#Celtic Seas Partnership
fatcatlittlebox · 1 year
Tumblr media
How stunning is Halbrand’s clothing in Lindon? In particular his necklace is very eye-catching. Bearing in mind that costume designers usually choose something impactful and imbued with meaning for their characters when dressing the actors, especially items around the face, Halbrand’s necklace in the recent past had already served a major plot point. Also, as we all know, jewelry historically held great power and meaning for Sauron.
First off, previously he wore the pouch as part of his mortal disguise. It was a role he was playing. Is this new necklace symbolic of a different role? A different phase? The silver band he’s wearing now is a torc. Single, solid except for the wide breach in the middle. Here, it almost has the appearance of a broken collar and in fact if he wore it backwards it would be called a “collar” necklace. I find that very, very moving considering later he confesses to Galadriel that he feels free from the clenching grasp of Morgoth from around his neck.
His torc also resembles an incomplete ring. So it also has some possible symbolism there for his burgeoning plans and his proposal to Galadriel to form a complete and binding partnership.
Lastly, the torc. Where did he get it? Better question, from whom? Traditionally, in old European tradition, a torc is a sign of high rank and status. It was also worn by the gods. Notably, the wearer could not obtain it on their own; the torc had to be bequeathed, won in battle or given as a gift. So ruling out the other 2 options, who gave him this gift? Who else would seek to legitimize and solidify his claim to the throne? Who else would see him battle tested and worthy? I have ideas..
*Speaking of the gods, who else was known for wearing torcs? The Celtic mythical figure, Elatha, who like Annatar, was described as being fair of face and the beautiful prince of darkness. You know what else he was famous for? Seducing, falling in love and bearing a child with Eriu, the Celtic goddess. She had been of the line of Tuatha De Danann, the angel-like race who had rivaled his. Mortal enemies since creation but coming together.. on the. Sea. She was also married to another of the Tuatha De Danann. 😳.
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leannan-sithe · 1 year
I’m Sgàire Rook -- or just Rook -- and I’m in my 30s with my good ol’ they/them pronouns. 
I post about a lot of things, but here’s the primary list of content I create or reblog: 
godspousing or spirit partnership
celtic soup or other mishmashing of all the celtic nations
scotland or scottish folklore, as my practice centers around it
boosting irish, cornish, welsh, manx, breton, gaulish, and other celtic nation content
general paganism or relationship advice
debunking relevant appropriation
sea problems (thanks edderkopper for the phrase)
To find out more about the godspousing server, please read this post. <https://www.tumblr.com/leannan-sithe/693414623721996290/i-help-run-an-18-godspousing-discord-server>  For my Wordpress, check here! <https://aigeannagusacair.wordpress.com/> If you want to buy me a coffee: <https://ko-fi.com/A827FVN>
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forwardaircargo · 4 months
Tumblr media
Title: Efficient Air and Sea Freight Shipping from Dubai to Ireland with Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC
Ireland, located in Western Europe, occupies the majority of the island bearing the same name. Situated to the northwest of continental Europe, Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the Irish Sea to the east and the Celtic Sea to the south. It is bordered by Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom The country's strategic location provides a gateway to both Europe and the Americas, making it an important hub for trade and commerce.
When it comes to shipping goods and vehicles from Dubai to Ireland, selecting a reliable and experienced freight forwarder is crucial for a smooth and efficient shipping process. Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC, a renowned logistics company, offers comprehensive air and sea freight solutions for shipping from Dubai to Ireland. This article explores the services provided by Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC and highlights the advantages of utilizing their expertise for your shipping needs.
Comprehensive Air and Sea Freight Solutions:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC specializes in providing end-to-end air and sea freight shipping services, ensuring hassle-free transportation of goods from Dubai to Ireland. They offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific requirements of commercial and personal shipments, including car shipping.
Commercial Shipments:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC understands the complexities involved in shipping commercial goods. They provide professional assistance in managing all aspects of commercial shipments, from documentation and customs clearance to efficient transportation. Their team is well-versed in navigating the customs regulations of Dubai and Ireland, ensuring compliance and smooth customs clearance.
Personal Shipments:
Whether you are relocating to Ireland or sending personal belongings to loved ones, Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC offers reliable solutions. They handle the entire shipping process, including professional packing, documentation, and secure transportation with DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY and with their expertise, you can rest assured that your personal items will be delivered safely and on time to your desired destination in Ireland.
Car Shipping:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC specializes in shipping vehicles from Dubai to Ireland. They understand the unique requirements involved in transporting cars and provide dedicated services to ensure a seamless experience. From handling customs formalities to arranging secure transportation, their team ensures the safe delivery of your vehicle to your chosen location in Ireland.
Advantages of Choosing Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC:
Expertise and Experience:
With years of experience in the logistics industry, Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of shipping from Dubai to Ireland. Their team of professionals possesses extensive knowledge of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and efficient shipping routes, ensuring a streamlined shipping process.
Reliable Network and Partnerships:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC has established strong partnerships with reputable airlines, shipping lines, and local agents in both Dubai and Ireland. These partnerships enable them to provide reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions while ensuring the highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction.
Door-to-Door Service:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC offers door-to-door shipping service, adding convenience and peace of mind to their clients. They handle the entire logistics chain, including pickup from your location in Dubai, efficient transportation, customs clearance, and delivery to your desired destination in Ireland. This comprehensive service eliminates the need for multiple points of contact and simplifies the shipping process for you.
Excellent Customer Support:
Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service. Their dedicated customer support team is available to address any queries or concerns you may have throughout the shipping process. They provide timely updates on the status of your shipment, ensuring transparency and effective communication.
When it comes to shipping from Dubai to Ireland, Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC stands out as a reliable and experienced freight forwarder. Their comprehensive air and sea freight solutions, coupled with their expertise in customs clearance and door-to-door service, make them an ideal choice for commercial and personal shipments, including car shipping. With Forward Air Cargo Service and Clearance LLC, you can trust that your goods and vehicles will be handled with the utmost care and delivered efficiently to your desired destination in Ireland.
for more www.forwardair-cargo.com
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nwbeerguide · 7 months
In collaboration with DraftKings Inc., Harpoon Brewery releases the "Get In The Game" 12-pack, featuring Rec. League
Tumblr media
Press Release
Boston, MA, May 9, 2023 – Harpoon Brewery and DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG) announced today the release of a new, limited edition 12-pack in time for the Celtic’s on-going run in the NBA playoffs and the Red Sox resurgence in MLB: a Rec. League Get In The Game! 12-Pack. The co-branded 12-pack, tied to DraftKings’ launch of mobile sports betting in the Commonwealth, is available now at select locations in Massachusetts.
DraftKings’ online sportsbook launched in Massachusetts on March 10, 2023 and is currently the leading mobile operator of the Commonwealth in gross gaming revenue among legal operators, according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s monthly revenue report.
Harpoon’s ties to the local Boston community have been strong since it was founded in 1986 and given brewing permit #001 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For this playoff season, Harpoon will have a pop-up Beer Garden on Canal Street that will be open before every home Celtics playoff game. On Tuesday, May 9th, DraftKings will be joining Harpoon before the Celtics game and will be doing giveaways and hosting a branded photobooth. DraftKings will also have ambassadors on site to help eligible customers sign up for the DraftKings app.
“We believe fans of our beer are tightly tied to the Boston sports community, which is why we’re excited to deliver this special edition packaging for our most athletic brew – Rec. League – ahead of what will hopefully be a long playoff season for the Celtics,” said Dan Kenary, Harpoon CEO and co-founder. “As another iconic Boston-based company, DraftKings was perfect for this special edition 12-pack and we believe they are well aligned with the occasions and sports moments this beer was brewed for.”
Harpoon Rec. League is made with unique ingredients like buckwheat kasha, which contains important minerals and B vitamins; chia seeds that are high in fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants; and Mediterranean sea salt that can act as a powerful source of electrolytes. Coming in at 4.0% ABV and only 120 calories per 12 oz. serving, it provides flavor and drinkability that we think you’ll love.
“Through our relationship with Harpoon Brewery, we were able to come to terms on a distinct marketing opportunity that will give DraftKings the ability to have our logo appear on one of Boston’s favorite beers,” said Jay Danahy, Head of Brand Partnerships and Ad Strategy, DraftKings. “As the leading operator in the state, we look forward to deepening our brand presence in the place we call home.”
Harpoon’s Rec. League and DraftKings 12oz 12-pack cans will be available throughout the state of Massachusetts from May through June. To find it near you, check out the Harpoon beer finder: https://www.harpoonbrewery.com/beer-finder/.
About the Harpoon Brewery
The Harpoon Brewery was founded in 1986 by beer lovers who wanted more and better beer options. When the Brewery was founded, Harpoon was issued Brewing Permit #001 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, since it was the first to brew commercially in Boston after a dormant period of about 25 years. Since then, it has expanded to a second brewery in Windsor, VT. Harpoon’s line of craft beer features its award-winning IPA and seasonal beers, along with special limited releases. In 2014, Harpoon became an employee-owned company.
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twinflamesandtarot · 9 months
Tumblr media
Epic tarot reading for a new life long friend ! If I ever saw cards that say YOU HAVE IT ALL it would be this spread.
We delved into her future in terms of career and oh wow! The best of the pentacles made a grand appearance in perfect balance with the cups of the same number
The 10 of Pentacles & Ace of Pentacles 💎
An abundance of money, material success & financial stability. A gift from the universe that supports generational wealth. This card combination is an obscene amount of money that multiplies and replicates regularly. This is making 10k a month every month for a decade. Literally.
The King of Pentacles 🤴🏻♦️💰
Backed by king Midas himself, this mogul in manifestation is the key person. Weather a boss or lover this persona will make a huge difference in career by investing in the questioner. Falling in the hopes and fears position of the Celtic cross, this indicates moving away from a fear of lack and into the confidence of the Queen of Wands.
The 10 of Cups and the Ace of Cups 💝
Look at this perfect symmetry! A symbolism of balance in love and money. It is a new love relationship that brings an abundance of happiness, joy and complete fulfillment. A very High indication of working and living with a life partner or close intimate friend. This is marrying your soul mate or Twinflame
The Queen of Cups 💙🧜🏽‍♀️👑
The mother who nurtures all. The one who pours love into others. The master healer. The person with high level of emotional intelligence, psychic gifts and can walk on water. Obvious relations to Scorpio Cancer and Pisces energy, salt water can heal all things. Two queens in a reading is the support of female friends, relatives, mentors or colleagues or family. Juxtaposed with the Queen of Wands, this is a creative person who needs to lean not only on talent, but also trust for ultimate success.
