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krossan · 2 days
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Due to a high demand of people who wanted Fright Knight to have one too... and Littol Bean wants to share her new talent.
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nerdofspades · 2 days
Bruce looked at the pop-up on the Batcomputer's screen.
"Explain," he growled, glancing down at Tim.
"Not much to explain," Tim answered, pulling up lines of code. "It showed up ten seconds ago."
"I'm starting a full diagnostic," Barbara said, voice filtering through the speakers. "So far, I'm not seeing anything."
"And yet..." Time trailed off glancing at the window again. It had a video queued up to play and the words "IMPORTANT: PLEASE WATCH. DO NOT DELETE" in large text at the top.
"There's a new folder labeled 'a gift for Batman,'" Tim said. "Not something any of us made."
"I'm still not finding any viruses, corrupted files, or spyware," Oracle said. "The new folder was programmed to stay in a hidden partition for a few days after it was placed. Then, obviously, the pop-up to catch our attention."
"Folder also has a text file named 'security notes,'" Tim said. "Maybe our new hacker is friendly?"
"It's starting to look like it," Oracle agreed. "The video is clean. It should be safe to watch."
Bruce sighed. "Then let's see what they've got for us."
The video opened with a dark room. The background hidden in shadows, while the foreground was well lit, letting them clearly see the tired teen in the center of the frame as he took a heavy swig from his mug before putting it down.
"Pulling up facial recognition."
He ran a hand through his messy black hair and then down his face, pinching his nose and hiding the bags under his blues eyes for a moment before he dropped his hand and finally looked at the camera.
"I really don't want to do this," he said, "but you need it." He glanced longingly off screen in the direction of the mug he'd put down.
"First of all, I think I should apologize for hacking you. Or asking my friend to, technically. I just. You need to know about this and I didn't know of another way to get it to you that would be secure.
"I did at least make him promise to make a record of how he got in so you can patch that.
"That out of the way... to business? I'm Danny Fenton, for the last year or so I have also been the hero Phantom in Amity Park. My parents are Jack and Maddie Fenton. They are ectobiologists and ghost hunters. While extremely biased and not actually that good at catching ghosts, their tech is easily the best in the business."
"That's a positive match."
"Running a search on Phantom."
"I- fucking shit." Danny put his head in his hands again, running them back through his hair before leaning back, almost collapsing into the chair.
"This kid has... gotten into some shit."
"Everyone knows you're the League's strategist, Batman. And. I'm strong enough. I can handle my problems, that's not what I'm worried about.
"It's been about a year and I've already been mind controlled once." Danny laughed. A dry, broken, almost desperate laugh. "And that was just some lowlife that wanted to rob jewelry stores. I'm still not worried about. It's not why I'm sending you this. The magic relic he used is broken and gone now."
"Well that explains one of his problems."
"The others?"
"An attempted kidnapping and fairly standard property damage. I want to see some footage of those fights before passing judgement."
"Even more standard given he doesn't seem to have a mentor. Batman, he was fourteen."
"No. I. I've seen a version of the future. One where I go mad. Where I snap. And the Justice League can't stop me.
"I don't know if I- he kills everyone. I don't know who, if anyone, makes it out. But it's not anyone that could really do much. I... I saw ten years after he- I snapped. Earth was little more than rubble and ash. Only one city was left holding out and it was about to fall- was falling when I got there.
"I've managed to change the time line. What broke him didn't happen here. But. I can't guarantee nothing ever could.
"So. Yeah. Next best thing is making sure you're prepared. All my powers. All my weaknesses. Everything I know of that could possibly hurt me. Schematics and blue prints for anything you could need to fight me, track me, keep me out, keep me contained. All nice and giftwrapped for your convenience.
"Uh... that's everything. Why is it always so awkward to end a video? Hopefully we never see each other? I guess? Pretty sure us actually meeting is gonna be a bad sign.
"You know what. I'm gonna turn this thing off now before I say something stupid."
"Batman, who's 'Phantom'?" Superman asked, glancing up from the Watchtower computer he was working at. "Aren't we supposed to vote on new members?"
Batman grunted. "He's not a member, just someone who understands the need for contingencies."
"You know what, I'm not gonna even ask."
