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zorlok-if · 1 day
Did you see the creating goncharov fanfic?
Tumblr media
No I haven't! Are you serious, anon?
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department-shoe-stud · 8 months
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Well alrighty then.
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oswald-privileges · 2 years
Today on 'tumblr is Perfectly Functional With No Flaws Whatsoever'
so i know we're all going wild over TumblrPremiumPlus or whatever the fuck but ive made a new discovery about the r//a///yba//n/s scam (or new to me) and since i spent the time i should have been writing up my thesis proposal doing Tumblr Science instead, i have to at least write it down
so my datemate got an IM from someone asking what 'the sunglasses scam' was. That's in quotes bc the specific phrasing will be significant later.
my datemate replies with a message more or less along these lines:
"The sunglasses thing was about a bot that would hack accounts. Once it had access to an account it would make a post about Ray-Ban sunglasses and if you clicked the link in the post it'd hack you too."
Ey hits enter, but the message won't send. Not unusual, we all know that tumblr IM wil just randomly glitch out when it feels like it. So ey hits refresh, and abruptly finds emself on the log-in page.
"Hi! It's time to change your password!" the log-in page says.
My datemate is naturally suspicious about unexpectedly being asked to alter eir password, but, since ey practises basic cybersecurity and actually uses different passwords for every site, ey figures there won't be too much risk. Ey resets eir password, logs back in, and types out the message to eir friend again.
Same thing happens. Message won't send, ey's booted back out to the log-in page, and told to change eir password again. So ey do.
The third time this happens, ey figures something has to be wrong with the message. I've been watching over eir shoulder for a couple of minutes at this point, so we do a bit of Sciencing to work out what the fuck is going on.
Hypothesis: Tumblr IM is, for some reason, flagging mentions of ray-ban.
Experiment: I send various ray-ban related words and phrases to my datemate via IM. If any of them refuse to send and I get kicked out on refreshing, we've found the culprit
Results: "ray-ban" is fine. "sunglasses" goes through no problem. the precise phrase "ray-ban sunglasses" gets me drop-kicked to the log-in page like i was trying to start a fight in a nightclub (or so i assume. ive never actually been out clubbing)
I do a bit of fucking around on text posts with that phrase to see if that achieves the same effect.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I even tried recreating the original scam post as close as i can get without linking to a malicious website.
Tumblr media
not a peep. i stay happily logged in.
tumblrs solution to the ray-ban bots issue
was to blacklist the exact phrase "ray-ban sunglasses"
in the IM feature only
making it impossible
to TELL anyone
who uses the goddamn IM feature
about the goddamn scam
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repmet · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MERLIN WEEK 2022 | day five: free - favourite outtakes
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bylrndgm · 3 months
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noah schnapp as will byers [stranger things: 2016 - ]
“𝐢 𝐠𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢'𝐦 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐢 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭”
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dimonds456 · 5 months
the "Chara is Evil" theory is actually hilarious in hindsight.
Undertale, a game known for its depth, characters, and worldbuilding, a game in which no character in two dimensional and are proven to not be time and time again, has a flat villain whose only motivation is bite bite murder kill kill bite?
are you SURE?
Like, Asgore's first mention is from Toriel, who paints him as this literal monster who is only out for blood. It instills this dread in you throughout the game. But, everyone outside the Ruins talks highly of Asgore, as if he were the best, most wonderful person they've ever met! So now you're just confused? Is he good or evil? So when you find him and realize he's a good person who has done evil things, you realize that Toriel knows something the others don't. That being the divorce fghdsak
Papyrus is just the Skelator, funny doofus archetype who is supposed to be over the top dramatic and still fail at every turn no matter how much he learns. You get that impression immediately. While most of that is true, he is far from a doofus. He is probably the smartest person in the Underground (much to the fandom's chagrin). He is just Full Of Love and wants to do right by everyone, which leads him to make really interesting choices.
Sans is just the lazy, laid back supportive but deceptive older brother until you realize he knows about the different timelines, and suddenly he becomes a whole other level of complex.
Undyne is just a murder hobo until you learn that she just loves her friends and loves her neighbors and loves her people with her whole heart and will do anything to keep them safe.
