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morimementa · 15 days
I can't believe Ice Pick Joe stabbed Caesar yesterday!
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firstofficerrose · 6 months
To my Wolf 359 people: I think I finally got someone to start listening to the podcast! Here's the pitch I used.
Wolf 359 is a podcast. It looks like a comedy at first glance.
This is deception!
It's still very funny, make no mistake. But also: drama, tragedy, horror, the best "man with a cigar" type villian I have ever experienced, death, monsters made of plants, the best AI ever, a harpoon, and the greatest scourge of a board game ever created.
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Hello friends!! I'm back!
First I'd like to say how much I've missed you all and how much I've missed being here. And thank you all for all the caring asks! You guys are all so sweet, and I'm so happy to be back!! <33
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not me being excited for the skills comp all week then falling asleep during the save streak :(
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shannonallaround · 3 months
It is SO INTERESTING to watch Sonic's progression understanding exactly what happened when he hit the prism throughout the first chunk of Sonic Prime.
First, Sonic doesn't even remember what happened or how he was involved. He first remembers the prism's existence and Eggman's goals with it, and assumes Eggman somehow figured out how to use the prism and took over like he always dreamed.
Then by the end of episode 3 Sonic fully remembers what happened—he smashed the prism. And he sees a chunk of it now in front of him. Nine, as he's figuring out what Sonic is talking about, infers that there's more shards. However, Sonic doesn't seem to assume this to mean there are other worlds with those shards (perhaps he assumes the shards are all within the New Yoke world somewhere, and the Council has just found one). Sonic seems to think here that smashing the prism changed his current word into a single new reality—one where Eggman rules. He also seems to think his New Yoke friends are his original friends, but changed somehow (remember his response when Nine told him to grab the shard? "No. You—! H-he—! The original you told me not to touch it!" At this point, Sonic doesn't know how to differentiate them.)
It isn't until Sonic is zapped to the Jungle shatterspace and meets his alternate friends there that he realizes there is actually more than one alternate Green Hill. He discovers another piece of the shard, which has created its own version of his home. This understanding is reinforced during his time in the pirate verse when he hears of the shard connected to that world. And throughout this part of the story, Sonic regularly talks about going home, returning home, etc. He seems to think that these alternate worlds exist parallel to his own original one. He catches on that these alternate friends are not his original-friends-but-changed; rather, they are separate entities that mirror his own friends in various ways. Now it appears that Sonic thinks his actual friends are elsewhere, still in their original world, waiting to be found.
THEN, at the end of episode 8, Sonic gets sent to the void where Shadow is. Sonic hasn't seen any other Shadows at this point, but because he doesn't know about Shadow's chaos control that helped him escape the prism-shatter effects, he has no reason not to think this Shadow is an alternate version. (While Sonic has been seeing Shadow in glimpses while running around, he hasn't fully understood what he was seeing. In fact, Sonic may not even remember those occurrences at all.) Sonic therefore (basically) tells Shadow to leave him alone, saying "I just wanna go home."
And then Shadow brutally adds a new level of understanding:
"Home? 'Home' doesn't exist anymore... because of you!!"
When we eventually get episode 9, I think Sonic is going to experience a whole new paradigm shift where he finally gets what actually, truly happened to reality when he hit that prism.
He didn't just alter the timeline.
He didn't create a bunch of parallel universes alongside his own.
Sonic broke his world. He shattered it like a mirror, making it splinter into a bunch of separate universes where none are the original. Like Shadow says, Sonic's world doesn't exist anymore. It's gone. And along with it, Sonic's friends are gone too. We as the audience have inferred this, but up until now, Sonic has not. Now that Shadow is here, this realization is going to hit Sonic all at once.
And when Sonic realizes this is what he's actually done, I think it's going to break him a little.
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desi-culture-is · 1 year
desi culture is not having 'bohemian rhapsody' memorized since you were a child and then reading abt how every person in the us, uk etc know the song and just feeling weird cause apparently everyone knows it but you don't so you just listen to it and memorize it and then realize that except for two people in your school NO ONE HAD THIS FUCKING FEELING (ofc you only speak to the 2 ppl at school who know it ofc)
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mspoodle1 · 7 months
Tumblr media
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spacedlexi · 11 months
Just saw your amphibia post and I think your tags kinda describe why I couldn't stick with it. Ppl kept talking about it like gravity falls, owl house, and infinity train, but all of those shows manage to make the eps that don't directly move the plot be the eps that develop the characters. I felt like amph was stagnant on the episodic side while hinting at a serial side that was never fully realized. (I've seen most of s1) -L✨
yeaaah i mean i think its a cute show i dont want people to think i Dislike it but it was not at All what i have seen it described as online. cuz yeah ive seen people lump it in with those other shows (which i have watched and love), but those other shows are Heavily serialized whereas amphibia is very episodic with a general plot that it vaguely follows and sometimes devotes episodes to, but not often. and when it does its over too fast bc of the short run time and we're back to wacky adventure of the week episodes with like.... barely any reflection on the deeper stuff thats happening (specifically post true colors)
and thats not necessarily a bad thing!! episodic shows work in their own right. but in amphibias case it feels caught between both, not really sure what it wants to be, and focuses more on episodic story telling while giving a rare plot centric episode, which impacts the pacing and makes it feel like theyre not devoting enough time to the plot, when i dont think the plot was ever really the goal of the show to begin with. and if it Was then they definitely made some... interesting decisions...
