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chaoticace22 · 20 days
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do you know that thing when you open up tumblr and feel deep confusion?
ps. it's just a meme pls don't come after me
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Crenshaw was also part of the Jan 6th sedition. Screenshot only.
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star-fiighter · 27 days
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felt like drawing the silly!
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thyla · 1 year
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Spartacus: Vengeance • S2E05- Libertus
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nacholmo23 · 8 months
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Alex Lincoln by Dan Collins for CROOKES Magazine
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spilladabalia · 2 months
Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks 1972
By Hook Or By Crook - Shorty Falls In Love
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torse · 8 months
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xserpx · 1 year
Tumblr media
I love it when a post complaining about Leo lists off most of the reasons I love him as a character. I'm still on the fence about the last sentence - I'm very dissatisfied with how the Revolution itself was handled, though Vick is the spark of hope, Rikke isn't a bad person, and Leo's victory is hollow as hell, which for me offsets most of the doom and gloom. However I'm still bemused by the idea that Joe Abercrombie wrote a grimdark book that even grimdark fans found too grimdark, and a character who was just too incompetent for these fans of Logen Ninefingers & Sand dan Glokta to enjoy lmao (even though Leo is clearly not incompetent, his plan went smooth as a shark thank you very much, and fwiw he prefers to stab his enemies in the front).
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krispyweiss · 2 years
Tumblr media
Album Review: Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway - Crooked Tree
Molly Tuttle has the best character witnesses to bolster her testimony on Crooked Tree.
Co-produced by Jerry Douglas and recorded with Tuttle’s Golden Highway band, Crooked Tree features guest appearances from Sierra Hull, Old Crow Medicine Show, Margo Price, Billy Strings, Dan Tyminski and Gillian Welch. So while Tuttle’s bluegrass bonafides and the band’s virtuosity are thus verified, the songwriting is still a work in progress.
A collection of 13 tracks written or co-written by Tuttle, Crooked Tree has many shining moments. The moody “Dooley” (with Strings) updates the string-band standard, making a pot farmer/dealer of the titular character; the sprightly “She’ll Change” warns suitors about the dangers of falling for a carefree woman like Tuttle; and the galloping “Side Saddle” (with Welch) tells listeners why women should be in charge.
But for each of these come middling efforts such as the clichéd “Flatland Girl,” on which Tuttle and Price sing: You can take the girl out of the heartland but you can’t take the heartland from the heart.
OCMS joins the party for “Big Backyard,” a sort of poppy “This Land is Your Land” redux; and “Nashville Mess Around” is just messy.
There is little doubt Tuttle, 29, will make a classic record - maybe several classic records - someday. Crooked Tree is a step toward that eventuality.
Grade card: Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway - Crooked Tree - B-
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nonesuchrecords · 2 years
Tumblr media
Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway’s new album, Crooked Tree, is out today on CD and digital! You can get it, hear it, and pre-order the vinyl, due May 13, here.
The album, Tuttle’s first on Nonesuch, was recorded live in Nashville, produced by Tuttle and Jerry Douglas, and features collaborations with Sierra Hull, Old Crow Medicine Show, Margo Price, Billy Strings, Dan Tyminski, and Gillian Welch. The tracks, all written or co-written by Tuttle, explore her lifelong love of bluegrass.
"Molly Tuttle's fingers move so quickly, she could pick your pocket without breaking stride," says the New York Times. NPR calls it "dashingly virtuosic." It "feels like the album Molly Tuttle was destined to make," says Uncut. "Everything sounds alive, vital, and perfectly in focus," says Mojo.
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hyperfixation-pit · 2 years
Guys I'm gonna get a tattoo soon and I would love for some suggestions pls thank you!!
Some topics are in the tags too!!
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rinneverse · 7 months
࿐ ♡ ˚ . 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐢 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 — honkai star rail hcs ˒ ⊹
— synopsis: random hc’s about the ways the hsr men love you.
— characters: dan heng, blade, jing yuan, && gepard.
— warnings: lots of emotions and love and sappy words!!, f!reader, praise, pet names (baby, good girl), p in v penetration, mating press (blade). very soft and fluffy, i think. :-)
— notes: i did not mean to disappear for like 3 months LMFAOOOO ,, but hi! i’m back and the honkai star rail brainrot is STRONG. i hope i did them justice !!
