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healthifydaily · 4 months
The Cinderella Solution Review USA 2023
The Cinderella Solution Diet is the latest program, where you can lose weight in 28 days. Cinderella Solution is a series of eBooks in PDF form that you can access on your computer or any mobile device.
The Cinderella Solution system is designed especially for women. Cinderella Solution consists of two main phases that will teach you directly. Each stage of Cinderella Solution provides a 14 days meal plan that you may follow. 
Unlike the other programs that will just minimize your food diet, the Cinderella Solution system will let you eat in a way to maximize the fat burning process of the body. The Cinderella Solution system will explain to you how to make a food combination that will guide you through wealthy and healthy goals.
Cinderella Solution Diet will be providing low-intensity exercises that aid you to damage the scar tissues in your joints. Most of the workout focuses in Cinderella Solution plan on abdominal muscles, hips, and butt to start reducing your weight.
Upon starting the Cinderella Solution system, you can choose two different paths. In that case, you can customize the Cinderella Solution system a little bit as you begin to reduce some weight. You will also see more helpful information that will help you to educate better in nutrition and how the effects apply to change your lifestyle and daily routines. 
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reallifesolution · 2 years
There are lots of women that have weight and obesity issue, and this issue is affecting most women in their marriages, lifestyle, and relationships. Plenty of women are not in good shape. There are lots of problems in marriages which comes as a result of weight gain by women. Most women gain weight after marriage as they begin to give birth. And studies have shown that women go through a hormonal transition that makes it difficult for them to lose weight and keep fit. And weight gain sometimes comes as women get older due to a decrease in metabolism. To reduce weight, some women go through all kinds of processes.
Some take different prescriptions, and most times, these things don't work. If you are overweight and you are tired of going through rigorous processes, you need an easy way out; then, the Cinderella solution is just what you need. The Cinderella solution weight loss plan is designed specially to help overweight women reduce weight within a short period. This plan is a product of research to help regulate the natural hormones in the body, such as cortisol, insulin, and estrogen which will help maximize weight loss and reduce fat significantly.
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galaxydigitalstore · 2 years
Tumblr media
Cinderella Solution: Rapid, Safe & Rewarding Weight Loss For Women
The number #1 Selling Fat Loss Solution For Women. Get Started today.
Cinderella Solution system has a 2 step solution that will allow you to lose weight without engaging in boring, repetitive cardio and without giving up the carbs that everyone loves to eat.
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Modern AU in which WWX works a maintenance job at the Lan's corporation to make ends meet for himself and A-Yuan.
He does various things such as cleaning, fixing leaks, electrical work - so nobody really knows how intelligent and creative he really is.
Until one day.
Wei Ying was tasked with cleaning the co-CEO's office one evening, and his eyes caught onto a piece of paper on the desk, with graphs and figures and questions about how things don't add up.
He looks at the data, huffs and picks up a pen to fix it.
Halfway through he realizes what he's done, chuckles a bit bitterly and continues on with the cleaning.
Lan Wangji is stunned to find a half solution written on his paperwork the next morning.
And so begins a Cinderella-style search for the secret genius among the staff.
They find him snacking on chilli in the janitor's office.
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batneko · 5 months
A "wicked enchantress" is running around inflicting people with fairy-tale-inspired curses. Peach's castle gets hit with a Sleeping Beauty curse, and the usual solution doesn't work so Mario and Luigi go chasing down the enchantress.
They catch up easily enough, but she blasts Mario with a spell that turns him into a wolf in a red hoodie. Luigi has just enough time to think "wait a minute, Little Red Riding Hood isn't about a curse," before he's zapped with a "Cinderella" curse. He's stuck in a green ballgown and masquerade mask that won't come off.
Of course, that doesn't bother him much, and turning Mario into a wolf only gave him natural weapons, so they kick the enchantress's butt for a few rounds before she runs away.
Meanwhile, Bowser's castle was hit with a Beauty and the Beast curse... while Bowser wasn't home, meaning Junior is now stuck as a beast and honestly having a great time. The servants are pretty unhappy though and it'll be a pain having Junior shed all over everything (and privately Bowser feels bad he wasn't there to protect everyone, plus kissing Junior's newly-fluffy head didn't break the curse which makes Bowser terrified that he doesn't fully love his son and really is as selfish as people say) so he sets out to find whoever did this and rip them apart.
Soon thereafter he runs into what appears to be a princess with very cool taste in pets, and can't resist turning on the charm.
Luigi would have cleared up the misunderstanding right away, except Bowser is so bad at being charming that it loops around to actually being charming. Telling him who he is after flirting back would just make things awkward and maybe get Luigi set on fire. And Mario, despite lacking thumbs or proper vocal chords, is making it extremely clear that he doesn't approve of Bowser and "Princess Emerald" getting too close. Better to cooperate until they find the enchantress and high-tail it out of there as soon as she's defeated.
Unfortunately it turns out the curse still follows Cinderella rules, so at midnight the ballgown disappears and Bowser finds out after all. He's just as pissed as Luigi was afraid he'd be. There's some fire breath tossed around. But he's more embarrassed than anything else, and the fact that he's the only one without a curse (and that the "dog" is actually Mario) cheers him up enough that he decides to stick it out as part of the team.
He doesn't admit that he'd really started to like Princess Emerald in the afternoon they spent together. She was nice. She listened to him. She laughed at his jokes. And he can admit he's got a thing for big blue eyes. The fact that all those traits are the same whether Luigi's in a dress or in overalls is not one he wants to think about.
(The curse affects Luigi from noon to midnight so he still gets mornings to look like himself. Honestly it wouldn't be bad at all except a ballgown isn't very practical and Luigi's mildly offended that the curse also shaves him.)
So they go on, Bowser tries not to flirt, Luigi tries not to fall for his flirting, they both fail and wolf!Mario suffers.
Eventually they do catch up with the enchantress (probably after a lot of other curse-induced fairy tale shenanigans) and try to fight her. The gang is winning when she suddenly blasts Bowser with something that seems to kill him outright. Luigi, devastated, kisses him before getting up to keep fighting.
The enchantress sees this and goes, "Eewww!"
Turns out she's a little girl who got her hands on a powerful magic artifact. True Love's Kiss didn't break any of the curses because she's seven and kissing's gross! Now that they know she's a child (and that Bowser is just sleeping like Snow White) Mario and Luigi are reluctant to fight at full strength. Instead Luigi distracts her with his pretty pretty princess accessories, so Mario can dash in with wolf speed and steal the artifact.
Bowser is extremely confused when he wakes up, saying something about a weird dream he had, but all the curses are broken and everyone can go home. Problem solved. Definitely no lingering feelings and awkward secrets.
Definitely nobody is going to keep thinking about that teary goodbye kiss when Luigi thought Bowser was dead...