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peninkwrites · 5 months
#i never make vent posts or anything like this but I am just. so torn up about all of this#please don't take this too seriously this is my personal ramblings not a statement on some important part of the situation#ok? my feelings are my problem when there are people out there being tangibly hurt and harassed for coming forward about a serious thing.#i don't think finishing my fics would be supporting him as a cc. that isn't really my concern?#but right now i am disgusted by his very name. i can't write right now.#i don't know what to do.#i wish i had started the Mafia AU sooner. That fic is over 6 months in the making and I had/have so much story I wanted to tell.#it would be easier to cut him out of that series#but the community is so torn up who's gonna read it? I know I should write for my own sake too#but the people I met#the damn server I set up#it's because of this.#this fandom existed so independently of the ccs for so long in reference to their characters#i don't know why we have to lose that#but at the same time I understand people's discomfort. I both can't blame people for leaving and wish they wouldn't.#I don't know where I'm at comfort-wise too and maybe we're all just waiting to feel less horrified#but i already miss people just writing meta and random days with the whole dash rambling about a specific character#i know it hasn't been long.#but I guess I'm more worried it's gone forever.#i didn't feel like what we did had anything to do with him until his presence ruined it.#the cc had been on thin ice for me for a while i just. ignored his presence and focused only on rp characters.#like. why should I abandon talking about c!Wilbur and c!Quackity etc etc because one motherfucker turned out to be terrible?#this stuff is not a priority right now of course considering the reason this is happening is a matter of justice and accountability#which is why im sort of just rambling here instead of making a proper post#i've wrapped so much of my life around this fandom for the past two years. probably an unhealthy amount. but i don't know how to let go#i didn't realize that the running backtrack of my brain has been my fics. these characters. CONSTANTLY#i literally don't know what to think about. I've been writing almost nonstop about this stuff for 2 YEARS.#I've lost my joy of creation. my emotional crutch. hopefully temporarily but my god.#dream situation#vent
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un-pearable · 1 year
so i’ve been pondering the sonic triple threat au again (sonic underground au i’ve been working on about ~a year now that lives in my brain but i always forget to record) and incorporating movie stuff where i like it,, but honestly nothing tops the two year gap where sonic disappears into the wilderness after his foster parents get backstoried and then shows up out of nowhere at uncle chucks with a whole little brother and absolutely no explanations
#the most important thing about this au is Tails Is Everyone’s Little Brother#everyone loves him this kid could get away with murder#but also this au spans ~7 years of actual plot and 50 years of timeline at its most conservative#it is SPRAWLING i just need to actually get it all written down again instead of just scattered across discord#team chaotix is in it. the babylon rouges are in it. manic and sonia are main characters. sonia and amy are dating#amy is a time traveler who is unaware she time traveled bc she comes from a village on little planet#she’s secretly from the future. silver and gold are from the past and aware of it#but gold is missing and silver is desperately trying to hide why he’s here to look for her#sally and sonia were childhood friends. mighty and ray help redeem metal sonic into shard#sonic breaks his arm and it is a deeply traumatizing experience where he nearly murders his best friends#but also sonic is the lead of a famous band and that’s how they meet amy#the freedom fighters do exist but they’re all so exasperated by the fact the kids able to channel almost infinite power are all untrained#and too traumatized to actually do it#tikal is here and she is basically a force ghost/avatar spirit and the only person to successfully maintain a superstate#this au is EVERYTHING and i love it to bits#yet i will never find the time to actually do anything with it bc i am forgetful and busy#but whatever sorry i just wanted to gush about my nonsense#laid awake for so long thinking about how i’m rewriting knux based on. the movie last night and now i’m remembering EVERYTHING#MARIA IS ALIVE AND SHES TWINS WITH HOPE. MARIA GOT TO LIVE BC OF SOMETHING SHADOW DID BEFORE HE GOT TUBED AND ITS MY FAVORITE PART#SHE REUINTES WITH HOPE KINTOBOR AND THEY GO TO COLLEGE TOGETHER#before the world ends bc this is a post apocalypse/rebellion kinda story#BUT THEN 50 YEARS LATER SHE GETS TO REUNITE WITH SHADOW WHEN SONIC N FRIENDS FIND HIM IN YHE HUNT FOR THE EMERALDS. HE THOIGHT SHE WAS DEAD#FOR SO LONG BUT SHE GETS TO BE THERE FOR HIM!!!#i love this au so much it’s my baby. i traumatize and comfort these kids in equal amounts agshdjdk#anyway. i’ll stop. to all two people reading this ty for your time#sonic triple threat#untitled sonic au#sonic
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pearlcaddy · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for those times when it feels like fans might have lost track of the medium/genre of the source material a wee bit