"Probably for the best."
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chaoswarfare · 3 days
do x dc prompt #60
When Danny first went missing, Jazz is a little ashamed to admit that it took her as long as it did to figure it out. He never left Amity and both Sam and Tucker were forced to move after the ghost attacks ramped up in their senior year when Danny took the ghost throne.
She’d been in college for a while now too, and while she was busy she should have noticed when her little brother stopped sending her random stuff or asking her for either normal teenage or somewhat concerning advice for things.
By the time she caught wind of it, Danny had already been missing for almost four months.
After exhausting every single lead she could, she finally broke down and decided to use her last most desperate option. Get Wulf to portal her right into the Justice League’s secret base.
Nobody can honestly say that they were expecting a young woman to walk out of a glowing green portal the color of a lazarus pit during a meeting, but everyone was listening very closely by the time she started explaining.
She said her name was Jazz and she was looking for her little brother, a solo operating hero that somehow they didn’t know about before hand, who has been missing for going on four months. Batman starts typing up a missing in action hero report right away knowing that a strong hero has mysteriously vanished.
Phantom picked the absolute worst time to wander late into the meeting room eating a bowl of ramen.
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kuroishuuha · 3 days
DP x DC prompt - Return Receipt Not Required
When Constantine made a deal with a demon, he accidentally said/wrote first child and not first-born. This creates a loophole Constantine would have never imagined.
Danny is Constantine’s nephew/second cousin or some other relative. Due to whatever reason (say orphaned, given up, or lost custody), Danny comes under the care of Constantine and legally becomes Constantine’s child.
The demon comes to collect.
Note even 48hrs later, the demon is knocking on John Constantine’s door begging for him to take back the feral raccoon child.
Danny is hanging off of the demon’s arm, gnawing on it.
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DP x DC prompt: All ghosts feed on fears.  The Batman receives a signal that Scarecrow has a tourist from Amity Park as a hostage. He rushes into the building and sees the Scarecrow..crying on the floor. The boy uses fear toxin as a vape and seems to be enjoying himself.
Danny: Johnny’s gonna love it. Can I have some more?
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alltheprompts · 2 days
DC x DP #8
Danny is in his twenties and aids the police with solving crimes so that there are less ghost coming into the Infinite Realms by preventing deaths due to violent crimes. He does this by talking to past victims (If they are comfortable speaking about it) and giving ideas on how they are getting away with it ( He's seen some things working with clockwork.
GCPD contacts him and his sister (since there criminals are extremely mental and she is a leading psychologist, so two for one deal maybe and people that already know how to work together) one day to aid in stopping some of the worst criminals. The first thing they aid with is improving Arkham.
The bats start noticing a lack of criminals on the street, specifically the ones that commit the worst crime and are concerned that they may be working together to commit an even worse crime then go to Arkham to investigate. They discover that it has been majorly rehauled and that some patients are even moved out of state to more secure facilities as Arkham was not original built to contain criminally insane with a penchant for manipulating psychologists and others.
They start investigating Danny and Jazz and find out that Danny is known to be a real life Medium (they play it off like that so no one knows his alternate identity) and that he works with ghost, even some that can be seen and touched unless they don't want to be.
From this point on it can any number of routes.
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aziraphale-is-a-cat · 17 hours
Danny having the Justice League meet his family (sans parents) and being way too fucking casual about everything, like
Danny: this is my little sister/clone an evil billionaire made of me in a desperate attempt to recreate some semblance of family, her name is Danielle but we just call her Ellie.
Superman: can we circle back to evil billionaire who cloned you?
Danny: yep, he was evil and rich. Anyways this is my alternate future version of myself merged with my arch nemesis who took over the world in another timeline. We just call him Dan, he's currently serving community service but he gets a break for special occasions.
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tireduniversityscam · 17 hours
DPxDC:The GIW & JL Royally screw up
A good collection of the kids from Amity park are ecto-contaminated to the point of being almost halfas and most of them have powers because of it. The Weirdo trio + Val and Wes as well as the A Listers are the worst off.
The GIW carts several of them off for experiments.
The JL is called in because of several government buildings being blown up and reports for glowing beings attacking them. The JL finds a group of these beings in front of another one of the government buildings.