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mansionofhaunts · 6 months
I don’t think you can call what Brennan did in this episode “holding back,” per se, but I do think that you could see him doing math in his head and deciding to move attacks around to keep players on the table for the entire battle, or at least into the second half of it. The first attack going to Siobhan’s bird, other attacks later aiming for NPCs, Cinderella not finishing Pib...obviously he had another route, with him having a miniature for “corrupted Rosamund,” but I suppose it’s up in the air if he’d built that mechanic into this battle because he realized that Siobhan was going to be fully out of four hours of episodes really early into them.
To be clear: this is good DM work. It’s a horror season, but at this point in the narrative, it’s gonna be way less satisfying to have a character just fully die from a crit so early in the final confrontation (in a an actual play, at least), and his solution to bringing her back was arguably more horrific than her dying in the first place.
Anyways, I assume all bets are off in the second half of the finale, and “there are no happy endings coming,” was a very ominous thing to say about a character, so I’m assuming it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, going forward.
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inkdrinkerworld · 7 months
Tumblr media
pairing: dbf!hotch x fem!reader
wc: 1.4k
cw: smut, dbf!hotch, period sex, fluff to smut to fluff, mention of cramps, 18+ONLY, MDNI
You should’ve known your dad would send him over. You really should’ve with the relationship you have with them both.
Your father hated leaving you alone, and when you’d gotten your period that morning and told him you were in a lot of pain, you really should’ve expected Aaron to be coming over when he was finished with work.
You had transformed the living room to a sort of blanket fort, old disney movies playing on the tv as you laid in your fluffiest pyjamas under the heavy duvet.
“Angel,” Aaron calls and you tip your head back, brows pulled quizzically.
“Did dad send you? ‘Cause I told him I’d be fine.”
Aaron toes his shoes off and drapes his jacket over the back of the sofa.
“He did say to come check on you, said you’d been having bad cramps.”
You’d known Aaron long enough that this kind of talk didn’t bother you, plus you were a grown woman, period talk no longer seemed as uncomfortable as it did when you were younger.
“I was, got my hot water bottle though, and chocolate.” you show Aaron the half finished block of chocolate, he laughs at how little remains.
“Good, I’m staying the night.” he admits and you smile wide and then temper it.
“You’re as bad as he is, I’m a big girl.” it’s teasing enough that Aaron rolls his eyes and hums.
You’d said the same thing a week ago when Aaron had been gone and you’d made yourself come on the phone with him.
If your dad knew that, he wouldn’t be too keen on sending Aaron to check up on you- but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
“Are you? You’re sat watching Sleeping Beauty.” you hide your face in your covers and Aaron chuckles. He pulls your shoulders so you’re laying in his lap, Aaron’s hands rubbing through your hair as the movie plays on.
About halfway through, your water bottle ran cold and your cramps were almost demonic in their pressure.
There wasn’t much Aaron could do, but he tried to get your mind off the pain.
“Want me to refill it?” he asks softly, feeling your tears hit his dress pants.
“Please, I really can’t move.” he’s no stranger to how debilitating they’d gotten as you’d aged, Aaron remembers a couple months back when he’d carried you to the hospital because the pain seemed never to cease.
When he came back, you were putting on another movie, wiping your tears and sniffling.
“Here,” you took the bottle with a grateful smile, setting it on your stomach with a pleased sigh.
Aaron had meant to bring up another solution, a solution you’d both tried a couple times when you were alone like this.
He just wasn’t sure if you were up to it and despite how much it had helped, Aaron wouldn’t bring it up when you hadn’t even hinted.
You’d been thinking of it though, your mind running to how Aaron had helped you last month when your cramps had been awful and overwhelming.
You were halfway through Cinderella when Aaron had undone his shirt and patted your head, “I’m gonna go shower angel, I’ll be twenty minutes.”
“No,” you mumble, holding his hand making him pause. “Not yet. I want to try the thing,” you admit and sit up.
“Sweetheart,” you crawl into his lap then and Aaron sighs, holding you close to his chest. “What thing?”
Maybe it was a little mean to make you say it when Aaron knew what you wanted.
But he’d always been just that little bit mean enough to make your belly churn with excitement every time.
You rock your hips into his, groaning softly at the friction.
“Can we do what we did last time?” you ask and Aaron tilts your chin upwards, eyes peering into yours.
“You sure?” he needs you to be, as much as there’s attraction between the two of you, Aaron sometimes needs the reassurance that this, with him, is what you want.
It always will be, if you’re honest with yourself.
“Mhm, please Aaron.” he keeps you in his arms are he bounds the stairs to your bedroom, reaching for your towel and laying it on the bed before setting you atop it.
“You have to be patient.” he instructs gently, brushing your hair from your face before going to get the bin from your bathroom.
“They’re starting to hurt again,” you whine, and Aaron feels horribly about it, but he needs you to be comfortable above all else when this starts.
He sets a bottle of castor oil and peppermint oil on your bedside table before standing before you again.
“I’m gonna make it better okay, sunshine?” you nod, lifting your hips to help Aaron drag your shorts off along with your underwear.
“It’s gonna pinch a little remember?” He spreads your legs and finds your clit to distract you.
“Please Aaron,” you beg and he lines up with your entrance, pushing in slowly as he rubs at your clit, watching with pride as your body leans into his touch. “So good.”
Aaron moved slow, his body hovering over yours as he pushed into you, dragging pleasure from your body easily.
His lips kiss at your cheeks, jaw and temple, soft sweet words whispered into your skin.
“Fuck I’m getting close,” you cry, hands clawing at Aaron’s back as he focuses on rubbing tight circles on your clit. “Aaron, Aaron.”
His name is a pretty chant along with soft swears and cries of pleasure.
When you do come, Aaron stills, letting you soak his cock, groaning when your cunt becomes impossibly tighter around him.
“God, baby, you’re gonna make me come in you.” he whispers, hips snapping into yours once more. There’s something to tell of his precision and care even while he chases his own release.
“Please Aaron, I want it,” you do, you want it terribly. Your hands cup his cheeks as he spears into you, his pelvis brushing your clit with each thrust making you whine and squeal.
“Please come in me,” you beg, leaning upwards to lick at Aaron’s mouth, teeth nibbling on his lip, dragging his bottom lip into your mouth. “Please fill me up.”
Aaron’s hips buck and he claims your lips with a harsh, “Fuck you’re so good to me.”
He fills you up, and rubs your clit just a little to pull another orgasm from you because he could.
His nose nudges along your cheek as you both come down from your highs.
“Better?” he asks, large palms stroking at your cheek and jaw.
“So much,” you groan as he pulls out of you, using the towel to clean you up a little before helping you sit up. “Thank you.”
You lean in for a kiss that Aaron is more than happy to grant, hand leading your jaw as he deepens the kiss.
“You’re more than welcome, sunshine,” Aaron speaks the words to your lips and then pulls away, “Ready to shower now?”
Aaron is gentle as he showers with you, not letting you lift a finger to help him as he opts for your lavender shower gel rather than your usual oat and honey scent.
“C’mon angel, now isn’t time to be shy.” he says as you try to discreetly get your pad on.
