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Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed the first part! I hope I didn't miss anyone in the tags.
You can click here to read the prologue and here to read part one.
Not So Normal pt2
Bruce had gathered his whole brood in the Batcave for their debrief. This time, Danny included. He'd hoped that one day he would bring Danny down here and tell him all about their nightly activities, just not so soon. His newest son didn't even seem fazed at all by all the vigilantes flooding into the cave. Not that that really meant anything with him floating down through the ceiling with Dick and Damian in hand. To think one of the kids living under his own roof was a meta and he hadn't noticed… he had to step up his game as Gotham's greatest detective.
"Is the Joker alive?" Was Bruce's first question once everyone was situated and settled. He had a personal rule about not killing his rogues, but honestly, after what the Joker pulled, he thought he might be able to overlook it. After all, when an eldritch being takes a life, who is he to argue?
"Of course he's alive! Nobody dies when I get involved." Danny puffed his chest proudly. He hadn't broken his no casualty streak since he started hero work over a year ago. Not many heroes could say that, and Danny worked damn hard to keep it that way.
Bruce let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Out of relief or disappointment, he didn't know.
"Next question. Where and what is 'clown jail?'"
"It's a subspace of the Infinite Realms." The detective tucked that term away for questioning later. "It's a trick I picked up from my Head Guard back in the Realms. It's basically a space where you experience whatever punishment I think fits your crime. But it's all psychological, so no one ever gets hurt there."
"And what's his punishment?"
"Are you a meta or an alien? I can't tell at this point."
"How long have you known about us?"
"Why did you look so different back at the warehouse?"
"You have a Head Guard?"
The questions came in like a flood. Danny flushed at all the attention, unsure where to start first. He looked to Damian for help, but he only folded his arms and smiled smugly. That little traitor! But he supposed that's what he deserved for waiting so long to tell his family. In his defense, the last time he told a family about his abilities he'd ended up strapped to a table with a scalpel poking at his spleen.
"One question at a time, please!” Danny screeched, covering his face in embarrassment. He stared at Damian pleadingly one more time.
"I told you to tell them before something drastic happened, so don't look at me. "
"You knew?" Jason pouted. Damian just smirked and puffed his chest in pride. He knew exactly why Daniel hadn't told them, but had been confident that his new family wouldn't react the way his old one had. Perhaps this would teach Daniel to trust him a bit more. And wasn't it something that Damian wanted Daniel to trust him.
"They aren't like the Fentons, Daniel. You should tell them."
The words were like a balm on Danny's nerves. The others were smiling patiently at him, judgment absent in favor of eager curiosity but not in the cruel way it had been on Jack and Maddie's faces. He took a deep breath before starting in on the details. No place like the beginning, he guessed.
He told them about how he half died when he was 14 and all the abilities he gained as a result. He told them about his hunter parents and his colorful array of rogues turned friends. Bruce had paled considerably when he got to the part about Pariah Dark whisking their town away and his subsequent defeat of the Ghost King. And he looked downright nauseous when Danny detailed his victories over several of the more godlike entities of the Realms, like Overgrowth and Vortex. He left out Dan, skipping to the part where he'd effectively become the ward and apprentice to the Master of Time, Clockwork. And finally, he told them about Jack and Maddie.
When he'd stumbled into Gotham after the vivisection and begged Bruce to take him away, to protect him, "please, I just wanna feel safe again," he'd told him that it was abuse and refused to outline the details. This time, he looked him in the eyes, and with one finger wrapped around Damian's for support, he told his family about how the Dr's. Fenton had cut him open and poked around in the name of science.
"So… you're not a meta?" Duke asked in the silence that followed Danny's confessions. He had to admit he was grateful his brother wasn't dwelling on his past. Damian had been right, they were taking it well. Boy, did he let it show on his face in a typical, 12 year old, "I told you so," fashion.
"I don't have a metagene and I'm technically half-dead, half-alive. Damian used the term Pseudo-Meta. I kinda like it."
"So let me get this straight," Jason began. "Since dying, you won the Ghost King's crown by right of conquest, defeated several godlike entities, who are now your friends, and your mentor is the literal God of time?"
"Pretty much."
"Damn," he whistled. "I don't think I died right the first time. I want a do-over."
Danny snorted in laughter and Damian tutted at him while the others elbowed him in ribs.
"Does that make you a god?" Dick teased.
"I don't think so, but every time I ask Clockwork he gets all cryptic, so maybe?"
Bruce was getting a headache.
"Alright, it's time to solve some real mysteries now," Tim said with a gleam in his eyes. They'd migrated up to the kitchen for post patrol cookies. Alfred had been pleasantly surprised when Bruce had explained that, thanks to Danny, everyone had made it home relatively unscathed. And considering they'd had a run-in with Joker, that was worthy of cookies in his opinion.
"Danny, how in the world did you get Damian to stop trying to stab you?"
"Actually, yeah! You guys have gotten really close. What's the secret?" Dick asked with a raised eyebrow. Damian rolled his eyes and answered for Danny.
"I challenged him in combat and Daniel accepted. It's not my fault none of you were intelligent enough to realize it was a bonding tactic." Bruce tried to hide his laughter in his mug while the others blatantly gawked at him.
"No way."
"I have a picture of the first time he managed to graze me in a sparring session! You guys wanna see?" Everyone swarmed him to see the photo. Dick cooed and tried to pinch Damian's cheek, but was met with snapping teeth. Steph, with eyes sparkling, just muttered, "cute," so as not to stir the youngest's ire. Danny ended up promising to send the picture into the group chat later.
"By the way, you never did say what Joker's punishment was," Jason mentioned casually. Danny smiled cruelly, his frosty blue eyes glowing.
"His greatest fear, of course! A prolonged stay in a Gotham that has not nor will ever know the Joker. I swear, I've never met a clown that wasn't a total narcissist." Danny popped the last bite of a cookie into his mouth and dusted the crumbs off on his pants. "No one is allowed to hurt my brothers. Ever."
Damian was just about to climb into bed when he heard a knock at his door. He looked up just in time to see Danny phase through it into his room.
"Why even bother knocking?"
"Because it's polite!" Damian rolled his eyes. "I just wanted to say thank you for earlier." He took a seat at the end of the bed and Damian sat next to him, as was tradition for their late night chats.
"I'm the one who should be thanking you," Damian countered. "You weren't ready to tell everyone, and yet you came when I called."
"Of course I did. You're my little brother. And I'd do it for any of you." Danny nudged him with his shoulder, and it earned him a tiny, barely there smile.
"Thank you Danny."
"Using a nickname, huh? Don't let Dick hear that, he'll think you're playing favorites."
"Of course not. I have a reputation to uphold after all. Besides, Richard already thinks you're my favorite. It's giving him a complex."
"Well, aren't I?"
"Tt, don't push your luck."
There was a beat of silence before they erupted into laughter. Danny was so proud that he could make Damian laugh, even if it was more reserved than the guffaws he and their brothers had when they found something particularly funny. He couldn't wait to brag to Jazz about it once it was safe to contact her. If it was safe to contact her.
"I'll see you in the morning," Danny said, leaning lightly against his brother's shoulder in lieu of a hug. He floated over to the door. "Goodnight, Dami."
"Sleep well, Danny."
Vlad Masters gnashed his teeth while he stared at the computer screen in his office. First Daniel up and disappeared without so much as a word, and now he was all over the news and tabloids as the newly adopted "Daniel Fenton-Wayne." He was annoyed. He was furious! He was… confused. What had that fool Jack done to get Daniel taken away? Why hadn't Maddie stopped it? How did Daniel end up getting legally adopted by Bruce Wayne of all people? The boy should have come right to him if something was wrong. He deserved it! The boy was his or he was no one's!
The man swatted the mug off his desk. It shattered against the wall.
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Things that just make sense as the Yan!Batfamily's shared Darling.
A/N: slight smutty hc's at the end but so slight, Yandere shenanigans, shared Darling NOT EDITED
Alone time simply no longer exists, someone is constantly vying for your attention, even when you think you're alone one of them is lurking nearby
All of them are terrible with boundaries but Dick! is! the! worst!! First son means first dibbs in his brain, sure he may not have spotted you first or met you first but he makes damn sure to be your first in everything else he can.
I just love the idea of you being 21-23 around Damian's age and him being the one to befriend you initially, be it as a fellow student or an intern at Wayne Tech, he would notice you immediately and always have his eye on you from that point forward.
He holds it over the others heads forever, he genuinely wants them to get smart about something with him, way too quick to pull out the "I'm the reason we have her card." Which instantly shuts all of them up including Bruce.
He'd know you were their Darling before your first conversation, and when you two inevitably do speak and hit it off, it only furthers proves his initial thought- you were the one.
When you first come home and are, understandably freaked the fucked out, Bruce is the one to come in and calm you down, undoes your restraints with a tender hand, massages the sore areas with an apology, goes on to explain that you're safe and nothing would ever hurt you again.
Tim uses his big brain to trick you into thinking he's not as bad as the others.
He'd never chain you to the bed out of possession like Dick or beat a man's skull in for looking at you too long like Jason.
He wasn't as intense as Damian or controlling as Bruce. He was perfect for you.
If anyone of them ever overwhelmed you with their love Tim was the one you'd bury your face into, lucky him, you miss the evil little smile he shoots the rest of the family every time.
Jason is s lot like a shelter dog. On guard 24/7 and always ready for a threat, the only way to calm him down when he gets like this is to pull him into your chest and let him melt into you for a few hours.
Dick takes you to the roof to watch the stars, he's a pro at this by now and always makes you feel safe. He likes to sit with his back against the wall of the roof, knees spread on the side of your huddled body as you say on his lap. You'd be in a pair of his sweats and an old hoodie, surrounded entirely by him, just the way he liked it.
Your birthday is a warzone, fistfights have broken out about who gave the best gift.
If Jason is in his city girl era he will leave a bloody heart on the wall at every one of his fights for you. A little J+(Y) in the middle to really seal the cheesy deal.
Bruce hires you as an assistant for three reasons.
1. You were complaining about being bored while they went about their day jobs and he loved the cute way you'd brighten whenever he got you what you wanted.
2. He knew he'd gain some huge brownie points
3. He got an excuse to see you more than the boys and you wore a tight little Secretary outfit while he did.
Plus he loves the idea of taking you against his desk while on the phone with some nobody shareholders, trying so so hard to keep his voice level while you're twitching and creaming around him.
Damian would read with you in the garden, your days with him would be softer than you'd imagine, comfortable silences and moonlit dancing, he's a true romantic at heart.
Tim loves everything you do, he makes it a mission to be a like you as possible, so much so now whenever you wanna indulge in one of your favorite activities he's the first person you think of, he's got you trained well.
There's a schedule made to adequately divide your time amongst them, of course you know nothing about it, but they'll hold meetings in the cave to talk about you, how you're adjusting, if they have any gripes or complaints- this is when they're aired out.
They know their love language is illegal unconventional in societies eyes so they account for it, in public you're their fathers loyal assistant, they'll allow themselves to be photographed with random women to keep suspicions off the true nature of your relationship.
And if you're thinking "hm I bet I could use that against them. Maybe say they couldn't love me as they claim if they're sleeping around" Don't. You'd be getting that poor random woman eviscerated.
I hear you asking "Surely Batman wouldn't break his sacred rule for a Darling." And you're right, he wouldn't.
But Jason would.
And all of a sudden Batman doesn't find it so hard to look the other way, so long as he gets to look at your pretty face while he does it.
You get fucked in the Batmobile at some point
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Batsis Dating Adrian Chase/Vigilante Would Include...
Note(s): batfleck is FATHER.
Warning(s): teeny tiny bits of angst, fluff, she/her pronouns used. trash writing & not proof-read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Listen... Tim put it together first.
His sister leaves Gotham and suddenly her superhero alias is seen working in a small town?
Vigilante shows up in Gotham from time to time and his sister isn't home as much as she usually is?
Not sure why, but he goes to Damian first.
Damian tells Jason, who tells Dick, who tells Alfred, who tells Cass, who tells Duke, who finally tells Bruce.
"Why am I the last one to know?!" - Bruce Wayne after spilling coffee on himself at 4 am.
Poor Brucie, his babygirl... second adopted... dating Vigilante? Who KILLS?
Oh he's beside himself.