Tumblr media
✧˚ · . 𝐃𝐀𝐍 𝐇𝐄𝐍𝐆. ༉‧₊˚.**
→ dan heng is cautious, at first, when it comes to the relationship budding between the two of you. he’s deeply afraid of hurting you, losing you, driving you away.
→ he’s afraid of the intensity in which he loves you—a fire that consumes his very being. his every thought is plagued with you, and it’s something that scares him. but he wants to brave it. for you.
→ your smile, the tilt of your head, the way you carry yourself; he finds himself falling for you harder every day. like he’s been thrown off of a cliff, left to freefall, but the ground is nowhere to be seen.
→ and when he finally gets his hands on you, it’s like a supernova in his chest, an explosion spreading stardust across the whole galaxy. it’s ridiculous, really, how it’s like a giant weight has been lifted off of his shoulders as he holds you in his arms, his lips melding against yours. it’s perfect; two pieces of a puzzle slotting perfectly together.
→ and when he takes you for the first time, in the comfort of your silken sheets, hands intertwined with yours, he finds himself complete—like he doesn’t have to run anymore.
“baby,” dan heng groans into the crook of your neck. his hips stutter a little as he bottoms out, and the feeling of your heat surrounding him sends a violent shiver down his spine. you lay there below him, staring up at him with nothing but adoration in your eyes, and dan heng thinks to himself that he’s never seen anything more ethereal.
“heng,” you sigh, legs wrapping around his lean waist. “you feel so good.”
he can feel his heart hammering in his ribcage, pressing impossibly closer to you as you whisper sweet praises in his ear. he needs you. he needs all of you, and in return, he’ll give you all of him.
when he pulls out, the drag of his heavy cock against your walls has you keening, breath hitching in your throat as just the blunt head is left—and then he’s slamming back in, and you feel like you’re falling, head light and spinning with pleasure as dan heng sets a steady pace.
“please, please, please,” you plead with a sob of his name. dan heng can feel his cock throb with desire at the sound of his name falling from your lips.
“again,” he grunts, rolling his hips so deliciously that it has your lips parting in a silent moan. “say my name again.”
“dan—dan heng!”
he slips a hand between your sweaty bodies, quickly seeking out your aching clit. the moment he’s touching you there, your back is arching and you think that you’re seeing stars behind your eyelids. you cum with another cry of his name and that sends him right along with you, hastily jerking his hips away as his cum spurts all over your navel.
and as he lays there with you, coming down from his high, he thinks that he’s finally found a place he can call home.
Tumblr media
✧˚ · . 𝐁𝐋𝐀��𝐄. ༉‧₊˚.
→ it’s not often you draw verbal affirmations of love from blade. in fact, it’s scarce, and something you’ve come to terms with. rarely do you ever hear the man utter the words, ‘i love you.’
→ instead, you’ve learned to read between the lines with him—the gentle way in which he treats you, the softening of his gaze as it lands on you, the way he protects you with every ounce of his being.
→ blade is not a man who speaks reverent poems, love songs, or otherwise to you. he shows his love through his actions, through his subtle body language, and especially through the way he worships your body. not one inch is left untouched by him, and you are left trembling and dizzy and full of the love that drifts unsaid between the two of you.
→ even as he ravages your body on those rougher nights, you still feel the adoration that overflows from him, in the way he leaves a blazing trail of kisses down the length of your spine, grunts and groans spilling from his lips as he pulls you ever closer.
“blade, wait— please, s’too much,” you sob as blade pistons into you mercilessly. he’s got you folded in half, his mouth hot on the sensitive flesh of your neck as he bites—ripping a sob from deep in your chest.
he doesn’t respond, even as your hands tug at the silky length of his hair—pulling a guttural groan from him. and as he lifts his head to look down at you, tears streaking down your cheeks and drool forming at the corner of your lips; something animalistic, something feral glints in his eyes.
“oh, fuck. you like this, yeah? you like when i use you like this? you’re clenching so good around me. takin’ me so good.” he’s breathless as he speaks, lips swooping down to capture yours in a heated kiss. he’s right—you’re clenching so tightly around him, toes curling as he hits just the right spot inside of you.
you’re floating, weightless and utterly exhausted by the time he’s done with you. blade lays beside you, an arm wrapped around your waist as the two of you take a minute to catch your breath.
