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becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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hua-fei-hua · 7 months
i know i have been very "holy fuck guys i'm going outside, touching grass, and making friends again" these past two weeks, but holy fuck guys, in the latest episode of going outside, touching grass, and making friends again, i ended up talking to this fellow queer person about how much it sucks when it feels like stories are just made up of two love interests and no people
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squishyguishy · 5 months
Jealousy You Put On Me
Tumblr media
GIF is not mine.
Pairings: Roman Reigns x Black Female Reader
Warnings: RPF, implied smut and swearing. If you’re a minor - do not interact.
Word Count: 1.8k
A/N: I'm a whore for Roman Reigns, so here is an imagine angels. Feedback is always welcome!
Roman and I had been dating for four and a half years now. He was in his late thirties, and I was in my early twenties. People never failed to express their distaste with our age gap. Whether that was publicly on social media by his fans, or in private from our close family and friends. I always tried to make sure that I never let the negativity get the better of me. Easier said than done. However, Roman on the other hand was a different story. He hated how his fans and his family treated me, because I was a decade younger than him. I always tried to reassure the big dog, but he would express that his reaction was for the good of our relationship.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm on my phone beeping. I groaned as I opened my eyes slowly, squinting as the sunlight which managed to peep through the curtains, blinded my vision temporarily. I reached for my phone and turned the noise off. Roman growled next to me, as he shifted his body away from me, to face his side of the bed. I laughed quietly at his reaction, which was the same every morning. I looked back at my phone and noticed the amount of notifications I had received over night. I made a mental note to myself, that I needed to log out of the social media apps before my phone overheats again from the notifications.
I noticed a series of text message from my group chat. The girls were all taking about an article link that had been shared. I absentmindedly clicked on the article, thinking it was about a random celebrity. However, my heart dropped when I read the headline: ‘Roman Reigns Loves To Be Pegged!’. I looked up from my phone to see Roman, who was still asleep. I got up from the bed and put my phone on the charger. As much as I wanted to go bat shit crazy on this Samoan man, I had a career I needed to attend to. I went to have my shower and couldn’t help but let the angry tears flow. I know better than to trust what a random article says, but the source was an ex college girlfriend of his. I took a deep breath and counted to ten. Once I reached ten, I finished washing my body then got out of the shower.
I brushed my teeth and went to change. When I entered the bedroom, Roman was now wide awake. He looked at me and smiled lazily, “Morning mamas, why didn’t you wake me up?” Roman asked. I looked at him and shrugged. “I needed to get ready for work and you needed your rest. Simple.” I replied as I started getting ready. “What is with the attitude (Y/N)?” Roman asked as he sat up and leant against the headboard. I was now looking in the mirror and adjusting my bodycon dress before slipping on my heels. I looked at him through the mirror and raised my eyebrows. “There is no attitude Ro.” I said and faked a smile. “So come kiss me then.” Roman demanded. I turned around and shook my head, no. “I’m sorry, I have to leave. You know how Rochelle is, if I am late again. I am running out of excuses..” I lied as I grabbed my bag and phone. “Fine..” Roman said as he got up from the bed.
I quickly rushed out of our shared bedroom, I knew if he managed to lock me in his grip, I would break down and I did not want to give Roman an excuse to lecture me about fake news. Roman followed me out of the room and downstairs to the front door. “(Y/N)!” He called out. I paused in my tracks as I held the front door open, “Yeah..?” I said without turning around. “I love you.” He said and pressed up against me. I could feel his cock pulsating. Instinctively my own did the same, I hated how it responded to him. So instead I pushed away the feelings of arousal and cleared my throat. “I know. I love you too.” I said before quickly leaving the house and going to work.
All throughout work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the article. On my lunch break, I pulled up the article once more and read it in full detail. At the bottom there was a current picture of the pair at a club, the girl was kissing Roman’s cheek and he stood there with a wide ass grin. I let out a frustrated sigh, as I began to read the comments. ‘She is so sexy, no wonder Roman let her peg him. I would too!!!!’ one read. ‘(Y/N) seems to ridged to allow Ro to ask her to peg him LMFAO’ another one read. I quickly closed the article before I tortured myself more with the comments. I got up from my desk and rushed to the bathroom. I went into a stall and cried. All I could do was cry. Pathetic, maybe but that was the only emotion I could express. Maybe deep down, I knew there would be a story out there, that would hit the nail in the head with me and Roman’s relationship. Maybe this was the nail.
I decided to pull my big girl panties on and head out of the bathroom. As I was walking to my office, I saw a figure inside. I entered cautiously until I saw it was Roman. I stopped at the entrance of the office and raised my brows questioningly, “Roman what are you doing here?” I asked him. Roman looked up from the desk and smiled. “I wanted to take you out for lunch. I know you didn’t take any with you.” He said. The thought of eating anything right now, made me physically sick. For the second time that day I forced myself to smile at my lover, “I have already eaten. I am sorry this is a wasted journey. You should have called.” I said as I walked over to my desk and sat down.
Roman watched me carefully with a frown. “Right, I see.” He said. I knew, that he knew that I was lying. But he didn’t press me any further on the matter. “I’ll see you at home.” He said and left. I watched him leave and let out a deep breath. “Jesus Christ give me strength.” I mumbled to myself. I noticed a few of the office whore’s checking Roman out. On a good day I would have been fine with the ogling. But today, it just added to my anger.
After work I went straight home. When I arrived to our shared home, I managed to calm down slightly. Roman was sitting in the living room watching what appeared to be an entertainment news channel. I closed and locked the front door before slipping my heels off. I picked them up and walked into the living room. “Hey ba..-“ I trailed off when I saw the way Roman was looking at me. If I could dissolve into thin air, I would have. I had never seen that man angry like this. It made me uncomfortable. Roman stood up as I placed my bag on the couch and dropped my shoes onto the floor. He picked up the remote to rewind to the part of the show, where they talked about the article of Roman and the college girl. My eyes widened as I looked from him to the screen.
“Is this why you have been acting like a bitch all day?” Roman said through gritted teeth. “Excuse me?” I asked taken aback by his hostility. “You heard me damn fucking well, (Y/N).” Roman yelled. I couldn’t help but flinch. “Roman..” I began. “Don’t you dare raise your fucking voice at me. I am not a child and will not be spoken to like one.” I yelled back. I was about to leave but then I stopped myself. I walked over to him and stared into his eyes. “To answer your question, yes. I have been upset about this article Roman. I don’t want to hear your lectures about how this is fake news. There is a literal picture of you and the girl there.” I explained. Roman laughed and shook his head.
“(Y/N) you know that article is not true. Yes I know the girl, we fucking dated in college. Hell I even lost my virginity to her. But she is in the past and that is all she will ever be. You are my future but if you keep letting these silly stories fuck with your head, you might just be in the past with her too.” Roman said coldly. My eyes widened at his comment and I stepped back. “Fuck you.” I manage to say before rushing upstairs to our bedroom. I closed the door with a bang before locating my overnight bag. To hell with Roman Reigns. I wasn’t insecure, jealous maybe. But who could blame me, when I dated a man like him. You would think by four years, I would have gotten used to it. The answer is no, I haven’t.
Whilst I was lost in thought, Roman barged into the bedroom panting. I didn’t dare look up at him as I continued stuffing my clothes into the bag. Tears blurred my vision as I continued to pack my bag. Roman stood by the door as he watched me. He finally noticed that I was crying and mumbled to himself, “Fuck..” He walked over to me and gently grabbed my hands. He forced me to look at him, but I adverted my gaze. “I am a fucking asshole mamas. I am so sorry.” He said. I licked my lips and turned to look into his eyes.
I could see the pain in his face as he looked into my own which reflected the same pain. “I’m sorry too Ro. I know I should have communicated better with you but-“ Roman cut me off as he leant down to kiss me. The kiss was rough and needy. The next thing I knew, Roman was pulling my dress up, before grabbing a hold of both my legs and wrapping them around his waist. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled leaning his forehead against mine, “We both need to work on our communication skills, but for now let my actions express what my words couldn’t.” Roman said. We spent the next couple of hours fucking roughly at first. Then once all the anger and frustration was let out, we fucked slow and passionately. That last fuck was filled with raw emotion and faithful promises.
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decadentpaperduck · 1 year
Happy Accidents - TASM!Peter x Fem Reader
Words: 2.2k Warning: Fluff! Summary: You and Peter meet entirely by accident and from that moment, all that follows appears to be happy accidents.
Tumblr media
You wonder if a dress is too…dressy for what is essentially a study session. Its just plain black, so not exactly raunchy, but you didn't want to make no effort at all. Besides, what if your study partner has some cute roommates?
The last year of college was notoriously known for lecturers asking students to complete tasks that should have been set in the first semester. Your lecturer had asked you, and class clown James Johnson, to put together a powerpoint presentation on some of the literary theories you’d been studying. It was a box to tick on the syllabus, but you don’t mind, if nothing else, it would be a laugh.
 When the door to James' apartment opens, it wasn't him standing in front of you. James had blonde hair and a nose ring. This boy had brunette hair and a lopsided smile you could just devour.
“Are you here for James?” His voice is soft, smooth and comforting, a total shift from James’ personality. His eyes seem to scan down your body but there is nothing lingering or uncomfortable about the look, it was welcome.
“Yeah.” You feel your throat drying up and swallowed hard, trying to regain some composure. He stands back and holds the door open for you. "Thanks."
"Any time." You wonder how many other times there might be.
Someone else strides in from what you assumed to be the kitchen, also not your powerpoint partner.
"James, my dude. Parker has had to let your girlfriend in, so stop fucking about with your hair already!" And with that, Nameless Nomad disappears towards the back of the apartment.
 The one known as Parker was now sat down on the couch, in a divot he must occupy frequently.
“Maybe take a seat, I really don’t know how long he’ll be.” You timidly take a seat, close enough to be friendly but not overbearing. He picks up a large blue book from the coffee table, something science related strewn across the cover. As soon as the pages fall open, he seems entranced. A smile spreads across your lips, perhaps even a grin. You reach up to your face and scratch your nose, hoping to obscure the view. He notices, but pretends not to, clearing his throat and shifting his position on the couch to get a better look at you out of the corner of his eye.
 James eventually jogs out of the hallway, slightly red in the face. "I'm here. I'm here." He holds up his hands and bows his head, as though you had been waiting hours for this moment. "I'm sure Pete was chatting your ear off." He winks and chuckles at his own joke. The blank look on your face tells him it went right over your head. You hadn’t even known his proper name until that second. James over explains. "He isn't a chatty dude."
Pete shrugs in response, he knew he wasn’t. He was simply selective in his word choices and who he spoke freely with. He wasn’t sure himself how much of it was his personality or how much of it was secret identity related. "Are you okay to do this out here in the living room?"
"Course I am." You laugh. "It would have been weirder if you'd asked me to go with you to your room, don't you think?"
"Okay…you’ve got me there. Haven’t had enough sleep.” God only knew what he got up to at the weekends. ”Want a drink?"
You agree to a water. Remembering the sudden dehydration that overcame you when you arrived.
When James comes back he pops your water on the table and takes a swig of a fresh bottle of beer. "Never too early." James remarks before you can even nod a thank you.
 You and James make a semi-formal routine of these study sessions for the following few days until one day you arrive and there was no James. Nameless nomad, now known as Tom, opens the door.
“Hey!” He yanks the door open wide. “He’s not here at the minute, not sure where he is. You’re welcome to come in and wait.”
“Sure.” You agree without much thought and step directly into the living room and sit at the spot on the couch you had claimed as your own.
“I’m just in the middle of a game right now so I have to shoot, but I’ll catch you later maybe?” You wave him off and pull your phone out of your bag to check the time. Maybe it was too late in the day. Maybe he had other plans. Oh well. It crosses your mind that if you don’t see James, you may well see someone else. Someone you had been looking forward to seeing.
 Out of the kitchen walked Peter Parker himself, the man who had been featuring in all of your dreams since you met. You hated to admit that. You had only met him like three times prior to this moment, it felt unfair to have him occupy so much space in your brai-
“Penny for your thoughts?” His voice breaks through your messy thoughts as he drops himself down on the sofa. You are sure he is sitting closer to you each time there was an opportunity. You hope you aren’t just making it up.
“I think I would have to charge you more than that I am afraid.” He tilts his head, urging you to continue. “I have student loans to pay.” Peter’s laugh is a delight to your ears. He is great at laughing at your jokes. He either sincerely finds you funny or has exceptional social cues.
“Okay,” He pauses and leans towards you, “Indulge me.” There is a moment of panic as you realise that you want to tell him but now is not the right time.
“I’ll tell you what I’m thinking if you tell me what you’re thinking.”
“Deal.” That was easier than you thought. “Why are you here to work on a presentation that’s as good as done?”
“I wanted to be sure it was okay.” You start to wonder why you are here. Is it the project, is it Parker?
“James must think it’s okay if he isn’t currently here trying to work on it with you. No?”
“So you are saying my study partner stood me up!” You huff jokingly. “You could have said earlier if he’s made other plans!” He smiles.
“Just because he’s not here doesn’t mean you’re not welcome.”
"Oh yeah?"
"You're just not welcome anyway." You can tell he is trying hard not to laugh. He is pinning his mouth closed at the edge with his teeth and his eyebrow is definitely twitching.
"Oh I see how it is.” You make a dramatic move to get up but his hand grips around your wrist and pulls you back down next to him.
“No need to make any hasty decisions.” His hand is still around your wrist, just loosely. You look down at them together. He doesn’t take his hand away until your eyes meet his again. “Sorr-”
“Nothing to be sorry for.”
“Good.” He nods. “I don’t actually want you to go.” Internally, Pete questions if that was the most ridiculous thing he has ever said to someone he met not even a week ago.
“Okay, I’ll wait till his royal highness shows up.” You don’t get to share what you are thinking, but something told you he knew.
 James doesn’t show up, and Peter knows this a couple of hours before you do. Whilst you took a quick bathroom break to refresh your hair and lip balm, James had sent a message to the flat group chat saying that something had come up, so if his study partner was to arrive at the flat, they were to send her home with an apology. The something that came up was a girl, Pete and Tom both understood that, but they didn’t say anything about it.
Peter figured that, in this instance, what you didn’t know wouldn’t hurt you, or at least he hoped that would be the case.
It turns into a different type of studying session. The topic? You. You are not typically one to talk about yourself but Peter makes it so easy. He wants to know, it’s like he is studying for a test, one he intends to get full marks for. Both of you are feeding into one another’s attraction and it feels premature and a little rushed but it is reciprocated.
In addition, Pete can’t stop staring at your legs. You had opted to wear a dress this morning, on purpose of course. He indirectly addresses his glances, not wanting you to feel as though he is being creepy about it.
“Do you always wear dresses?” He asks, breaking a train of thought on something entirely different.
“Special occasions.” You play.
“What’s so special about this occasion?” His demeanour had certainly shifted from the first day you met him. His elbow is draped over the back of the sofa and his stance is open and inviting, had it been a different situation you would have crawled into his lap and kissed him.
“Before you let it go to your head, I didn’t even know you’d be in today Parker.” You did, as did he.
“Ah so the target was our leading man, Mr J Johnson?”
“I wouldn’t say that. Honestly, it was more of an accident.”
 A few hours pass and Tom walks out of his den and raises his eyebrows at Peter. He knows about the text message, you don’t, so the look is lost on you. The man you had spent the past few hours with seemed to switch up again when Tom was in the room.
“How about I walk you home?”
“It’s not exactly late.”
“Call it compensation for having to spend the afternoon with me instead of working on your project.”
“You really don’t have to.” You find yourself being sincere with him in that moment, instead of the sarcasm you have been responding with since you got there.
“I want to.” Seems the sincerity is flowing both ways.
“Okay.” You stand up and brush yourself down, suddenly feeling the tension rush to your head like alcohol.
Pete follows suit, pulling on a pair of scuffed up trainers before opening the door for you. “Always the gentleman.” He shakes his head and rolls his eyes before checking his pockets for his keys. He shuts the door behind you and scampers closely after you.
“I just realised, I have no idea how far away you live and I could have just agreed to walk you nine miles across the city.”
“Lucky for you, it’s like, five minutes.” Pete stops himself from saying that that sounds like the opposite of lucky for him. It’s only five minutes to work up the courage to ask for your number.  
 When you reach your door, you turn to him and smile. You will him to ask you out, to kiss you. Something. He clears his throat.
“I have a…well there is an exhibition of some of the photographs I’ve taken, next week.” Your interest is piqued. “The exhibition is next week, not the photos I’ve taken, I already took those.” You try not to laugh at the way he fumbles his words. “I eh, thought you might want to come take a look at them with me next week?”
“Sure.” You don’t care about the date, time, or location. You want to be there.
“I, eh.” He didn’t think you would be so up for it. “You don’t have to commit now. I can’t remember the details so if I give you my number and you just shoot me a yes, or a no, or nothing at all,” he laughs nervously. “I’ll uh, get back to you with details. Or not.” He grins that lovely, lopsided grin and you have to stop yourself swooning on the spot. You will absolutely send him that text. You will undoubtedly be there.
 You see Peter, standing where he said he would meet you, underneath the smallest oak tree at the edge of the University campus. He has two disposable coffee cups in his hands and a camera strap slung over his shoulder. He meets your eye as you are but ten steps from him and reaches out his hand to give you one of the cups.
“Latte, two sugars?”
“It’ll do.” You jest, taking it from him as you come to a stop.
“Thank you so much Pete, what would I ever do without you?” You giggle as you start walking again, towards the exhibition hall.
“Hey Pete,” He turns his attention towards you, the pair of you still moving forward. “I was chatting with James the other day, recapping the project,” You can see he is trying to predict where you are going with this, “and he said he told you guys he wouldn’t be back, that day you walked me home.” A smile dances across your eyes. “Wouldn’t happen to know anything about that?”
“Oh, of course, damn. I must have forgotten.” He shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee. “An honest accident.”
“Ah, an accident.”
“You’re familiar with accidents.” You give a questioning look. “You know, what you said about wearing a dress the other day. Just like you are now.” He gestures to your outfit and winks. You’ve been caught red handed. “So is this an accident or a special occasion?”
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canmom · 5 months
Animation Night 130: Hayao Miyazaki’s Aeroplane Movies
Oh that Hayao Miyazaki! We sure have a slightly complicated relationship to him here on Animation Night!
See for example...
Animation Night 70, where I talk about his early career and years as a Toei union man, up to the founding of Ghibli;
Animation Night 100 where I tell you about one of my favourite ever films Mononoke-Hime;
Animation Night 111 where we look at the fascinating My Neighbour Totoro-Grave of the Fireflies double bill of 1988.
Tonight, we’re going to look at two films, Porco Rosso and the controversial The Wind Rises, which indicate his particular arc through life in, honestly, a rather sad way. Putting them alongside each other to see what we learn...
Tumblr media
If there’s one thing old Hayao loves, it is aeroplanes - particularly planes from the early-mid 20th century. No surprise, really: his dad Katsuji Miyazaki ran a company Miyazaki Airplane, which manufactured parts for world war II aeroplanes such as the infamous Zero fighter plane. (Put a pin in that one!) Despite working to arm the Imperial Japanese military, Katsuji was able to get out of actually serving in the war by telling his commanding officer that he didn’t want to fight when he had a wife and kid, which somehow got him discharged with just a lecture.
The young Hayao, born 1941, was therefore surrounded by planes, which were the source of his family’s comfort. He spent his earliest years fleeing from American air raids, suffering from digestive problems, and watching his stern, intellectual mother Yoshiko suffering from spinal tuberculosis (though she ultimately made it to 1983, at age 72). At school in the 50s, he took an interest in manga - which in those days naturally meant Osamu Tezuka; he also went to see drama films with Katsuji such as Meshi (1951).
Tumblr media
In ‘58, he saw Toei’s Legend of the White Snake (白蛇伝 Hakujaden), notable as the first colour anime film, sneaking out from studying for his exams. The film had a profound effect on him. In Starting Point, he writes that he fell in love with the film’s heroine Bai-Niang, and yet gradually started to imagine how he might have done the film differently to better show the secondary characters.
Hayao went to university to study political economy with a focus on ‘Japanese Industrial Theory’, and at the same time, started drawing in earnest, cranking out thousands of pages of manga and spending a lot of time sketching and chatting politics with his middle school art teacher. The 60s and 70s were a high point of left-wing activity in Japan, the time of the Japanese New Left and the Anpo protests against the US-Japan security treaty (c.f. Toku Tuesday 33 on Nagisa Ōshima for a truly fascinating filmmaker who rose to prominence at this time!) So Miyazaki fairly naturally became a Marxist, and stayed such as he got his start working in animation, which I’ve covered in other posts.
Tumblr media
So at this point perhaps we can see the curious contradiction that sits in so much of Miyazaki’s work: he genuinely loves aeroplanes and other kinds of military hardware on a kind of aesthetic level, and yet this sits pretty curiously against a worldview that went from Marxist to environmentalist and has no love of war or nationalism.
With all this in mind, let’s take a look at a few of Miyazaki’s early depictions of planes. First would be his work on episode 21 of Moomin (1969), by TMS entertainment. On this infamous episode, Miyazaki’s senpai Yasuo Otsuka called in his protégé to handle of all things a battle scene with planes and tanks - one which infuriated Tove Jansson, already dissatisfied with the tone of the adaptation, to the point that she pulled the show out of TMS Entertainment and A-Pro’s hands and gave it to Tezuka’s rival studio Mushi Pro instead.
Tumblr media
(I can’t find any embeddable version, but I did get my hands on this episode eventually! Lain bless soulseek.)
This did not deter Miyazaki at all. In his work on ‘Green Jacket’ Lupin III Part I, which he co-directed with Takahata and Masaaki Ōsumi as well as animating several scenes, we start to see his love of mechanical detail shine through once more. Miyazaki’s plane obsession would shine through even more strongly with his direction of two episodes of ‘red jacket’ Lupin III Part II (1980), under the pen name “Tsutomu Teruki”, directing animators like the spectacular Kazuhide Tomonaga as @kbnet​ documents here. By that point his style had matured - the character designs and motion feel like something drawn in Ghibli’s early years, and the plane backgrounds are astonishingly dense with detail. The Castle of Cagliostro is by comparison relatively light on aeroplanes, but truly elevates Lupin’s car to a character - not to mention the film’s ridiculously elaborate finale where the characters battle through an enormous system of gears.