Raised her since she was seven and he's the last to know.
But Bruce lets her be, she'll come to him when she's ready.
He did not expect it to take six months.
She finally slips into his office one day, seeming uneasy.
"Sooo... dad, father..."
"Is this about that boy?"
Bruce swears her eyes almost pop out of her head.
Bruce sits in silence, giving her the dad look™️.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I just... wanted to make sure it wasn't a fling until I said anything. And I know you know who he is, Tim told me. But he's a good man, dad. He's funny, kind, and gentle. He makes me feel safe."
Bruce sighs. Maybe he didn't want to realize that his little girl turned into a woman, that he couldn't freeze time. That she now partially relies on a man who isn't him to keep her safe.
"I want to meet him."
"I want to meet him. When can he come?"
Batsis freezes. "He's maybe, probably, in Gotham... now."
"Have him come to dinner."
Cue batfam panic.
Damian and Jason plotting on how to best protect their sister if they don't like him.
Dick preparing his best big-brother speech (he's gonna make it weird).
Tim doing even MORE digging into him.
Big shoutout to Cass and Duke for being normal about it!
Alfred fighting for his life to whip up a good meal for ten people.
Adrian finally arrives at the manner, intimidated but excited.
Batsis opens the door; Adrian hugs her and kisses the top of her head.
An "ahem" comes from behind batsis.
The entire family is now in the entry way, staring at Adrian.
"I told you they'd make it weird." Batsis whispers to Adrian, calming his nerves.
Batsis grabs his hand and leads him over to her family.
"Uh this is my dad, Bruce; my brothers, Dick, Jason, Tim, Duke, and Damian; my sister, Cass; and Alfred. Everyone, this is Adrian."
The five second silence was painful for everyone involved.
FINALLY Alfred steps up.
"Hello, Adrian. It's nice to finally meet you."
Bruce is the next to step up, giving Adrian an extra-firm handshake.
Dick is next (he doesn't give his speech), then Tim, then Duke, then Cass, and Jason and Damian go up to him together.
They are sizing him up and Adrian knows it.
"You must be Damian. She talks about you a lot."
Damian hums and shakes his hand. Jason gives him a nod.
Once all the "pleasentries" are exchanged, the most awkward family dinner occurs.
Until Jason says something about being Red Hood, and Adrian and him immediately start talking about their... activities.
They definitely becomes friends immediately.
Eventually the entire family joins in, sharing stories of their childhoods, how they ended up where they are, why they do what they do.
After dinner, everyone has simmered down. The nerves everyone felt had disappeared completely.
Except for Bruce.
"Adrian, can I talk to you in private for a moment?"
Batsis squeezes Adrian's hand in reassurance, "it's okay."
Adrian follows Bruce to the front porch, MORTIFIED because he knows he's about to get the dad talk from Batman.
"Adrian, you seem like a good man. She speaks very highly of you. But that's my little girl. If you hurt her, I'll beat the hell out of you. And that's if I find you before Jason or Damian do."
Adrian is just: 🧍🏻‍♂️
"I understand, Mr. Wayne. But I have no intention of hurting your daughter, she's my best friend. She's sweet and funny, she understands me. I know I can be a bit much, pretty much all the time. But she's it for me."
"Just promise me that you'll take care of her, keep her safe. I know she can handle herself, but I can't protect her forever. I need to know someone will be there when I can't."
"You have my word, Mr. Wayne."
And they finally shake hands.
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Danny Phantom + DC Writing Prompt
Random thought but I was thinking of reincarnation fanfics and thought ‘What if Danny was reincarnated as one of the Robins?’ Why he died? Who knows. Maybe it’s angsty, maybe he just died of old age, doesn’t really matter.
If someone writes this, it could literally be any of them but I keep imagining it as a Danny-reincarnated-into-Tim. Part of the reason for this is because Barbara would kind of remind him of Jazz and considering both Jason and Dick have been been romantically in love with Barbara at one point or another… (ew). And Damian as Danny just doesn’t fit in my mind but eh, it doesn’t really matter.
So if it’s the Tim route, Tim doesn’t remember he was Danny until after witnessing the death of Flying Graysons (his past experience of him hiding his identity also helped him with figuring out other heroes identities). Also, he’s a bit smarter because he isn’t being distracted by ghosts or his family (although this leaves him feeling extremely lonely since he went from having people at home almost 24/7 to maybe once every three months on the night of a blue moon). He doesn’t get his powers back until he’s stabbed (when the League tries to remove the spleen by the Lazarus Pit, the Pit actually activates his ghost abilities (it’s the Lazarus is ectoplasm theory) and results in him not needing his spleen removed (and Tim needing ectoplasm to be ‘whole’ again might be why Jason reacted so harshly to him despite his age: because Tim was missing something vital that the remnants of the Pit in Jason recognized as abnormal (if that makes any sense)).
Side note: I forgot to include that now the ghost side is back, Tim has struggles with regaining control of his powers while trying to get Batman back.
That’s it for this idea. Also, I wanted to know if people would be interested in other ‘powered Tim’ fanfic ideas, even if it’s not dc x dp related.
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Hello! I saw that ur batfam requests were open so I came here to request!
Idea: You were murdered 5 years ago and they wanted vengeance. They'd spend hours on the bat computer trying to find some clues about your killer. Your killer had left many signs at the scene, including a note written on the wall with your blood, "Catch me if you can, batsy".
They found clues that lead to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. The warehouse seemed to be empty. They were just about to leave until they got attacked by a masked woman. They quickly took her down and took her to the batcave for questions.
Once they got there, they immediately started asking questions. She stayed quite the whole time, she didn't make a squeak. It wasn't long before things got heated and Damian pulled of her mask in a blind rage.
You can probably imagine the shock they felt when they saw you under that mask. You could only look up at them with an evil smirk. "Damn, I guess you caught me" you said in a teasing voice.
That was all, you can choose what happens next if you'd like (or u can leave it at that). Have a good day!
Damsel in distress
fitting, except you’re not…
batfam x fem!reader
warnings: angsty
thank you for the request, i apologize for not getting requests in fast enough, i got writers block :(
It was inevitable. Your death was inevitable. Everyone dies, whether it be from natural causes, or in worse case scenarios—supervillains. Bruce knew one day that he wouldn’t be able to save everyone, but he didn’t know how soon that day would come. It was like a fresh memory, recoiling in the back of his mind. He couldn’t save you, no matter how hard he tried, he failed you, just like he did Jason. The others didn’t know how to take it, they fought so hard to reach you, but once they did, you were gone for good.
Jason was the second to reach the torn down building. He screamed for you, in hopes you would scream back. You never did. The most heartbreaking thing Jason could’ve ever experienced was in front of him. Bruce held your lifeless body, and he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. Did he cradle him the same way? Did he fall to the ground in utter despair? He made his way closer, watching the way Bruce held your lifeless body as if holding you would bring you back.
Bruce felt the comforting hand of Jason land on his shoulder, as if he were trying to lift the burden off of him. Bruce held you tightly, lifting his head weakly as he stared at the mocking words written right in front of his eyes: ‘Catch me if you can Batsy.’ He felt mocked, as if his own failures were finally catching up with him. Maybe they never should’ve let you gone out that night. So many things he could’ve done to prevent your demise. He failed you, he failed himself.
Years had passed, within those five years since you’d be gone, they were no longer the same. Bruce found out he had a son, and he couldn’t help but feel pained at the thought of you not being there to welcome him. Jason and Bruce no longer kept in touch, if Dick was lucky, he’d reunite the two, only for a mission and no longer. Damian didn’t know you, he didn’t want to—seeing as he didn’t want to get to know the others either, but he was curious without a doubt.
It was a usual night in Gotham, Bruce spending all his time cooped up in the bat cave, as he sent the others out. Damian wouldn’t say it—well he would—but his father was still stuck in the past. It was as if you were the only thing keeping the family together. He found it absurd. So as he returned from his nightly activities he couldn’t help but call his own father out.
“You’re ridiculous father.” He announced, sheathing his sword as he rid of his mask. Bruce turned in his chair to face Damian, who although tried his hardest to look stern and mean, looked adorable. Bruce chuckled a bit, leaning forward to reach the same height as the younger boy. “You wouldn’t understand Damian.” Damian remained blank, hostile as some would describe, his posture challenging as well. “Explain.” He uttered, his arms crossed like a brat.
Bruce scratched his chin in thought, different memories of you scattered around his brain as he tried—although failed miserably—to explain the importance of you. Damian still remained adamant that you were someone who brought weakness upon the family. Allowing them to become weak and vulnerable, but in the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but wished he’d met you once. Shame.
“Y/N, was important because she somehow sought the better in all of us. She cared about us and was tough at times, stubborn even, but she held us together and helped us when we were lost. She died five years ago, today actually.” Bruce’s voice became weak towards the end, Damian wanted to scoff, and he did, causing Bruce’s vulnerable state to become covered with a blank stare. “You would’ve liked her.” He finished off, turning his back to the boy as he continued looking up files and information from the night of your death.
Damian left him alone, the silence of the cave comforting Bruce like a warm hug. It give him the extra boost of energy to continue searching for information. He had clues, yet they remained scattered, prompting him to feel frustrated. You were gone, he knew that, but you deserved justice.
“Bruce, can you come look at this.” Dick yelled with a mouthful of almonds. Bruce decided to let the computer go, hours spent with nothing to help your case. Dick was determined, with the old clues given, he had somehow pinpointed each location clue. Your favorite spot, favorite restaurant, favorite cafe. They knew everything about you, and Dick couldn’t help but resent the person more. As he continued to type away at the computer, a new clue popped up. He faltered, his fingers hovering above the keys as he eyed the location carefully.
“Bruce I,” He cut himself off, a new found determination in his veins as he turned his chair, flinching at the sight of Bruce standing directly behind him. His facade remained cold, gazing curiously at the computer before gazing at Dick. “Let’s go.” Bruce commanded, a new found hope blazing in the two men. Dick stood, sprinting in front of Bruce before he could continue towards what Dick assumed was the bat-mobile.
“Wait we need to think rationally about this, it could be a trap for all we know.” Bruce seemed to be in thought before pushing him to the side. “We either wait, and likely lose the chance of finding our culprit,” He started, hooking his cowl over his sharp features. “Or we go now and get the justice Y/N deserves.” He persisted, causing a determined expression to fall on Dick’s face as he nodded.
Dick walked ahead of Bruce, mounting his bike before slipping his mask on. He turned the bike on, the roar of the bike lively as he revved it a few times. “Bruce,” He called to his retreating figure, Bruce glanced at him from behind his shoulder. “If we’re doing this, Jason deserves to be there too.” Jason, his estranged son who wanted nothing to do with him anymore. “Send him the location.” Bruce muttered, jumping into the bat-mobile before the two sped off into the night.
You shrinked into the shadows, the sound of the lock keeping your refugee hidden, destroyed. A faint smile fell on your lips as you watched Bruce leading the pack, his stone cold facade one you could never forget. It was pin-drop silent, you couldn’t even feel yourself breathing at that point. “Guys I found some papers.” You heard Dick’s voice, voice you’d grown to miss over the years. You shifted in your spot, catching glimpse of Dick as he held the stack out towards Bruce.
Bruce clutched the papers tightly, information about yourself on each and every single sheet. “Look around for any clues.” Bruce grumbled, his head shifting towards where you stood. Your breath hitched, all the hard work you feared would be crumbled if he caught you, but his head immediately turned at the sound of Jason’s voice. “This is a waste of time, I could be doing more important things.” Bruce eyed him shortly before turning back where they came from. Dick continued to scan your items, quickly picking up a device you’d been working on.
“B-man I think we-“ Dick’s statement was cut short as you tackled him from your spot, kicking the device out his hands, watching it slide away. You were alert, but clearly not enough as Jason came from behind you, kicking the back of your leg and knocking you onto your knee. You were quick to stop the knee you almost received to the face, using your arms to block before using your weak leg to sweep Jason down. You bounced backwards, keeping your distance as you eyed each of them.
“Who are you.” Bruce pressed, using his harsh voice as he prepared a batarang. You remained silent, rushing towards the two boys who stood in your way as you took them both on. The only sounds you produced were when they had gotten a hit on you. You’d hiss, or groan, and they felt more determined by then. As you continued to battle it out, you were duped and stunned by Bruce’s smoke bomb, making you cough harshly as you tried to remain alert.