“Shush,” you say, your hair hiding your cheeks as you bite your lip.
Aaron laughs at how whiny your voice sounds.
“Can we go back down? I want to finish Cinderella, and I wanna watch Anastasia after.”
Aaron chuckles as he slips into his forgotten pair of boxers from your last weekend together.
“Of course, we can order something to eat too. And maybe that giant chocolate chip cookie thing.”
You put on another pair of fluffy pyjamas and when you reach for your hair, Aaron lowers your hands and reach for the strands himself.
“Maybe?” you tip your chin backward and give Aaron a sad pout.
“Stop that,” he mutters, knowing he’d be purchasing the stupid chocolate chip cookie because of that look.
You laugh when his hands comb through your hair and braid it back rather than elaborating.
“I wonder what dad will think if he finds you here in just your underwear.” Aaron pinches at your ass as you walk in front of him.
“Nothing, cause he won’t see. Plus, I only care what you think,” he pulls you into his lap when you sit on the sofa again, the duvet covering you both soon after.
“And I know you love me in as little clothes as possible.” his words are whispered into that spot below your ear making you shiver.
“I should’ve played harder to get,” you joke but Aaron doesn’t find you funny in the slightest.
His teeth sink into your neck, “Brat,” he mumbles and you giggle. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
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norel-ravenclaw · 7 months
The Ikepri routes as dark, twisted fairytales~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fandom: Ikemen Prince (otome game)
Featured characters: All 13 & Cyran
Genre: Dark angsty fairytale romance
Rating: 12+
Word count: 1295
WARNINGS: | big bad wolf | dub-con elements | mentions of abuse | angst | mxw |
Tumblr media
Leon - Cinderella
The truth was, he had seen her before. Seen the cobwebs in her lovely hair, seen the bruise on her temple when the breeze blew her scarf back. And he was smitten. Her shy smile, her surprising wit, her wise words, soft touch. She did not know who he was, but that wouldn’t stop him from taking her away from that place. She would be his. Even if he had to try that remarkable glass shoe on every woman in the kingdom. She would belong to him, a slave no more.
Chevalier - Beauty & The Beast
Trespasser. Interloper. Fool of a woman. Surely her trembling fists and burning eyes in a show of courage against his rampage is merely… more favourable than silent cowering? Surely the lonely years of seeing faces only in furniture is the sole reason her expressions while reading are so… amusing? Surely, seeing her in the late Queen’s golden gown is entirely… Entirely captivating. Surely, the last petal will fall before she would ever claim to love a beast… like him.
Yves - Sleeping Beauty
The abandoned prince. Not in a cottage in the woods, but in a foreign castle. Blood of enemies in his veins. And her, an outsider who would go up against anything or anyone to protect his smile. No dragon, or beasts, or years of navigating thorny paths could stop her from pouring all her love into a kiss upon his rosebud lips. The Beauty deserved his chance to rule the kingdom he loved, as much as deserved to be loved himself. And she would stop at nothing to see it happen.
Jin - Snow White
He had wanted this. He had suggested the decree that would banish the gentle maiden from the palace forever. The King’s folly had driven him to act thusly. But now, seeing the tears streak down her face, the cruel blow about to be struck, he could not… He couldn’t… But wouldn’t her pain be worse if he didn’t? Such a delicate creature, lost in a hostile place. There was just one solution; one made in a final, damning moment of irrepressible impulse: He would be her protector.
Sariel - Aladdin
They never saw through his smiles. His schemes and lies and manipulation. No one that is, except for her. Blazing eyes and chin held high. A worthy prize if ever he saw one. But he would tame her, holding that proud chin in his hand. He would make her love him, adore him, serve him. It was only a matter of time. No filthy street rat could hope to steal his wish. No one’s power was greater than his, after all - not even the king’s. And the most powerful and worthy woman in the kingdom would belong to him, bow to him; just as the very moon and stars would.
Nokto - Little Red Riding Hood
How many delicious morsels have wandered this forest? How many have fallen prey to the cunning fox that stalks its paths? And so why, why is this one different? This bold, sweet treat with honeyed hips and spiced tongue. Why is she the one who gets special treatment? Hunted so much more carefully, yet recklessly, yet satisfyingly… Of course he won’t let her go. No, no. He is a nasty beast, after all. He intends to devour her like all the others. …Perhaps she’ll even taste sweeter.
Licht - The Snow Queen
The wounded prince, hidden away for all this time. A stranger even to his twin, once his closest companion. All are certain he will wither away to nothing, chipping away at his own heart until nothing remains. Until she arrives. And she makes a flower bloom in the vast field of ice that shrouds his scars. The warmth of unconditional, unwavering love is the only thing that can thaw his frozen heart. Only she can bring spring to his eternal winter. And all the kingdom will revel in the flowers that bloom in his smile.
Rio - The Little Mermaid
She is a beacon. The only light on a rocky, desolate shore. She is joy and goodness and a treasure more precious than anything he’d ever held before. How cruel then, that he cannot tell her of his past. Of the shadowy tentacles that threaten to drag him back to whence he came. The villains and oppression and darkness of the ocean palace. No, he refuses such memories. His life is here now, with her. He will serve and protect his princess with everything he has. Even if his voice fails him, his heart will not.
Clavis - Alice In Wonderland
Oh, how curious his new toy is~ Curious and shy and clever. No matter that she is beginning to get fed up with the nonsense. Nonsense! She will come to love it, just as she will come to love him! Naturally, he is the most handsome fellow in Wonderland. It’s only natural that she will turn to him at last, crying in his shoulder until he can feed her something sweet to make it all go away. Sweet thing, they’ll have tea parties every day! And she will love it. And she will love him.
Luke - Goldilocks
She should not have come here. A broken, raging, raving, beast lives here. And shells of memories, carefully preserved. She sits in her chair. She sleeps in her bed. She holds a lovingly sewn bear to her heart. And she cries. Perhaps… perhaps this sweet girl with wide eyes, could use the protection of a big bad bear. Just for a little while. Until it’s time for the bear to go hunt. …Just until then.
Keith - Princess & The Pea
She was a stranger from a distant land, obviously not one that belonged in the grand palace. She was too sweet, too delicate, too naïve. …Or so he thought. She noticed him, there in the shadows in his eyes. Only she was sensitive enough to notice something so simple was off. Only she was kind enough, wise enough, to meet him on both sides. And so, he was determined, only she would be his queen. Whether she was a princess or not.
Silvio - Rumplestiltskin
Money solves all problems. So he made her spin gold for him. But he never expected that she would see him. (He never gave her the time.) And yet she did. She saw the rose-tint in his face and the pain hidden beneath his glittering, distracting façade. Only she could see the gold in the straw-stuffed cracks of his heart. Only she could ever speak his truth - a new name for a new part of his heart he never dared open before.
Gilbert - Rapunzel
It was too easy, really. To take her. To steal away with her gentle, naïve, heart in the night. To take her away to a dark castle, and lock her in the tallest tower. No one would ever see or touch the bunny again. …Until she discovered his secret. Then, no tower would be high enough, secure enough to hide the only person who would ever see behind his mask. No, Bunny, no prince will dare to try to get you down.