In between these two Lupin jackets came Future Boy Conan, where we start to see Miyazaki find more things to say about planes than “damn cool!”; a full of wonderful plane adventures, yet they also represent the sinister forces of industrialism which destroyed the world once and threaten to do it again.
Tumblr media
In an essay from 1979 that opens the collection Starting Point, Miyazaki remarks on the qualities needed to animate a plane on Conan, giving a sense of his philosophy around animated machines - and his perfectionism:
Quite a few of toda’s younger animators plunged directly into this line of work because they were fans. But if I were to ask them to draw a picture of what they think a chaika (a flying boat in Future Boy Conan) would look like in flight, they would only be able to imagine what they had previously seen on past TV anime shows. And I wouldn’t be able to use their work as a result.
To draw a chaika flying in a truly original fashion, you would need to have read at least one book on the history of flying, and then be able to use your imagination to augment what you have read.
This is followed by an anecdote about Russian pilot, and builder of the first four-engine biplane, Igor Sikorsky - the man who for Miyazaki “symbolises the way men really fly”.
Miyazaki of 1979 seemed to have a lot on his mind about the relationship of humans to machines. He criticises the mecha shows of the time for a lack of focus on how the character creates and maintains the machine: “the protagonist should struggle to build his own machine, he should fix it when it breaks down, and he should have to operate it himself”. And true to form, when Miyazaki’s films portray machines, there is as much loving depiction of the maintenance as the actual machines in flight.
We’ll fast forward now, since I talked quite a bit about The Castle of Cagliostro, Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky back on AN 70, and Totoro back on AN 111. I haven’t covered Kiki’s Delivery Service yet, although you can trust we will before too long! No, the first film of interest to us tonight is a bit of an oddball in the Ghibli oeuvre; well known to fans of the studio but not quite as much of a household name. That’s Miyazaki’s flying pig movie, Porco Rosso (紅の豚 Kurei no Buta).
Tumblr media
^ here’s your obligatory Yoshinori Kanada-animated background animation scene!
Porco Rosso is Miyazaki’s first movie to not just feature planes, but be truly overwhelmingly about planes. Set in a vaguely Mediterranean world, it expresses Miyazaki’s nostalgia for a lost era of flying before he was born, and yet it’s also tinged with the impending horror of the second world war and the recognition that the planes that Miyazaki loves so much are above all weapons.
Unlike many of Miyazaki’s movies, it centres on mostly adult characters and its narrative arc doesn’t really move to any sort of definite resolution; it’s more a portrait of the era, or rather, Miyazaki’s fantastical imagination of the era, in which there can be sky pirate families flying with dozens of children and, of course, a man can get transformed into a pig. The central character of the film, the eponymous Porco Rosso (so called because he’s a pig (porco) that flies a red (rosso) aeroplane), is an outcast due to his pig curse, but also perhaps because he insists on flying for himself rather than for the Italian military, a stance that is already becoming obsolete.
So Porco ends up adopting a young aircraft engineer - a bishōjo character in the spirit of The Castle of Cagliostro - who is eager to see the world. The largest conflict in the film is Porco butting heads with an arrogant American pilot over the affections of Gina, a woman who runs a bar for pilots - yet the two are clearly more similar than different.
Tumblr media
By this point Studio Ghibli is well-established, and Miyazaki can take his pick from some of the best animators in the entire industry. So we see not just Yoshinori Kanada, but also sakuga aces Mitsuo Iso(!!!) and Shinya Ohira(!!!), and with Ghibli money they can truly go all-out. All that attention to mechanical detail, the buliding of machines, is there. Events like the testing of an aeroplane engine are accompanied by incredibly complex multi-layered shots that only a drawing demon like Ohira could accomplish. Only someone whose grasp of 3D form is as precise as Mitsuo Iso could animate some of these shots of subtle wobbles in the pre-CGI era. And on top of that, the colour design of Michyo Yasuda is there in all its beauty, Joe Hisaishi truly came into his own with a score as wistful and nostalgic as such a film demands; it’s an incredibly accomplished work of animation. 
But, planes though.
One of the film’s most memorable scenes - one which unites the two films we’re going to see tonight - sees Porco fly up high into the sky to a kind of flying graveyard of aeroplane pilots. It’s here we especially see the ambivalence that obsesses Miyazaki: he finds aeroplanes one of the most beautiful things in the world, idolises their pilots, and yet of course this period of aviation was an incredibly dangerous one, and moreover the aeroplane development was catalysed by war and soon would lead to a level of destruction never seen before in human history with the bombing campaigns of the second world war.
It would be natural to imagine that the workshop where Porco recruits Fio may in some way resemble the workshop run by Miyazaki’s parents - in spirit, as he imagines it, if not in detail. Like Miyazaki Airplane, this workshop in Italy cannot be doing anything but supplying aeroplanes to Mussolini, and indeed we see Porco utter one of the most quoted lines in the film when he tells his old air force buddy “I’d rather be a pig than a fascist.” even though this leaves him essentially a fugitive, on his own with a plane and a girl (like half his age I guess?).
Tumblr media
^ This swarm of tadpole-like children was animated by Masashi Ando.
If you actually read Miyazaki’s comments about his dad, it seems a little different. Far from being lovingly crafted, Miyazaki writes, Katsuji would make defective parts and bribe officials to look the other way. He would go to nightclubs right into his 70s and ask Hayao if he’d started smoking yet.
At the time this film came out, Hayao Miyazaki’s father Katsuji would die only a couple of years later, in 1993. We can find a short piece that Hayao wrote about it in Starting Point (page 208-209, My Old Man’s Back):
...And after the war, he had no sense of guilt about having been involved in the military arms industry or having produced defective parts. In effect, for him war was something that only idiots engaged in. If we were going to war anyway, he was going to make money off of it. He had absolutely no interest in just causes or the fate of the state. For him the only concern was how his family would survive.
When he died two years ago, those of us who gathered together agreed that he had never once said anything particularly lofty or inspiring. If I have one regret, it is that I never discussed things seriously with my old man. From the time I was young, I always looked at him as a negative example. But it seems, after all, that I am like him. I have inherited my old man’s anarchistic feelings and his lack of concern about embracing contradictions.
So the actual reality of aeroplanes around Miyazaki had little to do with the romantic images we see in his films. But that ‘lack of concern about embracing contradictions’ seems important...
Tumblr media
In 2013, 20 years after Katsuji’s death, Miyazaki would direct a new film, The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu, lit. The Wind Has Written) - to date, his last film, although of course like clockwork he’s since come out of retirement to work on another one. Ostensibly, this film is a biopic of Jiro Horikoshi, the inventor of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane so vital to the Imperial Japanese war machine.
However, if you look into the details, you soon realise that the story present in the film - particularly its central element of Jiro love interest and eventual wife Naoko Satomi - is a complete fiction. Jiro Horikoshi did marry and eventually had five children, but there is very little information about them, even in Horikoshi’s own autobiography. An article comparing the film against it remarks...
The Story of the Zero Fighter is 80% plane design ideas, measurements and stories surrounding Jiro’s career. There’s so much focus on the construction of the planes there’s a measly 20% left for autobiographical material.
Tumblr media
According to that article, Horikoshi’s autobiography describes his initial thrill at reports of the Zero’s success in the invasion of China, then later, the psychological impact of a bomb striking nearby and his gradual realisation of what a war actually meant. It’s an arc towards increasing horror at the measures the Japanese Empire was taking to win the war with it, particularly the announcement of the Kamikaze suicide-bomber tactic:
Jiro was approached by the press to write a short essay on the Kamikaze, but he declined. He found it too emotionally difficult to think when he looked at photographs of smiling pilots boarding Zero’s, knowing they were doomed to death. Sobbing, the only sentiment that encouraged him to put pen to paper was dedicating his writings to the families who had lost their loved ones in the war. In the haunted depths of his mind he wondered why Japan had not just given up the war, and why they had gone to such measures with the Zero’s.
Very little of this arc makes it into The Wind Rises. Nationalism is glimpsed only at the margins. In one trip to Weimar Germany, Horikoshi witnesses a Jewish man being pursued; later, he meats a privately anti-Nazi German man at the hospital who talks briefly about how foolish nationalism will make a country ‘blow up’, and his final oblique conversation with the dream-ghost of his idol, Italian aircraft engineer Giovanni Cabroni, about what it means to build planes when they will be tragically be destroyed.
Instead, we find Miyazaki draw in a different source for the primary character arc of this movie: a novel by Tatsuo Hori that also has the title 風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu. Set in a sanitarium much like the one in which Horikoshi spends the latter half of the film, it tells the story of the relationship between a nameless protagonist and a woman dying of tuberculosis.
Tumblr media
It seems an odd connection at a glance: why would you take this seemingly entirely unrelated novel and apply it to an actual historical person? To me, the most plausible answer is that this isn’t really a film about Jiro Horikoshi. Because recall that, of Miyazaki’s parents, his mother also had spinal tuberculosis, and his dad also made planes for the war. Yet, the Horikoshi of this film hardly resembles Katsuji Miyazaki either, who we’ve seen was far from a workaholic like the film’s Jori Horikoshi. Instead, this would better resemble Hayao himself. So instead, it seems to be using this historical setting as a kind of place to explore Miyazaki’s feelings about his parents, his own craft in animation (wedded to the technical industrial world as it is)...
Inevitably that’s a pretty fraught thing to do! More so than any of Miyazaki’s other films, the film sparked a lot of controversy, mostly for how it handles the topic of the war. You could argue that like, OK, do you need a movie to moralistically lecture you on how invading most of Asia was bad? Must it rub our faces in the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to be a worthwhile movie?
One answer is that with the amount of modern nationalism and historical revisionism out there, it might not go amiss for national hero Hayao Miyazaki to take a stand there! But honestly it’s more that, with such subject matter, seems to go out of its way to avoid showing what the Zero was actually used for. The main tragedy, as far as Horikoshi was concerned, seems to be that so many pilots of this beautiful aeroplane die; that his pursuit of engineering beauty was corrupted by worldly matters like a war.
Which isn’t necessarily a completely inaccurate portrait of the real Jori Horikoshi’s attitude to his creation. The quote that inspired the film was “All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful.” But then this film goes out of its way to emphasise Horikoshi as a caring family man, a wholly sympathetic character, when to much of the world, Jiro Hirokoshi is a symbol of....
Tumblr media
That. (And that’s the low estimate. It could easily be four times higher.)
Tumblr media
But let’s look at how it relates to old Hayao and the contradictions he talks about living. If not to the same degree as old Isao Takahata, Miyazaki is an infamously exacting and demanding boss, heavily correcting nearly every cut that passes his desk. He’s spent his life working at a frankly kind of insane pace and expects his employees to keep up. Studio Ghibli has at least one dead body on its hands. Yet if you look at his films, they’re all about freedom and romanticism and the importance of enjoying nature. In Totoro, the dad is pulled away from his desk to play outside by his children. Probably not a good idea at Ghibli.
Then there are all the family relationships, all the way from the panda in Panda Kopanda to the mother in Ponyo. But Hayao Miyazaki was a distant father (he writes in Starting Point that his children were basically raised by their mother), and infamously callous to his son Gorō when he attempted to direct a film that Hayao didn’t think he was ready to handle.
Can we analogise animation to an aeroplane? It is beautiful in much the same way as an aeroplane is: elegant shapes, the technical coordination of many disparate parts to achieve an effect that would perhaps otherwise sound far-fetched (a flying machine? a picture that moves?). What’s the cost of animation? Well, thankfully nothing comparable to killing millions of people. But it is not a light undertaking. It is something that does eat lives. Is that a comparison that Miyazaki would have had in mind? I doubt it, honestly, but it’s what occurs to me faced with this film.
Thus I read the film’s Jori Horikoshi is a strange emotional blend of Hayao Miyazaki himself, an idealisation of his father or perhaps the sort of man he wishes his father was, and the real man who invented an effective fighter plane which helped enable his country to pillage most of Asia. And the rest of us? Well, the person working through these contradictions is Hayao Miyazaki, at the head of one of the highest concentrations of skilled animators the world has ever seen, so it’s going to be shared with nearly everyone. Would it probably have made more sense to do this in something like a manga, instead of a high profile movie? ...Well, I think so. But that’s not what happened, so we have this movie.
Tumblr media
Inevitably for a late Ghibli movie, this film is crazy good looking. No Yoshinori Kanada anymore since he died in 2009, but Shinya Ohira is still alive, and he is absolutely capable of handling a Kanada-like background animation sequence. One of the most breathtaking sequences is the portrayal of the Great Kantō Earthquake by Atsuko Tanaka and Taichi Furumata, which combines both brilliant multiplane shots and unbelievably complex full background animation scenes of waves rippling through houses and streets. Tanaka also handled these mindblowing shots of cloth flowing in the wind as Naoko paints that form the film’s major recurring image.
The film uses slightly more digital compositing effects than the 90s pre-digital Ghibli films. For the most part the colours are just as lush as those older films, and there’s even very effective use of CG with handpainted textures now and then; Ghibli weathered the transition to digital a lot better than many studios.
And yet, despite all of this, it is a movie that leaves me feeling pretty unsatisfied, like a lot of late Ghibli movies. Hayao Miyazaki has said that he’s attempted to move away from familiar kishōtenketsu structures and try something novel, but when I watch films like Howl’s Moving Castle, I’m left wondering like... what did all of that amount to, in the end? For all its spectacle, what is this film even saying that Porco Rosso didn’t say... honestly, say better?
Maybe I’ll find an answer on a rewatch. It’s... far later than I planned to start, but if you’re willing to join me, please hop into twitch.tv/canmom and we’ll watch Hayao Miyazaki’s two big films about planes! And I’ll show you the Moomin thing too.
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hanaonesflower · 1 year
First Day Jitters
✯ Iwaizumi Hajime x fem!reader (no warnings!) ✯
Iwaizumi landed in the States one week before he started at University of California, Irvine. He had practiced his English plenty throughout high school, he wasn’t shy. The one thing he did worry about was making friends. Talking to new people might have been something that he held back on quite often. Especially on foreign lands and without Oikawa, he felt a bit lost and hung in a limbo between wanting others to approach him and coming up to them himself.
3 days before the fall quarter started at UCI, Iwaizumi went shopping for groceries at Albertson’s in the University Town Center. He had no idea what the difference between whole, 2% and lactaid milk. He bought whole milk, only because he didn’t know what lactaid was and the 2% looked rather strange. Iwaizumi attempted to meal prep, chicken and shrimp on brown rice, or some recipe that he saw on Pinterest. He had a knack for cooking, but he was mad the fridge didn’t open both ways like it did back in Japan.
Iwaizumi didn’t have roommates, he had the luxury to have an apartment to himself. He was alone the night before the academic chaos of the quarter. Iwaizumi did 30 push-ups and went straight to bed. Only he couldn’t sleep and stayed up until the wee hours of the night, his mind spinning in circles about absolutely nothing. At least nothing he was aware of.
The next day Iwaizumi stumbled to his last class. A dark roast coffee in one hand even though it was 6pm and the other clutched on his keys. He stepped in the large lecture hall with what might have been 250 seats. He chose the second row from the lectern, fifth seat on the right. On the white board “Introduction to Sports Medicine”, adorned in blue ink, handwritten by the professor.
You sat next to him. Then Iwaizumi realized you were one of a handful of girls in this male dominated classroom. He looked around and counted on one hand. The professor had started and took attendance, and you two learned each other’s names. 
“How do you pronounce it again, Ee-wai-ZOO-mee?” You were somewhat embarrassed by your Americanized pronunciation of his name. 
“I hear in the States your first name goes first, so it’s HAH-jee-meh.” He used to his index finger to indicate the vibrato of the first syllable. 
Syllabus week meant classes would end early and established partnerships. Hajime became your partner and you thought maybe choosing physical therapy wasn’t so bad. You exited class and saw that the sky had darkened and realized you parked way too far for your liking to walk that distance at night.
“Hajime, would you mind walking me to my car?”
Hajime said yes, and you began your trek of what seemed like miles to your vehicle. The sky would only get darker as you went and the stars were coming out now. You chatted although you seriously had forgotten what the conversation might have been about. You arrived at your car, Hajime waved you goodbye but you offered to drive him to his parking spot, he gladly accepted and got in your passenger seat. That was when you both realized you were neighbors at the same apartment complex.
Hajime stopped walking you to your car from that point on, because he would bring you a cup of his homemade dirty matcha and be the one driving you to school on a daily basis.
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Capcom’s Official AA Fanclub Surveys - Main Series Edition
Naturally, Capcom’s official AA fanclub site didn't only post surveys about the DGS characters; they published far more of them about the main series characters. It makes sense, as they started the trend before the DGS series had even been conceived.
Back in the old days, they used to hold a survey on Capcom’s official AA fansite every few months where they’d write about the seasonal activities of a handful of characters and ask fans to vote for the funniest/most pleasant/strangest/etc answer.
They stopped doing them in like… 2016? 2017? The original text is lost for good as far as I can tell. Even the wayback machine couldn’t help because the content was password locked and you can’t get past the password wall while remaining in the archived version.
Fortunately, I saved some of my translations of them so I thought I’d share them. Unfortunately, I was doing these translations very casually and only intended to share them with two of my close friends at the time when I did them, so some of them are just summaries rather than proper translations, and I tended to only focus on characters that we personally were interested in or scenarios that we thought were funny or interesting. That means there are parts missing, and because I didn't expect the original text to be wiped off the site I didn't save it so I could go back and fill in the blanks. Sorry about that...
Cut for length!
"Spring is on its way and each of the AA cast members spent their day off in different ways. Who's way of spending their day off sounds the most pleasant?"
Phoenix- he finished unpacking his moving boxes and sorting his seasonal clothing. While he was packing away his ugly pink sweater and such, he happened across the complete works of Shakespeare at the bottom of one of the boxes, got completely absorbed in reading, and ended up abandoning his unpacking.
Mia- She went shopping at a department store for a new summer suit. On her way, she coincidentally ran into Maya, who was on her way to the agency to hang out, but then at some point Maya vanished. Mia tried calling her cell phone but she didn't answer. "Don't tell me she's lost at her age," Mia thought, and began to search for her. She found Maya transfixed by a rooftop Steel Samurai show. It seems that she was both exasperated and relieved.
Maya- she tagged along on Mia's shopping trip, but the second she spied a poster for a rooftop Steel Samurai show, she made a beeline for the roof. She got into a cheering battle with a mean-looking elementary school boy and really enjoyed the show. When the show was over, she reunited with an exasperated looking Mia. She gleefully led Mia to a burger restaurant so they could eat some burgers together.
Edgeworth- he treated himself to a drive along the coast in his red sports car... Well, that was the plan, but then he was pushed by his mentor Von Karma into being the driver for his shopping trip. As a reward for his service, he received a brand new Von Karma style, stylish and flashy summer suit.
Then there's Larry, who dragged Phoenix to a café to hit on its hot owner, and the judge who bought a wig.
"Apollo, Fulbright, Edgeworth, Klavier and Kristoph made visits to a nursery school near the courthouse. Which of them did the most pleasant activity with the children?"
Apollo acted out the story of the “Crying Red Ogre” for the children. Phoenix played the part of the blue ogre, and Apollo was the red ogre, and Apollo’s wailing moved the children to tears too. In a panic over all the crying, they got Trucy to cheer them up with a magic trick in which she made Apollo disappear.
Fulbright: He came dressed in a blinding white costume to teach the children about justice and put on a play. The children gave him thunderous applause... But when Jinxie, who had been forced to play the part of the heroine, saw Fulbright, she thought he was the ghost of an army general, got scared, and slapped a charm on his face.
Edgeworth and Gumshoe: He and Gumshoe were going to reenact the story of Kintarou (an old Japanese fairytale). Franziska handed Edgeworth the Kintarou costume she’d designed (If you've seen Ghibli's Spirited Away, recall what Bou, the giant baby, wears. That's what we're talking about here). Edgeworth fearfully asked “You... expect me to wear this...?” Gumshoe, who had painted his whole body black to play the role of a bear, told him “Of course, sir! It doesn’t fit me!” and shoved Edgeworth out on stage in it. Edgeworth quickly began to reconsider Gumshoe’s salary for next month.
Klavier and Kristoph: Kristoph started giving a boring lecture on the importance of law, and the kids were getting antsy. Seeing this, Klavier came over with his guitar to liven things up, performing a rock style arrangement of the “The Bear Went Over The Mountain". But then he threw in the unnecessary comment of “If any of you scratch the frets of my guitar, I’ll be suing for damage of property, ok?” And they both ended up getting kicked out.
"This survey is about who knows how to enjoy a sunny day at Gourd Lake the best"
Simon: To give Taka some exercise, Blackquill took him and Fulbright (who was on guard duty) out for some falconry. Things were going well until Taka heard something about this mysterious creature “Gourdy,” freaked out, flew into the little shop selling Gourdy merchandise and started making a huge mess. Blackquill and Fulbright gathered Taka up in a panic and hightailed it out of there as fast as they could.
Edgeworth had seen Phoenix home and on his way back passed by Gourd Lake. Just as he was starting to get bad flashbacks... he happened to hear Larry in the middle of a flirting attempt and got dragged in. The woman he was trying to put the moves on was a foreigner, and she and Edgeworth started chatting in her native language. Larry couldn’t understand and was annoyed that Edgeworth was apparently moving in on his target, so he sulked and blew up at Edgeworth.
Athena tried to play matchmaker for Apollo and Juniper, so she told them to meet her in the forest near Gourd Lake so that they would run into each other there and hopefully hit it off. Juniper got there first, expecting to find Athena, but when Apollo showed up, she panicked and hid behind a tree. While she was trying to gather her nerve to go talk to him, he wandered off and she lost sight of him.
Phoenix was at the park and he got caught by Larry who was doing his part time job of selling Samurai Dogs. Larry saw a pretty lady that he wanted to flirt with so he asked Phoenix to mind the shop while he was gone. Business was slow, so he called in all the WAA members to put their full range of skills to use. They seem to have managed to sell them all!
Gumshoe took Missile for a walk in the park. They stopped for a rest and Gumshoe fell asleep, so Missile slipped out of his collar and ran over to where the Samurai Dogs were being sold. He ate them all without Phoenix noticing. Phoenix handed things back over to Larry when he got back and Larry got in huge trouble for losing so much product.
"This survey is talking about how the cast spent their Valentines Day"
Trucy gave Polly chocolate for himself and some for Klavier and asked Apollo to give it to him for her. Klavier wasn’t in court when Apollo went to look for him, though, so he and Phoenix went to the prosecutors’ office together with their chocolate. On their way, though, Apollo found himself getting a lot of strange looks from Themis Legal Academy students.