“… stay here. i’ll be right back.”
you suppress a laugh as blade rolls out of your bed—as if you were going to move anywhere anytime soon. after a few moments of silence, you hear the bathtub faucet start running. a warm feeling blossoms in your chest as blade returns.
he doesn’t say anything as he scoops you up in his arms. you sluggishly throw your arms around him and plant a wet kiss on his cheek.
“love you, bladie. ♡”
Tumblr media
✧˚ · . 𝐉𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘𝐔𝐀𝐍. ༉‧₊˚.
→ jing yuan is confident. sly. a renowned general of the cloud knights.
→ so why is it that he’s reduced to a fumbling mess around you? he doesn’t understand. it’s something he struggles to wrap his head around—how one second, he’s thinking of all the ways he’d like to woo you, and the next, he’s flushing, stuttering dumbly as you stare up at him with those damned eyes of yours.
→ maybe that was it. the way your eyes seem to pierce through the essence of his very being; if he didn’t know any better, he’d think you one of fu xuan’s assistants in the divination commission. but he does know better, and it’s something that he’s grateful for—he’s not sure how you would view him had you been under fu xuan’s influence. maybe as a scoundrel, since she’s so insistent on viewing him as one.
→ but enough of that. he’s sick of the way he seems to lose all his swagger around you, so one day he sucks it up, puts his big boy general pants on, and asks you out on a dinner date. the way you tilt your head at him has his heart seizing in his chest—until you laugh so gently, a smile gracing your lips as you nod your head.
→ a melodic sound: that’s what your laugh was to him. he’d like to hear that over and over and over again. perhaps he’d like to draw other melodies out of you, play you like an instrument—but for now, he’s content with this.
there’s electricity in the air, a tension on the verge of snapping as jing yuan guides you to your bed. hickeys litter the vast expanse of your neck and collar, something that makes his chest swell with pride. with desire.
he’s the one doing this to you—the one causing that foggy daze in your eyes as you look at him with such adoration, pupils blown wide. he can feel the lust in your gaze; he’s returning it tenfold with his own golden ones. he grins down at you.
“baby,” he says. “spread your legs for me. there you go—good girl.”
he hums, pleased, as you listen obediently. he flips up the fabric of your skirt, pausing at the sight of the lacy white panties you wore. his tongue flicks out to wet his lips.
oh, he was going to devour you. whole.
you thread a hand through his soft hair as he lowers himself to the apex of your thighs, breath ghosting over the most sensitive part of you—you’re so worked up that even the fabric in between barely does anything to separate you from him.
“sweetheart,” jing yuan speaks lowly. his voice is a deep rumble, and your thighs would’ve clenched together if it weren’t for his strong hands holding you open.
“i want to absolutely ruin you.”
Tumblr media
✧˚ · . 𝐆𝐄𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐃. ༉‧₊˚.
→ gepard’s large stature is juxtaposed by the gentle way he treats you. as if you were fragile glass, or perhaps a beautiful statue made of ice, his every touch is.. not quite hesitant, but calculated, made to only treat you with reverence. he worships you, your very soul, everything that you are. he adores you.
→ he is a protector at his core. he would do anything for you. he is always sure to take care of you before himself - your pleasure comes first. in fact, he thinks that he gets off when he makes you feel good. it makes his chest swell with pride and his cock twitch with desire.
→ often, he’s occupied on the frontlines, protecting belobog with all of his might. that just makes the time spent together with you even more precious. it’s not something he takes for granted—whatever time you get together, you best believe all of his attention is on you.
→ he’s treating you to a candlelit dinner, buying you flowers, taking you shopping, the whole package. he’s got a captain’s salary, after all—and he’s using it all to spoil you. he buys you promise rings and a necklace with his initial on it, pretty earrings and bracelets and other trinkets to remind you of him when he’s away. he leaves you his clothes, sprayed with his cologne, when he knows he’ll be gone for longer than he wants to be.
“gepard,” you say gently, running a hand through his hair as he holds your hips tight. you straddle him, plush thighs pressed against his stronger ones as he ruts up against you. “slow down, baby, we have time..”
time. time was something that was becoming increasingly more scarce—more precious. he’d like to spend all his time with you, but duty calls; and so he treats this time he can spend with you as sacred, and he’d like to not waste a single second.