Cyran - 12 Dancing Princesses
His master was a madman, there was no denying it. And there was no denying the Belle of the nightly ball… was her. Every day he would sneak medicine and ointment into her room to pass around to the women to use on their sore, blistering feet. Until her strained smile, trying so hard to hide the pain, the confusion, the fear - secured his resolve. He would free them - her - from this cruel experiment. No matter what it would take.
Tumblr media
I will write for the winning poll choices soon! (I made the clavis one as a joke lmao, how am I actually gonna write that??)
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soupervylan · 7 months
A lot of folks have chimed in after the most recent episode about where the princesses’ ideology unraveled for them, so thought I’d throw my hat in the ring: they’re trying to break free of their stories...but they’re still thinking like damsels in distress.
They were at their most admirable when they were fighting fate - literally, in cases like where Cinderella fought her Fairy Godmother. Yet there was a line from Snow White during this whole explanation where she used the phrase “hope for something better to come along”. 
And isn’t that the crux of it? Destroying this world, themselves included, and hoping someone comes along and makes something better in the ashes? Hasn’t that been the story for them so many times, left to wait for a hero they may never meet?
And spoken to Sleeping Beauty, of all people! A sleep like death, waiting in inky blackness for her prince to come - a prince that never came. She had to wrench herself free from those briars, use her blessings on her own, claw back agency in a story that was barely her own. Of course she could never agree. Of course she couldn’t possibly accept the idea of returning back to that inky blackness, and hoping something better comes around. It’s the same story as last time...but this time, she never wakes up.
I don’t know if it was intentional or if they’re gonna unpack that particular facet of it, because obviously, it isn’t like the princesses are impassive on their way to this solution...but I think it’s telling that their ultimate solution isn’t retaking agency. It’s surrendering it completely. Even with access to a book that could rewrite reality, they can’t visualize any version of themselves that can take control and make a better world - the closest they can get is romanticizing this idea of destroying themselves and hoping someone else makes something better in a world without them in it. They’re still defining themselves in the terms of the stories they hate. They can only see themselves as damsels in distress - now they’re just embracing the distress.
(D-fucking-W, guys.)
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star-ocean-peahen · 15 hours
After watching Cinderella (the original animated movie, which was my favorite as a child), it strikes me how it solves many common problems people have with this fairy tale. Like:
Why did they try to identify the mystery girl using her shoe size? Because the bullheaded king's only clue to her identity was the shoe the Grand Duke picked up off the steps.
Why didn't the prince recognize her by her face? Because his father wouldn't involve him in the process at all, and wasn't the one going around trying to find her.
Why did the prince want to marry a lady he only met that night? Because his father was going to force him to marry someone, and he genuinely liked this woman.
Why did Cinderella want to marry a man she only met that night? Because marriage was her best and most secure way to freedom. Fucked up, but you can't say it's unrealistic for the setting of a fairy tale. She also genuinely liked him.
If they're using the slipper to find her, wouldn't it be more sensible to search for the person with the other slipper? Yes. The King is purposefully nonsensical and the Duke is purposefully terrified enough of him to carry out his orders to the letter. Furthermore, they end up doing that in the end anyway, because the Duke's glass slipper is shattered, and Cinderella brings out the one she has to prove her identity.
Why didn't the stepmother and stepsisters recognize Cinderella at the ball? Because they were dancing too far away, and then left the party to dance in private, which was possible because the King wanted very badly for his son to hit it off with someone and tried to arrange the best conditions for that to happen.
Why didn't Cinderella save herself? Because in real life, abuse victims should not have to shoulder that responsibility, and usually can't. In real life, you need and deserve an external support system. Asking for help, in this kind of situation, is very important. She is saved by others because she is loved. Because she is not alone. Because she has friends who love her, and want her to be happy and safe and free. Because in real life, people who want to help someone who is suffering are like the mice. We can't pull out miracle solutions, but we can provide companionship and if we're in the right place at the right time, we can help the person find a better life.
Why didn't the fairy godmother save Cinderella from her abusive household, or try to help her sooner? Because she's magic, and magic can't solve your problems. Quote: "Like all dreams, well, I'm afraid it can't last forever." This (and Cinderella's dream of going to the ball) is a metaphor for pleasurable things in bad circumstances. An ice cream won't get rid of your depression, but it will provide you with momentary happiness to bolster you, as well as the reminder that happiness in general is still possible for you. Cinderella doesn't want to go to the ball so she can get away from her stepmother and stepsisters, or so she can meet someone to marry and leave with. She wants to go to the ball to remind herself that she can still have things she wants. That her desires matter. This is important because the movie does a very good job of illustrating Lady Tremaine's subtle abuse tactics, all of which invisibly press the message that Cinderella doesn't matter. While going to the ball and fulfilling her dreams may not be a victory in the material sense, it is still a victory against Lady Tremaine's efforts.
Why is Cinderella's choice to be kind and obedient framed as a good thing, when you are not obligated to be kind to your abuser? This one walks a very fine line, but I think the movie still makes it make sense. Lady Tremaine never acknowledges her cruelty. She always frames her punishments of Cinderella as Cinderella's fault. Cinderella is interrupting, Cinderella is shirking her duties, Cinderella is playing vicious practical jokes. Cinderella is still a member of the family, of course she can go to the ball, provided she meet these impossible conditions. Lady Tremaine's tactics are designed to make Cinderella feel like she must always be in the wrong and her stepmother must always be in the right. If Cinderella calls her stepmother out on her cruelty, or attempts to fight back, Lady Tremaine can frame that as Cinderella being ungrateful, cruel, broken, evil, etc. If Cinderella responds to her stepmother's cruelty defiantly (in the way she's justified to), she's not taking control out of Lady Tremaine's hands. Disobedience can be spun back into her stepmother's control. She wants Cinderella to be angry and sad and show how much she's hurting. So since Cinderella is adapting to her situation, she chooses to be kind. Not only because she naturally wants to be and it's part of her personality, but because it is a form of defiance in its own way, and it allows her to keep a reminder of her agency and value. Her choice to be kind is her chance to keep her own narrative alive: she is not obeying because her stepmother wants her to and she has to do what her stepmother does, but because she wants to. It's a small distinction, but one that makes all the difference in terms of keeping her hope and identity. (Fuck, I wrote a whole paragraph about how this doesn't mean you can't be angry at people who hurt you or that you need to be kind to deserve help, and then deleted it by accident. Uh. Try again.) Expressing anger and pain is an important part of regaining autonomy and healing. Although it is commendable to be kind while you are suffering, it is NOT required for you to get help or be worthy of help. If Cinderella's recovery was explored beyond "happily ever after" she would need to let herself be angry and sad to heal. Cinderella is not only kind because it comes naturally to her, but because it's her defense against the abuse she's suffering. Everyone's story and experiences are different, and one does not invalidate the other.