The Queen of Wands ♣️🔥👑
The epitome of confidence, the Queen of wands stands firmly in her power. Often the centre of attention, she gracefully deals with attraction with class. A source of creativity, this Queen is steeped passion & authenticity
The Page of Wands & The Page of Cups 💜
We see the growth from princess to Queen. We see two childhood friends coming together. We see partnership, friendship and love. An offering. A commanding presence. A youthful personality or disposition. Forgiveness, unconditional love. Real talent. Prodigies. Children. Family. Water and fire is a delicate dance. Imaging candles floating in a free standing bath tub. Divine. Heavenly. The pages are messengers of the tarot and represent the younger people in our lives.
The Chariot VII 🦄💨
Time to move! Literally. Move across the sea at full speed and in the vehicle of choice. This is the Fast and Furious. This major arcana card is about control and direction. The choices you make now will bring you to wherever you want to be. A new relationship will take off swiftly. Possibility of twins and/or special pets in your life
The Star Card XVII ⭐️
The Star card made a late appearance as I was placing the cards for a photo. The questioner is made born for stardom. What happened in 1987? It’s never too late to chase dreams. A huge regret if you don’t. The spotlight has chosen you. What will you do with it? Aptly named Grace in the Lovers Path Tarot, this person is destined for fortune and fame 🤩 The need to heal deep trauma wounds is required to step fully in the power of the Strength card 🦁
Full moon in Leo to the Lionsgate portal is especially potent for creating the foreground of the next two decades.
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randive · 10 months
Low Sodium Sea Salt Market 2021 Report Reviews on Key Manufacturers, Regional markets, Application and Segmentation by 2027
The reports also help in understanding the Low Sodium Sea Salt market Value dynamic, and structure by analyzing the market segments and projecting the Low Sodium Sea Salt market Value. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by Design, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the Low Sodium Sea Salt market Value makes the report investor's guide.
Low Sodium Sea Salt market Overview:
This Low Sodium Sea Salt market industry research provided a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide Low Sodium Sea Salt market, taking into account all critical variables such as growth factors, limitations, market advancements, top investment pockets, future prospects, and trends. The research begins by emphasizing the important trends and possibilities that may develop in the near future and have a favorable influence on overall industry growth.
The Low Sodium Sea Salt market  is expected to reach US$ 157.22 Mn., with a CAGR of 6.7% for the period 2021-2027. 
Request a Free PDF Sample Report @
Market Scope:
Low Sodium Sea Salt market Research Report analyzed the current state of the definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain structure. The analysis provides unbiased professional commentary on the present market scenario, prior market performance, production and consumption rates, demand and supply ratios, and income generation forecasts for the projected period. The Low Sodium Sea Salt market study also gives information on the leading businesses functioning in the Low Sodium Sea Salt market industry's strategic ambitions and company growth strategies. Mergers and acquisitions, government and corporate transactions, partnerships and collaborations, joint ventures, brand promotions, and product launches are among the methods evaluated in the research. To summarise what has been said thus far,
The Low Sodium Sea Salt market report presents insights into each of the leading Low Sodium Sea Salt market end users along with annual forecasts to 2027. The report provides revenue forecasts with sales and growth rate of the global Low Sodium Sea Salt market. Forecasts are also provided for the market's product, application, and geographic segments. Forecasts are produced to help people understand the industry's future outlook and potential.
The report also helps in understanding the Low Sodium Sea Salt dynamics, structure by analyzing the market segments and project the Low Sodium Sea Salt size. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by product, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the global Low Sodium Sea Salt make the report investor’s guide.
Purchase Inquiry:
Key Players:
The research includes the most recent news and industry developments regarding Low Sodium Sea Salt market expansions, acquisitions, growth strategies, joint ventures and collaborations, product launches, market expansions, and so on. Among the main companies in the Low Sodium Sea Salt market, the sector is
• Salt Works Inc. • K+S AG • Cargill • ADM • A&B Ingredients • Selina Naturally • INFOSA • Atacama Sea Salt • Solo Sea Salt • Salins Group • Nutro Active • IDEALE • Lo Salt • ChinaSalt • Nihonkaisui • Bliss of Earth • Celtic Sea Salt • Morton Salt • One Life Organic • Compass Minerals • Hubei salt • Others
Regional Analysis:
The primary goal of this study is to assist the user in understanding the market in terms of definition, segmentation, market potential, significant trends, and the problems that the industry is experiencing across ten key regions.
COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Low Sodium Sea Salt market:
The research details the overall impact of COVID-19 on the Health Insurance Market by providing a micro- and macroeconomic analysis. The precise study focuses on market share and size, which clearly depicts the impact that the pandemic has had and is anticipated to have on the global Health Insurance Market in the future years.
Want your Report customized?
Key Questions answered in the Low Sodium Sea Salt market Report are:
What is the function of the Low Sodium Sea Salt market?
What is the predicted revenue generation of the Low Sodium Sea Salt market?
At what growth rate is the Low Sodium Sea Salt market evolving?
Who are the major market giants operating in the Low Sodium Sea Salt market?
About Us:
Maximize Market Research provides B2B and B2C research on 12000 high-growth emerging opportunities & technologies as well as threats to the companies across the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics & Communications, Internet of Things, Food and Beverages, Aerospace and Defense, and other manufacturing sectors .
Contact Us:
3rd Floor, Navale IT Park Phase 2,
Pune Banglore Highway,
Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra 411041, India.
  Low Sodium Sea Salt market Size, Share, Analysis, Growth, Trends, Drivers, Opportunity
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kokorowoutsu-a · 1 year
-- Nicknames: Ashe
Tumblr media
Ashe doesn’t have a set naming scheme for her pokemon so it just depends on what she’s feeling like at the time.
NOTE: These are the names of the pokemon I have leveled to lvl 100 and use in my games, lmao.
Lucky (Eevee/Empatheon) was given to her partner in a cruel context and was named Unlucky at first. Ashe, as a child, is under the assumption growing up she is lucky to be born because her own mother didn’t want her and dumped her on her grandmother, Victoria, and Unlucky was just unlucky to be stuck with her. The name was modified by her grandmother to Lucky because in reality, both are lucky to have found one another as partnerships like that don’t come along too often, and many years down the road from that miserable child, Ashe now reflects heavily on the fact that she was lucky to have this little Eevee/Empatheon stick with her from the very beginning, and so all in all... his name is very fitting.
Saoirse (Primarina) is named after a movie Ashe came to love as one of the main characters is a Selkie, a mythological creature in Galarian folklore. The name itself means ‘Freedom’ in Irish.
Merlin (Delphox) is named ironically after more Galarian folklore -- this time, Arthurian Legend. Ashe found it fitting considering Delphox are said to be able to manipulate magic and see the past and future with their flames. The name Merlin itself is derived from Myrddin and means “Sea Fortress” in Celtic(?).
Mirage (Absol) was named for the fact she was a blur on the battlefield during an attempt at catching her -- in total it took three times and three Pokemon Center tries before Mirage yielded.
Mononoke (Kanto Ninetales) was named once again after a movie Ashe loved and she found it fitting considering its meaning. Not to mention Mononoke has the personality of a troll online and lives for the chaos. The name or word Mononoke is used to described spirits that are vengeful and like to cause death and torment.
Omen (Frosmoth) was going to be called something else, but after seeing her pass under a full moon and how pretty she was and considering butterflies are seen as agents of the underworld and what not, the name Omen seemed appropriate as Ashe almost did die in Galar from an illness.
Trixie (Mismagius) is a simple name Ashe came up with that she thought would fit the Mismagius and it suits her well. The name Trixie means “Bringer Of Joy” or can be used as a generic name for most ghost-type pokemon.
Mia (Delcatty) was given to her by Leon as a baby Skitty. Full of energy, Ashe had trouble coming up with a name at first, but it was Morgan watching a movie one night that settled on the name as it was simple and easy to remember. The name Mia means “Mine” in Spanish and is used as a term of endearment such as “Darling, Dear”. (NOTE: Mia is also the name of one of my cats and the story of it goes my mom was watching Mama Mia and I decided on it because I am incredibly indecisive about pet names, whoops.)
Nova (Ceruledge) was named just because the name sounded cool. The name itself can just be taken from ‘Supernova’.
Logan (Liepard) was named originally going to be named Storm but after inspiration from passing by a food place... well... and also it is the name of a movie character that Ashe likes to let people believe he’s named after (it’s better then the real reason). The name Logan means “Log or Little Hollow” in Scottish. (NOTE: The story is true and it’s also the name of my oldest cat!)
Loch (Lapras) was named for a place in Galar that Lapras tend to frequent and supposedly where they nest and breed in great quantities.
Rascal (Meowstic) was named for his mischievous nature despite his stoic expression and the fact he’s always pulling some kind of prank.
Oberon (Galar Rapidash) was named after the King of the Fae in stories Morgan used to tell her and after the fact he carries himself so regally. The name Oberon means “Noble and Bear-like” and comes from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Vision (Hisui Braviary) was named after a movie and comic book character Ashe was into at the time of her Hisui adventure but it’s also fitting because he’s a psychic-type and sends pictures to communicate telepathically.
Joker (Meowscarada) was named after the protagonist of a game Ashe had played sometime before going to Paldea. She thought the name fit his spunky nature.
Piper (Daschbun) was named for her spunky nature and the need to always be on the go. She was originally going to be named Soleil but Morgan insisted on something simpler, and so... Piper was chosen. The name Piper means “Pipe Player or Flute Player” in British. (NOTE: It’s the name of my dog and the story is true too!)
Miraidon has no nickname.
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theouijaboard · 2 years
Celtic Cross Tarot Reading - 01.02.2022
For : @lucianriviera​ By : Muiris Doyle In Game Date : January 1889
Reading can be found below the cut
Card One : The Present
This card represents what is currently happening in your life, and reflects your state of mind and perceptions.
The Two of Swords symbolizes the confusion we face when we are forced to make difficult choices. In the Two of Swords card, there is a seated woman that is blindfolded while holding a sword in each of her hands. In the background, there is a sea surrounded by crags and rocks that serve as obstacles for vessels and ships, stalling progress and action. The woman in the card being blindfolded is a representation of a situation which prevents her from seeing both the problem and the solution with clarity.
The swords that she is holding in each of her hands show that there are two choices that lead in different directions and are mutually exclusive to one another. It may also depict a stalemate, which means that the problem should be addressed with a logical and rational thinking. The Moon positioned on the right side of the card signifies may signify the role of illusions and deception in the difficulty that the woman has in making a choice.