“i know, i know,” he says, voice strained with want. “it’s been so long. i need you.”
you’re not used to gepard being so forward like this—but it wasn’t something you were particularly against, either; the way he guides your hips down against his cock has a soft moan bubbling up in your throat.
“let me show you how much i love you.” he says, running strong hands along your sides. it sends a shiver up your spine, your heart hammering in your chest as he pulls you close.
you nod your head, heart full with adoration and want and everything that is gepard. “please.”
and he does, undressing you carefully and unravelling you at the core. and when he deems you ready, he’s sliding his heavy cock along your folds, drawing a whine from your throat. he only smiles as you desperately rut your hips to no avail, held down by his large hands.
he doesn’t tease for long, though—he never does, not when he values your pleasure above everything else. you let out a sob of relief as you feel him slowly slide in, cunt spasming around his thick girth as he inches in slowly. he’s always so careful with you—knows that he’s bigger than average, so he has to take his time. he doesn’t mind; never once has.
he holds you close as he makes love to you, bodies melding together perfectly. if the warmth and love between you two was something physical, he thinks that it could melt the eternal freeze that plagues belobog.
Tumblr media
please don't repost on other platforms. rbs and comments are super appreciated ♡ !!
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starzu · 2 months
synopsis: you love leaving bitemarks all over your boyfriend
content warnings: nsfw (17+), fem!reader, hickies, love bities
Tumblr media
He loves it every time you ride him, while he holds you in his lap. Letting you kiss and suck soft marks into his skin. He just can’t get enough. Bouncing on his cock while you claim him as yours makes his ears red. And those moans of yours always saying how big he is, just makes him more turned on then he already is. He just can’t help but look at himself in the mirror and admire both the scratches you left on his back but the love bites on his shoulders and neck.
Softly making out with him, holding his face with your hands and passionately kissing him while he held you in his lap wanting more. His hardened crotch being the biggest indicator of that. But you want to enjoy your time on top a little more, and by doing so you press kisses to his shoulders and neck before gently sucking on the skin. Hearing soft whimpers leave his lips while you gently dragged your soaked pussy over his hardened crotch. His moans, a heavenly choir for your ears.
Who always lets you fall asleep into the crook of his neck. Giving you the advantage to kiss him softly there to awaken him. And it also gives you the chance to leave soft hickies all over his neck. Sucking gently, even a slight nibble, where he is given no choice but to hold you closer as you leave marks all over his neck. Moaning your name until you finally give him what he needs, which is to be deep inside of you.
Whose face heats up, holding you tight as you kiss at his neck. Gently trailing wet kisses and leave small red lovebites everywhere you go. His fingers circling shapes into your waist while you kissed the back of his neck, the crook of it, and his shoulders. The quietest whimpers leaving his mouth as you continued. His crotch, hardened and damp with your teasing.
Letting you ride his cock while you place as many bitemarks on him as possible. Leaving them all over his chest, and being satisfied when he blushes at all of your marks. He would never admit it through words but he loves when you get possessive of him, riding him to death all while marking him as yours.
Tumblr media
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milksnake-tea · 1 month
Tumblr media
❀ ˎˊ- prompt: how they are in a vampire au ❀ ˎˊ- characters: blade, dan heng, dan feng, march 7th, himeko, jingliu, jing yuan, kafka, luocha, sampo, caelus, stelle, yaoshi ❀ ˎˊ- warnings: lots of mentions of blood and wounds, the typical vampire stuff, talks about scents, usage of the word "feeding", intended lowercase, mentions of alcohol in kafka's part, caelus/stelle may be ooc :| ❀ ˎˊ- a/n: NEVER REALLY ANNOUNCED IT BUT YAHOO HERE U GO !!! THE WINNER OF THE POLL WAS VAMPIRES, SO LETS GO ITS BITING TIME HEHE <3 different format bc damn thats a lot of characters i dont have banners for... also first time writing them women so scratches head sorry if it's ooc teehee i tried
Tumblr media
vampire!blade, whose bloodlust runs deeper than most. his desires drive him to the brink of insanity at the slightest whiff of blood, the former human despising the animalistic tendencies that now governed his existence. with his enemies, he is content to lick their blood from his face, finding no remorse in the blood of the dead. but when he dares to drink from you, he is gentle - cautious. always his eyes are watching your own, especially before he sinks his teeth into the crook of your neck. for blade is prone to losing himself in the taste of you, and he fears he may go too far.