You failed miserably, Bruce used your blindsight to attack you a few times. After his last strike you landed on the floor, blood pooling in your mouth before you spat it out with a glare. As you tried to stand, you were pushed back down by Jason who used his foot to press you down. You winced, eyeing him silently as you assumed he was glaring at you from behind his helmet. You opened your mouth to speak before you were knocked out by Jason who punched you. Hard. Very hard.
When you awoke from your dazed state you were tied down to a chair. You knew where you were, the bat cave, and you knew you were gonna be interrogated. Once you finally gained recognition of everything around you, you groaned, feeling the punch you’d received from Jason. You were gonna get him back for that. As you continued to contemplate, the door across from you opened, and in walked Bruce. He was angry and had every right to be, you were surprised he didn’t attack you in your vulnerable state.
“Who are you?” He asked the same question he had asked you back at the warehouse. You only shrugged, slumping into your chair as you gazed mindlessly elsewhere. He slammed his hands on the table, gaining your attention before sliding over the papers you recognized. “Why do you have Y/N’s files.” You acted confused, looking deep in thought as you bit the inside of your cheek before opening your mouth, “How do you think I murdered her?” You tried your hardest not to laugh as you held your evil facade. It truly was hard.
He eyed you one last time before leaving the room. Every few minutes or so the others would come in, asking various questions only to be answered with fake answers. They knew you were lying, which only made it more fun on your end. As you threw your head backwards the door opened once more, you didn’t look, too tired to deal with whoever it was. However you were shocked by the baby like voice the person produced. “Your a fool who wanted to get caught. Why?”
You lifted your head forward to catch sight of yet another Robin. This one you didn’t know existed. “Wow another one, what type of child labor project is this?” You joked, even producing a laugh at your own joke. “A wannabe assassin, I see you use a sword, a league of assassins sword.” He continued, ignoring your terrible joke as he eyed you sternly. “Congratulations little Robin, but I prefer talking to people above 5���2.” He was slowly starting to become aggravated with your behavior, causing him to unsheathe his sword as he pointed it at your neck.
You smirked, licking your lips as you spoke. “Aren’t you a superhero, superhero’s don’t kill.” You reminded, watching the way his expression never faltered once. “I’m not like my father, I kill if I have to.” Your smirk fell, your mouth slightly open at the revelation. Father. As the two of you continued to stare at one another the door slammed open, the rest of them appearing as Bruce pulled the youngest Robin backwards. “We don’t kill.” He jabbed, making you smirk victoriously.
Your victory didn’t last long, the younger boy pushed Bruce before he used his sword to cut your domino mask, cutting a small portion of your cheek as well. You winced, your head falling forward as the mask fell off in two pieces, You knew there was no use in pretending no longer. You lifted your head, shocked looks appearing on each of their faces as you smirked. Your voice was silky smooth as you talked in a teasing tone.
“Damn, I guess you caught me.”
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evilwickedme · 2 months
I'd love to hear more Bat social media thoughts if you have any
Oh I absolutely do
Bruce, Dick, Cass, Tim, Steph, and Jason all have twitter. The first four have verified accounts (like proper verified, not the shit Musky introduced). Jason's twitter is just something like litlover666
Tim has an extra anonymous account to post absolute shit in and pick fights with. Steph picks fights on main and makes fun of Bruce constantly. Jason posts mostly book reviews with the occasional photo of whatever he's eating right now and recommendation for some mom and pop restaurant in the worst parts of Gotham. He has a cult following
Bruce's account is entirely PR. He doesn't even have the password. Not because he can't be trusted with it but because he doesn't give a fuck. Every once in a while his social media intern asks him for some photo or he texts them about a charity he wants to promote and that's the extent of his involvement
Dick is sporadic with his use. He tweets happy birthdays to everyone including members of the batfam who aren't on Twitter (see Damian) and responds to random @ s a lot
Cass mostly uses it to crosspost videos of herself dancing from Instagram and retweets Steph's shitposting
Duke, Cass, and Steph all have Instagram. Only Cass is verified, because Duke is too new to the batfam. It irritates him more than he'll admit
Again, Cass's insta is mainly photos and videos of her dancing. She also posts a lot of photos with her family tho, especially in embarrassing situations nobody knew she'd managed to capture on camera
Steph uses it mainly to lurk but her friends only stories are a LOT of fun
Duke posts his poetry on there sometimes, but mostly it's a casual Instagram with pictures of friends and family and selfies. He also posts pictures of Damian's pets every once in a while cause he thinks it's a shame Damian is too young to join the platform and post them himself (Damian is like 11 or 12 at most in my mind and Alfred actually enforces the no social media before you're 13 rule)
Tim deleted his finsta when he became Robin cause it was dedicated to Bat content and that was Embarrassing
Only Steph and Tim have tumblrs. Jason would thrive on here, but he doesn't have time to figure out any other platform beside the one he's on. Neither Steph nor Tim told each other outright they have tumblrs, but they found each other and became mutuals anyway. Tim doesn't use the platform so much anymore, he was way more into it when he was like 13 or 14, but Steph keeps up with ALL the memes. Both accounts are anonymous but Tim has a HUGE following for telling random stories about his life that sound entirely made up except he always provides photographic evidence or some other kind of proof
WE PR made Bruce start a TikTok and he insisted it be a Wayne family TikTok because, again, he Did Not Want To Deal With It. Tim's supposed to be in charge of it but Dick is addicted. He has his own account too but he only ever posts on the Wayne family TikTok account, mostly to brag about his siblings' accomplishments
Cass, again, has a dance-focused account. She once posted herself dancing with Jason and everyone freaked out over who this giant dude is until he was legally brought back to life. Nobody in the batfam knows how she managed to get him to agree to participate but he was actually really good
Dick's personal account is not as active as the Wayne family account but he posts gymnastics there sometimes
Neither Alfred nor Kate are on social media for very different reasons. Babs is on every platform as a lurker, but on Twitter she interacts with Dick and Cass sometimes. Damian isn't allowed yet but once he turns 13 he becomes an absolute TERROR on twitter
The JLA, Titans, and Young Justice teams all have team accounts of various diplomatic quality. Diana runs the first for the most part, basically every member of the Titans team gets their chances with it at some point for theirs, and Cassie and Tim have learned their lesson about letting anybody except the two of them tweet from the YJ account
Nightwing's account is excessively popular. A lot of people thirst follow him but also sometimes he eviscerates someone horrible and it's extremely funny
Spoiler's account is also popular for being just as feral as her civilian main
It's a recurring joke among the superhero community that everyone is very lucky that Robin doesn't have an account
Signal's account is low-key
Oracle's account is vital, she provides a lot of early warnings for civilians when there are Arkham breakouts and the like. A lot of people have notifications turned on for her account
Just like the Wayne's account, the batfam has an account. It's mostly funny bits from cowl cam but Red Robin has posted a series of videos triggering Red Hood into talking about his various interests (literature, proper gun maintenance, the actual programs that would benefit crime alley) all of which go extremely viral
And that's everything I have right now!! If anybody wants fic recs for social media aus or wants to know my hcs for other heroes' social media just shoot me an ask 🥰
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lustbile · 7 months
johnny as fwb based on his birth chart is like. well basically this man LOVES romance but hates talking abt his feelings so i think it rly depends on the kind of situation you have w him. if its something where you’re already friends/know each other and he catches feelings he might entertain the idea of it as a means to be close to u without actually ~talking abt his feelings~. if it’s a one night stand turned fwb and he catches feelings while getting to know you i think itll be p much the same as before, except he will be posessive and jealous easy. this man is a leo mars, and for it to be in his 5th house (which rules family, relationships and sex) rly sends him for a loop. johnny doesn’t actually actively seek out dating in all seriousness,, he actually kind of has a hard time starting romantic relationships. but he does fantasize abt sex alot, due to his 5th house being ruled by capricorn/aquarius (i wasnt sure on the direct placement here, so im rolling w it!!) his 8th house is ruled by aries, which i def think could lead to him being a constant hornball. hes very sensual and all around INTENSE when it comes to his lover/partner, and hes more likely to be into rough, passionate sex. i definitely think johnny would initiate and/or agree to a fwb relationship, but i do think he catches feelings very easily (this could be bc of his capricorn neptune, or having a 5th house stellium!!) and is really into the idea of a family. but this placement can also lead to him getting into unattainable and unavailable relationships. getting into what hes like during sex, (take this with a grain of SALT yall this is for entertainment purposes only!!) his leo mars means hes dominant, a very much dominant and authoritative energy (daddy and sir kink bitches, im looking at YOU!!! 🫵🏻). i dont think he would ever be submissive, unless it was the playful “i’ll sit back and let you think youre in charge when we both know u arent” kind of energy. lets you play with him and boss him around, but it doesnt last long. i definitely think he’s more lax on controlling in bed, basically instead of demanding and forcing your submission he finds more pleasure in earning it. a DOG for praise, and loves to receive it too. i 100% think that hes into your basic kinks; choking, praise, dom/sub, roleplay, things like this. he will probably be into dacryphylia but more of the overstimulation side of things bc again, he wants to earn your submission. speaking of submission, johnny is an excellent caretaker if you were to ever fall into subspace w him. he loves giving praise and telling you how sweet and pretty you are, and knowing that you trust him enough to fall into that headspace with him has him reeling. not to mention the stroke to his ego it would be to have you fawning and thinking only of him and his dick. i think these COULD BE his hard limits based on his placements but dont quote me: anything public. johnny’s placements (basically every planet in his 5th house + their signs) show me that hes generally a really private person when it comes to, well, everything. which atests to what we see of him outside of nct activities!! johnny definitely is into rough sex, but he doesnt want to hurt you. while he has his limits i do think hes very experimental and is down to try almost everything w you once. (as much as i lowkey love the idea and wish) i dont think he would be into anything dubcon or con-noncon, somnophilia included. he likes knowing that he’s making you feel good and doesn’t like the idea of “forcing” you to let him play with you. johnny’s chart is literally such a dream, this man is quite literally right out of a teenage girl’s (and mine!!!) dream man magazine. like i always mean it when i say that johnny’s chart is my favorite. (his and hoshi from svt but hoshi’s just makes me scream bc of his gemini stellium 👁️👁️) —🪐
this. this. all this. like everything. I think that’s why I’m so obsessed with him because everything about his chart kind of makes him the dream boy honestly lmao. like he’s so emotionally stunted but once you pull him out of his silly little aquarius stunt he is pure husband material. and idk maybe im projecting but I think with the need to please would a strong thing leading him into being more rough. I can see where the lack of interest in dub con kind of stuff comes in, but I think if it’s something his partner was interested, like you said he’s very open and I think if he tried it and saw how much you enjoyed it that would really get him going. but sometimes he does just come off as cut and dry super h0rny but just generally rough and easily excitable guy
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thottae · 1 year
Just Friends
Part 7.0 Alpha Sigma Chi Mentality
〖Fuckboy!Jungkook x Best Friend!Reader 〗
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Getting out of the uber you see hoards of people trying to enter the Alpha Sigma Chi frat house. You already heard Yoongi’s music being blasted from a couple of blocks away. To anyone else they would be surprised that they didn’t get any noise complaints from their neighbors. In all honesty, they get so many complaints about it. The frat was notorious for their bi-weekly parties, but almost all of the members’ parents are millionaires. Their parents, including Jungkook’s Taehyung’s Jin’s and Yoongi’s parents, pay the surrounding houses for all the trouble their frat has caused. The police don’t want to deal with the noise disturbances that much either. One of the member’s families has all the connections to law enforcement around the area.
You wonder why these boys complain so much about having a miserable time at their house when theirs is the nicest one in the university. They’re so used to having everything they wanted and done for them that doing simple tasks like cleaning is a hassle. They do get house cleaners right after their parties because no one wants to deal with the mess that comes with their fun.
Before you even walked inside the house you were by yourself since Jimin was already off somewhere. Joon couldn’t go because he had several exams he had to study for. As far as Hobi you really don’t want to know what he’s doing at the party just as long as he wasn’t in trouble or putting his life at risk. You didn’t want to even go to this party. You only showed up since Jungkook non-stop spammed you to go to the party, but also to support Yoongi. You guys weren’t close per se, but you have had hung out with him more than a couple of times thanks to Jungkook. You mostly went for Yoongi, to be honest, but Jungkook wanted to talk to you so bad.