Alphys is just the geek nerd until you learn about her guilt, trauma, and depression.
Toriel is just the tutorial character until you learn her backstory.
Napstablook is socially awkward until you realize their deep loneliness.
Monster Kid is a fanboy (gender neutral) with a deep underlayer of imposter syndrome and inadequacy.
Shyren is just shy
Burger Pants is stuggling hard.
All of the monsters rely on that feeling of hope, and their King's war is based on restoring it.
And last but not least, Flowey was the villain whose only motivation is bite bite murder kill kill bite. HE was the one with 2D motivations, anime speeches about you being weak, talking about being a god, stuff of the like. He is largely written off.
Until you learn his true identity. Learning that Flowey is ASRIEL suddenly gives all of his actions new light. Learning about his lack of a soul, how he tried to do good, but got bored, and he couldn't feel love. He is a reflection of you, the Player, who must be committing Genocide in order to even hear him talk about this. Flowey suddenly becomes one of the most important, deep, and thought-out characters in the game.
and we thought Chara was a 2D villain.
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heylookgiraffes · 5 months
Anakin forcing ahsoka to get stunned over and over again for training while being like “eh she’ll be fine” is peak unsupervised 20 year old babysits 15 year old
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radiosummons · 13 days
For two characters that barely share more than five minutes on screen together and say even fewer words to each other, DinLuke sure has me in a fucking chokehold.
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feasibilities · 13 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tenoch Huerta Mejía as Alejandro Muñoz in Blue Demon (2016)
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naffeclipse · 3 days
Tumblr media
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cocacolacolistic · 3 months
hii can you pls do a jude smut where he’s like frustrated after a game and he uses you to relax :))
Anger-Jude Bellingham
After the game, he came home, u saw him entering the bath, he was sweaty and angry, and you could feel it.
He took a long shower, he got out he was hot when he's angry but u didn't like to see him like that
-Heyyyy. U said
-I lost.
-I know but u still played good baby.
-No I didn't, stop lying to me. He said while he looked at the floor.
-Oh cmon it's was just a match, nobody can win every match.
-You don't understand, I could score but that man was always pushing me.
-What man?
-I don't know his name and I don't want to, but he's a fucking asshole.
U slowly massaged his back, he let out a little groan, he was tired and u could sense it.
-Are you still angry?
-Yes,it's not your fault that I'm angry, you don't need to treat me like that if u don't want to.
-Nooo, I love you Jude, and to be honest u look so hot when ur angry.
-Mmmm, really?
-Yeah.. U said in a shy tone.
You don't know how u got in this situation but u liked it, you forgot how easy is to make Jude horny. Now he was thrusting into ur pussy like there was no tomorrow, u let out loud moans, ur eyes filled with tears of pleasure, he was going faster and faster, u could barely breathe but it was the best feeling.He holded ur hands and looking in your eyes, it was the hottest ever.That emotion got closer and closer, the emotion that warmed ur heart and maked you insides get tighter, you were close to cumming. Ur pussy was milking Jude's cock and he loved it so much that he started moaning too. He hit that one spot and u were cumming. He was still fucking ur tight hole and after 5 minutes he released his seed into ur vagina, it was so warm and comfortable..
U didn't know how but u woke up on the bed with clean clothes, and washed from head to toe, you looked back and saw Jude sleeping like a baby, he was cute, and hot and every good thing.
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robbybarnes · 8 months
~DUSKWOOD~WHAT IF (i'm a little sad,so this is a sad what if)
---What if,at the end of the adventure,WE went to rescue Hannah,not Jake?---
Jake is on the phone with Alan in a video call, when suddenly he sees Hannah throw herself into the policeman's arms shouting Richy's name. At that moment Jake understands.
Send a message to MC immediately
Jake: MC pick up the phone now! It's Ricky! It's always been Richy!
But no answer,so in a desperate attempt to do something he calls back Alan.
Jake: You have to do something,please bring her back alive to us...to me
Alan: I don't know how to tell you this,but the entire place exploded...there is fire everywhere. I can't go inside right now,we have to wait for the firefighter...i'm sorry.