vampire!dan heng, who despises his species more than any hunter out there. he longs for the normality and companionship of humanity, and often hides his vampiric traits in public as to masquerade as a human. the only time he'll satiate his desire for blood is when he's on death's door; and even then he'll only settle for blood bags at the dead of night, away from any of the eyes of his fellow trailblazers. when the time comes and you offer your blood to him, dan heng is reluctant, hesitant. never in his life has he fed on another, and you can feel his inexperience in how he cautiously sinks his fangs into your skin - opting to kiss your wrist rather than your neck, just in case he lost control.
vampire!dan feng, who will outright refuse blood that he deems to be unsatisfactory to his palate. even if his dietary needs are considered monstrous by other species, that doesn't mean that he himself needs to be barbaric. dan feng treats blood as he would wine - like a delicacy, only to be partaken on occasion. but all of that is thrown out the window once he tastes you for the first time. when dan feng drinks your blood, he does it with the tenderness of a lover. always, he keeps you against a comfortable surface such as a bed or a sofa as his lips latch onto your neck, taking his time as he savors you like a fine dish.
vampire!march 7th, who never really questioned why she needed to drink blood to survive, and always deemed it as normal. although, she doesn't really consider it cute, claiming that it "ruins her cute-girl aesthetic". as such, she won't talk about it unless you start the conversation first, preferring to disguise her blood intake in the juice boxes she keeps around. even when she does drink from you, it's in small sips, a mere nip before she's off to doing something more fun. don't take it personally, march just isn't fond of drinking from another person. she appreciates you offering, though!
vampire!himeko, whose taste is questionable, even for a vampire. for a second, you thought that her horrendous taste in coffee came from her background, but no, it's just himeko being himeko. unlike her other companions, himeko isn't ashamed of her needs. if she needs blood, she beckons you from across the parlor car, taking your arm in her hand as she gently bites your wrist. there's something playful in the way she drinks - she's gentle, yet doesn't treat you as though you're made of glass, a soft giggle leaving her lips as she licks the wound on your wrist.
vampire!jingliu, who makes sure you understand just what you're getting into when you offer your blood. it's hard enough to keep both her mara and her bloodlust at bay around you, and even harder to control herself when you're so willing to help her. time and time again she warns you, saying that she may not be able to control herself once she gets a taste. but if you're strong and brave enough to feed her despite the dangers, then brace yourself, for jingliu won't stop until she's fully satiated.
vampire!jing yuan, who loves to nip at your fingers playfully, flashing his fangs whenever he can. honestly, jing yuan's the type of person to forget he's a vampire until the time comes and he needs to feed - and even then, it's more of an inconvenience to him than anything else. but that won't stop him from messing with you, after all, he loves the disgruntled face you make whenever he pretends to snap at you. however, when jing yuan does drink from you, he prefers to take it from the back, hugging you from behind as he languidly drinks from your shoulder - making sure the process is as painless as possible.
vampire!kafka, who teases you when you first find out of her species. are you afraid of her now? how cute, but really, there's no need to be afraid. she wouldn't hurt you, not intentionally, at least. kafka can't help but laugh as you playfully hit her for her words. can you blame her, though, when your reactions are just that endearing? kafka isn't one to take blood directly from the source, instead, she prefers to drink it in a wine glass, mixed with some sort of alcohol to really amp up the effects. having both wine and blood in one drink can be quite intoxicating to a vampire, but kafka wouldn't be kafka if she were afraid of the after effects.
vampire!luocha, who becomes addicted to your blood the second he tastes it. over his lifetime, luocha has tasted the blood of many, each with their own flavors - ranging from savory to sweet to downright disgusting. but with you, the drinking of blood is less so a matter of feeding, but rather an intimate act between lovers. he is tender as his lips latch onto your neck, his arms wrapped around you and hands massaging you to ease you through the process. and through it all, his eyes forever hold your gaze as he tastes heaven once again.