You walked around the house trying to find Jungkook to see what he was dying to tell you. You don’t understand how such a big house can be filled with this many people. You went to the kitchen to hopefully find Jungkook, but of course, with your luck, he wasn’t there either. You were too fixated on trying to find Jungkook that you accidentally bumped into someone causing them to spill their drink on themselves.
“I am so sorry,” You apologized looking up to see it’s Jungkook’s frat brother Mingyu. Mingyu quickly grabbed a napkin nearby, wiped himself off, and flashed you a smile. “ Oh hi YN I haven’t seen you in a while.” “I am so sorry about your shirt. I really didn’t mean to.” “You have nothing to apologize for I live here after all. I can just go change. It was nice seeing you by the way,” He gave you a wink before leaving you to go change. You didn’t even get a chance to ask him where Jungkook could’ve been. You groaned almost giving up on finding him.  
You walked to the living room, and to your surprise you finally see Jungkook. Not just Jungkook, Jungkook with yet another girl grinding on him. Were you even surprised at this point? Like Namjoon said Jungkook doesn’t think with his brain he thinks with his dick. You know about all of his bedroom activities and his hoeness, but why does it hurt so much more now. Your heart felt heavy like the world just stopped. Even with everyone surrounding the room all you train your sight on was Jungkook and whoever that girl was. You felt sick to your stomach. You turned away so quickly hoping no one would see you about to burst into tears right now. You couldn’t do this right now.
Before you can even exit the house someone grabbed your arm. You turned petrified to see who it was; only for it to be Hoseok. “What’s wrong,” His facial expression changed quickly as soon as he sees your crocodile tears. He sighed and cut you off before you could even get a word out, “ Wait I don’t even know why I’m asking. I already know the answer to that. He’s a prick so screw him. Come take shots with me maybe it’ll help you.” You laughed at his suggestion. Of course, his way to cheer you up would be alcohol. You giggled and responded, “You know what Hobi you’re right. Screw him. I’m at a party right now and I don’t need to think about him. I’m here to have fun and forget about him.”
Hobi leads the way to the bar area of the house. Jaehyun which was one of Jungkook’s friends was the one bartending. Why does the world hate you? Even if you stray away from Kook every little thing had something to do with him. How is it possible that you have to just happen to see Jungkook’s closest friends everywhere? It’s not even the fact that this is their frat, but there are literally hundreds of people here and still, it’s like the world revolved around his circle. Jaehyun gave you and Hobi both one shot.
“Hey, Jae I want three more of that,” after downing that one shot you felt like you could take more. Jaehyun raised his eyebrow at your request. “Are you sure Jungkook would be okay with you doing that?” You rolled your eyes at his comment and snapped at him, “Jungkook isn’t my boyfriend. I can do whatever the hell I want.” “Okay but just know he’ll be mad,” He said still fulfilling your request. Never in your life have you taken shots that fast.
“Damn YN want to get high too?” Hobi joked with you. “You are not getting our Yn crossed right now,” Jimin glared at Hobi when he walked over to you guys. Jimin dragged you to an empty room. Still, even in the room, you can hear the music being blasted, but it was still better than being smooshed with everyone else.
“What’s with all the alcohol?” Jimin questioned. “Ughh Jungkook again he was grinding on some girl and then it just made me feel angry. I was about to leave when Hobi saw me and told me alcohol would help,” You explained. “Yeah, screw Jungkook thank god you didn’t confess to him.”
“Jungkook is an asshole,” you heard someone say. Both of your guys widen knowing that deep voice. You both turned to see Yoongi. Oh no. Yoongi is literally one of Jungkook’s best friends. Your heart raced fearing what might happen with him knowing. “OH shit. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you guys. Sometimes I like to be away from all of this,” Yoongi apologized. “This party is for you though,” Jimin replied in confusion. Yoongi nodded and said, “ Yeah I know.” “Please don’t tell Jungkook about my feelings for him,” You cried frightened that he might tell.
“Ahh don’t cry YN I am not telling him anything. He’s been pissing me off with how he treats you,” Yoongi reassured. “Thank you for that.” "Conrgats on your song being a hit I'm sorry I didn't bring you anything." "You're all good your support means more to me. Do you need a hug though?” Yoongi offered. “I want a hug,” Jimin muttered to himself. You nodded.
Yoongi walked over to you and pulled you in. “Don’t cry now little YN. He’ll come to his senses eventually. Now go leave with Jimin and enjoy the party,” He said soothing your back. “You sure you’re fine with being here instead of joining the party?” You asked. “Yeah I���m all good plus I’ll be having my sneaky link come in any minute now,” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes at his response, “You are part of this frat after all.” “ It’s not all that bad YN.”
You and Jimin laughed at his comment and left him to be alone. Everyone was right why mop about him when you should go have fun at this party. For the rest of the night, Jimin stayed by your side to help you keep your mind off of him. Yes, you have been at their parties before countless of times. Tonight was different though, tonight you actually let yourself loose. You didn’t let Jungkook’s nagging or overprotectiveness worry you. If he was going to treat you like trash then why should you care what he thinks of you. At one point you and Jimin played beer pong with Minyu and Jungkook’s other friend Eunwoo. You don’t know how you guys did it, but you beat them. Honestly, it’s probably because of how messed up they were from all the drinking.
A couple of hours in you were finally starting to get tired of all the running around Jimin and you were doing. You wanted to get from the crowd at this point. Jimin was mid-conversation with Hobi when you told him you were going outside. He nodded and continued talking to him. You walked to the backyard to see the pool was filled with people still and remembered that the house had a little fireplace area that no one but the members and their close friends knew about.
You sat by the fireplace thinking about your situation with Jungkook. Even with everything that happened tonight, Jungkook was all you thought about. You looked up at the stars trying to stop any tears from falling.
You turned hoping to see Jungkook, but it was Taehyung instead which surprised you. “Hi.” “Aren’t you cold?” He asked.c“No, I’m fine the fire’s got me,” you replied. “You don’t have to lie to me the fireplace we have sucks. Here take this,” Taehyung had taken off his bomber jacket and wrapped it around you. “Thanks,” You said giving him a weak smile. Seeing that there was no one around this area and that you were alone, he decided to sit next to you to keep you company. “Not to be a creep but what is a pretty girl like you doing outside, instead of enjoying herself inside where the party is at?” “Wow, you didn’t really sound creepy right there,” you giggled. “I’m not trying to be I swear,” He chuckled, “but seriously you should be inside where it’s warm, not here where it’s cold.”
“Yeah I know, but I’ve been doing a lot more than I usually do. I wanted to get a breather for a second.” “Ohhh I see, You’re usually used to your boyfriend trying to keep you out of trouble.” Taehyung teased “Nooo we aren’t dating and I don’t think there’s anything romantic going on between us. He probably doesn’t even like me that way,” you looked down, not wanting to show Taehyung how much that last statement hurts you. “Hey now, it’s his loss if he doesn’t like a pretty girl like you,” Tae lifted your chin with his fingers to face him. “You probably used that line on every girl,” You laughed.
“But those girls aren’t as beautiful as you. I may not hang out with you one on one, but I have been with you enough to know you are different from everyone else. You’re not one to have validation from any guy. You don’t need to sleep around to show everyone you’re beautiful. You are a kind-hearted person and Jungkook is missing out on a lot,” Taehyjng paused for a second then continued, “ I don’t know why he’s out there sleeping with girl after girl when he has the most amazing one right here in front of him.” 
Your heart fluttered with his words. You thought he would say some dumb fuckboy thing like your hot too bad Jungkook doesn’t want to smash, but he said something more meaningful. It was nice hearing it from someone other than your friends.
“Why are you saying these things to me?” “Can’t I just help try and cheer you up? I see the way you treat Jungkook and how much care you show for him and Jungkook is taking advantage of that. He’s out here chasing girls when he could really take a chance with you. If Kookie doesn’t take this chance, then I will!” “Tae we barely know each other and you’re already trying to get with me. This is honestly weird for me.” “Hey, try something new for a change. I can show you a fun time outside and inside of the bed,” He winked causing you to giggle. “And there’s the usual Alpha Sigma Chi mentality.” “I’m not saying this just to try and get in your pants.
 I’m being for real and no I am not drunk. I’m actually sober right now so I’m only speaking nothing but the truth. YN, you’re the most beautiful girl, you’re down to earth, caring, and most selfless person I have met,” Taehyung places his hand on your cheek. “T-That’s actually very sweet of you. But we’re Jungkook’s best friends and this would be way too awkward. I can’t just go out with you just because you like me.” “C’mon YN please,” He whispered.
You looked into his eyes to see if he was joking or not, but he seemed pretty serious about the confession. He slowly started to inch closer to you but you’re weren’t doing anything. You just sat there and stared at him, not knowing what to do or how to react. You didn’t know what you had in you but you also started to lean in closer. You could feel his breath as the distance is getting smaller and smaller-
“Hyung, Bubs what are you guys doing?” you both moved away from each other quickly and turned to see Jungkook. Jungkook was fuming. He did not like the scene that he had just witnessed. Seeing Taehyung, someone he called a brother, being so close and almost kissing you, the girl he has told all of his friends that you are off-limits, He knew he should’ve asked went to go look for you sooner, he cursed at himself for that. 
“Kook I was trying to get away from the party and Tae wanted to keep me company as he saw that I was alone,” You explained as you both stood up. “Baby you don’t need to explain yourself. If you needed to get away real quick my room is always yours. What I really want right now is to have Taehyung explain why he’s getting cozy with you,” Jungkook moves closer to you. “Get behind me YN,” Jungkook pulled your arm lightly and placed you behind him “Jungkook we were just talk-”
“Then why does it look like you were about to kiss her? What did I tell you about staying away from her? I can't believe you're trying to take advantage of the fact she's drunk too.” “It's not even like that. I would never do anything with anyone if they were drunk. Also, I stayed away from her because I was a good best friend to you. But I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to get to know her more. I like her.” “You barely even talk to her. You only like her because of her looks. You only like the fact that all the guys at school are she’s hot. I don’t want you playing with her like the way you play with all those other girls!” Jungkook raises his voice. Taehyung scoffed 
“That’s rich of you, Jungkook. Yeah, I don’t even talk to her but out of respect for you. But I have seen the way she is with you. I can see how caring she is towards you, how kind she is to everyone, and how confident she is. Yeah, I might fuck around more than you do but one thing I wouldn’t do is leave YN out in thin air just to go and meet with some girl to get my dick wet, So if anything you’re the one hurting her.” 
“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY” You tried to tug on Jungkook’s arm but he yanked it away and moved closer to Taehyung bringing the two of them face to face. “I didn’t stutter now, did I? I said what I said. You’re. The. One. Hurting. Her” Taehyung poking Jungkook’s chest with every word looked directly into Jungkook’s eyes, not backing down. “Kookie let’s go please don’t start anything,” You reasoned grabbing a hold of his arm. 
You knew he could take on Taehyung. Jungkook does take boxing lessons after all. He’s dragged you to his classes every once in a while, you know he can pack a punch. Hearing your worried voice, Jungkook nodded and moved away from Taehyung. He turned around and started walking with you.
“If you showed up a little later or didn’t show up at all, I would have already kissed her and made her mine!” That’s it. That’s what pushed Jungkook to turn around in such a swift manner. Jungkook had tackled Taehyung and started landing punches on his face. In this situation, it didn’t matter to him that Taehyung was his best friend. All he was thinking about was to hurt him. He didn’t like the way he spoke about you. Something about it irked him. “KOOK STOP GET OFF OF HIM,” You yelled trying to pull him off of Tae but it was difficult considering how much bigger he is compared to you. You peeked at Taehyung’s face and saw that there was blood spewing.
“JEON JUNGKOOK GET OFF OF HIM RIGHT NOW!” Yoongi yelled, quickly rushing to help you grab Jungkook off of Taehyung. Jin picked Taehyung up from the floor and examined his face. A crowd started forming around you, trying to see the commotion that broke out.