When we see the Two of Swords in a reading, we are encountering a stalemate. Two equal and opposing forces are joined in battle, and there seems to be no end in sight. This wasn’t what you had in mind when you chanced to walk down this path, and you find yourself caught in the middle. Without something, or someone to intervene, this may continue indefinitely. We find ourselves in a situation where we must make a choice, we can side with one part of the situation, or we can side with the other. Neither seems particularly appealing, which makes the decision even more difficult. But unless we move past this stalemate, there can be no more progress.
The Two of Swords is often related with balance and partnership. It signifies the need to keep your relationships balanced. Regardless if it is in business, friendship or romantic relationship, you may find yourself struggling to maintain the current state of affairs, and may find yourself caught in the middle.  In regards to your work, you may be currently stuck in limbo and are perhaps waiting on another party’s decision. Remain patient and avoid pressuring people in making their decision abruptly.
The Two of Swords meaning may depict a warning to have caution. Like the woman in the card, you may be choosing to keep the blindfold on, hoping the problem will just go away. You should avoid evading any issues that you are facing, since it will not solve your problems.
Tumblr media
Card Two : The Challenge
This card represents the immediate challenge or problem you are facing. This is the one thing that, if resolved, would make life a lot easier. Even if you draw a ‘positive’ card, it will still represent a challenge.
Wands are associated with fire energy, and the Ace of Wands is the core representation of fire within the deck. The card shows a hand that is sticking out of a cloud while holding the wand. When we look at this card, we can see that the hand is reaching out to offer the wand, which is still growing. Some of the leaves from the wand have sprouted, which is meant to represent spiritual and material balance and progress. In the distance is a castle that symbolizes opportunities available in the future. An old ruined castle sits aloft a hill in the distance. This symbolizes that old barriers of outdated thinking are now crumbling. Former creative blocks are being transcended. New ideas will carry you over previously impenetrable walls.
Wands symbolize creativity, and the Ace of Wands is the boldest among the cards in the suit. It is not the kind of creativity that you learn from school or as a hobby. It is bravely finding your own voice, it creates a place where you can develop your own vision. In other words, it is associated with willpower, and creativity in the cosmic sense. When you draw the Ace of Wands, it is an indicator that you should take the chance and pursue an idea that you have in mind. Take the first steps to start the creative project. The Ace of Wands calls out to you to follow your instincts.
The Ace of Wands can also perhaps mean that you are waiting for a sign to start a project. To draw this card pushes you to act now, instead of brooding over research and more planning. Take small steps today, and then continue to grow your ideas over time. Action is what helps you grow, and build momentum. Don't remain in the abstract. 
Another Ace of Wands meaning is the occurrence of a breakthrough moment in your life. It is a time when you are motivated and inspired about a passion project or idea. You are excited about the opportunities that are opening up for you in the near future. It heralds brilliant new thinking that has the potential to grow into solid reality. Like the many branches sprouting from the wand, you are experiencing an exciting period of mental growth. You are branching out into new realms of possibilities. The Ace of Wands motivates freshly inspired concepts, that can carry you over old obstacles.
Tumblr media
Card Three : The Past
This card represents the events that have brought you to the present situation and may provide some indication of how the challenge came about.
The King of Cups is a card in the tarot that shows generosity, control, and emotional balance. The card itself depicts a king seated on a throne, who has an amulet that is shaped like a fish. The fish in his necklace represents his creativity and spirit, which thrives on the calm waters that surround him. He is kind, affable, and forgiving. He has nothing left to prove to the world, which makes him unpretentious. This is because he is completely at peace with his own feelings. He has experienced both stormy seas, and still waters that run deep. Water and cups represents feelings in the tarot, and the King of Cups is perfectly at home in the realm of his emotions. We can see from the background that there is a steady balance between the conscious and unconscious. Behind the king, there is a fish jumping out of the ocean on the right side, and a ship on the left side, representative of the emotional and material worlds respectively. The King of Cups shows that you do not suppress your impulses, but have learned to deal with them in a balanced manner.
The King of Cups is one of the most influential cards in the suit of Cups. He represents creativity, emotion, and the unconscious. The card shows the ability to restrain one’s emotions and be fully in charge of your feelings and impulses. Therefore, the King of Cups represents a balance between the intellect and emotions. He indicates that there is a strong relationship between understanding and feeling.The King of Cups represents a balance between the intellect and emotions. He indicates that there is a strong relationship between understanding and feeling.
When you have balanced your emotions and are able to control them, it means that you have a deeper knowledge and awareness of yourself. When you are faced with challenges that would normally throw you off balance, the King of Cups is there to remind you that you should act as he does - do not fly out in a rage, or immediately throw yourself into despair. You first need to temper the state of your emotions, so that you can progress forward in reality. Learn to evaluate yourself so as to determine how you can create a stronger awareness of your own internal state.
There are instances when the King of Cups can symbolize an older male who is in your life. This is a mature man who is willing to take responsibility for his actions and has mastered his own self-understanding.The King of Cups tends to be political and diplomatic, and this makes it possible to for him to balance the needs of others, and enhance the harmony among all parties involved. The King of Cups shows that you are sensitive as a leader and you are careful with the way others respond to your emotional needs. The King of Cups implies that you should remain mature when dealing with negative energy.
The King of Cups reversed signals what happens when he is at his worst: volatility, emotional manipulation and moodiness. When the King of Cups falters, his usual ability to handle situations with compassion and wisdom are turned upside down. He is unable to balance the needs of all that seek his guidance, and while appearing kind to some, may be cold to others. His talent in navigating the emotions of others may be put to dubious uses, manipulating circumstances to fit his needs. The reversed King of Cups suggests that there is a character in your life that is depicted by this card, whether a part of you or someone else. While he is normally very in touch and controlled with his emotions, he has lately become manipulative and emotionally controlling. His actions will be used for vengeance and vindication, impulses that he normally has under control, and is eventually aimed at being some form of punishment.
When the King of Cups appears reversed he indicates that it is time to stay calm despite stormy seas. As you can see, the figure on the card is surrounded by waters making great waves. Water signifies feelings in the tarot, and reversed cups cards usually indicate an intensification of emotional experiences. The King of Cups is seated on a firm stone platform, unaffected by the swirling waves around him. This indicates that the King has the ability to remain centered when situations that elicit an emotional reaction arise. The King of Cups is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, which is concerned with the house and the home. The best way to feel stable amid external emotional activity is to retreat to the home, and get your personal environment in order. Get your house in order. If you have a stable base of operations to re-center, you can handle any number of waves headed your way.
Tumblr media
Card Four : The Future
This card represents what is likely to occur in the coming weeks or months. This is not the final outcome, simply the next step on the journey.
In the Eight of Cups, we are confronted with the moment of transition. We see a cloaked figure taking off to a barren land leaving behind eight golden cups. He is tired of what those cups that he has spent so much time collecting, and is now setting out to seeking a higher purpose. It may be a result of a boredom or unhappiness that comes with realizing that whatever they have been looking for in life isn’t as pleasurable or as satisfying as they once assumed it would be.The person undertaking this journey might also signify be seeking excitement in the unknown. The mountainous barren lands that he sets off to can also be symbols of facing new challenges. Their stark emptiness seem to indicate that they are waiting for one to come and shape the. The journey that is taken can be done in the guise of trying out new things that have the potential to help one grow both mentally as well as spiritually. It also shows the willingness to detach oneself from others so that one can work on self-improvement, self-understanding and growth.  The man on the card is reminiscent of the Hermit. He is taking a journey alone, staff in hand, returning from the realm of water and shadows. He is walking toward the sea, representing his deep unconscious feelings.
The Eight of Cups signifies time for change or transition, by means of walking away from something. Just like a caterpillar has to die before transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we all need to transform ourselves in our lives from time to time. This is the case especially after being tired of living what was the day to day, and embarking on a journey that will help one have a deeper understanding about life in general.Getting the upright side of this card shows that you are dissatisfied with your life and need to experience a higher purpose in life. You may have been exploring your options, flitting about from one choice to another, tasting the wine in each cup, as a means to sort out what it is that you really want with your life. You are now experiencing a feeling of exhaustion - and are coming to a realization that you must step away from what is familiar. It is a choice, and a recognition that true happiness will not be found in what you have already created.
More often than not, getting the Eight of Cups shows that one is tired of the worldly things and is about to embark on a much more spiritual journey. And if that’s the case, then be happy, because change happens when we most need it. The Eight of Cups represents taking the journey within, to the realm of your authentic feelings. Periodically you must go deep within yourself, to hear your Spirit, and reclaim strengths and abilities you forgot you possessed. Although the journey inward is of great value, it rarely feels easy to begin embarking on it. It is often accompanied by a period of depression, feeling crazy, or the sense that you've hit a patch of “bad luck." The Eight of Cups reminds you that you've probably made a similar journey before, just prior to a deeper revelation about yourself. 
The moon is eclipsing the sun in the picture.  Thoughts about what he should do, or be, to gain the acceptance of others in his daily life (the sun), are now being eclipse by his instinctual self (the moon). At long last he has the courage to go within and reconnect with his real feelings. His authentic feelings are now his best friends, giving him depth and wisdom to persevere. The moon has been associated with the instinctual since the dawn of humanity. It elusively pulls at our awareness, and yet it is easy to dismiss and ignore (just like our instincts). Like a neglected child, unheard emotions will "act up," if they are habitually ignored. This journey can only happen alone, and in the dark places. The darkness is where the potential for healing happens. The Eight of Cups appears to remind you to let your instincts guide your path. The Eight of Cups is an image of deep healing. If you listen to your instincts and they will give you the power to overcome previous blockages. You can then return to the land of the sun with profound insight; less burdened and free.
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Card Five : Above
This card represents your current goals, aspirations, or a situation that is on their mind. It is what you are currently working or striving towards.
The Four of Wands depicts a couple which dances beneath the welcome wreath which is tied between four wands, which are crystal tipped. There is a canopy of flowers on the card which resembles the canopy that is particularly characteristic of the traditional Jewish ceremony. There seems to be a party that is going on, or some kind of welcome committee for the couple in question. You can see from the image that it represents a time which is sprinkled with feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction brought by the actual attainment of a goal.
The overall meaning of the Four of Wands is that it heralds celebration as well as a harmonious, happy and relaxed home environment. In terms of numerology, the number four symbolizes stability as well as particularly reliable foundations. These are associated with a period of happiness and balance.The symbolism within the Four of Wands poses that this is the perfect time for you to get together with close people such as friends and family. This could be with or without any special occasion. Oftentimes the card is known to reflect a period of holidays when you are together with your friends and family for an extended period of time. 