Ema gave some chocolates to Phoenix to give to Edgeworth because she suddenly got called to a crime scene. Phoenix headed over to the prosecutors’ office but Edgeworth was in court and wasn’t there, so Phoenix waited out in front of the prosecutors’ office with this flashy, girly looking bag of chocolates. Edgeworth’s trial ended up going a long time and Phoenix got a lot of stares as he waited.
Edgeworth was hit by a pollen-filled spring breeze on his way back to the office and suddenly his eyes got all red and itchy and he was left sneezing and sniffling. Phoenix came to talk to him and got quite a surprise when he saw the state Edgeworth’s face was in. The chocolates Ema gave him were in the shape of the Steel Samurai and they made Edgeworth so pleased that it seemed to ease his suffering a little.
Flower Viewing:
Phoenix and Apollo go to the park early to hold flower viewing spots for the WAA members. They see some people from around town that they know who ask them to hold their spots while they go and grab this or that. Phoenix and Apollo do their best to hold those people’s spots and in the process lose their own. They end up begging Edgeworth to let them share his and Klavier’s spot.
White Day:
Because of his painful memories about Valentine’s Day from elementary school, he doesn’t like Valentine’s Day or White Day that much. As a return gift to his beloved daughter, he gave her painstakingly handmade magic panty shaped chocolates. Apparently he forced the ones that didn’t turn out on Edgeworth...
Klavier was holding a ladies only concert, which he invited Trucy to. Phoenix was worried about letting Trucy be out at night by herself, so he sent Apollo along in disguise (as a woman!!). But Klavier saw through Apollo’s disguise easily and to Apollo’s horror, called him up on stage.
Autumn/Moon Viewing:
Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry went to collect chestnuts together. Larry was too focused on looking for chestnuts and not watching where he was going and fell down the mountain slope. Phoenix had tried to catch Larry but he ended up falling too and spraining his ankle slightly. Edgeworth had to carry Phoenix on his back down the mountain.
Apollo went moon viewing with the rest of the WAA. It turned out into kind of an office party and Apollo had drink after drink while assuring everyone that “I’m fine!” but ended up getting pretty hammered. He proceeded to pass out and Phoenix took care of him.
Obon Festival:
Klavier performed a bonfire festival dance version of the Guitar’s Serenade at the summer festival and Apollo provided the taiko drum backup. He filled the gaps in the taiko drumming with his chords of steel, and it was a very energetic bonfire dance.
Edgeworth noticed the festival going on on his way home from work and decided to have a look. He saw Phoenix selling Samurai Dogs and desperately wanted one, but couldn’t bear the thought of Phoenix finding out that he was a Steel Samurai fan. He hemmed and hawed in front of the festival stall, trying to decide whether to buy one, but they sold out before he could make up his mind.
Phoenix went to the festival with Maya. Larry, who was working the Samurai Dog stand, called them over and forced them to watch the stand while he made a booty call. Phoenix and Maya’s manzai comedy duo style vocal advertising was so successful that they quickly sold out.
Phoenix, Trucy, Athena, Apollo and Pearl all spent the night at the office after their party wrapped up. Phoenix put presents next to the kids' pillows during the night.
Edgeworth grumbled about having to play Santa but dressed up anyway and snuck in at night to bring the younger ones at Phoenix's office some presents. He accidentally ends up sneaking into Phoenix’s room instead.
Apollo wanted to be a good big brother to Trucy and Pearl, so he snuck into their rooms to leave gifts but tripped over something, let out a Chords of Steel volume shout as he fell and ruined the surprise/
Klavier, as a favor to Trucy, snuck in dressed as a Visual Kei style Santa, but he announced his arrival with a rock arrangement of Santa Claus is Coming to Town and got caught and kicked out.
Blackquill had to make a jailbreak in order to play Santa, was chased down and Phoenix woke to find the police surrounding his office.
DGS Edition
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agustdakasuga · 2 years
Between The Bloodshed | Epilogue
Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Romance, Fluff
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Doctor!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Being a freelance doctor, this was just supposed to be any other job, helping a private client and taking care of him through his recovery. But you were not expecting to get caught in something so much darker that would change your life entirely.
At this point, what can be considered normal? 
Warning: This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. It may contain depictions of violence, blood shed/ gore and mentions of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
It was a nice late morning. The sun was shining but thankfully, it was blocked out by the dark curtains. It was nice and quiet, only the sounds of your breathing as you slept peacefully. There were no alarm clocks or phone calls-
“Yoongi hyung! You’ve been holding onto her for hours! She needs to come out!” Taehyung was banging on the door. You could hear Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok and Jin there too. 
“Yeah! She needs to work!” 
That was a lie. After coming back from performing Geumjae’s surgery yesterday, the boys had insisted you take a break since it was a long, gruelling surgery. But then again, the others would do anything to get the pale man to open the door for them. 
“Just keep quiet and they’ll go away soon.” Yoongi grumbled, holding you tighter, totally unaffected by the screams. 
“No, we won’t!” Seems that they heard him. 
“Come on, I have to get up.” You patted his back. He tucked you into the crook on his neck like a mother holding her child. His cheek pressed against the top of your head as he huffed. 
“You don’t have to get up. It’s your day off.” He murmured. You giggled, arm slinging around him in defeat. 
“That’s my girl.” He kissed your head. 
“That’s it! I don’t hear movement! Either get the keys or Jungkook, kick the door down.” You heard more commotion outside. Everyday was a chaotic day in the Bangtan household. 
“Ugh, hang on a sec.” Yoongi got out of bed, ready to give them an earful. But the moment he opened the door, he was mowed down by everyone else as they approached you, who was on the bed. You welcomed them with open arms and they piled on, engulfing you in big hugs and smiles. Yoongi stood there, glaring at you.
“Yah! Get off!” Yoongi shouted. 
“Okay.” They willingly slipped off the bed, which was surprising. Until Jungkook scooped you up into his arms, running out of the room. He cackled evilly while you yelped, arms tightened around his neck in fear. 
“I’m hom- What...” Namjoon stopped in the doorway when he saw what was going on. You have him a pleading look.
“Kook, let her down now.” Namjoon frowned. As much as you liked to play around and have fun with the boys, sometimes, all you would like is a peaceful morning. 
“With all due respect, hyung. If you try to take my baby away from me, I will actually fight you.” Jungkook said. 
“Rich coming from the guy who took her from me. Fight him, Joon.” Yoongi snorted from the top of the stairs. Knowing that the boys will actually fight each other (which you do tell them is dumb), you pinched Jungkook’s pressure point, temporarily immobilising him. 
“Ah!” He yelped as he let go of you. You fell onto the couch, standing up and straightening Yoongi’s your hoodie. With a sigh, you headed over to Namjoon to properly greet him after his early morning meeting. 
“Welcome home.” You grinned. 
“Thank you, my love.” He wrapped an arm around you, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek. 
“You’re bleeding!” Your eyes widened when you saw his knuckles. It looked exactly like Jungkook’s knuckles. Namjoon rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. Grabbing his wrist, you brought him to the office. 
“Love, I can patch it up. They’re small wounds. You’re supposed to be resting.” Namjoon told you. You shook your head while washing your hands. 
“Small wounds that can get infected, Joon. And I don’t need to rest much more, I knocked out like a light with Yoongi last night.” You chuckled, grabbing your first aid kit. You pulled your stool to sit in front of him and began to clean his wounds. The first thing you did was remove some of the dried blood that crusted on the side. 
“It’s gonna sting.” You said before putting the antiseptic. He winced slightly, his nose scrunching up. 
“You guys never get used to it.” You laughed. Once the wounds were cleaned, you bandaged his knuckles. You placed his hand in yours, inspecting his hand for more injuries. 
“You’re lucky you didn’t break anything again.” You lectured. 
“Because I have a doctor that takes good care of me.” Namjoon grinned. You shook your head, kissing his cheek. 
“Please, I already told you not to overwork them considering they just got better after you broke them. And you always scold the younger ones for not listening to me when you’re no better.” You teased. Namjoon laughed. 
“If I have you to take care of me, I will get injured more.” Namjoon hugged your waist. You flicked his forehead. 
“I dare you, Kim Namjoon.” You frowned. 
“Alright, alright. Namjoon looks good and patched up! Now it’s my turn, I want my morning kiss. Come here.” Jin yanked you away by your waist, dipping you down and showering you in kisses. You burst out laughing, grabbing onto his shirt so you won’t fall back.
“I’m going to get a coffee.” You shuffled away to the kitchen. The maids prepared your usual iced coffee. 
“Thank you.” You yawned and sipped before going back out. You sat on the couch and Jimin sat down, bringing your legs up to drape over his lap. When your phone buzzed, you took it out of your pocket to check. 
“Ah, I have to go check on Geumjae. He just woke up.” You announced. 
“But it’s your day off.” Hoseok said. 
“I know. But it’s the day after his surgery so I have to make sure he’s feeling alright and not having any complications, considering it was a major surgery.” You grunted as you stood up. You quickly finished your drink and went to change. Yoongi would be accompanying you, of course, to visit his brother. The other boys decided to tag along... just to not be left out. 
“You guys go grab a bite. I shouldn’t be too long.” You sent them a kiss as they dropped you off at the staff entrance. 
“We love you.” They said. 
“I love you all too.” You smiled and waved as they drove to the public parking. Slipping on your coat, you went to Geumjae’s private ward. He was awake, sitting up slightly and watching the television that was provided.
“Hey, got here as soon as I heard you were awake. Yoongi should be coming up soon, he’s parking the car.” You greeted. 
“Hey... Thanks again... for everything. Not just the surgery... but for making me realise my mistake. I’m so glad Yoongi and I are close again. It’s really all thanks to you.” He smiled weakly.
“Don’t mention it. How are you feeling?” 
“A little light headed. And sore.” His hand lightly touched his clothed chest where the surgery sutures were underneath. 
“That’s normal, considering the effects of the anaesthesia is wearing off. I’ll still put you on IV painkillers for the next day or two, until the wound starts to heal more and cause less pain. Can I check your wound?” You asked. He nodded and you unbuttoned his shirt to check the sutures. 
“Looks good. I’ll replace the gauze.” You removed the protecting gauze above the sutures and replaced it with a clean one. 
“Good news is we managed to remove the affected tissue. You still have to be on your medications for the next week? We will do a follow up biopsy after just to make sure we have completely eradicated the cancer.” You instructed. 
“Okay. Thank you.” He nodded as you buttoned his shirt up. 
“Hyung.” Yoongi came in. 
“Yoongi.” His brother greeted as you straightened up. You let Yoongi get closer to his brother as you removed your gloves and washed your hands. As they chatted, you checked his charts. 
“Take your time, Yoongs. I’ll go find the others.” You smiled. Yoongi nodded, reaching to peck your temple before sitting down to speak with Geumjae. You gave them privacy, exiting the room. You went to the nurse’s station to update Geumjae’s file. Although the surgery was tiring, you learnt a lot and was glad for the experience. 
“Mr Min in Room 32 should be in IV fluids until he’s no longer nauseated by the anaesthesia. Then move him to soft foods.” You told the nurse, who nodded her head and keyed in the instructions to the patient’s system profile. 
“Thank you!” You smiled and handed the file to her. You went to the vending machine to get a can coffee. 
“Hi, are you a doctor here?” Someone appeared. 
“Kinda?” You chuckled, pressing the button for your cold coffee. You weren’t gonna tell some stranger the long story about you being a private doctor to singular patient here. 
“I’m a new resident. Nice to meet you.” He held his hand out. You gave a small smile, shaking his outstretched hand. 
“You’re Dr (y/l/n)’s daughter right?” He asked and you nodded your head. 
“I look forward to working with you, sunbae. I know you did the recent lung cancer tissue extraction surgery, it was very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot.” He bowed. 
“Thanks... But I don’t actually work here as a mentor so you won’t see me around anymore. The other doctors are just as good, I’m sure of it. Everyone is trained and of professional calibre, you will learn a lot from them as well.” You were starting to get a little awkward by his overly enthusiastic disposition. 
“Baby, there you are.” A voice appeared and you saw your 6 other boyfriends there. They did not look pleased. 
“You took so long so we came to find you. We had to stop Kook from ordering everything on the cafeteria menu.” Jimin laughed. You shook your head at the maknae, who pouted. 
“I’m still a growing boy.” He argued. He wasn’t, actually. 
“Who’s this?” Jin raised an eyebrow. 
“Uh... He’s a new hoobae that works here.” You explained, realising that you hadn’t even learnt about this resident’s name. But it didn’t matter, you probably weren’t going to see him after this anyway. 
“Come, jagi. We should go.” Taehyung grasped your hand, glaring at the now scared boy. You shook your head, knowing exactly what they were doing. Even before you got together, the boys always said you were their partner just to keep other girls away. Vice versa, they branded themselves as your boyfriends to scare other guys away. 
“I-I have to go. Bye.” He bowed and scurried off. 
“You guys are horrible, you know that?” You folded your arms with a shake of your head. Hoseok grinned, leaning to peck your cheek. You reached over to straighten his blazer. 
“Oh, you’re still here.” Yoongi blinked, seeing the group of you there. You nodded your head. 
“Are you hungry? We bought you guys sandwiches.” Namjoon lifted the bags up. Instead of sitting there to eat, you ate in the van as Hoseok drove. 
“Here.” You gave some to Jungkook. 
“But you hardly ate any of it yourself.” He told you. You just shrugged, not really having the appetite to eat anything. Jungkook leaned forward to eat the last bit of the sandwich out of your hand. You would much rather have your coffee instead of the sandwich. 
“Shall we have barbecue tonight?” You asked the boys. 
“It’s been a while.” They nodded their heads. Hoseok detoured and went to the big supermarket. You split into 3 teams, Jin and Yoongi buying the meat, Hoseok and Namjoon drinks and you with the maknaes for everything else. 
“Buy a lot of meat, hyung!” Jungkook shouted to Jin as he placed his hands on your shoulders to push you to the other aisle. 
“Hyung wanted coarse salt for his shrimp. This or this?” Jimin held up both the boxes. You looked at both of them before pointing to one. He happily placed it into the cart. 
“Shall I make japchae?” You asked them. 
“Yes!” Taehyung cheered. You sent a message to Yoongi to pick up some beef for japchae from the counter for you. After that, you picked up some vegetables that would go into japchae. Jimin trailed after you obediently while Taehyung and Jungkook disappeared. Jungkook had reappeared with loads of bags of snacks in his arms. 
“Koo! That’s too much.” You chuckled at your now almost full cart, half filled with bags of chips. 
“But we need more snacks for our movie nights! And besides, Jin hyung and Taehyung hyung keep eating my snacks. This is so they won’t take mine.” Jungkook pouted. 
“Banana milk!” He quickly got distracted by the dairy section and ran off. 
“You know, I can see why people don’t believe our line of jobs sometimes and how Jungkook is supposedly our best fighter.” Jimin scoffed. 
“Well, take his banana milk and you’ll truly see how well he can fight.” You giggled as you placed some carrots and bell peppers into the cart. Taehyung came with 3 different ssamjang containers. 
“Tae, why are you getting so much? We won’t be able to finish them all in one night.” Jimin scolded.  
“But these are brands I haven’t tried before! So I wanna see which is the best. Then I’ll know to buy it next time!” Taehyung argued with his best friend. You shook your head and continued, Taehyung loved ssamjang. There’s no arguing in that. Jungkook came back with banana milk and cheese. 
“You want cheese rice?” You asked. 
“How did you know?!” 
“Koo, even if I’ve only been your girlfriend for a short while, I have lived with you longer. You practically breathe cheese rice.” You scoffed, offended. Jungkook bunny grinned, wrapping his arms around you. 
“Of course, you know me well.” He peppered kissed all over your cheek. When you were done, you went to meet the others. 
“Boys, I may not be specialising in hepatology but that amount of alcohol is definitely not good for you.” You raised an eyebrow at the amount of alcohol that was stacked in Namjoon and Hoseok’s cart. Totally not in a helping way, Taehyung even got a few bottles of his and Seokjin’s favourite plum wine to add in. You laughed. 
“We needed to stock the bar anyway. We promise not to drink so much.” Hoseok winked. 
“Yoongi hyung and Seokjin hyung are ready. They’ll meet us at the cashier.” Namjoon informed. You nodded your head and you all went to pay. 
“A big party?” He joked as he scanned. 
“You could say that.” You smiled, waiting to pay with the card that the boys had given you for ‘house’ items like their groceries and meals. But honestly, they just wanted an excuse to give you a card to spend on yourself. 
“You’re pretty.” He complimented. 
“Oh... Thanks.” You blushed. A sudden clear of the throat made you jump slightly. You turned to see Namjoon and Yoongi with stern looks on their faces. 
“Are you done yet, baby girl?” Yoongi emphasised on the pet name, which he never really uses at all. You blinked, still in slight shock. The cashier looked terrified suddenly, quickening his pace to finish scanning all your items. Namjoon wrapped an arm around your waist. 
“Love, later let the others load the van alright? Wouldn’t want you hurting yourself.” Namjoon smiled sweetly at you. 
“Uh, payment please?” He squeaked. Before you could hand the card over, Yoongi plucked it out of your hand and handed it for him to swipe. He gave it back with two hands and a deep bow. 
“Let’s go.” Yoongi held your hand and led you away. The boys loaded the car and you were ready to head home. Suddenly, their phones all rang at the same time. Namjoon took his phone out to check the notification. It was quiet for a while. 
“Everything okay?” You blinked. 
“Yeah... But looks like we’ll have to return to work for a while.” Namjoon sighed. You nodded your head. 
“We’ll drop you home. It’ll be safer.” Jin told you. Again, you nodded. You knew how these business meetings could go from bad to worse in only a couple of seconds. Hoseok pulled up to the house and you jumped out. 
“Stay safe, boys.” You told the 7. They sent you in with hugs and kisses, waiting for you to disappear into the house with the maids before Taehyung pulled the butler closer to whisper something into his ear. The butler nodded his head, bowing deeply. He closed the door for the van, standing on the porch until the van disappeared. 
“Agashi, I was told that there will be barbecue tonight? Shall I prepare the ingredients?” The butler smiled as the other staff brought the groceries in. 
“I wanna help cook! Let me change first.” You smiled and went upstairs to the room. You changed out of your hospital clothes and into more comfortable clothes, aka Jimin’s lounge pants and Hoseok’s hoodie. 
“Thanks for bringing this all in guys!” You said to them as you saw them clearing all the bags of shopping and keeping everything in its place. You really bought a lot. 
“What do you want to make?” The maid asked. 
“Taehyung likes marinated kimchi. And Jungkook was saying he wanted cheese rice to go with the meat. I also bought japchae ingredients.” You said. 
“You guys can take a break. Don’t worry, I would like to think I’m better in the kitchen than Namjoon is.” You joked and they all laughed, loving your attitude. The mansion’s staff loved working with you. 
“We’ll help where we can.” The cook took the ingredients out for you, laying them out neatly. You started with the marinated kimchi, which was frying kimchi with garlic, spam and minced meat. While the rest of the staff attended to the things in the mansion, the cook stayed by your side in case you needed help. 
“I think a bigger dice is okay.” He demonstrated. 
“You can put it here to cool. Then I’ll close the container later.” He gave you the plastic container. You scraped the contents from the pan to the container. 
“Are there some side dishes that go well with the barbecue? That the boys will like.” You asked him. He went to the fridge to look through what was inside to make side dishes. 
“We have a few hours so we can do some pickled radish, spicy cucumbers, the fried anchovies that master Seokjin likes?” He suggested. 
“Sounds exciting!” You clapped your hands. 
The next few hours were spent cooking and preparing various meals to go with the barbecue for the night. You learnt a lot from the cook and your energy was mostly fuelled with iced coffee (of course). You were just happy to prepare so much food for your boys now that you knew what their tastes were like. There was even time to make grapefruit syrup for Taehyung’s sodas. 
“I’ll help prep the shrimp too.” You rolled your sleeves up to prepare for Yoongi’s salt baked shrimp on the grill.
“Ah, agashi. Let me. Your hands may smell. After all, you’ve been cooking the whole day, why don’t you take a break? I insist.” The cook shook his head. 
“Oh, alright. I’m only giving in because I need to make Koo’s cheese rice later.” You giggled. The cook nodded and you grabbed a snack before leaving the kitchen. You helped the staff set up the barbecue outside. 
“Let me help.” You arranged the chairs. 
“It’s okay, agashi. Please rest.” The maids shook their heads. Going to retrieve Kookie, you sat under the gazebo with a book. 
“Kookie ah. Don’t do that.” You stroked his head as he began to nibble the corner of your book again. Looks like even without the boys here, you still wouldn’t be able to read in peace. 
“Where are they?” You checked your phone, there were no calls or messages from any of the boys. As the sun set, you were seated in your designated seat, which was in between Jungkook and Hoseok. You checked your phone to see the time, it was getting late. 
You perked up when you heard the door to the backyard open and footsteps. However, when you turned your head, the smile dropped from your face. 
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[If you are reading this, thank you for making it to the end. For now. I’ll see you in the sequel ‘Everything Between Us’]
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onlyfans.com/georgeweasley (muggle!au george weasley smut)
summary: George, your roommate and crush has an onlyfans and you accidentally walk in on him one day when he’s shooting content.
a/n: I got this idea and went with it! I adore this fic ngl i gotta give Georgie some love
warnings: SMUT, NSFW 18+ MINORS DNI INTERACT! unprotected sex, creampie, fingering, swearing, George is a cam boy, rough sex, sir kink, exhibitionism (reader and George have sex on a live stream), praise and degradation, reader walks in on George naked, dom George, dirty talk, light spanking, george calls you angel.
Tumblr media
George has a secret, well it’s not that big of a secret but he doesn’t like to tell people. When someone asks what he does for work it’s not like he can admit what he really does so he just waves it off with something about a boring retail job and then change the subject.
Though when his jacket rides up and the designer watch shines on his wrist it brings a little bit of doubt. It started as a way to make money to help pay for college. His parents helped all they could but there was still a lot of expenses that need to be paid for.
George is a very good looking man there is no doubt about it and at some point staring at the bills for uni he decided to put that to good use.
Starting an Onlyfans was a bit awkward at first because he wasn’t sure exactly what to do or what to post or if people even wanted to pay to see him naked but he quickly grew in popularity to his surprise. He’s made more money than he ever could working a minimum wage job. He doesn’t exactly try to hide it but he would probably be mortified if his parents found out.