Bonus round for answers that aren't part of the movie:
Why didn't Cinderella run away? Where would she go? Genuinely, in hundreds-of-years-ago France, where would she go if she snuck out of the window with a change of clothes? With her step-family, she's miserable and abused, but she's fed, clothed, and in no danger of dying or being taken advantage of by anyone other than her stepmother and stepsisters. Even if she escapes and manages to find financial security, her stepmother might be able to find her and get her back.
Why didn't Cinderella burn the house down with them inside it/slit their throats in the night/poison their food/etc.? Because that's a revenge fantasy, and this story is a fantasy about being saved. There's nothing wrong with making Cinderella into a revenge fantasy. That's perfectly fine, as long as you acknowledge that the other type of fantasy is also a valid interpretation. (I mean, the original fairy tale features the stepsisters getting their feet mutilated and all three of them getting their eyes pecked out, so go for it.)
Why isn't Cinderella more proactive in general? Because she's a child who has been abused for the back half of her life, who has had to be focused on survival because. you know. she's an abused kid.
How did she dance in glass slippers? Gotta agree with you there man, that's weird.
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What Your Favorite Zelda Ship Says About You (for the games I’m familiar with)
Link x Zelda (ZeLink): You are a firm believer in the inherent beauty of two souls coming together, again and again, through reincarnation after reincarnation.
Hylia x Hero: …see above. Also, you read the Skyward Sword manga.
Ocarina of Time:
Link x Zelda (ZeLink): You think classic Disney Princess movies are more feminist than given credit, and that Cinderella is more badass than she’s given credit.
Link x Sheik: You were absolutely fucking pissed to learn that you can only play as Sheik in Super Smash Bros. Also you are almost definitely some flavor of trans.
Link x Dark Link: Looking back on your childhood, you can pinpoint Ocarina of Time as the beginning of your crippling addiction to “Enemies to Lovers”.
(Child) Link x Saria: You really like Disney Channel movies where the popular kid’s girlfriend is nice to the loser protagonist.
Link x Malon: You just want good things for Link. And really, who wouldn’t? Also, you’re a horse girl.
(Adult) Link x Nabooru: Your favorite Champion is Urbosa.
Link x Ruto: You love the scene in Dragon Ball where Goku accidentally proposes to Chi-Chi but holds up to that promise when they’re adults.
Twilight Princess:
Link x Midna (MidLink): You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of getting dunked on. 
Link x Zelda (ZeLink): You are a firm believer in keeping things canon and keeping things wholesome. 
Link x Ilia (IliaLink): You believe that the Hero of Time settled down with Malon.
Midna x Zelda (Midzel): You hypothetically want a girlfriend who can kick your ass but realistically you just want to be bridle carried. Also, you read the manga.
Midna x Zelda x Link (Midzelink): Your solution to a love triangle is ALWAYS polyamory.
Midna x Zant (MidZant): Your AO3 history is about 50% Reylo fanfiction.
Zant x Ganondorf (Zandorf): You definitely got your start in the Star Wars fandom by writing Kylo x Hux slash fic.
Skyward Sword:
Link x Zelda (ZeLink): You have gotten into at least five heated Internet arguments about Skyward Sword being underrated. Also you cried at that ZeLink shot in the Tears of the Kingdom trailer.
Hylia x (Original) Link (Hylink): You cried at that other shot in the Tears of the Kingdom trailer of maybe Link’s metal arm holding maybe Hylia’s arm. Also you read the manga.
Link x Ghirahim (GhiraLink): You are still pissed Ghirahim wasn’t in Smash.
Link x Groose (GroosLink): Your mom told you that that mean boy on the playground pulled your hair because he likes you and you never let go of that.
Zelda x Groose (Zeloose): You are painfully heterosexual. Alternatively, you are Groose.
Breath of the Wild:
Link x Zelda (ZeLink): You are a firm believer in the inherent romanticism of shared trauma and Knight x Princess dynamics.
Link x Mipha (MiphLink): Your ideal relationship dynamic is one-sided, tragic pining. Press F to pay respects.
Link x Paya (PayLink): You just want good things for Paya. And really, who wouldn’t?
Link x Sidon (SidLink): You’re always a slut for beautiful cinnamon rolls, too good for this world, too pure.
Link x Revali (RevaLink): You love the Tumblr meme that’s like “You want to fuck me so bad, it makes you look stupid.” Also, you think people are too mean to Revali.
Zelda x Revali (ZeReval (?)): You are heterosexual.
Urbosa x Zelda’s Mom: You are a strong supporter of two women who are sick of a man’s bullshit.
King Rhoam x Literally Anyone: You think Endeavor deserves a redemption arc.
EDIT: the sequel
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thedemonofcat · 3 months
Geralt finds himself embarking on an intriguing contract, unlike any he has encountered before. Mysterious deaths are occurring, and the victims meet their end in a manner reminiscent of fairy tales, but with a twisted twist—the stories don't conclude with the customary "happily ever after." Determined to put an end to the killings, Geralt stumbles upon a revelation: the only way to stop the murders is to ensure that the stories reach their proper resolution. Realizing the complexity of the task at hand, Geralt decides to seek the assistance of an unexpected ally—Jaskier.
Their relationship has been strained since their encounter on the mountain, and their interactions have been scarce. Nevertheless, Geralt recognizes Jaskier's exceptional storytelling abilities and believes he possesses the knowledge to rectify these twisted fairy tales. Despite the potential awkwardness, Geralt approaches Jaskier with his proposition, and to his surprise, Jaskier agrees wholeheartedly to lend his aid.
Eventually, Geralt and Jaskier trace the twisted fairy tales to their source—an eccentric witch with an unusual obsession for these stories. This witch, however, finds the traditional "happily ever after" endings to be dreadfully dull. Driven by her desire to craft a unique tale, she sets out to write her own narrative. As Geralt and Jaskier confront the witch, she fixes her unsettling gaze upon Jaskier and reveals her sinister plan: he is the perfect character for her story.
With a wicked grin on her face, the witch prepares to cast a spell on Jaskier, intending to ensnare him in her twisted tale. Acting swiftly, Geralt steps forward to shield his friend, but his valiant effort only results in both of them being struck by the witch's malevolent magic.
To their bewilderment, Geralt and Jaskier find themselves transported into the very storybook world the witch has created. They are thrust into the first tale, a twisted rendition of Cinderella, with Jaskier cast in the role of the beleaguered Cinderella and Geralt assuming the mantle of Prince Charming. It becomes apparent to Geralt that the only means of escaping this enchanting prison is to follow the path the witch has written and bring the story to its conclusion, including the pivotal kiss at the end.
What should have been a wondrous adventure turns into an excruciating ordeal as Geralt and Jaskier find themselves compelled to share a kiss to bring each story to its conclusion. Their next trial leads them into the tale of Rapunzel, but with a twist—this time, Geralt assumes the role of the main character, while Jaskier finds amusement in witnessing Geralt adorned with long, flowing hair, much to the Witcher's chagrin. However, Jaskier's mirth quickly fades as the story takes a dark turn, leaving him bereft of sight.