+ bonus:
Tumblr media
#pearlcaddyedit#this isn't really about anything specific#i just feel like some of the analysis in this fandom forgets important context of what the show actually is#and that's totally fine for fanworks--fanworks are their own thing and you should go off and be free with them#with fanworks you don't owe canon anything except love and respect for julie molina#but when you're analyzing canon and your analysis doesn't take into account that it's a tv show#and that characters will have shorter conversations than they would in real life#or they will learn things faster than they would in real life#or that things will focus on the main protagonists#because a tv show has a limited runtime and these are narrative shortcuts#then you're missing a crucial element of media criticism#this isn't a complex puzzle show#it doesn't do 'real time' conversations like GoT did#it doesn't lean heavily on an unreliable narrator#or on the trauma--the dark bits of this show are usually brief and sanitized and quickly followed up with something light-hearted#and when we get a second season it'll likely have the same runtime that this season did#and similar content/tone#and all of that is incredibly important context when you're analyzing the show#otherwise it just turns into 'criticizing the characters for... being fictional characters in a half-hour fantasy TV show'#and i just don't think that that's helping anyone understand the show better#i would actually argue that it obscures people's understanding of the show#and it's creating a lot of weird expectations for season two that don't seem to take into account the tone/genre/medium of the show#idk i'm in a safe wee fandom bubble so I feel like I'll be okay for s2 but i'm worried about other people#because i feel like some people have lost track of the source material and therefore lost track of the appropriate tools for analyzing it#but also i just like giffing flynn and i need to do it more
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anthenasikes · 20 days
TURNING IN MY ESSAY FIVEMINUTES BEFORE DUE DATE its kind of trash but i got full points on the other one so if its a bad grade then it can even out
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senseiwu · 1 year
Bro where would the team even be without Misako
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chasvchalilah · 1 year
ok theres no way we're gonna actually write this one so . mailee biac au
wow. our baby
ok so im sure you dont expect me to come up with anything we haven't already talked about. so to anyone reading this, this creation is equal parts me and shosh.
the mailee but im a cheerleader au:
so here’s our cast: ty lee is megan. mai is graham. other participants are sokka (clayton), azula (sinead), haru (the one who isn’t actually gay), toph (she’s not really any specific character), theo (likewise), and zuko (zuko). 
the rest of the cast are: aunt wu as mary, kuei as rupaul, wu as rock, piandao and jeong jeong as lloyd and larry, jet as that guy who lives with them, suki as the girl who hits on ty lee at the cocksucker. 
aang and katara aren’t there im sorry
one part that’s important is that the reason sokka is there is that he lives with pakku. this hc came from this post
ty lee is a cheerleader (as the title suggests), and she lives with her mom and sisters and has a boyfriend (chan). she is not aware of the fact that she’s a lesbian, the rest of them notice, they send her to conversion therapy. 
oh i just remembered. we’re going to ignore the fact that there’s one lok character here. he’s just so good for the role. also we’re ignoring the fact that he and kuei are technically related that’s not the case here
azula and zuko are both there bc theyre both gay ofc. azula says shes there to make sure zuko doesnt fuck up
sokka is really tired of having to remind everyone he’s actually bi
ok so we tried thinking about what their roots would be and i have two great quotes here from shosh: a) zukos root is that azula is better than him at everything and emasculated him and azulas root is that shes better than zuko at everything and emasculated him. b) sokka could be like "it's because i did too much painting as a kid" and aunt wu is like "no we discussed this it's because of your absent father and--" and sokkas like "hahhahaa no we dont have to talk abt that!!!”
so anyway the plot is pretty much the same as the movie with some exceptions (two main ones are that none of them are christians and that sokka’s part is going to be significantly bigger than clayton’s). mai and ty lee fall in love, azula is jealous, she tells on them and ty lee has to leave, ty lee runs away to the ex ex gays where she meets zuko (who had previously been kicked out for getting caught with sokka, and is wearing this outfit). they go back for mai and sokka (they leave azula there. love her but it’s so funny). ty lee convinces mai to go with her and they live happily ever after
send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it
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Nothing quite like a random couple asking if they can pray for you because they just felt the need to at work to put you in an extremely weird headspace for the day
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