His parents and you.
Even with all the money he makes, renting an apartment by himself is pretty expensive so he found a roommate in you, another college student who needs a place to stay. Together you live in a small apartment off-campus but George is great company.
“Hey I gotta stay late for my lab today” You say as you sling your backpack over your shoulder.
It was early into the day but with an entire day of classes ahead of you, sleeping in isn’t really an option. George sits on the counter still in his pajamas. His hair a mess as he watches you get ready.
“Alright, don’t forget to drink water.” You hold up your water bottle making him smile. Glancing at the clock you see your English lecture starts in 20 minutes.
“See you later!” You call as you rush out the door to your class.
Sometimes you regret stacking classes but the free days you get makes it worth it, sometimes. George texts you a few times during the day, asking how classes are going and if you’ll be home for dinner.
Anytime you see his name pop up on your phone you smile a bit brighter. It’s cliche as hell falling for your roommate but you had a small crush on George. I mean how could you not? He was sweet and a bit awkward and very attractive.
Honestly, it’s a wonder that he’s not taken already. But dating your roommate is dangerous. If you break up then you’re stuck living together which would probably be like living in hell. But it doesn’t hurt to look, or maybe fantasize a bit when class gets boring.
During one of your classes your phone buzzes again but instead of a text from George, it’s an email from your professor.
Hello class,
I have to cancel today’s lecture and lab because my cat is sick.
Professor Williams
Thank god honestly you really didn’t want to stay late for your lab. Once your class ends you decide to study at home instead of the library, mostly so you could wear pajamas. You debated telling George but instead, you decide to surprise him. Stopping at the student store you buy some popcorn and candy for a movie night. Walking through the door you notice that he’s not in the living room. You hear noises coming from his room so you assume he’s in there.
“Hey George do you wanna-” Opening his door you’re stunned into silence at the sight. George was laying on his bed with a camera. Completely naked. His eyes go wide as he scrambles to cover himself.
“Oh my god!” You scream as you cover your eyes, slamming the door shut.
Running to your room you shut and lock the door. Your heart racing as you slide down your door. You just saw George naked. And he was holding a camera. You don’t know whether to feel mortified, awkward, ashamed for looking, but right now you’re feeling all of the above.
Your cute seemly innocent roommate is a cam boy.
It was only a few seconds but you got a good look at. That. Shame creeps up your neck as you think about it. It was just as big as you thought and hard. And he really had freckles everywhere. You’re ashamed to say but god did that turn you on. You want nothing more than to get on your knees right there but that’s extremely inappropriate to think or do.
No matter how hot George is.
“U-Um Y/n? Can we talk?” George stutters through the door.
As embarrassed as you feel right now it’s nothing compared to what George must be feeling. Opening the door, George stands there now fully clothed, a panicked look on his face. You step aside as he walks in, choosing to look at the ground overlooking at George.
“I um, I’m sorry I thought you were going to be home later. Basically, I run an Only Fans.” George sits on the edge of your bed. His face is bright red as he tries to meet your eyes.
“I’m sorry I didn’t knock,” You say. An awkward silence fills the room as you both are unsure of what to say next.
“Look, this doesn’t have to be weird.” You walk over and sit next to him.
“We’re both adults George and what you do on your own time is your business, besides it’s probably a good idea on your part because…” Your voice dies out as you realize what you were going to say.
“Because what?” George asks curiously.
“Money reasons.” You lie right through your teeth. You truly didn’t care what George did for a living but you truly did think you were close.
“So um, why didn’t you tell me? Obviously, you didn’t have to tell me but I thought we were close but um, you know what never mind.” Standing up you flash George an awkward smile before opening the door.
“Wait!” George grabs your wrist stopping you from leaving.
“It’s not easy to tell people that kind of stuff,”
“No yeah I understand you didn’t have to tell me anything.” You feel silly for feeling upset about him not telling you.
“But the reason I didn’t tell you is because I didn’t want you to look at me differently.” He admits.
“George I could never look at you differently for this.” Taking his hand you squeeze it softly.
“I really like you Y/n, like a lot.” Your heart stops for a second, George actually likes you, this has to be some sort of dream but he’s really standing in front of you, looking at you with those charming eyes of his.
“I really like you too George. Like a lot.” His hands rest on your hips as he kisses your forehead lightly.
His lips feel soft on your skin and his hands feel so perfect on your waist and as much as you love it, you want more. Grabbing the collar of his shirt you pull him towards you, smashing your lips together. A bit messy but so hot. Tugging on his hair he lets out a low moan. His hands traveling anywhere they can touch. He lightly pushes you up against the door.
“Georgie.” You whine softly as George pulls away, nipping your bottom lip slightly.
“So,” You pant as you rest your hands on Georges’s chest.
“When can I join you?”
“You sure about this?” You’re lying naked on George’s bed.
The camera pointed towards you but not high enough to show your face. It was one of the things George wanted before letting you join him in his content.
“I’m alright George, promise.” You kiss his hand, making him smile. You’ve been dating for a few months now and today is the day George is letting you join him for a live stream.
He showed you his site and you were shocked to see how many people were subbed to him. Well, not that shocked given how handsome he is. You fully supported him and sometimes even helped him take pictures to post but after asking for a while he agreed to let you be in a video.
George was a bit worried about you exposing yourself this way but you wanted to. Also the idea of getting to fuck you silly for people to watch, wishing they were him or you but knowing that you belonged to each other was hot. Very hot.
“Love you.” He whispers softly, kissing your cheek before walking towards the camera.
“And remember-”
“I can say the word red and you’ll stop the stream, George I’ll be okay. I know you won’t do anything I won’t like.” You reassure him as you sit up on his bed.
“I love you,” you blow him a kiss which he catches. He turns on the camera and opens his laptop, the chat begins to light up with people entering the chat.
“I’ve got a special treat today.” George purrs loud enough for the audience to hear. Your face isn’t in the frame but your body is. George crawls behind you and starts to kiss your neck.
“It’s okay Angel, relax.” He whispers for only you to hear.
His hands roam your body roughly. His fingers pinching and pulling at your nipples making you cry out. George smirks at the sound. His hands wander to your thighs, opening them up for the camera.
“Come on, show them my pretty pussy.” You could get drunk on George’s sex voice. Something in him changes when in bed and you love it. Spreading your legs wide you let out a small whine. George’s fingers are just ghosting your aching clit.
“Want me to touch you?” He teases as he runs his fingers along your thighs.
“Yes please sir,”
“Ah, say it louder.” George wraps a hand around your neck with one hand, holding it firmly.
“Yes sir please touch me!” Happy with your pleading George sinks to fingers deep into your pussy.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head as George pumps his fingers deep inside you. His fingers being long and rough reach the perfect spot sending waves of pleasure through your body.
“Look at how wet my angel gets for me,” George says to the camera. You can see comments flowing in but you can’t read them from here but you assume they say good things based on the donations that pop up on the screen. Your hips buck up but George pushes them back down.
“Don’t move.” He hisses as he speeds up his fingers. Struggling against his hand you fight to move your hips but he keeps his iron grip. His hands work magic on you. You’re completely at his mercy when under his touch.
“Sir please m’gonna come!” You cry as George’s thumb comes to rub your clit roughly. Looking at the camera George smirks.
“Think you’ve been good enough?” What do you all think? Should I let my Angel come on my fingers?” Leaning forward he reads a few of the comments. Most of them talking about how hot this is and a few telling him to let you come as well as let you not come, wanting to see you squirm a bit more.
“Georgie please..” You cry quietly for only him to hear.
“Come on my fingers Angel, be good for me.” George adds a third finger sending you over the edge. Loud cries rip from your throat as your orgasm crashes down on you.
“God you feel so tight around my fingers.” He pulls his fingers out roughly before sticking them in his mouth.
“Tastes sweet too.” “Need your cock sir, please need you to fill me up!” Getting on your hands and knees you shake your ass in front of George’s face. Grabbing your ass roughly he throws you down on the bed making sure your face is still out of frame.
“Shaking your ass like that in front of all these people? Thought you were my angel.” George strokes his cock as he gets behind you. His abs on full display to the camera as he pulls your ass up in the air.
Leaning down he presses a few soft kisses on your back before slamming his cock into your cunt. He sets a brutal pace from the start. Hands digging into your hips as he pounds into your relentlessly.
“Fucking hell you feel so good.” George moans loudly as he loses himself in pleasure.
Words fail you as George fucks you roughly, all you can do is take the pleasure he gives you. Biting the comforter below you to muffle your sounds. George doesn’t like that as he spanks your ass.
“Don’t hide your sounds from me.” He growls.
“S-Sorry sir.” The chat is going crazy as George’s pace turns from fast and rough to slow and hard. Making sure you feel each thrust of his cock. His hand slips under to play with your clit making you squirm.
“You’re squeezing me so tight Angel, gonna come on my cock?” You nod furiously, unable to speak as George pulls all the way back before slamming hard into you. Screaming loudly as he continues to fuck you silly.
“Come now Angel, I know you can.” As your eyes roll to the back of your head you let the coil in your stomach snap, gushing all over George. His hips slam wildly against your ass as he chases his high.
“Fuck!” His hips still against your ass as he comes hard.
His face twisted in pleasure as he faces the camera. It takes a few moments for him to come down from his high. Getting off you he watches his cum seep down your thigh. With a smirk, he pulls your ass off the bed and spreads your legs so the camera gets a good look.
“My pretty angel.” Leaning down he kisses your thighs.
“Thanks for coming to the stream.” He leans over and turns off the camera and then the stream.
He takes his laptop and throws it on the bed next to you. Rummaging through his drawers he pulls out boxers for him and panties and a sleep shirt for you.
“Hey love, was I too rough?” Worry coming over him as you stay still. Opening your eyes you reach out for his hand.
“You were perfect Georgie.” You say softly.
“But help me please,” you point to the clothes in his hand.
“Of course Angel.” George kisses your nose before helping you get dressed, a small smirk on his face when you’re legs seem to shake as you get up to use the bathroom. Falling back on the bed he takes his laptop and opens it back up, scrolling through the donations and comments left on the live stream.
“You’re pretty popular,” George says as you walk back into the bedroom. Crawling into his lap you scroll through his page.
“Did you have fun?” George asks as he rests his head in your neck. Running your hands through his hair you lean over and kiss his cheek.
“I had a lot of fun, when can we do it again?” George chuckles and closes his laptop. Wrapping both arms around you and peppering kisses along your face making you laugh.
“How about we wait till your legs feel better.” He teases as he rolls on top of you. Scrunching up your nose you lean up and kiss him.
“My legs are fine George, you just gotta try harder next time.” George scoffs and leans down, kissing up your neck to your ear. His warm breath makes you shiver as he nips your ear.
“Oh Angel, next time I’ll be sure to ruin you.”
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Wake Me From This Dreaming
(Part eight)
Hypnos x male!reader, Achilles X Patroclus, background Zagreus/Thanatos/Meg, brief reader x oc
Word count: 5.8
Warnings: non- graphic sex, kissing, family issues, war, death, trauma, cursing, mild and super brief part of reader crushing on an OC, no beta.
Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience and support while I got this out. I hope you enjoy it! If anyone wants to make a request or have more shorts for this Au, just let me know.
Quick note, I know there are people who want some Pyrrhus and while he is not in this part, keep an eye out for him later.
The Masterlist
You were thirteen years old and you were bored out of your mind. You shifted in your seat as the old man in front of the crowd harped on about some cave and shadows. It was a cave, of course it was going to be dark.
You leaned over to Patroclus and whispered, “Pa, come on. I don’t think this guy knows his right from his left.”
Patroclus shushed you, his dark eyes focused on the talking man. You rolled your eyes and went back to staring forward blankly.
You hated philosophy lectures, it was always old men with too much on time their hands doing all the talking.  At least Chiron always kept it simple and you usually understood the point he was making.
You knew you would be stuck for at least another hour. So you let your mind wonder. You thought about the new training with your Father, how Achilles seems pleased with your performance lately. And tonight’s dinner, you hoped there will be meat or hen eggs or about the baker’s son, the slender one with the wide, friendly smile who often sneaked you extra bread or a sweet. How you caught him staring at you sometimes- you shook your head, shoving it out of your mind.
You squirmed, wishing that you could be anywhere right now.
Later, with a dinner of fish along with greens and bread, Achilles asked you how the lecture went. You liked these nights, the quiet ones at home with the sun just dipping under the horizon.
You paused, mouth stuffed full of food. You gave him a shrug.
"Chew with your mouth closed." Patroclus warned, pointing a knife at you.  You rolled your eyes, you haven't done that in years.
You swallowed, looked down at your plate then back at your parents. Achilles was curious; Patroclus with expectation.
“I think he was trying to explain…” You paused. You didn’t remember a damn thing that man was talking about. You remember the heat, the afternoon light, his monotonous voice and…
“He really liked caves?” You finished.
Both of your parents were silent, staring at you. You slowly stuffed another bite of fish in your mouth, never looking away from their stares.
“That's it?” Patroclus said quietly.
You met his dark eyes, “It’s not my fault that the old man was so boring. It’s a cave, it's going to be dark.”
Patroclus made a strangled noise in his throat.
Achilles snorted, and gave a hardy laugh as he slapped his hand over his eyes.
Patroclus sighed, covering his face with his hands. “Oh lad.”
Which only made Achilles laughed harder.
Once in the early days of the house, when you were still a new guard you realized something about Hypnos.
He was unusually fascinated by mortals.
During Zagreus’ warm up, you noticed Hypnos was distracted. A codex that Hypnos seems unable to look away from piqued your curiosity. Especially since Hypnos was usually busy chatting about something or giving Zagreus a hard time.  Today however, Hypnos was quiet as his eyes darted across the paper.
You tilted your head, trying to see the title “What are you reading?”
Hypnos looked up, blinking as if he forgot you were there. His mouth was parted slightly and you realized almost too late you were staring.
“Huh?” He said smartly. You nodded toward the codex, and he glanced between you and the codex before he understood what you were asking.
“Oh this?” Hypnos’ whole face lit up and you almost returned the smile. “This is one of Plato’s writings, copied by one of his students I believe.”
You frowned, fingers tapping on your spear. Something about that name sounded familiar.  A voice, loud and mind numbing and the hot sun beaming down, and you remembered the faint smell of ink and paper and pomegranate oil and Patroclus’s dark eyes stared forward-
Hypnos continued, “He was famous for his cave allegory. He had this idea that that if someone escaped the dark cave with shadows made by puppets-“
“They see the real world and become enlightened.” You finished. You shrugged at his surprise look.
“Pa liked taking me to philosophy lectures.” You told him. Hypnos closed the codex, his golden eyes locked on you.
“You didn’t strike me as a guy who likes philosophy.” Hypnos said.
“You would be correct, mostly. I thought Pluto was boring.” You replied.
Hypnos gasped as he waved his hands in shock. You chuckled slightly, not expecting such a response.
“You got to hear a lecture from one of the greatest philosophers ever to live and you were bored?” Hypnos said aghast. He stared at you as if he had never seen a mortal before, “Do you know how rare humans like him are?
“He had a very monotonous voice.” You said with an amused tone. You weren’t going to tell him that you were a teenager with other things on your mind.
You paused at the eye roll Hypnos gave you. “And took way too long with his analogies. The man just needed to learn to say what he needed to say.”
“Oh he did now?” Hypnos muttered, crossing his arms and you bit your cheeks. It was nice for one to be the one to ruffle some feathers for once, especially if those feathers were Hypnos'.
You smirked at him, “It's not my fault he doesn’t know how to entertain a crowd.”
Hypnos scoffed at you and he returned to his codex.
You felt a bit disappointed that Hypnos was no longer paying attention to you and on an impulse, you asked, “Why do you care about what a mortal has to say?”
Hypnos looked back at you, his golden eyes wide. “Why wouldn’t I?”
You shrugged, “It seems like gods would already know this stuff.”
Hypnos glanced at Zagreus and Skully, the latter counting the number of push ups. Slowly he looked back to you, “We don’t. Or rather we know but our understanding is different.”
You waited, this odd creature, this little god was already so different from anything else you know; you can grant him your patience.
Hypnos tapped a finger on the codex, “I can’t speak for other gods and I wouldn’t try to. But mortals seem… hungry in a way we aren’t.”
Hypnos saw the curiosity in your face, so he continued. “Mortals are so eager to seek and understand the truth, even if it costs them dearly. When you’re a god, you still have to learn but not like mortals do. There is not really a time limit for us, you know?”
Hypnos sighed, “I think I just like seeing how you mortals learn about stuff.”
You nodded as you and Hypnos watched Zagreus finish up his warm up.
“I liked a lot of what Protagoras had to say.”  You said as you glanced at Hypnos.  The little god looked at you, his eyebrows raised.
“Have you read his works?” You waved Zagreus to the center as Hypnos shook his head. “If you get a chance to read his works, do it. He had a lot to say about the objective truth and individual relativity -I think that's what Pa called it- and you would probably like it.”
Hypnos smiled warmly, “I think I will. Thank you.”
You just nodded, glad that you could walk away before a blush started to form.
You weren’t a child anymore and it would take more than a pretty boy to make you blush.
"A feast?" You shifted on your feet as Zagreus nodded. Zagreus handed a detailed list with a sheepish grin.
Of course, there was a to-do list.
"It's my mom's idea." Zagreus repiled, "And my father wants to tighten security."
You thought about saying that Hades had already tightened security to a tunt knot but only nodded.
"Of course." You said, "I will get the rest of the security and we will make a plan. When is the feast?"
"In three days." Zagreus bit his lip, "And… I just want to give you a heads up, Ares will be there."
"Great." You muttered as you looked back at him, "But the feast will be in the house correct?"
"Yeah, so nothing should happen. I've been talking to him also, so I'll make sure he is on his best behavior."
You raised a doubtful eyebrow. “He doesn’t have a track record of listening before, your highness.”
“I know but Ares has been told the rules and my father won't let anyone attack an employee of the house while here.”
You nodded even if you were still doubtful. "Thank you, your highness."
Taking the hint, Zagreus took off quickly with his arm still full of papers.
You sighed, going back to the list. At least most of it was simple and stuff you already did on a daily basis.
You looked up from the list when you heard Hypnos' arrival, it was always a soft sound. A fading note, like the last hum of a lullaby.
"Oh it looks like Zagreus got to you first." Hypnos leaned over your shoulder, reading the list. His curls brushed against your cheek, and you felt the tension leave your body just a bit.
"Hello to you, too." You told him. He looked up at you, almost nose to nose.
"They have you working for the whole feast." He said with a frown.
"Yes, the gods will be busy. If someone wants to try to steal something, now would be the time." You said gently.
Hypnos pouted, "I was hoping…" he trailed off.
"I'm sorry." You said. "I should be free afterwards."
You pulled the list up, blocking your and Hypnos' face. You stole a quick kiss from him, his lips soft and enger.  You pulled away but Hypnos quickly stole a kiss for himself with a small smile.
Fates help you, but he was lovely.
"Want me to take you to the lounge today? To make up for working during the feast." You whispered.
He nodded, perking up. "Yes, I have to go back to work. Meet me there when you get done?"
You muttered an agreement and with one last quick kiss, Hypnos vanished.
At least, you have something to look forward to.
You kept running even as sweat beaded on your forehead. The bags of animal feed were heavy on your shoulders and the afternoon sun was no help.
Achilles kept his pace with you easily, his blue eyes darting over to you.  He looked strong and golden in the sunlight, like heroes in the stories Patroclus told you. You just felt like a mess.
"Straighten out your back lad." Achilles ordered.
You took a gulp of air and did as he said, keeping your balance.
"This is the last lap, then we will do a cool down." Achilles said, his breathing easy.
When you were done, you dropped the bags on the ground and you followed, back on the ground.
You stared at the blue skies as you fought for air. Lazy and fat clouds rolled by, they looked so far away among the trees.
Achilles nudged you gently with his foot, making you look at him. He held out a sheepskin and you sat up and drank it.
He joined you on the ground with a huff. You and him traded the water until empty.
You flopped back down, the dust sticking to your sweaty flesh.
"You're getting better. Your speed has definitely improved." Achilles said. You rolled your head upward to him, "Thank you, Father."
He sighed and his shoulders slumped. "There is something we need to talk about."
You sat up slowly, "Alright." You haven’t seen your father like this before. You studied his face, noting the dark circles under his eyes. That was unusual on its own, and his mouth was tight.
Achilles kept his eyes forward, and you followed his stare but all you saw was the house in the distance. You wondered if Patroclus could see you and Achilles. Faintly, you could hear the ocean from behind, tainting the air with the smell of salt and seaweed.
"You will always be my son, do you understand that?" Achilles said. You blinked, looked back at him.
“I have…” he paused, rubbing his forehead. “I can’t give you the inheritance you deserve. Everything I have should have been going to you.”
You stayed quiet, not understanding where this is going.  He didn’t look at you nor acknowledge your silence.
“I’ve made some mistakes before we had you. We won’t leave you without anything, I will make sure you will be taken care of.”  Achilles said. “I’m just sorry, I can’t give you more.”
“Father-“ You tried to speak but Achilles held up his hand.
“I know this is a lot to take in.” He said. You nodded, looking down at your dirty feet.
Achilles threw an arm around your shoulder and pulled you into a side hug.
“Be a good lad, alright?”  It was a quiet request. You still didn’t understand but you trusted him, even if you still felt unsure at times.
“Yes, Father.” You returned the hug and Achilles relaxed for the first time all afternoon, a warm smile on his tired face.
The house had descended into chaos.
Dozens of shades were rushing around, some with paperwork flying out their arms and some with flowers and banners.
The cooks were working around the clock and there was a faint smell of meat cooking no matter the time.
Dusa, ever the hard worker, was covered in dust as she helped shades with their chore. Gentle in her orders and quick to help any shades that came to her.
Even Lord Hades and Zagreus looked frazzled, especially next to Queen Persphone's serene smile.
You winced when an unfortunate shade somehow ran smack into a closed door. With a sigh, you walked over and held the door open for it.
The feast was only one day away and there was still too much stuff left to do. You went back to rechecking the house, trying to make sure there was nothing you missed.
You had three shades appointed to Zagreus and his parents' bedchambers, one by the entrance of the house and several others out though the house.
You haven't even had a chance to write your weekly letter, or even spent time with Hypnos after a rather short meal at the lounge.
And you very much felt every moment of it.
You finished the walk through, checked in with the other shades and looked over the list again.
