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sometimes i think about how the arm shanks lost was his dominant one
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cross guild plays uno
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Luffy meets cross guild
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I hope this site can handle this amount of boobs
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The Hat Rule.
Characters: Portgas D. Ace, Buggy the Clown, Dracule Mihawk, Trafalgar Law [ uses they/them ], X-Drake / Gender Neutral Reader
Word Count: 2,422
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: I'm a sucker for the Hat Rule, sue me. Nothing but some subtle spice. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
You would be lying if you said it hadn’t been thrilling to sneak up behind them and pluck the hat off their head. They were so attached to it, it was funny! Of course, sentimentality was one thing- but really, the way they had paused, reaching up to touch their head as if confused at the sudden loss had been far too comical for you to even consider not laughing at. But the moment they had turned, had called out your name-
You ran.
You had sprinted across the dock back towards safety, hat clutched in your hand as they followed after you. But you were faster- always had been quicker on your feet. You scurried up the gangplank, avoiding collisions with your fellow shipmates as you made your way below deck to your quarters. You thought you were safe, you really had! Taking a minute to catch your breath, you settled the hat atop your own head with a grin. 
That is, until the door opened. You turned, eyes widening in surprise at the sight of the owner of said hat, leaning against the door with an expression that lingered between amused and… Something else. Something darker. You suddenly realized you had cornered yourself in your haste to escape- and now, you had nowhere to run. 
──Portgas D. Ace [ 353 ]
Your heart hammered in your chest as Ace chuckled, arms crossed over his chest as you leaned back against the opposite wall. “You had your fun,” he spoke softly, holding a hand out to you. “Now gimme my hat back.”
“No.” You replied defiantly, instead putting the hat on your own head. You turned, studying your reflection in the mirror on the wall, tilting your head to and fro as a smile curved your lips. “I think it looks better on me, really,” you couldn’t help but tease.
“There’s a rule ‘bout wearin’ someone else’s hat, y/n.” Ace sighed, stepping in, closing the door behind himself- and locking it, something that had your breath faltering. A rule? What was he talking about? It was just a hat! Even so, he crossed the room with a few strides, settling behind you. His hands smoothed across your hips, his head dipping down to press chaste kisses along your throat. “You wear the hat, you ride the sailor,” he murmured against the shell of your ear, his gaze finding your own in the reflection. 
Hunger. That’s what that expression was; his beautiful brown eyes dark in the soft light of the room. Your heart stuttered in its beat as he kept your gaze locked with his own, lips pressing over where your carotid artery lay in your throat. “Oh,” you whispered back, blinking slowly as his hands wandered. Fingers plucked at the edge of your shirt, dragging it up slowly with his fingers as they trailed heated paths across your skin. His Devil Fruit ability- oh, how you loved that. 
“Whattya say, y/n?” He asked, biting at your shoulder gently, not enough to cause pain but certainly enough to draw a gasp out of your lips. You nodded mutely, transfixed by your reflections as he grinned wolfishly over your shoulder. “That’s my baby.” A damn near growl as he tugged your back against his front, subtle grinds of his hips giving you a clear image of just how much he wanted you. 
You were suddenly glad you decided to steal his silly little hat. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
──Buggy the Clown [ 464 ]
It had been a celebration. Another successful show, another successful tithe paid from the townsfolk. One of those rare times where your Captain was genuinely happy, laughing with his crew as the bonfire burned brightly on the beach. But you weren’t there- no, you were sitting on the throne in the center ring of the Big Top, orange tricorn settled atop your head as you waited. 
You didn’t have to wait for long.
“Y/n,” Buggy called out as he sauntered in, his gaze settling on your form sitting in his chair, wearing his hat. The sight had his breath faltering, had his mouth suddenly dry. You looked damn good sitting there, almost as good as he did. Your legs kicked up over the arm, your lips curved into a cheeky grin. His hat… His hat on your head. 
He approached slowly, the sounds of the celebration fading behind him as he reached the throne. “Look at you! All comfortable in my chair, wearing my hat.” He muttered, one hand grabbing your chin, forcing your head up and back to meet his gaze. The other settled on the top of the throne as he leaned his weight against it, hovering over you.
“Your hat?” You countered with faux confusion. You reached up, touching the tricorn. “I could’ve sworn this was my hat.”
“Brat.” Buggy hissed as you grinned. 