Furthermore, if you have been working on a certain project, this card entails that you will be reaching a particularly important milestone. This is going to provide you with grounds for celebration which is also to be considered. You have managed to complete a proper and paramount phase of that project, and meaning you have every reason to be feeling proud and satisfied, which are amongst the general feelings induced and reflected by the Four of Wands card. 
 If the upright position of the card reflects balance, stability, and harmony, the reversal position of Four of Wands implies that there is a breakdown or complete lack of harmony in your family or in your home. It’s highly likely that there is a lot of tension between the members of your family or other loved ones. If you have completed something that is important to you, you are expecting to share it with those that are closest to you, and to come home to a welcome celebration, but instead, you find a lack of support. This may leave you feeling rather uncertain when it comes to your own relationships as well as the things that you can and cannot depend on.
When the Four of Wands appears reversed it indicates that something may be getting in the way to giving yourself over to joy. It also warns that "the thing" that is getting in the way may be your ego's need for validation. Look at the dancing people on the card. They are fully joyful. They aren't listening to their wounded egos telling them that they look "stupid" when they dance. Today, kick your addiction to perfectionism. No moment is "perfect." There is always work to do, self-improvements to be made, and things to achieve. However, this does not mean that you must be miserable until you attain your goals. 
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Card Six : Below
This card reflects your subconscious and delves much deeper into the core foundation of the situation. It symbolises the underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation and can indicate what is truly driving you. This card is deeply connected to your inner being. A reversed card here indicates something that is unknown to you.
The image in the Six of Swords shows a woman and a child in a boat being rowed in the water to a land that is on the other side. We can gather from the images that the woman and the child are leaving something behind, as their backs are faced towards us. The woman’s head is covered with a cloak - perhaps she is fleeing something, and must go without others knowing her true identity. We can assume that because of this, she is undergoing great loss or sadness. The symbolism within the Six of Swords is that of loss or change, as well as moving towards a future that looks more promising than the one that we left behind. The six swords alongside the boat symbolize the strong power of the rational mind, compared to intuition and the heart.
The meaning of the Six of Swords is that you are experiencing a transition of some kind, but one that is not happy and filled with regret. This transition will most likely be the result of decisions you made in the past, and now they are forcing you to leave something behind in order to move forward. Despite your sadness, you need to remember that moving on is the ideal option for your future. Life is filled with moments when you are going to be forced into letting go of things that you have become attached to. This will be challenging. The Six of Swords shows the sadness that you may be feeling, but you have to remember that the pain will not last, so you should look instead to the future for strength.
In life, there will be times that the only way to fix a problem is to leave it and move to start anew. You may feel like this is the coward’s way out, but escape is the only approach that is left when you have tried all other methods. The important part is to plot your new course that will lead you to happiness. The Six of Swords in this case, is to plan using your logic, clarity, and objectivity about where you are now, where you have been and where you want to go. Intuition can help, but you need to think logically to ensure your success.
The Six of Swords can also signify an elevation to the next level in your professional life. The ferryman is guiding two refugees, a mother and her child, to a new life. The skies are grey, and the mood is somber. The mother’s first duty is to protect her child. The refugees are leaving behind the past for the promise of a brighter future. The waters behind them are rough, but the waters ahead are smooth. In order to reach the safe shores, they must leave behind past troubles. Although the boat is not very comfortable, it promises to lead them toward the promise of a happier life.
Change is happening in your life too, and this usually accompanied by temporary discomfort. You may be unsure of your footing, and simple challenges may seem magnified. A small inconvenience can seem like a momentous stress when navigating lifer’s transitions. However, know that the changes occurring in your life right now are truly for the better. Don’t fight to stay in the old lands, for the metaphorical boat is taking you to new shores. The Six of Swords heralds an exciting time of movement. This card can also herald a trip or a journey. Distance will aid you in acquiring perspective, and awareness of your new opportunities.
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Card Seven : Advice
The advice card takes into account all that is happening within your life and presents a recommendation for what approach can be taken to address the current challenges.
In the Emperor tarot card, a stoic ruler figure can be seen on his throne, which is adorned with the heads of four rams, representing his astrological sign - Aries. In one hand, he carries a scepter, representing his reign and his right to rule, and in the other an orb, a symbol of the kingdom that he watches over. The long beard of the emperor represents his vast experience; over time he has learned much about what it takes to rule, to establish power, authority and complete order for the benefit of his people. Behind him, the barren mountains shows his determination, his ambition for greater heights and his leadership capability. Contrast this with his complement, the Empress, whose flowing fields are filled with nurturing kindness. The Emperor instead rules with grit, strength and force. It’s all about control when it comes to the Emperor, for this card means authority, regulation, organization and a fatherliness.  The Emperor wears armor under his robes. This symbolizes that he ready for action at any time, to stand up and protect his realm. His beard symbolizes thoughtful maturity. The Emperor is never "aggressive," just to prove his masculinity. He takes action only when his world needs to be stabilized and protected.
The Emperor represents a strategic thinker who sets out plans that he must see through. He is a symbol of the masculine principle - the paternal figure in life that gives structure, creates rules and systems, and imparts knowledge. Where the Empress's desire for their kingdom is to create happiness, the emperor desires to foster honor and discipline. He guides with a firm hand, following the calling of the crown above all else. Though he is a ruler, he understands that to reign is also to serve - thus he acts rationally and according to what is for the greater good of the kingdom. To see him in a reading presents a chance to grow in terms of the goals that you have set for yourself. It presents a successful future as long as you pursue your goals similar to the fashion that the Emperor does, methodically, and strategically. When you see him in a reading, a possible interpretation is that you could be put in charge of something important. It could be a position at work or in any kind of organization or institution that desperately needs order and a clear decisive mind. You may be called to act in the place of the Emperor, using his wisdom to bring clarity to the project. The Emperor is an archetype for establishing firm foundations. He also teaches you that "feeling secure" can only exist when you act assertively and protect your boundaries. If you don't speak up for yourself, you are wearing a sign that tells others that they can take control of your life and its direction.
The Emperor reversed is a sign of abused authoritative power. In your social life, it can manifest in the overreach of power from a father figure or a possessive partner. In career readings, it could be coming from a superior. It presents a man who wants to take control of your actions and makes you feel powerless.  It could also be that you are playing the part of a weak ruler, hatching a plan to avoid the tasks that come with having responsibility. Perhaps you aspire for a career that is more flexible than one that is governed by strict rules. Lack of self-control and inability to handle situations can be represented by the Emperor on a personal level. When he is reversed, the structures, rules and systems that he creates are no longer working. His desire to inspire higher principles in his kingdom have turned to ruthlessness, tyranny and rigidity. He seeks to dominate, forgetting his call from the crown to do what is best for his people, fearing only for his loss of control and thus creating suffering.
If the Emperor appears reversed, he may be asking you to identify what feels unstable in your realm at this time. Often this instability results from procrastination on pressing matters that require confrontation. Confrontation can seem like an uncomfortable concept. It brings to mind a messy conflict, or a period of discomfort. In truth, avoiding and procrastinating lead to a perpetual sense of inner conflict and anxiety that is much more difficult to exist with. Confronting issues or projects that have been avoided will revitalize you and restore your sense of order, control, and self-confidence. Take responsibility for all that is under your charge. It's time to lead, not follow. The Emperor's role is to defend, promote, and protect all that he cares for.
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Card Eight : External Influences
This card highlights the people, energies or events which will affect the situation at hand and are beyond your control.
In this tarot card, you will see a woman who calmly holds the jaws of a fully grown lion. Despite the fact that the lion looks menacing and strong, the woman seems to have dominion over it. What is captivating is how gracefully she controls the lion. She is calm and collected, which is representative for being in control and disciplined especially in times of great adversities.The fact that she is also holding the jaws of a lion also shows that she has courage. Her control of the lion without being too rough shows love and compassion. The blue background over the mountains shows stability and the kind of calmness that comes with being stable. The lion is a symbol of courage, passion and desire which are very much part of the human feelings that are necessary for survival. But if these feelings are not put in check can lead to our eventual destruction. 
 When you get the Strength card in an upright manner during your tarot reading, then it shows that you have inner strength and fortitude during moments of danger and distress. It shows that you have the ability to remain calm and strong even when your life is going through immense struggle. It also shows that you are a compassionate person and you always have time for other people even if it's at your own expense. Getting the strength card means that you are a very patient individual who is likely to accomplish anything that they put their mind to. Your resilience will greatly aid you, and your fearlessness means that you should have no issues speaking your mind. This card also indicates this kind of compassion will always be rewarded with stability in your life either presently on in the near future.
The Strength card is a symbol of inner fortitude, which helps us prevail in the face of life's challenges. Strength is something that needs to be reinforced every day. Just as muscles need to be continuously used to maintain their power, so too does inner strength need to be exercised. Every time you act in your own best interest despite your fears and inner weaknesses, you are developing strength. Strength is a choice. You can either buckle to what keeps you stuck and afraid, or you can choose your excellence.
The woman on this card does not sport bulging muscles, but she is the epitome of inner strength and confidence. The lion on the card represents her "animal" impulses, such as fear, anger, belligerence, and other out of control behaviors. She confronts her lion by gently closing its mouth, thereby not allowing it to consume her. The infinity symbol above her head shows she is eternally confronting the lion. Her strength is part of her now. It has been habitually reinforced, by confronting and overcoming weakness every day. Strength is not manifested by large displays of power, but by gentle, compassionate, self directed corrections. Its also important not to make self corrections because of how "guilty" you feel. These inwardly directed corrections should come from a place of self love and compassion, or they won't work. Later, the lion will rebel and revert, if it has guilt to latch on to.You are definitely more powerful than you may give yourself credit for.
 Human beings get stuck in ruts, and sometimes it feels that we can't change something because we've been acting that way so long that it is just part of who we are. Every day you have the power to rise up and be excellent. You have the choice to direct your own life or leave it to the shadows. Being strong in the face of your inner beast can feel difficult at first, but with continued positive action the lion is always tamed.
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Card Nine : Hopes And Fears
Hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear.
The Ace of Swords shows a hand emerging from the clouds wielding a double-edged sword. This double edged sword carries a golden crown while being encircled by a wreath. The wreath has for a long time been associated with victory, success and great achievement. The crown is used as the symbol for both royalty and the power to rule that comes with royalty.  Behind the foreground, the sword stands floating over a varied setting - which holds both mountains and sea, which are used as symbols of the vast reach and distant lands that the swords can be used to conquer, as well as ambition.
An olive branch dangles from the left side of the crown. This shows that your life will actually feel more “at peace,” when you take action. This seems counterintuitive to our fears which tell us to avoid things that might create a conflict. However, inner turmoil comes from the avoidance of confrontation, not from taking responsibility. A palm branch graces the right side of the crown. Palm trees are primordial, tough, and hearty. They can endure desert-like heat, and torrential hurricanes. This symbolizes that your personal strength makes you a lot tougher than you think. You can endure much more than you may be giving yourself credit for.