“JUNGKOOK AND TAEHYUNG, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY DID YOU TWO START FIGHTING!” Yoongi yelled. “Him he was trying to push my buttons and tried getting with YN” Jungkook pointed. Jin shook his head “Jungkook you’re an adult now. Why would you let your jealousy get you to start beating up someone you call a brother.” “Jealousy? That’s not it. My issue is I told him countless times she’s off-limits. Also If he had kept his mouth when we walked away then this wouldn’t happen.” “Taehyung you’re a dumbass for letting this argument go on to this. Jungkook you’re a bigger dumbass for letting some girl get in between your friendship,” Yoongi said. “She’s not just some girl, Hyung. It’s YN. She’s more than just anybody!” Jungkook yelled grabbing your hand. “Kook what are you-” “Let’s go we can talk about this in my room,” He said dragging you to go inside the house. “PARTY’S OVER EVERYONE GO HOME,” You year Yoongi yelled out. “Hyung brings Taehyung inside, I’ll grab the first aid kit. As you were walking up the stairs you, saw Jimin about to walk out of the mansion. He waved and silently mouthing you to text or call him.
None of you have spoken a word to each other ever since the fight with Tae had ended. Even when you entered Jungkook’s room, nothing, no words, just silence. Jungkook silently handed you some of his clothes for you to change into. The both of you settled into his bed after you guys finished changing. You knew you should talk about your feelings, how he treats you, and of course the fight, but you knew tonight wasn’t the night, You can’t handle the silence, you need to figure out a way to break it. You were too deep in your thoughts that you didn’t feel Jungkook’s arm wrapped around your waist. Your thoughts broke out when Jungkook tugs and brings you closer to him. You shouldn’t even be here right now. You were acting like a couple again which messed with your thoughts. 
“I’m sorry for lashing out on Tae right in front of you,” Jungkook breathed out, finally breaking the silence. “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to Kookie. It wasn’t right for you to start hurting him.” “I know bubs, but thinking of him going close to you and hurting you pissed me off. I would never let him hurt you. I have seen him break so many girls’ hearts and I don’t want that happening to you.” “I get that you want to protect me but we could’ve just walked away. What if you got hurt instead?” “I know and I’m really sorry. I really care for you. It’s honestly a messed-up way of me showing you that I want to protect you. But I promise this will never happen again.” “You sure?” You said looking up at him. “I promise.” “Let’s go sleep I know you’ve had a long night we can talk about you drinking tomorrow,” Jungkook yawned. You couldn’t help but let out a silent sigh. You have been trying to get rid of your thoughts for him all night just to be back in his arms again. “Of course.” “Okay. Goodnight bubs I love you,” He mumbled sleepily. Your heart fluttered at the three words he spoke out. “I love you too kookie,” you whispered. Maybe that ‘I love you’ was him saying he liked you back. Or maybe not. You guys are best friends, after all, it’s not the first time he has said to you.
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redlotus98 · 1 year
Batfamily Headcannons 1 | Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
Genre; Fluff and Angst
Summary; headcannons for how the Batfamily would react to a family member with movement issues
A/N; you never specified an age- so I've left it vague with mentions of some ages
Requested by; anon! I also get bad pains in my knees, moving up to my hips and the pain is awful - sorry this took so long but I also suffer the same and I really wanted to do this justice😘💙 - Also thought headcannons worked nicely - if you want a full out fic lemme know okay? I'll write more! - Also if you want more Batmembers!!
Tumblr media
He met you when you were 10. You were in a children’s home abandoned once more because unfortunately adults just didn’t want to deal with your disability. 
He saw a strong, remarkable child who never gave up, despite everyone around you failing you.
The two of you got to know each other and two weeks later you were returning to Wayne Manor with him.
You were now the baby not Jason (11). He makes sure him and Dick (16) know that sometimes you struggle walking or sometimes you can't lift things.
They're both extremely understanding and protective. Aint nobody messing with you and Bruce is super proud.
Overall, Bruce makes alot of time for you despite being the Bat and he will do anything for you - that includes that one time at a gala when Two-Face attacked and your legs gave out so he piggy-backed you to safety.
He’s the oldest sibling- despite only being six years older than you, he babies you - but not in an undermining way.
He checks on you regularly. Makes sure you have heat pads and anything else you need.
When it's a day that's really bad and you're stuck in bed in agony he does everything for you. You need a drink? Dick's got it. You're hungry? Dick's got it.
He just wants the best for you. But sometimes it does become too much and you gotta remind him that you're still functional.
The little acrobat likes to teach you little things that get movement in your legs - especially after bad days. He just worries and wants to make sure you’re going to be okay - best thing to do - humour him. Jason and yourself like to mock it, but deep down you know he cares and you love that about him.
Jason at first wasn’t impressed. He didn’t understand why Bruce would adopt someone who couldn’t be Robin. What if you injured yourself? 
But then, he actually met you. One look and he was like - oh. I need to protect this human with my life. Big Brother Mode Activated. 
He’s not a mother hen like Dick. He’ll chill with you if you’re having a bad day. Movies, talking, sleeping through it? He’ll keep you company. 
If anyone talks shit about you - calls you anything or makes fun of when a limb just doesn’t want to work for you? You can bet they’ll be face-to-face with Mr. Jason Todd.
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msfcatlover · 2 months
NTT bugs me a LOT so PLEASE tell me about Dick and Jason bonding bc we were robbed
OKAY, SO! This got super long. I’d apologize, but I have so many feelings, and “sorry” is not one of them.
. First of all: after they defeat Trigon, I have no idea why we get scenes of most of the team having these soothing recovery-bonding moments with their families but for some reason Dick doesn’t get that??? When his “worst fear” as shown by Trigon was very specifically that Jason’s Robin training under just Bruce wouldn’t be enough, the scene Dick sees being Bruce dead & Jason brokenly sobbing that he tried his best, with the “worst self” counterpart to Dick telling Dick this was his fault for not being there for them. Dick’s worst fear is literally shown to be losing his family due to not reaching out to them and we don’t even get to see him, I don’t know, driving up to the manor or knocking on the door? You’re telling me that after a vision like that Dick Grayson wouldn’t want to visually confirm Bruce & Jason are okay? We don’t even get to see him call??? Golly gosh, did we just run out of page space & stiff the leader of our ensemble of his emotional payoff???????
This is the perfect moment for Dick to take a more active role as Jason’s big brother (we could’ve had Titans missions with Robin!Jay & Nightwing, goddammit, Jason could’ve complained about being cold to Dick’s face! That joke is x10 funnier if Dick’s standing there, now in pants, defending his original Robin design.) Dick now has experience training younger heroes, he has more patience & a longer fuse than he had as Robin, he is ready to be a mentor figure for his little brother. 
In my head, there is a whole arc where Dick goes flying home on his motorcycle, too emotional to even think of going for the phone (between the vision he had & Raven seemingly dying, you really can’t blame him,) because he just needs to know, he needs to personally confirm that they are okay. He’s jumping off the bike before it fully stops moving, letting it skid down the gravel driveway (the paint job will be ruined, he will bemoan this choice later, but in the moment safety doesn’t matter so why would a few scratches?) Dick hammers on the door until Alfred opens it, and yanks Alfred into a hug before he can get two words out; Dick lets go almost as quickly, because Alfred isn’t who he came to see.
(Dick goes to the manor, not the Batcave, because the Batcave isn’t home.)
I can’t decide if Dick sees Bruce or Jason first; it really come down to whether I want to imagine Dick picking Jason up like a piece of luggage and dragging Jason into Dick’s hug for Bruce, because once Dick sees Jason, he is not going to be letting go. Bruce realizes something must be wrong even before Dick tells him about Raven (though he’d certainly never deny Dick a hug, when Dick all but jumps into Bruce’s arms like he’s 9 again.) Jason is so fucking lost right now; at this point all his interactions with Dick have been short & curt, and included Dick outright denying Jason had any right to be Robin (hey, if DC can mix continuities then so can I! And the pre-Crisis moment when Jason asked for Dick’s blessing now that Dick was Nightwing, and Dick snapped at him about Robin still being Dick’s identity even when he wasn’t using it is so good for its angst potential, I’m taking it.) Poor Jason was under the impression Dick sorta-kinda hated him, that he was a nuisance at best, and now Dick is running down the hall with a shout of Jason’s name just to pull Jason into a hug so tight it’s actually hard to breathe, so like??? What is going on???
Dick tells them about losing Raven (maybe he mentions having to “fight our fears,” but he definitely doesn’t tell either of them about the fear-vision,) says something about being worried and this putting things in perspective. Then Dick takes a deep breath and steps back, looks Jason in the eye, and tells Jason that Dick will be helping with his Robin training from now on. (“Don’t look so excited. You’re going to hate me by the time we’re done.”)
AND THEN! Then we get Dick training Jason, and patrolling with Jason, and bowing out of certain social events because he promised this portion of his time to Jason already and he’s not going to break that promise. We get some mission running long, and Dick rushing home after dark to find Jason still waiting, because he didn’t want to believe Dick would just ditch him like that (Jason may or may not have gotten into a fight with Bruce about whether Jason needed to lower his expectations since Dick was still figuring this whole “adult” thing out, and also that Dick’s never been good with appointments because ADHD-induced timeblind!Dick, my beloved.) We get Dick helping Jason perfect certain moves, and Jason spinning around with a big grin like, “Did you see? Did you see me do it?” while Dick smiles proudly at him and tells Jay how awesome it was. We get mid-patrol snack-breaks, which they’re fully allowed, but still sneak in because it’s just more fun that way. We get late-night conversations over ice cream, and getting to fight as a team, and just, AH!!! We were robbed! They should’ve been bonding, it would’ve been so cute & wholesome, and just compounded the tragedy of Jason’s death.
We could’ve had Nightwing!Dick & Robin!Jay on the Titans at the same time. We could’ve seen all Dick’s friends’ reactions to his new little brother, rather than just another kid in the Robin suit while Dick was out of town. Maybe Donna wouldn’t have fucking projected so hard, she called Jason by Dick’s name the one time they worked together. Maybe Jason could’ve been a valued member of the team in his own right, like he deserved.
The other major event that makes me desperately fantasize about them getting to bond is… Listen. Fuck the mid-Crisis Starfire wedding arc. I do not have words for how much I hate the Starfire wedding arc and how everyone treats Dick like trash during it. It pissed me off so much, I had to put the whole damn series down and cleanse my palette with something else for a few months. Do not get me started, because I have already gone on 2 separate hour-long rants, and nobody wants to see me frothing at the mouth over this one stupid fucking arc that I hate so much, it killed my love for RobStar, a ship I have been sailing since before I knew what shipping was.
Dick fucking deserved better, so Imma give it to him. Fine, let all that happen, up to & including Bruce saying, “Oh, I almost forgot! Happy birthday!” while driving away, ignoring how obviously distraught Dick was. Something-something-crime fighting, Bruce is allowed to fuck up, failure to appropriately express his emotions (often at the worst possible times) is one of his most consistent character traits. Whatever.
Here’s what I want: Jason beats Donna to Dick’s apartment. How? No fucking clue, he called in a favor or something. So instead of Dick opening the door to Donna’s accusations when he’s already belligerently drunk, he opens it to an awkward baby brother while he’s still tipsy. Jason wants to apologize for Bruce being an asshole—not in the “I’ll take responsibility” way, or the “I’m carrying a message” way, but in the “It was shitty of him to treat you like that, and I’m sorry you had to deal with it” way—and wanted to bring Dick his birthday presents before they’re even later than they already were. Because they’re brothers, and Jason knows how even the smallest gesture of recognition can matter. So here Jason is, with an obviously hand-wrapped parcel and a homemade cake that’s more than a little lopsided (and probably a few days old, because the mission wasn’t supposed to keep Dick away that long, and I think Jason would’ve wanted it fresh from the oven when Dick got home,) but it’s decorated after the Nightwing suit with a big red R on the top, and it’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for Dick in weeks. The nicest thing anyone’s done since Dick left Earth. The only sign his birthday wasn’t entirely forgotten by everyone in his life, and the only person who seems like they were looking forward to seeing him again after the mess that was Tamaran. So, y’know, maybe he freezes in the doorway and tears up a little; blame it on the alcohol.