As the narrative unfolds, Jaskier experiences the anguish of blindness, relying solely on Geralt's guidance amidst the labyrinthine tower. Geralt, burdened by the weight of his friend's suffering, searches for a solution within the confines of the tale. Yet again, they are faced with the unsettling prospect of sharing a kiss to bring the story to its rightful conclusion.
Reluctantly, Geralt and Jaskier confront the necessity of this intimate act, one born out of a twisted curse that binds them to the story's fate. Though hesitant, they both understand the gravity of the situation and recognize that their sacrifice is the only way to escape this enchanted cycle.
One by one, Geralt and Jaskier find themselves entangled in the roles of various fairy tales. From Beauty and the Beast to Snow White, from The Frog Prince to The Snow Queen, and even to The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, they are pulled into a tapestry of enchantment. Each story, however, only reaches its conclusion when Geralt and Jaskier share a kiss—a bittersweet requirement that marks their passage to the next tale.
Their final ordeal manifests in the tale of Swan Lake, where Jaskier undergoes a transformation, becoming a swan. As they near the story's end, Jaskier, burdened by the pain of their forced kisses, refuses to engage in yet another heart-wrenching act. He professes his love for Geralt, aware that his feelings are unrequited and that the repeated kisses have taken a toll on his soul.
To Geralt's dismay, as soon as Jaskier voices his emotions, he inexplicably loses his memories, believing himself to be an actual character within the fairy tales. Geralt desperately pleads with Jaskier to remember him, to recall their shared adventures and deep bond, but his efforts prove futile.
In this pivotal moment, the witch materializes, explaining that in order for Jaskier to become part of her new story, he must forget his true identity. The witch reveals that Geralt's presence within these tales is a mistake, and she has come to return him home.
Refusing to abandon Jaskier, Geralt stands his ground, declaring that he cannot leave without the one he loves. He admits his love for Jaskier, a love he had always been too afraid to express, and he is determined to fight for their bond.
Infuriated by Geralt's defiance, the witch and the Witcher engage in a fierce battle. With courage fueled by his love for Jaskier, Geralt triumphs over the witch, reclaiming his agency in the face of overwhelming odds. As the witch's power wanes, Jaskier's memories are restored, and he remembers who he truly is.
This time, Geralt and Jaskier share a kiss that transcends the necessity of the tale. It is a genuine expression of their love, sealing their bond, and together, they are finally transported back to their home realm.
In the wake of their return, Geralt and Jaskier find solace in the knowledge that their love is reciprocated
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absolutebl · 2 months
2023 Thai BL Favorites List - Mid Year Check In
Tagged by @thatgirl4815​ (thanks hon!) I adapted this to my taste.
Feel free to c/p do the same! 
I’m answering all these right now for 2023, because it’s too complicated for me otherwise. 
Favorite Thai BL 2023:
Tumblr media
My School President
Favorite currently active Thai BL Branded Pair:
High Heat: Net James (Bed Friend) 
Established: OhmFluke (609 Bedtime Story)
New: GeminiFourth (My School President & Moonlight Chicken) 
Most underrated Thai BL actor right now: 
Film Thanapat. He was perfectly serviceable in To Sir, With Love but he’s a goddamn revelation in Laws of Attraction. 
Pair the deserves a second chance: 
Tumblr media
Haii & Boom (Chains of Heart) 
Favorite Thai BL Main Character 2023:
Tumblr media
King (Bed Friend) 
Favorite Thai BL Side Character 2023:
Tumblr media
Thiu (My School President)
Favorite Thai BL side dishes 2023: 
Tumblr media
Li Ming & Heart (Moonlight Chicken)
Favorite scene in a Thai BL so far:
Tumblr media
My School President calling on the spirit of Love Sick. What can I say? I love meta and I love BL remembering it’s own history. This did both. 
Most Anticipated Thai BL (& why):
I Feel You Linger in the Air 
I like the premise, the cast looks great. This is a time travel historical romance adaption of y-novel by Violet Rain about a heartbroken architect who is transported to the 1930s from the producers of Lovely Writer.
Guilty pleasure Thai BL 2023 series (or likely to become so):
Tumblr media
Future the series
July 2023 Thai BL Report
ABL has watched:
My School President & Our Skyy 2: My School President
La Pluie
Step By Step
Bed Friend
Between Us
Destiny Seeker
Make a Wish
Moonlight Chicken
Never Let Me Go & Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go
Our Skyy 2: A Tale of Thousand Stars
Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy
Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind
Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse
A Boss and a Babe & Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe
Cutie Pie 2 You special
Future the series
609 Bedtime Story
Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa
I Will Knock You
Remember Me
Tin Tem Jai
The Promise
Cafe In Love
Chains of Heart
Hit Bite Love
The Luminous Solution
My Blessing
Currently Watching: 
Be Mine Super Star
Be My Favorite
Dinosaur Love
Hidden Agenda
Laws of Attraction
Love Syndrome III  
Low Frequency
Senior Love Me
Wedding Plan
Can’t Find
Love Upon a Time
Boyband the series
Heart by Heart
Moments Of Love
House of Stars
Till the World Ends
Announced for 2023 (maybe still to come?)
After Sundown
Fake Love
Friends Forever
I Wish You Love
Lucky Love
Pisces of Me
Refund Love
Right Time, Right You
You Are My Soulmate
The Camp Fire
The Outing Series
Deep Night
Pit Babe
Rule No.1: Don’t Be Too Emotional
Future From Me
Naughty Babe
Only Friends
Buddy Line Y Animal AKA
Mystique in the Mirror
2 Worlds
Punk Spy
The Next Prince
Kemjira Will Survive
Close Friend 3 Soju Bomb
Waterboyy 3 AKA Waterboys
I Feel You Linger in the Air
Middleman’s Love AKA Middle Love
Cinderella Boys
Cherry Magic (Thai remake)
Born to be Y
Dangerous Romance
4 Minutes
7 Times 4 Days
Big Dragon 2
Big Dragon the movie
Boy Never Smiles
Chiang Mai Adventures
City of Stars 
Colorful Melody
Cooking Crush
Flirt Milk
Friend. Boyfriend
Heroin The Series
Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung
Khemjira Will Survive
Last Twilight
Lost in the Woods
Love in Translation
Love Puzzle AKA Plengrak AKA
Love Syndrome – The Beginning
Lover Merman
Man Suang
Night Dream
Our Skyy 2
Our Story
Rule No.1: Don't Be too Emotional
Sunset Vibes
The Chinese Family
The D Project
The Hidden Character
The Internship
The Sign
The Whisperer
True Moon
Two Worlds
Wish Me Luck
Wish You Luck
Crazy Handsome Rich
For Him the series
Twin The Series AKA Twins
Casanova Begins
Marry Go Round
Venus in the Sky  
Tumblr media
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twilightangel83 · 26 days
October Prompts
There are all sorts of fun prompt lists bouncing around October this year. So I'm gonna, just, pick and choose from all of them. This post is just a combined list for my brain. Feel free to use it if you want. (Alternate Prompts will be listed at the bottom) W-Whumptober AW-AI-Less Whumptober F-Flufftober L-Linktober LS-Linktober Shadow LQ-Linktober Quest
Day: Prompt(List); Prompt(List); etc.