You leaned up, sitting upright as your legs shifted down from the arm of the couch. “Yeah? Am I?” You continued to taunt, watching as your lover’s gaze brightened with the game you had decided to play.
“Yaknow, there’s this funny little rule that comes with wearing someone else’s hat.” His thumb brushed against your lower lip. You leaned into the touch, gaze flickering down to his painted smile. 
“What is it?” You breathed as he shifted closer. When you’d stolen his hat, you’d let his hair down. Aquamarine tresses spilled over his shoulders, falling forward to cloak you, giving an odd form of privacy as his lips ghosted against your own.
“Wear the hat, ride the Captain.” Buggy murmured as he captured your lips in a kiss. Paint smeared against your skin as you reached up, tangling your fingers in his hair, drawing out a pleased hum from him as he pressed closer. 
You pulled back with a nip to his lip, watching the way he crumbled beneath you so easily. “Ride the Captain, eh?” The thought set a fire in you. You rose to your feet, swapping places with a hand against his chest, shoving him down into his throne. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck you here.”
“Shit,” he chuckled, hands settling on your waist as you took your place on his lap. “Keep the hat on.”
“Yes, Captain.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
──Dracule Mihawk [ 516 ]
You felt like royalty as you ran through the halls of the castle. Perhaps it was the romance novels you’d read over the years, but there was something particularly thrilling about running through corridor after corridor with the tricorn clutched to your chest. You found yourself in the library, chest rising and falling with deep breaths as you turned to face the doors. Any moment now, Dracule would walk in.
It was worth it. Grabbing his tricorn the moment he’d docked at the island, running as fast as your legs could carry you back to the castle. You worried your lip as you looked down at the black leather, fingers brushing against the stitching. After a moment’s hesitation, you raised the hat- and settled it atop your head.
The doors swung open. 
“Darling,” Mihawk drawled. Yoru wasn’t on his back; his coat had been discarded, no doubt left by the front entryway. He sighed, taking in the sight of you in the moment. Cheeks flushed, hat perched atop your head; you were bathed in the orange glow of the fireplace. The sun had already set behind you; no light spilled through the large windows. 
A piece of art, you were.
“I believe you have something that belongs to me.” Slow steps drew him closer, even as you took shorter steps backwards- until you stumbled, ending up on your rear on the rug before the fireplace. Mihawk chuckled as he stood over you, arms crossed over his chest.
You found your words at last, grinning up at your lover. “I dunno what you’re talking about.” Cheekily, you leaned back on your elbows as Dracule knelt, reaching out to cup your cheek gently. “All I have is this shirt… And this hat.”
“... That’s all?” His gaze flickered down to your legs- bare, he realized. When had you stripped your trousers? He was certain you had been wearing them when you met him at the dock. “There’s a certain tradition when you wear another’s hat.”
“Tell me about it.” You sighed as his hand smoothed along your calf, gently massaging the muscle. He moved slowly, crawling over your form as his hands left your leg and cheek, balancing his weight over you. He dipped his head, stealing a kiss from you that had your head swimming by the end of it. The ghost of a brush of his tongue against your lip before he parted; you leaned forward, chasing him. 
“Wear the hat,” he murmured as he shifted, arm curling around your waist. In a movement too quick to track, he’d rolled you both, settling you on his lap as he settled on the rug. His fingers gripped your thighs, dangerously high to rucking up your- no, that was certainly his- shirt. “Ride the pirate.”
“Oh,” you breathed, mind growing fuzzy with the lust that was beginning to course through your veins. You shift your hips slowly, feeling your lover respond in kind. A groan pulled free of you as your hands settle on his chest, fingers gripping at his shirt. “Oh, I think I like that one.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
──Trafalgar Law [ 450 ]
It was hard to hide in a submarine. This was your first- no, second- mistake. Taking your Captain’s hat was the first mistake. Hiding in the submarine was the second. And the third? Deciding to add insult to injury by hiding in their own quarters. Was it the brightest of ideas? No. But Shachi wasn’t going to let you get out of the bet without consequences, and like hell you were going to cough up five hundred berries. 
So, you stole Law’s hat. And then had run for your damn life. 
You could hear the heavy footsteps of their boots as they approached. You panicked- and tugged the white hat on as the door opened, revealing the frustrated face of Law. They paused, brow furrowing at the sight of you standing in the middle of their quarters. “The boiler room would have been a better hiding place,” they taunted sarcastically, closing the door behind themself before leaning back against it. 