The banter is tense at first. Jason’s obviously a little disturbed to find Dick drowning his sorrows, and Dick quickly hides the bottle while apologizing for it (“You weren’t s’posed to see me like this. I never wanted any of you to see me like this.”) Neither of them wants to acknowledge just how upset Dick is right now. There’s probably jokes about Jason using Dick as a guinea pig for his culinary experiments, and how maybe they shouldn’t light the candles in case Dick’s whiskey breath starts a fire. They talk about light, shallow things, like which rogues escaped while Dick was away (never mind the Crisis,) and whether Jason finally managed to master that one flip he was working on. After, Jason catches Dick staring wistfully at a picture of Kori on the wall and blurts out, “Hey, you wanna get out of here?”
They go see a movie at a late-night theatre, and mock how unrealistic the fight choreography was. 
(Maybe they run into Donna at some point, but the fight doesn’t escalate because they’re in public & Dick’s basically sobered up by that point. Maybe Donna bangs on Dick’s door until it comes off its hinges, and finds an apartment empty except for the remains of two servings of chocolate cake and a ball of wrapping paper that missed the trashcan when someone tried to throw it. In any case, Dick & Donna don’t drag all their worst grievances with eachother out as weapons in a moment of shared pain, and Dick doesn’t go after Brother Blood’s cult alone.)
(Maybe Jason defends Dick’s honor, and says everything to Donna that I wanted to say while she was telling Dick it was all his fault Kori didn’t come back with him.)
(Maybe they go back to Dick’s apartment, and he’s finally tired enough to ignore all the lingering signs of Kori and just go to sleep. Maybe Dick insists on making sure Jason makes it back to Gotham safely, and then stays because it’s almost dawn by that point anyway. Either way, they fall asleep in a pile and Jason probably misses school the next day; he reserves the right to be a grouch about it.)
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acradelius · 3 months
Uhm, hey!
Sorry if this place is not the right place to drop requests, but oh well, here we go...
Could you do some NSFW Zenyatta with the Sunyatta skin x male reader (preferably, if you vam) with Zen being dominant hehe. I'm really intrigued to see how you would write him, Sunyatta is just hnnngh- sooo good! Some smut with Zen's best friend would be much appreciated! ;)
PS. I have a massive crush on Sunyatta's claws a-and I'd love for you to include them, anyhow you want! <3
Fandom: Overwatch / Overwatch 2
Pairing: "Sunyatta" (Tekhartha Zenyatta) x M!Reader
Rating: Lemon [🟡] (NSFW!)
Warnings/Mention Ofs: College Student! Reader, Human x Omnic Relations, Religious Aspects/Themes, Worshipping, Praise, Implied Manipulation, Obsessive Themes, Submissive Male Reader, Dominant Zenyatta, Slight Oral Fixation, Omnic Receiving! Blowjob, Robotic Cock Attachment, Claws, Scratching, Causing Wounds, Bleeding, Profanities, Orgasm, "Open"/Closed Ending
Word Count: 1,764 Words
Author's Note: robo dick robo dick robo dick
Tumblr media
 There was something about studying abroad from the country you’ve spent your whole life growing up and living in, that was definitely something that (Y/N) could agree with. There was something about being able to wander throughout the bustling streets of Cairo, Egypt, taking the miraculous sights of the cultural events happening throughout the town, tasting the amazing exotic food that trying to describe the taste was just so difficult from how good it tasted. There was just something about going out to those night activities with some buddies from the university and leaving Cairo, sneaking into some ancient ruins of Giza Plateau, which started to make (Y/N) feel somewhat anxious about getting caught, and ending up awakening an ancient god from his slumber. Yet, there weren't any feelings of fearfulness, no feelings of ongoing dread despite the unknown words that proceeded to echo off the walls of the ruin and that booming, threatening tone of voice. If anything there was that feeling of inquisitiveness, that yearning desire to figure out who exactly this devine god was and what exactly he was capable of. 
What exactly had happened after that was uncertain to any of the trespassing members there, only brief moments that they could remember that wasn’t much to explain or too conflicting to process what exactly had happened. Yet, there was a certain amount of things that (Y/N) knew every time he would sneak out from Cairo back to those ancient ruins of the Giza Plateau to visit the god over and over again. 
Being able to worship him was such an honor. 
Being acknowledged by him was such an honor. 
Sunyatta reciprocating (Y/N)’s romantic feelings was such an honor. 
🔅          🔅           🔅          🔅          🔅          🔅          🔅           🔅
It was becoming more and more difficult to maintain healthy boundaries with Sunyatta, seeing that everything else around (Y/N) was seemingly falling apart. He was struggling with his studies, finding himself missing more and more classes, failing more and more exams to the point he was on the verge of failing and being evicted from his classes. (Y/N) was struggling to maintain relationships with other people, including his own family, coming up with various excuses as to why he couldn’t socialize with them. Overall, he was neglecting his responsibilities, besides what had been ingrained into his mind as the most important one: to return to Sunyatta and worship him with everything he had. It had merely begun as something that had taken place every couple of weeks, but over time and spending more time with Sunyatta became more frequent in time, at this point it had been that (Y/N) was sneaking out almost every night to see him, spending countless hours with him. Tonight, happened to once again be one of those nights, Sunyatta having promised him a reward for his excellent dedication and loyalty. 
It doesn’t take that long for him to reach their usual meeting place, (Y/N)’s arms full of various objects to offer to Sunyatta, but had stopped within his tracks upon hearing him begin to speak. “You’re such an exquisite, loyal follower (Y/N),” Sunyatta began to address as he began to enclose the distance between them, not bothering to even glance at the items that were being carried, picking them up precisely with his serrated claws and merely tossing them aside until (Y/N)’s arms were empty. “You bring me various items, various items that you have believed to bring me delight, which they were in the beginning,” (Y/N)’s attention had been focused on watching the claws disperse them items onto the ground before glancing up at Sunyatta as he spoke, but was focused back onto the claws as they seemingly twirled and danced within his vision before one had started to prod at his lips, which he unconsciously opened his mouth slightly for them to enter into his mouth. “There’s only so many materialistic items that can be offered to someone such as myself to keep oneself appeased.” There’s a slight hesitation from (Y/N), almost stepping away from Sunyatta. Did his gifts not happen to be good enough for the god? Was there something more that he could offer to keep Sunyatta appeased? Multiple times (Y/N)’s mouth parted open to say something, but instead he was interrupted by Sunyatta speaking once again, “You’re next offering, I want it to be your body. Your physical pleasure~”
There’s an unaccounted time that passes that brings (Y/N) to this moment, being down upon his knees in front of the god, proceeding to softly whine as he gripped at Sunyatta’s loin cloth, beginning to be used for Sunyatta’s own pleasure. “You must be patient, as you need to be prepped for what is bound to come~ For the time being, you need to enjoy the show~” Sunyatta simply ignores whatever response (Y/N) might have gave, if he happened to give any response at all, and proceeds to begin by trailing his claws across (Y/N)’s flesh, watching as he would momentarily flinch as Sunyatta would press his claws deeper into (Y/N)’s flesh to leave scratches, sometimes deep enough to where blood would start spotting from said scratches. Then begins the removal of (Y/N)’s clothes, but not in any old-fashioned way, oh no~ Sunyatta does as he stated, taking his time and “removes” the clothing by simply shredding them to pieces, watching as with each more piece of clothing there’s of (Y/N)’s bare skin being revealed, more bare, unmarked skin for his beloved god to mark up. Scratch after scratch after scratch~ 
“Sunyatta,” There he was upon his knees beneath the one that he could only focus on at the moment, visibly trembling underneath the claws, bucking his hips against the air as if that would relieve some friction to his hardening, throbbing cock. “Open your mouth widely, it’s time to prepare yourself for the next phase of our delightful worship session~” (Y/N) wasn’t one to complain, as he could only imagine the pleasure to come. He was sure that if he obeyed and did what he was told to do, that he would be rewarded greatly. Opening his mouth widely he had stuck out his tongue, allowing there to be more room, and proceeded to take two claw tips into his mouth, treading with caution to explore them with his tongue. Being met with praise he let out a muffled groan, one of his hands once again tugging at Sunyatta’s loincloth all while the other one was trailing down to his own cock, beginning to slowly stroke the length. Continuing to address the claws within his mouth, not minding the faint taste of iron from having nicked his tongue. Upon the removal of the claws there’s a disappointed groan before it turned into a muffled noise of surprise as he felt something foreign enter his mouth, the texture being warm, but having a silicone based exterior. Upon opening his eyes he’s met with Sunyatta’s loincloth having been pushed to the side, realizing that apparently his beloved had his own cock, and he was being blessed with having the opportunity to pleasure Sunyatta’s cock with his mouth. Upon resting his hands upon Sunyatta’s thighs (Y/N) can feel the faint vibrations, a slight mechanical noise as the cock within his mouth begins to not only vibrate, but also rotate as well. (Y/N) figures that Sunyatta’s getting close to an orgasm, seeing the way that one of his hands was placed firmly on (Y/N)’s head, helping him take the length of his cock down his throat. 
🔅          🔅           🔅          🔅          🔅          🔅          🔅           🔅
It becomes difficult to focus upon anything with all the vibrating and rotating features of Sunyatta’s cock being activated within (Y/N)’s ass, causing him to clench tightly and have the tip of Sunyatta’s cock rub roughly against his prostate, causing him to cry out. He can’t help but absolutely love the way that Sunyatta is handling him, ass up in the air while his face is rubbing harshly against the ground, Sunyatta having one of (Y/N)’s arms pulled back while the other one rests on (Y/N)’s back, slowly etching scratches into his back that spell out his name. “You’ve come to realize that this is your future, yes?” Sunyatta hums, leaning down to whisper the words into (Y/N)’s ear, chuckling afterwards at watching the drool leak out of the corner of (Y/N)’s mouth and onto the ground, him not being able to speak a complete, understandable sentence without letting those sultry moans and pleas echo out into the open. “Your future is here with me, (Y/N)!~ You will serve me, treat me as your master!~ You will worship me, worship the very ground I walk upon!~” 
Sunyatta, beginning to lose his calm and collected pace and speed, began to thrust his hips quickly and disorganized, occasionally slamming his hips against (Y/N)’s ass to stretch him out, merely addressing it as preparation for future physical worshiping sessions. Leaning forward Sunyatta released the hold upon (Y/N)’s arm, using it to reach around and wrap around his neck, pulling his head back. “Maintain eye contact with me as we cum together, alright, (Y/N)~” Another whine, another string of saliva spilling from (Y/N)’s lips and onto the ground below, trying to maintain eye contact but finding it difficult to do so. Profanities echo throughout the air, a casual “F-Fuck, your cock feels so good!~ T-Too good!!~” followed by Sunyatta’s “Continue taking me cock, show me how much you actually love worshiping me!~” That pleasurable, twisting gut feeling becomes almost too much, even despite the pain of Sunyatta digging his claws deeply into (Y/N)’s skin, trails of blood being smeared across his skin, partially staining it a light red. “Cum, cum with me, (Y/N)!~ Cum with your god!~” It’s almost instantaneously that (Y/N)’s body begins to violently tremble underneath Sunyatta, crying out as he rides out his orgasm by weakly riding it out against Sunyatta’s cock that still had yet to cease its vibrations and rotation. Sunyatta’s hot, hot to the touch that is, but that doesn’t prevent him from beginning to thrust his hips against (Y/N) once again, chuckling softly. “I am your god, (Y/N)~ No one else can make you feel this way~ Don’t you ever forget that~”
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in reference to your "if you like tom taylor's writing you're white" post, could you possibly elaborate? i don't want this to sound rude so i'm a little nervous about sending but!! i like his writing, i am also white, and i would like to know any issues in his writing that i can look out for so i can enjoy it critically. i realize i'm not entitled to an answer, but if you feel like it then i would appreciate it greatly!
Of course darling.
Now, I was just going to talk about some dumb plotlines if this ever came up (like the telenovela shit and the fact that he uses cameos from beloved stories to make up for the fact that very little of his plotlines are original) but I didn't expect such a genuine answer and I have some free time... so I guess I'm doing doing a breakdown of all of the bullshit in his writing.
For the record: I'm not going to speak on how he handles disabled people. It's neither on topic nor my place. Several people have done this well here, here, and here if this interests you.
There are two main reasons why (tw for a bunch of stuff, don't read if you're sensitive):
How he treats race
Tumblr media
I bring to the stand: "the romani smile incident".
Listen, I feel like this one was good-intentioned. Maybe. Probably. However, it's just so fucking weird from every angle I try and look at it from.