As with all the aces, the Ace of Swords indicates that one is about to experience a moment of breakthrough. With its sharp blade and representing the power of the intellect, this sword has the ability to cut through deception and find truth. In layman’s terms, this card represents that moment in which one can see the world from a new point of view, as a place that is filled with nothing but new possibilities. It is, therefore, the best time to work on your goals - as the aces all give green lights, and are signals of waiting opportunities and new beginnings. It might also be a good time for you to seek justice and the truth in all matters since your conscience is clear, and your thoughts are swift. If you rise to the occasion, your sharpness and clarity in thought will be rewarded.
The Ace of Swords symbolizes reclaiming your personal power by taking charge of your life. Like all Aces, it symbolizes a new beginning is at hand. Your personal strength is like a sword, waiting to be drawn from a scabbard. When you grasp your power and wield it, you are capable of transforming your energy, from victim to victor. The Ace of Swords cuts through trance-like states of mind. It flashes with dazzling light, awakening you to embody your majesty. Do you feel your personal power has been depleted somehow? Are you avoiding something that you know will make things better if you just get the ball rolling? Are you overwhelmed by anxiety, causing you to to feel uncomfortable with confronting a particular area of your life?
When we look at the swords closely, and see its double-edge, we are also reminded that this sword may be either used for noble deeds or to deal destruction. It all depends on the wielder, and is a warning too that excessive power holds the danger to corrupt. If you stick with principles, the sword will serve you well.
Getting a reversed Ace of Swords might mean that one’s thoughts are confused, unsure and very chaotic. This isn’t a good time for one to make any decisions since they don’t have any clarity on what you should be doing, meaning that the chances of failure can be pretty high. At this time, it would be better to prepare yourself and take small steps - work methodically as you slowly move towards achieving your goals. This would be a good time to lay back and rationally think your way through each stage rather than acting on impulse, since everything appears in a blur and is not very clear at that moment. It might also be a good time to seek advice since things may not be as they seem.
When the Ace of Swords appears reversed it represents defending positive new ways of thinking that are still in their infancy. When the blade of a sword is depicted upright, it symbolizes that it is “at the ready.” When a sword is upraised it is ready to fight or to act. An upraised sword can respond to any anticipated action. When a sword is depicted with its blade lowered (as in this case) it symbolizes that the sword is in a state of peace, rest, and that it is guarding something.
When the Ace of Swords appears reversed it can mean that you need to stay vigilant and protect something that is just getting its start. This could be new habits, a new mind-frame, a new perspective or a new creative project. Aces always represent new beginnings, and the Ace of Swords reversed can represent that you need to take special care of something fragile, that is still in its beginning phase. This card could also mean that you need to protect yourself during a sensitive time of change. For these positive new developments to take root, you must protect them until they are strong enough to stand on their own. The Ace of Swords reversed can also symbolize the need to protect yourself from the negative thoughts, comments and actions of others.
The Ace of Swords (upright or reversed) indicates the necessity to change your perspective from feeling powerless to powerful. You can indeed triumph, but first you must rediscover confidence in yourself and your abilities. Like the palm branch you are far more resilient than you think. Have courage and protect the empowered person you are becoming.
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Card Ten : Outcome
This card is representative of where the current situation is headed and how the issue at hand will be resolved. It assumes the outcome based on continuing your current course of action. Of course, if the outcome card is not a desirable outcome, you may make the necessary changes to their situation.
When we encounter the Moon, we see a path that leads off into the distance. On either side of the path stand a wolf and a dog, representing our animalistic nature - one is civilized, and the other wild and feral. There is a crawfish that is crawling out of the pond from which the path stems from. In the distance, we can see two towers flanking the central path, once again alluding to the doubles visible in this card. Everything in this card seems to echo the other, as if to allude to two possibilities. When we walk down the path, we walk the fine line between conscious and unconscious, between the tamed side of civilization of the dog, and the forces of nature represented by the wolf. The towers on the opposing ends represent the forces of good and evil, and their similarity in appearance can allude to the difficulties that we face in distinguishing between them.
On one hand, the Moon card can symbolize your imagination is taking the best of you. In the dark of the night, you are taking a path that you are unsure of, for there could be danger lurking in its depths. You are the crawfish embarking on the path in the card. The moon’s light can bring you clarity and understanding and you should allow your intuition to guide you through this darkness. You need to be aware of the situations that are causing fear and anxiety in your mind, whether it is now or in the future. It alerts you not to allow inner disturbances and self-deception to take the best of you. These deep memories and fears must be let go, and the negative energies must be released and turned into something constructive. Another reading of the Moon card is the existence of illusion. Some hidden truth must be discovered, for what you are seeing now may just be a trick of the light. You must search for the hidden forces that must be unravelled.
The Moon symbolizes your instincts and unconscious emotions. These undercurrents can alter your perception of the world around you. If you harbour habitually negative emotions, you will look at the world and will zero in on negativity. Likewise, if you are brimming over with positive energy, you will see a world brimming with joy. The Moon reminds you to check in with your unconscious emotions, moods and feelings. These emotions are colouring your perception of the “good” or “bad” things you are seeing in front of you.
The Moon beams brightly in the sky pulling on the instincts of the animals on the card, in very mysterious ways. A wolf appears in the image, howling at the moon. The wolf represents the primitive, instinctual side of your nature. A domesticated dog also appears alongside the wolf. The dog represents your “civilized self.” He is howling at the moon just as loud as the wolf. This represents that no matter how “rational” and intelligent you may like to think you are, you will still be pulled by mysterious and irrational forces. The Moon is a force of nature, which tugs on your deepest instincts and emotions. A lobster is drawn out of the deep waters, pulled from it lair by the power of the moon. Lobsters have hard shells to protect them from the world around them. However, there is no armour that can contend with the moon’s power. This symbolizes that no matter how much you try to wear hardened armour over your own vulnerabilities, you will still be influenced by your habitual, sensitive nature. Nature “feels” the moon, because the moon tugs on the earth’s gravity as it orbits. The moon’s great weight pulls on the oceans, lakes, and rivers as it circles, creating the tides. The moon pulls on our instincts.
When this card appears, it is a time to listen to your instincts and let them guide your path. Tune into your intuitive hunches. Trust yourself when something doesn’t “feel right.” Reconnect with your deeper, wiser, magical self. Like the lobster emerging from the depths on the card, let the deeper wisdom you possess emerge from your depths, bringing valuable insights to your conscious mind. When the Moon appears, it reminds you to trust your deepest feelings, hunches, and instincts. With time and practice your intuition will grow sharper and will guide you through any challenge. Many people would like to think the rational mind is the only fool proof way to experience reality. However, it is undeniable that we are creatures of nature and instinct. Sometimes people don’t act rationally. Sometimes there is no logical explanation for why something occurs. Sometimes “signs” do present themselves on our path. Sometimes we need to tune into the undercurrents that are shaping the realities we experience. You possess great depth, and now it is time to allow it to emerge.
A Moon reversal in a reading can sometimes indicate that the darker and more negative aspects of the moon are present in your life. It could represent confusion and unhappiness - you want to make progress, but you are not sure what is the right thing to do. You must deal with your anxiety and fears by overcoming them, for they are like shadows in the dark. It is time to believe in yourself and move forward. The moon reversal meaning indicates that you are in an intuitive period or you have recently battled confusion, anxiety, and self-deception. It could be that you are misinterpreting how you have been feeling, or that you are starting to improve on this. Another reversed moon meaning is that the forces of the night that are bringing you confusion are starting to dissipate. You have started managing your fears and anxiety. Whatever negative energies you have been facing are slowly fading away. It presents a liberating experience as you discover the positive side of things.
When the Moon appears reversed, it indicates that you may have been neglecting your deeper instincts. More recently, you may have had to conform to the demands of the external world to survive. This is necessary to function in the world, but not at the expense of your deeper feelings and instincts. The Moon reversed calls you back to your instinctual self. It’s time to ask yourself how you really feel. It’s time to reconnect with the natural world, with magic. with the changing seasons, and with your deeper wisdom. The Moon reversed can signify illusions created from unresolved feelings. If you have felt unlucky, or if you are imagining terrible things or feel psychically lost the Moon reversed is asking you to look deeper into yourself and to feel something that is trying to emerge. If you keep encountering the same cycle or problem in the external world, the reason could be rooted with something that you need to resolve within. The other cards that appear around the reversed Moon card can give you a glimpse into what those unresolved feelings are about. When the Moon appears reversed it also can indicate a time when mysterious forces are working through the undercurrents of your life. Be open to magic and listen to your deepest hunches. This could be a time where doorways begin to open, and creative potential that was beneath the surface suddenly emerges. Most importantly, trust the voice of your intuition. You unconsciously know more than you think you do. Your instincts will guide you toward the right action every time, but only if you are attuned to them.
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sugar-petals · 4 years
hi caro! 😊 do you believe in soulmates and/or twin flame relationships? Do the cards say anything about which members of bts will find their soulmate and when? 💕🐯
i do believe these relations occur. think taemin and kai 😄 as for bts. i asked my angel cards for pointers and the odds. 👼
❤️ hobi — LET FRIENDS HELP YOU: “Ask others for support and accept help”.
That’s an interesting one. He can attract a twin flame connection through being around soulmates, pretty much. The women on the card that surround a little seraph tell me there will be four (!) soulmates coming into his life: At once! He might be sceptical — the angel on the card looks a bit taken aback — but the blessings work in his favor either way. In any case, he might enter both types of relationships, soul mates and twin flames alike. His social environment will interlace these dynamics. Since the angel is so young, it’s also a hint that childhood soulmates could return. Possibly during summertime and even in a mediterranean setting, the image looks warm and leisurely. Opportunity for marriage will be high if he accepts the help of friends, you see a bride and church on the card.
chance: 70%
❤️ jin — UNREQUITED LOVE: “The attraction is not strong enough to uphold this relationship”. 
