’t get this fuckin’ excited hearing you beg for my dick but it’s all I’ve wanted for months.”  His voice is just as low as you heard in those videos, dripping with arousal.
“The only thing ‘wrong’ here is the fact you’re not inside me yet.”  You giggle quietly, rolling over and presenting your ass to him, exactly how he had described earlier.  
Whatever self-control he had was gone.  Long gone.  The sight of you offering your slick, hot core was more than enough to ruin him but the way you watched him over your shoulder with an excited smile almost had him trembling with need.
“This is wrong.”  He whispered, lining the tip of his dick up with your entrance, grunting at the feeling of the wet heat.
“So wrong.”  You repeated quietly.  “S-so fucking wrong.  We shouldn’t be doing this.”  You were breathless already, pressing yourself back until his tip had just slipped inside you.  “We shouldn’t need this as badly as we do.”
Bucky’s groan was beautiful, watching as you shifted yourself back to allow the rest of his length to slide slowly into you.
“You know damn well what you’re doing to me.”  He sighed, looking away from the sight of his thick length gliding home.  “Play with yourself.  I won’t last long this time sweetheart but trust me, I’ve got all night with you.”  
You’d never seen him this wrecked so early on in any of his videos so you did as you were told, letting two fingers circle your clit the way you often did when you watched him slide into those other women.  
You heard him take a deep breath, pulling back out as far as possible without slipping out before pressing back in again, dragging a soft groan from both of you.  This was everything you’d both longed for and more.
His huge hands squeezed the cheeks of your ass, admiring the how soft and plush it felt under his touch, dragging himself back out only to press back in, earning another groan.
You could’ve taken this forever, enjoying the way his tip nudged that delicate spot inside you while your fingers worked exactly how you like them to.  This was bliss in its truest form.  This was the passion you had craved, the gentle touches and soft praises but accompanied by an all-consuming pleasure.
“Faster Bucky, please.”  You whined and hell, you looked like a goddess, fallen forward onto the bed, so consumed by sensations that you wanted to have no control over and he could recognise that so clearly.
“Tell me you need me.”  He panted, speeding up his thrusts, letting each one land beautifully before forcing himself momentarily from the heat of your body once more.
“Oh God, I need you.  I need you, Bucky.  I need you to fuck me faster.  Fuck me harder.  It feels so good.  I’m gonna cum for you, I just need more.”  You couldn’t help but sob, drowning in the litany of groans and curses falling from the older man lips.
Your fingers worked faster, in time with the thrusts you were receiving until it all come crumbling down around you.  The knot in your tummy tightened unbearably, your heart pounding as the sensation took over entirely.  It was a perfect release, your body clenching and tightening rhythmically while you sobbed the ecstasy into the pillow under your head.
“Oh good girl, that’s it.  Cum nice ‘n hard.  O-oh God.”  You vaguely registered Bucky coaching you through your orgasm before reaching his own but unlike any of his videos, he didn’t pull out.  He stayed buried inside you, pressed as deep as he could go.  You felt the weight of his seed inside you, the position allowing it to drip deeper, pooling at your cervix and the thought alone made you shudder.
“My God, that was…. Wow.”  He laughed, kissing down your spine before pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside you.  
“Yeah… Wow.”  You giggled, kissing his cheek and curling up against him, not really worried that you were both a little sweaty.  
“I meant it though.  I’ll be gentle with you later.  I’ll take my time with you.  I just needed that.”  He kissed your forehead, running a hand down your back and damn, he certainly wouldn’t hear you complaining.
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