vampire!caelus, whose inexperience often makes him dangerous. caelus doesn't know how to deal with his urges, nor does he understand why a hunger builds up within him whenever he sees an exposed patch of your skin. he's a sweet guy, no doubt about it, it's just that he doesn't know how to stop. it's up to you to guide him and tell him when to stop, for caelus is young, and doesn't understand the durability of the human body compared to a vampire. but he's willing to learn, even if it means driving off his own needs in favor of yours. the last thing he wants to do is to hurt you, after all.
vampire!stelle, who nuzzles up to you whenever she feels the slightest thirst for blood. like caelus, stelle has no idea what she's feeling nor how to deal with it. when she starts getting hungry, she becomes clingy - she starts hanging around you more, often staring at you and leaving you to wonder just what it is she wants. it's only when she starts tugging at your sleeve that you realize that she's hungry. when stelle drinks, it's... well, it's not as unhinged as caelus, but she still lacks the control as he does, and you have to tap her head to snap her out of it. but when she's done drinking, you can't help but coo at her adorable face, like a kitten full of soup.
vampire!yaoshi, who prefers to give their blood rather than drink it. they would hate to put anyone in danger, after all. but alas, their instincts won't disappear, even after their ascension to aeonhood. ironic, isn't it? the giver and sustainer of eternal life is also the same one who drains that life. when they feed from you, they prefer to have you in their arms as they do, your back pressed against their chest as they drink. they whisper sweet nothings each time they rise from your skin, their tongue licking at your wound to soothe you. but it never hurts when it's with yaoshi - perhaps it's the dew from yaoshi's trees that numbs you, or the poison in their tail. if anything, you feel as though you are in a hazy dream, not yet asleep, yet not quite awake either.
Tumblr media
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xieni-logs · 5 months
Kisses with HSR Men
includes: Dan Heng, Welt, Blade, Gepard, Jing Yuan, Sampo Koski
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Dan Heng who buries his head between the crook of your neck and gives you ticklish, soft kisses. he'll hold you between his arms, with your back on his chest. kisses you while slowly working his way up from your neck. softly guides your face towards him to give you one final kiss on your lips ♡
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Welt who gives you forehead kisses when he sees you. he'll hold the back of your head, gently pulling you closer, pressing a chaste kiss on your head. a coffee in one hand and another on you while he gives you forehead kisses. you won't get many chances to kiss him directly on the lips because his glasses get in the way. take advantage of those early mornings where his glasses have yet to find themselves on his face.
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Blade who rarely gives out kisses but when he does, they are passionate. somedays, he'll greet you with a kiss on the back of your hand. hand kisses that turn into him working his way up to your lips. soon, a hand on your face and a deep, heated, kiss on the lips. he'll swipe his thumb slowly across your lips before leaning in for another.
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Gepard who will give you pecks on your cheeks whenever he can. whether he is on patrol or going through paperwork, he'll take a minute break the moment he sees you. he'll hold your hand as he peppers your face in kisses. before he goes back to whatever he was doing, he'll lift your hand that's intertwined with his and give you one last kiss on it.
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Jing Yuan who teases you with his kisses. while walking with him, he'll suddenly bend over and give you a quick kiss. teases your blushing face as if he isn't the cause of it. in private, he'll kiss you anywhere and everywhere he can. his lips just barely touching your skin as he moves from one spot to the next, tickling you as he kisses your body. on passionate nights, he'll hold you up against the wall with your legs wrapped around him as he kisses you.
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ Sampo Koski who imposes a kiss tax on you. little acts of service from him come with a price, he's a businessman after all. if he does a favor for you, please remember to pay him back, just a few kisses will do. from small pecks on the cheek to deep passionate kisses, he melts whenever you kiss him.
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rillian4e · 3 months
IL Dan Heng x Reader
Cw: fingering, sex,smut, fem!reader, soft dan heng, mentions of petnames(sweetheart, love, dear etc...), not proof read.
Dan Heng could not keep his hands to himself, it has been so long since the two of you last shared Intimacy due to how busy he was. So, when he finally had time, he knew that he had to make it up to you for having neglected you because of his busy schedule.
"Sweetheart, I'm so, so sorry. I did not mean to neglect you for so long. I really missed you. A lot." He murmured into your neck, his tail wrapped tightly around your waist. He wanted to make it up to you, he needed to.