You couldn't wait for this to be over with.
You returned to the east wing, barely ducking out of the way for Dusa who was holding three feather dusters and a rag.
"I'm sorry! Excuse me!" She called out, her voice fading away as she hurried down the hall.
You shook your head with a chuckle. When you got closer to your usual spot, you saw Hypnos floating there. He jolted awake before you said anything.
"Oh finally. I thought you would never be done." He said as he rubbed one of his eyes. "You're coming with me." He told you, grabbed your wrist.
Your eyebrows went up, not used to this abrupt, bossy Hypnos.
"Where-" you tried to speak but Hypnos vanished,taking you along with him.
You blinked and realized you were in the middle of Hypnos' bedchambers when you saw the dark canopy of his bed and the overflowing bookcases.  You shook off the dizzy wave, finding your footing.
Hypnos wrapped his arms around your neck, pulling you down and kissed you hard. You gasped but returned the firm kiss. After a moment, Hypnos pulled back, his golden eyes bright. "I miss you. I don't have much time. Now kiss me."
You nodded, "Got it." You knew something else was up but an order was an order. And dammit, you missed him too. So you pushed your hands into his curls to pull him back into another kiss.
And Hypnos melted into you, and you couldn't stop yourself from touching his jawline, his chest and his back as you moved him toward the bed.
Normally between you and Hypnos, it was always full of heat but it was a slow burning one. You always took time to coax those little sounds from him, making sure he felt nothing but hazy pleasure.
This however was different. It was faster, more messy and you just tried to keep up. Hypnos was in control, giving you breathless orders for more kisses, to move harder and faster and you gave him everything and Hypnos was gorgeous as he fell apart under your hands.
A little bit later, Hypnos was fixing his curls in the mirror, fully dressed again with his sleep mask around his neck. His lips bruised from the rough kissing and you had to stop yourself from reaching over and pressing more kisses on those full lips.
You wished that you didn't have to return. You knew something happened to make Hypnos act out and you wanted to keep him here, safe and where nothing could touch him.
But you couldn't, Hypnos wouldn't allow it and you weren't some dragon. So you did the only thing you think of.
"Do you want to talk about it?" You spoke up as you finished getting dressed. Hypnos froze, his hands still in his hair.  "About what?"
You moved from your spot on the bed and walked over to him. You stood close to him, placing a hand under his chin and tilted his face up. His golden eyes darted away from yours as he crossed his arms and you sighed.
"Hypnos, you know this isn't normal for you." You told him.
He glared down at the floor, closed off and hard. "It seems like you were enjoying yourself." He said harshly. You traced his bottom lip with your thumb.
"I did. You should definitely give orders more often." You told him. "But what I don't enjoy is that you're hurting and not telling me why."
Hypnos bit his thumbnail but said nothing. So you push ahead hoping that you were saying the right things.
"I would do anything just to get you to smile at me, do you know that?" You said quietly. "If you don't want to talk, then don't but at least let me help you, my love."
Hypnos's shoulders had slumped but he looked back at you, his eyes golden. And he looked more like himself, softer and lovelier than anything else you ever knew.
"You called me love." Hypnos whispered, as if he wasn't sure he heard it right.
You swallowed, just realizing what you said. But you weren't a man who took back his words, especially when it brought Hypnos back to you.
"I did." You said simply even as your chest tightened.
"Do you mean it? The words, every single one?" He placed his hand on yours, his fingers careful.
"Yes, I do." You said and like a dam breaking, Hypnos leaned into you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. He buried his face in your chest and you just held him.
Until finally, Hypnos began talking, his words muffed. "My mom knows about us."
"Oh." You said, a knot in your gut. "She doesn’t approve?"
"She is unimpressed. Just like always." Hypnos laughed sarcastically. You sighed, you had hoped that maybe his mother would be more supportive.
"And she was going over the rules for the feast tomorrow like I am a child. And told me not to disgrace myself in front of the other gods but it wasn't even about you like I thought. It's just because she doesn't like how I am and-" Hypnos stopped, taking a shaky breath.
You just tighten your arms around him, anger burning white hot in your chest. "I'm sorry, love."
If she wasn't Hypnos' mother...
"Call me that again." He ordered gently, looking up at you with damp lashes. And just like that, the anger almost died out.
"Love." You repeated, leaning down to kiss him.
You couldn't do a lot of things you would like to do but you could give him this.
If you had thought the day before was busy, it had nothing on the actual day.
Lord Hades glared down at you, as you went over what steps you had taken and the plan for the feast for the fourth time.
Dusa was still zipping about and you sidestepped, still explaining to Lord Hades, as she began mopping the floor. Cerberus gave a small whine, moving his paws closer to himself.
"If anything happens, I will toss you in the deepest pit of Tartarus myself, understood?" Lord Hades warned, pointing a finger in your face.
It was only because your parents, mainly Patroclus, had drilled manners and some common sense into you that you didn't try to bite his finger off.
"Of course, Lord Hades." You bowed as he walked off, almost stepping on poor Dusa. Instinctively you looked for Hypnos at his usual spot, but it was empty.
He must be getting ready with his family, and you hoped it was going well. However, that didn't stop the bitter disappointment of not seeing him.
You really can't wait for this to be over with.
It didn't take much longer, you already had the other guards set up in their place, with two making around rounds out though the house.
Truthfully you were glad for the busy work. It gave you something to do while Hypnos was busy with his family. You couldn’t stop thinking about Hypnos, how his smile didn't reach his eyes all day yesterday.
Faintly you heard the arrival of the Olympians gods and goddesses.
You were especially glad that you would be unlikely to run into Ares.
"Sir Y/N?" A shade called out to you, one of the house servants. You raised an eyebrow, "Yes? Is everything alright?"
"Yes sir, there are guests requesting your presence in The East wing."
Your brow furrowed, "Thank you, you may go now."
If it was Ares, you weren't going to be responsible for your own actions.
"Lad!" Achilles called out when he spotted you, Patroclus quiet by side like always. You stared at them in confusion as they got close enough to pull in for a hug.
You returned the hug, and even in the east wing you could hear the party.
"Prince Zagreus had invited us,but we wanted to surprise you." Achilles told you as Patroclus hugged you.
"Consider me surprised." You said with a grin. "Unfortunately, I am working until the end of the party."
"Yes, I wasn't quite able to get my Father to loose up even with a party." Zagreus said as he joined you, his face flushed from the ambrosia.
He was dressed up, his hair was neater and he looked odd without his normal wear. The fabric was finer than you've ever seen before and his jewelry was rich with colorful gems. You wondered if that meant Hypnos was dressed up as well.
He hugged Achilles and nodded toward Patroclus. "But I got a shade to take over for a few minutes so you can have alone time."
You and your parents thanked him as he returned to the party. You wished you had a better view, just in the off chance you would see Hypnos.
"I'm sorry we won't get more time together." You told them, your hand on Patroclus’ shoulder.
"Nonsense. We're just happy to see you." Patroclus repiled, his smile making the lines around his eyes deepen. "I trust you are being treated well otherwise."
You were only able to chat for a few minutes before some of the other guards required your presence.
"Go on, I will see you soon as the party is over." You groaned as Achilles gave you a bone crushing hug and a firm pat on the back. Patroclus hugged you again as well, much gently.
Just a few more hours you told yourself, then you could see Hypnos and your parents again.
You had found the scroll among one of Hypnos’ many pillows. This was the third time you had visited his bed and was still getting used to the sheer size of his bed and his countless pillows and blankets.
Hypnos had fallen asleep on his side, spooning against your chest.  You rested a hand against his stomach, quietly enjoying how soft his skin was.
His slow, deep breathing was already lulling you to sleep as well.  You pressed a kiss on his bare shoulder as you settled in to sleep. Then you heard the sound of paper.
You blinked awake, shifted your body and heard the sound again. Carefully you sat up, trying not to wake him up.
You knew it wasn’t uncommon for Hypnos to fall asleep with a scroll or codex in his hand and you didn’t want it to ruin it by sleeping on it. You dug for it, trying not to move the pile of pillows and felt the rough paper against your fingertips.
The scroll you pulled had burn marks around the edges. You frowned at it, Hypnos wasn’t that careless even if he was clumsy at times.
Unable to help yourself, you sat up as you unfurled the scroll just a bit and saw your name. You kept going, wondering what this was. It didn’t look like Hypnos' writing, too uneven.
You read the title.
“Son of Achilles, greatest of the Greek And Son of Patroclus, greatest of the Myrmidons.”
Under the title, there was your name in full.
You glanced over to Hypnos, still sounded asleep. One of his hands curled sweetly against his chin. You pulled the blanket up higher, tucking him in. Your knuckles brushed against his cheek as you moved your hand back.
You return to the scroll and begin to read.
You stared, eyes slowly moving across the great hall.  Broken plates and pottery were everywhere on the floor. You saw that someone had taken the liberty of drawing penises on Lord Hades' desk. You laughed quietly to yourself, hopefully Hypnos had a chance to see it for himself.
Poor Dusa will have her work cut out for her.
You spied someone's tunic hanging from the rafters and you grimaced. At least it didn't look like it belonged to your parents, it was too small and too pink, so you were probably safe.
You made your way through the chaos and you saw Zagreus resting on his folded arms on one of the tables. His laurel was crooked and you heard faint snoring.
Both Meg and Thanatos stood by him, talking quietly to each other. Both were dressed up like Zagreus. Meg had her hair down and Thanatos wore a headband with a small purple gem center in his forehead. There was something about the talk that felt private so you just ducked your head and kept moving.
After a few moments, you wondered if Hypnos and your parents had already retired when the others left.
Until you heard Hypnos' laugh drifted over from the lounge area. You followed the voice, wondering who he was talking to.
You froze when you saw your parents and Hypnos seated together, several glasses between them.
Of course, you thought to yourself, they would run into each other. You felt foolish for not realizing that sooner.  You stayed where you were by the opening, watching them with a nervousness in your chest.
Achilles was quiet, smiling fondly at Patroclus, his love plain as day on his face. Patroclus was waving a hand around as he retold a story, a small grin on his face.
You almost didn't recognize Hypnos.
Like his family, he wore black as well, his arms exposed. In place of his sleep mask, there was a simple golden headband. It gleamed in the lounge’s faint lighting and he looked… good.  He looked happy and flushed as he laughed at something Patroclus said and you soaked in the sight like a dying man for water.
Almost unwillingly you started forward, a need to just be close to him.
Patroclus saw you first, “Pluto was boring, my son?” By the flush on his face and his louder voice, You knew he was deeper in his cup than Achilles. Your father laughed, and Hypnos covered his smile, and he was so beautiful when he looked at you with that familiar mischievous glint.
“Oh gods, not this again Pa.” You said. You stood next to Hypnos, placing a hand on his chair. “I still stand by what I said.”
Patroclus shook his head, and told Hypnos. “I spent years of my life trying to get this boy to like philosophy.” He turned to Achilles, “I blame you for this.”
Achilles grinned, pressing a kiss against Patroclus’ cheek. “Of course, my beloved.”
You groaned, “Really?”
“Sorry, I think my parents forget other people can see them.” You muttered to Hypnos. Hypnos just shook his head with a grin.
Achilles pulled a chair from another table, placed it between Patroclus and Hypnos and he patted it, “Come join us, lad.”
You did, fingers brushing against Hypnos’ back for a moment.
Then, you felt Hypnos’ leg pressed against you. After a moment, you returned the gentle pressure and saw Hypnos relaxed just a bit.
Hypnos was able to hide it but it was clear to you that he was nervous. Patroclus ’ eyes darted over to Achilles and he stood, “We got the next round.” And he stood, waving Achilles with him.
Your father nodded, glancing over to Hypnos for a second and they took off.  Achilles held Patroclus close as they made their way over the cook.
“They love you so much, do you know that?” Hypnos said quietly with a soft, almost sad smile. He was so beautiful right now you felt tongue-tied. Honestly if you could have, you would have already kissed him.
“I think they like you. They don’t normally act like this in front of other people.” You said just as quietly when you found the words.
“Yeah?” Hypnos peeked beneath his white lashes and you would give an arm right now just to be able to hold him.
“I do.” You said.
When it came time for goodbyes, Achilles hugged you then pulled a surprised Hypnos in a hug. Hypnos laughed warmly, patting his back.
When Patroclus hugged you, he whispered. "He is a good fit for you. Treat him right."
“I will.” You whispered back. You looked over to Hypnos, at how happy he was and you meant it.
You felt him move when you were about done with the scroll.
“What are you looking- Oh.” Hypnos’ whole body froze. You didn’t acknowledge him, just finished reading the last few words.
It was one thing to live your life, to know what happened but it was another thing to read it in someone else's handwriting.
"I'm surprised how much they got right, about my death I mean. I was fighting in the war before I was seventeen." You said in a low tone. Hypnos sat up, and after a moment pressed a hand against your arm.
"I'm sorry." Hypnos said gently. "I-im sorry. I should've warned you I had this."
You looked at the burned marks along the side, some parts of the writing were burned but not so much that it was unreadable. "Pyrrhus tried to burn it, didn't he?"
"Yes." Hypnos said quietly. "I didn't know if you knew what he did."
"He bragged about it often enough." You said, mouth twisting in distaste. "He never knew when to shut up."
You closed the scroll and handed it back to Hypnos. Wordlessly he snapped it back to the bookcase.
After a moment, Hypnos opened his arms to you. You stared, not sure if you wanted the comfort. Not when all your mistakes were written for the whole world to see.
Then you looked at his golden eyes, saw there was no judgment, no distaste.  Just bright and hopeful and something deep broke in you. You sunk into his arms, taking a deep breath.
Hypnos tighten his arms around you, his hand running down your back. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on Hypnos and his warmth. If you thought only about this you might be fine.
"Sometimes I think you forget you were just a man." Hypnos said. "That you couldn't have known. That you can’t control everything."
You swallowed, "I should have. I-i could have. If I had known that-"
"But you didn't, dearest. And that's not your fault." He said, running a smoothing hand up and down your back. You took a deep breath, then another followed by more as your eyes stung.
If Hypnos felt dampness against his shoulder, he had the grace not to say anything.
The moment you and Hypnos returned from the feast, Hypnos flopped back first on his bed with a groan, “I am never moving again.” He looked at you,”You will carry me for the rest of forever.”
You sat on the edge, close enough to be in reach. You chuckled, cupping his ankle. “Oh will I?”
“Yes. And you will enjoy it.” He told you, golden eyes narrowed.
Slowly you ran your hand up, over his calf and his knee, only stopping on his thigh. The movement pushed his chiton up, revealing his legs.
Hypnos bite his lip, quietly watching you. Slowly his legs parted and you moved, filling in the space. You leaned down, cupping his head and pulled him into a kiss.
Hypnos moaned softly as he tugged you closer, deepening the kiss. You broke the kiss after long moments, and moved his head to expose his neck. You pressed kissed against his jaw, working your way down his neck. Every breathless gasp just pushed you farther.
“You look so fucking good.” You muttered against his skin and he laughed. “I look like my family.”
You huffed against his collarbone and moved upward.
“Not the outfit, just you. You don’t know how lovely you look.” You said against the shell of his ear. Hypnos whimpered, his trembling hand found your shoulder clasp and tried to get open.
You grabbed his wrist, pinning it to the bed. “You first.” You said, pulling away and making short work of Hypnos’ belt. Hypnos scrambled to help you undress him. When he went to remove the headband, you stopped him. “Leave it. Please.” You rasped.
His hands dropped to your face to give you a slow and sweet kiss.
Before you could push him back down, because you couldn’t help but have your hand roam across his soft skin. He loosen your shoulder clasp, “Take it off.” He ordered and you obeyed.
The first chance you got, you pinned him down, claiming his mouth for yourself.
It didn’t matter who was a mortal or god, not here. All it mattered was you and him, two lovers moving together, learning and loving each other.
Afterwards, Hypnos held you close, running a hand on your chest. He pressed a kiss against your forehead, “Dearest.” He whispered, almost too quiet for you to hear.
“Love.” You whispered, listening to the beating heart of a god, of him.
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143-cupid · 1 year
Hello there im not sure if you're accepting requests but I was wondering if I could please have a fluff headcanon for Lucifer, Mammon, Diavolo, Simeon (separately) reacting to MC giving them a bouquet of their favorite flowers? Thank you and have a great day 💖
"For you!"
♡ Pretty flowers for pretty men <3 ♡
Tumblr media
♡.Obey me!
♡♡.Fluff but still MDI!!
♡♡♡. Hi, this is so adorable! thanks for requesting and sorry for the delay, love :( I went with flowers that went with his strongest personality trait
Tumblr media
. . . L U C I F E R !
♡ Working as always in his study, it was evening when he heard a knock on his door, "Come in."
♡ He didn't look up until he heard a soft thud on his desk, something hit it, he was about to arch an eyebrow but stopped when he noticed scillas tied with a purple silk ribbon
♡ That's strange, Devildom doesn't grow flowers like these...did you go to the human world to get flowers...?
♡ His lips twist up in the smuggest smirk he can muster! So smug and teasing, you love him that much? Sneaking in the human world without a word to Lord Diavolo for him?
♡ How...brave of you
♡ After kissing your forehead, he closes the book he was reading and sits you down to lecture you for going out without telling anyone but Solomon! Didn't he tell you not to hang out with that shady human so much?
♡ After that earful, he thanked you and went back to working, not paying much attention to the flowers you worked hard for to get
♡ Don't let that act fool you, dear, the next day, you'll find him worrying about what vase will look pretty with the scillas and what spell to use on the flowers to keep them fresh
♡ "Yes? Is there an issue with me caring about a gift from a loved one?"
. . . M A M M O N !
♡ During a photoshoot break, he got a package! Ohh is it the new- flowers? He didn't ask for any dumb-
♡ ....you sent flowers to him? O-Of course you would! It's only natural to show your love to the Great Mammon!
♡ Alone in the room, He'd carefully put the bouquet of Delphiniums on the table in front of him, hand on his mouth as he slips down in a chair...you were thinking of him?
♡ After thinking and staring at the flowers, he'd change into his next outfit and grab the bouquet with him
♡ A few hours later, your DDD is suffering with notifications from Devilgram! A new post of Mammon...woah it has a lot of likes!
♡ Aww he's posing with the flowers in his hands!
♡ There's a video and Mammon's tagged
"Hey Mammon! Who send those?"
“…hmm." Mammon was walking off to his makeup room, a curt, hot-bothered face was all the camera was showing along with quick zoom-ins of the flowers in his hand
"Is it that human you always talk about? HUH!"
"SHUT UP!" He closed the door and the video ended
♡ Then a message popped up in one of your chats, a picture of Mammon smiling next to the flowers with a "Thank you, human"
. . . D I A V O L O !
♡ Diavolo was walking back to his office, all tired from a meeting he had, yet all those complains stopped at the tip of his tongue when Barbatos told him that you've stopped by
♡ Oh? Why didn’t you text him, he could’ve used an excuse to get out from that meeting early!
♡ His eyes widened when he noticed hyacinths flowers on his desk, with closer look, he saw a card, ‘These made me think of you :)’
♡ Aren’t you thoughtful! He’d be over the moon because of this gift all week! He won’t shut up about it!
“Can you believe MC got me flowers?”
“My lord, you have a meeting in five minutes, go change, please.”
♡ Oh the flowers now stand on his desk, next to your picture with him and Lucifer is in the background send death glares at you for getting too close to the demon lord
Tumblr media
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sleepydaydreamz · 1 year
Cups of Sugar (43)
Fandom: Dead By Daylight
Ghostface x Female Reader
Rated M for violence, language and smut
WARNING: Slight smut ahead!
Danny took a small sip of his beer and kept his gaze on Lucas Cheng and his girlfriend, Arianna Ortiz. The couple that he had seen at The Honey Pot were now sitting in a booth in the corner of the Amber Stone Alehouse. During one of his nightly visits to their house, he overheard them talking about this place to go for one of their date nights. Knowing that Rene’s birthday was soon, he had come up with the idea to take her and a few of their coworkers out for drinks.
“This place isn’t bad,” said Rene, taking a sip of her cocktail. “A little pricey, but I like the atmosphere.”
“I told you, I got your drinks covered,” said Jed. “It’s your birthday, after all. You deserve to have some fun.”
“Then I’ll take another margarita if you don’t mind,” she grinned. “Actually, make that two.”
“You got it.”
Jed got up from his table while Rene and his coworkers continued to laugh and chat amongst themselves. Purposely walking toward the end of the bar where Lucas and Arianna were, he waited patiently for the bartender to finish helping the other patrons.
“You really shouldn’t be drinking,” said Lucas. “I thought we were going to keep trying.”
“We’ve been trying for a year and nothing has happened,” said Arianna. “It’s so easy for you to lecture me; you knew what you were getting into when we got together. Did you ever consider that maybe it’s you that’s the problem?”
“I’m doing just fine!” said Lucas. Danny could see him look around in embarrassment as Arianna folded her arms, giving him a harsh scowl.
“Then why don’t we go to the doctor’s if you’re so worried,” she said. “Because last I checked, my doctor said I was in perfect condition to have kids.”
“It’s not me,” said Lucas. “My family has never had problems like this-”
“Is that what your dad told you?” scoffed Arianna. “Because based on what your mom has told me, he had the same issue.”
“She makes up lies when she drinks,” mumbled Lucas. 
“Listen, I don’t want to talk about this,” sighed Arianna. “I just want to have a nice date night with my boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?”
The bartender came up to Danny and as he put in the order of drinks, the couple quickly got up from the booth.
“What, why so early?” he murmured. Danny paid the bartender and pointed toward his group that the drinks would be for them. Weaving through the large crowd of people, Danny went back to the table and grabbed his bag and jacket.
“What’s this, you’re leaving already?” asked Rene. 
“My girl just paged me,” shrugged Jed. “Think the kitchen pipes burst again.”
“You guys need to move out of that dump,” said Rene. “Oh well, thanks for the drinks!”
Jed waved goodbye to the rest of his coworkers and followed Lucas and Arianna out of the bar. He hoped that they were still in the parking lot and let out a sigh of relief as he saw them talking in their car. 
Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, he lit one and walked further away from the bar toward the couple. He took a couple puffs as he leaned against the brick wall, giving them the occasional glance. The car windows were slightly cracked and he could hear them arguing from inside. 
“...and it was only one drink! It’s not like it’ll make that much of a difference!” said Arianna. “We’ve talked about this so much and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
“But I thought you wanted to have kids!” exclaimed Lucas. “You were looking at your sister’s new baby pictures…I thought that maybe something triggered in you-”
“Oh, fuck off Lucas! Just drive home, now!”