Telling someone they have a "(insert race here) smile" is already just... a very strange way to do representation. If you want to call back to/confirm his Romani heritage, which I would be all for, do it in a way that makes sense. Please. Literally anyone that thought about it for longer than half a second stopped and went "sorry, what the fuck".
I saw some people theorizing that he probably thought that, since there's such thing as a "white person smile", there had to be something like that for other races. And I hope that's the case.
It's funny... and also way better than the alternative.
Because there is a phrase like that for Romani people: "they had a (g-slur) smile". It generally means all of the things that are stereotyped about that culture. Mischievous, free-spirited, mysterious, etc. Changing it so the slur isn't used doesn't change the connotation and continues the perpetuation of stereotypes.
And then there's the entirety of this picture:
Tumblr media
I don't even know where to start with this one, honestly.
Damian has been whitewashed to hell and back.
Duke isn't even there. He is considered part of the core batfam nowadays, so it's very strange that he hasn't been included. Especially since he's the only black character. Tom defended himself by saying that Duke hasn't appeared in a Nightwing comic in quite some time, but he has control over who is in the comics. He is the writer. And, since Cass is in the background of one of the pictures, the whole "there wasn't enough room!" doesn't really work.
And, speaking of that, Cass is in the background? The people of color are just not winning today. She's even in the background of Steph's picture, which makes it worse. Steph isn't even a part of the batfam, she can't be for the sake of Timsteph fans, she's just a family friend. Why did the family friend get to be in the front of the frame? Why is Cass, an Asian woman, considered a literal background character?
... anyways.
Then there's the zionism
Tumblr media
This was 2013, so I genuinely would give the benefit of the doubt here... but Tom Taylor recently defended his past self by saying that "it's fiction, that doesn't mean I agree that he should have forced them to sign a peace treaty!", which means he still doesn't understand what is wrong with implying that the war in the middle east isn't a group of people trying to fight back against their oppressors.
2. Performative activism
The reason I have this second, despite feeling like it's the stronger argument, is because performative activism isn't strictly a White Person Thing... but, also, yes it is. So, let's get into his politics.
The treatment of homeless people: It's strange to see Dick Grayson suddenly "discover" homeless people in the most recent Nightwing comics, especially since he was homeless for a while in a previous run. I brushed past this, originally, though, because I figured he just wanted to address the recent talking point about how Bruce Wayne (and, by extension, his kids) should be using his money to help people in need rather than beat up the poor and I wanted to see what he did with it. I no longer let it go, because Tom Taylor has nothing to say. Homelessness bad. Yeah? You gonna address it at all, buddy? Some solutions? Some explanations for why homelessness exists? No? "Donate to the homeless" is all you're gonna say? Alright. Thank you for all your wisdom and new ideas, I guess.
The whole 'school gun violence' plotline with Jon was whack. It honestly deserves its own post, but I refuse to spend even more time thinking about it. Instead I'm just gonna sum up the villain's motivation and leave it there: the villain... wants school shootings to stop and therefore tries to draw attention to them... by shooting up a school.
Jon Kent... honestly, his whole thing at the moment is very white-savior-y, which is already annoying in itself, but that's not the real point here. His whole thing is saving the planet in the environmental sense, but Tom Taylor loves "good billionaires". He made Nightwing a billionaire. For some reason, I don't have much faith in his understanding of the global climate crisis.
Basically, if I see one more person call Tom Taylor a leftist I will scream. I am a leftist, he's an annoying liberal. We are not the same.
More seriously, the reason that I think performative activism is almost strictly White Person Thing, though, is because most people of color think more about what's going on and have more to say. Not because we want to know a lot about things like this, but because we have to. Systemic issues are our problems to deal with and white people's problem to sometimes talk about when they want some "good person points". And yet they never seem to do anything more than point at an issue and say it's an issue. It's a privileged position to be in.
And, we're done. If you want more information, try going through the 'anti tom taylor' tag. I'm lazy and don't have enough time to do any more before class. Byeeeee.
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sadboysimps · 1 year
Tumblr media
Okay so I'm fkn scared to publish anything because I have no skin and will probs breakdown from small mean comment :)
So yeah I've been simping to these three and instead of being a big boy and opening my x mas presents, I'm avoiding it and wrote these. Obvi these are my thoughts and how I see the characters etc. sorry if there is any miss info or such :(
Tumblr media
Genre- Fluff, kind of smut
WARNINGS ! : mentioned probable drug use; weed - mention of depression - sexual acts - bondage/shibari - mention of fem receiving oral - hickies/bite marks - mentioned rough sex
All characters and reader are 18 or older!
Written w/ afab body in mind ig. You could read this as gn!reader if you ignore one mention of boobs and being eaten out. I do want to aim for gender neutral, but with set anatomy its easier to go in depth. Also, as a guy ftm eheh I do want to aim to write male!reader too. If I write that it is.
Minors pretty fkn please Do Not Interact with posts or blog ok? :D
Tumblr media
Choso is tired depressed 150+ years old man in young body who probs has worst case insomnia.
Probably smokes weed tbh.
Is not that talk active because he has no energy.
Loves to hear you talk, smiles lazily while you tell him about your day or interests.
Cuddles. I mean the whole man screams 'sit on my lap or lay on me plz'.
Look look, 80% of the time you are either riding him or he is slowly fucking you while laying on bed (you on top, spooning or cuddling).
I mean, tired™. if he has some energy burst, he will dick you down (if you up to. You probably are because its rare).
a f t e r  c a r e  k i n g !
Not too much into dirty talk or degrading on main, but if you ask, he will go Sukuna on you.
Tit man, his fave place to rest his head face and listen to your heartbeat and breathing while 'napping'.
Will gladly put his head on your ass too.
Fastfood 💯💯💯
Goofy, albeit in super tired way so...
I mean I can't empathize enough how sleepy ass fucker this man is. he literally looks like he hasn't slept in 150+ years 👀
Love him tho
Suguru is that bf who just shouts elegant to all your friends. The calm, collected personality and long hair... Ah...
If you aren't from Asia or have Asian culture in your life/around your friends, they will question how casually and often Suguru wore his Buddhist priest clothing.
He has gotten used to it and finds it comfy, no further explanation needed.
Although for date nights he will dress up hot affff... Obviously.
Everyone somehow waits for his voice to be low af (me included) and is shocked when they hear him speak for first time (and maybe after that too) (me included).
I mean he can def do some nice low growly whispers in to your ear...
Got a feeling he would smoke weed sometimes.
He knows what that body does and loves to work out without a shirt in front of you. Ahaha pants hanging lowww...
When dressing up in bit more casual wear he will put shirt on last, because he loves to teasingly sway those hips and flex his abdomen in front of you with jeans on.
His torso is screaming for shibari, he isn't. (Ugh thanks fanart with him tied up 🥵)
Eventually will let you tie him up for fun, not for sake of restraining, but because he actually was curious how he would look like with red rope wrapped around his bod.
Won't shut up about how he is still in control, and you better not try any tricks with his hands bound behind his back.
Loves how it looks, wants to see you both in matching shibari. Wants to call Gojo to do the honors and tie you both up but neither of you trust his damn ass with it 😂
Arm around waist when in public.
Softly grabbing the side of your jaw to pull you in for quick peck.
Such a fucking sweet man it's unbelievable.
Tho he does voice his gruesome thoughts to you randomly in public.
Freak in the sheets don't act surprised.
Nicknames like love, darling, sweetie, honey all the time.
Toge. I... He is so fucking cute and somehow the fact that he barely speaks makes him cuter.
When around your friends or family etc. he doesn't really say anything, not even onigiri :( Because it would propbs be weird for people who you can't explain cursed speech to...
So you often act as his voice, either he uses sign language to tell you something or writes on his phone and shows.
Somehow it comes off as if you're the more 'dominant' and 'stronger' one in the relationship, taking care of Toge and helping him.
Oh boy are people wrong jfkfkfkf...
The fact that he can't express himself through speech makes his actions more preeminent.
While he loves to rest his head on your lap and be the little spoon sometimes, he mostly takes that manly role very seriously (Absolutely NOT in toxic way!!!!)
Being a gentleman and the best caring boyfriend. Always opening doors for you, cooking for you and holding you.
He is basically your 'Couple/BF goals' Pinterest board.
Kinda obvious, but big sucker for kisses. Always, Anytime, Anywhere.
Will make your favorite food for you and master it.
If any of your friends saw how this innocent soft sweet boy (man) pounded you in the bedroom they would be shook.
Pins you down and covers your body in hickies. In places where you're ok with them. He won't force you to walk around with bitten neck if you're not comfortable with that.
Is he using cursed energy to slam those hips on you or is it just love? Who knows?
Toge has nice rough broken moans 💯👌.
Eating you out? More likely than you think. (And you probably think it's very likely).
Rose petal heart on kitchen counter with takeout after you both had long day.
Bathtub with rose petals spelling 'I Love You'. Toge spends too much time and precision to get them stay on their place and will be frustrated when they have slightly scattered when you get there.
You'll just chuckle and tell him you get the message very clearly and give him a kiss.
Loooong kiss, oh right the warm bath.
He sits behind you and massages you.
Tumblr media
Do not re-post, copy or translate on any site. Re-blogging (or sharing link to) this post is allowed and appreciated tho.
Tumblr media
I haven't written anything in over a year (I used to write a lot), but yeah while avoiding things this inspiration hit me. I'm quite new to anime fandom and anime. The changes of this blogs lifespan being max 2 months are very high.
Tumblr media
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endmylifelad · 3 months
Jason was about to head out and go back to his safe house after being forced by Dick to come for family dinner, when he passed a room that made him have to back up and peer into.
On the couch was Duke on his laptop, furiously doing what Jason could assume was homework while cursing and grumbling. The man could relate. Curious and wanting to tease the new member of his messed up family (though Jason will take it to the grave, again, that he does call the mess of people his family and that yes, he is a part of it), the muscular young man strutted over with a smirk on his face. “Hey Duke, what up my brother.” Damn that was awful; just hearing himself made him recoil.
Duke slammed his laptop shut and stared at Jason with wide-eyes. Jason grinned “oooh you watching something inappropriate? Duke I expected better of you! Out of everyone, you’re supposed to be the innocent light!”
Duke rolled his eyes “Jason, you’re taunts and jokes are terrible today, and I am in no mood for them!” He huffed “and no. I was not doing anything inappropriate. Just…” the teen sighed and looked down “it’s stupid. I’m getting frustrated and mad at the most stupidest of things!” He threw his hands into the air “I should be frustrated that I can’t beat Sean in any activities at school! That Jessica is either playing hard to get or is not getting the hint that I like her! Or even my ever permanent C+ grade in History! Not!-” Duke went silent.
Jason frowned and pulled a chair out to face Duke who had buried his face in his hands. This was Dicks scene; making things better and you happy again - the big brother role. But Dickface wasn’t here. He’s off on a date with Kori that he had planned to propose to her. So that left the second in command to take over and step up to the table and be the one to help and fix and make things okay again and make you smile. Shit.
Good luck me and I’m sorry Duke in advance. I have no clue what the hell I’m doing!
“It’s okay to be upset. Whatever is buggin ya is important. Doesn’t matter if it’s because you’re trying so hard to be noticed by someone or figuring out what to wear or how to deal with jerks.” I’m nailing this! Jason smirked on the inside and gave himself a pat on the back. Duke shook his head and gave Jason a half smile “did Dick tell you that?” He couldn’t help himself but laugh “yeah, when I was fifteen and I was so frustrated that I couldn’t figure out somethin stupid that ended up being so easy and obvious” the two laughed and Jason was the first to collect himself “but in all seriousness, what’s up man?”
Again Duke sighed and avoided Jason’s eyes “it seems everywhere on media, people are talking about us. But in particular the ‘Wayne Boys’. Everywhere possible social media, people are only talking about you, Dick, Tim and Damian, no one else.”
An image slowly began to form in Jason’s head as he started to paint what could be upsetting his new brother that made him upset.
“This is stupid and I’m overreacting, but every time I see the posts, it frustrates me to no end because I’m a Wayne too. Have been for almost a month. I know it’s not well known, but these posters know and I… sorry this is so stupid.”