As much as it pains me, and you can tell by the card’s topic aready, I don’t think Jin will enter a twin flame or soulmate connection in the near future. You can see a heavily decorated soldier kissing the hand of a noble woman on the card: However, she is indifferent. It tells me Jin might erroneously see a match in someone and pursue even a marriage(!) in vain. Since the knight is dressed so lavishly, I conclude it’ll happen while he’s at the height of his wealth/career. Probably after his military service since it’s a soldier. So this happens very soon gdi 😞 What I’m thinking is, it might be a a call to raise his vibration first to attract a better S/O. I mean come on, someone who refuses Kim Seokjin’s wooing is no good and has a severe dealbreaker. It’ll be better they don’t match and the rejection sets in early, Jin would end up truly heartbroken otherwise. So, he is actually protected. Also, the card hints that his twin flame is someone who appreciates him without displays of affluence. Which on the other hand makes me date Jin meeting the true key person to when he’s no longer in the tabloids. He won’t be loved just for his fame, that is reassuring to hear.
chance: 15%  
❤️ suga — THE CHEMISTRY IS RIGHT: “There’s a powerful, magnetic pull”.
Really sweet card! That’s a yes. It could be either, soulmate or twin flame. Both will be equally strong in their highest expression and Yoongi is very protective of that energy. It’ll be a person he’ll spend a lot of time one-on-one with, especially outdoors at night which is gonna be very romantic. What connects them is music. How do I know? On the card, you see a man showing a woman he embraces a gleaming sphere in his hand. She admires it and transforms the light with her fingers. I interpret it as two celtic magicians working on a spell, kinda, that’s how the card looks like. I believe it means he can share his talent and the twin flame/soulmate will make something even greater our out of that. He’ll meet him or her in his 30s-40s, the man on the card looks very settled. If I go by the imagery further, your number one sign is gonna be that Yoongi starts wearing his beard lmao! 
chance: 95%
❤️ joon — TRUE LOVE: “This is the love of your life!”
Amazing. I mean is there anything left to say? If you will, Namjoon is the chosen one in BTS, it’ll definitely happen. He’s in the ideal state to line up with it. You bet he’s is also the only guy in the group who knows what twin flames are 😆 Surely people can be twin flames without being aware of it, mind you. Either way: This card heralds some major bliss and it’s not an exaggeration, when it pops up twin flame energy is bound to come around in its most gentle ways. It’ll be very intimate and trusting — the card shows a back hug with one person closing their eyes — he will be knight-like in the eyes of his partner and us like.
chance: 100%  
❤️ jimin — MAKE AN EFFORT: “Great love is worth following your inner guidance and taking the respective steps”
The card always sounds a little reproachful or patronizing to me. Even if it just means to just keep on looking and trying. That being said. Jimin has potential twin flame connections waiting for him, but it’ll be a leap of faith. It’ll only happen if he is straightforward and abandons all shyness like the boy on the card leaning in to kiss the girl. The thing is, though. Soulmates and twin flames shouldn’t be tied to exhausting yourself to make it work 😅 These relations are organic and familiar. What I think the card wants to say is that Jimin has to remove certain blocks in his life and strengthen his decisive power.
chance: 55%
❤️ jk — GIVE THE RELATIONSHIP A CHANCE: “Work on your partnership!”
Fifty-fifty. Same energy as in Jimin’s reading. This card is also a bit judgy man, but we gotta roll with it. Whatever energy he exudes has matched this oracle advice with him. I get a sense that Jungkook has to do some shadow work to unlock the next stage, and it’ll be love at second sight. A phase of separation and difficult outward circumstances might get in the way of the relationship unfolding. Like the man on the card holding an angelic woman tight, he really has to show unconditional presence and dedicate himself, strong and loving at the same time. It’s a call to be 100% himself. Given how mature-but-not-too-mature the man looks on the card, I’m guessing it’ll be the same timing as Yoongi, 30s-40s. There’s a castle pictured in the background so I feel it’ll happen when JK moves into a larger home. 
chance: 55% 
❤️ tae — CHILDREN: “Kids will influence your love life”.
The cards have been lurking and saw us talk about Taehyung being the first dad in Bangtan because he’ll manifest it so easily. So now here we go again, this is gonna be a huge topic in his life, if not the main objective. The timing is a little vague, however I see it happen when Taehyung moves to the sea in some way. It might be that his kids are his soulmates, actually, or they activate a soulmate/twin flame relationship that wasn’t out in the open beforehand. His family will have a close spiritual bond, even past life relationships converging. Souls return to the same family very often. Man I just got this thought out of nowhere, Tae’s grandma might actually incarnate into this context! He might even suspect it even if her physical form might be different. I think this is how he will get closure. You can see dogs on the card and the kids holding a puppy so… who knows how she returns to him. Pets will play a role in his soulmate connection for sure.
chance: 65-70%
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youthbankfrance · 3 years
Tumblr media
This new closeness is reflected in a larger number of direct sea links between our two countries, benefiting the smooth operation of the European single market. It will also take physical shape in the Celtic Interconnector, the 700-MW electricity cable which will link our two countries from 2026 onwards and encourage the development of renewable energy. A hundred and fifty French businesses currently have branches in Ireland and employ nearly 12,000 people, a sign of our dynamic economic relationship. It is our ambition to do more, and I would like us to think together about a partnership for sustainable development, with a view to cooperating on offshore wind power, on the sustainable management of cities and on adapting our societies, economies and agriculture to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of biodiversity. #france #your #closest #eu #neighbour #eire🍀 #dublin #paris #cork #dinge #erquy #saintquayportrieux #brest #saintmalo #quimper #granville #cherbourg #paimpol #saintbrieuc #morlaix (à Landivisiau) https://www.instagram.com/p/CLxQLoRATcI/?igshid=1xabyu61dx3vt
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Tumblr media
NEW BLOG POST // Discover the fascinating mother-daughter partnership between Linda Perry Cooper and Rosemary Cooper, their stunning @cragganedesigns -Avant-Garde Irish Dance Dresses, and their new book Dressing the Celtic Soul. Visit https://ift.tt/1a20IOv today for details in an article by @talipops_j. ⁣ .⁣ Sea-Goddess. Dress by Celtic Originals & Designed by Linda Cooper, restyled by Craggane Designs for Dressing the Celtic Soul. Photo: shishotme.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ posted on Instagram - https://ift.tt/2NFJAwW
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stuggleandsnuggle · 4 years
Tumblr media
That fish looks similar to the fish in Trampoline
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zerry’s rich history is embedded in their daily life. the pain the caused each other in the past remains in their memories
Erode is a Fisherman island
Fisherman 1. A guy who repeatedly reels a woman in and then throws her back because   he's scared shitless of commitment. 
2. A pillar of the Community. May be male or female. May come from any walk of Life.
Zayn was Harry’s pillar in 1D
definition of island An island is a gay person that is not on the scene and usually does not care to be on it. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Islands are happy living on their island, isolated around their ocean of girlfriends.  Also, while the seas might be well charted , few people might know he is out, or know of him, tho usually they are out or just sooo obviously gay. Unless you have habit of visiting the tropics then u might not know them! 
This screams Zayn! He hides. Stays out of drama. If you don’t look closely you wouldn’t notice Zarry. The general public thinks Zayn is straight. Most people wouldn’t believe he is queer.
Martin's Heaven Bed and Breakfast
Tumblr media
Martin: Someone you can't help but fall in love with. Once you meet a Martin your heart belongs to him. He's shy but so friendly. He brightens up you cloudy day and brings colour into your black and white world. He makes you feel special and cared for. Always asking if you're ok. The only way he breaks your heart is because he's got a girlfriend and you can't have him. He's such a loyal boyfriend. Loves to kiss and cuddle. He is so HOT! He is musically inclined and loves music. He can sometimes be lazy, but he still does what he needs to do. He has the most beautiful smile that can make anyones heart melt. 
Perfect description of Zayn, don’t even try to tell me otherwise. Can’t be with you because of a gf, hmmm Perrie, Gigi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Heaven: The most beautiful girl you could meet . Sweet , caring , funny , loud , smart , slow , one of the greatest person you could ever meet , she's loyal, shows emotion, acts like she doesn't care because inside she's hurting 
replace the she with HE and it fits Zayn. Zayn was loyal af. He always defended Harry and was in his corner. they said Zayn is most in tune with his emotions. Zayn was hurting in 1D, but acted like all is good. 
Bed and Breakfast: 1. Having a Sandman Sprinkle at night and a Wake and Bake in the morning. Smoking marijuana at night and getting very high before going to sleep then waking up the next day and smoking more weed and getting very high before getting out of bed.
2. When you sleep with a girl and she wakes you around 6am to eat her pussy
3. Code word for Bareback!! Bareback: (Vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or oral intercourse without the use of a condom.
(We all know they loved to stay in bed all day, had sex and smoked weed. harry definitely smokes weed. Irving and Jeff confirmed it. )
Flanagan Fish Market
Tumblr media
Flanagan 1. A person of small stature who is fiery tempered and enjoys engaging in the act of sexual intercourse or sex, as often as possible in a drunken manner (which is achieved through very few drinks, due to the small size) and with anyone willing, regardless of gender or sexuality. This is performed at any time in any place, from the kids' clothes section in Walmart to the back of a minivan. Prefers to listen to music by such producers as the Steel Panthers or songs like Animals by Nickelback while engaging in such activities. (being drunk and having sex, is something they both sing about over and over)
2.A sexual act, either perversive or naive, when the penis is placed in the belly button of a female when the assumed intent of the female party is vaginal pleasure. This can cause either amusement, discomfort, or general displeasure. (their obsession with belly buttons)
Yuna Inn
1.lady whos is amazingly smart and can turn on any guy on, on command
2. A character from the Final Fantasy series, very beautiful and intelligent. She is willing to die to save the world, that's how incredible she is. (this game describes Zarry)
Kiernan’s Studio:
Tumblr media
Kiernan 1. He is a very loveable person. He will always be there for you and is the greatest person you'll ever meet. Can be a little crazy but that's what makes him so great.
2. Kierans are very kind hearted. They'll be there to help you out when you need itthe most. They'll enjoy making jokes and love making you smile. They are also very good kissers. They can be shy at first as well. Kierans are also very intelligent, and can accomplish anything they put their mind to. We all know Zayn loves to draw, culture and paint.
Tumblr media
Zayn left 1D officially on the 03/25, after a fight with Harry They left on odd term. They did a number, on each other. Doing a number on someone means you hurt them.
Tumblr media
They are also symbolic of love, devotion and partnership. This is likely because swans mate for many years, sometimes for life.
In some regions it was considered a feminine symbol of the moon, in most it was a masculine symbol of the sun. In ancient Greece, for example, the swan was linked to Apollo, the god of the Sun. The god Zeus took the shape of a swan to get close to Leda, with whom he had fallen in love. And in Celtic myth, a pair of swans steered the Sunboat across heaven. As a feminine symbol, the swan represents intuition and gracefulness, and goddesses such as Aphrodite and Artemis were sometimes accompanied by swans.
They are also a symbol for healing.
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gaeilge101 · 6 years
50 Most Beautiful Words in Irish
Aimsir (AM-shir) – Weather, time, season.