“I uh, I panicked?” You shrugged, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. You reached up, patting the hat on your head. “I get why you wear it. ‘S comfy.”
“It looks good on you.” They admitted softly, pushing off the door to cross the room, settling before you. Their hand raised, brushing a strand of hair back behind your ear. “Almost as good as it looks on me,” they finished, lips curving into that signature cocky grin that had you stomach twisting. 
You reached out, settling your hands on their chest, “There’s this lil’ thing,” words barely above a whisper; they had to focus on you to really hear. “This lil’ rule I remember learnin’ about.”
“And what would that be?” They asked just as softly, hands settling on your hips, drawing you closer, pressing your form against their own. Their hands squeezed slowly, the pressure enough to draw a pleased sigh from you.
You leaned in, lips brushing against their ear. “If I wear my Captain’s hat- I have to ride them.” A nip against the shell of their ear had a shudder dancing across them. You could have sworn a soft ‘fuck’ had slipped free from them. “Is that right?”
They pulled back, hand coming up to grip your jaw. A mischievous light had settled in their gaze as they studied you. You weren’t sorry; not a single speck of sympathy lingered in your expression, in your words, in your teasing. “You are, y/n-ya.” They rasped as they leaned in, stealing a kiss. Their teeth grazed your lip as they guided you backwards, until the back of your knees hit the bed. You sank slowly, but they didn’t part- not until you pulled back, panting.
“Keep it on.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
──X Drake [ 399 ]
You had managed to stumble into your quarters on the Liberal Hind, only to realize that oh- well, shit. That’s a mistake. You curse yourself softly as you try to figure out how to get out of this mess. It had been a silly idea. You hadn’t seen your Captain laugh in a while- and thought that hey, stealing the hat would be funny!
Apparently not, given the yell that had come from him as you sprinted away. 
Your heart skipped more than one beat as the door to your quarters swung open, revealing the tall form of your Captain, X-Drake. You swallowed roughly around nothing as he studied you, brow furrowed. He ran a hand through his hair with a huff, stepping in and closing the door behind himself. 
Slowly, you raised the hat- and placed it on your own head.
Worth it, you thought to yourself as your lover’s eyes widened in shock as he turned around once more. “Missing something?” You teased, arms crossing over your chest as he studied you.
“That’s my hat.” He stated simply, taking a step forward. “Why did you take it?”
“Maybe I want it.” You shrugged, watching the way his eye twitched at the blatant insubordination you showed. Former Marines, always so strict. You worried your cheek as you glanced away. “I think it looks good, don’t you?”
“It…” He faltered, drawing in a slow breath. “It does look good, yes.” He crossed over to you, reaching out a hand to grasp the hat- only to pause. You were at port. The crew was working on supply runs. Alone on the ship. His hand lowered to tilt your chin up gently, his demeanor shifting as he tilted your head to the left- and then the right. “It suits you well,” he murmured, voice damn near molten gold with the way it poured over you. 
You shuddered, gaze rising to meet his own. “What’s that old saying… Wear the hat, ride the Captain?”
His jaw clenched; the hand on your chin flexed. Got him. “You’re nothing but trouble,” he groaned as his hands smoothed down your sides, hooking in the waistband of your trousers, tugging you closer to himself. “You need to be disciplined. Stealing from your captain…”
“Then do it,” you whispered, leaning in to ghost a kiss along his jaw. “After all, I did steal.”
“Turn around.”
“Yes, sir.”
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it’s always so funny to me when the fantastic world of one piece, with all its superpowers and grandeur, has mundane modern shit like a pr department for your local pirate org
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Waiter! Waiter! More ships whose main colors are contrary please !!
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pick your poison
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Welcome to the guild, on Wednesdays they wear pink
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very normal things happening with cross guild staff from twitter dot com
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Festive girlies! For a patron!
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More low quality one piece icon things they’re my destress between school work lmao
If anyone wants to use them feel free to do so
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Buggy the Clown - Who's got it bigger ?
Tumblr media
Warning : none
Genre : fluff
Synopsis : “jealous buggy x reader. where the reader is complementing cabaji's biceps. then buggy goes "Mines bigger".” - anon
Reader : gender neutral (you/yours)
Tumblr media
You were sitting in the empty circus tent, watching Cabaji throw knives for the big spectacle you were all preparing. You yawned, watching at first the knives he grabbed and played with, before looking at his hand throwing them. Then your eyes moved to his arm, to stop at his biceps, flexing and unflexing as he moved.