Danny continued smoking his cigarette and watched them speed off. Throwing it on the ground and stamping it out with his foot, he got into his car and drove to Lucas’ house. 
His place was a bit far from the alehouse but Danny didn’t mind the long drive. He already knew the quickest way to get there and the best spot to park at. It had only been a couple weeks since he started stalking Lucas and Arianna, but it finally felt like he was getting back into his natural swing of things. 
Danny parked about a block away from the house and threw on his black hoodie. Pulling on some sweats over his pants, he grabbed his drawstring bag and started walking. The living room lights were on and Danny gave a quick look around before heading toward the side of the house. He could hear them arguing as he pulled out his camera and looked through one of the kitchen windows. 
Making sure the flash was off, Danny snapped a couple pictures and smirked as Arianna pushed Lucas against the wall. Their yelling consisted of accusations of cheating and rejection when Lucas suddenly grabbed Arianna and kissed her. Danny raised an eyebrow as she kissed Lucas back while he easily picked her up. 
The two headed upstairs, their lips still locked on each other as Danny quietly ran to their back door. He shook his head as he opened it with ease and snuck upstairs to their bedroom.
Music was already blaring from the speakers and Danny stood just outside their bedroom door while he readied his camera again. 
Arianna had just taken her top off as she straddled Lucas’ waist, kissing his neck and chest. Lucas settled his hands on her hips as he flipped her onto her back while Danny clicked away, thankful that the music covered up the sounds of his camera.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier,” breathed Lucas. “I swear, I won’t do it again. I love you, Arianna.”
“I love you too.”
Danny rolled his eyes as he stayed for a few more minutes before taking one last picture and sneaking back downstairs. Leaving through the back door, he carefully placed his camera in his bag and jogged back to his car. Riding back home in silence, he smiled at how easy it was to get back into his old hobbies.
Danny parked in his usual spot and as he arrived at the door of his apartment, he noticed light coming out from beneath yours.
Maybe I’ll pop in for a visit, he thought.
Danny walked into his apartment and after putting his bag away, he started to get his clothes ready for a shower when he suddenly stopped.
“Oh no, did Nick cut off my hot water again?” he said mockingly. “Pretty sure Sweets’ is still on.”
Gathering a small overnight bag, Danny went out into the hallway with a copy of your key in hand. He opened the door to see you sitting on the couch with an almost empty bowl of popcorn and an array of empty beer bottles on the coffee table. You didn’t even look up as you kept your eyes glued to the television that was playing a black and white horror movie.
“Back so soon,” you said. “How was your night?”
“It was alright. Rene says hi,” said Danny. “You should come out with me sometime, it’ll be fun.”
You cuddled further into your blankets and Danny pursed his lips as he went over to you and placed both hands on your shoulders.
“Want to take a shower with me?” 
Danny grinned triumphantly as he grabbed your hand and helped you stand. He led you to the bathroom and turned on the shower while you slowly undressed.
“How’s your hip?” he asked. 
“It’s getting better,” you said. “I can walk more normally now.”
As Danny took off his clothes, he smirked as he caught you sneaking peeks. He turned around and as you faced away from him in embarrassment, he caressed your face and gave you a small kiss on the lips.
“You first.”
You slid past him and entered the shower while Danny followed. He watched as you grabbed a bottle of your favorite shampoo and lathered your hair. After washing your hair out, you handed the bottle over to him, but Danny shook his head.
“You do it,” he said.
You rolled your eyes and gathered the shampoo in your hands. Danny snickered as he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into him. Your skin felt hot against his as he stared at you while you carefully washed his hair. 
“You need to dye your hair again,” you said. “I can see your roots coming back in.”
“Really? Seems like I just did it…you’ll help me, right?”
“Of course. I don't want to make it seem like I’m dating an old man.”
“I’m not old,” bristled Danny. “I’m just blonde.”
“Wait, really?”
He looked down at you and smiled as he bumped his nose against yours and went to rinse his hair.
“Can’t have people knowing what I really look like. Brown hair blends in better in a crowd.”
“I guess. I’m curious now, I kinda want to see you grow it out.”
“Maybe someday,” said Danny. “For now, you’ll just have to deal with dear ol’ Jed.”
You laughed softly and Danny grinned as he grabbed your face with each hand and kissed you hard. He broke the kiss and put his hands on your shoulders, slowly turning you around and kissing the side of your neck.
“Can I tell you something?” you asked. Danny paused as you grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather yourself.
“It’s nothing bad…it’s just, when you came in, I smelled cigarettes. I didn’t know you smoked.”
“Only when I have the occasional drink,” he murmured. “Does that bother you?”
Once you had covered yourself with suds, you passed the bar over to Danny who slowly began to wash his chest.
“No…I just worry that it’s something Jed wouldn’t do,” you said. Danny stopped washing himself as he shook his head and put the soap aside.
“Aw, look at you, keeping an eye on me,” teased Danny. “How cute.”
Danny put his hand on your back and bent you over, giving a loud smack to your ass. You stifled a moan as he grabbed your hip and began stroking himself while you steadied your hands against the wall.
“Now I have a question for you, Sweets,” said Danny, pressing his cock lightly against your entrance. “Do you miss Jed?”
“Do. You. Miss. Jed?” emphasized Danny. “Be honest with me.”
“No,” you said in a low voice.
“I don’t know if I believe you,” sighed Danny. His hand snaked its way around your waist and he chuckled as he slid his fingers inside of you.
“I don’t miss him!” you said. “I like you, Danny.”
He swirled your clit with the soapy suds and he could tell by the way you arched your back that you were enjoying his touch. He removed his fingers and grabbed the injured side of your hip, pushing himself inside of you and groaning at your warmth.
“F-Fuck, Sweets, why do you always feel so good?”
Danny pushed further into you, relishing in your needy whines as you tried to hold your balance. The sound of your ass bouncing against his made him dig his fingers into your skin as you cried out in pain.
“Shit-sorry,” said Danny gruffly. He removed his hand from your waist and planted his hand into your scalp. Danny pulled you back by your hair and fucked you faster, thoroughly enjoying the way his name erratically fell from your lips. Just when he felt himself start to peak, he immediately pulled himself out of you and chuckled as you whined at him.
“Why did you stop?”
“Sit on your knees,” he said. “I want to see you touch yourself.”
“Don’t argue with me,” he growled.
You let out a pout as he watched you turn around and awkwardly sat in the bathtub. You spread your legs as far apart as you could while Danny blocked the shower water from hitting you. 
“Go on,” he nodded. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you do it before.”
You glared up at him before moving your hand down to your pussy and slowly began to rub circles against your clit.
“Good girl,” he soothed. He took his cock in his hand and began to stroke himself as he watched you bite your lip, fighting to keep your face straight.
“That’s it, keep going,” he coaxed. “Pinch your nipples…fuck, I wish I had my knife.”
He smiled as your eyes widened and he took note of how you quickened your pace at his words. Your breath became short and he saw a small amount of blood trickle down from your waist, making his legs shake at how bright the color was.
Your whimpers alerted him that you were close and as you lifted your half-lidded gaze toward him, he quickly grabbed the back of your head and brought you closer. Your moans made his heart leap as he came onto your face while most of it covered your lips. Danny held onto your chin as he etched every single part of your ecstasy-filled face into his memory. 
He took what was left from your cheek and pressed the rest into your mouth as you needily sucked onto his finger. Once you had licked it clean, Danny helped you onto your feet and gave your body a rinse before turning off the shower.
Giving you a towel first, he wrapped his own around his waist and stepped out of the shower to inspect his hair in the mirror.
“You’re right, the roots are showing,” he said, clicking his tongue. “We’ll do it later this week.”
Danny walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his overnight bag. He went into your room and changed into his black, sweatpants when he caught you shyly staring at him.
“You didn’t bring your mask?” you asked.
“Now why would I do that?” he chuckled. 
“I dunno…I thought that maybe-forget it.”
“No, no, tell me.”
You turned away from him and went to your dresser to pull out a flannel pajama set. He watched as you let your towel drop to the floor and slowly changed into them.
“I was thinking that maybe the next time we have sex, you could…wear it,” you added softly. “Nevermind, it’s stupid idea.”
Danny walked over and stared down at you, searching for any hint that you might be teasing him. Although your lip was trembling and your body slightly shook, you seemed serious about your little proposal. The thought of you wanting him to fuck you with the mask on made Danny shiver in excitement.
“Alright,” he whispered. “Next time.”
You let out a small smile and put your hand in his as you led him to bed. Cuddling up next to you, he took your chin in his hand and gave you a small peck on the lips.
“I’m glad we don’t fight,” he said. “I don’t ever want to fight with you, okay?”
“Um, yeah, sure,” you said. “What makes you say that?”
“Saw this couple at the bar tonight,” said Danny. “They were having an argument and I just don’t want us to be like them; we’re better than that.”
“Oh, okay-”
“Promise you won’t fight with me,” said Danny firmly.
“I promise, Danny.”
Danny smiled as he gave you another kiss and snuggled into the back of your neck, placing small bites until you fell asleep. Making sure your breath was in a steady rhythm, he carefully crawled out of bed and snuck out of your room. Grabbing his hoodie, he quickly pulled it over him and headed back to his apartment.
He went straight to his camera and pulled out the roll of him, holding it up to the kitchen’s dim light. His eyes scanned each picture, seeing how Arianna and Lucas only made love to each other in the same missionary position.
“How quaint,” he muttered. “Just from watching them fuck, I'm doing them a favor.”
Hope you guys enjoyed the latest chapter! I would really appreciate if you could support and follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/gemini_jinx, gemini_jinx on tiktok, or donate at paypal.me/sleepydaydreamz 💖
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brettsey-two-tts · 9 months
fic title: Nancy Casey Returns
I'd write her entering Molly's, expecting to see her son. She came to Chicago to spend a few days with her kids and her grandkid. The three of them and Matt had dinner together where Christie accidentally slipped that Matt had been in Oregon for three years. Nancy wasn't mad but she was wondering why he went to Oregon. When Matt explained, Nancy wondered why her son sounded so sad to be doing something extraordinary for his late best friend. Christie then slipped a name: Sylvie.
Nancy felt like she didn't know much about her son's life anymore so she asked to join him for a drink and that's when he offered to meet her at Molly's, a bar he and his friends frequented.
Nancy figured she got there early and ordered a drink. It was only when a blonde woman came up beside her to order her own drink did she realize.
Nancy ended up talking to Sylvie for a while, asking what she did for a living, what she liked doing for fun, if she knew the people that worked at the bar, etc. She didn't disclose her identity to the blonde and instead had a wonderful time chatting with her. She noticed why her son had an attraction to her; they were pretty much the same person. Cut from the same cloth, so to speak. All of the qualities she saw in her son, she saw in the blonde woman in front of her.
Matt walked into the bar in a rush; he was late and he knew it. When he saw his mom talking to Sylvie, his heart nearly leaped out of his chest and launched itself out the window. Why was his mom talking to his ex-girlfriend? What was she saying to her? Was she telling her embarrassing stories about him when he was a kid?
Sylvie didn't know she was talking to Matt's mom until Matt told her. She knew Matt's family was something of a mystery and very much off-limits for questions. She remembered listening to him talking about her before but didn't pry.
Sylvie said her goodbyes and took her drink with her. She gave Matt a warm and supportive smile, not knowing if his mother's visit was a good thing or a bad thing, and left the two to talk.
Nancy made it very well known that she approved of Sylvie and then continued to berate her son for letting someone like that go. Matt didn't want to go into the details and merely told her that she was right. Letting Sylvie go was one of his biggest disappointments.
"Then what are you doing talking to me? Why aren't you fixing it?"
His mom lectured him for another twenty minutes on the importance of finding the right person and never letting them go. She tried not to use his father as an example but he assumed. His reluctance to ask Sylvie out again was partly due to his wonder if she would even consider being with him again. He didn't know what her feelings were about their breakup or the aftermath. He didn't know if she had already fallen out of love with him.
"Nonsense. Of the two minutes I saw you two talking to each other, if I hadn't known you already dated each other, I would've thought you were dating now. Time is too short, Matthew. It's too short to wonder and never ask. It's too short to assume and definitely too short to live with regrets."
Sylvie came by a moment later to bid them a good night.
Nancy watched her son watch Sylvie leave the bar.
"You already have my blessing, and I could use more grandchildren."
Matt practically leaped off his seat and went after the love of his life.
send me a made-up fic title and i'll tell you what i would write to go with it
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tomtenadia · 1 year
A Little Braver 41
Hello and good Friday. This is the first of the chapters with Rowan in Rifthold. Although they are separated we will see Rowan too. The GIF below is our Rowan excited about his classes. There is a bit of development on the drugs thefts and we find out who is behind them. We get some Elorcan and you will get to see Lorcan fuss and Aelin has her moment in the spotlight.
Tumblr media
It had only been four days and Rowan was already exhausted. It was 9 am and he was in a classroom listening to introduction to flight test. The man in front him was a a captain who spoke to them as if they were still cadets at pilot academy. He had a condescending tone, not realising or just ignoring that all of them had hundreds of flying hours under their belts and combat experience. So when he started to explain the basics of weapons systems on military aircrafts he groaned internally.
He looked at his side and saw Mark about to fall asleep too. Sneakily he fished out his mobile from his pocket and placed it hidden beside the book. Luckily the guy in front of him was tall and covered any illicit activity.
He unlocked the phone and found a text from Aelin How are classes going?
The teacher doing introduction to flight test makes me want to cry.
I just got out of the shower. Want a naked pic of me?
Rowan groaned internally. Hell yes, he already missed her like crazy. But he was in class and such picture could be dangerous. Not now, I am in class and you are wonderfully distracting.
He looked up for a moment pretending to be paying attention, while he was waiting for her reply.
Fine. I will keep it for later.
I love you. He texted back and placed the mobile away and forced himself to go back to the lecture.
An hour later they were finally free and he and Mark walked to their next class “damn, that was boring as hell.”
Rowan chuckled as the man stretched his limbs “I want to do the cool stuff, like actual aircraft performance testing or systems testing, not this bullshit, I felt like I was back at pilot school.”
“I know. I almost fell asleep.” Confessed Rowan while they crossed the yard of the school. It was another nice sunny day and it was quite warm too. His jumpsuit was zipped down to his waist, leaving him in just a t-shirt. Aelin would love that view.
“I am actually dying to set my hands on a plane and do some actual flying.” Commented Mark.
“I want to fly a T-38. Those babies are amazing and I never had the chance to fly one.”
“What about the L-39 Albatross?”
“I flew one of those in my very early missions. The TAF had developed a single seater version used for combat.”
“You guys are posh.”
Rowan roared with laughter and the other man stared at him.
“Aelin’s second is ex army and call us in the airforce posh boys. It’s now a running joke.”
“Everyone is posh compared to the army.”
“That’s what I always say.” While they laughed and chatted they had finally reached the new classroom and Rowan hoped that it was going to be more exciting.
Aelin exited her office and went to the common room herding together her team “Good morning, my minions.”
“Oh captain, we feel so touched by your deep love.” Shouted Ress from his spot on the sofa.
“Ok guys, morning briefing. Listen up.” She moved to the centre of the room so that everyone could hear her “I want to start with our morning inspections. Nox, you take engine and truck and have a look that all is in order. Also, they both need a petrol top up so we will go for a ride and do that.” She went through her list in her notebook “Brullo, you are on tools duty today, Asterin, you and Ansel will be on gear check with Borte. Check that the SCBAs are all okay and oxygen topped up. Also, make sure that bunker gear is scrubbed as per the new regulations sent out by Dorian.” She flipped a page “the TFD has hardened some of the rules in order to protect our health. I hope we all are following these but I want all gear used yesterday to be washed. After that collapse we had a lot of rubbish on us. So make sure your spare bunker gear is good and wash the one from yesterday.” She turned her head “Manon, you will take the rest of the team and run drills and I might even join you today.”
“Yes, captain.”
“And finally,” he face lost her smile for an instant “Today is Aedion’s last day at east. As of next shift he will be taking over as captain at south station.” She moved to her cousin and hugged him “It pains me to lose you, but they are some lucky bastards to have you. And you deserve this.”
He pulled back from the embrace “Thanks. I will miss this house of madness, but I am finally looking forward to this.”
Everyone stood and they shared a big group hug with Aedion. She was going to miss him like crazy.
Aelin cleared her throat and the group broke up and she took the stage once more “I received an update from PD about the drugs thefts.” She looked at the paramedics in particular “PD has a lead on a guy called Erawan, apparently he is the new drug lord in town after Hamel’s demise. But he is much worse. His minions steal the drug supplies and he sells them to the highest bidder. The attacks on ambulances have increased since criminal who can’t from Erawan are now helping themselves with ambulances. PD is stretched thin and can’t follow every single vehicle.” She explained with terror in her heart. “One of the paramedics from the hospital’s own fleet is in the hospital after being stabbed. He is in the ICU and are hoping he will pull through.”
Aedion looked at her in terror.
“If it were for me, we would stop carrying controlled drugs altogether, but from a medical point of view I can see why that is not possible.” She looked again at Lys and Elide “If a call looks suspicious, you call PD backup before heading in. Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation. “
“What do Dorian and Chief Harker say about this?” Asked Ress.
“They are not happy. The idea of sending the paramedics out in possible dangerous situations is making them nervous. They are putting a lot of pressure on PD.”
“Cap, this is madness.” Shouted Ansel.
Aelin raised her hands “I agree. I am not happy and I told them over and over again.”
“We will be careful,” interjected Lysandra “We have the new emergency button and both Elide and I have been taking self defence classes. We will be okay.”
Aelin gave her a tight smile “You should be able to do your job safely, damnit.”
“I know, but that’s how it is. We will be fine.”
Aedion pulled an arm around his wife’s waist and Lys leaned into him.
In that instant dispatch alarm went off and it called for an ambulance. The whole team watched the two paramedics drive away with a sense of unease in them.
Aelin was on the apron doing drills with her team when Dorian’s car pulled up. She dropped her ladder and walked to him. A visit from the chief meant trouble most of times.
“Chief, good morning.”
Dorian flashed her a smile and with his head nodded to follow him back inside.
Once in her office he sat down and she sensed trouble.
“You don’t look happy.”
Dorian shook his head and passed the file he was holding, to her. She had a look and it was her report on a house fire they had attended two days before. It had been a horrible fire in a house. The father had used his body to protect the kids and they had found him too late. The visibility had been zero and she only spotted them after a second pass, just because she was paranoid. Aelin had stayed inside even after Dorian had ordered them to evacuate. The fire had been deep in the structure and it had become far too dangerous. In the end she had found the man. They had carried the kids outside straight away and only suffered some smoke inhalation. The father had suffered severe burns and died while en route. She had replayed every order and every movement in her head and ended up blaming herself for not spotting the man earlier.
“The wife is suing the TFD for negligence.” Dorian added and Aelin felt as if someone had stabbed her .
“Excuse me?”
“Aelin, I am on your side. The fire was deep in the structure. We found them only because you disobeyed me and stood behind.”
“Did you explained that to the commissioner?”
Dorian nodded “I told him that is was a bad situation.”
“So she is blaming us?”
“She just lost her husband.”
Aelin groaned. Yes, the woman was in pain, but blaming them for her loss was too much “what about blaming her fireplace? During overhaul we found out that’s where the fire originated. Probably not properly cleaned and without safeguards either.” She shouted back, angry. She had risked her life to take that man out. Nox and Manon had risked theirs to stay behind as well and grab the kids to safety. She was furious.
“Our lawyers are working on the case but you and the team will have to appear n front of her and her lawyers and testify.”
Aelin stood and ran a hand through her hair “When is it?”
“At the end of this shift.”
She went to the window and looked outside “fine.”
“Aelin, I have your back. I made the call to push back.”
“But we knew there were people inside. She told us.” She replied frustrated.
“Aelin, you barely missed the flashover. I could have lost the entire company.”
She nodded. The house had gone up in a blaze of glory as soon as they set their feet out on the threshold. Her arms still ached from the hit she took on the concrete.
“You should tell the guys. I want all of you to tell the facts. Just explained what happened. I will be there anyway.”
Dorian left and she joined her team again, all quite eager to hear about what had happened with the chief.
And she told them and they were not happy. Manon, who was usually very quiet burst out in rage “are they kidding us, cap? There was no visibility. It’s a miracle we are alive, and she blames us? For negligence?”
Aelin agreed with Manon but at the same time her fury had abated. The widow was grieving, in a matter of minutes she had lost a lot and of course she was not thinking rationally.
“I understand your frustration and believe me, I am just as furious.” She explained “but also consider that the woman lost her husband and almost lost her kids too, and her house is gone. She is grieving.”
They did not deserve the blame but Aelin put herself in the woman’s shoes. When she lost Sam she had lashed at his team. She had blamed them for not going with him. The pain had been too much to bear and was mad with grief. Being rational was the last thing she cared about.
“That does not allow her to blame us.” Added Asterin.
Aelin sighed “You guys remember me when I lost Sam. I started shouting at Thomas blaming him that as his lieutenant he didn’t do anything. I kept blaming him for a while, but then I spoke to him and he helped me understand what happened.” She added looking at them. They had all been there and saw her broken by grief “Let’s explain this woman what happened, let her know that we did all we could and let’s be understanding of her grief right now.”
“Yes captain.”
“Ok, let’s go back to our drills.”
Lysandra parked the ambulance in front of the address received by dispatch and she and Elide grabbed a jump bag each and were met by a screaming woman “please, come. Please help my friend.”
“What happened?”
“I live next door. I heard screaming, so I went out of the door and heard it was coming from my friend’s flat.” She explained while they climbed the stairs “she and her husband have been fighting a lot recently.”
The door of the flat was wide open and the two paramedics walked in carefully while the neighbour waited outside.
“Miss, are you okay? Paramedics here.” Lysandra took a step in the bedroom and saw a woman with a knife in her chest. Fuck. She opened her jump bag and grabbed the gauzes to try and stabilise the knife. It would have to be removed in a hospital. The woman cried and Lys tried to calm her. Then she turned to search for Elide and froze at the scene. The man, the husband probably, had Elide at knife point. From a quick assessment he was high. Which meant more danger. She had no idea how he could react.
“Let her die.” He shouted, clearly distressed “let the bitch die.”
Lysandra exchanged a look with Elide.