This is the Irish word for an ever-popular topic with which to make small talk in Ireland. Its earlier meaning, ‘time’, occurs in a proverb which translates as ‘time is a good storyteller’.
Aisling (ASH-ling) – Vision, dream, apparition.
This word is used of a popular eighteenth-century poetic genre in which Ireland appears to the poet in a vision in the form of a woman who speaks to him of the current state of the nation. The word is now popular as a personal name.
Aoibhneas (EEV-nass) – Bliss, delight.
This word generally refers to the joy we feel from external things such as music, song, scenery and good weather, and may be contrasted with áthas (AW-hass), which is joy arising from internal considerations.
Baile (BAL-yeh) – Place, home, homestead, farmstead, village, town.
This Irish word is probably the most commonly occurring term in Irish placenames and is usually anglicized as Bally.
Bean an tí (BAN-a-TEE) – The woman of the house.
Schoolchildren who lodge with families in Irish-speaking parts of Ireland quickly learn the centrality of this person in their life. Her counterpart, fear an tí (FAR-a-TEE) ‘the man of the house’, may also be encountered. Both terms can also be used to denote ‘the master of ceremonies’ at an event.
Beatha (BA-ha) – Life, livelihood, food, sustenance.
One of the uses made of this Irish word is in salutations, such as ‘your life and your health to you’. It also occurs in a surname meaning ‘a son of life’, one variant of which has given us the anglicized form Macbeth, as found in Shakespeare.
Blas (Bloss) – Taste, flavour, accent.
This Irish word is used in a proverb that translates as ‘a small amount is tasty’, a notion perhaps better suited to a country like Ireland than the concept that ‘bigger is better’. The word can also be used of speech – one says in Irish that there is a lovely flavour on a person’s speech if their accent is good.
Bó (Boe) – Cow.
The cow has been central to Irish rural life for many centuries and the Irish word for it occurs as an element in many place and river names. Looking up at the stars, the Milky Way is called ‘The Way of the White Cow’ in Irish.
Bua (BOO-a) – Victory, talent, virtue.
One of the sayings in which this Irish word is used may be translated as ‘Bring victory and a blessing!’, in other words, ‘Best wishes!’
Cara (KA-ra) – Friend.
This Irish word occurs in the quintessential way of addressing someone at the beginning of a letter – the formula may be simply translated as ‘O friend!’
Ceol (Kyol) – Music, song, vigour.
This word conjures not only music but the conviviality that is a central element to Irish life. The idiom ‘you are my music’ essentially means ‘Bravo!’
Comhaltas (COAL-tas) – Co-fosterage, friendship, membership.
This word is used in the title of the Irish traditional musicians organization Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (COAL-tas KYOAL-tory AY-ran) ‘Association of Musicians of Ireland’, which is very often referred to, by way of a blend of the first two words, as Ceoltas (KYOAL-tas).
Comhar (Core) – Combined work, mutual assistance, partnership.
Originally meaning co-operative ploughing between neighbours, this Irish word now evokes the general notion of co-operation and shared work.
Comhluadar (CO-loo-der) – Company, family.
This Irish word primarily describes convivial company, namely people conversing pleasantly together, but may also refer to family.
Craic (Crack) – Entertaining conversation, high-spirited fun.
Although originally a borrowing from Middle English, this word has been borrowed back into the English of Ireland in its Irish-language spelling, and is felt to denote a uniquely Irish variety of boisterous fun.
Dáil (DAW-ill) – A coming together, a consultative gathering.
This word can denote a tryst or a meeting of various sorts but is best known now as the title of the principal chamber of the national parliament, Dáil Éireann (‘the Assembly of Ireland’) or simply the Dáil.
Dathúil (DA-hoo-il) – Good-looking.
This Irish word literally means ‘coloured’ or ‘colourful’, and is used to describe beauty and comeliness of appearance.
Dóchas (DOE-hass) – Hope.
This Irish word conjures a sense of trust, belief, confidence and optimism, and is used in the title of a number of Irish organizations and institutions.
Draíocht (DREE-oct) – Magic, enchantment.
This Irish word for magic once specifically denoted the secret lore and arts of the druids of pre-Christian Ireland and Celtic society.
Dúchas (DOO-hass) –  Birthright, heritage, native place, innate quality.
This Irish word sums up what we are born with. One of the many proverbs in which it occurs translates as ‘instinct is stronger than upbringing’.
Éire (AY-ra) – Ireland.
The name of the country. The English form ‘Ireland’ derives from it and the poetic form ‘Erin’ is based on its dative and genitive forms Éirinn and Éireann. The land-goddess of the country had Éire as one of her names in medieval tradition, and writers represented Éire as one of three sisters, the others being Banbha (BAN-va) and Fódla (FOE-la), who also appear as personifications of the country, and are occasionally encountered in Modern Ireland in titles etc.
Fadó (Fodd-Oh) – Long ago.
This Irish word is used in a variety of phrases that can be used to begin a folktale, and corresponds to the English ‘Once upon a time’.
Feis (Fesh) – Feast, celebration.
Etymologically, this denotes the act of spending the night, especially with another  person, hence ‘espousal’, and by extension was used of a festival held in honour of the marriage of a king, including symbolic marriage to the sovereignty goddess. The most famous of these in early Ireland was the feast of Tara. The word is now generally used with reference to festivals or competitions of music or dance.
Fios (Fiss) – Knowledge.
If you want to say you know something in Irish you say you have its knowledge, namely knowledge of it. If you leave out the ‘its’, the sense is ‘prophetic knowledge’. The word is used in the title of Geoffrey Keating’s monumental history of Ireland (1634), which translates as ‘A foundation of knowledge about Ireland’.
Flaithiúil or Flaithiúlach  (Fla-hool, Fla-hool-ock) – Generous, princely.
This word, which is still often used in the English of Ireland, contains the element flaith ‘lord’, who in medieval times was expected to be munificent. Nowadays, generosity is not confined to the upper echelons, and it may be noted that Ireland was ranked the most generous country in Europe and fifth most generous in the world in the World Giving Index 2013.
Foinse (Fwin-sha) – Fountain, spring, source
This evocative word was used as the title of an Irishlanguage newspaper, which is currently only available online.
Gael (Gale) – An Irish person, a Scottish highlander
This word speaks to the shared heritage of Ireland and Scotland – and indeed to our more distant Celtic cousins, the Welsh, as the word itself is thought to derive from the Welsh word gwyddel ‘raider’, a sense which resonates with the fact that our patron saint, Patrick, was abducted as a slave from Britain in the fifth century.
Gaisce (GOSH-ka) Weapons, feat (of arms), bravado
This word is used as the title of the President’s Award, Ireland’s national challenge award earned by young people between 15 and 25 for participating in several activities, in which context it is best translated as ‘great achievement’.
Inis (IN-ish) – Island
No longer the common Irish word for ‘island’, this word survives mostly in names, such as Inis Fraoigh (‘Heathery Isle’, anglicized Inishfree), County Sligo, made famous by the poem ‘Lake Isle of Innisfree’ by William Butler Yeats. The word occurs also in the old appellation Inis Fáil, a poetic name for Ireland, a term that was used in a speech by US President Bill Clinton in Dublin in 1995.
Fáilte (FALL-tcha) – Welcome
This Irish word, originally meaning ‘joy, bliss, happiness’, occurs in a traditional salutation which translates as ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’.
Leannán (LAN-awn) – Lover
To say that love is blind in Irish, one says ‘a lover sees no fault’. This was one of the words used by the professional poetic class in medieval times to metaphorically describe their noble patrons.
Meitheal (MEH-hull) – Working party
This Irish word refers to the tradition of a group of neighbouring farmers coming together for a number of days to reap corn, pick potatoes, etc. No pay was involved but the recipient of the help was expected to provide hospitality.
Meas (Mass) – Estimation, opinion, esteem, respect
This Irish word is still encountered in the English of Ireland. ‘They have great meas on him’, for instance, means ‘they have great regard for him’. It is also used in a formula for signing off a letter, namely Is mise le meas (ISS-MISHa-leh-MASS), which translates as ‘It is I, with respect’, and which may be seen occasionally in the letters pages of English language newspapers in Ireland.
Misneach (MISH-nock) – Courage, spirit, hopefulness
This popular word occurs in a proverb meaning ‘The man of courage has never lost’, in other words, ‘fortune favours the brave’. The word itself seems to have the effect of adding encouragement to a conversation when introduced.
Muiceanach idir Dhá Sháile  (MWICK-in-ock-idder-gaw-haw-lya) – A hog-backed hill between two arms of the sea.
This west of Ireland placename is impressive in both its original Irish form and in its anglicized dress, Muckanaghederdauhaulia, a form which appears in Georges Perec’s 1978 novel, La Vie mode d’emploi (the English translation is entitled Life, A User’s Manual), where it is visited and painted by the hero, who believes it to be the longest port name in the world.
Pléaráca (PLAY-raw-ka) – Revelry, boisterous merrymaking
This word speaks to an element of Irish culture that goes back a long time. It occurs in the title of an eighteenth-century poem which was set to music by the famous harper Turlough O’Carolan and translated by Jonathon Swift as ‘O’Rourke’s Feast’. It begins: O’Rourke’s noble fare / Will ne’er be forgot / By those who were there / And those who were not.
Plámás (Plaw-mawss) – Flattery, soft talk, cajolery
This is the art of flattery, Irish style. It may sometimes involve empty praise but it’s still nice to be on the receiving end of it.
Saoi (SEE) – Wise and learned person
Though this word is rightly reserved for the more eminent among us, a proverb reminds us that a saoi is not wont to be without fault, or, to put it another way, ‘Homer sometimes nods.’
Saoirse (SEER-sha) – Freedom, liberty
This word, which expresses a noble idea, originally referred to the privileges enjoyed by the nobility. Nowadays, it is an ideal sought after and expected by everyone and has become popular as a first name.
Scéal (Shkayle) – Story, account, narrative, tale, piece of news, state of affairs
Storytelling – scéalaíocht (SHKAYLE-ee-ockt) – is an art that has always been appreciated in Ireland. Long-windedness, however, is not, and there are several intriguing ways that describe narratives that suffer from this ailment, one example being ‘the story of the eight-legged dog’.
Sceitimíní (SKETCH-a-meeny) – Excited feelings, fits of rapturous excitement
If you are really excited in Irish, you say that these are on you!
Sláinte (SLAWN-tcha) – Health, soundness, completeness
This Irish word can be used in various ways when making a toast, one of which is simply to exclaim Sláinte!