"Please let me make it up to you, my love." He smiled gently before placing you on the bed, his mouth immediately chasing yours, pulling you into a passionate, sloppy and wet kiss, he couldn't control himself, especially after his new form, his desires only grew stronger...
You nodded at him, smiling that he was finally back into your arms, you missed him so much, missed his warmth, his touch, his cocks, him. You reached out to rub his horns, gently caressing them which made him moan, rutting against your body for more. It was a different experience to have someone else handle his horns, it felt so much different, as if he suddenly got younger in age when this act happened. His breath hitched up, as his pants grew tighter.
"Mmm, feels so good...keep going." His hands ran down your body, his fingers traced along your curves, slowly making his way up your thigh. He slowly kissed your neck, his lips lightly biting down on the skin.
Dan Heng wouldn't admit it but sensation of his horns being caressed sent shivers down his spine, it had been a long time since he has felt such warmth and affection. He has always been cold and distant emotions with everyone except for you, his lover and the person he would sacrifice everything for.
Your hands tugged harshly on his horns, elicting a loud moan from him as he grinded himself into you, his tail holding her in place as he sank his fangs into her neck, he couldn't wait to take you, he was losing patience but he knew that he also needed to prep you first.
He decided it wasn't the right time, pushing your hands away from his horns which made you pout, you always loved giving attention to his horns, they were so adorable and beautiful, something you made sure to compliment him on. "Not now, love. Let me take the lead and make it up to you." He kissed you on the lips before slipping his hand underneath your panties, looking into your eyes for approval, "May I?" He asked, wanting to know if you were okay with it, when he saw you nod, he smiled, his eyes filled with care and affection.
He slipped one digit into your cunt, he was surprised at how wet you were, seems she was missing me a lot, huh? He thought to himself, slipping a second finger into your hole, he could feel you already clamping down onto his fingers. Quickly he thrusted them into you, scissoring you with precise movements, your moans only making him feel more needy to feel your cunt around his cocks.
He nuzzled the crook of your neck, his hot breath onto your neck, and it was becoming more and more intense. He started to kiss up the sides of your neck while whisperering sweet nothings into your ear.
”Such a sweet girl... such a good girl." Dan Heng praised, feeling you cum on his fingers, he pulled them out of you, his fingers coated with your juices. The sight was embarrassing yet hot at the same time.
"Look at the mess you made, sweetheart, clean it up for me, yes?" He smiled when he saw you open your mouth, obediently sucking his fingers clean, making sure to swirl your tongue around them. It made Dan Heng ache, he wished that was his cocks instead of his fingers that you were sucking...
"You're making me lose it. I cannot wait anymore, can I take you now? I need it, need to feel your cunt on my cocks." When he saw you had the same opinion, Dan Heng wasted no time in undressing you, quickly slipping your panties to the side as he unfastened his belt, his cocks free from the tight confines of his pants. You were always amazed with his size, especially that he had two... You never knew how it fit, really, how does it fit?
After seeing the lustful look in your eyes, he smirked, and then brought one of his cocks to your entrance, teasing the tip against your dripping core, it made you whine but before you could protest, he quickly pushed himself fully inside you, making you let out a moan. He gave you some time to adjust to his size before roughly fucking into your hole.
When you came for the third time, he thought it was enough, and slowly but carefully started to insert both of his cocks inside your cunt, the stretch was painful, tears staining your cheeks as you tried adjusting to both of his cocks.
"Is it too much, love? I know you can take it, just relax." He whispered, sucking on one of your perky tits, one of his hands giving attention to your swollen clit while his other stroked your cheek tenderly. He made sure to praise you, tell you how good you were doing and how you're taking both of his cocks so well, his words of encouragement filled you with love for him, you loved this man too much.
That's not to say Dan Heng was going to be gentle, no, he was going to make it up to you for neglecting you. Breeding your cunt full of his cum, the bulge on your tummy making him all the more aroused as he pumped himself into you again, "T-Taking me so well... So good, just once more, okay? You can take it, no? Just be a good girl while I knot you." You nodded, not even understanding what he was saying as you were too dumb to even say anything, you wanted him to take you, make you his and knot you. He sure was not lying when he said he would make it up to you.
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