1: “But now this room is spinning while I’m trying just to fill in all the gaps.” | Safety Net | Swooning | “How many fingers am I holding up?”(W); Drugging/Sick/Poisoned(AW); "I've Got You"(F); Merchant(L); Gibdo(LS); Master of Ceremony Zelda(LQ);
2: “I’ll call out your name, but you won’t call back.” | Thermometer | Delirium | “They don't care about you.”(W); Overworked | Insomnia | Exhaustion(AW); Family, Friends, Loved Ones(F); Temple(L); Dodongos(LS); Festival Location(LQ);
3: “Like crying out in empty rooms; with no-one there except the moon.” | Journal | Solitary Confinement | “Make it stop.”(W); Sensory Deprivation | Overstimulation | Isolation(AW); "Wait you love me?" "I always have"(F); Friend/Helper/Companion(L); Twilight(LS); Monster Motif(LQ);
4: “I see the danger, It’s written there in your eyes. | Cattle Prod | Shock | “You in there?”(W); Hiding an Injury | Betrayal | Lying(AW); Cinderella Moment(F); Sage(L); Lost(LS); Cultural Host(LQ);
5: “You better pray I don't get up this time around. | Debris | Pinned Down | “It's broken.”(W); Hostage | Kidnapping | Held at Gunpoint(AW); X+1(F); Species/Race(L); Master Khoga(LS); Uncommon Participant/s(LQ);
6: “Do or die, you’ll never make me; Because the world will never take my heart.” | Recording | Made to Watch | “It should have been me.”(W); Conditioning | Mind Control | Forced to Hurt Somone Else(AW); Corn Maze(F); Mask(L); Shadow Beast(LS); Cultural Tool(LQ);
7: “I paced around for hours on empty; I jumped at the slightest of sounds.” | Alleyway | Radio Silence | “Can you hear me?”(W); Flatline | Restrained | CPR(AW); Porch Swing(F); Sky/Sky Islands(L); Gloom Hands(LS); Cultural Finale(LQ);
8: “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.” | Overcrowded ER | Outnumbered | “It’s all for nothing.”(W); Panic Attack | Disassociation | Seizure(AW); Rainy Day(F); Constructs(L); Majora(LS); A Problem to be Solved(LQ);
9: “Learning everything ain't what it seems, that's the thing about these days.” | Polaroid | Mistaken Identity | “You're a liar.”(W); Scar Reveal | Interrogation | Presumed Dead(AW); (...) at First Sight(F); Deity(L); Wall/Floor Master(LS); Scientific Host(LQ);
10: “Can’t you see that you’re lost without me?” | Broken Phone | Stranded | “You said you'd never leave.”(W); Branding | Scarring | Collar(AW); Love of My Life(F); Zelda(L); Puppet Zelda(LS); Massive Machine(LQ);
11: “All the lights going dark and my hope’s destroyed.” | Animal trap | Captivity | “No one will find you.”(W); Fainting | Paralyzed | Adrenaline(AW); Sweet Tooth(F); Monsters/Beasts(L); Deadhand(LS); Cheapest Solution(LQ);
12: “I haven't slept in days but who's counting?” | Red | Insomnia | “I’m up, I’m up.”(W); Self-Harm | Sacrifice | Character Death(AW); Fire and Ice(F); Princess(L); Keese(LS); Cucco Solution(LQ);
13: “It comes and goes like the strength in your bones.” | Cold Compress | Infection | “I don’t feel so good.”(W); Earthquake | Flood | Crushed(AW); Wrong (...)(F); Ghost/Spirit/Phantom(L); Poe/Spirit(LS); Science Judge(LQ);
14: “Feed me poison, fill me ‘till I drown.” | Flare | Water Inhalation | “Just hold on.”(W); Bleeding Through the Bandage | Feild Medicine | No Anestesthia(AW); "I hate it." "No you don't."(F); Ganon/Ganondorf(L); Wolfos(LS); Best Disaster(LQ);
15: “I don't need you to help me I can handle things myself.” | Makeshift Bandages | Suppressed Suffering | “I’m fine.”(W); Experimentation | Muzzle | Transformation(AW); Emergency, Confession, Adventure(F); Favorite Character(L); Lynel(LS); Food Cart(LQ);
16: “Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” | Gurney | Flatline | “Don’t go where I can’t follow.”(W); Amputation | Cronic Pain | Hospital(AW); Singing One Another to Sleep(F); Dragons(L); Dragon(LS); Chef Host(LQ);
17: “You’re the lump in my throat and the knot in my chest.” | Collar | Touch Aversion | “Leave me alone.”(W); Hypothermia | Heat Stroke | "You look a little pale."(AW); Encouraging S.O. to Achieve a Goal(F); Prophecy(L); Redead(LS); Strange Food(LQ);
18: “I tend to deflect when I’m feeling threatened.” | Blindfold | Tortured For Information | “Hit them harder.”(W); Fever | Vomiting | Warm Soup(AW); "Didn't you plan for this to happen?"(F); Boss(L); Final Boss(LS); Hot/Cold(LQ);
19: “I’ll take one final step, all you have to do is make me.” | Floral Bouquet | Psychological | “I’m not as stupid as you think I am.”(W); Taken For Granted | Left Behind | "Why wasn't I enough?"(AW); Keeping Someone Safe(F); Zonai(L); Gohma(LS); Potion Vendor(LQ);
20: “People don’t change people, time does.” | Blanket | Found Family | “You will regret touching them.”(W); Dehumanization | Stolkhome Syndrome | Master and Servant(AW); Pumpkin(F); Fire/Lava/Heat(L); Gleeok(LS); Main Course(LQ);
21: “See the chains around my feet.” | Vows | Restraints | “Don't move.”(W); Blood Loss | Shock | Near Death Experience(AW); Swoon(F); Link(L); Shadow/Dark Link(LS); Food Fight(LQ);
22: “They never saw us coming, ‘til they hit the floor.” | Glass Shard | Vehicular Accident | “Watch out!”(W); Whipping | Punishment | Stress Position(AW); Picking(F); NPC(L); Yiga Clan(LS); Arena/Field(LQ);
23: “It’s gonna get me by the end of the night.” | Shadows | Stalking | “Who’s there?”(W); Begging | "Take me instead." | Forced to Watch(AW); Trinket(F); Child/Children(L); Wizzrobes(LS); Processional(LQ);
24: “I’ve got a head full of chemicals; mouth full of ridicule.” | Goodbye Note | Neglect | “I thought they were with you.”(W); Failed Escape | Hunted Down | Too Tired to Keep Running(AW); (Melting Face Emoji)(F); Korok/Kikwi/Kokiri(L); Lizalfos(LS); Link Joins In(LQ);
25: “You’re not delivering a perfect body to the grave.” | Storm | Buried Alive | “They’re not breathing!”(W); Nightmares | Flashback | "Why didn't you save me?"(AW); Nook(F); Fairy(L); Girahim(LS); Mini-Game(LQ);
26: “Sometimes I get so tired; I don’t even know myself.” | Seeing Double | Working To Exhaustion | “You look awful.”(W); Magical Exhaustion or Injury | Curse | Came Back Wrong(AW); Overgrown(L); Fireplace(F); Skull Kid(LS); Unlikely Character(LQ);
