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red-nightskies · 9 months
Tumblr media
'One-by-one, We climb until we reach the top, Two-By-two, we fall'
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stay-funky-ponyboy · 4 months
all orym enjoyers have the same thought, every single episode: don't let this halfling die
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psychicdamaged · 7 months
🕯️🕯️🕯️ episode starts with marisha at the table 🕯️🕯️🕯️
🕯️🕯️🕯️ laura and marisha sitting next to each other🕯️🕯️🕯️
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jout--jout · 4 months
oh what have we here? is it that day of the week where my brain gets shaken like a maraca by these 3 emotions for 4 hours straight?
yes. yes it is.
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beauregardlionett · 11 days
please let my bard son return from the war i’m begging
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criticalpolls · 4 months
Parts Two and Three will consist of all other Vestiges not listed in Part One and will be judged by its Exalted state. Below is a link to each Vestiges page on Encyclopedia Exandria, if you need a refresher on its abilities. This poll is basically asking, which of these items do you think is the best to bring into a high level battle?
Armor of the Valiant Soul
Circlet of Barbed Vision
Danoth's Visor
Grimoire Infinitus
Hide of the Feral Guardian
Honor's Last Stand
Infiltrator's Key
Jewel of Three Prayers
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justhappytobehere05 · 3 months
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me this was not Ira and Xandis when Fearne and Letters left the skyship.
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hayleysayshay · 4 months
So I’m behind in C3 but watching again and I have only just realised that apparently Fearne is on deaths door??? Or something???? If my Queen dies tonight, I think I’ll be devestated
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theteapotofdoom · 3 months
Can’t wait to see who the players are!!!
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essektheylyss · 1 year
wip wednesday post, with a bit of the next tiefling fic chapter, because I've been working on some original stuff this week and I'm not sharing that haha:
Fjord picks up a few of the sheets, examining each of them in turn. Essek watches his furrowed brow as he looks from each to each, and leans his chin on a hand. “How is it that you are familiar with runes? You have told me you have no formal education on the subject, yet Jester has said you know them well.”
“Ah,” Fjord says, and places a pair of slim reading glasses on the bridge of his nose, and his brow smoothes a bit as he squints less at the forms. “That is an excellent question.”
“What do you mean, ‘an excellent question’?” Essek asks, bemused, and Fjord’s grin is dangerously crooked.
“Well, I only know what I need to know,” Fjord says. “Much like how Jester has been taught magic by the Traveler.”
“But you do not speak with the Wildmother.”
“I do sometimes speak with the Wildmother.”
“And she gives you rune lessons?”
Fjord laughs brightly. “No, nothing of the sort. Generally she gives me reassurances, but that is rare. I talk to her more than she talks to me directly.”
Essek watches him, amused, as he takes another sip of iced tea. “And yet you have still not answered the question.”
“When you end up unwittingly in a demigod’s employ, you are far more useful to said demigod if you are able to defend yourself, in whatever ways it sees fit to bestow upon you. Those spells entailed a decent amount of runework, and somehow I would simply, ah, come to know their methods of casting. Like I had performed them in a dream, and carried the knowledge over to waking.”
It is both a tremendously cryptic and simultaneously elegant way of explaining. “And to think I endured years of study, only to come to you with questions,” he smiles around the rim of his glass.
“I am also relying on the expertise of entities who have been sealed away from the Material Plane for four hundred years, if not since the Divergence,” Fjord laughs. “My understanding of runes is a bit dated, but it is certainly useful for such things as mysterious rituals in ancient ruins.”
(also if you want to read the first 8 chapters of this, you can do so here!)
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scriptmyworld · 9 months
this is more stressful than my actual dnd games jesus fuck
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vixxxenly · 1 year
The robot is a turtle
The small man is a werewolf
The tables are dead
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Travis, please play the melee-based dual-wield Horizon Walker of my dreams.
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I have so many thoughts on a resurrected Mollymauk being a living prayer to the Wildmother and you all have to listen to it
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jout--jout · 9 months
Imogen went from feeling her trust was broken once the gnarlrock shattered, something that brought her an uncertain sense of relief, that made her not herself, that separated her from the last person she would want to be far from
to using it, trusting it, grasping it with hope
hope that it was enough to satiate Delilah's needs, hope that it could bring back the only person that truly made her feel at peace, that it would bring her Laudna back to her
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literole · 2 years
hahaha oh god caleb is all alone
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