"Stop with these attacks. We are required to arrest you."
The group parted and let a pair of women through. One a tall one with green and red hair and violet eyes and one a small girl around 6 with white hair and cheeks full of constellations. Many of the other members bowed as they passed.
"And how will you do that?" The woman asked "Your government declared our species non-sentient how do you intend to arrest someone who's not a person?" The tall woman asked standing tall. Martian Manhunter was the one who floated closer
"I believe we don't have all the information in this case. Will you enlighten us?"
"They took my Daddy." The little girl responded "We aren't people so they took my Daddy and Mommy and Papa, and some of the others." Batman stepped forward
"Who did?" he asked as gently as he could. The little girl shivered and whispered
"The GIW" the other beings seemed to recoil from even the name. "They're a governmential organism?" She looked at the women
"Governmental organization, honey."
"Thank you Grandma Jazzy." A deep breath was heard from several JL members "They steal us sometimes and they took my Daddy this time." The older woman stepped forward.
"These attacks are only on the labs of the GIW where experimentation and extermination of our kind have taken place we are searching for the lab that is holding the rest of our family. We will continue until we find them or their remains. And let it be known if it is only their remains that are found than the Infinite Realms will be at war with Earth till my end and the end of my line. This I swear as Queen Mother Jasmine Phantom of the high throne of the Infinite Realms, Sister-Mother of his Majesty Daniel Janus Phantom Prince of the stars and the dead."
With that the girls retreated to their ranks and prepared their attack on the new target with the JL left questioning behind them
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papiliomame · 2 days
Late to School
Tumblr media
Danny is not the only one who can fly whenever he misses the school bus.
Tried out a new method to paint complex cityscapes.
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providencehq · 2 days
Power House AU: I've absolutely loved all the additions and directions people took this post where Danny is captured by the Justice League and I wanted to share my general thoughts on where it would go after that but I'm also lazy so it's just this since I'm tired and don't want to draw.
The JL attempts to interrogate him but fails as Phantom is unresponsive for the majority of the time.
They struggle trying to identify exactly why he isn't responsive considering he has either fully ran from members or quickly attempt to fight them if they try to interact with him.
Somehow, someway, when they're moving Phantom to a new location in the Watch Tower to get a medical check since they're getting worried that after a few days, he's remained the same.
Phantom proceeds to freak the fuck out in the nicest of terms when he's taken to their medical wing and manages to slip out from whoever was taking him.
He's in full panic mode now and he NEEDS to get out even with the suppression cuffs on him so he's dashing blindly in the watch tower.
He manages to make way to the Zeta tubes and somehow manages to make them function and he's teleported away (not Danny's intention, he was just running and it went off at the worst time.)
He doesn't know where he's at on Earth but he's immediately running either way to get away.
Certain members of the League Zeta'd right behind him and are now looking for him.
Danny gets the suppression cuffs and collar and transform right before they can catch him.
They let him leave as they're informed by Batman that they have enough information on him that with a lot of leg work, they may be able to find who he really is since they have now both seen his human and "meta" side of him. Batman does reveal that due to something with biology, they won't be able to find any DNA matches and much of the video recordings of him are difficult to make out even if they're from the Watch Tower.
Danny escapes back to Central City and tries his best to return to a normal college life. He's slightly upset since they managed to pull him away, leaving him little time to study for an upcoming exam.
A few more weeks pass and Batman with the help of Flash manage to find out who Phantom is. A young college student in Central City and is funnily enough working at S.T.A.R. Labs as an intern. Bright future ahead and seems like no one who would have a potential in being a hero/vigilante but digging enough into his past they believe that if anything, it seems like another case of how the Flash came to be except a whole different set of powers.
They decide the best way to get Phantom is to corner him as a civilian in public.
Bart Allen, Hal Jordan, and J'onn J'onzz go as a group of civilians to intervene with Danny as he's leaving one of his campuses buildings.
They make themselves known to Danny and that it would be a mighty bad time to try to fight back or get away as they're all so exposed in public (not really, they're talking alone between some buildings). They make it known that they only want to ask questions and they have concerns about whatever is going on with him (being Phantom, his rogues, fighting the League, clearly fighting alone, etc.)