27: “You drew stars around my scars; But now I’m bleeding.” | Matches | Scars | “Let me see”(W); Forgotten | Locked Away | Immortal(AW); Plants/Forest(L); Outdoor Event(F); Large Enemy(LS); Rival(LQ);
28: “We might not make it to the morning; so go on and tell me now.” | Bloody Knife | Sacrifice | “You'll have to go through me.”(W); Whumpee Hair Pulling | Oxygen Deprivation | Sweating(AW); Soothing Touch(F); Light/Sparkle/Bright(L); Gloom/Malice(LS); Clash(LQ);
29: “I only sink deeper the deeper I think.” | Scented Candle | Troubled Past Resurfacing | “What happened to me?”(W); "The easy way or the hard way." | Bargaining | Forced to Choose(AW); "Hey wake up!"(F); Aquatic/Water(L); Nightmare(LS); Trophy(LQ);
30: “It’s okay, just to say, ‘I’m not okay’.” | Borrowed Clothing | Bridal Carry | “Not much longer...”(W); Possession | Mind Game | Coma(AW); Self-Worth/Self-Love(F); Favorite Game(L); Volvagia(LS); Cleanup Crew(LQ);
31: “I thought that I was getting better.” | Emptiness | Setbacks | “Take it easy.”(W); PTSD | Headaches | Crying(AW); Dreams do Come True(F); Free for All(L); Free for All(LS); Commemorative Dessert(LQ);
Alternate Prompts:
Betrayal(W) Aftermath of Failure(W) Brass Knuckles(W) Decoy(W) Body Modification(W) Playing Cards(W) Examination(W) Hunting(W) Drugging(W) Shaking(W) Panic(W) Broken(W) Miscommunication(W) Lab Rat(W) Reluctant Whumper(W)
Bloody Knuckles(AW) Gunshot Wound(AW) Separated from Loved Ones(AW) Drowning(AW) Blackmail(AW) Crying to Sleep(AW) Disowned by Family(AW) Electrocution(AW) Forced Feeding(AW) Bullied(AW) Suffocation(AW) Abandoned(AW) Grief(AW) Human Shield(AW) Self-Defense(AW) Lab Rat(AW) Memory Loss(AW) Misunderstanding(AW) Hypnosis(AW) Mutilation(AW) Mouth Stitched Shut(AW) Nerve Damage(AW) Nervous Breakdown(AW) Words Carved Into Skin(AW) Stalked(AW) Non-Consensual Touching(AW) Paranoia(AW) Peer Pressure(AW)  Prison(AW) Silent Treatment(AW) Truth Serum(AW)
Hot Chocolate(F) “You told your parents?”(F) Wearing Each Other's Clothes(F) Candles, Lanterns, Fairy Lights(F) “Oh no, you’re a morning person!”(F) Reverse all the Roles(F) Fairytale Retelling(F) Give your Character a new Occupation(F) Crossover of Two or More Fandoms(F) Have your Characters Share the Last Table at a Cafe(F)
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respectthepetty · 5 months
Hi! I read your post on colours in my love mix up and I was wondering if you would mind expanding on aida being a red flag? (I mean I agree lol but I think your thoughts are so interesting) No worries if you don't want to
@theheightofdishonor, you think my thoughts are interesting?!
Tumblr media
I'm always shocked reading statements like that. I offer organized chaos and suppressed unhinged behavior. A day with too much caffeine could lead me to ramble about how a royalty-themed BL would be the perfect opportunity for a Golden Gentlemen and a Purple Prince for hours. But I contain myself for everyone else's safety.
And, thankfully, I got some version of this already:
Tumblr media
Which brings me to this menace:
Tumblr media
Yes, I firmly declared that Aida is a Red Flag, but like a red flag on a golf course, which means he is there to offer guidance but we have to adjust the way we approach him as a character because he is more abrasive and forthright than the other characters.
Reasons Aida is a Golf Course Red Flag
Ida is his best friend, but Ida is quiet and contemplative. Aoki is chaotic but caring and observant. Hashimoto is kind and powerful. Aida is loud, assertive, and impulsive.
Unlike the rest of the characters, he doesn't think before he speaks. His motivation for most of his actions is pure self-pleasure.
Aida does stuff for Hashimoto because he thinks as a girl, she is weak. He grabs props from her and tells her to go help Aoki instead. It should be kind, but it's not. He calls Aoki useless, while Ida tries to find solutions. He tells Aoki he is stupid for only getting a six on the exam. He doesn't think about how his words or actions harm others.
When Aoki volunteers to be Cinderella, he does it to save Hashimoto, who he cares for. Aida immediately laughs at this then volunteers Ida to be the prince. He might be trying to help out his buddy, but really, he just wants to start shit.
Aida always volunteers Ida to do something. Even if he is trying to play matchmaker, Aoki doesn't do that to Hashimoto. Aoki allows Hashimoto to make her own decisions and maneuvers the situation to fit her wishes. Aida simply offers up Ida like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter without a second thought and waits to see how it pans out.
He lacks emotional intelligence. When he questions Hashimoto about her crush, her demeanor clearly shows she is uncomfortable, but he persists, almost giddy. She looks like she is about to cry, and he looks like this:
Tumblr media
This is further exhibited by him stating that, "if you can't say anything because you're worried about how the other person will react, then you're just making excuses." Aida doesn't think about other people. He doesn't think about their feelings. He only thinks about himself and his happiness.
He thinks Hashimoto is upset because he bad-mouthed Aoki even though she directly told Aida that him being self-centered was the reason she was upset. He never thinks he is the problem!
He pushed Aoki onto the court like he was a discarded rag doll!
He says things and does things simply to set off Hashimoto. Ida admits to doing the same to Aoki because he likes seeing Aoki blush and his reactions, so it makes sense that they are best buddies, but Aida's comments are insulting unlike Ida's.
Aida isn't the worst. However, he is a very typical teenager boy: joking at others' expense, taking nothing seriously, always in someone's personal space, never reading the room or the vibe, and lacking decorum. He evolves throughout the show to be a great friend and ally, but he constantly needs to be reminded to take a seat every now and then.
Tumblr media
Aida isn't horrible, but if you ask me, Hashimoto should've punched him three times instead of only twice.
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