Slán(SLAWN) – Health, soundness; healthy, safe
This Irish word can be used in various ways when saying goodbye to someone. One may simply exclaim Slán!, or Slán agus beannacht! (Slawn OGG-uss BAN-ockt), which means ‘farewell and a blessing’.
Sona (SUN-a) – Happy, lucky, fortunate
The primary sense of this word is ‘happy’ and may be used, for instance, in wishing someone a happy birthday. Its less dominant sense is found in a proverb indicating that luck is largely a matter of opportunity and may be translated as ‘the lucky man waits for the lucky moment.’
Spleodar (SPLYO-dar) – Glee, joy, vivacity, exuberance
One of the many Irish words for fun, this one seems to exude its sense and has been used for the title of a number of organizations and events.
Suaimhneas (SOO-iv-nass) – Peace, tranquillity, quietness, rest
This popular Irish word encapsulates the sense of serenity that is much striven for in modern life.
Taisce (TASH-ka) – Store, treasure, hoard
This Irish word can be used as a term of endearment, as in A thaisce! (a-HASH-ka), meaning ‘My darling!’. It is also used with the definite article, i.e. An Taisce (un-TASH-ka), as the title for the National Trust for Ireland, an NGO with a public interest mandate relating to the environment.
Taoiseach (TEE-shock) – Leader, chief, ruler, prime minister 
In origin, an adjective meaning ‘first’, it came to denote a chieftain in medieval times. Nowadays, it is used exclusively as the title of the Irish prime minister.
Uachtarán (OOK-ter-awn) – President
This word contains the element meaning ‘cream’, that which rises to the top.
Uisce (ISH-ka) – Water
Something which seems to fall from the sky endlessly in Ireland. Naturally, it has captured the Irish imagination. Its flowing underground has given rise to a metaphorical term for ‘intrigue’. Uisce beatha, ‘the water of life’, was originally anglicized to usquebaugh and variants thereof, and later shortened to ‘whiskey’.
[source: smartling.com]
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mitchbeck · 2 years
Tumblr media
Mariners start 2021-22 journey with a new coach, affiliate. BY: Michael Keeley, Maine Mariners PORTLAND, ME – October 4, 2021 – Maine Mariners training camp gets underway on October 11, as the third season of ECHL hockey in Portland begins a year later than scheduled. Emerging from the pandemic cancellation of the 2020-21 campaign, the Mariners enter year three with a new head coach at the helm and a new NHL affiliate. The 2021-22 season is presented by Hannaford To Go. Ben Guite leads the charge in his first season as Mariners head coach, following Riley Armstrong’s departure to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms of the American Hockey League in early August. Guite is already well-known locally as a former player and coach for the University of Maine men’s hockey program. He also played in the NHL, making his debut for the Mariners’ new affiliate, the Boston Bruins. The Mariners and Bruins made their new partnership official on June 30, following three years, with the Mariners serving as a New York Rangers affiliate. The move completed the Maine-Boston “trifecta” with the Portland Sea Dogs and Maine Celtics affiliated with the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics, respectively. GUITE SPEAKS “It’s exciting that hockey is right around the corner,” said Guite. “Our fans have been waiting for this for a long time. Our players have been relentless in their preparation and are ready to go. For some players, it’s been an opportunity they’ve been preparing for 18 months. You can sense their excitement to start playing hockey again after a long summer and the challenges of the last year and a half.” Players will begin off-ice testing on Monday, October 11, and on-ice testing on Tuesday, October 12. Full practices will start on Wednesday, October 13, as the Mariners prepare for a pair of preseason games against the Worcester Railers on Friday, October 15, and Saturday, October 16. The Mariners are hosting the game on October 15 at The Colisee in Lewiston – a 7:00 PM puck drop. Admission will be $2 cash at the door. Both preseason games will be broadcast via audio stream at MarinersofMaine.com/listen and the Mixlr App. As players are assigned to the Mariners from NHL and AHL camps, the roster will continue to take shape the following week. Full season ticket holders can attend a night practice on Tuesday, October 19, at the Cross Insurance Arena, where the team will be introduced. The Mariners will open the regular season against Worcester on Friday, October 22 at 7:15 PM in the home opener, presented by Skowhegan Savings. WHAT THE MARINERS WILL BE “Our team will be known for our work ethic, compete level, and ability to make plays at a high pace,” added Guite. “We have the foundation in place. Our camp will be competitive to make sure we are prepared and ready to go come October 22 vs. Worcester. We can’t wait to see the Cross Insurance Arena full of Mariners fans on opening night!” Individual game tickets for all 36 home games are on sale now, online at the Trusted Choice Box Office inside the Cross Insurance Arena or calling the box office at 207-775-3458. Full season, half-season, 12-game mini-plans, and 10-ticket flex plans are also available. More information on ticket packages is available by calling 833-GO-MAINE, emailing [email protected], or by visiting MarinersOfMaine.com. MAINE MARINERS HOME Read the full article
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The way Green is playing
Para mi el perfil de jugador que debe moverse es el que esté por debajo de 3 M/$. Lebron, Kobe y Wade tendrían que jugar por menos dinero, pero cualquier jugador de la clase media baja de la NBA podría conseguir un contrato en Europa similar. Al cambio actual, un jugador que gane 2 M/$ en la NBA, serían 1,5 M/? en Europa (brutos). The next nike hypervenom all black target for Green is the record for most threes in a playoff series. The current record of 28 is held by Allen (set in 2001 as a Milwaukee Buck against the Philadelphia 76ers) and retired Orlando Magic sharpshooter Dennis Scott (set in 1995 against the Indiana Pacers). The way Green is playing, we could need to rewrite the record books once again very soon. Hasta el final se zattini promoção de botas le podía ver en los partidos de los Sixers y sobre su partido más famoso y recordaba que sólo cayó en jean coquelin la cuenta de los puntos que llevaba Chamberlain al final del tercer cuarto. El pívot había anotado 69. No fue un descuido. Por cuerto, hemos ganado de 20 dos partidos, con un juego alegre y con los jovenes dando muy buenas sensaciones. Pero un detalle importante es que hicieron tantas pérdidas como canastas. Y así es complicadillo ganar. So we are in a location to provide this beautiful,good exceptional hats on this kind of the decreased price. Our desire can be to construct long term with you, loads of cooperation Partnership. And will need to you are granted a large enough number, we will supply you having a much extra perfect price. Previously rumored removal of black from the design takes a step forward by taking a step back, in that these appear to look more like the classic and Knicks unis than the staid late models that added black pretty much just because everyone else was adding black to their jerseys then. I don particularly like how the piping on the shoulders stops before the armpits (you nike jean jacket can see it most clearly on Strahan right side), but maybe there a reason for that, like stopping Raymond Felton from feeling too constricted. I don't particularly like how the piping on the shoulders stops before the armpits (you can see it most clearly on Strahan's right side), but maybe there's a reason for that, like stopping Raymond Felton from feeling too constricted. El otro es la quinta referencia anotadora de un equipo que deambula en la cola (otra vez) con 8.9pts 8.5asist, y un 37% en tiro. El otro es la quinta referencia anotadora de un equipo que deambula en la cola (otra vez) con 8.9pts 8.5asist, y un 37% en tiro. Me hablas de un partido?? Da dos asistencias mas pero anota 8 puntos menos, y con unos % dignos de un carpintero. Detroit. Despide a Lawrence Frank y el propietario recurre a Phil Jackson como asesor en la búsqueda de entrenador. Varios nombres sobre la mesa: Zeljko Obradovic, Mo Cheeks, Adrian Griffin (asistente de Chicago), Shaw (asistente en Indiana), Nate McMillan. Productos de la marca HIGHLIGHTSKY al grupo de mujere . More>>nfl Camisetas larga NFL Camisetas Manga Larga hombres H005 : Aos de conejo feliz flores Hin se refiere a la arena entre el director y personal de felicitar el ao nuevo chino Sha es Shenzhen zuoyou ropa empresa filial marca, nació en los últimos 90, establecido inicialmente para el estilo de diseo de ropa personal Studio. En 1998, la arena a una marca independiente de pleno derecho. La primera fue de escándalo, Y la segunda es menos escandalosa que escribir "haya" de "haber" con "ll", pero igualmente es una metedura de pata. Se usa mayúscula al principio de frase, pero cuando la biciclete rusesti vechi frase empieza con un número, no se pone mayúscula. 100 razones podría darte, pero esta misma frase que estoy escribiendo te vale de ejemplo. Otro que también suena desde hace tiempo para acompaar a Kobe en la búsqueda de un nuevo anillo es Baron Davis. Con el nuevo convenio, el jugador parece que no va a seguir en los Cavaliers. Una circunstancia que le convertiría en el primer objetivo de los californianos que quieren reforzarse como sea en el puesto de base.. A medida que se acerca la noche mini melissa picole vidrodel draft, los rumores sobre posibles traspasos aumentan de frecuencia e intensidad. El último en salir a la luz lo ha destapado Yahoo! Sports. Según la web, los San Antonio Spurs estarían dispuestos a entregar al francés Tony Parker a cambio de un buen número en el draft del jueves. Una de las razones es su inmenso porcentaje de turnover en el poste, jugadas que suelen pasarse por alto en los videos que ensean las skill de un jugador. Luego cuando no la pierde, pues si, tiene sus movimientos, más o menos fluidos. Según la difunta Synergy sports (sniff) Howard estaba el 120tantos
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en puntos por posesión en jugadas al poste bajo, si no recuerdo mal. Acerca de Pau Gasol, nike air max irelandel técnico transalpino no alberga dudas de que se trata de un deportista "magnífico". "Pau dominó el baloncesto europeo como nadie lo había hecho desde Arvydas Sabonis. Era un jugador fantástico ya en sus primeros aos de carrera. Su tri ofensivo no funciona, pues balones a Kobe. Y xq Kobe es una m pero si
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no, de que iban a ganar nike hip pack algo? Tuvo suerte que Fisher se sali en el 3er partido, si no, nada de anillo este a Rivers, con Garnett lesionado, un Ray Allen fall Pierce que estuvo m o menos bien, Perkins lesionado y Rashed en las ha conseguido llegar al 7 partido contra los Lakers, y estar cerca de ganarlo (perdieron, si), pero mostr mucho m que Phil Jackson. Y no fue suerte que Allen lograse el record de triples en la final? o que Davis hiciese el partido de su vida en la misma serie?; dices que Phil solo gana con equipazos. Prolonged deliberation period, that he would sign a four year deal with the Celtics. It's a huge victory for Boston, especially since Hayward came in free agency. They're able to hold on to Ainge's children (all the future draft picks), so they can continue their quest to find a way past LeBron James in the Eastern Conference while maintaining their future.
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