Jason looked down as he recalled his early days in the manor and some squabbles he had with Dick “I get that. Sorta. It’s hard and frustrating, I know that. I really know and get that.” He looked up at Duke who was avoiding his gaze “hey, i told you once I’ll tell you again. Whatever is botherin you is important and valid.” Duke snapped his gaze to him”even when it’s because people post things titled “The Wayne Boys Once Said, The Wayne Boys this and that…” and I’m not included in it?” Oh how hard was it to not laugh. “Y-yup!” Duke glared and with a snarky reply, Jason burst out laughing.
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margridarnauds · 3 months
top five characters/moments/things from irish mythology you wish had more pop culture traction?
Thank you! 
One thing I’m going to say, off the bat, is that I know that my idea of what has pop culture traction is going to be very different than what the general public sees -- When you spend a solid chunk of your life looking....and looking...and looking at pop culture retellings, that’s pretty much all you see, but I’m aware that what might be relatively common in depictions of this stuff might still be relatively obscure to the general public. (Especially if it’s not, say, banshees, selkies, or, God help us all, leprechauns. Even though those are all folklore, I know I’m never going to win that fight.)
1. The Tuatha Dé being dicks in general. Like, with all respect to the Professor, he did possibly the worst possible thing to Irish material (and that’s including when he dissed “Celtic materials” as being like shattered stained glass) that he could have done by sheer accident when he created Lord of the Rings. Because, since that series was published, every single low quality fantasy writer has been trying to shove the Tuatha Dé into Tolkien’s elves (and a specifically bowdlerized version of them.) And the TD are...they’re fascinating to me. I love them very dearly, I’ve been going back to them for years because they’re this group of superhumans who are also petty and spiteful and sometimes rigid in upholding distinctions. They haven’t always forgiven the Milesians for taking Ireland from them, they will do everything they possibly can to screw people over, they are sometimes only loosely tolerant of the mortals (and, on Samhain, for example, they sometimes lose even that loose tolerance.) 
Like, I want the Tuatha Dé to be complicated and hypocritical and petty and spiteful while also being capable of being the best of humanity as well while ALSO being distinctly Off. I want Lovecraftian Tuatha Dé who are always just beneath the surface, I want comic relief Tuatha Dé who are still in denial over having lost Ireland and refuse to adapt to the modern world at any cost to truly ridiculous standards, I want the Tuatha Dé to be a big, high stakes family drama/reality show/soap opera with the entirety of Ireland having to deal with the fallout, I want tragic Tuatha Dé who are these kind of living artifacts in a world that’s more or less outgrown them. (I am obviously aware that they have modern worshippers -- I am saying that the TDD are drama queens and will still be mopey after having lost the entire island. Unless you have Brehon law actively being around still, they are still going to be mopey.)
2. Related to that, bruighean tales. This is not a term you hear very often outside of Celticist circles, and part of the reason for that is that these tales often haven’t been translated yet into English (though some of them have been translated from modern Irish), even though they had a wide currency in the folk tradition. What these are is, essentially...a story in which the Fianna are tricked by the Tuatha Dé to go into a magical fort, where the Tuatha Dé proceed to attack them throughout the night with a series of spells, illusions, and the odd monster or two. (The most famous of these is probably Laoi na Con Duibhe -- The Lay of the Black Dog.) Like, I feel like there’s a lot that a modern audience could appreciate about this, from the perspective of horror and the gothic. I think you could do a lot with the claustrophobia and the tension of it, with this group of legendary heroes possibly, for the very first time, being in over their head. 
3. The Fir Bolg! It is so ridiculously easy for these guys to get adapted out of depictions of the battle between the Fomoire and the Tuatha Dé, but they’re so important! (Also, more Fir Bolg who are accurate to how they’re presented in Lebor Gabála Érenn -- so many pop culture references, when we do get them, have so much....uncomfortable baggage. Like, I don’t want to say too much because there are some papers coming out on this, and it’s like...I don’t know how much I can say, but it’s just...please can we toss away the idea of them somehow being these primal “primitive” people who are associated with the earth? Can’t we let them be competent and clever and strong settlers of Ireland who established the kingship?) Especially my boy Sreng who is quietly one of the single most fascinating and complex characters in the entirety of the medieval and early modern Irish literary tradition. 
4. I firmly believe that we have never gotten enough Bres as a character, which is a little shocking when you consider how important he is to the Tuatha Dé -- so many central figures are related to him (the Morrígan is his aunt), he has a fairly interesting arc in Cath Maige Tuired (which is just a text that...I can never have enough adaptations of), and he gets a relatively large number of appearances across medieval and early modern Ireland. And, like with the TD, I’d really like to see him be done....well. Like, don’t settle for “he’s evil because he’s evil”; I want to see him get a large amount of interiority, I want to see him be complex, I want the audience to sympathize with him even as they realize that if he succeeds...it all goes down. Authors almost seem...intimidated by him, and I think part of it’s that heroes like Lugh are easy, especially when you remove the inconvenient little bits about them that might make them unpalatable. Villains like Bres, though...it’s like they’re having to hold up a mirror. We want to be like Lugh, we want to be that kind of superhuman, hypercompetent master of all crafts who is beloved and is able to conquer all the enemy. In reality, though, I feel like Bres is more...realistic. More human. And that’s why people struggle with him in adaptations, whether they excise him entirely or make him a caricature of himself. People don’t want the reminder of their own flaws.  (Also I believe that he should kiss men.) 
(On the mouth.)
(With both parties consenting to it.) 
5. Relating to #2, I feel like there’s a thick pseudo-Gothic (pre-Gothic?) vein in a lot of the Irish material that could be a lot of fun to work with. @effervescentdragon once compared Crimson Peak to Togail Briudne Dá Derga, I personally love the incident with the dead men and the Morrígan from the Boyhood Deeds of Cú Chulainn, I was recently rereading the plot summary of the short story “Don’t Wake the Dead” and was reminded of the story of Sín in Aided Muirchertaig meic Erca, the Dead Man in Echtra Nerai, this one description of a bruighean tale...I think it was Eochaid Bhig Dearg, where every single one of the Tuatha Dé is described as having a smile on their faces as they surround the fort....waiting....while the Fianna can only look on in horror and dread whatever nightmares they summon next...Medieval Irish material is often likened to fantasy and, for what it’s worth, I do understand it, especially since all the great fantasy writers were very well in-tune with world mythology and Irish is an Indo European literary tradition (albeit one that, as of the time of it being written down, had intertwined itself tightly with Christianity.) Still, I would really like to see more of that Gothic element being teased out, because a lot of my roots are in the gothic tradition and I would love to combine my two favorite things.  
In general, I suppose my tl;dr is that I would like, in general, for more nuance, more complexity, I’d like more writers to have fun with the material and to think outside the box that this stuff gets put into, I’d like to see less bowdlerization, less need to apply a Nationalistic brush to these things that hasn’t really been necessary since the 1930s. (Also, give me more Cath Maige Tuired adaptations.)
 It’s funny a lot of the time, when I see, say, arguments about Arthuriana or Greek Mythological adaptations where people will be saying “I HATE when adaptations--” and I’m just kind of in this perpetual state of “What do you mean ‘adaptations?’ Y’all get your favorite works adapted more than one time?” Don’t get me wrong, I can sympathize with seeing your favorite material butchered, but I’ve had to read a LOT of really bad self published novels, Wattpad fiction, and MySpace RPGs from back in the day in order to get *anything* for my favorite characters. And if I was ever really, deeply personally offended by seeing my favorite characters done badly....I think I’d have gone insane at this point. I think people often expect me to be very strict but the truth is that I’ve never had the luxury of being very strict. Our most accurate representation of the material thus far’s been an animated film where the day is partially saved by a spirit cat attacking a Viking warlord. Our second most accurate representation’s been Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, where there’s an evil cult of human-sacrificing druids in 9th century Ireland that ends up spurring an Irish Inquisition and the 50 foot tall Lia Fáil, which is an alien artifact, exploding into smithereens. And I think that it’s fascinating to see what the public is really interested in and what authors and creatives are putting into their stuff VS the material as we understand it. So, a part of me’s a little sad all the time, but a part of me’s also always interested in seeing how these trends play out. 
But, anyway, I hope this answers the question! Thank you again for the ask! 
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evilwickedme · 3 months
A question that a lot of Jason Lives AUs try to answer is what does Jason actually become later on?
The easy and most boring answer is that he still gets traumatized by the Joker and still decides to become Red Hood. Just because this is a boring answer doesn't make your fic a boring fic, don't @ me, just saying it's the simplest one and doesn't require a lot of thought.
One I see a lot is Jason becoming the Flamebird to Dick's Nightwing. I like this fine, but the whole point of Nightwing was that Dick found an entirely new identity for himself outside of Batman, and I feel like having Jason's arc go from defining himself as Batman's sidekick to defining himself as part of Nightwing's story ain't it.
I've seen some people attempt to come up with other names. I like Phoenix, especially if the story still includes Jason being traumatized by the Joker but not dying, because it's about his own personal journey. Like that name means the exact opposite of what Red Hood means. Red Hood is about defining himself through the man who murdered him; Phoenix, instead, can be about defining himself despite or against what happened to him. Both approaches make sense for the story they take place in (or hypothetically take place in).
Something I don't think I've seen is Jason just... staying Robin? Like I remember reading that when DC comics revisited Earth Two (the original DC universe) it turns out that Dick never stopped being Robin, even when he became an adult, and I think that in a way that would actually make a lot of sense. I think Jason is the only batfam member who didn't choose the vigilante life but rather found himself in it. Not that he didn't take to it like fish to water, but between eight year old Dick running off to kill Zucco and baby Damian trying to kill Tim over the Robin mantel, all the other members of the batfam actively chased this life, while Jason joined the WayneFam first and foremost and became Robin because Bruce was Batman.
So since Jason does enjoy being a vigilante but isn't actually motivated to it naturally, I can see a reality where he just... stays Batman's sidekick, eventually graduating to full adult partner, but keeping the Robin name. He might protect Crime Alley more than Batman does, but overall maybe in this universe nothing really truly terrible happened to him. He might've gotten angry and frustrated with Bruce, but they worked through it and had a better relationship for it. Even Dick eventually gets over his issues and sees how Good Jason is, that he just wants to help. They'll never be close, but they start becoming a family.
You can have this au never include Tim at all and that would work, or maybe he steps in specifically because he sees Jason and Bruce having issues and just wants to see his heroes to get along. Maybe even then he doesn't become a vigilante; Bruce and Jason like having him around, and they're not going to stop keeping an eye on him when he knows their secret identity, but he doesn't ever really need to put on the pixie boots, so he doesn't. He's good with computers, though, and he gets along well with Barbara, so eventually he gets a mask and some little codename and he helps with Oracle duties.
Cass is Cass. She's more dedicated to the cause than to Batman, but also Jason is a great little brother, joyful and supportive. They both understand the need for violence and both have witnessed immense suffering and death. In a world where Jason is still Robin, Cass and Jason get along so well. Jason is patient with her and her words, and she likes listening to him read his favorite books aloud to her.
In a world where Jason is still Robin, he doesn't get hit by Spoiler's brick, but he finds it incredibly amusing that she tries. He advocates to add her to the team early on, and Bruce isn't seeing a dead kid when he looks at her and hears her Alley accent, he just sees his son, his partner, and he feels this urge to protect her. Bruce trains her, and she has the same sense of humor as Jason, and she meets Tim when he's just hanging out in the Cave, and she meets Cass because Cass still Lurks sometimes, and she just seems to fit right in, you know?
And then Damian shows up, and instead of dealing with a sixteen year old who's still insecure about his position in the family, he's dealing with an almost twenty year old who has this large support group and friends and family and also is way bigger than this tiny assassin who just tried to stab him. He doesn't love the fact that the little gremlin thinks that he can just take Robin away from Jason, but he understands coming from a life of violence, and he can understand thinking that being Robin and being Bruce's son come hand in hand.
I don't know enough about Duke to know how he'd come into the family in this au, but I know that Jason and him get along just fine in the comics, so it seems to me that a Jason that isn't even as angry and hurt as canon!Jason would get along with him even better. He probably thinks Duke's powers are the shit, and empathizes with him over his parents, even though it's not the same.
Anyway I just spent like forty minutes writing this au out and I'm (probably) never going to write a fic for it so uhhhh yeah idk I'll end this here for now
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