Damn, they're big ?
Your eyes widened a bit as you stared for a few seconds before standing up, walking to him.
“Wait, Cabaji !” You stopped him, walking closer as you rolled up your own sleeves “Let me look at your arms ?”
He looked at you, surprised, but said nothing, nodding instead, letting you look at his arms. You flexed yours, putting it next to his biceps.
“Damn you have big muscles !” You exclaimed, laughing, making Cabaji chuckle, unaware your captain was behind you. He had stopped dead in his tracks as he had heard you, frowning.
He removed his coat, grumbling, placing it on one of the empty chairs and walked to you two.
“Mines are bigger, if you wanna be impressed.” He said proudly, flexing his arms.
You squinted your eyes, looking at his biceps then at Cabaji's.
Came to you two possibilities. Lie, but make your captain happy, or tell the truth and possibly make him mad. You tried not to smile as you grimaced, thinking hard.
“What's with that face ?” He asked, growing annoyed by your silence. Where was your amazement, huh ?
“What !? They are bigger ! Look better !” He yelled, placing himself next to Cabaji who had stopped flexing, not wanting to anger your captain even more. “Do it, idiot !” He said, slapping his arm.
Cabaji held in a sigh and obeyed, flexing again. You could tell he was trying to make it look smaller than before and Buggy noticed.
“Raah ! You're all… stupid !” He stomped, annoyed, throwing his hands in the air, and walked away. “You're lucky you're both needed for the show or else you would've been fired !” He menaced before disappearing, leaving his coat behind.
Buggy ignored you for the rest of the day, even when you brought him back his coat, still upset you found his biceps smaller than Cabaji's.
Then, came nighttime and you went into bed with him.
“Come on, stop sulking.” You said pulling the covers over you, your head resting on Buggy's shoulder.
“I'm not sulking.” He replied, glaring at you.
“I love your muscles.” You shifted a bit, grabbing one of his arms, hugging it. Buggy scoffed. “It's true !”
“Stop lying.”
“I'm not ! I was just surprised that Cabaji got biceps this big !” You explained and his eyes twitched, still not pleased. “Come on, I like your little muscles.”
“They're not little !” He yelled, trying to get away from you.
“I was joking.” You laughed, pecking his lips quickly before he could move more. “I don't care that they're smaller than Cabaji's, I don't like his muscles.”
Buggy grumbled, still trying to get away, he detached himself from his arm before getting out of bed.
“I don't care, you're leaving me your second favorite part of you.” You said, pulling your tongue out. “Wanna know what's the first one ?” You smirked, knowing you had picked his interest. “It's your cute nose.” You said with a wink.
Buggy froze at your words, blushing a bit before stomping.
“Are you mocking me !?” He yelled, hiding his nose behind his free hand.
“I'm not mocking you.” You simply said, nudging his arm with your cheek. “I love you, it's only normal I like your nose and your arms. My head is resting so perfectly against it.” You sighed, happy. “If you had too much muscle it wouldn't be comfortable.”
He glared at you, unsure of what to do.
“It's up to you to come back to bed. I'm fine sleeping with only your arm in your bed. You left me your hand so I can hold it if I want. I don't really need you.” You said, grabbing his hand and bringing it to your lips, kissing it. Buggy stared with wide eyes.
“Oi !” He exclaimed, jumping back into bed. “You can't have only the parts you want !” He said, reattaching his arm to himself.
“Good. Because I lied. My favorite part of you is all of you.” You said with a grin, kissing his cheek and wrapped your arms around him, caging him against you.
Buggy grimaced, trying not to let your words win him over.
“I love you.” You said, kissing his shoulder, resting your chin on it.
You heard him grumble quietly, looking away slightly embarrassed before replying.
“I love you too.”
“Were you jealous ?” You finally asked, after a moment of silence.
“I wasn't !” He replied a bit too fast, his cheeks reddening quickly.
You chuckled and kissed his cheek.
“Don't be. You're the only one I love.”
“I told you I wasn't jealous !”
You hummed, one hand turning his face toward you and you kissed him, making his heart jump in his chest.
“Let's fucking sleep.” He said with a pout, trying to hide his blush by turning the lights off with a flying hand.
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face of a man that narrowly escaped throwing hands with his ex's increasingly terrifying son
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i have a lot of pent up uno frustration
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Tumblr media
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