Jake: No,please! She didn't text me back,there must be something you could do!
Alan: ...i'm sorry,i'm really sorry but if i go in there i'll die with her. You know MC better than me,she wouldn't want this...
Jake watched the phone as Alan framed the burning entrance to the main gallery for him. Warm tears rolled down Jake's cheeks.
He closes the call and went back to their chat to write to her.
Jake: ...i know you're still in there...please,give me any sign that you're still alive. Without i can't convince Alan to go in there to save you...
No response
Jake: I can't lose you like this. I had to be the one trapped in there, not you. This is all my fault...i put you in danger. I ran away from the Government and instead of staying close to Duskwood,i have strayed too far.
Still no response
Jake: I never showed you my face. You never saw my smile or heard my laugh. You have never seen me angry or tired or disappointed.
He waited a bit for an answer
Jake: You don't know that when I speak I gesticulate with my hands or that when I am nervous I walk inside my shelter. You don't know that I dream of you at night and that I see your face, your eyes and look at your hair blowing in the wind.
Another little pause
Jake: ...and...you don't know that for fear of never seeing you again I hacked your phone's camera and took a picture of you...you don't know that I saw you and fell in love with you even more.
Sobbing at his own words he closed his eyes. After a couple of minutes his phone rang.
*MC incoming call*
He answered and immediately tryed to triangulate her position with his pc. She was coughing and breathing hardly.
Jake: Hey! I'm here! Listen to my voice okay? I'm going to send a message to Alan and-
MC: ...d-don't...
Jake: What do you mean?
MC: ...i-i saw Richy...he was the MWAF.
Jake was silent,listening to her voice for the first time.
MC: ...he...he didn't hurt me. He said to m-me to run...that he wanted this to be over. He tryed to kill himself,setting this place on fire...
Jake: ...but...you didn't run away...right?
MC: ...y-you know m-me well...even if he's a m-murder,he's still my friend...couldn't let him die...
Jake: ...
MC: W-we run...b-but the floor collapsed under our feet...i-i think...i think he's...
She started to cry,sobbing and he couldn't do anything better than cry silently. Then with his computer he sends a text to Alan that she was still alive but trapped.
Jake: Everything will be okay MC-
MC: The smoke is making me impossible to breathe...and the flames reached us down here...reached me. I don't have much time...
Jake: No don't say that! Helps are on the way,they will be there soon and-
MC: I wish i saw your face...and heard your laugh. I wish i felt the warmth of your hugs...i-i wish...oh,God...i wish I'd had the time to look into your eyes, stroke your hair and...and...
She coughed loudly and her breathing became faster and louder.
Jake: We'll have time for all of that,i promise...
MC: i'm...happy tho...i had t-the chance to know you a little...
Jake: no,please...MC
MC: ...the flames are so close...and the smoke...i can barely see Richy nex to me...
Jake puts a hand on his mouth to try and suffocate his sobbing.
MC: ...y-you...you still...remember that Chinese place?
Jake: ...sure...
MC: Book a table for two...don't be sad...I'll be there...e-even if...you won't...see...me
The connection began to shake and MC's words reached his ear distorted.
MC: ...i'll...be...there...pro...mise
The call went dead and Jake burst into tears in his makeshift shelter. After ten or maybe more minutes,Alan called him back saying that a big explosion had brought down the entrance and that the firefighter were no longer able to go inside.
Jake threw the phone at the nearest wall destroying it. Then in tears he looked at the PC and like a fury he destroyed it throwing it to the ground. With cries of anger and pain he grabbed the chair and threw it on the desk and kept hitting every single object in the room until he collapsed into a corner. With his legs to his chest and his hands over his face he continued to cry and shout the name of the love of his life. That day they managed to save Hannah, but Jake lost his heart.
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frankie-idk · 9 days
i think as a society we need to talk more about the brilliance that is the hunger games series
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they-need-therapy · 1 year
this week on Zane needs a therapist...
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cannibalsurprise · 3 months
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oh, alright then
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vitariesocks · 1 month
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HELLO? is this a glitch or is my comic about missouri trans rights that’s going around rn making these tags trend together??? HI????
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