“Open your bag.” He said visibly shaking “open your damn bag and pull out the drugs or I kill your friend.” His knife dangerously close to Elide’s throat.
Lys was stuck. If she went to get the drugs the woman would die. But if she didn’t Elide would die.
Her partner nodded “let me take care of your wife, while my friend gets the drugs.”
“You make one move and you die.” Then he turned to Lys “Gimme the drugs.”
“We don’t keep them in the bags. I need to go back to the ambulance.”
“Leave… leave the radio here.”
Lysandra pulled off her radio and with her eyes apologised to Elide.
She ran downstairs and went to the ambulance and opened the driver’s seat and pulled the alarm and hoped that the police would be quick to react. Dispatch had their coordinates.
With shaky hands she grabbed a vial of ketamine and filled a syringe with it. Grabbed all the other vials and hoped it worked. The guy was so high that there was no chance he’d read the label.
She ran upstairs and found the man still with the knife at Elide’s throat.
The man spotted the syringe and quickly snatched from Lys’ hands and injected himself eagerly.
Lys smiled at Elide and a moment later the man collapsed on the ground.
Lys nodded and ran to the woman on the bed. They tried hard to revive her but the bleeding had been too much.
A few minutes later they heard the police climbing the stairs.
Chaol and Nesryn joined the two paramedics “are you okay?”
Shock passed, Elide sat on the bed and cracked. Lys stood and kept looking at the dead woman.
“I had to choose.” She said quietly to Chaol “he had Elide at knife point. I had to find a way out to get help. I let her die.” Nesryn walked to her and held her “you did the right thing. You could have both died.”
Chaol in the meantime had cuffed the man “Nes is right. It was the right decision.”
Lys’ hands shook “I am a paramedic,” she sobbed “my job is to help people. I failed this woman.”
Elide turned her head, then stood and reached her partner and hugged the woman “this is not on you. The knife was probably in the heart considering how much she was bleeding. There was little we could have done.”
“Come on ladies, we will escort you back to the station.”
They had started to protest but Chaol did not listen and he and Nesryn followed the ambulance while it got back to base. The perp still fast asleep and cuffed in the back of the car.
Aelin’s team was just getting off truck and engine when they spotted the ambulance and a patrol car pull on the apron. She dropped the jacket and with Aedion she ran to the paramedics. Lys parked the ambulance and Aelin knew something had gone wrong. Both women looked in shock and the police escort was the other sign. She let Aedion and the team fuss over them while she walked to Chaol “what happened?”
“Bad call.” He explained “a guy high on something attacked his wife with a knife. He held Elide at knife point while Lys tried to save the woman. Then she did manage to get out with an excuse and alerted us. Luckily we were on patrol very nearby. By the time we got there the perp was neutralised, but the wife was dead. They are in shock. We escorted them back just in case.”
Aelin hugged the two police officers “Thank you both.”
“We didn’t do much. Lys beat us to it.” Explained Chaol.
“Look after them.” Added Nesryn.
“Now we got to go and take the perp back to the station.”
As soon as the police car left, Aelin ran to her friends and crushed them in a strong hug “you are safe. That’s all that matters.” She kissed both of her cheeks “I am going to call Dorian and put the ambulance out of service for today.”
“You don’t have to.”
“Yes, she will.” Added Aedion “you two are still in shock. For today the ambulance services can pick up the slack of an extra ambulance. You let us fuss.”
Aelin smiled “What he said,” she added, when Lys stared at her with begging eyes. She knew her friends were strong, but that experience must have shocked them and that could lead to them not being concentrated on the job. No, they would look after their paramedics.
Aelin disappeared and when she returned ten minutes later, the team was in the common room and Brullo was preparing tea for everyone.
“Dorian gives his blessing. He said that if you want you can go home or stay with us. He is calling dispatch to let them know and then alert chief Harker of what happened.”
Aelin had even texted Lorcan to tell him that Elide needed him. She hasn’t gone into the specifics but the man had replied with a I am on my way. She had a feeling Rowan had taught Lorcan how to fuss.
The man strode into the station twenty minutes later and he must have come straight from work because he was still in his uniform.
“Where is she?” His voice was frantic. Aelin explained that she went to get cleaned and changed. Lorcan ran for the lockers room and saw Elide in a towel, sitting on the bench. He ran to her and hugged her “You are safe.”
“Yes,” said Elide quietly and the man panicked.
“What happened?”
She told him and Lorcan froze. His hands cupped her face and she felt them trembling. Was Lorcan afraid? The cold man who barely showed emotions was actually worried. He then looked at her neck looking for any cuts, but there was nothing. The guy had never actually cut her, but she had felt the blade inch closer
“I am taking you home.”
Elide shook her head “I am fine.” But from her voice Lorcan knew she wasn’t.
“No, get changed and I will take you home. I will cook something nice and we just relax for the day.”
Elide found the strength to grin “Lorcan Salvaterre, are you fussing?”
The man stood and grabbed her regular clothes from her locker “come on, young lady.”
“Did you take fussing lessons from Rowan?” She joked and Lorcan kept ignoring her and Elide had more fun “you are so cute.” Elide kissed him softly on the cheek.
“You were in danger.” He said through gritted teeth “I worry, okay? When you go out in the ambulance I worry, especially now.”
Elide stared at his reaction. Lorcan was always unflappable but now she could see panic in his eyes. She caressed his face “you care.”
Lorcan rolled his eyes “I have shown that I more than care about you.”
Elide finished dressing up and took his hand “Can we order in tonight?”
“All you want.”
They exited the lockers room and joined the rest of the team in the common room. Lysandra was on the sofa and Aedion was at her side fussing as well and the rest of the team was keeping them company.
“Guys, Lor is taking me home.”
Aelin went to hug Elide “Relax, okay?” Then she turned to Lorcan “you look after her.”
Lorcan nodded and eventually they both left.
The next day once the shift was over the two teams were ready in their clean uniforms to drive to the their meeting. Aelin had spent the night going through the report to make sure she had all the details memorised. She had also phoned Rowan and told him all that had happened and the lawyer’s meeting they had. He had been scared for Lys and Elide and Aelin told him that Lorcan had finally learned to fuss.
He had told her about his classes and that things were finally getting interesting. Rowan had also become good friend with Mark and confessed that one of the first nights they had gone out with the other guys they had stuck together while the rest tried to get girls in a pub. She had laughed and told him to stick with the married guy.
Now she was in the car with some of the others and she was getting nervous. She Manon and Nox had gone through once more all the decisions and the steps they took on the day. They had done all they could. Now it was a matter to convince the woman.
Once they arrived at HQ where they were going to have the meeting, Dorian met them all and lead them in the room. The woman and her lawyer were already there.
Aelin went to greet her in behalf of the station “I apologise for our slight tardiness. We just got back from a call and we had to clean up before coming here.”
“That’s okay captain, the chief told us.” Said the woman’s lawyer.
They all sat down and Aelin was asked to recount the events.
“When we arrived on the scene the fire was already deep in the structure,” she started looking around the room at all the participants “Chief split us and ordered a quick primary search. We were told by Mrs Watt that the rest of her family was still in the house but she had no idea on which floor.” She turned to her team “Aedion, Ansel and Ress took the ground floor.” And pointed at the people “Manon, Nox and I went upstairs.” She stopped for a second, from now on she would have to be super precise “the fire was rolling and enveloped the entire floor and thick smoke made visibility very scarce.” She continued “I crouched and started to sweep the bedroom. I used my hand to reach under the bed and in other corners. I found no one” she stopped and looked at the widow “I heard Manon call that her room was clear and at the same time the chief order us to evacuate. I stood and took a step to the door when I felt something against my boot. I kneeled and felt a hand.” She kept telling and she could see the woman starting to tear up and it was breaking her heart too “I shouted at Manon and Nox for assistance, all three of us ignoring Dorian’s shouts to evacuate. I had felt something under the bigger hand. It was a smaller one.” The widow burst into tears “We moved your husband and found the two kids under him.”
“Nox and I grabbed the kids who we knew were still alive as they had been moving, and Aelin grabbed your husband.” Continued Manon “we had no idea of his condition until we were outside. Our priority was just to get out.”
Aelin nodded “Mrs Watt, people calls us heroes for what we do, but what your husband did, he was the true hero.” The woman nodded while sobbing loudly “We disobeyed orders to find them, and I am glad we did.” She paused “On behalf of all my team I want to pass our condolences.” She looked at the woman and barely kept a few tears from coming.
Once the lawyers were happy, the team was asked to wait outside while Dorian and the commissioner dealt with all the other aspects of the inquiry.
They all sat down.
“One heck of a finale for you captain,” joked Ress to Aedion.
Aedion sighed deeply “Hopefully the political bigwigs will fix it.”
Aelin sat in a corner silent, ignoring her team chatting away. For some reason she had connected with the woman. Her irrational reaction had brought her back memories and it hurt more than she thought possible. Deep down she realised that no matter how deeply she loved Rowan, a part of her still mourned Sam and the brutal way he was taken from her, especially after discovering the truth.
She was moping away when both Dorian and the commissioner appeared from the office and they all stood anxious to hear the verdict.
“Mrs Watt has accepted your testimony. After hearing your retelling of the facts she could see that you had done all you could and put your life in jeopardy. She is grateful for her sons’ life.”
Aelin and the team visibly relaxed.
“She decided to drop the lawsuit.”
They all relaxed at the news.
It was Friday morning and Rowan was already awake as usual. He donned his jumpsuit and silently sneaked out of his quarters without waking up Mark. The man had confessed that the only positive thing about being away was that he could catch up on the sleep that had become a luxury with kids.
Once outside he took the path towards the galley and went for breakfast. He grabbed his phone, which he had stashed in his pocket and had a look at Aelin’s texts. She was up already, ready to go on shift.
Had it been another Friday he’d be counting down to the hours until he could fly home. But it was their first week and they were not allowed to leave yet. He had known from the beginning and he had told her as well. He missed her. They had developed a routine and he would phone in the evening when he was free of classes. If she was on a call when he phoned, she would phone him back as soon as she returned to quarters.
Rowan went to the self service area and put some food on his tray for breakfast and sat down on a table and went back texting Aelin. He had been telling about pilot school life and she had texted back that she had learned to make scrambled eggs.
Rowan had been very proud.
Just try not to become too good a chef. You might get rid of me.
Whitethorn, scrambled eggs is all I am doing. Even bacon is far too much.
Rowan had laughed. He tried to imagine her in their kitchen with her fire blanket and the extinguisher.
A week, he had to resist for a week.
After that only 5 months and three weeks to go.
He sighed and returned to his food when someone took a seat at his side.
“Morning, Whitethorn.”
He was one of his class mates. One of the good ones that he and Mark had befriended quite easily. Another married man. The other guys had started calling the three of them the boring trio. Mostly because in the week so far the group had gone out a few times and the three of them had been the ones turning away all the women that had flocked to a group of airforce pilots. They had pestered him especially, telling him that he was not married and that if he kept his mouth shut he could have fun and keep his girlfriend. Rowan had been horrified by the idea.
“Mark still asleep?”
“He was when I left him.” Replied Rowan.
“I bet he is trying to get all the sleep he can now that he is away.”
Rowan chuckled “that’s what he told me.”
The other man nodded “I hate that we can’t go home this weekend. I honestly think this is going to be worst than deployment.”
“How so?” Rowan looked at the man opposite from him.
“Because while deployed you know you are stuck. You make peace with it and just go on with the day job.” He explained “Here, you know you can go home on a Friday and have to be back by Sunday night. You spend the week counting for those five days to pass. Then Friday arrives and goes and you are back here, waiting for another week to pass.”
Rowan could see the man’s point. In a sense it was far crueler. It was a constant desire for the week to go fast and the weekend to slow down.
Rowan ate his food in silence “The time would go faster if we were allowed to do the cool stuff. I am tired of books.”
The other man nodded vigorously “yes,” then he grabbed a bite of his breakfast “are you and Mark joining the group going out tonight?”
“If only they’d stop setting me up with women I am not interested in.”
The other man laughed “I think some of them cannot conceive the idea of monogamy.”
Rowan scoffed “it’s not rocket science.” He paused “I think I will be boring Rowan tonight. Aelin is on shift so I will give her a phone hoping that dispatch alarm will not interrupt us.”
“I just think is so cool that your other half is a firefighter. It sounds so badass.”
Rowan smiled openly “that she is.” And he told his classmates some of the stunts she pulled.
In that moment Mark joined them.
“Look who decided to join the realm of the living.” He gave them a tight smile and Rowan worried “Are you okay?”
“Yes, “ he sat down beside him placing his tray on the table “my wife called me because the kids wanted to talk to me and when I had to say goodbye they started crying. It was heartbreaking.” The man played absentmindedly with his fork “I honestly don’t know why I keep doing this. I should have taken the instructor job but no, here I am going off for six months.”
Rowan understood the pain. Six months was worth the separation if then it meant a post with no more deployment. But from his friend’s perspective must be hell to be away from the kids too.
“Hey, you and I can be boring together tonight.” Rowan joked.
Mark smiled “Oh yes, there is no way I am going out.”
“Traitors,” said the third man laughing and throwing a napkin at Rowan in revenge.
The trio chatted amicably and then once breakfast was over they walked to the first class of the day.
I know you are on shift tonight. Any chance we can have a nice evening chat?
For you, I’ll smash dispatch alarm.
Rowan laughed out loud Heading to class. Be safe.
I love you, buzzard.
East team was having lunch when dispatch alarm went off and the team groaned.
“Structure fire,” called Nox as he started driving the engine to its destination.
They arrived pretty quickly and saw a residential building enveloped in flames. They parked truck, engine and ambulance in front of it and saw a crowd of people, hopefully the residents all gathered outside. Aelin jumped off the engine and started moving toward the crowd “move back, move back at a safe distance.”
She turned and started assessing the fire. The flames had engulfed at least two floors.
“Manon, take truck team and lead a primary search on the first floor.” The woman nodded and took her team into the building “Engine, you are with me. Ress, man the aerial and take Nox and Asterin on the roof to vent it.” Then Aelin heard it. A scream. She looked up and spotted a person waving from the top of the building. She masked up “I am am going up.” Swiftly she climbed on the engine and ran up the aerial following Nox and Asterin. Dorian arrived in that instant and she heard him take over the incident.
The three arrived on the roof and as they moved a step the floor felt wrong. She stopped the others two “stay close to the edge. The fire has reached the roof.” The other two started very slowly their job while Aelin spotted the victim. It was a teenage boy. She looked around trying to come up with a way to reach him. Walking on the roof was a no go. Then she had an idea. Aelin grabbed some ropes and tied them tightly to the top of the aerial then harnessed herself to it.
“Cap?” Asked Nox worrying about what crazy stunt she was going to pull.
Aelin climbed on the parapet and went on all fours and started crawling along its length. Then she felt it. The roof gave up. Nox was safe but Asterin was dragged down with it. Aelin stopped and flattened on the ledge “Manon, Asterin just went down with the roof, she is probably on the third floor. Send someone to locate her.”
“We’ll get her, cap.”
Aelin continued her crawl toward the teenager. It wasn’t far now. The last metre felt like the longest.
She finally reached the boy “I got you.” Aelin tied a rope around his waist and attached him to her harness for extra safety “Nox, you gotta catch us.”
“You what?”
Aelin ignored him and turned to the boy “I will get you out of here but you need to hang on to me super tight. Do you trust me?”
Aelin stood on the parapet and grabbed the kid “now. Hold on as hard as you can and close your eyes.” Then she looked at Nox and nodded at the man and wound her arms around the boy. Then she jumped and the rope swung and once it reached the other side Nox grabbed it and pulled Aelin and the kid on the parapet and then safely back on the roof.
“You are crazy.”
“It worked, though.” Said Aelin and released the teenager from her grip. In that instant Wes climbed up the aerial and was ready to get the boy back to safety. Aelin removed her ropes “How’s Asterin? I was too busy to listen to radio chatter.”
“Manon got her. She is fine. Probably some bruises but she is helping truck with primary search.”
Aelin sighed.
“I vented the roof.”
“Good. Let’s get down and have my arse chewed by Dorian.”
The two slowly climbed down and saw the boy reunited with his family. She crossed stares with Dorian who shook his head with a smile on his face. Oh well, he didn’t seem too mad. Slowly the rest of truck started to file out with the victims and Aelin grabbed a water line with Borte, Kyllian and Nox and started killing the fire as soon as Manon came out calling an all clear.
While working on the water line Nox was telling the other guys the crazy stunt Aelin had just pulled.
“Damn woman, you really are reckless.”
Aelin just smiled smugly.
And while they put out the rest of the fire, Lysandra fussed over Asterin and Elide was busy checking a few more victims.
Once the fire was out the chief called for overhaul and eventually an hour later they were on the way back to the station.
“I wish I had filmed it.” Added Nox while driving. “It was so fucking awesome.”
Aelin chuckled “thanks buddy for grabbing us.”
Back at the station Aelin ordered everyone to get lunch and then to get the bunker gear scrubbed. She sighed. She wished she had Aedion at her side. So she just texted him about the crazy stunt. Aelin missed him. it had only been a few days but not having Aedion as her second was still hard. She loved Manon. The woman had potential and she was positive she’d make a wonderful second, but with Aedion she had developed a deep working bond.
Slowly she walked to the bathroom and cleared her face from sweat and smoke and then went back to the lunch they had to abandon. She was famished.
Once she got back to the common room Aelin found her team in front of the tv. All of them “what is going on? Why no one is eating?”
Ansel pointed to the tv and saw a video image of her rescue.
“It’s all over the news. Someone filmed it from the road and according to the news it’s all over social media. It’s spreading fast.”
“They call you flying firewoman.”
Aelin laughed “I am going to have lunch.” She dismissed them. She did not like the idea of her rescue to go viral. That would mean reporters popping at the station and she did not want to deal with that.
She pulled her phone out and found a text from Aedion You are one crazy woman.
Rowan was in the common room enjoying some down time when one of his classmates ran to him waving his phone “Whitethorn have you seen this?”
He looked up and at his phone “isn’t this your girlfriend?”
He grabbed the phone and rewatched the video. That was Aelin, and when she swung the rope his heart sank.
“Damn man, she is amazing.” His colleague was in a daze of admiration.
Rowan nodded and stood. He went to his quarters and sat on his bed, his hands shaking. He was proud of her… but that was a crazy move and while he saw her jump off the parapet he had been terrified.
He grabbed his phone and rang her. Aelin picked up in an instant and his heart raced “Hi.”
“Hi sexy.”
Rowan was silent for a moment “I saw your flying stunt. One of my classmates just showed it to me.”
He heard Aelin sigh deeply “Yeah, that has gone viral already. It was the only way to save that boy.”
“Aelin that was insane. You almost gave me a heart attack.” His voice had come out harsher than he expected.
“Sorry.” She apologised.
Silence hung between them “Ro, are you okay?”
“Yes, I guess I am just being a worrywart. I know it’s your job but I fear for you. Everyday.”
Aelin’s heart raced. He was away and couldn’t even read his expression and that made her nervous. She could not tell if he was mad at her or not.
“I hate being away. I spent the whole day thinking that it’s Friday and I should be with you and I am not. I am just asking myself why I am doing this. While I am putting you aside for six months for my career.”
Aelin felt tears sting her eyes. She knew Rowan still felt a bit of guilt for what had happened with Lyria. He probably thought about Helen’s words on a daily basis. Yes, having him away was hard on her as well and she hated it but she did not want to be the possessive girlfriend who prevented her man to follow a career he liked.
“Sometimes I wished you told me not to do it.” She heard him sigh deeply “I wish the marshal kicked me out completely.” He went silent for a moment “I can’t do this anymore.”
“Put the camera on.” She told him, activating her camera as well and when he appeared he looked sad and the view broke her heart “Listen to me, we can do this. I love you, Ro, I know it’s hard and I miss you too.” She told him staring at him in his green eyes “it’s the last sacrifice. In about six months you will be back to me and it will be easier.” He looked tired and she was now the one to fuss “have you been sleeping? You look exhausted.”
She knew Rowan was still suffering from lingering ptsd from the last mission. Since the night at the station when had broken down in tears in her lap he had opened up a bit more to her and allowed her in. She had helped the same way he had been at her side after the airport fire and he had seemed to improve but was aware that he would wake up at night sometimes from nightmares.
“You probably miss the hot blonde at your side.”
He finally chuckled and she relaxed a bit “I will make sure I have a lot of sexy lingerie ready for you next weekend.”
“I will need a lot of cheering up.”
He heard dispatch alarm and knew their time was up “Ro, I am here. If you need me you call me.”
“I love you. And no more stunts.”
“I will try and behave.”
Aelin closed the conversation and ran to the engine and for a moment she hoped Rowan was fine.
Then she stashed away het feeling and was ready for the next call.
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yunhostinyuyu · 2 years
pairing: bad boy!san x fem reader
genre: college au, suggestive, almost smut
wc: 3.1k
synopsis: Y/N swore herself to never get involved with people like Choi San: the typical fuckboy. She hated him (or she at least made herself believe she did) but thats the exact reason that drew him towards her...
warnings: teasing, making out, mentions of sex, alcohol and drugs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
„look at who we have here? Y/N doing her dirty laundry, never thought I’d witness that.“
you were hunched on your floor with baskets of freshly washed clothes all around the floor. Whipping your head to the door of your dorm‘s bathroom, and you immediately regret it. The cheeky comment came from no other than Choi San - Resident fuck boy and unfortunately, your roommates best friend. He is the type of guy your parents would warn you from. The type to play with a girl until he’s satisfied and dips right after.
The type of you you would never want to get involved with in any sort of way.
But, since he hangs around your dorm frequently and you share a few classes and lectures, that was not easy. Crashing on the couch you bought with your roommate bought together when you moved in, more often than you’d like. Throwing certain looks at you when you entered the lecture halls or passed by him when he was chatting and smoking with his friends off campus. Never letting you breathe for a single moment, he enjoyed teasing you. Needless to say you hated his guts for many things, and he just added more reasons to your imaginary list with every passing day you saw him around campus.
Meanwhile, you’re lifestyle was the complete opposite of his, being the well mannered and friendly classmate, the typical nice girl everyone thought you were - and what your parents wanted you to be. Of course, you were not always like that, especially around your friends. With them you could act the way you truly are, and that was anything but the front you put on most of the time. But San made you drop any sort of friendliness to curse at him every chance you got. And right now was no different:
“Fuck off Choi. Wooyoung isn’t here, so leave.” you spat while not paying anymore attention to him, instead going back to the task at hand.