Danny decides the risk is worth it and tries to make a run for it before even speaking a word to them. Clearly doesn't work out as they expect him to either run or fight them. Barry manages to get to him and place suppression cuffs and collar back on him fairly easily before Danny could transform thanks to super speed.
They're not happy clearly with Danny still not cooperating but it's expected. The three inform Danny that he is now being held by the League until they can determine the best next step.
For the first time, Danny speaks to them and says "You can't do that! Finals are in two weeks! What the fuck am I suppose to do that? It's literally my second final semester!"
It doesn't work and Danny finds himself taken back to the Watch Tower to be once again interrogated. It's back to square one with Danny/Phantom. He isn't responding to any of their questions but this time rather out of a sense of protection of his self and mind, it's out of pure spite. They're making him miss his finals, of course he's going to give them nothing in return.
The most they're able to get out of him at one point is that why should he trust them? Why should he trust heroes who only care about themselves and their image? Even if he's young and inexperienced, he does his job and does it quick and they need to leave him alone.
It's implied he doesn't trust the older heroes in any regard and this is true, they only want to learn how he got his powers, where his rouges are from, and why he fought and ran from the League. Nothing else, nothing more.
Danny/Phantom doesn't trust the League in any regard so why should he even attempt to cooperate?
And that's all I have :)
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ethan-carti · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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@desatu You recommended a song called Phantom Racer by Twrp on my earlier post about Phantom Flyer Danny and it spawned this idea where Danny has turned into an anti hero/villian who revives victims of violent crimes and turns them into "Pit Demons" like him so they have superpowers and the ability to get revenge on the people who killed them.
(If they need a little help Phantom will do so remotely or even talk to the demon or the jl telepathically.)
The first instance that came to the Justice Leagues attention was a case of a Phantom driver who killed everyone else on the track one by one before driving through the stadium walls and off into the sunset. The vehicle hadn't been seen since and no more murders had taken place.
Upon investigation, one of the wives of these racers broke down and confessed that everyone on the track that day had committed a murder of a fellow racer. He was skilled and brilliant and was beating them all the time. They knew they could never win fairly so they murdered the guy and hid his body in the crawlspace of an dilapidated cabin in the woods.
She led them to it and they were able to recover the body, "I don't get it," the woman said, "Theyve all raced together many times since then. Its been ten years, why come back now?"
The JL didn't have an answer.
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akintoabitch · 3 days
ok i know typically danny and damian are twins fics are all serious and "i thought you were dead!" "i thought you didn't want to find me!" bu tis it too much to ask for danny and damian to meet at a gala(sam dragged danny there) and they just go
Tumblr media
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chaoswarfare · 1 day
do x dc prompt #62
danny is hit with a memory wiping gadget courtesy of vlad, with the intention of creating the perfect son, but he falls through a portal into gotham before vlad can do anything.
now under the assumption that he’s a full ghost, he wanders the streets and meets gotham’s vigilantes. they get closer and eventually danny getting moved into the manor to get him off the streets is brought up.
they explain that they don’t want to see him dead on the streets from some rogue attack.
danny is forced to face his inner turmoil about hanging out with the vigilantes, because they see him as family, someone worth protecting even.
how is he supposed to tell them that they’ve never seen him alive in the first place?
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spacedace · 18 hours
Take two because tumblr ATE the first one:
dp x dc Super Brain Dead prompt thing inspired by the surprising lack of Clockwork putting characters in timeloops in fandom:
Clockwork, deciding to do Danny a solid do a little match making for his favorite halfa/ghost king/sorta adopted son, puts Danny, Tim & Kon in a timeloop until all three go on a date.
Danny knows CW is involved in the timeloop (because obviously) but has no idea *why* and CW isn't going to be found unless he wants to be. He doesn't even know Tim & Kon yet, and when they finally *do* meet Tim & Kon think *Danny* is responsible for the timeloop and there are a few loops where it's on sight between them.
Eventually they stop fighting and even finally decide to have a date together: in the form of pranking everyone they know because what better date could there be and "hey its not like anyone will remember, the loop will start over tomorrow"
The loop doesn't start over. Clockwork is having a great time. He is the *best* matchmaker.
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