Taking a few steps towards you, inspecting the room as if he had seen it for the first time, and paying close attention of you putting clothes out of the washing machine. His eyes paying close attention to your hands that move in fluid motions.
“I know, but he’ll be here any second.” Trailing off, and you decided to not even answer him - he isn’t worth your time or nerves right now, after all he just wanted to get under your skin and rile you up. And the less you talk, the better.
He hums to himself, as he bends down to pick up one black, lacy pair of undergarments, inspecting them closely. His thumbs grazing over the neat material, fingertips holding them up in the air. You don’t realize he took something from the basket to your left until he comments on them.
“Are these new? Must be, huh... your little ass would look sooo cute in them. Are you gonna wear them for me one day, Y/N?” his low voice echoed through the tiled room, and you are fast to react: snatching the pair of panties back, out of his grip and throwing it back into the basket. Scoffing, showing your stride at him without any hesitation. “In your dreams. Now, leave me alone. I’m not gonna repeat myself, Choi.” Your features twist as you grow more and more annoyed with him.
“Oh don’t worry,” he backed up a few steps, but the cocky grin stayed on his lips, “with that attitude I’ll most certainly dream of it.”
You heard the door twist, which could only mean that Wooyoung was finally here to save you from any further suggestive comments. Considering you couldn’t stand anything more that was about to leave his mouth.
Admittedly, San has his reputation for a reason: him being one of the most handsome guys you have ever laid your eyes on. And if he wasn’t such an asshole, there would be a possibility you’d be interested in him. And yes, if the stigma that your parents had embroidered into your brain, that ‘sex is bad’ and to stay ‘pure’ until you’re married. If you could push that out of your mind for good, you would be maybe like San. Maybe, you’d even be with him... but god forbid he would ever find out you thought of him like that, especially when you had one of your moments, late at night. If he would know about your honest thoughts, he would use it to his advantage. He wouldn’t give in until he got his way with you - in his very own way.
“San-ah! Come on, we gotta go!” your roommate screams and prompts the visitor to get going quick.
“Too bad, guess I’ll see you around, Y/N. Maybe one day my dreams will become reality nonetheless.” He turns on his heels and dashes towards his friend. The repeating sound of the lock falling into place made you sigh out loudly, pressing your forehead against the cold material of the washing machine you’re still sitting in front of.
Incidents like these are not new and you have already gotten used to San having zero shame when it came to anything even remotely personal or sexual. He knew how he comes across, which only scores him more and more girls to take home and to make his body count grow rapidly. But until now, it hasn’t worked with you, and he’s trying time and time again to wrap you around his finger. Without success.
And you planned to keep it this way.
“I hate you for dragging me here.” you groaned after you kept chewing on the rim of your red cup. The girl on your right ignored your comment and kept scanning the crowd.
It was unbelievable, but yes: you were stuck on a frat party... again. Your cousin Mijung needed to meet a guy she was planning on hooking up with, and you lost a bet, so you had to go with her. In secret, she was still scared to go by herself and you wanted to help her - regardless of that you hated parties like this. Obviously, you hoped that she wouldn’t leave your side too soon, but at the same time it only meant you could get home earlier, which was a win in your books.
„Sure you do. But I don’t care right now, because you owe it to me. You could let loose for once and also get some good di-“
„No, I’m not, and you know I can’t!“ you cut Mijung off and she lifts her hands up in defeat.
She just scoffs while scanning the place for faces she might recognize. “Yes, yes I know. God forbid your parents ever find out your at a party like this, or even have sex. But they have nothing to worry about.” Thinking to yourself that they really do not need to worry, but deep inside you wanted to do all these things that you got restricted from. Forcefully restricted yourself from, and the longer you thought about it, you wanted to go against it. Date and sleep with guys as you please, live a little. But still, something unknown was holding you back from it.
“You know it’s not just that but also-“ you started explaining yourself for the nth time in your life, but now she cut you off and hopped off her barstool. The man she was waiting for finally appeared and she left with him after they exchanged a quick peck as a greeting. Being uncomfortable with the scene, you fumbled with your phone in order not to look awkward or out of place - but that’s exactly what you were. And on top of that, you were alone.
You held your phone tightly in your grip, watching over the intense crowd, people on people and the sight made you nauseous, especially when you locked eyes with someone that was kissing or grinding on each other. You wanted to be able to do those sorts of things, but at the same time it scared you, almost disgusted you. But the sting of alcohol in your cup that you barely drank made everything worse. The situation altogether was just too much for you.
“Now look at that, am I high or is the notorious Y/N at our place?”
You cursed to yourself when you recognized his voice.
“Fuck off, Choi.” was the first and only thing that you could think of while still scrolling mindlessly through your apps to appear busy.
He slides into the seat Mijung left empty just a few minutes ago. “Now, you know that doesn’t affect me. I just wanna talk a bit. I’m not feeling getting hammered tonight if I’m being honest.” He started a conversation and you forced yourself to look at him. He looked too good to be true with his messy hair and black shirt and jeans. But you ignored his visuals in order to give him a strict look.
“And what do you wanna talk about? We never talk. And I’m not gonna be here for much longer anyways.” You explained and San rose and eyebrow at your comment. “Oh? So we’re do you plan on going?”
You didn’t know, since Mijung was left so early, you haven’t given it any thought other than going back home, even if it was too early to leave, but yet dark outside.
“Home. To my dorm. I hate places like this.” You looked away, and he noticed your discomfort. The atmosphere was really awkward between the two of you. As a result you turned slightly away from him.
He sighs, “You know, we can go somewhere quiet.” You adamantly shake your head at his suggestion, “no, I’m not going anywhere with you. You’re aware of your reputation and so am I. I’m not doing that.” you spat disheartinly, assuming it was another one of his attempts to get into your pants. But surprisingly, it wasn’t.
“No, you listen now,” he took hold of your arm and twisted you back to face him. “You’re uncomfortable here, I can see that. I’m taking you to my room. And not to get with you, but because I promised Wooyoung to take him home when he’s completely wasted tonight. I can take you home then alongside him.” he says and his brows furred a little.
Wooyoung was someone you trusted, so if he trusted San to take him home when he’s completely shitfaced, then maybe you could also trust him? All alarms went off in your head telling you he was anything but trustworthy. But as you looked into his eyes, there was something genuine about his offer. But after a few moments of thinking, you gave him the benefit of the doubt: you complied and nodded, “okay, but just because Woo trusts you.” But that was enough for him.
He got up and urged you to come after him, walking up the stairs until the loud noises from the other people steadily died down. After the two of you entered his room, your nervousness und sense of awkwardness disappeared again. Even if it was San, you were used to him, to his presence. And it was better then to be lost and alone downstairs.
“Make yourself feel at home.” He introduces you when he plops down at his bed, while you took a closer look around his personal space. There were plenty of books on his shelf, a flag hung up on the wall, and the desk was messy in books and other stuff he used frequently. To be honest, you imagined his room to be more messy, but it was just a kind of creative chaos.
The silence in his room was thick. He watched your movements closely for a while, but you tried to give him not much attention, even if you felt his stares linger on you. Minutes passed until he started to speak up again:
“Do you mind if I ask you something? I’m kinda curious, y’know.”
You turned around and look into his eyes, that are loosely hidden behind his dark strains of hair over his forehead. Arms pushed behind him on the bed to support his upper body, leaning back. You walk back a little until you sit down in a giant bean bag that was in the center of the small room. While you adjust yourself you look over to him once again, signaling him to continue talking. He sits up a little, leaning forward, elbows resting on his thighs.
“You know, any other girl would beg me to fuck them if they were in your spot. Why are you so determined to do anything but that?”
Taken aback, you knew San was bold, but you didn’t expect him to go there, especially not at this time, when he offered a hide out for you so considerably. Shrugging your shoulders you dip your chip to your chest and try to figure out a way to answer his question.
“I’m, uhm, I’m... it’s just not my thing.” You stutter out, and you are pretty sure you have an aura of uncertainty surrounding you. Of course, San picks up on it:
“Wait, not your thing? What kinda guy did you sleep with that make you think that way about sex? Or girl?” His facial expressions clearly confused, not yet understanding your reasoning.
You stayed silent. Because you couldn’t muster to say the truth: you haven’t. Yes, you were a still a virgin, in college. Nobody knew other than Mijung, not even any of your closest friends. And the fact that San was this close to discovering your secret, or probably already did, made you anxious.
“Mmh, I get it now. You never got laid. Not even once in your life. Am I Right?” He assumed and hit the nail right on the head. You wanted to cuss him out, hit and slap him, but that would only prove him right. The blush that crept on your face was answer enough for him. He stood up from his place on the bed to sit back down next to you on the floor. You couldn’t look at him, because of the pure humiliation he’s putting you through, trying to get swallowed by the fuzzy material of your seat.
“So that’s the reason you’re acting like this most of the time: you have never gotten any action together than with yourself. How am I only just now figuring this out?” He chuckles, having you in a spot were you couldn’t get out as easy as you’d like. Still not opting to speak, gnawing at the inside of your cheek instead, but you don’t need to anyway, because he continues to piece the evidence together.
“Wooyoung once mentioned you had strict parents, you know. Judging by how you act around your friends, I didn’t think you’d care about what they thought, no? You’re well past the age of being ‘daddy’s good girl’. And also by the way you throw shallow insults at me every time we are in the same room, I can tell you that you’re anything but the nice girl your parents want you to be. That’s not the real you. But Y/N, you know it’s your life? You can do whatever you want? If you want to take drugs, take them. If you want to smoke, smoke. If you want to get dicked down, then for fucks sake get some! You’re old enough to make your own decisions.”
Stunned by his rant, you scanned his face for any signs of emotions, but it was really hard to tell what was going on in his head. He sighs and dips his chin to the side, before finding your eyes again, taking your hand into his rough ones. The physical touch had a certain effect on you, and you wanted to be closer to him. Your future self your probably slap yourself in the face for this, but right now you got lost in his dark eyes and deep stare. Feeling vulnerable under the intensity of his gaze, not knowing what to do or say. Taking a quick breath, you uttered under your breath “where is this going, San?” Against all expectations, he smiles.
“Anything that happens here, between you and I, nobody else is gonna know about it. Not a single soul.” His hand slowly start to wander up your arm, touching the skin of your neck and threads his fingers through the strains of hair that rest on your shoulder. You don’t feel anything other than the alarms in the back of your mind slowly subside and be replaced by other thoughts.
“Just tell me no and I’ll stop.” His voice comes out raspy and seductive, and it sends waves of arousal down your core, even if the only physical contact you two had was from his wandering hands. The thought excited you, and he had a point: you could do whatever you wanted, and up until now, the consequences would keep you from giving into him. But there are no worries of the sort holding you back anymore, and if it was only for tonight, so be it. He was to strong, his effect was too strong.
His eyes never leave yours, until you give him an answer.
“Yes, okay. Yes I want it. I want you to show me what I’m missing out on.” You brace yourself for whats coming next, but nothing could prepare you for what he had in mind. He grabs your hips to lift you up, and in shock your arms fly to grab his shoulders. He settles you down in his lap, hands immediately find your ass and grips the flesh through your jeans. You both lean forward, hot breath mixing and hitting your faces. That was until San looses his patience just a few seconds later and presses his lips onto yours. And it wasn’t like anything you have ever felt before.
The two of you move in sync for what feels like ages, his tongue entering your mouth and taking the lead as he continues to grip your waist and butt to draw a few whimpers out of you. Your fingers found their place in his nape and gripped his hair as you busied your mouth with his. He breaks the kiss and moves down towards your neck and starts to suck on your skin, making marks blossom in shades of red and purple.
“If you want this to be a secret, you should make sure to cover up your marks later, because I’m not letting you go without adding my mark to your beautiful, beautiful body.”
Eyes blown out in lust, and you died in anticipation. He sucked more and more hickeys until he was satisfied with the finished product. He lifted his head up again and you wanted to kiss him again.
But then, you heard something hit the door from the outside, followed by a thud and a load groan. “San-ah! Let me in, I need to -“
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teddy06writes · 2 years
A Day In The Life
requesred by this genius anon: “Aight imma hit you with a good one: Literally everything as platonic, but a day in the life of reader in high school with the minor gang (too my, tubbo, ranboo) and all the faculty at the school are dreamsmp members”
Platonic! Minors gang (tommy, tubbo, ranboo and purpled) x reader
trigger warnings: none
premise: a day in the life of a student at the DSMP public high school 
{with all the shit that goes on the smp there's no way it could be anything but a public school}
{also if I do things slightly off or something its cause my high school is weird, we only have four blocks a day, but I think most have seven, so we’re going with that}
{also the dream/george thing, is based on two of the sciences teachers at my school being suspected of having an affiar}
{Full teacher list:
English: Mr. NotFound
Drama: Mr. Soot
Spanish: Mr. Dream (its mexican dream lol)
Gym: Coach Sapnap and Coach Punz
Home ec: Miss Nihachu
Music: Mr. Quackity
Chemistry: Mr. Halo}
Home room: Mr. Callahan
You sighed, trudging toward the school entrance, god it was way to early for this. 
The halls were already crowded with people heading to there home rooms, and Mr. Minecraft, the principal, was standing outside the admin offices, greeting everyone with a smile. 
“Good morning, (y/n).” 
“Good morning Mr. Minecraft.” You grumbled as you passed. 
You hurried through the foyer and up the stairs, toward Mr. Callahan’s room. 
“Hey!” Tubbo called, hurrying down the hallway, “(y/n)!”
“Hey Tubbo.” you yawned.
He fell into step with you, “You think Callahan will actually show today?” 
The one good thing about your home room teacher is that none of the kids ever seemed to have seen him. It meant that some days, while other home rooms had lectures of bullying or something, your class got to hang out for 30 minutes. 
“I don’t think he even exists.” Purpled said, falling in on your other side. 
“He definitely doesn’t.” You agreed. 
History: Mr. Blade
“Hey (y/n)!” Ranboo called from his seat at the front of the room as you came in. 
He was lucky enough to have moved homerooms and ended up getting the same room as his first block. 
“Hello Ranboo.” you sighed, sitting down in your seat next to him. 
Tommy came in and plopped down behind you, “Well you sound like shit.”
“No swearing in my classroom, Tommy.” Mr. Blade chided, hardly looking up from the book on his desk. 
You turned to look at Tommy, “It’s too early for this.” 
“You say that everyday!” He laughed. 
“Yeah! Cause this class starts at 7:45 in the god damn morning!” You half exclaimed. 
“Bloody hell you’d think you’d get used to it-” 
“Tommy, what did I say about swearing?” Mr. Blade cut Tommy off. 
“But you didn’t yell at (y/n)!” Tommy yelled, “That’s not fair Tech!” 
Me. Blade glared at his brother, “Do you want me to send you down to Phil’s office Tommy?” 
“I didn’t even do anything!”
After a moment under Mr. Blades glare, Tommy sighed, “Please don’t send me down to Phil.” 
The teacher didn’t respond, instead standing up and moving to stand in front of the board, queuing up the intro slides for the day, “All right everyone, settle down. Today in our ‘tour of the ancient world’ or whatever, we’re going to start our mini unit on Greece.”
Statistics/Math: Mr. Was Taken
After a class that ended mostly in a rant about the myth of Heracles, you said goodbye to Ranboo and Tommy and met up with Purpled to head to math. 
Mr. Wastaken was already passing out the notes when you two got there, sliding into your seats at the back of the classroom just as the bell rang. 
“You’re late.” He chided, dropping the papers onto your desk, then Purpleds. 
“Purp needed to refill his water bottle.” You explained. 
“Seriously?” Mr. Wastaken questioned, “Dude, it’s second block, why the hell was your water already empty?” 
Purpled shrugged, “P.E?” 
“Ehh, wrong, Sapnap doesn’t have you till sixth period.” 
“Stairs... are murder man.” He fumbled. 
You nodded, “First floor to the fourth floor is tough Mr. Wastaken.” 
Rolling his eyes, the teacher moved back to the front of the room, “Alright, last nights homework was a bit of a flop so we’ll be more review for the quiz tomorrow.” 
You groaned internally, pulling out your pencil. 
Purpled nodded, “I fuckin hate review days.” 
“I can hear you, you know!” Mr. WasTaken half yelled. 
Chemistry: Mr. Halo
After Math you and Purpled headed down to the science hall to meet back up with Tubbo to head to Chem. 
“Welcome back everybody!” Mr. Halo greeted cheerily, “Good to see smiling faces for chemistry!” 
How he managed to stay so upbeat, no one would ever know.
You sat down at your lab table with Tubbo, “You think we actually make it to doing the lab today before he starts talking about Mr. Skeppy again?” 
“Oh no chance.” 
You chuckled, pulling out your notebook as Mr. Halo pulled up the opening review before the lab. 
Twenty minutes later found you elbow deep in the lab, quite literally. 
“It was supposed to just be a small scale elephants toothpaste!” Mr. Halo cried. 
Purpled grinned, “You should’ve taken my wildcard factor into account sir.” 
You laughed, wiping the foam off your apron (thank god for lab aprons), “That was brilliant!” 
A few minutes earlier, Tubbo had helped him do out the math to scale up the experiment by 20%, and you had willingly given up your own materials to help.
Now most of the classroom was covered in the foam, and Purpled and the girl who had been unfortunate enough to be partnered with him were knee deep in it. 
“I sent the video to the groupchat.” Tubbo whispered.
“Good.” You chuckled again. 
Mr. Halo groaned, “You three start cleaning this up, Elizabeth, dear, why don’t you join a different group.”
“I volunteer to switch with her!” Drista yelled, “they look like fun!” 
Mr. Halo sighed, “No- no absolutely not- I can’t deal with you added to the mix.” 
Drista pouted, the rest of the class went back to there work, and you, Tubbo and Purpled began to clean up the foam. 
Drama: Mr. Soot
As Purpled left for his history class, you and tubbo headed twoard the music/performing arts suit, where you met up with Ranboo. 
“Tommy said he wished he could’ve been there to see the foam.” Ranboo reported as Tubbo peeled off into the band room, and you both continued on to the green room. 
“Hello, Hello, Hello!” Mr. Soot greeted in an aussie accent (you know the one). 
“Oh god please say were not doing accents today.” Ranboo muttered. 
Mr. Soot laughed, “Nah, we’re going to do some more rounds of improv.” 
“Oh thank god.” You said as you moved to take a seat at one of the side tables. 
“That would have been hell.” Ranboo agreed. 
More people poured into the room, take seats all around as Mr. Soot began to dig through on of the closets. 
As the bell rang he let out a triumphant cheer, turning around and brandishing a very large bowl of paper slips, “I found the prompts!” 
“Oh dear lord.” Ranboo muttered.
“Mr. Soot can we please do like, anything else?” You asked, “Like scenes, or hell I’d even take monologues, you know we’re all shit at improv!” 
The teacher sighed, “I suppose we could do something else. I guess we can begin our next topic, you’re all going to be assigned scenes and given time to practice them, we’ll present on Friday!” 
The entire class breathed a sigh of relief that you had managed to change his mind. 
~~ English: Mr. NotFound 
After a very chaotic lunch full of Tubbo retelling a bunch of jokes Mr. Quackity had told during music,  you trudged off to the one class that didn’t have any of your main group of friends in. 
The one good thing about having Mr. NotFound as a teacher was that he had no clue what he was doing. 
More often then not you would be left to do essays or read the required books, and then watch the movies that went along with them.
And, just your luck, your English block happened to take place during Mr. Wastaken’s prep period. 
“Right, everyone, today’s a work day, finish up anything you need to for this class, or another, and I’ll put on a movie.” Mr. NotFound said as soon as everyone was seated. 
Ten minutes into the movie the teacher had left, and you pulled up the group chat.
(y/n): Mr. NotFound has yet again suspiciously left during class. 
Purp: sus
Purp: just went by WasTaken’s room
Purp: he’s not there
BooBoy: I saw him down in the science hall ten minutes ago
BeEs: Science hall is oposite to English isn’t it
(y/n): yeah it is
BooBoy: very sus
Purp: I swear their having an affair
BeEs: defintly a lesbian
BeEs: *leassion
BeEs: lesion
BeEs: le-a-zon
BeEs: you know what I mean!
BooBoy: take your time Tubbo
You chuckled quietly, putting your phone down to look back up at the movie on the screen. 
Spanish: Mr. Dream (its mexican dream lol)
“AYYYY kids!”
You groaned as your Spanish teacher burst into the room.
“What is with this guy?” Tommy muttered. 
“ayy man not cool.” Mr. Dream said. 
“Mr. Dream your ten minutes late!” Someone pointed out. 
“SHut up man. And I told you just call me Mexican Dream!” The teacher said. 
You frowned, “That doesn’t make sense, theres no way your first name is ‘mexican’.” 
“Well its not,” He explained, “But its cause I’m the Mexican version of that math teacher!” 
“Why couldn’t I have taken French like Boo and Purp?” Tommy asked the ceiling quietly.
~~ Home ec: Miss Nihachu
The last block of the day was always the best, but not just because school would be over soon. 
There were three main reasons why everyone agreed it was the best. 
1. Miss Nihachu was the nicest teacher in school
2. baking was done often, and everyone always got to take some home
3. it was the one class you, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo and Purpled all had together. 
Soon your found yourself crowded into one of the tiny kitchen areas with all your friends, as Miss Nihachu gave instructions. 
“Now, if you make a mess you will be cleaning it up! I’m looking at your kitchen a!” She said, half threateningly.
Ranboo pushed away from the group, “I’m not with them I swear!” 
Miss Nihachu rolled her eyes playfully, “Sure your not.” 
Surprisingly, a mess was not fully made. 
Somehow between Tommy wanting to taste the cookie dough at every step from butter to flour, Tubbo trying to add as many chocolate chips as he could, and Purpled all but refusing to move from where he was sitting on the counter, you and Ranboo managed to get the cookies into the oven with no real disasters. 
As you wiped down the empty counter space you sighed, “That wasn’t too bad.” 
“Yeah.” Tubbo agreed. 
Tommy only nodded, still eating the large glob of cookie dough he’d stolen. 
Ten minutes before the bell rang and when everyone was supposed to be finishing cleaning up you sniffed the air suspiciously, “Why do I smell burning?” 
Tubbo took a deep breath, “I smell it too.”
“Oh yeah, something is definitly burning.” Ranboo agreed. 
You whirled to face Purpled, who was absently scrolling through his phone, “Purp you did set a timer right?” 
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